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 (>'  m'  ? -  '■>v*".»   tv  I   lev    T .     ^  I .—* I      - >+  .  COLUMBIA RECORD  RECORD* PUBLISHING' CO.,' Vancouver, Publishers  Covering British Columbia.  Vol. 13, No. 28, Wed., August 22, 1917.  WILKINSON COMPANY LIMITED  846 Beach Avenue  Vancouver, B.C.  Telephones Seymour  7913 - 7916  WIRE  We carry stock of best grades rope for logging, hoisting, etc.  Carter Electric Co.  LIMITED  WIRING CONTRACTORS  WHOLESALE and RETAIL ,  Electrical Supplies  630 Granville St.  'PHONE SEY. 1224 VANCOUVER  "BEAVER" Asphalt Roofing  of   B. C. Manufacture    and   Guaranteed  A trial will convince you of  its Genuine Quality  Roofing Paints Roofing Felt  Roofing Cement Elastic Cement for Roof Repairs  SEE US ON YOUR ROOFING PROBLEMS  Wm. N. O'NEIL Co., Limited  Telephone Seymour 4795-6 548-550 Seymour St.  BUII.-OIWa   PEB-MITS   AMOUWTOfq  «Q 9500  OK  OVE» ISSUED AT  TUB VAWCQUVE-tTciTT HALI. TESTER*AT  number Description Coiit  3710—1 storey fr. bldg....... ?2G00  8711-1 storey fr. bldg./. - --JCOO  8701—Alter  bldg '•     }Zn  8702—4 Storey warehouse $17,000  s703—Cement Foundation ............$4000  f *  .„..—...........—...-  Street  Address  X,ot  and Block  1918 Waterloo Road  J-—24  Cor.  Woodland and  Broadway   1043 Seaton St   2724   Gravely   St   ....7—1  ..6—40  Subdivision  Architect   ,.Layfield & Tardiff  540 :.  204A      „'. .'.     Owners  185      Owners   _ I.   E.   Wright  Contractor  Layfield" & Tariff  Owner      Owners  ,.-..'-   J. M.  McLuckie  ..  J. E. Wright '.   Addreee  ..466 10th Ave. E.  Owner  *  ' Address  Joe Boyer  •-•  C. E. Cooper    Sabulite Canada,Ltd .'.341 Front St.  Gait Bros.- Water St.  C. F. Tuley    ' ■ <  Building  Evans,CoIlemaini(^Evainis  LIMITED  'Phone 2988  Foot  Columbia Ave.  LARGEST AND BEST APPOINTED  STOCK   IN   BRITISH   COLUMBIA  PROMPT DELIVERY  Mundy, Rowland & Co.  ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS  AND  CONTRACTORS  Power  Installations  General Electrical Construction  'PHONE SEY1III 1145 .   .    '  Standard Bank Building,  VANCOUVEI - WINNIPEG   '  "  I  Z"f,  Lumber -*'i^efer    Panels,   Etc.  : Our Stock U the Mo«t Complete on the Pacific Coast  ,;We«re«l«OiSole   Agent*  for  the  'I Celebrated ^Beaver Brand''Maple ,  " ". and .Birch Flooring. < y  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED>..  r ,< . ■<,,,'>• > %      ' ■ Vancouver, B. C.  1320,Richards St.,  . ■£.  *£.  GENERAL WAILVIfAY & CONTRACTORS  * *    * SUPPLIES ^^.-v    _.v  ii  .*V  ',A',  *y\  Sole AgenU In Canada Tor v  .  »-PneMiTicitiG^ToalrCo;.-^,7;  *     .<^   '     *       -'      -?■"?  y^*~    Xv- "  5   ~-> y? f ''^4* y*  ^'■■  ..Drills; 'Duntley  ' *vT,£   -y v".   .^~<    -,v._ pu'ei*oil and .Gas;Englnes._,-^,j.;_ ,      -"*„>■ *"" '  .   Of Mpif y  ei  |  t,    BUILDING NEWS .        %  T And Construction Work not otherwise*  A,. ' Classified.    . .   -    f  BUILDING PERMITS.  S706—A. G. Comer, bldg "garage,  1641 Collingwood St., J. Luson,' Contr.  ?100. '        / *   "     i  '' 8707-r-J. Faneds, *bld. garage, 1142  Cardero St., Tinney & Humphries  Contr., $30r  S70S—Miss   Howie,   bid.   school,   49  5th Ave., A. C. Carter, Contr. $224.  • .8709—R. W.*"Bridgev alter office" 446  Ylastings  St., ?4o6*   ;  H S704—C. Kennedy,"- b"d. garage, 2834  Spruce St., $150.        ri     ' -*    -  t~ 8705—Fraser , Steamj  666 20the Ave. E.,  add.  Laundry', bid.  $50.       \-'. .■  •  j, BURNABY—A contract .' has been  'Awardedi S.:,Ma«iual -for iimprovejjients  to the', grounds; of Sperling aye. > and  Nelson avenue schools; v .The contract  amounts \io: $315."     '        ^-\  *"^      BUSINESS'NOTES. f  t and  other Iteme  of interest to the*  T    - business man. -^  iTANCO uyBR—Negotiations arejmi-  derf-way for"- a ' site for the -McLaw  Slteel : company on Industrial .island.  The, McLaw company, plans a. steel  rolling mill.    ' '" - ,   ' -  PRINCE < RUPERT—There is a  rumo'r -going the rounds to the 'effect  that* a military convalescent hospital  is likely to be established in-Prince  Rupert in the near future. _     • .     „  t VICTORIA—There is t every, likelihood-that work will soon be started  ori;a bathing.pavilion at CordovaJ3ay.  A site has been chosen- opposite the  lots {.which .Saanich owns and>egotia-  tions.are now under way for, its purchase.' ,     *       - - "  - ._■--..  "'^OUTll%^COUVER^BSiIdlri  In-  L'l'.M E  Diamond Brand has no equal  99.5 per cent pure  OBTAINABLE FROM ALL IELI KNOWN DEALERS IN CITY AND COUNTRY  Pacific Lime Co.9 Limited  Werka, Blubber Bay, B. C.  Pacific Bid*..Vancouver B.  London, "Bug.  Montreal  Winnipeg-  Toronto  Vancouver, B. C  ROBERT W. HUNT & CO., LTD.  ENGINEERS  i^PFr.TION-TESTS-C0N$ULTATI0N  MATERIAL,  LUMBER, ETC.  LOCOMOTIVES,  OFFICE: 1601 STANDARD   BANK BUILDING  Phone Sey. 2199  Re.idonl l».|.«clor. .t Urj. M.n»(«turin8 Center.  GILLEY BROS  DEAI.EBS  IN  Crushed Rock, Sand  and Gravel  All Kinds of Building Material  902 COLUMBIA STREET WEST  PHONE IS AND 16 NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.  SOUTH" VANCOUVER"—The", plans  for tlie Fraser avenue road,work to be  done by the government are reported  to  be'satisfactory to  the government  and   tenders  soon.  will  be   called  for   very  10US.  PRINCE RUPERT—D.  H. Morrison        . .  has been given'the contract of building to obtain supplies and the Imperial Oil  an   extensive   addition   to   the   Booth j Company regards the situation as ser-  Fishery  plant' at Sitka, "Alaska.    Mr.'  Morrison, who erected the company's  premises in Prince Rupert, will leave  for 'the north this week.  .^RICHMOND—The clerk has been  instructed to write the public works  engineer regarding the proposed wing  dam at the mouth of the North Arm  of the river, for which the council understand there has been a recent appropriation of $3000.  VICTORIA—Building permits' have  been issued to the Provincial Govern-  ment for alterations at the, Court  House, to W. P. Morice for a private  garage at 1665 Fell Street, and to  Shelly Brothers for extensions to the  bakery on Prior Street. The last  amount is for $5,500.  NEW WESTMINSTER — A new  bungalow is being built by A. E. Lib by  on Tenth avenue, at an estimated cost  of $1500. Dr. Chester is making auditions to his house on Warren avenue  to cost about $800. The Confederation  Life Assurance Company has taken  out -a permit for building a chimney  and internal alterations to a house on  Third'aveune to cost $1000.  U     '    VICTORIA—The following companies are announced in the current number of the B. C. Gazette as having been  incorporated: ' Bond & Fryer. Ltd., at  Vancouver, capital, $50,000; Burniere  Gold Mining Company (non-personal)  at Revelstoke, $500,000; Sunset Social  and Recreation Club at Vancouver, under the Benevolent Society's Act, and  Vancouver Stationers, Ltd., $15,000, at  trestle Vimcouver.  VANCOUVER—Plans   for   a  log dump to be built by the Capilano —  Timber Co. on the North Shore op- NORTH VANCOUVER - Supplying  posite Brockton Point have been filed \ water connection for the Canadian  with the district land registrar. The! Robert Dollar *'lant at Roche Pomt  company  is  to  apply   to  the   federal 'will be a somewhat expensive proposi-  minister of public  works  sion to erect the trestle.  for permis-' tion  TRAIL—Arrangements for the early  start of .construction on the new edifice for Knox Presbyterian church art  now ;n an advanced state, a loan having been secured for the purpose. Tenders are being asked for the purchase  and removal of the old structure. Tho  new building, when completed will  cost in the neighborhood of $7,500, and  will be located on the site. now occupied.  OTTAWA—The supplementary estimates tabled in the House last week  include, among the British Columbia  votes, $100,000 for dredging in the  north arm of the Fraser river; $134,000  for Fraser River improvements,-and  $20,000 for the extension of the wing  dam at Revelstoke. The sum of $150,-  000 will be expended to provide a  water supply for Williamshead quarantine station in British Columbia.  The proposa'l is to lay an eight-  inch main from the Seymour along  Keith Road to Deep Cove Road, and  from that point to the Dollar plnnt reduce it to six inches. The length over  all is approximately 20,000 feet and  the engineer's preliminary estimate is  slightly over $26,000. Tlie enginering  department is busy with the plans.  