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 -s, s •  >'■  'SS  ,"■■?!  -.«■'---* •***<**,  J; s -a*  «*.'      V  THE ONLY COMMERCIAL NEWSPAPER IN BRITISH COLUMBIA  v  A PUBLICATION DEVOTED TO GEHEKAL NEWS. BUItDIN O.  CONTRACTING,  ENOINEERINO, PR07INCIAI.,  CITY AND HABBOB IMPROVEMENTS.  VOL. XX. No. 26  Published  Monday  Wednesday ana Priday  VANCOUVER. B.C.. WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 8. 1920.  Office and Plant  629 Pender Street West  PRICE—Per,Year In. Advance  Per Month   -   -   -    -  FURNITURE  Mantels. €*rates, Tile. Portable Baskets.  Andirons. Coal Buckets, Wood  Holders. Spark Guards.  Wm. Mo O'Neil Co., Ltd  •  i30  S1ow<2 St.  Sey. 4795 - 4796  rjManawi i.aa,a—u. ■ m a-iara—i mnm  PACIFIC SHEET METAL  WORKS, Limited  400F3NG CONTRACTORS  KETAL WINDOW!  7IRE DOORS  SKYLIOHTS  JOBBING  BIiOW PIPING  EMOXE STACKS  Granville Is.  Seymour 2172  '3'?i*. '.-V •**»<■£»><"  - CONTRACTORS -  When The Specifications Call For A Fan  Phone or write for  Canadian "SIROCCO" Prices  TAYLOR  ENGINEERING COMPANY, Limited  DESIGNING AND ERECTING ENGINEERS  Credit Foncier Building Telephone Seymour 8W#  -*> O -'"V -7.'—>-"T'l  ^iW^^Bite^'f^t^'  Roof finis, Building  Papers, etc/  Building Partition  and Drain Tile  EtyONE £988  Columbia av  LIMITED  Clayburn Firebrick,  Special  Shaped.Firebrick, Pressed  | 'Brick, etc.  Elk Brand Cement, Reinforced  Steel, H yd rated  Lime,  etc.  POLYCHROME  Common Brick  (in stock)  rnlly  Cured,  Splendid   Quality  CLEAN   CUT   EDGES  826.00 por 1,000  at  Warchouee.  930.00 per 1,000 delivered Buainoaa  Soctlon.  POLYCHROME CEMENT  Brick & THe Co., Ltd.  Sey. 8530  R.F.     St5  Office: 215 Duncan Bldfc*  Works: GranvlUe Island  BASEMENT  FLOODED OB DAMP?  Waterex Waterproofing  la the remedy  Made   In   Great   Britain   and  United  Suites  Jamieson Engineering  Company  Phono Soy.  I0IG London Bldg.  JOHN NIXON WILL ERECT  $8,500 DAIRY ADDITION  FOR J.M. STEVES' PLANT  As an addition to his present dairy  plant on Twelfth Avenue, west, .Mr.  J. M. Steves has awarded a^contract  for a one-stoiy dairy building to be  erected at 2144 Telfth Avenue, west,  to cost $8,500, The contract for the  erection of the structure has just been  awarded to Mr. John Nfxon, 2291  ^Seventh Avenue, west, who took out  the permit for the building on Monday and has already commenced work  in excavating for the foundations.  The. building is to have a frontage  of 33 feet with a depth of 120 feet to  the lane. It is to be of frame construction with a concrete foundation and  part of it will have a concrete floor.  An extension of the steam heating  'plant of the adjoining dairy plant will  (Continued to  paffe 4)  r~  HUNTER - HENDERSON  PAINT  Company. Limited  Architectural Paints and Varnishes  642 GRANVILLE ST. SEYMOUR 6110  SOLDIER HOUSING IN  CITY NEARS FINISH  r  r<    K    -.  „w  Lumber   Veneer    Panels.   Etc.  Our Stock Is th« Most Complete on the Pacific Coast  DO YOU  NEED ANY FIR PANELS   i. -Lmm H*w« . LarCj Stock of Sanded On. Sid*..  J. FYFE SMITH CO.'LIMITED:  1320 RICHARDS ST. SEY. 3199 VANCOUVER, B.C.  Architect H. H. Simmons Asks   To Be  Relieved  Of Supervising  Duties  At  End Of Year.  r-r  CHAMPION & WHITE  Get Our Price On ..BUILDING  MATERIALS  Robin Hood Boilers and Radiation  Seymour D5T0  10S3 M:i In St.  With 70 out of the total of. St new  homes for soldiers in the city now  completed and .occupied, and the other  14 new dwellings now under construction fast nearing completion, Architect  H. H. Simmons, Carter Cotton building, who was appointed by 'the city  council last spring as special supervising architect in connection with  the erection of new homes under the  Soldier Housing Act, asked the civic  building committee on Monday to be  relieved of his' duties at tha end of  the year. Mr. Simmons pointed out  that with anything-like good weather,  the fourteen remaining dwellings still  under construction would be practically completed.by the, end of the year  and there ""would 'l>e. no longer-any  need for his- services.  \  The request was acceded, to on the  recommendation of City Building Inspector Bird, who pointed out that.th'e  occupants of every one of the 70 new  homes already occupied was very well  satisfied \with their respective, dwellings.    By the end of the year he ex-  SCHOOL ESTIMATES  GREATLY REDUCED  Bylaws For $231,000 To Be Submitted  To   Ratepayers  at January  Elections.  Cutting the original- estimates of  $1,246,000 for new school buildings  by more' than one million dollars, the  school board. has decided' to submit  to ..the ratepayers at the coming annual elections i« January, bylaws aggregating $231,000 as the irreducible  minimum required to''provide much  needed additional accommodation ,to.  the various public schools of the city,  whose already congested condition will  be materially aggravated by?the expected increase- of about 800 new  pupils next February.'  This $231,000 is to be submitted in  fifteen separate by.laws(i the  majority  of which are lor the erection of tem-  .porary, two and four-room, schools as  additions to existing' schools.   Tn all,  the new bylaws .will provide for 44 additional class rooms, but according to  j-School    Inspector' J. S.    Gordon,    the  building of sixty class rooms woukl be  justified at present, as he points out  that by the time' these hew, temporary  sch/wl buildings are completed and occupied,  the  additional  school  popula-  SEEKING QUOTATIONS  FOR MATERIALS NEEDED  ON JOHNSON ST. BRIDGE  VICTORIA (Special) — Preparatory  to starting actual construction work  on the new Johnson street bridge, City.  Engineer F. M. Preston is seeking  quotations from firms all oyer the  province on the materials to be7 used  in the construction of the sub-structure. As it will talie some time to  secure material and assemble it, fie  does not expect an actual start will be  made on the work until possibly about  the middle of February.  It is expected that all the equipment  required and somev of the building  materials "will be on the ground, by  the second week of January, but most  of this month will be devoted to preliminary   arrangements,   assembly   of  (0»«»tinn«fl   on  Pace  ■$)  MUNDY, ROWLAND & CO  ELECTRICAL  ENGINEERS  ,        AND „  CONTRACTORS  Power Installations  General  Electrical   Construction  EBURNE 55  EBURNE GRAVEL CO.  Marpole. B.C.  Wholesale and Retail I  Dealers In' Sand," Gravel, Crushed:  Rock, Brick, Cement, Lime and all  kinds of Building Materials. >  "IF IT'S IN POINT GREY-PHOHE BT  EBURNE 55'    '  FRANK DARLING & GO,  PNEUMATIC TOOLS  "THOB"  Boiler Bearing Drills—Close Quarter Piston Air Brill*—Kiverttna; Kai  Chipping Haumiii—Wood Borers—Turbine and Electric Drills  Hig-h Spaed Steel—Drille—Beaaacra, ate.  -\«  COaXPIiETE STOCK OF ACCESSORIES  1144 SOUXB ST.  f  _£££  ,.