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 ,*  RECORD  1  RECORD  PUBLISHING   CO.,  Vancouver, Publishers.  Covering British Columbia.  Vol. 15, No. 10, Wed., July 3, 1918  SOS  FIREPLACE  MANTELS, GRATES and TILES  WE HAVE A WELL ASSORTED STOCK.  OUR PRICES ARE RIGHT  Contracts taken for Tile, Terazzo and Marble Work.  STORE FRONT DESIGNS A SPECIALTY.  Wm. N. O'Neil Co., Limited  BUILDING  MATERIAL  Tel. Sey. 4795-6.  548-550 Seymour St.  A Man Is Accounted  ACCOUNT if he has a bank  ACCOUNT. No account ie too  small to receive a courteous welcome at this bank.  >  Tlie  Home Bank of Canada  Vancouver Branch,  446 HastWe  Bt. W.  J.  F. KaoDONALD, Manager  —GALVANIZING—  Bolts - Nuts - Bars - Spikes  Ships' Equipment  Allan & McKelvie Engineering Co., Ltd.  121* Pender SI.. E.       VANCOUVER, B. c. "inland 1573  vvr „  -,-,„■.   .,««——' TO  ,500 OH  OTE» J-P«>  *« ™ 'MMCOVWMM CITT BU T»T»»PAT  Number  Peeorlptlon  Cost  93J 6—Repairs   to   damages $800  Street Address  Itot  and Block  1409  Burrard   St.  Subdivlaion  Architect  Contractor  H. •£..   Wiles  Address  Owner  Address  S.   A.   Heslip.  Vancouver Brand Cement, Reinforcing Steel, Hydrated Lime, etc.  Phone 2988  Ft.OFColUMBIA AV        Clayburn Firebrick andI other Clay-  burn Products, Facing Brick, Building Papers, etc.  Mundy, Rowland & Co.  ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS  AND  CONTRACTORS  Power  Installations  General Electrical Cenatructiee  •nm town n«  State* tak MM*  fjwcimi •  p- 'i  Lumber   Verifier    r*ahieis,   ftef  * \ *    Our Sto'ck is the MpVt Complete on the Pacific Coast  Woareal.o/solV'Agaiita^fbi'   the  ' ■" Celebrated "Bdaver Brand" Maple  and Birch Flooring.  J. FYFE StrtTH CO. LIMITED  1320 Jticnardii St.'  ***-»E  Vancouver, B. ,C.'  BUILDING   AND^INDUSTEIAL  NEWS   *      *  IS   „  V^fe^*.*ir.*J-'4i«'  ■9  TliE HOll^EN CO., Ltd.  "   "        GENERAL RAILWAY: * CONTRACTORS  ...   „.-»,... _-?.,« I-*..*-. *""'^SUPPLIES   "  , t J»p«*i-^«,»:'«lt*!?>^,.n"<la ror.'  ^l¥rtai^. Ro-eii^l«e Tbof.Cd  I       BUILDING PERMITS < J> \  ^^.;.^:^^:.*s^-^;'^>V>^:'-^>*^>^,3*>  g-jiY—A. Hogman, repairs to fire  d'amge, 426 Pender St. E., $300; H. A.  Wiles," Contr.  931S—Richard Knox, bid. garage,  2232 Hemlock St., ?100.  9319—W. Greenley, bid. garage, 948  Cotton Drive*  $75. '  ,  ^9320—John   Dunbar,   additions   and  •repairs,  224 13th Ave. -W.;   -$200.'  - £   '* 9321—G. W. Penn, bid. garage,. 934  Davie St.;   $100. , «       '     - '-  ' - 9322—Mrs.   Chandler,, -bid.   garage,  [^032 Burnaby St., §125;   J. P. .Morris,  £'■' %-^tr.'-v'*r'',~*-',*'y''**^'"^ »*-  '?T323—-.Miss    Stewart, j bid:'garage,  3325 2nd Ave. W.,$145;  J. P. Morris,  contr. -,,-•,.   ' ^ ' • „--j, -I-"--'i-■.-*•;'(-(• \*v.-  '   9324—S. «JH. "'Kaplan;' ""bid: "'garage,  1098,   14th  Ave.  E.;   §100.  W  l.*r  '^L  Brown, Fraser fit Co., Ltd.  SUCCESSORS   TO*  DOMINION EQUIPMENT * SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  -,«.« 11SO Homer Street  Phone Seymour 71S5  Vancouver, B. C.  costly  blaze  atv  -\   -, -  * ». IMPERIAL OIL.PLANT  .Fire yesterday morning, caused by  an; 6*plosion of a^gasoline, tank-,/drf  an automobile caused damage to the  Imperial Oil Company's plant, .corner  of ,Smithe -& Cambie streets, to the  extent ot" $18,000/ , "For * a * time-itne"  blaze endangered ''considerable" prop-'  erty in  the  neighborhood.  BUILDING  PERMITS  SHOW  "     ''    SUBSTANTIAL INCREASE  Building Inspector R. A. McKenzie's  Report for the month of June, "1918, is  as "follows:— ,  ,Repairs and alterations ... 42 $25,350  'Tiwei[k-g^otfsef ~±^£.--J-1-S7;' ^27-,2-SO  Apartment* and 'Rooming  Houses*.™ .„.r....-....,->-. .*—    «•—:—-  Factories ,fe Warehouses.-  ^3\'   2;4Q0  Offices and Stores  _,  3 , r   4.J00  Total i permits "issued  for  ,   June, 1918  1     61        BRICK   BUILDING   FOR I Total-value- buildings for  ./      '     DAVIE A GRANV LLE STS iy    ^igig ;_   Architectsv Gardiner, &  Jlercer,  827 ^^  ^^  Birks   Building,   are   calling   for   tenders   for  the'construction, of  a  one  '59,300  storey building to be erected on the  Southeast corner of Davie and Granville Sts. When completed the building will be occupied by the Davie  Vulcanizing  Company.  39  -bonfloa, -Raff  Wlanlp'sflr  Toronto  Vancouver, B. C.  ROBERT W. HUNT & CO., LTD.  ENGINEERS  INSPECtlON-TESTS-CONSULTATION  STEEL     CEMENT,    BUILDINGS,    BRIDGES.     PIPE,     RAILS,    CARS,  LOCOMOTIVES,   SECONDHAND   EQUIPMENT.   CREOSOTED  MATERIAL, LUMBER, ETC.: ;  OFFICE: 1601 STANDARD   BANK BUILDING^  Cemsnt W.ta^^^x5??S^.^ -^o»t.ry, Koom »  Phone Sey. 2199  Resident Inspectors at Large Manufacturing Centers  1  9  i  GILLEY BROS  d£ai.z:bs in  Crushed Rock, Sand  and Gravel  All Kinds of Building Material  902 COLUMBIA STREET WEST  PHONE 15 AND 16 NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.  SCHAAKE  CO.   LIMITED  TO    ENLARGE    PLANT  "Plans are now being prepared by-  architects Gardiner & Mercer for  Schaake Company Ltd., Industrial  Island, for the enlargement of their  present shop building, store house,  new pattern shops and a new foundry building 120x40 feet. As soon as  the plans are completed tenders will  be called for, a notice of which will  appear in this paper.       '  Total permits^ issued  for  June, 1917 Z. :-  Total value buildings for   .  June, 1917     Total number permits for  six month, 1918  372  Total value buildings for  six month, 1918   Total number permits for  six months, 1917  261  Total value buildings for  six months, 1917   —*_  42,555  665,S55  323,894  CLOVERDALE    NOTES.  The sum of $750 will be spent on  the Marine Drive, at White Rock,  and work has already  started.  TENDERS FOR  MAGEE  SCHOOL    ARE    OPENED  The tenders for the addition to the   - _     ,  Magee  High   school  were   opened" by j Ing  the  work  a  little  difficult  when  the  Point  Grey  school  board  but as  the tide is  in, but when the tide  is  STEVESTON NOTES.  Work is being rushed on the cribbing along the waterfront at Steves-  ton, where the recent fire burned off  all the breastwork above the wator  The  high  water in the river is  mak  tenders were called for on two different plans . the board decided to  lay the matter'of awarding the contract over for consideration. Last  night the board and the municipal  council met to decide one or two important details.  