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 ■'•  iSl  THE ONLY'.COMMERCIAL NEWSPAPER IN ERI7TSH COLUMBIA  *&  j+.<? ■  A NEWSPAPER DEVOTED TO GENERAL NEWS, BUILDING,   CONTRACTING,  ENaiNEERING,  PROVINCIA3-,   CITT  AND HARBOR IMPROVEMENTS.  VOL. XVI. No. 34  PubllBhed   Monday  Wednesday and Priday  VANCOUVER, B.C., PRLDAY/KE'MiTJARY 28, 1919  Office and Plant  583 Homer-Richard-- Lane  PRICE—Per Vear in Advance  Per Month    -    -    -    -  $10.00  1.00  Building Material  Wm.  Tel. Sey. 4795-6.  N. Q'Neil Co., Limited  548-550  Seymour St.  The  Home Bank of Canada  Original Charter 1354  HEAD   OPPICE,   TORONTO  A general bankiri". bu.sineRs transacted.  Branclies and Correspondents In  all parts of Canada and throughout the world.  Vancouver  Branoh,  446   H-nting-n   8t.   W.  J.   r.   -tZacDONAZ_D,   Manager  ^—DOMINION  Pressed  Common  Gabriola Shale Products, Limited  Vancouver Office  425 Standard Bank  Bldg.  Phone Sey. 8057  J.T.A. Ritchie. Representative  'TJILDINO.   PERMITS   AMOUNTING   TO   8500   OR  OVER  ISSUED  AT   THE  VANCOUVER  CITT HALL YESTERDAY  Number               Doocriptlon  Cost  jStreet Address  Lot  and  Block  Subdivision  520   Architect   A.  Withers  Contractor  E. Chrystal & Co  E.  Chrystal &■ Co  Addroaa  I-   j Ownar  Addresi  1C15 13th W   12.;   P'-nrlf-r   10    : 12-409  !j.   Croft    •_   '   219 Keefer St.  219 'Reefer St.  f_.  ft:   Winer-                           9905—Repairs      $500  Of.**-*   Avi*.   Wharf   Union Fisheries Co., Ltd.  •r'      "   •—•     •  ■ ,                             .  Roof ing, Building  Papers, etc.  Building Partition  and Drain Tiie  Fr. of Columbia av  Phone 2988  Clayburn Firebrick,   Special  Shaped Firebrick, Pressed  Brick, etc.  Vancouver Brand Cement, Reinforced Steel, Hydrated  Lime, etc.  MUNDY, ROWLAND & CO.  ELECTRICAL  ENGINEERS  AND  CONTRACTORS  Power Installations  General  Electrical   Construction  'PHONE  SEYMOUR  354  Standard Bank  Building  VANCOUVER - WINNIPEG  Lumber   Veneer    Panels.   Etc.  Our Stock U the Most Complete on the Pacific Coa.t  We are also Sole Agents for the  Celebrated "Seaver Brand" Maple  and Birch Flooring.  I. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  BUILDING  AND   INDUSTRIAL  NEWS  1320 Richards St  Vancouver, B. C.  THE li<>LI>EN CO., Ltd.  GENERAL RAILWAY & CONTRACTORS  ^Z-',,y:     SUPPLIES  Sole AgenU In Canada For  Chicago;..'jPneM.r^"ailc7TJopi ;Cor"';''-:  Boyer  Riveting  A Chipping   Hammers;   Little   Giant   Drill.;   Ountley  Electric Toole;   Rock  Drills;   Air. Compressor.;  Fuel Oil'and Ga.  Enfliries.    ' '  *-*4"-£-*.--*i**'--'£*-S***-*;*t2**!^_>*'--^  |       BUILDING PERMITS  ^y.^i2>_-..;>.-,c\-,.%^M^(^.,tjw..^,.,^2.v_>.;.;j.i.-.A  9!)00—Mrs.   C.   Ahone,   garage,   1923  .Graveley St., $100.  ' (J901—Mr. ^ Yoshida,     repairs,     S33  Pender E.. $350; J. N. iMenzies. contr.  9902—Bert   Filmer.   alteiations,   412  :'Abbott ; St..  $25.  I  UHtft* TWMtt  Wudm  542 Pewfir St W., V-*ewiif ■• C,  Phone Sey. 10.65  TENDERS   ARE   WANTED  Tenders for Squainish Hydro-  Electric are being received at the  ce of. the chief|t_engineer,-;.department of railways, 'fi. C. Notice Of 'tender appears: on page four.  ROADS.  A hard surface on that portion of  the River road running through D. L.  172 will be built by the New Westminster Board of Works, at the expense of the provincial government,  which will appropriate $7,000 for that  purpose.  BUDGET  NEXT WEEK  VICTORIA.—The budget -will come  down next Wednesday afternoon, it  was stated yesterday, when the, estimates for the coming year-will be tabled,  and Xofacilitate consideration thereof  night... sessions will7; be inaugnrated  shortly-afterwards.  PRANK DARLING & CO.  PNEUMATIC TOOLS  1  "THOR"  Roller Bearing Drills - Close Quarter Piston Air Drills---Rivetting Hammers  Chipping Hammers -Wood Borers-Turbine and Electric Drills  High Speed Steel-Drifls-Reamers. Etc.  Complete  Stock of Accessories  1144HOMERST. Phone Sey. 41 OO  Brown, Fraser & Co., Ltd.  SUCCESSORS   TO  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO.. LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  Phon. Soymour 7155 1150 Homer Street  Vancouver, B. C.  TENDERS' ARE INVITED FOR  CLEARING AND PLOWING  Tenders are being invited by the  Public .Works Department for the  clearing and plowing of approximately  250 acres of land in Burnaby. Notice  of. tender appears on  page  four.  Structural Steel For Every Purpose  cx-umsx.8. Ajroisss, fsju  COH-P-U-TSZ.T SQUZFFSD TAMMMCATXMO^ MtOFS  CpX.XTMMB  TO   ERECT  NEW   PLANT   FOR  PACIFIC SHEET METAL WORKS  Architects Gardiner & Mercer, S27  j Bilks Bldg., have awarded a contract  j to the Dominion Construction Com-  I pany for the construction of a new  j plant to be erected on Industrial Island  j for the Pacific Sheet' Metal Works.  j The new plant will be lOOxGO feet in  t dimensions, with galvanized iron ex-  i terior, and will cost about $7,000.  London, Eng.  M«ntr«*l  Winni peg-  Toronto  Vancouver, B. C.  Robert W. Hunt & Co.,Ltd.  ENGINEERS  INSPECTION -- TESTS - CONSULTATION  8TEEL,     CEMENT,     BUILDINGS,     BRIDGES,     PIPE,     RAILS.     CARS,  lOCOMOTIVES,   SECONDHAND   EQUIPMENT,   CREOSOTED  MATERIAL,  LUMBER,  ETC.  Office and Laboratory  218 Standard Bank Bldg. Phone Seymour 2199  Resident Inspectors at Large Manufacturing Centers  COURT   OF   REVISION   IS  POSTPONED  TiLL   MONDAY "j  Appeals  against  this  year's   assess-]  ment, which were ,to . have ■ been heard fi  at  the  sitting of  the   civic   Court  of j|  Revision   on   Thursday   last,   will   be! J  heard   next   Monday   instead.     Owing]  to  the  absence  of  Mayor  Gale.   Aid. I  Kirk and  Citv Solicitor Jones  in  Vic-1  toria,  where   thev  are  occupied   with i  •        I  city charter amendments,  they  werei  not able to be back  in  time  for  the j  civic Court of Revision*on  Thursday;  morning.     The   civic   Court   of   Revi-jl  sion  is   composed   of   the   mayor  and >  the  full  council, and  the  absence  of!  the mayor and even one of the aider-!  men  in  dealing with  appeals   against j  (he    valuations    placed    on     certain 1  property     by    Assessment     Commis-|  sioner H. S. Painter might lead to the j  legality   of   such   decisions   being   at-'  tacked.    Hence the decision of Acting I  Mayor Woodside  to  postpone  the sit-J  ting of the  Court of Revision  at the I  request of Mayor Gale. j  Incidentally, the aldermen will have j  a couple of real busy days next week.;  CANADIAN NORTHWESTS.EEL COT, Ltd.  Fairmont 3390 and 3397  V*nicon*r«-f.  O.  Light and Power  Motor Repairs  Storage Batteries   .  The Jarvis Electric Company, Ltd.  570  Richard.  St. "Phone   Seymour   175  •Gilley Bros., Ltd.  DEALERS IN  CRUSHED ROCK - SAND - GRAVEL  All Kinds of Building Material  902  Columbia Street West  Phone 15 and 16  New Westminster, B.C.  I  I  Zsit  THE JAMES BROOKES WOODWORKING G0..LTD  tVSiSIwork Contracts  Union   Depot    1916  Can.   Nortliorn   Bly.   Depot .-...1917  Calffary Armory   1918  ■Booslftna   High   School 1918  Tranquille   Sanltorittm    1918  Phone Westminster 473  Our -.loan* basiled plant enable*, hh  to ituinufuclurK Veneer Work at uny  season  of  the  year.  Wu txro now mamifiictiirin_r interior  lUtlngs- for the now U. C. Telephone  lluiklln_r'« hfciid ulrlca in Quarter Cut  Oak.  