~.U  Z=E  Vfcoaa Sar. 41SS  pected all of the S4 dwellings would   tion will make things just as bad next  T. A. WALSH .-3l Co., Ltd.  Machinery  and Supplies  ■    B.C. Dlatributora For "  ACME SHINGLE BANDS, BOX STRAPPING, CORRUGATEDJASTENERS  MONOGRAM OILS & GREASES  YELLOW STRAND WIRE ROPE  858 • 60 Cambie Si.  Sey: 4738 - 4739  be completed, which would constitute  flie largest number of new homes  erected under the provisions of the  Soldier Housing Act in any city 'in  Western Canada.  Aid, J. J.  McRae,  chairman of  (Continued  on   Page  2)  th«  J  J. A.  FLETT Limited  Building Hardware. Tools & Cutlery. Soaldings  Athletic Goods. Guns and Ammunition  Fishing Tackle  339 HASTINGS ST. W. SEYMOUR 2327  PHILPOT-SWACDONALD Co,,Ltd,  Electrical Engineers  B    FHII.FOT  CONSULTING - INSTALLATION  D. MACDONAI.D  POLE LINE CONSTRUCTION  DESIGNING - SHOP WORK  157,3 Main St.  Phone :-   Itair. 3823  WILL   BUILD  ADDITION  TO   GRANVILLE   ST.   CAFE  Dr. VT. A. Moffat, owner of the  premises at 920 Granville street, has  awarded a contract to Mr. llaympnd  Jaircau, Balmoral Hotel,, for the erection of an addition and the necessary  alterations to fit the building for a new  cafe. The addition is to be a small  brick structure, measuring IS by 25  feet at the rear of the premises. The  building is to have a concrete door and  will have fire doors installed "to connect with the main building. It will  cost in the -neighborhood of 52,500.  Work is to be started on the addition  and alterations at once by the contractor.       •  spring. In' other words, the school  board's building programme is making  no provision for catching up with or  coping in an adequate manner with  the constant increase in the school  population of the citv which the con-  slant arrival of new families is making more acute each month.  The amounts .comprising the $231,  (Continued  on   Page  2)  T. G. McBRIDE & CO.  * - ESTABLISHED   1898 _ "   «' - "  WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IN  SAND, GRAVEL, BRICK. LIME. AND ALL BUILDING MATERIALS  PROMPT DELIVERY  1051 Main St. Telephone Seymour 118aV  ■■ '  :  I ■"  Structural Steel For Every Purpose   : ^?^— ~  SXJaXS, CKAJTHEX*, AHOUS, PIATM, TMMU, COXmBKU  COMPUBTUY EQUIPPED rABSXCATXaTO SHOPS  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL COT, Ltd.  r&lrmoiit 3396 and 3397  ▼aneonvaa,:  \_  Why Not Use A  « VULCAN"  Heating Boiler 1  which Rrives 25 per cant, more effic-  loncy than cast Iron pollers, and  Tjcrni sixty Mad of• fuel wita splendid  compilation.  "\  .. Vulcan .Iron  Granville Island ,  [s Ltd.  Vancouver, B. C.  Vancouver Lumber Co., Limited  MANUFACTURERS OF  FIR, CEDAR and SPRUCE LUMBER        •..;■—"■  If You Want  THE BEST LUMBER and THE BEST SERVICE  AT  REASONABLE PRICES  Call and aeo ua, or phone.  South End of Connaught Bridge  ■ *^t-~"v. .; vnf«:.t.j?j.'  Phone Fair. 918.919  Vancouver, B. C.  MERCHANTS  BANK WILL  OPEN   EAST   END   BRANCH  Like other banking institutions. in  the city, the Merchants Bank of Canada finds it necessary to branch out  and secure other quarters that will  tend to relieve the congestion on the  main offices. Wtlh that object in.view  and nlso to afford added convenience  to its east end clients, the Merchants  Bank management^ has secured quarters at 13S Pender street, east, and  will spend in the neighborhood of  $5,000 in alterations and remodelling  of the promises. A permit for the  work has already been taken out ;it  the city building inspector's department and a start is to be made on the  necessary changes at once.  H. A. WILES IS AWARDED  TWO REPAIR CONTRACTS  Mr. I-I. A. Wiles, 1350 Eighth Avenue, west, .has been notified that his  tenders on two repair Vork contracts  for buildings in the city has been accepted. One of these -s for general  repairs to the foundation and roofing  of the Y.W.C.a: annex at 5S6 Burrard  street. This building is a large dwelling which the Y.W.C.A. trustees purchased recently to augument the ac-.  cpmmodation in the association building and with the possible view of an  additiion to the main building^in the  near future; The repairs and alteration's which, will involve an expenditure of approximately $3,000, also include the installation of fire escapes  on  the building.  The other contract which Mr. Wiles  has received comprises the fire dam  age repairs to the Empire building,  at the northwest corner of Hastings  and Seymoui streets. This pioneer  building-, which is owned by the Julius  Browu estate of Los Angeles, vus  damaged in a tire last summer and  considerable delay has been experienced in securing the approval of the  repairs and making adjustments with  the insurance companies. The plans  for the repairs were prepared by  Architects Dalton & Eveleigh. Davis  Chambers.  DOMINION BRICK  Tor Sale by .  -  Champion & "White: Evans, Coleman & Evans, Xtd.: Thoa. G. VcBride * Co.  and the Ritchie Contracting- & Supply Co., ltd.  Also by Gllley Bros., New Westminster. The Eburne Sand St Gravel Co..  Eburne, end the Great West Sand & Gravel-Co.. Worth Vancouver.  GABRIOLA SHALE PRODUCTS  LIMITED  Mead   Office  102   Moody   Block  VICTORIA, B.C-  BALFOUR, GUTHRIE & CO.  - '<*     ■ W     • ■■.'.•  xsurpoBcnro steek:—  Larse stocks of Mild Steel Bars. We cut to length.   Cold Twist and Bend  Bars to details.  ; ••  SOZ.T8:—   -■•'■;■-'•  Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts. Tie Bolts! Cast Iron Washers. We are prepared  .to furnish jarse orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  ' MERCHANT  IRON  AND  STEEL  BARS  FOaTIiAlffD   CEME37T — LIME  — SCOTCH  FIBE  BBICK — FimB  C&AT  .     GBAFKIT3  FOUZTSXCSr  FACINGS — COKE  — SSA COAX.  FIG IKON — BIiACKSailTH COAL — MAJKLA HOFE  103 WDTCE BTTED.  FBrVATE EX. SET. 19197  RITCHIE CONTRACTING and SUPPLY Co., Ltd.  Dealers in '    •  BRICK,   SAND,  GRAVEL,   CRUSHED   ROCK,   CEMENT,   FIBRE  PLASTER,   LIME,   CHIMNEY   FLUE   LINING,   METAL   LATH,  *   AND   ALL   OTHER   BUILDING   MATERIAL  "V  Seymour 916£-91G3  Nlg-ht Fhouo:   Bay.  2135 !■  f"  CONTRACTORS MACHINERY  - TO  RENT -  HoiBting- Engines — Clam Shell Buckets — Concrete  Mixoro — Stoel  Halls  Wheels and Axles — Cars  National Machinery Co.. Ltd.  925 Main St. *• Sey. 600-4545  "\  1561  Granville  Street  "Vancouver, B. C.  _ _ ^  Westrnisister Iron Works  * Office and Works Tenth Street  New Westminster, B. 0.  Phone 53  ■?$Z »■'•  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  -a. •>. MooesoN      r. t. kin<»      wm. o. marblc  A. M.  IXHT.  i£  S. - *«• S. J.  O.  HODGSON, KING & MARBLE  Contractors & Engineers  501 London Bldg.     Seymiur 6506  The Home Bank of Canada  SAVINGS   BANK   DEPARTMENT  F. G. NICKERSON  Manager  6370 446 Hasting* St. West  Vancouver, B. C.  Plate. Sheet, Figured,  Wlred,Art,Prism,  Colored, etc.  