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 ii  w-m  ?*/---^^r*?*j.*rF^h<W"WW'  MfrnFemB^MmWrneMmm  W.».,MWW$-~  * r*  v« x*4j*****i i  j f hi J,*'**  L,,iJ.. .,,,  ' ■ .     ; ...  ■^f»W^WBJpBJ  m  &:%  RECORD  PUBLISHING CO., Vancouver, Publishers.  Covering British Columbia.  RECORD  FIREPLACE  MANTELS, GRATES and TILES  WE HAVE A WELL ASSORTED STOCK.  OUR PRICES ARE RIGHT    ■  Contracts taken for Tile, Terazzo and Marble Work.  STORE FRONT DESIGNS A SPECIALTY.  Wm. N. O'Neil Co., Limited  BUILDING MATERIAL  Tel. Sey. 4795-6. 543.550 3eymoup 8t  il Man Is Accounted  ACOOUHT    if    he    has    a    bank  ACOOVaTT.     No   aeeonnt    is    tee  I small to reoeir* a courteous welcome at this bank.  the  Home Bank of Canada  Vancouver Bnuaoa,  .446  Kaat*a*s  St.  W.  J.  T. sfaoOOVAX2>, aUnag-sr  Vol.  15,  No. 32,  Wed.,  Aug. 28,  191S  GALVANIZING  Bolts - Nuts - Bars - Spikes  Ships' Equipment  1*,* £!£2 fLNE,.cKe,v,e E»*»neering Co., Ltd.    VANCOUVER, B. C. Ml«hland 1  IMs  aTogber  Description  Oost  ?9477—Dwelling    , $5500  9479—frame addition  $700  9483—Dwelling    $2500  UrLDIHQ  PEBIPTS  AMOVsTTUro  TO MOO OB  OVEB XSSVBB AT THE TABCOUV8B CITT WLA1A TBSTBBBAT  Street Address  IiOt and Block  1305 32th W 11—392  631 15th Ave. E   6th Ave. W 59—29A  Subdivision  Architect  526 u H. &W. C. Vernon  Contractor  Address  L. H. & W. C. Vernon   J. M. Bell 792 15th E.  M. Grury & Co. _   Owner  AddTMS  AVesley Rowson    Western Broom Works ..*...  W. J. Lesage     —~-.-j(..~ ..   Vancouver Brand Cement, Reinforcing Steel. Hydrated Lime. etc.  Phone 2988  f^.Qf COLUMBIA AV       Clayburn Firebrick and other Clay-  burn Products, Facing Brick. Build-  Ins Papers, etc  II  ts[";-j:i-':£--.  WMI  \W$0l  1181  il'i'A  M$0:  .ftft'ifJK  I'-mfy <**•$-■*}  Oar Stock is ^ IfosT'CssxwIata oa tha Pacific Coast  Wo ire alaa Sole   Aganta for the  Calafcratatf "*aavor Brand" Masle  I  c .«aaa1.'Blffelilfleera«Biv^ %,,.'  ~  j. FY7E SMITH CO. LIMITED  Mundy, Rowland & Co.  ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS  AND  CONTRACTORS  Power Installations  •eneral Cfectrlcal Caaatntctian  1141  State* tok Nkftf  FRANK DARLING & CO;  1320 RidaanU St  -t-rji  #  Vaacouvar, B. C  I      BUILDING PERMITS      |  tvsj&r^ -. -  <r^-v    >-  M»|®«M  ivi1*  ■f4i  GO- Ltd*  '"    "" *li.vf'  ;lli|l:sli.  QCMKBAL RAILWAY A CONTKACTORS  K^tlri*-''«■t■'■'&•;,■^•'^,'v":■','li,^B•V•",■'"' -'  $£H^I  iei&i  VJv^-*" ,  ...   ^^™ „„ ror    '  —un»«illc Tool Co*  .-<*^*  Wiil^lliiliiyar rt«vstlnfl ^^hlpplrig^Ham^artif^Ci^TQIWirtflB^^  TP2  ClaetHs Tools; Rock Drills; Air Com#  "*' Fual Oil and Gas Ehglnss.   r^  9475—C. Spenser," garage, 1980 .Kitchener St., 1100...        -;   ',       JK     ,f  - 9476—Canada? Nut Co.r ^ alterations;'  1280 Homer St., $350;- Fairview Carpenters, contrs. 1- , * ^-' ., '  *s   9478—J. N. Bell, cow barn, 792 15th  E., |100. ^  ',i  9480—P.   Q. ' Phillips. ,* garage, ?620  Woodland Drive. $75. "   '  :' 9481—Royal Bank of Canada, altera,  tions, Homer & Hastings Sts.;, $356'  fcpflllitlaVJtel^mit^ J  Y- ■  Si^rre7 are asking'for tenders up "to  August 31  for the constructioa,'of a  of   the   Scott'-Ladner   Trunk  p'ortion  Road, from the old Yale road to the  new Yale road- at 'the^southern.;,approach to the New \Vestminsier "bridge,  ^orms of tender may be seen at the  office of A. F. Cotton, Municipal --Engineer, Cloverdale, B. C' IsTotice-.bf  tender appears elsewhere hr this  papeft  -L- \  -  BtRTHS  UNDER   CONSTRUCTION.  Twa^more berths are in. course ot  V9481H-Calegari;. 1-slto.'* f r.' • sdd.^vfoir^orth - Vancouver.'   The piling is., fla  ttTHOR^  RiHir Burin Drills - Clm Qnrtir Pistil Air Brills - Iwitfri  Ckm Rirairs -Whb lwirs-Trtiif «d EUttrie Wh  W$Mii$twlrlril!s."riai^  Complete Stock of Accessories  1144HOMCRST.  Phone Sey. 41«30  <  "*.  »i  V>  18th Ave.vE.. $100/  5^'  f.  542 fMBr It f, iBMrnr 1.1,  rawisf. IHS ...  Brown. Fraser & Co..  SUCCESSORS   TO   _.  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  NEW   DWELLING   FOR  SIXTH AVENUE WEST.  W.; J.  Lesage, 157S-llth Ave. West,  has awarded a contract to M/ Grury &  Co. for the erection of a dwelling on  6th Avenue West.  $2,500.  [ ished, at^ the water end of; both, ways,,  land there is yet to be driven the piles!  [ for the main bed of the third berth.  '*&&?.  -v. 1 .'r?  Structural Steel For Ewy Purpose  Phene Saymeer 71SS  X1SO Homer Street  Vancouver. B. C.  NEW  HOME   FOR  TWELFTH AVE. WEST.  ARE   USING   NEW  FITTING - OUT   PLANT.  wti Great improvements are being made  The cost1 will be!at the C°u«hl»n Shipyard with a view  * of expediting the woric or fitting out  the' steamers built at the big False I  Creek plant. When complete there  will be three fitting-out berths. Two  are already in commission.    Number  ->4l*     _**     Vw  Wesley Rowson is erecting a two-[one berth, on the east side, is where  story home, 24x37 feet in dimensions,' the Alaska was equipped and where  at   1305-I2th   Ave.   West.     The   new the War Camp and War Charger are  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL COT, Ltd  rairaaoat S3te sad as*7  ▼aaaoam, B. a  lioa.  /:  ^«7t&nlp*ff  Tovanto  ▼aaeoavsr, B.  ft.  ROBERT W. HUNT & CO., LTD.  ENGINEERS  INSPECTION-TESTS-CONSULTATION  8TEEL,    CEMENT,    BUILDINGS,    BRIDGES,    PIPE,    RAILS,    CARS,  LOCOMOTIVE8,  SECONDHAND  EQUIPMENT,  CREOSOTED  MATERIAL, LUMBER, ETC.  OFFICE: 1601 STANDARD   BANK BUILDING  508 Bastta«rs W., Vaaoouvar, B. C.  Csnsat Tssttas; BaboiMtory, Boom 1601; Physical TemUng IwboxeUry, Boom Bl  Phone Sey. 2199  Resident Inspectors at Large Manufacturing Centers  home will cost $5,500.  PUILD  ADDITION   TO  BROOM    FACTORY.  The Western Broom Works, 792-15th  Ave. East, are building an addition to  their present plant containing of a  Bleachery and Furnace room.  CONTRACT   AWARDED  FOR   WAREHOUSE.  R. Moncrieff of this city has been  awarded the contract from the Dominion Public Works Department for the  erection of the shed on pier No. 3 at  the Ogden Point Docks. The building  will be 200 x 200 feet in dimensions.  The contract specifies eight months for  completion of the work.  receiving their engines and boilers.  