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 t-t,  . .1  t->-  l«  'A  r,  T-i's  :-!;Tr.'j,ma  RECORD   PUBLISHING -CO.,   Vancouver, Publishers.  "07  Covering British Columbia.  Vol.  14,  No. 28,   Friday,  Feb.  15,  1918  ■!&:.  WE CAN*SUPPLY  SH# STtEL  Plates and Shapes to Lloyd's Specifications  WILKINSON   COMPANY LIMITED  846 Beach Avenue Vancouver, B.C.  Carter Electric Co.  LIMITED  WIRING CONTRACTORS  WHOLESALE and RETAIL  Electrical Supplies  630 Granville St.  'PHONE SEY. 1224 VANCOUVER  COTTONWOOD VENEER  Three Ply,   Waterproof  A  British Columbia product.    Made J^-in.,'-ft-ln". and '!^-inl-: thYck.' -..' ■  Suitable for any purpose for which lumber can be used.  See Our Sample  Display.  Wm. N. O'NEIL Co.,  Tel. Sey. 4795-6.  LOCAL DISTRIBUTORS.  548-550 Seymour St.  BUILDINO   PEQMITS   AMOUNXIVO   TO   8500   OS   OVES ISSUED  AT  THE  VANCOUVER CITY HALL TESTEBDAT  Number  Peucrlptioa  Cost  Street Address  Z,ot   and Block  Subdivision  Architect  Contractor  Address  Owner  Address  Building Material  Phone 2988  Ft of Columbia av  "Large quantities best grade TAR  PAPER, BUILDING PAPER, ROOFING FELT carried in stock"  Mundy, Rowland & Co.  ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS  AND  CONTRACTORS  Power  Installations  General Electrical Construction  'PHONE SEYMOUR 1145  Standard Bank Building  VANCOOVEI -  WINNIPEG  'fill  ■ lTr.;;':-;.?rs:  iw  m  Lumber   Veneer    Panels,   Etc,  Our Stock is the Mott Complete on the Pacific Coa.t  We are also Sole.  Agents   for  the  , Celebrated "Beaver Brand" Maple  and Birch Flooring.  J. FYFE StalTH CO. LIMITED  1320 Richards St.  Vancouver, B. C.  BUILDING NEWS %  And Conotruction Work not otherwise*?*  Classified. *  3UILDTNG PERMITS.  9017—R. E. Johnston, b d. garage,  31G3—3rd Ave. \V., $100.  9018—W. Holden, alter bldg., cor. Columbia and Hastings St., $G0.  •;*^j^K-«>*>**!-»**^>*:^<-^*-:***iv****i**,i**  i BUSINESS NOTES.     - '%  ,'£and  other  Items  of   interest  to  the*  J. business man. ***  •i«^^»>4^^>^^***i***><i>^«i>*>#*->*«fr***  WOLFSON'S BAY—The Brooks &  Bidlake Cedar Company have purchased all the cedar in the old*; "J" lease,  own^d by the Hastings Mill Company  at ^Volfscn,s Bay.  LADNER — Ordinary school esti-  Granville St. states that plans are now \ mates for $11,500 were passed by the  j being prepared for ten residences to! Delta council Saturday; extraordinary  j be erected in Vancouver in the near. estimates to the amount of $3,500 were  j future. Details are not available at laid over for further consideration.  ! present.  /'VANCOUVER—F. 51'.    Dickey,    751  <- i  '    4> ■>  THE HOLDEN CO., Ltd.  •    GENERAL RAILWAY * CONTRACTORS  x     ;"*• -   ;7   ^SUPPLIES     --        . - --*   -  r *l        ^r A *■     '■', 1^? it '  11   ••     Sole Auantm In Connda For " '    i  •  Ghlca^a^PrtaunriaHc^TooJ Go.,   ■;  r-r' Rlveirnai'*fOhippinq^HaWftrteVSr-t.lttte *Glant^ DrlhswOuntwy  '•r^'vettjur.^ T0Po,s.-Rock Drl„t;  Air Compressors;  Fuel Oil and Ga« Engines. ,  Boyer  HMtrast,!TsrMtt;^  t. - WWpSf- -v- ^  v*  'av* -  VANCOUVER—It is now practically  certain that Hodgson & King will be  CALG-ARY—Grant   Halls   "vice*president of the C. P. R-, stated that there j  is a. "good possibility of the establish-  f awarded the contract to erect the Do-,.^^ q£ a,union depot,at Calgary for  FRANK DARLING & CO.  PNEUMATIC TOOLS  66  THOR  »*  'minion Government Freight sheds at  the foot of Salisbury Drive. Definite  word to  this  effect  has  not been Te-  Iceived from the East, however.  i * '>-,».     - - -" -   -.    <•   "   .  the C."P. 'R. and Grand Trunk Pacific  Roller Bearing Drills - Close Quarter Piston Air Drills---Rivetting Hammer?  Chipping Hammers -Wood Borers-Turbine and Electric Drills ,  High Speed Steel--Drills-Reamers. Etc.  Complete  Stock of Accessories  v:'^7pfS®f§|  L;;A:' sf-.A:M}M  wmM  "•'.WifSS  ^-'f'^AA;^Aff^sWS  .-'; :;A.-.Al>3As$Zi00,  A 144 HOMER ST.  Phone Sey. «*1p«>  •:'Ai;^-;mi^m-%  imz-mmm  •;^?A,AmMMm  ^^■a ?Mp!AjX^i Va.Mft  .-:/^vyXv.;-,s.sj:r-:v'>i^^¥-i:^riiH*  lines.  .VNCOUVER—Mr/ W. ' It  I05JEIRISDAI-.E —..The    Point  .Grey  ^rklkin 'couWfili^atsSbproves of "the item "in the  t.T'  '&iw&'3&?-  stated yesterday that the company had school board's  estimates for the cur-  Aiia..  LI ME  Diamond Brand has no equal  99.5 per cent pure  OBTAINABLE FROM ALL WELl KM YH DEALERS IN CITY ANfl COUNTRY  „     Pacific Lime Co., Limited  Works. Blubbsr Bay, B. C.  London, "Bug.  Montreal  Winnipeg-  Pacific Bid*.,Vancouver B. C.  Toronto  Vancouver, B. C.  not-icome to, any final decision' regard- * rent year of $26,500 ; for" an extension  lis >being autex-.'fg ,„;.  s^ it is probable, that definite'news%vall»  --PORT. MOODY—A, beginning   7ha>J "    "*"^ '   '   —*-- ,w-■ ~' '""  be ataila^ble -within-the"next few days! been made'with'the"extensive reno'va-  j  '* tions   of the  Tourist  Hotel,  which  is  \    VANCOUVER — Excavating    work e3Cpected to be completely finished byj  has   been   commenced   by   the  Davies early sprjn&.   At present workmen are.1  Construction Co., Credit Foncier Bldg. engagecj   m   substituting new  founda-l  on their contract to erect a one-story tions underneath the building. j  frame    building (Hydro-Thereapy   de-   J  partment), for the  Military  Hospitals      VANCOUVER—At this week's meet-j  Commission  on  the Vancouver Gener- ing of the Vancouver Board of Trade f  al Hospital site.   The contractors state the  question  of getting  fireboats   for  they are not ready at present to re- service   on   Burrard   Inlet   and   False <  ceive tenders on subcontracts. Creek was under discussion and it was j    . stated that it was the duty of the Har- j  _VANCOUVER-Chief   Justice   Hun- ^  Commissioners  to  see  that  8Uch.  ter has sanctioned an arrangement by fire protection was 1)rovided.  m,  S3  ■?:~v.-jfs  ^^ffii  BEAMS, CaTaUnrS&S, AjrGXBS, FLATEB, TXES, COIUMJlS  COUr££TKLT EQVIPPES rABBZCATZ^ra  SHOPS  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL COT, Ltd.  ■■ h;:  7SsS:|  ralrmont 3396 and 2397  Vancouver, B. O.  ,.,:-"^!,.;5&  ROBERT W. HUNT & CO., LTD.  ENGINEERS  INSPECTION-TESTS--!  »Mf  STEEL,     CEMENT,     BUILDINGS,     BRIDGES,     PIPE,     RAILS,     CARS,  LOCOMOTIVES,   SECONDHAND   EQUIPMENT,   CREOSOTED  MATERIAL.  LUMBER,  ETC.  OFFICE: 1601 STANDARD   BANK  BUILDING  SOB Hnstlnirs "W., Vancouver, B. C.  Cement Testing laDoraforyT BoTul 1001; Phy-ical Xestlnff taboratory. Boom Bl  Phone Sey. 2199  Resident Inspector* at Large Manufacturing Center*  ; which  the   British   Canadian   Lumber    'Company's mill at Port Alberni will be | OTTAWA—The belief is growing at  equipped with a $16,000 burner by the the capital that the government will  lessee. The mill is leased on a rental take over the Grand Trunk Pacific and  of so much per thousand feet of lum- operate it in conjunction with the Can-  bor.cut. If the rental averages $1600.adian Northern, the Intercolonial and  ^amonth during the term of the lease, other publicly owned railways, through  the lessor is to allow the lessee ?6000 the raiiway war board. The C. P. R.  ;roff the cost of the burner. ;wi]1 be. left as a privately owned line,  I    VANCOUVER-The  local   Board of competing with the government lines,  Trade is urging Sir George E. Foster, but under more control than at pres-  minister  of  trade  and   commerce,  to ent-  use his influence in attempting to.get  British Columbia cargoes for the vessels now under construction, here. Such  a move was made when  the steamer  War Dog was launched last year, but  nothing  cnuUl   be   dono   at   the   time.  However the minister managed to get  Hie War Viceroy here to load wheat.  Balfour. Guthrie & Co  GILLEY  . Limited  DEALERS   IN  Crushed Rock, Sand  and Grave!  All Kinds of Building Material  902 COLUMBIA STREET WEST  PHONE 15 AND 16 NEW WESTJVIIN3TEB, B. C.  NEW    WESTMINSTER—The    Government dredge Mudlark, in charge of  Captain Brown, was transferred from  this  port to Coquitlam  recently.    