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 ■J  THE ONEY COMMERCIAL NEWS|AP|R MIfl  COLUMMA  VOL. XVII. No. 42-  A NE*VKSPAPER DEVOTED TO GENERAI, SEWS, BT7XZ.DXN-..  CONTRACTX-TO, ENGINEERING, PROVINCIAI.,  CXTT  AND HABBOB E__FBOV*_n__BWTS  VAWCOtlVER, B.C., WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1919. „, S^a^e.t  PRICE—_»«■ Yea* *» Advance'!', -    •1®-J5  Pet Month    -    -    -    -    -      •uu**  Published  Monday  Wednesday and I-rld-ty  Building Material  1*1  Wm. N. O'Neil Co.,  Tel. Sey. 4795-6.  548-550 Seymour St.  PACIFIC SHEET METAL  WORKS, Limited  ROOFING CONTRACTORS  MET AX. WINDOWS  r_B£ SOOB8  JOBBIWO   J  BLOW FTP-WO  SMOKE STACKS  Granville Is.;, |; Seymour 2172,  JOHN  ,'i.ZZZZi-i'''  MOWBRAY HIGH SPEED TUNGSTEN-VANADIUM  Drill Steels, Hollow Round, Cruciform, Octagon.  Carload of stock coming. . Prominent    Vancouver    Shop     ha*  Write,   wire    or    phone    for   quota- used this  High  Speed  Steel.   Ask for  tlons. ' ■ ' " . their opinion, . "  .'        TAYLOR ENGINEERING COMPANY, LIMITED  I - ■ -  DISTRIBUTORS ;.;.„..,„,•.,...;.■■  I Credit Foncier Building A   -       "      ■.-■■     " Toionhone  Seymour  Telephone Seymour 3._.<.  mr>u«> p«hit. AMOH-rmra »o .500 ^^^^^J±^^^—--^-. —S5=  «_---»—   — ___. ..<«_,_*   Contractor  . —   Wujnb«rr  D—crlption  Cost  10728—Alters,  to Bank   $l,-_0  10731—Warehouse   $1,W)0  aire-* Addr-M  I.ot and Bloc-*  Hastlngs  & Abbott  •-•_  1st Ave. & Pine St \8'-18  Babd-Vl-ton  Architect   .......Fred L.  Townley  526 ...' ;..............:....: ....:.:.  Contractor  Addrw-   CWnw  p. H. Fisher ...   ii. N. McLeod.. 2857—5th Ave. W.  :r'"~''"v"*~T.!"ZZZZ-!!ZZ.3!ZZ".'I  Addre--  Imperial   Bank   National Biscuit Co   ,#Vj.#->.i-.--V-W>-'r-*r--*-*''"  ■■-'*»_-.- J.*---•--•--■**•*•*  as  If  m  Its*.  I -*  '.      Roofing, Building pHQN£ 2988  .  Papers, etc-  Bullding Partition  and Drain Tile  EVANS  TjMlTED  _ _. Clayburn Firebrick,   Special  fT.oF Columbia av     sh«P^ nrabncki prw.ad  Vancouver Brand Cement, Reinforced Steal/Hydrated  '!.'lXi_ine',"etc'.'"■-.:.•.■:-.■  ■.*.;■•;„:</  MUNDY, ROWLAND & CO.  ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS  AMD :■■■:.•  COMTRACTMS  Power Installations  '. .f,._:rCenerel ,•;.....,.'.. .  Electrical   Conatmction  'PMIIC Willi 154  1     St_fl._rd Bak Biil_*a{  luj-imi- wwunt  -.__?>';.. *>■ •#--  teawf. .&? *  'fSrjii.  HARDWOODS  Lumber   Veneer    Panels,   Etc.  We are alao S—   H_rterf»MMI_MlJ  Celebrated "Beaver Brand    ■*»*■•  and Birch Floor-nig. _^^__  I. FYFE -l-rril CO. UMD c  1320 Richard* St.  BUILDING   AND   INDUSTRIAL  NEWS  & CO.  .-?  TH E MOL-btN CO., Ltd  ■o_„.„-_BMCW.V.ErT--CTOB,  'VoleA_icnt»lnC*»r«*llar*>p  ChTc-»g^ne-.i«a«c loo! Co.  cmc-sv Gljnt Drlllt. „_„„.,  —~   "^S.rVff.rR-i"^   Air e-nP*—«  E,CC Fuel Oil and  Gas  Engines.  ■Ntr-al. Twi-ti  WiMipil  81 Pst-V St. «.. f»m» » C'.  P.NI S... !■•*  "London, Eng  B-Xontr.--  Winaip^gr Toronto  Vancouver, B. 0.  W. Hunt & Co.,Ltd.  ..:,....-..'.....-;.   '.EMOINEERS. ;.:...----v,,-"-.r, ■..  iwsi»-:cTidN,-^tesTS ~ consultation  8TEEL,    CEMENT,   -BUI_.C-.NGS,    f.RIDGE8,     PIPE,-RAILS,    CARS,  LOCOMOTIVES,   SECONDHAND   EQUIPMENT.  CREOSOTED  MATERIAL, LUMBER, ETC.  Office and Laboratory  218 Standard Bank Bldg. fPhone Seymour 2199  Resident Inspectors at Large Manufacturing Centers  dwelling,  3rd  Ave.  E.,  $350, owner, contr.  10729—W. *R.   Boyle,  2-15   Gth   Ave.  W.,  garage, -$100.  J 0730—Mt.    Pleasant    Hall,    alterations, Eighth and Ontario S„ ?100.  INVITING TENDERS  FOR  DEEP CREEK  VIADUCT.  ' Tenders are being invited by A. Ff,  J Proctor, Chief Engineer, Dept. of Rail*  1 ways, Victoria, for .the supplyingvoi  fabrication and the erection of steel  for superstructure, Deep Creek viaduct. Notice of tender appears on  page 4 of this  paper.  NATIONAL  BISCUIT CO.  TO ERECT WAREHOUSE  S. N*. McLeod, 2857 5th Ave. West,  has been awarded a contract from the  National Biscuit Company for the  erection of a warehouse adjoining  their premises at 1st Ave. and Pine  St. The-building will be. 50x120 feet  in size with corrugated iron exterior  and concrete floor and will cost $1S00.  a^w_____——p—^w^_^   .    _  ♦+--h»*_-***.«M**«:^ outside face of the stone will inform  +        BUILDING PERMITS     '   %  posterity that it was laid by the Prince  -".•:"«j«:*^-:-.»<-«lH:.t>.:..:>,:.';'.:.,i..:.-_..^_^..s_:_,j'^:. of Wales.   His Royal Highness expres-  10727—F.   S.   Steel,   dwelling,   2935  sed   considerably   suprise   after   the  ceremoney when informed that it was  expected to complete the building in  seven months time, evidently not being used to the hustling methods of  the west in the erection of buildings.  The plans for this model school  I were prepared by Mr. R. P.' S. Twizell, of Twizell, Bird and Twizell, 10-19  Metropolitan Bldg. Messrs. Hodgson  King and Marble, 508 London Bldg..  -tre ah«_" cowtractors.•   ■•■- -. ,  "THORM  Roller Bearing Drills • Close Quarter Piston Air Drills -Rwettiag HiMtrs  Chipping Hammers-Wood Borers-Turbine and Electric Drills  High Speed Steel-Drills-Reamers, Etc.  Complete Stock of Accessories  1144hOMERST. Phone Sey. 4100  E-ti_oat_« Oiven  Sey-oour 720O  BUILDER'S  .     ._ "Wt CAJEIR,Y A C0M-?--Z:T£'I.IR-.   -»x  FiKiSHING HARDWARE- CONTRACTOR'S SUPPLIES  Wovaloid Roofin;  ERECT BRICK  BUILDING  ON   GRANVILLE   STREET  I     A  contract  for  the  construction  of  I a one-story  brick  building,  75x120  ft.  in size, to be erected at the corner of  | Granville and Nelson Streets has  | been awarded to contractors .Turnbull  'and Curr, 26—14th Ave. East by Doc-  ! tor O. C. Gilbert and associates, Do-  t minion Bldg. The new blociv will have  l five stores, 15x70 feet, facing on Gran-  tville St.., and two stores, 20x50, facing  on Nelson.  Work will be started at once.  Structural Steel For Every Purpose   ' ^5?= !  lg  WOOD, VALLANCE & t.EGGATT, LIMITED  Wholesale Heavy and Shelf E-rdwat.  VANCOUVER, BRIT5SH COLUMBIA  Vancouver Lumber Co., Limited  MANUrACTTTKEBS  OF  FIR, CEDAR and SPRUCE LUMBER  .-,.»■.*   .If You Want •_■.__.«.■#%___■  THE 6EST-UMBER ami THE BEST SERVICE  RlEASONABLE PRICES  .,       oaU and see us; or phone.  South End of Connaught Bridge  ou        , Vancouver, B. C.  Phone Fair. 918-919  j PRINCE  LAYS  CORNER  I    • STONE  ALSO   BESTOWS  >     ' HIS  NAME 6N  SCHOOL  j     With suitably engraved, solid silver  .trowel, His Royal Highness the Prince: W  j of Wales  laid the corner stone of the  H. Bradley   'new    High    School    on    Shaughnessy G. W. Scales   Heights last Monday.    This handsome'N-A. Galloway..  new school will not only possess atlis-iT. W. Bourns....  Unction above air other schools In the'Thos  ci# of having its cornerstone laid by; u   Ql  the future king of the Empire, but the  popular young heir to the throne further honored the school by bestowing  on it his name, aud the institution in  future is to be known as the Prince of  Wales High School.  The ceremony passed off very successfully, the cavity in the corner  stonecontaining the usual historical  records,   while. an   Inscription   on   the  THIRTY-FIVE   APPLICATIONS  APPROVED FOR  HOMES  Following is a list of the names ana  addresses of thirty-five applicants  for loans under the Soldier's Housing  Scheme which have been approved by  the city council:  Mrs. P. Fitph....:...-... 1603 Grant St..  R. A. Payhe............2S24—14th Ave.  W.  E. Parker 2216 Triumph St.  H. B.  Cox 221S York St.  C. B. Anderson ...............2245 Pine St.  R. C. Murray 675 Hamilton St.  W.. P. Fance. 2741 Pandora St.  Mrs. S. Black.........:.. 1224  Lakewood  Mrs. 1. E. Maddaugh....204 Dom. Bldg.  A. J. Heavingham........l2S6. Burrard St.  G..A. Le Fler ....1566 llth Ave. W.  W. Lemon  .........743 Broadway E.  F. Morgan 728—12th'Ave. E.  G. Delves ..........1638 3rd Ave. E.  S. C. Haimes 3S50 Quebec St.  W. Roedde .......616 Homer St.  H. M. Haggerstone 735 Semlin Dr.  W. F. Fraser 1455—8th _._ve. W.  D. O'Sullivan 675 —7th Ave W.  J. S. H. Newbold.: 1520 5th Ave. W.  W. H. Harvey.. 1802 Nelson  A. Bulman 536 17th Ave. E.  T. A'. Gray 1549—8th Ave. E.  Michael Kerrigan 2029 Pine St.  Andrew Kelly 4293 Welwyn St.  A. A. Wynoss C5S Hornby St.  W. J. Stowe 2223 Sfch __ve.  _j.  R. Brown 542 5th Ave. W.   1534 Venables  ....1923—1st Ave. E.  ...ll.S—Gth Ave. W.  t4Wf.es-_-unre-i-L^»o--x».-K»A**M» *_»•, co*  COMWITILT SQUJPM-n PABMCAIDTtt «KOMI  CANADIAN NORTKWEST STEEI COX LW-  -___•__. «__,_-■ _M«  ralrzaont 2396 -wad 2397  •VoacouTOK, M. O.  Pressed  GABRIOLA SHALE PRODUCTS  LIMITED  Vancouver Off Ice Phone Sey. 9167  -f. 1_2-3 Vancouver Block       J. T- A-, Ritchie, Rep'tive  Hamilton.  !H. St. J. Biggs...  A. R. Doe    .....242S Birch   2024 Kitchener   952 Denmnu  ..1S17—7th Ave. W.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co.  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  Largest Ktock of Mild Steel Bars in Western Canada.    W.e-out to length.    I  Cold Twist and  Bend  Bars. **■  B03_-*S:—  Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts.    We are prepared to furnish'large  orders ot' Special  Bolt* on  short notice.  