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 K&#x2tii.  .■i,v&«;*sa"*t^^$^^  Lv,Mf!iaVM  ••••p;M*-5^  4y^'^:iiW*a-J»-  ■rsi- &^£«Vfc**3ft>$ J*>**'r  r-^^sja^i*-^  V'W  i  i £ .       '-'   -' ■ i ' ■■*'  '" "'V       '•■'; {'      '"   '"»' '',*.!'■     '      '■'■■".   :.   **■    . ' ' i'.U'.l' ! ^'"'r',"'*.:       '•  il':V* H l-"   "—'   '*" ■"■• :'!'iK3Jcl!'-3'  '■•;•! I  '!S;>.  'V.  ■ ,V»T.'ii      -,- -   .^•RE-ccyy^^^  Covering British Columbia.  Vol. 14, No. 5, Wednesday^ Dec. 19, 1S»17^"  ^Mt  WILKINSON  COMPANY LIMITED  '/.',.■-Z-ZzZZZ.ZZ :■;.' Steel' 8tZV&ir&Z:, ;:"^!-;^'^  '^•846>iUach.-Avehu^^  ^Telephones Seymour. 791S^^:;7916;-:'y':t;;';.:-  Barb Wire plain Galvanized fenceWlrei     -   >Goll Spring Wire  Zz:zZz$mm  ... .■■■.■;->rf^^Y.;.,v.-.*<':.-..--  y;~7.Jg#%&m77  plain Galvanized FenceWIre  '»:'-^- ;f»lacfc--%VlreVOi'1«b"A'.'"''.k."-.:;;:.-',   -.,.-.-■.:'  Two Ply. Plain TwIat^Galvanlzed fence Wire  ^ ;; Galvanli^ poiilfry Nettlhg^  FROM VANCOUVER WAREHOUSE STOCK ^  WIRING CONTRACTORS  LIMITED  ':7-ZZ ::^:r-:s-.:!'•(;■::■■■ ::■-:: V:?*;  WHOLESALE and RETAIL  Electrical Supplies  'PHONE SEl! 1224 C       VANcbuvJER  ',.- .-•-. ..■ ...vr^!™T??rif!^,^,T^ ' -■■ ■■■.-■',.:-.-.'     ,. .->-'■ ■■■■■'[■/'■■:^-7^'Z^zx7zy  • ./'-".V .    ,.V/.':' ^'&'.;:^'^^^   ■'-.,"'     '"      J' "   '.."■ ■: ^7,77;:yy.jr:.<■.■■■ :■■_■  COTTONWOOD VENEER  /•;    A British ColumDia^ppoduct.    Made !/8-in., ^-ih. and ^-in^thick.  • ?    ; *v■*, : [ Suitable for any purpose for which: lumber can be used:   ■;  \:'':.:'V':;.v::',;->i;;;^y,See:^Qur\Sample'Display. /    ^Y::.*-: ':.:.1';;.-//-';\'  ZZ- y^:7,Z:::y^ 77^  :Ttl.;Sey.\A7954Z::\z^Z]ZZZzZZZZZZ^  5^5£^ijfSeym:ouP;yStv'';5;^  BUUDiva:>bbjixts.*;AMOUKT-aro *ossoo ox oTn ztnnsb .AT.S'iM::TA^6tWB»' c^PT.:«^i^^«y»*^:p^*^  l'2»->  Addreea  Owner  Address  ....   ..:,»^..-_iv-'V *•** :itr .^M«,rt-.7^';*^.*Uji»^.,'.iA;V:''-t' ■■ ''VArt^V'V'^-^.-^-*^'-'t'S'" •** V-^VrV.-f)-- if* .,*■■'■   j,.  "Large quantities best grade TAIT  TrfT'*  iBlllKs^^  ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS  Power  Installations  iiwsjifav  General ElictHcalCoMtructiOBi  ".■■V-"**-: V'^*-;-#i"-/A'-rVJ^^  i^r^.^fe''.— .'''/.■-,i".a-■•.:;';'-• -,l---:vA'-"-*-f>.>;■-.,-=.-in,*:-/'.,-'■■.■ ■-.■•-■ ;.r-t ■v;;*-,.>-.!v'Vi.-..  '.■*..-."-'£"!'  -Mf  ii-lS  *-..•. V.V>f/.  ::'"d;.-'4i'^  II  if  ii  •^&-'.t  We are- also Sole   Agents  for^tlie  t-fcf!JMi¥*ili&^^^  l«P*iScfwr^^irioortn  '■ZZ.h: Oft O -1 —■-;-' TT» ■*-" -.-/v'A-V-i'^l >%*»Wrt W'^-1 ri 1 f o'W; f ■'; fbe ■-*'.:-^'; 9 9 rt i  .i^*r*^'%',l.:;>>-^'7-;^  .*J^c'ii!vy''":sSi?KJ3  0ZZ0gSfL  l-.iL,  :-.'.■ ^'! ■-■■■■™XS-^aa>*;^f,l^™,i;a^  '-'"';, .•:.-:.;;:::^:'^';.';;H';.:M^yA"  :.'.'.     ''      '-:'. ':''-Z-'"=-' 'i -': V*c' ■'■''■■■'" :v '^<7^Z"h'77:i'^-,Z;!<--^0Z:''^:7^7-Z'<-:^'i:-.  '■■Woriia/BlMbb«r.-Be-#.;-KC^3^  PacificBld^-VeMe^er*^  ^ejid otU«  tt«n» of totmrt ,to;^J  ^ZiZ^00fS^!^Z^!l^&Z^^i^^'  -ir'V*,.Brf:W-ieBTaTaWiJS|^S^:'��■■;»!■  BB-BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBaBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB^  ;^arifa'n«B|^&Sinsure  Slsq^:;?150vttsuraii(^^  , , ® ;Burntiamvliais^been'"isoi(i  \  XiCBdoa, r  ■teatreal  Wlsnipek*  ,:Sf^rt'.-SKil*-'!--^'- -if--.^*"-"-::j2f  Toronto      ■_'■"•'''  Tanooaver. B. C.  'ri  ROBERT W, HPNT& CO^  ENiSlllEERS  LOC0M° MATERIAL,, LUMBER, ETC.  OFFICE: 1601 STANDARD   BANK BUILDING  C.».nt Te-tln, ,.>orX^oo^ —te.y. »_ BI  Phone Sey. 2199  Re.ident In.pector. at Urge Manufacturing Center.  _ :SCH0.6L_  ^ldlia^haugi^e^^'3^  thecOtttract has b^  ^dder'Wr^l^'^Cra^  architect.;: Below;are the flgur6s(-r^v  Wl>.Grwtor^  Rogers '& Sutheriand ........:..:....'1,7^5:00  Harrison &^ LamondZZrZ:Zi:..':l$^$?.  ira^C. Jones........:..:....."-.-.-.^----i.9'35.00  Griffith &■ Sieves ;....Z..ZZ..:.:Z. 2.027.50  Booker, Campbell &. Whipple.. 2,073:00  Mr. Thompson:....L.ZZZZ...r 2,100.00  G. L: Greenlay ...........:......-.-.-.. 2,191.00  GILLEY BROS  DBAXB&S   IW  Crushed Rock, Sand  and Gravel  All Kinds of Building Material  902 COLUMBIA STREET WEST  PHONE 15 AND 16 NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.  NEW.-.WESTMINSTER-—A. contract  for clearing the school site at Crescent  was'-"before"tlie Surrey School Board  Saturday. The matter was left in the  hands of Trustee Hughes for final  settlement. Tenders ranging from  J400 to $450 were read;  Tenders for 25 cords of wood for  Hall's Prairie school- were also left  with Trustee Hughes. Accounts totalling $450 were passed. Salaries to the  amount of $1,733 received the sanction  of the board.  Trustee Dinsmore was authorized  to erect woodsheds at Mud Bay and  South Westminster grounds. The next  meeting of the board will take place  on Jan. 12.  PRINCETON—It is the intention of  the Princeton Coal & Land Co. to sink  a new shaft next year, which will have  the effect of increasing the output of  tfie mine considerably.  '*■ At the present time the mine is  producing about 240 tons of coal daily,  but with the new equipment it will  have when the new shaft is sunk, the  output will be approximately 800 tons  daily. As the company has a coal field  of about three square miles, the supply is almost unlimited, ho said. In  fact, he believes that there are 300,-  000,000 tons there. There is also a  large quantity being shipped to the  coast, the bulk of the coal going to  tlie Northport smelter and to Okanagan and interior points.  ;C6l!''f6ri'a^price^re  ;Sh^is|a;wc^«3n^  ■'o&ff$?$oBi^^  .:3S:£ip!tfbe^  :hol£?!^;:^^^bu^  Butlerl|".&\.*eo^'::oi  Benedict Mansbn'Ma  ■New;.- Haven.- Z'ZZZZ 77Z:: ■'.: Z'ZZZ ZZZ Z  VTCTbRI A^-^Arnong: the/reepmmenda-;  tiqns reached by': the civic: finance conv  mittee:ses^  by the city council,, is one to pay a  cheque fbr Iflvi72.90 to the credit of:  the " Victoria-Saanich - Beaches' and  Parks' Committee. ; This amount is the  sum due under the agreement between  the city and Saanich for the settlement  of the park: controversy, being the  city's 1917 taxes, on Gorge Park and  Mount Douglas Park, less $?73.1S paid  by tlie city for work on parks within  the Saanich boundaries this year. The  Saanich Council received $2,046.08 in  taxes for 1916, following the settlement  and has applied the turn, -except  554S.23 now on deposit, to the improvement of parks.  TRAIL—Bradley, Bruff & LaBarthe  of San Francisco, who designed the  Bunker Hill smelter at Kellogg, Idaho,  are consulting engineers engaged on  plans for the big 3000-ton concentrator that will be erected by the Canada Copper Corporation near Prince-  Star. Engineers of the Kettle Valley  railway are making locations for an  extension of their line 13J/$ miles to  the mine, and the* West Kootenay  Power and Light company is preparing for a western extension of its line  for 110 miles to the property. Mr.  Lachmnnd says the mill will be built  by the company's own organization.  The development and equipment of  the property wil cost- $3,000,000 by  estimate, of which $1,250,000 has been  expended. The work will not be completed for 18 months or two years.  Delays in the delivery of equipment  make construction necessarily slow.  About 150 men are now employed.  The miners are paid on the bonus  system, and earn about $5,20 a day.  ^MZiiim;^Z7.L^7,;m^  ...  . ■«:.■■?..    ■■#v».  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  ..iREiNFORCIriG'^fEEU  :  Largest stock of Mild Steel^^Bars in Western Canada.  .-> length;' • Cold ^Twist'; and.vBehd-*Bar8^v''A^v V;:;-v-v':'^r  ■■-SOLtS:^'-^^-:^  ■'..•    / Drift Bolts^ Machine Bolts, Tie, Bolts..'S^Ve are prepared to ftur:-  ■'Z'   ni8h;:large* orders of Special Bolts'" on "short notice/ v >'     :,f  ..spikes—cast iron washers; -iiiW'ZZ^^Z^ZZZZZZ^ZZZZZ^  ^ZZrMJ^^  PORTLAND  CEMENT — LIME— HYDRATED  LIME —  FIRE  CLAY  SCOTCH  FIRE BRICK — BLACKSMITH COAL — COKE  SEA COAL — PIG IRON — MANILA ROPE, ETC.  VANCOUVER  WINCH BUILDING  Private Cx. Sey. 9197  San Francisco, Los  Ang-sles, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  VICTORIA  BELMONT   BUILDINB  .   THephone 5037  70fy7^ ~c^7r&77f:1:%i7&zZi!;  Canadian Allis-Chalmers Ltd.  Mining and Crushing Machinery  c Saw Mill Machinery  Lldgerwood Logging Systems   .  Hydraulic Turbines  Centrifugal and Turbine Pumps  Cast Iron Pipe, Hydrants, Valves.  