I BARRETT COMPANY LETS  CONTRACT FOR NEW PLANT  The Dominion Construction Company have been awarded a contract  from the Barrett Company, Limited,  for the construction of their big new  plant to be erected at Eburne. The  contract calls for the laying of concrete foundations for the tar and oil i sitting as the Court of Revision. For j  tanks and the erection of several hoi-* tlie re -are over one hundred separate j  low tile buildings, consisting of aj«I-peals to be heard, and many of the;  boiler house, oil house, and a storage property owners intend to make a de-|  warehouse. j tennined   effort   to   get   their   assess-j  The Patterson Boiler Works have > m^tt reduced, in view of the fact that;  the contract for the erection of three the council will probably have to add;  large steel tanks and 'the,.Pacific Ccv. st ■ another 25 per cent, to assessments in ^  Pipe Co. wn erect two large wooden j striking the tax rate this year, bring-!  tanks. ; ing the rate on assessments up to 50                                  ! per  cent,   of   their   value,   as   against  BURNABY  NEEDS $400,000  i     tfDMOXDS.—Tlie current  year's es  itinuUes were final'y passed at the ad-j man  Kirk,  would be  to strike  a  rate  journed    council    committee    meeting! of  about   30   mills   on   land   alone,   in  yesterday.     The  amounts  were pared [ order     to     provide     sufiicient     civic  down to the lowest degree and under j revenue to make receipts and expendi-  j the   separate   heads   are    as    follows: I ture come  within hailing distance  for  j Fixed    charges.    $180,001 :     municipal j * lie year.  I government,  $32,87f>;   board  of works,!  1*34,150;   water  works,   $22.2G1;   police i C.  P.  R.  MAY  ORDER   BIG  [department.  $13,700:   health,   hall  and! PASSENGER  LINER  FOR  grounds.   §10.500;    bank   interest,    ox-j PACIFIC   TRADE   SOON  change. $30,000; school board. $00.J)-13; | While nothing official on the sub-  the grand total amounting to a trifle {joct has yet been received by local  ever $-100,000  Balfour, Guthrie & Co.  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  REINFORCING STEEL: —  Largest stock of Mild Steel Bars in Western  Canada.    VvTe cut to  length.    Cold Twist and Bend Bars.  BOLTS: —  Drift  Bolts,  Machine--Bolts,  Tie  Bolts.        We  are  prepared  to  furnish large orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  SPIKES—CAST   IRON   WASHERS,   ETC.  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  PORTLAND   CEMENT  —   LIME —   HYDRATED   LIME  —   FIRE   CLAY  SCOTCH   FIRE  BRICK — BLACKSMITH   COAL — COKE  SEA COAL — PIG IRON — MANILA ROPE, ETC.  VANCOUVER        San Franci9co, Los VICTORIA  WINCH BUiLDiNG Angeles,   Portland BELMONT   BUILDING  Private Ex. Sey. 9197 Seattle, TaCOma Telephone S037  25 per cent. last year.    The only alternative,   according 'to   Finance   Chair-  We have just received a large shipment  COMMON  BRIC  Can make prompt delivery  in any quantity  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  Phone  Seymour 9163  1561  Granville  Street  (Continued   on   "Pn-ro   3"t  1259—6th St., East Burnaby  Seymour 4660  e  J. SMITH, M-11-.-i-.er  l.")2  Alexander St.    Vancouver. B.C.  Twentv Years' Experience In all Branches  of Electrical Worfc. Inspection—Expert  Advice — Trouble Work—Installing- — Bo-  Windlng-—Al)   "OTorlt  Guaranteed.  Office and Works Tenth Street  New Westminster, B. C.  Phone 53  fc_a BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD.  British Columbia Record  (Established  1911)  Published   every    Monday,    Wednesday   and  Friday   by   the  Record Publishing Company  A newspaper of fii.-m-r.il circulation, featuring Building, Comractit-f., l.ngitu'crii*K. industrial, Shipbuilding, .Minin-f, Automobile, ■ 1'ro.  Yincial,   City   and   Harbor  Improvements.  C. H. NELSON....MANAGING EDITOR  Office and   riant  583   HomeV-Richards   Lane.   VANCOUVER  REAR   OF   431    DUNSMUIR   STREET  PHONE   SEYMOUR .7808  Subscription  Katea  One month   I1-?0  Six   months - $5.00  All subscriptions are  payable strictly in advance  WALLPAPERS  Paints and Varnishes  N. G. Poster Limited  INTERIOR DECORATORS  Specialists in  Interior  Finishes  Seymour 1075  905 Granville St.  ment,   a   new   immigration   and   farm   of    highway    construction    that   will  settlement policy, vocational education, the creation of a department of  public health, better housing conditions legislation, and consideration of  prohibition of the liquor traffic, are all  OPPibiAi- organ. (matters of vital interest to the people  The   British   Columbia   Record   Is   the   . ., ■    , .   .  official organ of The Architectural Insti-   ill all,parts of the Dominion—and they  tute of British Columbia, federated with   are  a'-,on   tjie  order  pal.er.  The Royal Architectural institute of  Canada, and The Engineering. & Technical institute of British Columbia, and  as such is used by them as the medium  through which to make.their official announcements   to  the  general  public,  bi^ec^rd Sfno° wi^ Sed  ^'edl: tion aid, the soldiersMand settlement  What will interest the people of the  west mostly in this legislative programme will be the highway construe-  allow of British Columbia being connected up with a Canadian national  highway, and thus remove the motor  traflic isolation which has hitherto  held this province aloof from the rest  of the Dominion.  torial   support   of   any   policy   advanced j anc*  by these societies, but maintains an abao  lutely   Independent  position   on   all   mat  ters subject  to editorial opinion.  provisions    for    better    housing,  with   which   is   naturally   linked   the  MINING  IMPORTANT WORK  AHEAD  Judging by the programme outlined  in the speech from the throne at the  opening of the Dominion parliament, tat-ons which the federal government  the present session will go on record i places on t]ie carrying out ' of the  as the most important in the matter terms of the $25,000,000 appropriation  creation of a department of public  health. , The better housing question  is being aggressively tackled' by the  Provincial government also,.but it depends largely on the liberal interpre  ' While the Northport smelter has not  yet closed, it is making every preparation to that end, but it is believed to  be tempoary.  of advanced legislation that has been  known    for    many    years.      it    also  made for this purpose, as to whether  (he various provinces and municipali-  promises to be a notable one for the j tieg can  in turn make any.real  sue-;  cess   of  the   scheme.     For   instance,  amount    and    expenditure    that    will  probably    be    authorized    in    public j tbere are lots of litt]e v*-*ages which,  works;   for throughout the Dominion accord*ng to a pr0 rata allotment on  there have been many important undertakings that have.had to wait for  several years now until the Canadians  got through with ex-Kaiser Bill. And  the waiting period has resulted in  many  of   these   public   improvements  the basis of population, would get  about enough to build one $2,000  house, might waive their allotted  amount in favor of some of, the larger  cities, such as Vancouver, where the  task   of   providing   at   least   200   new  being now more urgently needed than  houses has to -je faced, with' an alio  ever.     The   Franchise   Act,   highway  construction aid, soldiers' land settle-  Adkison & Dill  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Specialists In Reinforced  Concrete  325 flewe St.  Sty. 3761-4*1211  Shipments from western coal mines  during the week ending February 1  and men employed were, according to  figures supplied by the Winnipeg office of the Department of Immigration and Colonization:—-  1919    1918 1919 -_91S  Tons   Tons   Men   .Men  iBienfait   mines 3,786    4.GI3    152    ISO  Other mines  West 52,076 66,811 3,370 4,375  SO. VANCOUVER PERMITS  3016--C.   C.   Hockley,   dwelling;   543  65th Ave. E., $380.  3017—S. J . Hamilton, chicken house,  5543  Wa'.es  St., i. 75.  3018—D. L. Smiley, garage, 31  2Sth  Ave. W., $100.  3019—11.  Cranagh.  2-room   dwelling,  .1829.55th Ave., $150.  