SPIKES—CAST IBON WASHERS,  ETC.  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS    ,  PORTLAND    CEMENT   —   I.rfctE   —   HYD-t-.__!D    LIME   —   PIBE    CI._.T  SCOTCH TIRE BRICK — BI-ACKSMIT-C OO&X. — COKE  SEA  COAX, — FIG IRON — T-A-JILA ROFE,  ETC.  VANCOUVER  WINCH BUILDING  Prlvat* Ex. Sey. 9197  San Francisco, Los  Angeles, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  VICTORIA  BELMONT. BUILDING  Tnlaphona 5037  MHIwork Contracts  trnlon   Depot    1916  Can.  Northorn -lly.  Depot 1017  Calgary Armory     RoBiiland   BlR-h  School   Tni.__ci_._no   Bc-nitorlttni   ,1918  -.1918  ...1918  Westminster  Our steam heated plant enables us  to manufacture Venue. Work at any  ttt-tisoti ol' the year.  We are now manufacturing- Intorior  flttlnps for the new B. C. Telephone  Building's head office In Quarter Cut  Oak.  1259—6th St., East Burnaby  ROOFING   PAPER  1   have   a   large   quantity   of  roofing     paper   for     sale   at  square.     This   is   A-1   piiper.  "W.  H.  HARRIS  447 e._orffia St. E. Hig-li  one   ply  %-L'lb   per  SURREY VOTES $1,CO0.0O  FOR ROAD REPAIRING  CLOVERDALE, B. C—Considerable  repairs to the Johnson Road and Victoria Avenue at White Rock are to  be, carried out at once by the municipality. The excessive amount of  surface water which has made these  roads dangerous even through the  summer, was complained of at the  i meeting of the    Surrey   council    last  nOEDUTX UELI7ERT OF THE POUOWINO^     ^^^  WOOD    LATH  F_BRE   PLASTER,^*™   PARIS,   CORNER  AND  PLAS TER   SAND  Ritchie Contracting r Supply CclVtta.  ""V ■■•.,■;_,.    -.1561 .Granville: Street  1999-X.  (Ccmtinued  oti   I'li-f   * *"  Seymour 4860  Reliable - Electric  Company  J. SMITH, Manaffer  152 Alexander St.   Vancouver, B.C.  Twenty Ye-jr*' Ex-p-rle-ic- tn all Branciies  of E-lGctric-xl Work. I__p.p.otion—Exp_rt  ■i;---r--o ~_ TTon*nte Wort—rt-.taU-ag' — Re-  Wina-air—All  "Work  Ot»ar_."atee„.  Westminster Iron Works  Office and Works Tenth Street  .   _      to   n Phone 53  New Westminster, B. o.     . BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  !  '■J  British Columbia Record  (Established 1911)  Published   every   Monday,   Wednesday   mnd  Friday by  the  Record Publishing Company  hem  ; o  Plate, Sheet, Figured,  Wlred,Art,Prism,  Colored, etc.  Wholesale and Retail  W.HOLT  ,|| 426—436 Dufferin St. Fairmont 1238  Bevelling  and  Silvering  prices,   f.o.b.,   on   mineral  aggregate, i later, according to the inevitable lawi     3445—M.  Willerton,  verandah,  1767  of  A newspaper of, general circulation, featuring Building, Contracting, Engineering, Industrial. Shipbuilding,. Mining, Automobile, Pro-  -iafci*., City  and  Harbor  Improvements.  a H. NELSON....MANAGING EDITOR  ' Office and Plant  S29 P**.nder_St.W., Vahcoa-rer, B. C.  PHONE   SEYMOUR   7808.  Subscription Bute*   Per   Year   in   Advance .......'.•*... .....$10.00  Par   Month     1.00  AM •ubscriptions are payable strictly in advance  (sand, gravel and crushed stone) had oC supply and demand  risen    on the    average    73    per cent.  Building stone showed an Increase of  64 per cent, and common brick 92 per  cent.    Compare  these   prices  with   a  rise of 113 per, cent, in all other commodities and  with  a rise of  116 per  cent, in the group.farm products.    It  has been found that the cost of construction of buildings on the average  has increased about 62 per cent. J  Little evidence is in sight pointing |  to a decline of prices in general. There  is even less liklihood of declines in  prices of building . materials. So in  the face of a fairly stabilized market  in regard to building material prices  and constantly increasing rents due  to the house shortage, it would look  SO. VANCOUVER PERMITS  3443—H. Masse, dwelling, ' 6069  Lanark St., $250.  3444—Isaac Russell, addition^ 200  49th E.r $150.  fob  Busy Business Men  OFFICIAL ORGAN.  The   British   Columbia   Record  la  the | like a good policy to build. Ana tnis is  ©-Octal organ of The Architectural Instl  tote of British Columbia, federated with  "Tli- Roj'al Architectural Institute of  •Canada, and The Engineering & Technical Institute of British Columbia, and  a» such is used by them as the medium  through which to make their official an-  "•ouncements  to  the general, public.  By such selection the British. Colum-  t»la Record Is no wise pledged to edi-  ter-al support of any policy advanced  ~biT these societies," but maintains an absolutely independent position on all matter-! subject to editorial opinion. "-.  what will have to be done sooner or  A.   solid,   substantial   food   served   in  an appetizing flavor.  GOOD EATS  CAFE  Ho.   1—110   CORDOVA   ST.   WEST  Canada Food  Board  No.   10-7661.  20th Ave. E., $100.  3446—Miss    Goodshap,    repairs   to  bldg. after fire, 1464 Kingsway, $1,600  3447—-J. L. Thompson, dwelling,' lot  26, blk. 16-17, D.L. 391-92, $675.  3448—S. D. Day, dwelling, 2Sth Ave.,  E„  $700.  -To.   2—612  PENDER  ST.   WEST  Canada  Food   Board No.   10-7660.  MINING  The  company  that recently bought  the   First   Thought   mine   at   Orient,  Wash.,  will  begin    operations    soon.  There   is   lying   on   the   dump   10,000  tons of ore running $9 in gold to the  ton.    This can  be shipped and treated at a cost of $6 a ton.    Below the  600  level  the  diamond  drill  revealed  five feet of ore carrying gold  values  of $12  to the  ton.   .This  will  be  developed by a shaft that will follow tho  'course of the drill hole.  VICTORY  BONDS  BOUGHT and SOLD  Transact your bond business through a long established and thoroughly  organized concent.  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.  ESTABLISHED  Hf  1886  PITCHFORD-KADLEG  1 ENGRAVING CO.r  ILLUSTRATING ENGRAVING  DE-TIG-NING COLOR WORK  PHONE SEX 7_>01. 44-5 RICHARDS 5T  VANCOUVER .B.C >  around Floor  Winch Bldf.  739 Hastlngra St. W.  Vancouver  PEARSON WIRE & IRON  WORKS  ORNAMENTAL IRON  WORKERS, WIRE WORKERS and WEAVERS  Nothing too Large or too Small  If it's Iron or Wire we make it  CITY MARKET BUILDING  Phone your Inquiries to  FAIRMONT 2794  \  !  1 ■■■  NEW WORK - CONTRACTS LET  TIS   FOZ-Z.OWZNO   TABLE   SHOWS   BUZXDZNQS   COBTZNO    95,000    OH    OVEB,    ON    WHICH     CONBTBtTCTZON  IXNDEB WAY, OB OH WHICH CONTRACTS HAVE BEEN LET BUT CONSTBtTCTZON HOT TET 8TABTED.  Sey.  2SS9 Res.,  Bay.  2908V  ACME DRAFTING & ART  COMPANY  We make a specialty of Drafting  and Tracing for Builders and Kngi-  n«ers, ...  316 Bank of Nova Scotia Bldg.    602 Hastings  St, W,  XS  HOUSE SHORTAGE  IN GENERAL  No matter how long it may be put  oB, there is bound to s he a great—an  Almost unprecedented boom—in hbuse  B-atMing: all over the conL-ipient... before  lens.    Property ownera may hesitate  i ler another half year or even a year  Zjtk,  but  according to all  signs  and  I W_-.-T*6_10US-_  'eminent authorities, they will have to Residence .Z.77777  " Sax* the situation sooner or later, that j R^|d|n^e '"77777.  Add   to  School  3 Bungalows ...  w*__i-___^_tc»"j»     ■•••■•••»••••'  Brick   Building   ............  Bank Extension .........  Residence    :......'.....L   Gasoline  Station   Residence    Dwelling   Garage   Bldg.   Residence   Residence .......  Residence ....  Residence   Residence ............  Residence  ■to own   a  piece   of, good, residential  Taropehj   without ..making-   some ar-  l-nagement to build a, dwelling on it  '<«-_._!.' thereby tend to decrease' the universal   house' shortage   isir not  doing  one's duty by the community in which  • one lives. .'..-'■';  According to a report of the econ-  •oaucs section of the ^United States  division of public works, there is an  estimated shortage of one million  "houses at the present time in the whole  -of the United States.    Wfcjile no offi-  *t_-al report regarding the house short-  -tfe in Canada has been submitted "to  the federal authorities, ithas', been con-  .servatiyely estimated that Canada will  »oed at least .''.another-, two hundred  thousand    homes in   the . broad area  Jron.   the  AtlanticJtpithe.^cific^by  'the time all.the  Canadian troops  re  turn from overseas.  Residence  Alterations  Residence  ..  Residence .-.$5,200  Residence  Residence ....  Residence   Bungalow" -.„-......".....  Residence   Residence  .....  Two-story   Brick   .  Residence ...........:.:..  Residence    Residence   Three-story   Bank  VANCOUVER  .......  •. Coet Docatlon       Oi-it      Seymour St B.  C. Tel. Co.   .......$27,000   Hastings & R.chards..........Standard Bank  -•    $7,000   York & Larch Sts... ...Mrs. Macdonald   $17,000   Dunsrouir.-fc  Hov.e........Imperial   Oil   Co.      $9,500   1155  llth Ave. West  .....AVm.  Mete   _..*5.00.0   1785  16th Ave. W....... S.  N.  Baynes  —- ....$30,000   Georgia & Butte ..Terminal City Mtr. Co.  — ,......$8,000   Angus Ave., Shaughnessy A.-A.'Ross   ....$7,500  Alexander St. ...Cap & Shaw   ...—1-.07.   Shaughnessy   Hghts Gordon   Campbell   ..;.$6,422   Magee ..H. J. Bigger  - ..