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 \J        ' i -       I ')   .■'■in ") r.t    O   ( f      C", Ct      ^ (  r--/ <•,--■• / „      >,  -/  ' , ' '   U   'C   '<.  5K1 *.«.  S&&*™* "^ *,  "WV  THE ONLY COMMERCIAL NEWSPAPER IN BRITISH COLUMBIA '" '  /- ■.  - *i  ?#)  -<v..  A PTTBI.ICATION DEVOTED TO GENERAL NEWS. BTTIIDIN G.  CONTBACTIWG,  ENGINEERING, PROVINCIAL, CITT AND HAKBOE IMPROVEMENTS  i   -> *■' ..  *  ."■"" l',,*?v**ss.  VOL. XX. No. 35  Published  Monday  Wednesday ana "Friday  VANCOUVER, B.C., FRIDAY, DECEMBER 31, 1920.  Office and Plant  629 Pender Street West  PRICE—Per JYeaivta. Advanc*   -    ._  Per Month    -    -   -    -   »o,„   1  Wm. N. ©'Neil Co., Ltd.  Wishes Their Many Patrons and Friends  A VERY  amd PROSPEROUS;  MEW   YEAP  ■■ IIIXI^IIi II .Hi ii« IH I  - CONTRACTORS -     -  When The Specifications Call For A Pan  Phone or write for  Canadian "SIROCCO" Prices  TAYLOR ENGINEERING COMPANY, Limited  ■ ~r  DESIGNING AND ERECTING ENGINEERS  Credit Foncier Building  Telephone Seymour SCSt  ^  ^Ji  ,-"?<  J.'  /'  m^wm&w-t  iL-  Roofing, BuiWmg  Papers, etc.  Building Partition  and Drain Tile  S-'hone 2988  __ _ Clayburn Fi rebrick.   Special  FT. OF COLUMBIA AV. Shaped Firebrick, Pressed  Brick, etc.  Elk Brand Cement, Reinforced  Steel, Hydra ted  Lime, etc.  s*  POLYCHROME  Common Brick |  (in  stock)  "Fiilly   Cured.   Splendid   Quality  CLEAN   CUT   EDGES  $20.00 per 1,000  at Warehouse.  $30.00 per 1,000 delivered Buainosa  Section.  POLYCHROME CEMENT  Brick & Tile Co., Ltd.  Office: 215 Duncan Bldg1        Sey. 8530  | Work*: OranviU»\I«land      a.*.'   815  ^BASEMENT  "FLOODED OS DAMP?,  Waterex Waterproofing  in the remedy , -     j  ,  <  Made   in   Great   Britain   and  United  States  Jamieson Engineerin  •Qompahy.  Phone Sey. lflVe London Bldg.  or  ' ■> "%3C  I STEEL JOBBERS REDUCE  PRICES ON STRUCTURAL  PLATES, 3ARS AND RAIL  NEW   YORK    (Special)—Following  tlie announcement  by the Lackawanna  Steel  Company of a  reduction in  tho price of steel  rails  from  ?5T  to  the   United   States   Steel   Corporation  level of ?47,  it is  reported  that the  Midvale Steel &r Ordnance Company,  the Bethlehem Steel Corporation and  the Cambria Steel Company, a subsi-'  diary of Midvale, had also decided to  quote $'17  per  ton   on   standard  sections for 192L delivery.    This concession is expected to stimulate the placing of large orders  by  the railroads  in the near future.  Along  with   the   cut  in   prices   announced by the leading jobbers in steel  products En .Yew York* List week came  (Continued   on   Page  6)  f HUNTER - HENDERSON PAINT  .   Company, Limited  Architectural Paints and Varnishes  642 GRANVILLE ST. SEYMOUR 6110  »f. *"   Jl       {XI  ,   l-  •**  '^ns^^Qfc_$mmmm  RING OUT THE OLD; RING IN THE NEW.  /^t\WTHE EVE of another turn of the ever-running hour-glass  I lljof time", standing as we are on the threshold of another  ^-^ year   pregnant   with , great   possibilities   for   good,   the  British  Columbia  Record  management takes this  opportunity to  express to all its friends and patrons that age-old, but ever-young,  *P and none the less sincere-and hearty wishes for  7  A HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.  PLAN ZINC REFINERY  COSTING $1,000,000  Lumber   Veneer  -;J--iK>v-;,  Oar Stock'Is.tM Most Complete on the Pacific Coast  < ' w" "vOO/YOU NEED ANY FIR^ PANELS  /  Wo Have o Larg*e"gtock off Sanded One Side '.  ^1. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  1320 RICHARDS ST. SEY. 3199 VANCOUVER, 8.C.  i«. ,^-'   r'v  ','-"■• i— T,    -'■'-'v^ » vU. \>'f> S:\.S"     >  •• ' -',     .- ~-- *;    .-■"*."'•  And Will Manufacture Plumbing- "" "-'"•"-  -*'-"-'       ■-'■-  Supplies  CITY BUILDING NEAR  "1 *.        <H <■   - ' - »    . 11   '   .  FOUR MILLION MARK  WILL SEEK TO IMPROVE  HOUSING CONDITIONS  THROUGHOUT AMERICA  WASHINGTON, D. C—Measures  looking to au improvement of' the  housing situation throughout the  country will be taken up at a meeting  of the National Council of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States  to be held in Washington January 27  and 31.  The Council ;g made up of one representative of each of 14.00 organizations having membership in the Chamber. Its functions are to act in an. advisory capacity to the Chamber's board  of directors. - (  The housing problem is considei-ed'  of such importance at this time thatf  most of the sessions of  the confer-  (Continued on  Page  6)  MUNDY, ROWLAND & CO.  ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS  AND  CONTRACTORS  Power Installations  General  Electrical  Construction  'PHONE SEYMOUR IS4  Stated Bask  BuMsf  VMCOUVEI - WINNiFEfi  EBURNE 55  EBURNE GRAVEL CO.  Marpole, B.C.  -Wholesale and Retail ">'« r  Dealers   in   Sand,, Gravel,   Crushed  Rock,   Brick.  Cement/,.Lime and'all-;  kinds or Building Materials."   "i     T  IF ITS III POINT GREY -PHONIIT  EBURNE55   ^  fy  i  f  T      -5"!    *,  SPOKANE  $1,431,589 More Than Totai  For Last Year.'  value   of  new  -J  '-*!  CHAMPION & WHITE  Get  Our Price On  BUILDING MATERIALS  Robin Hood Boilers and Radiation  \\  Seymour P570  10S3 Main SL  (Special)—-A  .lillion-dol-1    With  the  aggregate  electrolytic zinc refinery is to be j buildings authorized during the year  built at Kellogg, Ida. by the Bunker  lar  -y  T. A. WALSIf & Co., Ltd.  IVSaciilnery   and   Supplies      B.C. Distributors For —  *  ACME SHINGLE BANDS,  BOX STRAPPING, CORRUGATED FASTENERS  MONOGRAM OILS & GREASES  YELLOW STRAMD WIRE ROPE  Sey: 4738 • 4739 853 - 60 Cambie St.  -J  J. Av  FLETT Limited  Building Hardware, Tools & Cutlery, Spa!d5ng3  Athletic Goods, Guns and Ammunition  Fishing TackSe  339 HASTINGS ST.W. SEYMOUR 2327  IIiU & Sullivan Mining & Concentrating Company according to announcement by/Prank XSI. Smith, director of  the    doBipany's    smelter at    Kellogg,  made    public here    last    week.    Air.  Smith also announced  the company's  entry   into   the   manufacture  o£  lead  j plumbing material   in   the. Northwest  ' Lead Company of Seattle,  j    The announcement was ma£e upon  I JJr. Smith's return here, following con-  j fcrences   with Frederick W.  Bradley.  j president   and   other   officials   cf   the  company in California.  The initial capacity of the proposed  refinery wilj be 2.3 tons a day, 3Ir.  Smith «aid, and the capacity will be  doubled as soon as market conditions  warrant. It probably will be tv.o years  before the plant is in opera: on. he  stated.  f  Xj. B. PHItPOT  CONSULTING  1573 Main St.  Electrical Engineers  D.  MACDONAM  POLE LINE CONSTRUCTION"  INSTALLATIONS  DESIGNING - SHOP WORK  Phone  Fatr. 3 323  LAY  CORNER   STONE  MONDAY  The  conKM* stone  of  the  now   Senator   Shatrord   public   school   will   be!  laid by Hon. J. D.  MaeL'->an, minister'  <.f edm-ation, on .\Jonday next at 2 p.m. {  The inini-"ter is comirui trom Victoria  for the special purpose of laying'the  corner stone of this $1-10,000 strrcttire,  named  after an old  friend.  reaching  the very  imposing  total  of  $3,7015,000, as represented By 1770 permits  up  to  last  night,  City Building  Inspector Bird takes considerable pride  in pointing out that it is evident that  building construction in Vancouver is  commencing   to   climb   steadily   back  towards some of the pre-war annual  totals that attracted the attention of  the   entire   continent.    The  total   for  the  past  twelvemonth   represents an  increase   of   approximately   ?1,431.5S9  over the total building activity of 1919,  when  tho  1235 permits iasued  had  a  total  value  of $2,271,411.    It  is  also  decidedly   significant   of   Vancouver's  leoovery from war-time conditions and  active resumption of building activity  that the total value of the past year's  authorized construction is alto higher  than  the total permits issued  during  all the war years from l91o to 1910.  The number of new houses erected  (Continued  on   Page  2)  FRANK DARLING & _ .  ':     PNEUMATIC TOOLS  ,   "    .-* -   , ^/i ; ,,->_. \ -'-';. ;r "*-" l;-> \ <■ • •"':■?;^'' »^;^swffc,«.•*■«?fit?  ;-- ,-'->'-.     "  v   '-  .- ^' "-»^-^.*flnuo*5*j,, •"'. ex .-^-.v*^-;^^v^>rv,- ■>,  Mollu Mmsuang:j>xmm--Clomm Qsiuftor PUtoa A# XtoMB^niTrnttlnt Mmm     '  '-.'"' COMF-UBTS STOCK Or ACCBMOBIXS  1144 HOMEB ST. -'    fioii Itr,  ■>*.-'}^r  m;<  yz-ssjk&&  ■jfiij?  V  T. G. McBRIDE & CO.  ESTABUSHED  1898  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN  SAND, GRAVEL. BRICK. LIME. AND ALL BUILDING MATERIALS . •  PROMPT DELIVERY  iosi Mala St. TolepUons Sursaavae 110S-  1  Structural Steel For Every Purpose  sxjlms, cHAHKirxs, Aarax.Es, *plat-es, txxs, coxxnam.  COMPI.ETEI.T EQUIPP£0  "FABSICATZHO SJS0P8  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL CO'Y, Ltd.  Fairmont 2396 and 2397  Tancoarw, ■. 9.  r  Why Not Use A  to  oiler ?  wlilcU R-ivos 25 per cont. mora efflc-  ioncy than carrt iron boilers, and  "buxaiH any Iciml of fuel witli splondid  coiubnstion.  s*nn  iuii  Granville Island  Works Ltd.  Vancouver, B. C.  r-  Vancoper Lymlier Go, Limited  MANUPACTUREBS  OF  FIR, CEDAR and SPRUCE LUMBER  Tf You Want  THE BEST LUMBER and THE BEST SERVICE  (MARINE   RAILWAY  WANTS  j   ■ TO   BUY   SITE   FROM   CITY  I     X1-:\V WRSTMIXSTKR  (Special) —  .[The    Westminster    '"Marine    Railway,  ! anticipating   consifderable   expansion.  .1 made  application   to  the  city  council  S to purchase the city property on which  i paVt.   pt  t.htnr  plant   is  located.     The  j council considered  the matter and de-  ! cidod to submit a   bylaw  to (he rate-  j payors   at,, the   .January   election   to  | .'iiu.horize this transaction.  |     The   Marine   Railway   have   lately  i purchased   part  of   the   equipment  of  tho fort Oonuiltmu shipyard now dis-  liKuitled.   and   plan   to   take   care   of  larger vessels than  thoy have  hitherto   been   able   to  handle.     Thoy   own  hunt  on  either r.ule of the  ?trlp thoy  propose   to   purchase,  and   desire   to  consolidate   their  holdings.     I'nrt   of  tlie proposal is to allow a thirty-three  loot roadway down to tho waterfront.  GOVERNMENT WILL ADD  TO GRANT FOR SCHOOL  7'KNTICTON* (Special) — Through  tho efforts of Reeve E. J. Chambers  on his recent trip to the Coast tlie  Penticton school board has been able  to obtain promise of an increase in  ihe Senator-Shatford school building  grant from the provincial government.  The board will therefore be able to  make a reduction in the bylaw to be  placed before the ratepayers in January. U was at first thought that this!  . bylaw would necessarily bo for ?."0,000i  but with the promise of additional  funds from the' government, a measure  for ?;'.:>.000 or ?10,000 will be sufficient,  it is stated.  DOMINION BRICK  "For Sale by  Champion & White: "Evans. Coleman & Evans, "Ota.: Taos. G. McBrlde te Co..  and the Kitchie Contracting- & Supply Co., Xitd.  Also by Gilley Bros., New "Westminster. The Eburne Sand 3: Gravel Co^  Eburne, and the Great West Sand & Gravel Co,. North Vancouver.  GABRSOLA SHALE PRODUCTS  LIMITED  Head   Office  102   Moody   Block  VICTORIA, B.C.  BALFOUR. GUTHRIE & CO.  Cold Twist and Bead  STARTS ANOTHER BUNGALOW  Contractor Fred Melton. 