The  work of deepening the channel in front  of the shipbuilding ways there, in order  that   the   vessels   might   be   launched  with safety, was expected to take about  VANCOUVER—Tlie" Sidney   Rubber two menths. after which time it  was  Roofing Company, a concern which ap- understood that the Mud'ark would replied   to   the   City  Council   for a   free urn to this city,  water supply for ten years,  in return  for which  a  factory involving an  initial   outlay   of   $125,000   would   be   established here, has, according to a letter received  by  the mayor yesterday-  decided to locate at Port Moody.    No  details could be obtained from the local office of the company yesterday.  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  REINFORCING STEEL: —  largest stock of Mild Steel Bars in Western Canada.   We cut to  length.    Cold Twist and Bend Bars.  BOLTS:—  Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts.        We are  prepared  to furnish large orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  SPIKES—CAST  IRON  WASHERS,  ETC.    ' _   .  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  PORTLAND  CEMENT —  LIME — HYDRATED   LIME —  FIRE  CLAY  SCOTCH   FIRE  BRICK — BLACKSMITH  COAL — COKE  SEA COAL—PIG IRON — MANILA ROPE, ETC.  VANCOUVER  WINCH BUILDING  Private Ex. Sey. 9197  San Francisco, Los  Angeles, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  VICTORIA  BELMONT   BUILDING  1>l«)phone 5037  VICTORIA—During the week certificates  of incorporation  have been issued to  the  following concerns:   Welfare   Club,   Ltd.,   ? 10,000,   Vancouver;  Central Athletic    Club,    Ltd.,   $10,000,  Vancouver;    Port   Edward   Fisheries,  Ltd.. $40,000. Vancouver; British-American  Shipbuilding  &  Engineering  Co.,  I    VAXCOUVEIl—It~Ts   said   that   the §1.000.000.    Vancouver:     Nicola    Pine (  Chicago.   Milwaukee   &   St.   Paul   rail- Mills. Ltd., $300,000, Canford .Mills.        J  way is again negotiating with the Brit-;    The   Nechaco   River   Mines.   Inc.,   a  ' ish    Columbia    Electric    for    running company incorporated  in  the state of;  'rights   Into   Vancouver   and   the   pur- Delaware, is now registered to do busi-j  chase  of  the  company's   freight   busi- ness   in   British   Columbia,  authorised:  ,'ness in the New Westminster section, capital.   SHf.U.OOO,   with  head oHices  at:  If the  Milwaukee is successful in get- Prince George. ^ j  ting into Vancouver it will operate its      Carstens &  Paries, Inc., a company {  trains   from   the   border   electrically, incorporated  in the state of Washing-'  over the B. C. Electric line from New ton, is  now registered  to do  business  Westminster   to   Cedar   Cottage   and  in British Columbia, authorized capital  thence to False Creek. :?300,0i)0. head office in Vancouver.  Canadian Allis-Chalmers Ltd.  Mining and Crushing:  Machinery  Saw Mill Machinery  Lldgrervvood Logging Systems  Hydraulic Turbines  Centrifugal and Turbine Pumps  Cast Iron Pipe, Hydrants, Valves.  1063 Pender St. W. Vancouver, B.C  Seymour 5710  THE METAL PRODUCTS CO. LIMITED  ORNAMENTAL IRON, STEEL CASEMENTS_  STEEL SASH, BRASS & BRONZE  New Westminster  Phone 177  Vancouver Orfice,jj548|Seymour St.  PhoneJSey^4795 BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  r~  British Columbia Record  Published every Monday, Wednesday and  Friday by the  RECORD   PUBLISHING   CO.  Telephone Seymour 780S.  Address:   6S3 Homer-Richards  Lane  Rear of 431  Dunsmuir Street.  C. M. DAVID MANAGING EDITOR  Subscription Bates  Payable strl^lv in  Advance.   ^^^^^^^_^_^BB--sgj>jlBHBi>tWBBaBBtJBBBSBBBaE»Btt*^»SsaSlBBBaaSB»SaB»  NORTH VANCOUVER—The steel  steamer under construction at the Wallace shipyard, which is a sister ship  to the War Dog, -1700 tons deadweight,  is expected to"he launched next month.  The yard wi'I then go ahead on its  programme of four steamers for the  Dominion government. These ships  will he 5100 tons deadweight and the  company is preparing a new building  -slip.  Let us figure on your Wire Rope needs  We are sole agents   for  Rltciiie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  "BULLDOG LOGGING CABLE"  R. V. WINCH & CO., Limited  '"',   BRIDGEPORT  — Tenders   for  the  year's supply of crushed    rock    were  rread as follows:  The Coast Quarry, L<td., $1.75 per  yard in scows of 200 yards; Granite  Quarries Ltd., $2.20 per yard, three  days allowed for unloading, demurrage  after this time to be charged at the  usual rates; Gilley Bros, offered sizes  1/2,' 3, at $1.70 per yard, and No. 4 at  $1.40 per yard in scows of 200 yards  " or less, three days to be allowed for  unloading, after which demurrage  charges to be at the rate of $4 per day.  The matter, received some discussion  and the contract .will probably be let  before next meeting.   .,', ,    ,      Vancouver and Victoria  Bamberton Cement  Pacific Lime  B. C. ASEITTS  StlLLIVAN MACHINERY CO.  "SULLIVAN"  DIAMOND  DRILLS  AIR   COMPRESSORS  ROCK   DRILLS  "SULLIVAN"   DRILL  SHARPENERS  1500 GBANVIXLE ST.  DRILL STEEL  HOSE  AIR   RECEIVERS  AIR. LIFT PUMPS  ,  PHOXB 9162  AV  PROPOSED   NEW   WORK  .Kstbnatad  Coat  Pier ""             250,000  "      ---• -      $350,000   Not  given      $l,7&O,000  "."r.~'.~.*~Not given  ■i *  "r  \  '»/■.    i  MOTOTCXAX ESTIMATES AM       •      .  ?i ;      -    f ■        TABX>Ex>,iJr the house  ,-' Vr'- VICTORIA.—A revenue ot Just under  K      '#6.000,000 and an expenditure of Ill.OO".-  - ,     000   for   the   year   commencing   April   1  -   -iMt is predicted in  the provincial esti-  :.       S£e.Vhlcn  were  tabled  in-the-House  by   Hon.   Lome   Campbell,   Ministeror  .-.i ,.Udn Monday. * Th« yer«iue shows  J.     -"a falling.off of about  $1,000,000 'or."J?  V    .Jntlcipated, revenue for thl-^ear.-, while  the expenditures show a slight Increase  The  exact   estimated   revenue   la   $£-  t44,016, as compared with t7.1"."5 *or  the oresent year, a difference of-sl,09o,-  ,"       000. PThe estimated   'disbufsements are  '-'     - 111 SOI 374.   as  compared   with -111,1*0,  :        05«  for  the  previous   year   an  increase  Of $138,000.    The increase is more than  .r accounted-for   by ,the   increased   fixed  •   -charges, which are over$30M00.  - Summary of Expenditure . '  , • The iBummary; of estimated expendl-  -/tare Indicates that in four ofI th«1 14  /r . Government services'there will probably  7 ■ be an increased - expenditure over last  .   ^year.^In.the   rest   a   reduction   is   pre-  'i ;^PubllC .debt...-..:.-l..-.-$1.152.376 |1.422,«4  >• - ?'? Civic', government - ■■•>'  \- ,^«   (salaries) :  1,709,566  V. """Administration -   of-  , **u--- -Justice'-(.salaries) -  y-       legislation .-..'. -'.—  f '    . Public Institutions  ■*!&>*■& ..(maintenance)   —  ,-     T.HoapitalB'and chari-  ?-   '7    -tlee. —- :..,...-..   Administration' - of  ,.-  ■' Justice,".'.'. .— ..  v7 BducaUpn -  *,5s*'rtnn  jS..fTransport-. .:..—:    ' f*.0,"0  ■ '^Revenue services ....   ■   60,000  ■ Public  works   2'?f-'^|  -    marvllaneous   :: -  2,128,76<  ^I^KeaVs-report of the estimates  J the   service   "miscellaneous"   »■   ^vttejT  "into  three  distinct, services. Lands,  Character.  Pier    Pleasure  Armory      Bank  building   Bridge   —   Harbor Works    Bank & office bldg.  Hotel. C. N. Ry   Concrete Sewer   Tunnelling    Z1CPBOTEKEHT8 JUSTED  Post office :_:J:.^.:.$25g.ooo  Post Office  VANCOUVER  Location Owns*  Vancouver   :. C.  P.   R-  English Bay Coates & Co.  Grandview    Government  Dunsmuir & Granville Dominion  Bank  2nd Narrows. .Burrard Bridge & Tun. c.o  Kitsilano   Reserve    Go\eminent  Hastings & Granville  Royal  Bank  False Creek Fill C N. Ry. Co.  False  Creek - Gr.N4,   -K  Vancouver  - C  l.  J*.  Architect Wane B-ady  Owners  -V-  Soon  Owners      Perry  &  Fowler     Xot selected Sketches under way  C   A   P. Turner ."West Foundation Co.  y'oveniinent   Preparing  No archt. commissioned yet   DZATEX.V BELOW ABE PBOPOSED  BUT HAVE  BEBW  POSTPOHEB:  Factory, Wharf. Subway—  Courthouse (east wlng)-^  Concrete  Garage     Gore and'Keefer _  .Dom. Govt  South Vancouver —.: Dom. Govt  Hastings. Royal Crown Soap Co.  ilOOlOOo I Vancouver Provin.  