-   $6000   35th  &   Vine— -...Percy   Whalley   $6000   Magee -...,Wm.  G.  Breeze      $7,000   49 Cordova St. E McLennan & McFeely  - _$6.800   1775  16th  Ave.  W.:.....Vernon  Const.  Co.    $13,000   Shaughnessy .Dr. Archibald Smith  ................$8,000  Shaughnessy .........;..:.......Dr. R. D., Pallen  —.., $27,500   Magee :. ......Pt. Grey School Board    .$10,500   1st Ave. and Stevens ........P. G. Evans   -—,1*6.000   Magee  .....Mrs- B.^B.. Brown  ............:.$15,000   111 Dunsmuir St. ...Navy League of Can.  $5800   Magee .,:.......Henry, W.  Schofleld  Pt.   Grey S.   W.   Webster  Pt.   Grey ...J.   Abernethy  Pt.   Grey.....: : W, J.   Lesage  Marine   Drive „ J.  R.  Craig  16th Ave. hear Gran.Thos. A. B. Ferris  Magee ......:.   Frank  Sawford  Shaughnessy  ......'.............:... k. J.   Burns  600 Block Granville St.....'...Wm.-Dick, Jr;  King Edward & Selkirk..Mrs. G. Forsyth  3rd and Blanco, Pt. Grey. „...;..W. Lee  29th & Margarite..... Mrs. E.L. Bourn-  Seymour & Hast...Union Bank,of Canada   $5,000  ...:.....   $5,800   .".     $12,000  .:... $5,000      $6,600      $10i00.  ...:..........$34,500    $10,000   .....-$6,000  ..............:..$8,0.0  ...........:.$300,000  Remodelling  $5,948  Remodelling .....;.    $80,000  Residence   ..........:.:..... ...... $10,800  Eight-Room   School   ..;.........:....... ..;   Residence    .......:........:. :.....„.:...$,13,10,0  Residence ......::..L.....................  $7,000  1. story brick..    $6,300  Residence  , $5,000  Store Bldg. ....,........:.....;......$6,000  Apartment House .........  $8,000  Bungalow  ...........'...-........��.„..:............ $5,000  Garage Bldg. ;........:....:....-...;.'...:..".....$22,000  Residence    $7,632  Residence     $8,500  School   Building ^:-.:;.l......................$ 17,900  School   Bldg :  ""  Old Safe Block....Grifflth & Lee.Ltd. Agts  Dominion   Bldff .Dom.   Bank  Shaughnessy  Heights........D.   H.   Chriatie  Ash & Tupper Sts. Pt. Grey School Board;  Shaughnessy Heights....H.  J.  F.   Turner  Shaughnessy  Heights....Dr.  J.   F.   Curtis  1082"Granville St....Mrs. M. J. McQueen-.  f26th Aye. W., Pt. Grey....F. W. Chapman  1348 Kingsway ..:. .._:e. J., Brooks  '618'Victoria Drive :....:..T.:Heland  Strathcona Heights   ........Walter   Teetzfcl  8thAv A KingBway.Standard-ilotori- L.d  27th -k Pine.. ..........wrc." Brown  Archt  „      Contr.  Owners Adkison Sc Dill  James A. Benzie...-Dom. Construction Co.  Edwardes  Sproat   ...W.  T.  Wodd&n*  .-. -.. ..........Dominion   Const.   Co.  Robert M.  Matheson... -Alonza Smith   E.   H.   Bawtinheimer  Fred  L.   Townley ...............Snider  Bros.  A. E. Henderson S. J. Newitt  H. H.  Gillingham. S.  J.  Newitt  Bernard  C. Palmer Glover Lloyd  Bernard C. Palmer .....Dom. Const. Co.  Fred L. Townley..: Wm. McNee  Fred L.  Townley —Cromie 4 Vroom  — .....J. -M.   McLuckle   Vernon   Constr.   Co.  Fred L. Townley ,:Purdy & Lorergan-  Edwardes Sproat ...............John  ._.■■ Dunn  Twizell & Twizell............Adl.in8oh & Dill  Fred L. Townley.......,........G. M. Champion  Bernard C. Palmer.-....-. E. G. Bavnes  .•...............:.....:....... W.  J.   Northcote  ., '. Vernon   Const- Co.   -   .:....S.   N.   McLeod  .:.... .„  W.  Eldridg.  "- -- :..... - ...:   Mr.  McGriievy  Fred L. Townley :W. J. Read   ■ ■ - .Vernon Const. Co.  Bernard C. Palmer........Vernon Const. Co.  H.  H.  Giiyngham ..S.  J.  Newitt  A   E.  Henderson ...Snider  Bros.  James A. Benzie... S. J. Newitt   • ...A.   Davidson  James  A.  Bensde ,'G.  F.   Robinson  Somervllle & Putnam    .  - •-.— Hodgson,  King & Ma-role  A. E. Henderson J. B. Arthur  Sharp & Thompson....Hodgson, King & M.  Bernard C. Palmer..Wallace & McGougan  Twizell  &  Twizell...: Baynt-i  &  Horie  Bernard C. Palmer..Wallace & McGougan  Gillinsham  & :Korner..........':.S.  J.  Newitt  W.  M.  Dodd J.  Laytteld  -— ■■'■■■■ ■ - VV.  J.  Herring ton  [■;■■ :'-'•- .-..'.: .......F.   P:   Rogers  .......:.:.:........:...........  p. ,tv Robinson  Fred. L. Townley ..:....: ::.....Day Labor  Honey.man-& Curtis :.....W. J. Prout  _Oilllnjfhan.  & Korner Peter  TflrdtfT  Vernon Construction Co.  CONTRACTORS  AND  BUILDERS  Seymour   5036 434   Richards   St.  V-UfCOOTBB, B. C.  Professional Roofers  W. & H. Jordl-on Bros.  * * ' *  PLAT AND SHINOZ.E HOOFS LAID,  BEFAIBED,   TABBED   AND  ASPKAX-TED  * .*     *  Fromptest Attention  Sey. S102 1364  Seymour St.  K       Specialist   in   Cement   Work  ED.  HUGGINS  TXJLXm   AND   OBHAM-CHTA1.  .      PX-A8TEHEH  Bay. 9535-H.        35_«  Third At*.  W.  Rine Crescent &-27th Ave.'ar.-W.:Browne   Gillingham' &  Korner .' S.   j:   Newitt  Kitsilano .....: ...Van.   School   Trustees (.Owners _.................. „ Peter. .Tard.fT-  .."...$80,0,00 .King Edward  Ave...Pt.v GreySch.  Bo^rd ..Twizell'& .Twi-ell....Hodgson, King & M  And in Canada'ql Bake Shop „. $10,000 :"21 Seymour St...... ......Mission Confect.  ... .    .   ~"""',"'Y da   Residence  _ ..' $6,000   Angus Ave.. Shaughnessy.. J. D.-Alleh  -«ase, outside  Of such necessarily  lim-  Residence .....$10,500   26th   Ave.,   Pt.   Grey ;..E. 'DavUs  „p- rpsiil'o ao oro h_ln.  -MnninH.i,^   Residence $10,500   26th and  Alexander  .......:E.  C."  Stark  3_e<- results as are being accomplished  Brick   Bldg. $15,000  2421   Granville  St... ..T.   Edwards  Residence       Residence      Residence    ...  Residence      Residence      Two Residences  Garage   Shinj-le   Mill   .....  Residence  under the Soldier Housing^ Act, little Residence  ... ..  .    .   -■•.-'' Run*ralow  is being accomplished to fill the in-  creasing demand for homes through-  ont the nation. "    " V  At the beginning  of  the  year the  T.«Uding of homes was urged on the  grounds of patriotism. ' Af; present it  is becoming an absolute necessity that  they be built to fill an, urgent need.  Furthermore, in the light of present  information  concerning prices, it can  be shown that money spent on building is money well invested.   Considered in relation to prices prevailing in  the year  preceding  July  1914,   building materials  are  cheaper how  than  most other commodities.    By the end  of 1918 lumber had advanced 73 per  cent,  above  the   pre-war   level.     Mill  prices on  Portland cement had  risen  on the average 74 per cent, while plant  $7,250  $5,000   ....$5,300      $12,000   $7,200  ...:...'....$5,000   $6,000  ...- ,$8,400   $10,000   $6,000   $20,000  Bungalow   $5,000  Road   Work    $20,000  Alterations  ...: $6,000  Garage  $25,000  Warehouse   ;...   $6,000  27th   &   Angus  Ave John   ilcNeely.  Capalino  Road Arthur R.  Crooks  Shaughnessey  Heights   R.  W.  Clark  Laurier Ave. Pt.  Grey ...J.  I. Stoddant  ■19th  and  Angus   :.....:.Wrri;   Walker  14 th  Ave.   W „.,..E.   Strattop  Carnavon & Marine Dr i.:.i£A. Davldsoh  Pt. Grey Fauld's Financial Agency  1140 Georgia-St. W „..R. J. Srielgrove  Gran.   St.,   Pt.  Grey....Hunting & Merritt  Marine Dr. & Shannon St.....B. D. Rogers  4th  Ave.   near.Blanco .....: J.   Blair  Main St. & Vict. Dr City of V & S. Van  586  Granville St Bank  of Montreal  Seymour  &  Drake....Chapman  Motor  Co.  Industrial   Island    A.   Carruthers  Co.   Dixon & Murray  -•red. -L.'-.Townley.: W.   J.   Head  J.  C. McK.nzie .....W.  McNee  J.   C.   McKenzie ......W.   McNee  J.    Elligott Owner  Owner  Owner  F-r'd   L.   Townley Purdy &.   Lonergan  Robert M.  Matheson............S. N.   McLeod  —• -—- Cromie   &   Vroom   - Vernon   Constr.   Co.  —-'• Vernon   Con.str.   Co.  •——— -. ............Vernon   Constr.   Co.  ■•_,-- "- "• S. H. Shave  9wJ?er  •  Owner  J.  Brown   Owner  Bernard   C.   Palmer Dom.  Const.  Co.  Fred L.   Townley T.   Glover &-Son  —— • -- Harrison & Lamond  Honeyman   & .Curtis   "■■-■_- '..-Hodgson,   King  &  Marble  B.'Davidson ...E. J. Ryan Contr. Co.  Owners    Dom.   Constr.   Co.  PILING-POLES  ANT  X.ENOTH   -TUBHXSHED  We operate our own  logging camp  fiLQOR LAYERS  ..' and  Manufacturers       I  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co.  Umlted  2635 Granville St.  JOE  LEPORE  773 o»onria st. E.'.'"".:""  Hltrh.. 1*48  Fhcn. Seymour 1878.  MANUFACTURING COMPANY  Walt«r Murray  Erni. Murray  Bros., Ltd.  PLUMBING and HEATING  CONTRACTORS  -... Makers ot -'  8w**c*^ Bo»3r««. F»nel Boardi, ttMl  Cabiavta, _tc.  Switches-designed and built for any  special work.  llndnatrial IaUnd      Vanoonr.r. B. C.  SETMOT/B 8614  137 Powell St.  Vancouver, B. C. 1  McLeod Sheet Metal Works  Furnace*,    Roofing1,    CorxUceB.    Skylights   and   General   Sheet   Metal  Work  Seymour  7177  1042  Richards St.  NEW IDEA SHEET METAL  WORKS  COBNZCS,  S-CYX.XGHT,  SMOKESTACKS.     AUTO   WOBK.  Anything in Sheet Metal and Roofing.  S. T. Scarlett, Hgx.  757   Beatty   St. Sey.   7646  JOHN ARNOT & SONS  SASH   and   DOOBS—OFFICE  FZKTUBES  Ba*nd«awing- and Turning, etc.  1730   Semlin   Drive Highland   374  GRAND VIEW SHEET  METAL WORKS,  LIMITED  FURNACES,    COBNICES,    SKY-  2-XGHTS and OENEBAZ.  JOBBINO  188-  Vanabio. St.  Hlghltnd  S42  NEW WORK - CONTRACTS LET  Norman Kydd  PLUMBING  AND  HEATING  906 Davie St Seymour 9188  VANCOUVER, B. C.  