VICTORIA—Tenders will be received by the purchasing department, Imperial Munitions Board, Victoria, up  to August 31st for the following: Bollards, cleats and fairleads, cast iron  coaling scuttles, hatch fittings, hold  pillar fastenings, 23,000 yards of No. 2  pillar fastenings, 23,000 yards of  No. 2 Canvas, 22 in. wide for bulkhead coverings, 1,000 tons of rock  salt, 30 tons of 'Marine Glue  5,000 to 25,000 ft. %-in. 6-19 plow steel  wire rope, 5,000 ft. %-in. 6-19 plow  steel wire rope. For further particulars see advertisement for tenders,  page 4 this i3sue.  PRAINK PARLING &  66  TtiOR  *»  Roller BearingDrills ;-■ Close tater, Piston fir DriUs-;-;Rwetting;HaBmeR  Cliipping Hammers-Wood Borers-r-Jiirtiiiii anil Electric DfiHs  .. High Speed Steel-DriMs- --Reamers, ttc.  Complete Stock of Accessories  1 144 HOMER ST.  Phone. Sey- :4.1OO  spector-Fiigler reports  some .activity j  hrtlie building line.tY One ?r twoP6.1**]  raits have been taken out just recently!  for    houses" and . quite a'! number^of j I  householders are putting additions to f I  their homes.-     ^ '_    ^   ^;     -,       >  "VANCOUVER*—It was rumored;yesterday that oil orders in this city may  be cancelled at any time owing to the  increasing scarcity of oil. The Union  Oil Company is finding it very difficult  ■^  "BEAMS, CHANWEliS, AWQI.ES, PliATES, TEES, COJ.JTVOXa  COMPLETELY EQUEKP-eiD EABBICATXWO  SHOPS  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL COY, Ltd.  Fairmont 3396 and 2397  <tti  ~! '•'*   i '      ~   I/.      ""^ ■  Balfour, Guthrie & Co  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  We cut to  REINFORCING STEEL:—        - ',•*«*  - Largest stock of Mild Steel Bars m Western Canada,  length.    Cold Twist-and Bend Bars.  B°LDrifrBolts, Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts.        We are prepared to fur-  '.    nish large orders of Special* Bolts on short notice.  SPIKES—CAST  IRON WASHERS,  ETC.  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  PORTLAND   CEMENT - LIME -  HYDRATED   LIME  -  FIRE   CLAY  SCOTCH   FIRE BRICK - BLACKSMITH   COAL -COKE  SEA COAL — PIG IRON — MANILA-ROPE, ETC.  VANCOUVER  WINCH BUILDING  Private Ex. Say. 9197  San Francisco, Los  Angeles, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  VICTORIA  BELMONT   BUILDING  Telephone S037  FOR SALE  One No 120 Buffalo Forge Co. Conoidal Multivane Belt driven Exhaust  Fan with vertical Discharge Capacity 30,000 cubic feet of air per  minute at speed of 175 revolutions per minute also quantity of large  diameter piping for same.  Canadian Allis-Chalmers Ltd.  1063 Pender St. W. Vancouver, B. C Seymour 5710  THE METAL PRODUCTS CO. LIMITED  ORNAMENTAL IRON, STEEL CASEMENTS  STEEL SASH, BRASS & BRONZE  New Westminster  Phone 177  Vancouver Office, 548 Seymour St.  Phone Sey. 4795  ti -SSBS  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  ¥■  British Columbia Record  Published every Monday, Wednesday and  Friday by the  RECORD   PUBLISHING   CO.  Address:    5S3 Homer-Richards Lane  Rear of 431 Dunsmulr Street.  tTelephone Seymour 7808. <?  VICTORIA—Tenders will be received by the Honorable the Minister 'of  Public Works up to noon of Friday, the  31st day of August, for  the erection  and completion of a four-room school  at Salmon Arm, in the Kamloops Electoral   District.     Plans,   specifications,  contract, and forms of tender may be  seen at the office of J. Mahony, Government Agent, Court House, Vancouver;  E.  Fisher,  Government  Agent,. Court  "   House, Kamloops; R. J. Glasgow, Sec-  >etary to School Board, Salmon Arm;  or £he Department of  Public Works,  Victoria, B. C.      '  OTTAWA—Sealed tenders" wilL be  .received by Archts. Pearson & March-  and, Centre Block, Parliament Buildings,' Ottawa, until Noon, August 27,  'for Plumbing Pipes and Fixtures' required in 'the reconstruction*' of thej  parliament building, Ottawa. '  - All tenders to be based on the execution, erection. andr completion, inclua.-  Jng all labor and materials required for  ' Let us figure on your Wire Rope needs  We are sole 'agents  for  "BULLDOG LOGGING CABLE"  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  B. C. AGENTS  R. V. WINCH & CO., Limited  Vancouver and Victoria  SULLIVAN MACHINERY CO.  "SULLIVAN" DIAMOND  DRILLS'  AIR   COMPRESSORS  "'   ROCK, DRILLS  "SULLIVAN"   DRILL   SHARPENERS  * '  -     - ' ' '   *   .  1500 OBAI7VIX.I.E ST.  DRILL STEEL  HOSE  AIR   RECEIVERS  AIR LIFT PUMPS  (  PHOBTB 9162  Bamberton Cement  Pacific Lime  Character....' Estimated. Coat  Pier      Pleasure  Pier .,. _      250,000  Armory    '-—   1350,000  Bank v building  _  Not given  ;the installation of the Plumbing i-ays- gffi,er "^^'ZZZ^ZZZZZZZT^Z^Z^  tem, together with all fixtures/-'appara- Bank;..& office bldg....™..™........~Not given  , ,.       - „   . ,      £   y.      Hotel, C. N. Ry .....................  tus and appliances as called for m the concrete Sewer „:.....:..._ _ _  Plans and Specifications. ^ ; ' Tunnelling  __   Plans, specifications and any other  information 'can'be obtained at the  office of the General, Contractor, Pt.  JILyall; & Sons, Construction Company,"  UinUteiCOtfawa... '   >;'„;'  /_      •', -     '  VANCOUVER  Location .........;..  Ownei  Vancouver  C.  P.  R.  English Bay .'. ."—Coates & Co.  Grandvlew  Government  Dunsmuir & Granville Dominion  Bank  2nd Narrows .'.Burrard Bridge A Tun. Co.  Kitsilano, Reserve  _ Government  Hastings & Granville Royal'Bank  False Creek Fill C. N. Ry. Co.  False  Creek G. ►N., Ry.  Vancouver  C.  P. R.  Architect Plana S>adr  /• "     *     < ...  Owners   Soon  Owners :   Perry   &  Fowler ..........—-*■—.....  Not selected.'. Sketches under'way  C. A. P. Turner West Foundation Co.  Government   .' '.   Preparing  No archt. commissioned yet :. :..  U8E  t     '  ELASTIGU  The Tough,  Elastic, Adhesive Cement  **-  -OstmOTaiCEinrS *L*aJTEDiIina'EDIA*E*Y 'BZ£OW ABE PBOPOSED  BlTT HAVE  BEElf POSTPOHED:  OfBHJIJiM;;J49TEB'  10-sto .office bldg ..  $250,000  Christ   Church   Cathedrals..... $400,000  Church,   -'-110 0,0 00  Pier   - $1,000,000  i::::::  - 1,687,736  ,   J167,62o  ■•*'   472,575  -626,800  *    308.670  , 1,624,500  43,000  25,000'  3,023,010  2.0J2.000  y PSOTOrCXA-L^ ESTXICATES-ABB- >•'  ,S   -    :-r t. .   TAB*GEI> XHVTHE,HOUSE  VICTORIA.—A^revenue ot 1'Ju'st. under  - JMOO.0OO arid an vexpenditur,e of flLOOO,-  - WOO   for yhe   year   commencing   April   1  next is predicted in the "provincial estl-  ~  mates which  were tabled  in   the  House  , >y   Hon.^Lorne 'Campbell," Minister,  of  Hnance, 'on Monday.; -The revenue shows  A falling off of7about^$J,000,000 for. the  anticipated revenue ; for,-this year, while  tae^expenditures show-a slight increase  *- The  exact .'estimated?'revenue .'la *$5;-  944,015, ae compared with $7,134,616 for  fke present year,, a difference ^of< $1,096,-  •♦Oi    The-estimated" disbursements <are  111,301.374, as compared- with $11,163,';  66 for the previous year,-an'.increase  Of $138,000.' 'The. increase,is more than  accounted' for by "the increased fixed  •Jhargea,,.which .ai;e over;»300,00j>/' •,  ■■iiiasij nf ilijisnnitnm- „  ^'•'The summary of estimated expenditure indicatesMhat ;in;,four< of,vthe..l4  government "services there, will probably  fee > an increased expenditure -rover, last  gear. , In? the * rest &l reduction Is pre-  ilcted. -.*'   *--.,'. - ',       .>••"' ;  <", -The followingJ are 'fheitotals:,   -^  , ,T~    , -«,;   ,,      -    '1916-16.'     1916-17.'^  • V,"   '""i  '-   Public debtr*  $1,152,376 $1,422,264  '4J-J,* .,-■-,    Civic-government  „    ,        .  '-..   ";-. ,',(., (salaries)-.. _..-.—- i;709,566  "■>   , -      e -Administration .of -   - >  ,'* -'^Justice'^fsalaries)-* ^68,000  *-'      *       - legislation•,.-......:      89,820  rpublic "Institutions  \, -'^(maintenance)   ..:.'     467,426  ►".  Hospitals and charl-'    *-.*.      i.  ' i i   ties t _ :      3T4.10O  ,:"ik<lmlnlstration*J. of    '* *     'J:  , -. JuaticeT'T.™...:.™.:.. ""378,006',  Education       1,594,600  •Transport " .'. .'..„<-. 83,000 ,  Kevenue services„..'..   - ,50,t)00  Public ..works —^....u 3,067,315  ^"Miscellaneous '.  2,128.752  'y In this "year's*-report of the estimates  the 'service-"miscellaneous" .Is ..divided  Into three distinct services. "Lands,",  upon which $565,000'is to be spent this  fear, and ' agriculture," ,upon which  176,500 will probably be' expended, are  each given'-a^serviccto themselves, thus  greatly reducing the < "miscellaneous"  total. .-       "   -    '  '_ Present conditions have also necessitated more and larger hospitals, the re-  •ult being,'an cunusually^large increase  for hospitals ^and tcharities. -Last, year  $16,000 was voted in the way of assistance j1 in i thevconstruction of hospitals.  