3020—J.   P.  Millott,  alterations..  470  Joyce Road, $100.  3022—L.   Graham,   3-room   dwelling,  1739 55th Ave. E„ $550.  3023—Mr.      Warwick,      alterations,  1S17  34th  Ave.,  $100.  3024—B. F, Russell, 3-room dwelling,  f-SG  oSth  Ave., $500.  3025—H.   S.  Evans,  alterations,  141  50th  Ave.  E.,  $50.  3027—.Mr.   Harwood;   4-room    dwelling, 22S 51st Ave. E., $S00.  302S-—R. Al. Robson. temp, dwelling,  41 66th Ave. W., $170.  3029—P. ..13.   Knoig,   addition,   4022  Perry   St.,   $95.  H.B.Rees     W.A.Kruse     W.C.Jenkins  The Electric Shop  ELECTRIC     SUPPLIES  WIRING  and   REPAIRS  12 Hastings St. E.  Sey. 1224  E. CHRYSTAL & COMPANY  Carpenters and Contractors  Store  and Office Fixtures  General Repairs  219 Keefer St.  Seymour 8551   : i  ELECTRIC MOTORS FOR RENT  We specialize in prompt service for Contractors-  temporary power installations  B OELECTRIC•  SERVICE   24    HOURS   A    DAY  'Phone   Seymour   5000   and   have   our   representative   call  THE UNITED ELECTRIC  COMPANY, LTD.  cation of only $297,000, when at least  $500,000 is needed.  What tlie west also demands, and  the B. C. members are going to make  a strong effort to secure, is a sufficiently large appropriation in the way (.  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES  "BIO" Arc Light Carbon*   .  601  Pender St. VV.,  Vancouver  Let us quote you on your  requirements  100% Service.  Make a note of this:  J  PLAN  TO   ERECT OIL  REFINERY AT REGINA  TORONTO.—The erection of a refining plant, at a cost of $1,000,000, at  Regina is announced by an official of  the Continental Oil Company. The  first step will be to install equipment  for the distillation of crude oil. Further additions to the refinery will be  made as circumstances warrant.  Crude oil will" be brought to Regina  from Wyoming oil fields.  v ■ -__>  Phone Seymour 1878.  ELECTRICAL  MANUFACTURING COMPANY  Makers of  Switch Boardi-, Panel Board-., Steel  Cabinet*, etc.  Switches  designed  and   built  for any  special work.  41  Alexander St.  Vancouver, B.C.  Norman Kydd  PLUMBING and HEATING  "Ready Plumbing"  with working blue print*  for country  installations  906 Davis St. Seymour 9188  VANCOUVER, B. C.  . It seems clear enough now that hate  is a liability.  Baynes & Horie  General    Contractors  •36 Howe SL  St.mMr 1189  EdWard Cox  General Contractor  Cabinet Making _      ;  Flxtw-aa  Sijiw 1163 T35 -etae-ei St  Davies  Construction Co  General  | Cndit-FoKie. BMj.  Contractor*  Vucotw, B.C  Bamberton Cement  "OCEAN FALLS'1  KRAFT  NOTICE  Kraft Wrapping Paper, is now being manufacturer) in British Columbia. The paper is  of excellent, uniform quality and of great  tensile strength..,  Samples and prices gladly given.  Sales Agents  Smith,  Davidson & Wright, Limited  Vancouver and Victoria, B. C.  !  Bulldog Cable  Pacific Lime  R. V. WINCH & CO;, Limited  Vancouver and Victoria   '  PILING^ POLES  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length — any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO.  Incorporated 1909  1021-1024 Rogers Building  Seymour 3998-3999  NEW WORK —CONTRACTS  THE    rOBtOWINO   TABI.E   SHOWS   BTT-XSIHOS    COSTING    $5,000    OB  'OVEK,    OUT     WHICH     CONSTBUCTIOIC  UNDER WAT, OB OH WHICH COHTBACTS HAVE BEEN LET BUT CONSTBVCTION NOT.YET STARTED.  Dominion Construction  Co., Ltd.  General Contractors  SIS Richards SL Seynw 1412  Harrison & Lamond  Industrial Engineers  SiysNf 3535 601 Pacific BMg.  Hodgson & King  Contractors & Engineers  403 Londoi Bldg. Seymwr 6506  •3. Kilgren  General Contractor  962 14t_ Ave.  Fainnsot 946L  Character     -'-     - •. • Coat  Tuberculosis   Clinic      47,130  Grain   Elevator    70,000  Church '.' .-.-  35,000  Commercial  Bldgs   25,000  Residences each    4,000  Brick   Building       Residence         7,000  Bungalow       7595  Residence      $5,000  l'owdcred   Fuel   Plant ,$39,000  Dwelling    • •'•■    5,000  Residence       8,000  Two  Story  Brick   J20.000  Residence     $10,000  Kesidence    - $9000  Dwelling  -  $6,500  Liquid   Air   Plant - $25,000  Residence ■.-■ —- $7,000  Electric   Smelting  Plant $8,700  Remodelling   bids - - $5,000  Residence     —.•    $5,000  Residence    $5,000  VANCOUVER  Location  .Owner  NEW IDEA SHEET METAL  WORKS  CORNICE,  SKYLIGHT.  SMOKESTACKS.     AUTO   WORK.  Anything in Sheet Metal and Roofing.  S. T. Scarlett, Btgrr.  757   P.fatty   St. Sey.   70-15  Pender Street    Rotary 'Club  Beach Ave Chas.  P. Coles Co.  1160  Georgia St...First  Church of Christ Set.  Fairview and Point  Grey.. University of B.  C.  Angus   Ave ..Macaulay  &   Nicolls  Seymour St . ...B.  C.  Tel.! Co.  2875   Alder  Street.. A.   R.  McFarland  1435 15th Ave. W H. D. Christie  S.E:    Cor.   Maple & Magee Rd. C.H.McFariane  Powell   St B.   C.   Sugar  Refinery  1946  11th  Ave.  VV John  T.  MacDonald  shaughnessy Heights P. YV.  Racey  92-98  Pender E... Mrs. Chance Wong*Co.  Shaughnessy   Hgts Clarence  Wallace  Shaughnessy Heights..Mrs. V. J. Creeden  1774   Kitchener F.   G.   Loane  5th and i'ukon Sts...L'Air Liquid Society  Shaughnessy    ...Frederick   Perkins  C.  P.  R. Reserve....Tudhope Elec. MetalB  202  Water St Marstrand Estate  1855—16th   Ave.   XV J.   J.    Forster  15th   &. Hemlock W.   Manson  ArcJit : ;   Contr.  J.  A.   Benzie Baynes   & Horie  H.   H.   Gillingham    Owners  Matheson & DeGuerre  Owners  Sharp   &   Thompson    S.   X.   McLeod  A.   p. Henderson S. J.   Kewitt  Owners   Adlcisoh  & DH1  Fred.   L.   Townley John .11.   Sterling  H. D. Christie  W. J. Read  Fred   L.   Townley ...,G.   M.   Champion  Fuller   Engineering. Co.. Can.   N.W.   Steel   Co.       Owner  las.  A.   Benzie '. S.  J.   Newitt  E.  15. Blackmore ....Edgar Wilson  James A. Benzie S. J. Newitt  Edwardes Sproat  S.  J.  Newitt   :..... G. Milne  Owners   S.  J.   Newitt  Fred  L.  Townley. G. M.  Champion  Wm.   Mason   Rooke Cotton   Co.  Dalton & Eveleigh Stirling A Co:  Edwards  Sproat   W.   Gravel       S.    McLellan  It Pays Contractors To Advertise  You have service for salo-^-  ADVERTISE IT!  ,  You have a reason for being in-business—  ADVERTISE IT!-*  You realize that the better you are known the more bus incss you  will do.    Ask our advertising manager to talk the  matter over with you.    Sey. 7808.  Rear 431 Dunsmuir St   RECORD PUB. CO. 583 Homer-Richards Lane.  Publishers of BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  -  MEET ME AT   -  JOHN ARNOT & SONS   •  SASH   and   DOORS—OFFICE  FIXTURES  Band sawing  and   Turning,  etc.  1730   Semlin   Drive Highland   374  Palmer Bros.  General   Contractors  929 Main St Se.aoH 4676  Robertson &Partners,Ltd.  Public Works Contractors  and Engineers  Ujmm 1274  Mctr«p«maa Wit.  Character  _    Copt  42-Mile   Extension    300,000  Government    Shed        Bridge  (2  span)      Lining   Tunnel     ....250,000  Reconstruction       160,000  Nitrogen  Plant       125,000  Concentrator,   etc 1,000,000  Concenrrator,   etc    50,000  Railroad      1,000.000  Infirmary   and   Service   lildg. $151,236  I'ulp  &  Saw   Mill $750,000  Protective   Works        $60,000  Cold Storage & Cannery $150,000  Twelve   Cottaf.es    $19,000  Remodelling-   Bdls-on   Theatre $1S,000  Remodelllntf Dom.  Bide .$6,000  Concentrator     $17,000  GRANDVIEW  SHEET  METAL WORKS  rtlHNACES,    COKSTICES,    SKY-  LIGHTS   and  GENERAL  JOBBING  FEB. 12TH  TO  MAR. 1ST  iNCivUsrv**.  IC8S   V.nablos  St.  Hlqhlan.   642  VER  <tia«£E S--:qw Bldg.  GERMAN  BROUGHT D<>VI/M IN FK^v^kos.  RUSH & READ  PIjAIBT     and     ornamental  PLASTERING   %    CEMEMT    WORK  AU  Work  Guaranteed.  n.iy.  3370 2306  Stephens  St.  May.   1602-R  BRITISH   COLUMBIA   GENERAL.  Location    Ownar  Clinton     P.G.K.    Railway  Victoria     Government  Princeton    Kettle   Valley   Railway  Rogers   Pass    C.   