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 /I  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  r'fis  RECORD  PUBLISHING  CO.,  Vancouver, Publishers.  FIREPLACE  MANTELS, GRATES and TILES  WE HAVE A WELL'ASSORTED STOCK.  OUR PRICES ARE RIGHT  Contract* taken for Tile, Terazzo.and,Marble Work.  ^ STORE FRONT DESIGNS A SPECIALTY.  Wm. N. O'Neil Co., Limited  BUILDING MATERIAL  Tel. 8ey.,4795-6. 548-550 Seymour St.  jloverlng British Columbia.     A Man Is Accounted  V0L15, No. 31, Monday, Aug.,26, 1918  •t  jAOOOVHT if he has a bank  ACOOOTfT. No account Is too  small to reoelre a oourteeus welcome at this bank.  Home Bank of Canada  VanooaTer Btsaea,  446 sXaamacrs »*. W.  J. F. ataoBOVaXB, aUaatrsr  12  GALVANIZING  Bolts - Nuts -Bars -Spikes  Ships' Equipment  m f  i« £552 fiL^.C^e,V,C En*ineerin»r Co., Ltd  VANCOUVER, B. C.  573  uaonra rraurs Avorararo «o ssoo ob ovzb xmvxd at txb tabcovtbb cxtt ball tbbtbbdat  Bnsber             Deewrlptlon  Cost  8469—Power house      $6000  S470—Roof over cattle pen    $5000  9471—Machine Shop    |15t)0  $4912  Street Address  X.OX and Block  Ft.   Wodland Drive.  Ft. Woodland Drive  10th,& Laurel   10th and Laurel   Subdivision  '21  Architect   Hodgson & King   Hodgson & King  .Sharpe & lliompson  .Sharpe & Thompson  Contractor  Address  Hodgson^ King 403 London Bldg.  Hodgson.& King 1..403 London Bldg.  S.   N.' McLeod    .....  S. N. McLeod   _   Owaar  Address  P. Burns & Co   P. Burns & Co   University of B. C. .  University of B. C.'.  Vancouver Brand Cement. Relnforc-  Ing Steel, Hydrated Linn, ate.  Ft.OFGoLUMBIA AV Clayburn Firebrick and other Clay-  burn Products, Facing Brick.Building Papers, etc.  Mundy, Rowland & Co.  EUCTHCU ENtHKEK  AND  CONTRACTMS  I*  :  ■  Power Installations  Oanaral Electrical CeMtnictle**  «tf4S'  * r * \fw*.& •  ***}./ a.** aav. i.  Lumber  Veneer   Panels,   Etc  1 *■?*"'J6■*&»* -  Oar Stock is tlieMost Complete oo tha PadAc Coaat  -,'M^Z^^  its^for the  *  *&.&  . «• if * ■! "•  ,A'    <'  BUILDING   AND  IHDUSTBIAL  NEWS  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  1310 fUcharos St.  Vaacoenrer, B. CI  m  i | s-,   ,  J,   <^|<>|*|C< "BTfl  ^S^-1.:  HOLDEM CO^ Ltd.  -   its*.        ssB." -   sBh '     sssssfBBsw     sBssMB) aBBv       B  ' ^BB*1  OaWUtAL II^LWAY A COMTRACTORS  " r*wh"'"  if'-. ^ *       U     Ar      n fi  J?^^^BUil^INO;PBiUIIT8 -   I  11(tti:,»<i'*'i^"»»M-»-!-«i*<■♦»» i.fniai^ejl  *., 9473—Edwards & Ames, alter'store  front; 846 Granville St., $386; W. J.-  ■Worthcote*, contr.   "'' -   v  ^'9474—Mra. F. D. Gore, garage, 2152  |2ndw:Ave. W„ $75; Capt. M. D. McLen  nan, contr.  ■f?  Shosen ICaisha, yesterday paid to, the  plant tor Messrs Yarrows, • Limited,^ at.  Esquimalt, is taken as a good ind'fca:  tion of the probability that the big  ship will hjb brought here.  ";^5  y--aii..i-«^»T».*..-a.-i • ui^-r-.. ;. ■—-.1 Qlant; Oriila;  puntlay *l-.  Bayer^Rlvatlrig * Chlpalna  Ham mars; fUtMa; __..^_.-  ■    - ■     Citctrls Tools; Wo<k Drlltsr Air. Comprisaera;  Fusl OH and Oaa tnglnaa.  i**  AV  MWk *!**■  5« rNaV It f..  Ssy. IMS  It.  '.-'.-H/JNTIMGDON NOTES. '  The„ new school site' at Whatcom  road .was.auryeyed last week,and as  soon as .the necessary plans are completed the .government will-be ready  to commence Operations.  J  j < —'  .,-.*  TT  Brown, Fraser & Co., Ltd.  • SUCCESSORS   TO^ "     °      "-■  DOMINION EQUIPMENT A SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  __-.J    i-J>*)'t,:! "'"      '    ■ 'J*.'1"!***   *»»-"•'  Machinery ami Supplies  Pheae Seymesr 7 IBS  Vancouver, B. C.  11SO Homer Street  Wlaatastr  Torsnto  Taaoonver. B. CO I  ROBERT W. HUNT & CO., LTD.  CONTRACT  18  AWARDED i  -FOR,   MACHINE    SHOP    AND  ^■-VV QAS ENGINEERING BUILDING  , |^#|jcaitecta Sharp r^ and^.Thompson,  f^London Building, have awardedTarcon-  .tract totS. -M. McLeod,,2857 5th Ave.  ^."forthJB construction of; a machine  shop and gas engineering buildiria. in  connection "with-the" vocational work  -for the Invalid Soldiers' Commission,  who are working in connection with  the University of British Columbia for  vocational   training  of  invalided   sol*  diers.    These two buildings* will'cost  in the neighborhood' of $6500 and are  being, erected at Fair view, adjacent .to  the existing temporary buildings now TACOMA WILL BUILD  occupied  by   the   University.    Jn. ati-j iqqo    HOMES    IN    1918  dition to the machine shop and gas J TACOMA, Wn.—If home building in  engineering building being erected at Tacoma progresses at the same aver-  Fairview a commercial building will age rate during the remainder of the  also be erected on these grounds. A year that it has during the first seven  vocational building, carpenter snop months and a half—and many build-  and blacksmith shop will also be erect- ers predict tnat lt will even show an  ed on the University grounds at Point j increase during the next three months  Grey.    The total amount of the con-|at least—1918 will see the erection of  ttfttr BuriBf lrfl|$ - C4t$i Qnrtir Pirtu to„ trills  i0SssMMd~lift-.4iiMn.Elt.   '■'-  Stock of Accessories  1144 ISOMER ST;  lisitn  '-^i  if?*.'  n  V   **'  PhOheSey. v4iOOr  BURNABY   NOTES  ^ r Municipal^Ebgineer^ M line;, presented  a ^report tb a^apecial meeting^ of {the  water committee, on .the" approximate  costjBfJrepiirtngtthe 'damage,done ;at  Capitol- Hill'reservoir recently by ^the  cave-in"-of the roof of the southwest  chamber/' The engineer stated.that toj  fill in the damaged changer, and contingent work, would cosr$570; cost of  153  feet of eight-inch  steel  pipe,  in  stock, $375";* total "cost $945.   The com-'*1-'  ruittee adopted the engineer's report.  ll  ^"tr ZfiF''  -rt-o t    '-, C"  Stmctural Steel For Every Pui  <*s__  -.i*,*   *«■*-!   •    *= i  l IK  ■eom  ee:  -T BQtj:  'r    AAl  C/UUOUN NORTHWEST STEEL C07, Ltd.  Painaoat tass M« aaer  tract will be approximately $25,000.00.  INSPECTION-TESTS-CONSULTATION  STEEL,    CEMENT,    BUILDINGS,    BRIDGES,    PIPE,    RAILS,    CARS,!  LOCQMOTIVE8,  8EC0NDHAN0   EQUIPMENT, CREOSOTED  ; MATERIAL, LUMBER, ETC.  OFFICE: 1601 STANDARD   BANK BUILDING  .BOS.Xsattntrs WH ▼•moonv*^, »- c,.  Osaasat Teetimff XatoratoFT^Bsom ljMl; nyatoal Testliia; Xsearatsry, Boom Bl  Phone Sey. 2199  Resident Inspectors at Large Mauiufacturiag Center*  «.'  BLOWER AND VENTILATOR  FOR   DENTAL   LABORATORY  The Central Sheet Metal Works,  115% Pender Street west have been  awarded a contract from Dr. Brett  Anderson, Bank of Ottawa Building  for the installation of a blower and  ventilating system in the laboratory  of his offices.  The blower system is being installed  for the purpose of collecting .the gold  and other small dust from the grinding  and buffing -wheels and separating it  through a "water separator which will  enable a saving of all the gold which  was heretofore a loss. In connection  with blower system—a complete ventilating apparatus is being installed  and also a special canopy for carrying  ava  - -*l  approximately 1,000 homes costing a  total of approximately $1,300,000. i  During the first half of this month ||  alone permits were issued for the, erection of 79 homes to cost a total of  ?S2,S65, and if this average is maintained during the second half of the  month approximately 160 homes costing about $146,000 will be constructed!  