E CHRYSTAL; & COMPANY  ::   ::   ::  Carpenters and Contractors  Store and Office Fixtures  General Repairs  219 Keefer St.  Seymoor 8551  H.O.Rees  W.A-Kruse  The Electric Shop  MAIN ELECTRIC  OENEBAZ.   BEPAXB8 —A&MATVBE  WXNDZNO — SWITCHBOARDS  INSTAZ.-.ATXONS  204 Alexander St.  Seymour 3856  CHAS. LUNDEGREN  Flnmhlng and  Repair  Work  All kinds of Sewer Work  A Specialty  737  16th Ave. W.  Fairmont 884 L  Character    CoM  Concentrator,   etc 1,000,000  Railroad     1,000,000  Infirmary   and   Service   Bldg $151,236  Pulp  &  Saw  Mill $750,000  Coal   Tar  Products  Plant $100,000  Dockyards  Wharf   $52,921  Hydro-Electric   Plant    $7 2,000  Bank $17,600  Town  Hall    $13,000  Irrigation    _ $60,000  School  Addition      $10,000  Paving Pacific  Highway $8S,000  Church  :  $50,000  Wharf   Repairs    $17,358  Dredging  $14 2,500  Highway   Bridge    $30,000  Paving No.  3   Road $40,000  Bank   Building    $.1,000 I Hammond .Bank   of   Hamilton  Highway   Bridge    $7,038 I Blaeberry   River Prov.   Govm't  Residence     $50,000   Oak Bay. Victoria  R.  W. Gibson  Round House, Tower, etc $40,000 ' Sirdar  C. P. R.  Sub-Station     $20,000   Copper Mountain....W. Koot'y lit. & P. Co;  BRITISH  COLUMBIA  GENERAL.  -Vocation  ..„  .— Owner  Copper   Mountain U.  C.  Copper  Co.  Princeton  to^Copper  Mt.. . . B.  C.  Copper  Co.  Tranquille H.   C.   Tuberculosis   Society  Heaver Cove.. Heaver Cove lumber & Pulp Co  Marpole ; The  Barrett  Co..   Ltd.  Victoria  Dom.  Government  Squamish  Prov. Government  Trail Bank of Montreal  Brighouae   Richmond  Municipality  Okanagan   Valley .Prov.   Government  New  We-tmin Herbert  Spencer  School  Westminster-Blaine....Prov.    Government  Victoria_...lst Church of Christ, Scientist  Comox    Dom.   Government  Fraser   River   Dom.  Government  South  Thompson  River Prov.  Govmnt  lulu   Island    Prov.   Govmnt.  School   Annex    _ $10,734  FRANK M. SLOWIN  TAILOR  Business   Men's  Suits  My  Specialty  $50 to  $65  Seymour 2692  404-5 Dominion Bldg.  Victoria  Sir James Dougla*. School  Arch.      Contr.  Owners          VV.   P.   Ticrncy  Public   Works   Dept Dominion   Con.   Co.       Owners   Dominion Const. Co. & Others  Dom. Pub. W. Dept...McDonald & Watson   Robertson  and Partners   ~ Medby & Vestaunet  William K. Jones D. G. Gray   ?. A. E. Griffin & Co.   W.    J.    Sloan   hi.   P.   Peterson   Constr.   Co.  Dunham  Peter McKech*le   Fraser River Pile Driving Co.   Pacific  Dredging  Co.  Public   Wks.   Eng Wm.   GreenlesH  Public Wks.  Dept Harrison & Lomond   &  M.   P.   Cotton  A.   E.   Henderson ...Baynes  &   Horie  Pub.  Wks.  Eng lames Henderson  Maclure   &   Lort Robt.   Moncrieff  Owners  Davies Constr. Co  Owners    R.   D.McDonald  J. C. M.  Keith Thomas Ashe  E. J. Ryan Contracting  Company, Ltd.  Specializing   in  GENERAL CONSTRUCTION  OF ALL KINDS  PAINTING - DECORATING  ALTERATIONS - REPAIR WORK  Telephone*, Seymour 8585-8686  Suit- 6, Fairfield Bldg.. 445 Gran. St.  ELECTRIC     SUPPLIES  WIRING and  REPAIRS  12 Hastings St E.  Sey. 1224  C  H. Leltch,  1'resident.  G.   R.  Morris,  Vice-President.  J.   I).   Men*.li.s,  Secretary  VETERANS ENGINEERING  AND  CONTRACTING CO.  .J?,     ^o . Pleasure   in    bringing   to  your    notice    the    formation    of    the  Company,     which     has     bren  above  oM*f'l-ln'e<_-/<?.r lhS Purpose of carrying  tracC weft. °'   BUiUiUtK   and   Co"-  PHONE  SETMOTJa 8930  611 Dominion Bid*., Vancouver, B. C.  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO., LIMITED  Contractors  Office 813-315 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  When Building a Home  Be sure you have fittings installed  for the latest gas features — gas  range, water heaters, gas radiators,  etc.  PIPE   FOR   GAS  should be the first thought of the  modern builder. It will make your  house more saleable. If you arc  building for yourself, it will save you I  expense Inter. We will be glad to  advise you.  The Vancouver Gae Company, fay  virtue of Its franchise, can givo ner-  vice only within the city of Vancou-  ver.  Vancouver Gas Co.  £a£?£*na mono Sey.  Hastings 5000  J. Hanbury & Co.  3___CZT-_iD  EXCAVATING  and  GENERAL TEAMING  Horses for Sale  Fourth Ave. and ^Granville St.  Bayview .1076  rV ':  :       IV-  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  Adkisoi. & Dill  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Specialists In Reinforced  Concrete  32S Bow St.  Sej. 376B-B.J.H288  Artistic Wire & Iron Wks.  „.._,    • Manufacturers  Ornamental Zron Work and  all kinds of Wire Work.  112-16   Dufferin   St.  I'*air.  2G4S  Baynes & Horie  General    Contractors  |)i fit*. SI  Seymour 1319  Edward Cox  General Contractor  Cabinet M»klnK Fixtures  y?'  SiyiNr 1163    '' R«ar 530 How. SL  Davies  Construction Co.  General    Contractors  Cn-ttFucicr Mf.-  Vuctmr, I.C  FRANK  WATERHOUSE TO  BUILD OCEAN  TERMINAL  SEATTLE—Preliminary steps were  taken Saturday by Frank Waterhouse  & Co., for the construction of their  proposed $2,000,000 ocean terminal on  the site -purchased by them in 1917. on  the west side of the entrance to. the  West Waterway, in securing permission from the Board of Public Works  for the construction of a I20xl50-i'oot  dock and the filling of Railroad Ave.,  between 26th Ave., S.W. and the  Waterway.  The plans submitted by Frank Waterhouse <£. Co. disclose the fact that  the new proect will be one of the  largest of its kind on the coast when  completed. Large loading piers capable of serving the largest trans-Pacific steamers will face the Waterway.  On these will be constructed a transit  shed of heavy mill construction, 900  feet long, by ,150 feet wide. , Behind  this will be located a two-story rein-  I forced concrete, fireproof warehouse,  150x900 feet in dimension, fully equipped with the latest in freight handling  conveyors. Six, setB of tractts will  servo both buildings.  Plans for the"improvements are now  nearing completion in the firm's offices and construction work on the preliminary plant will be started at once,  followed by the main terminal as soon  as the necessary trackage to carry  the materials can be laid. . "   .  20442-  --443-  Dominiort Construction  Co., Ltd.  General Contractor*  Ml _k__rt.lt.    .. _•»■•« 1412  W. GREENLEES  CONTRACTOR '  FUs  DriTt-Lf,  Wharf as, Bj_t-_f<M,  Foundation--, ate  107 Cordova S5..W.       _ _5eymour 1083  Harrison & Lamond  Industrial Engineers  Stynoar 3535       "    Mfe^ificBdi.  K  Hodf^on, King & Marble  Contractors & Engineers  508 Londoo Bldg.   ;: S^inonr 6506  You can't steal bases in  the; game  of life.    Only safe hits make scores...  AUTOMOBILE RECORDS  Automobile  Licenses Recorded for  Vancouver and  District.     ',?;  FROM  SEPT.  10th TO,SEPT.  18th.  20411—Simson   &.  Balkwcll.   10J.   Powell  Canadian Kir Woodyard, 1920 2nd,'  VV.—Giant  Truck.  20444—Mi-h.   Mae  R.   Burnett,' 784   Thur-  low St.—Chevrolet Tour.  20440—Dept. of Puhlic  Works, Westmin-  Hter   B. C.—Federal Truck.  20446—Harold  Brett,   Ititt  llth  Ave.  B.—  1* ord  Tour.  -.0447—VV.   I'*.  Mackay,   718  Granville St.  —I' ord  Tour.  _0448—Heaver Inl.rurban Auto Transfer  Water  St.—Giant Truck.  20449—Ira  C.  Jonesi.   066   12th   W.—Ford  Tour. ■'■.--,  20450—-Ralph   Chetwind,   Wallachine,   B.  - C.—Studebalcer  Tour.  20451—Vancouver   Milling   &   Grain   Co.,  - 236   Smythe   St.—Studebaker  Tour.  20452—  20453—W.,C. Arnett,  911  Drake St.—Mclaughlin   Tour.  20454—Hugh    Baillie,    1662   Pendrell   St.  —Chevrolet Tour.  20455—Flora   Turnbull.   1127   Pender   St.  W.-— Willys-O.   Tour.  20456—H.--.C.   Pyke,   3166   1st   Ave.   W.—  Chevrolet  Tour.  20157—Board   oi   School   Trustees,  Duns-  muii-     and      Hamilton—Garford-  Truck.  20458—J.   Cornwall.    1 930   Georgia   E.—  Maxwell   Truck.  20459—-  204 60—Sydney   Mcintosh,   2732   6th   Ave.  W.—Maxwell   Tour.  204 61—G.   W.   Wirtanin,   Dollarton,  B.  C.  —HupP-   Tour.  20462—Bram     Singh,     Marpole,     B.  C.—  Giant   Truck.  204 63—W.    V.    Stokoe,    1936    llth    W.—  Chevrolet Tour.  20464—-T.  N.-AdamH,  614  llth Ave. W.—  Chevrolet Tour.  204 65—L.C.   Kvle    2446   3rd   Ave.   W.—  Grev-Dort   Tour.  2046C—Barrett  <_. Co..   10th   and  Arbutus  St/—Ford   Tour.  20467—Ed.     Warwick,     2432   22nd     Ii.—  _ ord  Tour.  2046S—Tennant   Bros.,   746S   Fraser  Ave."  —Ford  Tour.  _0I69—I.   C.   Fryer.   17 39   Burnaby   St.—  Hupp.  Tour.  20470—Gin.     James   &     Chow     Ho.,   485  Columbia   St.—Chevrolet   Tour.  20471—J.     Morris,   188     Broadway     E.—-  Chevrolet  Tour.  20472—Wilson & Wilson. 1837 Napier St.  —McLaughlin   Tour.  20473—Dom.    Lumber   Sales,    Ltd.,    1129  Howe  St.—-Hupp.  Tour.  20474—Dr.  T.  K.  McAlpine,  1154  Gilford  St.—Dodge  Tour. ��  20475—Frank   Sherridan,   1261   Granville  St.—Hupp.  Tour. _''■■_>■-  20476—C.   R.     Goldie,     544     Howe   St.—.  Chevrolet Tour. - ..  20477—James   Brand,   723   Robson   St.