1063 Pender St. W. Vancouver, B. C  Seymour 5710  THE METAL PRODUCTS CO. LIMITED  I ORNAMENTAL IRON, STEEL CASEMENTS  ^ STEEL SASH, BRASS & BRONZE  New Westminster  Phone 177  Vancouver Office45482Seyn>our St.  Phone]Sey^4795   "  •'■■rt'  ■■*:>■ .■■-.*.-»-■*»' **"i>'i.**;;.*■/.,,  ■.     ^1 ^ ■!■  BBS  -*--■--' "* *%* ,->*r  nz^m^-^'-  W  i ;  r      tf|  iZ<  -.-»  £*Hf  V*' /  f;  I-'1  &■&%  %#■*  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  &*>  If  &r  F *•  «^  <   i  V, i  *v**t  _ »  British Columbia Record  Published every Monday, Wednesday and  Friday by the  RECORD   PUBLISHING   CO.  Telephone Seymour 780S.  Address:    533  Homer-Richards Lane  Rear of 431  Dunsinutr Street.  C. M. DAVID MANAGING EDITOR  Subscription Bates  Payable strmMv in advance.  R. MACKAY FRIPP'S FUNERAL.  The funeral of II. Mackay Fripn,  P.R.I.B.A., president of the Vancouver  Art and Historical Assn , whose death  occurred Saturday, was held from his  late residence, .205-1 Fourth Ave. east,  yesterday.  VICTORIA—The new name of Peter  McQuade & Sons, Ltd, will be Ship-  chandlers, Ltd. The firm name of the  Kootenay River Lumber Co., -Ltd., will  be the National Spruce Mills, Ltd.  ' VANCOUVER—Owing to the elections on Monday and the approach of  Christmas, the British Columbia Manufacturers' monthly meting, set for December IS, has been postponed to a  date to be announced early in January.  Let us figure on your Wire Rope needs  We are sole agents for  "BULLDOG LOGGING CABLE"  R. V. WINCH & CO., Limited  Vancouver and Victoria  Bamberton Cement  Pacific Lime  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  B. C. AGENTS  SULLIVAN MACHINERY CO.  "SULLIVAN"  DIAMOND   DRILLS  AIR  COMPRESSORS  ROCK   DRILLS  "SULLIVAN"   DRILL   SHARPENERS  1500 OBA-NVXI.&E ST.  DRILL STEEL  HOSE  AIR   RECEIVERS  AIR LIFT PUMPS  PHOaTE 9162  PROPOSED   NEW    WORK  .Xatljaatad  Coat  PORT COQUITLAM — Should    the  present rate of progress in ship construction at the local yards be maintained the launching of vessel No. 20  at the end of February or beginning of  March   is  assured.    Tlie   government  dredge King Edward is expected shortly to excavate the bed of the Pitt river  to a depth which will give sufficient  way for-the launch.  Character.  Pier    —-———— ""Vcn'rtnrt  Pleasure Pier  - -    »5^'ooo  Armory  ..   1360.000  Bank building   Bridge     Harbor Works     Bank & office bldg..  Hotel, C. N. Ry   Concrete Sewer .......  Tunnelling*    .Not given  11.760,000  . Not given  xbtpbotb:  Post Office  Post Office  STS USTBD HI   -|260,00O  ..186,000  VANCOUVER  Location  .'-... Owne*  Vancouver  Z.— C. P. R.  English Bay _ - Coates & Co.  Grandview   „  Government  Dunsmuir-& Granvii *> Dominion  Bank  2nd Narrows.. Burraru Bridge A Tun. Co.  Kltsilano   Reserve   Government  Hastings & Granville Royal  Bank  False Creek Fill C. N. Ry. Co.  False   Creek G. N. Ry.  Vancouver  C.  P. R.  S9XATfc3.T BBX.OW ABB PROPOSED  BUT HAVE  BEES  POSTPONED:  architect Plana XUadr  Owners  _  Soon,  Owners „   Perry &  Fowler  „ „.....'  ,  Not selected  Sketches under way.  C. A. P. Turner West Foundation Co.*:  Uovernment   Preparing  No az-cht. commissioned yet    PBOVTBTCIAZ. ESTIMATES ABE   _____  ' , TABI.ES "Of THE HOUSE  VICTORIA.—A revenue or Just under  ♦6,000,000 and an expenditure of f 11.000,-  * J00 for the vear commencing April 1  next Is predicted in the provincial estimates ..which were tabled ia the House  iy Hon.-Lome "Campbell, Minister or  Finance, on Monday. The revenue shows  a falling, off of about 11,000,000 for the  anticipated revenue for this year, while  the expenditures'show a*slight increase  The  exact*, estimated ■ revenue   is  f 5,-  :t44,015.- aa.compared with $7,134,615 for  the present y*%ar,r, ^difference of^ ♦1,09a,-  •00. The estimated" disbursements are  $11,301,374, as, compared with $11,163.-  •56  for  the  previous  year,  an  increase  -Of $138,000.'   The increase, is .more than  f accounted   for - by -■ the , increased   fixed  charges, which are over $300,000.  S-ommary ol ExpeaOltare  -    The -• summary ->of   estimated   expenditure  indicates   that f in  four  of   the   14  ^Government services there.will probably  be  an   Increased* expenditure   over <last  2ear.    In "the   rest  a ,reduction  is  pre-  Icted. ;    c *' •     -'"'«-* -t _ i -  The -following' are^the *£!•■„.,.„.  Public  debt.'. :.-l.^.'.$1.152,'37^ $1,422,254  Factory, Wharf. Subway fi52*222  Courthouse   (east  wins) $100,000  Concrete Garage  .   Gore' and Keefer. ::J>om. Govt  South Vancouver Dom. Govt  Hastings Royal Crown Soap Co.  Vancouver .Provin.  Govt.  Fifth ft Fir Sts Ford Motor Co.  Charaeter   Brlcl and mill school*—  Steel  Bridge     Y.W.C.A. .Home     Union Passenger Depot.  Stone church ~- ~~  Swing Span   ooat   $60,000   :i.:$500,000  _•. : j$i5o,ooo  I $1,000,000   „_$26.000   $20,000  Tubercular Ward   OYEBfEaTVS USTEB XatB  10-sto office bldg ~ !5!?'2SS  Christ Church  Cathedral 1*22-2X2  Church —Li-- : _»"M2  Pier  $1,000,000  -Location   :  Victoria -   Victoria    Victoria  -   Victoria  VICTORIA  '         ' '     Pltv   i;     Y.    W.    C.    A.   C. P. R.and C. N.,*R.  Dom.   Govt.     Delayed  Dom.   Govt.   Delayed  Thos  Hooper   Delayed-  Dalton  &  Eveleigh   .. _ _ -Delayed*  Owners   —   Delayed  USE  -\»X  Victoria—Christ Ch. Cathedral Bldg Ltd  Victoria _ 1 <■ City  Victoria Roral Jubilee Hosp.  Arohlteet    Spurgin,,.* Wilkins   Owners  _.   J.  C.- Frame"   Co. Engineers ...  Jones   &   Beatson-  City   J. C. M Keith   .. Plana Beady,  .. Indefinite;  „  Preparing   Soliciting  Funds'-   -r™. Preparing-  Arranging finances*/  _.  Completed  ELASTIGU  The Tough,  Elastic, Adhcilv*  Cement  (Ready  for use.)  FOR YOUR  LEAKY ROOF  Send for Free Booklet  MANUFACTURED ' BY  THE BARRETT COMPANY, Ltd.  Cor Tenth Avenue and Arbutus Street'  ,   -       -  , r, VANCOUVER   B. C  * ' Phorie B»y/ 772   '  ELECTRIC MOTORS FOR RENT  ***&  iTJ  [Civic - government  "*&\(salarlesj  ^zztilZ  o  :;i.709,566  i^idministration    ,Jof^   J •  .^f Justice*%(salaries)   .  68,000  , ^Legislation  .......-,..,. ^Ji»,»0j. \ 167.62o  :M.public ;,instituUons■,«,'*-**   -^  '* - (maintenance) ^.v..  'en t   AAA -.  1.687,736  67,428  167,620  "467,4261" *;'472,575  < 'vc^admtnistration  *   ,\p .'.uaticetar,-' "  ^Transport  "308,670  ,524,500  ' 43;000  rVSirM . •'*-; *PMucA\tioi£&:ZZZZZiZ i*,584,600<" *<'1.524.500  fst'^r-Z.Z\Z ^R^niaeV8erTices«_:: ^50.o5o „.'i 25;000  »vi<»-M^>si"t-* v) vj-' ^iciacellan.eous-'^..i.'--.--2,128,752   t z,03^,vuu  H.'".   *        i-'ji.'   r   '*i-a- this**year'a report"*of' the estimates  •'     ' - ^Zfhm , service^ "miscellaneous", is ; divided  *'    '     "'Into'three^disUnct•services.--.,   Lands,;  -     v'ttponXwhich'JseS.OOO is a<r be spent this  ■year.' and- 'agriculture,"    bpon     which  &' , v$17«.600 ^will probably be-expended,-are  tech given a service to' themselves, thus  greatly. reducing    the    "miscellaneous  total. _ '  '    Present conditions  have also necessi-  - ■* tated^more'and larger hospitals, the re  sult being-an unusually large increase  for hospitals and charities. ..Last' year  ^•16.000 was voted in the way of assistance in the construction' of hospitals.  •Thia year about $150,000 will probably  •be granted for that purpose. Grants to  .refuge homes, aid societies, etc, is increased from $19,000  to' ISC.000.  University of-B. C.  i Among the appropriations in this  Tear's estimates is a conditional one of  1200.000 for the University of British  " Columbia. Last year's estimate was  $176,000. Included in the works and  buildings to be constructed by the Public Works Department are the following' Okalla prison farm, - $lo,000;  improvement of , government reserve,  Burnaby. ' $10,000;- mental hospital and  colony farm, Essondale, $35,000; provincial government buildings/ London (com-  Dletlon and maintenance), $175,000;  maintenance, $8,000.    The appropriations  Jrovincial ' normal, school, Vancouver.  or roads, streets, bridges and wharves  In each constituency are trie same as  last year. Chilliwack gets' $33,300;  Delta $22,500." Dewdney, $68,500, and  Richmond $40,000. Eighty thousand is  revoted for Kln^sway through the Municipality of Burnaby. Point Grey gets  $10 000 for roads, and Nicomen Island  the same amount for dyking; $18,500 is a  subsidy for the Ladner-Wood ward ferry.  