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 '■'■ ■■{Z/f '~^'^&s£j.^  ,,,>.,,..,.--,-.-.....  :.-.,■ ZZZZ%:;ZZyZ:WZZZZZ'Z^  J""!.;'  V^/T'."'   '    ■        '   Tr^-^^-*-'^^^  * BfM   j^'W^niiW:  ■^^^  ^v-i;fci^fv:-S<aa^;i^...  ■ 'ff||l.':'V^'.V:V;'.?^ .•: ,^^^^^^^"",l!^!l^^^?*l!^^"v^^^"^r?*'^*>^aiwgr^r:  ■i5rMr';--;-"v-'^^*-;-'"':?s'^i:-'^  Il K' ;^I^®;"M  ''^'.-vii'".'"i:vri&'>:*"  &isj>'&#»ifei  liiliiiof7"-1"      i«Nidl.,w.,ww.f  fras$%T«i;7Stya§!#Jrt^  i^^.,t,4;a;;;r,?^,.g^|te  tyia^VLi^-MreMeh.   ?jm^Aj^Zu%l^w^  Bolts - Nuts - Bars ■ Spikes  Ships- Equipment  iilllii^K«*v,«? Engineering Co., Lid.  zm^mzzm^zzmzimZ: Vancouver, b «- i Highland -■<    T^t "      ■"■*»•    ^-a*»«)  Hishland 1573  PiibrtptloaV  Cost  94S7—-dwelling    $2800  ff^ltW^lM   Otreet AAAteee  lK)t   amd   BlOOaT 1 BnbdlTJBlQB  |^|i^,c6^ju':'COT  2792' Cambridge St „....'...£ 10-r4  " , i  •~<?"  u -"  'Z  ~ , \*""*  si l  Wo- T- * Fred Townley  '• •»••»' • ■• mm •■> *a>« Min»«a»a«  J.V      *f  OaiitrsoMr '  A  t< ■ -■ ■}. - ■■  CJromie & Vroom  '                                                           4  ...Kerrisdale,"  B.  C.  W   1                              *-    ""   r  i  —  * t    . "•>  J"-- J. *  r  r'' v  iH   j.  x'f  9%    *  <.        • '  Jh.   *<  >  ..~~.-.il».12JX.  ElECTBICAl EN6INEEIS  7 AMD  f-f  lng Stael, Hydrated Unto, etc. ^  ^.f    i  L^ I  LIMITED  .Vfe,-  i!^^-  ^&UIM«A ^V   , : ^b^i WrifcHck .^^.r cta^lli  -^^ **frj?r9*««t*Taclnr Brick, BulW-  Ing Papers, etc Jt; -/ ',„ »,y TVfr  .       COMTMCTOIS  Power  Installations  «f  i ,w  ^   i    jj   /i ^,4  34 , 'Jf,  '.Vi*,^  l.el  „,. ^ ,       ^^—mwmmmfmmmwimmmmmmmmmm^imwimmwww*  BUILDINO  AND  INDUSTRIAL  NKWS  v>r.... /  <y,'  i'Sr-ai  > ^. v -^ r^^4^-r  g*S  <S5  saSir  kr^'fi*.^  ••■•ral Ctoelrteal CMstractlM  ^      StadarfnUAMiiL >      ' I    '  ■ a*-'   V  v.      h * ]  Ill  y^s^s  &&ZM  "     "   "       rWJ  «af»4ao-—c j. isted. garaser 2860 "EatonhA^z *i * i  ^^* *       * -----  -«■<,,--oo-<.  Wt, $ll->    ' *Z*'"' 8a^e*r\   v."5 ^^Port?engineer, >for*nar6or^&  '   "   TJ " *■ "   ' a  Teldpment here.        »    j   -   /   --     ^  ^t^CT'-'^st ».* v-1 , ^ J~'v  ^EN|  RAISERS" ARE CONSIDERED  *.&&&      as profiteers:   "*"":  ?;T^hto*<». D- C-Froin tmanf J^  "JJPW Clt-e« ^ngaged/^wa^(con-;  4^^ compiainis o>rent proflteermg,  Mv«?been' received by-tthe BureaVof  *^#»aJ:Hou'ang.and;rTan8portition  ;V9486-X  G. Mutch^SimofilzingV^  tion, 706 Seymour St., $50. - * Z .  "    A  |fl r, - J  - ^ £iiL3   'v-'''  co'ntracI- is AWARDED '^ ^fi'^  ^ ^ , % FOR $3,000 BUNGALOW  t^Architece • J^^l^T^fffiey^MS  "f   "     J*" 2^  I" i>/,tl  .' v \'^^,  ■1^  /"j|*VTS^*^r^;  Vf  4»^"'*Mia  ^=s  <mi*££.  mM  mh>%fr--Wf^t^frZ3i  / !M  i^  ii*.M>i!ijtii-jii;R.jSj<  ,fl  »   «  ^  y£i  <§^  '-i'  v j  -,    4.      ^  coxinaraV^  SUCCKSSORS   TO  , r. ■»  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining; Municipal and Contractors'  Maclrintt) and Supplies  *x>icruTaVj.T iQnnrn i-ABBicunva axon  tX-   : A^/'^i;!-,'.  w<*  **     J  PhM* Seymour 7185 ^ 1 ISO Homer Street  Vancouver. B. C.  ■H>  be rendered _ accessible to the local  city governments which in some places']  have instructed the assessors to in-l  crease the valuation of houses so that'  taxes will be levied on the basis of the j  profiteers' rental.  In addition to these methods, and,,  most important of all,' representatives  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL COT, LW.  Fairaoait 8396 ud 9397  < Tsaccrnvwr,  * » (> £** ^  XiMl  wtutp«r  Toronto  ▼SBCOBTOr. B. O.  TENDERS  ARE WANTED  FOR  CRUSHED  ROCK  The Corporation  of the district of  Burnaby are.asking for tenders   for, most important rf^reilrese^a^ll   M^J^MM'^   *    *   AM---     - - -     -   ^ ^ **   *  sToe1^^ r^r.^!^ =-!??.« 5- -teermgjl Balfour, Guthrie & Go  •7,u? x,w CUD1C yaras oC crushed local committees on rent profiteennK  rock to be delivered on Hastings-Bar- have been established in thirty cTes  net road.    Notice of tenders appears j through  the  Home Registration  Ser  ROBERT W. HUNT & CO.. LTD.  