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 \  THE ONLY COMMERCIAL NEWSPAPER,IN BRITISH COLUMBIA  i       t V* -*!•«- i->  ■»>i" ^a>i     »., *-*     .    -* aBOf<yfL *     Mrr  /^  i.. i  f  ■■>!  ■•1  4*  '#  f  it  vf  (.-is  '3f  3;  S3  m  -1  A FUBLIOAIIOX SETOnOTO GENERAL NEWS. BPILPIM Q.  CONTHACTIHQ, ENGINEERING, PBOVINCIAX,  CITT AHP HABBOB rMPBOyEMEHTB  VOL. XX. No. 29  Published Monday  "Wednesday and Prlday  VANCOUVER. B.C.. WEDNESDAY. DECEMBER 15, 1920  ' • Office and Plant  '» 689 Pender street West   ,  PRICE—Fer'_Tear In' Advance)   -  Per Month    -----  FIREPLACE   FURNITURE  Mantels.' Grates, *He, Portable Baskets.  Andirons. Coal Buckets, Wood  Holders,  Spark Guards.  Win, N. O'Neil Co., Ltd.  530 Howe St.  Sey. 4795 - 4796  PACIFIC SHEET METAL  WORKS, Limited  ROOFING CONTRACTORS  METAL WIUDOWI  7IBE DOORS  SKYLIGHTS  " JOBBING   '  '   BlOW PIPING  SZiIOXE STACKS  Granville If. Seymouf2172  - CONTRACTORS -  When The Specifications Call Por A Pan  Phone or write for  «SIROCCO" Prices  TAYLOR  ENGINEERING COMPANY, Limited  DESIGNING ANO ERECTING ENGINEERS  Credit,Foncier Building • -    Telephone Seymonr  Roofing, Building  Papers, etc.  Building Partition  and Drain Tile,  I'HCNE 2988  Clayburn Firebrick,   Special  Ft.ofColumbia AV      shaPed S,et.Pressed  Elk Brand Cement, Reinforced  Steel, H yd rated  Lime, etc.  POLYCHROME  Common Brick  (In stock),  rully  Cured,  Splendid  Quality  CLEAN   CUT   EDGES  S26.00 per .1,000" at Warehouse.  *3o:oo per 1.0QO delivered Business  '       an.,,, ^Section....".,   POLYCHROME CEMENT  Brick i tile:Co.. Ltd.  Office: 315 Duncan Bids;  Works: Granville Island  Sey.  8530  815  BASEMENT  v-.irxoo»Bp:o*(»Aia»? -,  Waterex Waterproofing  is "the remedy  Made   in   Great   Britain  United  States '  and  Jamielson Engineering  Company  Phone  Soy,  10IC'  London Bide:.  PENTICTON RESIDENTS  BUILDING BUNGALOWS  THAT WILL,COST $9,400  PENTICTON"'^B. C. (Special)—Two  fine bungalows have been, planned by  Penticton residents and will be under  way shortly, • which will form a decided- .acquisition of the city's handsome homes.  One of these residences has been  designed by Mr. A. P. Augustine, of  the firm of Swan &. Augustine, architects, and is intended as a new home  for himself... It will cost in the neighborhood of |5,000 and its, supervision  will be carried out by day labor under tho personal supervision of the  owner. The "bungalow will" be of  pleasing exterior design and convenient interior" lay-but, equlpp'ed'with two  fire   places  and  a hot water heating  (Continued  on  Page 4)  HUNTER - HENDERSON  PAINT  Company, Limited  ,   Architectural Paints and Varnishes  642 GRANVILLE ST. .SEYMOUR 6110  t»  ■\        -  Lumber   Veneer    Panels,   Etc.  Our Steek to ttie Most Complete en the Pacific Coast  DO YOU NEED ANY FIR PANELS  I. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  1320BICHARMST.       ,        SET. 3199 V«HC0UYER, B.C.  SIX MILLION DOLLAR  PLANT NOW ASSURED  Eastern  Capitalists To  Erect  Huge  '   Pulp 6\ Paper Mill Near  Prince George 1  CHAMPION & WHITE  Get Our Price On BUILDING MATERIALS  eSSBkSBBSBSSSBSBSSBSBBSBBSBSBBBBSVSSB  Robin Hood Boilers and Radiation  Seymour 3570  10S3. Main St-  T. A. WALSH & Co., Ltd.  Machinery  and  Supplies  B.C. Distributors For  ACME SHINGLE BANDS, BOX STRAPPING, CORRUGATED FASTENERS  MONOGRAM OILS * GREASES  YELLOW STRAND WIRE ROPE  *ey: 4738 - 4739 858 . SO Cambie St.  j.A, FLETT Limited  Building Hardware, Tools & Cutlery, Spaldings  Athletic Goods, Guns and Ammunition  Fishing Tackle ■-■     ■    ^  339 HASTINGS ST. W. SEYMOUR 2327  PHILPOT-MACDONALD bo..Ltde  Electrical Engineers  ' . '-   0»,m "». MACDONALD  " PlSStlM - INSTA11ATI0MS - POLE LIKE CONSTRUCTION  DESIGNING - SHOP WORK  1573 Main St.  Phone :-   Fair. 3823  -\  K  ^.ii  Why Not Use A  « VULCAN "  Heating Boiler 1  ■whicli Rives 25 per cent, more efficiency than cast iron tollers, and  burns any kiua of fuel with splendid  combustion.  Vulcan Iron Works Ltd.  Granville Island     Vancouver, B. C.  VICTORIA (Secial) >— Representatives of a new syndicate of eastern  capitalists with, millions behind them,  are here ..Interviewing the members of  the provincial cabinet regarding' certain , timber and waterpower concessions along the upper reaches ol^ the  Fraser and hydraulic sites in the vicinity of Prince George preparatory to  the establishment of a huge pulp and  paper mill, power plant and sawmill  which will involve an expenditure of  approximately. $6,000,000.  The party of eastern capitalists who  arrived in Victoria last Monday after  having made, a tour of inspection  through the upper' Fraser Valley and  also inspected three fine hydraulic  power-.-sites"near 'Prince ;George,?*is'  headed by Mr. Angus McLean?'of  Bathurst, N.b!','president'of the'Bath-  urst Lumber Company and a ^director  in several large eastern corporations.  With him are Mr. Frank Jones, president of"the Canada^ Cement Company,  of Montreal; Mr. C. Preisch, president  of the Hanes Lumber Company of Buffalo, and two well known eastern, engineers one of whom is a hydraulic  (Contlnned to pare O  PLAN WAREHOUSE TO  HOLD 30 CARS FRUIT  Penticton   Co-Ope rati ye  Growers  Erect $30,000, Structure  Of  Hollow Tile. ,  May  SEEK PERMIT TO ALTER  OLD CHURCH TO LAUNDRY  Permission has been sought of the  city council by Messrs TI. T. Corbett &  F.'W. Simpson to alter a frame building at 1-160 Seventh Avenue. %ver>t.  which was formerly occupied as a  church, to fit it for* temporary use as  a laundry. The-city building bylaw  prohibits the conversion of any existing frame building for laundry purposes and requires fireproof construction  for laundry buildings. Messrs Corbett  & Simpson expect1 to have a suitable  building for laundry" purposes available next summer, but wish to use  -this old church building in the meantime. They undertake to make -considerable structural alterations to the  premises. -      .  PENTICTON,    B.     C.  . (Special)—  Faced with the necessity of providing  largels'  increased  accommodation  for  a banner fruit-crop which present estimates indicate may run as high as 25  per cent,  larger than  that oll919—  the record crop so far—the Penticton  Co-Operative s Fruit  Growers  Associa:  tion is arranging to double the existing  fruit  storage  accommodation  by  the erection' of another new frost-proof  warehouse.-ilt is planned to erect a  two-story   structure   probably  of hollow tile, as affording the best insulation; at' the western end of the present    union    building. . The    tentative  plans for the-building provide for a  structure 60. hy 132 feet in size'which  will = give; sufficient storage ^accommcK  dation-for a maximum of 30*cars of  apples, which is the .fruit intended .to  make special provision for in the expectation of aJjanner crop. .