Wholesale and Retail  W. MOLT & SOIN  426—436 Dufferin St.    .      Fairmont 1238  Bevelling  and.  Silvering  Robertson & Devey  EnstneersantJ   Constructors  5, Design, Reports, Construction  laMoatrial Planta, Buildings and Equipment  Wharves   and. Piers,      Power ,Plants  .Industrial Railways  Concrete, Steel and Timber Structures  502 YORKSHIRE BLDG.    SEY.9217  REFRIGERATION  In aalHf plaits aad ciM stinn systaas. S«ct-  ' sal reftajaiatars ni plaits far all caafaf praam  MACHINE SHOP REPAIR WORK OF  EVERY DESCRIPTION.  Undo Canadian Refrigeration  Company Limited "  500 Campbell Aye. High. 822  NICK COSCO  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  EXCAVATING.   CONCRETE   WORK   AND  SEWERS.   GRADING   ROADS  AND  LAND   CLEARING  1367 Seymour St.  Sey. 7335-1.  British Columbia Record  (Established  1911)  Published  every   Monday.   Wednesday  andFriday by the  Record Publishing Co., Ltd.  A newspaper or general ciraulation.  featuring Building. Contracting. Engineering, Industrial, Shipbuilding. Mining.  Automobile, Provincial, City and Harbor  Cmprovementsl  C. H. NELSON....MANAGING EDITOR  Office and Plant  629 Pendei St.W., Vancouver; B.C.  PHONE SEYMOUR 7808  Subscription Bates  Per Month  - 100  Per Year In Advance  110.00  A.U   subscriptions   are   payable   strictly  in  advance.  I tecture. And if architecture should  enter upon sad days it means that it  will he still sadder for all who are  engaged as members of the widely  diversified .building industry. The  keynote of the arch is the architect.  The rise and fall of the art, the business depends upon his interpretation  of his own duties to society. He has  always proved worthy of his hire.  SCHOOL ESTIMATES  GREATLY  REDUCED  HARDWOOD FLOORS  "§tay-Put:VPrand  KILN DRIED  KEPT DRY  STAY DRY  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co.  UmltacJ  V  SS17 Omul St.  Bay. 1287  IP arson Wire  & Iron Works  ORNAMENTAL IRON  WORKERS, WIRE WORK.  . ERS and JpTEAVERS  - • ~     * * --  aTotblas; too larar* or too amaii.  ' -W it'a Iron or Wlra'lra make it.'  I CITY MARKET BUILDING  A FAIRMONT 2794  jrwo '.  GCiNVENItzNT  LOCATIONS     .  At ailMubr of which*•»«bctat-  neat ' rna^n am**,, wonrnwi * off  the cltv are certain off th«s  MimI off meals ttocar want at  reasonable prices*  ■*     *��    '      ? *        < V . f£.-Cr,,/ &    '*■       fit* ..I-'  No. 1 - HO CORDOVA ST. WEST  No.2.. «*2.FINDER    ST. WEST  Good Eats  SHOULD     ARCHITECTS     CHARGE  A    COMMISSION    ON  COMMISSIONS?  Some   architects   have   been   faced  with the question by the owners, since  cost-plus work has begun" to prevail,  as to whether the architect's' charge  should  be  based  on  the  direct  cost  of  material  and   labor  only,   or   on  those items plus the'general'contractor's overhead and profit percentages.  The architect "works on the basis of  a fee based on the cost of the building, and as the cost-plus system surely includes contractors' profits in the  cost, there  is'no technical  or  legal  reason why the architect should not  base  his   commissions   of   others'  asv  well.   From a moral standpoint, he is  entitled  to be considered  as worthy  of his 'hire.   The architect is the first  in the field on a building project and  the last man at the^1 finish.   He must  untangle all tangles.   His sole interest is to get for the owner the best  building possible, while doing justice  to the contractor at the  same time.  (Continued from Page 1)  civic building committee, paid warm  tribute to the good work carried out  under the direction of Building Inspector Bird and Architect Simmons in the  \ construction of these new homes for  returned citizens. He considered that  not only had'the city's allocation ot  $300,000 for soldier housing "been used  to' the best advantage possible, but  that the erection of these 84 new -residences had materially helped to relieve  in some degree at last the housing  shortage.  SOLDIER  HOUSING IN  CITY   NEARS  FINISH  (Continued from Page 1)    ^  000  total   as  itemized   by  the  school  board  and  finally passed  are as follows :  Additions to Schools:  School  sites   $ 20,000  Six rooms in West End    15,000  Six rooms, Hastings    15,000  Eight rooms. General Gordon   20,000  Four rooms, Fairview    10,000  Four rooms, Franklin     10,000  Four rooms, Charles Dickens 10,000  Four rooms, Kitsila.no Higb.... 16,000  Two rooms, Mount Pleasant..     5,000  Two rooms, Simon Fraser     '5,000  Four rooms, Livingstone    10,000  Total    _ $116,000  provide quarters for a temporary place  of worship.  The deal, if consumated. will also  give the trustees of the local congregation a site for a new church which  It is proposed to' erect in the near  future. Rev. A. D, Graham of Seattle,  is coining here for. a week to assist  the local colored pastor, Rev. S. E.  Bailey, in conducting a series of revival services and closing the'deal for  the new church site. '  INSURANCE  IN ALL ITS  BRANCHES  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.  ESTABLISHED XK 1886  739 Kautlng-a St. "W. Sey. 7820  Ground rioor, Winch Bldg-.  Vancouver, B. C.  Alterations   arid   Heating    50,000  Plumbing  -•     30,000  Grand  Total   ?231,000  So that of all agents engaged in build- Shelter at prankiin school $   5,000  ing operation  the  architect has the Furnitllre  and-Equipment  '30,000  most disinterested standpoint.  ' The" general contractor collects a  percentage fee oh a'gr^efct many items  on which fie expends-"no''effort; and  for 'which he 'makes no monetary outlay, but as this would be the case  with hihi on a lump *6um contract,  there is no essential difference on'the  cost-plus contract in the architect  asking his fee on every item which  .goes into the cost of the'structure.  The "single advantage accruing out  of the whole cost-plus cost system, is  that architects how, more than ever  before, and .owners for the first time,  scrutinize the itemized cost of their  buildings carefully, and a tendency is  beginning to show of ,a more careful  analysis of planning, sizes, qualities  and a differentiation between essential and non-essential factors.  COLORED  COLONY PLANS  OWN METHODIST CHURCH  , The local colored colony is making  strong efforts just now to raise §5,000  for the purchase of temporary quarters for the institution of a Vancouver branch of the African Methodist  Church. The members of the local  congregation have, been holding services for some time in a hall at the  corner of Drake and Granville street,  but have now taken an option on an-  eight-rodmed house on Davie street, a  short distance offTJrranville street, and  near  where  a  goodly   proportion   of  Of all who work on a job, the archi- the colored population resides.   'It is  "The Good Food RestaBraits"  mk  Jot it down  m.       