1727 William street, took out a permit at the  city building inspector's department  this week, and has commenced work  on tho second of a block of five bungalows which he intends to erect in  the 3,000 block on First avenue west,  Kitsilano. This dwelling, like the  other four, is to cost *?f»,r>00 and is to  occupy the site at '105-I First avenue  west.  BEIWFOBCI-NG  STSDL:-  Larse stocks of Mild Steel Bars.   We cut to length.  Bars to details.  BOI.TS5—  Drift Bolts. Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts, Cast Iron Washers. We are prepared  to furnish largre orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  MERCHANT  IRON  AND  STEEL  BARS  "eOH.TX.AN-D   CEMENT — "LIME  —  SCOTCH  "TIISS  3I6ICK  — PIKE   CZ>AT  GBAPHITE rOTJNBBTT TACINGS — COKE  — SEA  COAL  PIG IRON — BLACKSMITH COAL — MANILA BO"PE  103 WINCH BTXLD.  FBIVATE EX.  SEY. 9197  UTCfUE C0NIMCHN6 and SUPPLY Co., lid.  Dealers in  BRICK,   SAND,   GRAVEL,  CRUSHED   ROCK,   CEMENT,  FIBRE      >  PLASTER,   LIME,   CHIMNEY   FLUE   LINING,   METAL   LATH,  AND   ALL   OTHER   BUILDING   MATERIAL  •' '■!,  A.1  REASONABLE PRICES  Call and floo n«, or phono.  South End of Connaught Bridge  Phone Fair. 918-919  Vancouver, B. C.  *v  Seymour  9162-9163  "SiS-lit Phono:   Bay.  2105 L  1561  Granville   Street  Vancouver, B.  C.  J  .Hoisting1 3?ng-inoB-  Clam  ShoU BuoKota —  Wheels and Axloa  Concrete  Mixers — Steel  Balls  — Cars  J  National Machinery Co., Ltd.  S25 Main St. Sey. 60O-'l&45  V  Office and Works Tenth Street  New Westminster, B. C.  Phone 53 ''^'^r^rft-tt.*--^jre- Vt'T.-w";*- »i t  %ayi  ..!,,V,::,.,-;.. ,,,,,■:;.,,.  . \\  I (i  i  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  ':■•; V,-V~-!'p,!;Y"",:;5^r'ri?^v7  INSURANCE  IN  ALL ITS  BRANCHES  Ceperley, Rounsefeli & Co.  ESTABLISHED  IN 1886  TOT Xactinffa St. W. Sey. 7820  Ground Floor, Winch Blag.  Vancouver, B. C.  Plate, Sheet, Figured,  Wired,Art,Prism,  Colored, etc.  426-  Wholcsale and   Retail  VV. MOLT & SON  -436 Dufferin St. Fajrmont 12Jb|  J. Hanbury & Co.  LIMITED  EXCAVATING  and  GENERAL TEAMING  Horses for Sale  Fourth Ave. and Granville St.  Bayview 1076 -  RE FRIGE RATION  In aaM ptaats arri eili stinii sfstaas. Sict-  ��rf Pringmam wi ptaU tar al uifcf pwpKis  MACHINE SHOP REPAIR WORK OF  EVERY DESCRIPTION.  Uada Canadi an R«fris«ration  Company Limited  500 Cwnpbell Ave. High. 822  PearsoiiWire  &lron  ORNAMENTAL IRON  WORKERS, WIRE WORK-  : ERS and WEAVERS  ' ■"•*"'.  . *r  'Vottalnirr too lmrgi ox too small.  ''   IX it's Iron or'Wire we make It."  CITY^MARKFT-BUILDING  FAIRMONT 2794  TWO  CONVENIENT  II -LOCATIONS  At either off which the bust-  new   men   and -2"?J*l?P ±2*  .the citv are;certain (Off the  Kind off meals they want at  ' reasonable, prices.  British Columbia Record  (Established   1311)  Published   every   Monday,   Wednesday  andFriday by tho  Record PubSsshing Co., LW.  a newspaper oi preneral circulation,  featuring Building. Contracting. toigljr  eering. Industrial, Shipbuilding, Mining,  Automobile, Provincial, .City and Harbor  Improvements.  0..H. NELSON....MANAGING EDITOR  Office and Plant  629 Pender St.W., Vancouver, B.C.  -    PHONE SEYMOUR 7S08  Subscription KateB  Per Month  .".     1-°°  Per Vear in Advance  *iu.uu  VU   subscriptions   are   payable   strictly  in   advance.  orriciAL OBOAN.  The British Columbia Record is the  official organ of The -Vrchitcetat-al Institute of British Columbia, federated with  The Royal Architectural Institute of  Canada and as such is used by theni as  the medium through which to make rheir  official announcements to the genera,  public.  By such selection the British Columbia Record is no wise pledged to edt-  torial support of any policy advanced  by these societies, but maintains an absolutely'independent position on all matters subject to editorial ooinlon.  years. To answer these latter queries  "the department of labor, through the  division of public works, is- now seeking authoriiativ,e information as to  what can be e;cpectocl 'in material  prices for the next five years.  The department, of lobor points out  that building, being a basic industry,  will stimulate general business and is,  therefore, very vital to continued financial prosperity. The national economic loss resulting from the idleness  of thousands ofmen cannot be permitted and its injurious efforts escaped. Present building costs are not  so high thaC5>they equal in the aggregate the wealth the country loses  through the idleness following in'the  wake of building stagnation. Homes  are needed, business quarters are  needed, public works are needed. The  most reliable authorities assert that  unprecedented prosperity is ahead.  Why delay longer the revival of building?  Bevelling  and  Silvering  cose©  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  EXCAVATING,   CONCRETE  WORK   AND  SEWERS.   GRADING   ROADS   AND  LAND   CLEARING  Robert W. Hunt &$,.Co., Ltd J  INSPECTING and TESTING ENGINEERS  218 Standard Bank Bldg.  Phone Seymour 2199  Resident Inspectors} at nil Large Mnnuf ncttirtne Centres  V  IS67 Seymour St."  Sey. 7325-Ti  No. 1 - HO CORDOVA ST. WEST  No. Z- «12   PCNDKR    ST. WEST  Good  Eats  "The Good Food Restaurants"  INLAY HARDWOOD FLOOR  COMPANY  j. diersson.  Manager  FLOORS LAID AND OLD FLOORS BEFINISHBD  939 Psndsr St. W.       „. _      »•& 9301  Res. Phone: Worth van. 848  Cornish & Cooper  SASH and DOORS  EIQK   CrBADE'  245  Duff erine St.   "W.  JOINEHY  "Fairmont 963  OPINIONS   VARY   WIDELY   AS   TO  WHY   BUILDING   WORK   IS  SO  SLACK.  What is holding back building and  construction-, work?  ■ More than" five hundred opinions on  this question have been received in  the last few weeks by the information and education service of the U.S.  department of labor. In these replies,  which cover practically the.same conditions which exist in Canada, many  building authorities''blame the government, while others charge the financial-interests of the country "with  the responsibility. In the central  west, freight rates are said to be exerting an injurious influence. In the  main, high costs of materials are beld  to be tlie chief obstacle..  . ,*!Don't .expect, private capital to  build merely for the sake, of furnishing jobs for .workmen at-present wages," writes a, well-known architect  from Buffalo; ,"That is,the obligation  of the government, be it'local, state  or national. Let public works ,be  started at once for the benefit of the  public." The cost will be high and the  public will have to pay the price, but  the public will reap the'benefit in the  reduction of , unemployment, the., absorption of the products of many industries and the" use of many works  of which there is great need."  Labor conditions and demands are  held to be unfavorable to immediate  building operations by- many of the  authorities writing to the information and education service. An architect Writing from San Francisco,  makes, the following, statement, typical of'the complaints along this line:  "Construction work in these parts  is now and has-been, impeded not a  little due-to the unreasonable demands  of-labor, not only for exhorbitant wages,' but more by the-fact that certain  very undesirable trade rules are being  enforced belabor organizations, which  run up the cost of doiiig work enormously."  Many of the contractors and builders of "the west and central states assert freight "rates are the chief trouble. Lack of co-operation" on the part  of financial interests seems to -be the  outstanding obstacle in New York.  Many also gave instability of prices  of building materials as the chief reason and declared the prospective  building owners of the country would  build 'now if they could be assured  that there would be no'-material drop  in prices  in.the  next three  to   five  TIME   FOR   AN   INVENTORY  Now that the holiday season is drawing to a close it would be well for  Vancouver to take a careful inventory.  In this somewhat painful process of  casting off our wartime habits of high  living and extravagance there is always th'e chance of going to the opposite extreme.  Reports from all over the country  indicate that Christmas shoppers this  season spent- less than a' year ago.  Comparison of this year's business  with last is yet a little early, but it  is hardly expected that this year's  year's totaPwill approach the,figure  seUby- spenders of "twelve months ago.  The thing to guard against now is a  too sudden cessation of" buying. With  wage reductions being made o:i every  hand-the cost o'jcommodities is bound  to' drop also, but care must be taken  to prevent a too sudden decrease in  wages lest the result be an absolute  stagnation *of> business.  '- In the .interim ^-between now and  early spring, when all indications point  to a renewal • of industrial. activity,  Vancouver will do well to map out a  comprehensive program of improvement and expansion. The fact that  our war prosperity' has passed is no  -indication of a long period" of inactivity ahead,-but should be rather the  signal for increased interest in industrial affairs. '  SASKA"  CON BUILDING  SHOWS A SLIGHT DROP  SASKATOON, Sask. — Saskatoon  building permits for 1920 were of a  total value of Jj!!, 150,583. This is approximately $300,000 less than the  amount for 1910, hut except for 1010.  the present year has scon the most  extensive building activities in the  city since the boom days oi L913.  INSIST   ON  APOLOGY   BY  BUILDER  TO  COUNCIL  ESQUIMALT (Special) — Taking  strong exceptions to certain crlt:"c*isms*  made by Mr. H. C. Rogers, a \ local  building contractor,' regarding methods  adopted by the council In awarding  contracts under the Soldier ■ Housing  Act, Reeve Locklcy, on behalf of the  EsquimW council, insisted on an apol;  ogy in writing from MrAJBr»gors*i-boi.oife  his tender tot^ro^faore soldier homes  would be considered.  The matter came up when the Council was considering tenders for two  houses, Mr. Roger's figure of ?5,690  being the lowest eligible.  G. H. Sedger, one of the applicants  for a Housing Scheme loan, when  asked by Reeve Lockley, expressed*  his approval of the price asked and  was, confident his.brother .would also  be satisfied.  B. BOE Limited  HEATING & PLUMBING  ENGINEERS  132 Cordova St. W. Sey. 4089  WILL   REPAIR   SCOTT   ROAD  LADNER—An additional $1,000 has  been authorized' by the Delta' Council to be spent on the Scott Road.  The Home Bank of Canaifa  SAVINGS   BANK. DEPARTMENT  F. G. NICKERSON  manager  ■cv 5870 440 KaBtingfB St. "West  INSTRUMENTS LIMITED  Everything' for the Surveyor,  Architect and "Drang-htentan  SEYMOUR6498  8 Arcade EldfTJ       36S Cordova St. W j  KINO WM.   O.  MARQUE  HODGSON, KING & MARBLE  Contractors & Engineers  508 London Bldg.      Seymour 6506^  CITY BUILDING  NEAR  FOUR   MILLION   MARK  (Continued .from Page 1)  during the year amounted to 337, in  addition to which there were 9a factories and warehouses, 64 offices'and  stores, one theatre and one gas plant  have either been constructed or are  under construction. Besides this,  home owners were busy making their  homes more comfortable, 1260 permits  for making repairs and alterations to  dwellings,having been taken out.  Largest permits taken out, both  this year and last year, were for  building theatres. Last year construction of the Allen theatre, costing  §300,000, was commenced, and this  year the Capitol theatre, which will-  cost $400,000 to complete, was transferred from an idea into a near actuality. Another import permit issued  this year was that calling for the erection  of a gas Plant costing $200,000.  