Other Appropriations.  The vote of $400,000 on last year's  estimates for the Second Narrows bridge  Is left off. For bridges generally $4u0,-  000 is set down, while for the bridge  over the Fraser River at Prince Geoige  there will  be an appiopriatlon of  $150,-  > An item in the Land Department ap-  propiiatlons Is that for $20.01)0 lot  "timber testing and investigation or  wood products." An indlea/Uon that tho  Kovernment intends to continue seeking  overseas markets for the B. C lumber  trade is that another $50,000 in aK-ro-  priated for salaries, travelling expenses,  and purchase of material.  Among   the   other   appropriations   are  the   followine:  Grant to B. C. regiments $:>,000, grant  to   patriotic   fund  -$6',000, -grant   to   boy  scouts  $1,000.   grant-to   Victorian   Order  .    Of  Nurses   $500.   grant  to returnedi  soldiers'   aiid   commissions,' $15,000:   Royal  Commissions $lfi.000  (last year Sf.O.OOO),  cougar    bounty     $35,000. .   Contribution  to     Vancouver     toward     purchase,,    of  .*.    r^rtain   lanes    in    Ward    VI1J.,     $».000.  *   Fraser  River Bridge.  New Westminster,  maintenance and repairs, $20,200     Song-  hcff-   Rpritvi* Improvement-*.   S240.00O^  Character _: ;   School   .Z. !.:...:.:.;............—  Grain elevator  (15,000 bu.)   ..  School  Plant'Improvements,,: i—  Steel Bridge  .: ~   Grain Elevator (85,000 *bu.) y.  Market Building ;„.......—.   Sewers ...: : ~-~~  Street Work „^.-„u-'...-...:.;..*i..-*.-.   1-Ooat  ...-.^.$7,500  _„....-$50,oqo  Tfisiood  .:»:...$S6,ooo  ^...-.$24,000  ::..c.|50,ooo  ,r—c,:  h^  BDZATEIiT BB&OW A3UB PBOPOBED BTTP  -Victoria ".. -'.B. C. .Electric Co.  Victoria : . St/Barnabas  Victoria First Baptist Church  Vancouver ..*.  C. P. B.  VE  BEEH POSTPOVED:  BRITISH  ftocattoa —  COLUMBIA—GENERAL  „_. „ZZ: Owner  Trail x...r.J...L —'...LI  City  Kamloops  Kamloops Farmers Ass n.  Bosslan* - }, -   -   "   ' C£y  Prince Rupert : Imperial Oil.,Co.  Prince George  :„_**...: Pro: Govt.  Kamloops' -.'...-.-......-.Maple Leaf .Milling Co.  New Westminster — _...._\.„sCity  Nanaimo*"..:—  Prince George  City -City  ... .City  *$.■*-  J. C. M. Keith   Jesse M. Warren..  Owners      1   Delayed)  ,  Delayed  ,._ Delayed,    Delayed'*  architect  .„Plaaa Beady  Owners  Owners  Owners  '..~.' Indefinite,   ;__„__.,..'M.,. «_t  ™Z_"~Shortly    Indefinite,  City  n  - *- ,-- .-*'.:  j\SX  1  .*»  ,     »'.,.    -"-J- -11-  Q  Wa apaclallza In prompt ••rvlco for Contractors'  ■ temporary powor inatallattona t  SERVICE   24   HOURS   A   DAY  Ttaie   Senner   5080   iml\ lamSm•: repris^tativi   call  a.VS **>■>-""  -    -  ?* vJi^ ^r.*r^-*-> ^.^7  ^\l^ j^_jr.^ ^t-» f jtJ.i  *A* -  it»..  t -   .I   '£,- '  Vi; i ji^ Y -f -< w'-S.'*,  - %tell£K '.\,-"*-*M-v' *r**'f{fs^*''*ji» 4W" jf^tit  \vi   _aav._nav^ '    **■=-      -'ci-^  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO., LIMITED  Public Works Contractors  Office 813-815 Bower Bids.,  Vancouver, B. C.  -6So6n  \<**1".r'        J?-        V*  *■-.-->- fsgpiX OWM*0f-OY;£>rfi  •A-'.  mmwtfmfA   , ,  j*sf3;-j;asf *A*vv'Kfv" -%#■ ■-  McNolll/Wolch A Wllwn, Urn  v Equipment!-constat* bf^  FORWARDERS  -41  Concentrator, etc.  Railway Station ....  Concentrator  1,000,000  40,000  300,000  150,000  ,.$10,000  Public Woiks — -    Wharf      .   __.-„„»  2_4_room Schools _ each $20,000  Fertilizing  plant •&  wharf. $12o,000  City  Hall    $50,000  Armory   (Dom.   Govt.) -1 »_;22*S2S  Hotel     $20,000  "Library  - $60,000  Freight  Terminal   —   School Bldg .....v;   Paper and  Pulp  Mills -.-v-n"XXX"  Round House ••$50,000  Mach   and Repair Shops.- $lo0,000  " ~"       Tank $10,000  Copper.Mountain  B. C. Copper Co.  New Westminster  -C. N. Ry.  Ainsworth, B.C Silver Hoard Mining Co  Prince  George   _ -City  Sidney  Victoria & Sidney R.R.  Vernon, B.C. _ Vernon School Board  Skeena River—-Scot.-Amer. Oil & Fer. C>-  Nanalmo, B. C City of Nanaimo  Prince Rupert  _.  Dom. Govt.  Fort   George.- Not   given  Nanaimo  _ :— _...  City  New Westminster ..'. N. P. Ry. Co  Rossland     City  Quatsino, B.C. Colonial Paper &P.M., Ltd  E. Lillooet - P. G. E. Ry.  B. Lillooet P. G. E. Ry.  Peace River Imperial Oil Co  Owners  -L-     Soon  Owners   -         ^..Z.....ZZZZZ..ZZZ.'.win"B^  Bell & Constant; Branch & Coxall   J. S. D. Taylor' .Tenders closed  Not Drawn Asking Govt. Grant  Govt  Tenders soon  Herbert J. Peyton  Sketches ready  Undecided     Indefinite  p- -'..     :V':llft!S.   ■'""'*,  'imwiiw-'*  J : BOILER, TmifS  ;   ^ BM^WAfiONS  f:,: '     Jim THICKS        -HMBSifafiONS  COVERED PADDED  FURNITURE pfOV1N6 VANS  2 TO 5 TON PACKARD MOTOR TRUCKS  'Phone Seymour 404-405  UNION STATION  VANCOUVCN. B.C.  Owners  Owners  Now  ■^  ADAM  JACK  Brick Builder and .Contractor  i        ' *  Kilna, Furnace's, and Boilers a Specialty  ESTIMATES  GIVEN - > OISTANCE   NO OBSTACLE  Telephone Ml-gtilancJ 720  VANCOUVER, B. C.  2021 Wall St.  Warehouse and Stor.  IMFBOVEMENTS LISTED  XKXETtlATKEY BELOW  ABE PROPOSES   BUT  HAVE   BEEN  POSTPOBED:  Hotei    $200,000 I Kort  George Grand  Trunk Pacific  Hotel. 3-s'to.'"brk7"veneer $20,000 | Port   Albernl        Tom   Magrath  Church   (fr )     Coquitlam  Episcopal Church  6 sto brk, mill"arid steel— $150,000 j Kamloops Kamloops Hotel C  Holabird & Roache  (Chicago) Delayed  Evans & Cook  Delayed  Perry & &Fowler  Delayed  W.  T. Whiteway -. Delayed  CONTRACTS LET OR WORK STARTED  Building  Residence ...  School     Residence ...  Residence ...  3-sto   Apmt.  School    l-sto.   dept.  "Location    Metchosin  ...Hiliiers,  E.  & N.   Foul Bay Rd.   J.Gillespie   Place  store  bldg   . Hollywood   ..Victoria  Piers   (Concrete)    Victoria  Brk.  veneer  church Victoria  Wharf (Marine Depot)  .Victoria  .  Breakwater  Victoria .  Alteration to Sayward Bldg ;.-..-".   VICTORIA  Est.  Cost  $20,000   ,  10,000...  35,000   .  45.000   .  $14,000 .  $700,000  $2,000,000  Owner  , H. R. Hammond  ....   School   Trustees     H.  Lawson   F.  Nation      A.   Winch   _  City  ....Hudson's Bay  Co.  Government  .Cost  c  OLUMBIA -- THEATRI  RCAD  MOVlrVC  Prices 10c  SHOWS  PICTURES  Boxes 25c  $20,000  Colomba Presbyterian Ch  ..   $'.M.r,00    Govt.  $1.000.000 ....Dom.  Government  Victoria   BRITISH  COLUMBIA—GENERAL  PANTAGES  Three Shows Daily  2.30-7.00-9.00  PRICES 15c-25c  Character   Power   House   Bldg   (Cone.) ■••---••••,•••  Hotel   .*25'?2°  2-sto stone & steel bldg $ 20,000  Dairy   Bldg.   (cone   &  brk) $ 20,000 j  2-sto brk bldg $3 5,000*  2-sto.   apmt (No Details)  Residence   l^'Si*0 '  Factory     $2o,000  Dredging   Sand   Heads $70,000  Bridge  Abutments   (I '*    *.■•,••„"■•-.•*,-  Govt. Bldg   *30'°.°.?  High  School  $20,000  Jetty   &  Dredging *V^Ar\'!  Roundhouse  $20,000  Bridge      5.000  Dam. Mills, »tc  1,000,(100  Water   System      „.4?'??2  Mills.   Wharves,   etc        750.000  Addition High School VJ'ZW  Brick   School    $J5'°.2L'  .1   Motorshipf*.   each $l.Go.000  Bascule  Bridge    , ,    .    _.      ,  Power House and Laundry i |..ake I-ouise ...  Railway Line     Kamloops-Kelowna  Location       Owner  Kamloops       City  Prince George....Prince George Hotel  Co.  Nelson, B.C Carmen Maglio  Duncans.   B.   C   N'analmo J. B. Nicholson  Prince Rupert 3. McMordle  Metchosin  H. K,  Hammond  Lulu  Island....Alorriaon Steel A Wire Co.  I-'raser   Itiver   Government  Grand  Trunk  Pacific G. T.  P.  Port Alberni  Govt.  Port Alberni  Municipality  North  Arm Fraser River Govt.  Fort George G. T. P. Ry. Co.  Nanaimo   City  Princess  Royal  Island....Tonapah-r*eImon  Port   Moody    Citv  Ocean Falls Pacific Mills, Ltd.  Nelson       Citv  Trail '..  North VancouvtT H. W.  Brown A Co.  Selkirk Water C. N. R.   C. P. R.   C. N.  Ky. Co  Architect Contractor  Butler  &  Harrison..... Grayson  &  Son  Spurgin   A   Wilkins Local  S. Maclure _ , A.  H.  Mitchell  S.   Maclure P.   McKcehnic*  C.  73.   Watkins Fulton   Bros.  Spurgin & Wilkins Luney Bros.  B. Norwood & White B. C. Coiiat. Co.  Govt Grant Smith A McDonnell  Wrn. Henderson Knott & Jones  Govt Parks. Tupper & Klrkpatrick  Govt     Sir John Jackson, Ltd.  J. C. M. Keith  Luney Bros.  