In a  Del  Loose Lea! Memo  IT fits the vest-pocket and  is always ready to receive  facts and figures and all  kinds of data, such as every  busy person needs. ,  New sheets replace old ones,  making the co^er a permanent  investment.  Lightest, strongest, simplest  and most compact memo book.  PrcssJhc trigger  and the rings open  No more torn sheets. No  fumbling, fingering or scolding. Just the outfit for everybody of affairs.  Costs little. Iast» always, because it  is bound in. genuine Morocco.  Let us show the De Luxe  Loose Leaf Memo to YOU.  Western Specialty  IthnltfsQ.  672  Granville St.   -   Sey.  3528  tect goes into the subject most deeply. The studies he makes and much  of his'work in the final result is not  included in the cost of the building,  and therefore he does not collect any  fee, this extra professional work by  the architect more than offsets such  fees as may come to him when he  collects his percntage on the contractor's percentage. There is a way  to guage the contractor's performance,  but the work done" by the architect  eludes any measuring process. And  if that day should come when the  architect declines, as does the con *  tractor, to abide by the. precise letter!  of the jaw, father than interpret ifc in'  terms of spirit as well as material  content, it will be a sad day for archi- v.  hoped to raise the necessary funds  and close the deal for the purchase of  this dwelling which will be altered to  L  If you don't know  Walker  Robinson  Limited  You Should  G2& Feiader St.W.  BUILDING IS ACTIVE  NOW AROUND WHITE ROCK  WHITE ROCK, B. C. (Special) —  Owing to the congestion which prevails at the Buena Vista scnool as  well as the other school in the town,  strong representations are being made  to the government, to add at least  another two rooms to the White Rock  public school and also an additional  room to the old school on Buena Vista  ■Avenue. The heating, lighting and  ventilation   in   the  latter   building  is  also sadly in need of improvement and  that fact is also being brought to the  attention of the provincial education  department.  Good progress is 6eing made now  on the erection of the new Anglican  church and -parish room on Victoria  avenue, >which •wa& commenced a few  days ago. Volunteer workers from'  the congregation are doing most of  the work since the foundation has been  laid, and it is hoped to liave the  church section of the building ready  for the opening service on the Sunday-  following Christmas. Funds for the  purchase of building ' material have  been quite liberally supplied and the  women workers' of the congregation  have also secured a considerable amount of church furniture in anticipation of the opening.  Another new"' dwelling has just been  started by Sheppard Bros, on Washington Avenue. It is of the popular  bungalow type and will cost about  $2,500.  J. Hanbury & Co.  X.IMITED  EXCAVATING  , and  GENERAL TEAMING  Horses for Sale  Fourth Ave. and Granville St.  Bay view 1076  3  v_  Robert W. Hunt & Co., Ltd.  INSPECTING and TESTING ENGINEER*  218 Standard Bank Bldg. Phona Saymour 2199  Raaidant Inaaactora at all Lara* Manufacturing Cantraa  PACIFIC LIME  Sold By  -v  lm;  ALL DEALERS  .j  CANADIAN JOHNS-M AN VILLE  Company/Limited. *  [Asbestos and its allied products.  * 1 * r  Roofing and  Roof Coatings  Pipe Insulations.   Mastic Flooring  ^  738 HASTINGS ST., W.  SEY. 442?  fa  jnar  YEAR'S FIRE LOSS ONLY  AMOUNTS TO $61,924  Despite the tact that the local fire  department responded to a total of  1015 alarms during the first eleven  months of the year, and 232 of these  calls were fires where damage occurred, the total flre loss .for the year so  far only aggregates $64,921, according  to the monthly fire report for November as submitted by Fire Chief Carlisle.  The total damage caused by the  fires since January 1, and excluding  the loss of the S.S. Ballena on November 13, which is not adjusLed yet,  amounts' to $321,847. The total insurance paid on these losses is $259,923  leaving the total property loss above  insurance at only $61,924. The total  value of the property at risk was  $8,405,207, and the total insurance carried on same was $5,457,217.  *  During- the eleven months of the  year there have been seven lives' lo3t  locally and'24 injured as a result of  fires. A total of 134 firemen were injured at fires and whilst engaged on  duty.  The Merry  Christmas  House  INSTRUMENTS LIMITED  Everything- for the Surveyor,  Architect and Draughtsman  SEYMOUR 6498  8 Arcade Bldg-.  V_  365 Cordova St. W.  -J  USEFUL  GIFTS  8-  At Moderate Prices  Western Specialty  limited  522 GRANVILLE ST.  CARDS FOR ALL PURPOSES  'ft  fa  fa  fa  fa  «■  fa  fa  fa  fa  fa  IS  a  fa  fa  0  M  VANCOUVER'S    NEW   INDUSTRY  B.C. IMPERMEALITE BUILDING PRODUCTS  ■ *  CURO HARDENING LIQUID  Arrests erosion in Bricks and Masonry.   Strengthens  and preserves  Masonry  and  Artificial Stone Work and all forms of Plaster, Mortar and Cement work, etc...  .   IMPERMEA WATERPROOFING LIQUID  Waterproofs Plaster, Cement, Mortar, Bricks, Hollow Tiles, Wooden Shingles, etc.  CUROCRETE  For mixing with concrete mixture.  . .Renders the finished material waterproof and  almost doubles its tensile and compressive strength  ' Ptsll Particulars and  Infortmatlon on Application  JTE Co.,  OFFICE: 323 Rogers Bldg.  Phone: Sey.9260  FACTORY Falrv.ew r  v  :.i*,tf;  ■■W-*  ;JMMS  ■^•>*,?^y,;'--7!-.rf<-,*'?'i'--)'.i5,Tfe_..„.  I  V  ADKISON & DILL  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  SPECIALISTS in REINFORCEO.COHCRETE  325 Hnwa $t- **!■ 3768-Bay.M28R  Artistic Wire & iron Works  Manufacturers  Ornamental Iron Work una  all klada ef Wire Work.  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  3  REDCLIFFE PRESSED BRICK  --    PLAIN   OR TAPESTRY  PACE   «  All   Shades   of   Natural   Hum   lied—Immediate   Shipment—Three   Plants  Auk for Quotations and Samples.  GORMAN, CLANCEY AND GRINDLEY, Ltd.  511  DOMINION BLDG. PHONE:     SEY    3475  VANCOUVER EDMONTON CALCrAKX  112-16  Dufterln   St.  Pair.  2G4S  BAIN BROS.  Lathing and Plastering Con'tr's  SEY. 838 HIGH. 1108  403 PENDER ST. W.  Baynes&  General    Contractors  836 Howe St. Seymour 1389  S.M. MORRIS &G0.f LTD.  GET OUR PRICE ON  " FIRE ESCAPES"  Bay.   1043  ' 2120-2130   Cedar   St  British Columbia Ceiling  & Roofing Co. Ltd.  H., FRITH: SMITH,   MANAGER  HJIKX.T     MUTAX,     COJJTKACXORH     AWI>     MAXDrAC*  TIinBtlS,:    FEI.T,   A»»   .ORAVFJC' HOOFKIIH.  Pair. 1267 523 7th Ave. West  McLeod Sheet Metal Works  Furnacea,    Booflrigr.    Cornlcea,    Sky-  lig-hta   and   General   Sheet   Metal  Work  Seymour  7177  1012  Richards  St.  THE   FO&X.OWXNO   TABLE   SHOWS   BTJTLDI2raS   C03TIHO    f5,000    OK    OVER,    OW     WHICH    COHSTHUCTIOH     IS  UNDER WAY, OB OH WHICH CONTRACTS HAVE BEEN IiET BtTT COHSTBtTCIION WOT YET STARTED.  