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 , I  V ' ':''  .    If:'^ '*',>'."'.  y-.yy  €  ■ ■ *-,')  THE ONLY COMMERCIAL NEWSPAPER IN BRITISH COLUMBIA  ,-**•* 'V-  VOL. XVI. No. 26  A KEWSPAPSB DEVOTED TO 6EM"EBA"f-. KBWS, BUII."DiyrC*-, .COMTBACTIWG,  "eiTOI"CrS"EBI"WG, PSOVINCIAI.,  CITY AND  HARBOR IMPBOVEMENTS  '■ •*;*-■  "Published   Monday  Wedneeday aud Friday  VANCOUVER, B.C., .MONDAY, FEBRUARY 10, 1919     //  Office and Plant  583 Homer-Bicharcls Lane  PBICE—Per Year in Advance    -    $10.00  Pei- Month    -    -    ...      i.oo  Building IVIateriefl  Wm. N,  Tel. Sey. 4795-6.  'Neil Co., Limited  548-550 Seymour  St.  A Man Is Accounted  ol  ACCOUNT    if    he    has    a    bank  ACCOUNT.      No - account    is    too  small   to receive a courteous  welcome at this bank.  The  Home Bank of Canada  Vancouver Eranch,  446   Haetingrs   St.   W.  J.   T.   MacDONALB,   Manager  DOMINION  Pressed FS f? 1C^ Wd Common  Gabriola Shale Products, Limited  Vancouver Office  425 Standard Bank Bldg.  Phone Sey. 8057  J.T.A. Ritchie, Representative  » 4   '  "UH.DINO   PEBMITS   AMOUNXINO   TO  $500  OB  OVER ISSUED  AT  THE  VANCOUVER  CITY HALL YESTERDAY  Nmntaej  Description  Cost  £)Sf)9—General   Repairs ' ...,£500  Street  Address  Lot  and  Block  2G1   ,12th   E.  Subdivision  Architect  Contractor  Adores* J Owner  Addres*  Owner | jas.   McFadden  Roofing, Building  Papers, etc.  Building Partition  and Drain Tile  Phone 2988  _ - Clay bur n Fi reb rick,   Special  FT. OF COLUMBIA AV Shaped Firebrick, Pressed  Brick, etc.  Vancouver Brand Cement,' Reinforced Steel, Hydrated  Lime,  etc.  Mundy, Rowland & Co.  ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS  AND  CONTRACTORS  Power   Installations  General Electrical Construction  'PHONE  SEYMOUR   354  Standard' Bank Building  VANCOIMR  -  WINNIPEG  J  Lumber   Veneer    Panels,   Etc.  Our Stock i« the Most Complete on the Pacific Coast  We aro also Sole Agents for the  Celebrated "Beaver Brand" Maple  and Birch Flooring.  J. FYFE SMITH CO. Li  1320 Richards St.  ITED  t-  Vancouver, B. C.  tt»l^<'&<^K~&*>&<^<<i<-^*&<'<2>tt>'>4b f Institute suggested  that it should be  BUILDING PEEMITS  THE HOLDEN CO., Ltd.  GENERAL RAILWAY & CONTRACTORS  SUPPLIES  Sole Agcntt In Canada fPbr;  m  SV.'^fv*;^-;:".^  tmM  Boyer   Riveting  A Chipping   Hammers;   Little   Giant   Drills;   Duntley  Electric Tools;   Rock  Drills;  Air Compressors;  L Fuel  Oil ant$ Gas Engines.  Mntreit, Tirtnto  WtsiiHg  542 PenierSt, W./faDCOUMf B. C,  Plione Sej. I0D5  9S55—P.   Burns,   partition,   1   Alexander  St.,  $150;   D.  Davies,  contr.  ,   9S56—Geo.   Wong,   repairs   and   alterations, . 224S    Granville    St.;    S50;  Chan   Yick,  contr.  !)£>"J7—Joseph     Merry,    general    repairs,   401   7th   Ave.   E.;   $250.  .9S5S—A.   D.   Dinnick,   garage,   1655  Grant St.;   $tU0.  9SG0—Pacific   Coast,- P-ire   Ins.   Co.,  repairs,  1190 , Richards' St.,  $350; ' A  •f ! empowered to examine the applicants  for   positions   on  the  9S01—F.    F.    Sparks,   small    store,  1572  Kingsway,  ?400. ;  or  candidates  commission.  The board decided, after some discussion of the questions involved, to  advise the Institute that the matter of I  water supply and increased storage,  especially in the Seymour Valley, was*  already tinder consideration and a  survey being made with those objects  in?view. It was stated that later on,  after the;.results and data of the survey i» available, may,seek the  assistance of, the, experts among, the  '4lrrie-fatfcf^nJ^^  FRAN K DARLIM G & CO,  CALGARY  HALF MILLION  NEEDED  FOR   CITY   STREET   WORK  In  a  report prepared  for  the  civic  "THOR"  Roller Bearing Drills ---Close Quarter Piston Air Drills- Rivetting Hammers  Chipping Hammers-Wood Borers-Turbine and Electric Drills  High Speed Steel--Drills-Reamers, Etc.  Complete  Stock of Accessories  .1 144 HOMER ST.  Phone Sey. 410O  ?t$$m  •gs-sypK;  -3'**r'^5"'\i" S'^^X^'^^'^^-^r^^Sl^P  frim*.  Brown,' Fraser& Co., Lid.  SUCCESSORS    TO ,.'.',  { DOMINION EQUIPMENT  & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies   \  Phone Seymour 715S 1150 Homer Street  Vancouver, S3. C.  TO    BUILD  $80,000 GRANDSTAND],Board of Works; City Engineer Fel-  It is .'Understood that an - $SO,0001 lowes has called attention to the in-  concrete grandstand to set S.000 peo-1 creasingly large amount of street and  pie will be erected in Calgary ..for Mane improvements that are needed  the Calgary exhibition. Work will be i ail over the city, and which has now;  started immediately so as to have it] assumed such formidable proportions  reaily-for  the  midsummer  fair. I owing   to   improvement   work    being  deferred during the war years, that it  will require over $500,000 to carry out  ARE   BEING   INVITED fall   the  needed   improvements,       And:  Tenders   for  sub-contracts  covering] this half million that is-required, ac-1  j SUB-TRADE   TENDERS  Structural Steel For Every Purpose  •-.■■;-       '■■      " V^» :":; ;        '  BEAUTS, CnAJSIFELS, AfffflES, "PLATES, TEES, 001.173070  COMMETEIT EQUIPPED  TAJBaiCATXNQ-  SHOPS  CANADIAN 'NORTHIHST S1EEL COT, Ltfl.  London, Eng-.  Montreal  Winnipegr  Toronto  Vauconver, B. C.  R03ERT W. HUNT & CO., LTD.  ENGINEERS  INSPECTION -- TESTS -- CONSULTATION  STEEL,     CEMENT.     BUILDINGS,     BRIDGES.     PIPE,     RAILS.     CARS,  LOCOMOTIVES,   SECONDHAND   EQUIPMENT,   CREOSOTED  MATERIAL,   LUMBER,   ETC.  excavation, concrete, plaster, brick  and electrical work are wanted by  I .Mr. J. J. Forster, ' Canadian Steam-  1 ship offices, C.P.R. Station, for a proposed home to be erected on 16th  Ave.   west.  The plans and specifications have  been prepared by Architect TCd-  cvardes   Sproat.   flUb*   Duncan Building,  Fairmont 8396 and 2397  Vancouver, B. C.  cording to the city engineer, would bei  expended entirely.,in rocking, grading jl  Office, 1601 Standard Bank Bldg.  Phone Seymour 2199  500 Hastings W., Vancouver, B. C.  Camont Touting- Laboratory, Room 1C01: Physical Testing LaborAtory, Kooia Bl  Renident  Inspecto/s at Large Manufacturing Center*  j but 'Mr. Forster will handle the work  j direct. The new home will be of  I Dutch Colonial design and will have  'six rooms. The cost will be in the  j ueighborhood of ?">,000.  and repairing existing streets;  it does!  not  contemplate   the  opening  of  any j  new. streets  in  the suburbs, although ;  these are sadly needed in many locali-!  ties. y      - ■ J  The  table  which  the city  engineer;  has prepared on this matter of street !  and lane improvements sets forth the j  different amounts as follows: j  Grading    Rocking.;  Earth streets    to    be j  rocked   $2f».000    ?.126.000  Earth     lanes    to    be  , rocked     2i',000        92,000  j Rocked  streets  to  be  '     repaired   : Replacing plank roads  ;     wilh rock   -17.000  40.000  Hi 1.000  i i  Gilley Bros.9 Lfcd.  DEALERS IN  CRUSHED ROCK - SAND - GRAVEL  All Kinds of Building Material  902  Columbia Street West  Phone 15 and ,16  New Westminster, B.C.  AMES BROOKES WOODWORKING C0.,LTD.  ffV3iSSwork Contracts  Union   "Depot 1916  Ciin.   Northern   Kly.   Depot 1917  CalR-ary  Armory   ..1918  Kosulancl   Hlfirh   Scliool 1918  Xranqulllo   Snnitorlum    1918  Phone Westminster 473  M  (Hir sltiurn hiati'd [limit utmliles us  to iiiiiiiuracUire Vfiu-cr Wink ;it any  si.-jisoTi  of  tiiu  yt.-ar.  Wf urn now niunut'.K'l urin« InLcrior  llttlim.s (or the now 15. <.'. Tolopluiiu;  I'ullding'.s lieiul ol!Uo in Quarter Cut  i iiil<,  1259—6th  StfJ  East Burnaby  J LOCAL   ENGINEERS   ARE  [ READY   TO   ASSIST   CITY  j ON   WATER    PROBLEM  j     At   the   last   meeting   of   the   civic  : i'oard of Works a letter was received  j from the Vancouver branch of t!•..