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 ;    "■*!-. ■'' --'-'--'-'-*>»«-  z%y.-  /•  f>  %  : y ,: u  THE ONLY COMMERCIAL NEWSPAPER IN BRITI5JH COLUMBIA  ^-w- ;'c»«-r.  A PUBLIC ATIOK DEVOTED TO QESEBAll NEWS. BTJH.DIWTO.   CONTRACTING,  ENGINEERING, PROVINCIAL,  CITY AND HARBOS IMFBOVEMElfTS.  VOL. XVIJiLv^o. 6.  Published  Monday  Wednesday and Friday  VANCOUVER, B.C., FRIDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1919.  Office and Plant  629 Pender Street West  PRICE—Per Year in Advance   -    SlOOaS  Per Xoatb   «".-. '.'-.--    -      U**  K  WE CARRY COMPLETE STOCKS OF:  PLATE GLASS CHIPPED GLASS  WINDOW GLASS FIGURED ROLLED GLASS  POLISHED WIRED GLASS ROLLED CATHEDRAL GLASS, ETC.  CAST WIRED GLASS PORT LIGHT GLASS  PRISMATIC WINDOW GLASS  . ..-•■, . - -      ■ ■',■;  ?.»..; ■■■■■'* -        -■.■•■')        •■.-■'•.• ■   ■ ■ ■     .   .     .  Manufacturers of Mirrors, Leaded Glass, Embossed Work, Bevelling, Etc.  Wm. N. O'Neil Co., Limited  113 Ladysmith Street,  Victoria, B. C;    I  548 Seymour Street  Vancouver,   B.  C-  PACIFIC SHEET METAL  WORKS, Limited  ROOFING CONTRACTORS  METAL WIDOWS  / *FXRE BOOBS  SKYLIGHTS  JOBBING  BLOW PIPING  SMOKE STACKS  Granville Is.  Seymour 2172  THE CEMENT GUN  Applies cement mortar by compressed air, making a dense  and  waterproof mortar. New and used guns in stock,  also compressors needed for operating the gun.  We are quoting the lowest prices  Write or phone for data.  TAYLOR  ENGINEERING COMPANY, Limited  DISTRIBUTORS  Credit„Foncier Building ,.-;..■ Telephone Seymour 3680  \.  \  BUILDING  PERMITS  AMOUNTING   TO  $500  OK  OVER ISSUES  AT  TM  VANCOUVER  pITT HALl  TESTEBDAT  , ajnmber,  Description  Coat  11017—Alterations  $750  Street Address  Lot  and Block  5-16  I-love St. ....      .--•   •—  1    ' ,  1 "'  •' -  ..*••-•  Subdivision  Architect  Contractor  Addrass  •—— -■   ..........—  *  Owner  ■ Address  Farr, Robinson & Bird     ■•■■——   .    .  '  MUNDY, ROWLAND & CO.  ElEGTRICU ENGINEERS  AND  CONTRACTORS  Power Installations  Roofing, Building  Papers, etc.  Building Partition  and Drain Tile  Phone 2988  r- ~ Clayburn Firebrick,   Special  f"T. OF COLUMBIA AV Shaped Firebrick, Pressed  Brick, etc.  Vancouver Brand Cement, Reinforced Steel, Hydrated  Lime, etc.  General  Electrical   Construction  HARDWOODS  Lumber  Veneer   Panels,   Etc.  Our Stock Is the Most Complete on the Pacific Coast  Large stock of fir Panels on hand  now, and regular supply assured  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  1320 Richards St. Vancouver, B. C.  C  THE HOLDEN CO., Ltd.  OBMKHAi. RAILWAY A COMTItACTORS  Z   ''■'■■'    SOPPUES  Oofs*: Agents In Canada Tor  Chicago PneMiTiatlc Tool Co.  ^tJoySr IIWaWn#^  ' Clectrle Tools; Rock Drills; Air Compressors;  .  Fuel Oil and Gas Engines.  81 Ptstof St 1. frntrnm  Psm Sty. IMS  IJ  Strf-arftBrnt -Etpttrtr (Co.  ENGINEERS AND CONTRACTORS  ELECTKICAL  INSTALLATIONS OF ALL  KINDS  923 Georgia St. W. Seymour 8696  •fr*"****--:**-****-**^^  $      BUILDING PERMITS       f  •*K*"7-»**r -T-*r -t»ti»*r-<5*»;-c>'r,^>-'r*<i»»3^*>»i-<8>*r->4>»i«<I>«jH|i  11015—James   Astell,    fire     escape,  103C Pender St. W., $75.  11016—Rose's  Bakery,   garage, 17th  and Main St., $75;   H. B. Jones, 52—  24th W. contr.  11018—S.   Pyke.   garage,   1114  Haro  St., $150.  LET   CONTRACT   FOR, GARAGE  A  contract  has   been  let  to   H, .H.  Fisher, 826 Dunsmuir Street by architects Townley & Matheson, for - the  erection ol a stucco ("turns',* for Mr. K^.  A. Thomas, in Point Groyv    The..cbsi  fr-^oobf''-"" ■ " :"Ki'"' Z:>,:-, - *■'   •  Robert W. Hunt & Co.,Ltd.  INSPECTING and TESTING ENGINEERS  218 Standard Bank Bldg. Phone Seymour 2190  Wtd—t Inaaactora at all Larsa MaimlactuHns Cantraa  — ■- ■ -       -'     " " '        •*===*=  ASKING TENDERS r      w  FOR SOLDIERS' HOMES  Tenders are being' invited • by the  I city of Vancouver up to noon on Wednesday, December 23rd, for the erection of homeB under the Soldiers'  .Housing Act. Notice of tender appears on page 4.  Atlas Steel Products Ltd.  ... Manafaeturara and Dlatrlbiitora of ...  Merchant Iron and Steel  Babbitt and Solder  Phon* Say. 3OS0  Oranvllla laland.  Eatituat** Oivaa  Seymour 7800  BUILDER'S SUPPLIES  WE CAM? A COMPLETE IMP Or      ",   *  FINISHING HARDWARE - CONTRACTOR'S SUPPLIES  Wovaloid Roofing  WOOD, VALLANCE & LEGGAT, LIMITED  Wholesale Heavy and Slielf Hardware  VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA  FLAN   ALTERATIONS   FOR  .HASTINGS STREET BLOCK  i Plans are in course of preparation in  the offlce; of Architect A. K. Henderson, Davis Chambers Building, for extensive alterations and additions to  a business block on Hastings Street.  Plans will be conipleted in about ten  days and tenders from selected contractors will be .asked for.  Vancouver Lumber Co., Limited  "MANTJTACTUir.ERS OF  FIR, CEDAR and SPRUCE LUMBER  If You Want  THE BEST LUMBER and THE BEST SERVICE  REASONABLE PRICES  Call and «ee ua, or phone.  '■-    South End of Connaught Bridge  Phone Fair. 918-919 Vancouver, B. C.  TAKING  SELECTED TENDERS  FOR  NEW .COURTENAY  BANK  Architect William, Frederick Gardiner, 705 Vancouver Block, who has  been commissioned to prepare plans  for a new branch bank for the Canadian Bank of Commerce at Courtenay,  B. C, has taken tenders from selected contractors and will'award the contract for the work early next week.  The building will be of brick construction.  ' of the city at 576 Cambie St. "One and  a half story dwelling of frame construction, comprising 4 rooms, owner,  Alfred W. C. King, 1246 Fishguard St.,  Victoria.   Part of roof gone and leaking all over.   Windows all out, plumbing gone, foundations rotton, and building sinking.   Old shed in rear and attached to building has no roof;  foundation ia rotten and building settling.  Unsanitary   and   dangerous.     Totally  unfit and recommended for condemnation.".      ..,,- ,  MThe "buildings dealt   with   by   the  council this week were those whose  qwn^ra or agents  put .in an appear-  M»cg'. JJL&iJ&pnae.Jto.-.notification. The  •council's orders after giving these owi£  ers an opportunity  to express   their  views,  were as follows:     630 Powell  street, frame cottage, ordered demolished,' 799 Powell street, small.frame  store, ordered demolished; 818 Powell  street, two-story frame dwelling, owner undertakes to demolish within 30  days;   826  Powell    street,    iwo-scory  frame dwelling, given 60 days to demolish or repair;  887 Pender street,  building   falling   into   lane,   must,   demolish   within   60  days;   891   Pender  street, old shed In rear, engineer to  report further; 255 Prior street, small  frame  cottage,  must  demolish   in   60  days; 625 Grove street, frame cottage,  must   demolish   within   60   days;   633  Grove street, two story frame" dwelling, owners given 90 days to renovate  or   demolish;   888   Union  street,   row  of   five   two   story* cabins,   given   60  days to renovate or demolish.  It. was announced that with'the return of improved' business conditions  and the increased demand for houses,  the council intended to support the  efforts of .the city's building and  health departments in either putting  every available dwelling in' the city  in shape for habitation, if it could be  made to- conform with the city by-  lawsv or else have it condemned and  demolished.  PRANK DARLING & CO.  