This would break all home-building  records for the last two years.  B.C.   INCORPORATIONS.  Ffour New Companies, With Head Of  fices In Vancouver, Are  Announced.  During the past, week certificates of  incorporation have been issued by the  Registrar of Joint Stock Companies  in respect of the following.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co.  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  , REINFORCING STEEL:— ,  iSiSi8' S°Sf iLMM stMi BarB ,n w*"*«m Canada.   Wa cat to,  length.    Cold Twiat and Bend Bars. '•  BOLTS:— i   '       ;  Drift Bolts. Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts.       We are prepared. to fur-:  nish large orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  SPIKES—CAST IRON WASHERS,  ETC.  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  PORTL-il? CEMENT — LIME — HYDRATED  LIME -  FIRE  OLAY?  SCOTCH FIRE BRICK - BLACKSMITH COAL -COKE  J^A.COAL — PIG IRON — MANILA ROPE, ETC.  VANCOUVER  WINCH BUILDING  Private) b. Sey. »1»7  San Franclece, Lea  Angelas, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  VICTORIA  BELMONT  BUILOme  THeaaeee SOS 7  GILLEY BROS.  BBAJUBBB  m  Coalmont Collieries, Limited (non-  off the fumes of the acids which are'-personal liability), authorized capital,  used in the treating of gold. When the $3,000,000; registered office of the corn-  work  is   finished,  Dr.   Anderson   will j pany, Vancouver.  have the most complete and best  equipped laboratory on the Pacific  Coast.  Rock, Sand  AH Kinds of Building Material  902 COLUMBIA STREET WEST  PHONE 15 AND 16 NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.  VICTORIA  NOTES.  It  is considered probable that the  O. S. K.  liner  Canada  Maru  will  be  brought to Esquimalt for repairs ren-  Atlas British Columbia Timber Co.,  Limited, authorized capital, $20,000';  registered office of the company, Vancouver.  Sea-to-Table   Fish   Company,   Limited, authorized capital,  325,000;   registered office of the company, Vancou  ver.  An^A   .„ ,    . . •■■'■*. Pacific Smelting Company, Limited,  dered necessary by her sojourn on the       ..     j    .        ... ,   . ••   ' „       _. .  mo.. „-  -,        ™V. Ti  . .       authorized capital, $10,000;  registered  reefs of Cape  Flattery.    It is under-    m       ... V.  office of the company, Vancouver.  stood that no docking accommodation  is available in either Tacoma or Seattle, and a visit which Mr. H. Higu-  chi, the Tacoma manager of the Osaka  American   Nitrogen   Products   Company, incorporated   in    the   state    of  We Have Just Installed a  COM  PL E T E  MARINE RAILWAY  Size 110 x 42 feet  General Scow and Tugboat Repairing  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  Phone Seymour 9163  1561  Granville Street  (Continued on Page*2)  :Pre(U»,.-yoncifi' Bids;.  Modern Brick Building  on centrally located corner lot  $35,000.00 on terms  Get full particulars at the office of  GBsnsRAi AsnaxtrwvwATxox sooxbot  850 HastiiMrs etzeet West  'r "" " -*•  ' ""  Forgrlngrs Machine Work Patterns  Westminster Iron Works  John Reld, Proprietor  c  Manuffaeturera off  Structural and Ornamental Ironwork  'Phone S3  Office ancf,Works  r***2>v Westminster  . Tenth St..  I  rtster. 13. O  I  <& BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  British Columbia Record  Published every Monday, Wednesday and  Friday by the  RH3CORD   PUBLISHING  CO.  Mill  SHIPBUILDING *■" MARINE  Telephone Seymour 7808.  Address:   583 Homer-Richards Lane  Rear of 4*1 Dunsinulr Street.  e. s_   . -s   '-^ *.A,« a« A.  <  TP»or^e***rV^r**>" W ,**Ww/~  Mining News  SIXTY-SIX  SHIPS  BEING  '  BUILT BY LOCAL YARDS  The   shipbuilding  industry  in  Van-  O  ' Washington,-is now1,registered to do  . "business in British'Columbia; authorized  capital, $2,000,000;   head    office,  iVictoria.       ,'"  *        i (  American'Railway,Express Company  < incorporated in the state of Delaware,  authorized capital;' 140,000,000; y head  office Vancouver.  " Crane, Limited, incorporated' under  the Dominion^ Companies Act, authorized  capital, * $1,500,000;    head    office  C H. 'NELSON..-. MANAGING EDITOR  couver is to assume even larger pro-  Snbscription Bates J portions during the next year or two  six* months".::"::::. •• ^— lloo Ithan at any tlme nl tne nistoryof the  Payable strictly tn ad ranee."        I industry, not excepting the great activity in local yards during the first  (Continued from pare l) gix mQnth  Qf ^ pregent year whfin  no less than 16 hull were sent into  the water with a total tonnage of 73-  680 tons. At the period of greatest  activity there were on the ways 13  hulls, four at the William Lyall Shipyards, four at the Western Canada  Shipyards, three at the Coughlan  Shipyards and one at the Wallace  Shipyards. -  The awarding"- of the contract for  five wooden steamers by ^representatives of the   French     government to  30 hulls to be completed by the firm  alone.  Building Twenty Ships.  Next in number, of ships to be built  is the British'   America  Shipbuilding  Company, which is to build 20 ships  for the  Norwegian    government,  according to word received  from London  a  few  days  ago,  where   air.  J.  Edward Sears, representing the company, has evidently met with success  in his efforts  to land orders for his  concern.    This    company    will    com- aQd gold have been shown in the sam  A mill may be built at the Yankee  Girl, near Ymir.  At the mine near Kaslo there are  2,000 tons of manganese in sight.  •  Washington's  coal  mines are'short  738  men,  according  to D.  C. Botting,  district fuel administration representative.    In  addition, he says, there are  120  mine  employees  in Class A who  will be called to the colors soon. ■ On  January 1, Mr. Botting said, there were  5914 men in Washington  coal mines.  By June 1 this total had fallen to 5250.  Thus  far  it  has   been   impossible  to  make up the losses in men. '        a,  F. Nordland has brought to the city  and shown at the Chamber of Mines.  samples of ores from the Olivine  Mountain in the Tulameen distric,.  The mountain is thought to-be in tne-  motherlode of the platinum found in  years past in the Tulameen Iliver. Assays as high as'52 per cent, in chrome  as  well  as  good  values  in   platinum  can be used in a  hundred ways in  INDUSTRIAL and CONSTRUCTION  work of all kinds  Consult our New Business Manager  about adapting gas to  your needs  VANCOUVER GAS COMPANY  Carrall and Masting Sts.         'Rhone Seymour SOoo  U8E  ,' Vancouver.  <  VICTOJRIA—.The, launching ofrf the  v. wooden.'steaimship \Var,;Camchin will  f take., place  the, Foundation  VSaturday, August 31:r- The War Cam-  the Western Canada Shipyards "on  Tuesday brings the total yards'-up to  49 vessels. Including the old contracts  in* connection   with  which < hulls   are  mence operations this fall on the Kit-  silano Indian reserve on which an  option was secured some months ago.  The ' Coughlan  Shipyards  have  six  vessels of, its contract for-ten to.com  pies and the district is now attracting  much attention from mining men.  