Number two berth is on the west side  of the yard and the War Chief is completing for service there. Number  three berth, west of number two, is being dredged and will be ready to  receive the next vessel launched.  BURNABY   NOTES  The engineer's report on the Hastings - Barnet road was received and  adopted and the clerk instructed to  call for tenders for the asphaltum  coat to be placed on this road at a  value of $10,000.  GILLEY BROS.  DBAUBBS  IK  Crushed Rock, Sand  and Gravel  All Kinds of Building Material  902 COLUMBIA STREET WEST  PHONE 15 AND 16 NEW WESTMINSTER. B. C.  WORK   ON   P. G. E.  STARTS   AT   ONCE.  The: contract  for  the   42  mile   extension of the P. G. E. Ry. has been  awarded to the Northern Construction  Co. of this city and  plans are under  way to start work immediately.    The  tender of' $419,000 on unit basis,'5%  per   cent,   commission,   was   accepted  by the government.    While th'is company's tender was not the lowest, the  fact that they have the equipment and  experience in  railroad work and had  the   resources   of   men,   money   and  material   to  guarantee  a  satisfactory  carrying out of the contract is stated  to  have  been  the  deciding  factor  in  their securing the contract.  CLOVERDALE    NOTES.  At the Saturday evening session of  the Surey council, Mr. D. S. Kennedy, j I  representing Kennedy Brothers, of  New Westminster, put in an application for permission to erect a  slaughter house at South Westminster.  Mr. Kennedy was prepared with  plans showing that the proposed  slaughter house would be entirely modern in all details and perfectly sanitary.  The matter was laid over until next  meeting in order that the Surrey municipal sanitary officer can personally  visit the site and put in his report.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co.  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  REINFORCING STEEL.—  i^t8t 5°!? £lMild Steel Bara In Western Canada.    We cut to  length.    Cold Twist and Bend Bars.  BOLTS: —  DrnKhBi»1rLW*,Chi,ie,Bo0lt8' Tle Bolts-    ■■* We are Prepared to for-  nish large orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  SPIKES—CAST IRON  WASHERS,  ETC.  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  PORTL*N£P.fMENT - LIME - HYDRATED  LIME - FIRE OLAY  SC°T£a JT'lf BR,CK ~ BLACKSMITH COAL - COKE  SEA COAL — PIG IRON — MANILA ROPE, ETC.  (VANCOUVER  .WINCH BUILOINO  Prlvsta Cx. Sey. 9197  San Francisco, Los  Angelas, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  VICTORIA  BELMONT   BUILOINS  Telaphoee S037  TENDERS FOR ROAD  WORK ARE ASKED FOR.  The  corporation  of  the  district  of  TO BUILD $20,000,000 PAPER MILL.  Quebec.—The Brown corporation,  the large pulp and paper manufactur  ers, who have a number.of mills  throughout Canada and the United  States, are about to start work on a  $20,000,000 paper mill at La Tuque,  where they have a large pulp mill.  We Have.Jutt Installed a  COM  P L E T E  MARINE RAILWAY  Size 110 x 42 feet  General Scow "and Tugboat Repairing  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  Phone Seymour 9163  1561 Granville Street  Cr«dl£ Fancier Bldg.  Modern Brick Building  .     on centrally locfited corner lot  $35,000.00 on terms  Get full particulars at the office of  GEJTERAX, ADMTNISTBATION SOCIETY    850 Hastings Street West  Forgings Machine Work Patterns  Westminster Iron Works  John Reld, Proprietor  Manufacturers of  Structural and Ornamental Ironwork  ���Prsone S3  Office and Works, Tenth St..  New Westminster, B. O ...J .'
British Columbia Record
Published every Monday, Wednesday and
Friday by the
■ft i ;.
A - 4
Mining News
Telephone oeymour 7S08.
Address:  >5S3 Homer-JUchartls Lane
Rear of 431  Dunsinulr Street.
Subscription Bates
North Vancouver, Aug. 26.—W. S.
D. Cook, manager of the William 1,-y-
all Shipbuilding Co, arrived in the
city Saturday morning, bringing with
One month  .,. Si.oo him the signed-up contracts for eight
Six  months  $6.001,—,. .. Z ■ * *   \   \
Payable strlrrjv "in advance. loOO-ton   twin-screw   steamers   to   be/'
———   ,       „    .      ,,     _,        4 ,
15814 to  158TB'
2140^=-Oscar Lunback,' 3047 27th E.;
B.' Moyto.
2141—P. Meyers, 1840 6th Ave. E.; Geo.
,       2142—A. J. Brunk, 1281 Keefer St.
^,'noticeto contractors:
corporation or; point grey
The   Council    invites'' tenders    for
ditching'on Blenheim Street from 49th
i Avenue to the Fraser "River.
Particulars may be obtained os ap-
< plication to the Municipal, Engineer.
bujlt by his firm for the French gov;
ernment. These boats form a part of
the unit of twenty boats allotted" to
British Columbia by the French gov-
ernment, Che allotment being: William Lyall & Co., S; Western Canada Shipyards, 5; New- Westminster
Construction Co., 5;. Coquitlam Construction Co., 2.
British Columbia Yards
Following is a list of the Shipbuilding
companies of British Columbia now actively enguged jn ship construction or
recently organized:
Steel Shipbuilding Plants.
Coughlan Shipbuilding Co., Vancouver.
/Wallace.  Shipyards, North  Vancouver.
Wood Shipbuilding Plants.
Cameron  Genoa Mills Shipbuilders Ltd.,
Foundation Company of B. C, Ltd., Victoria.
Lyall   Shipbuilding   Co.,   North   Vancouver.
New   Westminster   Bng.   A > Const.   Co.,
Poplar .Island.
Pacific Construction Co.,  Ltd.,  Port Coquitlam.
ON   TRIAL   TRIPS   sta,ndarfl   Shipbuilding   Co.,   Vancouver.
Wallace Shipyards 'Ltd., Vancouver.'
Two wooden steatners fitted out in
Vancouver, went ,qn trials today. The
War "Puget, built at the Lyall Shipyard, received her engines and boilers
at the B. C. Marine Limited'and she
Western .Canada   Shipyards   Ltd.,   Van-
"osuver. * -1
The   Ladysmith   Smelting  Corporation  has  blown in the smelter for a
short run to clear up the stack of ore
accumulated at the smelter.   It is understood the plant will then be shut
down.    Options taken on mining propertied with a view to assuring an ore
supply will be allowed to lapse. There
is  a large  accumulation  of matte  at
the smelter from 'previous  runs,  and
this will bo disposed of to the Granby
or Trail smelters.