PNEUMATIC TOOLS  "THOR"  Roller Bearing Drills - Close Quarter Piston Air Orills- RivettiHf Hhmmis  Chipping Hanmrs-Woil Borers--Turbiit and Electric Drills  High Speed Steel—Orills—Reaners. Etc.  Complete Stock of Accessories  1 144- HOMER ST. Rhone Sey. 4100  I  Structural Steel For Every Purpose  ANGUS,  ">t aoircrvao r.  oo»  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL COT, LUL  BUILD WITH BRICK  and when doing so use the best made in B. C.  DOMINION BRICK  For Sale by  Champion & White; Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ltd.; Ritchie Contracting  & Supply Co. Ltd.  Also by Gilley Bros., New Westminster, The Eburne Sand & Gravel  Co., Eburne, and the Great West Sand & Gravel Co., North Vancouver.  GABRIOLA SHALE PRODUCTS  LIMITED  Vancouver Off Ice Phone Sey. 9167  .412-3 Vancouver Block       J. T. A. Ritchie, Rep'tlve  THE JAMES BROOKES WOODWORKING C0.,LTD.  Millwork Contracts  Union   Depot      Can.   Northern  Rly  Calgrary Armory  Rossland  High   1916  Depot 1917   1018  School 191a  Tranaullle  Sanitosrlam  —  Phone Westminster 473  .1918  Our steam heated plant enables us  to manufacture Vonee. Work at any  season ot* the year.  XV e are now manufacturing interior  fittings for the new B. C. Telephone  Building's head oflice in Quarter Cut  Oak.  1259—6th St., East Burnaby  MANY OLD BUILDINGS  ORDERED   DEMOLISHED  . After many threats and much talk  of a general ciean-up of many old dilapidated, unsafe and unsanitary buildings which have been eye-sores in the  city   for   years,   agitation   which   the  civic health and building departments  have been urging for a long time, was  at last crystallized into action by the  city  council   tin's   week,   which   finally  ordered the demolition of a number of  these   menaces   to  public  health   and  safety, r and is to deal with the others  comprised in a lengthy list submitted  by   the   health   and   building   departments at a later meeting.  Here is a. fair sample of one on the  lengthy list of condemned buildings;  this happens to be right in tho heart  WIRE  ROPE  FACTORY   IS  NOW ASSURED FOR CITY  Robert Gibson, general  manager  of  Gibson's Ltd., of this city has returned from a several months' trip to Europe  and   the  eastern  states  and   announces   that   plans   have   been   cotn-  i pleted   for   the   new   wire   cable   and  j rope factory to be erected on two lots  leased on industrial Island.   The main  factory building  is  to  be  200  by 120  feet   in   size   and   will   cost > close   to  $100,000 together with the machinery  which  has   been purchased  for cable  making and  which  Mr. Gibson  states  is now on the way west.   The concern  is to be known as the Britannia Wire  Rope   factory,   and   is   being  financed  partly   by  British   capital   which   was  Balfour, Guthrie & Co;  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  REINTORCING STEEL:—  Largest stock of Mild Steel Bars in Western Canada.    We cut to length.  Cold Twist and Bend Bars.  BOLTS:—  Drift Bolts. Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts.    We are prepared to furnish large  orders of Special  Bolts on short notice.  SPIKES—CAST IBON WASECBS, ETC.  MERCHANT IRON, and STEEL BARS  PORTLAND    CEMENT   —   LIME   —   HYDBATEB    LIME   —   TIKE    CLAY  SCOTCH FIBE BRICK — BLACKSMITH COAL — COKE  SEA COAL — PIG IKON — MANILA HOPE, ETC.  VANCOUVER  WINCH BUILDING  ■ Private Ex. Sey. 9197  ..*  San Francisco, Los  Angeles, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  VICTORIA  BELMONT   BUILDING  Telephone 5037  .  (Continued  on   Pa.ere  •(">  Seymour 4660  Reliable Electric  Company  WE   CAN*  MAKE   IMMEDIATE   DELIVERY  OP  BRICK  lust Received 100,000, and More Following  Also See us For  Sand, Gravel, Cement, Fibre Plaster, Lime  and Other Building Material  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  Phone  Seymour 9163  1561  Granville Street  15  •"■".9  J. SMITH. Manager  Alexander St.    Vancouver, B.C.  Twenty Years' Experience in all Branches  of Electrical Work. Inspection—Expert  Advice — Trouble Work—Installing — Be-  Vindina*—All   Work   Guaranteed.  TAL IR  ron  Office and Works Tenth Street  New Westminster, B. C.  Phone 5&  ; BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  British Columbia Record  '•■v--. (Established 1911)  TmHuVcu   every   Monday,   Wednesday   and  Friday  by  the  Record Publishing Company  Plate, Sheet, Figured,  Wired, ArtyPrism,  Colored, etc.  426-  Wholesale and" Retail  W. HOLT  436 Dufferin St. .Fairmont 123S  Bevelling  and  Silvering  A newspaper of general circulation, featur-  la( Building, Contracting, Engineering, Industrial, Shipbuilding, Mining, Automobile, Pro.  •inci-1,  City  and Harbor  Improvements.  C. H. NELSON....MANAGING EDITOR  '■!! ^'-Office and Plant- ■■>*>■-.■.:,'■■..■■  •29 Pender St.W., Vancouver, B. C.  PHONE   SEYMOUR   7808  ■-■•.. Subscription BaMs  Per   Year" in  Advance.. „.......'„...$10:00  Per   Month   ..:. .......;......    1.00  AM subscriptions are payable strictly in adrance  TWO  CONVENIEINT  LOCATIONS  At either of which the business men and women of  Mie city arc certain of tht  kind of meals they want at  reasonable prices.  No. 1  No. 2  HO CORDOVA ST. WEST  612   PENDER    ST.   WEST  Good   Eats  " The Good Food Restaurants"  OFFXCXAX. ORGAN.  '-'■ The British", Columbia Rectord*ls the  a-Acfal organ of The Architectural Institute of British Columbia, federated with  The Royal, Architectural Institute of  Canada, and The EnfrineerinB & Tech-  aloal Institute of British Columbia, arid  a* such is used by them as the medium  through which ,to make their official an-  ■ouncement-i to  the peiTCral  public.  By such s-".lection, the: British Colum  •la. Record is no wise' pledgred to editorial support of any y policy 'advanced  bjr these societies, but maintains an absolutely independent pos'tion on all matters subject to editorial opinion.* -   -  WHY DO BEARS.ANO BUILDERS  HIBERNATE  Old Boreas breaks into a real" hearty  guffaw when a contractor gets cold  feet and puts away his equipment in  December, breaks up his organisation  and hopes  for an early, spring.    He  - smiles broadly when an architect ad-  - vises a client "Sorry, but-1 guess we'll  have to wait till spring to finish the  job."   He   chuckles   when   the  owner  ' says, "I'm sorry we cannbt get mat  structure done this winter. -I've got  a tenant waiting for every apartment."  Old - Boreas lias had his way long  enough. ...  The   modern,   progressive  contractor bids old Boreas "go.to."    Winter  •   weather is no longer a deterrent even  to -concrete work.   It is true cuncrete  sets-best at a temperature above fitfy  degrees.    Of  course,  it won't freeze  -   above 32 degrees, but alternate freezing and thawing should be prevented.  This   problem   the  progressive  and  resourceful contractor solves by heating the materials before putting them  into the mixer, by warming forms before placing the concrete, and by protecting the concrete from freezing until hardened.   The heating of the materials can be readily a : „omplished by  injecting live steam into the piles or  raw materials.    The   best   protection  for forms and for setting ^concrete is  to   enclose   the   entire   building  area  with  canvas,  story;- by  story,  as   tne.  building  proceeds,   and  to-use  artificial   heat   from   salamander   or  coke  stoves so that the atmosphere in the  enclosure is similar to that prevailing  during the summer. ; These, methods  are not."