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 /y,  \r  '  '' "* '--J***  a'  f,I '        ,{,   |       ^ '',»,"'/     ",4*  f   f«  .     1 . J/    '" "   .'  ,<..  i ' v-r^—-■--»■■—^ -)~ ■.■^^";'',|''|IIJ'i-J''lffy~»r*-'''t--'p'i''m~  ■* * * "_■>. .   .■**'  ■■ _V  *•*-.<.  £3  RECORD  PUBLISHING   CO*.,   Vancouver,  .Publishers.  "-1 _ . Jn  Covering British CoEumbia.  NEW  KAWNEER  catalogue ihowlno  unlqua  STORE     FRONT  arranoemonts  n#w     ready     for  distribution.  FOR  New   Building   and   Remodeling   Work  LET   US, GIVE    YOU   QUOTATIONS  AMES    BROS.  WELTON   BLOCK |>   VANCOUVER B. C. ,  KAWNEER  Is   the   oclslnil  METAL  STORE     FRONT  conitructlon  itock   carried   In  VANCOUVER  MADE   IN  CANADA  ESTABLISHED   12   YEARS  JOHN A. * BARBER  ESTATE AGENT  Automobile Insurance  Buildings Managed  Rents Collected  Fire Insurance  Valuator  S90 RICHARDS ST.    SEY. 4434  Vol. 12, No. 21, Wednesday Jan. 31, 1917"  B. C. Distributors For  BIRD & SONS  WE SELL  NEPONSET     NEP0N5ET  PRODUCTS  Made in CANADA  WALL BOARD  fOR   WALLS   AND   CEILINGS  ' t  Costs less than plaster  and laths.  "Coted" "Waterproof "Pa-^r  Paroid  Booflng-«  Granifclzed   Roofing*  Froalate  Booflntfs  "Roofing   Folnta  Black  Xaanlatlngr "Papa*  Florlan   "Deadening*  Felt.  Plain and Tarred Papers   ■  Wm. N. O'Neil Co.  I.ZMZTED  Vaflcouver-Estab. 1698--Victoria  Wiun'ber  Description  Cost  S404—Public Market  ■K3Q0  BUILDING   PERMITS   AMOTJWTIlfO   TO  S5O0   OB  OvZB ISSUES  £.T  THE  VANCOUVER  CITY  HAXX. TESTEBDAT  Street  Address  Lot   and   Block  N.E. Cor. Main & Hastings....S-9-10—10  Subdivision  Architect  JOG  ...J. H. Bowman  Contractor  Address   Owner  Address  Globe   Contracting  Co.  McArthur &   Harper..  Building Material  Ft.ofCoujmbiaav.  LARGEST AND BEST APPOINTED  STOCK   IN   BRITISH   COLUMBIA  PROMPT DELIVERY  P. E. HARRIS & CO., Ltd.  ELEVATORS  Passenger and Freight  MOTORS  Alternating Current Mo-  Itors Kept Tn Stock From  One to  lOO Horsepower  Vancouver, B.C.  ■r *  504 Crown Bldg;.  Sey. 4698  I  Lumber   Veneer    Panels,   Etc.  , /   7       Our Stock is the MostComplete on the Pacific Coast  "/   W« ar« also Sole   Agents   for   the  -  ^ Celebrated "Beaver Brand" Maple  " and Birch Flooring.  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  1320 Richards St. r ,5   * <* -        J    Vancouver, B. C.  •*v*c2>v*£s"*,i* *£* *2** -eH**-!-- •£**,r* *S* *I**S* **r^,,S*' *,r*,*s> •••*£* •3*"*H* •J**2>*5**S*  $      ," BUILDING NEWS f  ...And Construction Work not otherwise*  A, CUasifled. '_f  ^bV'v<b'b^'biii'l'^*l^*l^''bti>,-b<^'b^bi>'b^i>'b  %   '    BUSINESS NOTES. i  <|- and   other   items   of  interest   to '.the?  <{• boaineaa man.    '_ *£  K^4^*b&*l^'b^bw'b&'b<ii'bQ'b&K*<Z*b<^~<fr  • -<ft  .■*■**■*'    » .      ■*•*   ■-/, r-  <-*-•-     <*- ',*/;?>  N A J  ¥1 f  THE M0LDEN GO., Ltd.  GENERAL RAILWAY & CONTRACTORS  •-^■v . 4 "-*;^i-'   -'SUPPLIES   -'   •'     *■*     "•  ■^.-'f ''yr . "t, ;" \if.  ~~..t'r   Sole Ageintsln Canada For ■   .   '~  , ;,;T/r^-hlcagp5Pneu - ;>•;  ^B6ye#R^tin*g^*:clH-^M8^  vElactrici.Tools^Rock'DrjHs; 'Air Compressors;,  k  *• **t' *■<**$* *^"* --S* •!* *2J ml+ & *i**i> *I**s;> •■*■•*£> *t* **> •!* *•&•*■!* ■t$**!«t2i  , BUILDING PERMITS.  8400 — .Airs. Ushigima, alter, stors  bldg., 324  Powell'St.;  $130.   ,       "    ,  8403-Fletcher, Shatford & Fletcher, j'totaIly destroyed by fire;  alter, bldg., 5IGl Main St.; $150.  8405—Vancouver 'National Japanese  School, alter, bldg., 439 Alexander St,;  $225. .     ' ~  O  ' VlCTORIA.-^A building permit has  been issued to Mis-i Salisbury for a  private garage at 3018-Blackwood St.,  also one for alterations to the Arcade  building, on the Broad St. side.  ; KBRRISDALE.—The   home   of   Mr. I  ■Fred Sharpies, Thirty-second Ave.,-between Bruce and Crown Sts., has beenH  PORT,^ COQUITLAM.—The. two-storey residence of .Alderman A. XV.  Keith, Dewdney/Trunk Road, has been  *       r fc f  FRANK DARLING & COi  totally destroyed by fire  about $3,000.'  The loss' is  , SMITHERS.—The Princess Theatre  arid an" acl join ing building which contained the lighting plant of the town  were burned on Sunday. The theatre  was owned" by XV. O'Neill., -     •-    ",  *   PRl.N'CE RUPERT.—The Merfyfteld  VANCOUVER.;— Municipal.    Clerk  Bracewell of Penticton has advised the  Record that the matter of .'submitting'; block,   owned /by * Allan' Campbell, ,of  a-by-law'to authorize'the construction"] London, Eng!, has been destroyed by-  oCa reservoir js^ held in abeyajice\-|'.:|,lire'.rThe building was built five years  ■-»r.V.*-- * rjr^v ^-^-**M-^-*r?»-^,'i'^*r^*,i-yi"-*^ ~'.--'>-"'*r*-i^'»r--*'^-AA^--^r-il-~--<>f-'>^-,-'jr'*v.  k,    c ,.,.,-*-      - - '■,.--—■-•-— - i'•' - -*-^-f-^ ,s^ ago'at-a cost ot.*$la*,000. " ■*.■ ^ v,-*^*"'*^  :% -NORTH - VANCOUVER.'^The . com^^^i^^ihl::L-^^ ^-v AW'._  .   .  tra'ctWbeen^e^  io-.CampbeH/^Barton^t^u*fplj^30,d00L<^  <#A«i41J^>*f'«Al'/i';I'Al>/k-|1*.'^**^'^W«»^-n"t.'i/'•J.j.-i.'i*!. -iViwniinpi<oment--will''ha-.mo'llAf romipil'ini^  66  THOR  55  Roller Bearing Drills -Close Quarter Piston Air DrHls -Rivetting Hammers  Chipping Hammers-Wood Borers—Turbiat and Electric  ■   High Speed Steel-Drills -Reamers," Etc.'.  Complete Stock of Accessories  1144 HOMER ST.  (',-  4>~  Phone Sey. 41OO  ,  ,   f  ,  ■■  -i        •    i     f  <  '                        .   "■    ■,  ""             ''"*r-r~\        .               jr "' i     i  '   .'    '-   *l\f-\.    .       .'  .VkS\ *■■'-""/ ■■■£•«•*■■■-^u" ^  -g.x-n.x-.-1 ^ vjy^Ui^-^-*W^;>**-J;:^5,*a. -, --^Vl^Wf--:  Structural S  i^^tii^i^s^ia^^rH^f^^ 4*^j*w«S«*''s.*i»,iT;  tei  JSgAn  .'7  **■ ■*   -.   -h  i.         x. v                                                                         -"■         ^   o     \  -'',.'*■       ^          1                ,                 s            -    .    r  ■   .,,   ~   j             i  ^ -.               ^      - Si,    .,  —      ^^»            P»*,T       '               JlS      i*_'—'V ^             2                        '*'^         '*  -s'^-^-^^j^'^iJ^-'-i *£;&t fiSirt^  • »*. -j-Ti->,*"!*! ,**- \ ■"■ ,-*', rt *->-rX- '"'*'- -  For Every Purj  jose  Jli  '" .Unequalled for quality. ■      '*"..:'  99.5% pure. '  '""-Saves men's time in slaking.      "*'\ .  .    Consumes more sand than any other- lime.  -At all first class dealers.      -1 ■•'   /-  PACIFIC LIME CO, Limited  Sey 9506  Vancouver  Shipyards No. 2 is estimated by the city  engineer to cost $3S4.50.  OTTAWA.—A return laid on, the  table of the Commons shows that,the  expenditure   of the  Ocean Falls Co. lo log spruce on the  Queen Charlotte Islands, and tow them  across Hecate Strait ,to the scene of  operations.  „  liOndon, En*?.  Montreal  Winnipeg'  Toronto *  Vancouver, B.  ROBERT W. HUNT & CO., LTD.  ENGINEERS  INSPECTION-TESTS-CONSULTATION  c  STEEL,     CEMENT,     BUILDINGS,     BRIDGES,     PIPE,     RAILS,     CARS,  LOCOMOTIVES,   SECONDHAND   EQUIPMENT,   CREOSOTED  MATERIAL,  LUMBER,  ETC.  OFFICE: 1601 STANDARD   BANK  BUILDING  008 HaBtin-fg XV., Vancouver, B." C. .»...,  Cement Teatin-? "Laboratory, Room 1G01; "Physical Testing "Caooratery, Boom Bl  Phone Sey. 2199  Resident Intpectors at Large Manufacturing Centers  , PRINCE   RUPERT.—It   is" reported  public  works-de- ',   . ,.     _ _ „      ,     .      . . ,-  ,    .        ,    ' ,        ',„-,_    that the Ocean Falls plant, which was  partment during the fiscal year, 101 o-     <     .   ,   ■        .. ,.,   ,     ,       ,    ,  r, .   ,  ,° «,,-«-»„„«""  ^. ,*■ .   .reported   recently   as   likely  to   start  16, amounted  to ?19,sj39.29S, which is1 ..*    -     ... . . - ,. .,  ' • .    , ,     ;•-,.   •>-      ^-operations within a<tew months, will  a  decrease  of about  ten  millions* as r     J^1-     ' ...    .-■'*.   .      ,.  -f not be manufacturing paper before late  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL COX Ltd.  "Fairmont 2396 and 2397  Vancouver, B. C.  "compared with the previous year.„'  NORTH VA.NfCOUVBR.-^The' cost  of tiling the cabin floors of the city  ferries would cost, according tofSiipt.  Heart's estimate, in the,neighborhood  of ?1,9S0.50. The council has .fileti 'the  leyort, indicating that no action will  be taken.  in the year.  , *v t  ',    . *v',r p.  r \ .''  VANCOUVER.—Archts.  Gardiner '&  fiercer,   Birks   Bldg.,    are    preparing  ' VANCOUVER.—The board of arbitration which sat" for <twenty-two days  to decide the value of the Kitsilano  Indian Reserve, has decided that the i  Vancouver Harbor Commissioners  must pay the Dominion Government  ?G66,200 for the seventy acres. -  VICTORIA-  Union   of   B.  - The executive of the  C.i Municipalities   will  Moryson, to cost approximately $6000.  "Tenders will be called in about two  weeks from selected contractors. The  heating contract will be let separately.  plans  for a 2-storey  frame  residence ( m'eot in victoria today, and on Thurs-  to be erected  in Kitsilano for Arthur l day will interview the Provincial Gov-  j eminent   concerning   legislation * rela- j  | tive   to   municipal   administration *to  be introduced this year.  GILLEY BROS. Limited  NORTH VANCOUVER.— The construction of a 5000 or 10,000-gallon  tank for tho storing of oil for the city  ferries would, in the opinion of Supt.  Heard, not eftect the saving to  war-  VANCOUVER.