- -    ,  - The  need  for  the  new  warehouse  and increased storage accommodation  was pointed out at the meeting of< the  Association last week at which President ' Baskin • occupied  the  chair and  predicted from reports he had received  from  various  growers  and  taking  into consideration the increased acreage coming in under apples this year,  that   the   union   would   handle   about  100,000 boxes next year, as compared  with 72,000 in  1919.  •It was conceded that an additional  warehouse would be a necessity and  $30,000 was quoted as the probable  cost of a hollow tile structure of the  size given. The president was asked  to appoint a special committee which  will bring in a definite report on the  cost together with plans at the next  monthly meeting,of the Association.  The construction of the building will  be financed by the sale of stock%  STORAGE WAREHOUSE AT  PORT HAMMOND PUNNED  TO COST ABOUT $50,000  PORT HAMMOND, B. C— (Special)  —Organization of a new company to  be known as the Maple Ridge Cold  Storage Company, is in- process here.  The new concern is to have a capital  of at least $50,000,-the most-of-which  hasbeen already subscribed, and its  main object will' be < to erects and operate a large cold storage-warehouse  tor fruit and poultry products*.^  - Statistics have -shown the producing farmers in this-vicinity that there  is an- abundant return which will  more than cover the cost of cold storage, in accumulating fruit- and poultry during the abundant seasons and  disposing of it when^the  market is  (Continued on   Page 2) "'  MUNDY, ROWLAND & CO.  ELECTRICAL  ENGINEERS  AND  CONTRACTORS,  •Tj»    ■     \ ;Z *ll-X  Power Installations  General  Electrical  Construct!**  TIME SEYMMI 194   .  Staiarri Bak MMfe  vMcwm- iwmrtt  EBURNE 55  EBURNE GRAVEL CO.  Marpole, B.<C^t  Wholesale and Eetail^ ^  '   Dealer's   in-'Sand, "Gravel;   CrnSheai  Rock, -Brick,   Cement,   Lime,, and. ailH (,.,.,  kinds of-Building- MaterialSw^J^.^^wl^;-;;^'  "IF irs IN POINT GREY • phok ir  /„.. _;EBURNESSJM§_  jfc ffi;:.fe  t=l*AlSIR DARLING «  PNEUMATIC TOOLS  ■zrl&-;  -r i;':'-%Xp-i'Z  Bollsr Bssxtns; Drills—Close Quarter Ustoa Ate Prills—WT«ttlasr___  CntoPta* Ksanmsrs—Wood Borers—Tortin. and Slsctrto Drills  ^^ - Htffk Spaed »t»l—Drills   »ss»ere. etc.  COatPXiETE STOCK OT ACOEISO  -?A     .&L  1144 mo  a*.  -;-r'«ZZ:.:'Z:?Z&  ^■^7-i^  -":;_    %r   ■ ESTABLISHED  1898 IN^E..- "    i««    #P'  c WHOLESALE AND RETAIL:DEALERS IN* "     ?  SAND. GRAVEL. BRICK."IJIME. AND. ALL BUILDING MATERIALS  PROMPT DELIVERY", •|^^i  1061 «**«■ St. Telepaoae^Se^moarv  m  1  R  P  w  Vancouver Lumber Co.,  MAHtrrACTTTREBS OF  FIR, CEDAR and SPRUCE LUMBER  'If You Want  THE BEST LUMBER dud THE BEST SERVICE  AT  REASONABLE PRICES  Call and see'tti/'or phono.     '  "  South End of Connaught Bridge  Phone^ Fair. 918-919  Vancouver, B: C.  CIVIC WORK TOTALLING  $39,770   IS   APPROVED  The city council, at its meeting on  Monday, en the recommendation of  the civic board of works, approved of  a number of undertakings which will  prnctically use up all the available appropriations * for sewer work, street  grading.' and planking for the year,  and incidentally 'urnish considerable,  employment for the greatly augument-  ed gnncs of married men which have  been taken on the city's payroll of late  in an effort to relieve unemployment  in the city. Tho total cost of the vari-  ous sewer, grading and planking jobs  approved amounts to $39,770.  Of this amount $25,520 is to be spent  in sewer work, $S,2!KKin street grading and rocking, mostly on Knight  Kond and Pine street, and $5,960 in  the. planking of various streets and  lanes needing it.  TO BUILD NEW WAREHOUSE  "''■A new warehouse'and machine shop  is ,to be erected .at once by tjie Northern Construction Company at its plant  on Granville Island. "The structure is  to be of mill frame, covered with corrugated iron sides and roofing. It will  measure 336. by 120 feet in size and  cost approximately $2,500.  ERECT   TWO   DWELLINGS  COSTING  $3,500  EACH  Messrs Johnstone & Heatherington,  3735 Parker street, have enrolled with  the corps of builders who are endeavoring to do what they can to relieve the housing shortage in the city.  They have taken out a permit at the  office of City Building Inspector Bird  for the erection of two cosy residences, at 1584. and .1594 respectively on  Twelfth Avenue, west. The dwellings,  which are to be of the popular bungalow type. 33 by 37 feet in size, are to  cost $3,o00 each. They will be erect-  od by the owners under the day labor  plan. Each house is to be heated by  hot air.  Structural Steel For Every Purpose  numrsLi. AH&ini, rutn, neas. co^tnors   - ;  •USTEIiT ZQVimO 7ABBXCATZSTO SHOPS  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL COY, Ltd.  Fairmont 8396 and 8397  ▼ancouvett, M. i  DOMINION BRICK  ^V.-  Thos. O. XcBrlds A Cev*  Tor Sale by  Cnamplon ft White: Evans. Colsman & Evans. Ltd.  and the BltcUe Contracting* & Supply Co.. Ltd.  Also or OUley Bros-. Wew Westminster. Tne Eburne Sand ft Gravel Co*-  Eburne, and the Great Wee? Sand ft Gravel Co.,v North Tanconver.'  GABRIOLA SHALE PRODUCTS  LIMITED  Head   Office  102   Moody   Block  VICTORIA, B.C.  BALFOUR/ GUTHRIE & CO.  Cold Twist and Beael  BEZKEOBCXHO STEEL:—  Lar^e stocks of Mild Steel Bars. 'VTe cut to length.  Bars to details.^  BOLTS:—  Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts. Cast Iron Washers. We are prepares*:  to furnish larKe orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  :,/_-.. MERCHANT IRON AND STEEL BARS a  FOIXIABID  CEMENT —  LIME  — SCOTCH  TIBE  BBICX — FIBE  CXtAT  *V GBAPHITE POTODBY FACINGS — COKE  — SEA  COAL  PIG IBON — BLACKSMITH  COAL — MANILA HOPE  103  WINCH BULB.  PRIVATE  EX.  SET. 919TV  CONTRACTORS MACHINERY  - TO  RENT -  Concrete Mixers r-1 Steel  Balls  - Cars  HolBtinjr Engrlnes — Clam Shell BnokdtB-  .} . Wheels and Axles  National Machinery Co,, Ltd.  *    825 Main St.  Seyi 600*4545  RITCHIE CONTRACTING and SUPPLY Co., Ltd.  *■.'.'. Dealers in  BRICK,  SAND,  GRAVEL,  CRUSHED   ROCK,   CEMENT,   FIBRE  PLASTER,   LIME,   CHIMNEY   FLUE   LINING,   METAL   LATH,  AND   ALL   OTHER   BUILDING   MATERIAL  Seymour  9162-9163  Nlg-ht Phone:   Bay. 2125 L  1561  Granville Street  Vancouver, B. C".  S.  Westminster Iron Works  Office and Works Tenth Street ..  New Westminster, B. C.  ■*■&?";  Phone 53  mJk  A  miim ..-,... .-V  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  INSURANCE  IN  ALL ITS  BRANCHES  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.  ESTABLISHED IN 1886  TBS Sfaotlngs St. W. Sey. 7820  Groond Ploor, Winch Bldg;. ;  Vancouver, B. C.  i Hanbury & Co.  LIMITED  EXCAVATING  and  GENERAL TEAMING  n -  i  Hones for Sale  Fourth Ave. and Granville St.  Bayview 1076  4u m. NoeeeoN     V. t. kins     wm. o. marsls  A. M. «»T. O. S. '*» •• c*  MOBSON, KING & MARBLE  Contractors & Engineers  ill It** Bide.     SeyiMr 1506  lie Home Bank of Canada  SAVINGS  BANK   DEPARTMENT  F. a. NICKERSON  44S lutiaci St. West  Tanoonver, B. C.  INSTRUMENTS LIMITED  Kverytninc for the Surveyor,  Axcaltect and SranghtsmaA  SEYMOUR 6498  • Sloads Bids/     365 Cordova' St.  