■■ lui-1     »-'inet>rin« Institute t.f (.';•.ri;ul:i in \v!'j>'h ! Total $!M,'XM)    |-I2l,000  i'jthat  body  took  occasion  to  :>:•:,•;r  0\:i[     Just  as  a   mere   formality,  the  city  '(, l to the ahh-nueu  (he nvvd of securing ; aldermen    comprising    the    Hoard   of  control   as   soon   as   possible   of   tlie j Works,   will   make   a   tour of  the  city  watershed area of Seymour aud Capi-j next week to inspect what, work is con-  lano (•rooks in order lo assure the con-Uidered absolutely necessary for to be  j tfnuance and  purity of  the city's  wa-j carried out this year.    There is not a  ] tor supply.    The Institute also recoin-1 chance  in   the  world,   with   the  city's  mended to the council that a commis-! finances  as   they are  at   present,  and  sion of competent engineers should be j revenue and expenditure being so hard;  appointed who would seek to bring the ! to get within  hailing distance of each ;  interested owners, the provincial gov-j other, that the City Council  will  vote'  ernment and the city together with a   this half million, although there is no;  view to securing i'or the city the con-j question about  it  being badly needed.!  trol  of  these  lauds  and   the  planning j And the sad pait of it is that much of'  of a  comprehensive scheme  of  water; this  street repair work,  especially on'  •storage   and   conservation    which   tlie ,'rocked   streets,   will   cost   the   city   a^  increasing demands of a  larger pnpu-■ whole  lot  more when  it  is eventually!  lation would soon render necessary. If  done   than   it   would   if  it  were  done I  such a commission were appointed, the ; now. j  Balfour, Guthrie & Co.  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  REINFORCING  STEEL: —  Largest stock of Mild Steel Bars in Western Canada.    We cut to  length.    Cold Twist and  Bend Bars.  BOLTS:—  Drift Bolts,  Machine  Bolts.  Tie  Bolts.        We are  prepared   to  furnish large orders of Special Bolts oa short notice.  SPIKES—CAST   IRON   WASHERS,   ETC.  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL SARS  PORTLAND   CEMENT  —  LIME —   HYDRATED   LIME  —   FIRE   CLAY  SCOTCH   FIRE  BRICK — BLACKSMITH  COAL — COKE  SEA COAL — PIG IRON — MANILA ROPE, ETC.  VANCOUVER  WINCH BUILDING  Private Ex. Sey. 9197  San Francisco, Los  Angeles, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  VICTORIA  BELMONT   BUILDING  THephono S037  We have just received a large shipment  of  Can make prompt delivery  in any quantity  Itcfile Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd  Phone  Seymour 9163  Seymour 4060  eliable EB  z  tS32*2222*5*3Em£Em:  J. SMITH, Manntf-ur  \sl  Alexander St.     Vancouver.  !'..('  Twenty Yoara' Experience in nil Brandies  o! li lee trie fil Vlov'sr.. Inspostion—EKport  Advice — Trouble Work—Installing- — Be-  V/imUutr—An   Work  Gunrnntoed.  estmmster iron  Office and Works Tenth Street  New Westminster, B. C.  Phone 53  •1 r  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  British Columbia Record  •      (Established  1911)  Published   every    Monday,   Wednesday   and  Friday   by   the  Record Publishing Company  A newspaper of general circulation, featuring Building, Contracting, Engineering, Industrial, Shipbuilding. Mining. Automobile. Pro.  vincial,   Citv   and   Harbor  Improvements.  C. ,H. NELSON....MANAGING EDITOR  Office and   Plant  583   Homer-Richards   Lane.   VANCOUVER  REAR   OF   431    DUNSMUIR    STREET  PHONE   SEYMOUR   7S0S  Subscription Rates  One month   „ SI.00  Six   months S5,00  All subscriptions are  payable strictly in advance  wallpapers;  Paints and Varnishes  N. G. Foster Limited  INTERIOR DECORATORS  Seymour 1075 905 Granville St.  Specialists in  Interior Finishes  adopted,,by the council as the lesser  of two evils.  Last year,   it will  be  remembered,  the council was forced by the-increasing civic expenditure to abolish the so-  called "single tax" system, which has  The  BriU™^mi?iaGRe^ord  is  the! been in force for seven years, and to  official orsan of The Architectural Insti-   obtain more revenue, impose a tax on  tute of British Columbia, federated with  The Royal Architectural Institute of  Canada, and The Engineering & Technical Institute of British Columbia, and  as such is us(?d by them as the medium  through which to make, their official announcements  to   the general   public.  improvements (buildings) to the extent of 25 per cent, of their value.  This hit owners of down-town skyscrapers hard.    They had been paying  By  such  selection  the  British   Colum.-   taxes   on y   011   the   laud   occupied   by  hia   Record   is   no   wise   pledged   to   edi- .     " ,      ■*  torial   support   of   any   policy  advanced   these big buildings, and when,„the ad-  ■by these.societies, but maintains an abs«-   ..-,.„,  fc imorovements was im-  lutely   independent   pos'tion  on   all   mat- j ailiomtJ  ut.\ on nnptovcuienu.  wdb iui  ters subject to editorial opinion. jposed   many   of  them   suddenly   found  and there is a lot of very necessary  work which has been stood over for  the war years but requires to be done  now, that will run up to another  $400,000. The council has the alternative of boosting the land tax rates  from 24 up to at least 30 or 31, or  putting another 25 per cent, on improvements. And the latter course is  the one that' will very probably, be  adopted.  MORE  TAXES ON   IMPROVEMENTS  It will be some weeks yet before the j liad   t0  that even with the skyscraper taxed  at only 25 per cent, of its value, they  pay  The   Silversmith   mines   has   struck  a second  body of rich lead-silver ore  three   times   the  amount'011 its 10tl1 level of the property, near  city council completes the compilation j of taxes as tnat which they formerly  of the civic estimates and strikes the) pai(1  under  the  "single   tax"  system,  tax rate for the year to meet the con- j owners of big apartment houses who  templated  civic  expenditure.      \Vhenj]iad buill on comparatively moderate-  that time does come, however, about J ly I)ricecj iolS( were also hit even hard-  the  middle of    next    month,  the  an-j er than the owners of highly improved  nouncement that will go forth regard- j down-town business property,  ing the tax rate for the year will cer-i    judgjng from present civic financial  lafnly   not   cause   any   noMceable   ex-iindJcations  their    burden,  instead  of  cess of joy on the part of the average ; being lightened is to be increased this  property   owner—especially  the   own-jyear_   Instead of taxing improvements  Sandon. The body has an average  width of five feet and has been followed by drift for SO feet. There is  ore in the face and its development is  proceeding.  it is not necessary to import hematite  ore from China or any other place to  manufacture  steel  from   Island  miner  als," says a letter read at a meeting  of  the  Central  Iron  Committee  from  C. H. Gage, F.R.S.S. of the American  Finance  &   Guarantee Company,  Chicago.    This gentleman, who claims to  have a wide experience in the manufacture of steel, states that if the people of this vicinity are open to a proposition whereby the establishment of  an  electric    steel    plant and  rolling  mills would be effected, he would, be  willing  to  come  here  personally  and  investigate the possibilities of the industry.  For Owner,Architect and Builder    flUNHAM  ■Cheating service  Thousands of fine homes, country  estates, industrial plants, otlice ami  government buildings, have Dunham Heating Service. ISxist lug  installations can be Dunhamized at  reasonable  cost.  CA. DUNHAM COM PA NY, Ltd.  Branch   Sales   Office,   Vancouver,    B.   C.  D.   O.   BHISOK,   Manager  Phone Sey.  