The .highest total city buildng permits have reached was the amount  attained in 1912 when 3221 permits,  calling for thjj construction of buildings valued at $19,388,322 were issued.  The preceding year, 1911, was next  highest-, when $17,65^,000 'bulldogs  were erected and the third highest  was in 1910 when $13,000,000 in new  buildings were built. In 1913 the value of the permits was $10,423,000. The  lowest total was that of 1917 when  only 561 permits for $768,255 were issued.  SEATTLE  BUILDERS  TO  HOLD   BANQUET  ON   JAN.   4  SEATTLE—Notices ai'e being sent  out to the members of the Northwest  Master ^Builders' Association in'Seattle calling the attention of-the builders to the fact that the annual banquet  and election of officers" has been set  for the" evening of January 4 in Mas:  ter;"pu:iders' Hall, Arcade Bldg. The  notices are-being'accompanied by a  primary ballot and a request- to the  effect that the ballot be marked and  forwnrded to the association previous  to January 4 is enclosed.  After the banquet, which all local  members are .urged to attend, a final  ballot on the members' choice of officers for' the ensuing year will be  taker;.       ._--*••  - The present heads of the organization are Charles Carkeek, president:  John Shoemaker, vice-president, and  S. W. Jacobsen, secretary.  CANADIAN  JOHNS -M AN VILLE'  Company, Limited. / /  Asbestos and.ijts allied products  /  /  Ro  oi}P  and  Roof  Coatings  /  73S HASTINGS ST., W.  Pipe  Insulations.   Mastic  Flooring  /  j SEY. 4427  -\  YOU WILL ECONOMIZE  A  DURING   1921  By making your office more efficient  by the use of the Labor Saving Devices in our Commercial Stationery  Departmen.  AND   OUR   Printing  Department SERVICE  Western Specialty Limited  72 GRANVILLE ST.      TEL. SEY. 3526  • *-"" *** '  Vancouver, B.C-  i -r *  1 *■ <*      l  Commercial Stationers, Printers and Bookbindres  Lulmm.»uuua....iuuiuM»llU.H"mt»L»  In DUNHAM HEATING SERVICE  CAN   BE  FOUND  RELIEF   FROM  HEATING   TROUBLES  Dunham Svstem of Heatf.ru,' does away  with the source of trouble by ubUib the  Dunham   liadiator   Trap-  Dunham--Heating Is used nn its merits  and  record of satisfactory si-rvico.  Specify it whenever possible.  C.A.DUMHAJV3 COMFAMY.Ltd.  Branch   Sales   Office,   Vancouver,   B.   C.  D.  G.  E3.ISON.  Managrcr  Phone Sey.  8057     425  Standard   Bank Bldg  r  !  t  i  \  t  i  i  \  t  i  i  t  t  t  (  i  i  f  I  t  1  f  f  t  i  *  i  i  t  t  i  CLAYBURN COMPANY Li  Works:-    Clayburn, B.C.    C&>. Kilgard, B.C.  —    Manufacturers Of   —  "CLAYBURN" BRAND  Firebrick, Fire Blocks, Coke Ovens, Retorts  and Specialties for Smelters, Steel Works,  Cement Mills, etc.  High Quality Facing and Mantel Brick, Vitrified Brick for Paving and Sewer Work;  Sewer Pipe, etc.  €layburn Terra Cotfa Hollow Blocks  In Heath Units - Patented. The Acute  Of Permanencey, Simplicity Economy,  Adaptability And Strength  CLAYBUHN COMPANY Limited  HEAD OFFICE  Credit Foncier Building, Vancouver, B.C.  ^w^W^u ....ii'','//,» L l*^'^».*l^*i.*r.K^^^  I Jtjfl <1l it  *  r»i ft  fl T   ***   ***** *—   "**  *" 1    BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  &-  British Coliiititoia Cement  -BELMONT  HOUSE, VICTORIA, B.C.  MANUI-'ACTUilEitS OF  Cement  Works: Tod Jniet and  Bambe/tori, Saanicrt' Inlet,  Vancouver  Island, D.  C. '  Capacity, 1,500,000 Barrels Annually  Ocean and Kail road Khi'imorUs from our IJock-j at the Works'"^--''.  Pl«:i.se wriu« us lor prlow. We will tnr.il free uj-oti rt'qiir-.st illustrated  booklets HhowIiiK how lo construct (ir-tiii Tanks,' Korir-o Pouts, Water Tanks,  liridfref*. HulkMnK HlookK, dctuni!-:, Drain Tib;, Kon tidal Ions, Chimneys, Silos-,  Ciui-uk?". SiiWfrs. J-'ccdlnt; I'Mooi-n, ir<>K-bousBs, 'llox-wallows. J lot,'-troughs,  Ho« M';iU>wk, Karns. BrlW; Tanks, Irritation IMrhuK, rioytic Tanks. Concrete  HoitdH and Concrete UoustH. Any further information cheerfully supplied upon  application. «  VANCOUVER AGENTS:  Evans, Coleman   &  Evans,   Ltd. Balfour Guthrie & Co.  VICTORIA AGENTS:  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ltd.  NEW WESTMINSTER AGENTS:  Gilley Bros.,  Limited.  "CONCRETE FOR PERMANENCE"  j  SALT WATEH BATHS  SCHEME UNDER WAY  PsUtioh  Being Signed At Victoria  '  \For Municipally Owned  ..'   Building  R     AlVniTS   BUILDING   AND  j%> j*Lm%x%j&   MILL SUPPLIES  Hooting,   BuUdtaK X'apers.   Structural   Strel,   Truscon  Metal   Lath,   Kawneer  ,       Store   Jfronis,   and   Kaecol'th   Plasusr   Mooring.  1105 Wharf Btr««t  "Phone 1164  ■"■VICTORIA—With-'this object of paving the ' tfay for the construction and  operation of municipally-owned salt  water baths, a petition U being circu-  ed in this city requesting the City  Council to submit to the electors next  month a bylaw authorizing the appropriation of §100,000 to cover the  proposed scheme. It is generally recognized here that the establishment  of salt water baths -would prove an invaluable asset to the city inasmuch  that it would be a notable attraction  for-visitors and at the same time catering to-the aquatic inclinations of the  citizens. The establishment of salt  water baths has long been a live issue  in Victoria, and in' view of the great  interest evinced, <there is every reason to believe that the endeavors to  promote the scheme will prove successful.  LYALLS PUN EARLY  START OM DRYDOCK  Representative  Due At  Esquimalt  To Complete  Preliminary  ■..'<. Plans  ANDREW   SHERET  -   Wholesale   -  Plumbing and Heating Supplies  *Phon* €29  1114-1118 BlaiLchard St.  Victoria, B.   C.  Luney Bros., Ltd.  General Contractors  508 Sa-fword BJder. Phono 2685  Victoria,,B. C.  PACIFIC SHEET METAL WORKS, Ltd,  Bh»«t Hotal "JCfgTB. antl Hoofers  Underwriters*   Window's'   and   Pooi'H,  SkyliBhis, Cornices,  llf.itUns and  VenillatinK   Work,   Blow   Pining  and Stacks.  lOOO Vatca St- Phone 1772  1 IMPROVING   PROPERTY  •IN   SAANICH   DISTRICT  VICTORIA—M.* W. J.- Bruce, who  purchased a home at Mount Newton,  near Sliiggeits Station, Saanich, a  short lime ago, is effecting alterations  to his property, costing in the neighborhood, of $3,000.  *s_  R. J. NOTT  STEAM   &   HOT   WATER  HEATING,   PLUMBING  Phon*  23G7 578 Yates St.  Victoria,   B.  C.  Phone 2379 »68- *Hone 4307 a  WHITTA3LL  ELECTRIC COMPANY  Wholesale   i-ntl_Bot'liL_r,Cv  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS  AND  DEALERS  1112 Broad Street Victoria, B. C.  Williams, Trerise  & Williams  General Contractors  CABINET MAKING FIXTURES  Phoaa 195  853   Cormorant St.  Victoria,  EXTENSIONS TO  BRANCH  BANK ABOUT COMPLETE  VICTORIA—Extensions to the Douglas street branch of the Royal Bank  of Canada have been practically completed by Contractor Burnett. v The  sum of ?12,000 has been expended in  connection with the remodelling of  these promises.  VICTORIA   ABANDONS  SEWER   PROGRAMME  VICTORIA—The ambitious  plan   of  the City Council for the relief of the  unemployment-situation by the inauguration of a large sewer programme  to be financed jointly by the City and  Dominion and Provincial Government,  failed   to  materialize  when   Hon. Dr.,  Tolmie, Minister-'of Agriculture, made  it 'clear to the  civic, authorities that  the Dominion Government had decid-,  ed finally to extend  mone}' only for  the relief of destitute'people.   A similar    attitude  has - consistently been  adopted    by the   Provincial - Government, witli  the  result that  the  City  has practically abandoned its proposed' sewer   project.   ' The   City's   plan  was to borrow $30,000 ouc .of the Provincial   Government's   $2*o0,000   relief  .Ciind,  providing   either   the  Dominion  or Provincial Government's would contribute ?15,000, making a Votal of $45,-  000 for the sewer programme.  BUILDING-   PERMITS  974—Oscar    C.   Bass'   garage,    G02  Truth SL, $210, H.Catterall, Coutr. -  :" 075~Clarman Hoard, add.  to dwelling, 1393 Rockland  Ave*;. $700, G.  F.  Lowe, Contiv  /a  VICTORIA  FINE   LUMBER   CARRIER  LAUNCED ON TUESDAY  Marking the first of  four 2,400-ton wooden barquentines to  be sent down the ways at the Chol-  berg Shipyard- here for the Victoria  Shipowners, Ltd., the barquentine  Simon F. Tolmie. was successfully  launched' Tuesday afternoon. The  ship was sponsored by Mrs. S. F.  Tolmie, wife of the Minister of Agriculture after yrhem the craft is named  The. vessel was sent afloatf" 96 per  cent, complete and yvill be commis  sioned for service next month.  VICTORIA — Presaging an early  start in the construction of the Federal Government drydock at Esquimalt,  the contract for which, as previously  announced, lias been awarded to the  well known firm of Peter Lyall & Sons,  of Montreal and Vancouver, an official  representative of the successful contractors already is on his way to Victoria from the Bast to look over the  ground and complete arrangements  for the commencement of the' preliminary operations.  Following the arrival of this official  the machinery will be put in motion  for the "perfecting of the organization  for the carrying out of this important  Federal undertaking. The tender submitted t>y the successful contractors  was approximately §4,300,000, or about  $200,000 "below the Government estimate.  The length of the drydock, from the  outer caisson stop to the head  wall,  will be 1,150 feet, the width at the entrance being 125 feet on the sill and  135 feet at the coping level, while the  depth on the sill at ordinary spring  tides will be 40 feet.   The dock "will  have two inner sills located 400 and  750 feet from the sill entrance, respectively.    The specifications, call tor  the construction of a cofferdam to enclose the dock area at Skinner's Cove  and the excavation-of earth and,rock  oyer the area to b*e occupied by the'  dock, the Vork to include excavation  of the entrance channel to a depth of  33 feet below low water; construction  of the dock of concrete, provided with  the necessary bollards and keel blocks.  The copings, caissin stops and the facings to the culverts will be of granite.  The plans also call for the construction of an elevator shaft and the furnishing  and   installation   of   an   electrically-driven  elevator  and   enclosed  stairs.  A wharf will also be constructed at  the graving basin. When completed  the drydock will compare with any  existing dock in anjT part of the world  and will easily accommodate the largest ocean-going ships.  EY ROOFING  PAPER CO., LTD  ._:\';■• \:;\;''_;;■:^Manufacturers..of  Ready Roof ing, Building Papers,  Dry   and   Saturated Felts,  Barbados Roofing Paint  VICTORIA, B.C.  ■•"■"v  Phone 77 " '   T. O.  LEMON, GONNASON & CO.  Lumber   -   Millwork   -   Sash and Doors  " Exclusive  "Local "Dealers  for BEAVXB BOAB"D. '  232-i Government 3t. ,   YlctorU. B. C  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ltd.  Building Materials  rixe  Sricfe,   Pressed  Brick,   Cement,   Plaster; -XSms, Tltrlnsd ftps,  Metal "L&th, "fteinforcinar Steel, Booflaf "Capers,   _  Salt and Coke..  Office: 613 Pandora St.      /   YXCTOBXA; B. C.     Warelroase: O.M. «•» "A"  Phono 4360 , Fhoms  [    Wm. M. ©'Neil Co., Victoria Ltd.  Beaver Board—Glass and ai&xing—Xieadsd Glsss   trtrbl. CoMtnator  Kirror Manufacturers—Booflng;---Tile Contractors  DEALERS IN COMPLETE LINE "OF BUILDING MATERIALS  113 rtadysmitli St. "'-.'.    ^  ■ s*hon. 1X97  STAF&EDON & CARTER. LTD.  Transmission Lines, Steam and. Power Installations.  