P.   Railway  North    Vancouver     Wallace   Shipyard  Lake   Buntzen. .Aracr.   Nitrogen   Products   Co.  Copper   .Mountain |{.   C.   Copper   Co.  Chu   Chua Queen   [{ess   Mining   Co.  Princeton  to  Copper   Mt.. . . H.   C.  Copper   Co.  Tranquille B.   C.   Tuberculosis   Society  Beaver Core. . Beaver Cove Lumber it I'ulp Co  StCTeston     Dom.    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"HE KNOWS"  The chemist, who ean analyze—he smiles and says:  a  ALL RIGHT"  Because  It goes farthest.  Covers more space at less cost.  Encourages   the   inexperienced  to paint and brighten up.  .107;  R. C. JAMIESON & CO., LTD.  Hamilton Street. Seymour 22fi8  ™*Baa__H_a_a---Z-:-^^ _  -  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  10%  X063  -: PAINT :-  is   our   business  "VVcarwcll"  our   brand  Bettor                              _".% Oh caper  WEAEWELL FAINT STORE  Granville St.                     Sey. 3497  Artistic Wire & Iron Wks.  Manufacturers  Ornamental Iron Work and  all  kind**  of Wire Work.  112-16 .Dufferin' St.  I''air.   2G.S  Plate, Sheet, Figured,  Wired,Art,Prism,  Colored, etc.  Wholesale   and   Retail  W. MOLT  426—4:-iG Dufferin -St.  Fairmont 1238  Bevelling  and  Silvering  SHIPBUILDING  Seymour Tire & Rubber  Company, Limited  Sole Dealers and Service  Station for Goodyear S.V.  Truck Tires  The    first    of    five    small    wooden  steamers   built  at  the  Poplar    Island  pass   anything  on   the   Pacific  in   the  new liner.     • '  With the Empress of Asia having  brought home her thousand B. C. boys  and again in the service of the C.P.R.,  and the Empress of Russia already at  Hongkong,   where   she   brought   back  851 Pender St. W.  Seymoor 3053  ■■}■■  Shipyard for the French government! fr6m France some 1,500 Chinese  by the Westminster Construction 'and • iaborers> and about to resume the run  Engineering Ltd., is now ready /for|to Vancouver again on March 10, the  launching and will probably be -puti uaiis-Pacific service . will- soon be  into the water at the next high tide,'about normal again as far as the num-  about the middle of next week. j ber of vesse*s  piying from  this port  is concerned. In the volume of business carried—and awaiting—the ser-  | vice will not regain the pre-war normal conditions for some time, as there  is already enough freight waiting here  'to  fill  a  couple  of  these  big   vesels,  It  i is with a view to being able to meet  INSURANCE  IN   ALL   ITS   BRANCHES  Tlie  Iron   Age  says:   Urgent  needs j  aro  bringing forward  delayed   buying,  , ,,   ,,        ,.,       ,        r.    • i -     -  to say nothing of what is coming,  by   the   railroads.     Besides   cars   and;.       .*\ ... ..  lecomotives,  500,000  tons  of rails  are ...  „,„,.,,„,      '<_.,. -,     •,, -•;,     the big increase in the business to tlie  counted on.   Some rail mills are with-! .        .-_._.. ,  out  orders  and   none  has   more  than  REAL ESTATE  CITY        PROPERTIES,        FARMS,  FACTORY   SITES   AND   TIMBER  SECURITIES  GOVERNMENT AND MUNICIPAL  BONDS,    MORTGAGES  RENTS  COLLECTED  BUILDINGS MANAGED  Ceperley,   Rounsefell  and Company  ESTABLISHED   1886  739 Hastings St. W.,       .^■-Vancouver  Telephone Seymour■/S20  four  or   five    months'   bookings.     On  foreign   account   G2   locomotives  have  been   sold   for  Africa  and  Argentine.  Car  builders  are  expecting  a  release  en 20,000 cars for Prance postponed on  the   cessation  of  hostilities.    German  steel output according to the London  j cable   was   about   16,500,000    tons    in  71918,  or,about the same  as 1917.    A  i big  continental   rail  and  construction  material "demand, is reported.  MARINE   NEWS  orient that the C. P. R. is said to be  getting ready to place the order for  the new ocean leviathan just as soon  as shipyard conditions in the old  country will permit of quick construction  work  on  commercial  vessels.  BUSINESS MEN  will find the  ORPHEUM CAEE  an ideal meeting place for the  Luncheon. Hour: The Best of  Everything,- Prompt Service,  Moderate Charges. Seating  capacity  250.  Opposite Orpheum Theatre  762 Granville Street  Jas. Dwyer, Proprietor & Chef  Business Directory and  Buyers5 Guide  When Buying Building Material and Supplies  Patronize Record Advertisers  ARCHITECTS SUPPLIES  Dominion  Blue I'rint  Co Sey.  2.97-.670  ARCHITECTURAL  TERRA  COTTA  Erans.  Coleman A  Bran..  Ltd Sey.   _988  O'Neil.   Wm.   X.   Co.,  Ltd Sey.   471*5  Kite.ale Contr.  A Sup.  Co.. Lid Sey.  9162  ASPHALT   PELT  Evans,   Coleman  &   Eran..  Lui Snj.   23S8  The  Barrett  Co..   Limited -Bay.   63  AUTOMOBILE   rBTStrBA3S.CE  Ceperley,   Kouii-Ofull  A  Co Sey.   7820  Home Hank of Canada..  BANKS  ,.Sey. 5270  (Continued  from par*  Pi  FOREIGN  TRADE  OPPORTUNITIES  Additional information regarding  these inquiries may be obtained from  the Secretary of the Board of Trade,  Vancouver, or upon application to "The  Commerci_.l Intelligence ranch of the  Department of Trade and Commerce,  Ottawa."  Correspondents are requested to quote  ths number of'the "opportunity" when  asking for additional information. Re-  tiest for each opportunity should be on  a separate sheet and state opportunity  number. The. Bureau does not furnish  credit   ratings   or assume   responsibility  las  to  the standing of  foreign   inquiries;  I the   usual   precautions   should   be   taken  ', in   all   cases.  .  FLOOR LAYERS  and  -'■-■;.[-'  Manufacturers  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co.  .'.'';    Limited I ..   f. ZZZ' .  2635 Granville St.  C. P. It. officials, private advices from  England indicate that plans hav.e already been prepared and arrangements  are being made  by  the  ocean j    services  department of the C.   R.  R.|   "        .   "test enquiries.  * I      The following lnmunes are the latest  to   place   an   order   for   another  .:new \ received.     For  rap'd   perusal   the  reader  steamer  for  the  Pacific  trade.    It is! •■•*-*' ^<>w :lt * «!*"«* items of inter-  reported that in anticipation of a very  Attention!  Mr. Business Man  1 am prepared to furnish  you tlie very best in tailored  suits at ■•)■''  $50 to  $65  Frank M. SlowSn  TAILOR  Sev. 2692  404  Dominion  Bldg.  j marked   increase   of   trade   with ; the  ; orient and  Russia that is sure to follow  the  signing of the  peace  treaty,  'and   the   eventual   settlement   of; the  j Russian problem, the G. P. R. intends  | to     retain     the    unit    transportation  j supremacy "of the   Pacific.     For-the  j i,ew   passenger   liner,   if   advance'.-re-  ! IiorLs   are   true,   will ■ be    easily, the  largest and probably "the fastest vessel  on the Pacific now that the big 'steam-  icrJMinnesota has been transferred  to  jother routes.    It is reported  that the  new liner will be 605 feet long, which j  is  considerably  in  excess   of  the^ 540  feet   over-all   of   the    Empresses'    of  [Russia and Asia.    The new liner will  I also   have   a   cargo   carrying  capacity  'of   over    9,400    tons   deadweight... in-  i stead of the S.000 tons of the Russia-  land   Asia.    In   passenger  accommoda-  ition. too, it is planned to greatly, sur  est  by  noting   the  class  of  goods   mentioned   at   the   end   of   each   inquiry.  IMPORTANT—Quote the number of  the "Opportunity" in your correspondence.  208. Carpet Broom Handles.—A  Ixmdon   firm   desires  quotations  from  South African steamers sail.  210. Birch.—A .Manchester firm is  open to purchase large quantities of  birch suitable for manufacture of  spools.  211. Staves.—A Manchester firm  wishes to purchase dressed staves for  cooperage trade .also cut oak. heads.  