ENGINEERS  INSPECTION-TESTS -CONSULTATION  STEEL,    CEMENT,    BUILDINGS,    BRIDGES,    PIPE,    RAILS,    CARS,  LOCOMOTIVE8,  SECONDHAND  EQUIPMENT,  CREOSOTED 4  MATERIAL, LUMBER, ETC,  OFFICE: 1601 STANDARD  BANK BUILDING   __,. _ _■        ■ 808 Kaajttaffal WN TamoonTOT, B. O.  Canomt TemUmg Moratory, Boom 1601; Physical ieeUug laboratory, Boom Bl  ::\Plioiie'Sey-JZlSld;' :    ■'  Resident Inspector* at Large Manufacturin4r Centers  [elsewhere in this paper  Tenders are also invited for,laying  vice of the Housing Bureau,  landlords   who* have   raised   their  «« „„~u i*.i . °      ™uui«iua   *iiu- nave   raised   their  an asphaltic concrete surface on a pd* rentals are considered profiteers by the  tion of this road. „•     | Bureau of Industrial Housing.   When  they see that rent profiteering means  WESTMINSTER NOTES  The new mill of the Cameron Lumber Company at Garbally road will  soon be operating at top speed, turning out in the neighborhood of 120.-  000 feet of lumber per. day.  aiding the enemy and postponement of  victory they almost invariably agree  to the decision of the committee.  LANGLEY   FORT   NOTES.  GOVERNMENT TO AID  WASHINGTON  HIGHWAYS  More than $S30,000 will be expended  hy the United States government on  Washington roads during the next two  Practically all municipal road im- Washington roads during the next two  prpvement , work is held up for the years' *he state engineers' convention  present  while   the  harvesting  season | ^as told m an address by Dr. L,. "I,  BE1N^BU,LD,NG MATHMAX DEPARTMENT  REINFORCING STEEL'—  BOLTS:—  »PIKES—CAST  IRON  WASHERS,  ETC.  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  SEA COAL — PIG IRON — MANILA ROPE, ETc!  VANCOUVER       San Francf.co, Lo* VICTORIA  winch bviloino Angelee, Portland        »„ M  PHv.i.cx.s.y.oleT       Seattle, Tacoma ^l^^il^^  lasts, all available men and teams be  ing too busily engaged on the farms  to undertake other work.  SBAZJBBS in  Crushed Rock, Sand  and Gravel  All Kinds of Building Material  902 COLUMBIA STREET WEST  PHONE 15 AND 16 NEW WESTMINSTER. B. C.  PRINCE   RUPERT   NOTES  j Tentative plans for the erection of a  new cold storage planT.'in Prince Rupert have been drawn up, and the  building of a locally-owned plant is  not far distant, according to present  Intentions. It will probably be located  at Cow Bay, where a site is available.  Hewes, district engineer, office of pub  lie roads, United States government.  "During the next two years the fed  eral government is  scheduled  to  aid  the Northwest in the construction of  more than $7,000,000 worth of roads."  said Dr. Hewes.   "This work is to be  done under the  Federal  Aid Act  of j  July  11,   1916.     The   state   of  Washington totaling more than $830,000.   Of  this amount $647,000 will  be for the  post roads and  $184,000  for national  forest roads.  The   building   planned   is   to   be   two      ,.!!   r0adS>  Stories, large enough to take care of a    *    *e natl0na! aid for road making  million pounds of fish,  with capacitv *een   growinS   yearly  since   the  w« Have Just Installed a  CO M P L E T E  MARINE RAILWAY  Size 110 x 42 feet     -  General Scow and Tugboat Repairing  Ritchie Contracting & Suiy CMitt  Phone Sevmour 91R3 ._:.•  1561 Granville Street  for freezing, fifty tons of ice and stor-    "      er 0f 1916' when the government  age for 460 tons. J offered the first $5,000,000.   Since then  two additional allotments of $10,000,  WILL DEVELOP EVERETT HARBOR  EVERETT — Shipping      terminals,  MW.„ QiC w ue „  yPlers and warehouses covering an area | 000 and $25,000,000.  000 and $15,000,000, respectively, nave  been'made and the next two allotments are to be respectively $20,000,-  Modern Brick Building  on centrally located corner lot  $35,000.00 on terms  Get full particulars at the office of  Forglnss Machine Work Patterns  Westminster Iron Works  John Reld, Proprietor  Manufacturers of  Structural and Ornamental Ironwork  ♦Phone S3  Office and Works, Tenth Se„  NeW Westminster, B. o iv
British Columbia Record   ,
Published every Monday, Wedueeday and
Friday by the
< ■
I' <  '
'- '¥,
■ h> i« '
.,> n   J.