Rewinding  and   Switchboard Kasnfaotnrsrs.  High and Low Tension Work Undertaken.  Phones 2920 - 5353.  Victoria, B. O.  V"  ALTERATIONS  TO  ROCKLAND  RESIDENCE  VICTORIA—Alterations to the Rockland Avenue home of Clarence Hoard  are being carried on by day labor, the  -work being in charge of G. F. Lowe,  Leonard P. James of the architect.  The alterations embrace a one-room  addition at an estimated cost of ?700.  §R0S^  zr^i  .$211,000  .   $00,000  ....SLr.(ooo  .   $'10,000  .   Sl'.-'.aOO  $750,000  . jn;,4i.*i  . $10,000  McDowell CgL Mann  PLUMBING AND HEATING  Phono   1735 64G   Johnson   St.  Victoria,   B.   C.  Character   C°s*  Koimd  Iloiisf. "M<-h .Shops etc $30,000  Two  Storey  Block    .Store   BuiUlitiic   Uowideni'o   Altcrat ion.-j    •••  rcc.'s-.UH'nce »  lloiiUU   CciUiv      Ot>\niJktint;  Store   School      ttt-sidi'iu-o   -.   KesUK'iipfi      Itcsidehoc    t.   AUi-r:itj'i<ms  :...'   AjvirtnV'Mit   .... '   Kit.clKMi   Ventihition   Additions   to   Uo.s •..-   $r.,000  ■fiiLHti-i.   $;!0(i,ooo  AHomU<Mi«     $lf..00l)  I'.ridm1   sn^-.Sti'U'.'turo    ?!7S,000  Two   IiwcUhiK!-    $7,000  Character   Cost  VICTORIA  location   ;   Owner  Victoria  ...t Can.   Nat'l   Klwys.  Lioufflas St.. Vic Mrs. W. IT. Doukuc  Oi.hik1;ls &-  l?rou:;hton Otto Wtdltr  Ci-iil.ydarroch J.  W. Spencer  St.   Charles  St H.  K.  Billion  lioynl  ()»k  (,riaanich)....Corp.  of Saanich  Kisjuiai'd ^t Hudson's Bay Co.  .Kind's  ]:o;:d   Scliool   Board  Oak   Bav  13.   B.  Halsall  55.000 I Wellinirton   Ave.   ..'. O.   Soiiinicrs  $7,000   nciich  Drive   Col.  O.   C.   Bennett  SI 2.000   FajSBeld  Block  Koyal   Bank  S1G.O00 iMeWotid Ave Wood,  Koyster Co. TAd.  $r..000   GoVcnunent  St C.  P. TI.  ITottd  .School      Hiil I way Slat ion  Hcf-'idcncc   Iti'shlcliOc     On ni «c   '..  School   Addn.  ......  1 irydock     ....   $17,000   S2S.0O0  ...    $27,000  ....  ?10.ii00    $r.,ooo   $:to,ooo  $-i,:t (10,000  IMS  h'oul  Buy Road R. Henderson  Vutcs \-  Blfinchard....Pnnun't  Vic. Then.  .Johnson & Broad  St Can.  Fairbanks  .Johnson St Citv  of Victoria  Faithful  Street   O.  A.  Porter  VANCOUVER ISLAND  IiOcatJon     Owner  Courtomiv    f Prov.   Oovmt.  Nanaimo  E. .t N. Railway  Pnrksvlllc,  V.   I U.   P.   lieattlc  Oordon   Head C!imi)h«;ll   Pntter.son  Courtenay  Clifford A. Cameron  Ciinihcrliind Prov. Govt.  Ksquimalt Dominion   Govt.  Architect   Contractor  Owners  e. Robertson & Partners  Percy  Fox A.  Lockley.  Esquimalt  Percy Fox   Luney  Bros.  Percy Fox Harry Catterall  P.  L. James P. McKeehnie  IC.   B. Spurgin Williams. Trerise & Will  Birk, llorwood Carter,   Hall   &  Aldin^er  K.   B.  Spurgin Parlitt   Pros.  Maclure   &   heir*  Wood,  Foyster  Constr.  Owner    .' A.   McOrimmon  "Maclure & Lort Smith & Shaw  .1.  C.  Keith David  W.   Burnett  Maclure   &   Bort Owner   1.   B.   Slice lie.  P.   B.   Jumes P.   AleKechnie  .1.  JT.  .Icl'fery Buncy   Bros..  Ltd.  .('.   Klwood   Watkins J.   I,.   Skene  City  Kngineer    City   Entjincer   .'. A. .MeCrimmou  Arcliitect  .,  Contractor  Public   Works   Dept Koht.   MonerioiY  Owners  George Wilson  Maclure &  l'.ort Mr. Vestaunet   Wood, .Koyster Constr. Co.   ....A.   C.   Ralphs  Dept of "Works ...Ii. J. Ryan Constr. Co.  Dept. oi" Works P.   Lyall & Son  HBRELASTIC  A HEAVY BODIBD, SEMI-LIQUID ROOF COATING FOB .  FELT, GRAVEL,  COMPOSITION, GALVANIZED IRON,  TIN, CORRUGATED ROOFING AND OLD SSHNGLES.  FIBRELASTIC is made with Asbestos Fibre, the most durable and indestructible material known, as a base; This is combined by special  processes with various oils, and other weather resisting materials, pro-  Sucing a compound that, when^used on roofs, forms a tough, elastic,  durable, waterproof coating/ An advantage that cannot be overlooked.  is the simplicity with vvhi^i FIBERLASTIC can be applied and the  economy effected in its use. It is not expensive in spite "of its exceptional quality, as one coating of F1BERLASTIC is all that is necessary to make a thoroughly satisfactory and protective coating. The  tenacious rubber-like film which F1BERLASTIC forms over various  types of roofs adds to them many years of service at a minimum, ot  cost. It is of a nature that can be worked satisfactorily on any surface,  giving the same permanent and effective protection to all. FIBER-  LASTIC when applied to an old roof practically forms a new roof over  the old, at the cost of usual roof repairs.  FIBREOID  A Plastic Asbestos Fibre Compound For New Or Old Roofs,  Leaks in Roofs, or Eaves-Trougkvs, Also Around Sky-lights,  and Chimneys. Applied with'a Trowel.  FIBEROID, when used as directed, and spread to a uniform thickness, will make  a suv-'i'Ua- ouc-piccc. seamless roofing that has many advantages over ordinary  rooficK materials. It is unrticularly suited to the stopping of leaks in roofs and  eavestroughs. aKo around chimneys and skylights. Being unaffected by cold or  heal, and being absolutely waterproof, ii adheres to any surface under any conditions,  midcrhig the  parts  to  which  ii  is applied  positively  watertight.  Victoria  Edmonton  A PAINT CO, LTD,  Calgary  Vancouver  Regina  uudrUttMK****  This well know brand of game is  again on the market and will be  s-up-pHed through all dealers  Be sure and ask for  41 4.- 41 s   Peimb,erfcora   Block,  Vactoria, B.C*  Vancouver Office  405 - 40S Winch Bldg.  J.T.A. Ritchie Rep.  Sey. 9167  poiMtfiatinnMi ^^|l^^&S™r-*^' »• ■.» X.i i,:.-*^^f?K^Vi^^«Sc?,*!S?''^'V ■-'- ':s:^- >'  , f%  \\  BRITISH C6LtTMBJA RECORD  US1NESS AND  TRADE  CTORY  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^MM^MSM^MM  ggSS^OE^B^E^Z^^^  ?ir^i^i&S?[l^S8«  No Matter What Your Requirements, the List Below Will Put You in_Touch  With a Reliable Firm  ffi^^smffimimimittLWEMSM.  ARCHITECTUBAL TEEBA COTTA  Ch»ml)iun   A   White Soy.   8..J1  Evens.  Colruiiui  &  Kvaiis. Ltd....- _..&ov.   -9SS  T.   O.   McBrlde  &  Co S<W- lloJ  O'Noll. Wm.   N.  Co.,  Ltd - **■«*•   479j  ntjclilo Contr.  & Sup.  Co.. Ltd Sey. Dili:.  ASBESTOS PAPEB  Gorman.   Claneey  &.  Cirlndley,   Ltd  Suy.   3175  Taylor   EiuriiiuorJiig   Co..   Ltd Sey. SUSU  i ASBESTOS   PBOTECTED   METAI     *  "tulicrlson  Process Metal    .V St>y. 1J1G  ASFHAX.T PELT  The   Barrett   Co,   Limited....... nay.    63  Ermm.  Coleman A Evans. Ltd - -Sey.  2988  Pacific   Hooting   Co.,   Ltd   Sey. 1186  ASPHAX.T   PITCH '  The   Barrett   Co.,   Limited  — -Bay.   63  Faeinc  llooOng   Co..   Ltd  i.Sey. 1186  AUTOKOBIX.E   ZNSTTRAHCE  Onadlan   Surety   Co.   oSorV?.^  Cujierlcy,  Hounscfcll  A  Co   Sey.   78-0  BEATER   BOABD  The   Barrett   Co.,   Limited   -Ear-    63  »!..<,'ibbon-Hodh-soii    Lumber    Co  -Fair. 1659  O'Neil.   Wm.   N.   Co..   Ltd.-  Scy. 473S  BX.U"C PRISTS    ,  City   Map &  White  Print  Co.:._    BONDS—STTBET2  Canadian ..Surety. Co... ;   Cepetley, Bounsefoll A Co  —  _Sey.-6C93  ..Sey.  000-1313  Sey. 38S0  DRIX.Ii STEEL  .N'allonr.l    Machinery    Co.    Ltd   Taylor   Engineering   Co.,   Ltd    EI.ECT.BICS.I".   CONTBACTOBS  Pleer.   It     X - - ^y"    *To  lenklns  Klectric   Co.,   Ltd _. **<•*. »•>}-  W.   W.   Fraser     Se/- T»?'  Mundy.   i'.o«).ind   A   Co.- - *«*   -''  I'hllpot-Mnciluiialel   Co..   Ltd   IluliaMo   Electric  Co.   _  Kleliardson   Electric   Co.  The    Electric   Shop      The  Junij   Klcclrlc  Co..   Fair. 30'J3   Scy. iGbd  ...l _..Scy. S6D3    Stt)\ l'J2!  "Ltd.! '_ »«'•  1"  Farr,  EX.ECTBIC PIXTUBE3  Itobinsioii    &    Bird   -   .Sey. 3312  EI.ECTBIOAI. MPGBS  Electrical  Mfc.   Co - - -   ELECTBICAX.   REnHINO  rtoliable Electric Co.      Scy. 1873  Scy. 4C60  U. 'C.  EX.ECTBXCAX. SUPPLIES  Electric   -   - Sey. 5000  Darling. I"rai>Jc & Co..-    The   Electric   Shop   —-. _ -  Tlie Jarvis Electric Co.,   Ltd   funltlna  Electric   Co..   Ltd   Mundy,  Rowland  tt  Co      Illchardson  Electric  Co.       Sey.  •U00--1101  _Sey. 122-1  ...Soy. 175  ..Sey. 8512  ... >vj. 35-1  -Sev. 8G90  HEATING—HOT    AIR,     STEAM    AND  VENTILATING-  halley.   E.   A   Scy.    136  Hurr   &  Anderson _— — SW.   6ISO  Itrown,   \\\   A..   Limited Key.   770  L'aniphell  A Grill — -»e»- 2"81  Central   Sheet   Metal   Works   Scy.    020  C.   A.   Dunham  Co..  Ltd - Sey. 8057  I)a!y.  F. T   -Fair.   201  Miub( 11.   A.   Jf.   &   Co _ ...Scy. 1781  Murray   ltros.   Ltd - —  Pacific   Sheet   Menu   Wko.   Ltd.  Thj    EniilneeritiK    ('orpuratlon.   _  Sey. Sfll I   , „..Soy.  2172  ...Scy. 6230  Vancouver   Sheet   Metal   Co.,   Ltd Sey. T317  HOISTING   ENGINES  (Jormati.   Clancey &  (Jrliulicy,   Ltd..-  Sey.   3175  National    Machinery    Co.    Ltd  Sey.    COO-l.r> 13  IUtchiu Contr.  i Sup. Co.. Ltd Sey. »162  Taj-lor   Enxineeriuc   Co.,   Ltd Sry. 30«0  Vulcan   Iron   Works.   Lid - Sey.   015  INSURANCE  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co Scy.  7320  INTERIOR   FINISH  Evans,  Coli-man & Eraus, Ltd Soy.  2983  O'Xeil. Wm. N.  Co., Ltd Sey. 479'-  MANTEI.S—BRtCX.  TII.E AND  WOOD  Champion   &   White Soy. 0.-.71  Kvaas,   Coloman  &  Kvana,   Ltd   -.—Sey. 2988  T.   O.  Mcllrldo  &  Co -  Sey. 1150  O'Neil.  Wm.   S. Co..  Ltd Sey. 4795  Bitchie Contr.  A Sup.  Co.,  Lid Sey. 9162  BABBIE   AND   ONYX  Evans. Coleman & Evans. Ltd Sey. 2988  O'Neil,   Win.   N*.  Co..  Ltd Sey. 4793  MINING   ENGINEERS  Natiiiri.il    Machinery    Co     Lid...- Hey.    000-131.1  Vulcan   Iron   Works,   Ltd _ — -...Sey,    »13  Walsh 'A   Co..   T.   A Sey. 473*   Sey. 539  _Scy.   7820  ELEVATORS  ' DarlLnji, Frank & Co   Farr,  '   BRASS RAXXJNG3  Robinson    *   Bird   -Ait KINDS  -Sey. 3312  ..Scy.  4100-4101  I brio:   Champion  A .White.....: ~.-~ Sey.   9571  Bbnrne   Gratel   Co...-..'. i.  —Eburne 5..  Etana. Coleman &-Evans, Ltd   (liuy Bra*., Ltd   T.' a. MeBrkle A Co._„   e'Nufa.'Wm.' N."~Co, MO-  Folyckrame Cement Brick A Tile Co.  rt- Orer BiHldrrar Supply  Co    ■etlcliff Pressed: Brick  Co   Bttchte Contr. ft."Sup. Co., Ltd—-.._   Sey.   2933   .West.   15-16   Sey. 1159   Sey.  4795  Ltd...Sey. 8330   JEburne 6 L 2   Sey.   3475  ....: Sey. 9162  BRICK MTGRS.  OaMuU ahale Products, Ltd.  -Sey. '9167  Polychrome Cement Brisk ;&<TUe Co., Ltd...Soy. 8530  'sTrxxBiiio rraiwi ascv papers  Tha  Barrett  Co.,   Limited. '■ JJ»y  ..Sey.  63  2988  ..Fair. 1659  .-Sey.  4795  . BT«na.,".Colem«i>-*r«TmiiB.LW—  " MeGlbfcan-BodBion-- Lumber -Co..  0^»U,,Wm.^N..Co.. Ltd ._.  BUROI.ART  INSTBANCE  ranadUk Surety   Co.-- . Sey. 559  CARPENTERS   ft   JOINERS  E. ;Cfc.'ystai * Co.    Ditto A Murray-   Edward  Cox      ELEVATOR CARS AND ENCLOSURES  S. M. Morris A Co., Ltd .".11 »»?•  1°«  O'Xeil. Wm.  N. Co., Ltd    llitchle Contr.  4 Sup.  Co., Ltd    Sey.  4795  Sey. SI 32  ENCLOSURES  Artistic  Wire   &   Iron   Works   t'earson Wire A lion Wks   ...Fair. 2618  ..Fair.   2794  ENGINES—SEMI-DEISEL  normal!,  Clancey As  (Jrindley,  Ltd ' Sey.   3475  BSstun   &  Ilon.'Shy  Ltd., ILIncola.- KneJ—;Scy. 1946  National   Machinery    Co.    Ltd Sey. >  600-45 IS  Taylor  EnglnecriiiB  Co.,   Ltd -.«*e*- »■=?  The   Enislneerintt .Corporation.  W- °-ib  Vulcan  Iron   Works,   Ltd  Scy.   94j  ENGINEERS  Taylor Engineering  Co.,  Ltd    The   Enaineerlrw._ Corporation..:— -  Vulcaiv Iron   Works,   Ltd   Walsh  &  Co..   T. 'A   _..Sey. 3680  _...Sey. 6236  _..Sey. 915   Sey. 4738  EXCAVATING  J.  Uanbury *  Co.- .'.   Keystone   Excavator   .nay. 10T   .V.Scy. • 3475  -Sev. 8551  -Sey. 8765-8766   Scy. 1163  CEMENT  ..Sey. 838  ..Sey. 9197-6375    .Victoria   Sey.