TWO  THOUSAND   MEN   QUIT  WORK-AT COUGHLAN'S  Two thousand men, 75 per cent, of  the working force, quit work at the  Coughlan shipbuilding yards at 8:30  yesterday morning, giving as their  reason  that  they  would   not  operate  out the'men do double shift.  FIRES.  Fire, which broke out in the attic  at 644 Seventh Avenue W., the homej  of J. Darion, resulted in the roof of.  the building being destroyed, while;  considerable damage was done to the^  contents of the house by water and  smoke.  SEATTLE    NOTES.  Director General of Railroads Wm.  G.    McAdoo   has   authorized,   among;         .other  railroad improvements,  the  ex-j  ma-chines driven by "juice" from the] penditure Dy three 0f the Northwest-j  Western Power Compan's plant while  ern ra'ir0ads the sum of $804,257 ad-  the electrical workers were'out  At the other shipbuilding plants,  on. both shores of the Inlet, and such  other large works as could be canvassed, it. was found that an ample  supply of power was being maintained and the usual activities were  prevailing.  dition  improvements  in  Seattle.  The Seattle Pipe & Galvanizing Co.  have awarded the contract to Geo.  Eckman, Pacific Block, to construct a  heavy timbered structure 150x52 feet  in size at 1st Ave. S. and  Stacy St.,  (Continued  on  pace  4.1  Are You .Tiookinfi" for a   • ,  FACTORY or WAREHOUSE  struma a^^KHo'^S & ^io-SfSt^^n^  corner of Vlctorli Drive and Albert Street. This is a mortgage sale and the  price and terms will suit you.    m.C: ua show you this.  OEBTEKAI. ADMXNaaarBATION SOCIETY  Credit roncler m£.  850 Hastings Street Wert  FRANK DARLING & CO.  Holler Bearing Drills -Close Quarter Piston Air Drills - Rhretting Hammers  ,    Chipping Hammers -Wood Borers--TBrh'me and llertric Drills  r, .-..',*. -. ^C'lirt Speed Ste¥l---britls--Reamers. Etc.   »    /;   . x  Complete Stock of Accessories"   -0  ^       (■* ., -    *.        ... . ..,  •2>  ,7/4  Jr 3m  ZXf¥$  JK 2-<A  s     '    * A  ' - * - 'st  1 144. HOMER ST.  T1 J. kJ1 -i' ^»  -"' ; Phone Sey. 410O  i* ■•- .." -; 'n -   ■   '  '2Xia  j* ft.  - v-ji-  r 1   M 5-rt  "* ^5;  , *   -*sS  Am  ■   <*    *        -'■    t i*r?i?»  ■'.','<  ■-* * f ■?  * ^1^3**--.  ■ Jlf'S--5  bsavs^ cmAjranM.8, AjroKza, PKAras,^nB«i; co-omors  coaruxzLT zonmo *ra*i»TnaTora shops   t  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL C07, Ltd.  *• "-*f"   t   ■        -       M-   —,  - ▼ancoaTer, B. O.  Fairmont 9396 and 3397  Balfour, Guthrie & Co.  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  Reinforcing steel:—  Largest stock of Mild Steel'Bars in Western Canada.   We cut to  .   length.    Cold Twist and Bend Bars.  BOLTS:— *  -    Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts.        We are prepared to  furnish, large orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  SPIKES—CAST-IRON  WASHERS,  ETC.      \'    -  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  PORTLAND  CEMENT — LIME — HYDRATED  LIME —  FIRE  CLAY  SCOTCH  FIRE  BRICK — BLACKSMITH COAL — COKE  SEA COAL — PIG IRON — MANILA'ROPE, ETC.  [VANCOUVER  '     WINCH BUILDING  Private Ex. Sey. 9197  San Francisco, Los  Angeles, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  VICTORIA  BELMONT  BUILDING  Telephone S037  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd;  B. C. AGENTS  SULLIVAN MACHINERY CO.  "SULLIVAN"  DIAMOND  DRILLS  AIR  COMPRESSORS  ROCK  DRILLS  "SULLIVAN"   DRILL   SHARPENERS  1500 GRAN'VIIiI.E ST.  PRILL STEEL  HOSE  AIR   RECEIVERS  AIR  LIFT PUMPS  ■PHONE 9162  Forcings Machine Work Patterns  Wcstraiinster Iron Works  John Reld, Proprietor  Manufacturers of  Structural and Ornamental Ironwork  •Phone 53  Office and Works, Tenth St..  New Westminster, B. O  ':;*-"'Ti'"  1. BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  British Columbia Record  "Published every Monday, Wednesday and  Friday by the  RIOCORD   PUBLISHING  CO.  Telephone -Seymour 7808.  Address:   5S3  Homer-Kichards Lane  Rear of 431   Dunsmuir Street.  C. H. NELSON-.-MANAGliNTG EDITOR  Subscription' Bates  One month        $1.00  Six   months    $5.00  Payable strlciv tn arlvanoe.  SHIPBUILDING ano MARINE  4^M'*-»*-*«*-»0'>:-^  •{•  .   '      ' of*  mn. an - im>*w  VICTORIA   NOTES.  During the past week certificates  of incorporation have been issued to  the  following  companies:  Cut-to-Fit Buildings  Company,  Ltd.,  ?100,00,    Vancouver;    Boundary    Bay  Oil     Company,     Ud.,    (non-personal  liability),   $500,000,  Vancouver;   Standard   Shipbuilding   Co.,   Ltd.,   *?25,000,  Vancouver;   Tho   Japan   and   Canada  Trading Company, Ltd., $10,000,  Van-1  couver;   The Lee Copper Mining Com-)  pany,   Ltd.,   $75,000,  Van  Anda,   Tex-j  ada Island;  B.  C. Automatic Washer-  less and Springless Faucet Company,'  Ltd., $2-1.000, Vancouver;  Aniline and!already  c&  Mining News  *  SIX CONCRETE   SCOWS  START   OF  SHIPYARD  Six concrete scows are to be built  in Vancouver by .Mr. C. H. -Taylor, a  Jn 191S over 4,-130 tons of ore have  been sent to Trail by 13 Washington  mines.  The Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company is applying for. crown  grants lor eight claims and fractions  on-Four .Mile- Creek, in the Slocan district. The claims are known as the  Lucky Thought group.         ,    The   reopening   of    tho   Idaho   audi  last   year,   a   tact   which   graphically Brooklyn, by the Canada CopperCom-  illustrates   the   rapid   growth   of   thelpaiiy, mdy sive Phoenix a new lMjJ0  can be used in a  hundred ways in  INDUSTRIAL and CONSTRUCTION  work of all kinds  Consult our New Business Manager  about adapting gas to  your  needs  VANCOUVER GAS COMPANY  Carroll and «aSti„B Sis. .nhone Seymour SOOO  Seattle   industry.  With contracts in the market for a  contractor,  formerly of  this  city  but- -     -  for the past few years located in Se- V,lctoria shipbuilding firm to take up  attie.    Air. Taylor is here completing!10 the extent ot fort-y bottoms and in-  arrangements   for  the site  on  which I V0!v,nS the sum of approximately $20,-(    -  „.„„ „ Mie, olJliVt3 ime  he will establish  the1 plant.     He  has  00 '°00' and the inability of the firm in j been   made  on   the  Bush   mine,  near  obtained   the   contracts   for (-,l,es<;-0-1 to dose tho deal because of Stewart.    The  entire body of ore  is  of life. At tho Rawhide, something  may also be done, if it can be clone  through the Curlew. The machinery  was removed from the Rawhide when  copper was a low price.  