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 f.       I      t' »Y»       '»*H   .  ~    V'f'r  %:  'j, '< •  RECORD PUBLISHING  CO.,  Vancouver, Publishers.  Covering British Columbia.  Vol. 15, No.<27, Friday,' August'16, 1918  FIREPLACE  MANTELS, GRATES and TILES  'ifi" 1M^V   WE <HAVE A Y!f3LL,.AS*0«W 8TOCK  ja      ^'^ ^  OUR PRICES ARE RIGHT  v   ■"■ ?     '        '5 ~ *£        *     J  Contracts taken for Tile, Teraizo and Marble WorK.  STORE FRONT DESIGNS A SPECIALTY.    ,  Wm. N. O'Neil Co., Limited  BUILDING MATERIAL  Tel. Sey. 4795-6.  648-550 Seymour St.  A Man Is Accounted  ACOOVHT it he has a bank  ACCOUVT. No aooount ia too  small to r«oeiY« a courteous welcome "at this bank.  The  Home Bank of Canada  5     Van©ouver~B*»J»oA.     u\'  440 Basttaars »t. w.  J.  T.  MaoDOWAXai, *kaiiag-«r  Bolts - Nuts - Bars - Spikes  --   - ,f "^■**U-K«.L.M..-..JjLn'   *'  is*  v,i  Allan & Mckeivie Engineering Co., Ltd.  1214PenderSt.,E. Highland 1573  ^ '|n"f       ' VANCOUVER,'B.C.  , i  UILDHCO  VSBMZXS  AHOUMTOO  «0 WOO OB  OTO XMWTDAI  TAJTCOtTf/BB CXTT BULU" TBS'  fl»AT  OMOrtpttOB  Cost  9449—Dwelling' .:.....:....- ?500  8450—Frame add. to office $39w0  9453—Storehouse     »$5?0  9,454—Repairs & Alter: $900  3tr«et Address  Z.ot and Block  1840  Cth  B ......  Foot of Smythe St.  453 10th B   1374  Melville St. ...  BnbdiTistOBt  Architect  ..A.  E.  Henderson  Contractor  Address  D. & W. Gray.  Owner    - ••••  H.  Appleby  ....'  Owner  Address.  Mrs.. J. Myers    Vancouver   Milling  Co..  John Douglas ..._   W. Acouley   Vancouver Brand Cement, Reinforcing fteaj, ^»|l«te^ Llmf, .etc^ ^ ft  Phone 2988  FT.OFCbUJrlBIA AV        Clajfbuni Firebrick^M^er Ctay-  IJ'^^ Ay'   * burn^Prb^uctV^aclrtg^rlc^liMiT^,  Mundy, Rowland & Co.  ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS  <   AND.    {-      -i^-  CONTRACTORS  J t6« ,Wr*  .  Power Installations  General Electrical Construction  1141 .  StaiM Bak tM*f  imcmvei . mmnt'  *"     WeBreilie Sele  AcemV «or^t*o  Celebrated "afsvorVwid" Maple  i FYFtSMITH CO. LIMl  1320 ft.  ■a-a  3£ ~ S^WBfc^e'a. c  V;*, •»■?  ^  &•  LtCle  '-in &«<ia«iT*e*iji|a»:v  ^•naii^aAii^^^  SUPPLIES  !-■     1  ».<^:  Chicago M#«!^»<r^»«>«:5°-  ,4?  Brown, Fraser & Co., Ltd.  Kiiningi Mtinicipal and Contractors  .f ^  1~'U  I   «t.  Machinery and Supplies  Ph«a* Seymear 7i»8  '.h.  Vancouver, B. C.  tlSO Hemer Street  ^9451—Mrs.   McCrury, • garage,   1389  Jfeyla'-St.;  $200.  - |1e>452—G.' S. Seman, brick* chimney,  '27VJ5 Pandora,St.;J/$50;'jC^Blackmore^  contr.  *|3>455—C. S.,McKinley, chimney, 152  ;l0thlE.;  $50. _  [AA" ''  " -  AWARDED  IRONWORK  *&/*.  . CONTRACT- FOR   JAIL  ' iTbe Westminster Iron .Works, New  ^Westminster, have ' been awarded?1 a  contract forjthelrdn.'work. in con-  h-ti*i ^atl^Iii^erected  :s^^oin»jfeR*C/r>^ &'  f?  .£  +$£'"'•      -v'     - ■-■   ■■   r"*^^' jr.ri^v  mi-'    s w •-.      '       ,■»■>''>(    ;  CONTRACT 18 AWARDED ...   ^;...  |] , TO  ENLWRGE  OFFICES  ^.Architect' A. E. Henderson, 30-40  Davis Chambers Building, ^tias awarded the contract "for' the 'enlargement  of the offices of the Vancouver Milling Company to D. & W. Gray, 1600  Robson Street. Work* will be started  at once.  tons. Itja expected that they will  be auxiiiary schooners of the oil-  burning|type. '     -    \M  riAWorlclwill .he ", commenced5;on'the  ,new> shfps just as soon as the plans  and/specifications   reach   here" from  the .east.  NORTH VANCOUVER NOTES.  The^'city- and  district  jointly  will  commence   effecting   repairs ?to   the  bridge *, on., Keith    road    east, very  shortly. ';.»''     • j  -."TV- T*-  [ Ci'r      " -T.     i^ r^  te*s*te¥\\ Jr~$\r**r 5iv,J,i  K     •"■y  ,'u-1.-; qjjftt feai^^.qg{^a!£a |b||*yee »^ *^*^- j^&' i- ^  Riilir Btarin Brills - Class Qnrtir PKtn Air Irilh-• Imtti^ Rmmr  ClipaW Ife^, ^ ^  -W    Jt      ,. « toriv  Complete Stock,;^f ^ ^cesiioriiB*"  1144HOMCRST. ■  ii»-  ,-,.f'V, '*■"«■ v?»   !Aif<"><!V    '.  Phone ^ S«y. -410O  ^V   -*1, vf .  TO  BUILD   NEW   PLANT  ON   DUFFERIN   STREET  Architect T. H^ -Bamforth, 1668  Eighth Ave. west, has awarded a  contract to . the Dominion Construction5  Co.; ' 509   Richards   Street   for  ^^;^tiVi'PllAlffl'E%^TES ?^fe-  ^y-WdrkUcommencedj,- ^dnesday, pn  the .clearing and,gradintrrpf;the jsite,  for »the -new ^warehouse, which tf the  *rackman"KSr? Milling; "Company are.  erecting at this place. The building  itself, wjll.-be^ a structure „oi ,50x120,  feet and in addition to being an ordinary, grain .warehouse a -.crushing  and grinding.,plant wifls-be. installed.  The siteibeing prepared'for the ware:  house is^ at the corner of, the Yale  and Milner roads.    "  '^o">fj**U  "l^ j   ..    .-«*    ^»r>'  l-^rf _»-.>,     .  ""I/" f '^.-^r ^--fe  *" ^"^ ---■-■ iRdJ*?'  ^ >  EBURNE NOTES.  ' There ,was a large gathering of the  members' of the Richmond and Point  Grey   Board   of   Trade   on   Monday  l«   i«» >      41  t     t  COBJUTBJ.T BQPICTBP l>ABBJOATIXre  :om  Beinwat BSM.aa  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL COX Ltd.      —.,   ---      night,   when   the  important  question  the-construction   of  a   foundry   and i of  the   aredging of  the   North  Arm  Toreato  TaaeoaTer. B. C.  ROBERT W. HUNT &CO., LTD.  INSPECTION  *»  »'*'  ' *   ^  ^ .-  3^*  „«,      CEMENT.    BUILDINGS,    BRIDGES,    PIPE,    RAILS,    CARS,  8       UOCOMOTIVES,  SECONDHAND   EQUIPMENT.  CREOSOTED  v **        MATERIAL, LUMBER, ETC.   "  OFFICE: 1601 ^rJDATO  BANK BUILDING  Reagent Inspector* pit Large Manufacturing Centers  BBAXJBB8 XB  Crushed Rock, Sand  ^J:!:  [1 «_•       j f  All Kinds of Building Material  902 COLUMBIA STREET WEST  PHONE 15 AND 1*        NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.  