--costly .and  are  common   in  many cities where contractors  make  a general practice of all-year, construe-!  tion.  The building programme of the entire Dominion is far behind schedule.  The elimination of the hibernating  period is a good way to catch up. The  call for building labor and materials  is less in the winter. This is.quite  an advantage to the men who build  during the winter. The investment  is idle until the structure is in use.  Why lengthen the period for idle investment by shutting down work during the winter months? The builder  reduces his overhead and is able to  hold his organization^together more  easily if he gives them twelve months  of active work instead of eight.  Noah had the ark ready when the  -flood came. The modern contractor  has tarpaulins and salamanders ready  for cold weather work, Noah couldn't  stop* the flood. We" can't stop cold  weather. He built the ark, probably  We can use artificial heat,  under greater handicaps than weather.  ROYAL CITY TO  SUBMIT      PBY-LAW   FOR   NEW   MARKET  NEW  WESTMINSTER—With  $30,-  000 already in hand as a resut of the  sale of the    Municipal    dredge    and  other deals, the city; council decided  to submit a byrlaw. for another $40,-  000 to the ratepayers at the coming  civic elections to provide for...the erection of a combined,new city market  and- cold   storage   plant;*    Tentative  plans are to be prepared and' estimates secured of the cost of operating  such an institution, .which it. is, planned to erect at the foot of Tenth St.,  on the site of the old Royal City Mills,  where    excellent    waterfrontage    is  available.       ,  REMODEL   OLD   JAIL   FOR  A TECHNICAL SCHOOL  NEW  WESTMINSTER.—The    provincial government    having    granted  the school  board  the use of the  old  provincial jail building on Twelfth St.  for technical    school    purposes,    mo  board plans to spend at least $25,OCfO-  in  extensive remodelling of  die  one  time bastile in order to transform it  i.ii'0 its new sphere of usefulness.    A  money by-law providing for that amount, is.to be submitted  to the  ratepayers at the coming municipal election, and strong efforts are to be made  to have the expenditure sanctioned.  PLANS UNDER  WAY  FOR  $15,000  BUILDING  Tentative plans are being prepared  by Architect Joseph H. Bowman, 716  Yorkshire Building, for a building estimated .tp. cost between $16,000 and  $20,000 to. be erected during the com  ing year.  " Plans will be ready about January  15th at which -time tenders will be.ask  ed for. Further details will be publish  ed in the Record later.  YOUR PRINTING  SHOULD BE  A   100%  Advertising Medium  WE CAN MAKE  IT SO  -s.  Phone Sey. 316  A.   HAZELDINE  PRINTING    GO.  516 Pender West  Funds Invested In  .'Mortgages on Improved  Property  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.  ESTABLISHED IV  1886  PITCMFORD-KADtEC  ^[^.WiT^sWe^  ILLUSTRATING ENGRAVING  DESMCrNING COLOR WORK  PHONE SEX 7501. 4-45 RICHARD6 ST.  VANCOUVER. .B.C  around Floor  Winch Blag*.  739 Hastlnffs St. W.  Vancouver  Classified Advertising  Record Header* are, as a rule, "business  arid professional men who have the  money to buy something- good if they  desire'it. If you have something good  to sell let the Record readers know  about it. The average purchasing  "power of. the Uecord reader is greater than that of any other publication  in  Brtlsh  Columnia. ■'•--'  CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS  ARRANGE  FOR  ALASKAN  RAILROAD   SUPPLIES  SEATTLE.—Announcement is made  to the effect' that Col. H. P. Warren,  head of the division of supplies of the  Alaskan Engineering Commission, has  arrived in Seattle from. Alaska, and  will arrange locally fop the supplies  and labor for next season's construction work on the governnlfent railroad  now building. Col. Warren will remain in the city several weeks and  may be reached .at the "offices ;of the  commission, -Bell St. dock.  Of the $17,000,000 authorized several months ago to carry on operations,  $8,000,000   has   been   appropriated * to:  date.   These funds.-have permitted of'  the commission making very * satisfactory progress on the undertaking ac-*  cording to federal officials.  INVITING  TENDERS FOR  FIVE-ROOM  BUNGALOW  Tenders are being invited up to I  p.m. Friday, the 19th, by the Ci£y of  New Westminster for the erection of  a fire-room bungalow under the soldiers' housing scheme. - Plans, etc.,  may be obtained from the building inspector, city hall, New Westminster.  Factories,      Houses     and  Garages   Repaired.     General "  Carpenter   and   Construction  -Work.  JOHB   P.   MOBBXS  Say. 3418  3ey. 931 Evening*        1758 Bob-on St.  Frank Jordison Roofing  -Company  THE   GUARANTEED   ROOFER  All  CUii-ii of Booting*  Work.  Leaking* roofs patched and  -ruaranteed.  Seymour 3370 1347 How* St.  PEARSON WIRE & IRON  WORKS  ORNAMENTAL IRON  WORKERS, WIRE WORKERS and WEAVERS  Norliing too Large or too Small  If it's Iron or Wire vvc make it  CITY MARKET BUILDING  Phone your Inquiries to  Z      FAIRMONT 2794  MACHINERY  Agents   Tot '  Xylite   Grease  and * Perfection   Oils  Skookum  Logging  Block  4-72   in.   by   18   ft.   boilers'' 160   lbs.  2   Coal  dryers suitable  for ttnh:  All  sizes of.' cable., in  utock. .  T. A. WaXSH *  CO.  860 Cambie  Street   ..........Say.  4738  Mac DONALD & PARK  '*'    EX.BCTBXCAX. BBGIHBEBS  Armature Winding and Motor Repairs  Seyrnour'9536  439 Pender Lane  SUB-TENDERS WANTED  Mr. A. L. Ramage, 1350 Sixth avenue  east, who has been awarded a contract  for the erection of a six-roomed stucco  home at the corner of Dunbar and 15th  avenue west, for J. C. Welch, under  the Soldiers' Housing Seheme, is asking for sub-tenders for the plumbing,  heating and electrical work. The new  home will have furnace heat. The cost  i« $3,200.  For re-build saw-mill machinery in  Al condition, see the Vancouver Metal  Co. We carry the largest and most complete stock in city. Our prices are right  anS it will.be worth your while to see  us before purchasing- .elsewhere.  VANCOUVER atETAI. CO.  415 BaUway St. Sign. 878  Boats   of   all   sizes   for   sale.     Tups:  Scows and  launches  for hire.    Saw and  Shingle Mill Machinery' for sale.  XACGXX.X.IS * KOBAH  1789 Georgia St. W. Sey. 8439 L.  SHIINGLERS  ALL WOBK OUABABTSED  KIRK   BROS.  ■la-hand 2018  1510 Charles St.  Seymour Tire & Rubber  Company, Limited  SoU DoaUrs and Servlca  Station I or Gos-dysar S.V.  Truck Tiros  •51 Ptotfir St. W.       SI7MV30S3  NORTH  VANCOUVER NOTES.  Repairs to Dollarton wharf are to  be carried- out by the district engineer at a cost of $285. The council also  approved of the engineer's progress  estimate of $8791 for the asphaltic  paving on' Robson road, and tthat an  account be sent to the Provincial  Government in that connection for  $197.72.,v  STEWART &C0LLART  GENERAL.   CONTRACTORS  ,  REPAIRS   AND  Fair. 3386 X.  3841 St. George St.  ALTERATIONS  Fraser '205 X. •  355 50th Ave. XT-  Hoisting engines, locomotives, lathes,  wjre rope, rails, cars, machinery of all  kinds.  HATrOBAL  MACKIBEBT   CO.  925 Main St. Sey. 600  Used   Machinery, of   All   Kinds   Bought  and  Sold.       ".  B. C. EQUIPMENT CO.; LTD.  Bank of Ottawa Bldg. •   Sey. 9040  Vernon Construction Co.  CONTRACTORS . AND  . BUILDERS     .  Bayview 3854   . 1521,5th Ave. W.  