British Columbia Yards  ze at ,the Point Hope yard of gt|I, on the ways ,     , yards will have  ldation?CompanXat'4p.m.,on aitotaI 0, 66,hu'llslo/compiate. f ;  , August 31:T- The War Cam- "    "  I chin is 'the "fourth ve'ssel completed by  The. William Lyall Shipyards, which  ^ the-Foundat'ion. Company*to the order ^"J <*™pleted> its; contract   for  of the Imperial Mun~Uions Board,'there S13f:hulls :for'cthe Imperials Munitions  Board,, have contracts -for "24 wooden  steamers \for j-French ^interests.    This  firm is now completing six vessels to  .being but one vessel, the War Nanoose  .^remaining tb complete,the old contract.  i  y m"  ZZt\^ i  NOTICE  TO? CONTRACTOR8:\  -J      <     CORPORATION OF POINT\GREY^  *--   The    Council   invites' tenders"-for  '  ' ditching'on Blenheim' Street from 49th  ' ^Avraue\l&i%8OT River.1 '  '"" ;  ^"-3     Particulars*may.be obtainedJon" ap-«  ,,   ^"plication to the Municipal *Engine,er%  -    A deposit.,(which; will  be returned  - /to- unsucce"*J8ful*te^nderers)/\of^5'rper  "-?   \ cent, of theTamount "tendered is to ac-  -   £ company .each^tender.-^? - -•, ~  - i ^Tanders" must reach ;'the undersigned  A' a ~;-Dy'"ifdoti "of" Tuesday,?jSeptemoerj3rd.-  a*. ?     The lowest or any tender *not,neces-  '^   ^aarlly accepted. A-   ^./v."   ~*  •  >its«own orderIwhichV.makes,a total of local shipyards  plete and  the Wallace  have five  to]    Follewlnc is a Mat orth'e Shipbuilding  complete. " This   brings'the-total  up.companies of British Columbu/now ac  to 66.   :'  i        *    ,\ .    * ' "■■-- -"-'   t When all yards'are -working to capa  city.lt is .estimated by "shipbuilding  men that close to 75,00 men will be employed" in" the shipbuilding industry  alone in, this-city. This will mean a  toca: payroll of close to a million dollars almonth.. The'" greatest payroll  the shipbuilding industryJias ever produced in this 'city^wasflast spring wfien^  about' $700,000 Vasibeing/paid' out by  lively   enffaeed 'in   ship   construction or  recently organized:'   - -   -       j  Steel Baipbnlldlas; Flaats. '    '   *  Cotirhlan Shipbuilding Co.. Vancouver.  Wallace Shipyards; North Vancouver.  Wood  VJUpaaiUlns; Pleats,  eameren Genoa Mills Shipbuilders Ltd.,  •  Victoria.     ^ ,   .   '  ,- ■ '  Foundation Company! of, B. C, Ltd.,' Victoria, t 'i ■•       , ~  Lyall   Shipkuildins;   Co.,   North ^Vancouver.           ...  -   -    ,"• i     ,   *       r_ - i  New   "Westminster   Enff.   &   Const.   Co.,'  Poplar Jsland. "jw--. -     „ ,    ,"   '  Pacific Construction Co.,' Ltd.,' Port .Co-  , a quitlam. sl- -<^   a    •"  iStandardw Shipbuildinf?   Co.,   Vancouver.,  W*lface-ShlDvards-Ltd.",> Vancouver. _  Western' Canada' Shipyards   Ltd.,   Van  couver!   - , . >•->• * • 7 '      J  ELASTIGU  The Tough, Elastic, Adhesive Cement  (Ready for use.)  FOR YOUR  LEAKY 'ROOF  Send for Free Booklet  MANUFACTURED   BY  THE BARRETT COMPANY. Ltd.  ,Cor Tenth Avenue and Arbutus Street       .       ;       VANCOUVER, B  c  . •  Phone 13ay. 63  L  AB  2]K  Cement  |J» Jltr.  ELECTRIC MOTORS FOR RENT  W« •paclaliza In prompt service for Cantractora'  -r temporary power laatallatiena c  \i  .tL-  itt  >B^Ejiw$tjtm<  ^srayi,cEri24 HOURS ,*Z DAY  VhoM   Ssymnr  ?¥■'. #f   hlw, Mr   riprisiiatitwi1« call  r-* -      ^r   - -r   ^  \t^  Bulldos Cable ..  Pacific Lime  . HBNRY'FLOYD; <J:M.Ca  t-:  - \i'"tr>-'   --  ^1  ,■»>  V$i t r.T?-'',* 1  M'-r; slL..  rf• Ve>  ^    ^ j.j(  t!«.  1   h  ~     Ci'  .»  'A  j.i   ,    -1     ^ .  Vaneouvar ami victoria'  •a Limited  OFFICIAL DIRECTORY  , ».r»i;.#^*>.|.».t-»»^»»»*^8^^^^  J CITY OF VANCOUVER.   ,  Executive * Department  Mayor . |^i.;..ik^:.....™-R.«. Gale  pv City Council*' «■"  YOUR CARTAGE PROBLEMS CAN BE SOLVED-  «♦-  ::sz  ......JSnl*..   Thos. H. Kirk   W. R. Hamilton   W. C Marshall   Job. Hosklns   W. R. Owen   _S. C. Elliot  .Frank B. Woodslde   F. P. Rogers  Financial, AvCUrieal Departments  ' OleiC?:...j:^".4^Wm^,McQaeen; BJL  Comptroller .r:2:l....:.:..r...O.' F. Baldwin  Treaaurer .......: .t..:.:S.J.;3. Johnstone  Accountant .:. .1?: S:...A: J. Pllkln«ton  Engineering' Department \  71 "" '      P. U Peliowea  Wartl 1.  Ward 2  .Ward 3 .  . Ward 4  Ward 6 .  Ward 6  Ward-7"  Ward 8 .  PROPOSI  NEW   WORK  -\  OBaraeter.  Armory  Harbor Works .  Bank a efflce blda*.  |3E0.0v«  Hotel. C. N. Ry.   -Not fivea  VANCOUVER    .  • •••••••• #"t# ••••see*  >BuiWlng Department  iBoildin*; Inspector^. R. A. McKeazie  Water Department   -  Secretary ..Z. —S. J. Montgomery  Health  eV Sanlutlen Department  Medical Heeith Officer P. T! Underhill  .   Library  librarian ...... „.'...„..R, W. Douglas  Board of'Park Commiaslonera  Joanatnaa Rogera, Chatnnan  A. C/J. Lee* - G. W. Hutchings  , M.' 9.' Logan-  ,  George Bldon  W. S. RawIingB, Superlnteodeot      J  Light Department  Electrician  .l.".„.C. H. Fletcher  Street at Sewers Department  :8aperlntendent _ .John Morton  Police Department  . Police Magistrate „ H. 0. Shaw  Court Clerk ., ..«.  B. Robinson  . Solicitor -....."..i.: L H. F*. Jones  <Proaecntor  -R. L, Maitland  Fire .Department  Chief  : •'- J  H. Oarllale  Gtandvlew   .'   Kltsilsne  Reserve   Hastings «% Oraavine..  Fatee Creek FU1   ~*  government  Government  .: Royal Bank   C. N. Ry. Co.  BaCwtsUavOsy   •> • . # •     v  Perry a Fowler  Government  No archt. commissioned ye»^   reparin*T  CARTAGE CONTRACTORS  Most   modern ^ and complete  equipment for  handling MACHINERY and HEAVY MATERIALS  Large warehouses for storage  r  Cheap Ratoa  UNION  STATION  \  'Phone Seymour SOS  MAIN STREET  Post Ofl.ce  Post Oatce  Ooaorete  .l2se;«M  -MI.N(  mt bb&ow- jju ymoiHMMia tun  Oere'aad Keefer.  South PVaaeouver».  Firth * Fir Sts......  Pom. Oovt  Oort  Motor Co.  .FofefMot  bom.   Govt.   Dom.  Gove 4   Owners ^.   -^-..Delayed  —.^.Delayed  — Delayed  ADAM JACK  Brick Builder and Contractor  Kilaa, Furaeees, end Boilers a Specialty  ■STIMATCS OIVKM . . DISTANCE  NO OBSTACLC  Telephone HtsThlemel »• /  VANCOUVER, B. C.  aeatwasst,  CONTRACTS LET OR WORK STARTED  ♦f*i».Mtun...,,,.,,....■ »4eM,„,,,,„ |#|ltJ  • • • • e t  l*lttt**t**MI  R. P. Waeoii. D.L.S.. A.M.E.I.C.  Cml Elagineer  Surveys, Reports, Estimated  All Classes of Drafting  yZZ:.'.   Z^-> -''      -  35 Flack Block   Phone, Sey. 8715  '  """*""  "  ....      .,...-...,   ....  ■   " -■  i  ....  BRITISH COLUMBIA-GENERAL"  aaa*^RBm)ea*«»a*      ••*••«•*•  * a * . • • * * • s  Atehlteet  .1aa«Beaty  PANTAGES  Three Shows Daily  2.30-7-00-9.00  PRICES ^20c - 30c  . *  »  ■ t  ; ►  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length - any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO.  Saymear SSSsV3Sv9  Incerperatatl 10OO  1021.1024 Rogara Bulldlaa;  ^wsH.i.ittmi,,,,^ *T*i,t,,tltltltltt^#i,  44*4.  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO., UMITED  o  Public Works Contractors  0ffice:813-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  \ww\  "OCEAN FALLS"  KRAFT  NOTICE  Kraft Wrapping Paper is now being manu-  factured in British Columbia.    The paper is  of excellent,  uniform  quality  and  of great  tensile strength.  Samples and prices gladly given.  Sales Agents  SMITH, DAVIDSON & WEIGHT, LIMITED  Vancouver and Victoria, B. C. BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD
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*^for   super-strength   at   points   of   greatest
strain, are made of Cornish-Kaolin mixtures,
fused at a temperature of 2600°.