Architect Plana Eeady  Ducrme  Dutcher & Co Wm.  Greenlees  Butler & Harri*^on....Brewster &  Pel ham  Geo. C. Egg Waters &  Pasco  J.  C.   M.  Keith Island  Building  Co.  A. Forrester....Watson, Jacks & Anderson  Jas.  GilmorH  Sub-contracts  Butler & Harrison Grayson & Sons  Owners    Dsiy   Labor  Govt Navigation A Dredging Co.  G. T. P.....J. A. MclOnzIe A Co. Ex.   RltlK   ...Knott & Jones, of Victoria   Warnock & Cochran  Govt Pacific Dredging  Co.  Owners   Carter  Hall  & A.  City    City  t   Co. Owners  City Robertson,   Godson   Co.  Owners    Owners  .'. Snider Bros. & Rr^thour, Ltd.   I.  Burns A. Co.   Wall-ico   Shipyards  Owners MacDonald, Nettleton A Rruci-  MEAT! ING  . • ; ^   •     ..-    , " ■-.■;•;. -4,-. '-■■,;  We not only install yoiyr heating1 system properly, but  place our engineering experience at your disposal,  thus  insuring perfect satisfaction.^;  A. H. MITCHELL  PLUMBING    AND     HEATING  564 Richards  St.  Seymour 1784  .Northern Construction Co,  DID YOU   KNOW?  ROOFING  SHEATHING  WE   SELL  WALLBOARD  LET US QUOTE  Smith Davidson &  Wright Ltd.  VANCOUVER   and   VICTORIA  The largest paper house in the west '* 4 At ■W¥'Z a       *'% ,      J'VJtft!' rf^O   , -n ,  W*-r»,^J.1fjIa i^^-^rf^.  >^>jt «•>■  •^mmm&^mmm   Uir t   *       .e *v +1 w  * ■> - _ x'****" ,u'"v *uT*"''l,**TW**"i":  v\  rt    wtif.v-1 ---iJf^wW  ^^lSnwIwsf-jl  .irf-9*  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  YOU WANT  MORE  BUSINESS  We can help you to increase your  business by telling all of our readers  every other day:  WHO you are  WHERE you are  WHAT you have to offer  and WHY they should do  business With you.  Such a service will pay you big because through us you reach every owner  who is building, every architect, every  contractor- -everybody interested in build-  ing-  We will help you to fix up your announcement without charge. * LET IIS  BOOST FOR YOU.  "ADVERTISE"  IN THE  British Columbia  Business Directory and  Buyers9 Guide  When Buying Building Material and Supplies  Patronize Record Advertisers  AKCIIITKCTLKAI.    TERKA    COTTA.  Evana, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Col. St., S. 298-8  O Nell,  XVm   S   Co.  Ld , 548 Seymour.S  4795  Ritchie    Con     &   Sup     Co.,    Ltd     Gian.    St  Bridge   S. 9162  A6I'HAI/r   rEI.T.  Evans,  Coleman A Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2988  Tlio Iiarrett  Co ,  Ltd .   JUUj duel Arbutus,   Bay.   77a  Jiccg Motor Co  AUTOMOBILES  Ltd ,  106J GoorKiu St  W. S. 904-)  AUTOMOBILE   ACCESSORIES  IlcKg Motor Co,  Ltd.  1002 Georgia St   W. S. 9043  Hill Tiro Co, 911  l'endcr St. W S. 0411  AUTOMOBILE  INSURANCE  Ceperley, Bouiisfcll & Co , Ltd . Winch BldB ....S.   7820  BKICK—ALL KINDS.  Evana Coieman & Evans, Ft. Col., S. 2988  Gllley Bros., Ltd., New Weat., Phones 16, 16  W. N. O'Nell A Co., 548 Sej'. St., S. 4795-4798  Ritchie   Contr.   &   Sup.   Co.,   Ltd.,   Gran.   St.  Bridge    S.   9162  R.V.Winjcjh & Co., Ltd.. Winch B. 8. 279-1944  BUILDING  FELTS  AND  PArjEBS.  Evans, Coleman A Evans, Ft. Col.,. .S. 2988  W. N. O'Neil & Co, 548 Sey. St., S. 4795-47S8  Paterbon Mfg. Co., 10th& Arbutus Sts., B. 772  MARBLE   AND   ONYX  Evans, Coleman A Evans,  ft. Col S. 2988  W. N. O'Nell.& Co,  548 Sey. St. S.  4795-4798  MOTORS  15    C.  Electric  Co ,  Ltd  S. 5000  MOTOR   TBTTCKS.  Begg Motor Co, 10G2 Georgia W. S. 904G  OIL  TANKS   AND   PUMPS  Eovfbtr & Co,   S.F,  509  Blchards St  S   3907  PACKING,   BELTING   AND   MECHANICAL   GOODS  Dunlop Tire & llubbcr Goods Co , Ltd  844 Cambie St.  ... _-   _  S. 13—S.2535  BONDS—SUBETV.  R.V.Winch & Co., Ltd., Winch B.,  S. 279-1944  !*tj  REG ORD  CEMENT.  Balfour,   Guthrie A  Co &. 919'.-«67-*f  Evans, Coleman A EvSjib, Ft. Col. ..S. 2S8S  Gllley Bros,, Ltd., New West., Phones 16. 16  W. N. O'Nell ft Co.. 548 Sey. St.. S. 4796-479S  Ritchie   Contr.   A   Sup.*,   Ltd.,   Granville   St.  Bridge       S. 916J  R.V. Winch A Co.. Ltd.. Winch B.. S. i79-l»44  CEMENT TESTING AND ASSATING.  Can, Inspc't A Test. Lab., Empire Bldg.   -...   S.   4606  Hunt,   Robt.   W.   &   Co.,   Standard   Bank  Bldg , S. 2199  CONTRACTORS—GENERAL.  Armstrong,  Morrison    A    Co..    Ltd.,    Bower  Bdg.    ." ."    S. 1886  CONTRACTORS—PLASTERING.  Rush & Read, 173G 6th Ave. W    Bay.   1602R—2216L  CONTRACTORS—TILE— TERRAZZO.  Evans, Coleman & Evans, ft. Col.;.. .S. 2911  W. N. O'Nell A Co.,  648 Sey. cjt..  S. 4795-4798  CRANES   AND   HOISTS   (ELECTRIC  The Holden Co.. Ltd., 542 Pender St "W.  Sey.  1066-  DETECTIVE AGEHCXSS   -  Vancouver    Detective    Agency..   429-130  Standard Bank Bldg., Phone Sey. 2440.  Night. Sey. 2442 (J. O'Grady, Mgrr.)  DRILLS—PORTABLE   ELECTRIC  Darling; Frank & Co., 1142 Horner  Street     Sev- 4100-4101  The'Holden Co., Ltd., 642 Pender St W.  Sey.  106o.  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES  B.  C. Electric Co.,  Ltd.  Can.  A.lll»-Chalmers   S   5000  Pender S. 6710  Ltd.. - Gran,   St.  .'. ".   IMH  v....      ~...»  —    1063  '■LEVATOR CABS AND ENCLOSURE*. ;  Can. Allia-Chalmera. 1063 Pender... -S. 5710  Harrli. P. E. A Co., «•• Crown Bldg. S. 4M8  ;*W. N. O'Nell * Co..-548 Sey. St. S. 4<»5-47_»»  Kitchle Contr. * Sup. Co,  ,-Bridge   ..'....-   -    ELEVATORS ' -   -'■  Darlins, Frank & Co., "^Homer  j    -  .- Street   ....'. - r---v^i^V^Ui?  Harrla, P.'E.^'Co.V*:*'**- Crown BRl«. «*• "»•»*  v-~r-; rtlfi- r zrink clay/a,-; ZL r;  ■.  Balloun Guthrle> Co...-:. ..-> :S. »»7-«™  Evana. • Coleman ft Evan* Ft. ,CoI. .*-iS. zti>«  fGllley, Bros... New,We»tm!nBter;-Phonei J 5 1«  ;W. *N. O-Nell.4t.C0,,\54S Beyr 8t£ S.4<!J5-_7M  Ritchie Can.* A Sup. Co.*. Gran*»l. Bdg..8. Ji««  R. ,V.'w«nch A Co..   Vlncii B)*K.'_-s.;f-fT»-l»44  FIRE 'EXTINGCIBHRB'SVSTEMS.  ;B*»rr A Anderson. 1060'Hcmer St 8. tlSO  " FLOORING  "J.  Fyf* Smith * Co.. 1320 Richard*, .fi. 1196  GLASS—AIL KINDS.  W. N. O'Nflll A Co. S48 S*y. St..  6. 4796-4781  HARDWARE  Brown.  Fraser A Co,  Ltd..   1150 Homer SL.-.S   7155  fcleU, J. A.. Ill Hastings*W Sey. 2J2--S  HARDWOOD FLOORS  W. V. O'Nell * Co.. 548 Sey. St.. .8. 4795-47J8  J.  Fyfe  Smith   *  Co.  1320  RIcharda. .S. 119S  HABDWOOD LUMBER  Smith, J. Fyfe A Co.. 1320 Richard  HEATING—HOT  AIR.   STEAM  AND  VEN-  TILAT1NG  Bailey, E. A.. 1033 Granville St  S.  136  Barr   &   Anderson,   1060   Homer   bt...ia>  61M»  Mitchell,  A.   H,   364 Blcharda St S. 1<S1  HEATING   AND   VENTILATING   ENGINEERS  Leek & Co.,  Ltd. 109S Homer St  S.    6S1  HOISTING ENGINES  Ritchie Con   & Sup. Co. Granvl. Bdg .S. 9161  HOTELS  Alibotsford   Hotel.   921   Tender   St    W S. 5S60  Canada   Hotel,   514   lUcliards   SL. -.- *->.  lj,i  ■> 1NTEKIOB  FINISH  Evans, Coleman A Evans,  ft. Col S. 29S8  W. N. O'Neil A Co., 54*> Sey  Kitchle. Con. & Sup. Co  PAINTS—FIRE-PROOF.  W. N. O'Nell A Co.,  648 Sey. St...8. 4796-4798  PAINTS—DajHP PROOF.  Evans, Coleman A Evana,  ft. Col S. 2988  W. N. O'Neil A Co.,  648 S&y. St.   .8. 4795-4.»fc  Paterson Mfg.  Co..   10th  *  Arbutua..B.   77J  PAPER  Smith, Davidson  & Wright, Ltd.,  Iloroor  Automobile Records  FROM OCTOBER 24 TO NOVEMBER 21  Following*  is  a  complete  list  of  new  Automobile  License**-,  Transfers and Relinquishments -Recorded for  Vancouver and District.  Where street address is given and name of town omitted the  address  is  Vancouver.  No.  Name  NEW CARS.  Address  Car  and   Davie   Sts.  -S. 9565  PARTITION—FIREPROOF  Evans, Coleman A Evana   rt. Colum. .8. 2988  Ritchie. Con. A Sup. Co  Granv. Bdg..8. 91«i  15. 1«  S. 9162  279-1944  PIG IRON AND TIN  Balfour,   Guthrie  &   Co ...S.  9197-6576  Evans, Coleman A Evans,  ft. Col......a. t»»»  WUktawn Co. Ltd., 846 Ueach £w ..- --S- T913-6  R.   V.  Winch A Co..  Winca Bld...S.    279-^844  PILING AND POLES  Voderal   Lumber   Co,   Hogera   Bid* S. 3998-9  PILE DRIVING.  Evans,  Coleman A Evan's,  ft. Col S. 2988  Htuser   itivor   Pile   lmving*   Co..   New   Weat  1 PIPE—SEWER  Evans. Coleman A Evans   Ft. Colum. .8. 298t  Gllley Bros.,  Ltd.,  New Weat...Phon  Ritchie   Con.   &   Sup.   Co..   Granville  K,"  V.  Winch A Co.. Wlnrl-i Bld...S.  PLASTER  Balfour,   Guthrie  &  Co S. 919J-**2!  Evans. Coleman A Evai.. Ft. Coium. .8. 2»BJ  Gllley Bros., Ltd.. New Weat.. .Phonea 16 II  W. N. O'Neil A Co.. S4-S Sey. St.<;S. 4795-479I!  