The dividends for the first eignt
months of the year aggregate $1,981,-
2SS, distributed as follows:
Granby Consolidated Mining,
Smelting & Power Co '..$1,124,886
Consolidated Mining &
Smelting Co     523,872
Hedley Gold Mining Co.:       72,000
Britannia   Mining   &   Smelting Co     198,415
Crow's Nest Pass Coal Co       62,128
The  year's  dividends will  probably
aggregate $3,202,674.
can be used in a
hundred ways in
work of all kinds
Consult our New Business Manager
about adapting  gas to  your  needs
Car rail and rlaslltiK Sts. 'Phone Seymour SOOO
A deposit  (which will be returned I,eft 0n a trial  spln to v,ctoria this
afternoon.    The B. C. Marine <is also
, The War Cayuse,- another A Lyall-
built ship, received'her,, engines and
boilers at the Wallace yard. She got
up'steam today, came to Vancouver
for fifty tons" of bunker colal' and then
went on' to .Victoria' for her'trials.'    T
to.'unsuccessful";tenderers)   of-5  per. .-,- .  - >
cent, of the amount tendered is to ac- U*«n?,'out the War Nicola and she w
company each tender. be ready in six weeks       "
Tenders must reach the undersigned
by noon; of Tuesday,-September^ 3rd,!
"1918.   _- '  \ ~   ; y   -   '    t '' ' '
'     The lowest^or any.tender"not^neces-
sarily accepted.       v ^., ,      ,
' Municipal Hall, Kerrisdale^B.C.'^ V
'-.    August 22/1918. ' *  " 'T  <"
1»1» 1»1 ♦ !■» I» I ♦ 1 ♦ I * 101 ♦*»■!■♦
?» f i ♦< »i SMW** UV* i» i ♦*»$
J Benzie. Jas. .A.. 610 Hast:'-W.'.::.Sejr.''3300
I Bryan &„ Gillam, SOS-Richards. Sejr. 6S08
1'Cox, A'. Arthur, sF.R;IiB.AV>lf42 %'\",     **'
1     Pender /W. „.-..: sey. 3»T2
Dalton & Eveleigh, ,616
1 *   Hasjt.vW.<   ":„..: -..'..-.....-....gey.    C62
^Gardiner, '»F::?G. AK Mercer/-Tit -Gran.;
'-^ Seymour 8672. .&' "
If yon want to r—ca ths man who
buys BnUAlng Materials, Hschlasry,
*~—*wm«v—Basctdeaa .and ■■ nnamf"
"""-■ Motor {'Tracks,   Xtom.
"U   Jetsil, •%©, It will paj yon to bs
rfsntsal    u    ths    British    OolaafMa
^^^•"'Brttlsh^ Colombia   Baeotefla
.n^rBOXIh, 'IttV
Vi i in
* ■
Last year the lead .production of
British Columbia amounted ^to 37,307,-
465 pounds. The silver production
during the same period was 2,929,-
216 ounces, valued at $2,265,74,9.
About fifty per cent, of the,total output'
was from the Slocan.
»- *
The Slate Quarry, at Deserted Bay
was worked about eighteen years ago,
and supplied the slate for roofing the
Parliament buildings at Victoria.'" ■ At
present a deal is oh" for taking up and
reopening the quarry, which is now the
location of an Indian village and Jap;
ahese fishing camp.
The Tough,  Elastic, Adhesive  Cement
(Ready for use.)
Send for Free Booklet
* f
Cor Tenth Avenue and Arbutus Street
Phone Bay. 63
v    Davis   Chambers   Bldg.,. CIS
, ,   ,i    Hastings W.' .........Sey.    724
'Honeyman &-Curtis, 821'   '''
•;     Pender' W. .......:..'. gey. 1621
, f-lfacey, iFrank. 470 .Gran..;....*. Sey.  1804
'-    }Matheson.\ Bobt. M., 60» Rich...8ey. S0I8
•' .Palmer, Bernardidv 616 .Credit**- ^
t.'+. .Pphcler^ Bide,'?-?.l.M/*'&f^.rr.V..Ser.^8«80i
>;Sharpe5*'Thomson. 620 -V^:*   .-*. - ^s* ^
^^va»ender;-W. a.~v:„:.^„.V.*....».iT.V....Sey.,'1064,
-Somervell & Putnam. '626 <   «r     ™ t-t"*f
i     Pender  W.i. _...».! .'...^ABey. 62J0
•>Townley, Pred L..~ S26" Homer..iSey. 8013
^ Twizell, R. P. S.,  837. HastW..Sey. 7»25
Executive Department
Mayor ..Z. i'.Z. R. H. Gale  c
City Council Ohanwtm.
Ward 1 Thos. H. Kirk
AVard 2  W/ R. Hamilton
Ward 3 : W. C. Marshall
Ward 4 .'—.i Jos. Hosklns
Ward 5 W. R. Owen
Ward 6  ...-S. C. Elliot
Ward«,7v> b.....Frank ,-E. Woodside
Ward/8 '. ...Z..:.:ZF. P. Rogers
Financial 6\  Clerical  Departments
v   Clerk  Wm. ^McQueen, B.A.
Comptroller G-. F. Baldwin
Treasurer J. J. Johnstone
Accountant  .' A. J. Pilkington
Engineering Department
Engineer  F. L. Fellowes
' Building Department
Building Inspector. R. A. McKenzie
Water Department  l
Secretary  x...S. J. Montgomery
Health   &   Sanitation   Department
Medical Health Officer F. T. Underbill
Librarian " R. W. Douglas
Board of Park Commissioners
Johnathan Rogers,  Chairman
A. C. J. Leek G. W. Hutchings
M. S. Logan       George Bldon
W. S. Rawlings, Superintendent
^.^,     Light Department
Street & Sewers Department
Superintendent........—.........John Morton
Police Department
Police Magistrate .-....—H. C. Shaw
Court Clerk ...::...:....-.» -.-H. Robinson
Solicitor 1.Z1Z.;.~^ZM. F. Jones]
Prosecutor... —R. L. MaUlani
Fire Department.
Chief ■-..... ...:.:....-.'....—J. H. Carlisle
Bulldog Cable
'u »•« ■ \* + j*t,
Pacific Lime
i£i& iff
Jt+J*      htfr
»ov«r and Victoria
Armory  ____.
Harbor Works ..-	
Bank & office bldg	
Hotel, C. N. Ry	
■at«4  Cost
„   $350,000
..Not given
Grandview    Government
Kitsilano,Reserve    Government
ilasUngs & Granville Royal  Bank
False Creek Fill c. N. Ry. Co.
s>rehitset .......
Perry A Fowler
No archt. commiasioned'"ye'Cl
Wa apaelallca In prompt ••rvlce for Cantractors'
tamporary pawar InaUllatien*
TlMe   Seyieir
5JH. md   fcm   iir   npresMtafHi  caN
J.     Am
\*t-     rr^f
"■_-;:sy->ATIIOMIMM«!lt'-■-... .!••.■
Most   modern and complete equipment for
Large warehouses, for storage
'Phona Seymour 408
Cheap Rates
Post^ Office $250,000
Post^Office  $35,000
Concrete Garage   	
Gore and Keefer.	
South Vancouver.	
Fifth & Fir Sts	
—Dom. Govt I Dom.   Govt,
..Dom. Govt
 Ford Motor .Co.
Dom.   Govt	
- Delayed
Brick Builder and Contractor
Kilns, Furnaces, and Boilers a Specialty
Telephone lifaTHfand 728
2021 Wall St.
Xooatlon  Ownsr
...Plans Beady
R. P. Wilson. D.L.S.. A:M.E.I.C.
Civil Engineer
Surveys, Reports, Estimates
All Glasses of Drafting
35 Flack Block   Phone, Sey. 8715
^«.*^*4HM.^^K^>H.#^^tM,  ey*+*+t+*++*4++++t+9+i++^i
any length - any diameter
Seymour 399S-3S99
Incorporated 1000
1021-1024 Rogers Building    >
• t«.i.eie.T.eieiei#iaine^e^. ^^titturitunnin^
Three Shows Daily
PRICES 20c - 30c
Public Works Contractors
0ffice:813-815 Bower Bldg.
Vancouver, B. C.
Kraft Wrapping Paper is now being manufactured in British Columbia.    The paper Is
of excellent,   uniform  quality  and  of great
tensile strength.
Samples and prices gladly given.