Govt.  * „    Fifth'ft Fir Sts Foro7 Motor Co.  ...$36,000  ....$1*0.000  j *ffifrt«V  : 68,000  , 89,820  467,426  374,100  378,000  1,687,736  '  •/«7i'428  '    167,620  '472.575  625,800"  ■ -308,670  1,52.4,500  •43,000  "- 25,000  .8,023,010  2,032.000  Charaotsc   Brk. and mill schools—  Steel   Bridge     l'.VV.C.A.  Home     Union-Passenger Depot..  Stone church  .   Swing Span  „......—  Tubercular-Ward ~—   Cost   ^....$60,000   $500,000  ^..:.   $150,000  _:„.$i.ooo.ooo  .' $26,000   „..$2«,000  VICTORIA  Location   ...  Owner  Victoria   C|ty  Victoria   - „cu.y  Victoria  :   Y.   W.  C.  A.  ViSlrChHstCh'Tca^ Jones" "ft   Beatson-Arranging   finance-  Dom.   Govt.  Dom.   Govt   Thos Hooper     Dalton  & .Evelelgh  Owners   ...Delayed   {. Delayed   ^....Delayed   .'.....Delayed   i.. Delayed  Architect  i.   Spurgin & Wilkins.  Owners' -   J.  C.  Frame     Co. Engineers     Plana Beady   :.\ "-..Indefinite   1- Preparing   Soliciting  Funds  ....-"Preparing  Victoria .i „Clty  Victoria... Reyal Jubilee Hosp.  City ....  J. C. M Keith    Completed  XJMPBOTS:  10-sto office bldg  -  Christ  Church   Cathedral-  Church  .. '   BVS JUSTBB XBOOriJIATELT BELOW abb proposed but have BEEB POSTPONED:  USE  ELASTIGUM  The Tough,   Elastic, Adhesive  Cement  '     (Ready for uap.)  FOR YOUR  LEAKY ROOF  Send for Free Booklet  MANUFACTURED • BY  THE BARRETT COMPANY, Ltd.  Cor Tenth Avenue and Arbutus Street       .       .       VANCOUVER, B. C.  Phone* Bay. 772  ~ '*      -  ■     - -  ■ .   —  -  - .^$250,000   $400,000   $100,000  ..:.:..$i,ooo,ooo  Caaracter —.—'■--  School    - •-   Grain elevator  (36,00* ba.)  ....  School    : '■  -.-—  Plant  Improvements      Steel. Br id ge': 1 : : »  Grain Elevator (25,000 bu.)-.—  Market Building - --  Sewers * —.'— ...............  Street Work —;.—'...: —■"•-   Cost   r.$7,500  •!"".r$5oioob  I:".$"i576b'b  ~"!$35~bbb  ._.l.-.$24,000   $50,000  Victoria —  Victoria —  Victoria   Vancouver  _..B. "C. Electric Co,     ;. St. Barnabas  ...First Baptist Churcli   :. .„ C. P. R.  BRITISH   COLUMBIA—GENERAL  Location    .'•  Owner  Trail   -»    City  Kamloops - Kamloops Farmers Ass n.  Rossland 1" ^,,Ci,ty  Prince Rupert Imperial Oil Co.  Prince George  .'..Pro. Govt.  Kamloops  Maple Leaf Milling Co.  New Westminster  '.*....,.... City  Nanaimo  - ,.-=—  City  Prince George. :~....i.i.  City  J. C. M. Keith   Jesse  M.  Warren.  Owners    Delayed   «... Delayed  ...'. Delayed    Delayed  architect  Plans Beady   ZZZZZZZZZZ -.indefinite  Owners    Owners     Owners   mty    City    ... Shortly  Indefinite    Soon  ELECTRIC MOTORS FOR RENT  !•    ■   .    i  W« specialize in. prompt service) for Contractors'  temporary; power! Installations)  SERVICE   24   HOURS   A   DAY  'Phone   Seymour   5000   and   bavs   oor   representative   call  ,.«pon which $565,000 is to be spent tnls  rear, #ind   ■ igriculture,"     upon     which  1176600  will  probably be expended   are  -each given a service to themselves, thus  ireatly   reducing    the    "miscellaneous  ;t°pVesent conditions have also necessitated more and larger hospitals, the re-  ' Suit being an unusually large increase  tor hospitals and charities. Last year  •1« 000 was voted in the way of assistance In the construction of hospitals  This year about $150,000 will probably  5s fronted for that purpose. Grants to  refuse homes, aid societies, etc, is increased from $19,000 to *8C.000. -  University of B. C.  Among the appropriations in tnifa  *£?*"estimates is a conditional one of  1*00.000 for the University of British  Columbia. Last year's estimate was  $175,000. Included in the works and  DUlldinga to be constructed b>» the, Public .Works Department are the follow  lnsr- Okalla . prison farm. $15,000,  improvement of government reserve,  Burnaby™ $10,000; mental hospital and  Sony farm. Essondnle. $35,000; provincial govermnent buildings. London con,  nletlon and ma ntenance), $1.(5,000,  Maintenance: $8,000. The appropriations  nrovincial normal school. Vancouver.  ?5? road" streets, bridges and wharves  in each constituency are the same lib  iIlb* vear Chilliwack gets $33,300,  Dllta Y $22,500; Dewdney, $68,500, and  Richmond   $40,000.    Eighty   thousand   is  ■nhsidv for the Ladi  ■uDSiay "»ther Approl>riations.  vote   of   $100,000   on   last   year's  »:= r«r the Second Narrows bridge  •intimates for the Second  ,,.,  ta -31 off.    For bridges generally  $450,-  nnn   («   apt   down,   while   t«->r   tie   Driu0t  over 'the^Fraser. River at Prince George  there will  be an appropriation of  $160,  °°>n item in  the Land Department ap-  Rtri°mbSU0tesStinlg8 ^ fivJfi&'Vt  wood -oroduc s." An indication that th«  goTenfment intends to continue secWng  overseas markets for the B C. '"'"^l.  trade is that another $»0,000 is .ipp.o  Jrtated for salaries, travelling expenses.  ■ nri nurchase of material.  "ImonT the   other   appropriations   are  thGra0ntOtolnB"':c. regiments $5,000,  grant  cfNU%se?°$%0^^U   to$ -turnec.sol-  diers'   aiid   commissions, *l5>000.vA°Aa'  Vancouver*    toward     nurch ase      of  ??rt^1n ^ve6r Bridw "VweH'tmfnster."  ^Senancfan^re^aiVs, $20,100     Song-  Tees Reserve lmprovftm-ntn.  $240.000  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO., LIMITED  :   Public Works Contractors |  t  Office 813-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  Concentrator, etc  1,0?9,222  Kailway Station  -       ,nn'nn?.  Concentrator -i        JcS'nnn  Public  VVoiks       l?2'22x  Wharf    ~ w-IJS'nnn  2_4-room  Schools.-.C each $20,000  fertilizing  plant & wharf 'isS'SSn  Citv   Hall -• 150,000  Armory   (Dom.   Govt.) _ »100,000  Motel  library     Freight  Terminal     School   Bldg -   Paper and   Pulp  Mills   Kound-House  *••  Mach   and Repair Shops.....  $20,000     $50.0f|0  .$50,000   $150,000  Copper Mountain  B. C. Copper Co.  New Westminster  C. X. Ry.  Ainsworth, B.C Silver Hoard Mining Co  Prince   George    City  Sidney _...Victoria & Sidney R.R.  Vernon, B.C. .: Vernon School Board  Skeena River—Scot.-Amer. Oil & Fer. C<~  Xanaimo, B.  C City of  Nanaimo  Prince Rupert  Dom. Govt.  Fort   George Not   given  Nanaimo       City  New Westminster  N. P. Ry.   Co.  RoHsland     City  Quatsino, B.C. Colonial Paper & T.M.,  Ltd  K. Lillooet P. G. B. Ry  Owners   - o.   Owners _ —1-—   Soon  Owners    ~ «••--   City    _ ~ ii-    .Will   Bqild  Soon  Bell & Constant; Branch & Coxall..:   J. S. D. Taylor  Tenders closed  Not Drawn Asking Govt. Giant  Govt -   Tenders  soon  Herbert J. Peyton Sketches  ready  Undecided  .._  indefinite  Owners    Owners .«_   T-  Now  . niiij-i.ii-  ^..v.«.    E. Lillooet P. G. B. Ry.  Warehouse and Stor. Tank $10,000   Peace  River Imperial Oil Co ~  IMPROVEMENTS LISTED  IMMEDIATELY  BELOW  ARE  PROPOSED   BUT  HAVE   BEEN  POSTPONED:  Hotel      Hotel.  3-sto.  brk.  veneer   Church   (fr.)    •-  5 sto brk, mill and steel..  $200,000 I Fort   George Grand   Trunk   Pacific  $20,000   Port   Alberni Tom   Magrath   I Coquitlam  Episcopal Church   $150.00" /Kamloops Kamloops Hotel C\.  liolabird & Itoache  (Chicago) Delayed  Rvans & Cook  Delayed  Perrv & &Fowler  ."..Delayed  W.  T.  Whiteway Delayed  CONTRACTS LET OR WORK STARTED  Location.      Metuhosin  ...Hllliers.   13.  &   N.   Foul   Bay  Rd.   Gillespie   Place  Building  Residence     School      Residence    Residence      ^ooiApm':...::::::::::"::"":::""::rHoiiywood  i-sto.   dept.   store   bldg ^ISjSriS  Piers   (Concrete)     V ctor n  Brk.  veneer church •••■/ ctina  W&We?1^ «1,6bo,000 -....Dom.  Government  Est.  Cost  $20,000     1 0,000   35,000      4f..0OO      $•11,000    $700,000   $2,000,000 ....  $20,000  VICTORIA  Owner   H.  R.  Hammond      School   Trustees    H.   LawBori   F.   Nation      A.   Winch    City   Hudson's  Bay   Co.      Government  Colomba Presbyterian  Ch.  