_„    Telephone Seymour 7898. -        •
Address:   £83 Homer-Richards ,i,ane
Bear of 431 Dunsinulr Street.
'      '            Subscription Bates   ' >   <
One month  _  n oo
Six  months   .1 i  $509
Payable strletlv in advance. "' "    >
\ Washington; D. C.—£resideht"*Wilson
issued a proclamation putting Into
effect-amendments, to the act "creatine:
the shipping board designed to+ prevent
foreign  interests from "obtaining con'
.i«ii *i~ . ^
. sV-." 'i
|8-A >
Wz4 f •
W*    <
fev ,
BSpC ' *
SEAJLED TENDERS, superscribed Itro1 ot American ships or shipyards
"Tender for1 Concrete-Sluices;" JwilPbe Tne' saif> mortgage, lease or delivery
received', by^the undersigned jup. to ;i 2 ofan American vessel..built oi^building
.noon of-Friday, the 13th"" day Vf Sep- to a foreigner without the consent of
tember, 1918, for the'constrjucti'on .of tfl® shipping, board is made a'criminal
two four-gate reinforced concrete "slul- offense.    It also is made illegal with-
out consent of the board, to contract
for ship construction during the .war
on'^foreign account .or Jto transfer -the
ownership^ of shipyards to foreigners.
ces in Matsqui ^Dj'kingAA.fDistrict, at
Pumping Stations No', i" and,) No 2,
near, Gifford Station, B.t C.J&.^Railway.
Plans", specifications,''contract "and
forms of tender may be seen i on and
after the 29th day „ of August at the
office  of  the  Provincial* Government
Agent, Courthouse, Vancouver>ach I ; Fo]lowln|r i9 a ltat 6f tlie ShIpbuildlliR
proposal must be accompanied by an companies of British Columbia now accepted bank check, or certificate -of Ir^tl^At*: "h,P constructlo-v ~or
deposItK.bn a.chartered^banklof °Can-L    <"  m^,9!^}^usV ?J»i>ts.
.*,«».     ,      ' ,y-> ,-, i j-* .-    .-,--.<. ^        . Co«»rhlan Shipbuilding Co., Vancouver.>
ada, made payable to-the inspector of ; Wallace Shipyards, North Vancouver.'
"   .Wee* smlpbalMint* »laots.
British Columbia Yards
, work contracted for.n Tthe'cheques or
:-•", certificates "of 'deposit of 'Unsuccessful
'teriderers.yrilKbe- returned' to'them1 up-
.on the execution j of--the contract.-' \\-kf,
to do 80/or if/he fails to complete'the New   Westminster   En*.', *   Const.   Co,    motor ntnnrtMi: «n"«t .t.V Jui."U.«ijT "^~"
*w..   ',i ,-.'l..J,vt^"i.-"»  .    .- -Poplar"islandv j^<; -J   - ^^   -•,     ' it!      * sipppeO'and-he crawled4under
1%!?^''-   'A
.signed with the,.actual signature of the
tenderer«and' enclosed ^in^the  envel-
1 o^ef' furnishWd.^ #&& jit '-^Mh &
'Pacific Construction Co./ Ltd.,-Port Co-
'^quitlam.   ?:"v   ;-"V .i -- "   ,^'C       -   ^
Standard   Shipbuilding   Co.,   Vancouver.
Wallace Shiovards Ltd., Vancouver.
Western .'Canada, Shipyards   Ltd.,   Van-.
;* Wuver^ -'    ;- J"-        ; ^\   t -" ^'
Tenders are invited for laying an
asphaltic concrete surface on a portion of the Hastings-Barnet road.
Specifications and all information
can be obtained upon application to
the municipal engineer.
Sealed tenders marked "Tenders fo:
Paving" will be received-by the undersigned up to 'noon on Tuesday, September 3,1918, and must be accompanied by a certified cheque for $250,
which will be returned if the tender is
not accepted. '     '"  t
The council-does not bind itself to
accept the lowest tender.
Municipal Hall, Edmonds, B. C„ Au*r
-th, 1918.  ' '     '        .       ,   „
can be used In a
hundred .ways in
v  work of all kinds  :
Consult our New Business /Manager
about adapting gas to your needs
Carrall and rlaatlnv Sta.
'Phone Seymour 5000
*~?!*4.nflane with a monkey wrench.''
f'<^"i 'J^'&l' ^%<*vV'<? 1.