—:  BUSINESS  MEN  will find the  um Cafe  an ideal meeting place for the Luncheon Hour. The Best of Everything,  Prompt Service, Moderate Charges.  Seating capacity 250;  762 Granville Street  Opposite Orpheum Theatre  Jas. -Dwyer, Proprietor and  Chef  Classified Advertising  Becord Readera are, as -a rule, business  and professional men who have the  money to buy something good if they  desire it. If you have something good  to   sell   let   the   Record   readers   know  , about it. The average purchasing  power of the Record reader is greater than that of any other publication  in  Brtish Columbia.  Business Directory and  Buyers' Guide  When Buying Building: Material and Supplies  Patronize Record Advertisers  CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS  Following is .a Complete List of ^ Z0^s_^e%^^on^ C6.7 ~Ltd7} Fronx  &  Wylie   St.—Ford   Road.       :    ;  20479—J. L. Cull. 761  13th E.—Chevrolet  Tour.  20480—Thos.   Anderson.   Granville   St.—:  Ford   Tour.  20481—Bawa Singh.   1943   2nd  Ave. W.—  Giant  Truck.  20482  i041'_.  204-1-  204 22-  20423r  204 25-  fv  Palmer Bros.  General   Contractors  I2i-U-SL ' StipMf 41.71  I  Robertson & Partite rs,Ltd.  Public Work* Contractors  and Engineers  .(.■Mr 1274  806 Mttropalta- Mi  RUSH &READ  PLAIN      AND      O^NAMBNTAl ^  PLASTEBIHG    *   CEMENT    WOBK  All Work Guaranteed.  Bay. 3370  Bay. 1602-R  2306 Stephens St.  H. A. Wiles  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  Alterations,   etc.  1350 - It- kn. I. ^¥tew "7  — , i I    P    Scott  J-Co,i.^^el Ly-^o,,  McDaniel & Scott  e^ctrical  contractor  "*   Armature   and  Motor  Wind in*  AGe__er1u  Electrical Ropaira  E_Uiuate-   Fr-e  Seymour IS. 0 522 Smythe St.  Simson   &   Balkwell  ,St.—Ford Truck. •■-;■'.,  G-to..'<Phaff__,   2620   Pt.   Grey -Rd.  ■■•■■'■ ■ ■■;,—Ford  Tour.     ' . .■  20413—L. H. Luson, Vancouver Gen.~ Hospital—Willy-O.   Tour. .  20414—.Point ;Grey   Coal   &    Wood    Co..  ■   -         ,4Si9 ,1Jth Ave. W.—Giant?Truck-  20415—William Werrett; 364 Spencer feu  —Ford   Tour. ■■-..','_■'-  20416—N.. Gray,   Abbott   St.—Chevrolet  Tour. .'.'  20417—Ceperlev   Rounsfell  Co.,  Hastings  - ' "VV.—McLaughlin   Tour. "  20418—L.   G.   White,   1134   Barclay   fists—•'  '      Ford   Road. ■       __        ,,_._':  20419—Naismith  & Co..  223 Powell  St.—  Ford  Tour. ' ..'.••'■  20420—Baxter   &   Wright,   124   Hastings  E.—Ford  Truck. ■-   ,,-■  C.   W.  Charles,   1995-th  Ave.  V>.  — Ford Tour. -    '.  "Wm.   Braid   &   Son,   1084   Honrver  St.—Ford   Tour. ..*  A.  C.  Begg.   1090  12th Ave.   W .—  Chevrolet Tour. , "-''%',  , _v.-_—Alex. Jardine, Kerripdale,  B. .(_■.—  r ..      Ford.Tour. „-."""<_.  20426—Mrs.  E.  Swlf/.er,  1124   Robson  bt.  —Nosh   Tour.. -   .-,?."!  20427—H.    J.    Powers,    634    Howe   St.—  . :-..    „.:. Nash. Tour. . v  ■ ..   -c ■ .-.-£ J .  20428—P.   Shackleton.   532   Nelson . St.-j-  --.;    .-■ ..-Ch.vrolei" Tour. - ••*■..-?>-*»_ {  20429—C.ms.\Kilby,_4lS03 llth AverfE.-  .- -. " Ford Truptr.- '.-. ''■'', ' ■■'Z / * :Z  20430—S6uth.Vancouver "Municipality-—  Ford   Truck. .    •  20431—Bessie C. Cull,  1137  Balfour  Ave.  ■ —Hudson   Tour. \ ■-"„.--, ,Ji.:  20432—Milne & Middleton Ltd.. 165a  llth  .AVe   W.—Chevrolet  Tour. •■  -204.13—-Milne ■'&"    Middleton     Ltd..    195, |  Napier  St.—Chevrolet   Tour,      -  20434—Geo. F.  Halgl.r, Pt. Grey—Studebaker Tour.  20435—V.   Takato.   307   Powell   St.—Hudson  Tour. ,  ■.Q437—R.    J.    Fleming.    1180    lath    Ave.  W.—Studebaker Tour. ■-;  204S8—E. C. Wal.h Lbr. Co., North A an-  conver,  B.  C—Ford  Truck  20439—Soldiers'        Settlement Board,  Cloverdale,. B.   C—Ford   Tour.  ■>04.o N.  R.  Osrden.   919  Broadway  I-.—  Chevrolet Tour.  20441—J-   R.   Morgan,   U54  Dodge  Tour.  20483-  20484-  G. G. Abernethy, 250.0 1st Ave.  \V.—-Mcl-aughlln   Tour • -J;'.'  N.. A. Newman,- 2046 Beach A/ve:  —Maxwell  Tour. .  ■    'M' -  Kumagaro Tukuda, New Westminster,  B.  C.—Briscoe  Road.  I'hont Sey.   28S9' Kes.  Phone.   Bay.   _T3»-y  W.S.CRAIG  ACCOUNTANT  and ACDXTOK  Accounts Written  Up  and Adjusted.  •  Moderate. Charges      :_,V  Room 314  Bank of Nova Scotia Bldg..  P02 Hastings Street West .  Mac DONALD & PARK  __J_--CTBXCA1. ENOINEEXW  Armatar, Winding: and Motor »•?»•*•  Seymour 9536  39 Pend-t E-ane  Tench, Vaughan & Co.  .TBUCTtTBAI.     AND     M_.TAI.DUB-  GXCAX.   ENOINEEBS  Estimates given and contracts  taken for all classes ■ of struccural  steel work. Metallurgical plants designed,   installed, and   operated.  B13 Metropolitan Bldg. S«y- 5090  Factories,      Houses     and  Garages   Repaired.  '  General  Carpenter   and   Construction   Work.  JOHN   P.   MOBBIS  Sey. 3418  Sey. 931 Evenings 847 Davie St.  MACHINERY  Agents   For  Xylite   Grease   and   Perfection   Oils  Skookum   Logging  Block  4-72   in.   by   18   ft.   boilers   100   lbs.  . 2   Coal  dryers suitable  for  fish.  All   sizes  of  cable  in   stock.  T.  A.  WALSH  ft  CO.  7 Alexander St. Sey. 4738  Boats   of   all   sizes   for   sale.     Tugs.  Scows and   launches for hire.    Saw and  Shingle  Mill  Machinery  for sale.  MACOIDDZS ft MOBAN  1789 Georgia St. W. Sey. 84391..  'Hoisting engines, locomotives, lathes,  wire rope, r^ils, cars, machinery of all  "kinds.- ... ;  NATIONAL  MACHZNZXT   CO.  NS-UlsSt Sey. 600  Used  Kinds' Bought  Machinery   _f   All  and   Sold.  B. C. EQUX7MENT CO., LTD.  Bask of Ottawa Bldg. S«y.  9040  .. ■    See   Us - '■■  For All Kinds of Machinery  WE___  MACKINEBT   CO.  LTD.  1396 Richards  St. .    Sey. 7443-7-43  STENOGRAPHERS  Expert Typewriting of every description  Mimeographing,    Multlgraphing,  ■  Translations Stenographers   Supplied  CENTBAL PUBLIC STENOGBANPEBS  1    Sey.  5078 414 Dominion Bldg.  STORAGE a\ TRANSFER  Baggage,   furniture   and   freight   moved  and ^stored.     Trunks  crated  and   household   goods   packed   for   shipment.  STANDABD   TBANSPEB   ft   STORAGE  COMPAXnr  319   Cordova   St.   W. Sey.   303  iVVe supply standard truck' bodies on  short notice, or build to suit individual  requirements. All we need is an idea  df what you want. We do the rest.  TUPPEB ft STEEL  "Tho Track ■paclallsts''    Bayvisw 138 1669 Third A*»e. W  Blue Prints Whilst You Wait  DRAFTING ALL. LINES  ,    Papery Instruments and Supplies  MOST MODERN  EQUIPMENT AND  OLDEST ESTABLISHED IN B. C.  B.C. DRAFTING & BLUE PRINT CO.  413:Granville St. Seymour 2769  J  ARCHITECTS SUPPLIES  Dominion Blue  Print  Co Sey.   2497-4670  ARCHITECTURAL TEBBA  COTTA  Erann.  Coleman  &  Evans. Ltd ._ Sty.   2988  O'Nell. Wta.  N.  Co., Ltd S«y.   4795  Ultchie Contr.   A Sup.   Co..  Ltd _ —Sey. 9162  ASPHALT  PELT  Evans,   Coleman  A  Evans, Ltd. _...Sey.   2981  The  Barrett   Co..   Limited  :...IJay.   63  l'aclflc   Booflnz   Co.,   Ltd _._.._.._ ~. Sey. 1186  ASPHALT   PITCH  Pacific   Booflnu   Co.,   Ltd _ .....Sey. 1186  AUTOMOBILE   INSURANCE  Canadian   Surety   Co _ - .....Sey. 559  Ceperley,  Eouns-fell  A  Co   _ _.._3ey.   7820  BANK,   OFFICE   ft   STORE   FITTINGS  James Brookes Woodwkg.  Co., Ltd  West.   473  BLUE PRINTS  Dominion Blue Print Co  Sey.  2497-4670  BRICK—ALL KINDS  Evana,  Coleman  &  Evans. Ltd _- _...Sey.   2988  Gilley Bros.,  Ltd -.._ - -...West.   15-16  O'Neil. Wm.  N.   Co.. Ltd :. Sey.   4795  Bitchle Coutr.  A Sup.   Co., Ltd....- Sey. 9162  Uitchle,   J.   T.   A...   Sey. 8057  BUILDING   FELTS   AND   PAPERS  Evans,  Coleman  &  Evans, Ltd  ....Sey.   2988  O'Neil,  Wm.   N.   Co:. Ltd Sey.  4795  The  Barrett  Co.,  Limited ._ _ - Bay.   o-  BONDS—SURETY  Canadian   Surety   Co - Sey. 559  Ceperley.   Hounsefell  A  Co Sey.   7820  Which. R.  V.  A Co.,  Ltd Sey.  279-1944  BURGLARY   INStRANCE  Canadian. Surety   Co - .-Sey. 559  CARPENTERS  Dixon   A Murray _ - Sev.   8703-8766  CEMENT  Bal-our.  Outhrle A Co.: Sey. 9197-6575  Evans,   Coleman  &  Evans,  Ltd Sey.   2988.  Gilley  Bros.,  Ltd  -  West.   15-16-  O'Nvil.  Wm.  N.   Co..  Ltd —  Sey.   4795  Ritchie Contr.   A Sup.   Co.. Ltd -  ...Sey. 9162  CEMENT    TESTING   AND   ASSAYING  Hunt,   Robert W.  A Co ..  —Sey.   2199  Dom.   Enclneerlru   A   Inspection   Co..i Sey. 3475  i     CONTRACTORS—GENERAL  Armstrong, Morrison & Co., Ltd —Sey. 1836  Walsh  A Co.  T.  A   Sey. 4738  CONTRACTORS—TILE—TERRAEZO  Evans.  Coleman  A Evana. Lid Sey. ;_988  O'Neil. Wat. S.. Co.. Ltd.- ._.._...8ey. > 4795  CRANES   AND   HOISTS    (ELECTRIC)  Toe Holden Co..  Ltd— —  Sey.   1065  DECORATING  C.  I.  C-mn-lns  * Co.—  ..._.____._-». .133T  DIES  AND TOOLS  Glbbi Tool A Stamping Works   Jfalr.   2176  DRAFTING  Acme   Drafting   and , Art   Co ...;...„„.„.......S«y. 2889  Dominion Blue Print Co  _— S«y.  2497-4670  DRILLS—PORTABLE   ELECTRIC  Darling; Frank A Co — .._._Sey.  4100-4101  The'Holden  Co..  Ltd   .....Sey.   1065  '.■    ELECTRICAL   REFINING  ReUabl-   Electric   Co.    . __—Se_. 4660  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES  B. C.  I-lecUic Co.,  Ltd   ~..Se..  5000  Cope A Son _.  '.'. Sey.  8602  Darling, Frank J. Co _- .Se_".  4100-4101  ELEVATORS  Darling.  Frank  A Co.