S057    425  Standard   Bank  Bldg.  ers of improved property. For already  the council is faced with the necessity  of materially increasing the tax rate  on the land or. else leave it at about  its present rate of 24 mills and increase the tax on improvements. The  Record takes this opportunity of predicting that the latter course will be  Adkison & Dill  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Specialists In Reinforced  Concrete  325 Howe St. Sey. 3768-BayJI28R  Baynes & Horie  General    Contractors  136 Howe SL  Seymour 13E9  Edward Cox  General Contractor  Cabinet Making  Sojfeoir 1163    ;  Fixtures  735 Nelnckei St  Davies  Construction Co.  General    Contractors  Credit-Fcucier Wdg. Vancouver, B.C-  at  25  per cent,  of  their value,  it  is  almost  certain   that  the  city  council  will have to raise that to at least 50  per cent, of the value of the improvements.      Civic    expenses are already  showing signs of heavy increases that  will   require  at    least    an  additional  $500,000 civic revenue this year.    The  fire and  police  departments  have  already  submitted  estimates,  including  wage  increases,   that will amount to  nearly  $100,000   more  than  last  year  VICTORIA.—"The refractoriness of  the ore on this Island is a fallacy, and  THE UNITED ELECTRIC  COMPANY, LTD.  "BIO" Arc Light Carbons  and  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES  601   Pender St. W.,  Vancouver  Let us quote you on your  requirements  100% Service.  Make a note of this :  The five principal mining companies  of the Butte, district posted notices at  their mines announcing a reduction of  $1 in wages, beginning immediately.  DOMINION   GOVERNMENT,  CONTRACTS    ARE   AWARDED  The Department of Public Works announces the following contracts have  been awarded by Order in Council:  Tynemouth Creek, N. B.—Reconstruction of southern wing of western  breakwater. Contractor, J, Stewart  Parker, of Tynemouth Creek, at $5,-  5S0.50 (approximately; unit  prices). Order in Council dated Jan.  9, 1919.     -  Ste. Anne de Bellevue, Que.—Garage, chapel and mortuary building in  connection with'military hospital. Contractors, E. G. M. Cape & Co., Ltd, of  Montreal, at $11,750. Order in Council dated January 11, 1919.  H.D.Rees    W.A.Kruse     W.C.Jenkins  The Electric Shop  ELECTRIC     SUPPLIES  WIRING  and  REPAIRS  12 Hastings St. E.  Sey. 1224  E. CHRYSTAL & COMPANY  Carpenters and Contractors  Store and  Office Fixtures  General Repairs  1219 Keefer St.  Seymour 8551  Bambcrton Cement  i  Phone Seymour 1878.  ELECTRICAL  MANUFACTURING COMPANY  Makers of  Switch Boards, Panel Boards, Steel  Cabinets, etc.  Switches  designed  and  built for any  special work.  '1  41 Alexander St.  Vancouver, B.C.  Norman Kydd  PLUMBING and HEATING  "Ready Plumbing"  with working blue print* for country  installation*  906 Davie St. Seymour 9188  VANCOUVER, B. C.  i  Bulldog Cable  Pacific Lime  R. V. WINCH & CO., Limited  Vancouver and Victoria  ELECTRIC MOTORS FOR RENT  We specialize in prompt service for Contractors'  temporary power installations  •BC^ELECTRIC-  SERVICE   24   HOURS   A   DAY  'Phone   Seymour   5000   and   have   our   representative   call  IP  M  NEW WORK -CONTRACTS LET  THE    FOLLOWINO   TAB "LB   SHOWS   BUItDINaS    COSTXNO    $5,000 , OB    OVEB,     OK     WHICH     CONSTBUCTIOBT    IS  UNDER WAV, OB OH WHICH CONTRACTS HATB BEEX7 LET BUT CONSTRUCTION NOT TET STARTED.  Dominion Construction  Co., Ltd.  General Contractors  509 Richards St.  Seymour 1412  Harrison & Lamond  Industrial Engineers  Seymour 3535 601 Pacific Bid**..  Hodgson & King  Contractors & Engineers  403 London Bldg. Seymour 6506  G. Kilgren  General Contractor  962 14th Ave.  Fairmoot 946L  Character     ......... Cost  Tuberculosis   Clinic       47,130  Grain   Elevator       70,000  Church        35,000  Commercial   Bldgs   25,000  Residences    each    4,000  Brick   Building      Bungalows    <»      6,000  Residence           7,000  Residence    7500  Bungalow       7T>95  Residence       $5,000  Powdered   Fuel   Plant $39,000  Dwelling         5,000  Residence     —-■       8,000  '{pmodel   Boarding   House $5,000  Two  Story  Brick   $20,000  Residence    "510.000  Residence     $9000  Dwelling    $6,500  Temporary Hosp  $30,000  Liquid- Air   Plant    $25,000  Residence  •  $7,000  Electric   Smelting   Plant .'.$S,700  NEW IDEA SHEET METAL  WORKS  CORNICE,   BETLIGHT,   SMOKESTACKS.      AUTO   "WORK.  Anything in Sheet Metal and Roofing.  S. T. Scarlett, Mgr.  757   Beatty   St. Sey.   761-5  Palmer Bros.  General    Contractors  929 Main St. Seymour 4878  Robertson &Partners,Ltd.  Public Works Contractors  and Engineers  Seymour 1274  806 Metropolitan Bldg.  Character  „ _  Cost  •tr.Mile   Kxtension     300,000  Government    Shed       f'rid^t:   (2  span)      r.iniiiK   Tunnel     250.000  Reconstruction       ) ''>').0D0  Nitrogen   Plant       125,000  Concentrator,   etc l.OO'.'.OOO  Concentrator,    etc    50.000  Railroad      1,10'j.OnO  Infirmary   and   Service    Rldg $151,236  '{ridge        liridge   Pulp   &   Saw  Mill... .'..$750,000  Protective   Works         $60,000  Cold Storage & Cannery $150,000  Twelve   Cottages    $19,000  Remodelling    Edison   Theatre $15,000  Remodelling  Dom.   Bldg $0,000  VANCOUVER  Location         Owner  Pender Street Rotarv Club  Beach Ave  Chas.  P. Coics-<Co.  1160 Georgia St.. . First  Church of Christ Set.  Fairview and Point  Grey.. l'i?;versity of B: C.  Angus  Ave Macaulay  &   Nicolls  Seymour St B.  C.  Tel.  Co.  -Uagee Allan   &   Richards  2875   Alder  Street A.   R.  McFarland  1906 Trafalgar  TV. A. Cantelon  1435 15th Ave. TV H. D. Christie  S.E.   Cor.   Maple & Magee Rd.C.H.McFarlanc  Powell   St B.   C.   Sugar  Refinery  1946  11th Ave.  W John  T.  MaeDonald  lhaughncssv  Heights _.P.  VV.  Racev  1447 Barclav St Confed Life Ass'n  92-9S Pender E... Mrs.  Chance Wong Co.  Shaughnessy  Hgts Clarence   Wallace  Shaughnessy Heights..Mrs. V. J. Creeden  1771   Kitchener F.   G.   Loane  12th and Heather Vane. Gen'l Hosp.  Sth and  Yukon Sts..X'Air Liquid Society  Shaughnessy Frederick   Perkins  C. P. R. Reserve....Tudhope Elec.  Metals  Arcbt  Contr.  J. A.   Benzie Baynes  Jt   Horie  H.   H.   Gillingham    Owners  Matheson & DeGucrre   Owners  Sharp   st   Thompson     S.   N.   McLeod  A.   E.  Henderson S. J.  Newitt"  Owners   Adkison & Dill  Fred  L.  Townley.... G.   M.  Champion  Fred.   L.   Townley John   B.   Sterling  Fred L. Townley  Day Labor  H. D. Christie  w. J. Read  Fred   L.   Townley G.   M.   Champion  Fuller   Engineering   Co..Can.   N.W.   Steel   Co.  • • • •    Owner  las.  A.   Benzie S.  J,   Newitt   H.   R.   Glass  E.  E. Blackmore  Edgar Wilson  James A. Benzie S. J. Newitt  Edwardes Sproat  S. J   Newitt    G. Milne  Owners  '.  Owners  Owners  s.  J. Newitt  Fred L. Townley G.  M. Champion  Wm.   Mason   Rooke Cotton   Co.  "OCEAN FALLS"  KRAFT  ^NOTICE    .. -, .  '  Kraft Wrapping Paper is now being manu-  factured in British Columbia.    The paper Is  of  excellent,   uniform   quality  and   of  great  tensile strength.  Samples and prices gladly given.  =  Sales Agents  SMITH, DAVIDSON & WRIGHT, LIMITED  Vancouver and Victoria, B. C.  JOHN ARNOT & SONS  SASH   and   DOORS—OFFICE  FIXTTJBES  Bands awing-  and  Tarninj,  etc.  1730   Semlin   Drive Highland   31 i  GRANDVIEW  SHEET  METAL WORKS  FURNACES,    UOESIUEK,    SKY-  LIGHTS   and   OENEEAL  JOBBING  1685   Venablci  St.  Highland  042  PILING^ POLES  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length - any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO.  Incorporated 1909  1021-1024 Rogers Building Seymour 3998-3999  RUSH & READ  P-DAIN      AND       ORNAMENTAIi  PLASTERING    85    CEMENT    WOEK  All  Work  Guaranteed.  Bay. 37,10 2306  Stephens   St.  Bay.   IGOa-R  BRITISH   COLUMBIA   GENERAL.  Location     Owiir  CI_ir;ton     P.C. F..    