Character  -.. ....-.: „....„■! .„.■ .   Coat  Alterations    $100,000  Il«»tid»'iire      STS.000  Gas   Plant .„....$3-l 0,000  Store  lildf,' S13.500  Theatre      $400,000  ' GREATER VANCOUVER      ...  Location  Owner  .Cordova St........ ........David Spencer I<td.  Marine Drive  B. D. Rogers  False Creek  ;.„;. Vancouver Gas Co.  318-20  Pender St. E H.  F. Tong  S00 Block Sey. St...B. C. Paramount Ltd.  EDWARD COX  General Contractor  Cabinet Waal".   " Haturae  Sey. 1163 1285 Pender St W.  DAWES CONSTRUCTION CO.  General    Contractors  Credit Foncier Bldg.   Vancouver, B.C.  DOMINION CONSTRUCTION  Company, Limited  Gonaral Contractors  909 Richards St.   -   Sey. 8320  iW.GREENLEES  COHTBACTOB  jpila  Driving-,   Wharves,  Bridg-ee.  Toundatlona, etc.  407 Cordova St. W. Seymour 1083^  THE FOUNDATION CO.,  OF B.C. LIMITED  CONTRACTORS AN0 ENGINEERS  Standard Bank Bldg.       Sey. 7920  HARRISON & LANIQND  Industrial Engineers  Seynov 3535 501 Pacific Bids  HeKklence      IteHldcnce     Uesldence .'.   Excavation   &  Kill   Completing   Residence     Itesldence -   XteRidence      HlKh School    HlKh School    Residence      Addr.s   to   Bldgs   Additions to residence ._   Dwelling      Dwelling      Remodel  Building    Warehouse    .".   Remodelling      Residence      Residence    Residence      Brick Bldg   Addn.  to Elevator     Store   Addns   Horse Stables    Store "Bldg   Pier  ...._   Residence  _   Residence    Residence  - -   Residence     Residence   Residence  _   Residence .- ---  School  —   Residence    Residence  ,. -'.   Parish Hall    Wharf    Residence   Residence  '.   1 .story" bldg _   Dry Dock    Residence .- -   Residence    Terminal  Improvement-.   Residence    Residence .,.-... ■-»  Garage   Ke-sldence  -   iNiclory  - >~-  ilcsidence •  Residence    -..- ....  l.5torv  Tile  Warehouse   Addition     Dwelling , . —  :»  Residences .!.i   Coal Hunkering Plant    Alter?-,   to  Residence   Residence    Alterations    R»mudollinc   Alterations      ... 515,500  .... $10,000  .... $10,000  „..$513,q0C   $2S,000  ....   $12,000   $20,000   $36,34?   $175,000  $12,000   $25,000   $12,000       $0,000       $5,000   $55,000  .... $50,000  ....   $35,000      $5,000      $G,000       $9,30U  ....  $15,000   $10,000   $12,000   $-15,000  ... $15,000  „C$4,500,000  ....   $10,000     $&,500  „....   $5,000  _    $5,500      $5,000     $6,000     $9.00C  ....   $50,000  _  $5,000  .... $10,000      $6,000  .......  $6,500  ... $r,r»oo  ....   $11,200  .....  $14,000  $3,500,000     $7,000     $5,000  .. $350,000  .....   $12,000     $S,000  . $5,000     $7.0BO  ""7.1 is'.ouo  ..    $7,5w0  . s:>.0'to  .. $5,500  '„.. $5,300  7...  $27,000  "17.1""$7."&00  ..  $5,000  ... $9,000  $12,000  "...-  as.ooo  Avenue   "D"   Shaughnessy M.   Rector  17th Ave....... .......Dr. C. H. Vrooman  Cartier & Connaught Dr.... H. J. Perrin  Hullantyne 1'ler Dom.  Govmt.  Shaughnessy Heights  A. E. Tulk  Connaught Drive  C.  B. McAllister  .Matthe.ws Ave. & Alex'dra....J. R. Duncan  Kouth Vancouver....So. Van. School Board  Marpole  , Pt. Grey School Board  1312 Pine Street  W. McLean  l-'airview  University of. B. O.  .Shaughnessy Heights  R.  B. Hamber  6579 Maple St F. R.  Murray  1CSG  13th Ave. W '.....W. H. Dargavel  Gran. & Robson Sts Royal Bk. of Can.  Ft.  Gore  Ave........... ...Can.  Fishing Go.  Seymour & Pender ..Toronto Trusts Crp.  1775  10th  Ave.  \V C  J.  Phillips  15th   Ave.  W Cosmo  Bruce  J3rd & Connaught Dr B. A. Shatford  Seymour at Dunsmuir H. A. Jones  1605 6th Ave. "W _N. McLennan  121-5 Pender R. .....K. H. Long  Fairmont Barracks  - Dom. Govt.  5S-60 Hastings St. E Chas. Gross  Ft. Heatley Ave Bom. Govt.  4S3S Ave. "F"  J- T. Devine  •J 170 Selkirk  '. F. B. Wilson  390^ Heather St J. Mackay  C555 Laburnum Mrs. A. L. Ramage  3S05 37th Ave. W C. "W. Copp  65G0 Angus St '. A. R. Philips  Magee Rd. nr. Granville....F. F. Suckling  Jackson & -Pender St. E....„„.School Board  C676   Laburnum A.   J.   Hammond  4 5S7  Ave.  "F"_ - Wm. Love  2001—1st Ave. E St. Saviour's Church  Hollyburn   Dominion  Gov't  35th   Ave. W. .of Arbutus lva Smith  Wolf  Ave.,  Shaughnessy R. W. Sharpe  j 1000 blk. Gran. SI....G. G. Heather & Co.  ! Burrard Tnlet  J. Coughlan & Sons  .'5630 Blenheim, St G. H. Ferguson  153S  6£th Ave. W '..> B. H. S.  Upper" False Creek C. N. P.ly.  33rd Av. W. & Gran. St D. Shantz  G592 JMaple St Dr.  J.  X. McLaren  17SO   Angus  Ave _ ~R.  Kelly  Ave.  --•. Snaughncssy„ C. A. Calkins j H. H. Gillingham  L;,'.i,iVi.lu inland.,1'avinc Roorinjr Co., Ltd  ;i."y0  21st  Ave.  W ..Mrs.  Alice Sedore  122G  2C>th Ave. W 11. W.  Chapman  Water St. Near Cam Me-.. Vane. Trad. Co.  1726  7lh Ave.  W....Alexandra Orphanitsre  2514   Cornwall St G.  E.  White  Pt_ Grey Kd.& Balaclava Fred Melton  Vancouver  C. P.  R.  3S90  Hudson  Ave..../. M. Dollar  1S51 3Cth Ave. W Thomas & Dawson/  j 301-21   Cordova   St.   W Merc. Mts;e. Co.  Architect   Contractor   ...Dominion   Constr.. Co.  Bernard C. Palmer....Dbrninion Const. Co.    Owners  Contractor   "W.   H.   Chow  Thos.  Lamb. T-oronto....Dom.  Constr. Co.  •Townley & Matheson. Supervis'g A,rchtS.  Mackenzie & Bow : Blackley & po.  James A. .Benzie..Rogers Cros. & Slnchair  James  A. Benzie..Rogers Bros. & Sinclair   .Grant,. &   McDonald  Bernard C. Palmer _...!. K. Sinclair  Maclure & Lort J. S. Crowell  Gardiner & Mercer, /.Day Labor  Twizell. Birds & Twizell......Peter Tardiff  Twizell,  Birds & Twizell..-^ Owners   _.G.  Churchill  &  Son  Shar.p & Thompson Baynes & Horie  B.  C.   Palmer   T.-L.  Gray   _ A.   H.   Cromie   '.     Owner  Gard.   & -Mercer-Hodgson-, King & Marble  Owners   A. W.  Quist  James   A.   Benzie      _ _     Owner  Bowman- &  Cullerne   _ Owner   '. Fa'uIds;   McQueen  & , Pear'ce  Bowman & Cullerne...-.'...Baynes & Horie   _ ^-. _  Owner  Contractor     W.  H.   Chow  Dept.  of Works Robt. Moncrieff   C. H. Taylor Constr. Co.  Dept.  of Works Northern  Constr Co.   Geo. Churchill & Son    Owner   „  Owner    Owner  ). R. TACEY & SON  HEATING, VENTILATING AND  GENERAL SHEET METAL WORK  S50  6th  Ave.   Weat  V.:   Fair  4656  Sey.  824     ~- Bay.  9316 * ;f  R. N. DICER  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR;  REPAIR   DEPARTMENT  OPEN DAY-AND NIGHT  Vancouver {  ■  1256 Pender St. "W.  -J  r~  Sey. 7965 '.Night Phone Sey. 637 |  W. W. FRASER  Electrical Engineer And  CONTRACTOR  602 East. St.,W.      >  Vancouver, B. O.  JENKINS  ELECTRICAL  Company, Limited  ELECTRICAL.   CONTRACTORS  ELECTRICAL      IJf STALl,AT10Jf 8      OT      EVKKT {  DKSCniI'TIO.V. ELECTHICAr,     BOPrWEO  Sey. 9513  539 Main' Street n  Labor Temple .....:. Prov. Govmt.'  Cambie  St.  Grounds ....City  of Vane.   -t    Davies   &   Morrison    _  Ow;ner  Townley & Matheson... Chas. \V. Purdy   '. '. .Day Labor   .-. A.  L.  Ramage  Gardner & Mercer F. T. Sherborne  Contractor  F.  