- 9571  Bain   Bros.   :..  Balfour/. Outhrle *-Co—  B.   C.   Cement  Co.,- Ltd..  4'hamptoa **- White—:—  Klinrne   Crawl-  Co..— :.  Ebdrne 5a  .Brans'.  Coleman *' Brans," Ltd Sey.  2988  Gilley Bros.. Ltd Wt*st-  15"16  T. '«.  McBrlde 'A Co..-.- ' BW- n59  O'Well. Wm: N.' Co.. Ltd.-.: Scy.   4795  Pt.'. Grey  Building  Supply  Co  Eburne CL2  Ritchie Coutr. A SOD. Co.. Ltd.- Sey. 0162  CEMENT   TB6TINO   AND   ASSAYING  Hunt. Robert W. A Co Sey.  2199  COMMERCIAL  PHOTOGRAPHERS  Domlnron-Vhoto  Co   - Sey.   2908  CONTRACTORS—GENERAL  Armstrong, Morrtoou A Co., Ltd. Sey. 1836  Ramage.   A.   L.   _'. *'**.   2821L  Walsh  * Co .  f.  A Sey. 4738  CONTRACTORS—TILE--  Evans.  Coleman  & Evans. Ltd   O'Nell. Wm. If. Co.. Ltd   CRANES   AND   BOZSTS  ■lh*  Balden  Co..   Ltd.   National   Machinery   Co.   Ltd—   CUROCRETE  B. C.   Imperrnealite  Co.,   Lul   -     DECORATING  C. 3.   Cummins &.Co   -TERRAZZO   Sey.   2933   Scy.   47S5  (ELECTRIC)   Sey. 1065  , .Sey.  .600-4513  ..._Sey. S2«0  > DRILLS—PORTABLE  Darling. Frank A Co   Ritchie   &   Mardougal!      The Holden Ob.. Ltd   - Scy. 1337  ELECTBIC  .. —Scy.  4100-4101   — Sev. 0167   Sey.   1065  FENCES AND  GATES  Pearson Wire A Iron Wks FaU.^  FIRE  CLAY  Balfour, Guthrie & Co   Champion  &  White..  2794  Ritchie Contr.  & Sup. Co., Ltd..   Sey. 9162  XRON  AND  STEEL—STRUCTURAL ,  Can." X.' W.  Steel Co., Ltd  Fair.  2396-7  Coughlan,  J.   A Sous Scy.'7940  Evans.   Coleman & Evans. Ltd  Sey.   298S  Industrial   Supply   &  Service,   Ltd -..- Sty. S036  S.  M. Morris Ac Co., Ltd Kay.   1043  O'Xeil, Wm.  N". Co^-Ltd Sey.   4795  Ritchie Coutr.   A Sup.  Co.. Ltd Scy. 91C2  T.   Watt Iron  & Galv.  Works Fair.   971  Wastrainster Iron Works   ..Wesq. 53  IRON   ANB   STEEL—ORNAMENTAL  Artistic Wire A Iron Works '-Fair, :jfi!8  Evans,  Coleman & Erans. Ltd.-  S. M. Morris & Co., Ltd :__  O'Nell. Wm. X. Co.. Ltd..  Pearson Wire  A Iron Wks   aitchle Contr.   & Sup. Co.. Ltd...  T.' Watt Iron  & Galv.  Work* (  Westminster Iron Works '    Sey. 3038  —Bay.'1013  ."-Scy. -1795  -.Fair.   2794   Scy. 3162   Fair.   971   Wea».  53  INSULATION   .  Taylor  Engineering Co..   Ltd Scy. 36S0  KALSOMINING  C.  3.  Cummins & Co -': -St*. 3337  DlxorT A Murray.— " Sey.-'8763-8703  LATH—METAI.  White    MIXERS  —  CONCBETE  Oorinan,  Clancey A:  Grlndley,  Ltd   Sey.  MOTORS  B.   C.   Eloctric     St*  3175  5000   Sey.    354   Fair. 3023   >e/. 4G60   Soy. jifiOO    Suy   175  .Mundy.   Rowland  A  Co.      Philpot-Miu-doiiald   Co.,   Ltd   Kullalilo  Electric   Co.      Richardson   Electric   Co.       The  Jarvis  Electric  Co..   Ltd   OFPICE AND STORE  FITTINGS  John  Amot  A Sons  .Uliih.    374  E.   Chrystal   &  Co,   —.  - - —S"?. *o*Jl  DLxoa & Murray Sey.   8785-8706  PAINTING   AND   PAPER   HANGING  C. 'J.   Cummins  & Co  S«3". 1337  Dixon   Ac  'Murray    Sey. 8765-87C*  PAINTS—FIRJB-PROOP  I!.   C.   Imjiermeallte  Co..   Ltd. Sey. 9200  O'Xuil,  Wm.  X. Co., Ltd Ses.  4>9i  PAINTS—DAMP  PRO OP  The   Barrett   Co.,   Limited , Bay.    63  li.   C.  Imj-ermealltc  Co.,   Ltd . ,—Sey. 9200  Campbell & Grill Sej. 2981  Evans, Coleman & Evan3, Ltd Sey.  2385  O'Xnll, Wm.  X. Co., Ltd Scj.  4791  Taylor  Engineering   Co..   Ltd..-...'...... Sey. 3SS0  PAINTS—ARCHITECTURAL  riunter-llcndcrson  Paint Co., Ltd  Sey. 8110  PLASTERING   CONTRACTORS  Bain    ltros ......„- .JL..J\- ....—..Sey. 838  ltu»h   &   Head   ....Bay. 3370  PLASTER - PABTITIO ffxB LOCKS  Evans.  Coleman & Eynm. Ltd.  -—4\-- Sey. 2988  "'Nell,   Wm.   N.   Co..  Ltd..—.____„.->ilP7.-...Sey,: 4705  PLASTER—OKNAAniNTAL  rialn   Bros ..„...._..:„— _........ _.....-_~.:,..Sey. 83*  Champion   &   White —  ._..._:;_...8cy. 9571  Evans,  Coleman &  Erans," Ltd  .....Sey. 2938  T.   G.   McBrlde  &   Co   ....Sey. 111)9  O'Nell, Wm.  X.   Co.. Ltd _ —Sey. 4735  Jtltchie Contr.   &  Sup.   vO.. Ltd  Sey. 9102  .    "PLUMBING  Bailey,   E.    A.    __  } •""'■*.    130  V.arr  Jt   Anderson   ...-   Sey. 0180  Bru-vii,   W.   A.,   Limited    _St-y.    770  Central   Sheet   Metai   WorksrSa^™  Sey.    620  Mitchell,   A.   H.   &   Co-  Murray   Bros.   Ltd —  PUMPS  .National    Macuintry    Co. " Ltd.—  'Taylor "Enetm-erm*  Co.,   Ltd   •Tile    Engineering    Corporation   PAINT .MFG as.  AyroB   Vaatiish   *   Paint   Co.™   li.  A.  Paint Co.. Ltd.  —High. 1923  —gey.' 4257   Sey. 9200   Sey. 6110  —High.    422  Evans, Coleman & Evans. Ltd...  Gilley Bros., Ltd   O'Xeil, Wm. X.  Co.. Ltd   T.   G.   McBrluo   &  Co.".  .Sey. 9197-0575   Sey.   8571   Sey." 2988   West.   15-16   Sey.   4795   ...Sey. 1159   Scy. 9ie2  Bitchie Contr.  & Sup: Co., Ltd.'..  FIRE ESCAPES  S. M. Morris & Co.. Lid -Bay.  1043  FIRE  DOORS  ft  METAI  WINDOWS  B. C. Celling & Rooflng Co.. Ltd—  -Fair. 1267  FIRE   EXTINGUISHER  SYSTEMS  Barr  &  Anderson Sey.   61S0  FLOORING — HARDWOOD  B.   C.   Hardwood   Floor   Co.,   Ltd .'. ^Ray. 1287  Inlay Hardwood  Floor  Co   O'Xeil. Wm. X. Co., Ltd   i. Fyfo Stniti & Co., Ltd.      Sey. 9201   Sey.  4795   Sey. 1196  FORGINGS  Vulcan  Iron   Works,   Ltd  .   Westminster Iron Works X   ..Sey.   915  _.Wcst. 53  ©ALVANIZING  T. Watt Iron & Galv. Works.-.:   -Fair. 971  GAS   APPLIANCES  Vancourer Gas  Co.     _Sey. 5000  GLASS—ALL  W.   Holt.   Glass   Dealer   O'Neil, Wm.  X.  Co., Ltd   HARDWARE  Brown, Fraser & Co.. Ltd   Flett,  J. A     CXNDS  ..Fair. 1238  ...Sey.  4795  Champion  Evans, .Coleman   ft Evans,   Ltd—  ., G.   McBrlde  A Co ,   O'Xeil,  Win.  X.  Co., Ltd -..-—  Ritchie  Con--,   ft  Sup.   Co.,   Ltd....  Ritchie   A  Macdougall      -Soy.   9571  „Sey.  2988  -Sey. "1159  _Soy.  4795   Sey. -9162  „:—Sey. 3167  LIME  Balfour, Guthrie ft Co   Champion A White   ilbunie   Gravel   Co.     Evans,- Coleman  ft Evans. Ltd...  Gilley Bros.', Lid...~   Northwest  Lime   Co.   —    T.   Q.  McBrlde  A Co   O'Nell. Wm. X.  Co., Ltd   Kosebank   Lime   Co    Ritchie,   J.   T.    A   Ritchie Coutr.   A Sup.  Co.. Ltd..  ..Sey. 9197-65 T5   _.Soy.   9371   Eburne 35   Sey.  2913   West. 15-16   Soy. 6191-2   Sey. 115»   Key.  4795   Scy; 9167   Sey. 9167   Sey. 9162  II.   C.   Imperrnealite  Co.,   Ltd   Hunter-Henderson Paint Co.. Ltd—  Martin-Scnour   Co..- Ltd. .._  ■ '.PAPER  Smith, DaTldson'ft Wright, Ltd 8*y. »5W  PARTITION—FIREPROOF  Champion  A 'whit<3 ! ' 8ey.   9571  Evans,  Coleman A Evans, Ltd. Sey. .29S«  T.   G„ McBrlde ft  Co..., Scy. 1159"  Ritchie Contr. A Sup.  Co.. Ltd. : Sey. 9102  . PARTITION   WIRE  AVtistle  Wire   A   Iron   Works.   Pearson' Wire &/If on Wka.   -     PATTERNS  Vulcan  Iron   Work3,   Ltd   Westminster Iron Works ;   -Fair. 2S4»  -Fair.   2791  '^Paciflo-Roofing   Co..' Ltd. _ Sey. 1188  'tUltchie Contr.  ft  Sup. Co.. Ltd S«-y. 9162  Kidney ItoollnK  A  Paper  Co..   Ltd , Victoria  Taylor  Kuclneenng  Co..   Ltd . Scy. 30S0  The   Engineering.   Corporation '.Key. 6236  ROOFING   CONTRACTORS,  *B.  C. Celling A Rooflng Co.. Ltd Pair. 12G7  Campbell  ic i.'rlll ,— . -*»7. 29SI  Central   Sheet   Metal   Works Soy.    02"   „.S4ey.    i45  j; We«u   ' 5J  (COMMERCIAL)  ,.   Sey.  290S-  LUMBER  Federal Lumber  Co   McGlbbon-Hodgson   Lumber    Co—  Vancouver   Lumlier   Co..   Ltd...;—  .So.   3998-3999»   .Fair. 16591  . JTtir. 913-  , PHOTOGRAPHERS  Dominion   Photo Co.      PIG .IRON AND TIN  ralfour.  Guthrie ft. Co _...:. .". Sey.  3197-6o75  Evans.  Coleman ft. Evans, Ltd Scy.  293  PILING   AND   POLES  Federal Lumber Co. Scy. 3998-3999  PILE DRIVING  Evans,  Colnraan A Evans, Ltd Scy.  2988  Fraser  River   Pilo  Dr.   Co Scy. 4404  MACHINERY  Broirn,   Fraser   &   Co.,   Ltd   Darling,   Frank   &   Co.  ,   Gorman.   Clancey  & Grludiey.   Ltd —  The   Jamiefon   Eng. 'Co    National   Machinery   Co     Ltd Sey.  O'Neil,   Wm.   X.    Co.,   Ltd    Sey. 71551  ...Sey.   410O-410L   Fey.   3175   .Sey. 1916  ..Sey.  7155  -Scy.   2327-2323  HABDWOOD  LUMBER  J. Fyfe Smith & Co., Ltd   .Sey. lf9S  Ritchie   Contr.    &   Sup    Co.,   Ltd:..  Ritchie   &   Macdougall      Taylor  Engineering  Co.,   Ltd.   The    Engineering    Corporation   Tlie Holden Co.,  Ltd   Vulcan   Iron   Works,   Ltd  ._..  iValsh & Co.. T. A   00'J-l5iS  ..Sey. 4755  _Sey. 9162  ..Sey. 9167  -Soy. 3680  _ -.Key. 6236   Scy. 10t!5   Scy. 9 i j   Sey. 4738  MACHINE   WORK  Vulcan   Iron   Works,   Ltd  _ -...Key.   913 _  Westminster Iron Works West. 53   "Jiltrhle Contr.  A Sup.  Co  PIPE   COVERING  Taylor  Engineering' Co.,   Ltd Scy. 36S9  PEPS—SEWER  Champion   A  White  Sey.   9571  Evans,   Coleman   &  Evana,   Ltd  . Sey.  2983  Gilley Brc«.,  Ltd   West.   15-16  T.   O.  Mcl'.ride  ft  Co , Key. 1159  Ritchie Contr.  ft Sup.  0< .  L'.d S«y.  9162  P-OAET3R  BaL'onr, Outhrle ft Co Sey.  9197-6575  Champion   ft   White Hey.    9571  "Eburne   Gravel    Co  .Eburne 35  Evans. Coleman ft Eiji.is, J.:d Scy.  2i)88  Gilley B'os..  Lie     West.   15-18  T.   «    MeBrlde &  Co  -J"oy. 1139  •O'Xeil.    Win.    X.    Co.,    Lt/' _ Key. 4795  .Ritchie Contr.  & Sup.  "o.. Ltd—.'   PLASZER  BOARD  •Champion   ft   White   Evans,  Coleman  &  Evans,  r,td   T.   G.   McBrlde ft  Co    O'Neil. Wm.  X.  Co.,   Ltd    Scy. 3162  ..Sey.  ..Sey.  9371  2988  Ltd    Pcy.  1159   Sey.    4795   Sey- 9162   .^\, Sey. 17S1  __ _._Xu.... Sey- 8011  PNEUMATIC TOOLS  Tho Holden  Co..   Ltd Ser,   lOBfi  DarlltW.  Frank & Co Sey.   410O-41C)  POWER PLANT SPECIALTIES  C. A    Dunham  Co..   Ltd I  _.Sey. 805?  The   Engineering   Coriwratiun—  i'ey. 6236  The  Jejnieson  Kug.   Co —  ~Sey. 1946  T4ylor  Engineering   Co.,   Ltd Sey. 3688  PULP   &  PAPEB MACHINERY  Hydraulic Mat binary   Co..  Ltd.   (Montreal)., Scy. 1916  Vulcau   Iror.   Works,   Ltd „...—  Sey.   \li£  ROOFERS  "Wright   Bros.  „ Key.    600-1513   Sey.  3W0   ..-..SVy, 6236  -Sey. 3313  ROOFING  MATERIAL  .Tho Barrett  Co.,   Limited 1   Campbell &, Grill    Evans, Ctfcroan ft "Evans, Ltd.-  T   G.   McBrlde  ft  Ca .'   O'Nell, Wm.  X. Co.. Ltd _  __.; Bay.  63    —Sey. 2381   Soy.   2988   Sey. 1159   Sey.  4795  ,1'actflc   Roonng   <Vi.   Ltd,   "Pacific  Sheet  Metal   Wat.   Ltd   Vancouver   Sheet   Metal   Co.,   Ltd.—-   »«y. Jise   .«ey. 2172  „S«y. 7317  r- ROPE—MANILLA  .Tialfour, Guthrie ft Co _".-Sey.' 9197-6575  "Walsh  ft   Co.,   T.   A.   „-,  —SO'-  HM  SATE3—VAULT   DOORS  Goldlo   ft  McCultoch,   C.   L.   Ford.   Agt ~.S'ey. 3907  t'O'Nell. Wnx. X.  Co.. LW..— .Sey.  4735  SAND, GRAVEL AND CRUSHED ROCK  Champion   A  While Scy.'   957'  Eburne   Gravel   Cd. ._   —Ehttrne 53  Evans. Coleman &   Evan*. Ltd. Sey.   29M  J.-alrvicv  Sand ft  Gravel Co..  Lid .Sey.   6701  ■Gilley Bro*.,   Ltd West.   15-16  T   O.   MeUrlde ft  Oi  Soy. 1159  ri.   Gray  Building   Sun'!/  Co  Eburne 6L2  iRItcliIo   Ci'htr.   ft  fttip  Co.,   Ltd Sey. 9102  SASH   DOOBS,   WINDOWS,   ETC.  lohn  An-.ot   k Son*   Jtliglu    37i  O'Neil. Wm.  X.  Co.. L'd Sey.   4795  SHEET   METAL  B   C. Colling ft Itwlliig Co.,  Ltd Fair. 1267  Campbell  ft Grill _   _..S*y. 238.  Octitial   fshret   Mftal   Wurfcs...   Sey.    (120  .Mitchell.   A.   If. . & " Co...... _......_ K*y' .17*4  Pacific  Sheet  Metal  Wks.,  Ltd. —.—fey.  2173  Vancouver   Sheet   Metal   Co.',   Ltd.————.-Sey. 7311  SHINGLES  McOlblmii-riedgson    Lumber    Co.— Fair. 163  Champion   ft  Dtion  ft Murray—_  SHOW   CASES  wii I te.—„......":_'-—:   —....Sey.    9571  —Scy.   8755-3766  JT«y. »8»  -Buy.  479S  BLATE  Evan*, Coleman ft Evans. Ltd   O'Nell,  Wm.  