Sales Agents
Vancouver and Victoria, B. C. .fmmtm^  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  N^  AUTOMOBILE DIRECTORY  Buying Information for Automobile  Owners and Prospective Buyers  LITTLE   GIANT   MOTOR   TRUCKS  "All That The Name Implies"  LESLIE   W.   PEARSON,   Mgr.  Granvjlle  at  Pacific Sey.    331  -J  USawJ  MICHELIN   TIRES   &   ACCESSORIES  Go  to   HILL,   LTD.  Everything  for  the   Motorist  Phone   Seymour  6411 Quick   Service  SEYMOUR TIRE &  RUBBER  CO.,  LTD  Dominion, Nofaby'« an'l Goodyear Truck Tires  5-TON STANDARD T RUCK AND TRAILER  Motor   Accessories  851   Pender   St.   W  Sey. 3053  DAVIE VULCANIZING CO.  Auto   and   Tire   Repairs   —   Vulcirizinn;  J234   <Jranvt!le  St. Sey.  1184  SAXON SALES COMPANY  Distributors  for  SAXON    AUTO.MOBJUiS  1272  Granville  St. Sey. 3391  BLACK  BROS., LIMITED  Automobile   Supplies—Car   Bodies,   Tops,   and.  Seat  Covers  Jl 11-15   Homer  St.  Sey.. 668—69  MUCH INTEREST SHOWN  IN TRUCK SERVICE RECORD.  The following is an interesting  lecord kept by a large eastern rliug  company of (lie daily performance of  tlioir 1%-ton Federal Truck.  Since June, 1910, only one month  lias been skipped and that was,March,  1917. The summaiy of the records for  the 13 months shows some interesting  figures of real service.  Days in service  281  Trips          1,067  Deliveries        8,540  Loads in lbs 1,947,420  If Your Average Load  Is Less Than a Ton  - THIS REO "SPEED WAGON" will, serve the  purpose better than a heavier truck.  FOLK USED TO THINK that the right thing  to do was to buy a truck big enough to carry  the heaviest load they had to deliver.  BUT EXPERIENCE,, has proven that the  lighter truck, mounted on pneumatic tires, is  the more economical.  EVEN IF YOU HAVE enough going to the  _r same, place to rcqui.re two trips of "this %-tqn  Reo, you'll find you can deliver the lot in less  ■   time than-1 by >6ne -load on a big solid tired  truck. - _ ,       '-  /MOS t TIMES, however, thereare smaller loads  .   to be delivered W separate" points.'     \   ^  h^^^^TJIAT;CASE  :^ i> ^Thejspeedy  \ IN.SELEjCTINGatriwk: ti£vw,mj&8«F'£  rJrservfcer figiire',QUt|what;is^he' averasefloafr  '    and buy for that rather than for your heaviest  .loads.    The latter are few in most lines of  J   business. £       -\ ^4 "•>     ' ^   "   ' .x /  DON'T OVERLOOK the'fact that halfthe distance is made with the truck empty—in a  great majority of, cases—and the wear and-  * tear on a %-ton "truck is about one-fourth  what it is on one of twice that capacity.  ESPECIALLY is that true if the other be  mounted on solid tires.  FULLY 80 PER CENT, of all hauling, both in  the country and in the city, is better doner—  quicker, and cheaper—by this %-ton Reo  "Hurry-Up Wagon."  DEMAND is tremendous.   Never   have   been  able to supply all who wanted Reos.   And de-  ■"*     mand  for this  particular type  of truck  is  increasing by leaps and bounds as users discover its great range of adaptability.  ,  IN A THOUSAND lines of business this Reo is  proving itself the ideal type. It will do so in  yours.  BUT YOUR ORDER must be in our hands soon  if you desire a delivery in the near future.  TARDY BUYERS will surely have to wait or  accept a second choice, for only those who  decide now and order at once can hope to  obtain Reos.  TODAY won't be a minute too soon.  Reo Motor Car „*«..„„  Agency  1378 Granville St.  TELEPHONE SEYMOUR 1860  Reo Motor Car Company, Lansing,Mich.  Loads in tons   Miles traveled   Gallons of gasoline       Pints of cylinder oil   .*   Loading time-hrs. and min.  Running  time-lira, and min.  These   figures   show   the   following  daily averages:  Trips per day        4  Deliveries        30  Loads in lbs 6,920  Loads per trip , 1,730  Ton miles '.     ll.CG'  Loading time—hours and min...      2-44  Running time—hours and min.      5-46'  Average loading time per trip..        -41  Average standing time per delivery  "     -07  Miles traveled  „     27.03  Miles per trip        6.75  Mile's per gallon of gas        5.69  Miles per pint of oil     22.05  l It might be seen that the 5.«9 miles  to the gallon of gasoline is low. However, the average has been pulled  down by the first few months' gasoline  mileage, for now the truck Is making  6„.40, 7.12 and in June the figure was  841 miles to the gallon. '  Thereby hangs a tale.  In the vast forests where armies of loggers are doing their part in the war program will he found likewise  scores of sturdy Standard Trucks serving the common cause. In the accompanying photograph is shown one of these  Standards operating in a logging camp.   It is a far cry from the old-fashioned logging methods of a decade or^so.ago.  A HOT ONE  .THE MOTOR TRUCK IN MINING  ; That the motor truck as a factor in  mining is rapidly coming'into its own  is being proved every day; by the addition" of power-driven hauling equipment to mines' in all parts of British  Columbia, 'Alaska and the Northwest.  f One especial instance of this is with  a large mining company in this territory, who have gowned their property  ior'some time^but who have found it  unprofitable "to' work with team hauling! With the addition of mo'tqr trucks  it has been found that the relative dis-  if* ~   ' X  tan'ce from mine'to shipping point has  bein reduced in a ratio of one to four.  That is, the truck - installation' has  made the distance    one    quarter -as  ereat as when horses and teams were  ~ /?•       ( - ... . »  Useid.  *    *"*! *  TSVith this property, as in other siin-  "}& cases, the truck of- from two to  hlee-ton capacity has been found the  Indst   practicable   from every   stand;'  .point VThe'' rough   roads* sn,dZsieei)-  grades are more easily,*conquered by_  the" lighter models,-and the'initial ex-!  'peVises, and-, cost of upkeep is greatly  reduced.    " *-" -  > \ These lighter trucks with proportionately powerful engines give greater  .pulling power on bad roads and on  ,steep grades than the heavier models,  land do not have to pay the price of  the added weight.  -   Boiling the subject down, It amounts  to just this:    Good mine minus cheap  hauling equals  loss.    Fair mine plus5  motor trucks equals profit. j  The British Columbia Record  through its service department, will  be very glad to furnish any informa ,  tion on the makes of trucks handled  in Vancouver, and to see that full literature is forwarded, together with  such other facts as will be of interest  to those contemplating the purchase  of motor driven equipment.  The Tall Man.—I'm a self-made man  The Short Man—Don't brag-—the Jot  ain't completed yet.  DAVIE VULCANIZING COMPANY  The Place For Auto and Tire "Repairs  MR. MOTORIST:     . ,   - 7 '  "'   '     '  On or about September 2nd, 1918, we will be located In our New  "Fireproof Building, 636 Davie Street; Between Granville and Seymour  Street.   '     ~ "    "     -'     " c  " '   ' „'*-/_  When you require Tire Repairs, Tube Repairs, Auto Repairs, Auto  Accessories, >New Tires—in fact -when you need Anything for your Auto  —caUrin or phone us, and receive "our Up-,tb-aate, Prompt aad Careful  Attention. , ' '  1234 Granville; St - Seymour 1184 ' Vancouver, B. C.  THE BATTERY  FOR YOUR CAR  40 per cent longer"life  18 months' Guarantee  PRICE   NO, -HIGHER?  1 Z , ~''-r -    -  570 aUohardH St.*  Call and see us when" passing ' ?       -   '  JARVIS ELECTRIC GtW «/.  Distributors for,<B. C.  txr 17S  A  POLITE  RETORT.  Traffic Cop—Come on! What's the  matter with you?  Truck Driver—I'm well, thanks, but  my engine's dead!"—Buffalo Express.  An early motor enthusiast went on  record with the statement that he  would buy a motor carriage immediately if he were not afraid of frightening horses and incurring the risk  of a damage suit.  MOTORS. TPUCKS  STANDARD TRUCKS  WITH  STANDARD   UNITS  INSURANCE  IN  ALL   ITS  BRANCHES  CITY       PROPERTIES,       FARMS,  FACTORY   SITES   AND   TIMBER  SECURITIES  GOVERNMENT AND MUNICIPAL  BONDS,    MORTGAGES  RENTS  COLLECTED  BUILDINGS MANAGED-  KEEP POSTED--READ THE RECORD.  Ceperley.   RounsefeH  and Company  ESTABLISHED  1886  730 HaHtinpa St. W. Vancouver  Telohpone Seymour 7820  '   A   truck   reasonable   in   first   cost,   dependable in service and built of units  approved wherever motor trucks are known.  STANDARD TRUCKS  always more than make good on any job they tackle.  AS   FOR   SERVICE—-it begins when you take delivery and continues as long  as you use the truck.  Ask us about OUR SERVICE POLICY.  SULLEVAN-TAYLOR MOTOR CO.  Local Agents and Distributors for British Columbia  1234 Granville Street, Vancouver, B. C.  J> TT  —mmem  k  tf  'f  BRITISH nOLPMBlA RECORD  , »  *J  "BAGLEY MAKES GOOD RUBBER STAMPS"  A. G. BAGLEY & SONS Ltd.  PRINTERS,   ENGRAVERS    and    MANUFACTURERS  ^BAGLEY DOES GOOD P^iXT/y^.l  SEALS     STENCILS,   RUBBER   AND   METAL  STAMPS     m1  Q8,   BRASS   SIGNS,   NUMBERING    MACHINE    V"^"^*5'  Tl  ALL WORK GUARANTEED BES1 Q(1AUTyJL"™I*X   **?«**   °F   ALL  KINDS,   ETC.  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Nine Sifmir 6180 :  1060 Hiner St  YaoMaw B. C.  . i       ' < Vs-*;  "'      -  KEV   TAGS.   BRASS   SIGNS,  /A I  PHONE SEY. 316  NOTICE   TO   CONTRACTORS  Sealed tenders addressed to the undersigned and.'endorsed "Tender for  Wharf at Naramata, B. C.,'f will be received at this office until, 12 o'clock  noon on Saturday, 21st September, 1918  for the reconstruction of a wharf at  Naramata, Yale District, B.' C.  Plans, specifications and form of contract can be seen and forms of tender  obtained at this Department at the  offices of the District Engineer at  Chase, 13. C, and New Westminster,  B. C, and on application to the Postmaster at Naramata, B. C.  Tenders will not be considered un  less made on forms supplied by the De  Each  tender must be  accompanied  by an accepted bank cheque or a cer  tificate   of  deposit   made   payable   to  the Public Works Engineer, for a sum  equivalent to ten per cent.  (10%)  of  the tender as security for the due fulfilment of the contract, which shall be  forfeited   if  the   party   tendering  declines to enter into the contract when  called upon to do so, or if he fails to  complete the work contracted for.  The cheques of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned upon the execution of the'contract.  Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied  »ETAL. CHECKS,  TIME   CHECKS  BESr9i,AuTr. **o^f^^  Moved to 516 PENDER ST., W.  „   t        ,.      „ . .   and signed with the actual signature*  partment and in accordance*with,conl of the tenderers. ■*»*««*  WRIGHT BROS.  BUILDERS AND  CONTRACTORS  ROOFING   SPECIALISTS  We Design and Build  Sey. 3315       511 Dunsmuir St.  Directory and  Buyers'Guide  The lowest or any tender" will not  ditions contained therein.  Each tender must be accompanied by, no„oc.„„ „    .  an   accepted   cheque  on   a- charteredJ.necessar,,y be ^epted.  bank, payable to the order of the Hon-j A' E> F°REMAN,  orable  the Minister of Public Works, I _ Public Works Engineer  Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  equal to 10 p.c. of the amount of the  tender. •    "'  NOTE.—Blue prints can be obtained  at this office by depositing an accept-,  ed bank cheque for the sum of |10.00, fC0RP0RAT,0N   OF  THE   DISTRICT  Department of Public Works, Victoria,  B-C- 13th August,191*. '-•  Minister of Public Works, equal to ten  per cent, of the amount of the tender  NOTE.—Blue prints can'be obtained  at this office by depositing an accepted'  bank cheque  for  the   sum  of |10.00^  ARCHITECTURAL    TERRA    COTTA.  *         8. 9162  ASPHALT   FELT.  