—The whole council  has been appointed by Mayor McBeath  as the investigating body which will  hold an enquiry into^. the various  charges which have been preferred  against  the   fire  department.     Friday  Balfour, Guthrie & Co.  /      BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  REINFORCING STEEL:—        *     ' '    \.      : ;  ,u -Uirgest stock of Mild Steel Bars in Western Canada.    We cut to  length.    Cold Twist and Bend Bars.  B6LTS:—' , * , ' -  '   Drift Bolts, Machine,Bolts,  Tie' Bolts.        We are  prepared  to  fur-  *  nish large orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  SPIKES—CAST   IRON  WASHERS,   ETC.  PORTLAND CEMENT  LIME -z.  FIRE  CLAY — SCOTCH   FIRE   BRICK  —  HYDRATED   LIME  BLACKSMITH   COAL  —  COKE — SEA   COAL —   PIG   IRON  MANILA  ROPE, ETC.  VANCOUVER  WINCH BUILDING  Private Ex. Sey. 9197  San Francisco, Los  Angeles, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma -  VICTORIA  lOlO LANG LEY ST.  Telephone 5037  date   for  the   first  session   of  the  investigation,  DBALEBS   IN  Crushed Rock, Sand  anrJ Grave!  .'\ ''•>' v/ \\, ';''ir V  Ail H^dk of Building Material  902 COLUMBIA)STREET WEST  PHONE 15 AND 16 NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.  VANCOUVER.— The Ikeda mining  property on Ikeda Bay, according to  E. M. Sandilands, late gold commissioner for the Queen Charlotte Islands,  has been acquired by a New York syndicate, the Coronation Copper Co., of  which S. J. Castlemain, or Vancouver,  is resident manager, and W. G. Norie  engineer, and it is understood that  $100,000 will be spent in developments.  rant the expense which this would en- - afternoon at 2 o'clock was set as the  tail.     On   receiving   this   report,   the  council  decided   to   make   no -further  move in the matter.  VANCOUVER.—C. C. Worsfold, act-  ! Ing superintendent of dredges, Depart-  'ment of Public Works, Canada, will receive separate   tenders  up  to 5  p.m.  Tuesday, February 13th, for the supply  of the  following articles  for use  'of the 13. C. dredging fleet at Vancouver. B. C, for 12 months ending March  31st, 1918:    Fuel oil, gasoline, coal oil,  hardware, hose, manila rope, oils and  greases, packing, paint-and paint oils,  steam   pipe,   valves vand  fittings,   and  wire rope.    Forms of tender may be  •obtained at the ofilceB of A. II. Mitchell, Acting District Engineer, Victoria,  and at the offices of Mr. Worsfold at  'New  Westminster,  and at  614  Birks  Bldg.,   Vancouver./ For'■further   particulars see advertisement, for tenders,  page 4, this issue.    ; , Pan>'* I  Canadian Allis-Chalmers Ltd  MINING   MACHINERY, ROCK  CRUSHERS, SCREENS, AIR  COMPRESSORS,      ROCK DRILLS,      PILE  HAMMERS,  STEAM   PUMPS, CENTRIFUGAL   PUMPS, TURBINE   PUMPS,  SAWMILL MACHINERY,      LOGGING SYSTEMS (Lidgewood)  HEALD CONVEYOR CHAIN,        STEAM  TRAPS,  HYDRAULIC TURBINES, DIESEL  ENGINES  1063 Pender St W. Vancouver, B.C  Seymour 5710  VANCOUVER. — The, General Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd., have  opei\ed olTlces in the Birks Bldg. The  firm will handle a general line of contractors' and mining, equipment along  with railway supplies. Mr. John Mac-  Kenzie, formerly with the architectural firm of Parr, MacKenzie & Day, is  the 'managing director of the company.  THE METAL PRODUCTS CO. LIMITED  ORNAMENTAL IRON, STEEL CASEMENTS  STEEL SASH, BRASS & BRONZE  New" Westminster  Phone 177  Vancouver Office, 304 Bank of Ot»awa Bldg.  Phone Sey. 4795  s  i  - A. BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  British Columbia Record  Published every Monday, Wednesday and  Friday by the  RECORD   PUBLISHING   CO.  Address:    5S3 Homer-Richards Lane  Rear of 431   Dunsmuir Street.  Telephone Seymour 7808. '  C. M. DAVID.' MANAGING EDITOR  Subscription Rates  Pavable stric*lv in advance.  *    - „ ,      i  -? i  t MINING.     . l.£-  4^^h|hJ4iAi|j.:^^v<£''M>'!h|.'>,'+^*-!''|'':'*ji m  Providing     preliminary     tests  sufficiently encouraging, a dredge  "be' brough't^to Princeton in the early1  spring to "work (he bars of tlie Sirnil-i  kameen^and Tulamoen rivers for gold J  and   plantinum.  The 2000-fooL tunnel at Copr-e.'  mountain has been advanced 1-100 i*e -t  since July 1. ;Tlio Copper Farm on.  liody was cut UKK) feet in and tin-  vein at l?00 Coot. Wlulv  (lie   Sunset  WHITE'S CEMENT  PACIFIC LIME  ELEVATOR CABLES  GALVANIZED GUY WIRE  -Arc  a  ri  OFFICE SEY. 280  Vancouver and Victoria  WHARF FA8R. 2S55  HOLES  «f £».'  We Drill Them Any/Size/ Any Depth,  Fox Any Purpose  ROBINSON CONTRACTING CO., Limited  K. S. Robinson, Contracting Engineer  Winch Big. % 'phone Seymour 6888  '„     ,    Specializing:   in   Foundation   Test   and   Core  Drilling  4W.VJE.X-UX- *WMr4.WtkiiMtV«MU f)i.-'/*JUUOW»l.*'- hWI<Wi":ilJW'.^a«4WV^IWM«i*J  ^jwa**tJZ~r&*™&vir*V,T^wivi*i^waMfnmJ^\rn  frnwiumm irivri&Tt*t9Ciit2imfV(l.9e tMry+K.wtnv>Mn«^^+*i)x*nm*im>n*m  ui4*an*wj»*>«*rltrrtA--'fia(J*»**' *M.&,tia-ifa&vjM*\»»*.vkimmMt*m  l -^r-* asxKtnr vin  trxsnwrvxiiKM3.TtKtr^ia»K  Vancouver  it  is   believed   that.  Hie principal body,  th 2000-foot point,  heing driven  daily.  vein,  will  be* tapped  About 20 feet  and  200  men  are  PROPOSED   NEW    WORK  at,  .   i  IS- i  employed  at  the  property.  ■\!  -PKOVINCIAl. ESTIMATES ARE       , ,        TABIiEJO^N  THE  HOUSE  r    -   VICTORIA.—A   revenue oC just  under  f    $6.'000,000 and an expenditure of ? 11.000,-  000   for   the   vear   commencing-   April    1  ne.vt is  predicted in   the provincial   esti-  ,     mates   which   were .tabled   in   the  House  bv   Hon. .Lome   Campbell,   Minister, of  Finance, on Monday.    The revenue^ shows  a falling ofC of about $1,000,000  J or  the  4    anticipated revenue for this year,  while  -t    the expenditures showra slight increase.  „       The   exact   estimated   revenue   is   $o,-  x, -.9-M.01.5, 'as compared with  $7,131,615  lor  - * the present year, a difference of $1,09-*,-  , 000.    The  estimated     disbursements  are  *- $11,301,374,   as ,compared   with   $11,163,-  L,056. for   the   previous?.year,   an   increase  'Of, $138,000." The'increase'is  more  than  accounted- for   by   the   increased   fixed  charges,  which are over $300,000.  - ■"  -Summary  of Expenditure  .''    The'.summary   of   estimated f expenditure   indicates   that"t. in   four   of   the   14  .'.Governmenf'services there will^probably  be   an ^increased   expenditure   over   last  vear.   'In   the' rest   a   reduction   is .predicted. -   *;        „   "      ',-■--      *"   "  Therfollowing are  tlie totals:  *.      -      > -    1915-16.    '1916-17.   :  Public  debt « $1,15,2,376  $1,422,254!  Civic  government  „  Character   EE±inJJtt"id   Cast  Pier   TliH-itre  Building .,   Pleasure  Pier    Annuly      l*3Pl* building _   Hotel  _ -  Bridge       Harbor "Works  .._   Bank & oflice bldg   Hotel, C. i\T. Ky .'   Concrete Sewer ....   $300,000        250,000      $3.")0.000  .-.Not given  .... $2,000,000  ...   $1,750,000   Not1 given  VANCOUVER  Location ■ - Ownoi  Vancouver     II at, ti rigs  S t   English Bay    Grandview    _   Dunsmuir & Granvlllp...  Mt.  Robson   .I   2nd Narrows  Kitsilnnu   Reserve  Hastings & Granville   False Creek Fill   "False  Creek    C.  P.  li.  ..Ale>:. Pantages   Coates & Co.   Government  Dominion  Bamr   G. T. P. .Ry.  Burrard Br'.dge & Tun. Co.  ...Government  Royal  Bank  Architect Plan* R«ady  Owners .. )   B.  M. Pre.tic.x   Tunnelling ....' J Vancouver  IMPROVEMENTS LISTED  rarMEZ)iATEl."ir   CN. Ry. Co.   G. N.  Ry   C."P.  R.  Owners  Perry   &   Fowler  Not selected   Company     _•..  C. A. 'P. Turner....  Ilovern merit  , .Skene &  «... Soon  Chrlstm  No  archt. commissioned  yet..   Sketches under way   Indefinite  ...West Foundation Co,  Preparing  Post  OfTIce-> —$250,000  Post  Offlce *. : Ji'....:$36,000  I-"*aetorv, Wharf, Subway $150,000  Courthouse   (east   win-?) $300,00u  Offlce bldg. ...: $100,0t)0  Concrete   Garage  —." '..'..:   BELOW  ABE PROPOSES   BTJT  HAVE   BEEN  POSTPONED:,'      '    "  Dom.   Govt .:. Delaved  Dom.*   Govt '. : :■" Delayed  Thos   Hooper   •„ Delayed  Dalton   &  Evcleigh Delaved  XV.  F., Gardiner   Delayed  Owners  '.:.  Delayed  Gore and Keefer..? : Dom. ',Govt.  South Vancouver s. .-. Dom. Govt  Hastings :Roytd Crown Soap Co.  Vancouver    I Provin.  Govt.  Homer & Georgia  sis _ E. 'Mahoi;  Fifth & Fir Sts...*. Ford Motor Co.    Coat   $50,000   $500,000  $150,000  Character  Z   ' Brk. and _mill schools.   Steel   Bridge     Y.W.C.-A.   Home  ...*.   Union Passenger Depot $1,000,000  Stone church ■'. _ $25,000  Rink   (Curling)  .....z. _   $30,000  Swing  Span ;... $20,000  Tubercular    *    "  !                             VICTORIA  location    _    Owner  rou have Conn-oleum on your floors, y'rm can run a mop  ^ :r them arid they will he -cleaner than any swept floor.  Cong-oleum is waterproof right through—water cannot injure  it. .Compared with printed Jinolcum, ■ Cong-oleum is more  durable, more attractive,- more /Waterproof, yet 'the  /less. Congoleiim requires no fastening—any c  •—■-it won'ticurl up.   ' *      %■.    -  "Congoleuiri Rug Borders, laid next to a rug or  carpet, give the actual appearance of polished V5akv  THE PATERSON MFC. CO. LTD-  Architect       Plana Beady  Victoria  '. .:".....:> City   Spurgin.&' Wilkins....!...! Indefinite  Victoria       City   Owners   Preparing  -Victoria   ._.: : :.:    Y. ' W.   C.   A.   J.   C.-Frame  ...: .' -...Soliciting  Funds  Victoria-.; z C. P. R. and C. N. R.   