Ritchie, Con. A Sud. Co.. Granv. Bd*. .6. 91*2  PLASTER BOARD  Evana, Coleman A Evana, ft.' Col.... .8. 2tlt  W. N. O'Neil A Co.. 648 Bey. 8t...8. 47i»-47»»  Ritchie   Con.   A   Sup.   Co.,   Granville..8. till  PLASTER PARTITION  BLOCKS  Evana, Coieman A Evana, ft. Col 8. 2t«I  Z     •'   PLASTEB—ORNAMENTAL  Evans.  Coleman "t^Evane,  ft.  Col S. 291I  \\ . ,. O Nci. i! Co..'- 54i> acy. St.. .8. 4^0-4-7^*!  Itiiciile  Con. .A 'Sup.   Co..' Granville. .S. 11«Z  PLUMBING  J  Bailey, K. A., 1033 Granville St.,.—S.' 13«  Bair &. Anderson,. lt>60 Homer SJ.. .B. sib*1  MItcheU.  A.   H.,   564 Hicfaards  St '-  .3. 17*4  PNEUMATIC  TOOLS -   "  Darling; Frank '& Co.,' 1142 Homer     .  Street   -Sey. 4109-4111  The Holden Co.. Ltd.. i42 Pender St. W.  ' Sey. 1065.  >     PRINTERS    j-   : ""'  Bade*. A. G.  4k Sons, Ltd..-151 Hutlnc* W....S. ;316  " -      -   RADIATORS AND-BOILER8  Can.   AllU-Chalmera/1063  Pender... .8. J716  ■i , ■     --   ' -" - „  «' ROOFING COMPOSITION  /Erans, Coleman A Evata Ft.'v-olum. .8/298*  The Barrett Co., Ltd, -10th and-Arbutus. Bay. .7-  W. N, O'Neil* Co..-*48 Sey. St... S. 47»&-47tl  Ritchie Con. A~ Sup. iCu ."Granville. .S. tl«J  Smith.- Davidson. AJrTrisAt^-U^^WWw^^-^^-^-  "■-"-•and'Davfe   8w.--:_:_: ii_i__:._^i_S.- tS«B  12352—H.  Paul, 101  Broadway E Ford  12353—3. "VV. Karney,  North  Vancouver Ford  12354—Woodward Dept.  Store, 1222  Hamilton  St Ford  12355—D. C. Breweries, llth Ave. & Yew St Huprnobile  12356—J. L. Guichon,  Ladner, li. C Oldsmoblle  12357—3. Whitehead, 26th Ave. & Rupert St Ford  12358—A. McDonald A Co., 1062 Georgia St     Republic  12359—H. Baker,  5 Hastings  W '. Ford  12360—W. A. Manford, 1460 Howe St Ford  12361—C. F. Redington, 52 Grace Court  Paige  12362—M. Melekor, 1145 Burnaby St Cadillac  12303—II. B. Clements, 551 Seymour St Ford  12364—VV. G.Harris, 632 Seymour St    Ford  12365—C.  B. Tipping,  Now  Westminster  Dodge  12366—Jas. K.  Wilson,  1054 Balfour Ave Hudson  12367—K. Makaiwa, 350 Alexander St Ford  12368—L. ,L.  Sipprell, Glen Valley  Dodge  12369—W. S. Dale, Port Hammond,  B.  C. Maxwell  12370—O. Bowman,  3838 Osier Ave Studebaker  12371—D. A. O. Solly, West Summerland, B.C Dodge  12372—W. H. Mdlkin, Kerrisdale, B. C Chalmers  12373— T. S. Nellson,  849  16th Ave. E Willys-O.  12374—D. II.  McKay,  Chilliwack, B.C Ford  12375—J. Lucas & C. Ferrier, 1185 13th Ave. JB „.Ford  12376—J.  McRae & C.  Band,   758  Powell Ford  12377—A.  J.   Ridley,   130   15th   Ave.   EL Republic  12378—W.  G.  Hughes,  1857  Kitchener  St McLaughlin  12379—H. R. Cramer, 1675 Robson St Monroe  12380—D. C.  Day,  2533 Wellington' Ave Ford  12381—T. Parke,  1110 Broadway  I'ord  12382—T. XV. Snipes, Cor. Sth  & Trimble Ford  12383—A. L. Amiel,  1025 Main St Maxwell  12381—J.   Harris,   Ladner,  B.  C.' Mitchell  12385—G. Morse, Hammond, B. C McLaughlin  123S6—E. C. Wood,  516  8th Ave. E Studebaker  12387—A. Lake, Sardis.  B. C WiIlysrO  12388—Brown Bros., 21st Ave - Ford  123S9—W. J. Brown, 3537 6th Ave. W „Ford  12390—Van. Lumber Co., Connaught Bridge  Packard  12391—G. P. Colgan,  Seymour Garage .. -i Ford  12392—R. J. Hamilton, 3621 Broadway W  .'. Dodge  12393—D. B   McNeill, 3419 Broadway W Dodge  12394—R. Sherman,  N.  Vancouver   Gray-Dort  12395—C.  V.  Curnmings.  736  Granville   McLaughlin  122.9.6—E. B.  Noble,' 1722 Cotton Drive _ :.Ford  l(239Yjr-C. Parsons, Laurier Ave Chalmers  12398—Peter Vaseler.  900 Granville St .'......Ford  12399—Charles Zahner, Martinique Hotel Hudson  12400—Geo. E. Seldon,  1354 Mathews Ave '..McLaughlin  12401—J. J. Thompson, .1675 Nelson St /....Abbott  12402—P. J. Russell. 3864 Osier Ave Pathfinder  12403—A. S. Durdan, 1090 12th Ave. W Ford  12404—J. Papay,  250 Kingsway t... .Ford  12405—tl. Hanbury, cor. 4th Ave. & Granville St ....'..—.Ford  12406—W. B Fernie. 1347 Nicola St  McLaughlin  12407—Kathleen Farrell, rear 1454 Pendrill St .-.....'...Dodge  12408—Kelly,  Douglas &. Co., Ltd.,  326_Water  St.: Packard  12409—P.  C.  Thomas,   2221  Dunbar  St - Chevrolet  12410—W. R. Keep, cor. 43th-A.ve. & Elm St ::.r.."Maxwell  12411—M. H. C, 400 C. P. R. Building _ "-.McLaughlin  12412—Dr. AV. M. Carter, 2135 Sth Ave. "W. .*. i -1 Ford  12413—J.  R. Whyte, 77 27th Ave. W _ ,....._„...Ford  12414—J. M. Graham," Martinique Hotel  : .'„.r. .BuicK  12415—F. R. Stewart &Co.*, Ltd., 1760 2nd Ave; E .....*>.... .Ford  12416—E. Wilson,   530  30th  A.ve. E...„ : .-...„.:.McIS.aughlin  12417—Pacific Transfer Co., 110 Cordova E ..,......Chicago  12418—J. A. Ogden, 448  6th Ave.-E -'...:. .:.:..^,-.Chicago  12419—Leo C. De Merrill, 1505 Powell St. :...;.._.'_..-..'..Gray-Dort  12420—Donald Robertson, 1938 l&th Ave. .W ...McLaughlin  12421—Dr. T. H. Lennie, cor. 9th Ave. & Sasamat.7..—Chevrolet  12422—Mrs. G: M. Burns, 2005 16th,Ave. W .:.. '-Chevrolet  12423—E.  Johnston,  915 Main  St ; :.  ™....Ford  12424"—Sandell Mfg. Co.,~Granville &. 64th-Ave .....:„:-.....Ford-  '12425—K. A. M. Ryan, New Westminster.-;™ '—.-...Chalmers  12426—^Department of Militia & Defense, 1117 Seatoru-Cadillac  12*427—C. Brown, Colbrook,.B. C....L-.i. :. .....Franklin  12464—Geo. A. Saner,  Stavefalls, B.'.C - .- --— ;Fonl  12^65—C.-D- Boardman.  Otter, B.  C .'—: — .r...^Ford  12466—M.'G. Caswell, New^Westmln&ter....:.,/..;.-—'..-... „..^...Dodge  12467—H. Beacham, Milner. B. C;: J^ _—-""  12A£Ss=K.'lA. -QJUley., Pott_.Co.auitlanv. B^ C; "      *  ROOFINGS-SHEET METAL*..-r  .. < *.*"   (See  Cornice, una   Koofing)    ■  *■  r      . ir .1    t -        . 7a..  . "     V      '    .'        ''it  ""$ ~,u   -1 ^BOOFING" MATERIAL" "... -..- -^  Thf Barrett¥co?r-Ltd.''/" I»th-'and."Arbutus.- Bay. - 772."  EVans. Co!em-*S,;'&*E*vatt«   Ft..Colum..S.'298J  Ritchia Con. * 6up.^C<-.; Granville B...S. »1«2  " V      >     t   - ~ , -, ^ , ■" > **      -      .  j               ROPE-MANILA  Balfour,. Guthrie '*.' Co! B.T»l»7-«S7i  12469—Tsiah Israel, Silverdale.iB. C ...„..'..*:....-....:  12470—W.- Gillespie; New 1Westminster "...-.'_-.„..  12471—T. R. Jordan, ■ Ladner. ,B. C _. _--.'...  12472-^-H. -M. Walker.' New'Westminster..--   j24T$-S-Wm. ^Barker.' New -Westminster......  rrJl'Ford  ■«.«-- t^^Pord  ..,:]^:,.g?ord  Dunlop  Tire Repairs. Service Slat ion  .  and Free Air Depot:  Cor. Howe & Pender Sts.,  Phone: Sey. -*S  Tire & Rubber Goods Co.,  Limited  Vancouver  Wholesale Depot:  844- Cambie St,  Phones: Sey. 13 and  Sey. 2S3S  l-*^****'^****'^*  **********  **^*^***^'H^"-*^^^*^*'I'*J  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length -- any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO.  rfcl/ Incorporated 1909  -.   ,a,~„ Seymour 3998-3999  1021-1024 Rogers Building  i  *  *  t.  4  y  I  t  I  I  I  ♦  I  i  ♦  *  .S. 119«  31«  .8. 3M7  St. ..S. 4796-479S  Granv. Bdg;. .*->. !>j.d,  IRON  AND  STEEL—STRUCTURAL  Can.   Allls-Chalmers,   10C3   Pen.lor S  5710  Csui   Northwest Stool Co*, Ltd   . .  Prince  Kdward  St Fair.  239G-.  Evans,   Coleman   A   E^ans    Ft-   <-01-- -^ itfl  Couglilan.  J.  A  "-Sons.   World   Bldg S    i»-  Macdonaid,   .Marpole   Cu..   Ltd   •••• "   -»«  Metal l'roducti Co.. Ltd.. 018 Sejmour SI....-...S. 4<Jj  I'.ltchle. Con. A Suo. Co.. Gratiy. Bdg. .h. 91b.  V\-. N. O'Noll * Co.. 5IS Sey. St...S. 4795-<79S  Wilkinson Co., S46 Beach S.  (915  IRON   AND  STKEL—ORNAMENTAL.  Can.   Allls-Chnltners.   1063   Pender £■£;''  Evans, Coleman A Evans, ft. Col.. .. .*->• -.»">  VV. N. O'Noll A Co., 54S Hey. St... .S. 4 705-4. 9!>  Kltchie Con. <te Sup. Co., l.ranvl. Bdg.3. 91*-  LATH—METAL  ftvans. Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columb. .S. 29SS  XV. N. O'Xeil A Co.. 51S Sey.  St. ..S. 4.9o-4«»l>  Ritchie  C.   and  S.   Co.,   Grin.   St fa.   »16-  LI.MK.  Balfour,   Gufirle &  Co S.  9lsJ-*!;^fi  Kvans. Coleman A Evans. Ft. Columb. .h. J9*>J;  Gllley Bros., New Westminster. .Phones Id. 1*  W.  N. O'Cr-ell A Co., 518 Sey.  St...S. **,!,5-47»S  1'aelfic Lime Co..  Uil., l'aclllc ltldi; -f- »->'l»  Hltchle   Con.   &   Sup.   Co.,   Granville. .S. 91b-  R. V.  Winch Co, Ld.. Winch Bdg. .fa. J79-U4H  LUMQER  Federal   Lumlier   Co.,   Rollers   Ulclk* s- 3998-9  MACHINERV  Brown.  Fraser A Co..   Ltd.,   1150  Homer  SI.....S. 7K*n  Can.   Allls-Chalmers,   10U3   Fender b.oiiu  Darll.iK. Frank &. Co.. 1142  Corner  Street  ^ey.  4100-41O1  W". N. O'Nell A Co., 54S Sey. St. . .S. 47!i5-4i »*>  Ritchie Con. A Sup. Co., O.