W. Mellish  Dept.  of Works William Greenlees  James A. Benzie Archibald Rogers  Townley & Matheson S.  N. McLeod  Ron ey man & Curtis.—C.H.Taylor Con. Co.  Owners  '. — Owners'   ,„ Geo.  Churchill &,Son   '.  '. - F.  Bouck   Pacific Constr.  Co.  H. H. Gillingham   Owner   _ S. N. M^cLeod  Hodgson,  King  &  Marble   _ -*...A. Rigg   Iiartiey &, uu.   _   Owner     Owner  Dalton   &   Eveleigh Snider   Bros.  A. E. Henderson...................J.. K. Sinclair   _.„ _.AIodern, Constr.  Co  Owner  J.._  Owner  Owners..........: Vickers  Contr.   Co.,   Ltd.  Townley & Matheson W. J. Read  Owners ;  Owners   J.   D.   Ja'mieson  Public Wks. Dept..... :....Thos.. Carson  Owners       Owners  W.BRADSHAW  GRATES TILES and MANTLES  mosaic floors laid  Jobbing,attended to  Phone 7raaar 178 X   446 45th Ave. E.  Specialist, in   Cement   Work ,  ED. HUGGINS  V1VAZBT   ABTD    OBBT AXETVT AX.  PLASTSBEIt -        '    ,  Bay. 3535-B. -.'■   3538  Third   Ave;  W.  Percy F- Letts  Electrical Eigineer and Contractor  Hlffh-Claaa   Electrical   Work  and   rixturea  Bay. 441    ■■■' 3044  Granville St.  MAIN ELECTRIC  OEaTXBAl? BSPAXB8 — ABMATX7BB  WZVDXBTO — SWZTCKBOABDS  UVSTAXIiATXOHS  247 Hastiofs St, L  ty.3156)  VANCOUVER FORGE CO.  Xdmlted.  FORGIrNGS I  or ALL DESCRIPTIONS  Ft.  Victoria Drive  «ighlana  701  GRANVILLE WOOD WORKS  H.   HUTCHINSON,   PaormcTOR  CABINET,MAKERS AND CARPENTERS  BAND SAWING AND WOOD TURNING  GENERAL JOBBING:  Say. 9478  735 Halaacken St.  J.C. RESTON  EZ.XCTBXCAZi   EHOZBBBB  ABO COHTBACTOB  411 HOWE ST.  SET. 1991  ^  LEEK & Co. LL°  . .  SKVMOUR «•»  STEAM Jk HOT WATER HEATING  PIPE BENDING  lOSO HOMER STREET  DOMINION  PHOTO CO.  Commercial Photographers  216 Duncan Bidg        Sey. 2968  R. MONCRIEFF  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  328 Birk'a  Bldff.  - day moor 4606  NEW IDEA SHEET METAL  WORKS  Anyth.nBslnTShBecl Mota^d Hoofln,.  7S7   Beatty'  St. Sey.   7645^  JOHN ARNOT & SONS  SASH   and   DOOBS—OrPXCE  KXTUBES  Bandaawlng* and Turning',  ate.  1730   Semlin   Drive Highland   374  GRAND VIEW SHEET;,  METAL  WORKS,  LIMITED  rUBHACES.    COBBICES,    SE7T-  2.IOBTS and  OENESAL  JOBBUfQ  IMS Vaaablti St  Hlfhland Ml  Palmer Bros.  General   Contractors  Sey. 4878  929 Main St.  r  Robertson & Partners Ltd.  Public Works Contractors  and Engineers  Sey. 1274     422 Metropolitan Bidg  RUSH ■&" HEAD  PLAIN AND ORNAMENTAL PLASTERING  AND CEMENT WORK  Bay. 33703306 gtophonB st  Bay. 1603 B.  STEWART & COLTART  .    n,Df. t Trasor 205 I.  Tair. 238G I. 30S sotll Avo. u.  3241 St. Goorsre St.  School  ..|...  Character      Railroad       Boys  Training  School....  ■11 Cottases   KeclamiUlon   Work   .v.....  Boys'   Training   School..  JMilk  Condensory   ,.,'.,  Power  Plant   School   .....s.c.L.lt  Bunk  Indian  Bank      Bank      School   .Stock  Barn  Bank      Hospital      i-Storv Tile  3-Story Simp .'   School      School      Hank   School      School    Addn   School      Assembly Hall   C<;ul nmikcrtiiK: Plant .  Coal Bunkering Plant .  ;,Oal Bunkering Plants  Coal BunkorinK Plant .  Coal Bunkcfinf,' Plant .  Coal Bunkering Plant .  Perry   .r,andlnps      Extensions to Church....  \VarolKHi.«-  t^)-  BRITISH  COLUMBIA  GENERAL.  Coat | Location _  Owner  Albernl to Great Central Lake ...C.P.R.  ...$140,000   Coquitlam Prov. Govmt.   $75,000   Powell River .Powell River Co.  ..$1,180,000   Sumas  Lake  Prov.  Govmt.  ...:..?7'J,200   Coquitlam Prov.  Govt.  .....$150,000   Abbotslord Fraser Valley Milk Prod's  .....$65,000   Alice  Arm Taylor  Engineering' Co.  ..   $42,000   Lynn Vallov  No. Vane. School Dist.  ....$35,000   Penticton ..Bank of Hamilton"  .$174.500   Stuart Lake .  :..:...'..Dom. Govmt.  ...    $11,000  .Williams'Luke Can.  Bank  of Com.   $10,000   Weat Summerland ....Can. Bank of Com.  $102,233    Penticton   School  Board  $12,000   Annacis Island..Annacis Stock Farm Ltd  $:i5.00'ii   /vnyox Can.  Bank of  Commerce   $40,000   Summerland    Mission.  B.   C  ..$10.ono   Xorth Vancouver;....  $13,(550   Wood   Lake.   B.   C  $24,970'   Van.ierhoof.   B. C...  $11,500   Lun^ley   Prairie...  $115,000   Armstrong  .S20.000   Poivcll    Biver  $15,000    Kiinliorlev  ....  $5,000    Hollarton  Golden,  B.  C..  Itiiliv   Creek   ....  Notch  Hill &  Strumous C.  P.   R.  Rcvelstcko  .C. P. R.  Albert  Canyon   C.  P. R.  Bc'avermouth       C.  P.   R.  ...$15," IS I Woodward's-Liidner    Prov.   Govmt,    $5,200 I Vernon,  B.  C Presbyterian Church  ...Summerland Hosp   _.T.   E.  Ciitl«r  ....Wallace Shipyards   Prov.   Govmt.   Prov.  Govmt.   Royal  Bank   Prov.    Govmt.   .'.Prov.   Govm't     Prov.   Govmt.   Robt.   Dollar   Co.   C. P.  R.   .'  C.P.R.  Architect  _   Contractor   _ Foundation  'Co.  Pub.  Wks. Dept Robertson & Partners  Owners  ...........Leonard C. Stevens  Prov. 'Govmt „ Marsh.  Bourne Co.  Pub. Wks. Dept Robertson & Partners   a ....Sloan & Harrison  _ - W.  V.  Hunt  Blackadder & Mackay Baynes & Horie  A. D. Acheson  .....R. N. Wyatt  Dept. of Indian Affairs.:..Robt. Moncrieff  Win.  Fredk.  Gardiner ..........Thos.  Wyley.  Wm.  Fred'k  Gardiner Thos.  Harvey  Bell <&'Curtis  : M. A. Clark  Wm. Fredk. Gardner..:.Sloan & Harrison  Wm. Fredk Gardner-Foundation Co., B.C.   „ H.   W.  Harvey  A.   E.   Henderson.....  Owners  '.   Dept.   of  Works     Dept.   of  Works....   Owner    Owners   F.  P.   Rogers  ..Thomas   Carson  Gardiner & Mercer H.  P. Leek  Dept   of Works H.  ,T.  Davies  Public   Wks.   .Dept Thomas   Carson  Dept.  of Works K.   P.   Rogers  Townley  tv   Matheson Rodger   Bros.  Owners  J. II. Summons, Winnipeg  Owners Niclcson   Construction   Co.  Owners _ W. D. Grant  Owners  Simmons & ,Eby  Owners  J.   Forsyth  & Co.  Owners  Sidney E.  Junkens Co.  Public Wks.  Dept Boyd & Jackson   *.   George Calder  ■fTTCTENGRAVIMi 6  LLilJcOLORTYPI: 0?  t7ESIG«ERS V EAtGRAUERS  ^<IS WCHAROS  ST. OHMieSFVJWI  |,v/A/icbovERB.c PwnE jLT. r3VI._  YOUR PRINTING  >    SHOULJO. BE  A    106%  Advertising Medium  WE CAN MAKE IT SO.  THE VETERAN PRESS  A.  HAZELDINE  PRINTING   CO.  I   Phone Bey. 316 516 Pander W.  " SPRAYWHITE "  Palntlnf aad Ilmt .Bprayinar. Machines for interior at Exterior 'Work  F.L. CUMMINGS  AND COMPANY  ♦46 Homer St.  Sey. 5:07  H.O.Rees  W.A.Knise  The Electric Shop  ELECTRIC     SUPPUES  WIRING and REPAIRS  12 Hastings St E.  Sey. 1224  FOR  GENERAL   BUILDING  CONSTRUCTION  ALTERATIONS  •>-     - OR   "'  REPAIRS  CaNSULT  E.J. RYAN  CONTRACTING 60., LTD.  Telephonee, Seymour, 8585-8586  Suite 5, Fairfield Bid?.. 445 Gran. St.  r Phcne Seyinour 1B78.  ELECTRICAL  MANUFACTURING COMPANY  Makers of  . Switch Boards, Panel Boarda, Steel  Cabinets, etc  Switches designed and built for any.  special work. t;  Xnduitrlal laland      VanconTer, B. 'C.i  Office:   Sey. 7075     Res.: Fair. 213SL  J. H. Healey  OPTOMETBIST  825 Birks Bid?. Vancouver, B C.  