Ask for the special model       - *,
made for your car.     '" '
ri r -
Canadian General Electric Co.
.'•*u«^'ja«* *.*-*sj'*v ff\/^^f^>©t^-TT-'l.iniiriaei f*t* ■*,?x*r" /.  *:*?&!* %■' ^-s-
Seymour 5710.
1065 Pender St. W.
The  Directory
v      TRACTORS i
Phones Bay. 138 and 139. 1667-9 Third Ave., W.
WJlsJ  W  ¥
Buying Information for Automobile
Owners and Prospective Buyers
Keep busy!
That's the power behind every 'success.
Let's make more calls a day. Let's
write more sales a day. Let's put
more honest effort into every call and
every sale. t
Then we'll sell in one day what we
used to sell in two.
That is thrift.
Thrift of time—the salesman's
Time is all valuable, the most precious thing we have. We have abundant
time, but only if we conserve it. Spend
it carefully. Make each'hour, each
minute count. Make it count for ourselves, for our employers, and for our
If we conserve time, we snail, be
helping ourselves and our families; we
shall be helping business; we shall be
helping to win the war, ane preserve
humanity. t      ,        '
So work! And "keep on working.
Work moves mountains. Work makes
the impossible pbssibio. ,   " ,
Work with your customers. This is
team work. Help them, breathe your
'spirit of work into their organizations.
Help:them make their workers.*..time
thrifty. " Show them by example rthe
benefits of constructive, not destructive work. '  *
Therefore don't knock anybody. And
don't Jet others knock. Don't criticize till you have a tried-out remedy.
A knocker is" a time spendthrift. He
squanders the time of himself and his
listener. ,
Knocking has  no  part  in  a  salesman's creed.        * -,       .
,  .Boost!  -          ,v
Scatter optimism broadcast. You
can't squander it.
* Be time-thrifty for your employer,
.for business, and your country, and
you can't help being thrifty for our-
Then you will lift yourself by your
own bootstraps; you .iwill letagthen
your height and vision to reach whatever you work to get.
To be thrifty you must be creative.
To be creative you must work—to do
in one hour the work that we formerly
did in two.
"All That The Name  Implies"
Granville  at  Pacific Sey.    331
Go to  KILL,   LTD.
Everything  for  the   Motorist
Phone   Seymour  6411 Quick   Service
Dominion, Nobby's and Goodyear Truck Tires
Motor  Accessories
851   Pender   St.  W. Sey. 3053
Auto  and   Tire~Repairs  —  Vulcarizing
1234  Granville   St. Sey.   1184
Distributors  for
1272  Granville  St. ' Sey. 3391
The new home of the Davie Vulcanizing Co., on Davie street, will be
ready the early part of September.
Mr.-A. Southard,'Western Factory
representative for the Reo Motor Car
Company spent the past week with the
Reo Motor Car Agency, 1378 Granville
Stj Mr. 'Southard stated he'was highly
pleased with the results (Obtained by
the local Agency' and predicted a!
steady demand for    the    Reo  jSpeedj
Automobile   Supplies—Car   Bodies,  Tops,   and
<-• Seat Covers
1111-15   Homer   St. Sey..668—69 !
' _________ i
t    „     - r r
Ceperley,   Rounsefell  \
.   and Company
739 Hastings St. W. Vancouver
Telehpone Seymour 7820
The Place For Auto and Tire Repairs
On or about September 2nd, 1918, we will, be located sin our New'
Fireproof  Building, 636 Davie  Street, Between Granville aad Seymour
Street.   . - ; .     /     ' ,
>   When you require Tire-Repairs, Tube Repairs, Auto Repairs,-Auto
Accessories, New Tires—in fact when you need Anything for your AutoJ
—call "in or phone us, and receive \>ur~ Up-to-date'/,Prompt and Careful
Attention.      • • < Z    ■  . '    \     "  " VZ\'      \   -     *   j
1234-Granville St.       r ' Seymour 1184 - ( '-''Vancouver, B. C."
Wagon in  this territory.
Mr. U C. Hill of Hill Ltd., reports
an unusually'brisk demand tor MicHe-
fin~tlres7 "We take it Vancouver Motorists appreciate good quality. -Mr. Hill
also rSCsived a shipment or Silver-
town cords last week.      , i
A persistent irregular firing^ in the
Ford has been found'to"be cause by the
current jumping* from the connections
which project intoT the wood dash under the hood, to grease and dirt nearby. Thick, hard rubber washers will
remedy ;this trouble.       *   ,   ^  >
for your car
40 per cent, longer-life
•\ '       - -   -    ,
18 -months' Guarantee   •
' „   Call and see 'us when passing
570 Blchards St.
Distributors for B. C.
Bsyssoor 175
:: ^
-    - '&,
i \"Z:i
-*■    i- )," I
\       -%f/*t
. *->
\Ki'~\ \ j-*Vj f.ulf +*
, Im^y^
v, , "-'-&*■'AIL --,/•
1>' .
Making Good
•V "   •     ■■■■.'■■■•■•    •'   .:> .■'•■';' V. ■    V  ■■-'     >>-y.  .'<■■    .''   "   '"■   •:     '"'    ■ -.--■•   '••   .-,,;v ' ■'• .    ;
You want to make good, in your business.   You want to meet the new war time demands of
rush work, economy, saving of manpower.
You want to cut expenses and get greater results from your equipment.    Make your truck
equipment, Little Giant equipment then.     ....
Day by day more business houses are placing their reliance in Little Giant trucks.   Growing
resales prove It.
When you buy a Little Giant you are dealing direct with the factory, we are here right on the
ground to look after your requirements and service with a large stock of repair parts.
AH sizes of Little Giant Trucks now on display at our show rooms. Drop in and let us demonstrate the celebrated Duntley Generator, an exclusive feature of the Little Giant, it makes
possible the burning of Distillate, kerosene or gasoline, keeping the engine free from carbon
and more miles per gallon: of fuel.
Little Giant Motor Truck Co.