Co. Engineers ...;-.*:......■;.  Preparing  .Victoria....Christ Ch: Cathedral Bldg-Ltd.   Jones'- A  'Beatson—Arranging    finances.  ,„„„„„   Victoria ._ Victoria  Curling  Club   Coates & FletL To Build .This Year  i ;■■••- : $20,000   Victoria        ..... '....:....   City j City,...- Completed  Ward  .-.    Victoria —........Royal Jubilee Hosp.   J. C,     "  IMPBOVEBCEKTS  "LISTED  IMMEDIATELY BELOW  ABE  --TI  &Z  ,-   BUlt- ,OCingv an ' unuauau  } fo^; f ttospitals and*, crtai  r $t<?;GO0'wW.vt>U-*d in)ti  .•'ancc   in" the   construct  (salaries) -. .=  1,709,566,,    1,687,736,  Administration      of   - ■  justice    (salaries)   -    6S.000 67,428  ^Legislations.         89,820)      -16/.620  Public  institutions  (maintenance)    ....     467,426     ,  ,472,d<o  Hospitals arid chart- u ■     ''     n _„ ' 0>  ties _ £ 374,100.   «■  525,S00  Administration       of '      ' ' >       -'  justice  ~    -378,000      - 30S.G70  Education; It.-:*:..,.  l."*}-^-     ^FlHnJi  TraiiSDOrt  -.        83,000        -    43,000  Revenue services ....       50.000 25.000  - Public   works *.....  3,06r,J15       3,023,01'J  *   MiscdUaneous   -....-2:128,752      2,032,000  :,™-In this vear's report ol-the estimates  •- the -service "miscellaneous", is divided  s.--into* three, distinct  services.       "Lands,  - -upon which $505,000 is' to be spent tnis  '   year    and • "agriculture,"   ' upon     which  ■.$176,500 will probably- be expended,*are  '- each' given a service'to "themselves,-thus  ■ greatly ''reducing     the-   "miscellaneous'  '-*  total.'      **?.-■" V-1> >•r*"     - >  ■-     J   -~  " '-   Present-conditions j have also ' necessi-  * "tatcdt more - and* larger- hospitals, -.the result- ,beingv an ■ unu3uaVly- large   increase  -   cl\a.ritles.    J-.ast.ye.ar  ;the, \vay ioi, assifit-  ictiou   of 1,'hospkals.  .^   This   vear  about,'?150;000f will   p'robably  be granted Tor that "purpose. ' Grants  to  refuge   homes,   aid   societies,   etc,'is   Increased from  $19,000  to'$S0,000.,  ITnlversIty of B,  C.  -  Among   the"    appropriations     in,  this  year's estimates is a conditional  one of  $200,000   forathe   University, of   British  Columbia.        Last   year's   estimate    was  $175,000.        Included* in    the   works   and  buildings to be constructed by the -Public   Works   Department   are   the   tollow-  lng;     Okalla      prison,     farm,    * $15,000;;  Improvement     of     government    reserve,  'Burnabv, $10,000; mental hospital and  colony "farm. Essondale. $35,000; provincial government buildings, London (completion 4and maintenance), $1.5.000;  maintenance, $8,000. The appropriations  provincial normal school, Vancouver,  for  roads,   streets,   bridges and  wharves  "In'each constituency are the same as  last year. Chilliwack ^gets $33,300;  Delta, $22,500; Dewdney, $6S,500, and  Richmond $10,000.' Eighty thousand is  revoted for Kingsway through the Municipality of Burnaby." Point- Grey gets  110,000 for roads, and Nicomen island  the same amount for dyking; $13,500 is*a  eubsidy for- the 'Lad ner-Wood ward «ferry.  > The vote-of $100,000- on last years  estimates for the Second Narrows bridge  is left off. For bridges generally $450,-  000 is-set down, while for the bridge  over the Fraser River at Prince George  there will be an  appropriation  of  $150,-  000.  An item in the Land Department appropriations is that for $20,000 for  "timber testing - and investigation of  wood products." An indication that the  government intends to continue seeking  overseas markets for the B. C. lumber  •trade is that; another $50,000 is.appropriated for salaries, travelling expenses,  and purchase of material.  '    Other AppropriatioiiB.  Among   the   other   appropriations   are  the  following:  Grant to B. C. regiments $5,000. grant  to patriotic fund $6',000, grant to boy  scouts $1,000, giant to Victorian Order  of Nurses $500, grant to returned soldiers' aiid commissions. $15,000: Royal  Commissions $15,000 Oast year-$50,000),  cougar bounty $35,000. Contribution  to Vancouver toward purchase of  certain lanes in Ward VIII. $5,000.  Fraser River Bridge, New Westminster,  maintenance and repairs. $20 200 Song-  •heps UPf-prvp iinnrnvcmMit'", i2.*n.nnn      ,  10-sto  oflice  bldg ....." i  $250,000,  Christ   Church   Cathedral :......$400.000  church ..:. .:..: : .:... $100,000  pier   : : $1,000,000  M Keith .;.   HAVE   BEEN  POSTPONED:  .-•»• -St. Barnabas , Z .-.    Delayed  -B. C. Electric Co.   .J. C. M. Keith.-.'.  Delayed  PBOFOSED   BUT  Victoria .'...?.« .' .'! s St.  Victoria  z .„..'..B. C. Electric uo. j.j. C. 2,1. Keith.-.'.  Delayed  Victoria Jirst Baptist Church   Jesse  2.1.  Warren .-. Delayed  Vancouver   *....C. P.   R,   Owners  : :I  Delayed  price 'is  can lav it  10th AVE. and ARBUTUS ST  VANCOUVER, B. C.  Bay-triew'772'  Character-;..: —: J   Coat  schoof ...l ::..:....:....:.:. $7,500  Grain   elevator   (35,000 bu.)      School.  ....$50,000  Plant  Imp'rovements   ..:..*. .'. .'.   Steel Bridge ...v. .-....: $25,000  Steel Bridge ". '......'. $15,000  Grain F>levator (25,000 bu.)   :....' ..  Market Building  ::. $35,000  Sewers  ....:. - $24,000  Street Work  :..:• ."....". $50,000  BRITISH .COLUMBIA-—GENERAL  Location  -....7...Z1 .'. .'  Owner  Trail* .*. s; : '"city  Kamloops   Kamloops Farmers Ass'n.  •Rossland       ''      ' '" *'        City  Prince Rupert -....'.-.Imperial Oil Co.  Vanderhoof  r..:.: .'.-.   Pro.   Govt.  Prince George r: .'. Pro.  Govt.  Kamloops ..* -.Maple Leaf Milling Co.  New Westminster  .'. City  Nanaimo  ZZ : -..'.' City-  Prince George  ./..v. z  Citjv     Architect  .......  f  ....Plans Beady  _  1  _-  Owners .J"..  Owners ....  Owners   ....  l-Z...„ *.  ■"""*  ........   '... Shortly.  -,..' 'rndefinite'    Indefinite  Owners ....  3ityL.   —li. .......J*  .......  :......  -..-•  Soon  ——f .-....-...-.  ELECTRIC MOTORS^ FOR RENT  We specialize in prompt service for Contractors'  Je,m»!,or--,ry power installations  BC  SERVICE  24vHQURS,A:DAr  Seymour,,1 5000 ^anV:have':-f m /representative  cad  80  Pender St E'  ' Phone»-Sey'.' 405-6O5-  ■fv,V  -IL  :5408-5403  -Vancouver B. C.  Public Works Contractors  %»^  'fir  I*l„*--,-i*'S  Office 813-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  *   WW  5flJ-  .0:'^  TO   BUILDERS  ESTIMATES PREPARED FOR  EVERY CLASS CF WORK  TW2NTY   YEARS   EXPERIENCE  Concentrator,  etc _  1,000,000  Shipbuilding  Plant  _      200,000  Railway Station         40,000  Concentrator  _..,    . 300,000  Public  Wotks   _   '150,000  Theatre Building _ .ZZ. .- 150,000,  Wharf    _ 1'...$10,000  2-sto. hotel  $18,000  3-sto-.100x100   hotel     2—4-fooni' Schools '..: each  $20,000  Hotel  ..-*.•. .-.  .*" _.-.. -91,000.000  Depot bldg $1,000,000  Fertilizing! plant &  wharf $125,000  Concrete Sanitorium   $100,000  Flour Mill & Elevator $250,000  Hospital  .-:  $90,000  Ci ty  Hall    .*. .- $50,000  Office  Bldg.  & Oil Plant $200,000  Residence  (Stone) z „  $30,000  .Armory   (Dom.   Govt.)....:.._ $100,000  PostoHice:   6-sto.  cone $200,000  School       $20,000  Frame   Hotel       $40,000  Hotel       $20,000  Brewery  .'. -. $50,000  "Library-   $50,000  Mach. Shop and Foundry  $50,000  Freight   Terminal   _   School  Bldg :   Paper and Pulp  Mills   Office -Building    Round  House  $50,000  Mach   and Repair Shops _ $150,000  Warehouse and Stor. Tank $10,000  Shingle  Copper Mountain   B.'C. Copper Co.  Port Moody   Boyd's Ltd.  New Westminster  C. N. Ry.  Ainsworth, B.C Silver Hoard Mining Co  Trince   George   ..:..: _ .-. City  New Westminster^Alhambra Theatre Co.  Sidney .t. Victoria & Sidney R.R.  Ocean Beach  (V.I.)  F. J. Lins  Prince  Rupert M. .Albert  Vernon, B.C  Vernon School Board  Prince Rupert Grand Trunk Pacific  Prince Rupert .'.Grand Trunk Pacific  Skeena River—Scot.-Amer. Oil & Fer. C^  Kamloops.r..B. C. Anti-Tuberculosis Soc.  Coquitlam....Terminal Grain Elevator Co.  Nelson, B. C Municipality  Nanaimo,  B.  C._ _.Clty of  Nanaimo  Prince  Rupert Imperial Oil Co.  Uplands   (Victoria)  Withheld  Prince Rupert  _ Dom. Govt  Prince   Rupert ' : JDom.   Govt.  Rossland       City  Prince   Rupert :A.  J.   Prudhomme  Fort   George....:-. , Not   given  Fort George Peace River B. & M. Co.  Nanaimo  '  City  New Westminster Mr., Schaake  New  Westminster  N. P. Ry. Co.  Rossland     City  Quatsino, B.C. Colonial Paper & P.M., Ltd  Calgary Robin Hood   Flour  Mills  E. Lillooet : p. G  E Ry  E.  Lillooet p. G.  E. Ry!  Peace   River Imperial Oil Co  Owners    _ .' .-.  ..._ '....—...:.  Soon  Owners _ _ :. _    Soon  Owners    .-. _ .'   City    - _ _   Moscrop & Whitburn Completed   •  Will   Build  Soon  Jessie M. Warren Tenders Closed  Prince Rupert Arcnt ;....Under Way  Bell & Constant; Branch & Coxall   F. M.  Rattenbury,  Victoria Soon  F  M. Rattenbury (Victoria- Soor.  J. S. D. Taylor  _ Tenders closed  Dalton & Eveleigh .'.Tenders Closed  Plans Approved '. No Date Given  Now petitioning for appropriation.'  Not DrawnJ Asking Govt. Grant  G. A. Woodland, P. Rupert representative  Jesse M. Warren .' Tenders soon  Govt ~   Tenders  soon  Gov't   Tenders  closed  No.   Archt.   commissioned   yet   Site Just Purchased   Herbert J.   Peyton Sketches  ready  Wilson & Wilson Tenders closed  Undecided     'Indefinite  v Sole Agents For ,     '  KILGAR'D    FIRE    CLAY   CO.,    Ltd.  