Would be prepared to represent a  manufacturer.  212. Oak Sleepers.—A commission  house in London, England, has received an inquiry from the Italian  Government for 3,000,000 railway oak  sleepers and would like to receive  offers from Canadians. Sample sleepers of Douglas fir might be submitted  as possible substitutes for oak sleepers. Full information regarding prices  on board ship should be given.  213. Casein.—The English office of  a French company invites offers from  Canadian manufacturers of casein for  industrial purposes.  214. Baling Wire.—A Glasgow firm  would like to receive offers of annealed baling wire in bundles of about 50  pounds, 14 B.G. (and other suitable  gauges), 10-ton lots, with a view to  business as soon as conditions permit.  Also rive tons new or defective wire  suitable for bundling purposes, 4, 6  and... 6  B.G.  '.".216. Fencing Wire.—A Glasgow firm  makes inquiry-for 10 tons of Nos. 6, 7,  and 8 galvanized fencing wire, and No.  4.3-inch and 4.6-inch galvanized barbed  wire. Further specifications may be  obtained from the Department of  Trade and Commerce, Commercial In-  ! telligence Branch, Ottawa.  ! 219. Bentwood Chairs.—A Glasgow  ;firm would like to receive offers of  above, which they stocked in large  quantities before the war. *  220.    Wire      Rods.—A.      Coatbridge  BANK,   OFPICE   &   STOBE   FITTINGS  _a_.es Brookes Woodwks.  Cm., Lui West.  473  BLUE  PRINTS  Dominion Blue i'rint Co   ....Sey.   2407-1670  BBICK—ALL  JEINDS  Era-)..   Coleiu_n A  Kvans.  Ltd '.. Sey.   2.S3  Gilley   Bros.,   Ltd West.   15-16  O'Xell.   Wm.   .V.  Co.,   Ltil _....: Sey.   4790  Bit-hie  Contr.   U Sup.  Co.,   Ltfi Sey.  9162  Bit-Ill..   .1.   T.   A _ _ Spy.  S057  Winch,  K.  V.  A Co.,  Ltd Sey.   279-1944  BUILDING   FELTS   AND   PAFUBS  E.aii.,   Cuiernan  A  Erans.  Lui Say.   •Mi'3  O'X.il,  Wm.  X.  Co.,  Ltd : Sey.   .7.5  Tbe   Barrett  Co.,   Limited Bay.   63  BONDS—SURETY  Ccpwlcr.  Kouuse.eli  A  C„   Wiiic-li,  It.   V.  A Co.. Ltd   •.ey.  KETAL   STAMPING  Gibtia Tool A Stampini;, Works Fair.   2178  mxllworx  James Brookes Woodwltg.  Co.,  I.ul West.   473  MIMEOGRAPHING  Central  Public  Stenographers Sey.   507s  MINING  Walsh   &  Co.,   T.   A..:. Sey.  473.  MINING   ENGINEERS  Walsh   A   Co.,   T.   A.'..  MOTORS  C.   Electric Co..   Ltd    Sey.  473S   Sey.  5000  ..Sey.  2R..-.5   S.y.   3.63  S7fJ5-S76S .'  CARPENTERS  Diion  *   Murray Sey,  CEMENT  Balfour.  Guthrie A  Co  Sey.  9197-657_  Kvans.  Coleman A  K»aiu,  Ltd Sey.   29SS  Gilley   Bros.,   Ltd .' West.   15-18  O'Xell,  Wm.  X.  Co.,  Ltd Sey.   4703  Kitchie Contr.  A Sup.  Co.,, Ltd Sey.  9162  Wiiich.  R.  V. A Co.. Ltd Sey.  279-1944  CEMENT   TESTING    AND    ASSAYING  Hunt,   Robert  W.   A Co - ..Sey.   2199  Canadian     manufacturers     who     can  make   regular    shipments    of   carpet 1 firm would like to receive offers of 50t'  broom    handles,    1-inch    by    42-inch,  slightly tapered and,shaped on top, to  J.ons of wire rods, 5 and 6 gauge. In  coils ofatout loO pounds, with a view  South Africa; maple preferred. Prices   to business as soon as conditions per-  f.o.b;    Canadian    ports    from    which-Lmit..  CONTBACTOBS—GENEBAL  Armsu-oni-. Morrison A Co., X>td Sey.  1S36  Walsh   A  Co.,  T.   A. -... Sey.  473S  CONTBACTOBS—THE—TEBBAZZO  ETan_,   Coleunn  _;   Kran..  Ltd _..Sey.   2983  O'Xell.  Wm.   X.   Co.. Ltd Sey.   4795  CBANES   AND    HOISTS    (ELECTBIC)  m* Uolden  Co..  Ltd - Sey.   1065  DIES AND  TOOLS  Olbbs To_l A Slamplm- 'Worka _.  Fair.   2176  DBAFTING  Dominion  Blue Print Co   SKILLS—PORTABLE  Daj-lin*.  Frank A Co..—   Th.  Holden Co.,  Ltd   MOTOB   TBUCKS  Little  Giant  Motor Truelt  Co   Tucker   Motor  Co   MtrLTIGBAPKING  Central  Public  .StenoKraiii)«r»... Sey.   5073  Dominion  Blue   Print  Co Sey.   24U7-467.  OPPICE  AND  STOBE   PITTINGS  lohn   Arnot   A  rioni- Ufuli,    371  DU-on   A  Murray :....: Sey.   *7«5-87.t"  OPPICE    StJPPI.IES    AND    PRINTING  \V__lcrti   SiXM.-ialty   Co Sey.   '_"i__  PAINTING   AND   PAPEB   HANGING  Dixon   «t  Murray  -.ey.   87ti,.--l76iJ  PAINTS  UtuleiMii.  R.  C.  A Co . Ltd Mey.  22._  PAINTS—FXBE-PBOOF  O'.Veil,  Win.   X.   Co..  Lid Sey.   4793  PAINTS—DAMP   PBOOP  Sey.   279-1941 i Etsii..   (Vieman  A;   Kvans.   Lui Sey. 28...  | O'Neil,   Wm.   X.   Co..   Ltd ......: Sey. 4795  Bitehie.   J.   T,    A._, Sey. ..007  PAPEB  Smith.   David-ion A  Wrixhl.   Lid Sey.   95G5  PABTITION—PIBEPBOOP  Evans.  Coleman A  Kvans.  Ltd .......Sey.   293;.  Kitchie Coutr.   it  Sii[i.   Co.,  Lui Sey.  91ti_  PARTITION   "WIBE  Pearson Wire  &  Iron  Wks. Fair.   2701  ' PATTEBNS  Westminster Iron W'orrts West.  53  PHOTOSTATS  Dominion  Blue  f'rini Co _   ...Sey.   2497-4670  ELECTBIC   Sey.   4100-4101   .Sey.   1065   Sey.  2497-4070  PIG IBON AND  TIN  Ualfour,  Guthrie A Co Sey.  9197-6575  Kvans,   Coleman &-__va--.. Lid Sey.   2933  Winch, K.   \'.  A Co.. Ltd Sey.  279-1344  PILING   AND   POLES  Federal Lumber Co Sey.   3993-3999  FILE D3IVIKG  Evans.  Coleman  A Erans. Ltd Sey.   293>  Fraser  Hirer Pile  Dr.   Co  West.   1015  PIPE—SEWER  Erans,  Coleman  A  Evans, Ltd _._ Sey.   2933  Gilley Bros..  Ltd ...West.   15-16  Ritchie Contr.   A Sup.  Co.,  Ltd .........Sey.  9162   _Sey.  279-1944  ELECTBICAL  Reliable   KlecirU:  Co   BEPINING  ELECTBICAL SUPPLIES  !'..  C.   Kleetrie Co..   Ltd Sey.  5000  Cope A Son.- Sey.   S602  Darliuii.  Frank  A Co Sey.   4100-4101  ELETATOBS  Dsrlln*.  Frank  Jk  Co ...- Sey.   4100-4101  ELEVATOR CABS AND ENCLOSURES  3. M. Moiris A Co.. Ltd....  O'Xeii, Wm. X. Co.. Ltd...  Ritchie  Contr.  A Sup.  Co..  Lui.  ENCLOSURES  Prarssn Wire  &  Inni Wks  _  ..Sey.  9197-6575   _...Sey.   2933   West.   15-16   Sey.   4795   Sey.   9162   Sey.   2933   Sey.   4795   Sey.  9162  Walsh   -_   Co.  ENGINEEBS  T.   A -   ...Bay.   1013   Sey.   4795  _...Sey. 9162   Sey. 4733 j   Sey.   123   Sey.   6130   Sey.  9133  PEARSON WIRE & IRON  WORKS  ORNAMENTAL IRON  WORKERS, WIRE WORKERS and WEAVERS  Nothing too Large or too Small  If it's Iron or Wire we make it  CITY MARKET BUILDING  Phone your Inquiries to  FAIRMONT 2794  MAIN ELECTRIC SUPPLY  R. J. ERRINGTON  Electrical Contractor  Kairmoi-t  310  144  Broadway "W.  ENGINEERS'  Dominion Blue Print Co   SUPPLIES   ..: Sey.   2497-4870  TENCES   AND   GATES  ..Fair.  2794  ...Sey.   9197-6575   —Sey.   ■»3S-   West.   15-16   Sey.   4795   :.$ey. 9162  ....Sey.  27S-1944   Bay.   1043 I  PHONE  SEYMOUR 3825  PRINTERS  Printers, Engraving, Bookbinding, Account Books.  Tiihlif-hor.--   of  Mining-      and     Euffinoerinar     Bocord,  Successful Poitltryintm  TECHNICAL   PRESS   LTD.  Th-  Mint's  lMii:,'. i:5  Homer St.  DAVIE VULCANIZING CO.  636 DAVIE STREET VANCOUVER. B. C.  Vancouver Gas Appliance Go.  AGENTS POR  McCLARY'S RANGES  I  I  t  4-  t  *  «5*  •v*  *s*  a>  *r  •vr  *s*  *$•  f  «*tr  1 to 5 Tons  Fact Worth Considering  Finns who demand the most in motor truck  value arc operating FEDERAL TRUCKS in  Vancouver.     Such    linns   as   tlie   Hudson's  Bay    Co.,    Johnston    Storage    Co.,    Ltd.,  Mainland Transfer Co., Ltd., Turner's Dairy-  Co.,    and    many    others    use    FEDERALS.  You ^'<p^ easily Irani the reason why these  hif linns get such Satisfaction from  FEDERALS  FEDERAL fVJOTOR CCMPAKY  931-935    Pender    Street-   West    Vancouver  DlHtrlriufor. for  The FEDERAL Motor Truck Co., Detroit  Pearson Wire &.  Iron Wks _ _'...  TIRE   CLAY  'lUUbur,  Guthrie *: Co -   Kfansji Coleiaan  fc-E.*n_,' Lid...   Gilley  Bros.. Ltd. „.......,   O'.Veil.   Wm.   .V.   Co..  Ltd   Kitchie  Contr.  A Sup.   O...  Lid   Winch",  R.   V. * Co.. Ltd........   PIRE   ESCAPES  S.  M.  Morris * Co.,  Lui....-   FZRE   EXTINGUISHER   SYSTEMS  Sarr   A   Anderson - _ Sey.   6150  FLOORING  1.   !■>.« Smith A Co .   ■....      t Sey.   U96  FORGINGS  Westmiu-ter Iron U .•        - We.it.  03  GALVANIZING  r.  Watt Iron  A     ...      -^ *"»lr.   971  GAS   APPLIANCES  V-.ncau.er  Ga.   u^Mia.!..,  v_j Sey.   801  GLASS—ALL KINDS  .V.   Holt,   Glass   Dealer    -Fair.  123S  O'Neil.  Wm.  X.  Co..  Ltd ...-.ey.   Kjj  HARDWARE  Brown.  Fraser A t_.... x.t.%1 — Sey.  7155  E-lett.   J.   A : Sey.   -3L-7-2328  HARDWOOD  FLOORS  B.   C.   Hardwood   Floor   Co..   Lid Hay.  1287  O'Neil.   Mm.   X.   Co.,   Ltd sey.   Aj.>  3. Fyie Smith A Co.,  Ltd....- - Sey.  119G  HARDWOOD  LUMBER  J.  Fyfe Smith A Co.. Ltd.— Sey.  1196  HEATING—HOT    AIR,     STEAK    AND  ' VENTILATING  Bailey,  K.   A - Sey.   123  Barr   A  Anderson _ Sey.   filSO  Norman Kydd  Sey.  91.8  HOISTING   ENGINES  Bltehie Cantr.  & Sup.  Co..  Ltd..: :... ..' Sey.  5162  INSURANCE  Ceperley.  Rounsefell  &  Co Sey.   7S20  Winch.  K*.   V.  &  Co.,   Ltd Sey.   27.-1941  INTERIOR   FINISH  E»ans.  Coleman &' Kvans.  Ltd...  O'Neil.  Win.   X.  Co..  Lid - Sey.   4795  Ritchie  Contr.   A  Sup.   Co..   Ltd....- Sey,  9162  IRON   AND   STEEL—STRUCTURAL  Can.   X.   W.   Steel  Co..  Ltd -...Fair.   __96-7  Couehlan.   J.   &  Sons _...Sey.   79.0  Krans,  Coleman &   Kvans.  Ltd Sey  Winch,  R.  V.  A Co.. Hd   PLASTER  Balfour,  Guthrie A Co   F.vans.  &>lei_an  A Eyans. I_td    T.Sey.  .660 i OilleJ"  I'rtw.,   Ltd..— ..-  O'.Veil,   Wm.   X.  Co..   Ltd   Kitchie Contr.   A Sup.  Ca..  Ltd   PLASTER  BOARD  Krans.  Coleman  &. Evnns,  Ltd         O'Xeil,  Wm.  X.  Co..  Ltd   Ritchie Contr.   A Sup.  Co., Ltd   PLASTER PARTITION BLOCXS  Et.iis,   Coleman 4.  Kvans,  Ltd ISey.   298.  PLASTER—ORNAMENTAL  Erans.   Coleman  A  Kvans,   Ltd <..—._ Sey. 29.S  O'Xeil.  Wra.   X.   Co..   Ltd _ Sey. 1795  Ritchie Contr.   A  Sup.   Co.,  Ltd....  Sey. 9162  ...Fair.   2794 S _,  .,       ,.     . PLUMBING  1 Bailey.  K.   A.   T"arr   A  Ati'ier-on...... _'.-..' .._..  Xorman Kydd   PNEUMATIC  TOOLS  Darlini". Trant  A  Co.—.:,......— Sey.   ■.100-4101  The  Holden  Ce..  Ltd ..— Se_\   10'15  PRINTERS  Batley, A.   G.  A Sons. ,Ud._..-r ...Sey.  31S  PUBLIC ^STENOGRAPHER '.  Central   Public  Stai__(rr»-ih«r_:.  -...- -Stiy.   507S  Dominion Blue i'rint Co.*.-;:;—... ...—--.--.Sey:"2197-1670  • ■-. -i     PJJMPS  PUCP5 A  -\m-er,* Ltd.....V.......'. ....Sey.   3110  ROOFING COMPOSITION  Krans,   Coleman A   Evans.  Ltd.   Sey.   2»S_  The   Barrett  Co..  Limited _ ..Buy.   ...  O'Xeil.  Wm.  X.  Co..  Ltd _.......:..Sey.   4793  I Kitchie-1 Coutr.   A  Sup.   Co.,  Ltd Sey.   9152  Smith.  Du.rid.son A Wrieht. Ltd.... Sey.   9563  ' RCOPING—SHEET   METAL  (See Cornice and Roofing-)  ROOFING   MATERIAL  The  Barrett  Co.,  Limited Bay.   63  Evans.   Coleman A   Kvans,  Ltd... Sey.   29__  Ritchie Contr.  4_"Sup.   Co.,  Ltd Sey.  9162  Kitchie.   3.   T.   A „ _...Sey.  S037  ROPE—MANILLA  Balfour,  Guthrla A Co   Sey.  9197-6575  *\'al_h   A   Co..   T.   A... Sey.  473.  RUBBER   STAMPS  Bagley. A.  G.  A Sons.  L«d Sey.  316  SAFES—VAULT  DOORS  O'Noil,  Win.   N.   Co..  Ltd.. Sey.    1795  SAND, GRAVEL AND CRUSHED ROCK  Erans.  Coleman  A Evans,  Ltd Sey.   29SS  Gilley Bros.,  Ltd West.   15-16  Ritchie Contr.  A Sup.   Co., Ltd.- Sey.  9I6J  SASH   DOORS,   WINDOWS,   ETC.  Ii.Im   Anmt   &   Sons.: _ lliidi.     371  O'Xeil.  Wra.  X.  Co.,  Ltd —.Sey.   1795  SHEET   METAL  Central  Sheet Metal  Works —Sey.   620  Crandvlew  Sheet  Uetal  Works .....HluU.    612  New  Idea  Sheet  Metal  Works Sey. 7615  SHINGLE  MANUFACTURERS  AND  DEALERS  (See Lumber and Sltingles)  SHOW   CASES  Dixon  &  Hurray _   SLATE   Sey.   29SS j Erans.  Coleman A Erans, Ltd   O'.Veil.  Win.   X.  Co..  Ltd   Winch.  R,   V.  & Co..  Ltd   Ritchie Coutr.  & Sup.   Co..  Ltd   STEEL—REINFORCING  Balfour,   Guthrie  _;  Co Sey.   91:'"  Kvans.   Coleman  A   Evans.   Lid S.-y.  ..Sey.   S765-S766   Se.v.   -IK.   _...Sey.   4795  ....Sey.   279-1914   Sey.   _16_  29 SS  29 SS  S.   il.   Morris  A Co..  Ltd Hay.   1013 \ Kitchie,   J.   T.    A Se.v.   sii;>7  O'Neil.  Wm   X. Co..  Ltd Sey.   4795 j STOEE  AND   OFFICE  FIXTURES  AND  Bltehie  Contr.   &  Sup.   Co..   Ltd Sey.   910- STORE   FRONTS  T.   Watt   Iron   &  Galr.   Work. Fair.   971 | i)iIon   j.   Murray   Industrial and Household  Gas Fittings  t C. Bain,  Manager  I 767 ROBSON ST. SEYMOUR 801  I  _.♦*  _*»  t  .-'•!'<^!-<£'*:--<i''t---K-'->*<fc*M'-H^^^  X  I  ...  We.tmiUnU'r  Iron Works  West.   53,  IRON   AND   STEEL—ORNAMENTAL   j  Artistic  Wire ._  Iron Works Fair.   'Jii'S |  Evans.   Coleman  A   Evan..   Ltd Sey.   _9<S |  S.  it,  Morris A Co.,  Ltd ...Bay.   HllS;  O'Xell.   Win.   X.  Co..  Lui Sey    4795 j  [•carton   Wire  &   Iron  Wks Fair.   2794 j  Ritchie  t'oiur.   _:  Sup.   Co,   Ltd -.Sey.   9162 "•  T.   Watt   Iron  & C.a'.v.   Work*  Fair.   971;  W_.linin.ster   Iron  Works West.  53!  KALSOMINING I  Dixon   it   Murray - Sey.   .765-.766 (  LATH—METAL  Kvans.  Coleman &  Kraus.  Ltd Key.   298S  O'Xeil.   Wm.   X.  Co.,   Ltd Sey.   4795  Ritchie  Contr.   &  Sup.   Co..   Ltd Sey.   9162  Ritchie.   J.   T.   A. -. Sey.  S057  LIME  Balfour,  Guthrie A Co •. Sey.  91*7-6575  Brans.  Coleman  A  Evans.  Ltd Sey.   2381*  Oilley   Bros..   Ltd - West.   15-16  O'Neil.   Wm.   X.   Co..   Ltd Hey.   4795  Ritchie Contr.   A  Sup.   On..   LU Sey.   S162  Winch.   B   V.   A  Co..  Ltd  S«y.   279-1944  LUMBER  Federal  Lumber  Co - Sey.   399S-39P9  MACHINERY  Brown,   Fraser  A  Co.,   Ltd - Sey. 7135  Caw-sUmi    Machinery   Co..    LU Sey. 097."  lUrlini*.   Frank A  Co - Ce.v.   410.-4101  O'Noil,  Wm.   X.  Co,  Ltd _ Sey. 4795  Bumps  A   Bower.   Ltd Sey. JI10  Ritchie  Contr.   A  Sup.   Co..   Lt<I Sey. 9162  The   lloiden   Co,   Ltd  *?>'■ 101'''  Walsh   A   Co.,   T.   A *-«'• <*;,s  MACHINE   WORK  Glhtis Tool  A HUnu'tn*  Works Fair.   2176  Westminster Iron  Works    We<t.   53  MANTELS—BRICK,  TILE  AND   WOOD  KmiH.   C.ileiiMii  .-.-   [.vain.   Ltd       ...Sey    29SS  OVSYII.   Win    X.   Co.,   Ltd         S'V    4"'-<'.  Ritrhl..  Contr.   A   Sup    Co.   Ltd Sey    9162  M/VPS  Dominion   Blue   I'rint   Co      Sey.   2497-4670  MARBLE   AND   ONYX  Kvnns.   Coleman  .v   Evam.   I.ul        Sey.   29S.4 |  O'X'.II.   Win.   N.   Co.,   Ltd So.     4*-.i5 j  Sey.  _:k«  479.',  Evans.  Coleman   A;   Evans,   Ltd     Sey  O'Xell.   Wm.   X.   Co.   Ltd Sey.  TAR   AND   PITCH  The   Barrett   Co..   Limited Bay    63  Etaus,   Coleman  A   Evans,   Lt<)  Sey.   2.SS  TILE—DRAINING  Kvans.   Coleman   ..   Evans,   Ltd Sey    2944  Oilley   Bros..   Ltd W-st    15-lii  Ritchie  Contr.   A  Sup.   Co..   Ltd Sey.   9162  TILE—FLOOR   AND   WALL  2'.'-.  1795  Kvans,   Coleman  ,^   Evans,   Ltd Sey.  O'.Nell.  Wm.  X.  Co.,  Ltd >.-.:.- Sey.  TIN   PLATES  Balfour,  Guthrie A  Co Sey.  9197-0575  Evans,   Coleman  A   Evans.   Ltd Sey.   24' 'rt  Winch.   R.   V.  A  Co..  Ltd Sey.   279-194.  TOOL   STEEL  Darllnj-,   Frank  A  Co Sey.   4100-4101  Kitchie.   J.   T. * A. ...Sey.   .057  VACUUM   CLEANING  SYSTEMS  Barr   A   Anderson Sey.   61.9  VARNISHES  lamleson.   R.   C.   A  Co.,  lAd Sey.  226S  WALL  BOARDS  ■■"rans,  Coleman  A  Evatw.  Ltd  Sey.   29._  WATERPROOF   COMPOUND  The   Barrett   Co..   Limited   Evans,   Coleman   A   Erans,  Lui...    O'Noil.   Wm.   X.   A   Co.   Ltd   Ritchie,   J.    T.    A   WINDOW   SCREENS  Artistic Wire A   Iron  Works.   S.   W.   Morris  A   Co..   Ltd    O'NVil,   Wm.   X .   A   Co .   Lid.  I'earson   Wire   .*   Iron   Wk«.       WIRE   WORKERS  Artistic Wire A   Iron  Works.  I'eursoti   Wire  A   Iron   WU.«   . .  .  WIRE  ROPE  ;   Rlll.nur,   Guthrie   iV   I'" Sev  : Ev.llis.   Coleman   e.   I"'. :i::s.   Ltd  I W-Ml   e.     Co ,    T     A      .  A  Ltd  r.i.i .  Wlu.-h.   