Ceperley,   Rounsefell
\ .and^Company-.^H;
BSTABVLXflXZO 1886 -J' - *-^
73* Hastings* St^W.^? -     Vancouver
v   Telehpone' Seymour 7880 ^
' The Tough, Elastic, Adhesive Cement
l *
(Ready for use.) ,
Send for Free Booklet
Ci°r J-??^ A.ve,1ue "nd Arbutus Street
■ Phone,Bay.-63 v.\,
Z 4j Z'^/^yj?'Z^diZ^hZZ^fiZ^,^jZf ] f
V,JM   {JVA1
'^Y   .?*   *   *v -
*f '-7. -, ■^jl- ,'j
>»"» 1
'ft*  1
\0$ ;^dfflctvof inspector "bf^Dykes,    .,    ..-.
s^?9-^V4'i^iIsVlQtpria;f;BL.C., August' 27,U918T.' ' .?
^feil^^kfeC^RRpRATipN;^OF .THE/DiSTRICT,
jfet-A-wu.,.*,, ^Tenders arejnvited-for.'tlie supply of
-.»**.■*.•—i-i <^^tt„„«„^ n.M^ "Road/
1   ^H   *wj?
j. v>, *« ,^
■XT l
, u
l ™.
«. S'V.v-' "X ^ ?aiv-'«.,' \
-r   v'5;Ti
'-*- -^ T- if*
5x1 ur^v^'-tfT;
: ?£?y>cE 24 7 hours *; OAif
Plan-: Stjwtir^SOOO   »l   km   w   re»res«tilrw   eafl
1 I   "■(
Bulldbs Cable
X if
Kt      *•    J' s^
I      '1
^        1*        A^fli*.   -^^^T   ^T^-W       C *   <•   r    "y*        4 "J
i^fiis^^ --, s rXor^supply..of?crushedL.rocIc^will^be
£*§Sealed. Tenders;^marked- "Tenderj?
K receive*! by the'undersigned up to.noon^
, on Tuesday^September 3,1918. *\
Municipal Hall, Edmonds, B. >C. t
f\ August 27; 1918. - J;".-  "     ,
-- -1*" -
Vancouver arid Victoria r# r"
"v^-j  ¥«->» "-rV     -^    ■^-
*? *J    v..
'J    *
rf\"f   ~   >
w   it.
The new tenant" had    rented    the
house and was about to sign the agree-
, ment.    "Of  course,"  said  the  agent,
* "you understand there is no bathroom
in the house.", "Oh," said the tenant,
"that, makes no difference;, we only
■want the house for' a year."
* ^1a>^.^^^^^^H^i«S,*l^»*M'•^,S,*^*•!**♦*•■*
Executive Department
Mayor   : ^ R. H. Gale
City Council
Ward 1.'. /.Thos. H. Kirk
Ward 2  W. R, Hamilton
Ward 3  ."..! W. C. Marshall
Ward 4   Jos. Hoskins I '
Ward 5  _ _ W. R. Owen j
Ward 6  J. : .-..-S. C. Elliot
Ward 7  Frank E. Woodside
Ward 8 '.. F. P. Rogers
Financial e\ Clerical" Departments
Clerk  Wm. M'cQueen, B.A.
Comptroller G. F. Baldwin
Treasurer,., - »-—3. J- Johnstone
Accountant  « -A. J. Pilkington
Engineering Department J
Engineer ~F. I* Fellowes
Otaaraeter  .Sstiaiat«d Cost docatton
 ' 1350,000
^ Not given
■ ••••••
Harbor Works  	
Bank & office bldg.—
Hotel, C. N. Ry	
• Owaai I architect
Qrandvlew   Government
Kltsilano  Reserve     Government
HasUngs & Granville Royal Bank
False Creek Fill C. N. Jty. Co.
-a.il Archive    Wane «>aflT
Perry & Fowler Z.	
Government  .'.  Woi,u^i,»
No archt. commissioned" ye"C..™™."(..?.
Chaap Rates
Post Office
Pout Office
Concrete Garage
Gore and Keefer. JDom. Govtf.Dom.   Govt ""vs™.
South Vancouver Dom. Govt   'Dom    dnvt .-Delayed
Fifta A Fir Sts Ford MoiqrCo.   Owners        -   Delayed
1 Delayed
Building Department
Building Inspector. R. A. McKenzie
Water Department \
Secretary  _.S.,J. Montgomery
Health  A Sanitation  Department
Medical Health Officer F. T. Underbill
Librarian    >-..R. W. Douglas
Board of Park Commissioners
Johnathan Rogers, Ohatnnan
A. C. J. Leek G. W. Hutchiags
M. S. Logan       George Bldon
W. S. Rawlinga, Superintendent
Light Department ]
Electrician   C. H. Fletcher]
Street A Sewers Department
Superintendent John Morton
Police Department
Police Magistrate-.-..........H. C. Shaw
Court Gierke^ ..;„...:......»....~...B. Robinson
Solicitor ..„......._....X.XZ.....JS. F. Jones
Prosecutor ........; ...R.L. Maitland
Fire Department
Chief  I.....................—-J. H. Carlisle
!••••• •OObTbi
mort  i^iden, .«WlTc^^«*il-aW*aV
> ,\*a» ^
Large warehouses for storage
'Phona Seymour 403
n     f-
Brick Builder and. Contractor
Kiln«, Furnaces, and Boilers a Specialty
Telephone Hlshland 7a«     ^
2021 Wan St.
R. R Wilson, D.L.S., A.M.E.I.C.
Civil Engineer
Surveys, Reports, Estimates
All Classes of Drafting
35 Flack Block   Phone, Sey. 8715
iiimmiiiimi.H*kw. «■»,.,,,,,,, ,„,,„
any length - any diameter
Incorporated iao«
1021-1024 Roft-ars Bulldlns _
•    .aanama; S«ywonr 390S.3999
ywwMiiiiiiiniiinw "timi IIIIU4
Public Works Contractors
Office:si3-815:Bower Bldg.