L!E5  GENERAL  CONTRACTOR  Alterations,   etc.  1350 8th Ave. W.       B*5fview 2278  Office 813-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver. B.C.  j  Telephones Sey. 6191-6193  NORTHWEST LIME CO.  We carry a large stock of  "NORTHWEST LIME" manufactured in Victoria and which we are  prepared to furnish Building Contractors and Plasterers at lowest  prevailing prices.  804 Standard Bank Building:  E. CHRYSTAL  & Company Ltd.  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Manufacturers,of ,  SASH and DOORS,  Mitt WORK, STORE  & OFFICE FIXTURES  Office and Factory  108 Georgia ST., E.     Seymour 8551  BUSINESS MEN  will find the  Orpheum Cafe  an ideal meeting place for the Luncheon Hour. The Best of Everything,  Prompt Service, Moderate Charges.  Seating capacity 250.  762 Granville Street  Opposite Orpheum Theatre  Jas. Dwyer, Proprietor and Chef  Fairview Sand  & Gravel Co.,  PROMPT DELIVERY  Granville Is!d. Spy. 6761 j w.  4  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  ■<*  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING & HEATING  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Hcmer St.  Vancouver B. C.   NV J  BUILDING  .00  Number  Inscription  Coat   Street Addreas  Lot and Block  Subdivision  Architect  112726—Alterations   & ,Reyairs....$2,500  112727—General   Repairs    $3,000  jli72w—C.ife Iildg * %-i:-C<0  12731—Dairy  Fid? h $S,500  12732—General Repairs  $$,000  1273C—Repairs   &   Alterations....?l,100  603 Hastings "\y.   5S6 Burrard St. ...........  920  Granville St.   2026   12th   Ave.  W   J GOO  Vonablds St.«   174-6  Pender St. B.  ...   5—73  ....S—105   .....T.   M,  Bveleigh  541  526  Owner  ..\\\   U.  .Chow  Contractor  Address  H. A.  Wiles:.................. .Stb.  Avq.W.  H. A. Wiles ...8th Ave. W,  N. J air-nan       '..'■ciimc-ial Hotel  John Xixon   , :   G. Milne  1015 7th Ave. W.  Wong Yuen      Owner  Address  Julius' Browu^state.   Y.W.C. Association    William  Basil     J   .M. Steves    Royal  Financial  Co   Slicing Meo Long Assoc. .  I  FRASER RIVER  PILE  DRIVING  Co.. Limited  1J. A. Jones, Mgrr.  WHARF BUILDING, BRIDGES,  PILE   FOUNDATIONS, ETC.  -   Owners   of   Tng-   "Clive"  General Towing1  324  FRONT'ST.   NEW WESTMINSTER  TELEPHONE 1015  Farr? i^obinsoh & Bird  Limited  Desagfraers  anti  iVlanufcSctunars  of~  -HIGH Gf?ADE ELECTRIC CHANDELIERS    -  " RADIANT  LIGHTS " "    54-©  Howe Street  For Commercial Lighting PhOHC Seyi   3312  ir  f  B.C. CONSTRUCTION NEWS  LOCAL AND PROVINCIAL BUILDING, TENDERS   WANTED,   BRIDGES,   HIGHWAYS  ETC,   /  fi  Walter Murray  Erala Murray  Murray Bros., Ltd.  PLUMBING and HEATING  CONTRACTORS  SEYMOUR 8614  137 Powell St. Vancouver,  . B..CL j  VANCOUVES PERMTS-  1272S—Anderson's, .Ltd., fire escape,  531 Hornby St., $100, H. A. Wiles.  Contr. ,  12730—Mrs. D. McFee, garage, ITS?  Georgia    W., $50,    T. D.   "Armstrong,  ?Contr. t  12733—T. C. Baird, garage, 665 10th  Ave.  W.,  $30.  -   12734—Mrs. F. White, 242S Pandora  St.,  $50.      -  12735—Great West Wine Co., partition, 944 Pender St. W., $150, Dixon  & Murray, Contrs.  A. H.  Mitchell  r  B. J. Mitchell  r  E. A. BAILEY  Plumbing  and  Steamfltting  1027,How* St.  .-.   Vancouver. 8. C.  Phomm Sey. 136  Raa. Bay. 77  JOHN  NIXON WILL ERECT  $8,500   DAIRY  ADDITION  B. A. Sonunervilla  E. E. Elliott  Central Sheet  Metal Works  PLUMBING    HEATING  VENTILATING  560 Cambie St.,       Sey. 620  * (Continued from Page 1)  provide for the heating and special  provision is also made at the rear for  the housing of several delivery vehicles and their loading under shelter in  wet weather.  Ic is expected that Contractor Nixon  will call the usual sub'-trades'"'in the  near future. -  A. H. MITCHELL  AND COMPANY  Plumbing - Heating.  Sheet Metal  GET OUR PRICES FIRST  564 Ilichards  St.  Sey.  1781  SEEKING  QUOTATIONS  FOR   BRIDGE   MATERIALS  r  DiXON & MURRAY  MANUFACTURERS OF  'SHOW CASES, OFFICE  ' and STORE FITTINGS  -  GENERAL CARPENTER WORK  PAINTING, PAPER HANGING and KALSOrAlKiNG  ey. 3785      Sey. 8788  1085 Diinsmylr St.  j  London & British North  America Co. Limited.  ALL   CLASSES   OF    INSURANCE  WRITTEN'  YTE  REPRESENT  NORTH   BRITISH   &  MERCANTILE   FIRE   INSURANCE  Company  HARTFORD   FIRE   INSURANCE  Company  626 Penrlar St. W.est  Sey. C235  (Continued from Page 1)  plant and other details.  Mr.- Preston yesterday- gave out  figures showing,"the amounts of material required for the sub-structure.  Twelve thousand five hundred barrels  of' cement will be" needed for the  foundation work, 3,500 cubic yards  of sand, and 6,500 yards of gravel.  Orders will also be given for*16,000  feet of piling, 16 tons of steel and  450,000 feet of lumber.  These materials will not be called  for on the tender basis, ^but prices are  being asked for from the principal  concerns in the business, and Mr.  Preston will probably be ab'.e to decide where to place the orders within  a few days.  faulos mcoueen  pearce, ltd.  -GENERAL  CONTRACTORS  We Specialize In  HOUSES & BUN8AL0WS  GET OUR FIGURE  BEFORE YOU BUILD  Sey. 185 828 Hastings St. W.  W. A. BROWN  LIMITED  PLUMBERS  213 Powell St.  Sey. 770  The Canada Shingle Co.,Ltd.  Manufacturers of British Columbia  RED  CEDAR  SHINGLES  Prices.Sight.   Wa Ship Anywhera.  ■ Ctood Oradaa wall maintained.  Write Us: .    'Phone Us:  P. O.   Box 312 Highland 844  - Mills' foot of Wall St.  Vancouver. B.C.  NOTICE TO CONTHACrOKS  Sealed tenders addressed to the undersigned and endorsed "Tender for Dry  Dock at Esquimau, British Columbia,"  will he received at this otllce until 12  o'clock noon, Thursday, Dee. 9, lOL'O, for  the construct ion of a Dry Dock at Esquimau,   British   Columbia.  Plans and forms of contract can bo  seen and specification and forms of tender obtained at this Department, at the  offices of the District Kncrfrieers at Victoria, B. C: Equity Building. Toronto,  Ont.; Shaughnessy Building, Montreal,  P.Q . and at the Post  Office,  Vancouver,  n. c.  Tenders will not be considered unless made on printed forms supplied by  the Department and in accordance with  conditions contained   therein.  Each tender must be accompanied "by  an accepted.cheque on a chartered bank,  payable to the order of the Minister of  Public Works, equal to Ave per cent, of  the amount of the tender. War I^oar.  Bonds of the Dominion will also be accepted as -security or War Bonds and  cheques if required to make up a.i\ odd;  amount.  Note.—Blue prints can be obtained at  this Department by depositing "an ac-'  cepted bank cheque for the sum 6t $50,  pavable to the order of the Minister of  Public Works, 'which will be returned  if the intending bidder submit a regular  bid.  By order,  R.   C.   DESROCHERS,  * Secretary.  Department of Public Works, Ottawa.  Sept.  14, 1020.  