Railway  Victoria         Government  Princeton     Kettle   Valley   Railway  Rogers   Pass    C.   P.   Kaihvny  North   Vancouver     Wallace   Shipyard  Lake   J'untzcn.. Amer.   Nitrogen   Products   Co.  Copper   Mountain )'..   C.   Copper   Co.  Chu   Chu a Queen   Hess   Mining   Co.  Princeton   to  Copper   Sit. ...B.  C.  Copper  Co.  Tranfjuille B.   C.   Tuberculosis   Society  Oyster River—Comox Dist... Prov. Goverm't  Knglislimnn's River, Alberni Dist.. Prov.Govt  Beaver Cove.. Beaver Cove Lumber & Pulp Co  Stevcston     Dom.    Government  Clayoquot... .Clayoquot Cold Stor. &■ O.n. Co.  Squamlsh P.  G.   10.  Rwy.  New   Westminster Frank   Kerr  New  Westminster Can.   Bank  of  Com.  Arch  Contr.   Northern   Const.   Co,   R.   Moncrielr   Armstrong,   Morrison  &   Co..   Ltd   ....Carter,   Halls  Sr   Alrlhiffer   Hodgson iSr   KinR  Owners        Owners  Owners              Owner   W.    P.   Ticrney  Public   Works   Dept Dominion   Con.   Co.  Prov.  Pub.   Wks  Dept... Robertson  &   Partners  Prov.    Pub.    Wks.    Dept Wm.    Greenlee?       Owners  Public  Works   Dept Hodgson  &   KinK   Owners      Thos.   Carson  Gardiner & Mercer Slonn &  Harrison  Gardiner &  Mercer Robertson   Bros.  JAMIESON'S  The Paint  That covers the Quebec Bridge  The Eighth Wonder of the world  Tho veteran  painter,  tried  and  proved,  the man  who does  paint well.  "HE KNOWS"  The chemist, who can analyze—he smiles and says;  H. A. Wiles  GENERAL   CONTRACTOR  Alterations, etc.  1350 • 8tb Ave. W. Payvlew 2278  "f  Public Works Contractors  Office 813-S1 Slower.: Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  tt  tt  ALL RIGHT  Because  It goes farthest.  Covers more space at less cost.  Encourages   the   inexperienced  to paint and brighten up.  R. C. JAMIESON & CO., LTD.  107") Hamilton Slrocf. Seymour 226H '•■'itW,  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  MOUSE   PAINTS  25 Colors,  $3.25  Gallon  Oil and Creosote Shingle Stains  $1.20 'Gallon  Marine   Paints  ANTI-DAMP—Everyone   U?es   It,  TV.  S- EAEVEY MFG.  CO.  1063 Granville St. ; Sey. 3497  Foreign Trade  Artistic Wire & Iron Wks.  Manufacturers  Ornamental Iron Work and  all klndB of Wire Work.  112-1G   Dufferin   St.  Fair.   26-IS  FOREIGN  TRADE  OPPORTUNITIES  loads of beech or ash  and 5-lijch thick, with  as .soon a.s conditions  151.    "Fir,   Spruce,  Pine, Planed Boards.  '-Ply wood, 3-,   1-,  a view to business  permit.  White   and   Yellow  —A Glasfrow firm is  Seymour Tire & Rubber  Company, Limited  Sole Dealers and Service  Station for Goodyear S.V.  Truck Tires  851 Pender St. W.  Seymour 3053  Additional information regarding  these iruiuiries may be obtained from  tho 'Secretary of the Board of Trade,  Vancouver, or upon application to "The  Commercial I nte! licence ranch of the  'Department of Trade and Commerce,  Ottawa."  Correspondents are requested to quote  the number of the "opportunity" when  askiiiK Tor additional information. Ile-  uest for each opportunity should be: on  a separate sheet and state opportunity  number. The Bureau does not furnish  credit ratings or assume responsibility  as to the standing of foreign inquiries;  the usual precautions should be taken  In., all   cases.  INSURANCE  IN   ALL   ITS   BRANCHES  REAL ESTATE  CITY        PROPERTIES,        FARMS,  FACTORY   SITES   AND   TIMBER  w  U  m  m  SECURITIES  GOVERNMENT  AND MUNICIPAL  BONDS,    MORTGAGES  RENTS  COLLECTED  BUILDINGS MANAGED  Ceperley,   Rounsefell  and Company  ESTABLISHED   1886  739  Hasting St. TV.  Telephone Seymour  Vancouver  ■S20  FLOOR LAYERS  and  Manufacturers  B. C. Kardwood Floor Co.  Limited  2635 Granvilla St.  LATEST ENQUIRIES.  The following inquiries are the.latest  received. Kor rapid perusal the reader  may know at a glance items of interest by noting the class of-goods■ mentioned   at   the   end   of   each   inqu.'ry.  KMPOrtTANT—Quote the numlier of  the •'Oi)portunity" in your correspondence.  134.    Pluin'oers'    and    Engineers'    Fitting's.—A   Liverpool  firm  is interested in  importing   the  above   as  soon   as   conditions   permit.  I     135.    Straw-boards   and  LeatlierboardB.  —A   Newcastle  lirm   is  interested 'in-ini-  ! porting the above in carload lots as soon  I as  conditions  permit.  136. Wood Squares.—A Sunderland  firm would like to receive offers ot.' Wood  squares in bass woods, pine, spruce or  maple, with a view to business as soon  as conditions permit. Specifications,-may.  be obtained when received from the Department , of Trade and Commerce,  Ottawa.  137. Strawboards    and    Pulpboards.—  A Hull firm is prepared to place orders in  ten   to   fifteen-ton   lots   for  strawboard.s,.  and in five to ten-ton lots for pulpboards,  as soon  as conditions  permit. ■;  141. Hardwood Floorings, Strip* and  Blockn.—A liull firm would like to hear  from shippers of the above with a view  .to business as soon a.s conditions .permit. .   ,-s-..-'  142. Strawboard.—A Bradford firm  wishes to receive offers and samples of  the above, with a view to business as  soon   as  conditions   permit. L   .  144. Wire Rods.—A Warrington lirni.  using 500 tons of the above monthly,  ask to be placed in touch with exporters,  with a view to business as soon as conditions permit. -  145. Wire Bods.—A Warrington firm,  which uses 5,000'of the above annually,  would be pleased to receive Canadian  offers, with a view to business as soda  as conditions  permit. :"  147. Wire Nails, Locks, Hinges and  General Ironmongery.—A Liverpool firm  would like to be placed in touch with  exporters of the, with a view to  business as soon a.s conditions permit/  148. "Wire Nails.—A Liverpool firm  would like to be placed in touch with  exporters of the above, with a view to  business as soon as  conditions permit.  150.    Three-Fly    Wood. — A    Glas  firm   is   in   the   market   for   severa  -car-  MAIN ELECTRIC SUPPLY  E. J, ERKBICTOH   ,  Electrical Contractor  Fairmont  910  144  Broadway W;  in the market for the above; 1-inch to  lVa-ineh thick, in quantities up to £2,000  value with a view to business as soon  as  conditions  permit.  158. Timber.—A. Glasgow firm wishes  to hear from Canadian exporters of  maple logs, rock elm logs, Douglas fir in  planks, solt elm boards; with a view to  business a.s soon as conditions permit.  159. Boll Top Doaku and Office Chairs.  —A Glasgow importer .wishes to get into touch with' exporters, of the above,  knocked down, with a view to business  as  soon  as  conditions   permit;'  161. Celluloid.—A Glasgow importer  asks whether the above can be supplied  from Canada. Large quantities have  been   Imported   from   the   United   States.  166. Rubber Footwear.—A Glasgow  firm asks to be introduced to manufacturers of the above, with a view to business as soon as conditions permit.  169. Calcutta Commercial Agency.—  A Canadian business man who was employed for live years in it. large wholesale importing house in Calcutta, India,  'proposes to leave Canada for India early  in March and will start business there  as a manufacturers' agent. lie is 'acquainted with Calcutta, Bombay. Rangoon, Colombo, Madras, Karuehi, and  Lucknow, has a c6lIoqi.iia.l-knowledge of  Hindustani and is able to conduct business without the need of an interpreter.  Would like to get into communication  with Canadian manufacturers who require'representation  in  India.  170. Iiumbor. — A PYeneh lumber  merchant, who has fought through the  war for. four years, is about to start  business again and wishes to . become  representative in France. of an important Canadian lumber firm. He was in  the timber trade for seventeen years  prior to the war.  171. Ag-ency.—A Belgian merchant  wishes to get into communication with  Canadian exporters of brushes, handles,  woodenware, sponges, mats, .chamois-  leather dusters, ropes, house-cloths,  soap, blacking, etc.  172. Agency.