R    V  Ritchie  Coutr.   A  WHOLESALE   ROOFING-  The   Barrett   Co .   J.;riu:•-<1  ..Bay. 63  ..Sey. _944  ...Sey. 1795  .   Sey.   _U57  Fair. 2614  Buy. I»i.'!  ..Sey 17:'-.  Fair. 2791  Fair.   -_'.;H  .Fair.   27 U  9l:>7-i;--i7.*i  Sey .t!HS  S,y 17.;.  .•79 I 'I I I  Sey 1.162  Bay W-  a  BRITISH COLUMBIA EUaCED  %,  "BAGLEY MAKES GOOD RUBBER STAMPS"  A. G. BAGLEY  PRINTERS,   ENGRAVERS  and  S Ltd.  MANUFACTURERS  "BAGLEY DOES GOOD PRINTING"  SEALS     STENCILS,   RUBBER   AND   METAL   STAMPS,    METAL   CHECKS    TIME   CHECKS  KEV    TAGS,    BRASS    SIGNS,    NUMBERING    MACHINES,    BADGES   OF   ALL   KINDS     ETC'  ALL  WORK GUARANTEED BEST QUALITY, PROMPT DELIVERY AND PAIR PRICES    '  PHONE SEY. 316  Moved to 516 PENDER ST., W.  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer SL  Vancouver B. C.  MATSQUI     FAIR     TO  BUILD. ADDITION  GIFFORD.—The timber has been  got out and construction work started  on the addition to the buildings on the  agricultural grounds here, sanctioned  by Matsqui council at its January  meeting.  NORTH  ARM   OF  FRASER  IS TO BE IMPROVED  OTTAWA.—It is reported that the  petition of the Board of Trade and  other' municipal bodies at Vancouver  for the improvement of the channel of  the North Arm of the Fraser is to be  partially acceded to this summer.', It  is believed the'work will not be done  by contract, but will be carried on by  the use of the government's own plane. I  cos.t plus basis. Plans, specifications  and.forms of tender can be seen at the  Department of Railways, Victoria,  B. C, and at the office of the Pacific  Great Eastern Railway, Welton Block,  Vancouver, B. C. Bids to be accompanied by a certified bank cheque for  5 per cent, of the amount of the  tender, payable*""1^ the Minister of  Railways. -1  The Department does not bind itself  to accept the lowest or any tender.  A. F. PROCTOR,  Chief Engineer.  Department of Railways,  B.  C.  Office of the Chief Engineer,  Victoria, B.C., Feb. 25th, 1919.  NEW   GARAGE   BUILDING  FOR    GRANVILLE   STREET   itv.  CORPORATION   OF   POINT   GREY.  Tenders  are invited  for the supply  of crushed  rock  for road-making and  repairing, delivered in  the municipal-  Specification schedule  of qualit-  Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  LIMITED  P. A. Jones, Mgr.  WHARF BUILDING,  BRIDGES,  PILE FOUNDATIONS,  ETC.  Owners of Tug "CLIVE"  General   Towing  324 Front St New Westminster  Telephone 1015  Architect A. E. Henderson, Davis  Chambers Building is preparing plans  for a one-story brick garage building,  50x120 to be erected on Granville  street.  Selected tenders will be asked "for  in about a week.  SCHOOL  BOARD  TO  ERECT MORE SCHOOLS  Plans have been prepared by the  Vancouver School Boaru nnglneer.,  Mr. F. A: A. Barrs, for a 4-room frame  school building 75x25 feet, which it  is proposed to erect at the Laura  Secord-School.  Plans for a 2-room bids.. Tor the Bay-  view school''have also been prepared  aiid.it is anticipated that the board  will ask for tenders immediately for  the erection of these two scnools.  ies and form of tender can be obtained  at the municipal engineer's office.  Tenders to be lodged with the undersigned not later than Tuesday the  4th day of March, 1919, at 12 o'clock  noon.  The lowest or any tender may not  be accepted.  HENRY FLOYD,   -,'.  C. M. C.  Municipal Hall, Kerrisdale, B. C,  February IS. 1919. '       ■'■259-1-284  PHONE FAIR. 971  We Manufacture Light  Structural Iron  Work  We Galvanize Everything by Hot  Process  Ornamental  Iron  Work.  Iron  Stairs.  Fire .{scapes  Railings.  Gales,   Fences,       Blacksmith  Work  Iron   and   Steel  Ears,    Iron    Work   for  Stet.l and Wooden Ships,'Casting*,  l'olc   Line'Hardware,'Pipe  Flanges,  e-c.  T. WATT  225  (RON AND GALVANIZING WORKS  5th   Avenue West Vancou   v*r,  P,(  | ARCHITECTS        ,     f  ^■^^t.tJ,A,J,.--<-^*.{J^-.,^v^^J,,»>»t.(gi»J.^,^.^.4.^4.  Members of The Architectural Institute  of  British   Columbia.  VANCOUVER  .*<•■*-_-!;■ .la«.   A.<;   .m   !*i>-i''iir-   XV S...  .300  nr-raii  A  Riliam.   50(1  RI.'ik.cI* :   Dnltot]   A   KvoluU'li.   (il,,   1ia..t.ii^_   W _<_.r.    uuJ  G-irilinor,  F.  CI..  A Mercer.  718  Graarllie Sf.v. SO"-  IIciuler-Kin,  A.   K..  81..  .lasilug.  XV-. Soy.    7_I  Honeyman.   *   Curtis.   .SO   Ila.tlsus   W  Soy.   l.'il  Kea__..  James  W..   .576  2nd   Are.   W [Say. 7A2R  Math-son,   Itnltert  M.,   fit'.   Ki.liarils , Sujr. 50SR  ralmcr,   Hornard  ('..   .SO   Hasting.  W Soy. 30SO  1'arr   A   -TncKenzie.   736  OianvllU?.. .....Sejf.  7S11  Sharp &'Tliompr.on.   6:20 T'eiidor  \V '.Sey. 10f!l  Townlo-r.   Fred   I...   Si'i   Uoiri.r   Si Kov.  S013  Tii-l-e'll,  K.   P.   S..   -37   Hasting Sey. 792o  VICTOEIA  Hcnnel, A. R.. 10SG St. bouiH St..  Keith. J. C. M.. Wayward I5U__...  Maclure. Sam, I'tilon ' ISii-il* T_hU*,.  itldstway-WllJun,   Lieut.-Col....   1171 R I   -,..i....1 .20   2518   _.Iioltiio.it    .Iuii__  COMMERCE  ONE  TON  TRUCK  A year i.hear.1 of oilier  trucks — tlie only truck  having everything necessary on it when you buy  it.  Sullivan-Taylor Motors, Ltd.  1260  Granville.  STANDARD MOTOR TRUCKS  laterally a standard truck  throughout. Continental' "  lied_ Seal Motor, Timken-  David Brown worm gear  oixall models, Brown-type  transmission, Spicer universal joints.  Two, three and a half and  five-ton capacity.  Sullivan-Taylor Motors, Ltd.  1260 Granville.  DIXON &  MANUFACTURERS OF  SHOW CASES, OFFICE  lift STORE FITTINGS  GENERAL CARPENTER WORK  PAINTING, PAPER HANG  ING and'KALSOMINING  *  Sey. 8765      Sey. 8766  1065 Dunsmuir St.  DEPARTMENT OF WORKS.  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  "South  Vancouver  Electoral   District  Clearing, Etc., Lots 71 and 72, Burnaby! to Hydrotherapeutic Buildin  NOTICE   TO   CONTRACTORS.  j Sealed tenders, addressed to the  j undersigned, and endorsed "Tender  for Alterations and Additions and  new Active Treatment Pavilions, Military Hospital, Esquimalt, Victoria,  B. C," will be- received until 12  o'clock noon, Tuesday, March is,  1919, for the construction of alterations and additions to existing buildings _qrmin__ two new Active Treatment Pavilions with additional storey  Military  BRICK CONTRACTOR  Chimneys, Fireplaces,  Etc.  Jno. B. Ssdler  Res.  20S5 45th Ave. XV.    Box 25. Kerrisdale  Phone  Eburne 203L2,  ADAM   JACK  Brick Builder and Contractor  Kilns, Furnaces, and Boilers a Specialty  ESTIMATES   GIVEN -- DISTANCE   NO OBSTACLE  Teleplione  HlBhland 728 e 2021 Wall St.  VANCOUVER,. B. C.  Hospitals, Esquimalt, Victoria, B. C.  Plans and Specifications can be seen  and forms of tender obtained, at the  office of the Chief Architect, Departi  ment of Public Works, Ottawa, me  Superintendent of Military Hospitals,  Harper Building, Vancouver, __. G., and  r  MACHINERY  Ag-exita   For  Xylite   Grease. a*_d   Perfection   Oils  Skookooa  IiOg*a-___tf  Block  ■'4-72   in., by   is. it.   boilers   160 ' lbs.  2. Coal  dryers  suitable  for  fish.  1      All  sized  ot. cable  in . stock.  -,_■'■.     T. A. WALSH «t  CO.  7 Alexander St. Sey. 4738  E. A. BAILEY  Plumbing  and  Steamfitiing  1033 Granville St.  .   Vancouver. B. C.  Phone Sey. 136  Re*. Bay. 77  Sealed Tenders endorsed ''Tender  for Clearing, Etc.," will be received  by the Hon.: Minister.'-of'Public Works  up to noon, Monday, 10th March, for  the clearing arid ploughing of approximately 250 acres oil above.  Specifications, -etc".," and   further 7m-  ---- , -Z'LZZ  Whave a full machine shop equipment  formation can be obtained from the the Resident Architect, Victoria, B. O. .lathes, drill presses. • ir.ilhn_. machine,  undersigned, or at the office of the!; Tenders will not be considered un- l&Jf^&^^Fft-gZ Motor  District Engineer,  Court House, Van- j less made on the forms supplied by the   3   turret lathes.  