Sewer Pipe  Drain Tile  Fire Brick  General Clay Product*  Partition Tile-  Fire Clay  Face and Fancy Brick  Common Brick  Cement, etc.  "Jingle Pot" Coal  Teaming and Transfer Business Transacted  \J  Owners     Owners   W. S. Bates    ..'  Now  Completed  Mills      West  Vane Vedder River Shingle Co    Completed  IMPEOVEMENTS  "LISTED  "raiMEDIAT"GI."5r BEIiO'W  AEE PROPOSED   BUT  HAVE   BEEIT  POSTPONED:  -Th(  Sey.   17-1—175  Jarvis Electee C©<  LIMITED  570 Richards St.  Hotel    rrntel,  3-sto.  Church   (fr.)   ..  5 sto brk, mill  brk.  veneer _..  and st^el  .   $200,000 I Fort   George Grand  Trunk   Pacific  ■ 120,000 I Port   Alberni Tom   Magrath  .................   | Cofiuitlam  RplHcopal Church  .-.$i50.00'i J Kamloops    Kamloops Hotel C.  Ifolnbird A  Roache  (Chicago) Delnyec  Rvans & Cook   Delayed  Perrv  & &Fowler  Delaved  W.   T.  Whiteway Delayed  CONTRACTS LET OR WORK STARTED  J11  16  BURRARD   ST.  SEY. 702XR  VANCOUVER CPERA HOUSE  "EIV5 PRESS    THEATRE"  ' ;'N Playinjj Only    i; ■ ;  John   Cort—Klilw   &   Erlanger—Shubert  •Rros.,   Inc.   Road  Shows  SEYMOUR   2492       -   .   j  Building tocatlon  Residence           ..      Metchosin  School    Hilliers,   E.   &   S.  Residence  Foul  Bay  Rd.  Residence    Gillespie   Plsioc  3-sto   Apmt   School   Hollywood  l-sto.   dept.   store  bldg Victoria  Piers   fConcrete)        Victoria  Brk.   veneer church  Victoria  Wharf ("Marine Depot)  -Victoria  teak water  Alteration to  Sayward  , „ Vic tot  Bldg   a  VICTORIA  Est.  Cost  20,000   '  Owner   II.  R.  Hammond      School   Trustees  10,000 ;.     H.   Lawson  fHONE.  M'M  ii  twn <  Charactet Co«t  Power   House   Bldg   (Cone.) i.   Hotel ., :L..................-..z..z....:..  $25,000  2-sto stone.^ steel bldg...:....':™ $  20.000  Dairy   Bldg.; (cone .&  brk)..;... $  20,000  2-sto br'k bldg................... :.% I .r'.000  2-sto. .apmt. .....(No Details)  Residence   ....■--... :.. "■■   $20000  Factory     $25,000  Dredging   Sand ' Heads....:         $To non  '■rid-re •' hutments   (12) .'....  Govt. Bldg. :  $30,000  .•Mi«|i:.S<-.hool«.v :.. • •   $20:000  7j   Jetty   &   Dredging .*'. $755,000  i Roundhouse' .:....-. ". .$20,000  -'Bridge     j  B'.OOO  3f),(ino  15.000   ....  $11,1100  S700.000  $2,000,000  $2lJ.00ij  .    $2 1 fPr\.  *! nno.000  Victoria   ..         F.   Nation      A.   Wincli    City   Hudson's  Bay  Co    Government  ColomhH   I-iesb-, ti'i ini   <"■'•   .'    Govt.   Dom.  Government  Owner  ..-......:.    City  George Hotel Co.  ....Carmen Maglio  "RITISH COLUMBIA—GENERAL  I-ocntion ''  Kamloops   Prince George....Prince   Nelson,   B C ;.-'.  Duncans.   B.   C   Nanaimo J.' B. Nicholson  Prince Rupert.......... ;..J. McMordie  Metchosin ...*........ ■..'...M. R. .Maminond  I.nlu   rsliind....Morrison  Ste^l ^l- Wire Co.  Fraser   PJver ,    Govf-rntnent  (ii'jiri'l  Trunk Pacific...;        G.   T   P.  Port. Alberni   Govt.  I'"ft   /Mbernl '.„   Munlei polity  "••'ii  .Arm  Fraser  River....... Govt.1  The h<irn  of -»h« B'jr'  EVILli'E   A  Prices  ■10c-!5c  Bdx^  ■-fp  Mills, etc    1,00(1.000  t"i'   Sv.stcm • j.      "i.QOO  "■      "-'h'ai'Vf'.s.  -etc..:....'.  '    750 noo  flditlnn  High School $10,50."  ■■■-■v School  '.....'... ...Jir.ooo  .■V..tor.shi'>s,   each $K5 000  .• :-•»■•'r 1 f>   Bridge     :   p.v.'r-r Hon.se and Laundry   ■'illway  Line   Fort George   Na.rtfUmo    ■Pifni-eKs-   rtoyal  Port   Moody   ...  ("'nen.n  l-'alls   Nelson       Trail   ........;   Vorth Vanwiiu'i-r  c-*'-'!-|rk Writer      ' ."l.-c T onisr-   f**'   'Inn' p-Kelowna....  .....G. T.  P.  Ry. Co.      City  I.-*la.nd....Tcnapah-Belinnn   : City  icific .Mills. *.•-;  —"    City  .P.  .IX. XV.  Brown   '...: ..c.           •"•'  .....(.'.   N    "-  Co.  '. rt  Architect .^ Contractor  Butler  &   Harrison Grayson  A  Son  Spurgin-  &   Wilkins Local  S.  Maclure  A.  H. Mitchell  S.   Maclure    P.   McKechnie  C.   F.   Watkins Fulton   Bros.  Spurgin & Wllkin3 Luney Bros:'  B.  Horwood  & White B. C. Count. Co;  Govt Grant Smith  A McDonnell  Wm. Henderson Knott & Jones  Gent. Parks. Tupper & Kirkpatrick  Govt  Sir John  Jaoknon,  Ltd.  J. C. M. Keith  Luney Bros  rcliitect. .Plans Beady  I'Hicane Dutcher &' Co..„...Wm. 'Greerilees  Butler- A Harri«on....Bi'ewster  & I'ellmm  Geo. C. Egg : Waters & Pasco  J.  CM.  Keith .....Island  Building Co.  Forrester....Watson; Jacks & Anderson  r*'s.   Gilmoro :   Sub-contracts  Butler & Harrison '....Grayson ft Suns  Owners ;..Dny   Labor  Govt Navigation ,<i Dredginc Co  O. T. P J. A. McKenzie A Co.  Kx.  Bldir   Knott & Jones, of Victoria  ■ '• Warnock & Cochran   Pacific  Dred-rliii/   i *r>   Carter Hall & A.  •••••■• ;■••••'••• .» :...' Hty  Wiring   Contractors  Electric   Repairs  Electric   Supplies  Motors,    Generators,  Elevators.  Everything Electrical  Why  Bicycle  Have  more  Govt   Owners  ..  r*lty :.   t   Co.. '..  Ci ty.■:............'. ....  Owners      Snider  ..Robertson,  'wners  wnprs   /  Godson   Co.  „   'Hvner'-'  Bros. & Brethour, ltd   X. Burn-* ,?- r*0   - "Wallace   ShPiVard."  MacDonald, Nettleton & Briic   Northern Constrt'etlr,,,  rn  vou   ever considered   How   much  economical   BICYCLE   RIDING  In  than WALKING?  Get a 'PerfgctMteqcle  CANADA'S   FINEST "  i A :W~**  "^rZr^s  ■, / "    5.,; -.".n —  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  Business Directory and  S5uy&r&9 Guide  When Buying Buefding'lVfaterial and Supplies  Patronize Record Advertisers  AUCniTJ-OTl KAI,    TERRA     COTTA.  SVv^r'?,•  9,o!eman &  Evana, 'Ft.  Col. St., S. 29ES  #>,v  '    V"    -"•"*  Co'   Ld-   S-*8  Rui-DOlir.S. 4795  Ritchie    Con,    &  ,Sup.    Co.,    Ltd     Gran.    St  Bmijro     g  91g.,  Warrljfton A Johnson.  119  Pender *S.'   si 4912  asphalt i-elt.  Evans,  Coleman .&  E\ans,  ft. Col S. 23S-!  .   MARBLE  AND   ONV\  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2088  Leslie,' Tayl.-r Co.,  40.1 Dunsmuir S. 4371  XV. X.  O'Neil & Co., 548 Sey.  St. Si  4795-4798  Oil,  BURNING   PLANTS  Globo Iron Works,  1815  Pandora St...H.   496  PAINTS—FIRE-1'ROOF.  Automobile Records  FROM NOVEMBER 1   TO NOVEMBER 20  Following  Is   a  complete   list   of  new  Automobile   License--,  Transfers and Belinquislime-atr* Recorded for  Vancouver and District. '  Where -street address ia given and name of town omitted the  address   is   Vancouver.  'All cars for hire are  ndcated thus:   (*)  ,'    . ,mw CABS.  Name Address ■- Ca_  No,  Patfcison  .MI'S.  Co.,   10th  At Arbutus "s"i3   77 f*    W* N*  °''Vei1 ■* Co..  548 Sey.  St . .S. 4795-479!*  *      ».j»n. a  Arouius  &., li. 77. , warrinston   A 'Johnson,   139   Pender.'.B. 4912  Confn'i  .Satp"& tT^!JC«-KS?.!*. . .. .S. C I J ,- „ ^'W^^' '*«OOK  Kvans    Coiemnn   A   livwus    Ft    Col      -3   *<'''-:    c-v-*-ns-  Coleman &  Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2988  SJ11*^ b\<J *. J'td- •N'1-'* "t-at.. Phones'i-.V'i'i. \r..;\ ?'*•{>} * Co , 5 4 & Say. St' .S.'4795-479-  W N O'.Veil & Co. 518 .-!ey. St -"> '73*5- 4 7>" i ' *ir '*<t'n irf«' Co" 10th A Aibulus. .B. 771'  Hiu-.ii,.   -Jo-i'.i     t   .-'up.   Co.,    Ltrt., 'cran.    .-*>';'. I V'"'-ri<lriKrton   *   Johnson.   119   Pender. .S. 491 f  'w^'.^'a y^^onrH-ri^r/'s.'^;; '- rl;^"^^of-n>tE1>noor  f{.\.V. l-.-'ii  ,<   r-o..  Ltd..  Winc-h'"O   S  279-194 1 '■'•'"■■"■**<  Coleman  &  Evana    l'l. Colai/i. .S, 238H  ,,,.„, ..,,,   „ l ' " ''''if. <"'on, & Sup. Co., Granv.  licit;. .S*. Ulli'   -**•   ^u.."*" n-i^e  ^uun   I'lltULNO  Jl'.l.TS   'A'U   1'Ai'EKS. , '.- i.-i ir.ston it Johnson. 119 Pender SLS. 4SH \V2VJ—S. W. Hedlow, Abbblsford   B   C  & -&%aSo? ,^-,,r;^ui??!v:.-g:!-;r.'       ,r,G ,kow a*».«* ji'Hv ft ™l "th'& p,em,n«st •-' '---'-'—:;;;::i  y. bt.. S. 4793-17-    ,. ,*rVrr,^,'/."(,^.7°.;.-•.,*••„ ;- *J,-;7-Jf=T; lM?~H-  H-   ,'t/*  -L'»,^*'--^r Ave.,  North  Vancouver  Vrbutua Sis., H "'  ' ... . ...  9152—J. I..  G. Abbott, 1550  Beach Ave  Chevrolet  !-loT~rVCrtt, ifos,80nwer fr AuU* Service. 725  Dunsmuir    Ford  9191—XX. Almond, 2228 Granville St  Fol.f,  9125-15. Atkinson, 2119  Guelph St iZZZch^roiet  II163—John A.  Bates, Mission City, B.C   9190—-Mrs.  Alice Bouch, Cambridge Court  VV.  -V   O'.SVil  t Co , ,<-.  -v.   -,.„  b. 419^1;'"     ,  '-,  lar. i\,oi! m-l-   c,     i,,....   ,-i ,, I.s ash, C Jcman'.*.   Evans,  71.  r„i. fc. SO-.!-, j 9i:7-—20.  C.  Jirov.-n, fill   Bower Bldg.  i*->--i'   M;g.   Co,   ]>  ..v  -i ;> i „•  Ws can hefp you to increase your  'business by..telling ail of oar readers  , every other day:  WHO you are ,  WHERE you are  WHAT you have to offer  and WHY they should do  business with you.  Such arservice will; pay you big because through us you reach every owner  who is building every; architect, every  contractor- ^everybodyinterested in build-  mg. ..\ ;":-:.,;;...•■ ■ •.-.._■  We wilihelp you to fix up your an.  nouncement without charge. ■   LET US  boost for you:  WanIn^:on  A  J-,;,n.*c .-,.   113   J'.jnder. .j.-  nnsiif-—.f*f<Ki;v. ',  P..V.U'ir.ch & Ot/„ L!d„   Wit.ih B., S. 279-2 9it  C'lOIJiAT.  r?',fVrV>"Uthflt!   'v   CO I....'....b.  SlD-.-c:.7S  M-I..4    COicmaii   <t   Kvar,',.   Ft, .Col...S,   '"'.',  r."t ^'.  °>7"1!   &  Co-   "*S •■"-">'    St.. S. 4795-47&V  ,,"■'   i:o"tr-   &   ^P-   l.ul.,   Granvllie    f-t  Lit .\f'^"       t^ ^q-^^  R.V.XX it,cli & Co..'Ltd.".' Winch'T3.'r 's.'i79-I9ji  * c;Lwi::\'t tk:.tixo .smi ,\ssai'inu.  Can.   Irmpc't & Ten, l,rib.,  Umpire  Xiiag.  t'»)-l:t>- j «,, .„  Oiiw lii-Jw-fj; 1714 CoMimercial Drive......   