Seymour 331
Granville at Pacific
Vancouver ft: i*  pi>z  IV  '  Mi/  BRITEST COLrKEIa EErORO  j'-1  lv'r-  I-' % ^  I;   <  "BAGLEY MAKES GOOD RUBBER STAMPS'9  A. G. BAGLEY & SONS Ltd.  PRINTERS,   ENGRAVERS   and   MANUFACTURERS  BAG LEY.DOES GOOD PRINTING"  &  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  r r  i  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Hut SifMiT 6180  1060 Ktair SL  VattNvir 0. C.  NOTICE   TO   CONTRACTORS.  If -'  Is S      '  IV  Ill /■  Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  *. A. Jobs* Mrc  .i*  WHARF BUILDING;  /  . viBRiftQES,^^'  PILE FOUNDATIONS,  ;-•  etc.  OvRtn of Tvs 'fCUVr' .  Osssiaral "Touring  Jm fftstaintir  U15   v,  Sealed tenders addressed to the undersigned and endorsed "Tender for  Wharf at Naramata, 13. C," will be received at this office until 12 o'clock  noon on Saturday, 21st September, 1918  for the reconstruction of a wharf at  Naramata, Yale District", B. C.  Plans, specifications and form of contract can be seen and forms of tender  obtained at this Department at the  offices of the District Engineer r at  Chase, B. C, and New Westminster,  B. C, and on application to the Postmaster at Naramata, B. C.      ,  Tenders will not be considered unless made on forms supplied by the Department and in accordance with conditions contained therein.  . Bach tender must be accompanied by  an accepted cheque on a chartered  bank, payable to the order of the-Honorable the Minister of Public Works,  equal to 10 p.c. of the amount of the  tender.  NOTE.—Blue prints can be obtained  at this office by depositing an accepted'bank cheque for the sum of $10.00,  payable to the order of "the Honorable  the Minister of Public Works, which  will be returned, if the intending bidder submit a regular bid.  By order, «  P. W. AYLMER,  / if - Z     ^'  \Z Z District Engineer.  Department?of,CPublic: Works£;;;,  <%    ,   Chase,1 B." C... -   ,-  SEALS     STENCILS',   RUBBER   AND   METAL  STAMPS     METfll    fu^^u^    ■*....-   KEV   TAGS,   BRASS   SIGNS.   NUMBER.NG   SacH^ES   ^  ALL WORK GUARANTEED BEST QUALITY. PROMPT DEuVtRr AND TAIR PRICES    '  PHONE SEY. 316 - Moved to 516 PENDER ST., W.  by an accepted bank cheque or a certificate of deposit made payable to  the Public Works Engineer, for a sum  equivalent to ten per cent. (10%) .of  the tender as security for the due fulfilment of the contract, which shall be  forfeited if the party tendering declines to enter into the contract when  called upon to do so, or if he fails to  complete the work contracted for.  The cheques of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned upon the execution of the contract.  Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied  and signed with the actual signatures  of the tenderers. '  The lowest or any tender will not  necessarily be accepted.  A. E. FOREMAN,  Public Works Engineer.  Department of Public Works, Victoria,  B.C., 13th August, 1911.  WRIGHT BROS.  <  BUILDERS AND  CONTRACTORS  ROOFING   SPECIALISTS  We ^ Design and Build  Sey. 3315      511 Dunsmuir St  Business Directory and  Buyers' Guide  When Buying Bulldlnsr Material and Supplies  Ratronlze Record Advertisers  ARCHITECTURAL    TERRA  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.  Sealed tenders addressed to the  undersigned, and endorsed "Tender  for Repairs to Wharf, Toflno, Comox-  Albernl District, B. C," will be received at this office until 12 o'clock noon, I  191S, for the erection and completion of a small one-room school and  outbuildings at Canford, in the Yale  Electoral District, B. C.  Plans, specifications and conditions  of contract can now be seen at the  office of the Government Agent, Courthouse, 'Vancouver.  Lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  A.  E. FOREMAN,  Public  Works Engineer.  Department  of  Public  Works,  Victoria,,B. C, July 22nd, 1918.  - >  - -i-il+r  on  August   31st,  1918,  for  the "work  mentioned.     - ' >,  Plans and forms of contract can be  seen and specification and forms of  tender obtained at the office of-the  District Engineers -at -Victoria* and  New Westminster, B. C, and at the  Post-Office, Tofino, B. C.     *   ,  Tenders will not> be considered" un-  AUTOMOBILE RECORDS  FROM AUGUST 7 to AUGUST 21, 1918  Following  Is a Complete List, of New  Automobile Licenses Recorded-for  . , Vancouver and District: ~  No. , Name      ,   Address Cai  15829—C,   K. .Steele,   4516—8th  W.—  2643—13th   W-—-    '  COTTA.  P, Nll ' W,m- N- Co- w-  8« Seymour.?. 4794  Ritchie   Con.   *   Sup.    Co.,    Ltd    Oran.   Z'.  Bridge   8. MM  * ASPHALT   FELT.  Brans. Coleman * Brans,  ft. Col 8.1994  Tks Barrett Co.  Ltd,   '.Oifa  sod  Arbutus .Bay   773.  The'Standard   Paint Co.  of Canada, Ud.',  , 430  Standard   Bank  Bldg .-.Sey. 2913  AUTOMOBILE  INSURANCE  Ceperley,  Rounscfell &  Co.,   Winch  Bid*.   Sey. 7820  BANKS  Hon*   Bank  of  Canada 8. 5270  BRICK—ALL KINDS.  Evans   Coleman   A   Brans,   Ft.   Col,   8 2NI  2»"« g^-.y*' *.w  rVsat. Phones IS. 14  W. N. O'Nell,A Co.,L»4M»r. Bt...6. 4745-4788  R«t°hl«  Contr.   A  8up.   cT.   Ud." Gran.   St  Bride*          a    gift  R.V. Winch A Co.. Ltd.. Winch B. a.X7»-l»«4  1 .BUILDING FRLTS ,AtTD  FAPXM.  SrF'v*,rviSLTI,«* ST?0-' **• C«l....8. Mil  W. N. CNeR A;Co.. »44,8e»v St.. S. 4794-4798  Tha Baxrstt Co.. Ltd. lota and Axtiulu*. u,» T7'  The Standard Paint Co. of Canada, Ltd.",  ■♦30  Standard   Bank  Bldjr. Sey. 2913  MOTORS  B.  C.  Electric Co., Ltd.....   .S. SMI  Little Liant Motor Truck  Co  Sey  Reo  Motor  Car  Agency,  Ltd Sey  H. J. Tucker, 833  Pender  XV Sey  flipper & Steel, Ltd '. Bay   13  MOTOR ( TRUCKS.  Little Ciant Motor Truck Co Sey. 331  "  """   A~     T" ~        I860  3565  ay. 138-1jS>  OFFICE  AND   STORE FITTINGS  Dixon   &   Murray S. 8765-  S76"6  PACKINO,   BELTINS   AND   MECHANICAL  GOODS  Dunlop Tlr. & Bubkor Good* Co.. Ltd ,  844 Csinbie HL  ._... .. ,„s. lis.Hit  PAINTING  ft   PAPER  HANGING  Dixon   &   Murray S. 8765- 8766  FAINTS—FIRE-PROOF.  