Vancouver. B. C.
Kraft Wrapping Paper is
SCSlentBr'tiI!h Co^mbl?-  Th« w- 's
tenseuece:;er;i;tu:'form quaHty and °f
Samples and prices gladly gl
now being manu-
ser is
Sales Agents •■       ^
Vancouver and Victoria, B. C.
»n \J  ,,t:.-w.t-:..-. y.-^r.ij..^,^^^'^^  ■--.'',!'■:./!'  ^  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  MOTOR TRUCK  tJSED§fit*i3l^il§^ilil  AUTOMOBILE DIRECTORY  Buying Information for AutemobiU  Owners and Prospective Buyer*  MICHELIN'TIRES fit ACCESSORIES  Co to HILL, LTD.   *  Everything for the Motorist  Phone Seymour 6411.'. j Quick  Service  SEYMOUR TIRE & RUBBER CO LTD.  Dominion, Nobby's )*.nd Goodyear Truck  _ «. Tires  Motor Accessories  *85t  Pender St. W Z Sey. 3053  SAXON  SALES   COMPANY  JDistributors ^for  SAXON 'AUTOMOBILES.  1272 Granville St.   ' ' "        Sey.3391  GARFORD   EQUIPMENT r  FOR LUMBER COMPANY  A 5-ton Garford Truck and 8&-ton  tiailer, making a full loading capacity  of equipment 13% tons has just been  delivered by the International Motors,  Ltd., 1129 Howe Street to the Royston  Lumber Company at Royston, B C,  near Cumbeiland. The Big Garford  and Trailer will be used for logging  purposes.  DAVIE VULCANIZING CO.  Auto and Tire Repairs   '  '--'"-, Vulcanizing      i - •  ,  CALIFORNIA RANCH " .-  USES BIG.TRUCK  Farming is today more amatter'of  business than ever before. Economical,  and fast moving haulage is essential  to produce commodities for our own  country  and  allies.   • '   ,    ,  .The United States has Become the  larder for the world, and the immedi-  ate need of the world requires* the farmer to speed up his production.  Never again  will  slow  moving Ave-  1234 Granville St.1*'   ,   '            Sey. 1184 # hides be Ithe mainstay of the progres-  —  sive farmer, for once he has geared his*  LITTLE GIANT MOJOR TRUCKS  "All Ami ihtNamc Implies" '  Z IxsuEtW. Pearson. Mgr.< Z  Granville at Pacific ^L.^X:.^lJJSey. ,,331  CONSOLIDATED MOTORlCO... LTD.  1  ~ PACKAab.—^NASH^—; Maxwell   h*  Trucks"'and Passenger Cars> '"°  <k.j%  1230 Georgia-Si.J.|;.V;„^ .Seymour 4030  BLACK BROS.. LIMITED ,,,  Automobile" Supplies—Car Bodies  - Tops and Seat Covert ^--_ 't,   r -  1111 -15 Hoaier:Sl.^i.il.iZ'ZZMey: D68-69  business up to the present rate of necessary production, it will be impos-.  sible for him to "divert "to the slower  methods of transporting' his products.  *H. B.' Cooper Is'one of the modern  business^men^of^ today _\ He ^operates  on the, large ranches near San.Diego,  Cal.,' arid" with the other modern'equip-,  ment, he has taken to trucks. '7> -"t  Mr. Cooper, has~, been * a s user of  trucks for considerable- time, and recently, when' in the market for a larger haulage unit,. he was impressed  with the clean-cut construction of the  present Federal production.- The „re-  *   >  /,  'w'  7  & ^ ^X  (  .n  f  aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaMaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa^ ^i j  j,  1 ' J"^  *• ^     j %,v. #   '- - »r"-^Tjiyf ~^]   >& '^v*-^ -  »•*> fe '* '»  lit belfof,ttfe TakiW Valley in-the 'state,of '^VashingBn/lWith^ marl  factor motor trucks "are,helping in ho small degree"ltofplace^the fafming,Uimbef7,an&;mjning industAes^dhia,profitable     ,»-,'  f-    i  i v   - V ~~   ■ '. - V">   ,     » ,"/ "    *"   *  The accompanying photograph shows a'large motor "truck1 doing its bit in the froit_bel't"of,tlie YakiTna* Valley in-the 'state 3 of '^Vashin^lSn/.With'Itndri.;  1)OW6r      TJIArO   'ATlH       rTlfirp      ^ll A     H^#*lHill&r      ^a rs^**^'1*    Wa**^^*'"^**     a*i*ll/>tra     #**♦**     ItsilnintV     in      Vt/\ ^camiull      *1^a«r»»i-i/%     tj-t.^nla'* s**-k      +W *-v    #*i vam«{v«*v V ^Jmn/\iV    n *-« rl  ^tninlnrr    «■•• si *^n«Vaart^v^Bi  ''Aii kn     noAAi-nttln  ba3is .       .     _ '    ^.,   -  suit was the purchase of one of the the -problems -we*yface in, our, endeavor  big 354-ton Federals.  <-. -, V*s-^ « 'U A  v'-    v  GOOD: ROADS, .CHEAPER.;FOODS.'  /Herbert "'C. ,Hoover, .vUnited State*  '"F^ood AdministratorMn a telegram to'  the Board' of Commissioners of Twin.  Falls County, Idaho,.saidC\?"-I sincere;  ly--hope you will-be able''to carry elec-  tion for j bond issue intended\for per-  ' <• >  manent roads, as improvements of .this  sort tend for generalj betterment*in any  community,  and  particularly  for effi  cient transportation; which j is^ one„ of renewals.,.   ^ *    f i"  In    *   -*jf   a J   s. '•^        r- ■*   f~ ^ ^  to, reduce the cost1'between'1 the pro-  ducerkand the'consumer."  -■?   \   f'?i'*  1 r'v   ,.*                                              -      '    S*  >'■'    ,4:       -.* t   .   < -ft  t*^      s       „ f   -. ■        i vt^i f- *'/-       '  i.  *''A»" ' " l"»  '     *  ^     -rry'    '     -'    **—     -  " V" THE1 VALUE OF vPAINT.'      *  -i-   -        ., ^4 '^.i^       J'-^''J    ' >f"  'Most car"ownerss*assume that'palrit  is used on the'car^simply^for appea'r-  ancesake. Not so.'V Paint,protects the  surface below 'from varioiislills,* from  rusting or corrosion,-when It" Isj metal?  j ^^^^ vii-^      ' -.    n-- i *   -  The wise car owners will not allow the  paint about'his vehicle to,chip off~and  the surface beloV to'be exposed to the  IF \ * tl  elements.    Anfounce""of touching up  with paint is "worth" a" pound of parts  Il 1_ 4/ - - *aft?iffa\»»i^»l^liB^1aVali»ikr^ 'S J^^V^  ^- \'   S-^ w--3  -Vta»^  ^   K  '.•y  tf^ -»"      ,1  A"./,      *   .ve-*,,  -'oX   ./-,,  ?      *-  s". <vJ „-r,-i-,"-r".  v^       -- ^ 7V*-" ** f  "-     _     H_        "-^ ^* 1 "*       J*     ^-r. ^.-i .. /v-.-\^^  -rti .^ -     ^    »   - v   ^     . "i  „, *f /ftf"( -.»    -,  >, *  f-^,- «y  "• *.  ; .   f i- >'ls fj  "i* - i> .  -.-"«   *   i^J  .>iv i '^,     Ti     r, "" " *  '  t  V ' '       -<    r   „*,       .*     ■>,  V^l   "   /,,'      '^ l-*" —( J*-.  '«*■-*, --11,1. -vv> ,^. V/-T^/.'  f  ' SThePla^* ror;Aute and^T^^^  «MR'> MOTORIST'^^^^-v^  V  , ^<On-' or^about* SeptemberT2nd;, S1918,^we->ill-? biTIo^teailnt oufTNewv  Fireproof,.Building, 636 Davie % Street, Between' Granville ,and Seymour .  Street%"-» t-V".? V.    i-* >«MAv ,^ 1 >if V.^ii-J*-* d- »^5%%'i^iJfK .t'i.f'+ ,^9i*,UJ'v  AV.V-i^.*!  '    v  ' / it"   ""^   -  "   i       'i- .iffift:  sft2i^3iv'' <'-,<--')':' _«&!!  * ■* ri ^••''ii^ i ^  Z &% *m,4  ^ jEORlYQURlCARf  -r>\ JASHmonthat^uarantee  «k3i*ti *• rf^-S ]t*tl-iS? r^-^i^, ^V-^nS^- &J.JS&l$%(W*vi4#py  f«*-*"> -jjr^j. j: ^ fe ,y«.W Call-and^aeeinEf whenrpassing  '-ffep-j '^^^lAfla^la/J^Sf^FI?—   >        <.<   tfi-'   Tiff  ^A- 3^ ti^  fs-fef « '*»*>«'■§  At-,K&   J» i -" * fn #B  $5tS%. ?vs=->*\*:«- isfcs^ir^r;*' kj*^«»»iyk«<fc>*-£:-»«.ii»s f"-»"|*aa**& kis^^sj'fc?#r**£»»-^">**».^*''>a2*-«if«.t j^rfTi»-fe«-  «m  A Convincing Argument  For FEDERAL Superiority  A Inderal capacity for  •very bneloMe reqnlre*  ment.  J. F. BOUSKILL  Hauling Contractor  Vancouver.  B.  C.  July   12th,   1>18.  H. J. TUCKER. E=q,  British Columbia Distributor,  Federal  Trucks.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  DearinSIrebiy to your inquiry I take pleasure in testifying to the  iionondability- and hauling power of my sturdy l-ton Federal, which  has been on-^ strenuous duty for six years. My truck was used for  hauling 3-ton loads of coal for three years "steady, and for hauling  9 tnn {\nHft of eravel for two years steady.  Dur?n£ thfye«.r 1916. I drove my Federal from Portland to  DPtroict and from Detroit back to Vancouver, covering the cross con-  Mn»n»tH6 twice without serious trouble. Throughout the journey I  ^i?mbVd^B?ad«^ ?anging"up to 37% per cent., and carried a light load  h!