—A Belgian merchant  wishes to get into communication with  Canadian produce manufacturers and  exporters of  all  kinds of products.  173. Bepresentation In Kingston,  Jamaica.-—A commission merchant in  Kingston, Jamaica, would liks to make  arrangements with anadian houses for  representation in the following lines:  Groceries. canned goods, preserved  meats, pickled fish, codfish, iier-riricrs.  ox tongues, oleomargarine. . lard, butr^r,  cheese, hams, bacon, raisins, currants,  condiments. etc.. etc.: oil products,  enamel  and   tin   ware,  paints,  varnishes.  jcrtide oils, greases and lubricants,  leather and shoemakers' supplies, coach  builders' supplies, harness oils and  ' dressings, beekeepers' supplies, agricultural supplies, agricultural tools and implements.  174. Box Boards.—A very Important comnariv. having a number of plants  in the United Kingdom, wishes to secure  box boards for the manufacture of cases  in varying sizes. The parts are cut to  accurate dimensions and are smooth  sawn and are formed of two pieces,  ton truce!, grooved and glued and. smoothed on one side, so as to take a good  impression when put- through a two-;  colored printing machine. Parts must  be securelv done up with wire, in bundles  of twentv-five parts, sizes as follows:  '.3 1-4 hv 13 1-2. by-5-16' inch; 23 1-1 by  12 Viv 5-16 inch: 21 -7-S hv. 13 1-2 by 5-1 6  lnch: 2" 7-<s bv 12 bv 5-1R inch: 10 5-S .by*  S'bv'r.-1'«" inc-Vt: 17 -hV S l=fbv S-i 6 -inch  BUSINESSMEN  will find tho  ORPHEUM CAPE  place  The  for the  Best of  Service.  Seating  an ideal  meeting  Luncheon  Hour.  Everything,    Prompt  Moderate     Charges,  capacity   250.  Opposite Orplxanm  Theatre  762 Granville Street  Jas. Dwyer, Proprietor & Chef  Business Directory and  Buyers' Guide  When Buying Building-; Material and Supplies  Patronize Record Advertisers  ARCHITECTS  Dominion  Blue I'rint  Cn   SUPPLIES   Sey.   2497-4670  In-addition they purchase a fair quantity of boards cut to certain lengths, but  varying as regards widths. The width  would be from 4 inches upwards in steps  of VI- inch, and the sizes would be 21 7-8  by n-10 inch, 33 by 5-8. inch, 17 by 5-1G  inch, .15 by 5-8 inch. Any Canadian firm  that can satisfy the demands of this  company may get a large business.  MARINE   NEWS  THREE   NEW SHIPS  FOR  PACIFIC MAIL SERVICE  Three trans-Pacific cargo boats, two  capable of carrying 14,000 measurement tons of freight, and the other of  10,000 tons capacity, have been assigned for permanent operation to the  Pacific -Mail Steamship Company by  the United States Shipping Board.  COTTA   Scy.   2988   Sey.   4705   Sey.  8162  ARCHITECTURAL  TERRA  Kvans,   Coleman   A   Evans,  Ltd '...  O'Nell,   Wm.   X.   Cu..  Ltd   Ritchie Conlr.   A Sui>.  Co.,  Ltd   ASPHALT   FELT  Kvans,  Culttrn'ari  Ac  Kvans.  bid ■. .....Soy.   2988  Tlie  Barrett  Co.',   Limited : Bay. -88  AUTO-MOBILE   INSURANCE  Ceperley,   Kuuusefcll  A  Co : 1 .Sey.  BANKS  Hume bunk of Canada..:   BANK,   OFFICE   &   STOBE  JameB Brookes Woodwkg.  Co., Ltd..   Gihus Tool  METAL  A Stamping  STAMPING  Works   7820  ...Sey.  FITTINGS   West.  473  Dominion  llluo  BLUE PRINTS  I'rint Co..   Evans  Gilley  O'Nell.  Ritchie  Kitclile.  Wlnvh.  BRICK—ALL  Coleman  A   Evana.  Ltd..  Bros., Ltd   Wm.   X.   Co.,   Ltd   Contr.   & Sup.  Co.,  Ltd  T., A   V.  A Co..  Ltd    .Sey.  2197-4070  KINDS   Soy.   29KS   West.   15-16   Sey.   479!>   .'.'.' -Sey.   9102   :.'..'. Sey. sn.-.T   Sey.   279-1!)!'!  BUILDING   FELTS   AND   PAPERS  Evans,   Coleman  A  Evans,  Ltd Sey.   29S8  O'Nell,   Win.   X.   Co.,  Ltd :...'. Sey.   4795  The   Barrett   Co..   Limited Hay.   63  BONDS—SURETY  Ceperley.'  Rounsefell  &   Co   Winch. U.   V.  A Co., Ltd Sey.  Sey.   7820  279-1914  CARPENTERS  SHIPBUILDING  Dixon   &  Murray..  CEMENT  llaifnur.  Outhrle  &  Co   Kvan.v Coleman  A Kvans,  Ltd   Gilley  Kro.-).,  Ltd   O'Neil.   Win.   N.   Co..   Ltd   Ritchie Contr,   &  Sup.   Co... Ltd....  Winch. K.  V.  A Co., Ltd ,.  .Key.   S765-S766   Sey  TO BUILD LINERS.  SAN FRANCISCO.—The Toyo Kis-  en Kaisha have announced plans to  build two new liners of 33.42S tons  displacement, to run between San  Francisco and Yokohama. By omitting  a stop at Honolulu they will make the  trip in eleven days. The vessels will  be equipped with all the luxuries of  Atlantic liners.   ■  CEMENT  Hunt,  Hubert  TESTING  XV;   A  Co.....   AND  9197-0575   .Sey.   2988  .. West.   15-16   Sey.   4795   Sey.'9182  .-..Sey.   279-19*1  ASSAYING   Sey.   2199  CONTRACTORS—GENERAL  Armstrong, Morrison A Co.. Ltd Sey.  1830  Walsh   &   Co.,   T.   A -.: ..............„ Sey. 4733  CONTRACTORS—TILE—TERRAZZO  Evans,  Coleman  A Evans.  Ltd.™ Sey.   29S3  O'Neil,  Wm.  N.  Co., Ltd. ..Sey.   4795  James Brookes  MILLWORK  Woodwlic   Co., Ltd....  MIME O GRAPHING  Central   Public  StenoKraphers   ..Fair.  2176  i...West.   473  ....Sey.  C073  Walsh  A   Co.,  T.  MINING  a...:   ..Sey.  4733  Walsh   A  MINING  Co., T.  a....:.  ENGINEERS   Sey. 4733  MOTORS  Ltd ;..   ..Key.  5000  TRUCKS  Co .'   11.  C.  Electric Co..  MOTOR  Little Giant Motor Truck  Co .' ......Sey.   2814-45  Tucker  Motor  Co Sey.   3565  MULTIGRAPHING  Central   Public   Stenographers.... Sey.   5073  Dominion  Blue Print Co ,.:.Sey.  2497-1670  OFFICE  AND   STORE   FITTINGS  lohn   Arnot   A' Sons  Ilixli.    374  Dixon  A  Murray ! Sey.   8765-376S  OFFICE    SUPPLIES    AND    PRINTING  Western  Socially   Co...; _ .Suy.   3526  PAINTING   AND   PAPER   HANGING  Dixon  &  Murray Sey.   8765-8766  PAINTS  famlcson.  It.  C.  A Co:,  Ltd.': ...Sey.  2208  PAINTS—FIRE-PBOOF  O'Neil,  Wm.  X.  Co.,  Ltd :.. Sey.  PAINTS—DAMP   PBOOF  Evans.  Coleman  .1;   Evans.  Ltd ....: Sey.  O'Neil,  Wm.   N.   Co.,   Lid Scy.  Ritchie,   J;   T.   A ; Sey.  PAPER  Smith, Davidson A ' Wrisht, Ltd ..Sey.  PARTITION—FIREPROOF  Evans.  Coleman  A  Evans.  Ltd....... Sey.  Itltchie Contr.   A:   Sup.   Co.;',   Ltd Sey.,  PARTITION    "WIRE  Pearson, Wire &  Iron Wks _ Fair.  1795  2983  4795  8057  9505  29SS  9102  2791  Westminster Iron  PATTERNS  Wonts    Went.   53  PHOTOSTATS  1'rim Co    CRANES  The  Holden  AND    HOISTS  Co..  Ltd    (ELECTRIC)   Sey.   1085  DIES  AND  TOOLS  Gibbs Tool'& Stami>li>K Works  Fair.   2176  you,  you,  them  BOOST.  Boost your city, boost your friend,  Boost the goods that you are selling.  Boost the people round about  They.might get along without  But success  will quicker1 find  IfJthey know that you're behind them.  Boost for every forward movement,  Boost for every new improvement,  Boost for whom you labor,  Boost the stranger and  the neighbor.  Cease to be a chronic-knocker,  Cease to be a progress blocker,  ■It you'd "make your city better  osUit„to, t.he final, letter^   , ,     ,    ,,_,  Electrical Contractors  Light and Power  Motor Repairs *  Storage Batteries  The Jarvis Electric Company, Ltd.  570  Richards  St.  'Phone   Seymour   175  Dominion  Blue  DRILLS-  Darling,  Frank  The Holden  Co.  DRAFTING  Print Co...   —PORTABLE  A Co..............   Ltd    Sey.  2497-4670  ELECTRIC   Sey.   4100-4101   _...Sey.   1065  ELECTRICAL  Reliable  Electric   Co .'_  ELECTRICAL  B.   C.   Electric  Co..  Ltd   Cope vt  Son     Darling,  Frank  &  Co........ -   ELEVATORS  Darling,  Frank  &  Co -..'.   REFINING  SUPPLIES  4660  ...Sey.  .Sey. c 5000  .Sey. S602  4100-4101  ELEVATOR  CARS  AND  S.   M.   MorrU  A Co.,  Ltd    O'Neil.  Wm.   N.   Co..   Ltd   I'.iichie Conlr.   & Sup.   Co..  Ltd..  ..Sey.  4100-4101  ENCLOSURES   Ltay.   1013    Sey.   4795   Sey.  9162  Pearson Wire  A  Walsh   &   Co.,  ENCLOSURES  lruil    \VivT>   ENGINEERS  \   A.   Dominion Blue Prim  Co  Sey.   2497-4074  FIG  IRON AND   TIN  Balfour,  Guthrie  & Co Sey.  9197-6573  Evans,  Coleman &  Evans.  Ltd ::....Sey.   293<i  Winch, H.  V.  