It is reported that a big strike has  , ; ciLLnuuy    uuuiniyti     uitj    contracts    ioi .        -~.~.   ^^vuu^u >j  (the scows and believes they will cost restrictfons -PIac«l  upon  the disposi  J approximately    $14,000    each.      Thev tlon of the lllant' immediate steps are  Chemical   Co.,   Ltd.,   $10,000,   Vancou ,  ver:   Watson   Brothers'. Pifehlng   and  api,roximateIy    $14'000    each*      They  Packing  Co.,  Ltd.,  $200,000,   yancou-    r^ '  ver. ' IWlde*  'The  Booth   Fisheries.-Company   of  are to be 120 feet long and 42 feet l°   be  inaV«urated   *>y  the  Board  of  Fisheries^ Company  Canada, Ltd., incorporated under the  Dominion Companies Act, is now  licensed to dp business? in British Col-  LAUNCH   100,000   TONS   OF  SHIPS   IN   TWO   MONTHS  SEATTLE—The months of May and)  umbia,   authorized   capital   $1,000,000,1 June proved the record periods for the  head   offce,   Vancouver.*.       *       ",   *     half year in Seattle'for1 Ship launch-  McConnell's  Distillery,   Ltd.,   incor- ings.   The launchings to July 1 have  been:    January, 6 ships; February, 2;  March,   7;   April'7;   May "8;-June  7  Trade to discover tho stumbling, block  that is hampering the development of  the shipbuilding industry in Victoria.  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^™iii*^^*****,—l,~*—■■■■•"■•'•'^■■.■■■■■■■■■.i.^.ieeeeBeiBBBW  British Columbia Yards  Following' is a list of the Shipbuilding  companiesof British Columbia now actively .engraged  in' "ship   construction   or  porated in Ireland,,is now; licensed to been:    January, 6 ships; February, 2;   recently organized:    -   ','  do> business-in British Columbia, au- March,   7;   April '7;   May "8;-June  7. ~      "   steeI SMpbuUdina* .Plants.  thorized capital  $600,000,, head.offlce The tonnage launched in May totaled wU'hlan<aSuh'pbul!dln5T Co*' v**-<-°uver  Victoria.,   .--,     .-.;V:^ ■:; \ />.«00 and 'or last n>o^^^  United j Securities   Corporation,   in- To July 1 the -*■--*■-■-* "  -        -    -'- - —  corporated in-the state ^of Minnesota, was . 373,800 tons  is now;, registered to1" do business in 184,800 , tons for". th'e_ 12^ months _of  British (Columbia, authorized capital] 1917."' The tonnage" launched in Seattle yards the-first six*> months of  this year is practically 100,000 tons  more than was launched in all the  shipyards of Washington and British  Columbia   during   the  12,' months   of  lasc monm j-so.ouo tons. ■   .,     wood ShipbolMlnr Wants,  total tonnage launched Cluneron Genoa Mills dRipbu Oder's Ltd.,  ons,   as   compared  to« **yiotoria. r  -* .  *--\   ".-"  ... . _   V ' fi*AlinilAHAM     -r*A«Mem*M*L    _.«    SB>      •*■■-«   r-  -a- a j ttV  1270,000, head offlce "Vancouver.  +*: + i*i+-i*+#-b<i":-*iA<i*+**+>i*  f     PLUMBING  PERMITS     |  \\     Last name appearing In;-Mch permit  given la contractor. ,?$$."?■ ;  / /. ,15745; to 15758: .  . , *  2071—Canadian Fish Cb:',; Ft/ (Jbre  ,     Ave., B. Boe.      ,  {Z" ,  2072—Allan & .McKelvie, 1214 Pen  '*"- der E  . : . 2073—A.' Renfrew, 1723 11th E., J.  . 4    •;^Angu8>;-.c^vi^^3 , ■-■:;.-  -rt ,<v>, ,s2074^rA.,.A./jJSasao%i*2Q32v3rd^ Ave.  *• .-        l^TT- -MM"' * .>Z.>«.. . — ..-." P- T       */,*       J. *  ,        i.rA w,. Murray Bros.  - 2075—Mr. Dean,  1820 Ceatar, Murray Bros! s       '      '   ?*  2076—Mr.^Clary,  825), Kingsway,>H.  ^Roberts.'"   .,-':-„'/'.  , " V',,  ,.^ , 2077-rMr.l<Jillum,(-2833   Main   SL;  '-p. & h: Beji Co. titU.:,       /*/„  i      2678*/rMr/",McKehzi^62./l«th   Ave.  »B.;-.P.-& H. Bell Co.,    -      '^.  ].:.  *j 2079—A.   C.    McCorkell,'   3643  '7th  Ave.,*  Barr & Anderson.   ,  2080—Johnson    & '* Morrison,     526  . Drake St.;' Barr & Anderson.  2081—Jas. Sterk, 245.4-Cornwall St.;  Barr & • Anderson.  ..    2082^—Canadian    Financiers,    Agts.,  Hastings St.; Weeks & Co. Ltd.  Foundation Company %t B. C.^ Ltd.. Vic  toria.  Lyall   Shipbuilding  C«„  North   Vancoii-  New Westminster Eta* -St Const. Co.,  Poplar Island.        *   -  Pacillc Construction Co., Ltd.." Port Coquitlam. -.      •*       ' 'J-         — -.-      —      .««     *»„       tMla.J  wa^mfiSSS^ is now w,,Iing to allow-crooks to  Western   Canada   Shipyards  Ltd.,   Van- °Pera*;e  without hindrance  said to have a value in gold and silver  of iJjO a ton. It is owned by R. K.  Neil, Trites, Woods and others. Some  of tho owners are Fernie men  M. S. Davys, one of the most successful pioneer operators of interior  British Columbia, has secured the  dumps and tailings pile of the old  Whitewater mine at Retallick, on the  Nakusp branch -of the Canadian Pacific, in the Slocan district, under royalty lease and will commence milling  the accumulation at the Kaslo concentrating works this summer.  In referring to the- over-issue of the!  capital stock of the Lucky Jim Zine  Mines, Ltd., the Spokane' 'Mining  Truth says that if. British Columbia  fails to take some action to punish  this most flagrant violation, of its  splendid Companies" Act, it will give  notice to the world that it has Lost its  former love of justice and fair play  ELASTiGUM  The  Tough,   Elastic, Adhesive  Cement  (Ready  for  use.)  FOR YOUR  LEAKY ROOF  Send for Free Booklet  MANUFACTURED    BY  THE BARRETT COMPANY, Ltd  Cor Tenth Avenue and Arbutus Street        .       .       VANCOUVER   B C  Phone B»y. 772 '    '  rJL  >kZ'  Bamberton Cement  ELECTRIC MOTORS FOR RENT  W« »p«cl«lix« in prompt ••rvlc* for Contractors'  tomporory powor Installations  SERVICE   24   HOURS   A   DAY  Win   Sepur   5000  Bulldos Cable  {f TiSrV  *^s  *.>.  'r "&'■•—.>'",  Pacific Lime  '*.?<■.  .A"*"  l#.\\  "ill  .«-->. Zip* a^^rfA^SSi _^  R-,1/. WINCH &  ai^i^mZLm'    m^^m&^L}*?^'-'^;'-^   ^'"<     ' '' '     Z'^   /-»  NCH-&*€;*®4^l2iiTiite'd'';- Z'^m  Yp-p—finiiini  iii lift i   V1-"-"-    '-'-■•   f    / t     -' „■>&->]  •ir   npnsntatnri   ciH  r-vv  5*,'T*.>     '  J •■'        »*••  X°SI^ARTA-BE PROBLEMS CAN BE SOLVED  2083—Dominionr- -Canneries, Front  St.';  Weeks & Co., Ltd.'  2084—Canadian Metals, Ltd., Industrial Island;  Weeks & Co., Ltd.  I    OFFICIAL DIRECTORY    |  o■^^»■^#■^#.^•|H^4^^|K^^^K'H^K♦■^^■-^■i••^^'M'^iH^  CITY OF VANCOUVER.  Executive Department  Mayor  R.,H. Gale  City Council  Ward 1  Thos. H. Kirk  Ward 2  .7. W. R. Hamilton  "Ward 3 „...W. C. Marshall  Ward 4 Jog. Hoskins  Ward 5 .