Plate, Sheet, Figured,  Wired,Art,Prlsm,  -   Colored, etc.  426-  1   wholesale and Retail  W. MOLT & SON  -436 Dufferin St. Fairmont 1238  Bevelling  and  Slivering  NICK COSCO  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  EXCAVATING.   CONCRETE  WORK   AND  SEWERS.   GRADING   ROADS  AND  LAND   CLEARING  1367 Seymonr St. Sey. 7325-i  British Columbia Record  (Established  19J1)  Published   every   Monday,   Wednesday  andFriday by the  Record Publishing Co., Ltd.  A newspaper or general circulation,  featuring Building. Contracting. Engineering. Industrial, Shipbuilding. Mining.  Automobile, Provincial. City and Harbor  improvements.  0. H. NELSON....MANAGING EDITOR  Office and Plant  629 Pendet St.W., Vancouver, B.C.  PHONS SEYMOUR 7S08  Subscription Bates  Per Month   '"•innn  Per Year in Advance ;*™;?"  A.11   subscriptions   are   payable   strictly  in  advance.  REFRIGERATION  k» sstsf Harts m< c»M strap !»«■■». Jitt-  ■ pbtts f»r afl cNHf priestt  MACHINE SHOP REPAIR WORK OF  EVERY DESCRIPTION.,  UmU Canadian Refrigeration,  Company Limited  SOS Casapbell Av«. High. 822  Pearson Wire  & Iron Works  ORNAMENTAL IRON  WORKERS, WIRE WORKERS and WEAVERS  Votbing too large or too swan.  £f It's.Iron or Wire we make It.  CITY MARKET BUILDING  FAIRMONT 2794  EVERYTHING FAVORS PRESENT  AS GOOD TIME FOR HOME  BUILDING    '  '■ Reduced prices for lumber and the  falling market generally in many lines  of standard building materials calls  attention more pointedly than ever to  the fact that everything favors the  .present as a good time for renewed  activity to be shown in home building  on an .increased scale. That the demand for all kinds of dwellings exists  —particularly those' which can be purchased or rented for a moderate price  —cannot be doubted for a moment,  and everything also indicates that the  demand cannot be caught up with, as  far as Vancouver is'concerned, for  several years anyway. Nor is Vancouver alone in the province. But  from practically every city and town  in the province comes the same cry of  lack of accommodation, so there is no  chance of temporary relief through  moving w  Events of the last-two years have  proved that the-man .who built in the  early-days of the armistfce'fwas the  shrewder and more business-like. .He  has 'ad the use of his-buildings and  has. seen the price of materials and  the cost of labor rise with almost  automatic regularity, and the climax  to his.secret satisfaction-may not have  yet been; reached. The newspapers  are full just now of belated schemes to  help the houseless to house themselves. The .banks, the1 government an,d  municipalities are to be called into  conference in some places in an effort to. solve the situation, and many  newspapers are not slow to point out  that the present slackness in the lumber trade presents at least a temporary opportunity of obtaining one important building necessity at what  may prove a considerable bargain yet,  especially in the matter of average  home construction. The building.season is very much on the wane but the  new building season will soon be here  with its customery rush to secure  material,    and the    advice to    "build  now" still holds good.  Significant developments .are seen  in the national building industry by  the heads of several leading building  report and statistical concerns. In a  canvass of leading manufacturers of  all the basis building materials entering into construction of homes, it has  been found that buyers who have only  recently been prone to cancel orders  are now either accepting delivery or  are merely requesting that ^hipments  be held until after the first of the ye#r.  More new construction work has'.already been planned or authorized for  the first six months of 1921 than .was  ■commenced during the same period  of 1920. It is the feeling of Pacific  Coast jobbers that the economic revival ov.er the country will have its  inception -in building committments,  and that buying ' will start almost  simultaneously. ,  STORAGE WAREHOUSE AT  PORT HAMMOND PLANNED  (Continued from Page 1)  short of such products and the prices  are higher. The provisional directors  of the company are Messrs. Wellwood,  Dale, Alcorn and Ansell. It is expected that the organization will-be  completed soon arid . plans and estimates of the new,warehouse and its  equipment  secured.  POINT  GREY  MAINTAINS  ACTIVITY IN BUIlLDING  POINT GREY—(Special)—The returns of the municipal building' department for the second week of December shows that Point Grey is fully maintaining the decided activity in  building which has prevailed for several months past. The total value of  the nine permits issued during the  week is $17,400, which compares favorably with even that of Vancouver.  Included in the total were two new-  residences at $5,000 each. .  Robert W. Hunt & CdvLtdl  INSPECTING and TESTING ENGINEEHS  .,    uB..bRi^ Phone Seymour 2199  218 ■sntsiES'i.-. l.,.. M.nu,..^»c.-.»...  "��\  other  couver  VULCAN   IRON WORKS  IS  LOWEST   BIDDER   ON   PIPE  As the lowest of eight tenders submitted to the city for the supply of  2,500 feet of 16-inch steel riveted pipe  for water mains, the city council on  Monday, acting on the recommendation of City Engineer Fellowes, decided to accept the tender of the Vulcan  Iron Works at $5.15 per foot, delivered  to' city works or ■ yard,. as required.')  firms tendering were the Van-  Engineering Works, Taylor-  Forbes Company, Evans, Coleman &  Evans, Gordon & Hclyea, Ltd., Canadian Northwest Steel Company, Ross  & Howard Iron Works, Ltd.. and the  Waterous Engine Works Co., of Brant-  ford, Ont.  The council also decided to accept  the offer 'of -100 feet of 16-inch bell-  and-spigot joint steel pipe from the  city of New Westminster, at $3.00 per  foot. This amount with the pipe to be  supplied by the Vulcan Iron Works  contract will give the city 3,050 feet  of 16-inch mains for waterworks extensions which are planned for the  coining year. The total . cost of the  two orders of pipe will be $14,S47.50.  A wide' disparity was shown in the  figures submitted by the seven other  firms who tendered on the supply of  the 16-inch steel pipe in addition to  the Vulcan Iron Works bid of $5.15  per foot. The other tenders were respectively: Vancouver Engineering  $5.95; Taylor-Forbes Co., Ltd., $8.52;  Gordon & Belyea, Ltd., $7.32; Ross &  Howard Iron Works (irregular) $8.75;  Northwest S^eel Company, $11.90;  Waterous Engine Works, Brantford.  Ont., $15.S7. Evans, Coleman & Evans  also submitted an offer of 1,100 feet!  of ball and socket"pipe, not according  to specifications, *it $4.50; another  style of joint at $6.55 per foot, and a  thinner 16-inch pipe than specified at  $5.55 per foot.  PACIFIC  LIME  told 1  ""N  ALL DEALERS  CANADIAN JOHNS-MANTILLES  , Company, Limited.     >  Asbestos and its allied products  Roofing  and   Roof  Coatings  Pipe  Insulations.   Mastic Flooring  758 HASTINGS ST., W.  SEY. 4427  THE shipping GUIDE  The Official Shipping Paper  REPORTS ON DEEP-WATER SHIPPING TO AND FROM ALL POTTO  ScTHFWOHLD AUTHENTIC INFORMATION FURNISHED TO SHIP-  2r«*l^ TRAVELLERS FOR ROUTING FREIGHT. PASSENGERS.  