A Co., Ltd...... Sey.  279-1944  PILING   AND   POLjCS  Federal Lumber  Co _.i_.Scy.   3993:3999  PILE DRIVTITG  Evans,  Coleman  A  Evans,  Ltd...... Sey.   29S3  Fraser Hirer Pile  Or.  Co  West.  1015  PIPE—SEWER  Evans,  Coleman  &  Evans,  Ltd  ....Sey.   2938  Gilley  Bros.,   Ltd.^iTivu^iST^S: _ ......West.   15-16  Ritchie Contr.  A Sup.  Co.. Ltd _ Sey.  9162  Winch, R.  V.  & Co., Ltd Sey.  279-1944  ■ f' ..                     PLASTER  Balfour,  Guthrie A Co... .....Sey.  9197-6575  Evans.  Coleman A Evans," Ltd.''.........'..:_..  Gilley  Bros..   Ltd....! ■:.". '._'.-.......'_.  O'Neil.  Wm.   N.   Co.,  Ltd ;..:._..   Ritchie Contr.   A  Sup.  Co.. Ltd- '.   PLASTER   BOARD  Evans,  Coleman '&.  Evans,  Ltd   O'Neil,  Wm.  X.   Co., Liu..... -...   Ritchie Contr.  &  Sup., Co.. Ltd....,_...'.....  ON  .......Sey.   2933  ...West.   15-16   Sey,  4793  ......Sey. 9162   Sey.   2933  .....Scy.   4795  C.Sey.  9162  PLASTER   PARTITION  BLOCKS  Evans,  Coleman  &  Evans,  Ltd .......Sey.   2933  PLASTER—ORNAMENTAL  ..Fair.  ..Scy. 4733  ENGINEERS'  SUPPLIES  Dominion   Blue  Print  Co Sey.   2197-4670  -     FENCES   AND  Pearson  Wire  A Iron  Wks   GATES   _.  Fair.  2794  FIRE   CLAY  Balfour,  Guthrie 4 Co  _ -   ■Evans,  Coleman  A Evans.  Ltd _   Gilley  Bros.;   Ltd -..- - -    O'Nell.  Wm.  N.  Co., Ltd _   Ritchie  Coiiir.   &  Sup.   Co..  Ltd   Winch.  R. -V.   <fc  Co., Ltd   FIRE   ESCAPES  S.  JL  Morris-& Co..,-Ltd.._. ..:   Kvans,   Coleman   &   Evans,   Ltd    O'Nell,  Wm.   N.   Co.,  Ltd   Kltchie  Contr.   &  Sup.   Co.. Lid   PLUMBING  Bailey.  K.   A „ J ._.   Barr   A   Anderson   Norman Kydd    PNEUMATIC  TOOLS  liarlinK.  Frank   Ac  Co •• Sey.  The  Holden  Co..  Ltd..--— „-..._   -Sey. 2*JS3  Sey. 4795  ..Sey.  9162  ...Sey. 123  ..Scy. 61H0  ..Sey.  9183  4100-  .Sey.  4101  1065  Bacley.  PRINTERS  &  Sons,  Lu.1   Central  Dominion  Sey.  9197-6375   Sey.   29SS   West.   15-16   Sey,   4795 )' Pumixs   s«*- 9i6-l ROOFING COMPOS.  .Sey.   279-1914    Krans,   Coleman   A' Erans.   Lid _.  A.  G.  & Sons, Lu.1 _ Sey.   316  PUBLIC  STENOGRAPHER  Public   Sleno^r»>)llers -Sey.   507S  Blue"'Priiil Cut  Sey.   2197-1670  ,     .'   PUMPS  & Power.   Ltd tiey.   S110  TIOW   Sey.   2933   Bay.   1013  PEARSON WIRE & IRON  WORKS  ORNAMENTAL IRON  WORKERS, WIRE WORKERS and WEAVERS  Nothing too Large or too Small  If it's Iron or Wire \vc make it  CITY MARKET BUILDING  Phone vour  FAIRMONT 2794  PHONE   SEYMOUR  3825  PRINTERS  Printers, Engraving*, Bookbinding, Account Books.  Publishers   of  Mining-     and     Enffinecriug-     Record,  Successful Poultryuian  TECHNICAL  Hi*- Mint's m<i!,'.  PRESS   LTD.  •I'JCi  Homer St.  DAVIE VULCANIZING CO.  636 DAVIE STREET VANCOUVER. B. C,  SYSTEMS   Sey.   61 SO  .............Sey, 1196  -Sey.  S01  4795  7155  2323  ..Ray. .1237  ..Sey. 4795  ...Sey.  1196  COPE & SON  1 50 Masting St., VV.  'Phone Sey.8600  1 to 5 Tons  Fact Worth Considering  Firms who demand tlie most in motor truck  value arc operating FEDERAL TRUCKS in  Yiuicouvcr.      Knell    firms   a.s   the   Hudson'3  Bay    Co.,    Johnston    Storage    Co.,    Ltd.,  Mainland Transfer Co., Ltd., Turner's Dairy-  Co.,    and    many    others    use    FEDERALS.  You can easily learn the reason why these  hie linns uret such Satisfaction from  " FEDERALS  FEDERAL MOTOR COIV5PAMY  931-935    Pender    Street    V-^st,    Vancouver  Distributors for  Ttie FEDERAL Motor Truck Co., Detroit  ESTABLISHED 1898  Twenty years   in   business  In Vancouver  Electrical Contractors  Let us figure on your work. Send us your troubles. We repair everything Electrical. Nothing too  large, nothing too small. If you have any lighting  trouble send for our expert who will advise you witk-  out charge. Our stock of Residence, Store and Office  Lighting Fixtures is the largest in the city.  FZRE   E-ETIWOITISaCER  Harr   A   Anderson   FLOORING  I.  Fyfe Smith A Co.. I.ul     FORCINGS  Westminster Iron Works -...'•Vest.  GAJ-.VANTZI2TG  r.  Witt Iron  &  Galr.   Works...- '-Fair.   9  GAS   APPLIANCES  Vaneouver  Gas Appliance Co   GLASS—ALL  KINDS    .  J'Xeil,  Win.   N.  Co.,  Ltd .....Sey.  HARDWARE  Itrown.'-'-Fraser  &  Cu..  Ltd — - Sey.  Piatt,  J.  A fr ^   is-  KARDWOOD  FLOORS  '..   C.   Hardwood   floor   Co..   Ltd   O'Nell.  Wm.  X.  Co,. Ltd.....;   .1. Fyfe Smith & Co., Ltd   HARDWOOD  LUMBER {  J.  Fvfe Smith  &  Co..  Ltd : :. Sey.  1196!  HEATING—HOT    AIR,     STEAM    AND  VENTILATING  HaLley.   E.   A : •—-: Sey.  Harr   A   Anderson - Sey.  Normals  Kydd  ..._ Sey.  HOISTING   ENGINES  Kltchie   &  Sup.   Co.. Ltd - Sey.  9162  INSURANCE  Ceperley.   Ilounsefell  &   Co Sey.  Winch. R.  V.  vt  Co.. Ltd - Sey.  279  INTERIOR   FINISH  Krans.   Coleman   J:   Evans.   Ltd Sey.  O'Neil,  Wm.   N.   Co..  Ltd Sey.  ItiU-hie  Contr.   &   Sup.   Co..   Ltd Sey.  IRON   AND   STEEL—STRUCTURAL  Can.   N.   W.   Steel  Co..   Ltd  Fair.   2»'.ni-7  Coiiitlilan.   J.   &   Sons Sey    7'.110  Kvans.   Coleman  .fc   Kvans,   Ltd Sey.  S.   M.   Morris  .t  Co..   Ltd '.  liny.  (The   Uarrett   Co.,   Limited I!ay.   fi.'f  I O'Xeil.   Wm.  X.   Co.',-Lid  - Sey.   47S5  J Kltchie Contr.   A  Sup.   Co.,  Ltd : —.Sey.   9262  j Wraith.  Davidson &  Wrlf,ht, Ltd - Sey.  95*5  j ROOFING—SHEET    "KETAL  (See Cornice and Roofing-)  ' ROOFING   MATERIAL  The  Barrett   Co.,   Limited-   Kvans.   Coleman   ai   Bvans.   Ltd : ......  Kltchle  Coutr.   A  Sui>.   Co.,   Ltd - ......  Kltchie,   J.   T.    A :   ROFE—MANILLA  Balfour, Guthrie &  Co _ Sey.  Ua^li   vV   Co.,   T.   A :...'   RUBBER   STAMPS  Hagley,  A.  G.  A Sons.  Ltd Sey.   316  ....Bay.   63  .Sey.  1'9 *S  .Say.  91bti  .Sey.  SU57  9197  -WIS  Sey.  4138  SAFES—VAULT  Win.   N".  Co..  Ltd _....  123  7S20  -19-1-1  295S  479 r>  91(12  DOORS  O'Xeil.  Win.  X.  Co.. Ltd _ Sey.   4795  SAND, GRAVEL AND CRUSHED ROCX  Kvans,   Coleman  A  Evans.  Ltd Scy.   298$  Gilley  Bros.,   Ltd - —West.   15-16  Kltchie Contr.   &  Sup.  Co..  Ltd Sey.  9162  SASH   DOORS,   WINDOWS,   ETC.  Tohn   Aruot   A:   ^ons   O'Xeil,  Wm.  X.  Co..  Ltd _   | SHEET   METAL  j Central  Sheet  .Metai   WorKs   glSO ! Crundrieiv  Sheet 'Metal  Works   91SS i -v>-'w   II1""   Sheet   Metal   Works ...  SHINGLE       MANUFACTURERS  DEALERS  (See Ltunber and Shingles)  SHOW   CASES  Dixon  & Murray Soy.   8765-5766  SLATE  Erans.   Coleman   &   Evans,   Ltd ..Sey.   293-f  O'Xeil.   Win.   X.   Co..  Ltd Sey.   17.15  Winch.  It.   V.   &  Co.. Ltd Sey.   279-1:141  Ritchie  Contr.   .V   Sup.   Co..   Ltd Sey.  9162  STEEL—REINFORCING  '  I'.ati'our.  Guthrie  \   Co. Sey.   9l'M-fi"~>  ■^■Jis ' Kvans.   Coleman   &   Evatcs,   Ltd.   .      Sey.   li'.iss  10JS ;' Ritchie.   J.   T.   A... Sey.  SU57  ....Hlsli.   Sey.  371  4795   Scy.  ....lliith.   Sey.  620  fi-12  76-15  IS      AND  O'Neil.   Win.   X.   Co..  Ltd   Sey  Ritchie  Contr.   &   Sup.   ('•■)..   Lid  Sry  T.   Watt   lion   Ac   Gair.   Works ..Fair.  Westminster   Iron  Works West.  IRON   AND    STEEL—ORNAMENTAL  Artistic Wire \-   Iron  Works 1'air.   26!  Kvans.   Coleman  Ai   Kvans.   Ltd... Sey.   29S  S.   M.   Morris  &  Co..   Lid ...Kay.  O'Neil.  Wm.   N.   Co.,  Ltd Sey.  Pearson   Wire   &   Iron   Wks Fair  Ritchie  Contr.   &   Sup.   Co,   Ltd Sey.  T.   Watt   Iron   &   Galv.   Works Fair  I  ..West.   53  ..Sey.   8765-  Kvans,  O'Xeil.  Ritchie  Ritchie,  Ritchie  Winch.  ....Sey.  ....Sey.  Sey.  29«S  4795  9162  S»i7  ..Sey.   399S-3999  Westminster  Iron  Works   KALSOMINING  Dixon   &   Murray   LA TH—ME T AL  Coleman'&   Evans.   Ltd   Wm.   X.  Co..  Ltd   Contr. .&   Sup.   Co.,   Ltd   J.    T.    A -   LIME I  Balfour,  Guthrie &  Co ' Sey.  9197-6075 j  Evans.  Coleman  A   Kvans,   Ltd Sey.   29SS |  Gilley  Bros..   Ltd u'<»t-   '"'-18 I  O'Neil.   Win.   X.   Co..   Ltd ......Sey.    1795 j  Contr.   A  Sup.   