TABCOOTFBB, B.-O.  See   Us  For All Kinds of Machinery   ' .  .    WEIB  MACHIBEBY   CO.  LTD.  1396 Blchards  St. Sey. 7442-7443  MAIN ELECTRIC  GSVSB-.1V BBFAXBi.-^-ABMATVBE  WXBDIBO — BWirCXBOAB-bs  XBSTALLATIOBS  204 Alexander St.  Seymour 3S56  FLOOR LAYERS  and'  '  Manufacturers  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co.  United  2635 Granville St.    <  ■STENOGRAPHERS  Expert .Typewriting of every description  Mlmeoc-rapKii-g.    Multisraphing,  Translations- '    .ytenouraphers   Supplied  CENTRAL FT/BX.XC 8TEHOGBAHFBB8  Sey.  5078 414  Dominion  Bldg.  MINING  British Columbia Ceiling  & Roofing Co. Ltd.  J.   FRITH   SMITH.   MANAGER  SHKKT      METAL     CONTK.YOTORD      AJID     MANUFAC-  TUUEKS,     K1IL.T     AND    ORAVKI.    lCOOFKIt*..  Fair. 1267 -■■■■■■   523 7th Ave. Westi5  Construction of a brick drier for the  •purpose' of drying the flourspar ore  prior to passing through the roasters  is now in progress at' the Rock Candy  concentrator, 20 miles north of Grand  Forks. Excess moisture- in the rock  is arising from snow." The drier will  be so constructed as to conserve the  gases and heat coming rom the roasters, and it is expected there will be  sufficient heat rom this source to meet  all the requirements in the drying process,-according to Manager A. A. Robertson, who was in town on Monday.  A shipment of brick was sent up to  the property last week. There is nothing definite as yet in connection with  the proposed doubling of the capacity  of the mill:—Grand Porks Gazette.  *      *.*      *      *      *      *.*  WORTHWHILE!  F*.   W.   WHITE      W.   PENGELLV >,  R.   ROBERTS  RAF. MOTOR TRANSFER  HEAVY  HAULING   FOR  CONTRACTORS  FURNITURE.   BAGGAGE  AND   EXPRESS  SEYMOUR 3984 FRASER 173 L I  4ii *Howe St. so5o Fraser St.  Specialist   in   Cement,   Work  ED.  HUGGINS  FLAIH    ABD   OBBABCEHTAL  PLASTEBEB  Bay.  2535-B.        3528  Third  At*.   W.  Facae Bey-moor 1878.  MANUFACTURING COMPANY  Makers of  Switch Boards, Fauel Boards. Steel  Cabinets, sto.  Switches designed and  built  for any  special work..    ,  Industrial Island     ^Vancouver,  Ton will save two dollars by paying  a year in advance for The Record, beside* saving considerable time and tha  annoyance of paying a anxall bill each  month. Sixteen and two-thlrda per  cent, is pretty good lntbrest on yoor  money, isn't it? Worth saringl The  price for one year, paid in advance, is  ten dollars.  MOW TO LOWER |  Delivery Costs I  THET  COST  ONLY  Jolitdown  in a  GATES a^ TIRES  &0LE     Autharizad Servica Station  •ri>i'i"(o  Davie Vulcanizing Co.  1204 Granville St.  Seymonr, 1184  loose Leal Memo  IT fits the vest-pocket and  is always ready to receive  facts and figures and all  -' kinds of data,- such as every  busy person needs.  .   New sheets replace old ones,  making the cover a permaasnt  faiTastaaat.  :   Lightest, strongest, simplest  tnd most compact memo book.  Pircss Ifce trigger  and the rings open  No more torn sheets. No  fumbling, fingering or scolding. Just the outfit for everybody of affairs.  PILING-POLES  AST   -LEHGTH   FtTBHISHED  operate cur own  camp  JOE LEPORE  772  Georgia St.  E.   ; ■ High...l48  E. CHRYSTAL & COMPANY  ::   :: - ::  Carpenters nnid Contractors  Store and Office Fixtures  General Repairs  ••   ••   ••  108 Georgia ST., E.     Seymour 8551  Walter Murray  ■.-..,' Srnie Murray  Brqs^Li  PLUMBING and HEATING  CONTRACTORS  SETMOT7B 8614  737 Powell St. Vancouver. B.  C.  m  Costs little, laate alwaya, because it  la bound in genuine Morocco.  Let us show the De Luxe  Loom Leaf Memo to YOU.  Western Specialty  • Limited  672  GranTflle St.   -   Sey. 3526  RobertsonPower & Devey  Engineers and Constructors  Inspections "Design  Reports Construction  Industrfnl PlanLi. Buildings and Equipment  Wharves   and   Piers,      Power   Plant*  Industrial   Railways  Concrete, Steel and Timber Structures  S02||Yorkehlro   Building;  Seymour  9217  TELEPHONE DATA  ■.,'■' • .-'•■- .^''■v WW XHSTAM-ATXOSTS   -    *  DECEXBEB 8,  1919. .  Jsh-ka-Bibble Co., Carpet Cleaning Works, 906 Davie St Sey. 070*-.  DECEXBEB  lOTH,   191*.  Standard Stove. Range & Furnace Repair, Stove & Range Repairs,  1218   Granville   St.   .:.-:...;......... Sey. 8089  Stewart,'Arthur, Second Hand Dealer, N. E. Cor. 27th & Fraser Fair.-3910  McFarlan &  Rushbury,   Brokers Custom's, R.  10, 739  Hast.  W Sey.  8205  Martin's  Electric  Bakery,   Mrs.,   Bakers,  431   Honre'r- St..„ Sey.  8.r.38  Hastings  Shoe  Co.,  Boots A Shoes,   65-Hastings  E...;..... Sey.  6-118  Caswell,   John   W.,   Flour  &   F'e'ed,   577   Broad>vay  W Fair.  3996  Can   Pacific Wine Co., lAd.. Wine & Spirit Merchants, 1062  Horner Sey.  3278  V'ate«   P   B   Machine Co.,  IAd.,  Machinerv, R.  715,  207  Hast. XV Sey.  3461  Canadian Wood & Coal Yard, 1440 Granville St -.Sey.  5291  Perrv and Dolk, Tailors,  419 Dunsmuir St Sey. S9.i"->  Miller, M*eate & Co.. Meat Markets, 2177 Hastings E.  ..'. Hiffh.    474  Johnson   &  Dohertv,   Brokers,   Rm.   705—207   Hastinps   W Sey.  8715  Fowler and HouldeVi. Mfrs. Agents, Rm. 1015—207  Hastings W Sey. 920R  Vancouver  Physiotheraphy  Station,   Rm.  308,   198   Hastings  W Sey.  CH.JUX QEB.  DECEMBEB 8,  1919.  State of Maine Junk Co.,  Junk, Whol. A Retail,  from  122  Cordova W.  to  936  Main   St '. Sey.  DECEMBER. 9,  1919.  Kidd and Co., from 3824  Hast. E. to 3732 Hast. E High.  1513  DECEMBEB   10TH,   1919.  Chiba Taxi   Taxis  from   206  Main  to Rear 206  Main  ht Sey.  N   & M. Garage from 711  Seymour to Rear 830 Howe St. Sey.  Mackenzie   S   F. A Co.,  Shipnlng Agents from  418-744  Hast.  W. to  TViC'SCO Hast.  St. W Sey. 20fiB  Kakltachi Wusa, Rest, from  270 Powell  to 206 Main  Sey.  1538  Business  Advertising  ■••"••  E. J. Ryan Contracting  Company, Ltd.  Specializing   in  GENERAL CONSTRUCTION  OF ALL KINDS  PAINTING ■ DECORATING  ALTERATIONS - REPAIR WORK  Telephones, Seymour 85B5-8588  Suite 5, Fairfield Bldg*.. 445 Gran. St.  H.O.Reis  W.A.Kruse  The Electric Shop  ELECTRIC     SUPPLIES  WIRING .and REPAIRS  12 Hastings SL E.  Sey. 1224  J. C. Thorn  President  3. E. Millar  Mgr. -Director  VETERANS ENGINEERING  AND  CONTRACTING CO., LTD.  Contracts taken for all classes  of    construction,    repairs    and  alterations.  FKOBE  SBTKOT/B 8930  811 Dominion Bldg*., Tanconver. B. C.  9304  1424  883  380  The Buying Power per Sub-  | scribe* ■ Represents an Infinitely Greater Sum than the  Buying Power of Any Other  Class of Publication, Because  Each Buyer Purchases for  Business and not for Private  i s    Consumption  i  i  GAS   HEATING  In Vancouver  "••   If   you   are- planning   a   new  '"■ house or   building,  or remodelling   your   old   building   or   its  heating plant, it will pay you to  investigate gaa heating.  No furnace to tend; automatic  regulation; unit radiators; special low rate for gas.  A Phone call to New Business  department brings particulars.  Vancouver  Gas  Co.  Carrall and  Hasting-0  Phone Soy.  5000  j;  & Co.  ZiZJklTEO  GENERAL FEAMiNG  Horses for Sale  Fourth Ave. and Granville St.  Bayview 1076 -**W.$ZZl  \7tje&FA'  >^i .a.-^V:>; /;^^i'^?s^^6;^ -: ^J^^^is^?i;;5?^^^i*l^!R!H!5HS  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  Adkison & Dill  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Specialists In Reinforced  -   Concrete  325 Howe St.  Sey. 3788-Bay.||28R  J  Artistic Wire & Iron Wks.  '% Manufacturers  Ornamental Iron "Work and  all Linda ef Wire Work.  112-1C  Dufferin  St.  Kuii*.   204 8  NEW WORK » CONTRACTS LET  '.'..' '.:■■. . ' '   ■ '-    ' ' :   .  ■/  THE   ^Si^2V^rWa   TABI.E   SHOWS   BUILDINGS    COSTING    35,000    OB    OVER,    OH ' WHICH     CONSTRUCTIOH    IS  UNDER WAY, OR OK WHICH CONTRACTS HAVE BEEN I.ET BUT CONSTRUCTION NOT YErSTAETED  Baynes & Horie  General    Contractors  136 Hlwi St.  Seymour 1389  Edward Cox  General Contractor  Cabinet Maklns    .'"' .    Fixture e  Uymm 1163  teir 530 Howe St  :..-,;..   Davies  Construction Co.  General    Contractors  Cre-lit Feeder Mi  licewur, I.C  Dominion Construction  Co., Ltd.  General Contractors  Soy. 8320  SOd Richards St.  Charaoter     ....  Residence   Add   to  .School, .......  3   Bungalows   Residence   Residence   Residence   Residence   ...„  HcMideiii-c ,  Residence   ..,.' ;  Three-story   Bank   .  Remodelling    ,...  Residence   [Sight-Room   School  Residence   Apartment House ....  Bungalow '....  Garage Bldg. ;;.  Residence   School  UviilWing .   School   Bldg.   Bake 'Shop   Residence    ;  Residence   Brick   Bid-,' :......'..  Residence     :  Residence       Residence      Residence   Residence      Residence   Two  Residences    GOtft   ?8,000  ......* $27,500  ....'  sio.r.ob   : ..$5,200   $i",000     $5,800  ....'. ..-   ? 6,G00    $10,000   ?S,0*J0   .........$300,000  VANCOUVER  Iiocatlon    Owner  S-haughiie.s.sy  .....Dr. R.  L. Fallen  Magee Pt.  Grey School  Board  1st Ave. and Stevens F.cG. Evans  Pt.   Grey   ..........: ; '.S.   W.   Webster  Pt.   Grey J.   Abernethy  Pt,  Grey .' W.   3.. Lesage  Magee    Frank  Sawford  King Edward A Selkirk..Mrs. G. Forsyth  20th .& Margarite..........Mrs. E. L. Bourne  Seymour & Hast...Union Bank of Canada   v..E.  C...Stark   ...,'....T.   Edwards   ;john   McNeely  W. GREENLEES  COBTBACTOB  File  Driving,   Wharvee,  Bridg-ea,  Foandationa, etc.  107 Cordova St. AV.  Seymour 10S2  Harrison & Lamond  Industrial Engineers  Seymotr 3535 501 Pacific Bldg  Hodgson, King & Marble  Contractors & E:r._glneer9  508 London Bldg.    : Seymonr 65064  Garage $ 10,000  Shingle Mill $6,000  .Residence $20,000  Bungalow    $0,000  Boad   Work     $20,000  Garage    $25,000  Five   Residences   $20,000  Residence        $5,200  Residence    $8,000  Residence    $5,000  Residence    t.Z. !....$8,000  Boiler House & Oven ..r. $10,000  Residence  :  $0000  Kesidince $5,000  Bup •oi'.w    $5,000  Gymnasium    Building    $22,000  Repairs       $20,000  Residence   $7500  Remodelling"  Residence     $10,000  Dwelling  $5,000!  -Garage Bldg $24,000  Residence   $9,000  Store   Bldg $5,500  Bungalow   .'....  $5,000  Additions       $6,000  Dwelling  '-   $5,000  Garage ".    $20,000  Theatre-"   $300,000  Brick   Bldg '. $ 10,000"  Store   alterations    .$5,000  Residence   ■ .$5:000  War   Memorial       $15,000  .Machine  Shop    $5000  Bungalow     :..' $5,000  Alterations    v   (1  J lomes, $25,600  Alterations  .....   $5,000  Repairs i $7,000  Store   Bldg _    $20,000  --'••' -   $*0.000   Dominion   Bldg.   :....'. ..., Dom.  Bank  - • $10,SOO   Shaughnessy   Heights.. D,   H.   Christie  -— - •'   Ash A Tup per Sts. Pt. Grey School Board   ....$13,100   Shaughnessy   Heights....H.  J;   F.   Turney  ....'....".........$8,000   018 Victoria Drive  '.' ...T. Heland  ——-   $5,000   Strathcona   Heights    W.alter   Teetzel  ...............$22,000   8th Av & Kingsway..Slandai*fl Motors Ltd   ..«:...■ $8,500   Pine Crescent •& 27th Ave. J. W. Browne  v... ....$17,900   Kitsilaho    Van.   School   Trustees  —•-'- $80,000   King Edward  Ave.'.'.Pt.  Grey  Sen. Boar,   -  $10,000   721 Seymour St Mission Confect  v $10,500   20th   Ave.,   Pt.   Grey   E.  Davis  ■••• r $10,500   ;j6tj,  and  Alexander  •••• ...$J5,000   ».|2l   Granville   St.    ■ $7,250   27th   A  Angus  Ave...  .$5,300   Khaughnesssy  Heights  R.   W.  Clark  $12,000   Daurier Ave; Pt. Grey........J. I.  Stoddart  ......,..$7,200   isti,   and  Angus  '. Wm.   Walker  .$5,000   iith   Ave.   W ...E.   Stratton  .JC.000   Carnavon & Marine Di* A. Davidson   r.$S,400   i->t# Grey  Fauld's Financial Agency  1140 Georgia St.  W... R. 3. Snelgrove  Gram St., Pt. Grey....Hunting & Merritt  Marine Dr, & Shannon St.....B. D. Rogers  4th   Ave.   near   Blanco J.   Blair  Main St. & Vict. Dr City of V A S. Van  Seymour & Drake....Chapman Motor Co.  Alma Rd. Kitsilano..Vet. Eng. & Con. Co.  27th Ave. near Hudson..Mrs. J. A. Jewett  Shaughnessy   Heights J.  D.   McNeill  35th and Vine Mrs.  C, Bishop  Hudson & 27th Mrs. E. B. Bliss  Parker A Glen Dr Restmore Mfg. Co.  Shaughnessy    F.   Vanalle  1725 14th Ave. W Capt. XV. 3. Conway  West   Pt.   Grey.r. P.   Fraill  Powell & Jackson Sts Jap. Meth. Miss.  Point  Grey   Braemar School  Corp.  Shaughnessy   Heights John   Brown  Shaughnessy Hghts....Kenneth Stevenson  306  llth Ave. XV :'. F. T. Vernon  660  Howe St Veteran's   Garage  Kerrisdaie  XV.  J. Burroughs  4039  Main  St A.   Winram  172S  2nd Ave.  E Mrs. F.  Chapman  25th and Angus Ave Wm. Page Powell  Marine Dr. & Stewart Rd...W. R. Stewart  Seymour  A  Smythe C.  M.   Chislett  Sey.  &  Georgia Sts...Allen Theatre,  Tor.  1301-3 Granville St Howard & Davis  55G Granville St David Steele Ltd.  Archt.   .„  contr.  Kdwardes Sproat  _ John L.  Dunn  Twizell  & Twizell............Adkinson. & Dill  Fred L. Townl'ey ?..G. M. Champion  - •' - -—- S.   N.   McLeod  --   W.  Eldridge   •   Mr.  McGreevy  Bernard C. Palmer Vernon Const. Co.  James A. Benzie.... ..S. J. Newitt  James  A. Benzie ..C.   F.  Robinson  Somerville & Putnam     ....Hodgson, King & Marble  Sharp & Thompson....Hodgson, King & M.  Bernard C. Palmer..Wallace A McGougan  Twizell  & Twizell ......Baynes & Horie  Bernard C. Palmer.'.Wallace A McGougan   '—■>■ C. F. Robinson  Fred. L.  Townley Day Labor  Honeyman A Curtis '..XV. J. Prout  Gillingham  &  Korner S.  J.   Newitt  Owners Peter  TardifT  Twizell & Twizell....Hodgson, King & M   Dixon & Murray  J. C. McKenzie XV. McNee  J.   C  McKenzie -.. ...W,   McNee  J.    Elligott Owner  Owner  Owner  Robert M. Matheson S. N.( McLeod   '. .....Cromie  &   Vroom   i ■'. ..Vernon   Constr.   Co.   .„ J.....Vernon   Constr.   Co.   Vernon -Constr.   Co.   . S. Fl. Shave  Owner  Owner  J. Brown '.'.   Owner  Bernard   C.  Palmer Dom.  Const.  Co.  Fred  L.   Townley ". T.   Glover &  Son   Harrison & Lamond  B. Davidson  E. J. Ryan Contr. Co.  Owners  ....Veteran Eng. & Contr. Co.  Edwardes Sproat Davies Const. Co.  Robt. M. Matheson..E. J. Ryan Contr. Co.  Contractor  M.  C.  Griffith  James A. Benzie E. Chrystal  & Co  Owner   Owner  ...*. _ Vernon Const. Co  XV. C. Gillam Cook & Hawkins  Gardner  A   Mercer ..'. W.  Hyslop  H. S. Griffith-Robertson, Power & r>evey  Maelure & Lort E.  Chrystal  &  Co.  Fred L.. Townley S.~ N. McLeod  Wm.   Fredk.  Gardiner     ."nvner  J.  B. Arthur  W. N. Dodds  C. H. Lfcitch  Gardiner A Mercer Vane.  Const. Co.   J.  B. Arthur   J.  E.  Beveridge  Gillingham & Korner S. J. Hewitt   '....'. Cromie   &   Vroom  Joseph   H.   Bowman Snider   Bros.  C." H. Crane Alexander   McDonald  Contr Bedford   Davidson  Gardiner &  Mercer Dom.   Constr.  Co.  BUSINESS MEN  will find the  Orpheum Cafe  an ideal meeting place for the Luncheon Hour, The Best of Everything,  Prompt Service, Moderate Charges!  Seating capacity 250. '    . *.  762 Granville Street  Opposite Orpheum Theatre  Jas. D'wyer,  Proprietor and Chef  FRANK M. SLOWIN  TAILOR  Business  Men's  Suits My  Specialty  $50 to  $65  Seymoxif 2692  404-5 Dominion Bldg.  