—  Sey.  4100-4101  ELEVATOR CARS AND ENCLOSURES  8. M. Morris A Co.. Ltd   ....Bay.   1043  O'Neil.  Wm.  N.  Co.. Ltd... ' .-...—Sey.   4795  Rltc-ie Contr.  A Sup.   Co., Ltd -..—.Sey. 9162  ENCLOSURES  • riistlc   Wire   A   Iron   Works .1  _■*_... -648  Pearson Wire A Iron Wks._—... --Falri'.'2794  ENGINEERS  Walsh   *  Co..   T.   A  ._  Sey- 473S  '-;'      ENGINEERS' SUPPLIES  Dominion Blue Print  Co.. ...— -Sey.  2497-4670  FENCES  AND  GATES  Pe-rsoB Wire A Iron Wks --Fair, 2794  FIRE   CLAY  Balfour,  Guthrie A Co  —Sey.  9197-6575  Comox   St.—  ANNOUNCEMENT  Reing too late to be classified in the  August Telephone Directory, and for tne  convenience of my clients and contractors, I take thin ■ opnortimity of stattn^  that my telephone number is SEYMO-r»  6986.  WILLIAM   FREDK.   GARDINER.  701-05   Vancouver   Block Architect  Seymour Tire & Rubber  Company, Limited  Sola Dealers and Service  Station for Goodyear S.V.  Truck Tires  851 Ptndtr St W.       SeynwiBr 3053  I ARCHITECTS *  -J-«-^V4.^-#^4M5^K-'J^>'i^^^-^>*->'*^^  Members of The Architectural Institnte  of British  Columbia.  --■..-.------.Bay.   1043  iu^TThol^TTKir.  li^fi  Olllce Phone: Sey.   i--.»  Electric Contracting &  Repairing Co.  Til OS.   I-.   Ml TO HEM-  Electric Wiring^mure. and Repair.  Percy F. Letts  ELECTRICAL   !»««!»  and  CONTRACTOR  High-Class   Electrical   Work  8        and   Fix-ores  Bay.   441 3044   OranviUeJt.  Vancouver Forge Co.  Limited  FORCINGS  OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS  Ft.   Vlrtnrla_Dr»ve ■HlRhmndJO^  j   R. Tacey  & Sor»  ,_,   ,fil7 iif!0   Seymour  hi.  r'oymotir  "I61'  TRENCH  COATS  VANCOUVER  Benrie.   Jas.   A..  510   Hastings   W    Hrvan   *   Glllam.   509   Rlcnaraa  _.  Oalton   A  Evelefgh.   615   Ha.tin_-   W _.  Gardiner.  F.   G..  A Mercer, 718 Granville..  Gardiner,   William   Fredk.. J36   Gran   Orlfflth.  n.  8..   207  Hastings W  —  Henderson, A.  E..  615 Hastings W   llonejinan.   A Curtis.   850  Hastings   W   .Kearny.  James W..   2576  2nd   Ave.   W -.  ___.thef-.n,   Robert   M..   509   Richards ,  Palmer,   Bernard C.   850   Hastings   V.".....  Farr   A  MacKenzle.   736  OrauviUe —   Sharp A Thompson. 626  Pender W    Townley.   Fred   L.,   323   Homer  St.   Twizell,   Birds   A Twizell.   S3"   Hast.   W   ....Sey. 3300  .".Sey. 662  ...Sey. 3672  ....S.;y. 69 26  ...Sey. 3116  ...Sey. 724  ...Hey. 1621  .Bay. 792R  _.S«y. 503S  ...Sey. 717.1"  ...Sey. 7S11  ...Sey. 1064  ...S-y. S013  ...Sey.  7925  VICTORIA  Hennel.   A.  R..   1086 St.   Louts St n,1J*i  Keith.   J.   C.   M..   Saynard   Bide - - H'-O  ilaclure.   Sam.   Union   Bank  Bldg   _..-S4S  RUlgway-Wilnon.   Lieut.-Col nelmont   Hoiise  In Gabardines and Covert Cloth. Also Rubberized  Tweeds. Full of swank and real style. Just the coat  for early fall wear or wet days during" the winter.  Priced at $30  Also mannish models in French coats for ladies at $30.  Robertson Power & Devey  Engineers and Constructors  Inspections Design  Reports Construction  Industrial Hants. Buildings and Equipment  Wharves   and   l'iers,       Power   Plants  Industrial   Railways  Concrete. Steel and Timber Structures  502   Yorkshire   Building  Seymour  .1217  Potts & Small  LIMITED  Granville Street at Pender  HOW TO LOWER  Delivery Costs  THEY  COST  ONLY  \\Ji\ ajK yj|  1  2  AS  MUCH  Biiil  "_____rt_S___ny_Lltla_r  s  AS  ORDINARY           Wfff/  TIRES  Evana.   Coleman A Kvans, Ltd . Sey.   2988  G-»-y,i Bros..  Ltd  —— —West.   15-16  0*N**il. = Wm.  N.  Co.. Ltd  _....Sey.   4795  Kitchie Contr.   * Sup.   Co..  Ltd ~ Sey.  9162  FIRE   ESCAPES  S. M: -Morris * Co.. Ltd  FIRE   EXTINGUISHER  SYSTEMS  Barr   *   Anderson * -"*>"■   81so  FLOORINO  | J. fyfe 9«-it~ A Co.. Ltd Se>'-  H98  FORCINGS  Weatminsler Iron Works  West.  53  OALVANIZINO  T.  Watt Iron  A Galv.   Works —Fair.   971  OAS   APPLIANCES  Vancouver Gas Appliance Co —Sey.   801  GLASS—ALL KINDS  W.   Holt.   Glass   Dealer    __   Fair. 123S  O'Nell,  Wm.  N.  Co.. Ltd -  Sey.  47-5  HARDWARE  Ilrown,  Fraser A Co..  Ltd -  Sey.  71-o  Klett.  J.  A „ _ - _ '. Sey.   _3-r--3-S  HARDWOOD FLOORS  U.   C.   Hardwood   Floor   Co..   Ltd Ray. 1287  O'Nell.  Wru.  N.   Co.. Ltd — Sey. 4795  J.  Fyfe Smith A Co., Ltd _ — Sey. 1196  HARDWOOD  LUMBER  J. Fyfe Smith & Co.. Ltd ..- _ Sey.  1196  HEATING.—HOT     AIR,     STEAM    AND  VENTILATING  Bailey.   E.   A — — Sey.   123  Barr   A  Anderson...- _ Sey.   6180  Campbell A Grill - Sey.  2981  C.   A.  Dunham  Co.,   Ltd....- - - Sey. S057  Metalic Heating & Ven.   Co Cor.  Cambie A 7th Ave.  Norman Kydd  _ _   Sey. 91SS  HOISTING   ENGINES  Ritchie Contr.   A Sup.   Co.. Ltd  Sey. 9162  INSURANCE  R.   C.   Permanent   Agencies   Ltd _ Sey. 790-791  Ceperley.  ttuunsefcll  &   Co -Sey.   78-0  INTERIOR   FINISH  Evans.  Coleman &  Evans.  Ltd - Sey. 29S8  O'Neil.  Wm.  .V.   Co.. Ltd .....Soy. 4795  Ritchie Contr.   A  Sup.   Co.,  Ltd  Sey. 9162  IRON   AND   STEEL—STRUCTURAL  Can.  N.  W.  Steel Co.. Ltd Fair. .396-7  I'ouKhlan.  J.   i  Sons...-  Say.   7910  Evans.  Coleman  &   Evans, Ltd  Key.   29SS  S.  M.  Morris & Co.. Ltd  _...llay.  1013  O'Neil.  Wm.   N.   Co.,  Ltd  - Sey.   4795  Ritchie Contr.  &  Sup.   Co.. Ltd _...Sey.  91G:;  T.   Watt Iron  & Galv.   Works  Fair.   971  Westminster Iron Works _ Went.  53  IRON   AND   STEEL—ORNAMENTAL  Artistic Wire A Iron Works Fair.  --IS  Evans,   Coleman  A  Evans,  Ltd  Sey.   "JOS-  8.  M.  Morris A Co.. Ltd.   Ray.   1043  O'Nell,  Wra.   N.   Co..  Ltd..-  Sey.   4795  rear~oa  Wire  A  Iron  Wks. .  _ -...Fair.   279',  Ritchie  Contr.   A Sup.   Co.,  Ltd Sey. 91G*J  T.   Watt  Iron  &  Galv.   Work* _ Fair.   971  METAL   STAMPING  Gibbs Tool A Stamping Works '. _ .Fair.   I1T8  MILL WORK  James Rrookos Woodwkg.  Co.. Ltd  —:_W_st.  47.  MIMEOGRAPHING  _-ntral  Public ; Stcnottraphers  _.;... Sey.   5078  MINING  ENGINEERS  Walsh  A Co.,   T.   A   Sey. 4T38  MOTORS  IS.  C. Electric Co.. Ltd.    Sey. JD0O  MOTOR TRUCKS  Little Giant Motor Truck Co _„_. ...Sey.   2844-4S  MULTIGRAPHING  Central  Public   Stenographers  JSey.   5078  Dominion Blue Print Co.._ _'. -..Sey.   249T-467.  OFFICE AND STORE FITTINGS  John  Arnot   &  Sons.  _   HUti-    371  Dlion  A  Murray .  Sey.   8765-8T6S  OFFICE    SUPPLIES    AND    PRINTING  Western  Specialty  Co  - —.Ser.   3528  PAINTING   AND   PAPER   HANGING  C.   .1.   Cummins •'& Co.......'.-... :...; Sey.  1337  Dixon   A Murray—  -  Sey.   8765-8T6.  FAINTS—FIRE-PROOF  O'Neil, Wm.  -N".  Co..  Ltd   ...Sey.   4795  Wearw-ell   Paint   Store  _ .-.Hey. 34.T  PAINTS—DAMP  PROOF  Camplxill  __ Grill _ _..: „Sey. 298t  Evans,  Coleman &  Evans, Ltd _ Sey. 2988  O'Neil,  Wm.  N.  Co..  Ltd  .. .. Sey. 4795  Ritchie,   J.   T.   A  „_-.  —.—Sey. 8057  Wear .veil   Paint. Store ,.._.: _.  _ Sey. 3497  Trussed   Concrete  Steel. Co : ._ _ So/. 3057  PAPER  Smith, Davidson A Wrl«ht. Lm1.:.  Ser! 9564  PARTITION—-FIREPROOF  ivans.  Coleman  A Evans. Ltd  .Sey.   2988  Ritchie Contr.   A Sup.  Co.. Ltd -....Sey.  9163  PARTITION   WIRB  Artistic   W'lro   A   Iron   Works :  Fair. 2648  Pearson  Wire."A Iron Wk-    Fair.   2T94  PATTERNS  Westminster Iron Works .  _  West,  Si  PHOTOSTATS  Dominion Blue .Itlni'Co  -_— —.Sey.  249T-4670  PIG IRON AND TIN  BalfOur,  Guthrie it Co..   Sey. »l»T-«57«  Evans, Coleman ;* Erans, Lid .-. . Sey.  2»B-  PIUNG   AND   POLES  Federal Lumber Co  . . ;..Sey.  -9.S-.999  PILE DRIVING  Evans, Coleman * Evans, Ltd.. ; . .Ser.  __B8  Fraser   River  Pile  Dr.   _.._-_!_.. ';. Se». 4404  PXPE—SBWER .■'"■''  Evans,  Coleman A Evaus, Lid _. Sey.  2988  Oiltey Bros.; Ltd._- -West.   15-ia  Bitchle Contr..* Sup. Co., Ltd._._.,_'.. .__i*ay. 0163  .  PLASTER  Balfour, fSuthiie A Co._ _.. Sey. 919T-657S  Erans.  Coleman A Erans, L_*..___: ..„; Sey.  _»88  Gilley Bros.,  Ltd..——._. _____._...,.._.._W-.t.   15-18  O'Nell.  Wm. N., Co.. Ud._.i  ...Sey.   4795  Bitchle Cootr,. A Sup.  So...Ltd. .—.Sey,  9162  PLASTER BOARD  Erans. Coleman A Evans. U<_. ; . Sey.  2988  O'Neil,  Wm. N.  Co.. Lt-...._-_-_-__......„ _.Sey.   4T»5  Bitchle Contr. & Sup. Co.. Ltd Sey. 9163  PLASTER PARTITION BLOCKS  Erans,  Coleman A Evans. Ltd .__ Sey.   2988  PLASTER—ORNAMENTAL  Erans,  Coleman & Evans, Ltd . . Sey.  _»88  O'Nell. Wm:;N.  Co:, Ltd . :._Sey.   4T»5  Bitchle Contr.  A Sup.  Co.. I-td . JSey. 9182  BaUey, E.   A_  Ban  A  Anaerson..  Norman Kydd .'.._..  PLUMBING  _. Sey.' 123   Sey.   8180  ._.-_S.y. 9189  PNEUMATIC TOOLS  Darling,  Frank J_,.C- ;__ ...JSey.  4100-4101  The Holdeir Co.,  Ltd.: . ..  Sey., 1085  POWER PLANT SPECIALTIES  C.   A,  Dunham  Co.. ;l-id._ ..._ Soy. 8057  '-PRINTERS  Baglay. 'A.  G.-ft  Sons/ Ltd.; ;.._. ..:.-. Sey.   S18  Dominion -Blue Print Oo.._.."—.'_____.._...Scy.' 2197-4670  PUBLIC STENOGRAPHER  Central  Public  Sleno-raph-rs  _.._.._._Sey.   SOTS  ROOFING COMPOSITION  Evans.   Coleraau'-'-t  Erans.'Ltd..- _Sey.   2988  The Barrett  Co.,   Limited.—.— _.. Bay.' 63  Campbell  A Grill.......... . Sey. 2981  O'Neil.   Wm.  N.  Co..  Ltd.— ......——.._S-y.   4795  Pacific   Boofinjf   Co..   Ltd _. __Sey. 116S.,.  Ritchto t"ontr.  &  Sup.   