-...J. rf. R. Owen  "Ward 6  * S. C. Elliot  Ward 7  Frank E. Woodside  Ward .8    F.,P. Rogers  Financial & Clerical  Departments  Clerk  Wm. McQueen, B.A.  Comptroller  G. F. Baldwin  Treasurer  .i...\T.J. J.-:Johnstone  Accountant A. J. Pilkington  Engineering Department  Engineer ._.......^.^...■..-.F. L. Fellowes  Building Department  Building Inspector......?.R. A. McKenzie  Water Department  Secretary S. J. Montgomery  Health  &  Sanitation   Department  Medical Health Officer F.-T. Underhlll  Library  Librarian      R. W.'Douglaa  Board of Park Commissioner** "  Johnathaa Rogers, Chairman  A. C. J. Leek G. W. Hutcbings  M. S. Logan       George Eldon  W. 8. Rawlings,: Superintendent      j  Light Department j  Electrician .„.,.;...„.„..:.....„C. H. Fl'etoher  Street dL Sewers Department  Superintendent..— -John Morton  .Police Department  Police Magistrate..:-..... 1..H. C. Shaw  Court Clerk _ ...v...E. Robinson  Solicitor L...-......i- -: H,, F. Jones  Prosecutor R. L. Maitland  Fire Department •  Chief i .:^....z.Z. ±Jl.: H. Csa-lisle  NEW    WORK  • • ■ • • i  Ohmraetsr   Armory  _.  Harbor Works    Bank & offlce bids;....  Hotel, C. N. Ry   .Satf-nat-ed  Cost   !i_   $350,000  __.__.Not given  ftooattoa  VANCOUVER  Grandview    Oov«nment  Kitsilano  Reserve    Government  Hastings & Granville Royal Bank  False Creek Fill c. N. Ry. Co.  r  Owaat   4rehitoe«  irCo.  CARTAGE CONTRACTORS  Mo«t  modern .nd complete equipment for  handling MACHINERY ami HEAVY MATERIALS  ^    Large warehouses for storage  *•••*••«  Perry & Fowler    «overnment .... -.   No archt. commissioned yet  JRaas a«ady  Preparing  .■**** 1 '  r, r \  ...................  —"...:jsu»__  Cheap Rates  UNION  STATION  , f  fi-  'Phono Seymour 40S  MAIN STREET  Post Offlce   Post Offlce   Concrete Garage  SHTS U8TEO D0J   1250,000   136.000  ^■*yjS?w ^ **Sfe?j"'» K^ "» «wrpo»™>:  Gore and Keefer  South Vancouver  Fifth & Fir Sts....   Dobs. • Govt f Dom.   Govt  .__—Dom. Govt   Dom.   Govt  ..Ford Motor Co.   Owners    Delayed   Delayed  ......... Delayed  ^  ADAM JACK  Brick Builder and Contractor  ,^ Kilns, Furnaces, and Boilers a Specialty  1STINATES  GIVEN ... DISTANCE   NO OBSTACLE  Telephone Hlshlancl 72S  VANCOUVER, B. C.  2021 Wall St.  CONTRACTS LET OR WORK STARTED  Ohaxaetes  »••••••<  -••••••••  .Cost  BRITI8H,COLUMBIA—GENERAL;    [  Xtoeatloa   -.; jj.-. .Owner Anhltaet  ..nans Beady  ~  >1*»*M.....I..I>lHWW^„„l„l>W#Itll|t|lM|,  PILING^ POLES  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any; length - any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO.  r "neorparatod 190S '  .    1021-1024 Rogers Bulldlnc  PANTAGES  Three Shows Daily  2.30-7.00-9.00  pi?iaES2bc.30c  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO., LIMITED  'I       ';. "     - ••      ■  • ..;  "■;.'•■:  Public Works Contractors  Seymour 399S-3999  "****+*<^   *^^4*4hW^# f ,„ , ,: , , , ,. , , „ j  Office 813-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver-, B. C.  "OCEAN FALLS"  KRAFT  .1,  NOTICE  Kraft Wrapping Paper fs now being manu-  factured in British Columbia. The paper it  of excellent, uniform quality and of flreat  tensile strength.  Samples and prices gladly given.  Sales Agents  SMITH, DAVIDSON & WRIGHT, LIMITED  Vancouver and Victoria, B. C.  -i**'y;-''-"'*">--;' "'■'.. BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  AUTOMOBILE DIRECTORY  Buying Information for Automobile  Owners and Prospective Buyers  FORD FOOT ACCELERATORS  Give Fords standard fool control  Price $2.25  Gatrcll & Hastings  Sey. 2103 1259 G.anvillc St.  FORD CARS  GRAY & DAVIS STARTERS  FOR FORDS  Suilivan-Tayior  Motor Co.  250 Kinysway         Pd-i-. 2730  WEBSTER  TO  TAKE  OVER   "FRANKLIN"  Will  Occupy  New  Garage  and   Salesroom at the Corner of Granville  and   Pacific.  W.  0. Webster,  head of  the Gray  land have completed an organization  to be known as tlie 13. C. Tir<5 Repair Dealers' association. Owing to  the rapidly increasing cost of material and tire goods such as fabric  and rubber, the tire men felt that  their interests could bo better served  LITTLE  GIANT  MOTOR TRUCKS  "All that the Name lmplict"  Leslie \V Pearson. Mgr.  Granville  at  Pacific ..     Sey.    331  M1CHELIN TIRES & ACCESSORIES  Co lo HILL, LTD.  Everything for the Motorist  Phone  Seymour  6411  Quick  Service  CONSOLIDATED MOTOR CO., LTD.  Packard — Nash — Maxwell  Trucks  and Passenger  Cars  1230 Georgia St.   Seymour 4030  Dort   distributing   agency,   announced' by oryaniyed  eilort.  last week that he had completed arrangements for taking over tho Franklin line, and after the first of the  month   will   occupy   the   new   garage  and  The officers elected for the first  term were: President, George S.  Hockley, and secretary-treasurer, II.  A. Hosegood    An executive of seven  TWO THREE-TON PACKARD TRUCKS ARE USED IN THE  EQUIPMENT OF LOCAL WHOLESALE FIRM IN MEETING  DEMANDS OF DAILY TRADE.  d   salesroom   which   has  just   bopn  members  were  also  appointed,  these  SEYMOUR TIRE & RUBBER CO. LTD.  Dominion, Nobby's and "Goodyear Truck  Tires  Motor Accessories  B5I  Pender St. W .' Sey. 3053  built at the corner-or Granville and  Pacific streets. His agencies now include the Franklin, Mitchell, Gray-  Uort, Lexington and Premier. The  new building occupies a prominent  position on the Granville street auto  row, and has been constructed in  every detail for a first-class salesroom  and  garage.  DAVIE VULCANIZING CO.  s i •*■     t    + *  "Auto and Tire Repairs  -', Vulcanizing -   •  1234 Granville S«. •  '  ' " Sey.   1184  TIRE   REPAIR   MEN -  FORM   ASSOCIATION  Owing  to  Rapidly   Increasing  Cost  of  Material  They  Decide  to  Organize.  Tire repair men on the lower main-  being Messrs Gurney and Huffman,  of New Westminster, and Angus Fraser, XV H Granger, W. Noble, S. Kennedy and  Mr.  Purccll.  OPEN GARAGE AND SALESROOM -  Under the management of Messrs.  Whitworth & Mears, the Coast Motor  Co. has opened a garage and( salesroom on Main street at Seventh avenue. The company has also been appointed sub-age,nts in the city for  the International Motors, Ltd., handling the sales in British Columbia  for the Hupmohile, Haynes and Briscoe passenger cars and Garford  trucks.  SAXON  SALES  COMPANY  t*  Dtitrihators f*r  SAXON AUTOMOBILES  1272 Granville Si.  a Sey.3391  DAVIE VULCANIZING CO.  