Co..  Ltd Sey.  9162  R.   V.   &  Co..  Ltd Sey.   279-1944  LUMBER  Federal Luiutier  Co   MACHINERY  Brown,   Fraser  AV  Co..   Ltd   Cawston   Machinery   Co..   Ltd   Darlinu.   Frank   A   Co   O'Neil.   Wm.   N.   <  rumps-  &   I\™er.   Ltd  Rio-hie  Contr.   .v   Sup  The   Holden   Co..   Ltd   Walsh   Ac   Co .   T    A   MACHINE   "WORK  Gibtis Too!  A; StaiupiiiK  Works   Westminster   lion  Work-*      MANT3LS—BSICK,   TILE   AND  Evan.-,   tvi.-niaii   .v   Evans.   Ltd   O'   Wm.   N.   c.i..   Ltd  Ritchie  C.mir.   A.   •'•U'    C" .   L'd   MAPS  Dominion   Hint-   I'rint   Co Sey.   2197-10  MA.R3LE   AND   ONYX  Evans.   CI.-iliii-  O'Neil,   Wm    s  1795 i STORE  AND  OFFICE  FIXTURES  AND  9162! STORE   FRONTS  971 | Dixon   .t   Murray  . Scy.   S765-S766  ''3 j Kvans,   Coleman  &   Evan-.   Ltd   Scy.   29-:-i  O'Xeil.   Wm.   X.   Co..   Ltd   Sec.   17:)>  TAR   AND   PITCH  The   [iarrett   Co..   Limited   Evans.   Coleman  A;   Evans.   Ltd   TILE—DRAINING  Evans,   Coleman  A:   Evans.   Ltd   Gilley   Bros.,   Ltd     W.-  Ritchie   Coutr.   vt   Sup.   Co..   Ltd   TILE—FLOOR   AND   WALL  Evans.  Coleman  A   Evans,  Ltd Sey.  O'Xeil.   Wm.   X.   Co.,   Ltd  Sey.  TIN   PLATES  Balfour.   Guthrie  Ac   Cn Sey.   9197-65  Evans,   Coleman   Ac   Kvans.  Ltd Sey.  1913  4795  9162  971  B  iy  6.1  Sey  2:  SS  Si  ■y  29  ■i-i  es  t.  15-  16  S  •y  91  i,i  29 SS  4795  STEEL  Sey.  .Sey. 7155  .Sev. 6975  4100-4KH  Ltd..  Co .   Ltd  . Sey.  ..Sey.  sey.  ..Fair.  .   We-  1795  SI 10  9162  lo,.;-,  473S  2170  ■ I.   53  Winch.   K.   V.   Ac   Co.,   Ltd..  TOOL  Darlim;.  Frank  A   Co   Ritchie.   J.   T.   A _.  VACUUM   CLEANING  Barr   Ac   Anderson     VARNISHES  lamiesoii.  K.   C.   &   Co.,   Ltd   WALL  BOARDS  Coleman   At   Evans.   Ltd   29 jlS  ..Sey.   279-191-t  ...Sey.  •llOO-ltOL   Sey.  M05T  SYSTEMS   Sey.   61*0  ...Sey.  i-V,H  f)ii  COMPOUND  Iwiin.-i.  .   Ltd.  I.I.I  WOOD  Sey     29*S  •••>  ->>■  916:  :9 s  Evans.  WATERPROOF  The   Barrett   Co.,   Limited Bay.   63  Evans.   Coleman   A   Evans.   Ltd   <i'.V.-il.   Wm.   N.,   Ac   Co..   Ltd.    Ritchie.   J.    T.    A     WINDOW   SCREENS  Wire  A  Iron  Work.    etc   Co..   Ltd   X ,   Ac   Co .   Ltd   Ac   Iron.  Wks   WIRE   WORKERS  A   Iron   Works   &   Iron  Wks.    WIRE  ROPE  Balfour,   Oiillirio  Ac   Co. . .   . Sev,  K.iin-..   Coieniiin   A    I...OI-.   Lid  Walsh   Jt   Cn..   T.   A .  Winch.   R,    V..   A:   Co ,   Ltd -<''V  Ritchie  Contr.   Ac   Sup    Co ,   Ltd.  WHOLESALE   "ROOFING  The   I'.arrett   Co,   Luu.'.i.d . .I.ay  Artistic  S.   M.   Morris  O'Neil.   Win.  Pearson   Wire  ArlUk- Wire  I'ear.-oii   Wire  Sey.  29 <i  ..Scy.  4795  ...Sey.  SiCT  Fair  26 M  ltay.  I O'.U  S.-y  l7!|->  Fair.  27;lt  Fair.  2.11 •!  Fair  27'it  9I'<7  657 i  .Sry  29-i-i  Si-V  !7:is  Sry.  9162  •i*i  '■!&.  '.tSV'iV  c pilBT  1  :'(■  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  'I     i*:>.  "BAGLEY MAKES GOOD RUBBER STAMPS"  A. Q. BAGLEY  PRINTERS,   ENGRAVERS  and  1VIANUFACTURERS  "BAGLEY DOES GOOD PRINTING"  SEALS,   STENCILS,   RUBBER   AND   METAL   STAMPS,   METAL 'CHECKS,  TIME   CHECKS,  KEV   TAGS,   BRASS    SIGNS,    NUMBERING    MACHINES,   BADGES   OF   ALL   KINDS,   ETC.  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  international  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St.  Vancouver B. C.  Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  LirVIITED  P. A. Jones. Mjrr.  WHARF BU5LDJNG,  BRJDGES,  PILE FOUNDATIONS,  <      ETC.   -.'  Owners of Tug "CL1VE"  General   Towing  524 Front St. New Westminster  Telephone 1015  SO. VANCOUVER PERMITS  297ft—A. L. Berggofs, Dwell., Beat-  ' rice' St.;   $1000.  29S0—T. Elkins, garage, 414S Gladstone St.;   $50.  2981—G. Labell, garage, 2683  Kingsway;   $50.  ■ 29S2—J.   H.   Bayliss,   veranda,   667  50th  Ave.   E.;   $400.  .2983—Mrs.     Linitan,     alter.,     5097  Thester  St.;   $10.  '29S4—R:-  S.   Smith,   Brk.   chimney,  Wellington   Ave.,   $S0.  •   29S5—J.   B.   Simpson, 'garage,   2S39  Wales  St.;   $S0.  2986—I.   Greaves,   Dwel.,   2946   49th  Ave.  E.;   $300.  29S7—D.   K.   Banning,   garage,   $50.  29SS—D.   Watson,   Dwell.,   Wellington  Ave.;   $1000.  29S9—C.   B  Ave.,   $1300.  2990—W,    J.  -How-gen,    addn.     to  Dwell.,   61   49th   Ave.,   &150.  2991—J.  C. Sussert, Add.  to Dwell.,  $400.  2992—J.  J.   Wiilerton,   garage,   3561  Carlton St.;  $50.  2993—S.      Wright,      garage,      4005'  (Wellyn   St.,   $C0.  2994—T. Gorurtean, shed, 2340 Van  Ness Are.;   $20.  2995—W.    Leith,    Add.    to    Dwell.,  5538  Thester  St.;   §300.  rangements for an extension of their  present premises in the Standard Bank  building that will give practically  double the existing space now occupied. But the structural change's  involved in securing this increased  room- will be somewhat 'expensive and  include among other things the removal of the old vault that was installed half a dozen years ago with  the expectation that it would be large  enough to fill requirements in that  respect for fully a decade anyway.  Architect James A. Benzie has been  engaged for some time on the plans  and specifications for the necessary  improvements. The plans, however,  although well advanced, are not yet  at the stage in which tenders can be  called. There are some minor details  yet to be completed and approved,  and when these have been passed  Colchart,   Dwell.,   67th | upon anfj th.e plans are ready for bids,  due notice will be  given  in  the col-  iimns of the Record.  ALL WORK GUARANTEED BEST QUALITY, PROMPT DELIVERY AND FAIR PRICES  PHONE SEY. 316 Moved to 516 PENDER ST  ____________________ ^^^f^y^x^^fi-Kf^i^^sis^!^^.  w.  Ornamental  Iron  Work,   Iron  Stairs,  l'irc Escapes Railings. r  Gates,    Fences,       Blacksmith Work  PHONE FAIR. 971  We Mamvfactnre Light  Structural Iron  We Galvanize Everything by Hot  Process  Pole  Iron   and   Steel  Bars,.   Iron    Work   for  Steel and Wooden Ships, Castings,  .ine Hardware,   Pipe   I'langes,  etc.  T. WATT  IRON AND GALVANIZING WORKS  5th   Avenue We»t   Vancouver.  B.C  ii  mmkW    ■   ■  £ijsuSZ^  ICE   TO   CONTRACTORS.  Fernie  District.  Highway   Bridge  Over the   Elk   River,!  Near Fairy Creek.  Sealed   Tenders,   endorsed   "Tender  * ARCHITECTS '"*  ,'^5^^v♦<♦♦*^,JK•<5K-',s,•^*^•^^^'•^,2,**.■*,s,•^<H»*■^'f'S'-  MemloerB of The Architectural Institute  of  British  Columbia.  VANCOUVER  NO"  I'rnzle.  .In".   A..  MO   Hasting":  W   Hryan  &   (liUum,  3d!)   lUi-luird"   Dnltrm   &   Kvek'iirli.   G'.j   llu<tiii|K  W   (i.iniiiliT,   F.   (!..   &   MiTi-fr,   7IX   Crativltlo  Hi.'iicltTscm.   A.   E.,  rtl")   ilastiiiRS AV   lluncvmiiii,  «.-  I'urtls.  s.'iO  lla«tin;;s  W   KeaHL-y.  Jumps  XV..   iloTti   -ml  Ave. 'W   MutlU'stin,   llo'.'rrt   M..   509   Kicluiril?..'   l'.ilmcr.   l'.i-ritiird  C.   K,0  I last lues  W........  i'arr   &   M.tclvt-ir/.it1,   736  Granville   Sharp  &  'I',   620   l'otulcr  W   Townlpy,   Fri'd   I...   3-j   Ilnmpr  St   ....  TwIjx-U.   lt.   1".   S..   $'i~   llajl.liii;a   ...Soy.  31100  ....S,-y. 611-J  ...Soy. 3f-72  ..'.Soy. 71! I  ....Suy. l.C:'.I.  ...I'.ay. 'O-.'.H  .„.s<-y. n'i'J<  ....Soy. 3680  ....Scy. 7S11  ...Scy. KM)  ....Scy. 81>1!!  ...Spy. 79:>.->  VICTORIA  COMMERCE  ONE  TON  TRUCK  A  year  ahead  of  other  trucks — tlie  only truck  having everything necessary on it when you huy   •  it-  Sullivan-Taylor Motors, Ltd.  1260 Granville.  STANDARD MOTOR TRUCKS  Literally a standard truck  throughout. Continental  Keel Seal Motor, Tiuiken-  Dayid lirowii worm gear  011 all models. Brown-type  transmission, Spieer universal joints.  Two, three and a half and  five-ton capacity.  Sullivan-Taylor Motors, Ltd.  1280 Granville.  lli-iiiiel.  A.   K..   M.-iO  St.  