Alteration to Sayward Bldg..  14.5no ».   Govt.   ho.Of  Victoria  Character  Power   House   Bldg  .Cost  (Cone.)  c  OlJlBSA - TKEATR|  PC/JD   fKCWS  IV.CVINC   FtCILRES  Prices 10c  Boxes 25c  BRITISH  COLUMBIA—GENERAL  Location        Owner  Kamloops       City  Prince George....Prince George Hotel  Co.  Architect Contractor  Butler &   Harrison Grayson  &   Son  Spurgin   &   Wilkins j Local  S.  Maclure  A.   H.  Mitchell  S.   Maclure    P.   McKechnip  C.   F.  Wittklns Fulton   livot..  Spurgin & Wilkins Luney Bros.  P.. Horwood & White ~.B. C. Const. Co.  Govt.    Grant Smith &  McDonnell  Win. Henderson Knott & Jones  Govt Parlts, Ttipper & Klrkpatrloi;  Govt    Sir John  .lackson,  Ltd.  J. CM. Keith  Luney Bros  PANT AGES  Three Shows Daily  2.30-7.00-9.0b  PRICES 25c - 25c  Factory  Dredging   Sand   Heads......  Bridge   Abutments   ('■   )   -  Govt   Bldg ..»•-   High   School -  Jetty   &  Dredging ......  Roundhouse    Bridge       Dam.  Mills,  t»tc   Water   System   Mills.    Wharves,   etc   Addition  High School   Brick   School   ?.   Motorshins,  each   Bascule  Bridge  $2  .  .$70,000     $30,000      $L'0,0(M)   $755.00(1   $20,000  5,000     1,000,000  4 0,000  750.-00(1   $19,son   $15,000   $165,000  i^^ ^Y£!^ ^^i^n^.^?:^!^:::::::::::::"":":---"-*-! i<^m ioo rJS-Kei o w n a   Railway  Fraser   River .....Government  Grand   Trunk   Pacific ..G.   T.   P.  Port Alberni     Govt.  Port Alberni   Municipality  Xortli   Arm   Fraser  River Govt.  Fort George G. T. P. Ry. Co.  Nana! 1110    CI ty  Princess   lloval  lsland....Tonapali-Bclrnon  Port  Moody City  Ocean  Falls Pacific Mills, Ltd.  Nelson       City  North Vancouver ii. W.  73rown & Co.  Selkirk Water  C. N. R.  Lake Louise  C. P. R.  ..C. N.   Ry.  Co  ,•'••.      • .     - s*:  „   .'""'-»      :;>zA  Great Northern Transfer Co.  i/>-j.r^*jS**t*-  ■^1  -;■» p* -•* -"f-^J   -r  Complete equipment for handllns:  MACHINERY and HEAVY WEIGHTS  i-   ■■*■       ty      -    - > 7^-: ?' t'»- -  Modern warahouas>a lor  STORAGE  CHEAP RATES  'Phone Seymour 405  UNION  STATION  MAIN STREET  -XA  ADAM  JACK  Brick Builder end Contractor  Kilns, Furnaces, arid Boilers a^Specialty  ESTIMATES   GIVEN ■ - DISTANCE   NO OBSTACLE  Telephone  Mlffhtand 728 2021 Wall St.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  Architect Plans Beady  Ducane Dutcher & Co Wm.  Greenlces  Butler & Harrison....Brewster & Pelliam  Geo. C. Egg Waters & Pasco  J.  C.   M,  Keith Island   Building  Co. >  A. Forrester....Watson, Jacks & Anderson f  Jas.  Gllmore  Sub-con tracts  Butler & Harrison Grayson & Sons  Owners    ....Day   Labor  Govt Naviiration & Dredging Co.  G. T. P J. A. McKenzie & Co. Ex.  Hldg.   Knott & Jones, of Victoria   Warnock & Cochran   Pacific  Dredging  Co.   Carter Hall & A.   •    City   Owners  City Robertson,   Godson   Co.  Owners    Owner't   Snider Bros. & Brethour, Ltd.   T. Burns ft Co.   Wallace   Shipyards  Owners MacDonald, Nettleton ft Bruce   ......Northern Construction Co.  Govt   Owners  City     t   Co.  HEATING  We not only install your heating system properly, but  place our engineering experience at your disposal, thus  insuring perfect satisfaction. ■'  A.M. MITCHELL  PLUMBING    AND    HEATING T  564 Richards St. Seymour 1784  c*  DID YOU  KNOW?  WE   SELL  SOFING  SHEATHING  WALLBOA  LET US QUOTE  Smith Davidson fk  Wright Ltd.  VANCOUVER   and   VICTORIA  The largest paper house in the west BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  Business Directory and  Buyers5 Guide  When Buying Building Material and Supplies  Patronize Record Advertisers  BUSINESS  We can help you to increase your  business by telling all of our readers  every other day:  WHO you are  WHERE you are  WHAT you have to offer  and WHY they should do  business with you.  Such a service will pay you big because through us you reach every owiur  who is building, every architect, every  contractor-everybody interested in building.  \ We will help you to fix up your announcement without charge. LET US  BOOST FOR YOU.  AUOHITECTLK.1L    TKRKA    COTTA. j  Evans.  Coleman  &  Evan»,  Ft.  Col. St., S. 2988  U Nell.   Wm   N.  Co   Ld.,  548 Se>mour.S. 4735  Ritchie   Con     &   Sup.    Co.,   Ltd     Gran.    Z.  EridKO       S. 9162  ASPHALT   FELT.  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col S. 29S8  Tlie  liurrett  Co .   .Ltd ,   10th  anil  Arbutus,   Bay.   772.  MARBLE  AND   ONVX  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col S. 2D8S  VV.  .\.  O'Neil A Co.. 548 Soy.  St. S.  4795-479S  BvtiK Motor Co.  AUTOMOBILES  Ltd. ,"l OGl! Oeorsla St.  \V.-_  MOTORS  Ltd    ...S. 5000  „S. 9045  IN THE  British Columbia  R EC ORD  C*  AUTOMOBILE   ACCESSORIES  Ziosit Moto'  t'o .   Ltd,   1002 Gcorula St.   W S. 9015  Hlil Tire  Co.. 9H   I'cnder St.  W  S. 64U  AUTOMOBILE  INSURANCE  Cepcrley. Hounsfell A Co., Ltd, Winch BIdg.._.S.  7820  HRICK—ALL KINDS.  Evana Coleman & .Evans, Ft. Col., S. 298S  Gilley Broa , Lta.. New West., Phones 15,;16  W.' N. O'Neil & Co,, 548 Sey. St., 6. 4785-47SS  Ritchie   Contr.   &   Sup,   Co.,   Ltd..   Gran.   St.  Bridge    S,   9162  R.V.Wlnch A  Co..  Ltd.,', Winch B.  S. 279-1944  BLILDING  FKLT8  AND PAPERS-   -  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Col.,.'.S. 29S8  VV. N.JD'Nell & Co., 548 Sey. St., g. 4795-47«8  Paterson Mfg.  Co.,  lflthA Arbutus Sts., B. 7 i2  BONUS—SCKETY. *  R.V.Wlnch &. Co.. Ltd., Winch B„ S. 279-1944  CEMENT.  Balfour,   Guthrie   &   Co E>.  dl9'.-8678  Evatuj. Coleman & Evans, Ft.cCol.. .S. 2SSfc  Gilley Bros., Ltd., New V/est., Phone* IB, 16  VV. N. O'Neil & Co., 648 Sey- St., S. 479o-47»i  Ritchie   Contr.' A   Sup.,   Ltd.,   Granville   Si  ••Bridge   '.     b. 9165  R.V.Wlnch & Co.. Ltd.. Winch B„ S. i79-1944  CEMENT TF.8TINO AND ASSAYING.  Can. Inspc't & Test. Lab., Empire Bids. '      S.   4606  Hunt. Robt. "VV. & Co., Standard Bank "  Bldg S-219»  CONTRACTORS—GENERAL.  Armstrong,   Morrison    &    Co.,    Ltd.,, Bower  Big.   :    s. me  CONTBACTOBS—PLASTERING.  Rush & Read,  1736 6th Ave. W    ! Bay.   1C02R—2215L  CONTRACTORS—TILE-^-TERRAZZO.t  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col S. 2911  VV.  N. O'Ncl.  & Co.,  544 Sey. sit., S. 47»5-47»8,  CRANES   AND   HOISTS   (ELECTRIC   ^  The Holden Co., Ltd., 542 Pender St W.  / Sey.   106a  DETECTIVE AOEVCTES   ''  Vancouver    Detective'.'Agency, ,,429-430  bcandard Bank Bldg.', Phone Sey.'2440.  Night, Sey. 2442 (J. O'Grad^. Mgr.)  ""DRILLS—rORTABLE   ELECTRIC j  Darling, Frank & Co., 1142 Homer  Street     _ Sey.  4100-4101  The Holden Co., Ltd., 642 Pender SL  VV.  &ey.  i065r  B.  C.  Klictrlc Co.,  MCTOB   TBUCH3.  Beifg Motor Co., 10C2 Georgia W. S. 9045  OIL TANKS  AND   PUMPS  Bowser & Co.  S K.,   5G1)' Itjchard-s  St  S. 3907  PACKING,   BELTING   AND    MECHANICAL   GOODS  DuiiIod Tiro & Rubber Coods Co , Ltd..  844 Cambie St.   S-  13—8.2535  TAINTS—FIRE-PROOF.  W. N. O'Neil Ik Co.. 548 Sey. St. ..S. 4795-4798  PAINTS—D/»flTP PROOF.  Evans, CoJeman & Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2988  VV. jN. O'Neil A Co , 54a Soy. St.   .S. 4795-479i>  Paternon  Mf*.  Co..   10th   &  Arbutus..B.   77J  ■    PAPER  Smith, DarldKon & Wrliiht, Ltd., Homer  and   Davie   Sts.        Automobile Records  FROM OCTOBER 24 TO  NOVEMBER 21  Following-  is   a   complete  list  of  new   Automobile  Xilcenses,  Transfers and. Belinquishments Recorded for  Vancouver and District.  Where street address is given and name of town omitted the  address  is  Vancouver.  No.  12332-  Nanie  NEW CABS.  Address  i i  Car  _.S. 9563  -F1BEPBOOF  ,S. 298E  .S. 9161  PARTITION-  Evans, Coleman & Evans   Ft. Colum.  Ritchie. Con. & Sup. Co.. Granv. Bdis.  PIG IRON AND TTN  Balfour,   Guthrie   &   Co.. ....... .3.  »19J-«67|  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col.. ..'.*>.-■>«  VViUviiwon Co..   Ltd.,   810  Beach  Ato  .._S. 791j—o  it.   V.   Wlnon it Co.,   Wlnca B10....S.    279-1944  0  PILING AND  POLES  Federal   Lumber   Co .   Rogers   Bid*.'. '.  PILE DRIVING.  