ARCHITECTS  ^>  v.  The   !V3urpSiy- - Bn-A-Oor   Bed'  WILL-ENABLE  YOUR   C^NTS^BUILD.THEIR   HOMES  WITHIN  ^ilJn%^V^Z3l'°m ^^^raction  costs without lo^onin* the  Descriptive  iUeratur.- glad'y mailed on abdication.    ' •  U. D. SlJTlLHfcLAND  REPRESENTING-  MTJKPHY  DOOK  BED   CO.,   Or  WESTERN CANADA  1TD  30G Carter Cotton Eldff. ,,   . Vancouver, B. C.  .J  The  HOOFING  and  PAVINu  MATERIALS  Cor. 10th Ave. and Arbutus St.  Company  COAL  TAR  PRODUCTS  LIMITED  Send'for   color . card   of    BARRETT'S  .Yf^Yf*   CREOSOTE   SHINGLE    STAINS  Phones: Bay. 63 ana 64  ——————  '  V.  ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS  LIGHT and POWER MOTOR REPAIRS STORAGE BATTER! LS  The Jarvis Electric Company, Ltd.  '**hone  BoyiBotir  175  570 Richards St.  Paint Grey Building Supply  COMPAVT  Sand, Gravel, Torpedo Gravel, Crushed  Rock, Brick, Lime, Plaster, Cement, etc  SCREENED PLASTERING SAND  Ebarne 6L3 Angus St. & Marine Dr.  MAKPOLE, B. C.    •  \_  Cornish & Cooper  SASH and DOORS  HIGH   6BADE    JOnTEB?  245 DafTerin St.  W.      Fairmont 063  -J  Pipe fqr Gas  , * ■  Keep the House Warm  Keep Basement Clean  Buy Pure Heat  Abolish Waste  Pay  for just what  You Use  " NEVER LEAK " Asphalt Roof Products  Ready Roofing * Roof Gum - Roof  Coating -, Lap Cement  Saturated  Felt  PACIFIC  ROOFING  CO., Limited  MANUFACTURERS  Seymour   1t86 Industrial Island  VancotMYKr, B.C.  Vancouver Gas Co,  Phone Seymour 5000  425 Carrall 1138 Granville  Campbell .& Grill  Establiahad 1905  Roof ins Contractors  TAl   WI2TDOWS—TIKE   BOOKS—SMOKE-STACKS—MOT-AI1  SICVX.IOXTS—OEWEBAX. JOBBXVO        *""—  1838 Seymour St.  Vancouver, B. O.  Sajrsoor 3981  KEYSTONE  1*    a  British   Columbia   Product  that' bolda its own with any roof.  TOf^f^'E'T'llTaf^ Ing   dastgnad   to   meet   the   a.amo  need.  Sales Agentt  Smith,  Davidson & Wright, Limited  Vancouver   and  Victoria, B.C.  J  WRIGHT BROS.  - BUILDERS -  SEY. 3315 ~* 51! DUNSMUIR ST.  ,„' 4.'*»-aVJ'>iUi.^**«*[U'',  INLAY HARDWOOD FLOOR  COMPANY  .i.  Dinnssow,   majjager  FLOORS   LAIO  AMD OLD   FLOORS  REFINI3HED  3£9 Pendev St. W. Bey. 9201  Beg. Phone: ITorth Van. 8-13  Classified Advertising"  PILING aino POLES  PIR» CEDAR or rIEIVfLOCK  awiy length — any diameter  PEDEI^AL LUMBER CO., LTD.  1021-1024 RoRcrs Building Seymour 399S-3999  MACHINERY  Used   JMacliincry   ot   All   Kinds   Bought  and   Solc2.  B. C. S0,TJI1»BJE?IT  CO.. STD,  Bank ol Ottawa i21<lg-. Sey.'9040  Reli  You  The success of every business  demands it. Arc your travellers making .productive calls or  a1-e they wasting- time on "missionary" work and hazy tips?  illacLiean KejKirts on your desk  every morning ffives you definite-  int'orination  of contracts  for  Building & Engineering  that you mifcht otherwise never  hear of. Gi\e you concrete, reliable "prospects" 'that mean a  bis1 percentage of orders. Hundreds of "the best houses-* use us  year afjer year.   Why not you?  -Write for full information.  MacLean Dally Reports, Limited,     j  212 Winch Bldg., "Vancouver, B.C.     I  aclean  REPORTS  Character      Cost  Hound House. Men  .Shops etc $3u,ouo  Residence  Two  Storey  Block,    Store  Building    Restaurant   Residence   Alterations  Residence   :•  Health   C'entrp.   Completing   Store     School   Residence   Residence     Residence   _.   A Its-rat Ions  %   Apartment    -'.   Kitchen   Ventilation......  Additions   to   Res   Theatre      JoO.OdO   $29,000      $00,000     511,500   51'',000      $40,000      $23,500  ..   $750,000     $10,415     $10,000      $5,000      $7,000      $12,000  .... '$16,000   ?5,000      $5,000  .    $300,000  VICTORIA  Location       Owner  Victoria    Can.   Nat'l   Klwys.  Oak Bay.  Victoria  iX. W   Gibson  Douglas St., Vic Mrs. W, H. Dou^ar  Douglas & Broughton Otto Weiler  Oriental   Alley Hong   To rig  Craigdarroch  J. . W.  Spencer,.  St.  Charles  St ...II.   F.   Bullen I V. Ii.  James... I'.  ilcKeflm).  Koyal  Oak  (S;fiinich)....Corp. of Haanlch    K.   B.  Spurgin Williams,  Trerise. &   Will  ~\  MABTIS^ - SEMOUS?  100    PURE PAINT  COSTS LESS PER JOB THAN ANY 0TH[R PAINT GN THE MARKET AND LASTS LONGER  See The Guarantee On The Can  VANCOUVER FACTORY:    1505 POWELL STREET  GILLEY BROS.,           __ DEALERS IN _  CRUSHED ROCK    -   SAIND   -   GRAVEL  ALL   KINDS   OP   BUILDING   MATERIAL  902  Columbia Street West  Phorte £5 and 16 New Westminster, B.C.  .architect  ,  Contractor  Dwimra   Jioi'ertson  &   fartnor»  Maclure   &   Lort Robt.   Moncrieff  Perey   Fox A.   Lockley,  Es<iuirnalt  Percy  Fox    Luney   Bros.  C.  El wood- Watkins   '..Farlitt  Bros.  Percy  Fox...: .Harryj Catterall  Fisguard  St..  Kings Road    Oak  Bay      Wellington   Ave.  Beach   Drive     Fairfield   Block   ..   Hudson's  Bay Co.   School  Board   .....K.   B.   Halsall   O.   Sornmers  .Col.  C.   C.   Bennett   Royal   Bank  Character      Cost  School    $47,000  Railway Station  $25,000  School    $20,000  Residence       $27,000-  Resldence  '...'.   $10,500  Garage   ...-.    $5,000  School  Addn .....$30,000  Hey wood Ave Wood,  Foyster Co.  Ltd.  Government'St C. 1'.  ii. Hotel  "4H   I'Vml   Bay  Road....' ft.  Henderson  Yates &   BIanehard....F'ararn't Vic.  Thea.  . VANCOUVER ISLAND  Location       Owner  Courtenay    Prov.   Covint.  Nanaimo .^ R. & N. "Railway  North Cedar- Prov. Govt.  Parksville,  V.  I M.  P. ,Beattic  Gordon   Head Campbell   Patterson  Courtenay  Clifford A. Cameron  Cumberland  Prov. Govt.  Blrk,  llorwood Carter,   Hall   &  Aldinger  K.   Ii.   Spurgin Parfltt   Bros.  Maclure   &  Bort Wood. iFoyster Constr.  fawner    - A..   JlcC'i'linmon  Maclure & J^ort Smith & Shaw  .).- C.   Keith :'David  W.   Burnett  Maclure   &   Lort Owner   J.   L.  Skeene  p.   L.   .'James.. '. P.   M'cKeehiiio  J.  M.  JefCery Luney  Bros.,  Ltd.  Architect   Contractor  Public   Works   Dept Robt.   Moncrieff  Owners  George Wilson  Pub. Wks. Dept R. J. ttyan Contr. Co.  Maclure &  Lort .". Mr.  Vestaunet   Wood, Foyster Constr. Co.   A.   C.   Ralphs  Dept of Works K. ,f. Ryan Constr. Co.  BAR IRON - SHIP IRONWORK - BOLTS - NUTS  SRON and-STEEL CASTINGS--FlftE'ESCAPES  PSPE and FITTIN6S - POLE L8WE HARDWARE  WE  CrALV/lWIZE EVERYTHING BY HOT PKOCESS  WMkVW  IRON-and GALVANIZING  Mil WORKS  Fairmont 971 Office and Works, 225-5th W. Vancouver, B. C.  GUi  566 Beatty St  1Y HEATIMG  UIPMENT  For Steam, Hot Water or Warm  Air, Will Be Found Most Reliable And  Especially so  When  Installed  by Competent Engineers.  THE GtJRNEY FOUNDRY CO.. Limited  Seymour 7596  Brown.' Fraser & Co.,  SUCCESSORS   TO  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  Lfcl.  » LTD.  Phone Seymour 7155                                            1150 Homer Street  Vancouver, B. C.  L       , r- —.^ —= ~   4-1


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