This "year about $150,000 "will probably  be granted for that purpose. Grants to  refuge homes, aid' societies, etc, is in-  Creased from  $19,000  to  $80,000.   -  University of B, >C.  '" Among the appropriations in this  year's estimates is a conditional one of  ^|200;000 for the University - of'^British  Obrumbia.- - Last* year's., estimates-was  1176,000. Included in the works and  •ulldings^to be constructed»by the"Pub-  tte .Works ^Department > are- the -±ollow-t  lag;' OkallW "prison -- farm,' $15;000;  Improvement of -government- -reserve,'  Burnabv, $10,000; mental hospital and  colony *farm,'Essondale",*;$35;000r proving  cial government buildings, London (completion and maintenance), $1.75,000;  maintenance, $8,000. The appropriations  provincial normal 'school, Vancouver,  for roads, streets, bridges and'wharves  In each constituency are the same as  last year. Chilliwack ,gets $33,300;  Delta,' '$22,500; Dewdney, $68,500, and  Richmond $40,000. Eigli'ty thousand is  tevoted for Kingsway through the Municipality iof Burnaby. Point Grey gets  110,000 for roads, and Nicomen Island  the same amount for dyking;'$1-3,500, is a  Post Office ___—   Post Office _ii' 2—i   Factory, Wharf,'-,Subway.  Courthouse, ,(ea»X wing).  Concrete Garage _   ..$250,000 / Gore and Keefer.  ?.$3#,0ft0  ...:.:_: 9150,000   ,_. Mop.000   ...J)om. Govt  South' Vancouver :. -. Dom. Govt  Hastings-  Royal Crown Soap Co.-  Vancouver -.....———. .Provln.   Govt.  Fifth & Fir Sts Ford-Motor Co.  Character"-!—!.™-'-   Brk. and mill schools   Steel   Bridge   .".   -YfW.CAT 4H6me, „.-_.'....™.  Union Passenger^Depot-  'Stone" church '. _^v'_--.  >Swing Span-1—: -..-~  Tubercular Ward.   '1*   - - V-  ._—_.._—_ Coat   $60.0*00   $500,000  ii    $150,000   ^.$1,000,000  »^.__'_..-$26.060  .....:: $20,000  VICTORIA  Owner  inflation ... :. ; :j. .;  Victoria ....: :....'  :......  City  Victoria \- .". ~yS T."*V.- C.'  A.  Victoria  C. P. K. and C. IC. R.  Victoria.-.Christ Ch. Cathedral Bldg Ltd.  Victoria - .—.'- - .-.—-.    City  Victoria. -Royal Jubilee Hosp.  Dom.   Govt ~ >.i. Delayed  Dom.   Govt Delayed  Thos Hooper : „ ...-. Delayed  "Dalton  & Eveleigh   .-. Delayed  Owners. .?. ". '_: Delayed  Architect ...'—..:.    Plans Beady  Spurgin & Wilkins.?.*. ^..'....Indefinite  Owners  .-.:.:......'......:  Preparing  J.  C.  Frame   .-. Soliciting' Funds  Co. Engineers  .\ Ji. ;  Preparing  Jones    & ' Beatson—Arranging   finances.  City .'..:. .'...I .: Completed  J. C. -M Keith ~ .: :.„...:   (Ready for use.)  FOR YOUR  n  LEAKY ROOF  Send for Free Booklet  MANUFACTURED  BY  THE PATERSON MFG. CO., Ltd.  Cor Tenth Avenue and Arbutus Street  --'     l 'iZ^'.J^      Phone  B»y.-772  VANCOUVER, B. C.  ,Y  Cluuracter ,..y,\  -..- :...-  Cos*  School $7,5,00  Grain  elevator  (35.000 bu.)   "  School   Plant  Improvements   .'...:   Steel. Bridge,.:.: :   Grain Elevator (85*,000 bu.).  Market-Building...:.... :  ocwrcrs  ......«......••....••»......••—••••.•  Street "Work  -—...1.1.  , ?.$50,000  ~I"'"$15;b00  Zi-"$"35ib"o6   $24,000  „ $50,000  BZATEKT BBZ.OW ABB PBOPOSED BUT HAVE  BEER POSTPONED  Victoria  ....B. C."Electric Co.  Victoria __ ;:.._  St. Barnabas  Victoria..-.- First' Baptist, Church  -Vancouver ._ C. P. R.  .   BRITISH/COLUMBIA—GENERAL  xtOcatloA' .-...I—-. .-. .. Onuajt  Trails -; .'...._- .::...::...:....'.....^..„..   City  Kamloops , Kamloops -Farmers Ass'n.  Rossland'     ■ '< " -   '      . *    -'     -City  Prince Rupert.-. J. ^...Imperial Oil v Co.  Prince George .t _ JPro. Govt.  Kamloops '.'.....-...".Maple Leaf Milling Co.  New -Westminster  /.  City  Nanaim'o '—'..„'....-. -.....".'. .''.„-.. City  Prince ^.George   .City  J. C. M. Keith   Jesse M. .Warren   Owners  ' .-...  Delayed  .. Delayed  ...^Delayed  :. Delayed  Architect',  Owners  .  Owners   .  Owners^.  3ity  .......  City.   ..Plans ■•adjr   .- Indefinite  !..Z"""Shortly    Indefinite   1  Soon  ELECTRIC MOTORS FOR RENT  Wa spaclallza In prompt service for Contractors' 7  .,.._.   iijtityriy^        laatallatloha , "   .  . - r *  i *      L   * .   ~ -      «/J - j 1  1 ' *    , '   ^     - ' ~J, ,  SERVICE   24   HOURS   A   DAY  representatrw   call  IS '  ...1..  subsidy for the Ladner*-Woodward- ferry.  - The vote of $400,000 on last year's  estimates for the Second Narrows bridge  Is left off. For bridges generally $150,-  000 is set down, while for- the bridge  over the Fraser River at Prince George  there .will be an appiopriation of $150,-  000.  An item in the Land Department'appropriations Is that for $20,000 lor  ''timber .testing .and investigation ol  wood products." An indication that the  government intends'to continue seeking  overseas- markets for the B. C. lumber  trade is that another $50,000 Is appropriated for salaries, travelling expenses,  and purchase of material.  Other Appropriations.  Among the other appropriations aie  the   following:  Grant to B. C. regiments $o,000, grant  to patriotic fund $6,000, grant to boy  ucouts $1,000, grant to-Victorian Order  of Nurses $500, grant to returned soldiers' aiid commissions, $15,000; Royal  Gommissions $15,000 (last year $50,000),  cougar bounty $35,000. Contnbution  to Vancouver toward purchase of  oeVtair"lanes in Ward .VIII., $5,000.  -Fraser River Bridge; NewvWestminster,  maintenance1 and repairs,: $20,200. vSong-  toees .Reserve improvements. S240.ooq.  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO., LIMITED  - _ ! -  Public Works Contractors  »*./*■  „\,*j'i'--  «.-  •SB"** •.""'J  & Wilson Ltd.  TRANSFER  Steam and Household COAL  f  Office 813-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver. B. C.  Copper Mountain  B. C,Copper Co.  New Westminster ..'„.'.„.: -..'..-.C.'N.- Ry.  Ainswor.th,,B.C Silver .Hoard Mining Co  Prince  George,  _ _ City  Sidney. Victoria & Sidney R.R.  Vernon, B.C Vernon School Board  Ske'ena River—Scot.-Amer. Oil & Fer.> C^  Nanaimo, B. C .".— ...City of Nanaimo  Prince Rupert  Dom. Govt.  Fort .Gebrger. 1 ' Not   giv'en  Nanaimo,  , City  New Westminster  N. P. Ry.  Co  Rossland   ...i !.' ;   City  Quatslno, B.C. Colonial Paper & P.M , Ltd  E. Lillooet P. G. E. Ry.  E. Lillooet P,   ~   Concentrator,  etc    1,000,000  -Railway^Station ..:..' .'.„:.'..*::.:.....-   '40,000  Concentrator  ^  r,300,000  Public vWoik,s, >:.__....*:—-..  r 160,000  •Wharf *....„:..*.-..'...„.'...:_:..-"..' -...*.—.$10,000  2—4-room, Schools _ each't$20,000  Fertilizing plant '&'wharf.^....j—$125,000  City-Hall — -$ 50,000  -Armory,.(Dom. .Govt.)— *i^*22?  Hotel ,;--- :~ :- 1M2  Library  -  ■  .$60,000  Freight 'Terminal _   School  Bldg -   Paper and Pulp Mills •.••r"ft"XXn'  Round House  .--*»-  $50,000  Mach   and Repair  Shops _ $150,000   E. Lillooet P. G.'E.'Ry.  .Warehouse and Stor. Tank '.....:.$10,000  Peace -River Imperial Oil Co.  lajrjBOVEBtEWTS.lISTED X*aOfEDIATE*&Y BELOW  ABEFBOPOSES   BT7T  HATE  BEEN POBTPOETEB:  Owners    .t "..   Owners ."_ _    Soon  Owners   _ r. _ <   ,  City •  !.....„    Will  Build   Soon  Bell & Constant; Branch & Coxall   J. S. D. Taylor .....'_ -Tenders closed  Not Drawn Asking Govt. Grant  Govt,  i —' r. .-' Tenders  soon  Herbert J.,Peyton Sketches  ready  Undecided   „ ^Indefinite  Owners ZZZZZZZZZ  Owners  Kow  lrf/  CARTAGE of every description  By tha Hour,' Day, Waah, or Month  'Phone COAL orders Falcmont 2800 .  'Phone CARTAGE orders Seymour 404-405  '41   St  rJ .1'  Sey. 174—'173  r 570 Richards St.  The JARVIS ELECTRIC GO.  LIMITED  Wiring Contractors - Electric Repairs -Electric Supplies  >   •Woto""» .-- Generators — Elevators  Everything Electrical  Hotel      '       $200,000  Hotel, ,3-sto.  brk. veneer $20,000  Church .- (fr.) ...............  5 sto brk, mill and steel $150,000  Fort  George Grand   Trunk Pacific  Port   Alberni .; Tom   Magrath  Coquitlam  Episcopal Church  Kamloops Kamloops Hotel Cw  ,  Holablrd & Roache (Chicago) Delayed  Evans & Cook  Delayed  Perry & &Fowler  _ Delayed  W.   T.  Whiteway - Delayed  CONTRACTS LET OR WORK STARTElJ  _l  Building; location  Residence    Metchosin  School    Hilllers,   E.  &  N.  Residence  Foul Bay Rd.  Residence   Gillespie   Place  3-sto   Apmt - -•  School    Hollywood  1-sto.   dept.   store  bldg Victoria  Piers   (Concrete)    Victoria  Brk. veneer church Victoria  Wharf (Marine Depot)   .Victoria .  Breakwater  -  Victoria .  Alteration to' Say ward. Bldg   ThreeShowStDaily  V.'£30^  PRICES 15c - 25e  OLOMBIA- THEATRj  The best In moving pictures]  Continuous ltollp.m.  Prices, 10c  Boxes 25c  Character Cost  Power   House   Bldg   (Cone.)   Hotel      $25,000  2-sto stone & steel bldg $ j'0,000  Dairy  Bldg.   (coricv &t brk)..........-$j|20,000  ■ 2-sto brlci bldg...-:..—:.'..-i..':......:.-:™$l 5,000  2-sto. apmt.  ........„■;.-...„.-...-(No-Details)  Residence ,,- -.$20,000  Factory  — - ».-■»--1 !?5,000  Dredging   Sand   Heads -.. .$<0,000  Bridge  Abutments   (12)      Govt. Bldg:"........——-'.   High. School... -   Jetty  &   Dredging   Roundhouse  -   Bridge ............—.   Dam. Mills, »tc. .....i...........--  Water   System........ —....  Mills, 'Wharves,   etc   Addition  High School ...  Brick   School    ■■—  %   Mbtorships,   each......   Bascule  Bridge ........  Power House and Laundry....  Railway Line ....—..-—.   VICTORIA  Est. Cost Owner  $20,000   H.  R. Hammond  _    School   Trustees  3 0,000   H.   Lawson  35,000    F.   Nation  15.000    _   A.   Winch  $11,000  City  $700,000    Hudson's  B-ay   Co.  $2,000,000       Governir~nt  $20,000   Colomba Presbyterian Ch.  -   $2 t,500    Govt.  $1.000.000— Dom.  Government  Victoria       .$30,000     $20,000  ...... $755,000  ........ $20,000  .... ■ 5,000  ...(1,000,000  ... 40,000  ...'    750,000   1.419,503  ........$15,000   $165,000  BRITISH COLUMBIA—GENERAL  location        Owner  Kamloops       City  Prince George....Prince George Hotel Co.  Nelson, B.C Carmen  Maglio  Duncans.   B.   C. —....—.—.........— ....  Nanaimo.......... .........J. B. Nicholson  Prince Rupert- .„....—........J. McMordie  Metchosin '.....„ .....H. R. Hammond  Lulu Island—Morrison Steel & Wire Co.  Fraser River Government  Grand -Trunk Pacific —G.  T.  P.  Port Alberni  .—...—  Govt.  Port Alberni —  Municipality  North Arm Fraser River Govt.  Fort George —G. T. P. Ry. Co.  Nanaimo —.....  CI ty  Princess Royal  Island—Tonapah-Belmon  Port   Moody —....„. ......City  Ocean Falls Pacific Mills, Ltd.  Nelson L.    City  Trail   .*..... .....  North Vancouvtr H. W.  Brown  & Co.  Selkirk Water :..... C. N. R.  Lake Louise C. P. R.  Karnloops-Kelowna C. N.  Ry. Co  Architect Contractor  Butler &   Harrison Grayson  &  Son  Spurgin   &   Wilkins Local  S. Maclure  A. II. Mitchell  S.   Maclure   P.   McKechnie  C.  E.  Watkins -.Fulton   Bios.  Spurgin & Wilkins -..Luney Bros  B. Horwood & White B. C. Count. Co  Govt Grant Smith & McDonnell'  Wm. Henderson Knott & Jones  Govt Parks. Tupper & Klrkpotrick  Govt    Sir John Jackson. Ltd  J. C. M. Keith Luney Bros  Architect .plans Ready  Ducane Dutchcr & Co .Wm.  GreenJees  Butler & Harrison—Brewster & Pelham  $*%.' °tU E#e*7', ----Waters & Pasco  J- £'  M'  Keith—........ Island. Building Co.  A.■.■Forrester.-...Watson, Jacks & Anderson  ias-  Gil more......—..... ; Sub-con tracts  Butler & Harrison.—...Grayson & sons  Owners   .—.............. .Day   Labor  Govt.—.....    ..^.Navigation & Dredging Co.  G. T. P.—J. A. Mt-Kenzie & Co. Ex. Bldg!  —.„— Knott••&.'.Jones, of Victoria   - ...Warnock, & Cochran  • Pacific Dredging Co.   • —Carter Hall & A.   • -—City  •—. Owners  • -Robertson,  Godson  Co.  ■*Si"*;'j" ;v —-  Owners   -Snider Bros. & Brethour, Ltd   : ••—• iL-:-v,,T- Burns & Co!   • • ......Wallace  Shipyards  Owners MacDonald, Nettleton & Bruce  APAM  JACK  Brick Builder and Contractor  Kilns, Furnaces, and Boilers a Specialty  ESTIMATES   GIVEN - - DISTANCE   HO  OBSTACLE  Telephone Highland 728  VANCOUVER, B. C  BOO Keefer St.  Govt. ..  Owners  City —.  t Co. ...  City—.  Owners  GOOD PLUMBING and HEATIWfi  Conveniently   Located - - Lightning    Service  A. H. IV3ITCHEL.L  S64 RICHAROS.ST.  SEYMOUR 1784  ..Northern Constriic'tio'n'Co.  MALTHOID, MALTHOID JUNIOR,  CRONOLITE  ALSO x  WHITE and TARRED SHEATHfNGS  SMITH, DAVIDSON & WRIGHT,  Ltd.1  VANCOUVER & VICTORIA  J BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  YOU WANT  Business Directory and  V Buyers' Guide  When Buying Building Material and Supplies  Patronize Record Advertisers  o„  We can help you to increase your  business by telling all of our readers  WHO you are  WHERE you are  WHAT you have to off er  and WHY they should do  business with you.  -    «     '?y„i~   > u\   ' *  Such a service will pay you big because through us you reach every owner  contractor-eveiybody interested in build-  in?      * *".   - "*   *-• "•'  We will help you to fix up your announcement without charge/   LET US  BOOST FOR YOU.  ARCHITECTURAL    TERRA    COXTA.  t  Evans, Coleman A Evans, Ft Col St.. S. 2988  O Neil, Wm N Co Ld , 548 Seymour S. 4795  Ritchie   Con.    A   Sup    Co,   Ltd    Gran.   St  Bridge     8. 9162  '■* i  ASPHALT   FELT.  Evsns, Coleman & Evans,  ft   Col S. 2988  Vaterson iltg. Co.  10th A Arbutuses., B 772  Jr /,    r  AUTOMOBILES  liens Motor Co . J,td ,  1002 Georgia St   W S. 9043  '      AUTOMOBILE   ACCESSORIES  Boitk Motor Co.  I.td ,   1062 Gtori?la St   W    _ S   9013  JIIJI Tire Co, 911 i'emler ht   W. -_  _ S   6411  MARBLE  AND  ONYX  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,  tt.  Col S 2988  W   N.  O'Neil & Co., 548 Sey. St. S   4795-479S  B   C   Electric Co  MOTORS  Ltd .-   _   .  S   5000  AUTOMOBILE  INSURANCE  Ceperley, Bourisfull & Co , Ltd , Winch Bldg  S    7820  BRICK—ALL KINDS.  .J  \S <  Evans, Coleman &J Evans, Ft Col., S 2888  Gilley Bros , Ltd , New West, Phones 15, 16  W. N O'Neil A Co , 548 Sey. St., (5. 4795-47S8  Ritchie   Coutr    A   Suj>    Co,   Ltd,,   Gran.   St.  i   Bridge    S.   9162  RV. Winch, & Co.. Ltd.. Winch B. S  279-1944  BUILDING  FELTS  AND PAPERS.  Evans, Coleman A,Evans, Ft. Co!.,..S 2988  W. N O'Nell A Co , 648 Sey. M , S 4795-4798  paterson Mfg   Co,  10th& Arbutus Sts , B. 772  BONDS—SURETI.  R.V.Winch & Co.TLtd., Winch B., S  279-1944  CEMENT.  Balfour,   Guthrie  A  Co fe.  919i-6B75  Evans, Coleman A Evans, Ft Col.,.S 2SSS  Gliley Bros , Lt* , New West, Phones 15, 16  W. N. O'Nell A Co , 5*8 bey. St., S 4795-4798  Ritchie   Contr.   &   Sup ,   Ltd ,   Granville   St  Bridge .T.-.~    S 9162  R.V.Wlnch A Co. Ltd.. Winch B. S. 279-1944  CEMENT TESTING  AND ASSAYING.  Can. Inspc't A Test   Lab , Empire Bldg.    '        S.   4606  Hunt,   Robt.   W.   &   Co.,   Standard   Bank    .  ',    Bldg *...c. S 2199  ,    CONTRACTORS—GENERAL. „,   ,  Armstrong,   Morrison    A    Co,    Ltd.";" Bower  i   Big " '..'.     S  1S36  CONTRACTORS—PLASTERING.'       -  Rush &'Read.  173C  6th "Ave. ,W.../.   .        „ Bay.   1602R—2215L  ***' 'contractors—TILE—TERJtAZZO.  Evsns, Coleman A Evans, ft. Col....  S. 2988  W..S. ONeil A Co, 54» Sey. St., S. 4795-4793  CRVNES   AND   HOISTS   (ELECTRIC   -  The Holden Co., Ltd.. 542 Pender 6t W.  c , '   Sey.x 1065.  DETECTIVE ^OEBTOIES  Vancouver    Detective    Agency,     429-130  Standard Bank Bldg., Phone Sey   244pr  Night, Sey.   2442 „   .     CJ. O'Grady,  Mgr.)  DRILLS—PORTABLE  ELECTRIC      }  Darling, Frank & Co ,M142 Homer  '*   Street        \Sey. 4100-4101  The Holden Co, Ltd., 542 Pender St W.  ' ^    bey    1065.  ^ , ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES *■  B. C   Electric Co .  Ltd    _ _*__"• £. _ S   5000  Can.   Allis-Chalmers,   1063   Pender  ...S. 5710  Darling, Frank & Co, 114 2 Homer  t     .Street      '.Sey.  4100-4101  ELEVATOR CARS AND, ENCLOSURES. >  Can, Allis-Chalmers,, 1063   Pender S. 5710  Harris, PES. Co.,-t«-    Crown Bldg. S   4698  W. N 'O'Neil A Co, 548  Sey.  St.  S  4795-4X98  Ritchie  Contr    a ,Sup.   Co",   Ltd.   Gran.  ,Bridge  * c • •_   T     '    ■*      <        ELEVATORS "     *"  OIL TANKS AND   PUMPS  Bowser  A Co ,   SB',   568  Bkhsrd3 fat       _     _ S   3907  /  PACKING,   BELTING   AND    MECHANICAL   GOODS  Dunlop Tiro & Rubber Goods Co , LU! ,  844  Cambie St.  . .   . .      __    -   S   13—S 2535  PAINTS—FIRE-PROOF.  W. N. O'NeU A Co.. 648 Sey. St ..6  4796-4798  PAINTS—Daj*P PROOF.  Evans, Coleman A Evans,; ft. Col S. 2988  W   N. O'Neil A Co , 548 Sey. St.   .S  4795-4796  Paterson  Ufg   Co,   10th-A  Arbutus. .B.   772  i '   PAPER  Smith, Davidson & Wright, Ltd ,  and  Uavie   Sts       Homer  S   9565  PARTITION—FIREPROOF  Evans, Coleman A Evans - Ft. Colum. .8. 298S  Ritchie. Con. & Sup. Co.. Granv. Bdg. .8. iloi  Automobile Records  FROM JULY 18 TO AUGUST 6  Following-  ia   a   complete  list   of  new  Automobile' Licenses,  Transfers and "aelinquishments "Recorded for  Vancouver and District.  Where street address is1 given "and name of town omitted the  address   is   Vancouver.  i  All cars for hire are ndcated thus:  (*)  a "  NEW CABS.  Address  No.  Name  B   C.  PIG IRON AND TIN  Balfour,   Guthrie  &  Co     3.  Evans, Coleman & Evans, ft. Col..  Wilkinson Co , Ltd . 846 Beach Ave . _ _  R'*V   Winch A Co ,  Winch Bid ..S  PILING AND POLES  Federal   Lumber   Co,   Rogers   Bldg*  9197-e67E  .. .S. 2988  S   7915—«  279-1944  S   3908-9  St  S. 91(2  PILE DRIVING.  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col S. 2988  * laser   River   Pile   JJrlving   Co     Sew   Went  » *■  PIPE—SEWER  Evans, Coleman A "Evans "Ft. Colum. .6. 