EXPREM AND PARCEL POST TO ALL POINTS IN CANADA. UNITED  STATES,   ALASKA   AND  THE  ORIENT. .  ISSUED MONDAY, WEDNESDAY AND FRIDAY  629 PENDER STREET WEST  PHONE:- SEY. 7808  VANCOUVER,  B. C.  J  0 Cornish & Cooper  SASH and DOORS  ■XOH   OBASS   JOIHI1T  245 Buffsrin »t.  W.      Tsirmont 963  TWO  CONVENIENT  LOCATIONS  At either of which the business men and women or  the citv are certain of the  kind of meals they want at  reasonable prices.  USE  AYRES  PAINTS  No. 1   - "HO CORDOVA ST. WEST  No. 2  - 612   PENDER    ST.  WEST  Good  Eats  v..  CALIFORNIA   MEN   BUY  BIG  MINES  NEAR  NELSON  NELSON, B. C—Purchase  Exchequer and Athabasca groups' of  gold bearing mineral claims near Nelson by the California group of mines  in the*same region,' was announced  this week' by J. W. R. Cassin, president of the California company. The  negotiations for . the merger of the  properties, forming a solid block of  claims on Toad mountain two and a  half miles from Nelson, has been in  progress for the last two years.  With the Athabasca group was purchased a 10-stamp mill, cyanide plant  and compressor operated by water  power. Mining and development work  will be continued on, the California  and Exchequer groups, while a geologist will make a preliminary survey  of the Athabasca group. The Exchequer group was - purchased from  the Exchequer Mining company of  .Vancouver and the Athabasca group  ^ (from the Bank of Montreal.  AUTOMOBILE RECORDS  2S590—G.   Gintekos,   359   Columbia   St.—  Studebaker  Tour.  28591—S.   Matsumya,   143   Cordova   E.—  Kord  Truck.  2S592—H. B. Watson,   2325  Lonsdale,  N.  Vane.—Chevrolet Tour.  2S593—A.    fi.    Rislpy,    1614    Kingsway—  Ford Truck.  2gn94—McGibbon A  Hodirson.  1510  '50th  Ave.  E.—Ttepubltc  Truck.  2S595—D.   .T.   Elmer.   3118   Alberta   St.—  McLaughlin   Tour.  28590—Tourist     Auto     Livery     Co.,   693  Howe  St.  2S59T—Vane.     Auto     Livery,     Sey.   and  Ijunpmuir Sts.  2S59S—R.   L.   Elliott,   59  Lonsdale—Ford  Tour.  IS GIVEN  SANCTION   FOR    o  HUGE  EECTRIC SIGN  Sanction was granted by the city  of The council at its meeting Monday, to Mr.  "J. R. Muir, representing the owners  of the new Capitol Theatre now under  construction on Seymour street, for  the erection of a huge electric sign at  the Granville street- entrance of the  new playhouse. The approval of the  council was necessary owing to the  fact that the sign is so large it will exceed by thirty square' feet the limitations imposed by the city sign bylaw.  Owing to the fine illumination the big  sign the council, on the recommendation of City Electrician Fletcher, decided to sanction the sign.  INLAY HARDWOOD FLOOR  COMPANY  J,   l><e«*«ON,   MAMASC*'  noons laid and old noons ssriNitHKO  »39 P.ndsr Bi W. ■•T. taoi  B.s, Vfeo&st Worth Tsn. 848  Mr ft  The Merry |  Christmas §  House     I  QUESTION SAFETY OF TOWER  It miy come as vL, considerable  shock to many who have ' become ac-  cumstomed to look upon the ancient,  carmine-hued structure on . Main  ; street, dignified by the title "City  Hall," as being almost as lasting as  the pyramids, to learn that the structural stability and safety of the tower  has been questioned. The tower is  not a very lofty one but its condition  and symptoms of late have aroused  suspicion and the question of the  necessary repairs has been referred  to City Building Inspector Bird with  power to act.  J\  "The Good Food Restaurants"  ARCHITECTS REGISTER  AT ONCE.  Architects Act of B. C. 1920  To all Architects practicing In the  Province of British Columbia. Take  notice that the organisation 0f the  r«iincil of the Architectural lnsti-  Ste has been completed and notice  thereof has been published in the  British Columbia Gazette in accordance with the Act. Nov,-, therefor.  It Is necessary for all persons practicing Architecture W»!iso  her name to be registered with the  Secretary of the Institute, together  with credentials satisfactory to the  council of being competent and in  practice and by paying to the secretary, the  fees  made payable   In  that  b°j.-orms of application for registration can be obtained from the secre-  taAli communications, requests for  forms or information must be made  In   writing   addressed   to- the   secre-  JlAbsolutely  nc   Information   will   be  given  by  telephone.  Bv order of the Council,  y F.  L.  TOVVNLICV.  Secretary.  325  Homer  Street.  Vancouver, B.  C. .  •~ _/  If you don't know  Walker  Robinson  ,0.       Limited  The Tailors  You Should  THE young Unrestful can still go  nest and grow up with some of the  new parties.  THERE isn't much patriotism in tho  Sirl who doesn't use a little powder.  »  At Moderate Prices  Western Specialty  LIMITED %,       ^  572 GRANVILLE ST.  CARDS FOR ALL PURPOSES  >A  625 Fender St.W.  -   WANTED   -  All persons suffering from leaking basements and walls  to communicate with the B. C. IMPERMEALITE CO.,  LTD., 328 Rogers Bldg, who can remedy your trouble by  the application of their products, which make concrete;  brick, stone and stucco permanently impervious to moisture.    They have satisfied others.  Made In Vancouver  Full Particulars and  Information on Application  The B.C. IMPERMEALITE Co., Ltd.  OFFICE: 328 Rogers Bldg. Phone:   Sey. 926G FACTORY Fairview  r  r  ■■(».  j  V- HV-
325H.-.SI S.,. 376B-B.MI28R
Artistic Wire & Iron Works
nil kinds  mi Wire wor*.
ll2_16  Dufferin   St.
'..'■'■■/■"  :.^7,:.....Z,.,niZB   Mixers. Dump Cars, Boilers and Engines.
We carry over thirty carloads of New and Used  Equ.pmenx.^o sts   Mxersu^ p.
. Steam and  Centrifugal  Pumps.    Ralls of all weights. r
It will pay and save time to *et,our prices. ^
Edmonton......,' (Vancouver:-Dominlon  Bldg-   Sey.   „4.a) <
British Columbia Ceiling
& Roofing Co. Ltd.
'■   £83 7th Aye, West
Sey.  824
g24 ory.   «n»^»
Fair. 1267
1256 Fender St. W.
Fair.  2648
Lathing and Pl.st.rlng Con'tr's
McLeod Sheet Metal Works
Furnaces,    Boofln?,    Cornices.    Skylights   and   General   Sheet  Metal
, 'Work ■'.
Seymour  7177;      ,1042  Richards St.
Sey. 7965
Night Phone Sey. C37,'|
W. W. FRASER    , I
Electrical Engineer And
602 Hast. St. W. Vancouver, B. C.
 — i ■■■ .        ■—  . ! /.nri^rD  \VAMrni IVPR   :": .".■••     ■".'. ..:...■
Baynes & Horie
General    Contractor*
836 Howe St. Seymour 1389
Cedar   St
•&' Fill. 7
Oeneral Contractor   ,
e«MMt ***** FtetMr#*
Sey. 1163 1285 Peaiter St W.
General    Contractor*
Credit Fwdtr Bit*.   Viacowtr, B.C.
Company, Limited
aonoral Contractors
509 Rlch.rd. »t.   -   Soy.8320
»ue  DriWsV Vnerves.  Brldg-es.
ru# »«J^4(lltloB>, etc.
407 Cordova St. W.
StMijrtBirt BUj.       Sey.^920
Industrial Engineers
Character   ..
Residence ...
Gas.., Plant
'Store  Blag.-
Theatre ......
j Residence-'...
i Resident-* ..
Residence ..
Residence  ;.... ,
High School ..!...'.	
HlKh School  _.	
1 AddnH   to   I'.ldy.s	
Additions to residence 	
Dwelling   .„•.	
Dwelling   :..„.	
Remodel  Building 	
Remodelling:   ...."	
Residence    - ~	
Brick  BldK	
Addn. lo  Elevator 	
Store   AddiiH	
Horse Stables  .'	