niachine shop to be erected on Duf-  "ferin street for the Columbia Block  & Tool Company. The buildings will  be" of frame^ construction each 150x50  feet in dimension, while in the machine shop new and modern machinery will be installed including an  electric travelling crane. A well arranged pattern shop will be built  over the machine shop. The cost of  the buildings will be approximately  $15,000 and work will be commenced  at once.  TO   BUILD   NEW  STATION   AT   SMITHERS  SMITHERS. B. C — Within two  weeks work will be started on the  Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Company's new station at this point,  states  Supt.  A. Kilpatrick.  Mr, Kilpatrick was advised by the  chief engineer that the contract had  been awarded to a firm on the prairie, and that a start would be made  as soon as the material could be  brought in. The building will occupy  a commanding position at the foot of  Main street.  CONTRACTS    FOR   TEN    VESSELS.  NEW WESTMINSTER j—Contracts  for the construction of ten wooden  ships for French interests have been  secured by Mr. John Hastie, for the  New Westminster Construction &  Engineering Company at Poplar Island, according to a telegram received from Mr. Hastie at New York,  came up for discussion. Very shortly  it is expected Hon. C. C. Ballantyne,  minister of marine and fisheries, and  Hon. F. B. Carvell, minister of public works, in the federal government,  will be in'Vancouver, and it is hoped  that they will have an opportunity  of taking a trip up the North Arm,  and seeing that the claims of South  Vancouver, Richmond, Point Grey and  Burnaby, to have the North Arm  dredgedv are well founded.  NELSON   NOTES.  Excellent progress is being made in  the face of constant difficulties by the  Canada Copper Corporation in its huge  development work near Princeton, B.  C. The bigness of the undertaking  can best be realized by the statement  that fully $3,000,000 will be spent before completion of development, equipment, electrical installation and railroad construction. The operations  are on much the same scale as engaged in by the Granby Consolidated  Mining, Smelting and Power Company  at Anyox and Hidden Creek, although  some of them are different in character.  Miles of road for use by -wagons and  automobile trucks have been built to  the millsite, four miles from Princeton, and a. sawmill that cuts 16,000. to.  18,000 feet a day has been installed.  Some excavating has been done for  foundations to sustain the great con-  (Contlnued on Pare 4.)  Modern Brick Building  • on centrally located corner lot  $35,000.00 on terms  Get full particulars at the office of  Credit Fomcler Bid*. .  8B0 Hating* street W»«^  Balfour, Guthrie & Co  BUILDING MATERIAL DCPARTMENT  :- . .    r:   .   \_ ' " r^"'* ««_ ..  ■ r .a *"-*w  v**~v> *•  REINFORCING STEEL:— _  LArgest stock of Mild Steel Bars in' Western Canada.   W« cut to  "Wnifth. ' Cold'Twist and Bend Bars.  BOLTS!-—    * ■ *  Drift' Bolts, Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts.       We are prepared to furnish large orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  SPIKES—CAST IRON WASHERS, ETC. •  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  PORTLAND CEMENT — LIME — HYDRATED LIME — FIRE OLAY  8COTCH FIRE BRICK — BLACKSMITH COAL — COKE  SEA COAL — PIG IRON — MANILA ROPE, ETC.  {VANCOUVER       San Francisco, Los VICTORIA  WINCH BUILDING  Private) Kx. Sey. St97  Angoles, Portland  Seattle), Tacoma  BELMONT  BUILDING  Telephone S037  We Have Just Installed a  C O M. P  L  E T E  MARINE RAILWAY  Size 110 x 42 feet  General Scow and Tugboat Repairing  Ritchie Contractingi Supply Co. Ltd.  Phone Seymour 9163  1561  Granville Street  Irorgings Machine Work Patterns  Westminster Iron Works  *v- ^   John Reld, Proprietor  Manufacturers of  Structural and Ornamental Ironwork  •Phone 53  Office and Work*. Tenth St..  New Wcstmhtaler, B. C. ^T  m  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  British Columbia Record  "Published every Monday, Wednesday and  Friday by the  RSCORD  PUBLISHING  CO.  Bur  SHIPBUILDING m MARINE  I  SAME OLD BLUFF  WESTERN CANADA SHIPYAKU     '"  TO  FINISH  AUGUST 24  Three   hundred   and   fifty   men   at  Telephone oeymour~7808.  '   Address:   583 HomerJ-Richards-L.ane  Rear of 4S1 Dunsmuir Street.  C. H. NELSON.. .MANAGING EDITOR  Sabacrlstioa States  One month  i.......™.: fl.M  81*  months    .2hr<.T..C...". $S.M  ' Payable strictly InTadvaaoe.  «-Y  ,,.   .v. WANTED. '.'»/..  Experienced building material salesman wanted, or man who.understanda  specialties. Splendid proposition for I yardvon Monday, August lfc The War  smart salesman^ Apply, B. C. Record, ChJef is the f0urth vessel" to be sent  683   Homer-Richards   Lane (Rear 431  down the Coughlan ways.'   '  of New York, vice-president and  general manager of the Foundation  Company, arrives in this city he will  J1UCTJ       UU11U1CU       <U1U       "4.I.J        1UCU       U.V I ( «         present engaged M the Western Can- have de*ails of the contract with the  -    - - French Government   for   the   twenty  ada Shipyards will be laid off on Au  gust 24 following the launching of the  War, Tanoo, unless further orders for  ships are forthcoming from the East. awarded to this company, which will  be  built in  this city.    *"•   ■—-   *-- —  vessels  of the steam auxiliary type,  which    the   French    Government haS  The .big steel steamer War Chief,  8,800 deadweight tons capacity, will  be launched from the Coughlan ship  Dunsmuir St.).  X'    PLUMBING  PERMITS * J, -. ��� -.*.- ..— ,—. —„  '*l»'l'»'I'»l*il'»4">"li»>l'»'r»'l'»-I-«"l'»t|let by the government under its new  _, y r 4 '   ._-*j   * i *  si"   ' * mi '   *"*    * a   a *     *    *  \L OTTAWA—Contracts' for,,seven „ additional   steel  ships  have  Just   been  It has been  known for several days ..that the  French Government has , exercised  their option on ships to be built here  as well as twenty more that will be  built at the Tacoma yards,* and the  presumption is that Mr. Doty is prepared to take final steps. This will  keep the yards of ,this company busy  for a year. ■ -1-  r  can be used in a  hundred ways In  INDUSTRIAL and CONSTRUCTION  work of all hinds  Consult our New Business Manager  about adapting gas to your needs  VANCOUVER GAS COMPANY  CarraMandHaeMnsSte.  