2988  Gilley Bros, Ltd, New West.. .Phones 15. 16  Ritchie Con. A Sup Co ,'Granville'.S. 9162  R   V. Winch A Co, Winch Bid...8.   279-1944  PLASTER'       s '  Balfour,   Guthrie  A  Co    ..' S.  9197-657*  Evans, Coleman & Evblj Ft Colum .S.r298S  Gliley Bros., Ltd, New ^West . .Phonea 15, 14  W -N O'Neil A Co, 54S Sey St. S 4795-479!  Ritchie, Con. A Sud 'Co r Granv: Bdg. .'8. 9162  PLASTER BOARD'   ' < *     l '"  Evans, Coleman A Evans,  ft. Col B 2988  W N O'Neil A Co. 548 Sey St...8 4795-479/  Ritchie   Con    A1 Sup. .Co., ^Granville. .8. 9162  " '    PLASTER'PARTiTION block's * *"'  Evans, Coleman A Evans,-ft. Col..j. .8.2988  * FLASTER-^ORNAMENTAL  Evans. Coleman & Evans,, ft. Col S. 2988  W N, O'N-il A Co, SIS Soy St. 8 4795-479S  Riichle   Con". ~&   Sup , Co.   GranvilleT.S. 9162  t-, P,  PLUMBING     " '    '  Bailey, B. A., 1033 Granville St., . .S. 136  tJiur- at Andeison,/1*60 Homer St..S (180  Mitchell,-A * H ,   564 Blchsrds'St" __ * S   1784  " * PNEUMATIC  TOOLS    '  Darling, Frank & Co, 1142 Homer  » Street. Sey. 4100-4101  The'.Holderi Co.. Ltd., 542 Pender* St W.  j      "   . ^   .;   ^^,Sey.«1065.  1174 1—Mis.  F. E   Arnold,  3116  2nd Ave   W.  11839—Mrs. "W  S   Alexander, 3513 16th Ave   W ..  11710—S. W. Annis, Chilliwack.  B   C   11717—J. E. Ardell. 184 5 13th W   11734—J   W. Alcock & G. Kit/el, Cloveidale,  11679—J   Addinall,  7J2  25th Ave   E   11687—R. D  Anthony, 891 Bidwell St. .'   .     .  11688—O. S   Arrison, 2721   Carolina    11630—PI. G   Alien, 2620 Keith Dill 625—Mrs   M. Amuchand, 1226 Powell St   ..  11626—Jas. Borland, 1934 Nelson St  116)0—E." W. Bateman, 2376 7th Ave  W   11702—F  B. Brown, Travclleis Hotel, .    .  ' r  11634—G  E. Brooks, 253f10th Ave  E     _  11836—A   W. Bishop, 2536 2nd Ave. W   11740—Mrs   J. Bedbon, 22210 Larch St.    .. .  11S34—E   J. Banks,  109 Powell St     .    .    .  11097—Francis D   Britton, ,1594 37th Ave   E  11738—M   D  Bright, 1062 Georgia St   .    ..  11716—Mrs. C   Butler, Burnaby           LV37—M   Brown,   121  Sth Ave   W   .    .  Wi07—J   F. Boyd, Aboorslord, B   C. ..  1184*5—E   Baker,  2119 Stephen St. . ...  11692—E   E. BuckerHeld, Mission City  11733—F. M   Berardins, S74 Union St"         1161S—E jVV  Banett, 1834 4th Ave  W..      .   .  11712—F   Chevally,  Chilliwack,  B.  C   .'   11099—Miss G. Coughlan, 50,0 Beatty St      11833—H. Cooper,  254.1 Scott. St.   .... . '. .  lL742-"-J   C. Cairns,  1132  12th Ave. E .   ......  11739—T  V. Curtin, Lotus Hotel     .-"...  '.  11743—J.  Crann,  1050 Hamilton  St    .?..  11646—Can   Fairbanks Morse Co, .      '.    .\.  1169S—M. Creeden, Georgia St  .   .„ '. .  11749^F.  Chapmdn,   152  Water  St"      11841—T.* Crower'624 Horher-St. ".      11612—Mrs. Roy Coutts,„449 Helmcken"St. - ..:..  11694—C  H Eennis. 2640 Pender-E    .' .1 .._*'  11723*—Mrs   A   .J Dammari, lO^Campbell Court  11714—Lizzie Dickenson, Chilliwack, B t C   11832-ic   E   Disherv 1165^ llth  Ave.',W   11741—G. *M! Dralrfie,  35-X7   3rd 'Ave*  ,"W      116S9—H   W. Dyson, 35th Ave   & Maple St.\  U674—^F. Davey,  1853 View St, NoithA*an.   .  11673—D   Dunfee,   789 J.8th .Ave    ..   Car  Studebaker  .— Mdxwell  ....' ... Ford  .Ford  11617-  rEvans, Coleman & Evans Co , Ltd , -  "Foot-Columbia St   ....."   _"   *     . * PRINTERS ~     "*    /  Bagley, A. ,G   *"Sons, L«l,  151 Hastings W_ls.  " RADIATORS AND BOILERS     >  Can.   Allis-Chalmers,   1063   Pender.'  316  '   Darling,'Frank &" Co / 1142 Horner - r~,.,  -\,   Street    -t~*-,t -"v; -'Sey^lOO-mi  Harris. P. ,E. A Co .♦)» -v  Crown Bldg. S.  *6f *  FIRE CLAY  S. 571C  .. ' it V.  , ROOFING COMPOSITION  Evans. Coleman A Evans Ft.'Jolum. .S? 298f  Paterson ATfg^ Co.. 10 A Arbutus Sts _B" 77i  W. N. O'NeU A Co ,^54S Sey. St.-.S 4795-479S  f Ritchie Con A SAV , Cy. ^Granvi)le.'.S/il62  Smltb.^X>»Tjd<ion A Wri«bt, Ltd.. Homer - ,r  -1     and   JDsvie''8U, ds 8   9565  . '     '" ROOFING—SHEET ^METAL  .i (See  Cornice  anou noofing>    ■-     *-  11638—E F Easthope, Sardis, B. C. ...'.  11643—*Wm Gay, Steveston#<-B C „ ....  11856—F-. Giahchiglia, 1531' 15th Ave.  11849—A. V.- Gardner, 1129 Pacific St.  LI 645—J   S.' Gibb,  2013  Granville St.  .  "W.  i <   Cadillac   i  Ford   Ford  ... Speedwell   .-.. .Ford  .. . Gray-Dort  .   Mclaughlin  , .    Cadillac   ...,Ford  . McLaughlin  Chevrolet  . ..   Willys-O.  . .....    Ford  L    . Chevrolet  . *  .. Ford  ' .   .»„ .. Ford  .    Studebaker  ..   .Gray-Dort  . .Maxwell  ., '.Ford  .„. . Ford  .     ._ .   Ford  .   . Willys-O."  .._ .' \ Tord  ...   ..r». '..Saxon.  .... Chevrolet   Ford  .   .    DodVe-  Paige-Detroit  .Z. TChiago  .     .      _. Ford  . ..." Maxwell  !*..._   „,Ford  _   Ford  .._*:  '   ..Tord  .     Paige      Chevrolet  McLaughlin.   ■*•_. Vord  .. 1. Chevrolet   .Packard  .. .. .'   Roamer    -. - Ford  .....:.-..;..•.. .Ford;  ^.r.. ..Chevrolet)"-   *  •I   "-1  p-   „<■  It  11647—Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co*,' 1004 Homer St.-"'  Ford  U725—F .Green, 7116 Huron St. _i.    11623r^Dr Wv S Hall 510 Hastings St. W.  11622—GfG-. Heather/ 1047 Granville St. ..*  11621—Ton g "Wah Honing, 2642* Main S't,..-.  11632—Florence Hart, 6^26 McDonald'St .  fll7J9—^Hucstable, 6ith^and Granville_".L  liiRB—A.   C",Hatch,*u1766 Broadway ->V.",.i.;.   ^-Ford  _ . Chalmers   "   Ford  ..' ...>..Ford  . . Chevrolet  ."..„.' .A_Ford  . McLaughlin  y  Fir      ' ->  yC       i:  .S   9197-6575  Dunlop Tire & Rubber Goods Co.,  Limited  Vancouver  Tire Repairs, Service Station  and Free Air Depot:  Cor. Howe & Pender Sts.,  Phone: Sey. 4S  Wholesale Depot:  844 Cambie St.  Phones: Sey. 13 ancT'  Sey. 263S  i;-'.':"'» tt- "..**> "','  iU^^^^^*^^^^^ ;:+™*«1&^  £vans,   (^""vj    „   _ - --■-        ,,-,.  Gilley Bros,. New "Wpstmlnster, Phones J°.J6  W'N O'Neil A Co , 54b Sty St-, S 4795-4(98  Ritchie Con A Sup., Co. Granvl Bdg S 91Ki  R. V. "Wlncn.i  Co.    Vinch BidK    s   It 9-1*44  ' FIRE   EXTING USHER   SYSTEMS.  Barr A 'Anderson,  10-60 'Hcmer St ....S   S1S0  FLOORING  J • Fyfe Smith  A Co . 1320 Richards. .S. 1196  GLASS—AIX KINDS.  W. N. O'Neil A Co. 548 S*y. St..   S   4795-479S  HARDWARE  Brown   Fraser A  Co,  Ltd ,   1150 Homer  St.    S   7155  Flett, J. A.,,-111 Hastings W.    Sey. 2327-8  HARDWOOD FLOORS  W   N   O'Neil A Co     548 Sey.  St    .S   4795-4798  J   Fyfe Smith   A Co.  1320  Richards. .S. 1196  HARDUOOD LUMBER  Smith, J   F.vfe*& Co. 1S20 Richards..8  1196  HEATING—HOT  AIR,   STEAM  AND  VEN-  ■v IILATINO  S   136  ROOTING   MATERIAL'  Balfour, Guthrie &  Co....  dPeman   A   Evans    Tt    COI...S.   2988    Evans   Coleman  A Evans   Ft  Colum..8  39SS  — "■' "=■'»    Paterson Mfg   Co. 10th & Arbutus, Bay."77  Ritchie Con*. & Sup 'Co, Granville B . 6 (»162  " ROPE-MANILA  Balfour,    Guthrie   A-Co S  9197-6571  RUBBER STAMPS  Bailer   A   G    A Sons, Ltd.  151  Haatincs W.  S  316  POLES  FIR. CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length -- any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO.  Incorporated 1909  1021-1024 Rogers Building  Seymour 3998-3999  I  %■  *  I  I  f  I  v  *  Bailey, E  A., 1033 Granville St,  Barr   A   Anderson,   1060   Homer   St .   s  »n>u  Mitchell,  A,H.   561  Richards   St   —     _       S   1781  HEATING   AND   VENTILATING   ENGINEERS  Lock A Co, Ltd, 109S Homer St _ _      S     681  HOISTING ENGINES  Ritchie Con   &, Sup   Co, Granvl. Bdg .S  9162  HOTELS  \bbot«rord Hotel 921 Fonder St W __ S 5S60  Canada   Hotel,   511   Richards   Su _.     b   1571  INTERIOR FINISH  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col S. 29S8  W N O'Neil A Co. 5 IS Sey. St...S 4795-4798  Ritchie. Con. &. Sup. Co . Granv. Bdg   b. i>ioJ  'IRON AND  STEEL—STRUCTURAL  Can    Allis-Chalmers,   1063   Pender..   .S   5710  Cin    Northwest   Steel   Ct> $•     307  Evans, Coleman & Evans Ft Col.. S. 2SSS  Coughlan,  J    &  Sons.  World   B!dg...S    79'0  Macdonald,   Marpole   Co.   Ltd        S   210  \lual Products Co . Ltd . 51S Sesniour St S   4795  Ritchie, Con A Sun Co . Granv Bdg S 9161  W N O'Neil A Co. 548 Sey. St ..S 4795-479S  Wilkinson Co., S46 Beach    S. 7915  IRON AND STEEL—ORNAMEN1 \L.  Can Allis-Chalmers. 1063 Pender.. .S 5710  Evans, Coleman A Evans, ft. Col .. S. 2888  W N O Neil A Co. 548 Sey. St ..S 4795-47SS  tcltchie (_on   A Sup   Co, Granvl   Bdg .&  SKS'  LATH—METAL  Evans Coleman A Evans Ft Columb S 29SS  W N O'Nell A Co, 54t> Sey. St .S 4795-479S  Ritchie  C    and. S    Co,   Grin    St    ...S.   !)16J  LIME.  Balfour,   GufSrle  &   Co S   9197-6575  Evans. Coleman & Evans. Ft. Columb.,S. 29»8  Gilley Bros., New Westminster. .Phones 15. 