Brans. Coleman A Brans,  ft. Col 8 2988  Ihe, Standard   Paint  Co.  of Canada    T td  430   Standard   Bank  Bldg...!.! '.Se>."2913  AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE  Ceperley,  Rounsefell  & Co.,   Winch  Bldg.   ' Sey.  7820  BANKS  Horn.  Bank  of  Canada s> S270  BRICK—ALL KINDS.  MOTOM  B. C.  Electric Co.,  Ltd    ...S. S0M  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  LIMITED VI -  9. A. Jonee, MgT.  WHARF BUILDING;  BRIDGES,  PILE FOUNDATIONS.  ETC. *  Owner* of Tm* ^'CLIVE"  Ctonoral Towing  324FmtSt Niv VtstiiKtif  * MMajriimiittror  ^^•^i^W$ES,0wlE^'--:  ;   mi! sfoii nmt%  ;._ /^-g^^gr z;  CEMUALlCAIPENTIt MlK  payable to the order of the Honorable  the Minister of Public Works, which  will be returned if the intending bid  der submit a regular bid.       .  >  By order,  F. W. AYLMER,--  District Engineer.  Department of. Public Work^':;  Chase, B. C. .  payable to the order of the Arinlsterl&  of  Public  Works,   which   will   be  rel I ™gj£&wf A^£%Z^£$$  *"wfteh * -co:; Ltd.; wi'i* b.:''w'3h.illi  BUILDING FELTS AND PAPERS.  i. re*  turned if the intending bidder submit  a regular bid.  By order,  A. F. MITCHELL,  Acting District Engineer.  Department of Public Works, Canada  Victoria, B. C  AUTOMOBILE RECORDS  ^iiaaaifi  F-WIMtMPHIA*.  M. M4?UISM»IW  Sey. 87f5~f$jf:876JB  1065 Dunsmuir St.  '•-' '•    '«"     '<■?$'' rv- '<l "  * »     J       "     ">    't      **    ^        '( t  ,,   ;notice to;;contractor8:  , - Richmond District    '  Resurfacing r NoT*3 ^Road,7Culu Island.  Sealed .tenders,',endorsed' ^Tenders  for Re-surfacing portion of No.'3 Road,  Lulu ^Island," Will be 'received^ by the  Hon. MiniBter"of Public Works. up to  5 p.m., September 2nd, for the '*arry-f'  ing out of the above work.      -"-•  ' *  Drawings,   specifications,   forms   of,  contract and tenders may bi&'had 'at  the    office    of    the .\Public JMWos*a  Engineer,^ Parliament Buildings, Victoria, or1 the office of the' DiatrtcV Eh-  gineef,  Court H6use," Vanc6uvyr,l on  and after August^Oth, 1918.  .- intending • contractor    mayJ Vubmit  alternative    tenders ' for   a'*'two-inch  /2-inch) ^bituminous   surfacing' upon  OF SURREY.  TENDERS will be received by the  undersigned at his office at the -Municipal  Hall,  Cloverdale,  B.: C.„ up   to  noon Saturday, August 31st,  191S, -at, EOnAM    ■    noon,  for the construction, of, a  por-   FROM AUGL1ST 7 to AUGUST 21,-1918  tion of the, Scott-Ladner'Trunlc.road    Fo,,ow,n9.'s * Complete List of-New  from the Old .Yale road "to  the* New      Automob''e Licenses Recorded for  Yale  road  at the-southern  approach    T Vancouver and District  to the New Westminster bridge No'      ■   Name  '       Address Ctu  .Specificatiqns and Forms of Tender  !!!;9~.CChevrfiteetele'  4516~Sth ^r—  and Con tract, may be seen at my office  on or after Tuesday, the 20th inst. ,  'Dated August 14'th, 1918.   ;" I  '     , ,' A. F^COTyON,  r.. j  '■■ '       Municipal Engineer.  15330—David   Rose,. 2C13—131h < W £-     '  Chevrolet/ • " '  «i»~M;.\D?l,jlas' 20—10th E—Ford  loS32-MrSeH^oUrnmond. 651 Richards  15S33-^ C.e Koyal,   SSO^Broughton-  ir|?i~~w«# Ferr4s'' Stewart  Block—     .  luS35—\Vestern Canada Power Co.,-3362  3rd  W.—Ford.  3o836—^Mrs.   B    «'"»•--"—      '        <  ^J^A^co10^^^"  -•30  Standard   Bank  BIdK...! .. a'.Ser .2913  BONDS—0CRETT.  Ceperley,  Rounsefell  &  Co.,   Winch   Illd»;  | K.V.wlncA * Co..' Ltd.; Jwinih B.\ «.S*fr-ft3?  •CARPENTERS  Ttixon   &   Murray \ S. t76s, %U6  CEMENT.  Balfour.   Guthrl. A  Co  t,   ai,.   -,-.    ...   ..  „.,  laTOTOB   TRUCKS.  [.ittle Cinnt Motor Truck Co Sey   331  Keo   Alotor  Car Agency,  Ltd      Seyf" 1«60  •r    J-  1i,c£er',833   lender  W Sey-   35«  rupper■& Steel, Jytd i'Bay   ^38 ?"  OFFICE AND  STORE FITTINGS  Dixon   &'  Murray S. 876s. 876(.  PACKING.   BELTING   AND   MECHANICAL   GOODS  Dunlop Tlr» & Ilublwr GooUa Co    Ltd  844 Cnbi. Bt.  ._. „._:..„.„.! 8.  is-g^,,  PAINTING A  PAPER  HANGING  Dixon   &  Murray; S. 876S. g7w  PAINT8—FIBE-PBOOF.  W. S. O'Neil A Co., 54* Sey. SI...S. 47»5-479g  I'AINT8-I>,a4P P.OOF.  Brana» Coleman a Bvana   ft. Cni a ->n..  w *,. o-.n.u a Co.. «4rsV 8t    a Vm Ml  Thc'Stantlard   Paint  Co.  of Canada    ItS    '"  430  Standard  Bank   Bldi...!!!.!,.Se?.,,2,ij  l>A«>ES 6  Smltli   Dairtdioo A Wrickt. LW„ Hoaar  and D.,U  8U.   °— 8   tm  PABTITION—riREFBOOF  ltltchia. Con. A Bup. Co!rori£vTb™.'.'Si I'll  PATTERNS  WaauBioatar iien Worka. Naw Weitaanator    Phoae M  .    PIG. IRON  AND TIN  Balfour, ■ Guthrie *  Co... ;a   »lB7-««7a  Kvana, Coleman A a»aaa. fi. r^r        V 9iaa  R. V. Wtaoh A Co.. Wine* Bld.TXi7S.ijM  PILING AND POLES  tiutabtr   Co.,   Koscra   Hide   Bridge":.:" —   SUP-   ttd«   G'"ville   Si. \    "      .    ■ PiiKDHIVlN«  R,V. Winch * Co.. Ll«...win6b B.. S 17»-1»4<   S™"' CpJeman, A ,Kv*na,  ft. Col...    S 29l«  -•«».-—-—-—_..   -•  - ■•« fFraaer  itivar  Pile  Ortving-CoT.   Noi "  „,       c.    Wallbridjfe,    1115 tUar  15S3S—K. .C.Bweatt,  Royal  Mansions—  15837  NOTICE  TO  CONTRACTORS.  Sealed   tenders   addressed , to t the  undersigned,   and   endorsed   "Tender  for Repairs t6,Wharf,.Tofino, Comox-1 l^-i^ j. N^hoUonTmeTe"so°nnST:  Alberni,District, B. C," will be receiv- '   "Ford!  ed at this office until 12 o'clock noon, j lo840_Nsat-Mcllua|hiinrf CoV 929 ^&in  on  August-'31st; 1918, .for  the  work| 1E841~w„°°dwi'.rd's^ept:>to<re, Hast"'  -mentioned." .•  .—  «.- .  Plans and forms of contract ,can be  seen and specification and forms of  tender obtained at the office of the  District". Engineers at Victoria and  New Westminster; B'. C.,' and at the  Post Office, Tofino; B. C.    J v  T*.*?r.8 W|,.,,n9t ^e considered unless^ made on forma * supplied by the  D?Partment and) in accordance with  conditions ^contained therein "  '' CEMENT TK8T1XO AND ASSAHNO.  •   "id.  •bt"   W-   *   C°''   8**»«*'«   Bank  "•    *f ,• 8.2199  CONTRACTOKS-^lENERAi..  Ar™.,ron,.tJforrl*)n    A   Co..<   Ltd..    Bower   ;•••- •'—.....  s. is3<  CONTBACTOaW-TlXB-TJCRBAZZO.  wTs*<ys3?AUt£ EKr/.n5 '*• C«1./...S.298«  »;,«. O^eU A,Co.. E48 Bay. «)t., 8. 47t;-47»g  'S0^8t-bifiCrn^^0Py *°f|    EaCh ^irVbn.t be accompanied,  SJ. J     <      ^ V°   thek  ^ aD *CCel>t'ed Cheque on a gartered   *  ,„.,    „lnf■   St.   W.—McLauffh'lin.  15842—G   w   Kubey,  337  Dufferin St,—  .    -      Ford.    ' . ,        -..•>''  ikIIj-^- f uc".t1523 8th E—Chevro.  158-14—Robert  Brasell,   1566'4th   E-'  Gray-Dort. •   '  15845—-John Perrin,  Ladner,  B.  G Mc"-  Laughlin.  Ia846—;A   L/ Murray, 1233 Weorgla St—  -'.'-   -   8tudebaker. -    f.  15847—Hong, Junk'Co.,  125  Pender *;.—  -'w>' 'Maxwell;-'" • xnr-  15848—yanr Auto Livery Co., 1249 Gran-  ZrolX ; ,.^He St.-For<l   , „       ."..,  15849—Van.- Auto, JLJvery Co.. 1249 Gran-  -•*- "ville Sr.-^-Ford.    , , .^ ---  ^f??-^^^206  Malri  St.—Ford.   —  15851—M^Cliinto,   1729 Ontario^St.-^.  Pender 8t W.  ,    w ,  •    •     ' 'Sey.  1065.  BRILLS-PORTABLE ELECTRIC \  ^*   s"feerank * C°- 1142 Homer  Th. Holden Co:; LtdV,"642 Pender St W  - , ' .      Sey.  1065.  RLBCTBICAL BCPPLIK0  JLf-a.1*!?"!.ft: ^~-^ U *. *«V  a»    Weat.  PIPE—8EWKR  Sflf "*• Colenian A Evana - Ft. Colum S 2«aa  G lley Broa., Ltd.. N*,w Wtat.. .PhonM i f ?!  huchle Con. A Sup. Co.. Oranvillo"!s"iJJ  R. .V. Winch A Co., Wincli Bid...8.   279-1944  PLASTER   .  Balfour,' Guthrla A  Co.'. .'  ^f.?_*' CoIfccwn.A B>a4^   Ft. CoIum.f.s7'2M«  8. 9197.-«57»  Ktt£L;?£'U 1 S°" 6M 8«. St...rf. 4795-4791  Rltchia, con. A Sup. Co.. Oraav. Bd*. .8. 9i«f  .^    ,   , PLANTER BOARD  Svana. Coleman'A Evana. ft   Coi a »«<>'.  3911  • 9. 29M  S?* * SoD'- 150 '"«tina7-w.™  - j|.y  ,wa  R?£L.frank * Co.,,1142 Homer-'       '   KYUal." C.'a Vai."V.8,r' «'..«. 47»J-«»i  ^rR?5Lfrank * c»rrm;Hom«"r-  .     Street    ; Sey. 410(!  KLKVATOK GABS AND RWCT.naiila.—      liallaiv" ■   a    ,f,%H¥IUKo  «-Jrc""m .•",.;••'■ —'.: ,...,:.a m«i  " '^ * • •    BUCTATORa" *'-'  ^*rli??:.fr*nk * Oa-.*«« Homer' -    -  ■rW"■!*•?,;'""""• -:--, r7^ejr. ,4100-ilOa  ":^ VlMB.jOLAr   "l'k •"  Balfour. Guthrie A Co/.".'...'..  «5fJl?'J.9?ieln*,» '*j_Bvaiia). Ft. .Col., is.". 2»<«  8. Iltf  The1W~ci:;rm:*r«:PX^  ll.-'  8. 9i»7-«»7» \ *&£?'&*'<*' *:Son", Ltd.  „f,s  !ni   .«-.»»*■!     «»,. Fender. W.-...►..?.       .•.^.r„-„..Sey.  I bank  payable   to   the   order' of  E.A.BAILEY  .    _ STJIW ZVBTAllVATZOBra  T,,. auowbt ao, aaia       ' '« - '  Lumber Securities Corp.; Lbr, -718 Granville  Key Chong & Co.. Groc, 435 Columbia    Chinese Union Club.  162 Pender~E '"   HendeiS$iWsT™^  vr^o^ater"1>ep' ^uto Access., 13C6 Granville  Mecca Garage. Auto Supplies, 263 7th Ave   E. ZZiZZZZZ   Pey. 9156   Sey.  9158   Sey.  8129   Fair.  3372'   Sey.  1066   Fair.  3376  15855—Herbert Curry.  6107 Fraser St — I FtOORIKO  Ford. | J. Fyfe Smith * Co.. 1120 Richard*. .8. 119«  Plumbing  and  Steamfltting  T   .      AUOVBT SO, 1918.  VeT^nDrft'Se"^^^ g" 5^? ^I.0^"'^ Sey. 1758  Vancouver Dru# C^l\ LtdLfron   ->74]  G?InvmJV%Ai4n Grfl"vllle B«>'- -'314  , MW \XSiSMt^ew\^!^^^ Slot'0  j Howie, W., Cons. Engineer,, from 18 Hast. W. to 850 Hast  ?-§!?£"":»•  K- bawling, S9 63rd W".—Ford  lo857—R. Krovcosky, 567 Broadway E —  Ford. c«  1585S—S. R. Toombs, 2728  2nd W   Chevrolet.  15S59—G. -W. Sugden, Lynn Valley-  Ford.  I522?~i  K- Chln' 255 fith B.—Ford       '  J5|61—V. M. Patullo, 754 22nd W.—Ford  15S63—  W Sey. 218?  1033 Qraanflle St.  Vanceajver, BVC.  Phone Sey. 136  Ree. Bay. 77  &SON  1 SO Masting St., W.        'Phone Sey. S600  G. Kilgren  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  FAIRMONT J46L     962 14tMVE.E.  1898  Twenty years   in  business  In Vancouver  S. J. Trlofeey  E. B. Elliott  CENTRAL SHEET  METAL  WORKS  SHEET, COPPER, BRASS  and IRONWORK  RESTAURANT  EQUIPMENT  BOAT TANKS  GALLEY RANGES  STEAM TABLES  SMOKE   STACKS  HEATING       VENTILATING  PLUMBING  Phone Sear- 630     161% Fender St. W  TAXrCOWBB., 8. C.  Electrical Contractors  Let us figure on your work. Send us.ytmr troubles. We repair everything Electrical. Nothing too  large, nothing too'small. If you have any lighting  trouble send for our expert who will advise you without charge. Our stock of Residence, Store and Office  Lighting Fixturesis the largest in the city. ■  •15   Vine   St.—  1167^.Granr,  &SON  1 50 Hastings St.,W.  15864—A.  B. Balderv»ton,  2036  14th  W   Ford.  15865—F.   L.   Hacking,   3506   loth   W —  Maxwell.  15866—S.  Campbell, Aldergrove   B   C   Chevrolet.  15867—C.   D.   Rowlands,   1241    Columbia  St.—Russell.  1586S—J. M. Robertson, Central Park    Ford.  15869—Man Bing, Lulu  Island Station-  Little Giant.  Io870—James   Davies,   645   Main   St    —  Willys-O. ,"  15871—W.   Worroll,   1106   Pacific   St   —  Ford.  15872—C.   XV. Nunley,  118  Cordova St ��  Ford.  15873—Mrs^J.  M.   Faulds,   1144   Cardero  15874—Van. Gen. Hospital,  10th & Heather—Ford.  16875—C. Wigton,  1575 Grant St.—Ford  \oSi6—Campbell .Moving Co.,  857   Beatty  St.—Republic.  15877—.1.   B.  Woodworth,   1448  Davie  St  —Davis.  15878—Municipality of Point Grey—Ford  15879—  15880—Far   West   Investment   Co.,    47"b  Granville—McLaughlin.  15881—R.   Hagino,   313   Alexander   St—  Ford.  J.5882—Mrs.  M. A. Gardiner, .2365 5th W  —Premier. '  15883—F.  A.  Taylor,   1652   7th  W.—Ford  15885—W.   W.   Ingledew  N'ash.  15886—Mrs.   E.  A.   Mitchell  ville   St.—Maxwell.  15887—V. & V. Stevedoring Co.,  loot of  Gore   Ave.—Studebaker  15888—Monastery   Laundry   Co.,'   14th   &  Ash St.—Ford.  15889—F. S. Anderson, 111 Cordova St—  Napier.  15890—E.   Toombs  Co.,   2656   5th   W   Chevrolet!  15891—G.   T.  Baker,  Ladner,  B.  C—  Chevrolet.  ■ ■  15892—A.  