fouvfr !Department   and   in   accordance   with   „_•'.,      c. o.^vtescott     _ .  i<uu\e*. ',_■■.. _ 57-61 Alexander St. Bey. 7005  Each   tender must be   accompanied the conditions set forth therein. |-^ ; :   Each   tender   must   be   accomnanied I     H,"-turn  tubular boilers,  engines,  plan-  iid.c.11   tunuer   inubt   ue   du.uai|)diiieu f ers_ seizers   roller b.tud resaw.s. pipe and  pipe fittings,  beltiny,  lumber  trucks and  a large stock of transmission machinery.  SATWliniL HACHIKEBT CO. LIBGTBD  1004  Mainland  St. Sey.  4623  ROOFING  and  PAVING  MATERIALS  The  Company  LIMITED  VANCOUVER OFfFICE and FACTORY  Cor. Tenth Ave. & Arbutus St.  COAL  TAR  ,  PRODUCTS  v^  .-/  Pacific Roof ing Co., Ltd.  MANUFACTURERS OF  ASPHALT READY   ROOFING  .     General Roofing Contractors  SEYMOUR. 18S INDUSTRIAL ISLAND VANCOUVER, B. C.  by a certified cheque, or certificate of. {  deposit equal to 10% of the tender, as!b>' an accepted cheque on a chartered  security for due fulfilment of the Con-1bank* payable to the order of the  tract- j Minister of Public Works, equal to 10  Tenders will not be considered un-! P-c of the amount of the tender. War  less made out on the forms supplied |Loan Bonds of the Dominion .will also  and signed with the actual signature |De accepted as security, or war bonds  I and cheques if required to make up an  S. J. Trickey  E. E. Elliott  CENTRAL SHEET   METAL  WORKS  SHEET,  COPPER, BRASS  and  IRONWORK  RESTAURANT   EQUIPMENT  BOAT TANKS  GALLEY RANGES  STEAM  TABLES  SMOKE   STACKS  HEATING       VENTILATING  PLUMBING  L-enone Sey. 620      151 Mi Fender St. W.  VANCOTJVEB,, B.  C.  of the tenderer.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  A. E. FOREMAN,  Public Works  Engineer.  Dept. of Public Works,  Victoria, B. C.  24th February, 1919.  NOTICE  TO  CONTRACTORS  PACIFIC   GREAT  EASTERN   RAILWAY  Sealed tenders, addressed to the  undersigned, and endorsed "Tender  for Squamish Hydro-Electric," wir.be  received at this office until 1 p.m., on  Saturday, March Sth, 1910. Tenders  to be on the unit price basis, except as  otherwise mentioned in the form of  proposal.  Alternative bids will be receiwd on  fodd amount.  By order,  R. C. DESROCHERS,  Secretary.  D.epartment of Public Works,  Ottawa, February 13, 1919.  Pumps and Pumping- Plants of every  description bought and sold or rented  out.    All  pump supplies and .repairs.  PUMPS  & POWEB LIMITED  216-24  Abbott  St. Seymour  8110  PACIFIC   SHEET   METAL  WORKS,  Limited  SHEET SCETAL WORK  and  noon_ra  i23 7th  Ave.  W.  Fairmont 703  If  someone  were  to offer you  Health Insurance  very probably you'd say', ''bu-wum,"  and refuse to . listen. Vet this is  •iruc-tic-*s.lly what Dr. Moras offers the  rc-onle of the I'nited Stat'-s in his  letter to President Wilson on the  n-Jt.olo.Kica! prevention and cure of  "llu" pneumonia anrl other di.-reasps.To  say that practically every cut**; of  "flu" and pneunioriia can he saved is  a stroriJ. .statement. Mowevfr, don't  pass ji-.d'-'nifiiL iia»tily. Head tlie  Moras letter now in booklet form.  It will cost you 5 cents at ofllce or  by   mail.  MOSAS  ATJO.-OX.OGTT  AGENCY  509 Richards St.        Vancouver, B. C.  Boats   of   all   sizes    for   sale.  '  Tugs.  Scows and  launches  for  hire.     Saw and  Shingle  Mill  Machinery   for sale.  M1CGIXLIS  &  MO21 AN  I 1789  0-eorj.la  St.  W. Sey.  8439 I..  I   -'Hoisting,   engines,   locomotives,   lathes,  I wire rope,  rails,   cars,   machinery   of  all  j kinds.  j STATION AI-   MACSINEET   CO.  1 925 Main St. Sey. 600  Specialists in Sawmills. Shingle Mills,  Wood and -Iron Working- Machinery and  Transmission.      Lar.-.e    Stock    on    hand.  JOHN A. TEOMSOII 2-tACHIItESlY CO.  302  PactSc   Eidg-. Sey.   8287  Used   Machinery   or   AH   Kinds   Bought  and   Sold.  B. C. EQUIPMENT  CO., ITD.  Bank of Otl-awa Bldgr. Sey. 9040  LEEK & CO., LTD.  Consulting and Contracting  Heating and Ventilating Engineers  Seymour   661 1098 Homer St:  VANCOUVER B. C.  See   U«  For All Kinds of Machinery  WEIB   MACH-MJEll-sr   CO.   LTD.  1396  Eicharrts  St. Soy.   7442-7443  VVELDINti  COPPERSMITHS  Marine and General  THE   CITY   WELDEaB  Cor.  Alexander   and   Heatley   Avenue  Phone   Hi-.liland   2009   Sey.  4520   Fair.     ir,S   Sey. :i::_i   Sev.  ....Pay.   Se.v.  111.  If  PANTAGES  Three Shows Daily  2.3©- 7.00-9.00  PRICES 20c - 30c  TELEPHONE DATA  OT-W INSTAI.I.ATIOISfS  FEBRUAEY 22, 1919.  Phillips, Arthur, Oil Well  Supplies, 736 Granville    Standard Motors,   Ltd.,  Garage.   „r.2   Kingsway     Spooner. Albert .1., SiKns. *>30 Hastings XV   T-EBRuABY  25,  1919  Awostino,   Phillip, Confectionery,  701   Main      Sutherland A  Falconer Motor Co., Automobiles,   UIUI   PHI*   W   Fiiulds Fin. A Travel  Rureau,  Ltd., W> Hastings W*   PEBKUABY   24,   1919.  P. C.  Investment Co.,   Brokers, r>10  Hastings  W   llosaki,   V.,  Grocer.,     ft. Gore  Ave   .lov  Pun, 'Jl!  1-2  l'ender  10   My Pool   Koom.   Pilliards A  Pool,  7 1   MastniKs   W   Somervell & Putnam, Architects, 02« Pender \V.    Vernon  Construction Co.,   I-iulJil.  A Carpenters,  -i:.<i   Itichards   Maker, Geo.  A.,  Grot'.,  1S:19  Xf.lh   P.   Quanri,   Mrs.   Pevasser,   Masseuse,   01U   Hastings   \V   CKAHGE3.  PEBBtTAIlY  25,  1919  Sasaki. Shuiclii, Prokers,  from 22C< Powell to 20fi Powell..   We Weld any ni'-tal part that is-  broken. We sell lusted ran we boilers at  f'j.i)0  each.  AET/r-JTRONG'S   VTEI.DINO   SEOP  1733 Ms.in St. Pair.  3369 :  AU2ITOS.  (Jonsultint,' and Cost Accountant,  •"'fficc work h.'iTidb:d for small businesses.     I'rivate   tuition   in   Accountancy.  H.   O.   BOLTON,   A.C.A.   (Enff.)  107  Yorkshire  Bldg*. Sey.   11BG  COPE & SON  1 50 Hasting St., VV. 'Phone Sey.8600  ESTABLISHED 1898  Twenty years   in   business  In Vancouver  AUTO REPAIRS   Sev.   MOO   Sey.    -MIX;   Sey.   :ill_l)   Sey.   Sev.   Sey.  .Fraser   Sey.  Are you Ihinkln*. of having your car  overhauled? If so see Simons the most  reliable man in the city. All work  -.uaranteetl. ...athe work done. Used  cars   bought   and   sold.  SIMOISTS GAEAGE  1435  King-sway                                    Pair.   809   Wight  Call:  Pair.  1008   COI-liECTIOITS.  _nd    Adjustments    every-  Siiil-O  17:1  o:i<;  2 '■'■ il  ::. 0 s  ...Sey.   '.12it4  G. W. ROBINSON  CABPENTEB and BTJTI-DEB  also  Cabinet   Maker  Upholsterliif,-  2236 Cambie Street  Ofllce, Sey. 7075  Pes.,  Fair.  21  <-!_  J. H. Healey  OPTOMETBIST  Glasses  kinds    of  headache.  fitted  eye  for  the   relief  of  all  strain    and    nervous  825 Birka  Bldg.  Vancouver,  B.  °'  ColU'Ctions  where.  CUticIc    Action, Prompt    Remittance,  Intelligent   Service.     js,'o   (Collection,  No   ClinrKe. Give    us   a    trial.  VANCOUVER CREDIT    SEBVICE  Sey.   858 615   Vancouver   Block  f  TRUCKS  FOR SALTO—One-ton McLautihlin in  A-| condition, cheap for cash. One and  half ton Albion, Just overhauled. Also  other   used   trucks.  trHIT_*SD   MOTOB  AGENCY  OP   B.   C.  Sey.  7076 940  Bicliarda  St.  EQUIPMENT POB SAI.E  Quantity of buildin-. equipment, con-  Histin*. of 2 <:omplete hoisting riRH,  ealiles, holstlriK blocks, Derrick, plank  2\H lfi-feet, and specially made boilerplate wheelbarrows—will stand the  Kaff—will be sold to highest tender.  Can be seen at 1.2. Graveley stieet.  Phone  nij.li  0«2X.  Electrical Contractors  Let us figure on your work. Send us your troubles. "We repair everything Electrical. Nothing too  large, nothing too small. If; you have any lighting  trouble send for our expert who will advise you without charge. Our stock of Residence, Store and Office  Lighting Fixtures is the largest in the city.


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