THE   PLACE   FOR   AUTO   AND   TIRE    REPAIRS  MB. KOTOBUT:—-  When your tires need repairs—When your car needs repairs—When you  nave trouble o£ any'description—When you need new tires or tubes—When  you need prompt and-careful service at Reasonable Prices.  1234 Granville St.  Seymour 1184  ..Vancouver, B.C.  BIG  MACHINE  ON JOB.     , ■_-      .       ,,,„-,,  The above'pHotograph shows a' three-ton'.Packard Truck recently purchased by local Wholesale Grocery firm and is the  second delivered to them by the Conpolidated^Motor .Company, 1230 Georgia Street, distributors of the Maxwell, Nash and  -Packard lines.    ■--•-1--   « -- -  .Willis—Bump  says'he-lost control  of his car yesterday/   ■"  ,   Gillis—That's    rightr—:The*  sheriff  has it now.  *    , i   , Z li  ,  - .. .,• *s&*w?? ■:•-»  to  _-    S    -e>   r V'**   **  1<   -  A»n*i AA*VAAi-nAn'--nwno  I - k-4-t. A'-nrJV'iVVV'n-A'A-A'A'A-iV-Ap'A.-A'A  'J^V-ifr  «  A Lap Ahead  91  Dunlpp Tires—.-'^Traction;*-  "Special"—-represent adding  best what other tires may  have been nying to do well.  a  •i  Masters of the Road"  A.95  D  DllNLOP TIRES  =»  Business men know the value of a proven name. They choose with  confidence the article whose demonstrated worth can be identified by  the name upon it. ; ..... ......... r  That's why the very name FEDERAL is a distinct asset to you—  a real "emblem of efficiency." Unvarying past performance associates with FEDERAL Motor Trucks as absolute a certainty of  service as "Burroughs''-*■■■-"Addressograph"-�� "Multigraph"— do in  , their respective fields. »  : When you by FEDERALS, you buy something more than "speci-  ' ' fications''—-something more than a "motor truck."   You buy what  1 FEDERALS can do for you as demonstrated by what FEDERALS  have done Jor others.     You figure in known quantities when you  fijrure on the FEDERAL.  CAPACITY 1 TO 5i/2 TONS  COPE & SON  150 Hasting St., W.        'Phone Sey.8602  *  ESTABLISHED 1898  Twenty years   In business  In Vancouver  H. J. TUCKER  B. C. DISTRIBUTOR  833 PENDER STREET WEST  VANCOUVER  SEYMOUR 3565  THE FEDERAL MOTOR TRUCK CO.  DETROIT, MICH.  *  Electrical Contractors  Let us figure on your work. Send us your troubles. We repair everything Electrical. Nothing to©  large, nothing too small. If you; have any lighting  trouble send for our expert who will advise you without charge. Our stock of Residence, Store aad Office  Lighting Fixtures is the largest in the eity.  COPE & SON  L  150  S-L-jW*  J  _»   „-<w  -■:*Jttm$t&«J :.���■>':> BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  "BAGLEY MAKES GOOD RUBBER STAMPS"  A. G. BAGLEY & SONS Ltd.  PRINTERS,   ENGRAVERS    and    MANUFACTURERS  'BAGLEY DOES GOOD PRINTING"  SEALS     STENCILS,   RUBBER   AND   METAL  STAMPS,   METAL   CHECKS, TIME   CHECKS,  KE"   TAGS,   BRASS   SIGNS,   NUMBERING    MACHINES,   BADGES   OF   ALL   KINDS,    ETC.  ALL WORK GUARANTEED BEST QUALITY, PROMPT DELIVERY AND FAIR PRICES  PHONE SEY. 316 Moved to 516 PENDER ST., W.  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer SL  . Vancouver B. G.  (Continued from vmga 1)  to be used as a galvanizing plant for  the galvanizing of ship supplies and  heavy hardware. The plant, when  completed, will represent an outla'y  of $40,000.  Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  LIMITED  V. A. Jo&M, ■■**■  WHARF BUILDING;  . "••:   BRIDGES,  PILE FOUNDATIONS,  Z   Owner, of Tug "CLIVE"  ' -      General Towins. ,  324 Front.St Hew Westminster  Telephone 1015  NOTICE   TO   CONTRACTORS.  Crawford Bay School.  Sealed tenders "superscribed "Tender for Crawford Bay School" will be  received by the Honourable the Minister of Public Works up to 12 o'clock  noon of Tuesday, the 16th day of  July, 1918, for the erection of a one-  room school and outbuildings at  Crawford Bay in the Kaslo Electoral  District.  Plans and specifications, conditions  of contract and tender forms can now  be seen at the office of the Govern  ment  Agent,   Courthouse,   Vancouver  Lowest or  any   tender  not  necessarily accepted.  A. B. FOREMAN, -  Public Works Engineer.  Department of Public Works,  "Victoria, B. C,  June 25th, 1918. ,    , '- .  ment of Public Works, Vict oria, B. C,  up to noon of the 2nd day of July for  the erection and completion of a wooden Howe Truss Span and 240 feet of  Pile Trestle over the Fraser River,  near Lulu Island.  Drawings, specifications, forms of  contract and tender may be seen at  the office of the District Engineer,  Court House, Vancouver, B. C, on and  after tlie 25th Inst.  Each tender must i>e accompanied  by an accepted bank cheque or certificate of deposit, made payable to the  Public Works Engineer for a sum  equal to twenty per cent. (20%) of the  tender, as security for the due fulfilment of the contract.  , Tenders will'not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied  and signed with the actual signature  of the tenderers.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  Department of Public Works,  -   Vancouver, B. C, June 25th, 191S.  \ _■> -'  --,i.:.-z's,:>.  ~&2' »*•  £-?-■: . -  v?'.-"'il  p*p»ii-    -..v-'    ,-  •^ft-l//'*-   "  •r/V1* .*    ,    ,  S-4-tfsV    ..   . Jt  AS  --- At,General-'Agents .-.   ,  %r British Columbia' of -The-,Globe  ^indemnity Company'off-Cfiaiada^amd  The Liverpool &,'London ,fc Globe  "Insurance Co., Ltd.', We if sell com-.  r %plete protection- including lossy.,  *""j.., -   V *    through "<^ ?'""" ;."  Tire,   Theft,. Collision,   Property  Damage and Personal LlabHIty.  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.  *      '-LIMITED     7 "' '  Winch Bid-?.        739 Hastings St._W.  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  Department of the Naval Service.  T TENDER FOR WHARF.'  .   ' •       *.       , ' -       <  SEALED TENDER'addressed to the  unde'rsig'ned,"'and""endorsed' ".Tender  for. Coaling Jetty," wSli' be received up  to noon on the "15th'July, 1918, for ther  reconstruction'of .the Coaling Wharf at  H.M.C. Dockyard, Esquimau, B. C.  „•* Tenders should be' accompanied by  certified cheque for Ten Per Cent.' of  the "amount of the tender.      '   ,    |  '.Plans, specifications and permission  to view the site may be obtained from  »    *-* >  i •  the undersigned or from the Captain  Superintendent, H.M*C. Dockyard. Esquimau, j       <v  "  1 g: j. desbarats,  Deputy Minister of the Naval - Service.  i'-' Department Naval' Service; '■" ; -  " -;'' Ottawa, May 31, 1918.    *-:s,      [  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  RICHMOND DISTRICT.  *i-*Ti- _- t   •  ■ -*•-.  «V  Bridge, Fraser River, Twigges'Island  to  Lulii  lsland,;120 foot Wooden  *u Howe iTruss,' and 240-feet of Pile  Trestle.  Sealed' tenders,' endorsed "Tender  for Howe Truss Span and-Pile Tres-.  tie," will be received  at the Depart-  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  TENDERS FOR ROTARY  - INSTITUTE. '  ' The Trustees of the Rotary Club of  Vancouver-rinvite tenders for the erection of a clinic building to be built on  City land.  ' * Sealed tenders to be in the hands of  the architect" not later than 5 p.m., July  15th. *Z       ' '     ZZ   '-*"'.    'Z j  General Trades, Plumbing and^Heat-  ing to be tendered, for separately; Each  tender must be accompanied by an accepted cheque on a chartered bank,  payable to' the order' of the Trustees  of the Rotary Club, of. value equal to  10 per cent of the amount of the ten-  der. "  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.-  Plans, specifications and forms,.; of  tender to-be had on and after Monday  -July 1st, at the office oLJames A. Benzie, architect, 429 Standard Bank Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  '   By order,  ,       .''...*■     .    -   ~,   „*  ,~' EDWARD * CANNELL,  J "i Secretary.  Vancouver,- B: C, June 27th, 1918.  WRIGHT BROS.  .      BUILDERS AND  CONTRACTORS  ROOFING   SPECIALISTS  We Design and Build  Sey. 3315       511 Dunsmuir St.  Business Directory and  Buyers9 Guide  When Buying Bulletins Material and Supplies  Patronize Record Advertisers  ARCHITECTURAL    TERRA    COTTA.  Evans, Coleman ft Evana, Ft, Col. St,, S. 2988  O'Neil, Wm.  N.  Co   Ld.,  54S Soymour.S. 4795  Ritchie   Con.    A   Sup.    Co..   Ltd     Gran.    Z..  Bridge     8-9162  ASPHALT   FELT.  Evans, Coleman A Kvans,  ft. Col S. 3988  Th«   Uarrult  Co.,   Lid.,   10th  and  Arbutus).  Bar.   772.  MARBLE  AND  ONYX  Evana, Coloman A Evans,  rt. Col S. 298S  W. N. O'-Nell Ik Co., S4« Sey. St. 8. 47»B-47»I  AUTOMOBILES  UcgK Motor Co.. Ltd.,  1002 GcomU St.  W..  ..S. 004ft  AUTOMOBILE   ACCESSORIES  Ik'gg Motor Co,  Ltd.,   1002 CoorKia St.  *V S.  904-1  TENDERS   FOR  COAL,  B. C.  Sealed tenders addressed to Wm.  Henderson, Resident Architect, Victoria, B. C, and endorsed "Tender for  Coal for the Dommlon Buildings, Province of, British Columbia," will be received at this office until 12 o'clock  noon, on Wednesday, July<3, 1918, for  the supply of coal for the Public Buildings throughout the Province of British Columbia.  Combined specification and form of  tender can be obtained at thia office  from the Resident Architect, dominion  Buildings, Victoria, and the Superintendent Dominion Buildings, Vancouver, B. C.  Persons tendering are notified that  tenders will not'be considered unless.  _ — —  ,     _ :   „   ,   . ..    .     EWana.  Coleman   A  Evans.  Ft.   CoJi...S.   2S88  made   on  the   printed   forms    supplied,   Gilley Bros.. Lta., New West., Phones 16,  16  and    signed with  theirf actual signa- w' N" °,Nail * Co" "s Soy" 8t" s" 4795"47-9S  tures. ' , .  Each tender must be accompanied  by an accepted cheque on a chartered  bank, payable to the order of the Min-  ister of Public Works, equal to 10 p.c.  of the amount of the tender. t >  By order.  R. C: DESROCHERS,*  -*- Secretary.  Department of Public Works,  'O.ttawa, Jiine,6, 3918..   L  AUTOMOBILE  INSURANCE  C«porl«r, nounsf«ll Ik Co., Ltd., Winch Bid* 8.   78U0  BANKS  Home   Dank  of   Canada S. 5270  BRICK—AM. KINDS.  Evans Coleman A Evans, Ft. Col., S. 2988  Gilley Bros., Ltd., New West., Phones IS, 16  W. N. O'Neil A Co., 548 8ey. St., 6. 4795-478S  RltobU   Cootr.   A   Sup.   Co.,   Ltd.,   Gran. .St.  Bridge    S.   9162  R.V.WInch A Co.. Ltd.. Winch B. 8. 279-i»44  BlirLOING FEJ.T8  AND r A VERS.  Evans. Coleman A Evans, Ft. Col.,. .8. 2988  W. N. O'Noll A Co., 648 Sey. St., S. 4795-4798  The Barrutl Co.,  Ltd.,   loth  and Arbutus,  Uaj.   77:.  BONDS—SURETf.  R.V.WInoh A Co.. L,td.. Winch B., S. 27«-1944  CARPENTERS' ""  Dixon   &   Murray. S. 8765- 8766  CEMENT.  Balfour,  Guthrie A  Co b. »19*.-«87*r  MOTORS  C  Eloclrlc Co., Ltd.    ,.S. 5004  Ritchie   Contr.   A   Sup.,  Bridjfe   R.V.Winch A Co.. Ltd,  Ltd.,   Granville   Si  g, jj -j**  Winch B.l S.'i79-1944  MOTOB   TRUCKS.  Besrp Motor Co., 10G2 GeorKia W. S. 90*15  Black Bros.,  Ltd..  115 Homef S.    6(»8  Littie   Giant   Motor  Truck   Co S. 4830  OFFICE  AND  STORE  FITTINGS  Dixon   8c   Muiray S. 8765- 87<S  PACKINO,   BELTING   AND   MECHANICAL   GOODS  Dim lop Tim A AuUfcor CJooda Co., Ltd..  Ill Gamble St     _ _  S. 13—3.25iJ  PAINTING &  PAPER  HANGING   *  Dixon   &   Murray S: 8765- H766  PAINTS—FlRE-I'BOOr.  W. N. O'Neil A Co., 648 Say. St-. .6. 4796-4791  PAINTS—OaMP PROOF.  Evana. Coleman A Hvans,  ft. Col'.... .8. 2»|1  XV. S. O'Noll A'Co, 54* i-jtry. St. ..B. 4795-4791  J fAPER  Smith. Oarlcbon A WrUiht. Lid , liomsr  aud  Davie   SU.   _. . . s. Hit  CEMENT TESTING AND ASSAYING.'-  Hunt,   Robt.   W.   A   Co.,   Standard   Bank  Bldg;.   .' S. 2199  CONTRACTORS—GENERAL.  Armstrong;   Morrison    &    Co.,'   Ltd.,  Baa**.     ..,.y..................  Bowov  .   S. 1S36  PR0P08ALS ' WANTED*-v-v  " an8cs£&aifi:bvs pbopoeau r  -' VICTORIA^-The , Saanich'^School  Board held a special session and^au-  thorized Architect C. E- Watkins - to  call for tenders for the erection of-a  two-roomed building toL be .located,, on  the ^site now owned by the Board at  Cloverdale and to be ready for use on  September 1. r  Estab.  1886  Vancouver, B.C..  DIXON & MURRAY  MANUFACTURERS OF  SHOWCASES. OFFICE  aid STORE FITTINGS  GENERAL CARPENTER WORK  ' PAINTING, PAPER HANG  IN6 and KALSOMINING  Sey. 8765      Sey. 8766  1865 Dunsmuir St.  TELEPHONE DATA  HEW -mSTA.-WATXO.-ff8  JUHS 27tli, 1918.     ';                           '              | „  Kidd, H. B., Chiropractor,  413 Granville gey-  Vancouver Auto Livery Co'., Taxi Cabs,  1249 Granville  S-Sf*  Gagno*1' .'.. poi*ecH'---"-rs, 560 Victoria -*- • iiifc".  JUKE 28th, 1918. „, „  British investment Lo.,**R«-al Estate, 432 Pender VV , _.be>.  Oorrell's Auto Delivery, 9-'7 Seymour ..' gev'  Townley & Ward, Gramophones. 443 Hastings W •**>cy.  JVNE 37th, 1918. „   .  .Owl Market, Meats, moved from ]Sf9 Main to 1841 Main.... .._ 1'air.  Griffith, H. &, Architect, from 16 Hastings E. to 207 Hastings-T\ |ey.  Brown Barage, from 634 Howe to 412-Abbott "^Y-  AUTOMOBILE RECORDS  FROM   JUNE   22nd   TO   JUNE   27th.  