'Phone Seymour Sooo  "He told her that he would gladlj  die for her."  "The same old bluff."  "Did "It catch herr ,     -  "No.   She toid him she would gladlj  let him."  "' Last name appearing In,eacb seraait  given is contractor. /t .  ,15802, to ,15804  British Columbia Yards  Follewlncia a list of the Shipbuilding  Steal SalpbnUdlaf'riiats.  .»r  shipbuilding   policy. _, They, will   be  constructed at'the following yards: """  Two   of   5000   tons  at   the- 'Davie'  riiSs^Mr: Read-. 1W6 '6th iWlV Fair-j Shipbuilding and Repair yards, Levis,  v*lew>lumbiiig CoT^Y *."   J  "    4" -    «u«-" > <>*""   \    iou.tusZr&iZSXZXZ&rZ*"-  u   -1   v      -><,:     •   '   '-, -     ~   J     Two  nf   41Kn ,♦«„«   hv   tha   Rpitich   COuslilan. Shipbuilding- Co., Vancouver.  | 212i^:'Nelson/2860>aridora>St: ":LT-™       ' Iki 1 «!,i       ^<Bri^sh   VW$^'1&&a2&£u^"™-'  • *" .-ii*.^;..^,   '•       «.-';... '«;« *lZ.   v    American   & Shipbuilding >>~L.Company, l'_i ' * w*£* ■Upbaiidlscp<*ie»*e.  v 2130—H.*>* Nomura,  3156 22nd East;   ^ i,    ArV».y"'s       '     I* *'J Cameron Oe»oa~klll. Shipbuilders Ltd..  ■or   a    n^«n   ' •     "-'      - ' Welland. ..u.       '   "   ' *'   ?yietorle,"•'*i»* -V"    v  W' A' Br°wn- ^ A      ^     -^    Two of'gJOO, tons by Porth Artliur I ■%S3£V?P °'W^ of B" ?\iLtd' Vle'  "Shipbuilding Company/ Port'' Arthur.  Lyali; Shlpsuildlns Co:. North .Vancou-  One Every Minute.  The latest thing in anti-thief locks  for automobilesf is a device that locks  the steering ^gear in„a cramped"4posi-  fvinwui(.ia n IWI Of.   tne BnipDUiming,       7 " \°*—*    ■"*..«•   «»iMiijJOu <|Jl»I-  «^.r«oYedB^^ s<; ^at if the car is operated, it I  recently organized:        J     ,   s- can only turn in a circle.   It was Drob-  TENDERS-VVANTED.  .;  ■'*  vtj-">t   -  ^  4ftS9 '  For Tranquille  Sana-  ' T torlum, Tranquille, B. C.?;.;   J,  "'     ^Sealed.Tenders will be received by  - » the undersigne"d* until 12' o'clock noont  ,  >* Augustv22nd,, for* the constructionr-of  r Infirmary; and   Service  Buildings  atJ  4 All based:onsthe,sup-  plying, execution, erection and'com>  J p)etion;, together; with1 the5 furnishing  "rot" all;"material,,.tools,   'appliances.  , labor, .etc,^: necessary, and described  ' ■> , . by the plans and specifications.   .»'\r.  \: /^|/TheJworkVpf*;thitf contract shall ;be  v ' >, proceeded iwith^immediately -upon" the  1   signing of ^the. contract, - and as may,  . "be^directed;and in such.a manner'as'  One br37t50 stop's by the^ .Colling  woodishipbufldlng ^Company, Colling-  wooa., .',lV , _ , -'.*>„  ^PORTLAND.—When?John W. Doty,  -Poplar lalaadY '■*'- . -, i,3 •» "^Vs ,*> f-     , ^ \  Paclfle1 Conetructlon Co.f Ltd.;^ Port Co-  Standard   Shipbuilding-   Col, 'Vancouver.'  Wallace 'Shipyards Ltd.;.*Vancouver.  ably the design of the inventor that  after several rapid' .revolutions^ the  thief would*" become sofdizzy he would  fall from the car and,be readily cap-  tHre-d-.°r e^e that he would, become  (y?£???ted u^ohjdlBcoverln'g that" he re-  tHlS?dJto V** »t«rtlnt:ipointf"each time  and would abandonihe machine where  "he^ first entered it^' No^gTeat demand  U8E  ELASTIGU  The Touch, Elastic, Adhesive Cement  ", (Ready for use.)  FOR YOUR  LEAKY ROOF  Send for Free Booklet  MANUrACTUKCD   SY  THE BARRETT COMPANY, Ltd.  Cor Tenth Avenue and Arbutus Street VANCOUVER   B  ' ,     .    -    **   Phone Bay. 772 '    '  Western "6ai^niirfiKs«2^T V^|^ TutoWnt *? ^f .^PP'ted' as  .ceuver.c     -r"- -   -r*-      "--c-s^        -   'yet.—Automobile ,Journal.- >  *•-   r    ^ »(•-  o  .vlorma4lon|-^quired|scan^be^^^  ., ^at".the^otoc1|k^^  - * ^culosis^ Societyr-i^7,10^Birks j Building,  ."" _.' Vancouver, arid^alsov at ,the office J'6t  "s the Architectural^.Department, Public  Works ^Departments Victoria,   B.   C,  " the   Sheriff's   J*)ffice>;\ $C6urt   House,  Kamloops; B.J C, and the Provincial  Government < Agent's""* Office; , Court  i J "i "si"1  •   House, New -Westminster, |B.' C.  Each/ tender,amust be accompanied  "by an accepted cheque on a chartered  bank, payable - to£ tlie order of the  B. C. Anti-Tuberculosis Society, for  a , sum not less "than five per . cent.  (5&)"'-6f< the /amount" of the tender,  which will be forfeited if the parties  . tendering decline'W enter into a contract iwhdn-calledTupon .to-do Vo. *>.II  the tender is^not accepted, the cheque  will   be  returned.'f It/the  tender  is  i ■** ■*  accepted, an additional cheque for a  sum equivalent to five per cent. (554)  of-the amount of the tender must be  deposited, "before -the contract is  signed. The total security will be  forfeited if the contractor fails* to  complete the work'-contracted ,for.  Certificates of' payment shall be is-  sued'monthly as the work progresses  and shall not exceed in the aggregate ninety per cent. (GO'S) of the  value of the labor and material fur-  nished^and.set out in the work.  The lowest or any tender not neces-  saxily accepted.  "envelopes containing tenders to be  marked   "Tender   for   Extensions > to i  - Tranquille Sanatorium," and addressed to the undersigned.  IB. MAHON,  Chairman,   B.  C.  Anti-Tuberculosis  Society.  710 Birks Building,  Vancouver,* B. C.  ELECTRIC MOTORS FOR RENT  Ws speclallza In prompt servtca Isr Csntractors'  tssiporary power installatleM      ..  SERVICE   24   HOURS   A   DAY  PkHi   Stnmi.5000   ttd >«'•». ra-risNtitivi   caff  i-^m.  YOUR CARTAGE PROBLEMS CAN BE SOLVED  w#«^'*:  CARTAGE  PROPOSED   NEiyj WORK  Oharaotw   Armory  ,   Harbor Works     Bank & office bldg.-  Hotel. C. N. By.   .■attaated  Cast   $350,000  __..Not given  VANCOUVER  -ViOwaei  ^Government  .