K: Reid, North Van.—Chevrolet. ■'        -v    ■  T5S93—R. Green, .161 Park Dr.—Chevro.  15891—A.   W.   Randall,  Eburne P   O   —  Gray-Dort.  J5895—.7.   J.   Brooks,   15   8th   W.—Dodge  15896—E.  G.   Taylor,  Cassldy,  B   C —  * Nanler.  15897—R.   Romy,   621   Lakewood   Drive   Chevrolet.  1.15898—B   Gilbert,  North Vancouver—  Willys-O.  15S99—D. J.  Gordon, Point Grey—Ford  15900—Mrs.  P.  Lyons,  1108   Georgia  XV  Packard,  15901—Columbia Produce Co.,  271  Hastings E.—Ford;  1 p n n 2—  15903—  15904—  •15905—W. F. Behnson. 404 Wei ton Blk —  Gray-Dort.  1590R—  35907—  1590S—J. Angell, 33 Cordova E.—Willys  15.110—H.  M. Ellis, North Vancouver    Chalmers.  15911—A. Burns, H?,6—2nd W. —Chevro  FORSINS3  Waatmliuitar Iron Worka.  Haw Westminster    Pkona 53  GALVANIZING  Alia.    McKelvie Eng. Co., Ltd High  1573  GAS   APPLIANCES  Vancouver Cas Appliance Co.'. S.    801  OLASa—AIA, KINDS.  W. N. O'Nall A Co. Hi Sey. St..  8. 47M-479*  HAKDWARS  *lett, J. A., Ill Hastings W Sey. 2327-8  HARDWOOD FLOOR8  J. Fyf« Smith  A Co.  ISM Rleharda.'.S. 11»6  HARDWOOD LLMBRR  Smith. J. 5>fe A Co.. 132« Rlaharda..e. Ii9t  HEATING—HOT  AIR,   iTKAM  AND  VKN-  TII.ATINO  Bailey. E. A.. 1033 Granville St S. 136  itarr   A   Anderson,   10**0   Homer  8t...6.4180  HCATiNG   AND   VENTILATINfl   ENGINEERS  Lsak A Co., Ltd ,  1098 Homer St s.    Ml  Th/'StandardTaln7~Co7"of* CaM5a*~T't"d ' **"  «0  Standard, Bank  DMg...T.t'.tyZ291S  B°o*«o--««i!:*rr *itTAi.  (»••  Cornice  uu«   Kootinc)  Tl^Barrctt^Td0. tt??%&tm Bav  „,  430  Standard   Hank   Bldg.    Sey   2913  Sidney Rubber Roofina; clZZZZZZZ.   % 4^49  Balfour.   O^TTMctSlZA.  ^»ey, A. G.TloSs8TLArdP8  •16   Pender   W.   ....!..  •A "197-6671  W. N. Oi.il a Co., US Say. StY.lS. i  ■Soy.     319  7*5-4791  tiranv. Bd*. .8. »i«j  W. N. O .Nail * Co., 64* Sey. St."la «m.«7M  HOISTING KNOIM8 j C^'ral Sheet Alefaf Tv'o*rkaTAL- Sey  Rltchl. Con   A Sup. Co.. Granvl. Bd«T..S. II«; j iMMQM MANU*AC'1X'RER8   iND OKA J  ,0      T BR8.  (Sea Lumbar and Sftln»-le«j  rv                        SHOW CASES  Dixou   &   Murray 77. .S  INSURANCE.  Ceperley,  Rounsefell  &  Co.,   Winch   Bldg.      ^        Sey   78-*0  R.  V.  Winch  & Co. Ltd..  Winch' Dldg.'   Sey. 279-1944  INTERIOR FINISH  Brana,  Coleman A Evana,  ft.  Col.... .8. 2988  ■S^V^-i 0,^eil *' S°" 5i8 S°': 8t-"s- *795-4798  Ritchie. Con. A Sup. Co.. Qranv. Bda;. .B. »ni  IRON AND  8TEE1V—8TRl'€TtRAL  Can.. Northwest Steel,Co., Ltd  Prince Kdward St Fair.  2396-7  Evans,   Coleman   A   Evana.   Vl.   Col...S.2»8j  Couahlan.  J. A  Sona.   World  Blda; S.  79")  Macdonald.   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd      s   210  HitchJe, Con. A Sup. Co.; Granv. Bdr. .8. 9tr,i  VV. N. O'Nell A Co.. 54C Soy. St.. .S." 79S-479S  Westminster Iron  Works,  N'enr'Wnstmlnatar    Phono 53  Wilkinson Co., 846 Beach S. 7915  IRON  AND STEEL—ORNAMENTAL.        j  HV*5''r,?vTIe,m£D  *  Evan».   "•  Col 8.2988  ^;n^l„°r^n"f aC0- li8 Sey- St...S. 4796-4798  Kltchie Con. A 8up. Co., Granvl. Bd«..H. »1«  Vtoatmlnater Iron Works. New We.tmlnsler    Phone 53  KALSOMINING  Di!C°" ?:&   Murray- • • • S. 8765- 8766  .■-.' '   ' LATH—METAL I „' TIN PLATES  Ritchie C.   .4,   Co..   O^ButrV .ll.\%&™f&ft  8765- 87M  «1UKE   A   W«Wmu-m   A   8TORR  Dixon   &   Murray. *'^*™ Ss76< «« ,  W. N. O Itell.* Ho., 548 Sey. St.. .8. 4795-4799  Tl       r, Z?AK   AS*>    PITCH  The Barrett Co., Ltd., 10th & Arbutus Biv «t  Lvana, Coleman A fivana, «. Col.." .s! i'sgg  _. TILE—DRAINING  pm ""• TP°leman * Evana   Ft. Colum    H  ?aaa  pv1„.     ",E—FLOOR AND WALL  w   S''^?Sleman * Bvan«.  ft.  Col..      S  -  W. N. O'Neil A Co., Bis e'ey. St..  S. 4796-;  98t  798  15913—G.   Wh'te,  1624   4th  W.—Ford  15914—C. C.  Morse, 546 Gore Ave.—Reo  15915—  15916—v.w   johncox, 1003 12th E.   Briscoe.  LIME.  Balfour,  Guthrie A Co s. 9197-6676  rnw'niSLea,vn &-Jvan*'. Ft' Columb..S. 29*8  S)''S? ?.ro»\\NeW'Weatinln»ter..vPho«e« 16. 16  ^^•t?^1 * C0i' SiS s°y- St...s. 4795-4798  Paclflc Lime Co., Ltd., Pacific Bldg  „.       8   9508  £ whlSirtCo2' J* ?u1>'"-Co.,. Oranviller.S.'9162  R. V. Winch Co, Ld., Winch Bdg..S. 279-1944  LUMBER  Federal   Lumber   Co.,   Roitera   Uldg „^...8.- 3998-9  MACHINERY  Brown.  Fraser & Co.,   Ltd..  1150 Homer 8t S. 7155  Darling, Frank & Co.fl*;42 Homer  Street    .....r?iv....Sev   4inn-4im  W N O'Neil A Co.. 548 6*7. St. ..k 4795-4798  Rltohlo Con. & Sup. Co., Granvl. Bd«. .S. 9TB!  The Holden Co., Ltd., 642 Pender St. W.  Sey.  1065.  MACHINE   WORK  Weotmlnntor Iron World.  Nojr Wefitttinator    riiono 53  MANTELS^-BRKTK; TILE AND WOOD  Evana, Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col,,... .0. 2988  Mi.0^011 1CS" "« ^ S^W; 4796-4798  Ritchie  Con.   A  B\xv.   Co..   Granville. .8. 9162  tWm        m TOOL STEEL  Darling,  Frank  &  Co.,   1142  Homer- St.  .8.   4100-410J  Barr TASML;JL;M  CLEANING  SV8TEM8  Barr & Anierson, 1060 Homer It.....S. «18f  ;„.     ■'■ ,       WALL   BOARDS  Evana, Coleman & Evana,  ft. Col a 2981  ihe  Standard  Paint  Co.  of Canada    Tm  430  Standard   Bank Wi..^3* Jl"",„„  • Sey. 2913  .1     r.    WATERPROOF COMPOUND  AtJ}™1.!^ ±UL> ,0'h & AriS liny. s3  m8 Sey. '2913  w   „   «,„   WINDOW SCREENS  W. N. O'Nell A Co., 648 Sey. dt...S. 4T9I-47H  WFRE ROPE  Guthrie   A   Co.  MARBLE  AND  ©NTX  Evans, Coleman & Brana,  ft. C«l 8 2988  VV. N.  O'Nall  A Oo„  648 8«T. St. S.  4796-479J  Evans, Coleman A Evuna, ft. Col .3 IflM  Ritchie^Con. A Sup. Co.. Granv Bdg s 9,A  R, V. Wlnoh A Co Wincli Bid..78. 279-1 HI  Wilkinson Co.. 846 Unach S   7m  vt.    «.     YfH,°I'?*A£*   ROOFING  I he Standard  Paint  Co. of  Canada    T iA  •430 'Standard. Bank .Bldg....".. .'.Sey   2913  Sidney  Rubber Roofing Co..........%'. 4149  "'"' 'J'; '" ' "■'^-■tWtto?i^?.^


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