Ford   Ford*   Pord  ... .Ford   Ford >   Ford  . ...Ford  ,    . M.-u  I'l-LIVOAXO r.w-i? {l/i-J.-W. B   U,t.-u««ltt.  201  12th Ave«-W    • (,h.,n„,  '-i.;**e Cotuiac'tiiiff Oon'.-iiiiv, 9**;'0-_p   iv,„,t   ?   r-r.    t t 1    t-    .'\\-     .," Chandler  ■Sfc-7 ULor*;!tt St.  K...........  ll,-h.  1BR1     T-"    ,/   ,.L''"    * Co* Ua- T'00t Woodland Drive Maek  01.-, I—H    I.   iiu.-tifi,   14«.^ed de    Xi    C r-     ,  J^sii.8.  Coleman & Evans,, ft.  Col.. „. .S. 20M 1 , .,   ,     ,,'    ,'f    /!,      '"   iJ"-   J-th  'U e-   E  Ford    '"      *-'-''••   A--  f 1'apina:),  1,;2  Water  St Mack  ....* i  .".cr   Pllu   Urivin-r   Co.  S. 29j*.« j , .,  !'< U'raon,   ll.-ni'y,   30l!2   V'lctorla   Ur.. ,1'. 1 !,?5  pri'B—sewj;k  '{nni. Gizil Cram Fi;>e Co., r>orn. BI.1. .P ?;*",'  t.Nafla f-,W-.man A Ev.ins Ft. Colum .« 2'JJ'  Si:ity   Um/s,   bid,   iVe-A   VVr-at.. , t'honps 15. 1',  Maclon-iM,   ilarpolts  Co.,   1AA ■. ^.  210  ".hlf   f'on    &   Sup    Co.,   Granville...f*  9JG2  «„•'" '.■,* I',"-;;.*"' *••■ ,    S.   4C0B ! „'**hl,>   ''on    <v-   Sup    Co.,   Granville. .8  9JG2  Jiii   Kol,t'    "■   *   Co.,   Standard   Bank        i ■*•'•■'"-inst-jn \- Johnson. 119 Pendfr Sl.f*  49B-  •B•-.•-• S S. i-l:*.!    *:   V. Which & Co.. Wlnck Bid...S.   279-13J-  -V  .V1  ■ri  CONTKACTOJCS.*—BOKIN'G  Robinson-Contr.  Co.,  Winch Bldy..S. GSb'8  COXTKACTORS—i:.VC.l VATIXG.  Centre Contiacting Conip.-mv,  SJm   Georgia  St.  K High.  1581  -     OONTItACTOIlS—GXiXJ51t.\L.    r  Arm-tronji,   Morrison    &    Co.,    Ltd.,    Boiver  B.,C.  C rani told  A  Contr. "Co.V.V.75.' Cor.  Beach1 and   >.'icola Sey.   '22\ia  COXTItACTOIlS— LAND   CI.EAKIXg"  Centre Contracting Company,      ,  SS7  Georgia St.  K _ :.Hit?h.  15S1  COXTK ACTO KS—ITA STEICIXG.    ,  Eubh ct'.Btad,  173G  Cth Ave. XV.z: .'....  —-'- -'........ Bay.' 16021-i—2215L  COXTKA CTOKS— TILE—TJERUAZZO.  Evans,  Coleman A Evans,  ft.  Col S. 29SS  Leslie,  Taylor Co.,   l'03  Dunsmuir S. 4371  "A. N. O'Xell & Co., 54S Sey. at., S. H9S-HSS  -   *■ COKSXCE  AND  r*OOI*IXG.  Macdonald.   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd '..s. 210  •CKAXliS'-AXl)   HOISTS    (JELecTKIC  Macdona'd.  Marpole  Co.,   Ltd   s   210  The Holden Co.,, Ltd., 5*"2 Pender" St. W.  Sey._10Gd  DETECTIVE AGrEBrCIES;-  .Vancouver    Detective    Ag-ency,   -429-430  Standard Bank Bldg-., Phone Sey. 24(0. -  Mgnt,  Sey.  2-112   ,       CJ.  O'Gradv,  Mgr.)  OK1LL.S—rOKTAlil.E   Kl.KCTKIC  Darling,   Frank  &   Co.,   1142   Homer   St.-  ••---•"'■ S/-, 4 lfln-4im  The-Holden Co.,tLtd., G42 Pender SL XV.  -'     "'*'"" 'Sey.   1065.'  ' ELKCTKECAL SOPi'I.EEii  "  Can.   Allls-Chalmers,' 10C3 'Pon,l.;r S. 5710  .Barling.   Frank   &   Co.,   1142   H<*mer   St.  -      "--■'• ' S.   4100-4101  KLEVATOK  CAKS  AND  ENCLOSURES.  Can. .Allls-Chalmurs, 'l063 'lender S.-5710  Harris, i-. E. A Co.,   :<     Crown BldK. S.  4698  ?,*'->•, °^Tel! *fej-Co- 5iS Sc**-' St., S. 4795-4798  Uttc»ie Contr. A Sup. Co . Ltd.. Gran. St.  .*"   Bridge     .- -   S. 9162  1'LASTER  Uii'lfour.   Uaihrle &  Co S.  9I1>7-C57:  Kvans. Cowman' & Evans    Ft. Coium . .S. 23?'  Gilley  B--os.,( Ltd.,   Nen-  V,'<;3t.. .Phones 15, ]t  • W.i.*>'.' O'Xeil A-'Co . S(S Sey. St.. .S   1795-479'  Ritchie. Con. A Sup. Co., Gran\. Bdg. .S. 9icr  1'LASTKR  IJOARI>  Evins, Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col 8.2988  2?.' y.;°'Zail *• Co- 54K Sey- st...s. 4795-479*  riitchle   Con.   &   Sup.   Co.,   Granville. .S. 9162  I'L-kSTER' PARTITION-  BLOCKS  Evans,  Coleman  & Evans,  ft.  Co! S. 298S  PLASTER—O KXAMENTAL  Evans,-Coleman  & Evans,   ft.  Co'l S.'29SS  D. n. Morrison. 712 Richards St..S. 2151-215:  S", "^'i °'^"eil & Co- 5iS S°y- St.. .S. 4795-473'  Rilchie   Con.   &   Sup.   Co.. "Granville. .S. 9162  -' r      PLASTIC  FLOORING  Sansan Asbestos Floor'Co., 1209 Jervls St.   .' S. 66431  PLUMBING "''*"      '  Barr   &.   A'nderson.   1060   Homer   St...S. 618C  ,1 PNEOIATIC TOOLS i*  Dar.'lng.   Frank   &  Co..   1142   Homer  St.  ' - '  '          S    iinn-410  j.he Holden Co., Ltd., 54 2 Pender St. XV.  Sey.   1065.  RADIATORS AND BOTLERS  Can.   Allls-Chalmers,   1063   Pendei; S. 571E  ROOFING COMPOSITION  Evans Coleman & Evans Ft. .olum.'.S. 23S^  Pateison S] Tg. Co.. 10 A Arbutus Sts.. . D. 77:  %V X. OXeil & Co.. 5AS Sey. St...S. 479^i-^,*^  liUohie-Con r& Sup. C , Granville. .S. DiG-j-  .warnngton & Johnson. 119 Pender P* S. 49V  ROOFIXG^-SHEET V ETAL  (See   Cornice   ana   KooCingj  ROOFIXG   MATERIAL  -   ;----Che.ss .IJros.. Ltd, J3S Water St  r.-ord  |1,,i»?~i°,,ri 0illif,t5\KI"-i'"'»'ay and Carlton Sts McLau-hlin,  |(.-;;>l-~C.ty   of   VaiKAuv,;r,   City   Hall pord  ^33-       *• , I     : !?r<!  92J-*—      "     .      f   «     , ;orc,  32-3,-1  ,    <• .,     \ ■; ';ord  .9I.15—.7. k.  C'iark,  4596 Windsor St., South  Vancouver^ Ford  f:t~"on^ild I.  Cliff. U'th St., Fast Burnaby B.C Cadillac  l\t<     r    Z n:0tt7"', Q0Pe'   B>C McLaughlin  "f-6"-®-^-  CrawXo.rd'  Ladner' B-9 McLaughlin •  QiQpn    Z.Dawf*1' 19" -Oarclay St,....„ Willys-Overland .  o]Z~®l&trrlCi, 0f :North  Vancouver.  Lynn   Valley....C>.evrolet  SloS— W. J. Dwyer, Clayburn, B.  C  " pord  0155—H.  Edwards,  Coquitlam,  B.  C ........iraiwell  91S1—C. Y. Guffin,  Cor. Esplanade  and^Lonsdale, North    •  Vancouver '        -     Ford  f:^~^: t ■""•emeyer.r1642 Beach .Ave McLaughlin  J14<— \\. L. Hallett, No. 2 lioad, Lulu-Island. Steveston  B. ' C  ■- ■.I-- „  n,,n     T   tV ^r  v —Maxwell  91 o9—J. H. Hopcott., R. R. No. 2, Xew Westminster....  "    Ford  l\\l~Z-ZZ' Hunttln& 36S9 A"S«s Ave..'. Studebaker  9125—H. C. Johnston,- 2996  3rd Ave. W        '    Ford  9126—J.  Johanson, 163—4th .Ave.' E., North Vane'  Ford'"  9131—0.- L. Kirk, 929 Main St .-. r   *Ford  ;9127—w: P." Lancaster,  1320"Pendrelf St .* "' Bussell  9179-H. J. Littler, 2905 Sth Ave.' XV Willys-Overlknd  9149—J. A.  London,  1617   Grant  St  '       'Ford*  91S3—A. C, Mackintosh,  539 Pender St. XV.-. Scripps-Bopth  922a—W.   Macfarlane, 272 21st Ave. West.. Ford  922S—F. Mclntyre, 3S90 Osier Ave .-„.. Chevrolet  9143—A.  G   Main,  1102  Commercial Drive...:.  >ord*  n«i-~^c1 win   Mattson, "Port  Hanev,   B. C.    ' -   ' ■'" :Vofd:  922.—T. H. ILMilburn, 2355 5th Ave. WesC"'.':.'.T'"'"'" Dod'-e  S7S'.~i,saac -vi:*on' Chilliwack, B. C  """"    pn*?if  \\V-—?>  >,V-.N""ley' 70 Hastings st. WZZZZZJZZZ      EoA:  ni*M~VrS1n,?*11'^ln' M'"s. Ltd.. 257 4  Cth*-Ave.  W.-.Zr.ZFord  9U1—Mt.   Openheitner; 2010  Nelson  St   _ ' Rnrfl  .     ..x^..^,„   -"'■"•-■""''     .     , *;yt.— il   j.i.  aeott, j-raser Alills, B.  C.   _ Ford  Evans. Co,eni«.:i *-Evans   Ft. Colum. .S. 2!>S' W~b—Henrv Schaake; 131" 3rd St..  New We-Vt'riTmst^r ~i.-L,  Macdonaldi.   Marpole  CoT,' Ltd.* '..s. 210    3 ■-«—Alfred "Sehm,  County  Line   BC      . ."    {ZVk  Paterson ,MfB    Co..   10th  & -Arbuius.  Bay.  77  - 9196—11. A. Shull. 373S Pine Cre«CPnt "'   ~- "'"v'rTaM^T3,  R tchle Con. & Sup. Co.. Grenvllle-B.. .s  sir-"    9211—F.  "I""*- firamr,n    a-*i   wsCTiu  ?.,^..- r--.------il'*Laughlin  Ritchie Con. & Sup. Co.. Granville's.. .S '916"  Warrinston & Johnson,  119 Vendor St.S*. 491:  ,    ROPE-MANILA'"   „" .  Balfour)   Guthrie   &   Co -s sioi  •■V     .SAIES-^VAULT^DOORs »   Ford  z~-. Ford  IN  THE           .      -        . * t, - *' -  l \' '-r  British Columbia  lil)r~\r   "*?; ^anxon, .431 .AVinch Bids .'.....;....  i\.,i—\I-   E    bummers,-Port  Maim,   B.  C    ■       - *-       i,-0r<i  »H6—A..L. TanKt-e. 63rd &.<4Sth Ave..-....„.-....-..r.Win'vS"67e"rland  91o6—Jas. L. Tennant, 219 Princess St., New AVest-        - .-•  minster    i •       . - .     \r„T „..^h,,  9197-ilThird,'iiJ3ain, 1012 Main S^VZ^X^T^-^^^^-  ELEVATORS    -*"     '"-                Balfour,   Guthrie   &   Co.. ..^. ..-k 9197-6671                     minster                 '    i'r-'---ess St., Xew A\'est-  D*p»??-;„*fpr»n,51&  Co.^ni?,HoiAer St.'." ,    \ ;>% . *,SAI-*ES-^VAULt7i)O0R5 ,  -". .   - .  919'—Third,'&laiXToT2'Mam'St"V ■/••"-^--■•^—McLaushUn.  o  r. ——————^  S M Morris & Co Ltd  STRUCTURAL Office and Works  - 2120--2130 Cedar St.  STEEL   STAIRS Bay- 1043  ELEVATOR ENCLOSURES  MARQUISES  FIRE ESCAPES  JAIL AND. PRISON WORK  GRILLES AND BALCONIES  i  IRON GATES AND FENCING  WIRE WORK  EVERYTHING  IN  | IRONWORK  V-         '   -^J**  b4^<&^<fy»b<lW'<t*b<&<'<W~&'b<?.>'b<fy'b®*b<l>'Z' ■ •|^^-£f^H'^*^H4-H',*^>.*^>«&*W^*J'*'^*^'**"*'  J.  ORNAMENTAL  rtitchic Con. &  Sup. Co.,  Granvl.  Bdg-.-.S. Pie:  ! R. V. Winch A  Co.,   TInch Bid-*.'. •-*. 279-lii4  >IRE   KXTIN«i;iSHEB   .SYSTE.US.    "  Gen.  FIro Ex.  Co.,  1J40  Utimilton St..S513S  Barr & Anderson,  1060  Hcmer'St S.  61S0  FLOORING C  J.'Fyfe Smith  *   *5o.,  1320  Richard*. .S. 11SS  GAS  AI'PLIANCES.  Van.  Qai Co., Hastm^t Si.  W S.  S00O  GATE  VALVKS  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd '.S. 210  GLASS—ALL KINDS.  W. N. 0'N«il * Co. 54S 8,-y. St.. -S.  4795-479?  HARDWARE   (  Flett, J."A., Ill Hastings XV Sey; 2327-S  HARDWOOD FLOORS  VV.  N.  O'Xell * Co.. US Rey. St...*?. 4795-479S  J.  Fyfe  Smith  A   Co. 1320  Richards. .S. 119i"  HARDWOOD LUMBER  Smith,  J.  Fyfe & Co.. 1320  Richards. .S. 1196  SASH   DOORS,' -IVINDOtVS,   ETC.  W. N/O'Xeil <t Co.. 54X Sey. St...S. 4795-479*  S133-W.  C* Walter. SGS.'coraovTs^XV.^11'0      ■'. -   - ^>brJ  %1H—A-   S*   Whiteside, 11624   Salsbury 6ril:c'~ ""•"•-•-£?£•?,"'  TBANSrEBS.  SIIIXGI.E  MANl-FACTritERS  AND   DKA1  1 EKh.  (See  Lumber and  Shln-jles."!  , '        SLATE  Kvans,  Coleman A  Evans,  ft.  Col S. 29SS  \V. X. O'Xeil & Co., SMS Sey. St...S. 4795-479t  R. V. Winch St Co.. Winch Bld...S. 279-194'  Ritchie, Con. & Sup. Co., Granv. Bdg. .S. 916f  STEEL—REIXFORCING.  Bali'our,. Guthrie   &   Co S. 9197-6571  E\*ns,  Coleman  &  Evans,  ft. Col S  29S8  .Macdonald,   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd S.  210  Warrington & Johnson, 119 Pender St.'s.'-*9i:  STORE   *   OFFICE   FIXTURES   A   STOIU  i  Mb  'f,  ♦  f  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCIl  any length - any diameter  *■;..■ ; Incorporated 1909  1021-1024 Rogers Building  Seymour 3993-3999  I  t  i  -b  HEATING—HOT   AIK.   .STEAM   AND   VEN^  . TII^VTING  Barr   &   Anderson,   10'iO   Homer ■ St.. .S. 61S0  Gen.  Fire  Ex.  Co..  1140  Hamilton St..S513S  HOISTING  ENGINES'  Ritchie Con   & Sup. Co.. Granvl. Bdg..S. 9161  INTERIOR  FINISH  Evans.  Coleman A Evans,) ft.  Col S. 29SS  \V. X. 0'Xe;i A Co.. 5-IS Sey. St.. .S. ■"795-479S  Kitchie. Con. A Sup. Co.. Granv. Bdg. .S.-Sioi  IKON AND 8TEEL—STRUCTURAL  Can.   Allls-Chalmers.   1063   Pender S. 5710  Can.   Xor:hwest   Steel   Ci- F.     30"  Evans,   Coleman   A   Evans,   Ft.   Col...S. 29SS  Cous-hlan,  J.  &  Sons.  World Bldg S.   79-")  Macdonald,   Marpole   Co.,   Ltd S.  210  Ritchie. Con. & Suo. Co.. Grnnv. Bdfr. .S. 91R'  W. X. O'Xell A Co. 5'It Sey. St. ..S. '795-<79S  Wilkinson Co., S-16 Beach S.  7915  IRON  AND  STEEL—ORNAMENTAL.  Cnn.'  Allis-Chalmers.   1063   rvndrr... .S  5710  Evans,  Coleman &  Evans,  ft. Col S. 29SS  -Mac-donaid,   .\;nr|'Olu  Co..   Ltd S.  210  VV. X. O'Xeil A Co., 5iS Spy. St. ..S. -IT95-179S  ■ (Itchlr. fon   .fe hup, (.'o.  Granvl.  Bdc .t^   .ili>  South   Vancouver Iron A Wire Works, .  GS5G .Victoria  Drive Fraser 156  LATH—METAL  Evana. Coloman ik Evans. Ft. Columb. .S. 29S.<  XV.  X.  O'Xeil A Co.,  51$ Sev. St. ..S. '795--I79S  It Itch!'!   C.   Slid   S    Co..   Grin.   St .*>.   i'lS2  Warriiixton   A   Johnson,   *J9   Pender. .S. 4912  LI.MK.  Ualfour.   CxiiFirlo  A  Co S.  9197-6575  Evans, Coleman A Evans. Ft. Columb..S. 29.*>S  Gilley Bros., X'cw  Wont ml  W. X. O'Xeil A Co.. 54S S  Itltcllle   Con.   A   Su-j.   CO.,   < --  R. V. Winch Co,  f.d.. Winch Bdg..S. 279-19-1 *  MACHINERY  Can.   AlliH-Chaliiu-ri,"   IOC!   IVndpr S. 5710  Darling,   Frank   A   Co.,   1142   Homer  St.     H.   '100-4101  'Macdonald, • Marpoii'  Co.,   Ltd.... f.  2,0  W. N. O'Xoil A Co., 54S Soy. St. ..8. 4795-4798  I'ltohl"  Con.-A  Sup.  On.,  (i'linv!    Bdw. ."■ 9'fi:  The Holden Co., Ltd., 5-12 Pender St. XV.  tfcy.   1U05.  MANTFL8—nitlCK. TILK ASD WOOD  Ev»ns,  Colt'man A  Evans,  ft. Col..... .£. 29SS  LeHli«.  Taylor Co.,   1U3 .DiinHiniit.r S. 43<1  W. X. O'Xell A Co.. SIS Sey. .St. ..ft. <T»5-*|'9S         - -     - Co..   Granv-llli*. .S. »l*i.-  ?. Ft. Columb.. S. 29.Mi  llnsier. . Plionfs 15. l'i  Sey. St.. .S. 4735-479S  -j.,   Granville..S. 91G2  Rltrhle   Con.   A   Suo  *   OFFICE   FIXTURES  FRONTS  Evans, 'Coleman &■ Evans,  ft.  Col S. 29S8  W. X\ O'Xell A Co., 54S Sey.  St...S. 4795-479'  .   TAK  AND   FITCn  Paterson Mfg.tCo.,  10th A Arbutus,  Bay.  7"*1  .Evans,  Coleman A  Evans,   ft.  Col S. 29SS  . TILE—DRAINING  Evans. Coleman A Evans " Ft. Colum. .S. 298!'  Gilley Bros.. New- Westminster Phones 15 1£  Pt. Haney Brick Co., 615 Hast. S. W., S.. 13--.E  Ritchie Con. A Sup. Co., Granv. Bdg..S. 916:  Warrington   &  Johnson.   119   Pender. .S. 491J  "TILE—FLOOR AND WALL  Evans,  Coleman A Evans,   ft. Col S. 2988  W. X. O'Xeil A Co., 54» t-ey. St...S. 4795-479f  Warrington   A  Johncon,   119   Pender. .8. 4911  TIN PLATES  Ualfour,   Guthrie  A   Co S.  9197-6571  Evans,  Coleman A  Evans,   ft.  Col S. 29S8  K.   V    Winch  A Co..   Winch   B.'d...S.    279-19*  Wilkinson Co., 8-16 Beach S,  7915  TOOL STEEL  Darling,   Frank' A   Co.,   1142   Homer  St.   S.   4100-4H'  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co..   Ltd S. 210  VACUUM   CLEAN1XO   SYSTEMS.  Barr  A  Anderson,  1060  Homer St S. 61h  WALL    HOARDS  Evans.  Coleman A  EvaiiB,   ft.  Col S. 298S  Leslie,  Taylor Co.,  403  Dunsmuir ri. 43V  WATERPROOF COMPOUND  Evans',  Coltirnan A  Evans,   ft.  Col S. 298S  VV. X. O'Xeil A Co , i>4t> Sey. St.. .S. 479r-i,^  Paterson Mfg. Co., 10th A Arbutus..B. 7 .'  Warrington   A   Johnson.   119   Pender. .S. 491  WATER   METERS,   HYDRANTS   &   I'L'JIl',-  Macdonald,   Marpole' Co..   Ltd S.  210  WATERWORKS .SUPPLIES  Macdonald,   Marpole   Co.,   Ltd.: S.  210  WINDOW  SCREENS  W. X. O'Xell A Co., 548 Sey. „-*t...S. 4795-47--  WIHE   AND   CARLE    (ELECTRIC)  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co..   Ltd. ........3.  210  ..WIRE ROPE  Balfour,    Guthrie   A    Co.........S. 9197-6571  Evans,  Coleman A  Evans,  ft.  Col ij. 298s  Macdonald,   Marpole   Co.,   Ltd S.  210  Hltchio. Con. A Suo. Cc. Granv.  Bdg. .s   *-•  K.   v    Winer, .v t;o..  Wine*   Bid.,   S. . jr:«  Wilkinson Co., 846  beach.......... S. 7915  WIRE   WORK  Artistic   Wire   A   Iron   Wks.     1462  K'lnir*wm P*t'K4*  .South 'Vancouver Iron A   Wire   Works.  i"i8r>5   Victoria  Drive.     Franer   I5t>  M 'iMkMJT *M\taff*+i t',  Did  THE   MEDIUM,  yoii   ever   notice   that   95   per  *+r*m* *j*?i9mn*..tii.  cent,  of the hi;,- successful firms are  firms who advertise?   They figure advertising as nn Investment  not an ex-  ponso.    The  secret  of advertising  Is  tho  wolefitlon    of  a    medium,   which  roachoB those people  who are or wlJ  bo   the    most    likoly  "piirfhasera  o  j f  vour produci"   If vmi n"'<» '■><' h,lll';   jn  iHC supply or machinery line don't at  lect a moving picture publication I  which to do your advertising. Be  cause of tho Tact that tho KWUORD If-  '.ho only paper published in tho pro  vinco devoted exclusively to tho con  (ractlng business it is read by prac  tically   every  cuo   you  woum   like   If  C175—R. Abernethy to Jas. Areldrum.  036 Granville '"  -?,?—tV £*-r?.e7chl,e,-v t0   Kril"k Stone.  1213 Howe E.M.E.  i531—It. G.'Bicknell to A. IJ. Hume, 2024 7th Ave. W Overland  4251—A.  Black  to J.  McGinn.  2G.16  Turner St. 'Ford  7b51—Black Bros.,  Ltd.  to Harold  Smith,   1027  Pender-W.   (Driard   Rooms)        Overland  Slo2—A. L,. Blackie to E. Johnstone, Jubilee Station, BC  Ford  .4251—A. Black to J. McGinn, 26.<"J Turner St.. •   Fo-d  'S152—A. L. Blackie to JS. Johnstone, Jubilee Station. """"'     "*  Kerrisdale,   B.  C  McLau'-hlin  2S30—H. Bouch to R. A. Robinson, 956 13th -We. \V Ford  1969—F. W. Bowes to Vancouver Transfer Co., b44 Cambie St 1       White  6374—G. Bruzzoni to L. H. Vernon, 3144 7th Ave. XV.. Overland  2666—J. C. Cairns to Anylo Corporation, Ltd., 1260  Granville St  _ Ford  6531—J. Christy to O. L,. Barnes, 60S Granville St..'3"fcLaiiKhlin  54 41—M. H. Clapp to G. A. Vowel I,- 3516 3rd Ave. XV. .      Ford  C246—C   J. Clarke to W.> O. Rowan,  1956 13th West Ford  6252—2.1. 1m. Coleman to Mrs. S. J. Probert, Hastings Road'  Lynn   Creek    Paiije-Detroit'  9102—Mrs. G. A. Dunn to F. S. Perry,  -Ith & Granville    Ford  S335—H. Edwards to R. Buckland, 611 Queens Ave.",  New   Westminster    ."      Chevrolet  5620—A. D. Flavelle to R. J. Wark. Lansrlev Prairie BC   Ford  2229—L. A. Glendennlng to Sarah A. Willis, '2979 2Sth  Ave.   E  Napier  471S—XV. C. Goodwin to E. Kirkham,  S55 Hamilton St.    Ford  2397—XV. XV. Harvey to R. Mottishaw. 1370 Harwood  649—Jas. XXr.   iieaiey  to  airs""G"."HV"i-TeaVey7'255b     *■     °  Quebec  St.  ...-.         Cadillac  2647—W. F.  Huntting to L. N. Thompson,  1062 Georgia  St. XV ■: Hudson  7690—G. J. Johanson to G. P. Stocks, 1659 Venables Ford  2013—XV. Keiller to D. Johnson, Elgin  Xi.li   No. 1,  Cloverdale,   B.  C  Ford  5090—XV. II   Kennedy to S. Vandt.,  1531 Main" s'tV'."'.".".'.V.'.'.'.F-ord  2376—H.  T.  Kirk, to T. A. Campbell,  Douglus,  .„.r    -^ li-    c\  -; ;—*.•---- -• Stoddard-Dayton  G335—D. Lamb  to J. C. Crumb, Otter,  B. C ....Ford  799S—R.  G   MncPherson  to. J.  V. Clu-w,  11S5   10th  Ave.  W ■ p.'tnm'r-.Singer  SI25—Martin   FInlayson  &.  Mather  Ltd.  to C.  A.  Pihan. ■  13S   fith   Ave.   W    Chase  S732—McQueen Produce Co., Ltd, to Granville Lunch  1370   Harwood   St  Ford  :*21S—S.  Minichlello  to F. Masi,  2022  Georgia  KiisL..-Cadlllao  -:>11—10. C. Palmer to J. A. Jacofoson, Matsriul,  • * C Studebaker  •1976—Ridley    Kennedy,    Ltd.    to    The    Auto    Delivery    Co.,    New    "Westminster Ford  1D37—S. A. Boss to Beatrice V. Summerlield, IS 15 Alberni'  261 9—Studebaker    Corporation "'of' ""cVin:idaV"'i7td.""'to"      "PI  C.    A.     Ityall,    Abbotsford,- B.    C E.M.F,  S5S6—St.  riegis  Hotel Co.,  Ltd.,  to Curt Xette, JS57  3rd  Ave   XV , Russell  7S-M—Ridley,  Kennedy,  Ltd. to A. J. Stewart Jr.,  Fraser Mills,   B. C  Ford  25S9--G.  P. So ley to J. W.  Hughes A C.  L. Hix,          Suite  II,   Linton Apts .r-r. Nader  3692—IC. J. Sprott to G C. .Perk-Ins. Angus & Magee lid."  S501—D. Sutherland to Rev. F.  XV. Auvache,   Hammond,  B.   C    Chevrolet  7720—N.  Telford, M.D.,  to B. M. Carter,  1437  Matthews  Ave.     Cole  S60.1—.T   I,. Tennant  to S. Weaver, Elgin. B.  C McLaughlin  27.S2—Ella Thomas to A. XV. Cochrane & J. F. Bales,  7.15'.Hornby   St. '.....Overland  SGC3—S.  Thompson,- to  Fir.Tree  Lumber  Co.,   Mount  , Lehman,   B.   C  Ford  9193—-Tupper .