16  W. N. O'Neil & Co.,  548 Soy.  St...S. 4795-4798  raclflc Lime Co., Ltd., .I'ftcluc 1'Uig  S. 9506  Ritchie Con. & Sup., Co., Granville. ,S. 9162  R. V. Winch Co, Ld.. Winch Bdg. ,S.'.27?-1?44'  - "              '   : ;       LUMBER ■■>'  federal   Lumber   Co.,   Rogers   Bldg _.......S. 3998-9  4/'MACHINERY-'  Iirown,  Fraser A Co.,  Ltd.,   1150 Homer,St S.  7155  Can. (Allis-Chalmers.   1063   Pender S. 5710  Darling, Frank & Co., 1142 Homer  Street     ........;... Sey. 4100-4101  W..N. O'Neil A Co.. 548 Soy. St. ..S. 4795-479S  Kitchle Con, & Sup. Co.. Grnnvl. Bd'g..S. 916>  The Holden Co., Ltd., G42 Pender St W.  Sey.   1065.  MANTELS—BRICK, TILE AND  WOOD  Evsns,  Coleman A Evans,  ft.  Col S.. 29S8  W. N. O'Neil '*' Co., 54S Soy. St. ..S. 4795-4798  Rltchlo   Con.   &   Sun.   Co..   Granville. .S. 9162-  ' **       SAFES—VAILT DOORS  Tbettoldie & McCulloch Co., Ltd.    .".*.-  58<»  Iliaiards  St      — S   390!  W   N   O'Nell A Co, 548 Se>. St...S  4.95-479'  SAND   GRAVEL AND CRUSHED ROCK  Evans,  Coleman & Evans, .ft. Col S. 2988  Gilley Bros, Ltd, New Weet.. .Phones 15, 1>  Ritchie, Con   A Sup   Co , Granv. Bdg. .S. 8162  % SASH  DOOItS,  WINDOWS,  ETC.  W. N   O'Nell A Co , 54K Sey. St.. .S. 4795-479J  SHINGLE MANLFACTIRERS AND DEAL-  -     ERS.  (See Lumber and Shingles )  SLATE  Evans.  Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col S. 2988  W. N O'Nell & Co', i>48 Sey. St.. S 4795-479*  R V. Winch & Co, Wlncli BId...S*. 279-194*  Ritchie, Con   & Sup. Co.. Granv   Bdg. .S. 9162  STEEL—REINFOMCINGV     "   '  Guthrie   A   Co    S. 9197-6576  ,.S. 2988  STOR1  \  Bah'our,  Evans, Coleman A Evans,  ft. Col.  STORE* A  OFFICE   TIXTURES  FRONTS  Evans,  Coleman & Evans, .ft   Col S. 29S8  W. N   O'Neil A Co, 548 Se>. St...S. 4795-4 f9*  TAR  AND  PITCH  Paterson Jlfg Co, 10th A Arbutus, Bay 7'4  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col b. 29SS  <-       TILE—DRAINING  Evans Coleman A Evans Ft Colum..S 298i  Gilley Bros , New Westminster Phones 16, lt  R Itch la   Con   & Sup   Co, Gl an v. Bdg    S. »lbl  TILE—FLOOR AND WALL  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,   ft. Col   S. 29SS  W. N. O'N'ell A Co , bit i"ev    St    .S   4795-47JH  TIN PLATES  Balfour,   Guthrie  & Co S   9197-6571  Evans.  Coleman & Evans,  ft   Col   S  29S8  K   V   Winch  A Co,  Winch Bid    .S     279-194  Wilkinson Co, 846 Beach  S   7915  Hill Tire Co  TIRES  941  Puultr St   W  S   6U1  TOOL  STEEL  Darling,   Frank  &  Co ,   1142  Homer  St   S.   4100-1101  VACUUM  CLEANING   SYSTEMS.  Barr. &'■ Anderson, lO^O Homer St S. 6181  Evans,  WALL   BOARDS  Coleman A Evans, ft. Col...  , .S. 298  WATERPROOF COMPOUND  Evans, Coleman & Evans, ft. C0I.....S. 2988  VV. N. O'Neil & Co., a48„Sey. SI...S. 4796-47K)  Paterson  Mfg.  Co.,   10th  & Arbutus..B.     771  WINDOW  SCREENS  W. N. O'Nell &. Co., 548 Sey. dt...S. 479S-479I  WIRE ROPE  Balfour.    Guthrie   A   Co S. 9197-657*  Evans,  Coleman  &  Evans,   ft.  Col S. 29SS  Kitchle. Con. & Sup. Co.. Granv. Bdg..S. 916;  R   V.  Winch A Co.. WInca Bld...S.    279-194  Wilkinson Co., S46 Beach S. 7915  THE   MEDIUM.  :.H,*.K-'S<*'K-<K-K'<K-<K'  Did you ever notice that 05 per  cent, of the big successful,firms are  firms who advertise? They figure advertising as an investment, not an expense. The secret of advertising is  the selection of a medium which  reaches those people who are or wil  e  the    most    likely  "purchasers  0  ling supply or machinery nne don't s«  led a moving picture publication i!  which to do your advertising. Because of the fact that the KECORD is  r.ho only paper published in the province devoted exclusively to the contracting business it is read by practically every one you would like to  sell your products to. Your ad. where  they will see it will put a capital C  11735—WV H Hazlett & Co , Ltd , 701*Yorkshire Bldg.-. .iFord  11713-^-C."A. Harding.' Chilliwack, B.'r C.'.'./Z. ^Z'l:llj:.'Z^Fhora  11728—J. Huxtable,  Granville and  64th Ave..   '.. .'*"'..' .."/Ford"  11705—R   Henderson, Abbotsford/B. C.   .'     * . Mclaughlin  11675—James  Howard,   Ross  &  Howard  Iron   Works  .".   Cole-  ' Hupmobile  Gray-Dort  ..  'Maxwell  . .    .. Ford  .   .*   Ford  Pord  _. „rord  Studebaker  Ford  _    Ford  Backard  . -    Ford  . JFra'nklin  .   .     Ford  Studebaker  Studebaker  ."..... Savon  ._ .Ford  Chevrolet  .   .    Kord  Ford  .Ford  Hudson  .Ford  *   Ford  Ford  Ford  Ford  Ford  Ford  Will>s-0.  Ford  -1.. .. Tord  ..    Dodge  ,    Ford  McLaughlin  . Republic  Ford  .    Ford  Republic Truck  Foid  "Willys-O  1 oid  F 01 ci  Chc\ tolet  Fold  Reo  Ford  Dodge  Foid  btuficbakti  Ovei l.tnd  ....:...... Willys-O.  .Chevrolet  .j.,t,,:«5..H»*  •SH:.<*,i^i7'.:-.S'.:.iK"*»:"Sf:«S":-'S>^'2"j'<?":"H-!»;«J  our product."   If you are in the build jo a yov cash.  11629—Dig-by. Hardy,  112S Howe St   ..  11613—M   C 'Hammond, 353S Fine Ciescent  11615—"A   M. Johnston, Burnaby ._      ....  11611—Johnston Bros, S40 Cambie . .  11715—R   Jmkerbon, Chilliwack, B   C    .    .  11S52—A, N   Jorgson,  112  2Sth Ave   E  11635—A.  E   Jones,   623  loth Ave   B         11731—H   G. James.   Scj.vour St ...  11627—Mrs  ±-oster Jones, Cloverdale  B  C    . ..  1170S"-""^fosephine KicJcham   37S0 2nd Ave   W  11039—Kirk & Co,  929 Main  St . .  11S30—P. F   Letts,  3041 Granville St.  11S2S—N   S   Lougheed, Port Haney, B   C.   .  11S25—Mrs   N   M   Lambie,   950 Commercial  Dr.  11S27—P. Lineham, 1734 1st Ave   E.    .  llbSl—Leeson, Dickie, Gross Co, Ltd.,  97  Water  11S57—A. A.  Lane,   Mi&sion City,  B   C     ....  1161»—Mrs  A. J   Matthews, 945 Jervis  11624—M   C   McVey, Newton, B. G  11695—J. B   Martin. 424  10th Ave. E.  11724—L    Mitchell,   250  Kingsway,  llS3S-rMuir Electric Co., 50 Hastings E  11616—D. Milne   Victoria,  B.„ C. ._'.     . . .    .  116S6—N   McLellan, 1605 6th Ave   W  1167S—J.   R   McCallum,   250   Kingsway   .  11722—H. McKenzie,   244  ISth Ave   W"  11721—G. E   McPhee,  653  Cambie        .    ..  US 13—N   McLellan,   1605  6th Ave   W     .  11S37—Matheis & Powis, Ltd, 510 Hastings W  11720—M'ornson  Bros.   39S4   Hastings  E  11S54—K   V. Munro,  Chilliwack, B.  C.  11691—S. McPherson, 372 17th Ave   W   11711—H   Macken, Rosedale, B   C. .*"-!.  116S2— H   W   Morley, M.D , Cloveidale, BC  1171S—F.  II   Marshall,  6Sth  and   Heather  116S5—R   McNeil, 2545 1st Ave   \V.     .   _  11690—Ah  Mew   Co ,   Ltd ,   Sea  Island  11652—W. C   McFarlane, 1111  BaLClay St  11642—W   J   McAllister,  Steveston,  B   C    .  11649—I   Miya^aki,   131  Punlevy Ave  1162S—\V. T. McArthur. 112S Nicholas St  11611—O. Green, Port Moody, B   C  11619—James Patslow,  2264  13th Ave   W"  11677—J   W. P^iyne,  3951 Knight Road  11620—James  Piling,   1062   Georgia  St  11637—A. C   Peteison, 5 10th Ave   E  11S46—W   Pillinir.  1112  Seymour St  11636—Pumps tc Povvei. 22 1 Abbott St  HCoO—XV   D   Raven,   Fuiser Mills  116&1—II    F   Rvtle,  1272 12th Ave   XV  11611—S    Rothstein.   1019   Nelso-i   bt  11706—J. E.. Reeve,   1153 Richaids St.  11704—G.  W.  Robarts,  1215 Howe St   I1S-IS—E.   Rogers,   1531   Davie  St   11.709—Dr. H. W. Rlggs, 59th and Oak St., Eburne ...Ford  11633—C. Rea, 992, Hornby St. .....Ford  11732—D.   Roberts,   1-125 Thurlow St ..............Chevrolet  11676—H,  O. Shull, '3590 Pine.Crescent McLaughlin  11631—B   Soskin,  rear Lotus  Hotel ; ; ..Ford  11693—c. E. Shannon,  24th  Ave.  &. Grunville...............;........Ford  1185"3—S   A. Stuart.  901 Sth Ave.. N. Vane ........Studebaker  11729—F. M. Singer, 1507 12th W.  ......Fonl  11S44— R.  .!.  Stokes,  Ladner,  B.  C.  ...Willys-O.  11727—South Shore Lbr. Co.,  1 Front St.'.. ........McLaughlin  11831—R. S. Simpson. 1740 Bernick Ave.. N. Vanc,..;,.;.,.....V,,Fqrd  11746—A. W. Stewart. 3034 Spruce St.   1IS29—AV. J. Smith, 777 Broadway E   11703—C. F.  Speer, 1529   Ith Ave.  W .'   HS42—L.   Schi I tiger,   Eburne  P.O.   11835—C.  S. Shue.  431  Columbia Ave..   HG96—W.  J. Blatter.   2123  4 2hd Ave.  W..,j   11651—E.  J. Smarden.  26-16  7th Ave.  W   H64S—H.   A.  Speirs,  Empress  Hotel,   Victoria  HS51—S.' Thompson.   Ladner,   B.   C   U6S3—P   Torrance, S9S Keefer St   U847—W*. II.  Turpin,   1076  13th Ave. W   31745—j. H. Thompson,  110 7th Ave. XV.  116S0—F.   T. .     „  11721"—\V   .1. Vernon,  630 Kingsway    11S40—.1. ' Wagner,   2051   Pandora  St. :.   ltf-30—\V.  Warris, -1139 Atlln St   117.18—j.  C.  Wilson,  Ladner.  B.  C   11747 ^rs. L. O. Weeks, Sassamat & Queen's  11736—Paul-Watkins    ,   11S50—Yip Mow & "tip I-Iim, i.l Petideer bt. L.  TRANSPEHS.  .» -J  •      ;-   Iff        u  1 Z,   I-  <■ y    ' r s «  1-J.  S  o  ■SI  .....Studebaker  ........Harvester  ..................Fdrd   ......Napier  ....McLaughlin   '..: „.'.Ford  ....McLaughlin   .•..-.;. .....Grant  ....McLaughlin   Ford   .......Ford   Briscoe  Vernon,  cor. Kingsway A  P.roadv\uy........RepubHc  ------ frord  .......Willys-O.   ,..:.For*d  ..McLaughlin  ..McLaughlin   Federal  ..McLaughlin  3044 Berl Greenwood to J. Gill, 152 5th Ave. W...McLan  4202 P.   ('-.   Knickerbocker  to  J.   Towler,   917   llth  E...  McLaughlin  Ford  ioCiS) O   ,1.' Murnh  to Wm. Rlore, SIS  6th  Ave. W............Ford  j 5747 p. Sawfotil to Mrs. E. Elder, Metropole Hotel ^a*8  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  BAGLEY MAKES GOOD RUBBER STAMPS"  A.G. BAGLEY & SONS Ltd.  PRINTERS,   ENGRAVERS    and    MANUFACTURERS  "BAGLEY DOES GOOD PRINTING"  SEALS.   STENCILS,   RUBBER   AND   METAL   STAMPS,, METAL   CHECKS,  TIME   CHECKS,  KEY   TAGS,   BRASS    SIGNS,   NUMBERING    MACHINES,   BADGES   OF  ALL   KINDS,   ETC.  ALL  WORK GUARANTEED BEST QUALITY, PROMPT DELIVERY AND TAIR PRICES  151  HASTINGS ST., W.  PHONE SEY. 316  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Se-fmoar 6180  1060 Homer SL  Vancouver B. C.  New Work — Contracts Let  THE    POU-GOWIM-a   TABLE   SHOWS   B1TII.DIKrOS   COSTINO    $5,000    OB    OVER,     ON     WHICH   .CONS^RJTCTIOK    XS  UNDER WAY, OR ON WHICH CONTRACTS HAVE BEEN "GET BUT CONSTRUCTION NOT YET STARTED.   Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  LIMITED  P. A. Jonei, Mfcrr.  WHARF BUILDING;  BRIDGES,  PILE FOUNDATIONS,  , i i  Owners of Tug "CLIVE"  General Towing -  ,v.'  ^, , ~,As .General, Agents - ', *  Cor British1 Columbia.of The Globe  Indemnity" Company."-of Canada and  TheMLiverpool &'*London & Globe  Insurance, Co., Ltd. ;We sell com-;  v-plete protection including< loss  through  C-i.    lti.MV*llr  ^ ..  -!    '  Tire'r Theft,   Collision,   property  -   Damage,and Personal-Liability.  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.  - *      LIMITED  Winch  Bldff. 739   Hastings St. W.  Estab. 1886        Vancouver, B.C.. .  The Goldie & McCulloch Co.  LIMITED   '  Gait Safe' Works  SAFES,     VAULTS,  DEPOSIT BOXES,  etc.  Made in Canada  Seymour 3907       569 Richards St.  Vancouver  -*   "V  Down goes the price of Tires  FOR ETC1T MILE OF SERVICE  IF YOU EQUIP YOUR CAR WITH  PENNSYLVANIA  VACUUM CUP TIRES  6000 Miles Guaranteed  Unfailing Service when in need  HILL TIRE CO.  941 Pender W.        Sey. 6411  E.A.BAILEY  Plumbing   and    Steamfitting  1033 Granville St.        Phono Sey. 136  Vancouver, B. C. Be*. Bay. 77  Character  „  Oo»*  Depot and  terminal  $1,000,000  3 new blile- and 2 alterations $""°.<"P°  Causeway    :.....$o0,000  Shipbuilding  plant  _   Dredging between piers  ■■•■•••••■  Cold Storage plant  !GO,'52°.  Rrick   Canning  Plant $20,000  Power Plant     Sleeping- Tavillon   VVV'nnX  Telephone Exchange  $J5,0U0  Concrete  lighthouse   tower   '-   Remodel  Bldg ■:■-•-»■  Sewer   Work    y?§'9?2  Warehouse etc *il!'5£2  Saw Mill  $100,000  Shipbuilding plant  $70,000  Power   House   .' ■■■»•;••■•  Residence    ----f-«^500  Concentrator etc $000,000  Station   and   Terminals ,    500,000  Jetty  (Second Unit)   1300,000  Turning  Basin    - 1160,000  Trunk Sewer  _      300,000  Dredging  _ 1700,000  Seawall     _      l°°>000n  Wharf    - 116,000  Store  and   office  bldg $60,000  Sewer    $300,000  Wood Bridge  *5f000  1 Sto. Frame Building $5,000  Shipbuilding Yards    Club  Building    $20,000  10-Stall Roundhouse .,.--   Frame  Building  $35,0**"fc  Remodel  Building   $12,000  Foundation   for   Shed $25,000  Freight  Offices and,Sheds.',  Xiocatlon .„'.   _  Owner  False  Creek  Can.   Northern  Ry  10th & Willow St University of B. C.  Coal Harbor  City'of Vancouver  Port Moody....Port Moody  Shipbuild.  Co.  Burrard   Inlet Can.  Pacific  Rv.  Foot of Gore Ave Oan. Fishing Co  Kelowna  B. C. Evaporators, Ltd  Prince George  City  TranquiJIe....'.B. C. Anti-Tuberculosis  Soc.  Nelson   ; b.  C.   Telephone  Co.  Triple  Island,   B. C ,Dom.  Govt.  553 Granville-Elliott Shandley & McLean  Esquimau     City  Victoria  Dom. Govt.  6th & Willow  Alberta Lumber Co.  Poplar Island....Westminster Marine Ry.  Anyox   Granby Min.  & Smelt.' Co.  New Westminster..Mrs. J. C. Armstrong  Surf .Inlet Surf  Inlet Power  Co.  False  Creek Great  Northern   Ry.  Fraser River (lower) Dominion Govt.  False Creek   Government  Stanley Park  Sewerage Board  False Creek „ /. Government  False Creek  c. N. Ry.  Patricia  Bay  _„Cai).  N.  P.   Ry.  Co.  Victoiia   Hastings  Park  „i Sewerage  Board  Nanaimo -        City  Bridge St Van.'Lumber'Co,  Vancouver  J, Coughlan & Sons  Vancouver,.Shaughnessy Ilgts. ,Golf Club  Vancouver ■. G. N. Ry.  Architect  Pratt & Boss.  Contractor  Northern Const. Co. and  Carter,  Halls Aldinger Co.  Sharpe & Thompso Baynes & Horie  Owners   -•-   Owners    Owners    W. D. Grant  Owners"".'.....". A.  W.  Quist  Owners    Ward   &   Baldock  Du Cane Dutcher, & Co ..."   Owners   3as.   Layneld  Owners   Snider Bros.  & Brethour  Owners Snider Bros. & Brethour, Ltd.  Owners  Warren & Stancombe  Owners  - Parfltt Bros.  Owners  ,Owners  Owneis  ■■,■•;  Owners   Taylor  Engineering  Co,  Townley & James  i. J.  C.'Allen  F.ZsZ. Towniey..Grant Smith & McDonnell  Govt Marsh   Huton   Powers  Co.  Government.. Pacific  Dredging Co.  Owners ' '.'. ............. ......  Eng. Dept , Pacific Dredging Co.  Owners  A. G. Creelman & Co.  Owners  S.  Doe,   Victoria  P^rcy  Fox  Luny  Bros.  Owners •»-   Owners  Owners   A.  W.  Meaner  Owners   Owners  Pier Extension  .'   I   SJory Brick Addition $5,000  Frame  Apart.   House   $6,000  Front  Store   Bldg $7,000  Dredging   for   Causeway $16,9f"2  Alter Theatre Building ,..._ $5,000  10th & Willow Sts McGill University  Cordova St. W r.Royal Bank of Can.  Vancouver G. N. Ry.  '        ..  '*        - ', i  Vancouver  1 C. N. Ry.  i , '  Vancouver"*;...'. :  .    C   P *R  774 Granville St.....*. C. S.' Gustofson  1096—12th Ave. W. \V. S Thompson  532 Granville St L. N. MacKechnie  B.   C. Palmer,, Purdy & Lonergon  F.   L.   Townley Grant,   Smith   &   Co.,   & MacDonnell, Ltd.  Sharpe & Thompson:. Baynes & Horie.  Contractors..1. Purdy & Henderson  Owners Grant  Smith &  Co.  , & MacDonell, Ltd.  Pratt <fc Ross....MacDonald, Nettleton &  , Bruce.  fOwners  •--   Owners   .........Owners  A   L.  Benglof A.   L..  Benglof,  T. A. Fee  W.'Hepburn  Vancouver,  ....^."..T....7citv I City"' ....Dominion    Construction   Co,  851-Granville St ^.....W. P. Ni» ills/Owner  :.  Owner  VANCOUVER—Mr. George D> McKay, formerly in charge of the- coast  forestry division,,is now chief forester  and superintendent of the Albert±Cot-  ton Shingle' Mills Company, in charge  of limits and ,camps at Trial Island,  Secheltj, Porpoise Bay, Roberts Creek  andrGambier Island.     -   " ', ', ,    r   „  PROPOSALS WANTED  . Tenders .will be received by the Pur-  i i. ' '    '      i  chasing Department, Imperial Munitions Board, Victoria", B. .C, up to and  including August 31st inst., for the' following: Details 'are shown in ^Drawings'enumerated b'eldw^ ,    •   , 1   _   -  Bollards,--j Cleats ' and'~Fairleads:  Drawing No. 25.11  Cast Iron Coaling Scuttles: Draw:  ing'No. 26.     " *  ,   " >-•"...' \      \  Hatch Pitting: , Drawing,No. 03 and  23. '. ■■,:-.*   '*    •"  Hold Pillar Fastenings^ Drawing  No. 29.      -     '   V, [    -  .Complete 'detailed -plans can he examined at the Board's Offices, Belmont  House, Victoria, and Yorkshire Build-  ing, Vancouver, where rooms 'are provided for the convenience of those interested.  Lowest   tender  not  necessarily   ac  cepted. .   ,  IMPERIAL "MUNITIONS BOARD.  Wooden Shipbuilding Department,  be 144x66,' contain 12 rooms, have tar  and gravel roof, hot air -heating^ fan  system of ventilation'with Automatic  control,' corridors 'and stairs of "reinforced concrete and will be as near  fireproof as possible, considering the  money- at the disposal" of 'the -architect. Plans and ^Specifications* may be  obtained'at-the office of the architect  and at the office of J. -A. McLeod,  Secretary of School Board,' Rossland.  PROPOSALS WANTED  Tenders will be received by the Purchasing Department, Imperial Munitions Board, Victoria, B. C, up to and  including August 31st inst, for the following:  23,000 yards of No. 2 Canvas, 22 inches wide, for Bulkhead Coverings.  1,000 tons, of Rock Salt.  30 tons of Marine Glue.  5,000 to 25.000 feet % inch 6-19 Plow  Steel Wire Rope.  5,000 feet % inch 6-19 Plow < Steel  Wire Rope.  