-    o'f  Xioeatloa  Grandvlow    t __  Kitsilano  Reserve  — JGovornnient  Hastings & Granville .Royal Bank  False Creek Fill  C. N. rRy. Co.   —  ; -»-jj——■■-  Most   modern and complete  equipment for  handling WACHINERY and HEAVY MATERIALS  r :  'Ml   *  architect  -Plana Siaady  Perry & Fowler •  Sovernnient  T   "oTT;""".";^  No archt. commlssloned'yetZ...™!^..!"?  I yi"".""."™:xz:;:z':;zr'  Large warehouses for storage  Cheap Rates  UNION  STATION  '/Phone Seymour'405  MAIN STREET  t-  ZM7BOTE1CEHTS U8TES XUMEBZATZlXiT BELOW ABE FBOPOSSB  Bill HAVE  BBBV PARnnm,.  RIm       ' I2SD.ODD I Rn»   !in^   CTo^.. ' "     T-. '    r* t'(n ^ «•«!   rvewQnD!  Post Office ...L.  Post Office    Concrete Garage   $260,000  ...$35,000  Oore and Keefer. Dom. ^ Govt  South Vancouver  Dom. Govt  Fifth & Fir Sts Ford Motor Co.  Dom. Govt.  Dom. Govt.  Owners     Delayed   Delayed  -- Delayed  CONTRACTS LET OR WORK STARTED  CAeuract*)i  i • • • •Oo0t  R. P. Wilson, D.L.S..A.M.E.I.C.  Civil Engineer  Surveys, Reports, Estimates  All Classes of Drafting  35 Fla4 Block   Phone, Sey. 8715  1  r  .■..!'.-.  MM.»^M<MM  ^   -  " "  PAINTAGES  ; Three Shows Daily  3.30'-7.00-9.00  PRICES 20c-30c  ADAM JACK  Brick Builder and Contractor  Kilns, Furnaces, and Boilers a Specialty  ESTIMATES  OIVEN . . DISTANCE   NO OBSTACLE  Telephone Hlarhland 72S  VANCOUVER, B. C.  2021 Wall St.  f+*********^^ ♦^^#**^#*#4^M^**^^  , MORRISON & CO., UMITED  PILING 7£ POLES  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length - any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO.  "y '"eonwatad lOOO  '•'"■""  1021-1024 Rogers Buildlnr • 1^  * >«ymeur 39SS-3999  ♦ 1 * I i HI ■ »t*  «^4^e>i^»»fc#.t.o I o, , ,,, q.,.4  ±  Public Works Contractors  Officers 13-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  "OCEAN FALLS"  KRAFT  NOTICE  Kraft Wrapping Paper Is now being manufactured, in British Columbia.' The paper is  tLTe'ient'   U",f°rm qUa,lt* a"d  of «re.t  tensile strength.  Samples and prices gladly given.  Sales Agents  SMITH, DAVIDSON & WRIGHT, LIMITED  Vancouver and Victoria, B. 0. !H'/A"  ■,y-.-,,M^sm^^mmmmmffmmm  '%'    "•-^M/t"/  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  AUTOMOBILE DIRECTORY  Buvlns Information for Automobile  Ownara and Proapectlva Buyer*  FORD CARS  GRAY & DAVIS STARTERS  FOR FORDS  Sullivan-Taylor Motor Co.  250 Kingiway Fair. 2730  i-"112wm';    -'"'liiMr^^    W'rn^^  MICHELIN TIRES & ACCESSORIES  Co to HILL, LTD.  Everything for the Motorist  Phone Seymour 6411 Quick Service  SEYMOUR TIRE & RUBBER CO. LTD.  Dominion, Nobbv's and Goodyear Truck  Tires    -  ) t  Motor Accessories  851  Pender Si. W Sey. 3053  SAXON  SALES  COMPANY'  Distributors for  SAXON AUTOMOBILES  1272 Granville St. Sey.3391  A  AUTOMOBILE RECORDS  FROM   JULY 25th   TO   AUG.  7,  1918  Following  Is a Comp'et'e List of New  Automobile Licenses* Recorded for."  Vancouver and District:  No. Name Address Cai  15035—R.   L... Coldwell,   1155  Beach  .Ave.  / —Dodge.  15636—W. G. Mclntyre, 201S Charles St,  '    —Maxwell.  15637—A.  Hamilton,   1367   7th   VV.—Kord.  Iu63i>—A. N. Tulk, 137 Water— Willys-O.  15639—Mabel Iloulgate, 1721 Van Ness-  Ford.  15640—H. Cates, 432 Sth  E.—Ford.  15041—National Biscuit Co.—Ford.  15642—Johnston    Storage    Co. — Little  Giant.  15843[—JR.  G. McPherson, 57th  W—Chevrolet.  15C4I   -C.   Stewart.  810  Richards—Ford.  1564 5—W. W. Hamilton,  1027--.Pen-.ler \V.  —Wlllys-O.  15646—1.   Murphy,   837   19th—Ford.  15G4 7—Fleck  Bros.,   54   Cordova  —Ford  15648     ~   -    "   •    —  .lf-649-  DAVIE VULCANIZING CO.  Auto and Tire Repairs  Vulcanizing     „ j,  I2S4 Granville S».  '       /    *J*    Sey.   1184  -C. E. Avis, '.Eburne—Ford.  -Turner,  Beaton Co.,   702  Mercantile Blflg.—Ford.  15650—G.' P. jjarling,  Cjo Lyalls,  Noith  ' Vancouver—Ford.  15701—D.   Bailey—Federal.   •  15702—Lee  Yuen Co..  260 Pender" St. E.  —Briscoe.  15703—W.   G.  Ruocco,   1281  Burnaoy  St.  —Chevrolet.  LITTLE GIANT MOTOR TRUCKS  .].     " .'Vffl that the Name Implies"'; '"*"*  ! - , „ H,LUUE -Wv PEA»SONnMgTo ;'«,  Granville at - Pacific- _..r...... Sey. ,331'  CONSOLIDATED MOTOR CO., LTD.  '-      Packard—' Nash — Maxwell*4, t'  .. Trucks and Passcncw^ari   ,"' ~  1230 Georgia Si i„.L...V.Seyiour 4030  BLACK BribS.. LIMITED';  'Automobile Supplier—Car Bodies  ,iTTop» •n^ Sea* Covered"' *.  1111-15 Homer St.  ...Sey. 668-69  15704—Wm. McKeown', 110S-Rose'St.—  Chevrolet. '  15705—J."Reed, 721 Main  St.—Ford. '  15706—D. Jackson, 2027 Trafalgar. St.—  Willys-O. '     -  15707—Johnston .Storage Co.—Federal.  15708—C. Konichl —Ford.'  15709—B.iC. E. Railway—Ford. /   -   '   '  157X0—Faulting,   433   Columbia—Bris-  15711—B^Lettsy" 3044~Gra*nVfffe-^Ford"r  '  15712—Barrett Co ,~ 3026  3rdv W'-—Ford.  15713—E.   J.   Foster,   3708   Dundas "St.—  j    ' —i ^McLaughlin, i-,    ".-I ,•.    ^   '."  15714—A.   Pomfret,  804 Hastings E.-r-f,  Hupp. • / -     '»'!J y  ir.73 5—        , "        «    'rf .'  15716—Auto   Livery,    1249   Granville   —  -   •"'      Ford.-     '  '    '      - '  ' . '<&  157177-Chew   Lumber Co.,  901 *6th„ W.—•  15718—R.   Ballam,   Chilliwack—Republic  15719—Kathrvn Hall,. 101 Hastings E.—  Chalmers.-       "      ' t.^tK  15720-^-Joe' Mogfir 322  18th.   North* Van-  v * couver—Ford. -  '   " •  15721—F.'A. Taylor,  1652 7th  W.-^-l'ord.  15722—W.vW.   McNeeley.   1985—13tn   W.  €— McLaughlin/ _   ~>a  *.     '  15723—M.^Gesner, Homer St.—Gray: Dort  15724—F.  C.  Bird.  1062  Georgia  St.—  '   '/Chevrolet.   - »   ,T  15725—W   B.  Whelpton,  871  Granville-^-  Chevrolet.  15726—Thomas Sa.nder.son, Hastings Saw  Mill—Chevrolet.  15727—Mrs.  C.   Arnold,   1994   Ogden  Ave.  —Chevrolet.  15728—Geo.'  Maltley,   1022   Kingsway—  Ford.  15729—G. J. Johanson, North Vancouver  —Chevrolet.        '  15730—General   Hospital—Chevrolet  3 5731—T.   Parsons,   440   Marine   Drives—  Ford. ^  15732—T. Saba, 652 Granville—Ford.  15733—V.  Ghomley, N.   Vancr.—Ford.    ,  15734—W.  A.  Briggs,   25th &  Carnarvon  —Chevrolet.  15735—W.'Shelly, 1830  18th W.—Fora.  15736—J.   Morgan,   1195   Burrard—Ford.'  15737—B.   Hyndman,   1118, Barclay—  Russell.  15738—E.   B.   Ladner,   2326   2nd   W.  — "'  Willys-O.  3 5739—J. Payne,  511 Winch  Bldg.—Kord  15740—R   C.  Stoddart,  2065 Triumph St,  Willys-O.  1.C741—R. J. ',nnstian. 220 Ontario Si  Ford  15742—Singh   Co.,   547   Main—Little  G  15743—Nellie  Brown,  8 40  Butte'St.  Maxwell.  15744—A.  Murray,  39  6th, New West   Chevrolet.  15745—'J. Charlton, 2110 6th E—Ford.-  15716—W. McNair, 1260 Granville—rwr*  ir,74 7—C. Saint. 7911-Argyle St.— Ford.\  1!>?JS—E. Mudge,' 3115 Quebec—l-'ord'. '  1T749—T. Gtant-,r Rosedale—Saxon." * _  15750—W. A. Burgess, 366 6th E.—Ford  15751—A.   B   Palmer,   1005   Broughton—■  McLaughlin. ' "  l"'7t2—C.   Chambci 'ain,   New, We3t.—•">  -    Saxon. ,  j."."3;»--0\ isailey, 6."2 Seymo'iJr St.""3r«l*  157r.4—L.  J.  Boond.   1643  Nelson  St.^—   ""  '■■oi u.  St. —Sa  "      f 15800—C.  II.  1.— Arc:  /  15801—A.  Ai  fnt. Tue  -i   McNair, Rosedale—McLaifglilin*  -IV. Henry, Chilliwack—AfcLau^h  jP75Ji-  157r,6-  ,;.,;—vv.  J.  btotteday,  S04"irasUng"  .      Hudson. . ,      ■    '    -'-*  1575S- Mrs    Henips«»ed', -1504   I4ta   \V.-~  <     .   Ford.    .      '   -   ., ''/-.. , '   '-  15759—D.  McMillan, 1272   Granville—  , Saxon.      --,.*■ "     cs  15762—W. A. Oakes. Hmpress Hotel—-  ,     Ford.'      - ' '     ' '  15763—E.  Moody.   2043  Quebec j St.   „>. ,w  Chevrolet.   .  15704—C.  Lundegren; 737  16th W.—Foird".  15765—Hall & Wallace, 575 Beatty 'St.—'  - Federal.        .-,•-.  15766—A. P. Slade. .Water St.—Willy-O,  15767—J.  B.  Rutledge,  Cariboo—Mc-     , "  Laughlin. < ■> .'  15768—Leek & Co., 1090.Homer St.—-Ford  15769—G.  Wylie, .1986 Kitchener—Ford.  15770—A,  G. Bagley & Sons, 1123 Rich-,  ards—Ford. .<     V -  15771—Mrs.   F.   Greatrex,   722, Hamilton  '-  i—Gray-Dort.     > ,• 1  15772—F. Topham. 53 6th E.—Studeb'k*»r  15773—Mrs.  Healey,  665  Hamilton St.—  Ford.  15774—K. Finlayson, Granville and 6th—  Foi d. «  15775—Dr. Bell, 3616 Albert St.—Ford.  15776—T.  Lambardo,  315  Union  St.—   •  Studebaker.  15777—E.   Brisay,   1101   Nicola   St.—  Studebaker.  15778—L. Hildebrant, 3468 Pandora St.—  Chevrolet. ,  15779—V.   .Semrnens,   860   Granville  St.—  Cheviolet.  157S0—C. Hem eon, 1855 Pendrell —Ford.  15781—S.  Davis.  3955 Dundas  St—Ford.  10782—Mrs. Newman. 636  Main St.—  Chevrolet.  15783—D.  P.   McLennan, .1233   Georgia—  -        Studebaker.  15784—F. Dodd, 1462 Broadway E —Ford  A5785—D.  Wilson, Eburne—Chevrolet.  157SC—.J. Yi. Robinson,- 2403 Stephens St.  —Chevrolet.  15788—J.  G.   Musgrave,   481   llth  E.—  Hupp.  15789—Wm. Crowe, 2056 15th W.—McLaughlin.  15790—Alberta AVoodyard, 6th & Willow  St.—Little  Giant.  15791—L. McWilllams,  1316  10th W.—  Willys-O.  15792—Brown, Fraser & Co., 1150 Homer  St.—Ford.    -  15793—Annie Neale, North  Vancr—Ford  15794—B. Hartup, 2176 12th W. —Mitchell.  15795—Tl.  Floyd,  935  22nd W.—Ford.  15796—Xt. Street, 3086 38th AV.—Ford.  15797—C.  Roberts,  2829  Woodland  Dr.—  Ford.  15798—H. Shore, 627 22nd W.—McLaugh.  15799—H.  N.  Galer,  198 Hastings  St.  Saxon.  Harris, North Vancouver.—  McLaughlin.  Arnold. 839 Hastings W.—  Tudhope. I  15802—B.  C.  Electric—Ford.  15803—A.   Edwards,   2788   Albert   St.—  Ford.  15804—B.  Jones, Eburne—Gray-Dort.  15805—T. Shaw,—Briscoe1     '  15806—L.  Kee.   Pender W.—McLaughlin.  15807—rII.   McTntjre,   1950   Quebec   St.—  - -      Ford. • 3  15808—J. N. Copp. v  '15809—R. Elliott, N.- Vancouver—Ford.  15810—W.-Stewart^ 4485 Buller St.—McLaughlin. .,.  15811—B.  Keeley. 1774.5th W.—Ford.  15812—H. Anderson.,.1731 Haro—Chevro.  15813—K.  ChUba; 206 ,Main, St.—Mc-  Lau,ghlin.'.,o .,   .  15814—W.  Foulis; <65^Broadway W.—  V       '   *■ Ford.." ^ /:=   .„ *   „   -  15815—Martin,   Finlayson C&  Mather,  Hastings St.—Ford.   -"  15816—P. Bennett, 549 Jackson Ave.—  --« _    ,. F°rd. v j^,' '->'    '-,'■.  1oS17—Center Wood Yard,.766 -7th W.—  Little, Giant,   -t    .      - »'^  15818—Vernon   Feed -Co..   255   Broadway  . E.—Little Giant. <v-  1?<?11—j.„MiI1en,  Central Park—Ford.  15820—P.. Bayliss,  1116 "Arbutus St.—  Ford.    ,   .  rsS'l—B. C. E. Railway —Ford. ':  15822^—B. C. E,'Railway—Ford.      :>   t  15823—     ' - ...... ~  '15824^—T. Roberts.. 30 Pender-W.-^-Stlide-  u*       .        baker.  1582."—Campbell  Moving Co., r857  Beattv  St.—Republic.        -, .     ,     „   .    "  15826—Anne  Lamnman,  1305   Burnaby   •  St.—Studebaker.        '  >.     4  a5S27T-Vancouver Brokerage,*'Burna'by—  f Ford. *     '      -        * '-      >  1582S—W-i. More, 556 Granville St.—  Dodge  DAVIE VULCANIZING COMPANY  „t> „«o,«T!iS p,ace For Auto and Tire Repairs  MR. MOTORIST: - w s  On or about September 2nd, 1918, we will be located in our New  Fireproof Building, 636 Davie  Street, Between  Granville and Seymour  Street.  When you require Tire Repairs, Tube RepairB, Auto Repairs, Auto  Accessories, New Tires—in fact when you need Anything for your Auto  —call in or phone us, and receive our Up-to-date, Prompt and Careful  Attention.  i^ct uianville:.St. Seymour 1184 j Vancouver, B. C.  P  "MBW!|A™=«™  ' - '40 per cent, longer life  *.   18  months' Guarantee  -. PRICE    NO    HIGHER  r  c Call and see us when passing  JAR VIS  ELECTRIC CO.  570* michards St.  Distributors for B. O.  SejBMrar 175  Carbon-free After Months of Service  .vV'V  %*yf K   &  4^*j7>,v-;,Vv'   fM^jjgB-.  '* -1  Put Goliath'Spark"Plugis in yoor motor'  -;   " iv '  and, forget carbon-fouling, and .short-circuitry .   ing.  "I"h& copper surface* on <the; heavy shellof  -Goliath plugs protects^you from rust and  **  ^   '     y I    "     .  . prevents "the accumulation*bf carbon in the  shell. - 1 ^ -^ * ''  .   The heavy; cushioned insulators, designed n ,!  /   for.  super-strength   at' points'"o^-greatest  ~~>'* -strain, arejmade of Cornish' Kaolin mixtures,"*"r  fused at a temperature of 2600°  •%-    .- Aak" forkhVipecial model   ,V •>% ;* " •>/  ;made for^yourtcar.i* ,,,';"  I »-  /    r>  "^  ys  1 -4,Y^iiW^  Canadian General Electric Co.  & - ^Limited ^^4^*t'i'^K*^i^«^te.^u  ff  .     ^4/ AUTOMOBILE AND MOTOR BOAT SUPpClES    v  0 ',-    ~ ... -. ^-.   v, -^ ^»F  Seymour 5710 **.  ■=cv  ■J   «»^    j!  .' <■"&%>  J A'j  ' ' ' %'SI  ^3?3  1, -^. .*.-     ^    i^i....- i>. -»1Q65 ■ Pender; St. W.  i»J*"* •'-r      *-    -H   -\  "v>",  ^-f-t J_  I _ _,   „   - ,  f.-lw - <?«  The  A Convi  For  A Federal. capacity for  every baslnase requirement.  Vancouver, B.  C,  July   12th,   1918.  H. J.  TUCKER, Esq..  British Columbia Distributor.  Federal Trucks.  VANCOUVER,  B. C.  Dear Sir:—  In reply to your inquiry I take pleasure in testifying to the  dependability and hauling power ot my sturdy 1-ton Federal, which  has been on strenuous duty for six years. My truck Was used for  hauling 3-ton loads of coal for three years steady, and for hauling-  2-ton loads of gravel for two years steady.  During the year 1916, I drove.' my Federal from Portland to  Detrolct, and from Detroit back to Vancouver, covering the cross continent trip twice without serious trouble. Throughout the journey I  climbed grades ranging up to 87% per cent., and carried a light load  both ways. No other truck; as far as I know, has ever made this trip.  ' During' the past six months my truck has been hauling 2-ton  loads of wood, and Is performing good service at present.  Yours   very   truly.  (Signed)  JOHN F. BOUSKILL.  AUTO  TOPS, DELIVERY BODIES  TOPPER & STEELE, LTD. "  COMMERCIAL AUTO SPECIALISTS  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  FUNERAL CARS AND AMBULANCES  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  ONE, ONE-AND-A-ftALF AND TWO-TON  TRUCK ATTACHMENTS  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  PAINTING AND VARNISHING  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  SEAT COVERS AND TRIMMINGS      "'  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  TWO AND FOUR-WHEEL TRAILERS  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  TRACTORS  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  WAGON HEARSES CONVERTED  TUPPER & STEELEf LTD?  WELDING, MACHINING, WHEEL AND ENGINE  WORK  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.   4  >^  \?  . r..V-(-  i -IK ';  The FEDERAL Leads  The FEDERAL Succeeds  WRITE OR CALL FOR INFORMATION  FEDERAL SERVICE STATION  (Established 8 Years)  833 Pender St. W., Vancouver, B. C.  Distributors for FEDERAL MOTOR TRUCK CO., Detroit  H. J. TUCKER  i  «wm r*  TUPPER & STEELE, Ltd.  VANCOUVER, B.C. ,.  Phones Bay. 138 and 139. i667-9 Third Ave., W.  KEEP POSTED -READ THE RECORD. BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  "BAGLEY MAKES GOOD RUBBER STAMPS"  _. .   BAGLEY & SONS Ltd  PRINTERS^JEI^GjRAVgRS    and   MANUFACTURERS  "BAGLEY DOES GOOD PRINTING"  1 •—• ■**■*»*.■*■r* -np»™»»f» ■»! ^*^J  *T'-*  "l**   »*  jtyw  ,-** * '••       ** *""■  T* * *»■ **■      ■'  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATHHr  ■»*»"*** »nw>*^«»,« 2"JI***,-  International  Automatic  Sprinkler c  Equipment  4 *?_**' w~*     — c *   w * v  T1*" "*  V  Nine Seimir 6180 ,  1069 Hamer St  "    YikmwB. C.  (Continued from pagfe-Z)  /*\  Fraser River;  PILE DRIVING CO.  u'mitcd  *  "*  ..<*<'  WHARF BUILDING;  .„    BRIDGES, ,L.w  PILE FOUNDATIONS,  '. t.-.EXC*  f,ll5rt'J-cit<5r  centrating. plant, capacity 2,000 tons  daily, and some of the timber that  will enter into its construction has  heen prepared.  ^ The main office of,the company Is  at Greenwood, where its smelter Js  situated, but will be removed soon to  the new1(headauarters near Princeiou.  '"     . ,     j     ■'   ■ :—=■—;- 7—1 .<        *      ;  ; , , ..'.MISSION-NOTES ' >' ■*  ,r The question of a good road be-  Ween Mission City-and'the.coast,or  to Coquitlam as it • pei-tains to the  Maple tfldge-Municipality came before the council there at last meeting, and the road foreman was apparently severely criticized for what  he' has done and what he has not  done. The trouble lies in the fact  that there are two roads between  the red bridge over the Stave and  the Dewdnej Trunk road beyond"  Maple Ridge municipality. The matter will .never be settled until'one  road has been decided upon and the  government money spent on that  road with a view to making it a perj  manent one. .- *   v r  '      NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.,..!:  f ^FRASER   AVENUE'tPAVING.}''*  The .Commissioner for South Van-  ,couver is desirous'tbf^ receiving tenders for the laying.of a 2-inch carpet  of  asphaltic \concrete,  hereinafter " described chattels, " th'a'  mortgagees^ have instructed me to call  for tenders for the purchase of the  saw mills of Bulman Lumber Company, Limited, situate at Cushion  Cove, Salt Spring Island, and at Montreal Street, Victoria, B. C.  The mill fat Salt Spring Island has  a capacity of about 25 to 30 thousand  feet a day and is on salt water with  good booming ground. Has electric  lighting plant, 50 lights, planers,  edgers, etc., lalso, about sixty thousand feet lumber, medium sized scow  and small motor launch.  Mill at Victoria is small planing'  mill with equipment, doors, sashes and  large lumber scow.  Tenders will be received for the  whole or any part of the said property up to August 19th, 1918, and  must be accompanied by marked  cheque for 5 per cent, of .tender. The  highest or any tender not necessarily  accepted.   , - ^ * '2  Full particulars may be had from  undersigned. ,  C. G. WHITE,  303 Central Bldg., Victoria, B. C., '  Bailiff for Mortgagees!,  SEALS     STENCILS,   RUBBER   AND   METAL  STAMPS,   METAL   CHECKS,  TIME   CHECKS,  KEV   TAGS,   BRASS   SIGNS,   NUMBERING    MACHINES.   BADGES   OF  ALL  KINDS,   ETC.  