N.  Co.. Ltd... ..._   Ritchie Coutr. ft Sue.  Co.. Ltd 8«y. 8168'  SPRAYING—LIMB  AND PAINT  Cummlngs,  i".   L. ..-——...Hey.   14JK   Fraacr   2t7 L '-.  .*.'-." STEEL—REINFORCING  U»trour, Outhrle ft Co..—.....—. «ey. 9197-ft?7>  Krans,  Guleman ft Evans, Lld„„„_. : Sey. >8g-  Gartnan,   Clinieey. ft  Grlndley,  Ltd._.  Hoy, :ii.'>  Industrial   Supply   ft   Service.   Ltd , Key. 8630  O'Ndll.   Wm.  X.   Co.,   Ltd......-_..   „..—. ..fley <»i-j."  Taylor  nnglnei-rlng  Co.,   Ltd.. . rley. 3«Mu  STOBAGE BATTERZES  B.   C.   Elecu ic     i  _.«*.». 5Pr>0  Tiin' Jarvls  ISIcctilu   Cm.,   Ll(t.„. {(to.   t?^  RichariiaOii   Eiuctrls   Co.    *. Hey, SOU*  STOBE AND OFPICE FIXTURES ASP  STORE  FRONTS  Edward   Cox   ......,..._   ..Sol. 11 CI  Dixon  ft   >turraf. J! Bey.   >7S5-!l7'i4  Eram,   Coleman ft  Evans,  Ltd >'.y.   2St»  O'NolL  Wiu. X.  Co..  Ltd tie*.   471*3  TAR   AND   PITCH  Tho Barrett  Co..   Limited   tiiunftlK-H ft Grill ,   Evans,  Coleman A, Evans, Ltd ._._  Pacitlc   Sheet   M»tai   Wks.   Ltd    Bay.   61  -...Key. :rsntj  ...Sey. »i»»  —S</. 217a  TEMPERATURE   REGULATORS  A. Uu, b*m Co..  LUL™. Sey. #ni7.  TILE-  *  While   -DRAINING  Champion  Evaiu,  Colcuiari ft  Kvailn. Ltd   Gilley Bros..  Ltd    Mellrlri?, "*T.  O.  ft Co   Ultcido Cuinr,  ft Sup. Co., Ltdr.-  —«mt.   9571   Bey.   ».-(*  -Wret. la-in  —Hey. 1150  -.-.ttuy. vtvv  TXLE—FLOOR  AND   WALL  Evaiu,  Coleman ft 13»an». Ltd. „____. S«y^,S9K»  Curman.   Clanrey ft• .(Iritutley,  Ltd, ,.„. Hey,  3475-  O'Neil.  Wax.  N. Ca, Ltd Hey.. tVJ*  TIN  PLATES  Balfour, Outhrle ft Co -.„ Sey. 9197-^674  Kran*,   Coleman  A   Evans.   Ltd. _..____.3«y. **S»  TOOL  STEEL  Darling,  Frank A Co.  Tsytor Kualnterlns  Co/,   " Soy. 4100-4)m  Ltd.' - -..— - rtey. Z6A9  VACUUM CLEANING  BTSTEMS  Jiarr  ft ,Andnr«in '    . ..   ttry.   01le>  ES  varnxs;  AjTto' T.ntMi   ft   Paint   Co..  Uuurer^lii-fuliTMiu  Paint Co.,  Ltd.  Martln-V«ujt)r 'Co.,   Ltd, „„__  .—High. 192*   S«y.siiJlt»  ^...IIUlU.    42J*  VAULT DOORS  Goldic  *   McCulloch,   C.   L.   JTord,   Agl Scy. J^cr  WALL BOARDS  The  Barrett Co., limited   Evans, Coleman & Kvaat, Ltd.  O'Neil.. Wra.   X.   Co., Ltd   Tajlur  j:.'ifciue*rink- Co.,   r,td.._   Bay.   M  ..Stay.   2t»M  „,l»Oir. 47»-%   Hejr. JOiff  WATERPROOF   COMPOUHB  The  Ttarrett  Co..  Limited—,-™_.  B,   C.   ImperTucallte  Co.,   Ltd.....  ■Evans,  Coieman ft  Ev*:xs, Ltd   fi'.NVIl.  Wra.  X.  ft  Co., Ltd^   Pacitlo   Ilooflng   Co.,   Ltd   Taylor Engineering  Co..  Ltd   Waterex    Waier|>rwitlng        Hay.   «  —Sey- S20»   Sey.   a»M  —.^ey. 4795   Hey. 118*  -,—Hey. 36S9  —Xey.  1948-  WINDOW  SCREENS  Ar:L-|lc Wire ft Iron Works   8. M. Morris ft ,Co.. Ltd   O'Nell.   Wm.   N..   ft   Co.,  Ltd   ('canon  Wire A Iron Wks.   -Fair. 264*   Bay.  IU4>  -, 8«*.  4f»S   Fair.  £!»*  WIRE  WORKERS  Artl.itlc Wire ft Iron Works Fair. 26*f  >*«arsur.> Wire ft Iron Wks Fair.   27Si  WIRE ROPE  Balfour,  Outhrlo ft Co 8*y. 9197 637»  Evan*.   Coliman ft  Kvans, Ltd .. Sey. 298*  Gorman.   Clnncey A  Ortndley, ,,Lui.„ .—.Hey. 347<">  Xntlniial".' MaeliHiery    Co..'. Lt<l.„—.J<ey.    600-4343T  t\,»l»h   &   Co.,  T.   A  -»cy. 473ji  Ritchie Contr.  ft Sup.   Co., Ltd'. „: Suy. 918V.  Taylor   Engineering  Co..   Lt,d. .. „_ Suy. 36^0  WHOLESALE. ROOFING  The Barrett  Go.,. Limited. . - —..Bay.   69  Pacific   HooOng/Ca,   Ltd.  H»r   118»  Taylor Engineering  Co;,   Ltd . ^.—,_Sey  363t  XX\sSX<;0XXp:ig\t$i$  :S.^{l^XSmfc*X  ■ WHSMy  .   mm'':  .Preseri't Cost ..of. ..^juilidJnS:..Materials'  These quotations are ba^ed on reliable Information furnished by Vancouver Material Houses  pate of Quotations. Thursday December 30, 1920   • . ■■ ■      -  :  All Prices F.O.B. Vancouver  Bttavcr Board—  jyuantltles   up  '■   1,080 ft.  Quantities   over   a»id  ;   $75.00.per 1,000 ft.  Quantities  over  2,500  1,000 feet.  to   500   ft.,   ?77.00   per  under   2,500   ft.  feet,  $73.00  per  Brickwork—  Common,   $27.00  he>use).  Common,   $30.00   per  Business   Section). . ,-.»  Polychrome Cement Brick,   ?lo.00  1,000  ar.d  up   (At Warehou.se).  Polychrome Common, $25.00   per 1.000  ■'.   (At Warehouse).  'Terra Cotta Tile Partitions—  12xl2x-2  in.,  15c per square  per  1,000   (At Ware-  1.000   (Delivered,  per  12x12x3  in.,  15c per square  12x12x4  In., 15c per square  12x12x6  in.,  23c per square  12x12x8  in..  2Sc per square    . _.  "DenniHon "Interlocking  Tile,   He  each.  foot,  foot,  foot,  foot,  foot.  EuilOiuir   Paper—(Local   Manufacture).  Pule Sulphite—Plain $2.05 per 100 ft.  :Aspri°Jt'ed. $2.25  per  400  l't. roil.  Conerate Wotii—Material at  Rock,   Course   -•>   Hock,   Medium      Gravel/ Fine    •   Gravel,  Medium    -  Pea  Sand      Wash Sand ---   Cement;-<Delivered  '   20 Sack lots, per bbl........  ■ . (Sacks  Extra)  ■ Over 20  Sack Lots, per  Gver  64   Sack  Lots,  per  (Sacks  Extra)  Rebate on .Sacks,   each....  Warehouse.  $3.75 per yd.  3.75 per yd.  3.50 per yd.  3.50 per yd.  3.25 per yd.  3.50 per yd.   $4.20  bbl   3.05  bbl  3.SO  .20  ^ncretf Writer ProoflnK.  JSc per lb  Heater Plugs,  $10.00  each.  Vacuum  Cleaner Plugs.  $7.5,0  each.  Bell   Pushes   und   Annunciator   (pei  point)   $5.00.  Apartment Houses and Office Bides.—  (Conduit)  Ceiling outlets with drops, $10.00 ea.  Wall outlets  (no fittings $8.00 each.  Wall  Switches,   $10.00   each.  Base Plugs, $10.00 each.  Heater Plugs, $15.00 each.  Meter Loops,   $10.00  each.  Store  Buildings—(Conduit)  Ceiling Outlets, drop $15.00 to $25.00  each.  Wall Outlet, $10.00 each.  Windows (On transom bar)  $4.00 en  Wall  Switches,   $10.00  each.  Meter  Loops,  $10.00  each.  Ezcavation—  Residence,   $1.25   per yard.  Business Blocks, $2.00 to $2.70 per yd.  Team.   $12.00  per  day.  Truck, $30.00 per day.  Above figures are an average without  water. Steam shovel work in large  quantities, less, hard material such  as rock, will run considerably more.  Q-laSB—  Plates up to 1 foot, each .$  Plates from 1 to 2 ft., each..........  2 to 3 ft., each   3 to  I ft., each   4 to  5ft.,   each   5 to 7 ft., each .....  to 10 ft., eacti   Plates from  Plates from  Plates from  Plates from  Piatcs from  Plates from  Plains  Per Sq. Ft.  " .30  .45  75  .20  45  .55  10  frr.~i 12  Plates from 15 to  Plates from 25  Plates froriT 50  Plates from 75  Plates from *>0 to  to 12 ft., each   to 15 ft., each   25 ft., each   to 50 ft., each   to 75 ft., each   to 90 ft., each   100 ft., each...  .90  .95  10  .20  .25  .30  .70  .85  .70  , „,,..., -   -~-  --.  —    3  Plates from 100 to 120 ft., each.... 3  Plates from 120 to 1 10 ft., each....'4  Plates 101   to 110 wide containing  not. over 100 feet each   4.75  Plates,   larger  sizes  will  run  more.  Polished   Wired. Cut and  up   2.00  Castor  Ribbed   Wired,   Cut 50.  Cast  or   Ribbed Wired,   Cln/.ed 55  /"-  Bankers Safes  Bankers Vault Doors  Safe Deposit Fireproof Safe s  Boxes Fireproof VaiH It Doors  GOLDIE & fVlcCULLOCH Co., Ltd.  GALT. ONTARIO, CANADA  Representative for B:, C  ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE MAM  ON REQUEST  -SEYMOUR 3907'  S69 R8CB-3ARDS ST.  VANCOUVER, B.C.  v_  .j  Figured Kolled. Cut 40  Figured   Rolled,   Glazed 45  Chipped,  21   ounce.  Cut 35  Chipped. 21 ounce, Glazed 10  Art, $1.00 and up per sq. ft.  Casing charged at 20c per ft. for greatest length  and  width.  Labor—  1   Bricklayers.  $0.00 per dny.  Carpenters,  $7.25 per day.  Cement Finishers, $5.80 per day.  Electricians,- $8.00  per day.  Electrician  Helpers,   $5.00   per  day.  Glaziers,  $5.00  to $0.00  per  day.  Hod Carriers,  $5.00 to $0.00  per day.  Laborers, $5.00 per day.  Lathers. $9.00 per day. ,;.  Painters, $7.00 per day.  Plasterer3rl$3.00 per day.  Plumbers. $8.00 per day.  Roofers. $7.20 per day.  Sheet   Metal   Workers $8.00   \)dr  day  Metal  "Lath—  Key and  Diamond Mesh' Lath:  2IJ ga„ 51e.  per sq. yd.  21  ga., 5i)e. per sq. yd.  Copper Alloy,  %c per sq. yd. e:;tra.  Herringbone Lath, C.A., lc per sq. yd.  extra.  Galvanizing,  7c per sq. yd. extra.  For Corrugation of lu;y lath lengthwise,   lc per sq. yd. extra.  Corrugated Key Lath sold under  measurement of the sheet before  corrugation.  --JU<t,flin-rr1 yw-a»mmwmm miii—iMManii iMmtsiummmmjmrmmmmnmmmmmwemnimm  Painting'—  Two-coat work, 40 lo 00c per yd.  Three-coat work, 75 to 00c  per yd.  Whitewashing,  10c per yard.  Plastering—(Material   Delivered)  Lime,  ?2.!)0  per bbl.  Fibre  Plaster,  $32.00   per  ton.  Plaster  Paris.  $30.00  per   ton.  Reinforcing Fabric, Expanded Metal,  2c to 10c per sq. ft., depending upon  weight.          .-..,illlWlllM».W.'"l"t»"'W"'MP^a*  Plumbing'—  From    $100  up,    per    fixture—Includ  ing roughing in. according to grade  quantity and runs.  Reinforcing Steel—  Base prlco for less than car lots $6.50  per 100 lbs.  Rooflnfr—(Asphalted) Local Manufacture  1 ply  $3.50  per  108  ft. roll.  2 ply.  $4.00 por 108  ft. roll.  3 ply.  $1*00"per  108   ft.   roll.  Ashphalt Saturated fe'lt,  $4.CO per 432  ft.   roll.  Five ply tar and gravel. $7.50 and  up  per   square.  Asphalt   Pitch,   bbls.   about   500   lbs..  $37.00   per   ton.  Structural Steal—$180.00 por ton.  Thia quotation Is an average for comparatively   small   quantities.  Light   truss   work  higher,   plain   benin  and   column   work   in   large   quantl  ties,  less.  TIlo— (Material-Delivered)  Drain  Tile. 3-inch, 7  per ft.  Drain  Tile,  4-lricb. 8c per ft.  .Sowor Pipe,  4-ineh,  20c  per ft.  Tile—(Not Laid)  White  Glazed,   00c per  ft.  Colored  Enamels,  95c  per ft.  Colored  Matt  Enamels,  $1.10 per  ft".  Faience. $2.25 and up per ft.  Lusters, $2.50 and up  per ft.  •  Uustn Veterotis, $1.50 and up per ft.  Wiii to  Mosaic  Floor,  $1.10  per ft.  Colored  Mosaic  Floor.   $1.30  per  ft.  Promenade Quarry Tile. $1.10  por v'i..  Vanecr Panols—  3  Ply Fir, '4-Inch thick, good one aide.  15c.  per sq.   ft.  .** Ply FD, Vi-lnch thick, good one side,  24c  per sq. ft.  3  Ply   Fir.    Vfj-inch    thick,   good    two  sides,  20c  per .sq.  ft.  mmm—m—gmtmmm**MmmwmmM'MMwmmm*mmnMmmmmmmmJmm. ^•^mmmmmtimmmmmmmmmfmmmmmmmimtamtmr  Wall Board—  Empire  Planter hoard, 55c per sq. yd.  Rtiborold Wall Board, $50.00 i>er M.'fr. ■>*•-,
325 Howe SL Sey. 3768--Bay.ll28R
Artistic Wire I iron Works
Ornamental Iron "Work and
all  kinds of Wire  Work.
.'      Contractors Plant
We carry over thirty carloads of  New and Used Equipment.    Hoists, Mixers, Dump Cars, Boilers and Engines.
Steam and  Centrifugal  Pumps.    Rails of all weights.
It will pay and save tiaio to get. our prices.
312-1 ti   Dufferin   St.
Fair.   SSG44*
Roofing Co.Ltd;
TC-HnilH,     FKZ.T    AJH>    CJKAVKt.    BOOrel.'S.       .
"Pair. 1267 £23 7th Ave. West
9316 3
—-%.    (
Lathing and Piastertng Con'tr's
SEY. 838 HIGH. 1108
the   roziztowz-sra   tasm   shows   bxtiz.»ihgs   costing    B5.000    OB    ovsa,    ON    WSICE    CONS'-r-atrCTlClS    IS
Baynes &
General    Contractors
836 Howe St. Seymour 1363
Bay.   1013
2120-2130   Cedar
General Contractor
Cabinet Maklns Fixtures
Sey. 1163 1285 Pepder St. W.
General    Contractor*
Credit Foncier Bids.   Vancouver, B.C.
Company, Limited
General Contractors
509 Richard* St.   -    Sey. 8320
Alterations    -	
Itc'sult jite  ,	
(■;a«   I'lant   	
is tort;   VAdg ■
li.vr-'iV'.tlOtl   &    1*111	
ConM}l'*tl'»K   Kasldonce   ...
i!C.-Science   ;•■
HitCh  Scliool  	
i'Luh  School 	
Aflilltl£'".> t« residence  ...