Evans, Coleman k. Evans,   ft.  Col...  twaccj/, r.lvor   i-lle   Uiivia*   Co  „S. 399S-9  S. 2988  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES  C. Electric Co.,  Ltd..  S. 5000  »71U  Can.' AiVu-Chalmers,   1063   P«niHjr... .».  Darling. Frank & Co., 114 2■Homer «  Street    Sey. 4100-4101  ELEVATOR CAMS AND ENCLOSURES. -  Can.   Allls-Chalmera,   1063   Pender... .S. 5710  Harris,  p   S. A:  Co.,   f   Crown Bldg. S: 4*98  W.N. O'Neil, & Co..  548 Sey. St. S. 4795-4798,  KUcaie   Contr.   At   Sup.   Co.   Ltd..   Oiaa.   St.  Bridge        ». ii"  ELEVATORS • "■-  DarlinB, Frank & Co., 1142 Homer  Street    — - Sey  Harris, P. E. Ik* Co.. k»v Cro  .      , FIRE CLAY ' '"     ■ , j  Balfoui,", Guthrie  &  Co ...-;. .8.- 9197-M78  Evans, IColeman  -  PIPB—SEWER  Bvanrf, Coleman & Evans Ft. Colum. .S^298f  Gilley Bi us., Ltd., New West.. .Phonesf a. U  Kltcble Con. & Sup. Co., Granville.o-S. 9162  R. V.   Winch & Co.. Wines Bid... .B.    279-1944  >   \, PLASTER v,    r .'   -  Balfour,  Guthrie <&  Co \...\s. «'l9J-667l  Evans. Coleman A'Evai.J Ft. Colum. -S'i*''  Gilley Bros.k Ltd.. New WesL.. Phones W.lj  W. N. O'Neil & Co.. 648 Sey. SU.^. 4 <*?-<79>  .Ritchie, Con. & Sun. Co,. Granv. Bdg-. .S. 916*  PLASTER BOARD  Evans, Coleman A. Evans, ft. Col..'.-:^"2'*8.  W. N. O'Neil & Co.. 548 Sey. St...S. 4795^479.  Ritchie  Con.   A  Sup.   Co..   Granville. .S. 9162  PLASTER  PARTITION  BLOCKS    .  Evans. Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col 8. tit*  PLASTER—ORNAMENTAL  Evans, Coleman &■ Evans,  ft. Col S. 2988  VV. -s. O'Neil A: Co.. 54S Soy. St.. -s~4 < 9?-*'?=  Ritchie  Con.   &.   Sup.   Co..   Granville. .Su91t>-  PLUMBING     -     '  Bailey, E. A., 1033 Granville'St., S. 136  burr   6l   Anaer»on.   1060    Homer   »i.-.'.&. tiiv  burr   dr.   Aiiaertun.  Mitchell. A   11..  564  Richards  St.  .M. 1784  PNEUMATIC  TOOLS'   <_   .  Darling, Frank & Co.. 1142'-Homer    '..    "  Street        Sey. 4100-4101  The Holden Co.. Ltd., 542' Pender St. VV.  Sey., 106o.  PRINTERS  Baglej. A.G. ft Sons. Ltd.. 151 llaatlngn W.-.S.   »>6  RADIATORS AND BOILERS:Z  Can.   AllU.-Chalmets.  1063> Pender.. .'.S. S7U  " ROOFING  COMPOSITION J  ...Chalmers   Willys-U.   Kord   .....Ford   l>ord   Reiiublic  ...McLaughlin   Monroe  4100-4101  n B'.dg..S. *•»*  Evans. Coleman & Evacs ,F,t. o'blum. .S. JJ«  The Barrett/Co.,  Ltd..  10th  and Arbutus.  Bay.  7<_  W.'N. O'Nell.fr Co.. *4« Sey. St..«.8.-47f6-47»k.  P.ltchle  Con.   *   Sup.   C- .   Granville. .S. 91«I  Smith".  Da»Idaon ft Wrijjht, Ltd.. Homer  <.' and-Oafto  St*--.——~ «--—r-r»a. •»•*.  ■OOFING-7-8HKET VKTAX.  " nfee  H.  Taul,  101 Broadway B .;.' Kurd  12353—J.  W. Karney,  North   Vancouver  Ford  12354—Woodward Dept. Store, 1222 Hamilton St Ford  12355—B. C. Breweries, 11th xVve. & Yew St Hupmobile  1235-6—J.  L. Guichon, Ladner, li. C Oldsmobile  12357VJ- Whitehead, 2bth Ave. & Rupert St Ford  12358^—A. McDonald & Co., 10U2 Georgia St Republic  12359—H.  Baker.  5  Hastings \V Ford  12360—W.  A. Maniord, 1460 Howe St Ford  12361—C. F. Redington, 52 Grace Court  Paige  12362—M„ Melekor, 1145 Burnahy St Cadillac  12363—H: B. Clements, 551 Seymour St Ford  12364—7VW G. Harris, t>32 Seymour St Ford  12365—C.  B.  Tipping,  New   Westminster  Dodge  1236b—Jas. K.   Wilson,  105-1  Baltour Ave k Hudson  12367—1C Makaiwa, 350 Alexander St 1-ord  12368—L. L. Slpprell, Glen  Valley  ....Dodge  12369—W. S. Dale, iJort Hammond, B. C. _ Maxwell  12370—O. Bowman,  3838 usler Ave Studebaker  12371—D. A. U. Solly,  West Suminerland, BU Dodge  12372—W.  H. Malkin. Kerrlsdale, li. C  "    "  12373—T.  S. Neilson,  S4U  16th Ave. E   12374—D. H. McKay,  Chilliwack, B.C   12375—J. Lucas Ai U. Ferrier,  U&5 13th Ave. 13  12376—J.  McRae & C.  Band,   758  Powell   12377—A.   J.   Ridley,   130   loth  Ave.   K   1237S—W.  G. 1-iugnes,  1857  Kitchener St   12379—H. R. Cramer, 1675 RobbOn St   123S0—D. C. Day. 2533 Wellington Ave _ Ford  12361—T. Parke,  1110 Broadway  I'ord  122$2—T.  W. Snipes,'Cor. J>th & Trimble ,.  Foid  123S3—A. iL. Amiel,   1025 Main St -..Maxwell  123S4—J.   Harris,   Ladner,   B.  C.   .'...Mitchell  123S5—G. Morse, Hammond, B. C McLaugniin  12336—E. C. Wood.  510 Sth Ave. E _ Studebaker  123S7—A. Lake,  Sardis,  B. C J. Wlllys-O  12388—Brown Bros.. 21st Ave Ford  12389—W, J. Brown, 3537 6th Ave. W  Ford  12390—Van. Lumber Co., Connaught Bridge  ."...^-Packard  12391—^G. P. "Colgan,  Seymour Garage  _.l<ord  12392—R. J.Hamilton, 3621 Broadway W Dodge  12393—D. B; McNeill, 3419 Broadway W. : i, Dodge  12394—R.  Sherman,  N.  Vancouver  1.. Gray-Dort  12395—C.\V. Cummings, "736  Granville,  McLaughlin  12396—E.  B. Noble,  1722  Cotton Drive A. Ford  12397—"-C Parsons, Laurier Ave. ._ '. Chalmers  12393—Peter  Taseler,  900 .Granville St _ Ford  12399—Charles Zahner, Martinique Hotel  ._ , Hudson  12400—Geo! E. Seldon, 1354 Mathews Ave '.McLaughlin  12401—J. J. Thompson, 1675 Nelson,St :...'... Abbott  12402—P.'J. Russell". 3864 Osier Ave   Pathfinder  12403—A. S. Durdan, 1090 12th Ave W _ Ford  12404—J.  Papay,  250'Kingsway  _   —Ford  J2405—X. Hanbury, cor. 4th Aye. & Granville,St Ford  12406—W. B. Fernie. 1347 Nicola St - McLaughlin  12407*—Kathleen Farrell, rear 1454 Po.ndrill St _ Dodge  1240S—Kelly,  Douglas & Co., Ltd.,  326  "Water  St -Packard  12409—P.  C.  Thomas, '2221-Dunbar St. ...-'. I:.... Chevrolet  12410—W. R. Keep, cor.'43th Ave. & Elm St Maxwell  12411—M. H. C. 400 C. P. R. Building.....::......'. McLaughlin  12412—Dr. W. M. Carter,  2135 Sth Ave. "W   12413-f-J.7R. Whyte.  77 27th, Ave. W ::   12414—J. M>Graham,''Martinique Hotel .: _.  .12415—F. Ri Stewart-& Co.. Ltd., 1760 2nd Ave.  12416—E.'-Wilson.   530 30th  Ave. E   12417—Pacific Transfer Co.. 110 Cordova E Chicago  1241S—J. A. Ogden, 448-«th Ave. E : i-Chicago  12419—Leo C. De Merrill,  1505 Powell St Gray-Dort  J2420—Donald Robertson,-1938 16th Ave. W.„ McLaughlin  12421—Dr. T. H. Lennie, cor. 9th Ave. & Sasamat. Chevrolet  12422—Mrs. G. M. Burns, 2005 16th Ave. W.r. .'_~........Chevrolet  12423—E.  Johnston, „-915 Main- St .■_•_£  :„.:..Ford  12424—Sandell Mfg..Co'.", Granville A; 64th Ave..',—:...„™i..l«ord  12425—K. A. M.'Ryan/New -Westminster :~■-.—Chalmers  12426—Department of Militia & Defense, 1117 Seaton-Cadillac,  12427i^-C". Brown, Colbrobk, B. C..:i —~ ."Franklin  12464—Geo. A. Saner,'Stavefalls, >B. C  ™.~":..—.'.'..Ford  12465-A:. D." Boardman.70tter, <B. .C.._..-....'. 1- >-F2.rd.  12*66—M. G. Caswell, New Westminster .•.!.«_ .Dodge  T.2467—H. Beacham, Milner. B. C. -..-*-,- ...'.c....r..::.X.Kord  12468—K. A. Ottley, Port Coquitlam. B.'C-  ..A...— Ford  J.24,69—Isiah-IsraeliSilverdale.*B. C ;_...'..„— ™ .-.-.Ford  12470—W.- Gillespie;, New;."Westminster._jr i.i;„..Jl.„:.._....irord I  lojiiL'n ,i> - i^Amn :i.'»rfTn>r'„R"r!'.-_-_ .'..^-j: ..r..-_l„.'ft'.I,ordij  >->-• Ford /i  O  o  ^  ....Ford   Ford   Buick  E l^ord  ...McLaughlin  Q.  * 1 '.  < - -,   1  12471—T.-JR.' Jordah,;L.'adher;MB.",C.-}.  12472—H. iM. "Walker," .JfewvWestminster!..'....  Dunlop Tire & Rubber Goods Co..  Tire Repairs, Service Station  and Free Air Depot:  Limited Wholesale Depot:  _ _ 844 Cambie SL,  Cor. Howe & Pender S*S.,         VailCOllVer Phones: Sey. 13 and  Phone: Sey..    1^33             ' Sey. 253S  4Mfr4^#*«Mi^^4^*»>*^*->*^s»'i'*^** *.;.<.K-*-:'*^*^'i^-*-:-*^**i-*^^***:*'i"  FIRE   EXTINOl'ISMEB   siVSTEMS.  Barr ft Anderson,  1M0  Homer St S. «1S0  FLOORING   -  J.  Fyf* Smith  ft  Co..  1320 Richards. .8. 119*  GLAS9—AIX-KINDS.  W. N. O'Neil * Co.'»54S Sey. St..  8. 479S-479fl  HARDWARE  Brown.  Fraser ft  Co.   Ltd.,  1150  Homer St._..S. T155  Flett, J. A., Ill Hastings W Sey. 2i£i-X  HARDWOOD FLOORS  W. N. O'Neil ft Co.. 54* SoJT St—S. *TBS-«T»8  J.  Fyfe Smith  & Co.  1320 Richards. .S. 119S  HARDWOOD LUMBER  Smith, J. Fyfe & Co.. 1320 Richards. .S. 1191  HEATING—HOT  AIR,   STEAM   AND   VEN-  T1LATING-  Bailey, E. A., 1033 Granville St., S. 136  Burr   <&   Anderson,   lot.'j   Hom«i   St.. .*. 6IM1  Mitchell. A.   II..   564 Kirnards  St S. 1T8J  HEATING   AND   VENTILATING   ENGINEERS  Leek & Co.. Lid .  