Following Is a Complete l-ist of New  Automobile Licenses Recorded for  Vancouver and District:  No.        . Name   '     .Address    *■     Car  15262—J.  G. JEvans.   1200   Tenth' avenue  ' "west.   Chalmers.        ' ~ '  -  Pender  street  '- .J "west,  15263-^Charlie  Chue,,. 23!  •   ,« Dodge. '','•" - ~„ >"  7337 .  23S1  1776-0  2326  7437  2444  1814  3116  2350  E.A. BAI LEY  Plumbing  and  Steamfitting  1033 Cnwvllle St.       Phone Sey. 136  Vancouver, B. C. •?'!••■ B,,y• 7 7  SAY  i  G. Kilgren  GENIAL CONTRACTOR  FAIRMONT 946L     962 14tt AVE. L  "MANJAK SPEaFICATION,,  ROOFING FOR YOUR NEW WORK  "MANJAK" is a five-ply solid mopped  roof of heavy Asphalted Felt laid with Special Manjak Asphalt, refined at our own plant  At Sidney, B. C. The surface is flooded with  the Manjak Asphalt, and from 250 to 300 lbs.  of coarse Smelter Slag for each square is embedded in this mass while hot.  PERFECT WORKMANSHIP  GUARANTEED BY THE FACTORY  ONE PRICE  -  $7.50 PER SQUARE  SIDNEY RUBBER ROOFING  COMPANY LIMITED  Contract Department,  402 Pender Street West,  Seymour 4149  Vancouver, B. C.  15264—-R..Sherman^_\Vest .Vancouver,-^  ?■"  .    ^Lexington/ ..'/""    „.'  ,'t':   -  ■15265—-Patrick** -    & ,   Cranst'on,'      ,1183  "   Homer,'Ford.-*  15266---Vlr-   C. .McKechnie,   1139   Barclay,  .,'•-*.■' Mcl-aughlln. '.   _-    *-,''..    ., -*  15267—A. fXV. »Greenitns,   4S0  Keefer,  _. ,  Studebaker.    ; >  15268—A.   Quadermame,   2327   Granvillte,  Ford.- V  15269—G. K. Griev.e, 78S-39th E., l-'ora.  15270—J.  Payne,   1219  Georgia  street,  McLaughlin. , s  15271—C.   Henderson,   2023   Forty-eighth  ...—     avenue West, Ford.  15272—XV.  XV.  Johnston,  936   Cardero,  McLaughlin.  15273—A. Jack, 2021 Wall street,      Ford.  15274—XV.   F.    Frederick,    3040   Seventh  avenue west,  Maxwell. *'*  15275—Horace Cox,/-1207 Homer.    Ford.  15276—B. C.  Telephone Co., Ford.  lf-277—C. Smith, North Vancouver,   Ford  1527S—Paoiflc Transfer, 110 Cordova St.,  Ford.  15279—--Ice Delivery Co., 1040 Hornby St.  Maxwell.  15280—.T.   Moore,   2100  Fourth  avenue,  Ford.  15281—XV. "2,1. Lister, 162 Reefer, Ford.  15282—E, A. London, Steveston, Ford.  15283—XV. A. Hunter, 1368 Nicola street,  Studebaker.  -  15284—Robert  Kelly,  1186  Nicola, Hudson.  15285—Gan Gee, 21  Pender east, Chevrolet.  152S6—T. Davis, 1943 Commercial Drive,  <■ Ford.  15288—R. Knox.2232 Hemlock, Chevrolet.  15289—Pacific Coast Construction Co.  Gramm.  15290—Rrandram-Henderson .Paint  Co.,  FoBd.  15291—F.  Pnrsons,   3052 Heinlock street,  Chandler.  15292—P. Carmichael, 1920 Kitchener St.  Ford.  Ir29'—J. W. Salkeld. Port Moody. Chevro  J 5295—Mrs.   A.   D.   McIUie,   1S-19   McRae  avenue, Chevrolet.  15296,    l.r'297,  1529S,  1T.299,  15300, 15301—  Van. Auto Livery, 1249 .Granville,  ■"■ ■■■Ford:""-    ..'  15302—E. B. Shove, 4136 Sophia.  Ford.  15303—Independent   Van   and   Storage—  .'-" Garford.  15304—Independent   Van   and   Storage—  Garford.  15305—.1.   Bowles.   30  Nineteenth  avenue  east,  P'ord.  •r,3nc—W.-A. Quest. 1114 Granville, Ford.  15307—XV.- \V.  Harvey, McLaughlin.  1530S—S. T. Wallace, 1802 Pender street,  Chevrolet.  15310—W.   II.   Wilson,   Ladner,   B.   C,  Studebaker.  15311—Davis &  Son,   1317   Kingsway,  i Chevrolet.  15312—XV. H. H'irvey, Dominion Creosot-  ing Co.,^McLaughlin.  15313—J. Laughton, 1762 Second Ave. W.,  Ford.  CONTRACTORS—Tir.K—TEItKAZZO."  Evms, Coleman & Kvans,  ft. Col...'. .S. 29S8  VV. N. O'-N'ell A Co.,  54i> Sey. Ht., S. 4793-4798  CltANES   AXX>   HOISTS   (JELKCTRIC    .  The Holden Co., Ltd.. 542 Pender St. W.  Soy.  IOCS.  ,    ORIM.S—PORTABLE   ELECTRIC  Darling, Frank & Co., 1142 Homer  -     Street    :. Sey. 4100-4101  The Holden Co., Ltd., 642 Pender St: W.  -   - '   - * Sey.  1065.  ELECTRICAL SlITl'LIKS  B.   C.  Electric Co..  Ti.ia.~~  S. 5000  Copt & Son, 130 Hastlni-s \V  , Sey. 8602  Darling, Frank-& Co., 1142 Homer  ,     Street    :..- .*» Sey. 4100-4101  ELEVATOR CABS AND ENCLOSURES.  W. S. O^Nell A Co'..  S'48  Se>. St. S. 4795-4798  Kitchie   Contr.. A   Sup.   Co .Ltd..  Gran.   St.  -Bridge   .....: i: .*.'■- .>.""...'.. .:•    8,9163  ■'' * "'-*' :- -fc   . '. -f"-5- *-r'*C-W/ ", - --, *   , t t-'  ,*--" ->'-.-  ..:;.-v.RXKVATOKS-1-  'i.'V,,-^  Darling, Frank/&*Co:'.1142-U6mer l*--*. -S  „**' Street,™..:".::.....:.: :..Sey.-4100-4101  -Z'A^-,-:    -"*     fp-ntE CLAY    *'-^-:''-*- '----   -  Balfour,  Guthrl* -fc^Co.".*.'. S. 9197-6575  Evan», Coleman A Evan* Ft. Col...S. 29S8  Gilley Bro«.„ New Westminster, Phonei 15,16  W. N. O'Neil A Co., 548 Sey. St., S.4795-4798  Ritchie Con. A Sup, Co., Granvl. Bdg..S 91***  R. V. Winch A Co.,  -Vlnch Bldg.,-8. --'79-ll*44  FIRE  EXTINGUISHER SYSTEMS.  Barr A Andervon. 10GO Hcmer St S. 6180  TA RTITION—FIKKPROOP  Bvan», Coleman A Bvara*   l"*t, Colutn. .8. 8961  illtclii*. Con. A Sup. Co., Orwiv. Bdg..S. »:->*  PATTERNS  W«»tmlo«ter Iron Works, Now W*»tainster   Pbon* SI  MO IRON ANDrTIN  Balfour,  Guthrie a  Co S. »l»7-857«  Kvam, Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col S. 298*  Wllklruon  Co.,   Lid.,   846   Ueach Ara J}.  "915.—«  R. V. Winch A Co..  Wine* Bld...S.   279-1944  I'lLLVG AND TOLEB  Federal   Lumber, Co.,   Boners   Bldfc.. .J S. 3938.9  Evans,  1'ILK DRIVING.  Coleman A* Evans,  ft. Col S. 2988  ltivisr   A'lla   Driving   Co.,   New   VVb»u  J. Fyfe Smith  • FLOORING  A  Co.,  1320 Richards.  .6. 1196  PIPE—SEWER  Evans, Coleman A-Evans .Ft. Colum..S. 2981  Gilley Bros.,- Ltd., .Vew Wflst..-Phonea 15. 1«  Ritchie Con. A 3up. Co.. Granville. .S. 9168  R. V.  Winch A Co., Wincli Bld...S.   279-194*  ' PLASTER  Balfour,  Guthrie A  Co.. S. 9197-657.1  Evans, Coleman & Evai.4 Ft. Colum. ,S.'2988  Gilley Bros, Ltd., New, WJesi..^Phone* 15, I*  XV. X. O^Seli & Co,. S^*! Sey. St...S. 47»5-479i  Ritchie, Con. A Suo. Co.. Granv. Bdg. .S. 9161  PLASTER  BOARD  Evans," Coleman A Evans,  ft. Col S. 2988  W. N. O'Neil-A Co., 54S S«y. St.. ,S. 4795-4794  Ritchie, Con.   A   Sup.   Co.,.-Granville. .S. 91«J  n,4STEK PARTITION  BLOCKS '  Evans,  Coleman A Evans,-ft. Col S. 2988  PLASTER—ORNAMENTAL  Evans,  Coleman A Evans)> ft. Col S. 2911  \V. N. O'Neli A Co., 51S Soy. St.. .S. 4795-+7J8  ltitchla  Con.   A  3up.   Co.'.; aranvilU..S. »1«1  .'•;                PLUHH1NO  Bailey, E.t^., l«33 Granville St., S. 1I«.  Barr   «  Anderson,   106o   Homer   St.. .s. iih  *     ;,-';-'   PNEyMATlC-ioOLS' '  Darling,'Frank & Co.;^li%4•£. Homer  -, "■  .Street  -.Sey,-4100-4101  The Hold«n Co.. Ltd.,/5« Pender St W. .  *'r - =■ * - k       * Sey.  1065.  ' ~'e PRINTERS  Bagloy, A. G. A Sons. Ltd.  516   Pender   XV.    .'.   FORGINCS  Westminster Iron Works.  Now Westminster  Phone 53  Allan  GALVANIZING  McKelvic Eng. Co., Ltd High 1573  GAS   APPLIANCES  Vancouver Gas Appliance Co :..S.  W.  GLASS— AM, KINDS.  N. 0'N»*1 A Co. 648 Sey. St.. S. 4795-479?  HARDWARE  Brown, J'raser A Co.,  Ltd.,  1150 Homer 8t....S. 7*155  viett. J. A., Ill Hastings XV S*ay. 2327-8  HARDWOOD FLOORS  W. N. O'Neil A Co.. 548 Sey. St...S. 4795-4798  J. Fyfe Smith  A Co. 1S20  Richards. .S. 1196  HARDWOOD LUMBER  Smith, J. Fyfe A Co.. 1320 Richards..S. 1196  HEATING—HOT  AIK,   .--STEAM  AND  VES-  TILVT1NG >    *  Bailey, E. A., 1033 Granville St I..S.  136  Barr   A   Anderson,   1060   Homer   St..-S. 6180  HEATING   AND    VENTILATING   ENGINEERS  Leek A Co ,  Ltd ,  1038 Homer  St  S.    661  S. J. Trickey  E. E. Elliot  CENTRAL SHEET  METAL  WORKS  SHEET,   COPPER,  BRASS  and  IRONWORK  RESTAURANT   EQUIPMENT  BOAT TANKS  GALLEY RANGES  STEAM  TABLES  SMOKE   STACKS  HEATING       VENTILATING  PLUMBING  Phone Sey. 620      151% Pender St. W.  VANCOUVER, B.  C.  HOISTING ENGINES  .Ritchie Con   A Sup. Co.. Granvl. Bdg..S.916i  INTERIOR FINISH  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col S. 2988  W. N. O'Neil A Co.. 518 «ey. St...S. 4796r4793  Ritchie. Con. A Sup. Co., Granv. Bdg. .a. 9j.oi  IKON  AND   STEEL—STRUCTURAL  Can. Northwest Steel Co., Ltd,  Prince Edward  St.  ..: l'*air. 2396-7  Evans, Coleman A Evans, Ft. Col.. .S, ■i'JHS  Coughlan.  J.   &   Sons.   World  Uldg....S.   79",'  .Macdonald,   Aiarpole  Co.,   Ltd. S.  210  Ritchie, Con. & Suo. Co.. Granv. Bdg. .S. 91t>j  VV. N. O'Xeil A Co... 54.-- Soy. St...S. 4795-4798  Wostmlnsler  Iron  Works.   New Westminster    I'honc 53  Wilkinson Co., 846 Beach.... ...S. 7915  IRON  AND   STEEL—ORNAMENTAL.  Evans, Coleman A Evans,  ft. Col......S. 2988  W. N. O'Neil A Co., 548 tiey. St. ..S. 4795-4798  Ritchie Con.* A Hup.. Co., Granvl. Bdg. .S. i'l«.  Westminster Iron Works. New Westminster    Phono 53  KALSOMINING  Dixon   &   Murray S. 8765- 8766  •^ LATH—METAL  EJvanB.'Coleman A Evans, Ft. Columb..S. 298S  XV. N. O'Neil A Co., 64S Sey. St. ..S. 4795-4798  Ritchie  C.  and   &   Co.,   Gran.   St 3.   K162  LIME.  Balfour,   Guthrie  &  Co S.  9197-6675  Kvans, Coleman & Evans. Ft. Columb. .S. 29S8  GilleyBros., New Westminster. .Phones 15, 16  W. N. O'Neil A Co., 548 Sey.  St...S. 4795-4798  I'aciile Lime Co., Ltd., Pacific  IIUIr H. 9506  Ritchie Con. A Sup. Co., Granville. .S. 9162  R. V. Winch Co, Ld., Winch 3dB..S. 279-1944  LUMBER  i*ederal   Lumber   Co.,   Rotters   Bldg '.... S. 3998-9  MACIIINERV  Brown,  Fraser A Co.,   Ltd.,   1150 Homer  St S. 71.r5  Darling, Frank & Co., 1142 Homer  Street     Sey.  4100-4101  W. N. O'Neil A Co., 548 Sey. St.. .8. 4795-4798  Ritchie Con. A Sup. Co.. Oranvl. B*K'-|:9"? .  The Holden Co., Ltd., 542 Pender St. W.  Sey.   1065.  MACHINE   WORK'  Westminster Iron Works.  New Westminster    Phono 53  MANTELS—BRICK. TILE AND WOOD  Evans,  Coleman A Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2988  W. N. O'Noll A Co.. 548 Soy.  St. .8. 4195-4798  Ritchie  Co».   A   Sup.   Co.,   Granville..S. 91C2  ....Sey.    31S  ROOFING COMPOSITION  Evans, Coleman A 2vacs Ft.'jolum. .S. 29SI  Tbs Barrett Co.. Ltd., 10th and Arbutus, Hay. 7"2.  W. N. O'Neil A Co., 548 Sey. St.. ,*3. 4795-4798  Ritchie Con. A Sup. C- l Granville. .8. 9168  SmiUi.  Davidson  A Wright. Ltd..  Homer  and  Davltr Sw.    -...i _  S. 9SM  ROOFING—SHEET METAL  (See   Cornice   ana   Hoofing)  ROOFING  MATERLVL  .Th* Bsrrott Co , Ltd., 10th aud Arbutus. Bay. 7T2.  Evans, Coltfrnian A Evans Ft. Colum..3. 2988  Ritchie Con. A Sup. Co.. Granville B...8. 9l6«  801 ,.   ROOFING—WHOLESALE  Sidney  Rubber  Roofing-  Co ,S.  4I4»  ROFE-3IANILA  Balfour,' Guthrie   A   Co R 9197-65TC  RUBBER STAMPS  Bagley, A. G. ^ Sons. L'td.  516   Pender   W Sey.    316  SAFES—VAULT VOOHS  W. N. O'Neil A Co., 548 Sey. St...S. 4796-47M  SAND   GRAVEL ANOCRIJSJIED ROCK  Evans, Coleman A Evans,  ft. Col S. 29SI  Gilley Bros, Ltd., New West.. .Phones 16, 1*  Ritchie. Con. A Sup. Co., Granv. Bdff. .S. 9161  SASH   BOOKS.   WINDOWS,   ETC.  XV. S. O'Neil A Co.. 54S Sey. St.. .S. 4795-*79§  SHINGLE  MAM'FACTURERS AND  DEALERS. ^  (Sec  Lumber and Shingles.)  SHOW  CASES  Dixou   &   Murray................S. 8765-  8766  SLATE'--;  Evans.  Coleman A Evans',' ft. Col S. 29S8  W. N. O'Neli A Co., 648 Sey; St...S. 4795-4798  R. V. Winch A Co., Winch.Bid.. .S. 279-1944  Ritchie, Con. A Sup. Co., Griinv. Bdg. ,S. 9161  STEEL—REINFORCING.  BaWour,    Guthrie   &    Co.:..; S. 9197-657S  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col S. 2988  STOKE   A   OFFICE   FIXTURES   *   STOUB  FRONTS  Dixon   &  Murray S8765-S7jj«  Evans.  Coleman & Evans,  ft.  Col S. 29S8  W. N. O'Neil & Co., 54S Sey. St...S. 4795-4758  TAR   AND  1'ITCH  The llarrett Co.. Ltd., 10th and Arlmtus. liar. 772.  Evans, Coleman A Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2988  TILE—DRAINING  Evans. Coleman & Evans Ft. Colum. .S. 2989  Gilley Bros., New Westminster Phones 15, 16  Ritchi*   Con. A Sup. Co., Granv. Bdg..S. 9161  TILE—I-XOOR AND  WALL  Evans, Coleman A Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2988  W. N. O'Neil A Co., 54S Cey. St.. .S. 4795-4798  TIN I>LATES  Bal/our,   Outhrlo  &  Co.. S.   9197-6675  Evans, Coleman A Evans, ft. Col.... .8. 3988  R. V. Winch A Co., Winch B.'d...S. 279-1944  Wilkinson Co., 846 Beach S. 791S  TOOL  STEEL  Darling-,   Frank   A  Co..   1142   Homer  St.   S.   4100-4101  VACUUM   CLEANING  SYSTEMS.  Barr A  Anderson,  1060  Hnm<-r  Ht S. 618"  WALL   BOARDS  Evans,  Coleman A Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2981  WATERPROOF COMPOUND  Tho  P.arrott  Co.,   Ltd.,   10th  and  Arlnitua.   Par.   771  Evans,  Coloman A Ev^ins,  ft. Col S. 2988  W. N. O'Noll A Co.. b48 Sey: St. ..S. 4796-479X  WINDOW  SCREENS  W. N. O'Neil A Co., 548 Sey. dt...S. 4T9J-4798  WIRE ROPE  Balfour,    Guthrie   A   Co S. 9197-6B7I  Evens,. Coleman A Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2988  RitcHlo.' Con. A Sup. Co., Granv. Bdir. .S. 91«*  R. V. Winch A Co.. Winch Bid.. .8. 27*>-194-»  Wilkinson Co.. 846 Beach S. 791S  WHOLESALE   ROOFING  Sidney Rubber  Roofing-  Co S. 4149  ...y,..,,.,,,,...^^^^^


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