W. N. O'Neil A Co.. 641 Say. 8L..B. 4796-4798  PAINTS—D/ssfP PROOF.  ^•°* Co>«*»»o'A Evans,  ft. Col 8.1984  «. ONsIl A Co .  64* S»y. St.   .8. 47»6-47»l  W  T,!,e,o.StJJndard Paint „Co. of Canada!  Ltd.",  ^430  .Standard  Banlc^Uldg Sey. 2*13  V             .  MPH  SsUth. Dsrldwa A WrisM, Ltd., Home ,  •od  OstU  Si*.  J:    -     ■  au>  Chevrolet.  15S30—David  Rose,  Chevrolet.  , 3 5831-^-M. "W. Douglas, f20—10th B—Ford  less made on forms supplied by the, 15S32—Mrs. H. Drummond, 651 Richards  Department  and. in.accordance  with   i583S~MSra.worSyai. 890 Broughton-  Briscoe. '   *  15S34—Geo.   Ferris, .Stewart .Block—  - ' "Ufa-"  '£"    VMmJ'w^w  ■a*-'i-  JMf CASES, OrTlCE  ai sifitf nrtits-  6QEIAi UlrtMTtl f 0tl  n'&!.(;  Sey. 8765  lots  Sey. 8766  K St  NOTICE .TO CONTRACTORS.  -„;Richmond-Diatrict. -  Resurfacing No. 3 Road, Lulu island.  ■*• Sealedr tenders, endorsed "Tenders  for Re-surfacing portion of No. 3 Road,  Lulu, Island," will, be, received;-by„ the  Hon. Minister of .Public Works-up to  5 p.m., September 2nd, for the carry-  ins; out of the above work.  -•Drawings,' specifications, forms of  contract' and tenders may be had at  th£ ?*??,. of ".ithe. Public VWorta  Engineer,, Parliament^.Bdildings, Victoria, or the office, of the District Bn-  gjneer, "Court House, 'Vancouver/on  and, afterjAugust 20th, 1918.^ ,sr' .-  Intending, contractor   'may   submit  alternative" tenders   for   a'two-inch  j (2-inch)    bituminous ,-surfacing',, upon  their  own   specifications,   a) copy  of  which    must    be   attached   to   their  tender. \   "  conditions contained therein  . Each-tender must» be .accompanied  by, an accepted cheque on a chartered  -bank-payable to the order, of the  .Minister of Public Works, equal to, ten  per cent, of the amount of the-tender.  NOTE.—Blue prints can be obtained  at this office by depositing an accepted  bank ^cheque,for,the sum,of $10.00,  payable to.the order of the Minister  of Public Works, which will be returned if the intending^ bidder .submit  a regular bid.  By order, <  'A. F. MITCHELL, ( >,    .      ._»"  '""'    .Acting District Engineer:  Department of Public; Works., Canada,  ^■-r ^Victoria; Br,p.,.  .     NOTICE TO CONTRACTORft % /  CANFORD SCHOOL.  Sealed 1 tendersc superscribed "Tender; for "Canford' School" ;will be' received by thV Honorable the Minister  of Public Works up t<( 12 o'clock. noSn  Each tender- must * be' accompanied j of Tuesday, the 27th'day of "August,  I  k  E.A.BAILEY  *t ,*��  Plumbing  and  \„ $'$/  Steamf tttins  TEtEPIiONE  AUGUST 19, 1»18.  ^ a^cfe^Tl ^Yrf "!*'.. ^:^ranVlUe -r - •* L^ay. 1817  ^T^i.ra: AIasukichi.. Pool- Rm..-134.^Powell-St.'<:.:: ZZZ"~~ '~Tr.""r:r.\ slvi, 939?  North Arnertcan Detective Co., Dect. Agcy. 626 PeniW'wZZZZZZZZZ'My. 9154  ■     >   AUGUST IS, X918.  Daughertj^ Paul C.. Music Teacher, from 603 Hast. W. to 625 Gran.    Sey   3551  Wei Jim, Contr., from 12? Pender E., to 307 astings B...... .....Z.ZZ.Z. ".Z.\%%y. M14  1033  Vanci  St.  ,; r»h«M Say. 13«  .'C"' '^'Realstay. 77  mi  G. Kilgren  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  FAIRMONi S46L     §62 14tt AVE. L  S.J.Mekar ».*. euiott  CENTRAL SHEET  METAL  WORKS  SHEET,  COPPBR, &RA3«  sad iBONWOiK  ,  Z'>   '  '    ' .>.   y'l'-Z■■;•.•',  RESTAURANT  EQUIPMENT  BOAT TANKS;- ;  GALLEY RANOES  STEAM TABLES  SMOKE   STAGES  HEATING       VENTILATING  PLUMBING  Then* Ser* GfiO     151H Vsnoar St. W.  .. ▼AVOW VsttftV ■ B."; O." "  1 SQ tlastlnsr St., VV.        'Phone Sey.8600  '        '( ^    f     H      - r-       . ''*      '  ESTABLISHED 18^8  Twenty years   in business  In Vancouver  Electrical Contractors  -... . .t»«.  Let us figure on your work. Send us your troub-  le8^:;^|ft repair^ eyerytjbing Electrical. Nothing too  largevJtiQthmg too small. If you hare any lighting  trouble "send for our- expert who will advise you with-  oiit charge. Our stock of Residence, Siore and Office  Lighting'Fixtures is the largest in the.eity.  Hastings  !  15835—Western Canada Power Co.,  3362  • 3rd   w.—Ford.    -       ~  15836—Mrs.    B.   Wallbridge.   1115   Bar-  .   'clay St.—Dodge.  15837—Van.  Creamery Co.,  Elks Garage  —Ford.- ,,      ,  15S38—II.  C.  Sweatt",  Royal' Mansions—  15839—F.   J.   Nicholson,   1826  Nelson  •—  Ford.   ,• - ^    .  'Ford. ' '"''■'  15840—National  Machine Co.,   929  Main  St.—McLaughlin.  15841—Woodward's Dept. Store, Hast-  , .inss -St. ~W.—Mclaughlin.  •15842—G. W.  Kubey,  337  Duflterin  St.-—  Ford.'  15843—J. H. Lucas. 1523 8th E.—Chevro  15844—Robert   Brasell.   1566   4th1 B.—  Gray-Dort.  15845—John   Perrin,  Ladner,  B. ,C.-r-Mci  Laughlin. <  15846—A. L. Murray, 1233 Seorsta St.~  Studebaker. ' .      .-  15847—Hong,;Junk Co.; 125  Pender .*v-  1 Maxwell. Jf     -f^-■,.  15848,—Van. Auto Livery Co., 1249 Gran-  - villeSt.—Ford.,.   ' ' I  15849—Van.'Auto Livery Co., 1249 Gran."  vllle  St.—Ford. ,   '  15850—I.   Ueda,, 206  Main  St.—Ford.  15851—M.  Chinto, 1729 Ontario St.—    '  Gray-Dort. <■ >■    .  15852—J.  P.   Young, 113 Esplanade E.—  „^  .     »  *Ford.  1585S—G.jBarnett. 1245—10th Ave. W.—  Chevrolet.  15854—W.   D.   Grant,  420 Pacific Bids.—  McLaughlin.  15855—Herbert Curry,  6107 Fraser St.—  .Ford.  15856—J. XV. Rawling:, 89 63rd W.—Ford.  15857—R. Krovcosky, 567 Broadway E.—  Ford.  15858—^S. R. Toombs, 2728 2nd W.—  Chevrolet.    "'-'  15859—G..-W.  Sugden,  Lynn Valley—  .'- Ford.  15860—J. K. Chin. 255 6th E.—Ford  15861-^-V. M.vPatullo,<754 22nd W.-—Ford  15862—  15863—  15864—A. B. Balderston, 2036  14th \V.—  J     -,    ' Ford." "  15865i-F.   L.'Hackingr, y,3506   15th   W.—  Maxwell.  15866—S.  Campbell,  AldergroveA B.  C.—  Chevrolet.  15S67—C.   D.   Rowlands,   1241 ^Columbia  St.—Russell.  -15S68-rJ. M. Robertson, CentralVParK —  Ford.  15869—Mali Bing, Lulu Island! Station—  „ „■ Little. Giant. .. '  .•15870^James'"Davles, ,645   Main   St    —  : Willys-O. '      ,-  15871-±yv*l Worroll,   1106  Pacific   St.   —  k {[ Ford.  ^15872—Ci .W. Nunley. 118 Cordova St.—  Ford.  15873—Mrs.  J.   M.  Faulds, 1144 ,Cardero  St.—Willys-O.  JL&874—Van.  Gen.  Hospital. 10th'& Hea-  ''•j. ther—P'ord  1*875—C.  Wiffton,  1575  Grant .St—Ford.  ,15^76—Campbell Moving Co.,  &f>1 Beatty  St.—Republic. '  15S77—J.  B.   Woodworth.  1418 fDavle St.  —Davis.  15878—Municipality of Point Grey—Ford  15879  ' '•'■<  15880—Far   West   Investment- Co.,    470  Granville—McLaughlin. ;  15S81—R.   Hagino,   313   Alexander   St.—  ■<,.'■  ';,.--.:■■.:• jjFb'rdV-- '.  16882—Mrs   M. A. Gardiner, 2365 5th W.  ,V —Premier.  15883—F. A.  Taylor, 1652 7th  W.—Ford  10SSI—  15885—W.   W.   Ingledew.   45   Vine   St.—  Nash.  15886—Mrs.   E.   A:  Mitchell,   1167   Granville   St.—Maxwell.  15887—V. & V.-Stevedoring Co.,: loot ot  Gore   Ave.—Studebaker.  15888—Monastery   Laundry  Cd.,(14th   &  Ash St.—Ford.  1588A—F. S. Anderson, 111 Cordova St.—  Napier.      '  15890—E.   Toombs  Co.,  2656   5th; W   Chevrolet.  15891—G;  T.   Baker,  Ladner,  B/-C.—  Chevrolet.  15892—A.  K.  Reid,  North  Van..—Chevro-  .. -      : let.     •• , .-■...        .-,      ■;..;'' .■  15893—R. Green,  161 Park Dr.—Chevro.  15894—^A.  W.   Randall,  Eburne! P.  O.  —-  Gray-Dort!   '  15895—J.  J.  Brooks,  15  8th  W.—Dodge.  16896—E.G.  Taylor,  Cassldy,  B.* C—  Napier.  15897—R;  Romy,   621 Lakewood Drive—•  Chevrolet.  1589S—B.  Gilbert,  North Vancouver—  '   Willys-O.  15899—D. J. Gordon, Point Grey—Ford  15900—Mrs. P. Lyons, 1108 Georgia W.  Packard.  15901—Columbia  Produce Co., 271 Hastings E.—Ford.  15902—  15903—  15904—  15905—W. F. Behnson. 404 Welton Blk.—  Gray-Dort. -  16906—  ;15907—  15908—J. Angell, 33 Cordova B.—Willys  15909—  15910—H.  M. Ellis, North Vancouver —  Chalmers.  15911—A. Burns, 1836—2nd W. —Chevro  15912— ,  16813—G. Wh'te,  1624  4th  W.—Ford.  15914—C. C. Morse, 546 Gore Ave.—Reo  15915— •  15916—V. P. .lohncox, 1003 12th E,—  Briscoe.  BONOS—SCIUCTT.  Ceperley,  Rounsefel!  &  Co.,   Winch  Bids;.'  R.V.WiacB*' Co'..' Ud..' 'Winch B.'. b.^fi-m?  V ' CARPENTERS  Dixon'" &   Murray..'..;..., ..v....s. t76$- 1766  CBMKMT.  Balfour,  Outhrl* * Co....- 6. »irt-il7t  f«?"•• DCoIem*"  *  Kvsns,   Ft.   Col...S.   2988  g»»«y Bros., L.t€., New Wnt.„ Phones IS   II  S-.-.hi.0^^ *20■'ati^ *«V8t.. S. mS-47»8'  Ritchie   Contr.   *   Sup.,   Ltd./ Grsnvlll*   Si.  Bridge .' * S. in*  R.V.Winoh *V Co.. L,tm.\ Winch,B...g. 179-1144  -   CKMBNT TstSTlNO AN» A86ATINO.  Hunt.   Robt.   W.   A»Co.,   Stsndard. Bank    *  . ^Blds.  .8. 219S  '    CONTBACTORS—ttENKBAL.  Armstrons;.   Morrison   A    Co.,    Ltd..    Bower  ,**■•        S. 1ISI  CONTdACTOBS—TII.E—TKKKAZZO.  W. N. O-N.11 * Co., .41 Soy. St.. 8. 479S-47M  CRANES   ANO   HOISTS   (KI.KCTBIC  Ths Holden Co, Ltd.. S42 Ponder St W.  Sey. 1065.  '      DKII.I.S—PORTABLK   C^jSCTRIC  Darlinsr, Frank * Go., 1142 Homer  Th.sA;iaVnco:;iid;;-^^^  "      '    Sey.  1065.  < BLKCTRICAL BVTPUMh  B. C. KIsctrie Co.. ild.I ^.' I."'s '  8. 3111  s. »:«>  Cope A Soo.  ISO flMUnsjs Vf.ZZZZZ.^ _"-.  h,   *M«  Darlins;. Frank * Co., 1142 Homer  '.  .  fav**'    V—« 8*y- 4100-4101  BXkVaTOR CABS AND KVCXOSUBBS. .  Kltekle-Contr.   * »8us>.  Co ,^ Ltd..  Gran,   st  Brtdsje  MM  11*4  BLBTATORfl '  Diriln|-„^iik;4 Co.. 1143 Homer.,.>,*;;  >(s.tr?et    ~: v-s*r- 4100-4101  ^i;i ; v - wmm cLir' ••*• w?.-r'  Balfour,  Onthrlo A  Co:...-.'.-....a. »1»7-«I7I  ai^£wrl*S!Lwkm¥**nm.   "-Col.. .8.  2»ll  Si'.«ki-°A,-1,^*«,C0> \S** ***■  8t-  S.«7ir-47»i  Rlichlo.Co.n. A Sup. Co.. Oranrl. Bd»..S. 9U:  «•- yvSr,'»«»;,*-Co-.„,TUeh.Bi<*.. Sv <7t-)f44  • FIB* BXTINafJISHKB  STSTBMS.  **" •* Andorson. 1M0 Hoaier 8t 8. till  SXOOBINO  3. Fyfe Ssnlth A Oo.. 1120 Rioaards..S  FORBIMOS  W**uaiost*r Iroo Work*. k»w Westminster   Plum* 53  GALVANIZING  Allan    McKelrie^Eng. Co., Ltd High 1573.  GAS   APPLIANCES  Vancouver Gas Appliance Co, S.    801  GLASS—A1X KINDS.  W. N. CNeil *'co. 144 Hey. st. S. 47»S-47»f  HARDWABB  >lett, J. A., Ill Hastings W Sey. 2327-8  HABDrTOOlT FLOOBS  J   Fyft Smith A Co.  ISM Rj^S^rde. .8, lilt  HARDWOOD LtlillBB^.^- ^     '  Smith, j. Fyfe a Co... l^o^jtichards. .sTYlM  HF.A1ING-HOTJf&jmCAM AND  TBM-  Bailey. E. A.. 1033 Granville St ."s. 186  Barr  *   Anderson,   10«JO   Hoaier  St...S. 1180  HCATINfl'AND   VENTItATINS   CNSINECRt '  U*k A Co.. IAA . 1098 Homer St. „.". S.    Ml  PARTITION—FIRBPROOF  57.*W <X,*m*n^k B7.BB"   rt- Colum  Hltcbla. Con. A Sup. Co.. Gjraav. Bdf  PATTKRNS  W**lnUn*l«r Inn Worn*.  Nsw,rfestmlnslw    fb*s*M  PIG IRON AND TIN  Balfour,  Outhne *  Co.*. '".'...S. »l»7-«m  £¥.?,n"» Coleman A JCvaas.v ft% Col S. 2>ll  Wilkinson Co,  Lid.,  Sf •''Bstsb "Aw M. r91>—•  R. V. Winch A Co.. Winch Bid...8.   27»-l«44  PILINGJAND POLES -   .  r«l*ral   LunlMr   Co..   Bosat* .BkU..l 8. 3MI-I  *'',''     " P1LB DBIVIWG. • * i,  Bran*. Coleman** Bvana,,-ft.'-Col S. J»»8  rrassr  Klv*r  Pile > Drivlnc Co..   New   w«u  PIPE—SKWEB  ^*nB' Coleman A.Bvans Ft. Colum. .8. 3»II  2\\ltI, B!^," Lut'" K*-w We,t- • -Phoneo 15. .11  ""J.1"'* Con. A Supr Co.,; Granville. .S. *l«t  R. V. Winch * Co.. W»nch Bid...8.   27I-1I44  PLASTKB  Balfour, Guthrie vis'Co:.'..: S. 91»7-C!7»  5v,fM* Colemnn jA/Bvaj^  rt. Colum.. 8. :»l|  2J"tf J?'.0*' Lti'.-New West.". .Phones i|. J!  Ritchie. Con. A Sup. Co...Oraov. Bd«. .8. 9141  ^  PLASTER BOARD ;  Brans, colernan A?Krone, Ift.VCel.... .8.19IS  W  N   O-Jlell A Co..^4SlN». 8t„ 8 47»4 "X  Ritchie   Con.   A   Sup.   Opt.  Granville. .8. (lit  Th/, Standard Patnf, Co.* of Canada,  Ltd., - :  430  Standa/d   Ban'k^Bldg:..-.-. /.;.Sey. 2913  -   FL48TBR PARTITION: BLOCBS   '•'  Brans. Celeman'A Brans, tt.1 <mZT7^. ttU  ' PLASTBB-^bBNAMBNTAL  **•■* Coleman ArBvs,os,, ft. Cel S. 3»||  W. N. O'Nell A Co.: 141 8ey.vBt.. .a 478&-47U  Rlteale Cev « Su#>.   CeA'oronrme. .8. tin  «  „     V'JS 'l»HlinBINO i  Bailey. B. A.V1S33 Granrille St _S. 1|<  Beer  m   AnOerson,   1*4«   Homer sit.. .8. list  ll-,.--.     ^FNBUMAT|C TOOLS,   ,- ^ •     1    '  P«r»n*^f»nk;*.COo:vH4i Homer    , J  _. *»*'••* .....i:...:..:i.