-anvl. R*1^--|; 9^f,"  The Holden Co., Ltd., 512 Pender bt. X\.  Sey.   lOtjo.  MANTELS—BRICK.  TILE  AND   WOOD  Evans, Coleman .& Evans, ft. Col.. .. .S. -!^S  W. N. O'Nell A Co.. 54S £>»y. St.. •**•■ 4 '»•'-'''*.'?  Ritchie   Con.   A   Sun.   Co..   Granvl.le. .S. 91'..-  RUBBER STAMPS.'.  Bsjiley,' A. C.  A Sons. Ltd.,  151 11-utlies W_..S.  8AFK8-tTAULT DOORS  The Goldie * McC-JlUci Cu.ZluL,  509  Blch-rds  BU   W. N. O'Nell A Co.. »4I Sey. St...b. 4.l»-47»l  SAND   GRAVEL AND CRUSHED ROCK  Evans, Coleman A Bvans,  ft. Col S. 2988  Gllley Bros., Ltd.. Xew West.. .Phoneal6.lt  Ritchie, Con. A Sup. Co., Graav. Bd*-. .8. »l*l  8ASII  DOORS.  WINDOWS, ETC.  W. N. O'Xeil & Co., 54S Sey. St...S. 4795-479*  S1UNGLE MAJS'Ul-ACTL-REBS AND DEALERS.  (See Lumber and Shingles.)  SLATE  Evans, Coleman & Bvans,  ft.  Col S. 2988  W. M. O'Nell A Co., o4S Sey. St...S. 4795-47»l!  R. V. Winch & Co.. Winch Bld...S. 279-1944  Ritchie, Con. A Sup. Co.. Granv. Bdg-. .S. 916J  ST EE L—RE1VFOHCING.  BaUour/ Guthrie   &    Co S. 9197-6571  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,~ft.  Col S. 29S8  STOKE   A,   OFFICE   FIXTURES   ft   STORi  FRONTS  Evans,  Coleman A Evans,   ft.  Col S. 2988  W. N. O'Nell A Co.. 54!> Sey.  St...S. 4795-4791-  TAR  AND  riTCII  The Ilurrett Co.. Ltd . 10th and Arlmlus. I!ay 77i.  Evans, Coleman A Evans,  ft. Col S. 2:188  TILE—DRAINING  Evans. Coleman A Evans Ft. Colum..S 29St  Gllley Bros., New* "Westminster Phones 15, It  Kitohl"   Con. A Sup. Co.. Gianv. Bdg. .S. 9162  TILE—FLOOR ANO  WALL  Evans,  Coleman &  Evans,   ft.  Col S. 2988  \\. S. O'Nell A Co., 344 i-ey. St. ..S. 4795-479*  TIN FI.ATES  'talfour,   Guthrie   .t   Co S.   9197-6571  Evans.  Coleman A  Evans,   ft.  Col S. 2988  H. V. Winch A Co., Winch Bld...S. 279-194*  vVllkinson Co., S-16 Beach S. 7915  TIRES  lllll  Tire Co.. 911  render St. \V S. 6-111  TOOL   STEEL  Uarllns,   Frank   A  Co.,   114 2   Homer   St.   '■  S.   4100-4101  VACl'CM   CLEANING   SYSTEMS.  Barr A  Anderson,  10-60  Horner  St S. 61SI  WALL    BOARDS  Evans, Coleman A Evans,  ft.  Col S. 298S  WATERPROOF COMPOUND  Tlii'   r.nrri'U   Cii.,   Ltd..   1'Jtli   and   Ar'mnis.   Hay.   77.'.  Kvans,  Coleman  A  Evans,   ft.  Col S. 298S  \V.  N. O'Nell Ai Co, »4S Sey. St...S. 47»6-47!n  WINDOW  SCREENS  W. N. O'Neil & Co., 548 Sey. ot...S. 479R-479*  WIRE HOPE  Balfour,    Guthrie    A    Co S. 9197-657!  Kvans,  Coleman &  Evans,   ft.  Col S. 2U8>>  ititohie. Con. A Sup. Co.. Granv. Bdg. .S. 91«.  It.   V.  Winch & Co.. Winch  Bld...S.    279-194  Wilkinson  Co.. S4G  lieach S.  791 S  ............T.Ford  .... V ..^.Ford  _.,,„^.„.„ „„„_.         :.u:j?ora  124f4~D>-3uchananV Afibotsford,' 03/ C.±z..-^.-.J..Z.Z:.J..7.-^.itFord  1247-53fcCnnnlngham -Hardware Co., ^Ne-w-Westmlnster.^Jtapid  X2476^Wm. Barker,-955 Robson St.  .-." -*-_ '-.- -Ford  32471-^A rthur Meat Market,  OtteV,'B. C./.. —„„-„l.\._.Ford  12478—G. L. Hamre. Aldergrove, B. C  .,.._i....:..Ford  12479—T. X. Lothian,'East Surnaby  _ _-._ Ford  124S0—^Afrs. A. S. Knapn, Langrley Prairie, B. C •'*OT<l  124S1—J.C. McCIure, Kllsrad P.O..-B. C —-._«-—Ford  134g2-^Joseph Knox; Xarrow P.O.,  B. C  _ Chevrolet  124S3-1-G. T. Thornton.  Sardis, B. C —...Chevrolet  12484— M. F. Gilland<-r>--„ Sardis,  B.  C. McLaughlin  13486—J. Galbraith. New  Westminster  - _-„..W illv«s-0  12487—.Joseph Mayers. New Westminster £orS  1248S—J.  Tiewaetha. New Westminster  —   Ford  3 2489—R. H.  T.  Graham;  Sardis.  B.C ford  12490—S.  Portsmouth.   Sardis.   B.C -- ''ord  12491 S. B. Simpson, New Westminster - McLaujrhnn  *-*.'•   <  ■/•  ^  Z'i  "*$■  *■ ~i  )      i ^  ,4^"_f_|_frW'  ,   "      r >' ^"-,  ■>-v . , V.*S.j,*»  v--, '""• "'-. ""'*•"■■«•-  .   - j ' -.   .   ,     f * 1  i .*- "i -„, -zr ^m  ,'   «.        ,*'  THE   MEDIUM.  -e,.'. *.  Did j'ou ever notice that 05 per  cent, of the big successful firms are  firms who advertise? They figure advertising as an investment not an expense. The secret of advertising is  the selection of a medium wliic!  reaches those people who are or wii  be the most likely "purchasors  T! y:*u a:•'.• ;n t'.ifc l)'.:  o  'V  ing supply or machinery line don't sc  lect a moving picture publication i;  .which to do your advertising. ,Bb-  | cause of the fact that the KhJCORD is  ; Mie only paper published in the pro-  ! vince devoted exclusively to the con-  itrncting business it is read by prac-  ' llcally every one j'ou would like tc  j sell your products to. Your ad. wherc-  jilioy  will  see it  vv*ill  put a capital  C  7*      't'O',"*     '".Kr.ll.  ..Overland   Ford  .Chalmers   .Ford  ...1 Ford   Ford  ...Chicapo   Ford  13492—T. Long-staff, New Westminster   12493—Harry  Curtis,  Huntingdon,   B.C   12-191—A   C.  MacEwan,   New  Westminster   12495—XV.   A.   MacDonald,   Edmunds   1249B—A.   V.   Rottlieff,   Matso.nl.   B.   C...=   12497—B. C. Telephone Co., Mission City _  1249S—J.  Mayers.  New  Westminster     12499—Duncan   McTavish,  Pitt  Meadows     19908—C. AndresK, 1061 26th Ave. E McLaughlin  1<>o.09—Her-drv Foundry Co,  349 Dufferin  St. W „l<ord  12910—J. E. Bird.  940 15th Ave. XV .Paiere  12911—-Augusta Brun.  239 10th Ave. E  Hudson  19912—S    McGouvran,   Shauirhnessy   Lodge    McLauqhl'n  109i3_J_H   t   Ravner,  542  62nd  Ave.  E  Maxwell  12914— .T.'M. Hail.  1730   41st  Ave   E - Maxwell  12915—D   S.  Fraser,   727  17th Ave. W ...Ford  12916—M. M. Brodsky, Seymour St -    .-Briscoe  12917—a.  Blair   1147  Venables St McLaughlin  12918—11.   G.   James.Silverd.ile. B.  C .....Ford  12919—D   McDonald.  344  St.  Catherine  St   Briscoe  12920—Philip  A.  Wilson,   1S44  Comov:  St  . ...  I'ord  12921—Adam   Turner,   2536   Alberta  St      Overland  12922—R. A. Conkey, 3Sth -Ave. W McLaughlin  12923—H.  L.  James,  1521  Maple St., N. Vancouver l*ord  VX124 pr   XX'. T. Hoves*. 20f0 McDonald Dr 1 ord  10925 Calliitlines   Gr'ocerv,   l.'iSS   Commercial   Dr . Studebaker  12*02fi X   W.   Richardson.   1S12   Iflth   Ave.   XX'        Studelwker  12927—Callndine Co.  15SS Commercial  Dr     Ford  12928—II.   G.   Wales,  Ladner,   B.  C     Gray-Dort.  1°929—R.  Bantu & A.  Chand.   Roche   Point         Ford  10930—pomberton  A  Sons,  11 RS   Nelson   St         Studebaker  12931—Fuji  Laundry,   022   Alexander  St Ford  12932—Mrs. J    Hal),  l^'l-'l  First Ave   E     ...   '       1' ord  109s*-—«.  C. HavRtt,  195  Alexander St  -       Willys-O  12934 Pal Iodines   Grocery.   UiSS   Commercial   Dr    Sti'dt'hnk»-r  12135 T   W.   B.  London.   1329   Harwood   St Franklin  I293B—Thomas .Kelly.   4 22   12th   Ave.   VV Ford  129.-57_M-.   swlnford.  Dominion   Bid*; Willys-O.  1*2938—Rvans.'Coleman  &  Evans,  Ft.  Carrall  St....McLaughlin  1"039—I run    Oi)  Co..  Cambie  mid  Smythe   St : Ford  T>p.in—Swift  Ca-mdian  Co.. .127   Writer St. Packard  129(1—I). MacArthur, .Elewne,   R. C Ford  p-942 T. A   Moryson, Maple and Osden Ave McLaughlin  Ioqi^ (;"   (*;    narron,   9:;<; .22nd   Ave.   \V McLaughlin  12911—.M.   Rowel!,   1522  Nelson  St ...McLaughlin  129)5—If. Montgomery, Liidru-r.  B. C _ Dodge  1 29 1G—O.   T.   Cunningham.   132-1   Comox   St ....Studebaker  109,(7—\v.   H.   MaI.Kins,   West   Vancouver l-'ord  129 IS—C    Brown.   121   Fifth   Ave.   W Ford  12919—H.   C.   ICi'«lov.   629   Cambie  St Ford  i-ioti t'l"*.   A.  Clni'lnlpy.  1061   Pcndrell  St Hudson  12951—H. Simon, 41.1 Keith Road Chalmers  TBArrsrERS.  S7G3—A. Gormley to T. Humphries, cor. Sth A Trimble....   5145—pnritv Ice Cream Co. to Hal four. Guthrie A Co.  Warehouse    Federal  S53G—\V.   Silver   to   Studebaker   Corpn.   of   Canada,  1233   Georgia.  St Studebaker  S536—Studebaker Corpn. of Can. to H. Taylor, S37 Howe    "  12348—A.   H.   Rlssett to Van. Salvage Co.,  427 Seymour St   10715—(.'. S.  Koss to A.  WInram, 17th and Main  St   11210—\V.  Iiiglis to A. !•'. Gormley, 31   Pender St. XV   •>;:10—!■'. 10. Hopkins to J. Locke, 35 Pender St   2707—K.  Harris to 3. Culbertsori, 35  Pender St   2C1—M. Vereeeken  to J.  Dowtiie,  1136 Seymour ..McLaughlin  12353 .1    W.  Karriev to M. .lasperson,  North  Van Ford  1325—Hollstein to K.  Rnrber. 24HS (leather St   44*57—A.  ('rail  to  Fergiison-iligman  Motor Co.,  632 Seymour St   Gl 75 A. Stevenson to II. Dalil, Georgia St Flanders--  1211 —.!. .Me.Atulrew to K. Si'ithcrland, 2001   5t.h VV Cadillac  7301 — P.  S porn no  to  .1.   Brand  i<-  Co..  723   Robson  St.  S52R I. P. Cameron to S. .Miller, 1743 Bayswatcr McLaughlin  t;327 H. J. Tucker lo K. Trundle,-Roche Point,  B.C. Chalmers  .|S(jn II!  .lores lo C0IP.11 A  .MacDonald.   1735  Broadway....Ford  10454 C  Vunti to I'. L. Ballard. 446 5Hi Ave. K Ford  •>0*'S 1''   Maeetli   to   A.   Pinker,  Pacific:  Rldg Willys-O  77r,n L   Hawkins to C.  Killlch, f. 1 I   Hamilton   U :..  475"— It'   Dravvv to  L.   Planck.  ^05   Hastltig-s St.-AV   r.-.or, C    P.lnne'k to A.   Hall. Chilliwack.   R. C ,   91T.7 1.  Nixon to .!.  Wilkinson, Chilliwack,   H. C Ford  r,'>fl''' iimrbes l'.ros. to  H. Nisbiinura,  261   (Tordova K   I'ldon—..('.   Knv to   Klnoshita,  365  PoWeM St.  E '..'.   ••.)11._.|(   Ma'ekay lo D. Human- 1270 Hornby St.  10(16—1. AV. jMoxn-idcr to Al.  :-,:■■:;*:-1;, .x. ."•■'■m-i lon.-iid to <*  ion.:-   it'. .1. f ■!••'   :*. Jr.. '" 11  Roiney,   2 141- Pandora .Chevrolet  10. Turner,   995  Pobson  Ford  J.   Pai'ifer. Sr ,   I ." *.'I   S'l'i    M-l-'e-.l  2  o  s  «4  o  wmw&ffifoi  s-^£iii'&^ '  i't;  J^V'a'^-iS'p*?. . .i .-*_ ,y^»»- „ry~^«-^f*  ir  BRITISH COXUMBIA  RECORD  "BAGLEY MAKES GOOD RUBBER STAMPS99  A. G. BAGLEY & SONS Ltd.  PRINTERS,. ENGRAVERS   and    MANUFACTURERS  ^BAGLEY DOES GOOD PRINTING"  I*/  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  i  •-•  turn SeyMBr 61801  1066 Bwer SL  Vancpiw B. C.  SEALS.   STENCILS,   RUBBER   AND   METAL  STAMPS,   METAL  CHECKS, TIME   CHECKS,  KEY   TAGS.   BRASS   SIGNS,   NUMBERING    MACHINES,   BADGES   OP'ALL   KINDS,   ETC.  ALL WORK GUARANTEED BEST QUALITY. PROMPT DELIVERY ANO FAIR PRICES  PHONE SEY. 31 e Moved to 516 PENDER ST.\ W.  New Work — Contracts Let  THE   TOUOWI1TO   TABLE   SHOWS   BUIMXHOS    COSTIHO    $5,000    OB    OVER.    ON    WHICH    COHSTOTCmOH     IS  ^^   UHDEBWAT, OB ON WHICH CONTRACTS HAVE BEEN U3T BUT CQNSTBVCTION NOT YET STABTED,  Fraser  RLE 0RIV1HG CO.  LIMITED  P. A. Jonea, mXgt.  WHARF BUILDING;  ,     BRIDGES,  pile foundations,  ':\?, etc.  Owners otTu* "CLIVE"  General Towing  ,..$50,000  ..$20,000  Zi'i'ie.ooo  Character,    °°m*  Depot_und  terminal  $1,000,000  3 new bldg. and 2 alteration* fSO.OOO  Causeway    $60,000  Shipbuilding: plant    Dredging: between piers   Cold Storage plant   Brick   Canning Plant   Power Plant      Sleeping  Pavilion      Telephone  Exchange    Concrete   lighthoiibe  tower  Remodel Bldg  .-rxxx  Sewer   Woik   iff'JxX  Warehouse etc    sfnn «nn  Saw Will  *i22*S2S  Shipbuilding plant  .*< 0,000  Power   House  -yiFk'nn"  Residence    i?fx#x2X  Concentrator etc 'SXX'SSX  Station  and Terminals —   .522'XSx  Jetty  (Second Unit) -- f*_fMJ2  Turning   Basin     IISMXS  Trunk Sewer  ._     itSa'S™  Dredging    1700.000  Xtoo&tton ....„„...——....——-—-  False  Creek   Can.   .— Owner  Northern  Ry  10th & Willow St University of B. C.  Coal  Harbor  City of  Vancouver  Port  Moody....Port  Moody  Shipbuild.  Co  Burrard Inlet Can.' Pacific  Ry.  Foot of Gore Ave ...Oan. Fishing Co  Kelowna  _ B. C. Evaporators, Ltd  Prince George   City  Tranquille.... B. C. Anti-Tuberculosis  Soc.  Nelson   - B.  C. Telephone  Co.  Triple  Island, B. C Dom.  Govt  B5S Granville.-Elliott Shandley & McLean  Esquimau   ,    City  Victoria  , , Dom. Qo\ t.  ...     100.000   .-tl 6.000   :.$60.ooo   $300,000   $6,000   _..$5,000  !."."""l2~o7obo  324 FnatSL Niw Westminster  y? - ■ •*■   -1, a  ■'■* '#7kM   '*" *  mpgffif 5  *-    'f -   {>. '  '%  ■ %"t( *K_«**-Vj <J   JJ"C -, >       ^   Jr     *^<s.      *  ■■*£ i*x-\ v,  '•*   V-K-tf ^■*_£-^< V-* ~'mmv*mf,2L2.^.m\m*'  ■' -A» -Genera -Agent? „  .„,„,, ...s&Ztftati  B^*-"*,-'--.'""?--** ,v  --  I  ferire^jriieft, .Collislon.^property t  **?Damage and Personal,Liability.  jCeperley, Rounsefell & Co.  ^   .   .- ^>V>* "". LIMITED. r *• -w      .  Wirich Bldff.       -739 Hastings St. W.  -JSstab. 1886      -Vancouver, B.C.- .  Seawall  Wharf       Store  and   office  bldg.      Sewer    « -   Wood Bridge    1 Sto. Frame Building   Shipbuilding Yards    Club  Building    10-Stall Roundhouse -   Frame  Building   !55'92I!  Remodel  Building   $12,000  Foundation   for   Shed  $26,000  Freight Offices and Sheds    Pier Extension _ _   1   Story- Brick Addition    Frame  Apart.  House     Front Store Bldg.   Dredging  for  Causeway   Alter Theatre Building.   6th & Willow ...  ...Alberta'Lumber Co   /..$5,'000   $6,000   $7,000   .:$i«.»«   :,.$6,000  Poplar Island....Westminster Marine Ry.  Any ox   Granby-Min.  &  Smelt.   Co.  New Westminster-Mrs. J. C. Armstrong  Surf Inlet.. Surf InJet-JPower  Co.  False  Creek Great  Northern   Ry.  Fraser River (lower) Dominion Govt.  False Creek —  Governmest  Stanley Park  Sewerage Board  False Creek Government  False' Creek'   - C N.. Ry.  Patricia Bay Can.  N. .P. Ry. Co.  VIC tO rift H«WM<»<»«HtHm      ....---.■•..•.•«-.-.»■,•-•••---»-•--»■  Hastings Park   _..Seweraae Bjjard  Nanaimo   ,  _    City  Bridge St. ^ Van. Lumber Co.  Vancouver  .' '. J. Coughlan & Sons  Vancouver..Shaughnessy Hgts. Golf Club  Vancouver  —G. N. Ry.  10tlv,& Willow Sts McGill University  Cordova St. "W Royal Bank of Can.  Vancouver : G. S. Ry.  Vancouver  C. N. Ry.  Vancouver   C. P. R  774 Granville St  C. S. Gustofson  1098—12th Ave W W. S Thompson  532 Granville St _L. N." MacKechnie  Vancouver  _ *CJtv  861 Granville St.„ _.W. P. NK ills  Architect   - -   Co»traoto*  Pratt & Ross. ..Northern Const. Co. and  Carter, Halls Aldlnger Co.  Sharpe & Thompson— ...Baynes & Horie  Owners   ••—•■---  owners :.:zz=w:-d°SS  Owneis"".'.". -".""..'. A.   W.  Qulst  Owners    Ward  &   Baldock  Du Cane Dutcher & Co  ...•......■■  Owners   Jas-   Layfield  Owners   Snider Bros. & Brethour  Owners Snider Bros. & Brethour, Ltd  Owners —  Owners ...  Owners ...  Owners ...   Warren & Stancombe    Parfitt Bros.   _„ — Owners   ,  Owners   Taylor  Engineering  Co  Townley & James  - J-  C. Allen  FL Towniey-"Grant Smith A "McDonnell  Govt.   ...Marsh  Ilutbiijjpowjsrs Co.  Government  Pacific, Dredging Co.  KeDep^:ZZI3acific-'b^  Owner?  .A. G. Creelman & Co.  8w"e.s::::::::::::.:: ». Doe. victoria  Percy Tox   -  Limy-Bros.  Owners .'-_■-»"   Owners  Owners  - -A. W. Mesher  Owners  —»  Owners  B:"'crpaim"e"r""."^^  F.   L.   Townley.. Grant,- Smith  &   Co..r  .  & MacDonnell, Ltd,  Sharpe & Thompson -Baynfif & Horie  Contractors      ..Purdy & Henderson  Owners- Grant  Smith   &^Cp.  ft Ma-cUonell. Ltd.  Pratt & Ross....MacDonald, Nettleton &  , Bruce.  8^n|rs r::z"z::::::~"6wn^s  SWLeF Bengiof-IZ:.^ ...,-A.  L. Benglof  rj.  j^ pee  .. *„...W. Hepburn  citv           "^Dominion   Construction, Co.  Owner T. ^- _ (Owncr  ABBOTSFORD HOTEL  VANCOUVER, B. C.  Central  12 0      ROOMS  - Quiet — Modern — Fireproof  *   THE  BUSINESS MAN'S  HOUSE  S™R0B°«M PRIVATE BATHS  WRITING ROOM LOUNGE  AND  PARLOR  Rates   from   $&. OO   per  day  PHONE SEYMOUR 5860  ittJ  %■  * VICTORIA—-The situation with regard to ttie lack of apartment house  accommodation in Victoria has^become  chronic, and jt threatens to damage  very; seriously the effect of the advertising in the prairie journals and" newspapers for winter travel to Victoria. ^  The.situation is unique this year, and  therefore- precedents^ do not carry any  height. The situation in the past nas  been'that the visitors have*; been accustomed' to go to Southern California','  and reach here-late Jn January or in  February. This did, not create a situation ^such as now prevails where^the  visitors "are' arriving,' /andrare^ quite'  wining to stay, but.find it difficult;to  get the' accommodation "they required*  ;CITY^ OBNEW ,WES,TMINStEQ.;^  * *• -''VTENDERSaWANTED/,^^  <Wag6n';for New^'Westmiiiste^Fife^ De?  partment.^V'* 4 i ,t ^    ,.,"■£ Z  ) 'Car to be"delivered to Chief .Watson  at Nor 1 .Fire Hall,**from'Vtionf^any  further particulars may be. obtained.  W. A. DUNCAN;"-    •  City Hall,       " City'Clerk,  New Westminster,  .December 17, 3917.  4.      ^TIMBER SAiE ^985.  Sealed, tenders will be received by  the Minister of,Lands"nbt later,than  noon on  the  19th~day -of -December/  1917, for the purchase of License X985,  to cut '3,850,000' feet of Cedar, Ffr/and  Hemlock on an' area adjoining Lot 346,  Heydon LakeLCoast District, Range 1.  ' Three"' (3) -years will be allowed-.for  removal ot timber. \Ja\ < d;-A     <r,  , '■£.  '•'/Further particulars "of vthe Chief 'Forester,- V ictoriaT 'b.,' C.^r/District-Fpr-  eVter^VancWveKcB.-C.^'s> A r> J ' ^ *  •„       t      ^^ ^    l.r*'^!    J-V   ~< I    ^ry       fr      6     H  "J *f"  /fr       K    i-j'  m^? ' 3rrR.? i * * y ^if.  r. --  TheGoldie &  r*     jUillTED -;  Gait Safe Works  SAFES.    VAULTS,  etc.  Made in Canada  Seymour 3997  569 Richards St.  '. Vanciuver  PROPOSALS WANTED  SEALED TENDERS, addressed to  the undersigned will be received at this  office until 4 p.m. on January, 15th,  1918, for the supplying of gun license  badges for the year 1918. Full particulars as to number and quality can  be obtained by application to -this office. Lowest or any tender not-necessarily accepted. -   >.  A. BRYAN WILLIAMS,  Provincial Game Warden.  Court' House, Vancouver, B. C.  Down goes the price of Tires  FOR BEST BILE OF SERVICE  IF TW EQUIP TOUR CAR WJTH  PENNSYLVANIA  VACUUM CUP TIRES  6000 Miles Guaranteed  Unfailing j Service .when in need  HILL TIRE CO.  941 Pender W.        Sey. 6411  Plumbing   and  1033 GranvHI* St  Vancoav-Mr, B« C«  Steam-fitting  »       . . '     J * *  Phone Sey. 236  Res. Bay. 77  % fCoalfinining-irlghtBOf -itlie^Domin^on  insManitbba/SaskatcheVa^andAlher-  ^^KeTrukorTeffttoiyrthe^Nort^^  ^rVi^tdH^fand^'poTtlon of: th^Prov/  *nce'of British, Columbia, may; bVleas-  ed for a .term "of" twenty-one''years- at8*  .n annual rental, of $l'per acre.    No  inoreHhan 2,560 acres will be leased  to one applicant.  Applications Jor  a please   must   be  made by the applicant in person  to  the Agent or Sub-Agent of the - district in* which the rights applied for  are situated/ * -  In surveyed territory the land must'  be described by sections, or legal sub-  By'application ta' the; undersigned,  contractors - may obtain a copy of the  plans and specifications for tbeTsum ot  ten dollars ($10), which will, be - refunded1 on "their return in good order. '  Each proposal must be accompanied  by an accepted bank cheque' on a\char-  tered bank of- Canada," made> payable  to' the-vHonourable thevMinister of  Public -Wo^Ts/. for* a^sum; equalf ttos  twentyiper cent.f<of tender,' whicn-sh'alL  be forfeited'if the party tendering;vde:  cline to/enter ^intp contract1 when^calt-  eduponsto do so, or>if he'-faU to;'cqmV  "plete.Lthe .work contracted;Jor.^fie,  cheques ,"ot;unsuccessfulstentier.er»drIll  LEEK & CO., LTD.  Consulting and Contracting  Heating and Ventilating Engineers  Seymoar  Ml  1098 Homer St  VANCOUVER B. C.  The'lowest,or any-tender riot neces-^  sarily accepted.      ""        ,    **-.,'  > ,A. E. FOREMAN,  • Public Works Engineer  department of Public Works,      * "  Victoria. B. C, July 6th, 1917. ,?  TELEPHONE DATA  V ^ ».i    x>$   X--    ^.Ja  '^t   it   *  -   v -^; - raw x»»TAMiATXO"«»  ' "       DEC 14, X917. ''-'": ,  Clinton Knitting Co.,  Ltd.,  JTfrs. Agts     319 Pender  W - &ey. 391b  Crehan, M. E.,  Public Accountant,  615 Pender W  bey.    <zl  Great  West  Co.,   Grocers,   1126   Granville-.....- -*-, -, •--- ------ -^-""2®*- ?^2  Kombough-Marshali Co.  (The), Importers &j Exporters. 20«  Haaf.  W .. Se> . .     •  Fourth Ave.  1'ord Auto Kepair  Garage., 224S  T-ourxh Ave.  W  -°«* f"X  Sheridanr m: E, Ford Repair Shop,  1455 Tenth Ave. AV   _     Bay. 3Z0o  DEC. 17,  1917. , _ (  iBalfour Cafe,  Restaurant,  439  Pender  W "'iuah   1915  Giandview Roofing Co., 1763 McSpadd-»n .._ - *ut,n.  ^   CMAHOB8.  m*i N j* —  BowserBF.C&1Co."1il'Storage Systems, froni'lOSB Bute'to 569 Richards Sey. 1619  '"■•%  BEGG MOTOR COMPANY LIMITED  1062 Georgia St: W  * r     j  \  i  t3»"  Seymour 904S  ;. & W9 *"' & \  J A  TIMBER  SALE  X395  Sealed tenders will be received by  the Minister of Lands not latec than  noon on the 16th day of January, 1918,  for the purchase of License X395, to  cut 1,855,000 feet of Fir, Cedar and  Hemlock on an area situated on the  Eagle River, New Westminster Dis-  trict. --■ ■  Two (2) years will be allowed for  removal of timber.  Further particulars of the Chief For_  ester, Victoria, B. C, or District Forester, Vancouver, B. C.  TIMBER SALE X1157.  Sealed tenders will be'received by  the Minister of Lands not later than  noon on the 19th day of December,  1917, for the purchase of Licence X1157  to cut 1,000,000 feet of Fir and Cedar  on an area adjoining Lot 747, Van  Donop Creek, Cortes Island, Sayward  District.  Two (2) years will be allowed for removal of timber.  Further particulars of the Chief Forester, Victoria, B. C, or District Forester, Vancouver, B. C-  AUTOMOBILE   RECORDS  •Toliowingr la a complete liat for Yancouver and Dlatrlct of new  AntoxaobUe Idceacea, Traasfera and BelH»-*iuialune»ta.  Xrice-acea for tne Week Ending- Taoreday A.M. are anown.  TBAVBJE-EBS  No. Name Address Car  5186—J. Shmie to VV. Hill. 1335 12th Aye. *      ... Tudhope  324b—A   Thompson to S btickney. -122 McLean Dr i-ord  873_II. Sloan to R. Scott. 917 Keefer St.     _   1889—F. Cameron to H. Perry Cloyerdale  B. C       .   -       -  1810—G Pettiplece to Studebaker Corpn , Ltd.. 1.J33 ^fo»*->a  "    7TS0—G   Sauer to II. Wtndeoank, Mission City . ..     Mander*.  '794-McCauSra..d & Finley to Tai Chee. 504 Main. Mt-Laugljlln  5114—J. Mclvor to J. liarglit. Mission City              .« oid  3815—Studebaker Corpn. of Canada to H. Dom,  1839 2nd Ave. E .:.—• • ..-.—-•—■ ••-- • ***  -9571— H. Whitehead to Sullivan-Taylor Motor Co.,  250   icings way    ■'■ v;-;,' ','","n '   g-,71—Sullivan-Taylor Motor Co. to K Campbell,  587 53rd Ave. E. •••• •-.—•;-,•;;;:;;"" .'  9526—^A.  Field   to  Studebaker  Corpn. oi.-Carid.ua,  1233  Georgia St -.VVo—»i"<'" "cV"" '   J2901—H. Brymner, to G. Kent.  1S53 Main bi   . 9574—A. L. Stevens to Knowier & Macaulay. ..Ford  9674—toowllerX&VIcauiay"to"S^ Motor ^0'' Ford  S9574-s!niiv^!11 f^or C-o7-to"^;Sn^gh^e^;i55'^ter:>ord  1232—E, Root to F. Denning, 725 19th Aye.  &.....- •  1634—^ Deeso'n to G. Crippin, "» Templeton Or   ri368_Kidd Bros, to H. Mercler. 3.41 Keefer St..   5660—F. Smith  to Studebaker Corpn. of Canada, gtudebaker  9647-p"BurbrTdrIe*oSVan:"M^  5413—C. Mobray to VV.  Robertson, Essondale, B. .C*. T'ord  5027—B, Livery to J. Cook, Chilliwack.B.C   9392—S. Hele to  K. Hawthorne. Coquitlam, B. C ~.  8610—1. Israel to J. Hargitt   Mission City lord  8024—Studebaker  Corpn. of Canada to A.  i< leio,  1890   Granville   St ---*,-*.—~ ;"U"aV""w Ford  «06—A.Blaln to L. Pearson; 809 Pender St. W...™ T,ord  10H76—D. Duncan to Mrs. Johnson'.Merchants Bank 1 ord  C213—W. Brock to T. Dorlona, 1854 Main bt^.   8533—G. Stewart to A.  Robb,  123 51st Ave   W.-   4 661—1. Lothian to G. Johnson, Coquitlam   B.C oodtte  12446—M. Caswell to T. Scott, 725  15th Ave. W Dod!.e  12987— Pony Express 'Co , Ltd., 500 Cordova St KarnWer  12988—D.   Becker.   407   Hastings  St.  W sVudeCke?  12989—Win*? Kong. Ladner, B. C.......-....;     r^ilmers  12990—C. E. Coughlan.  1062 Georgia St      AJbton  . 12991—A. P. Slade A Co.. Water St ™.    Ford  12992—B   S. Gamage, 2056  15th Aye. W Maxwell  12993—M.  Murphy.  1467  7th.  Ave, W Maxwe  12994—Wo Tick Co.. 609 Malri St. Maxwe  i!8fcS'i:-«sa&"%»St^^  12999—Barr & Anderson, 1000 Homer M • -J ord  13000—R. E. Greenwood. 564 Beatty St uougc  Traziafera.  12466—M. G. Caswell to T. P. Scott, 725 15th Ave. W Dodge  BRITISH COLUMBIA  * % «Grv I****** *& - -s-m *r«Cr   v  DISTRIBUTORS  I  'V  DODGE  •ft.,  iS**3i-."  - --.KK-S  ".'« <■'-*?£" *l  HUDSON  CADILLAC and  REPUBLIC TRUCKS  I—**  >-.  j'.  ■<M  **«»«->*  1 Ar    \>  ■. --S4. *  ■ >\. ^ ,-v*.  THE  MOTEL CANADA  Vancouver's newest and most tip-to-date hostelry  160 sunny outside rooms  RATES  $1.00 per day and up - with private bath $1.50 and up  CAPE    IN    CONNECTION  Brown, Fraser & Co., Ltd.  SUCCESSORS   TO  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  ining, Muni^a  Machinery and Supplies  Phon. Seymour 7155 llSO Homer Stro.t  Vancouver, B. C.  S. r. BOWSER Si  Established 1885  Oil Tanks and Self-Measuring Pumps  Standard the world over  Seymour 3*907  J. J. Reedy, Marr. for B. C.  SG9 Rlchard» St.  Vancouver, B.C.


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