Dwelling *	
I >w c-.llIns;   	
I.'oinodi'l   J'uilding  .-'-'	
lU^idonce    *—-	
Brick   Liidj,-	
Addn.  to  Elevator  	
Store   Addns	
Horse  Staules  : ...„J45,000
Slow   Bids ._.-H5.000
Pier  , $4,500,000
Residence""- -   «10'?™
Kesidence"_...- —■■■ -  *°-;»™
Residence  ..:.  *5,000
Residence   |5'5?°
Residence - ■'--- W™
Residence   *6<000
Residence  1 - -  *9'°°CA
school ..::...:. - : - »5o.°00
Residence    -:  If,000
Residence  -  -• ; »10*000
Parish Hall  ~  $0,000
*\'barf   •"- ■'• S^00
Residence  - •—	
location   Owner
Cordova St David Spencer Ltd.
   57S,00'>   Marine- Orive  H- !->• Holers
 $:j40,0D0 ; l-'ulac Cror-k   ..Vancouver Cias-Co.
'IliN-'iO  l'end»r St.  K H.   F. Tonj,'
'.00  Bloat rit-jv. .SI...J-*. C.   Paramount Ltd.
 Si": 0.0 00
McLeod'Sheet Metal, Works''
"Tnrnacea, ■'.. Xttio&ng,    Cornices;    Skylights   and   G-eneral  Sheet   Matal '•'.:
.."""Work' '.-■.•
Seymour  7177
1042  Richards  St.
Architect  :   Contractor •
 dominion   Constr.   Co.
Bernard C. Palmer....Dominion iJons-t.t'o (
350   Gth  Ave.
V.J "'"'■"■
Pair  4656
Sey;   824 Sey
1256 Pender St. "W.
Sey.- 7965 "Night-Phone Sey. 637
>E!ectr!cal, Engineer And
B02 Kast. St. W.   ,:     /Vancouver, B. C.
 SY.   H.   Chr.-A-
Driving,   Wharves,  Briasres,
Foundations, etc.
407 Cordova SL TV.
Seymour 10S3
 '       -J
Scy. 7920
Standard Bank Bid*
Industrial Engineers
SeymoiT 3535 501 pacific Bldg
Residence  -	
3   story' bids -	
Dry Dock  - —~
Residence  -	
Terminal Improvement-	
Residence ..,'..... —•—	
Residence  —
GaraKO  : -	
Residence  --	
tractory ..: *	
Residence " -'-' — "
si evidence -'.». '*  -■
i   Stoo*" Tile Wftreliottfro	
Addition -,-  •
Inyt-ninp - "..» -
5  IJusltlfnci'S 	
Coat BDiikerin^ Plant 	
Alters,   to  Residence .....
Itoaidencrt", •'	
AKoratlons  -.—-
A lter«.iions   	
Residence    -	
D-iiry   BldK"	
'•.»"!<■ r   Hot>ce   	
Residence  -	
.;  $14,000
 _  $7,000
S 5.001)
Avenue   "!/.'   Sliauj-'litiessy ir.   Rector
I'ull.'Uttyne Pier  Dom.  Govmt.
.•<htiushtit-SHy Heights   A. 1> Tnlk
Cor.nantfht Drive  C.  R McAllister
Matthews Ave. & ,\lex'dr:i. ...r. R. liuncnn
Houth  ViLiicouvcr... So. V;tn. School i'orxrd
M.'trpoh-  Pt. *Un-y S'-hool P-oard
131*2  Pine Street  W. McLean
ShftttKhnosKy ifcixmis  B.  I:. llamher
C57 9 M:tplc St !'.  R. Murray
JtJSG  13th Ave.  U" **V. iJ.  Darsavel
Oran. & Robson Sts Royal l!k. ol' Can.
Ft.   Core  Ave Can.   Pishing  Co.
Seymour & Pender ..Toronto Trusts Crp.
1775   30th  Avo.  W C.   J.   Philiip.S
15th   Ave.  "W : Cosmo   Bruce
;',2rd & Connaught Dr B. A. Shatford
tioymour at Dunsmuir H. A. Jones
1005  0th Ave. W "S*. McLennan
121-5 Pender K K. IX. Long
Fairmont' Barracks  Dom.  Govt.
5S-60 Hastings St. E Chas. Gross
Ft. Heatley Ave Dom. Govt.
■J838 Ave. "K"  .'..J. T. Devine
«7G Selkirk  F. B. Wilson
3909 Heather St J. Macltay
C555 Laburnum Mrs. A. L, Ramage
3805 37th Ave. W. C. TV. Copp
C560 Angus St A. E. Philips
Magee Rd. nr. Granville.'...F. F. Suckling
Jackson & Pender St. E...„'....School Board
6076   Laburnnm..- A.  J.   Hammond
45S7  Ave.  "F'\.:.. : -Wra. Love
2001—1st Ave. E.>....St. Saviour's Church
JTolJyburn   - Dominion  Gov't
35th  Ave. \V. of Arbutus .!Iva Smith
\\'olf Ave., Shaughnessy R. W. Sharpe
1000 blk. Gran. St.„.G. G. Heather & Co.*
Burrard Inlet  —J. Coughlan & Sons'
5630 Blenheim St. .'G. H. Ferguson.
153S  SStlv Ave. AV. :~~. B.'H. S.
$350,000 | Upper False Crotk. C. K. Kly.
$12,000  '33rd AV. \y. & Gran.  St —-D. Shantz
:_„ $8,000  ,6592  Maple St Dr. J. X. McLaren
1790   Angus Ave _ R.  Kelly
Ave.' A, Shaughnessy C. A." Calkins
Crrairvillo Island..Pacific Jlooilng.Co'., Ltd
35.10  21st Ave. \V Mrs.  Alice Sedore"
122-1   20th Ave. W._ H. "SV.  Chapman
\Vati-f St. Kear Caml>ie....Vanc.Trad; Co,
'l't.'ii T*h A\c. \V, ..Alexandra "Orphanage
251-1   Cornwall St _ —-G. E, White
Pt. Grey Kd.& Balaclava, Fred Melton
Vancouver' - - C. P.  R.
3S90 Hudson Ave...'. -'-.M. Dollar
ISftl  S5th Ave. W..". Thomas & Dawson
301-21   Cordova  St.   W Merc. Mtge. Co.
4*abor Temple  _	
Cambie St. Grounds.
3.';rd Ave. Wc-sU	
t.f,<>x  Laburnum  ::..
2707  35th Ave.  W	
13S   Pender St.  E	
2025  12th A\e.  W	
.Angus  Ave	
S30    G4th   Ave.   W.
14th  & Arbutus..
131 Pt-ndor St. W-
41 10 1'ins Street ..
305 i   1st  Aw.   \V...
,    ....$10,000
....   $S,000
.   $5,000
.  S5.000
...   $5,000
'..;    $8,500
,    $10.S60
...   $9,000
'    $30,000
 I.  $5,500
Tho;;.  Lamb.  7-oron:o.'...Dom.  Conatr.  Co. \
J*ownley <t Mathc-son. Supervis';; Arch'.s.
Mackenzie & Bow Blackley &. Co.
 Grant   &  McDonald
Bernard C.  Palmer J. K. Sinclair
Maclure & Lort J. S. Crowell
Gardiner & Mfreer  Day Labor
Twizell. Birds & Twi/.ell Peter TardirT
Twizell, Birds & Twizell Owners
 G.  Churchill   &  Son
B.   C.   Palmer   T.   L.   Gray
 , _A.   I-T.   Cromie
Card.  & Mercer..Hodg.son, King A Marble
Owners  A. W.  Quist
James  A.   Benzie   	
Bowman &  Cullerne  Owner
 I-'aulds,   McQueen  &  Pearce
Bowman & Cullerne Baynes & Hone
Contractor      W.  H".   Chow
Dept. of Works _ P.obt. Moncrieff
....I C. IT. Taylor Constr. Co.
Dept. of Works Northern Constr Co.
 .'. Geo.  Churchill & Son
 _ _  Owner
„  Owner
 _ _ Davies   &  Morrison
  „ _  Owner
Townley & Matheson Chas. W. Purdy
 ,.  Day Labor
 A. L.  Ramage
Gardner & Mercer FV T. Sherborne
Contractor F. W.   Mellish
Dept. of Works William  Greenlees
James A. Benzie '.Archibald Rogers
Townley & Matheson S. Is.  McLeod
Honeyman & Curtid.. .C-H-Taylor Con. Co.-
Owners   Owners
 Geo. Churchill  & Son
.'. .\ ."  F.  Bouck
 Pacific Constr.  Co.
H. H. Gillingham  _ _ ~ Owner
  _ _ .....S. X. 'McLeod
 _ Hodgson,  King &  Marble
Jl. H- Gillingham  „ V. Rigg
 _ Hartley  &  Co.
 .• .-. _  Owner
Dalton   &   Eveleigh .'.Sn:"dt;r   Bros.
A. E. Henderson ,.J. IC Sinclair
."._ 7"T. .- Modern Constr. Co
Owner _ ,. Owner
Owners  Vickers  Contr.   Co.,  Ltd.
Townley & Matheson....? W. J. Read
Owners   Owners
 J.   D.  Jamieson
.Prov. Govmt, I Public Wks. Dept Thos.  Carson
 City  of Vane. S Owners       Owners
 1. -E. Jeremy   _     Owner
Phone Praser 178 X   446 45th Ave. E.
Company, Limited
Sey. SS12 539 Main Street
Specialist   iii .Cement   Work
*    "FI.AIW    ACT    CaNAaEXTTTAIi
Bay.   2535-E. 3523   Third   Ave.   W.
Percy F.Letts
Electrics! Engineer and Contractor
-   — t
HigOt-Clasa   "Electrical   Wort
and   "Fixtures
3041   Granville St.
Bay.   441
Ft.   Victoria  Drive  .     highland  701
-   H.  'HUTCHINSON,   PROPRIETOR     '   "   ,1
Sey. 9478
"735 Kelmcken St.
247 Hastings St, t
Sey. 3856
•411 HOWE ST.
SEY. 1991
Commercial Photographers
1968 j
12G Duncan Bdz
Sey. 2<
 W. Thomson
 F. W.  Bouck
 Merchants   15a nk
 _ J. M. Steves
 : J.   M.  Doyle
 _ ,..T.   T.   Gaiitl
....Var.c. Erewerv Co.
...Parks & Macl>onald
 C. J. Phillips
 Fred.  Milton
B.  Bvans & Son.
 ,   Owner
Kins &   Marble
    John   Nixon
Hawes & Rowlatt
 :   D.   Xunn
328 Birk's Bids'.
Ssymour 4606
- i
Palmer Bros.
General   Contractor*
929 Main St. Sey. 4878
Anything in Sheet .Metal and Roofing.
S. T. Scarlett, XffT.
757   Beatty   St. Sey.  7645
V   —
'    SASK   and   DOOBS—OFFICE
Basdsawliiff and Tanas?, etc.
1730  Semlia   Drive Highland   374
ItSS Vtnablei St
High lass M2
Robertson & Partners Ltd.
Public Works Contractors
»       and Engineers
Sey. 1274     422 Metropolitan
Bay.   1602 R.
Bay.  33702306  BtephMM  St
„,C1,T Fraser 205 I<
Fair. 2388_*fi_ ^       355 50th Avo, E.
*air. 8388:
3241 St. Ooorffo ST
p.oys   Training
21   Cottaces 	
Reclamation   Work
Boys'   Training
Milk   Condcnsory
pqwer  Plant  ......
School v——
Bank  ..
Bank :-	
Bank   ..—.	
School    :	
Stock  Barn  	
Bank   ....-	
2-Story Tile Warehouse...
-•-Story Shop  -	
School    ■	
School   Addn --
Assembly liall 	
Coal Bunkerlns* Plant 	
Coal  BunkerinK Plant 	
Coal Bunkering Plants
Coal Bunkering Plant .
Coal Bunkering Plant .
Coal Bunkering Plant .
Ferry   Landings  	
Extensions to Church....
School....: .....S79.200
"" ' . „.. SG5.000
yyzy. $42,000
"' ^....$174.500
"v""""'.:.  $11,000
 '.'".. $10,000
"."""".'.".'    $12,000
""......    $35,000
. $13,050
. $24,970
. $.11,500
... $5,000
 $1 5.74S
.'.'.".. $6,250
Location  _ -  Owner
Alberni to Great Central Lake C.P.R.
Coquitlam  Prov. Govmt.
Powell River  Powell River Co.
Sumas Lake -.—... Prov.  Govmt.
Coquitlam Prov.   Govt.
.Abbotsford. Fraser .Valley Milk Prod's
Alice Arm.... Taylor Engineering  Co.
Lynn Valley .......No. Vane. School Dist.
Penticton Bank of Hamilton
Stuart Lake Com. Govmt.
Williams  Lake.... Can.  Bank of  Com.
West Summerland ....Can. Bank Of Com.
Penticton ...School  Board
Annacis Island-Annacis Stock Farm Ltd.
Anyox  Can.  Bank of Commerce
Summerland   .....Summerland  Hosp.
Mission.  B.  C - T.  E.   Cutler
Xorth Vancouver Wallace Shipyards
Wood   Lake.   B.   C Prov.   Govmt.
 Prov. Govmt.
 Royal  Bank
 Prov.   Govmt.
 Prov.   Govm't
...Robt!   Dollar   Co.
 .-. C. P.  R.
Vunderhoof, B.  C.
Langley  Prairie...
Armstrong    ....
Powell   River  	
Golden,  IJ. C	
Kuby Creek 	
Notch  Hill &  Sicamous C.  P.  R.
Revelstcke  C. P. R.
Albert  Canyon   C.  P.  R.
Beaverniouth     C.  P.  R.
Woodward's-Ladner    Prov.   Govmt.
Vernon,  B. C Presbyterian Church
Prince   Rupert   ....
 Prov.   Govm't
Architect    _  Contractor
 Foundation   Co.
Pub. Wks. Dept Robertson & Partners
Owners  Leonard C.  Stevens
Prov. Govmt Marsh,  Bourne Co,
Pub. Wks. Dept Robertson & Partners
 .Ir.Sloan & Harrison
..^...................„J..... :...W.  V.  Hunt
Blackadder & Mackay......Baynes & Horie
A. D. Acheson R. N. Wyatt
Dept. of Indian Affairs....Robt. Moncrieff
■Wm. Fredk.  Gardiner  ....Thos.  Wyley
Wm. 'FrecVk, Gardiner....:. Thos.  Harvey
Bell & Curtis .......: M. A. Clark
Wm. Fredk. Gardner....Sloan & Harrison
Vi'm. Fredk Gardner-Foundation Co., B.C.
 ;....H.  W.  Harvey
A.   E.   Henderson — Owner
Owners -  Owners
Dept. of  Works   F. P.   Rogers
Dept.   of   Works Thomas   Carson
Gardiner & Mercer.. H.  P. Leek
Dept   of Works H.  J. Davies
Public  Wks.  Dept Thomas   Carson
Townley   &  Matheson Rodger  Bros.