^h'Hra No o^hlr truck; as far as I know, has ever made this trip.  "■'Ss -tnVSSr-eS months my truck has been hauling 2-ton  load;.of wood- and ie Performing .good^service at present.  . (Signed)   JOHN F.  BOUSKILL.  Heavy duty Tractors aad  Trailers for X>uaab«r aad  Wnlng ZadMtrles.  The FEDERAL Leads  The FEDERAL Succeeds  WRITE OR CALL FOR INFORMATION ■ • /  FEDERAL SERVICE  STATION  (Established 8 Years)  833 Pender St. W., Vancouver, B.C.  Distributors for FEDERAL MOTOR TRUCK CO., Detroit  H. J. TUCKER  AUTO TOPS, DELIVERY BODIES  TUPPER & STEELE/LTD.  COMMERCIAL AUTO SPECIALISTS     ^  '   TUPPER & STEEDE, LTD. *  FUNERAL CARS AND AMBULANCES  '    TUPPER & STEELE, LTD. ^  ONE, ONE-AND-A-HALF AND TWO-TON  TRUCK ATTACHMENTS^  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  PAINTING AND VARNISHING  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  SEAT COVERS AND TRIMMINGS  ,      TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  '        TWO AND FOUR-WHEEL TRAILERS  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  TRACTORS  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  WAGON HEARSES CONVERTED  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  WELDING, MACHINING, WHEEL AND ENGINE  WORK  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.        v  v  WWWm I;!'!*!'!:!-----***] p51!!liX   Piliil- flli!*  TUPPER &  VANCOUVER, B. C.  Phones Bay. 138 and 139.  , Ltd  1667-9 Third Ave., W.  KEEP POSTED---READ THE RECORD. fv  "BAGLEY MAKES GOOD RUBBER STAMPS?  A. G. BAGLEY & SONS Ltd  PRINTERS,   BfORAHERS^n^^^^^^;  bbtttsi? ooi.tywyy-1 ttgfltcmp  ^g4C^r,iT^^g2^^VV7y/vc^  rt^  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Men $eywir 6110  lOeOfliatrSt  VtKWVir 8. C.  r^sr==rnl- s* ~- -'- -  . V" --■-. u iv-rwnHvi    Tenders will not be cdnsidered up-  glv« lenac^etr^rlDSln^CnPefM,t leSf m8de °Ut °n>e ,orms «W«ed  7611 £ ?»p«»^«., ,, °        and signed with the,actualisignature.  ^ J 5817 to 15830.   Z"-< \ot M1® tenderers.  (o.21tfr?frVGfeenwoo\d' -*15.1  Sea*°n      Tlie lowest or any tender'will not  fat.; W. J, Salter. *       ^ [necessarily be accepted.  2J44—O.^irharo; 136 Powell St.;     |        « A- & FOREMAN,  KCV   TAG,     BRASS   SIGNS,   NUMBERING I EcnXlIra.    I™1* ««"»«< >TI»ir CHECKS^    •»«oved„toiSl«,PE||Deil»T., W.  WRIGHT BROS  >^»  =1  Public Works Engineer  Department of Public Works, Victona,  B c» 13th August, £911.  [ Murray Bros  2145—Dr. fPanta,  Pender* &   Main-  [Murray.1 Bros.     , "    - *■  iHea^9'1 f*-***•».* «**.';„W.I        NOT.CETO CONTR^hl  1  ,„' '-      , "* <,     CORPORATION. OF.THE   DISTRICT  ^2147~J.Wicken,^270 Powell^; W.     • v    Z 'OF.SURREY     D'8TmCT  Heashp. J' fi      r{ '     v      " •«•-».  BUILDERS AND  CONTRACTORS  ROOFING   SPECIALISTS  We Design and Build  ! Sey. 3315      511 Dunsmuir  iwmmercmhJJr?, W.,Heaslip.' >J     '  U 21495-Dr. Burritt, 1929 14ttf.W.  \' 2U0~hondotfB. N. A Co.,'2212'  W.f B &?A.V ^l..      b      .   . j: %  *<rw  Vancouver Gas Appliance Co.  AGCNTS TOR  v  o  i>2  1   Vr  ■*»*  '   *^.  s   ->  Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  '    *■    ► LIMITED        ''   _^  •* „    V^JOMfalfer."   *»  /       '"7 ft,- ^  5V    * V  u f  J     N  ?     H  1) l  Industrial  """*,      r *,'VA  , •>  Gas  if" f( *• '  ■*    ,XrV  vWS  -;J*      >  *»  .1" ^i"!  ^#7!  '%**:  '•■-«* 0 ■  1065 Dunsmuir St  J\ t  ;«i  ??«i  <«i  l M^e  ar  E.A.BAILEY  1  Plumbing  and  Steamfltting  1033 OraavHIe St.  VaaceMver. B. C.  Phone Sey. 136  Res. Bay. 77  obtained - at* this • Department at" the j  offices   of  the   District ^Engineer  at I  Chase^B; C, and New Westminster,  B! C.;-and on application ko the Post-j  master at Naramata, B. C.  -Tenders will .not! -be ^considered^unless made pn forms supplied by the De-  partm'ent and in accordance with conditions/contained therein.«'      " (,  . Each tender must'be accompanied by  an  accepted  cheque  on   a  chartered  .  bank, payable to the order of the Hon-  orable^the Minister of Public Works,  equal to 10 .p.c: of the amount of,the  i tender.                                                '  N€rTE.—Blueprints can'fcbe obtained  at this office by depositing an accepted bank cheque for-the "sum of $10.00,  payable to the order of the Honorable  the Minister of Public .WofkV which  will be returned Jff the intending bidder submit a regular bid.  Bj order/  P. W: ATLMER,  District Engineer  Department of Public Works,  Chase, ^B. C.  ^t&M  zm  m$  K?«  Tw  ^  vmtiKii  Kt - ,jf '*Z    ^t* >,xJrt  r^i!f-  ■hl A-lV ».  .^  *!Jj    ji  ^-  i«2»r^jr  s^5??  -.Jh^-^ <.*•  «l"  Hi--. !t .^yJ^yti'faf'., I  ... s^esaH  »^ags  )      <HJSJ  ^v •  Fi-i1'.  t    /  r -K  '   1  -r  »■   ('\  '*}&&  ^"i  X   -W.  *j;j£  T»  f     \ t  *'«>fti^      \       "      Vh    ,"!"f-'. -      '   f's. , *-  >•"  '« '?  :^mm,   S"6    __1'_J'M "     i       i    » r"*> '     »     *5?ti.' * ■*-«  IBJP :,   ■ a a%*aVJafla. kVamT     "^Bak a a >a. a a.1 ^."  a*VS  4   J"  »1  v>  V  •jiA  .f«%'  liTe.  T^  : «-,  '  *  +^  o  L  G. Kilgren  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  FAIRMOHT 9461     962 14tb AVE. E.  B. J. Trlaker e. e. EUlott  CENTRAL SHEET METAL  WORKS  SHEET,, COPPER, BRASS  and IRONWORK  RESTAURANT  EQUIPMENT  BOAT TANKS  GALLEY RANGES  STEAM TABLES  SMOKE   STACKS  ^LOTIBING  I%one;iE^^^'^;;isi.^ Vei  TJAMjCOWtSU, B.  d  NOTICE  TO   CONTRACTORS.  Richmond District.  Resurfacing No. 3 Road,.Lulu. Island.  Sealed tenders, endorsed "Tenders  for Re-surfacing portion of No 3 Road,  Lulu Island," will be received by the  Hon. Minister of Public Works up to  5 p m., September 2nd, for the carrying out of the above work.  Drawings, specifications, forms oi  contract and tenders may be had at  the office of the Public Works  Engineer, Parliament JBulldings, Victoria, or the office of the District Engineer, Court House, Vancouver, on  and after August 20th, 1918.  Intending contractor may submit  alternative tenders for a two-inch  (2-inch) bituminous surfacing upon  their own' specifications, a copy of  which must be attached to their  tender.  Each tender must be accompanied  by an accepted bank cheque or a certificate  of  deposit  made  payable  to  the Public Works Engineer, for a sum  equivalent to ten per cent.  (10%) of  the tender as security for the due fulfilment of the contract, which shall be  forfeited  if  the  party  tendering declines to enter iato the contract when  called upon to do so, or if he fails to  complete the work contracted for.  The cheques of unsuccessful tender-  ■>    T  \  ZZT"*swainyo"rbuslneM- To° ™"to mcet «* ■>- ~«- *«»«*■-  rush work, economy, saving of manpower.  You want to cut expenses and get greater result* r™m  equipment   Littl. n    ♦       , y°U1" equlPment-    M"ke your truck  equipment, Little Giant equipment then.  ■r  2:: ;;::rb^ b°™ ™ *•-* ■-«--•—-—<-■». —. Gra^  ^i;: rt:rrnt you" deai""E ^wm th- **>»■ - - ■- «** - -  b uuna to look after your requirements and service with a i*™     ♦    ,     .  A.. ** of uw. Glant Tracks nw 0„ " ™' » <™ »•»* * ™pa.r part,.  onstra.e the ce,eDra,ed Do„tIey C^oZTJZZeZr™'   "" '" "J '" " d-m'  posaible the burning of DtaHIl...  t °f*tlle L"Ue 0,ant- " makes  an, m„re mHe3 P: :rn :;i, >ne or saso"ne'keep,n6 ** ^ <™ -»■ ~-  Little Giant Motor Truck Co.  l-  Cjiami  tm UMoijwlhftn  9dAof^,luvioMmfl,  dwtiMafc,(rtamu  OuW  amd(j«7vCA:  ■way vwwia  t&dAK(MUVVW'  "■aaj. ."■  ^^as^fefea^asiaw^  Fis»*:-?w*','>"**'^*«**—•• •'  »   ,*^.lA<J*U;H'"


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