Store   Bids	
I'ler ...._., „	
Residence   _	
Residence.  _...!	
School   „	
Residence  _	
Parish Hall 	
Wharf  J	
Residence  _	
1  story, fe'dj; „
Dry Dock  '.	
Terminal   Improvement...
Residence  „	
Garage .._	
l4"aelory .,.'. ;...-.'	
Res'jdcuce ..,-•- v	
1" Slcry Tile' Warehouse
Dwelling  - —	
5  Kcsldsnoes	
Coal Bunkering Plant. ...
Alters,   to   Residence	
A Rerut ions : ...'..	
KumodelMng-    .*	
.   $100,000
...   $78,000
.  1400,000
location ..............:... -..-■■■ •■■■■■■■ 0w?*f
Cordova St ;.....„. ^..-David Spencer T.-td.
Marine Drive ...:.....:...-,.—B.■■.D.^OBers
Krtlse- Creek .....;........l.Vancouver Gas Co.
318-20 Pender St. ..B...;........»,»H. ■ P..".rong
800 Block Sey. St...B; C. Paramount Ltd.
...   $15,500
....  $10,000
,. $28,000
.....  $12,000
.......436,3 17
'■ $25,000
.........  $C,000 {
    $0,300 '
\   $15,000
". .'.  $6;5O0
'   $5,0.00
."'.   $5,000
.......   $0,000
Z.    S3-00C
ZZ  $5,000
"   $10,000
 ..<„.  $0,000
""   $6,600
""".".. m,2oo
. $3,500,000
'  $7,000
'""  $5.00,0
ZZZ $350,000
"_   $12,000
...""....  SS.000
............ $5,000
 ".....  $7,000
Avenue   "t>"   ShauKhne8sy.....,..M,   Rector:
I7th Ave . ...........Dr. C. H. Vroornan
.Cartier .& Connaught Dr.........H. j. Perrin
Ballantyne rier ...............„...Dom.  Govmt.
Shaughnessy Heights ....V..A. E. Tulk
Connaught Drive ............C.. B. McAllister
Matthews Ave. & Alex'dra.....T.R. Duncan
South •Vanco'uver._.s6. Van. School Board
Marpolu  l.Pt. Grey School Board
4312  Pine Street XV. McLean
Falrvlcw  ......University of B. C.
Shaughnessy Heights'.' K.  B. Hambcr
G579 Maple St ...:. .....K. R. Murray
16S(»  13th Ave. W XV. II. Dargavel
Gran. & .Robson Sts Royal Bk. of Can.
Vtr. Gore  Ave Can. Fishing Co.
Seymour & Pender ..Toronto Trusts Crp.
1775   10th  Ave.  W C.  J.  Phillips
i 15th   Ave.  W Cosmo  Bruce
} 33rd & Connaught Dr B. A. Shatford
Seymour at Dunsmuir H. A. Jones
1605 6th Ave. W : N. McLennan
121-G Pender E - K. H. Long
Fairmont Barracks  Dom. Govt.
58-C0 Hastings St. E _ Chas. Gross
 Dom. Govt.
 J. T. Devine
 F. B. Wilson
 ...J. Mackay
 Mrs. A. L. Ramage
 ...C. W. Copp
b&bu aukuo ou A. E. Philips
Magee Rd. nr. Granville....F. F. Suckling
Jackson A Pender St. E School Board
C676 "Laburnum „...A.   J.   Hammond
4587  Ave.  "F" Wm.  Love
2001—1st Ave. E St. Saviour's Church
Holly-hum   Dominion  Gov't
35th   Ave. W.  of  Arbutus Iva Smith
Wolf  Ave.,  Shaughnessy R. XV. Sharpe
1000 blk. Gran. St....G. G. Heather & Co.
Burrard "inlet  J. Coughlan & Sons
C63\> Blenheim St G. H. Ferguson
1538  6Sth Ave. W B. H. S.
Upper False Creek C. N. Rly „.
38rd  Av.  W. & Gran. St D.  Shantz   H. H
6502  Maple St..... Dr. J. K. McLaren
Ft. Heatley Ave...
4S38 Ave. "F" ......
3909 Heather St. .
C555 Laburnum ....
3805 37th Ave. W.
6560 Angus St.
 .....Dominion  Constr.  Co.
Bernard C. Palmer....Dominion Const. Co.
';..„.'.5..-..,.: ;.......j:.i..................7........... Owners
Contractor  ....................:....Z..W.  H. Chow
Thos. Lamb. l-oronto.„.Doni. Constr.  Co'.
Townley & Matheson, Supervis'g Archts.
Mackenzie A Bo-w,...............Blackley & Co.
Tames A. Benzie..Rogeri- Bros. A Sinclair
James A. Benzlc.Rogers Bros. & Sinclair
.......t... Grant  &   McDonald
Bernard C. Palmer.....: ......J.K. Sinclair
Maclure & Lort........................J. S. Crowell,
Gardiner & Mercer ...Day Lahor
Twizell. Birds & Twizell......Peter Tardiff
Twizell, Birds & Twizell........:.-....Owners
 „.G.  Churchill &  Son
Shahp & Thompson............Baynes & Horie
B. C.  Palmer   T.  L.  Gray
 : A.   H.   Cromie
| Gard.  A  Mercer.-Hodgson, King-& Marble
Owners  A. W. Quist
James  A.   Benzie  	
 _     Owner
Bowman  & Cullerne   Owner
 .' Faulds,   McQueen   & Pearce
Bowman & Cullerne Baynes & Horie
 :  Owner
Contractor   - XV.   H.   Chow
Dept. of Works Robt.  Moncrieft
 „ C. H. Taylor Constr. Co.
Dept. of Works Northern  Constr Co.
 ..Geo. Churchill & Son
 »  Owner
 '. ".  Owner
 _  Owner
 _ Davies   &  Morrison
... :  ; _ ;... Owner
Townley & Matheson .Chas. W. Purdy
 •.  Day Labor
.......  A.  L. .Ramage
Gardner & Mercer F. T.. Sherborne
Contractor   F.  W.  Mellish
Dept. of Works William Greenlees
James A. Benzie Archibald Rogers
Townley & Matheson.: S.  N. McLeod
Honeyman & Curtis....C.H.Taylor Con. Co.
Owners  - '.  Owners
 .'. Geo. Churchill & Son
 :..:.:. F. Bouck
   .Pacific Constr. Co.
Gillingham   -  Owner
 S. N. McLeod
350 6th Ave. West
Fair 4656 || j Sey. 9518
Phone Fraser 178 X
Company- Limited
EtBCTRIOAt.      ,.VBTAI.T,*T!0*H      OF      =«=«T      .
539 Jtoin Street.
Percy F. Letts
Electrical Engineer and Contractor
Hlg;h-Cl»ss   Klectrlcal   Work
and   Fixtures
Bay. 441 3044  Granville SL
Specialist   in   Cement   Work
Bay. 3535-B.       3528 Third Aire; W.
Victoria Drive  .     highland   701
wzvszaro — bwxtckboAsss
247 Hastings St., L
Sey, 3856
EX.ECTSXCA&   B*01»»«»
411 HOWE ST.
SEY. 1991
Sey. 9478
735 Kelxaeken St.
Commercial Photographers
216 Duncan Bldg        Sey. 2968
-      m» m -.      ■■■■mnt-nmT     Vstl
    J5.U00-3530   21 st
"""*  j-,000'    *"
'"    ..$5,000
'"".  $r»,500
"'"..'  $5,300
"...  $27,000
.  $5,000
. $0,000
" $1U,000
""     $8,000
Ave. A.'sShaujrhnessy :J..C. A. Calkins
Ave.  \V „„.\lrs.  Alice Sertore
122G i6th Ave. AV H. XV. Chapman
Water St. Near Cambie....Vane. Trad. Co.
172C  7th Ave. W.„.Alexandra Orphanage
2514   Cornwall  St G.  E. White
Pt. Grey Kd.& Balaclava Fred Melton
Vancouver  C. P. "R.