ALL WORK GUARANTEED BEST QUALITY, PROMPT DELIVERY AND FAIR PRICES  PHONE SEY. 316 Moved *° 516 PENDER ST., W.  mi  Owners of Tug "CLIVC"  ■v J-*,  Q—rml Towing  324 fait SI  Mm Wtstitottr  <s™ -*:" '  .Q.s i y   ~.  -?£ y \*k '-  av-ci"   ^ -  51.!',.,.       ,  J" <?** t   > *  ,1$*+*** i  1       ^  '0-py'Sr'. * '  DIXOH & MURRAY  • i  ^si«iEnn«K  -■•>, t<  WU1T1NG, PAPER BANG-  IALS0WWW  coat of asphalti&^cohcrete, 12 feet  ,wjde - from Fifty-ninth, ^avenue to  River Road  and ifrom ^Thirty-fourth'  *      fat       1 "      t y  Avenue £0 Fortyrthird-a"venue>on the"  west side of Fraserjayenue.-^^' '«»'■*  Specification g«1id^proflle< may .Jbe  seen at the offic"e%lvtfieiMunicipal En-,  gineer at the Mimlcipa^Hall^ South'  -Vancouver, 6n|faVd^afte'r^theS lf6tn  da?: fitjM^^i^s^^r^   ^ .  *■ 1. Intended ' contraJcCbrjB^ ^majr ^submit,  alternative ' tender^ for. ^ MtuWinous;  paving upon their^ownj specification^  dopy of which shaliibeiattachedtlto.  their tenders. .   JU^S»1^^ ^.  Sealed tenders*to*,be,;in" the hands,  of the Commissioner on or -before 12;  noon on the 24th day of August', 1918'.  -The * Commissioner does not' t>ind'  fhimself^tolaccept^the^lowest or any^  ltfender/^    -*'V'   y*i*i-"«*-..  Plans and "form's of contract can be  s^een'ana''sp*(BcifIcation' and'"forms,s"rif  tenders obtained at the offices of the  District Engineers at -Victoria and  New Westminster, B. C.  Tenders will not be considered unless made on forms supplied by the  Department, and in accordance with  conditions contained .therein.  Each tender must be accompanied  by an accepted cheque on a chartered  bank payable , to the order of ■ the  Minister of Public Works, equal to ten  per cent, of the amount of the tender.  NOTE.—Blue prints can be obtained  at this office by depositing an accepted  bank cheque for the sum- of $10.00,  payable to the order of the Minister  of Public- Works, which will be- returned if the intending bidder submit  a regular bid.  By order,  A. F. MITCHELL,  Acting District Engineer.  Department' of Public .Works, Canada,  Victoria, B. C. »,    .  NOTICE   TO, CONTRACTORS  Sealed tenders addressed * to the  undersigned, and ^endorsed "Tender  for Construction of Float, Hardy Bay,  C," will be received at 'this office  Department and  in  accordance  with  Voridit'idhs" contained therein.   "  ' '  Each tender must be accompanied  by an accepted cheque on a chartered  bank payable to the order of;the  Minister of Public Works, equal to ten  per* cent, of the amount of the- tender.  ' NOTE.—Blue prints can be obtained  at this office by depositing an accepted  bank, cheque • for the sum of $10.00,  payable to 4he order of the Minister  of > Public Works, which will be returned if the intending bidder submit  a regular bid.  By order,  A: P. MITCHELL,  Acting District Engineer.  Department of Public Works, Canada,  , Victoria, B. C,  tstaewot-tftrilrf  .     NOTICE^ TO   CONTRACTORS.  -      < SIDNEY SCHOOL.  .Sealed tenders superscribed "Tender for Sidney School" • will be received by the Honorable the Minister  of Public Works up to12'o'clock noon  of Thursday, the 22nd day of August,  1918, for the erection and' completion' 'of a' two-room school and "outbuildings ' at Sidney, in the Islands'  Electoral  District.  'Plans, specifications and conditions  Sey. 8185-r^8766  1065 Dunsmuir St  By "order, of the, Commissioner.  *A? <*.<--•* -    'j,   j  WHITTAKER,  " '        ;" "  Municipal .Engineer.  -^<r  ^fTftTF^J^*^^  *w&e  E. A. BAILEY  Plumbing  .'   and ~--r-  t       *  Steamfitting  .,- . f j  1033 enawMI* St.  Vancaawa*. B. C.  Say. 136  ftaa. Bay. 77  , NOTICE TO,CONTRACTORS      ^  .    ,   CAN FORD,'.SCHOOL.   .   ,   , *  Sealed .tenders-superscribed^"Tender for .Canford. S.chool'lr.will- b'e, received 'liy-, the Honorable^ the Minister  of Public Works up'to'12 o'clock noon  of {Tuesday,-the 27th. day ^of August,  1918, for^ the .erection and _ completion of a. small one-room-school and  outbuildings at .Canford,. in the Yale  Electoral" District/ B. C. ;„! ^  Plans,'* specifications'and conditions  of. contract' can«'now-<be seen^at' the  office of the Government Agent, Courthouse, Vancouver^ "_ , „„ _* ., ,  ' Lowest "or" any " tender" hot'necessarily accepted.« *- -" ^'- -f;.4r-  '* $. ' A. E. FOREMAN^>|fe  y.; Publfe^Works Bn^ii6eWg  Department  of Pablic'Worlii^^^  B.   ...           .  t    until 12 o'clock noon, on~24th August,jot contract can now^be seen at the  1918, for the work mentioned.'     _,     ". office  of   the' Public  Works" Depart-*  Plans and forms'of contract can be  seen  and' specification 'and' forms  of  tenders "ob'tained at the, offices of the'  District Engineers at Victoria and  New Westminster,,6:0.   - ' t'C  , Tenders will apt pe. considered unless made on forms supplied by the  INSURANCE^  IN  ALL 'ITS  BRANCHES  REAL ESTATE  CITY    ; PROPERTIES, 5,   FARMS,  FACTORY   SITES "AND   TIMBER  < r  GOVERNMENT AND MUNICIPAL  BONDS,   MORTGAGES  RENTS  COLLECTED.  BUILDINGS MANAGED.  Ceperley,   Rouneefelf'  and Company  BSTABSiniKaO .1886  739 Hastings St. W. Vancouver  Telehpon'e Seymour" 7820 ..  ment, Victoria,, B. C.  - ^Lowest- or  any ^tender "not "necessarily accepted.^      >     \> -       ' hJ, "'  " J'       >\   (   '^A-/'E. FOREMAN, ^,'■  --'«   ..*l      ,!  Public •Works-Engineer.  Public Works Department, ,' \   ,  Victoria, B. C, July 22, -1918.' -^  WRIGHT BROS:  BUILDERS AND  °    CONTRACTORS  « *■!,  n ■*  ii .  U  ROOFLNO   SPECIALISTS  We Design and Build  Sey. 3315 ,^611 Dunamuir St.  ,^  >*-  Victoria," B. C.. July, 22i  SALE OF  SAWMILL.AND...  s. «- —^•-MACHINERY.-^'-*"1'* -c"  Under the power of sale contained' 24th August, 1918, for the above .men  in  a  chattel   mortgage  covering the  tioned work.     -c'           *' \<  t  s . NOTICE TO CONTRACT^|l8.g1%  Sealed tenders* addressedf£to"*sthe  undersigned, and endorsed ^'Tender  for Repairs . to Governments Wharf,  Victoria! B. C, will be received Cat.  this office until 12 o'clock * noon.k on  TELEPHONE DATA  row x«TAi.LATibjr«  AUGUST 13, 1918.