*;•: Steele, Ltd. to r. Wakaboyashi,  213 Powell St  Ford  30 12—Universal Car Co., Ltd. to Anglo Corporation'   Ltd..   1200   Granville  St     Ford  —Anglo American Corpn., Ltd., to Smith   Bros.,  I *-*.*>0 T.-it-caster ,'ve.. North Vancouver.... Ford  402—J. O. Vicars to J. 1. Richmond, 2342  Kingsway u McLaughlin  3.r.92—J. E. Ward to J. Caverley, 65 Lonsdale Ave., North  \ ancouver  ;.  Overland  I ISO—IX.   Wark  to  Reliable Furniture Co., Carnarvon  and   iHh   St.   New   Westminster  Ford  S'lSS—C. XV. Webh to M. C. Smith, Chilliwack,  li'.C,...'. Ford  2991—F   W. Wells to  Mrs. A. Chapman,   1233  Hornbv. Hudson  334 7—Western Specialty, Ltd. to R.  XV.  Berry,  ISth'and  '" '"'"    "' '"   *"' ~~  ...Ford  Lonsdale,  North   Vancouver ....  RELINQUISHMENTS  92 10—Charles Cole,  6197   Eraser St., So.  Vanc'r    Ford  J !*)<!£*—.lai'kson   Pro*!..  22IS  4th  Ave.   West        Ford  .'M35—H   Jacobs,   30  Hastings  St.  E ,     Overland  ..       ... ,   „    91*1 —T-   Leckle   Co,   Ltd,  Carr-Me and Water  ...Ford  Hee   it   Will   put   a   capital   C    919*—Samuel   Phlpns,   192.''   Trafalgar St lord  n   vtuir cash i ."?•;•?■—/..'■'."• s'':.,t.1Lt'',H,": 7ir.i:.V.yi. ^.11..Pender St. W.  soil your products to.    Your ad. whore ' ■'"?••"•—if   Jacobs,  fhey  will  !tlf)3..-ll'iii r ,v   Ste.-l.  Ltd.    U\>V.l  p.ril  Wo.-t  9107  3:^2  8597  752G  7S 1)0  ...Ford  4 awi ,\, -,<■•>-," u&t¥imwKPK' *■"■ ■lf«aa*A!**t-*,V,vf *» '  i< ,     n  o  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  >XW*^m&^r#Vi^i$M  "BAGLEY MAKES u  sgnv*.  /*  ■■^■apT^.-^'-r^-^r--,-.*':.! •-'*?*^/3gg2'^^  tf STAMPS"  !  ■   D ipS5"^ ^£3 &j kiaa   $  ■•"-METERS,   ENGRAVERS  SONS L-.,,,.  MANUFACTURERS  "BAGLEY DDES GOOD PRINTING"  SEALS.   STENCILS,   RUBBER   AND   METAL  STAMPS,   METAL   CHECKS,  TIMC'CHECKS,  KEY   TAGS,   BRASS    SIGNS,   NUMBERING    MACHINES,   BADGES   OF   AIL   KINOS,    ETC.'  ALL WORK GUAPtANItlU III SI  QUALITY, PROMPT DELIVERY AiXD 1'AIR PRICES  PHONE SEY. 316  151  HASTINGS ST., W.  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St.  "  ,' Vancouver B. C.  New Work — Contracts Let  THE    POllOWnia    TABLE    SHOWS   BUILDINGS    COSTING-     $5,000     OB     OVER,    OH     WHICH     COWSTKTrC-riON     IS  UNDER WAY, OB ON  WHICH CONTRACTS HAVE BEEN LET BUT CONSTRUCTION NOT YET  STARTED. '■  Fraser River *  PILE DRIVING CO.  LIMITED    °-  P. A. Jones, MgT.  O '      '  WHARF BUILDING,  BRIDGES,  PILE FOUNDATIONS/  ETC.  ' Owners off Tug "CLIVE"  General  Towing  r r  324 front St.        \ New Westminster.  Telephone 1015  Character  -  Co-it  Depot  and   terminal  ? 1,000,000  3  new hldg-. and 2 alterations $50,000  Causeway    $50,000  Shipbuilding  plant     DredRliiR between piers    Cold Storage plant  $50,000  Brick   Canning   Plant $20,000  Power Plant   -.   Sleeping- Pavilion     Telephone  Exchange  $15,000  Concrete   lighthouse   tower     Remodel   Bldg   Sewer   Work    $8,000  Warehouse etc $16,500  Saw Mill  '. $100,000  Shipbuilding plant  $70,000  Power   House   _   Kesldence ■ $5,500  Concentrator  etc $500,000  Station   and   Terminals '....     500,000  Jetty   (Second Unit)   $300,000  Turning   Basin     _ $100,000  Trunk Sewer       300,000  Dredging  _ 1700,000  Seawall     _ ;.....     100,000  Wharf    $1 5,000  Store   and 'oiflce   bldg , $fi0,000  Sewer    1 $300,000  Wood  Bridge   '...-.$5,000  1   Sto.  Frame Building $5,000  Shipbuilding Yards    Club  Building   i r $20,000  10-Stall Roundhouse  , .,  Location    Owner  False   Creek  Can.   Northern  Ry  Arcldtect       Contractor  Pratt & Ross. ..Northern  Const.  Co.  and  Carter,  Halls Aldinger Co.  Sharpe &  Thompsoi. ........Baynes & Horie  Owners     Owners    Owners  :   W.  D.  Grant  Owners   A.   W.   Quist  Owners    Ward   &   Baldock  Frame   Building   $'35,000  Remodel   Building   $12,000  Foundation , for   Shed ;...$25,000  Freight  Office's and Sheds   Pier, Extension  .'   1   Story  Brick Addition $5,000  Frame   Apart.   House   .?. $6,000  Front   Store   Bldg .• $7,000  Dredging   for. Causeway $16,91.2  Alter Theatre Building $5,000  10th & Willow St University of B. C.  Coal  Harbor  Citv  of  Vancouver  Port  Moody....Port  Moody Shipbuil'd.   Co.  Burrard   Inlet Can.   Pacific  Ry.  Foot'of Gore Ave Oan.  Fishing Co  Kelowna  B. C.  Evaporators, 1-td  Prince George   City   Du Cane Dutcher & Co  Tranquille.... B. C. Anti-Tuberculosis - Soc.   Owners  Nelson   li.   C.   Telephone  Co.  Triple   Island, B.  C Dom.  Govt.  553 Granville. Elliott Shandley A McLean  Esquimau       Cily  Victoria  .'....Dom   Govt.  6th &  Willow  Alborta Lumber Co.  Poplar Island....Wes.liniii.su :•  Murine Ry.  Anyox    Granny  Min   &  Smelt.   Co  New Wostmlnster..Mrs. J. C. Armstrong  Surf   Inlet .'» Surf   Inler   Power  Co.  False   Creek Great  Northern   Ry.  Fraser River (lower) Dominion Govt.  False Creek _ _   Government  Stanley Park   Sewerage   Board  False Creek   _ Government  False Creek  c. N. Ry.  P.itricia  Bay Can.   N.   P.  Ry.  Co.  Victoria           -       Hastings   Park   Sewerage   Board  Naiiiiimo     City  Bridge St Van. dumber Co.  Vancouver  J,  Coughlan * Sons  Vnncouvf-r..Shaughnessy  Hgts. Golf Chit  ..It  Vancouver ,   G. N. Ry.  10th A Willow Sts McGill  University  Cordova St. XV Royal  Bank of Caii.  Vancouver      Q N  Kv  Vancouver  rj_ jsr< uy  Vancouver   '    q   p   R  771 Granville St ; C. fi.  Gustofson  1096—12th Ave. XV XV   S. Thompson  532 Granville St XL N. MacKechnie  \ nncouver1  Ci'v  S51 Granville St !!"_Vv\   P   Nico'ls  L.ayfleld  Owners   Snider-Bros.  & Brethour  Owners Snider Bros. & Brethour, Ltd.  Owners  ". Warren & Stancombe  Owners* . .-.'  Parfitt Bros.  Owners   Owners  Owners   Owners   Taylor   Engineering   Co.  Townley & James  i J.  C. Allen  F."l.' Towniey.".Gran"t Smith & McDonnell  Govt Marsh   flu ton   Powers  Co.  Government Pacific  Dredging Co.  Owners    ,   Rug.  Dept Pat-flic  Dredging Co.  Owners  A. G. Creelman A Co.  Owners    S.   Doe, .Victoria  Percy   Fox  ,: Luny   Bros.  Owners    _       Owners  Owners    '- A.   XV.   Meslier  Owners    Owners  B.   ('.  Palmer Purdy  &  Lonergon  F.   L.   Townley Grant.   Smith   &   Co.,   it MacDonnell. Ltd.  Sharpe iS.- Thompson Rayjies & Horie  Contractors  ....Purdy A   Henderson  Owners..... Grant   Smith   &   Co._  A- MacDoneil, TTui.  Pratt & Ross.. .MacDonald, Nettleton A  )        . l < Bruce.  Owners    :   Owners  '   Owners  A.   Ij.   Benglof '.'..,. A.   L.   Benglof  T. A. ,l**ee  XV. Hepburn  Titv Dominion   Construction    Co.  Owner  Owner  g*ri*r rji^nttustgiLtUPiu,"  VICTORIA.—The cihy council has  decided to spend f-100 on the improvement of Orchard St., between Government' St." and Bay St.  ■* "■' l ■.  i. ■ (     '  ' WINNIPEG.—The   city "will   permit  The supplies must be 'of tlie,best  quality of their several' kinds, and  must be delivered at the-points specified in the'various forms'of tender.  Each tender must be sent .in a separate envelope and endorsed "Tender  i*1 i   «.-•>  '■)■"-  i;*-rj  As General Agents  -  for, British Columbia of. The-Globe  Indemnity Company of Canada and,  The - Liverpool '■&'*■ London & "Globe  Insurance,Co., "Md." " We sell com-  -•plete.-^'protection--including loss  - »"*"• *V *-: •*'      "through''"'"     -.' .-  -1' Fire,--'.The'ft,1-Collision," Property  Damage .and. Personal Liability. '.  - -     ,-,   > - - MSP f.    -       - '  -* " -     ''_      '    V  ,._    ~ ' "    MS'".       . '_   ' ." '  Geperley,Rounsefell & Co.  .   ,'*.      L-fiAr'rTED       ■... ■ '  AA-'irich   Bldg. 739   Ha sting's St.  XV.  Estab.^lSSG,    ,• Vancouver, B.C....  the Dominion government  to'erect a  for Hardware, B.  C. Dredging' Fleet "  ?200,000   temporary   military " hospital   etc<> as the case may be  on Alexandra Square, in' front of the  General ,r hospital.  VICTORIA.—After being shut down  for several years, the mill at Nanoose  i  Bay,   now   the   property   of   the   East  Coast Lumber Co., was re-opened last  week.        ',  * ■' i -      ,    ■  Persons tendering are notified that  tenders will not be considered'unless  made on_ the printed forms, supplied,  and signed with their actual signatures.' ,,''■■'''.  Forms of tender may-be obtained at  architect, Mr. J. A.'Benzie, i06 Winch  Bldg., Vancouver.  A certified 'deposit cheque equal to  five per cent, -of the bid must, accompany each tender.    ,  The,lowest ,or any tender not necessarily accepted. .   „  '    . '  pEO. IIADDON,   ^  -   Managing Secretary.  VICTORIA. — It   is   proposed   very  shortly'to commence sewer work upon  Burnside Roa'd from, Harriet Roadt to  •Washington. St.,  Edgeware - Road- and  j Slater St. -This work "will cost about ver,; B. C  i $3,000 or $4,000. -     - -  NOTICE   TO   CONTRACTORS.--   -  TENDERS.  Sealed tenders, marked "Tenders for  the completion of the construction of  the ofiice ot A. F. Mitehe  , Esq., Act-. ,_    ,,-    * T   .     r, , tt      •*  . »  _.,.,,,    . - •= »» -*-•-•■■•■ ^'  <tne K0Otenay Lake General Hospital,'  ing District Lngmeer, Victoria, B   C. •   .       L", ■ t   r      r ■  *■  .   ..        _ b„      '      *-**-*-*■,n' i°* *^-'   in whole or in part, for the completion  at the offlce of C. C.- Worsfold,  Esq.,  |; '■ VANCOUVER.—Mr. Jonathan Rogers, chairman of the Vancouver Parks  'Board, interviewed'Hon.-Dr. King; min-  ,* ister"- of .public works, ■ at. Victoria last |  of a brick'and stone hospital building",  at Nelson."B. C, for the Kootenay Lake  General HospitaK Society, will  be  received a^ the oflice of the secretary,  _    ,    .     ,,     ....       ^_^._, Nelson. B.' C, not later than noon of  . _ _. n..er,' ™j^e~ac"c?^ io, .1917.,: !:;  All tenders shall be,accompanied by  District Engineer, New Westminster:  B. C, and at the offlce of the undersigned, 614-18, Birks "Building, Vancou-  tee of good faith  ts   for   plans   andi- specifica---  by an accepted cheque_on a chartered  bank, payable to the order of the Hon-.        ,.   „ -     . , .    . „       -       .     -  burable "the.Minister'of Public Works,'? cash deposit equal,to 10 per*cent, or  W. the/amount mentioned- in;.-tender,>-thevam.oun.t o£ the tend®r'. as-a £UaraiJ;  .0«i;^v:f«»»--, «-"?. ■-" ---vv" '—j wnich w[u be' f0rfeited'if thefDersbn, l?e °f g°°  week, with regard .to the government I,,    ■,    •       ,'  ,.      /*'" .     i-'-- -'womiQo*-.  .'"    ' li'a ■      -.i'i,-     "■. •-.  "  . I tendering decline to enter -into^a con-'     Kequesti  .-beautifying   the   Old   COUrthOUSe   Site   at.,     -   .,..  i"    *-,,-.    -       *    -. • '"-„-:,'   Hnno"frnm  'fnnlrictnrc ■r.utaUlr.-r.r   Vol  -       .-..-. .    ,  - , .i tract whin called upon to do so, fir fail t10ns irom contractors outside ol ^,ei-  Vanconver.i     , - ,j      c'omplQlQ the contract >   jf the ten- son  sll^1J .be  accompanied   by.va  cash  '   VICTORIA—Sealed  tenders   are  be-jder be not accepted,  the cheque  will 'deposit of .?10, which will be'promptly  ing invited by  the  minister  of, lands [be returned. , ' ..- "*    jretiirned upon the-return of tlie plans  for   the   purchase   of   timber   license' ' The.Department does not.bind itself ,and specifications  whether accompan-  to accept the lowest ^or any tender.   '  By order,.  ,  C.  C.  WORSFOLD,  Acting Superintendent of -Dredges.  Department of Tublic Works,-Canada,'  Vancouver, B.'C, January 30th, 19 L7.  'N'-T  *— j X719, under which may be cut 7,230,-  000 feet of dead and down cedar and  1,000 cords of shingle bolts, on an  area adjoining Powell Lake, knd timber license X76S under which may oe  cut 1S2,600 feet of yellow' pine' and  Douglas fir -on an area adjoining lot  1417 Nicola River., Three years is  allowed for the removal of the timber  in the former case and eight months  in the latter.  PROPOSALS   WANTED  GSBNEY WIRELESS  SOLID TIRES  also  VACUUM CUP TIRES  MICHELIN TIRES  HILL TIRE CO.  941 Pender W.        Sey. 6411  "MTSC-ET..T.AJMi-0'a'S    PSOPOS.-ILS  VANCOUVER—S. E. Junkins & Co.,  C.P.R.   Depot,   are   ready   for   tenders  for sprinkling  system  for  the   exten-1 lender may    be  sion to Pier "D," at the foot of Granville street.  VICTORIA—Tenders are being called by the Canadian Explosives, Ltd.,  for repairs to the wharf at James  Island. Plans at purchasing dept.,  Arcade  Bids;.,  this  city.  VANCOUVER — The Washington  Machinery & Equipment Co., Smith  Bldg., Seattle, are in the market for a  large amount of contractors' equipment, anywhere up to £200,000 worth.  ESQL'l.MALT—Tenders are requested for the repair and alterations of  road in Naval Canteen Ground, Esquimau. Replies should be addressed to  the Paymaster, H.M.C. Dockyard, Esquimau, who will furnish full particulars of work required.  notice to contractors.  the vancouver general  hospital!  Tenders are invited by the undersigned up till 10, a.m. Thursday, Feb.  1st, 1917, for the erection-of a Military Hospital annex, " *  Plans, specification's and forms of  obtained    from ■ the  ied by a tender or not  Should * a contract be entered into  the contractor will be required to furnish, a satisfactory- surety bond. ■   "  Fair wages  as defined in contracts  with   the   government _of   British   Co-  umbia are   to  be paid  and  no  alien  abor is to be, employed.   t  Plans and specifications may De obtained (on loan) from the architect.  Will Ilaldane, Nelson, B: C. ,   ,  T£e right is' reserved to reject, any  >r all tenders.      • -    •  GEO JOHNSTONE,  Secretary, K. L. G.* H. Society  Nelson^ 13.  C, January. 12, 1917,«  TELEPHONE DATA  NEW  INSTAIfLATIOWS  JANTTARTT 26, 1917.  P!o"d--'l. Stewart &'Welch.  Ltd, Lowers. TS!>  Il.ustlntrs  XV..   ..  Soy 17 IS  Spy. 717  .Hey r.M'O  .Sey. 4 73 1 p  E. A. BAILEY  ■ ■   .   - 1  Plumbing   and • Steamfitting  i  1033 Granville St.  Vancouver, IB. C.  (f*hone Sey. 136  Ree. Bay. 77  PROPOSALS WANTED  PUBLIC   WORKS   OF   CANADA.'  British    Columbia    Dredflinfl    Fleet —  Supplies   1917-18.  Separate sealed tenders addressed  to. the undersigned at Vancouver, B.  C„ will be'received until 5 p.m. on,  Tuesday, February ,13th, .19.1.7,' for the  supply, of the following articles, for  the use of the B. C. Dredging Fleet at  Vancouver, 13. C, for 12 months, ending March 31st, 1918:  Fuel  Oil. j  Gasoline and Coal Oil. ;  Hardware. j ,  Hose.  Manila Rope. '■'-■;  Oils and Greas.es.  Packing.  Paint and Paint Oils.  Steam Pipe. Valves and Fittings.  Wire Rope.  1 i.ri.irlon  Lumber A  Timl>er Co,  Ltd.  73!)   ir-isti-iKi-   XV.  I ( es   Tier Tea   Rooms,   1'ler,  Toot   Gilford -.     .    .  *  ..  Walne. XV. & Co., Labor Agents 02 Alexander    JAWTJAB-S- 37,  1917.  Kishlmoto, K. T., SewiiiK Machines, ri-14  Powfll        McChesney,   L.,  Aulo-Wreekin*;,   1270  Granville  '.  JANUARY 29, 1917.  Aronl  Junk   Co.   :>:i2   Main    fritice  Cash  Meat   Market,   2-134   Main   ....  Reliable   Klcctrlr   Co.   l."2   .»le-„'i:ulfr . ....  Lambert,   Mr.s.   E,   Kuiny   Work,   *i(505   Grati\lll**       cHAsra"Es.  JA-tSTtrAB"? 26, 1D17.  Commercial  Wood A Coal Vard, from cor. 5th and Commercial to  21!56  Pender   E.     . .    Gamble,  J.  IX,  Optician,  from   i>X>'2   Granville   to  71S   Granville...  JANUABT 29, 1917.  r>'',sT3risay, M & Co,   r*rok-«rs,   from  4'ir.  Granville to  "102   Pender  W    .Sey.  21 *r*8  Godwin,  G., Hardware,  from  5lf>7 Victoria  to   r.073   Victoria l'*rasi-r     101  Loyal  Order of Moose,   from   32.1   Howe  to  ::>,T>   Howr>        Sey.  21 f,0  McLeod, Mrs. L„ I-'ermonent Carbon Co..  from  8IB  Hornby  to  ''ir>   Rurnird         Sey. 3 10!)  Sey    1111  Sey.   I7;7(  .Sey. -nnn  Fair. Sol  Sev. IfifiO  Bly.    2 11  Fll-s'h.    1.1 C  .. Sey.  23)3 1  AUTOMOBILE   RECORDS  "Pollowln-j Ib a complote list for Vancouver and District of new  {'j AutomoDile "Clcences, Trannfers and BelinqiiiBhm-anta.  Hacbrds from Saturday BToon, to Tuesday Noon Only, tncludod.  '       All Oars for Hire, Indicated thus (*)  " c-      ■ NEW   CABS.  No. Name Address Car  9413—TT. C,   Banford,  ll&;St, Georpe St., New West. Ford  0411—City of New Westminster Lltfht Dept., City HaIl....Fora  nr.00—Pacific Mills, Ltd., Ocean  Falls,' B, C Ford  0507—Hotel  Vancouver,   700  Georgia  St.  W Olds  9.108—The Canada Nut Co., Ltd., 12S5 Pender XV.. Ford  9509—-W. Walsh, 1616 Laurler Ave.... Chevrolet  9510—Seeley A Co., 207 Hastings St. W Paige-Detroit  0511—R. M. Grauer, Kburne, B. C Saxon  9512—W Neilson, Ltd., Suite  103 Granville Mansions......Ford  9513—Imperial Tobacco Co. of Canada, Ltd., 873 -Scatty..Ford  TBANSPEBS  No. Name Address Car  85—Anglo-American Corpn., Ltd. to D. IT.  Bailey,  1824   Pandora St :....... Wlllys-O  G04—Mrs. T. Clitsomc to W. S. Alyea, 2C35 Granville......Ford  J 57-i—V. V. Vinson to D.  Hardv, 14 28  Beach Ave ..:...Hupp.  3830—K Davies to Mrs. E. S. Montellus, 1125  .   Georgia Sr   W Flanders  5275—J. B. Wolr to Mrs. Clara Weir.  1315 14th W Maxwell  7877—A.  Elofaon  to J.  XI,  Mills,  819   4th  Ave.  New   Westminster   Ford  '8198—L. W. Littler to G.  E. Mitchell.   1028  Pender W Ford  9379—Imperial Tobacco Co., Ltd.  to Sullivan Taylor  Motor Co., 240 Kingsway  Ford  NABOB  COFFEE  —is strictly high-grade—a com-  'ijinalion of Mocha and Java.  From  the  plantation,  to  the  cup, all the  processes through  which    "Nabob"    passes    are   strictly sanitary  The blending—the roasting—the grinding—follow an exact  scientific formula which-ensures absolute Coffee perfection'.    "  And. it  also .ensures" absolute   uniformity—an   exceedingly  important point—day in and day out.  A user of "Nabob", knows .this—those who are not driuk-  ing "Nabob" are surely missing one of the Joys of the culinary I  art.  ASK FOR IT AT YOlfR GROCERS.  s>  T  QualityFirst  THE   NEW   WAY   TO , SPELL   ECONOMY-.  CHAitM:£RS  "     We-refer'now to the i917--;340b'r.p.m: dial-  ° *; "■'      * -'*■--     -* ,  ■ Vmers. -Here's.-a car-.that lias beeri run-jiiore  than 1,000,00,0 miles in the' hands of owners,  - ■* * \ i  yet attained a service record of 99.21% perfect.  rTliat is the mark of a great cai\ And though.  it'costs, possibly, a little more than jrou ever  paid for a car before—remember that, extra  little sum gets you from the zone of a fair car  p. <  to the zone of a great car.'  , 5-Passenger Touring Car, , 7-Passenger Touring Car  $1595 f. o. b. Vancouver $1925  Begg Motor Co. Ltd.  British    Columbia    Distributors  Phone Seymour 9045 Vancouver B.C.  AUTQBILE INSURANCE  rirc--Theft— Liability—Collision--Property Damage  BEST RATES  BEST COMPANIES  BEST SERVBCE  TELEPHONE     SEY.   4911      FOR RATES  SEELEY & CO.  Dominion Bidg.  I  $u  THE  HOTEL    CANADA  Is Vancouver's Newest and  most  Up-to-dat^Mbstelry  160 SUNNY OUTSIDE ROOMS  '   ;     ' '    RATESa"-;'""''  }   per   day   and   up ••• with   private   bath   $1.50   and   up  CAFE   IN   GONNECTION  i


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