3S?0 Hudson Ave , M. Dollar
I Sol  36th Av?, \V Thomas & Dawson
301-21   Cordova  St.  W Mere. Mtge. Co.
Labor Temple' Prov.  Govmt.
Cambie  St.  Grounds City of Vane
".rHd'a'gson, King A Marble
Ites'.dfc'nce   -
Iteslrtence -■■
Dairy   Bids-'.
..u.v. _.  1. E. Jeremy
f.GtiS  Laburnum  W. Thomson
2707  35ir. Ave.  \v V. AV.  Bouck
138   Pender  St.   E Merchants   Bank
£026   12th Ave. W J.  M. Steves
$14,000 | 33rd Ave. West	
H.H.- Gillingham. : ;.:....'..-V. Rigg
 7..7. Hartley  &  Co.
,.„.-. , '. „ _   Owner
 : ;   Owner
Dalton   A   Eveleigh  ..Snider   Bros.
A. E. Henderson J. K. Sinclair
 : Modern  Constr., Co
Owner _  Owner
Owners Viekers  Contr.   Co.,   Ltd.
Townley A Matheson W. J. Read
Owners   Owners
_ .J.   D.  Jamieson
Public Wks. Dept Thos. Carson
Owners   .<    Owners
.' _ .".    Owner
..'...'..-    Owner
Owners Hodgson,  King &  Marble
-    John   Nixon
rningTVPF c?
446 Homer St.
Sey. 5f-07
I H.D.Rees
i' NEW IDF *  f?H5?.T METAL
Anything in Sheet Metal and Roofing.
8. T. Scarlett, s**T.
8ASK   and   DOORS—OrPXClI
Bandsawinff ana Tarsiaf, «tc.
1730   SemUn   Drive Highland   374
I6SS  V«s»bt«« St.
Hlfhlantl M2
A    100^
Advertising Medium
Phone Bey. 316 516 Pender W.   j
• WJLKrose)
1 r '•
The Electric Shop
" *"•   ' -   ** ' i
'i _         _
12 Hastings St E. Sey. 1224
X*lK.ne Seymour 1878.
Palmer Bros.
General   Contractors
929 Main St. Se»-
Robertson & Partners Ltd.
1 '"   $150,000
 *  $65,000
""" $35,000
"" '$l7l.n00
"" $102,233
""  $12,000
  $3 5,000
 ' $iir..ooo
1603 B.
Character      _
Boys  Training  School	
21  Cottages   ,	
Reclamation   Work   	
Boys'   Training   School......
^llllt  Condenso'ry
Power Plant	
Bank   ,	
1 Indian   School' .;.....	
Bank    ...
Stock  Barn    ...
Hospital * -
2-Storv Tile Warehouse	
3-Story Shop  '. ...
School    -	
Bank    :.. ;	
School ...
School   Addn ,
Assembly Hall  	
Coal  Bunkering Plant	
Coal Bunkering 1'lant 	
'.'oai   Bunkering   Plants   (2)	
Conl Bunkering Plant 	
Coal  Bunkering Plant  	
Coal Bunkering Plant 	
Kerry   Bandings  $15,7-lis
Bay. 3370
FVrrv   i^a»«-""*»-',  ;,
Extensions to .Church........
Location     _  Owner
Albernl to Great Central Lake .C.P.R.
Coquitlam Prov. Govmt.
Powell River  Powell River Co.
Sumas Bake ........Prov.  Govmt.
Coquitlam .........Prov.   Govt.
Abbotsford Fraser Valley Milk Prod's
Alice Arm..... Taylor Engineering Co.
Lynn Valley ... .'...No. Vane. School Dist.
•Penticton Bank of Hamilton
Stuart Lake Dom. Govmt.
Williams  Lake. ..Can.  Bank of  Com.
West Summerland ....Can. Bank of Com.
Penticton .....School  Board
Annacis Island..Annacis Stock Farm Ltd.
ivnyox Can. Bank of  Commerce
Summerland Summerland  Hosp.
Mission.' B.  C... T. E. "Cutler
North Vancouver Wallace Shipyards
Wood   Lake.   B.   C ...Prov.   Govmt.
Vanderhoof, B. C Prov.  Govmt.
Langley  Prairie Royal  Bank
Armstrong   ....„ Prov.   Govmt.
Powell   River ' Prov.   Govm'l
IClmberlcv    Prov.  Govmt.
Oollarton    Robt.   Dollar   Co.
Golden,  B.  C C.  P.  R.
Ruby Creek   C.P.R.
Notch  Hill  &   Sicamous C.  P.   R.
Revelstcke  C. P. R.
Albert Canyon  C.  P. R.
Beavermouth   C.  P.  R.
Woodward's-Ladner   ..: ....Prov.   Govmt.
Vernon,  B. C Presbyterian  Church
 „  Contractor
 Foundation   Co.
Pub. Wks. Dept Robertson & Partners
Owners .._.... Leonard C. Stevens
Prov.  Govmt ; Marsh,  Bourne Co.
Pub. "Wks. Dept.......Robertson & Partners
 Sloan & Harrison I
 __„.„„   : W.  V.  Hunt
Blackadder & Mackay......Baynes & Horie
A. D. Acheson R. N. Wyatt
Dept. of Indian Affairs....Robt. Moncrieft
Wm. Fredk. Gardiner .........Thos. Wyley
Wm.   Fred'k Gardiner.... Thos. Harvey
Bell &- Curtis .MVv\^Clark
Wm. Fredk. Gardner....Sloan & Harrison
Wm. Fredk Gardner-Foundation Co., B.C.
 .-H. W.  Harvey
A.   E.   Henderson.... -.Owner
Owners :.....  Owners
Dept.  of  Works   ; F.  P.  Rogers
Dept.   of  Works Thomas   Carson
Gardiner & Meroer H. P. Leek
Dept   of Works.......... H. J. Davies
Public  Wks.   Dept..._ Thomas  Carson
Dept.  of  Works F.  P.   Rogers
Townley  ic  Matheson Rodger   Bros.
Owners  J. H. Summons, Winnipeg
Owners  Nickson   Construction   Co.
Owners AV. D. Grant
Owners  Simmons & Eby
Owners  J.  Forsyth & Co.
Owners  Sidney E. Junkens Co.
Public Wks. Dept Boyd & Jackson
   George  Calder
Telephones, Seymour 8585-8586
Suite 5,-rairfield Bid*.., 445 Oran. St
Makers of
Switon Boards, Panel Boards, Steel
Cabinets, etc
Switches designed and built for any
special work.
industrial Island     TanconTer. B. O.
Office:    Sey. 7075
Res.: Fair. 213SL
J.H. Healey
825 Birks Bldg.
Vancouver, B C»
Alterations,   etc.
1350 8th Ave. W.       Bayview 2278
Telephones Sey. 6191-6193
We carry a large stock of
"NORTHWEST LIME" manufactured in Victoria and which we are
prepared to furnish Building Contractors and Plasterers at lowest
prevailing prices.
804 standard Bank Building1
™,--_JBj     'ffll-BAB^si »»;«■« w —■ --    .    rr.-.■ "' '   :'
Public Works Contractors
l" -* : * Vancouver, B. C.
Office 813-81S Bower Bldg.  _	
& Company Ltd.
Manufacturers of
Office and Factory _
108 Georgia ST., E.     Seymour 8551
will find the J    •
Orpheum Cafe
an ideal meeting place for the Iiun ..
cheon Hour. The Best of Everyt6.\Wlsxii|
Prompt Service, Moderate Charges'*
Seating capacity 250.