Toiil*  St..  for Elk    River    Bridge,"    near' Fairy j Kt.ltl5. 3. ,.   M., sayward r.uiit..:.  Ki(l(!«'ay-AV!!su:i.    f.U'iiU-Cyl.,  j BIG  COLD STORAGE  j PLANT FOR  MONTREAL  It is announced that nearly $1.000,-! Greek, will be received at the Depart- j  J000 will be appropriated this year for j meut o£ Provincial Public Works, |  j the construction of a Government cold ! Victoria, :B. C, up to noon of February ■  1 storage Plant in Montreal.   Work will!18 next for the erection and comple-j  be commenced this summer, and  the jtion of a  bridge over the Elk Rivsr--j  plant, when completed, one of j near Fairy Creel<   nil n i   1-12tl   ....--S\S   llcltuom    lions"  Adam jack  Brick  Eittlder and Contractor  Kilns, Furnaces, and Boilers a Specialty  ESTIMATES   GIVEN - - DISTANCE   NO OBSTACLE  L  Telephone H is Wart d 728  VANCOUVER,  B.  202*1 Wall St.  c.  MANUFACTURERS OF  SHOW CASES, OFFICE  and STORE FITTINGS  GENERAL CARPENTER WORK  1     PAINTING, PAPER HANGING and KALSOMINING  ey. 8785       Sey. 8788  1865 OunsmuiF St.  the best equipped and most up to date  of its kind in the world.  PIPE LINE  IS HALF LAID  VICTORIA.—Half   the  construction j  of the William Head Quarantine Sta- j  tion   pipe   line   has   been   completed, i  The pipe so far laid has been tested  to  ISO  pounds    to  the    square  inch.  About' two ■• and one-half miles  of 12-  inch steel pipe, and'two miles of 10-  inch   cast-iron   pipe   have   been   laid,  according to a report to the-City Engineering Department.   \ ..'■■ -,/C  BUSINESS ITEMS,  B.   C.   INCORPORATIONS.  During the past week certificates of ■  Drawing, specifications and form of  contract may be' seen at Room 7, East  Wing, Parliament Buildings, Victoria,  B. C, and at the office of the District  Engineer, Court House, Vancouver, B.  C, and the Government Agent's Office,  Fernie, B. C., and at the Office of the  District Engineer, Cranbrook, B. C,  on and after the 5th instant.  Each tender must be accompanied  by an accepted bank cheque oi\ certificate of deposit, made payable to  the Provincial Public Works Engineer,  for a sum'equal to ten (10) per cent,  of the tender, as security for the due  fulfilment of the contract, which shall  be forfeited if the party tendering declines to enter into contract when  called upon to do so, or if he fails to  complete the work contracted-for.  The   cheques   of  unsuccessful  tend-  BRICK  CONTRACTOR  Cliiiuueys,  "Fireplaces,  Etc.  Jno. B. Sadier  Res.  !0S5 45tti Ave. 'W.    Box 2o, Kerrisdalc  Phone Eburne  20SL2  r~  ROOFING  and  PAViNS  MATERIALS  The  ^ Company  UIMITED  VANCOUVER OFFFICE and FACTORY  Cor. Tenth Ave. & Arbutus St.  COAL  TAR  PRODUCTS  incorporation have been issued by the '■ erers will  be returned to  them upon  Registrar of Joint Stock Companies in I the  execution  of the  contract,  respect of the undernoted concerns:     I     Tenders will not be considered an-  iAILCY  Plumbing  and  Steamfitttitg  1033 Granville St.  Vancouvei. S. C.  Phone Sey. 136  kos. Bay. 77  S. J. Trickey  CENTRAL SHEET  WORKS  E. 32. Elliott  METAL |  SHEET,  COPPER, BRASS  and  IRONWORK  RESTAURANT   EQUIPMENT  EOAT TANKS  GALLEY RANGES  STEAM  TABLES  SMOKE   STACKS  HEATING       VENTILATING  PLUMBING  Phone Sey. 620      151% Pender St. W.  VAisrcoirvEH., b. c.  Prince Rupert Amusement Company, Limited, private concern, authorized capital $10,000; registered  ollice of the company, Prince Rupert.  Ford Automatic Timers, Limited,  private, authorized capital $2-1,000;'  registered office of the company, Vancouver. %  AfcW,.iort Lumber and Trading  Company, Limited, authorized capital  $25,000;-registered office of the company, Vancouver.  The Aibyn Trust, Limited, incorporated in Scotland is now licensed to  do business in British Columbia; authorized capital, £1,000; head ofiice,  Victoria.  ^•*r*''<-^'-h-'?^?~;-tS»<-**v'ii'>'5>»>'?>-'?<&»J*:5»'I--i»'v  y.  less made out on the forms supplied  and signed with the actual signature  of the tenderers.  A. E. FOR.MAN,  Public Works Engineer.  ■  Department    of    Provincial    Public  Works,   Victoria,   B.   C,  February  1,  1919.  STREET AND ROAD  IMPROVEMENTS  4-  +  MACHINERY  • v'f*  ••»«■>£*-.**  Alexander Webster, of Agassiz, and  Mr. Kilby, of Harrison Mills, waited  upon Premier Oliver Friday with the  request that the Government build a  j wagon road between the two places,  crossing the Harrison river to connect  up with the road system in the Dewd-  ney region and so give a continuous  wagon road on the north side of the  Fraser.  The Premier promised the delegation that he would instruct the Department of Lands to send in a surveyor to make the necessary examination and prepare an estimate of cost.  Ag-ents   Por  ilylita   Grease   r.nd   Perfection   Oils  Skookum   Logging1   Block  •1-7&   in.    ijy    IS    ft.   boilers    HID   lhs.  2   Ooa.1   dry its  suitable   for  lisb.  All   .si-'.cs   of  cablt'   in   stock.  T.   A.  "WAIiSK  &   CO.  7 Aleiconder St. Sey. 4733  coppersmiths|  ftflarine and Genera!  TEE   CITV    WELBEXS  Cor.   Alexander   and   Ileatlfiy   Avenuf:!  Phone  Highland  Wf havf- a  full  machine shop eii'ii'H'n.'iU,  lathes,    drill    pl'i-sses.    iiiHIiml;    nisiflt iin-.,  ta'.-s  and  dies,   ei.K.'y  .stands,   etc.  1—SxS    Air   <'.'oinprt:.vsi.»r,   -10    II.I'.   .Motnr  '■',   turret lathes.  C. O. WUSCCTT  57-61  Alexander  St. Sey. 7005  See   t's  -   I'or All   Kinds of  Machinery  FACT vs. FANCY  PAINT AND PROMISES SELL MANY A MOTOR TRUCK; but PERFORMANCE, rather tlian APPEARANCE, is wliat counts in the wear and tear oi' the  daily jirrind. Paint soon fails to cover up defective construction,, and promises have  never yet .PAID a single repair bill.  LITTLE GIANT IVSOTOR TRUCKS  WEIB   MACHIKEBY   CO.  1396  "Eioharda   St. Sey.  LTD.  7442-7443  STANDARD  BANK WILL  DOUBLE   ITS  QUARTERS  Faced   with   the   absolute   necessity  or more accommodation and working  space   in   which   to   handle   their   increasing business, the local headquarters   of  Standard   Bank   has  made  ar-  Three Shows Daily  2.30-7.00-9.00  PRICES 20c-30c  Pumps and PiimpinK Plants ol" every  description bought and sold or rented  out.     All   pump   supplies and   repairs.  FTJMPS   &  POWEE  LIMTT"ED  216-24   Abbott   St. Seymour   8110  are built not for looks but for scrvice-  our claims.  -not merelv to JUSTIFY but to SURPASS  LITTLE GIANT TRUCKS are .sold in  every  point by point in comparison' with other trucks.  case where superiority ;s tested  Hoisting engines, locomotives, lathes,  wire rope, rails, cars, machinery of all  kinds.  NATIONAL   MACHINEST   CO.  925 Main St. Sey. 600  I'sed    Machinery   ol'   All    Kinds    1'oufiht  and   Sold.  B.  C.  EQUIPMENT  CO., LTD.  Bani of Ottawa Bldg-. Sey. 9040  TELEPfiONSz DATA  NEW  INSTALLATIONS  CaiAWGES,  The fact that T2'/c of LITTLE GIANT sales last year were re-sales to satisfied  customers is the final proof.  Don't take our word for it—ask LITTLE  GIANT  owners  about the  dependability, economy and efficiency of LITTLE GIANT TRUCKS.  INSIST UPON RECORDS OF PERFORMANCE, NOT PROMISES OF PERFECTION.  "We guarantee 50% lower operating cost than any other Truck on the market.  "We vaporize the fuel and Thermo syphon si earn into the cylinders.  Your service work on LITTLE GIANT TRUCKS is done every month at night  at no Cost to you.  G. W. ROBESON  CABPENTEB and BTJILDEB  also  Cabinet   Ma3cor  UpholsteririK  2226 Cambie Street  Ofliet  Sey.  7075  J. H.  Classes  kinds of  headache.  825 Birkf/Bldg  lies.,  Fair. 213SI  Healey  OPTOMETE1ST  fit red   I'or   the  relief  of  eye    strain    and  ill  nervous  Vancouver, B. C.  LESLIE W. PEARSON, Manager,  Seymour 2844-2845 Granville at Pacific  I  Sir  W  £  £':'  1-  I  ft  I  I  i *  &


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