Damaged Automobile Bodies  RENDERS, ETC., REPAIRED AND PAINTED BY EXPERT■---■  WORKMEN.    WE SPECIALIZE IN THIS KIND OF WORK.  "We do everything- but engine work."''■•"'  BLACK  BROS. LTD.  1111-1115 HOMER STREET;  Harwood St F. C. Saunders   Gardiner & Mercer.........Vane.  Constr.  Co.  Palmer Bros.  General   Contractors  S29 Mafe St. Ssymeur 4378  StanleycPark   Can.  Jap.  Mission  industrial Island   Schaake Co., Ltd.  ■Ird Ave. XV. Pt. Grey J. U. Buchanan  Cordova St David Spencer Ltd.  Magee Yorkshire Can. Trust, Ltd.  2532aScott St 1.  171 Cordova St W. E. Drake  Gran.  St.  So.,  of  Drake .-..Wm. Braid  ,,;)v-  James   A.   Benzie Turnbull   &   Curr  Gardiner.& Mercer....Harrison A Lamond  H.  H.  Slmmonds Vancr.  Constr.   Co.  Gardiner & Mercer....Dominion Const. Co.  Joseph  H.  Bowman A. L. Ramage  5.  Ccrles   H. A.  Wiles  Dalton  &  Eveleish H.  A.."Wiles  Honevman & Curtis *.„R. P. Forsh'aw  &SON  1 SO Hasting St., W.        'Phone Sey. 8600  ESTABLISHED 1898  Twenty years   in business  In Vancouver  Electrical Contractors  Let us figure on your work. Send us your-troubles. "We repair everything Electrical! Nothing too  large, nothing too small. Jf you have any.lighting  trouble send for our expert who" will advise you without charge. Our stock of Residence, Store and Offic--  Lighting Fixtures is the largest in the city.  jftoberison & Partners,Ltd.  Public Works Contractors  and Engineers'.  Siynevr 1274  89S Metropolitan Bid;.  RUSH &RfcAD  F-CAXR       AND      OBNAMEWTAI,  p-LASTE-aiaa  &   cemxht  wobk  All   Work  Guaranteed.  Bay. 3370  Bay. 1602-R  2306 Stephens St.  NEW IDEA SHEET METAL  WORKS  STAC2C5.     AUTO   WCBK,  Anything in Sheet Metal and'Hoofing.  S. T. Scarlett, Mtfr.  757   Routt>- St. Sey.   764 5  JOHN ARNOT & SONS  t  SASH   and   DOORS—OmCE  "FIXTURES  Bandaawing* aud  Turning-, etc.  1730   Semlin   Drive        '-Highland   374  GRANDVIEW SHEET  METAL. WORKS,  LIMITED  X-UB27ACES,    COH.27ICS3,    CIT5T-  XXOHTS  and  GEHEKAL  ''..'.'    JOBBING  COPE & SON  1685  Venablet St.  Highland   642  1 50 Hastings St.,W.  J  NEVV WORK — CONTRACTS LET  H. A. Wiles  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  Alterations,  etc.  I350 - Itk An. W. f»y»i«* 227  J.   P.   Scott  Sey. 5-I80-L  J.   D. McDaniel  Coll.  HS-L3  McDaniel & Scott  ELECTBICAI.   COHTBACTOBS  Armature  and Motor Wlndlnir  Oeueral  "Electrical "B«p»lri  Estliuatea  Free  Seymour 1890 H22 Smythe St.  Cliaracter ._— __~_u  Concentrator,   etc   Railroad     •   Dockyards  Wharf     Bank    Irrigation     School Addition .....  Paving' Pacific Highway......  Church -...-- -•—  Dredging  ~   Highway   Hridge         Paving No.  3   Road...:..-   ....:..--.... Oo«t   1,000,000  ......1,000,000   ..?52;924   fl7,600   $6o;ooo      $10,000  ,...:...:...|SS';000    $50,000   '..$i 4 2,500   jaoiooo   $40,000  ties. Phone:  !'iaTr.  1*J2 8_K  On"W:e Phone: Sey. v9un  Electric Contracting &  Repairing Co.  THOS.  L.  M1TCHBLL  Electric ^WirtoR*. Plxtur«« and Wepalri  ol All Klnd»_  585 Biirrard St.    -    VaBCQ-avr. B. C.  Percy F. Letts  ELECTBIC AI.   EX WW^EB  and  COH*ilAJTO»  nigh-Clmmm   -Bl«ctrical   Work  and   Tlxt-arer  3044   Orariville  St.  Bay.  441  Bank   Building   Highway   Bridge v   Residence     Hound House. Tower, etc.  Sub-Station    ,   School   Annex      School      Railroad        Store   Hi*lining      Dridse      Rul.ber   I-'ai'tory      Cordage  Plant    S<*hool      Warehouse      Plant    Extensions      Oakland   School      Extending  Berths   etc   Alterations    -   Bridge   Reconstruction   ....  Highway   Bridge      Bungalow   .„    $11,000   .$7,03S      +50.000   $.40,000  .........$20,000   $10,731   $65,000   $.1*3,000 I  .... $*<::o,ooo!   $75,ooo I     $76,000 J      $12,000 i       $16,000|   $25,000   $10,375 I   $60,000  ,     $5,000   $21,000      $16,400     -jeooo  Vancouver Forge Co.  I.lmljt»d  FORCINGS  OP  ALL  DESCRIPTIONS  Ft.   Victoria   Drive Highland   701  J. R. Tacey  & Son  EXHAUST   and   BLOW  PXPITHQ  onr   Speolalty  Heating*, Ventilating* and General  Sheet-Metal Work  Seymour  3617 11B0  Seymour  St.  BRITISH  COLUMBIA  GENERAL.  Iiocatlon .'. "_. . _.: :_.....--..- Ownax  Copper   Mountain B.   C. Copper Co.  Princeton  to Copper Mt..'.. B.  C. Copper Co.  Victoria  Dom. Government  Trail Bank of Montreal  Okanagan   Valley Prov.   Government  Now Westmin Herbert  Spencer School  Westminster-Blaine....Pro v.    Government  V'ictoria....lst Church of Christ. Scientist  Fraser  River   Dom.  Government  South  Thompson  River......Prov. Govmnt.  Lulu   Island    Prov.   Govmnt.  Hammond Bank   of   Hamilton  Blaeberry   River    .....Prov.   Govm't  Oak Bay. Victoria  R.  W. Gibson  Sirdar C. P. R.  Copper Mountain....W. Koot'y Lt. & P. Co.  Victoria  ...Sir James Douglas School  Albernl   Prov.   Govmt.  Alberni  to Great Central  Lake C.P.R.  Xiinaimo    A.   C.   Van   Houten  Deep  Creek. P.G.E Prov.   Govmt.  Port Couuitlam....Gregory Tire & Rub. Co  Sapperton    ..Can.   West'n   Cordage  Co.  Kimberley    Prov.   Govmt.  Nanaimo     Malkln-Pearson    Co.  Mill Creek ....Whalen Pulp & Paper Mills  Victoria Victoria   School   Board  Norths.Vancouver Wallace   Shipyards  Westminster   : XV.   S.   Collister  Westminster   Prov.   Govmt.  Knderby-    Prov.    Govmt.  Burnaby  Mrs.' A. S. McRae  Arch. ... .'.  Contr.  Owners     VV.   P.  Tierney  Dom. Pub. W. Dept...McDonald A Watson     Medby & Vestaunet   .A. E. Griffin &r Co.  .:. XV.    3.    Sloan   j H.  P.   Peterson   Constr.   Co.  Dunham Peter McKechnie   Pacific  Dredging   Co.  Public  Wks.   Eng .....Wm.   Greenless  Public,Wks.  Dept.....Harrison  & Lomond   ...&   M.   P.   Cotton  A..   E.   Henderson Baynes   &  Horie  Pub.  Wks.  Eng James  Henderson  Macliire_  A   Lort Robt.   Moncrieff  Owners  Davies Constr. Co.  Owners    R.   D.McDonald  J. CM. Keith .Thomas Ashe    Parfitt Bros.   Foundation    Co.  A.   E.  Henderson Baynes  & Horie  Prov.   Govmt Canadian   Bridge   Co.  Gardiner    &    Mercer Owners  Sharp & Thompson..E. .1. Ryan Contr. Co.  Dept.   of  Wks Davies  Constr.   Co.  Honeyman   &   Curtis   Snider   Bros.  Owners    Hodgson.   King   &   Marble   Halker    &   Hunter   Hodgson, King & Marble  Gardiner & Mercer B.   Buekland   Nickson Constr. Co. & Cox & Verge  Pub.  Wks.  Dept Robt.   Moncrieff  Townley &-Matheson J.   C.  Allen  ■*»•*•  *  t  t  i  i  4  *  t  t  i  •^i----^:--^'---!*-*-^^  Vancouver Gas Appliance Co.  AGENTS FOR  McCLARH RANGES  and the  INUWAV  Kerosene Gas  Generator and Burner  For use in  Regular Cook Stoves and Ranges  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO., LIMITED  Public Works Contractors  Office 813-815 Bower Bldg;.  ■ -       " ■ "' "   ■■■"■-"•■-  Vancouver, B. C.  li   iKiii   Mill i > 1-ff*!  C. Bain, Manager  ! 767 ROBSON ST.  f  s =====  SEYMOUR 801  V      * " ►*,  'i t ;•-■«'*■■■  ■v.,.-  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St.  ■'>■■'.    Vancouver B. C.  See Sample and get  prices on "Ritmac"  Laundry Tubs and  Chimney Pots  412-13 Vancouver Block  Sey. 9167  "RITMAC" LAUNDRY  TUBS  The  Ideal  Tub  for Homes  "Made in Vancouver"  PROPOSED NEW WORK  Character Estimated Cost  Brick   Bldg   Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  LIMITED  P. A. Jones, Mg».  WHARP  BUILDING.  BRIDGES.  PILE  FOUNDATIONS,  ETC.  