762 Granville Street
Opposite Orpheom Theatre
Jas. Dwyer, Proprietor and Chef
Fairview Sand
& Gravel Co.,
Granville Isld. -Sey. 6761 ■jp-rr  - *  *  -Wrx      ft*                                 f  -r  •n'^ff.tcwwv.fn'M^ i Aijsi* rT  4  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  l     li"*; u   t ....  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING & HEATING  international  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St.  Vancouver B. C.  BUILDWG PERMITS AMOUNTING OVER $.780.00  Number  reBcription  Cost  FRASER RIVER  PILE DRIVING  Co., Limited  F. A. Jones, IffgTt.  WHARF BUILDING, BRIDGES,  PILE  FOUNDATIONS, ETC.  Owners   of   Tug   VClivs"  General Towlnff  324  FRONT  ST.  NEW WESTMINSTER  TELEPHONE 1015  1-27G2—Dwelling •   $3,500  12763—Dwelling       $3,500  12765—Warehouse   $2,500  Street Address  lot and Block  1594 12th Ave. W 1—410  1584   12th  Ave.  W ..2—410  Granville  Island     Subdivision .  526     526     Architect  ., Northern  Constr.  Co.  *    Contractor  Address  Owners      Owners    Northern Constr. Co...ll4 Vane. Block  Owner  Address  Johnston & Herherington, 3735 Parker  Johnston & Hetherington, 3735 Parker  Northern Constr. Co.,.114 Vane. JJlock  Fair, Robirason & Bird  L  Designers and  Manufacturers of  HIGH GRADE ELECTRIC CHANDELgERS  " RADIANT LIGHTS "  Tor Commercial Lighting  546   Howe Street  Phone Sey.  3312  B.C. CONSTRUCTION NEWS  LOCAL AND PROVINCIAL BUILDING, TENDERS   WANTED,   BRIDGES,    HIGHWAYS   ETC.  Ii  Walter Murray  Ernie JKurrsy  Murray Bros., Ltd.  PLUMBING and HEATING  CONTRACTORS  SETMOVB 6614  137 Powell St.  Vancouver. B. C i  VANCOUVER PEKMTS  12761—A. Williams, repairs, 1326  Granville St., $200, J. E. Wright, 466  10th Ave. E., Contr.  12764—A. Kilein, foundations, 621  Union St., $350.  12766—Allen Theatre Co., addition,  Georgia St". W., $200, E. Cox, 1285 Pen-,  der. St. „Wt,. Contr...        ;   .  12767—Mr. Leggatt, alterations, 1460  7th Ave. W„ $150, W. Shoberg, 557  ,10th Ave. E., Contr.  E.A.BAILEY  Plumbing  .,--;. -ahd...;fi."  SteamfittUig  1027 Howe St. . Phone-Say. 136  Vancouver. B. C. Res. Bay. 77  A. H. Mitchell  B. J. Mitchell  PENTICTON  RESIDENTS  BUILDING   BUNGALOWS  Point Grey Building Supply  . , -Z' • ''- COKPAjr**,- -:  Sand, Gravel, Torpedo Gravel, Crushed  Rock.-.Brick. Lime, Plaster, Cement," etc  SCREENED PLASTERING SAND  B borne 6 !• a An*us St. * Marine Br.  -' MABJPOUB, B. O.  J  Bi., A. Sonunerville        '' £. X. Elliott  Central Sheet  Metal Works  PLUMBING    HEATING  VENTILATING  560 Cambie St.,       Sey. 620. '  (Continued from Page 1)  system.  The other new dwelling was also  designed by the firm of Swan & Augustine for Mr. M. C. Randall, a local  merchant. The contract for. this  bungalow has been awarded to Messrs  Etter & Pearson at $4,400. It is to  have a stone fireplace and a number  of modern innovations which will  make a strictly up-to-date' home. The  contractors intend to start work on  the foundations shortly.  f  DIXON & MURRAY  MANUFACTURERS OF  SHOW CASES, OFFICE  .and STORE FITTINGS  6ENEHAL CARPENTER WORK  PAINTINS, PAPER HANS-  '    ING arid luUSOMIKMB  Sey. 8765       Sey. 8756'  1085 Dunsmuir St.  HftRDWOOD FLOiiRS'  " Stay -Put"   Brand  KILN DRIED  , KEPT ..DRY,-,..:  STAY JDKY  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co.  Limited  2G17 Gran. St  Bay. 1237  "Prospects" Your  Competitors Get  It would be worth many hundreds of dollars every year to  you-"to know that you have ..the  information your competitors get  —not iiazv, hearsay "tips' —but  real, concrete, definite news ot  Building & Engineering  contracts, wouldn't it? You can  get it—at small expense—-a daily  stream of live'.-building' reports  that will mean many more orders for you at away less expense.  Write for full information.  Maciean Daily Reports, Limited.  212 Winch Bldff., Vancouver, B.C.  Write for full Information.  Maclean Daily Raports, Ximitea.  212 "Winoli Bldff., Vancouver, B.C.  BOARD ASKS TENDERS ON  SCHOOL KALSOMINING  BURNABY—Tenders" are now being  invited,by the secretary of tlie Burnaby Board of School Trustees' for the  kalsomining of' the class 'rooms" at the  different schools throughout the municipality. "The work is required to be  done during the Christmas holidays.  A. H. MITCHELL  AND COMPANY  Plumbing - Heating  Sheet  Metal  GET OUR PRICES FIRST  564 Richards St Sey. 17SI  W. A. BROWN  LIMITED  PLUMBERS  2^3 Powell St.  Sey. 770  $9,500 ALLOTTED   FOR  LADYSMITH   WHARF  t  LADYSMITH—Word has been received from J. C. Mcintosh, M.P. that  plans and specifications for the new  wharf wiirbe to hand this week.. The  amount already-allotted for the purpose is ?9,500, but jt is expected that  this will be considerably increased.  Ladysmith is badly in need of a new  wharf.'  The Canada Shingle Co.,Ltd.  Mtannfscturors of British. Colombia  RED  CEDAR  SHINGLES  Pricos Bifht.   We Wxip, Anywhere.  Good Orsdes well maintained. ■ .■  Write Us: Phorie.Us:  P. O.  Box 312   ,     ,. Highland.844  ■ Mills foot of Wall St.  Vancouver, B.C.  Classified Advertising  STTPr.BIE'TEITDEITT or BUIMEBS'  Omieral Foreman desires position; ex-  ijev'.enced it. general construction, re-  Inforsefl concrete-,- detailing', estimating-, asd general routine. Advertiser,  Bex 100, Record.  w  suulll   vl  - BUILDERS  GEY. 3315       511 DUNSMUIR ST. fi  Pipe for Gas  Keep the HouseWarm  Keep Basement Clean  Buy Pure Heat  Abolish Waste  Pay for "just what  You Use  Vancouver Gas Co.  Phone Seymour 5000  425, Carrall 13 38 Granville  SIX   MILLION   DOLLAR  PLANT  NOW  ASSURED  »  (Continued from  Page 1)  expert and the other a paper and puip^  authority.  In an announcement which Mr. •McLean made on behalf of the party at  a luncheon tendered in their honor in  Prince George by the Board of Trade  of' the northern city-, he stated that  provided satisfactory arrangements  could be made with the government  in regard to the acquiring .of ,suitable  power sites and extensive timber leases so as to assure a continuity of supply on a large scale, the neW syndicate Tvas prepared to, spend in the  neighborhood of $6,000,000 in the establishment of a power plant with a  capacity ,of at least . 50.000 horsepower, a sawmill and a huge pulp and  paper mill in the .vicinity" of Prince  George. Just which one of three  hydraulic sites in the vicinity of  Prince George would be ultimately  chosen depended on further investigation by their engineers. • The plant  would be, a big one, Mr. McLean assured the Prince George citizens, and  would cover about 200 acres of ground  and employ fully 1,000 men in the  bush , and various industries in connection with the mill. It was planned  to" manufacture all kinds of paper,  from the fine varieties of note paper,  down through the list to .newsprint, including the much-used "kraft',; wrapping, and mercantile paper.  