Owners  ...J. H. Summons, Winnipeg
Owners Nickson   Construction  Co.
Owners W. D. Grant
Owners  .Simmons & Eby
Owners  .' J.  Forsyth  & Co.
Owners  .....Sidney E.  Junkens Co.
Public Wks. Dept Boyd .& Jackson
 1   George Calder
Public  Works  Dept Mitchell" &  Currie
A    100%
Advertising Medium
1   Vbon* S«y. 3X6
518 Ponder W.
Alterations,   otc.
1350 8th Ave. W.       Bayview 2278
Public Works Contractors
Office 813-S15 Bower Bldg.
Vancouver, B, C.
Telephone*,  Seymour 8585-8586
Salt* 5, Fairfield Bldg-.. *4S Gran. St?
rolntlnff  adA liiai»„Spr«yiJnr Machine* for Interior A Exterior Work
446 Homer'St
Sey.  5SOT,
v,v ?k*;
12 Haste St I
Sey. 1224
Fhcae Seymour 1878.
Makers of
Switch Boards, Panel Board*, Steel j
Cabinets, etc. [
Switches designed and built for any|
special work.
Industrial Island      Vancoarer, B.
Telephones Sey. 6191-6192
"We carry a large stock of
"NORTHWEST LIME" manufactured in Victoria and which we are
prepared to furnish Building Contractors and Plasterers at lowest
prevailing prices.
804 Standard-Bank Building:
& Company Ltd.
Manufacturers of
Office and Factory
108 Georgia ST., E.     Seymour 8551
Office:    Sey. 7075      Res.: Fair. 213SL
J. H. Healey
825 Birk« Bids*.
Vancouver, B C.
■will And the
Orpheum Cafe
an ideal meeting place for the Luncheon Hour. The Best of Everything,
Prompt Service, Moderate Charges.
Seating capacity 250.
762 Granville Street
Opposite Orpheum Theatre
Jas. Dwyer, Proprietor and Chef
Fairview Sand
& Gravel Co,,
Granville Isld.
l\", J:-i.:'i'.-.~ -:/'  'fen*"*--  rl,.-l I  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  T>  M & ANDERSON  FLUMBING & HEATING  international  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180   .  106Q Homer St.  Vancouver B,  BUILDING PERMITS AMOUNTING OVER $750.00  Number  r-oecrivtioa  Cost   Street Addvasn  Iiot and Block  J  Subdivision  Architect  Contractor  AddTdBB  Owner  Adiirws  f"  FRASER RIVER  Co., Limited  P. A. Jones, Wgrx.  WHARF BUILDING, BRIDGES,  PILE  FOUNDATIONS, ETC.  Owners   of   Tu«r   "CllvoM  fieneral Towing;  524   FRONT  ST.  NEW WESTMINSTER  TELEPHONE'1015  a&E <sa8f Mi  in  m  .3.  KI&  ss^sners  and' Manufacturers ot  i.  El  €  « RADSANT LIGHTS  For Commercial Lighting  8? 51 ST  9»  CTMC C&SAWSEL1EHS  546   Howe  Phooe Scy.  Street  *p» *^>  SSL  Vw  B.C. CONSTRUCTION NEWS-  LOCAL AND PROVINCIAL BUILDING, TENDERS   WANTED,   BRIDGES,   HIGHWAYS   ETC.  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS  LIGHT and POWER MOTOR REPAIRS STORAGE BATTERIES  The Jarvis Electric Company, Ltd. ■  N*_  570  Blcharda  St,  'Phono   Beyroonr   175  -*•*»  The  ROOFING  and  PAVING  MATERIALS  Cor. lOtli Avo. and Arbutus St.  Company  LIMITED  Send   for   color    card   of   BARRETT'S  VELVEX   CREOSOTE   SHINGLE    STAINS  Phonos:  COAL  - TAR  PRODUCTS  Bay. 63 ana 64  Walter Murray  Ernie Hurray  Murray Bros., Ltd.  PLUMBING and HEATING  CONTRACTORS  36  lc  SEYMOUR 8614  137 Powell St.    -       Vancouver. B.  VANCOUVER PE3M7S  12S25—John     Coulter    garare,  Broadway W., $100.  1282G—Mrs. E. Gould, alterations,  756 Robson St., $625, R. Sharp, 416  Yorkshire Bldg., Contr.  12S27—G. Williams, addition,- 1441  7th Ave. E., $650, A. Wright, 2322  Nanaimo St., Contr.  SITUATION 'WA1TTE"D  SUPEKINTElf-DENT or BUttDEBS'  General Foreman deaires position; experienced in general construction, reinforced concrete, detailing', estimating, and general routine. Advertiser,  Box 100, Record.'  WILL SEEK TO  IMPROVE  HOUSING CONDITIONS  E.A.BAILEY  Plumbing :  and  Steamfitting  1027 Howe St.  Vancouver. B.C. -  1 Phone Sey. 136  Res. Bay. 77  ,V,  Point Grey Building Supply  , coicvAjrr     i;  Sand, Gravel. Torpedo Gravel.'.Crushed  fcock. Brick. Iiime.'Flaster, Cement; etc  SCREENED.PLASTERING 8AND  Eburne 6I>2 Antrum St.'-ft BKutoe Or.  aKARTOU:, B. C."  "T  A. SommertiUr  . s>. -   ~ '■ ■  l'"r  E. Elliott  Sheet  PLUMBING    HEATING  VENTILATING  560 Cambie St.,    ;■ Sey. 620  DIXON & MURRAY  MANUFACTURERS OF      **-  SHOW CASES, OFFICE  . and STORE FITTINGS  GENERAL CARPENTEJ! WORK  . (Continued from page 1)  ence will be devoted to the subject.  Tt is hoped the meetings will bring  forth a constructive programme." Besides members of the council, presidents and' secretaries of all organizations which are in the chamber have  been invited to attend the housing sessions. These invitations are extended,  in view of'the fact that most organiza  tions have "been brought face to face  with? the" housing situation in " otoe  form or another.'  Other questions will come before the  council. A nominating committee will  be named to suggest candidates for  membership on the board of directors.  Terms of 18 members of the board.will  expire at the next annual meeting of  the chamber in the spring. Questions  having to do .with the chamber's  \ J machinery of operation will be discussed. ' - '. " -  ' The subject of housing will be approached by the conference from three  directions:         ,       L        , . -  The social and civic effects of a  shortage of housing.  Building industry phases, including  the effects of a stagnation of building  on business conditions.  Industrial housing—i. &., the housing of employees by industrial establishments.  K  H. Mitchell  B. J. Mitchell  A. H. MITCHELL  AND COMPANY  Plumbing -'Heating  Sheet  Metal  GET OUR PRICES FIRST  564 Richards St.  Sey.  17S1  mode 2} stores on the Main atreot, a  big addition to the Tncola hotel and  the doubling up of the Penticton Cooperative Growers' warehouse. With  the gradual drop in the cost of building materials it is believed that a  great many houses will -be constructed  next season as there'is a considerable  shortage in town even despite the fact ■  that more than 150 dwelling places  ■were constructed this year.  It is claimed that Penticton's building activity, per capita is not approached by any other r'P.ce in Canada.  ARCHITECTS  The  HOUSE OPENS.ON FED 8  The opening of the B. C. Legislature on February S is announced in  the current issue of The B. C. Gazette.  It will.be the first session of the fifteenth Legislature and will be officially  | opened by His Honor, Lieutenant-Governor W. C. Xichol.  Murphy   In-A-Dor   Bed  WILL  ENABLE YOUR  CLIENTS  TO  BUILD THEIR  HOMES  WITHIN  YOUR   ESTIMATE.  It will cut 500 to  1OO0 from the Construction Costs without lecsonin* the  convenience in any way.  It in a real bed—not a malceshlft—and in mudo ia las four standard size*  and finishod in Vernla Martin, White Enamel, Walnut and  "Mahogany,,  "Descriptive literature gladly mailed on  application.  H. D. SUTHERLAND  .MURPHY  "DCOB BED  CO.,   Or  WESTERN   CANADA  X,TS.  306 Carter Cotton Bid?. Vancouver, B. C.  J  S'  r"  .J  W. A. BROWN  LIMITED  PLUMBERS  213 Fowell St.  Sey. 770  PAINTING, PAPER HANG-  INS and'KALS0M1NING  Sey. 8765      Sey. 8738  1065 Dunsmuir Sf.  I  HARDWOOD FLOORS  " Stay - Put V.. Brand  KILN DRIED  -KEPT DRlf ,,  STAY Df&Y  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co.  37  j  Limited  PENTICTON'S  PERMITS  NEARLY   HALF   MILLION  PENTICTON (Special)— PenMcton's  building permits for 1A20 amount to  34-10.G24, according to figures frcjm the  office of Building Inspector J. C. Du-  fresre. These permits mean a total  building expenditure for the year of  about. $630,000.       *  This figure is greatly in excess of  the total for other years in Penticton  and apparently marks the commencement of a building era in the community as prospects for 1921 are excellent  not oii'Iy. for "many ;ne.w:;dwe!lint$.'ipu«-  .?-.■ >""'■ nlso for at least'   two'   large  Gas The 100% Fuel]  Gas is the fuel you can ,  depend on as to supply,  control and cost.  Does - away *with  the  fuel 'pile- haluage- ash  and smoke.  There is also a distinct saving over old  methods.  Vancouver Gas Co.  STEEL -JOBBERS   REDUCE  PRICES ON  PRODUCTS  425  Phone Seymour 5000  Carrall 3138 Granville  WRIGHT BROS.  - BUILDERS -  SEY. 3315       5!l DUNSMUIR ST.  2G17 Gran. St.  Bay. 12;  Definite'Prospects'  A\e sehd-'.vou.-a. bis. steady, daily  stream of them and give you reliable   information   of   contracts  l^lrnr awarded.  "Maclean  Reports  ■cut  down   your  .scilinB   expense.  '.Your   salesmen   work   on  definite  "prospects—riot     on    mere,    hear-  • ■„'say "tips."  Building & Engineering  Contracts are" heing let lh hundreds-!—dozens riKht in your territory. ' MaeL.ea.ii. Daily lieports  on the desk every morning are a  business sold mine for others,  why  not you.  too? .j  _ Write for full information.  JttacXiean Dally "Reports; limited.  212 Winch. Blder., Vancouver, B.C,  Telephone—Seymour 2013.  fCoatlnuad  from pasr«  1> .  announcements of like reductions by  Chicago, Cleveland and* New England  warehouse interests.   In Chicago"warehouse-   merchants    are now    quoting  plates,- shapes  and mars  at  the corporation level..  .Blue annealed sheets  are quoted .in this "city at"4.68"cents:,  black six cents, and galvanized, 7.35  cents base from stock.-   In Cleveland  blue  annealed   sheets" are   quoted   at  five cents,1 black at 5.90 and galvanized at'7.25 cents, while plates, shapes  and bars are held at 3.C4, 3.34 and 3.3-1  cents, respectively.  Operations at the furnaces and steel  mills continue to decline, and in the  Shenango Valley alone there are approximately 5000 men idle.   In this district five out of fourteen blast furnaces are  blowing.    The  Carnegie Steel  Co. is operating 13 of 35 open hearth  furnaces.    The Brier Hill Steel Co. is  operating   at   about   50   per   cent,   of  capacity and the Republic Iron & Steel  Co. under 60 per cent., while four of  , the   nine   sheet  mills  of  the   Sharon  j Steel   Hoop   Co.   are   active.     In   the  I Mahoning    Valley    the    Youngstown  Sheet &. Tube Co. is producing at five  ■ of its six furnaces, tho Carnegie Steel  ! Co.   five, out   of   six,   the   Brierl   Hill  Steel Co., one out of two.', Taken as  a '..whole,;-operations in the: Shenango  and  Mahoning Valleys--are  about  50  per cent, of capacity, 28 of the''46'blast  furnaces only being active, l  — ■ __    ;      _ .__^  ii  NEVER LEAK" Asphalt Roof Products  Ready Roofing - Roof Gum - Roof  Coating - Lap Cement  Saturated Felt  PACIFIC  ROOFING CO., Limited  MANUFACTURERS  Seymour   1186 IrfcJustrlal Island  Vancouver, B.C.  Campbell & Grill  SatAbUsntd 1905  Roof ins Contractors  TAX. WXWDOW*— Fats  SOOmSr-SMOXE-STACXS—KOT-AZm  rtmWAOT—VENT-n-.AT2KQx PAHS—BtOW    PCPZHO— ^^  SKYZaOKTS—OBITCBAI. JOBBXVO  1238 Bftymonr St.  Vancouver, B. C.  Saymoar 8»B1  KEYSTONE  ROOFING  to    a   British   Columbia   Product  *_**£_lM£Jtajav^^  need.  to   m«ot   tha   iaan  Sales Agent*  Smith, Davidson & Wright, Limited  Vancouver and  Victoria, B.C.  PILING and POLES  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length — any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO., LTD.  X021-1024 Rogers Building Seymour 3998-3999  MAIST3N - SENOUR  100    PURE PAINT  COSTS LESS PER JOB THAN ANY CJKER PAINT ON THE MARKET AND LASTS LONGER  See Tho Guarantee On The Can  ■.'■-■.■-';.'..■''VANCOUVER FACTORY:   1505 POWELL STREET  All 'persons suffering from leaking basements and  to communicate with the B G. MPERMEALITE  LTD,, 328 Rogers Bldg., who can remedy your trouble by  application of their products, which make concrete,  fc,"-'stone'and stucco permanently impervious to miois-  walls  CO.,  £©  nave  sai  isf  Hers.  othe  " Made lit Vancouver "  r  QILLEY BROS., Limited  DEALERS IN  CRUSHED  ROCK    -   SAND   ■   GRAVEL  ALL   KINDS   OF   BUILDING   MATERIAL  902  Columbia Street West  Phone 15 and IS New Westminster, B.C.  ../  Et8lfilParticui!ars and  infornmaition on AppBlcation  The BX. IMPEMEAUTE  OFFICE: 328 Rogers Bldg. Phone: Sey. 9260  m9  FACTORY Fairview  •v-  ■ SHIP IRONWORK - BOLTS - NUTS  and 'STEEL-CASTINGS'- FIRE ESCAPES  PBPE afsd FITTINGS - POLE LINE HARDWARE  WE  OAliVAWriZE  "BV"a"S"!rTHING BY HOT "P"aOC"B8S  Jrk I   I . WORKS  Fairmont 971 Office and Works/225 - 5th W. Vancouver, B. C.  f  REPORTS  GURNET HEATIMG EQUIP!  T  566 Beatty St  For Steam, Hot Water or Warm Air, Will Be Found Most Reliable And  Especially so When  Installed  by  Competent  Engineers.  THE GURNET FOUNDRY CO., Limited  Seymour 7596  SUCCESSORS    TO  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  Phone Seymour 7255 11SO Homer Street  Vancouver, B. C.


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