Pier  School Bldg   Hotel ,   Jewish Synagogue  Brick   Building   Theatre   Apartment   House   .   $15,000   $500,000   $-1.0,000      $40,000   ;.  $50o.ooo'   $700,000  VANCOUVER  location , Owner  Pender St., W Can.  Financiers  Tr.  Co  Vancouver  Keefer St. East    English Bay  .....  City    .,   Seymour Street    Robson & Seymour..,  Bute  and   Barclay....  .C.   P.  K.  ...,'Locai  Syndicate  Z!ciarke"& Stuart  .Regal Films Ltd.   Stock   Co.  Architect ...Plans Ready  H. S. Grilllths Tenders Closed  Owners  ■-...'. - Soon  Gardiner & -Mercer Tenders Closed  Twizell,   Birds  &   Twizell...... Soon  Thomas   XV.   Lamb   Twizell,  Birds A Twizell,....:   Soon  Campbell  & Grill  Established  1905  Roof ins Contractors  METAI   WINDOWS—PIRE   DOORS—SMOKE-STACKS—HOT-AIR  FURNACE—VENTILATING    PANS—BLOW    PIPING—  SKYLIGHTS—GENEBAI,   JOBBING  1238 Seymonr St.  Vancouver, B.  C.  Seymour 2981  Character  •. Estimated Cost  Candy   Factory :.   Kesidence   Alterations   $10,000  Residence -•   Dry dock   Municipal    Hall    $25,000  Iiocatlon    Russell  St.  Oak  Bay ....  Victoria    Victoria ....:  Esquimau .  Esc-uimalt   .  VICTORIA   _. Owner   Ormonds  Ltd.  ....... A.   Denison   Dominion  Hotel   Col.   Bennett   Dom.   Govmt  Architect ...  Plans Ready  H.   S.   Griffith   .,..  Maclure A Lort .  Percy   Fox      Madura & Lort  Dom.  Govmt   .To  ..Tenders  Closed  ...Tenders Closed     Soon   ......Soon   ;.  Soon  Submit   By-Law  "NEVERLEAK" ASPHALT ROOF PRODUCTS  (Guaranteed)  ' '(Shed .Water  Like  a Duck)        '  "NEVER  LEAK" Ready'Roofing, "NEVER LEAK"'Roof Paint,  "NEVER   LEAK" Roo£ Gum.  For'Building New  or  Repairing Old  Roofs ' ,,, ■  PACIFIC ROOFING CO., Ltd.  MANUFACTURERS  AND  GENERAL   ROOFING -CONTRACTORS.'/  Seymour   1186 Industrial Island Vancouver, B.C.  General  Towing"  324  Front  St.             New Westm  Telephone  1015  inster  Branch  Office  S37  Hast.  st. xvZ  Sey.  4404  Character        .Estimated Cost  Memorial Hall   DIXON & MURRAY f  MANUFACTURERS OF  SHOW CASES, OFFICE  and STORE FITTINGS  School   Bldg.  School (Add.   Memorial Hall ,  University   Bldgs.   ..  Refrigerator ■   Eight-Room   School  High   School       $6,000   $50,000   ...$25,000   $S0,000   $150,000  BRITISH COLUMBIA  Location ..: ....  South   Vancouver  Creston.  B.   C   Penticton   Point  Grey   :..:   Point Grey..... ..University of B. C.  Kelowna  C.P.R.  Lynn   Valley   ........School   Board  Prince   Rupert School  GENERAL   ...Owner  ..Dist!  School   Board   ..School  Board  Board  Architect Plans Ready  Sharp  &  Thompson  Sharp  & Thompson  Owners   H.  I'!ackadde(r     .Will   Build  Soon  .Vote   By-law  MALTHQIP ROOFING  The Best that's made  Sales Agents  Smith, Davidson & Wright, Limited  Vancouver, B. C.  ■«*-..-  GENERAL CARPENTER WORK  PAINTING, PAPER HANGING aid KALSOMINING  Sey. 8765      Sey. 8766  1065 Dunsmuir St.:  (Continued from page 1)  /'i ■ m      '''   ' ' . N  arranged for during Mr. Gibson's trip  to Europe.  It is expected that tenders will be  called for sometime in January and  a start on the erection of the factory  will be made early in February.  E. A. BAILEY  Plumbing  and  Steamfittlng  1033 Or-MVNI* St  Vancowy-er. B. C.  Phon* Sey. 136  Re*. Bay. 77  S. J. Tricke-f  E. E- Elliott  Central Sheet  Metal Works  PLUMBING  HEATING  VENTILATING  56G Cambie St.,       Sey. 620  CITY  MAY  INSTAL COAL  HANDLING   EQUIPMENT  Reporting to the city council on  Tuesday, City Engineer Fellowes  stated that the city has all kinds of  room available at its Cambie street  yard, and with a reasonable expenditure of money, bunker accommodation could be provided and the necessary equipment installed fori ,the economical handling of large quantities of  coal there. The report-was endorsed  and passed" on to next year's council with the recommendation that in  view of the coal shortage that is experienced every winter and the lower"  prices which prevail for coal during  the summer months, the^city should  secure equipment and provide large  extensions to its bunker accommodation so as; to be able to lay in a big  supply during the sunnner and thereby insure citizens against an acute  coal famine in the winter.  WRIGHT BROS.  BUILDERS - CARPENTERS  -ROOFERS-  General Building  Repairs  Sey. 3315 511 Dunsmuir St.  McLeod Sheet Metal Works  ra-r&acM,    Boons*.    Cor«lc»«,    Bky-  '   Uffbts ul (haml ■!--••« Bf-ttel  -Work-  Seymour 7177'  1042  Richards" St.  Fairview Sand & Gravel  Company, Ltd.  PROMPT DIOLTVEHY.  1527 Main St.  Fair. 552  city or VAircoxrvE*  ,     Tenders Soldlera' Housing- Scb«mo  Tenders wiil be received by the undersigned up to 12 o'clock noon on Tuesday, December 23rd, 1919, for the erection of resfdence under Soldiers' Housing Scheme, c  Plans, Specifications and form of Contract may be seen at the Building Inspector's Office, City Hall.  Copy may be obtained by making* a  deposit of Ten Dollars.  A deposit of ten per cent, of the contract price must be made by the successful tenderer, before a contract is  entered  into.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  wm. McQueen,  City  Cler.k.  City Hall, Vancouver, B.  C.  ■     December- IS-th,  1919.  NOTICE.  Notice  is  hereby  given   that an application   will   be  made   to   the   Legislative  -Assembly   of  the     Province  of     Eiri.tish  Columbia at  the  next session  on   behalf  of the  Association of    Professional   Engineers of British Columbia lor a Private  Bill  to  incorporate the  said Association,  the  sa:d     Bill     to     be  known   as    THE  B n IT IS 1-1    C*j i.UM B i A    ENG 1 NEER1NG >  P KOI''ESS I ON ACT,  for the purposes o   i  •tr.'criri'h' ;i * d rc-ff'ilr1 ting the practice of-  Civil,  Mining, Metallurgical,  Mechanical,  Electrical  and   Ch'-m icai   j-lngni'.. oi .i.g.-.n :  the   Province   of    British  Columbia, audi  the. qualification, examination and regis-|  tralion  of     intending    practitioners,-the t  discipline   of  its   members   and   for   the \  aor'iuiring of  real   and  ]>ersonal   pronerty j  arid   the  disposal   of   the   same,   and   for  the   general   management   of   the   Asso-'  elation. i  1 *:•.•■ Ml at  the City of  Vancouver,   B.C., i  this  5th (lav  o"  December,   A.I).   10I!).        ''■  Ii.   S.   TOI1IN. !  Of the firm of Pattiillo &  Tobin, fcoliei- i  to('!-* for the Applicants. |  -Flnmblnf and \%mom\t Work  All kinds off S«w«r Work  A Specialty  737  16th Ave.  W.  Fairmont 884,L  District Engineer, Court House Vancouver, B. C, on or after the llth of De-  cember, 1919.  •An accepted bank cheque' or certificate  qf deposit for 10 per cent, of.-'Uie .amount of the tender, made payable to the  Honorable Minister of Public' Works*,  must accompany each .proposal, lo.lSa  forfeited if tenderer refuses to enter  into contract when called upon to do so.,  or fails to complete the work contracted  j for. Cheques'of'.-unsuccessful tenderers  will* be returned upon execution of the  20'n'tract.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily  accepted.  A.   E.   FOREMAN,  Public Works ■*■ Engineer  Public  Works Department,  Victoria, ,B.  C  December 12th,   191S.  "N  ROOFING  .-id  PAVING  MATERIALS  The BARRETT Co., Ltd.  COAL  TAR  PRODUCTS  Send   for   color    card   of   BARRETT'S  VELVEX  CREOSOTE   SHINGLE   STAINS  Cor. 10th Av«.& Arbutus St. T*lophon«« Bay. 63 and 64  DOMINION   ZiAXTDB.  