The only difficulty facing the establishment of the enterprise so far  is that certain modifications will be  required in the B. C. Forest Act, so  as to enable the syndicate to secure  an amplitude of supply of pulp wood  of the various kinds to assure them  of continuous operation for the next  ten years or so.'on the mammoth sca'le  on which they plan to supply not only  much of the Canadian and American  but also foreign -markets.^  .  First announcement on the lower  mainland of this huge enterprise was  made over a month ago in the B. C.  Record, which on that occasion gave  full details of the scheme and the personnel of the noted financiers avdo are  behind the venture, and which includes some prominent British capitalists headed by Lord Beaverbrook.  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS '  LIGHT and POWER MOTOR REPAIRS STORAGE BATTERIES  The Jarvis Electric Company, Ltd.  570- KiclntrdB St.  'Phone   Seymour   176  .>  HOOFING  ni      The JMJg&l  PAVIKB - <SPJt  Company  MITED  COAL  TAR  PRODUCTS  MATERIALS   Send  for  color   card  •*  barr'etps  VELVEX   CREOSOTE   SHINGLE    STAINS  Cor. 10th Ave. and Arbutus St. Phonos: Bay1. 63 and 64  /"•-  ARCHITECTS  The   Murphy   In-A-Dqr  WILL ENABLE  YOUR   CLIENTS TO  BUILD THEIR  HOMES  WITHIN  YOUR   ESTIMATE.  ■'    .        -  Zt will cat 500 to lOOO from the Construction Costs wltio-xt  lesseninr the  convenience in any way..- . .  It is s res.1 bed—not a makeshift—nnd Is uir.flo in the fonr standard  ci-««  and finished in Vermis Martin, White Stamol, V/aljuit and Hahoffany.     "  Descriptive  literature gladly..mailed on application,  H. D. SUTHERLAND  •    • •  BEPBESENTUrO ?, >      .-'   \ .,   .  MXntFKY  DOO» USD CO.,  OP  WESTEsUf  CANADA   £TJ>.  306 Carter Cotton Bldg-. Vancouver, B. C.  ii  NEVER LEAK  If  Products  Ready Roof ins - Roof Gum -Roof  Coating - Lap Cement  Saturated Pelt  PACIFIC  ROOFING  CO., Limited  MANUFACTURERS    '  Seymour   1106  Industrial Island  .Vancouver, B.C.  Campbell & Grill  Established 1905 -  Roofing Contractors  tax. wnrsows—TCXE soobs-^smoxs-itack  nmsTACS—TBsTYX&ATXXO   PAXTS—UOV :  SXTUOSTS—OEsTSBAX JOBJUB0  -■OT-AXB  IMS Ssymonr M.  Vancouver,-B. ,0.  ■eymomr tMi  MACHINERY  Usea   Machinery   of   All   Kinds    Bought  and   Sold.  B. C. EQXnvXEli'j: CO.. LTD.    s  Bank of Ottawa Bltlg". Sey. 9040  "EVERYBODY'S working but father." A wail comes to "us that everybody's gottiny hia play Increased except the man who has to pay it.     r  KEYSTONE  ROOFING  is a British Colombia Prod net  ■l^^l^jQldsJts^own with any roofing   assigned   to   meet   the   same ,  need.  Sales Agents  Smith* Davidson & Wright, Limited  Vancouver and  Victoria, B.C.  PILING and POLES  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length — any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO., LTD.  1021-1024 Roe«r* Building Seymour 3998-3999  MARTIN - SENOUR  100% PURE PAINT  COSTS LESS PER JOB THAN ANY GTHER TAINT ON THE MARKET AND LASTS LONGER  See The Guarantee On The Can  VANCOUVER FACTORY:   1505 POWELL STREET  Character ........  Round House. Mch Shops.etc..  Two Storey Block ..:..:...   Store Building :....... ••  teKidtr.iee   Alterations   Residence .j...:. ....-...:........  Health   Centre     Joirspleting- Store     School V...::.'.   Residence   Residence     Residence     \iterations'  .' -•   \partment      Kitchen 'Ventilation   Additions  to   Res   Theatre   ."..... .;..-  Alterations    -   Character   -■-..   School - ■ -   Railway Station   School - ••  Residence      Residence .'■.-•   Garape - • ■   School Addn .■      Cost  ,....$30,000  ..:.$29.000  .. ?G0,000'  ...'.515,000  .. $40,000  .   $23,500  $750,000  .. $16,415'  .. $10,000  .... $5,000  .... $7,000  .. $12,000  . $10,000  ... $5,000  ...   $5,000  $300,000  . ■ $15,000     Cost  . $17,000  ....$25,000  ....$20,000  $27,000  .. $10,500  ... $5,000  ,...$30,000  VICTORIA  Location   Owner  Victoria   ......: - Can.   Nat'l   Rlwy*.  DoUglas St., Vic Mrs. XV. H. Dou^ar  Douglas & Broughton Otto Weiler  Craigdarroch   — S.  XV.  Spencer  St.' Charles  St H.   K.   r'.tillen  Royal   Oak   (Saanich)....Corp. of  Saanich  ■FisguarU- St Hudson's liny Co,  Kings lioad School   Hoard  Oak  Bay K.   B.  Halsall  Wellington   Ave O.   Sommcrs   Col.   C.   C.   Bennett   Royal   Bank  .Wood,  Foyster Co. L.td.   :..C. P.   R.   HotuI   ft. Henderson  iram't   Vic.  Thea.  Ar;hitoct   (waers  l-Seach   Drive  ....  Fairfield- Block  Hey wood Ave.  .'  Government St.  ;M8 Foul   Bay   Road   Yiites A Blanchfird...!  Johnson   &  Broad  St Can.   Fairbanks  VANCOUVER ISLAND  Location      Courtenay    ,  Nanaimo    North Cedar .  Parksville, V.  Gordon   Head..  Courtenay  :  Cumberland ...      Owner   Prov.   Govmt.   E: & N. Railway   Prov.  Govt.  I M.  P.  Beattie  , .....Campbell   Patterson   Clifford A. Cameron  .„ Prov. Govt.  Percy  Percy  Percy  P. U  K. H.  Birk,  K. li.  Maclure  Owner      Maclure & Lort...  3. C.   Keith   Maclure   A   Lort.,  P. i.. .Tames...^  J. M. .Teffery...:.  C.   El wood   Watk  Fox   Fox      Fox ....  James   Spurgin W  Horwood C  SpurgiTi....  &  Lort    Contractor  ...Roi'frtson &  Partners  .A.  Lock ley.  Esquimau   ;.l.uney  Bros.   ;......Harry Cattcrall   P.  .McKeohnic-  illlarns,  Trerise A Will  arter,  Hall   &  Aldinger   Parfitt   Bros.  Wood,  Foyster Constr.,   A.   McCrimmon   Smith & Shaw   David  W.   Burnett   , Owner   .'. 1.  L.  Skeene   P.   McKechnJo'   Luney   Bros., Ltd.  ins....: 1.   L.   Skene  Aronitect   Contractor  Pulilic   Works   Dept Robt.   MoncricfC  Owners George Wilson  Pull. Wks. Dept E. J. Ryan Contr. Co.  Maclure A  Lort Mr.   Vcstaunet       Wood, Foyster Constr. Co.   .' A.  C.   italphs  Dept of Works........IS. J. Ryan Constr. Co.  v   REPORTS  T  1Y HEATING  For Steam, Hot j Water or Warm  Air, Will l|« Foun< MpHiloMablb And  Especially so When Installed fciy Competent Engineers.  566 Beatty St l^i CiimH^         Seymour 7596  GiLLEY BROS.. Limited  DEALERS IN  CRUSHED ROCK - SAND - GRAVEL  ALL   KINDS   OP   BUILDING   MATERIAL  902  Columbia Street West  Phone 15 and 16 New Westminster, B.C.  GALVAN I ZING  l • i  - —  — ■■   ■'■»——  BAR IRON -SHIP IRONWORK - BOLTS - NUTS  IRON and STEEL CASTINGS - FIRE ESCAPES  PIPE and FITTINGS- POLE LINE HARDWARE  , VfE  OAI.VANIZE  EVEBYTEINO BT HOT PBOCESS  T    lil/ ATT IR0N a"d GALVANIZING  Fairmont 971 Office and Works, 225 ■ 5th W. Vancouver, B. C.  Brown. Fraser & Co.. Ltd;  SUCCESSORS   TO  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  f  e;  Machinery and Supplies  Phone Seymour 71S5  1150 Homer Street  f, TniniWb'iln  Vancouver, B. C.  """" ''isszs  Tr-^yjyrBHmffl»g™°'  p  mm <  If/  m  mB.  m'  ml  m  m  l*.  s-i  I  r


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