Co.. Ltd.... ". So*.  -16*.  Smith,   i.avldson * WrUht.  LMi .i._. Sey.  9566  ROOFING  MATERIAL  The  Barrett  Co..   Limited—.—.— ..— .._.B«y.   63  CamiiOell   4:  Grill  ._  Sey.  2981  Evans.   Coleman  A Evans. Ltd.....   Sey.   29S8   ■  Pacific   Roonnff   Co,    IAO  _ Hey.   1189  Ritchie Contr.   A Sup.  Co., Ltd   Sey.  9162  Kitchie.   J.   T.' A _..— _ _ _ Sey. 8057  •a  EATE53££TiR.E5  ••.(-•t'.l-tfO ----»--_-■    *--V__-W ^ J -B      , Q^f  Authar-izBCf- Service 5tDtian  Davie Vulcanizing Co.  Seymour 1184 [   Kvans, col  I    (.iNtill,   Wn  636 Dnvie St.  WestmLnsler Iron Works....  West.  53  KALSOMINING  C.   J.   Cummins   &  Co - S*.. 1337  Dixon   A  Murray _ - Sey.   87.5-8766  LATH—METAL  Evans.! Coleman  &   Evans.  Ltd —Sey.   2938  O'Nelli  Wm.  N.   Co..  Ltd _ _ ....Sey.   4795  Ritchie  Contr.   & Sup.   Co.. Ltd.- -  Sey.  9162  Ritchie.   J.   T.   A   Sey. SOS-  Trussed   Concrete   Steel   Co    Sey. 8057  __I___E  Balfour,  Guthrie A Co.-  Sey. 9197-6575  Evans.   Coleman &  Evans.  Ltd   Sey.   2988  Olllcy  Bros..   Ltd  West.   15-16  O'Nell,  Wm.   N.   Co.,  Ltd    Sey.   4795  Rltchio Contr.  & Sup.   Co., Ltd  Sey.  9162  LUMBER  Federal Lumber  Co - _ Sei*.   3998-3999  MACHINES"-"  Brown.  Fraser A Co..   Ltd Sey.   7155  Dorlinjf.  Frank  &  Co - ....Soy.   4100-4101  O'Nell,  Wm.   N.  Co..  Ltd - Sey.   4795  PuniDs  * Power.   Ltd -■- Sey.   8110  Ritchie  Contr.   A  Hun.   Co.,  Ltd Sey.  9162  The   Holden  Co..   Ltd Sey.   1065  Walsh   &   Co.,   T.   A  --• Sey.   173S  MACHINE   WORK  Gllibs Tool  & Hlampln,*   Works Fair.   2176  Westminster -Iron  Works West.  S3  MANTE2.S—BBIC__.  TI-_E   AND   WOOD  Kvans,   Coleman   *   Evans,   Ltd Sey.   'JilSS  O'Nell.   Wm.   N.   Co .   Ltd Sey.    I7'i,">  Ultchie Contr.   A Sup.   Co.,  I.til S.-y.  9102  MAPS  Dominion  Blue  Print  Co Sm*.   21-7-1070  MARBLE   AND   ONY--  ernan   Ai   Evans,   Ltd Sey.   2988  ROPE—MANILLA  Balfour,  Guthrie Ac Co _- Sey. 9197-6575  Walsh (i   Co..   T.   A   .Sey. 4733  RUBBEB  STAMPS  Bagley, A.   G. & Sons, Ltd Sey.  316  SAFES—VAULT  DOOBS'  O'Neil,  Wm.  N'  Co., Ltd   Sey.   4795  SAND, GRAVEL AND CRUSHED ROCK  Evans,   Coleman  A Evans, Ltd Sey.   '..38  Gllley Bros.. Ltd   West.   15-16  Ritchie'Contr.   A Sup.  Co.. Ltd  Sey. 9112.  SASH   DOORS,   WINDOWS,   ETC.  Tohn   Arnot   A:  Sons. : . Hi«h.    374  O'Neil.  Wm.   N.  Co..  Ltd :..  Sey.   4795  Trussed   Concrete   St««tl  Co.—  „ Sey. 8057  SHEET   METAL  Central Sheet Metal Works. Sey.   620  i:_ini>„eU   Ai  Grill _ :......._  Sey.  2981  Grandview   Sheet  Metal  Works _ _ High.    643  New   Idea   Sheet   Metal  Works...:. Sey. 7015  Metalic Heating A  Ven.  Co Cor.  Cambie & 7th Ave.  SHINGLE      MANUFACTURERS      AND  DEALERS  (See Lumber and B_tin|Tl__)  SHOW  CASES  Dixon  A Murray „.....-. «„ Sey.  3765-370-  SLATE  Evans,  Coleman  A  Evans, Ltd Sey.   2983  O'Nell,  Wm.  N.   Co., Ltd  Sey.   4793  Bitchle Contr.   &  Sun.  Co.. Ltd  Sey. 9162  STEEL—REINFORCING  Balfour,  Guthrie &  Co _ Sey. 9197-657!  Evans,   Coleman &  Evans.  Ltd .... . Sey.   2988  Ritchie.   J.   T.   A. - _ .Sey. S057  Trussed   Concrete   Steel  Co _ _ —Sey. 8057  STORE AND OFFICE FIXTURES AND  STORE  FRONTS  Dixon   A  Murray    Sey.   S765-876-  Evans,   Coleman &:. Evans.  Ltd - ....Sey    2»H8  O'Neil.  Wra.  N.  Co..  Ltd ." _..„ .....Sey.   4793  TAR   AND   FITCH  The   Barrett   Co..   Limited..... Bay.   6.?  Campbell   Jfe  Grill Sey.  2981  Evans,   Coloman &   Evans.  Ltd Sey.   29SS  TEMPERATURE   REGULATORS  C.   A.  Dunham  Co.,   Ud.._ Sey. 803T  TILE—DR AININ G  Evans,   Coleman  At  Evans,  Lid _.. Sey.   298*.  Gilley Bros..  Ltd.   West.   15-16  Ritchie Contr.   A Sup.  Co.,  Ltd  Sey. 916.  TILE—FLOOR   AND   WALL  Evans.   Coleman &  Evans,  Ltd  _ S«y.   JV-A  OWotl.  Wm.  N.  Co..  Ltd _ _ Sey.   47-3  TIN  PLATES  Balfour,  Guth-le & Co  _ _ Sey. 9197-65"  Evans,   Coleman A  Evans. Ltd : ....Sey.   _-■*»  TOOL   STEEL  DarllriK.  Frank  A  Co _   Sey.   4100-4101  Ritchie.   J.   T.   A... - _ Sey. 8057  VACUUM   CLEANING  SYSTEMS  Barr   A Anderson   -  Soy.   6188  WALL  BOARDS  Erans,  Coleman  &  Evans. Ltd  Sey.   298S  WATERPROOF   COMPOUND  The   Barrett   Co.,   Limited..-.   Bay.   63  Evans.   Coleman A Evans. Lti'   Sey.   2988  O'NeU,   Wm.   N.,   &   Co.,   Ltd Sey.  47!ir,  Pacific   Roofing   Co.,   Ltd - Sey.  UKO  Ritchie.   J.    T.   A  Sey. 8057  Trussed   Concreto   Steel   Co Sey. 8057  WINDOW   SCREENS  Artistic Wire A Iron Works _.._ Kulr.  2i.li"  S.   M.  Morris A Co.. Lid _ Bay.   lu-13  O'Neil,   Wm.   N.,   &   ('„..   I.ul  Sey!   17!'*i  Pearson  Wire  &  Iron   Wks  Ji'alr.   2794  WIRE   WORKERS  Artlslic Wire Ac Iron Works    Fair.   2018  Pearson  Wire A.  Iron Wks Fair.   2794  WIRE  ROPE  Balfour,  Guthrlo & Co Hey.  9197-<l',75  Evans.   Coleman   &   Evans,  Lul  Soy.   :.'llr!rt  Walsh   Ac   Co..   T.   A    - Sey.  473<i  Kitchie  Cuntr.   Ac   .Sup.   Co..   Ltd Sey.  9tU_  WHOLESALE   ROOTING  The   Barrett   Co.,   Lnmtcil Itav    in  m.   N.  Ltd.  ...Se)     V9_ J I'a.-.itlr    Roottng    Co..    Lid  S.\y    1180 <i*Y..-_.---_,*?-H"-'  BRITISH COLOMBIA RECORD  '(-A -"-V** t-.f'-.^'w'  BARR UNDErfSOK  PLUMBING and HEATING   ....'v....; ■■--v ..'..j.-i'-n.-.i i/ i*-.';*-'_.*■" •.  International  NEW WORK  _  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St.;  VancouwB,C.  Character   Brick   Bldg.    .:.'.  Pier ......:......... ....  Service  Station  ............  School Bl'du. -.. ..........  Gymnasium   Building  ...Ea-imated; Cost  7777.777777777.77777iiT7oo'6  :-:.y Z VANCOUVER .'■;  Location ...Owner  Pender St., W Can.  Financiers  Tr. Co.  Vancouver :...C.  P.  K.  Seymour & Smythe" Sts......C. M. Chlsl.tt  Keefer St.  East — ■■■■■  Powell & Jackson Sts Jap. Meth. Miss.  Architect ..:.....:       ...Plane Ready  H. S. Grifflths.... Tenders Closed  Owners    ■■■'■ ; —— ....Soon  Joseph  H. Bowman    :  Gardiner & Mcroer. Tenders Closed  H S Griflith Tenders Closed  Character    Candy '. Factory  Residence   Alterations i   Estimat-d Cost  $10,000  PILE DRIVING CO.  LIMITED   ,„ P. A. Jobm, -CfT. ,-,-,-:  , WHARP  BUILDING,  BRIDGES.  PILE POUNDATIONS, ETC.  Owners   of  Tug   "CUve"  General To wlnff  024 Front St. New Westminster  Telephone   1016  Breach Office -   -  837 Hast. Str" W. .       Sey.,444)4  ZZ7Z^?7 .'■-■■.•:  VICTORIA',,    :        •«•''".  Location ....;__„..;...Owner  Russell  St.  ....................:.....: Ormbnas  Ltd.  Oak  Bay  ..- ;... .....A.   Denison  Victoria  '. Dominion  Hotel  Architect.....:   H..S. Griffith .......  .Maclure &  I.ort  Percy  Fox   .Plane Ready   '; Now   Now      Soon  & Grill  „-.--.-•■■--"- 7—*--,--7$7  Roof ing C4->ntractors  Established 1905  ---■-■    - ■„_  "TtSJK^°'SS^_SEl^B   ^OO-aS-rrSMOKE-STACKS—HOT-AIR  FURNACE—VENTILATING    FANS—BLOW    PIPING.—  SKYLIGHTS—GENEBAL   JOBBING  1238 Seymour St.  Vancouv or,*B'.' 43."  Seymour 8981  Character   Cordaffe Plant .....  Memorial Mall ......  Rubber  Factory  ..  School   Bldg. -..   School -Add.     Memorial Hall :....  .University Bldgs.  Refrig-erator      .Estimated Cost   $50,000   $6,000   $60,000   $26,000  BRITISH COLUMBIA—GENERAL  Location'.^.....;....:.. ......Owner  New Westminster....'Westerni Cordage Co.  South "Vancouver '..   Collingw'd Gregory  Tire & Rubber Co.  Creston.   B., C Dist.  School   Board  Penticton School--Board  Point Grey   .<: ■■..■■■ ....:........  Point Grev University of B. C.  Kelowna , ...C.P.I-.  Architect    Plans Ready   --: •-   .•.    Soon  Gardiner   &   Mercer....      Soon  ....Will   Build  Soon  Sharp &  Thompson  ..  Sharp & Thompson  ..  Owners       - ;    • -      •     • ' •-'••   •—•-      "NEVERLEAK" ASPHALT ROOF PRODUCTS  'NEVER   LEAK  (Guaranteed)  (Shea Water 'Like  a  buck)  Ready Roofin*?, "NEVER LEAK" Roof Paint,  "NEVER   LEAK" Roof Gum.  ,,/.     For. J3u lid in j? New or..;P.epatrins.  Old  Hoofs     ;  PACIFIC ROOFING CO., Ltd.  MANU FA,CT*UK Et-S  AND., GBNEHAIn>Jxi99JM.NG -.<?QN,T.ilA<2TPRS..  Seymour . 11845  ____.  Ir-cl--«_rlajn.|«|«tn-t~-.  ■ Vancouver, B.C.  (Conttnned from pace 1}  . . |J    >,     l!   >.   !•->    .'    CI  DIXON & MURRAY  MANUFACTURERS OF  SHOW CASES, OFFICE  and STORE FITTINGS  GENERAL CARPENTER WORK  PAINTING, PAPER HANGING and KALSOMINING  Sey.8765   ... Sf;8766  I    1065 Dunsmuir St.  E.A.  ''___**■_  Plumbing  and  Steamfitting  1033 aranvMlo St.       Phone Sey. 136  Vancouver .B.C. Roe. Bay. 7.7  S. _3. Elliott  *.   ■:<:'  8. J. Trlckey  Central Sheet  Metal.Works  PLUMBING  -'■'yMt^liH*i:7,  VENTILATING  560 CamMe St.,       Sey. 620  Fairview Sand & Grave!  Company, Ltd.  SAND & GRAVEL  PROMPT DELIVERY.  1527 ^TjMuSt.^.w,. Fair. 552  Fair.   1743-0    __,__._ Fair.   27.4-R  J.C.Reston  ELBCTRXCA--    _-NGIN-._5R  ADD CONTRACTOR  480.: Inverness; St^.-:.Vancouver, B.C.  Office, Sey.'-7,*??:..  "»-,'i_l_i-., Fair.  21381-  J. H.  Healey  OPTOM--T»IS'*f  Glasses  fitted  for  the  relief  of  all  kinds    of    eye  strain    ana    nervous  825 Bir-iB Bldef.  ;-.. Vnncoaver  B.  C.  pANTAGES fHEATRi.  