Increase in Bate of Interest  Public Notice is .hereby -given that  In accordance w;tli the provisions of  an Act to amend ' the Dominion Lands  Act. passed at the last Session of Parliament, and. .commencing from the 7th  July, 1919. where interest Is chargeable,  the--rate, .of such interest on all new  transactions in connection with Dominion Lands shall be*six per centum per  annum;' also that from the 1st of, September, 1919, the rate on all overdue instalments in connection with both past  and future transactions will be increased to seven per centum per annum.  '. By   order,,. .  j L.   PKRETRA.  ' Secretary.  Department of the Interior.  •    Ottawa. August 26.  1919.  BRICK BUILDER and CONTRACTOR  Kilns, Furnaces and Boilers  A  Specialty  Estimates given - Distance no obstacle  ADAM  JACK  Highland   728  2020 Ounda. St.  PILING and POL E S  riR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length — any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO., LTD.  1021-1024 Rogers Bulk-tin* ■: Seymour 399S-39M  E. D. COOK   & CO.  GENEKAL   COHTBACTOBB  Specialize   in   Reinforced   Concrete  Modern    Apartments.  RemodellinK Building's.  Giving;  Increased EarninK Powers  625  Blrka Bid*.  Seymour 3932  C. M. FREEMAN  Painting - Decorating • Paperhanging  TWENTY YEARS  WITH ONE OF  THE LEADING DECORATING  FIRMS  IN LONDON, ENG.  32S3  Main  St Phone Fair.  1822  Evenings Fair. JC159-R  l_  SAMUEL B. REDBURN  KALSOMINING   AND   TINTING  A SPECIALTY  ESTIMATES GIVE If  Phone  Fairmont  484 R  314 7th xlve. E. Vancouver, B.  C.  E. B. LACELLE  Painting - Paperhanging - Kalsomining  Estimates Free  Highland   2791     -     1S2F.   10th  Ave.   E.  Vancoaver, B.  C.  L C. Restore  ELECTKICAL   ENGINEER  AHD  COHTRACTOE  314 Bank of Nova Scotia Bldg*.  602   Hasting   West  Sey. 2889-7579  Office,  Sey.  7075  Res., Fair.  2138L  J  . H. Healey  OPTOMETRIST  Glasses  kinds    of  headache.  fitted  oye  for the relief of all  strain    and    nervous  825 BirkB Bldg*.  Vancouver  B.  C.  NOTICE  TO   COF-rBACTOBS  YALE   DISTRICT  Agraasiz-Kosodale  Porry Landing's.  Tenders will he received by the Honorable .Minister of Public Works, to noon  of Wednesday, the 21th d:iy of l>e<*ern-  ber, lfM'J, for the erection of Ferry i..arid-  inns on  the  I-'ruser  River.  Plans, .Specifications, etc., may be  seen, or may be obtained upon deposit-  !i)K ?•*">.0U as security for return of pl:nis,  etc., at the Department of Public Works  Victoria.   P..   C,   or  at   the   oflice  of   the  pENKINS   ELECTRICAL  Company, Limited  ELECTRICAL   CONTRACTORS  ki.i:*."tiik:a i,     i.vstai.i.ationh     ny     r:vi-rrv-  HKHtKII'TION, i;I.i:<'THK\\l.     Kl.'I»I*r,I KM  Sey. 9512 539 Main Street  NOTICE  TO   CONTKACTOB8  Sealed tenders, addressed to the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for  bridge over the Bow River at Banff,  Alberta," "will be received at this office  until 12, o'clock noon; Wednesday. January 7, 1920, for the construction of a  bridge over the Bow River at Banff,  Rocky   Mountains  Park,   Alberta.  .Plans and forms of contract can be  seen and specification and forms of  tender obtained at this. .Department, at  the office of the District Engineers at  Edmonton, Alta.: Winnipeg. Man.,* Vancouver, B, C.; Equity Building, Toronto,  Ont.; Shaughnessy Buildng, Montreal,  Que.; at the Post Offices, Calgary, Alta.,  and Banff, Alta.  Tenders will not be considered unless  made on printed forms supplied by the  Department and in accordance with  conditions  contained   therein.  Each tender must be accompanied by  an accepted cheque on a chartered b'anl;  payable to the order of the Minister or  Public Works, equal to 10 per cent, of  the amount of the tender. War Loan  Bonds of the Dominion will also be nc-  oepted as security, or War Bonds rti-d  cheques if required to make up an odd  amount.  Note.—Blue prlncs can be obtained at  this Department by depositing an ic-  cepted bank cheque for the sum of $2"..  payable to the order of the .Minister of  Public Works, which will be returned If  the Intending bidder submit a regular  bid.  By order,  R.   C.   DESUOCIIKItS,  Secretary.  Department  of   Public  Works.  Ottawa.   November  22,   l!)li).  Electrical Contractors  "•'!--   Sfl^i■ \!  Light and Power  Motor Repairs  Storage Batteries  The Jarvis Electric Company, Ltd.  570 Blchards St. y   ',';.:    'Paon*  8«y*-*nour  175  I  Gil Icy Bros., Ltd.  DEALERS IN  CRUSHED ROCK   SAND   GRAVEL  All Kinds of Building Material  Phone 15 and 16  902 Columbia Street Wott  New Westminster,  B.C  I  PHILADELPHIA  DIAMOND GRID  BATTERY  "The Battery for your car"  Expert battery and Ignition repair*  The Jarvis Electric Co., Ltd.  570 Richards Street  IL  GRANVILLE WOOD WORKS  H.    HUTCHINSON,    PROPRIETOR  CABINET  MAKERS AND  CARPENTERS  BAND   SAWING  AND WOOD TURNING  GENERAL JOBBING  Sey. 9478  735 Helmcken St.  pAWTAGES THEATRE  Unequalled Vaudeville Means  Pa-stages Vaudeville  Seymour 34G6  STRAIGHT   OB-  MONTHLY LOANS   OH*   DWELLINGS  B. C. PERMANENT  Li  330 Pender St.  ~v7.  PHONE SEYMOUR 790-791  E5£  VET'"1AN  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR  ARMATURE AND  MOTOR WINDING  REPAIR    DEPARTMENT  OPEN  DAY AND  NIGHT  Phone Sey. 824 (Day and might)  1256 Pendor St. W soy.   5-193-1.  Blsie Prints Whilst You Wait  DBAI-TIl-TO  AEE -LINES  Piipf-r.   1-if*irumerits and  Supplies  MOST  MODEBlf  EQUIPMENT   AND  OLDEST ESTABLISHED IN B. C.  B.C. DRAFTING & BLUE PRINT CO.  413 Granville St. Seymour 27G9  •f^**f*^<>^*+-ir^*-f-***n-'fr-i'+'-^'t*^*J»*+  I ARCHITECTS J  Members of The Architecttiral Institute  of British  ColunVbla.  VANCOUVER  Pi'y. arton  .Sey. 3*.'7I)  Si'.v. lonl  Sev. «fl->  .sev. :h;t'  .S.-y. IV.iAf)  Sey. 3110  iiiiEEiiiiii  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Fair, 892 R  High. 1264L  rtcn/.li!,  .las.   .1.,  510   lliLstlnirs   \V _...  Hlr<I,' A. '.I..   City    I'.IiIk    rrmptnr   T'.rvan   A   tilllam.   .*i'in   Klcliiiril;)..   Dnllon   A   Kvi-li'lirh.   filH   Il«.4tlnii.i   \V      'ianliucr.   V.   (',..   A  MtTcnr.   7I.H  firativllle  CiiriliiuT,    W'illliim    Krwlli..    T.'.i)   (irun   ''••if*'*'),   [f.   S.,   207   HnstliiKs  XV   irftidormm.   A.  K.,  015  Iln.sIlriKM \S   Sey.    7'JI  Hfim'vrniiM.   .*<   Curl In.   SSii   I'ih-Miiks   W fi'V.  I Hal  Mntlu-suii.   Udhcrt   M.,   .**i()!l   Ilk-linr<lri S.-.v. .I'iSS  Calmer.    Ilt-rtiiird   C...   X.V.I   irnHilnna   V.    Si-y.  717.'  I'nrr   &  Mai-Kcn/.lo,   730 firnrivlllc Hey. 7x11  •-■Iwir-i fi   Thnmrnnn,   l*>i!(i   I'ptnli-r  W Sey,  101.1  .Sprout.   KilwiiMli'S.   11!.'   I'l-tnli-r   XV J(ey.  T.i'.ir,  'fdu'idey,   '•■red   J..,   :t*i,*i   Iluiimr   .St .Sey.  ftfH 3  Twizell.   lilrtls   &  Twizell,   «.'i7   (Inst.   W Sey. 7!»!i5  Brown, Fraser & Co.. Ltd.  SUCCESSORS    TO  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  Phone Seymour 7155  1150 Homer Street  Vancouver, B. C.  VICTORIA  llcntiel,   A.   U.,   l'JHH  St.   Louis  Kt  1171 III  Keith,   .1.   <:.   M.,   Hayward   lildx M*»(l  Maelnre.   Bntn,   Union   Haul'   Iildn 2SMH  ' Uitbvvny Wilson.    I,leut.-Cul r.elmom    IIoiihu  VAN I ZING  BAR 1ROM - SHIP IROWWORK - BOLTS - NUTS  IRON and STEEL CASTINGS - HIRE ESCAPES  PIPE and  FITTENGS - POLE LINE HARDWARE  Fairmont 971  WE  GALVANIZE   EVERYTHING BY  HOT  PROCESS  SRON and GALVANIZING  WORKS  Office and Works, 225 - 5th W. Vancouver, B. C.


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