1098 Homer St._  S.   661  HOISTING  ENGINES  Ritchie Con   & Sup. Co . Granvl. Bdg .S. 9161  HOTELS  Abbotsford   Hotel,   921   reuder   SL   VV  S. 5S60  Cauada   Hotel.   511   Klcharda   Si  S. loil  INTERIOR FlMssH  Evans," Coleman'& Evans, ft. Col...• -S. 2988  \V. N. O'Neil * Co.. Hi Sey. St.. .S. 4795-4 <9S  Kitchie. Con. & Sup. Co., U.-anv. Bdg. .b. s»j-u-  lliOX  AND   STEEL—STRUCTURAL  Can.   Ailis-Ch'alnier's.  ' t.'  KOrE-.MAXILA  Balfour,   Guthrie   ft   Co «. 9X97-«l7t  . RUBBER STAMPS  Bagley. AI G.  ft Sor». Ltd.!   151 iia»Unfi W-.B.    SI«  6AFE8—VAULT DOORS  Th* Goldle ft McCulloch Co.. Ltd.  12478-  32479-  -G.'LtHam're, Aldergrove.  -T. N. Lothian, East;Burnaby     569  Bichards St.  W. N. O'Neil ft Co.,  ..8. 8J0T  2396-7  .S,   79-".'  ..S    210  _S.   1795  lOfi"   FpiuW. ..  ^.tn. Northwest Steel Co., Ltd.  Prince Kdwartl St. ....;.....Fair  Evans, Colema.11 & Evans, Ft. C01.  OouBhlan.  J.  &  Sons.   World  Bldg...  MacdOnald;   .Marpole  Co.,   Ltd   Metal ITuducts'Co.. Ltd.. SIS. Seymour St....  Kitchie, Con. & Sun. Co.. Granv. Bdgr. .S. 91»-  \V. X. O'Neil * Co.. 54S Soy. St...S. 4799-4i93  Wilkinson  Co.,  S46 Beach S.   <915  IKON AND STEEL—ORNAMENTAL.  i-an.   Altls-Chalmers,   1063   Pendur f-|'i°  Evans, Coleman &  Evans,  ft. Col b. 2988  VV. N. O'Neil * Co.. 548 Sey. St. ..S. 4795-4798  • ulcme i-uu. A:  sup. Co., oranvl. lidK-.S- *»!<>•  LATH—METAL  J3\-ans. Coleman & Kvans. Ft. Columb. .S. 29SS  VV.  N. O'Neil &  Co..  54S Si.y.  St. ,.S. 4795-479S  Kitchie  C.   and   S.   Co..   Gran.   St S.   s*162  LUIIi,  Ualfour,   Guthrie  te   Co S.   9197-6575  Kvans. Coleman & Evans. Ft. Columb. .S. 29»S  Gilley Bros.. New Westminster. .Phones 15. 16  W.  N.  O'Neil A Co.,  548 Sey.  St. ..S. 4795-4798  Pacific Lime Co..  Ltd.,  Pacific ltUli! —S. 9006  itltchie   Con.   &   Sup.   C-).,   Granville. .S. 91b2  R.  V. Winch Co,  Ld.. Winch Bdg..S. 279-1944  1 LUMBER  Koirers   ltldg   „....S. 3998-9  FIK7 CEDAK or HEIULOCK  any sengfcBi - any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO,  t  'Incorporated 1909  j-     1021-1024 Rogers Building  I  Seymour 3993-3999  Federal   Lumber   Co.  MACHINERY  Drown. Fraser & Co.. Ltd., 1150 Homer St...~S. 7155  Can. Allta-Cliaiiners, lOGo' Pentu-r. -. • S. 5710  Darling,  Frank & Co., 1142 Homer  Street     Sey.  4100-4101  W. N. U'.Ntfil A Co.. XI »i>y. t>t. ...S. 4iao-4/S»o  l.'itchlf Cf.il.  &   Sup.  Co.,  (Vniivl.   nd'X. • «■ 91 «■  The Holden Co., Ltd., 512 Pender St. W.  Soy.   lObo.  MAKTHLS—BRICK.  TILE  AND   WOOD  Evans,  Coloniau  &   Evnns,   ft.  Col S. 2988  VV. N. O'Neil « Co.. 54S- ^ey. .St. ..S. 4795-479S  Kitchie   Con.   &.    Suo.    Co..   Granville-. .P. 91G.'  »48 Sey. St...8. 479S-«79>  SAXD   GRAVEL AND CRtSIIED KOCK  Evans,  Coleman & Evana,  ft. Col S. 2989  Gilley Broa.. Ltd., New Weet.. .Phone* 15. It  Kitchie, Con. ft Sup. Co., Granv. Bdg-.6. 91«J  SASH   DOORS.   WINDOWS,   ETC.  W. N. O'Neil & Co.. 548 Sey. St.. .S. 479S-479>  slUNGLE MANLl'ACTL'RERS AND DEAL  EUS.  (See Lumber and SMnglei.)  SLATE  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col S. 2988  VV. N. O'Neil & Co., a4» Sey. St.. -S. 4795-47»>  H. V. Winch ft Co., Winch Bid.. .S. 279-194-  Rltchie, Con. & Sup. Co.. Granv. Bdg. .S. 9164  STEE L— R EI NIORCIN G.  Bal/our,   Guthrie   &   Co S. 9197-657f  Kvans,  Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col S. 29S8  STOKE   ft   OFFICE   FIXTURES   &   STOIU  '   .-.■■■- .-l-'RONTS :  Evans,  Coleman &. Evans,  ft. Col -S. 2988  :vy; N. O'Neil A Co., 54S Sey.  St.. .S. 4795-479.  TAR  AND   PITCH  The Barrett Co.. Ltd., 10;h and Arbutus. I!ay 772.  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col S. 2S)SS  TILE—D KAININ O  Evans. Coleman & Evans Ft. Colum.-S. 298.  Gilley Bros., Now Westminster Phones 16, it  Kttchlx ' C011. A Sup. Co., Granv. Bag.-S. S(i6.  TILE—FLOOR AND  WALL  Evans; Coleman & Evans,   ft. Col..  VV. N. U'Neil * Co., oit> t-ay. St—S.  .. .S. 29SS  4 795-4 i a.  TIN 1'LATES  i-talfour.   Guthrie  A   Co S.  9197-667.  Evans,  Coleman A  Evans,   ft.  Col S. 2988  It.   V.   Winch A Co..   Winch  B;d...S.    279-im  Wilkinson Co., 846 Beach S. 7915  TIRES  mil Tire Co., 941 Pender St.  VV  S. 0411  TOOL^ STEEL  Darling:,  Frank  A   Co.,   il42   Homer  St.  S.   4100-4101  VACUUM  CLEANING   SYSTEMS.  Barr  A Anderson,   1060 Homer  St S. 618i  WALL   .UOARDS  Evans! Coleman A Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2988  WATKKI'KOOF COMPOUND  The Rarrott Co., Ltd.. lotli and Arbutus, Pay. 1VA  Kvans, Coiisman A Evans, ft. Col.. .. .0. 2SS8  VV. N. O'Neil *t Co ,  u4o Soy. St.. .S. 4796-4?!).  WINDOW  SCREENS  W. N. O'Neil A Co., 548 Sey. .it...S. 4798-479'  WIRE ROPE  Ualfour,    Guthrie    A    Co S. 9197-657:  Evans,  Coleman A  Evans,   ft.  Col S. 298);'  Kuctne. Con. & Sup. Co.. ura-nv. ±3dg. -S. unit. V. Winch ft Co.. Winca Bld...o. :'7'.i-iu-  Wilkinson  Co.. S46  beach S.   .915  v  ^;.»w»"»"*"i,*v*"""s"*'  .t.^** i'V a' '** ** '-  i-  *   -A    *    i  *  '■t     »'   Ii   '»••!■■   -'   S"t-'fi- I*    ^  THE   MEDIUM.  Did you ever notice that 95 per  cent, of the bit? successful firms are  firms who advertise? They figure advertising as an investment not an expense. The secret of advertising is  tlie selection of a medium vvliic]  reaches those people who are or vvil  be   the     most     likely   "purchasers   0  • m: i_',-oduet.'     It ymi h.m id the btiilr  mg supply or machinery mie don't st  lect a moving picture publication i:  which to do your advertising. Be  cause of the fact that the KHJCORD it  t.he only paper published in the pro  vince devoted exclusively to the con  tracting business it is read by prac  tically every one you would like tc  sell your products to. Your ad. when  they will see u will put a capital (  '•0  yo'.''  caso.   Ford I    Ford I       _ ...: Ford 11  124*30—Mrs.'.4.~S. Knkpn, Langley Prairie, B. C Ford I  12'Sl—J. C. McClure. ICIlgrad P.O., B. C._ .--- -Ford  124X2—Joseph  Knot,   Yarrow P.O.  B. C _ - Chevrolet!  124S3—G. T. Thornton. Sardis, B. C         Chevrolet  124S4— ii. F. GUlanders Sardis,   B.  C ireLaushlin  J24S6—J.  Galbraith.  Nrw  Westminster Willyi-O  !2487—Joseph Mayers. New Westminster _ _ -Ford  J24S«—J.  Tiewaetha,  New   Westminster  Lnr^  12489—R.  H.  T.  Oraham,   Sardis.  B.C -  Ford  12*»0—S." Portsmouth.  Sardis,   B.C »..- -. •  rora  12491—S. B. Simpson, New Westminster. McLauKhlin  12492—T. LonsstalT, New Westminster.-. ^.....Overland  124J3—Harrv  Curtis,   Huntingdon, > B.C   12494—A.  C.  MacEwan,  New  Westminster   12'4"95—W.   A.   MacDonald.   Edmunds   12496—A.   V.   RottliefT,   Matsqui.   B.   C   12*07—B. C. Telephone Co., Mission City   1249?—J.  Mayers,  New Westminster  '. .-  12^99—Duncan  McTavish,  Pitt  Mpfdows  .. ..  1290S—Of Andregg, 1061 26th Ave. E   12909—Hendrv  Foundry Co.,  349  Dufferin  St.  ipojn—J. E.  Rird   940  15th  Ave. W   129U—Augusta Brun. 239 10th Ave. E   .... Ford   Chalmers   _.Ford   Ford   Ford   .-. Chicago   Ford   McLaujrhlin  W Ford   Paicre  Hudson  12912—S   McGouvran,   Shautrhnessy   T.odjre   McLaufrhPn  12913—ti   T. Ravner,   542  62nd  Ave.  E  Maxwel  129)t—J.  M. Hail,   1730  41?t  Ave. E Mavwell  12915—p.  S.  Fraser,  727  17th Ave. W —.        -Ford  129ii;—M_ Tvr. Brodsky, Seymo\ir St     ..Briscoe  12917—A.  Blair.  1147  Venac-les St Mcl.aufrhlin  1291S—H.   G    .Iamp=Siiverdale, B.  C    Ford  f>di9—D   McDonald.   344   St.  Catherine  St         Briseoo  12920—Philio A.  Wilson.   1S44  Cotrox  St  I'ord  12921—> dani   Turner.   2536   Alberta St..... Overland  i29*'> R   \   Conkey, 3Sth Ave. W McLaufrhlin  12923— H. L. James.  1521   Maple SL, N.  Vancouver Ford  .12921—Dr. AV. T. Hoves, 2050 McDonald  Pr             1" ord  ]?<)25 Call.idines   Groc.erv.   15SS   Commercial   Dr.. Stvd^oaker  12Q9R—jc   w.  Richardson.  1S12  19th  Ave.  W    Stud^ebsiker  12927—Callndine Co.,  15S8  Commercial Dr       Ford  1292R—H.   G. .Wales,   Ladner,   B.   C Gray-Port  12929—R.  Banta & A.  Chnnd.  Roche Point     .  . Ford  12930—Pemberton  &  Sons.   116S   Nelson   St    Studehaker  12931—Fuji  Laundry,   622   Alexander  St '',  12932—Mrs.'J   Hall,  1*43 First Ave. E        - i'ord  12933—G. C. Hayatt,  195 Alexander St   Willys-O  12934—Cal'adines   Grocery.   15SS   Commercutl   Pr . .Stvdebalo-r  12935—T.  W.  B.  London.  1329  Harwood   St .    .   Franklin  12936—Thomas   Kelly,   422   12th   Ave.   W.... - Foiil  12937—k.  Swinford,  Dominion   Bide  \Mllys-o  1293S—Evans.  Coleman & Evans.  Ft.  Carrall  St....McLaughlin  12939—Imp.  OilCo..   Cambie  and  Smythe  St I'ord  12940—Swift Cannrtlan  Co..   127  Water  St Packard  12911—D. MacArthur, Elevvne, B. C -- Ford  12942—T. A   Xlorvson, Maple and Owden Ave McLauirhlln  12943—G.   G.   Barron,   930   22nd   Ave.   W McLaughlin  12944—M.- Rowell.  1S22  Nelson  St McLatiffhlln  12945—ix. Montgomery, Ladner, B. C • Dodtre  1294C—G.   T.   Cunningham,   1324   Comox   St. Studebaker  l->947—vy.   U.   MarKlns,   West  Vancouver Ford  1294S—C.   Brown.   121   Fifth   Ave.  W Ford  10049—b,  c.  Keelev,   629   Camhic  St T«ord  l!>qr.o—jfrs.  A.  Chainley,  lOfil  Pendrell  St , Hudson  12951—H. Simon, 411 Keith Road ......Chalmers  TRANRPiSBS.  <<763—A. Gormlev to T. Humphries, cor. Sth & Trimble   5145—Purity Ice Cream Co. to Balfour, Guthrie & Co.  Warehouse    Federal  S536—W.   Silver   to   Studebaker   Corpn.   of   Canada,  1233   Georgia.  St Studebaker  S536—Studebaker Corpn. of Can. to 11. Taylor, S37  Howe    "  1234S—A. R. Bissett to Van. Salvage Co.,  427 Seymour. St,..;.:...  10715—O. S.  Ross to A. Winnim, 17th and Main St   11210—VV. Itiylis to A. F. Gormley, 31  Pender St.  W   3IU0—K. E. Hopkins to J.  Locke, 35 Ponder St   0707—E.  Harris to J. Culbertson, 3.r>  Pender St   261—M. Vereecken to J. Downie, 113,6 Seymour ..McLaughlin  12353 1. W. Karney to M. Jasperson, North  Van Ford  1325—Holls'tein to E.  Harber, 240S Heather St   4457—j\. ('rail  to  Feriruson-HiKman Motor Co.,  <!32 Sevmour St   617,r,—^   Stevenson to H. Dahl, Georgia St Flai'derf  19j 1 j   .Vio.AiMii-ew to K. Sutherland, 2^01 5th W Cadillac  7-jfi! I'   Srorano  to  J.   Brand  &'C'o..   723  Robson   St.  ST-.2V 1   p  Cameron to S. .Miller. 1743 Rayswater...McLaughlin  (;•)•>- [j   j   Tucker to I't. Trundle, Roche Point, B.C. Chalmers  ii-.(in H   Jones to Coffin & MacDonald.  17 35  Broadway....Ford  iftir;.i c   v.'inn to F. L. Hal lard.   !4« Sth Ave.' E Kord  'onosi p   Maci'di   to   A.   P.m-kcr,  I'aciiic  Bldtr Willys-O  77?.<: 1/ TP'wklns to C.  Ki'.lieh, r,M  Hamilton St   .17-■> -fi*  pmwv to T...   Hlnnck,  S05  If;istint--s- St.  W   -nr O    Plancl." to A    Hall.  Chilliwack.   H. C   111.-7 1    N'ivon  to .1. Wilkinson, Chilliwuck.  B. C Ford  .vwv ihi-.'-hi'S  Pros, to  H. N!shliiiii;-a.  2ill   Cordova E   1 'mVk>__-( >.  K'av  to  l.'ii'oshifa.,   .'it'Tr   Pow-11  St.  K   "'ii_...l|    Mac'--!'- to  r<. l-'mnan    1270  llornhy  St.   miK— r    W.' .-Mfvandfr  to  ?.T.   Potm'V.   2'11   '''inrlnrn. Chevrn!< t  -•■■>-     .•    v'   -M.i.-I ■.•)••••'(!   to   ''    K.   Tm-'i.-r,   r|9.r'   I.'iihsoi Ford  trifir\. .?!    1.   i«.|. t.-r. .!r. t" H. ■'.  I'-iippr   S-..  If 21   Sth  Av 1-Vr.!  jl'iD li.   \\ . Allk-l-.r  to J.   l.ichcrt,  '.'o:d"\a  St    mmk MR
"* t -
Phone Seymour 6180)   c     ,
1060 Homer St
Vancouver B. C.
Moved to S16 PENDER ST., W.
New Work -- Contracts Let
Fraser River
A. Jone«, Mgr.
V   Owners of Tug "CLIVE"
"    .     ■  -  "' V-';' '
General  Tomtit';'
324 Front St. New Westminster
J    -Telephone 1015 ":£#.'-",
Character  .'. Co*t
Depot und   terminal   $1,000,000
3  new bldg. and 2 alterations $50,000
Causeway    f00,000
Shipbuilding  plant   	
Dredging between piers 	
Cold Storage plant  ,....$50,000
Brick   Canning   Plant $20,000
Power Plant  	
Sleeping Pavilion   	
Telephone Kxchange  $15,000
Concrete  lighthouse   tower  	
Remodel   Bldg	
Sewer   Work    —$8,000
Warehouse etc $16,500
Saw Mill   $100,000
Shipbuilding  plant  $70,000
Power   House 	
Residence    '. $6,500
Concentrator etc $500,000
Station .and   Terminals      500,000
.letty   (Second  Unit)   $300,OOr»
Turning   Basin     „..f 100,000
Trunk Sewer   ' 300,000
Dredging  - $700,000
Seawall        100,000
Wharf    $16.000
Store   and   oiflce  bldg $60,000
Sower     $300,000
Wood  Bridge  $5,000
1   Sto.  Frame Building $5,000
Shipbuilding Yards 	
Club Building   _ $20,000
10-Stall Roundhouse 	
Frame   Building   '. $35,000
Remodel   Building    $12,000
Foundation   for   Shed $25,000
Freight Offices and Sheds	
location    Owner
False   Creek Can.   Northern   Ry.
10th & Willow St University of B. C.
Coal   Harbor  City  of  Vancouver
Port   Moody....Port  Moody  Shlpbuild.   Co
Burrard  inlet Can.   Pacific   Ry.
Foot of Gore (Ave..'. Oan. Fishing Cc
Kelowna  ' B. C. Evaporators. Ltd.
Prince George   City
Tranqullle.... B. C. Anti-Tuberculosis  Soc.
Nelson    B.   C.   Telephone  Co.
Triple  Tsland,   B.  C Dom.  Govt.
553 Granville..iSlliott Shandley & McLean
Esquimau      City
Victoria  Dom. Govt.
Cth & Willow  Alberta Lumber Co.
Poplar  lsland....Westminster  Marine Ky.
Anyox    Granby  Min.  & Smelt. .Co
New Westminster-Mrs. J. C. Armstrong
Surf   inlet Surf   Inlet  Tower  Co.
False   Creek Great   Northern   Ry.
Fraser River (lower)— Dominion Qtivt.
Fnl.se  Creek    Governmepit
Stanley Park  Sewerage Board
Fal«e Crook  _ _ Government
False Creek  C. N. Ry.
P.«itr'cia Bay Can.   N.   P.  Ry.  Co.
Hastings  Park   Sewerage   Board
Nanaimo    .'.    City
Bridge St Van. Lumber Co.
Vancouver' J.  Coughlan & So:.s
Vancouver..Shaughnessy Hgts. Golf Club
Vancouver G. N. Ry.
10th & Willow Sts McGlll Universitv
Cordova St. AV Royal Bank of Can.
Vancouver G. N, Ry.
Architect     Contractor
Pratt & Ross....Northern Const. Co. and
Carter,  Halls Aldinger Co.
Sharpe & Thompsoi Baynes & Horie
Owners    -•	
Owners   -  Owners
   \V. D. Grant
Owiiers'"."'.'..!.'. A.   W.   Quist
Owners    Ward   &   Baldock
Du Cane Duteher & Co ........
Owners   Jas.   Layfleld
Owners   Snider  Bros.  &  Brethour
Owners Snider Bros. & Brethour, Ltd.
Owners V.    Warren & Stancombe
Owners         Parfltt Bros.
Owners   Owners
Owners  ■■■ ■  Owners
 Taylor   Engineering  Co.
Townley & Jame*   .' J.   C. Allen
F L  Townley-.Grant Smith & McDonnell
Govt Marsh   Huton   Powers   Co.
Government Pacific Dredging Co.
Owners    • --—•
Eng.   Dept .'...Pacific  Dredging  Co
Owner."  A. G. Creelnian <& Co.
Owiuiis  .—S.   Doe.   Victoria
Percy Fox   Luny   Bros.
Owners         Owners
Owners  A. W.  Mesher
Owners   :. Owners
VANCOUVER, B. c.  *   r
Central -
2 0      ROOM
- Quiet — Modern
1    £.   U        Fv   O    O   VI    $
— Fireproof
Rates   from   $1. OO   per
Pier  Intension ....:	
1   Story Brick Addition.... $5,000
Frame   Apart.  Hon—,   $6,000
Front   Store, Bldg r.$7,000
Dredging   for   Causeway $16,962
Alter Theatre Building '. $5,000,
Vancouver  C. N. Ry.
Vancouver   C. P.  R.
T74 Granville St C. S. Gustofson
1096—12th Ave. W...v. W. S. Thompson
532 Granville St L. N. MacKechnie
Vancouver   ..City
851 Granville St _....W. P. Ni« .lis
B.   C.  Palmer Purdy  &   Lonergon
F.   L.   Townley Grant,   Smith   &   Co.,
 & MacDor.nell, Ltd.
Sharpe & Thompson :....Bayius & Horie
Contractors Purdy. & Henderson
Owners Grant   Smith  &  Co.
» & MacDonell, Ltd,
Pratt & Ross....MacDonald, Nettleton &
Owners  ••-	
Owners  —.  Owners
A.  L.   Benglof A.   L.   Benglof
T. A. Fee  , W. Hepburn
City Dominion   Construction    Co.
Owner   Owner
Consulting and Contracting
Heating and Ventilating Engineers
Seymour   661 iq98 Homer St.
VICTORIA—H. A. Bayfield, 'engineer in charge of, the building'of the
'government's big' assembling plant at
Ogden Point, where all the Imperial
Munitions' Board ships are to be: outfitted, died Tuesday.
'•(.i*'» ***
i\ ■-<■     '
JV„W\ *
POWELL RIVER—The recent rstorm
caused considerable damage to14 rafts
being made up at booming grounds and
to scores in process of loading. A large  with'  the furnishings of all materials,
of 'paper  tools,   appliances,  scaffolding, appara
Parliament Buildings, Ottawa.