--     "*' ^     ''    ^ C5^v '0207  Cameron, Mrs. John, Confectionery, 1011 Robson....- - - »-oey. jw .  Villiers Apmts: Apmt. Houses. 873 Hastings East"..--      «i„   1104  McQueen, Frank, Rl. Estate, 341 Pender W - sey. nui  -    /   i cHAiress. ■""*"   y  ShellsheU? JSW.1Po1ul1t%man   from C'ty Market to rear City Market. .Fair. 1308 r  Bloedel, Stewart & Welch, Ltd, Lowers,,from 739 Hastings W. to  510 Hastings W — - -     '•  aSi-  ' 7t I"  *£*'*  <2~!  [L.S.]  "tJ* -  "F5^  .•X*. tfi*^ra«^*"ft+l«r^»^  ' V^Wi?  „   J  *t%s laia*  y*"  S^sfKINCOefertdrtoftKe  G. Kilgren  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  FMRM0NTM6L    9S2#«i mi  *cr.  S. J. Trlcfcer  ■E.E. Elliott  >i4j«' >!' *■ vU*  CENTRAL SHEEFcMETAt  WORKS  sheet, dpppg;  «iia laoira  ..-. y u^ t£y*   ■'':&&<»* s--^ • -- -■■-••  RESTAIWIANT 'EQUIPMENT  BRASS  ■&"•■•■  BOAT TANjKS^-    - -  GALLEY^RANaES-  STEAM TABLES  SMOKE   STACKS  PLUMBING  Fhoma Sey. 680  VAKOOtTVTB», *  ieiV4 v*nAer st.  0.  I Vancouver Gas Appli  ance Co.  AGENTS POR  McCLARYS RANGES  Industrial and Household  GaS Fittings  sf >  5'  C. Bain, Manager  767 ROBSON SEYMOUR 801j  n^?^4:;0mJla1rMtffi^■pM&c  £. L. NEWCOMBE, ^ WHEREAS cc  Deputy Min^ofjxm^oe    j aWe ]patoBti  .consider  of men  belonging '£0 Class I under, s6ur~ Military .Service Act, 1917, called out on active service in  our Canadian Expeditionary Force 'for the  defence 'Jot' CanadaVunder - Our Proclamation  of 13th October, 1917, although,they have thus  becomeby law* soldiers enlistedrin '*~ **"■'"  . Service; of Canada,  . Have report for duty as lawfully  required of them "under the said Military Service Actiiand-'the:regulations thereunder, in-.\  eluding the - Order inVCouncil duly' passed "on  ApriU-20- last;   " '-        ' -'*'  Or have deserted.  •   Or  absented   themselves   without   leave  from our Canadian Expeditionary Force,  And it is represented that the very serious  .and unfortunate situation in which these men  find themselves is due in^ many cases to" the  fact that, notwithstanding the information and  .warning, contained in Our Proclamation aforesaid, they have misunderstood their duty or  obligation, or have been misled by the- advice  of ill-disposed, disloyal or seditious persons.  AND WHEREAS we desire, if possible, to  avoid the infliction of the heavy penalties which  the law imposes for the offences of which these  soldiers have thus been guilty, and to afford  them an opportunity within a limited time to  report and make their services available in Our  Canadian Expeditionary Force as is by law  their bounden duty, and as is necessary for the  defence of Our Dominion, of Canada.  NOW KNOW YE that we in the exercise  of Our powers, and of Our good, will and  pleasure in that behalf, do hereby proclaim and  declare and cause to be published and made.,  known THAT THE PENALTIES OF THE  LAW WILL NOT , BE; IMPOSED OR  EXACTED as against '"the men who belong  to Class 1 under Our Military Service Act,  1917, and who have disobeyed Our Proclamation aforesaid ; or who have received notice  from any of Our registrars or deputy registrars  to report1 for'duty, on a day now past and have  failed so to report; or who, having reported  and obtained leave of absence,, have, failed to ;  report at the expiry of their leave, or have  become deserters from Our Expeditionary  Force, PROVIDED THEY REPORT FOR  DUTY ON OR BEFORE THE TWENTY  FOURTH DAY OF AUGUST 1918.  AND WE DO .HEREBY STRICTLY  WARN AND SOLEMNLY IMPRESS  UPON 'ALL SUCH MEN; !and as well those  who'employj harbour, conceal or assist them  in their disobedience^ that, .if they pewist in  their, failure- to report? -absence or desertion  until the expiry" of.«the. last- mentioned day,  MARTIALVWHICH; WILL BE CONVENED TO1: TRY ^SUCH CASES or other  cwmpetOTt^tribunalsrand/aiso that those who  employ,-'harbour, conceal'or assist such men  will be held strictly accountable" as offenders  and subject to the pains, penalties and forfeitures in that behalf by law'provided for their  said offence.1 '  Provided however that nothing contained  in this Our Proclamation is intended to release  the rnen aforesaid from their obligation to  report for duty as possible or to grant  them immunity from arrest or detention in the  meantime for the purpose of compelling them  to perform their military duty; Our intention  being merely to forego or remit the penalties  heretofore incurred for failure to report,  absence without leave or desertion incurred by-  those men of the description aforesaid.,who  shall be in the proper discharge of their military  duties on or before the said twenty-fourth day  of August, 1918.  Of all of which Our loving subjects and all  others whom these presents may concern are  hereby required to take notice and govern  themselves accordingly.  IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, We have caused these  Our Letters to be made Patent, and the Great Seal  of Canada to be hereunto affixed. Witness: Our  Right Trusty and Right Entirely Beloved Cousin  and Counsellor, Victor Christian William, Duke of  Devonshire, Marquess of Hartington, Earl of  Devonshire,.Earl of Burlington, Baron Cavendish  of Hardwicke, Baron Cavendish of Keighley,  Knight of Our Most Noble Order of the Garter:  One of Our Most Honourable Privy Council;  Knight Grand Cross of Our Most Distinguished  Order of Saint Michael and Saint George; Knight  Grand Cross 1 of Our' Royal Victorian Order; -.Governor General and Commander-in-Chief of Our  Dominion of Canada.  At Our Government House, in Our City: of OTTAWA,  this FIRST day of AUGUST;'in the year of Our  Lord one thousand nine hundred and eighteen, and  in the ninth year ;6f Our Reign...  By Command, ' * ' ...  ^-n+S>PtZo*4&U<L>  "■i^*V"'"  7  Under-Secretary of State.  J)  " V'W./v^.^vSv'w"1':


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