™...:....siy.^iro4)-4iei  Tho Holden Co.; Lid.. S4J PendeV Bt W  a ^ r, 'Z i.^t« ■-*,.     '<*•*- -1Mf  »*'.•      .r«4M MIBTSBS ' ?  Basley. A. CT/& Sons, Ltd.  t*"   P??d«p^-   »--7;--:vV".-v-S«F-   '«»•  r~-.  ,. ■*>«">«I ©OBIPOSITION  Brmne, Coleman A Xvace Ft, uwlum..8. IMI  n» *-mu>C*.,VUd..noai end Arbutus. Bs>. fnl  'Xv^-. ci*^••l *jCo.^ i*i.S»j. 8t.. .*. 47»>-*7«f  Rltcble-Con/-A  Sup.   C- .  Oranrille   ■ • Ilia  and   Davi* Sat. „_ g   gjaj  Th.e^St5ndar<,--pa'nt Co-  of Canada," Ltd.',    "■  ■430  Standard   Bank  Bldg-. .Sey. 2913  BOOFING—SHKET UBTAL,  (Sse Cornice  mum noofing)  _    _ BOOFING MATERIAL  l»e BatNM Ca: Ltd., lvth and Arbums, Bey. T7J.  ?**■* Col««M»n A Evana Ft. Colum. .8. 2»M  Ritchie Con. A Sup; ci... Oraarille B...S. »fM  The Standard Paint Co.  of Canada, Ltd.,     ,  430  Standard   Bank   Bldg Sey. 2913  ROOFING—WHOLESALE  A«St5Tldard  ?aint Co-  oi Canada, Ltd.,    l  430  Standard   Bank   Bldg .Sey. 2913  n   "        ""  S.  4140  Sidney  Rubber Roofing  Co'.'.!  Balfonr,  „      ROPE-MANILA  Guthrie   A   Co   .A 9i»7-«l7f  316  W. N. O'Neil A Co.,  HOISTING RNG1MBS •  Bltchie Con   A Sup. Co, Granvl. Bdg .8. Illi  INSURANCE.  Ceperley,  Rounsefell  &  Co.,   Winch  Bldg.  r. V." w'inch' & "co ' i.'td!,' w'iAch' Bidgy' 782°   •  Sey. 279-1944  INTERIOR FINISH  Evans, Coleman A Evana, ft. Col.... .8. 3888  W. N. O'Neil A.Co. 548 Sey.St. .8. 47M-47I8  Ritchie. Con. A Sup. Co., Granv. Bdg. .8. t^.  IRON AND STEEL—STRUCTURAL  Can. Northwest Steel Co., Ltd.  Prince ltdward St. Fair. 2396-7  .Evans,. Coleman'a' Evans,' Ft. Coi.. .sj. ^»8»  Coughlan. J. A Sons, World Bldg....8. 79")  .Macdonald, Marpole Co., Ltd. .*...V.Y.S.* 210  Ritchie, Con. A 8ut>. Co., Granv. Bdg. .S. 8161  ,W. N. O'Nell A Co., 548 Soy. St...S. 4795-4798  Westminster Iron Work*. Novr Westminster Phone 53  Wilkinson Co., 846 Beach ......S. 7915  IRON AND STEEL—ORNAMENTAL.  Evanai, Coleman * Evans,  ft. Col 8.2888  W,'. SZ. °),Ne11 f^0" *J* B**- St;.8>47»5-'4»»8  Hltchie Con. ft Sup; Co., Granvl. Bag.".8. EM;  Westminster Iron Works, New WeBtmin»««r    Phone 53  KALSOMININO  Dixon   &   Murray....... S. 8765- 8766  '  LATH—METAL  Bvanf. Coleman A Evans, Ft. Columb..8-2*88  S' ^'1 ^J^011 ±CJ?"2*a S"y- St...S. 4786-4798  Ritchie C.  and-R   Co.,  Gritn.  St...'..8.  #143  LIME.  Balfour,   Gut*w!e A  Co .8. 9197-6S76  EJvans, Coleman A EJvans. Ft. Co]umb. .S. 2888  n     , SUSBIR STAMPS  Batrley, A. G. & Sons, Ltd.-"  616  Pender „W Sey.  SAFES—FAULT* DOOHS  448 Sey. St.. .8. 47M-47M  *?£ZD~ OHAVBL'AND CRUSHED KQOK  Evana, Coleman A'Evana;  ft. Col SLaTtl  fe!l,er. BJs*"-  Ud"  Xe,r   Weet... Phone* IB, II  RltoMe, Con. A Sup. Co., Granv. Bdg. .8. 9141  «■  «8A8J*. "OOBS.  WINDOWS,  ETC.  W. N. O'N.ll A Co.. 5«rSey. SI...S. 4795-4794  SHEET METAL  Central Sheet Metal. Works Sey. 4M  »UINGIJK MANUFACTURERS AND DEAL*  BRS.  (See Lumber and  Shingles.)  SHOW CASES  Murray S. 8765- 8744  Dixon '&  Gliley Broa., New Weatmlnater. .phones 16.16  W. K; Q'Nell * Co., 648 Se-y. St...S. 47.95-4798  Padflc'LiaeCo.,Ltd., Paeinc Bid*. j��^._.^.„::..8.. 9504  Ritohi.e_Con.Jft Sup. !Co.. Granville:.S. 4182  R. V. Winch Co, JUL, Winch Bdg..S. 279-1944  _8. 3998-9  LUMBER  Federal   Lumber   Co.,   Sogers   BIdjr,  MACI1INEBV  Browr/, Frsser tc  Darling, Frank  _    Street   .^.............../.......^Sey. 4100-4101  W. N; O'Neil A-Co., 548 Sey. SI...S. 4795-4788  RltoMe Con. & Sup. Co., Granvl. Bd«. ,S. 9181  The Holden Co., Ltd., 642 Pender St W.  Sey.   1066.  MACHINE   WORK  Westminster Iron  Works,  New Westminster    Phone S3  MANTELS—BRICK. TILE AND WOOD  Bvanj*, Coleman A Evana, ft. Coi.».. .8. 2918  W. N. O'Neil 'A CO,, (48 Sey. Ot. ..8. 4795-4798  Ritobie  Con.   A So».   Co..   Oranvllla. .8. 9162  MARBLE AND  ONTO  Evans,. Coleman A Brana, ft. OeL. ...8,,3988  W. N. O'Neil A Co.. S48 Sey. SI. 0. 47M-47M  _• ' SLATE  Brana, Coleman A Evana, ft. Col.... .8. 2914  W' I?' S'.NelJ * Co- iiS Sey. St.. .S. 4796-47II  5i.v/1w'°«h * Co: Winch"Bid.. .8. 279-1944  Ritchie, Con. A Sup. Co., Granv. Bdg. .8. 9144  n-i/ 8TRKL—RJ5INFORCING. j  Balfour,   Guthrie   a   Co.. S. 9197-«5Ti  Evana. Coleman A Evana,  ft. Col 8.2911  STORE * OFFICE FIXTURES A 8TORB  rv .„.■''    FRONTS  Mv^H  ^ Murray S876>87d34  Bvana, Coleman A Evana,   ft. Col 3;a»8s  w- N. O'Nell A r.o., 648 Sey.  St...S. 4795-4791  ■      „ TAR;  AND  PITCH  The Barrott Co.., Ltd., 10th and Arbutus, Bsy. 772,  Evane, Coleman & Evana,  ft. Col S. 2918  TILE—DRAINING  S,v*n"' Cowman A Evans Ft. Colum..S. 29§§  G lley- Bros., New Westminster Phonea 16,14  Rltchi*  Con. A Sup. Co.. Granv. Bdg. .8. 9141  THE—FLOOR AND WALL  JSvane,  Coleman A Evans,  ft. Col 3.2914  W.N. O'Nell A Co.,- 648 Sey. St.. .8. 4795-4791  _'   ' ' ' "    "'."tin-pLatks ' " '  Bairour,  Guthrie &   Co S.  9197-667S  rv*,n*'^Coleman * Evans,   ft. Col S. 2444  5>»\:. Wlnct>_* "Co., Winch BM...S. 27S-1944  Wilkinson Co.; 846 Beach g. 7415  ^    . TOOL STEEL  Darling,  Frank A Co.,  1142   Homer St.  •••• S.   4100-4141  VACUUM CLEANING   SYSTEMS.  Barr A Anderson, 1080 Homer St fl. Bill  WALL   BOARDS  Evane.  Coleman A Evana,  ft.  Col S. 3981  The Standard  Paint  Co.  of Canada,  Ltd.,  430   Standard  Dank  Bldg Sey. 2913    WATERPROOF. COMPOUND  Co..  Ltd.," 1150 HoW StLs. 71J5   2?" J?.*"!", C°''  ^ J!°tbI Mn* Aibiitw.  Bsy.   77'  k *;CO;,,;ll-42iHomer. {^^o^!W'c5..%^-.^-"-*I-»-^  St.  2984  .8. 4786-4798  _ Sey.  The Standard   Paint  Co.  of Canada,  Ltd  430  Standard  .Bank  Bldg- Sey."29l3  WINDOW SCREENS  W. N. O'Nell A Co., 544 Sey. SI...B. 47«I-47fl  n.- WIRE BOPK  Balfour,   Guthrie   A   Co  s. 9197-CB71  Evans,  Coleman A Bvuna, ft  Col. 8. 2»M  Rltohle. Con. A Sup. Co., Graar. Bdg..a 9141  R. V. Winch A Co.. Winch Bid.;.8. 279-194*  Wilkinson Co.. 846 B«ach.I a. 7$!!  WHOLESALE ROOFING  The Standard  Paint Co.  of Canada, Ltd.,  430  Standard  Bank   Bldg, Soy  2913  Sidney Rubber Roofing  Co. ;. .S.^tlW


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