Sealed tenders will be received by
the undersigned until noon. March 18,
1918, for heating and ventilating equipment required in the reconstruction.of
the above building.   " .*•
All tenders to be based on the execu-1
tion, erection and completion, together
i scow loaded  Avith   125  tons
i broke loose here and  drifted up the
'.   ,•   \ ''.     ■    -'•'-"/ -'j*:.-  '
..-. As-General AgenU'v
•for British '.Columbia bt<Tfi'e Globe
•■ Indemnity" Company- of Cariada and
s The Liverpool \fc  London *& Globe
Insurance Co.', Ltd.    .We'sell complete, protection including loss
.""  ' through'-'-".«■*.?& ...
Ellis, formerly superintendent of the
Wallace shipyards is leaving shortly
for-Seattle to take the position of superintendent of the Seattle' Construe-
■    ■     t     j
'lion Company's - shipbuilding , plant in
that city.
tusand labor required for the installation of the heating and ventilating
equipment as called for in the plans
and specifications: ^ ;
■All information can be obtained-at
the office' of the general contractor,
P.. Lyall &/Soris Construction Company, Limited, Ottawa. A'set of plans
and specifications may- be_ had ^ by.-nae-
positing ah accepted, bank. cneque^f or
twenty-five ($25)" dollars, made .payable to the Honourable' the Minister
r/re.^TKert,'   Collision, i Property..
- bamage'and Persdhal^Liability.
- ",:-- .- - ".      •       -•-■; ;:v r   , • r    ' --1
JCeperley, Rounsefell & Co.
:'S- LIMITED    '
iViiicli   Bids. 739   Hastings St.   W.
Estab..» 1886        Vancouver, B.C.. .
VANCOUVER—The  formation ' of a
$300,000 company to construct "a blast
furnace in or near Vancouver to, test
cpmiaercialb' the iron' ores and  coke
of,_the. British Columbia .Coast and to
produce a supply of pig iron for local j by an accepted cheque on'a chartered
markets, is a project which Mr. Hugh  bank payable to the order of the ajin
of Public Works, which jvill be4return-
ed if the intending bidder submits a
regular bid.       "    "    ■    . ■  .-       .-T'
i . j t "j ~ r^»-^»
Each .tender-must ue''accompanied
for.        '   - , ,
Payments will be made monthly and
will not exceed-in the aggregate ninety per cent. (90%) of the value of the1
labor and materials furnished and set
in place. ' .;
The" lowest or any tender not" necessarily accepted.
Envelopes containing tenders to be
marked "Tenders for Heating and Veri-I
tiating,Equipment," and addressed to!
the undersigned. i
'JOHN A. PEARSON, Architect.
J. O. MARCHAND. Associate.
Centre Blk,.Parliament Bldgs, Ottawa
The Goldie & McCuIloch Co.
Gait Safe Work!
Made in Canada
Seymour 3907
5S9 Richards St.
Down goes the price of Tirss
6000  Miles Guaranteed
McLean is now placing before municipal councils, boards of trade and
other public organizations of Greater
Mr. McLean believes 'that' such a
blast furnace would prove a profitable
investment. Hei suggests that it
would also be a big step towards the
establishment of an iron, and steel
plant. His proposal is that the Provincial Government and the" Federal
Government each subscribe $100,000
and that the remaining $100,000 be
provided by business men of Greater
Vancouver in units of $500, no subscriber to hold more than one unit.
The co-operation of the Vancouver
City Council and the councils of the
adjoining municipalities would be
sought in connection with obtaining
a site, free water and exemption from
taxation, for a specified period. Organizations interested in the movement
might each appoint a representative
on a committee formed to raise the
$100,000 required from the business
men and to provide rules and regulations for the directorate
ister of Public Works  for a sum not
less than five per cent.  (5%) of the
Sealed, tenders will be received by
the Minister of Lands not later thah:
noon on the 21st day of March," 1918,'
for \X\e purchase of,License X113/.to
cut "18,160,000 feet of- Fir, Hemlocfel
Cedar, Balsam; White Pine and Spruce
on an area adjoining S. T. L.;,36l34i
Johnstone Straits,*Rupert T>istrict.> '"'
" Three (3) years will be allowed for"
removal of timber. '      ' . .
Further particulars- of - the Chief
Forester, Victoria, B. C, or District
Forester Vancouver, B. C.
1062 Georgia St. W.
Seymour 9045
ii i  •
Sealed  tenders will be received  by
amount of the tender, which- will be]the Minister of Lands not later than^
"-1  ■
forfeited if the parties tendering decline to enter into a contract when
called upon to do so. If the tender is
not accepted the cheque will be returned. If the tender is accepted an additional cheque for a sum equivalent
to five per cent. (5%) of the amount
of the tender must be deposited before
the contract is siamed. The total security will be forfeited if the contractor
f'. =i~ {-q onrnnipfe the work contranted
noon on the 21st day of February, 1918,
for the purchase of License XI240, to
cut 1,404,000 feet of Fir, Cedar and
Hemlock on an area situated within
Lot 24, Mayne Passage, Thurlow Island
R. I. Coast District.
Two (2) years will be allowed for
removal of timber. •
Further particulars of the Chief
Forester, Victoria, B. C, or District
Forester, Vancouver, B. C. ;
PEBEUAEY 13, 1918.
Dominion Realty Register, 207  Hastings W <<pV
StP\"Mi & Bell,  Ileal Kstate, SiU   Pender W   .    vZl'
Won-? Pue Yin-  Fec^d Store, 211 Keefer  ZZ.Z.Z.Z.ZZZ\.ZZ...ZZ'.ZZ.Zsly.
rEEBTT^RY 12, 1918.
Columb'a Taxi Service, Taxi Cabs, from  401 Columbia to
(G Hastings E  c;
.Almond's* Ltd., Dairy Bakers & Fountain Supp., i'oO Pender JE "' '    "
changed  from  High. 35  to...... _..     '
751 J
473?' •
• High.       32
Unfailing Service when in need
941 Pender W.        Sey. 6411
I The undersigned will receive tenders up till 12 o'clock noon, March 6th
next, for the supply of the following
goods for the term of one year from
date of award of contract:
Groceries, Meat, Fish, Bread, Drugs,
Cement, Sand and Gravel, Printing,
Castings. Making of Uniforms.
Specifications can be obtained at my
City Purchasing Agent
rollowingr i» a complete list for Vancouver and District of new
Automobile licences, Transfer* and Relinquishments.
licences for the V/cei 2j:dl«g Thursday A.ai. are shown.
No. Name Address
Burnaby [.'ord
Plumbing    and    Steamfitting
1033 Granville St.
Vancouver, B. C.
Phone Sey. 136
Re*. Bay. 77
SEALED TENDERS . will be received by the Municipal C'erk up to
12 o'clock noon on the 21st February,
1918, at the Municipal Hall, Lynn Valley, for the furnishing of al labor and
materials necessary for the construction of float and gangway floats at
the end of Bridge street, D. L. 471,
adjacent to the Canadian Robert Dollar Co.'s wharf. Plan and specifications can be seen at the office of the
District Engineer, Municipal Hall,
Lynn Valley.
Acting District Engineer.
St Ford
 Ford <
Dod ire
600—.7.   \V. Flaherty.   Buskin.   B.   C. .
69-1— H.   A.   Stolt-/.,   27C0   Eaton   St.
10,'Sl— W.   G.   Carson,   Pavillion,   B,   C.'
688—IS.   Cochrane,   925   Nicola   St.
133n—.Tames   II.   Buskins,   11S9   Douglas
H-"—rohn   Stevenson.   632    Seymour
a(M6—Henry   Dohl,   1839.2nd   Ave.    E
'89S—R.   C.   Stoddard,-• 2003   Triumph "st!"	
720—Dicks.   Ltd.,   3.'!   Hastings   St.   H...'..	
741—r^r.   G.   K.   G'llis.   90S   Thurlow   St "."'""
754—Ferguson-Higman   Motor   Co..    962   Howwe
761—Williard   W.   Cole   	
C25—T.   H.   Bogart.   3136   2nd   Ave '.'	
1028—Dr.   Thos.   li.   Peden,   2995   Trimble  St.'.'.	
10»0—Poison's   Bakery,   758    Lonsdale   Ave         Chalmers
1061—fCvans,  Coleman & Kvans,  Ft.  Columbia Ave.  Maxwell
10r>9—Hampton   Bros.,   1695   7th  Ave.   W  Ford
10^3—Chapman   Motor   Co.,    152    Water  St  Republic
1053—Chapman   Motor   Co..   152   Water   St    Republic
1113—11.   Rowe,   Eburne,   B.   C        " Ford
1183—Almas  Coal   Co.,   334   Drake   St  Republic
lir.0—Robert    Black,    1001    Broadway    VV              Ford
1064—John   C.   Benning,   1021   Melville St .""!>ord
1137—Harry   Brodgen,   74 6   Burrard   St         Ford
2053—A. A.   Ross  to T. A.  Swift,  Abbotsford McLaughlin
12404—Sullivan-Taylor   Motor   Co.    to   W.   Sudburv,   3641
4th   Ave.   W ".. ..
2616—W.    Sudbury    to   Sullivan-Taylor   Motor   Co.,    250
3815—H.  Dahl  to Consolidated Motor Co., 1230 Georgia St.
3583—G.  Salter to G.  Black,  805  Hastings  St.  W...Hump'bi'i'e
1488—E.   MacDonald   and   T.   Raines   to   Studebaker Corporation  of Canada,   1233   Georgia  St : Cadillac
5499—K.  B.  Da I by to  Studebaker  Corpn.,   1233  Georgia  St.   .
3C96—A.  Des   Artel   to  C.   Middleton.   Georgia  St	
87,84—J. Woods   to  G.. Blanck,   805   Hastings  St Ford
12932—Mrs.  .1.  Hall  to  Studebaker Corpn.,   1233  Georgia .Ford
9825—Mrs. .1.  Hall to Studebaker Cpn.,  1233  Georgia.Briscoe
9668—J.  ir.  Spencer  to  Studebaker Corpn.,   1233   Georgia	
2182—Sullivan-Taylor   Motor   Co.    to   J.   McCallum,   126
6th   Ave.   W Ford
3 2162—W.   McK.ee   to  W.  P.   Weston,   856   13th   Ave.   W	
4818—M.  Rorney   to F.  Butler,  Langley,  B.  C Ford
6312—Brackman-Ker   Milling   Co.    to   A.    Woods,    710
Homer   St Ford
ISio—Studebaker Corpn.  to  F.  Sm'th,   1356  12th Ave.  E	
1519—A.   Parsons   to  G.  Blanck,   805   Hastings  St Sunbeam
Vancouver's newest and most up-to-date hostelry
160 sunny outside rooms
$1.00 per day and up — with private bath $1.50 and up
3 i%
Brown, Fraser & Co., Ltd.
Mining, Municipal and Contractors'
Machinery and Supplies
Phone Seymour 7155
Vancouver, B. C.
1150 Homer Street
Established 1885
Oil Tanks and Self-Measuring Pumps
Standard the. world over
Seymour 3907
J. J. Reedy, Mer.tfor B.
569 Richards St.
Vancouver, B.C.


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