Samples to be submitted: Delivery  to be made to Victoria or Vancouver  at the Board's option. Delivery date  after receipt of order to be specified.  Any further particulars required-can  be had 'on application to the Purchasing Department of the^ Board at Victoria.  Lowest   tender  not  necessarily   accepted.  IMPERIAL MUNITIONS BOARD,  Wooden Shipbuilding Department.  '   SYNOPSIS   OF  COALMINING  REGULATIONS. ~t        >_  ' Coal,mining rights 1 of "the. Dominion  in- Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alber-  ' > .i  ta, the Yukon" Territory, the Northwest  Territories and a portion of the Province of British*^ Columbia,' may be leas-  edfor'a term of twenty-one years at  an,annual..'rental of" $1 per acre.**" No  more than 2,560 acres .will be leased  i K T  to one applicant.     > *       t    ..  Applications Tor a lease, must ^be  made "by the, applicant in person to  the c Agent/or * Sub-Agent '"of" the" district in which the rights applied for  are situated.  In surveyed territory the land must  be described; by sections, or legal" subdivisions of sections, and in unsurvey-  ed territory the,tract applied for shall  be staked but by the applicant himself.  Each application must be accompanied, by a fee of *"5 which will'be" re'-  funded if the rights applied^ for are  not available, but not otherwise. , "A  royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the inine at the rate^of  five cents per ton. -  The person operating the mine shall  permitted to purchase whatever' available surface rights may be considered  necessary for the working of the mine  furnish the Agent, with *sworn returns  accounting for the full*quantity o^ merchantable coal, mined, and pay the royalty thereon. T If tne >* coal mining  rights are not being operated, such returns.should be furnishedat least once  a year. ',*,„'*     ,   . . '"   ~ i  l  The lease will Include" the coal mining rights only, but the lessee may be  at the rate of ?10 per acre  For full information  should be'made to the Secretary of thp  Department^of the Interior, Ottawa, or  to'any Agent "or .Sub-Agent or Dominion Lands. - ' ,  -* , W. W. CORY,.  Depntv Minister of the Interior.  application  TELEPHONE DATA  Q NEW I37STAI.I.ATIOS-S  AUGUST llth,  1917.  Delmonico  Cafe  Office,  704   Robson    Sey. 3192  Gordon Sheet Metal Works from 3032 Commercial to 3931 Commercial....Fair 16S2  AUGUST 15th, 1917.  Carter, R. E,  S13 Hornby   .'.    -Sey,  Star Oyster Chop House, 50 Hastings  East Sey.  AUGUST 17th,  1917. r  Branca' Philip,   Grocer/ 432   Main - Sey.  Butler  Lumber   Co,   510   Hastings  West bey.  Des Brisay, A. & Co..  Ltd.,  Wholesale Grocers, 116 Water Sey.  Dixon  Motor Ltd.,  1366 Granville  St Sey.  London Grill, 752 Robson  : ,.:... ..hey.  Stephens St. Grocery, 1 902 Stenhens  ^^Y-  CHANGES.  AUGUST 17th,  1917.     > ' •*•  Whalen Pulp & Paper Mills Ltd, from 336 Cordova W  to 309 Carrall. .SeV.   ,onn  Western Union Telegraph Co. lrom L12 Water to 56 Water ^Sey. 4S20   <■  Tfremlin C-="?h Grocery. 251""  Main  i Fair. 120o   ,  McKenney, A. G., Bakery from 3595'Commercial Drive to 35.W)  Commercial   Drive .       ..  *--- - * 1'air.  ^6.>1  Mutual Life of Canada fr'om*7 10 Granville to 402 Pender W -Sey.  1610  Sabulite Canada, Ltd.  311 Front u-air-  1<":"3  4711  5171  f.219  5221  -12!)y  271  475S  409  1709  AUTOMOBILE   RECORDS  Following- Is a complete list for Vancouver and District of new  Automobile licences, Transfers and Relinquislunants.  licences  lesued  for the   last VeeH   Ending  Tuesday   Noon,  Are Shown.  CITY OF VANCOUVER.  TENDERS   FOR   FIRE   APPARATUS.  The undersigned will receive Tenders up to 5 o'clock Tuesday, September 4th. for one automobile combination Hose Wagon and Gasoline Pump  with a capacity of not less than 750  gallons per minute at 120 lb. pump  pressure.  Parties tendering to supply their  own specifications. Blue Prints, or  Photographs.  Tests to be made in Vancouver before acceptance.  Marked cheque for 5 per cent, of  total cost: must accompany each tender, otherwise tender will not be considered. Lowest or any tender not  necessarily accepted.  JAMES STUART,  City Purchasing-Agent.  PROPOSALS   WANTED  MlSCI!I.*&A*SrEOUS   PBOPOSALS  VANCOUVER —Archt. J. H. Bowman, 914 Yorkshire Bldg., will be  ready within a week or ten days to  receive tenders, seperate and bulk,  for the construction of a two-storey  and basement brick school building to  be erected in Rossland for the Board  of School Trustees.   The building will  No.  All Cars for Hire, indicated thus (*)  'NEW   CARS.  Name Address  Car  . .Studebaker    Willys-O.  Commercial       Ford  . McLavighlm  . ..  Willya-O.   Studebaker   Ford  New Westminster.. .Ford   Ford  3 201S—M. D. McPie, 2071  3Cth Ave. W   12019—O   L   Barnes, 1027 Pender W   12020—Belyea & Co., Ltd., New Westminister  12021—Mrs. E. J Gaidlner, New Westminster  12022—W   P   Calhoun   Chilliwack, B.  C  12023—V.   Larson,   1027   Pender  rft.  ~\V   12024—Wm.   Mc*Jwen,   Hat/.ic.   B.   C   12025—ioe Kelly,  Deroche,  B. C   12026—Butterfield & Mackie Co., Ltd ,  J 2027—C. Mathews,  Steveston,  B.  C ...... . -  3 2028—Lancing,  Fawcett & Wilson Ltd, Ladner, B. C J oicj  12029—Robt   .7. Wark. Murrayville, B. C - • -   ' ora  12030—X. W. Floyd, Chilliwack, B. C wUVi^A  12031— E. E   Welch,  11 GO 15th Ave. W .-       . • •     -    -   Wlu>^:,ui  12032—1). E   Brown Travel Bureau. 1260 Granville. -  .I'Oid  12033—J. A. Smith,  10.">3  Pendrlll St btudebaker  12031—C. Reed & L  Davis, 619 Heatley Ave -'        -f,„,1„a  12035—R. G.  McPherson.   57th Ave «»mm      rf  T2036—Ft. J. Dobson, 450  12th  Ave   B Wiiiys-u.  120--7— "tt. McLean, 120 21th Ave. XV. .. ^oid  12038—Dr   W. G   Morns, MacKay, B. C... .  12030—.7. tt   Fnglish, 2700  Main St   12010—A. Wilkes   1147  Howe St   12041—W. F.  Stairord, 2435 Granville St..  12012—C. Omez, 1566  River Road... .  Ford  Ford  .Ford  Ford  .Gray-Doit  12043-  12041-  12045-  1204G-  12047-  James Goddard,  1970 Napier St... , Chevrolet  •W. A. Everitt. 1090 Howe St.......... • -- ' ora  H.  Keays,   1260  Granville St JVC"*:,,,°,Zl  Wm. Metz, IflOl  Comox St ,-- - CIVe    °'n  Wm. McDonald.  632  Seymour St -.'.. Maxwell  12018—XX. Ingram,  Main  Hotel   Ford  1 207-i—Tom  'Grant, ""Rosedai'e," B. Ci .-••— Gra>";"7°Tr,t  12075—Fire Hall. New Westminster, B. C. - L. M. J.-.  1207C—Jas.   M.  Cox,  Dewdney,   B.  C..^.., '^0^t  12077—A. McCallum, Abbotsford, B.  C - *f;L?Jli  12078—D.  1-T.  Nelson. Kdmonds,   B. C VVf"i,,°  ?,  1207!)—D. ShoKren..  Glfford, B.  C • : -• --Wll y*-O.  12080—A. Dixon, Marpole, B. C...... • r McLaughlin  TBAJ3TSPEB3  No. Name Address Car  7951"—W. IX. McPhatter to Wm. McFadden,  1233  Hornby St.  41 -   -   -  61  .Ford  1180—J. Monka to O. E.-Mllls, Empress Hotel... ...McLam?hlln  5170—D. W. Simmens to Mrs. J. Lowry, 1042 7th Ave. E..  T968—C.  McTntyre  to A.   Marks, 177   Has tings   St.  E, Met/.  ; 3431—G. Wilkinson to E. Ru tied Re, 749 Sth Ave. E   4903—J. Bourne to IT. Tucker. 833 Pender St. W.-.^.-Cadillac  9700—A. C. Lawson to T. M. Lyall, 1101 Harwood st£hevro,et  8048—G. TL'Wo'r't'hin'p'to"n""t'o''w.''w'F^ St.  S522—Wm. Metz to W. II. Falrburn, 152 26th Ave. W^hevrolc(.  11209—R. La«a to" EV'B."Cave;"Nof th"Va?Veouwr ...L.      Ford  11197—J. Harrison to C. Hemeon, English Bay Mansions....!'ord  ABBOTSFORD HOTEL  VANCOUVER, B. C.  1   2 0,      R  O   O   M   S  'Central'— Quiet — Modern — Fireproof  THE  BUSINESS MAN'S  HOUSE  DINING ROOM PRIVATE  BATHS  WRITING  ROOM  ' '  -  LOUNGE AND  PARLOR  Rates   from   $1. OO . per   day  PHONE SEYMOUR 5860  LEEK & CO., LTD.  * j    *• i  Consulting and Contracting;  Heating and Ventilating Engineers  Seymour   661 .*""*''■ ^1098 Homer St.  VANCOUVER'S. C.  »* ,  li'i^-SW,      * fc-i  BEGG MOTOR COMPANY LIMITED  1062 Georgia St. W.  Seymour 9045  v»  BRITISH COLUMBIA  DISTRIBUTORS  ~+lrV    'Z^J  -    *:  I"'/,  CHEVROLET  DODGE  ii >%i ■   .yif.     • , -"^ > f  j^sf t,\ i *y •?.«,; "v '^Tr*- •&■"'  ">y-UjK)  i .•if';      t  •' Z 'y  CHALMERS  1 HUDSON   J  CADI LI-AC and  REPUBLIC TRUCKS  p.jA      t  THE  HOTEL CANADA  Vancouver's newest and most up-to-date hostelry  160 sunny outside rooms  RATES  $1.00 per day and up -- with private bath $1.50 and up  CAPE   JIN    CONNECTION  Brown, Fraser & Co., Ltd.  successors; to  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  Phone Seymour 7155 "SO Corner Street  Vancouver, B. C.  S.F.BOWSER&  Established 1885  Oil Tanks and Self-Measuring Pumps  Standard the world over  Seymour 3907-  3. J. Reedy. IVfarr.for B. C.  569 Richards St.  Vancouver. B.C.


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