Unequalled Vaudeville Means  Pantagee Vaudeville  Seymour 3406  Monday and- it was  decided   to '*:>o'...  $_,000 for repairs to these two roads.  The municipal engineer was instructed to call, for tenders for a number  of cement drains and culverts, which  the municipal road crew will*be put  on to do considerable regradingt and  resurfacing.  It was also decided to call for.r;tenders for moving back into its proper  place again the bridge over tne __s-  son Slough. This bridge was moved  out of position by the high waters and  its structure is intact and the jobof  getting it back to where it belongs,  will be simply a matter of the proper  moving plant.  CORRECTION -  In our issue of September 22nd.-under the heading of permits, the names  of B. Davidson and P. Brown appear  as the architects for the $25,000 garage to be erected for the Chapman  Motor Company. :  Mr. Brown-js not in any way "connected with Mr. Davidson- on this  work, but acted as consulting engineer tor the re-inforced concrete work  only.  $3,000,000 SHIPPING y  FIRM   IS  ORGANIZED  PORTLAND, Ore.—Portland is to  have, one. of'-the largest shipping concerns on the Pacific Coast through tho  reorganiation of the Columbia Pacific  Shipping Co., officials of the concern  'declared Saturday.  This company will increase- its capital stock from $100,000 to $3,000,000.  bo that it may branch out into all  channels of the shipping business.  Ships will be built here to handle  the business and they will be operated' from thi3 port to all ports of the  world.  It is known that the company proposes building several steel steamships for trade on the Pacific, and it  may purchase Qther ships for freight,  and passenger service. The proposed  new ships will be built in Portland  yards.  COMMENDS  ARTISTIC  WORK OF  LCCAL FIRM  Messrs.   Rush   and. Read,   the   well-  1 known local plastering ■ contractors,.  hare received a much prized commnni-  cation from .lames A.. Gill, resident architect of the Trauquille Sanitarium  at Kamloops, where the local linn  recently completed a large plastering!  | order on the interior of the addition!  to the sanitarium. Mr. Gill, in his  letter, commends very highly the work '  they executed there and says he has j  no hesitation in declaring it among j  the best work that he ever had none j  under his supervision.  " |  Rush and Read have just recently j  been awarded the contract for p.ast-1  ering the new Kitsilano High School]  and will make a start on that work  very shortly. (  forms of tender may be "seen at the  offices of the District Engineer, Court  House, Vancouver, Assistant Engineer,  Merritt *iand the Government Agent,  Princeton. Copies of plans, etc.^ may  be obtained on depositing $5.00.  The Assistant Engineer will .show  intending Contractors over- proposed  yrbrfc-. by arrangenient beforeliaiid.  TENDERS—SOLDIERS'   HOOSINO  SCHEME  Tenders will be received by the under-  sighed'up to 12 o'clock noon,. September  .'JO;. .'1919. for the'erection of. residences  under  Soldiers'. Housing  Scheme.    !  Plans, specifications and form of contract may be seen at the .building" inspectors office, "City Hall.  .'.'"Gopy,. may be ootained by making a  deposit' of ten dollars.,  ■": A ;deposit of an amount equal to 5 per  cent:'ot' the contract price must "be made  with -eat-h tender by marked cheque' payable" to" the City Treasurer.  The lowest or any -tender, not necessarily  accepted.'  ■\V.\t. .McQUTSEN.  City   Clerk.  City  Hall,  Vancouver,  B.  C;,  Sept.  20,  1919.'' " .       .-'■ / .,-.-:_.■;.■.-.- .,-;   The Best that's made  ":.,!,■-.■. Sales Agents'  Smith, Davidson & Wright, Limited  ..-•-_ Vancouver,'ic,  * rf.V **•**' *,',{'  PAViKfi  MATERIALS  the  Send   for   color   card   off   BARRETT'S  VELVEX CREOSOTE   SHINGLE   STAINS,  Cor. 10th Ave. A ArbutiA St. * TelephMie* Bay. 63 and «4  Company      cwl  --"-   ■-..:_:   •-,' TAR      -  PRODUCTS  ccepted.  A.   E.   FOR KM AN.  Public  Works 1-nyiiieer.  Public Work* Department,  Victoria, 'H. ('..".Sept.   15." 1919. ;  NOTICE  TO  CONTRACTORS  Sealed tenders, ■ superscrisetf "Tender  for Ktiemeos School Addition;" will be  received- by" the 'Hon.'-'the-. Minister of  Public Works up to 12 o'clock noon of  Saturday, October.; 4th, 1919, for the  erection and completion- of a onerroom  addition to- the. school at Keremeos, in  the Similkameen Electoral District, B. C.  Plans and Specifications ca.n now be  seen at the office of J. Mahony. .Esq.,  Gov't Agent, Court House, Vancouver:  H. Hunter, Esq., Gov't Agent, Princeton;  VV. G. Matt Ice. Esq.. Secretary of School  Board. Keremeos, and at the Department  of Public Works, Victoria,  B. C.  Intending tenderers.can obtain one  •o.-.-   r,r  thp   nlans   and   s''pr-ififjitions   hv  PACIFIC GKJ--'-" EASTERN RAXIiWAY  C-'x-uc'-.-ii _T  NOTICE   _._•   OONTRACTORS  Seabd t_..U_vo -LUdre.'.^ecI to the under-  J signed and marked ""'lender tor the supply, fabrication and erection of steel lor  superstructure, Deep Creek Viaduct,"  will be received at this- ortice until 1-  noon, October 15. 1919. Plans and specifications may be seen at the office ot the  Department'of Railways, Victoria; B. C,  and the office of the Pacific Great Eastern Railway. Vancouver Block, Vancouver. >  'An accepted bank cheque for the sum  of twenty thousand dollars (I20.000).  made payable to the order of the Hon.  the Minister of Railways, must accompany each tender, which sum will be forfeited it* the party tendering declines to  enter into contract for the work at the  rates  stated  in   the offer submitted.  The cheques thus sent in will be returned to the respective contractors  whose tenders are not accepted.   • ■■■-""  The lowest of any tender not necessarily'accepted.  A.   F. PROCTOR,  -.- - Chief Engineer.,  Office  of  the   Chief  Engineer,   Depart-1  !vptu of Railways.  Victoria,   B.  C.  BRICK BUILDER and CONTRACTOR  Kilns, Furnaces .and Boilers  A  Specialty  Estimates givon -. Distance no obstacle  ADAM JACK  HighUnd   728      ! 2020 Dundee St,  PILING aino POL ES  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  «*hy length — any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO., LTD.  1021-1024 Rogers Building ■' ,  Seymour 3998-3999  TELEPHONE DATA  NSW INSTA1---ATION1  SEPT.  11T-T.  1919.  Vancouver Auto Painting Co., Scotia and Sth E   Pat's Canteen,  11*0  Gran '-.....   Thompson, Dr. E. L.: Dentist, _-(4_ Gran. ..._.:.... '..  Brand.n   Auto  Livery,   Richards  and   Georgia   Arbuthnot Bros., Sash and Doors, 101 .Dufferin W   Auto   Water "Pep.,   600   Davie    ; ...'....'.   Alberta   Coal   Co.,   760   6th   VV   Hta'ey's Yorkshire Bakery and Grocery. 3637. 1th VV....  A.   13.  C.  Messenger  and   Kxpress, .635' Smythe   CRANOES.  S-.PT.  11TH.  1019.  Lloyd,  Edison   VV.   _rom- 4052   Miller  to  1592  Kingsw  Fairview Cartage Co.  from  V467' 7th W.  tovl 166- 6th  British American Film Co. from  800. Hast. W.,to 1-0:  -—=-—- .,.       . ■ . ^  fty   vv.-.::   5 Howe.   .-.Fair.  3022   Sey.  7730-O   ...Bay. rj'-M)   Sey.  4777.   Fair.  2011  ...-- Sey.  4834   '■**.ir. -3o:;o   TTiiy.  36S4  ..........Sey.   1 SCO   Fair.    ,213  ...-.-.-/...-.Bay.--   737   .-...Sey.  4 185  COPE & SON  1 50 Hasting St., W.  'Phone Scy.8600  INVITING  TENDERS   FOR  CONSTRUCTION OF ROADWAY  Tenders are being Invited by the  Hon. the Minister of Public Works up  to 5 p.m. of Friday, the 26th day of  ;September, for the construction of 1.5  miles of roadway in the Yale District.  Plans,   specifications,   contract   and  STRAIGHT   LOANS  . or—.—:—•- ■  MONTHLY LOANS   O.T   DWELLINGS  B. C. PERMANENT  LOAN CO.  330 Pender St. "W.  PHONE SEYMOUR 790-791  ESTABLISHED 1893  Twenty years   in > business  In Vancouver  Electrical Contractors  Light and Power  Motor Repairs;    c  Storage Batteries  The Jarvis Electric Company, Ltd.  570 B.charda  Bt.  ThOB-c Se-rmour   175  .DeALERS I IN  CRUSHED ROCK - SAND - GRAVEL  All Kinds Df Building Material  902  Columbia Str set West  Phone IS and 16  New Westminster, B.C.  Electrical Contractors  Let us figure on your work. Send us your troubles. We repair everything Electrical. Nothing too  large, nothing too small. If yon have any lighting  trouble send for our expert who will advise you without charge. Our stock of Residence, Store and Office  Lighting Fixtures is the largest in the city.  PHILADELPHIA  DIAMOND GRID  BATTERY  "'The Battery for your car".  Expert battery and Ignition repair*  The Jarvis Electric Co., Ltd.  570 Richard* Street  Brown, Fraser & Co., Ltd.  SUCCESSORS    TO  DOM_K_OM EQUIPMENT ;'& SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  Phone Seymour 7155 _USO Homer Street                                Vancouver, B. C....;:  GALVANIZING  ..      ■■■',■■■■■• i ;•■'•,'• ; -   -  BAR IRON - SHIP IRONWORK - BOLTS - NUTS  IRON and STEEL CASTINGS - FIRE ESCAPES  PIPE and FITTSNGS -POLE LINE HARDWARE  "WE  GAI.VA_._-_E  EVEBTrTHIWO BY HOT PBOCESS  E_  Fairmont 971  moti and GALVANBZING  WORKS  Office and Works, 225 • 5th W. Vancouver J. C^j)  x 4  I  ''I  ?  » r '  f'  m_LL_;


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