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 ■ 'W:''.':?<r::'y'.',." ' >.  ■Wi  '■>*\;  RECORD  PUBLISHING   CO;,  Vancouver, Publishers  Covering Brit:i^h Columbia  Vol. 15, .No. .24, Friday,ri.AugU8t 9,..;1918  aFIREPLAGE  MANTELS, GRATES and TILES  :.«•£>■*■  WE:HAVE,A WEUL^ASSORTEP STOCK.  OUR ' PRICES^ARE RIGHT ■ a.'.-,iy\  Contracts taken for Tile, Terazzo and Marbl* Work.  STORE FRONT DESIGNS A SPECIALTY.  Wm. N. O'Neil Co., Limited  BUILDING  MATERIAL .    (    }  Tel. Sey. 4795-6., , 648"550 S^™^ St'  A Man Is Accounted  ' .   *     ''of :, f  ACOOtTlST    If    he : has    a    bank  ACCOUNT.      No. account    is    too  small  to recelre a courteous welcome at this bank.  Tn«  Home Bank of Canada  Vancouver Branch,  446  Hastings   St.  W.  J.   F.   MacDOBTAIiD,   Manager  Bolts - Nuts - Bars -  Ships' Equipment  ■fi#  n-fikK  Allan & IVIcJ<eiv?e En  121* Pender St., E;        VANCO(J VER, B. c  Co., Ltd.  MlKhland  1573  uixpina gE-«Mi»» Auovnnse *o »5oo ok ov*« ishi^b at t« vai^co^-^^cittka^ t-ctxkbat  .  ' - *    _ Address  Description  Wngbar  J)4 34—Grain elevator  Coat   $70,000  Street Address  Beach Ave   rot  and Bloc*  BaodlTlBion   Architect    ~   H. -H. Gillingham  Contractor  Owner  Addreaa  C.  P. Coles Co.  Vancouver Brand Cement, Reinforcing Steel, Hydrated Lime, etc.  Phone 2988  Ft.OFCOlUMBIAAV Clayburn Firebrick and other Clayburn Products, Facing Brick, Building Papers, etc.  Lumber^ Veneer »mh«i«i  Our Stock ia the Moat Complete on the Peidfic Coast  Wo oro aloo Solo   Agont.  for  tho  Colobratod "»oairor Brand" Maplo  and Birch Ptoorlog. ■'* -    , Z>    •>  J. FYFE SMlt« CO. LIMITED  ***•   "         * -   ■-*';— Vancouver, B. C.  Mundy, Rowland & Co.  ELECTBICAL ENGINEERS  AND.  t  CONTRACTORS  Power  Installations  ■ - ■<<   •„  Gonoraf Eloctrical Construction  TIME SEYM08I 1145    "  Standari Bank Bails*?  VMCNfEl -   WIMIIKs  1320 Richard* St.  . 'f..  |&„j-' "••  S'5  r'1  THE HOIJ5EN GO., Ltd.  GENERAL RAILWAY •* COMTRACTORS  .  ,SUf PUKS  Solt'^eHtoln Canada Tor  Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.  «*<<* '*C *   «sw '  • Fu«r^oiCfi« -ttM; S"i,ino».^ ■ ~"  :h1  ,542 »«s*h<«.,»•. Imam* l t,  i sir. im  Brown, Fraser <&Co., Ltd.  *,--*~,-n^--' »P   SllCMMOIIS.TOlj,        *.       -.       r     -*     ' --  DOMINION EQ-ilPMENT A SUPPLY CO.. LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  --    Madiiiierfanu Supplies  1  .„»im «.-«*««»«    ~'»    —-11SO Homor Stroot  Phono Seymour 715S  Vancouver, B. C.  .   . ;i.- juiEri33Tt.r,.'  •^fc^tK-^*-**^-'!-*  |      BUILDING PERMITS    . *  4»>t^^i.>"*^***4»*«>*^^*«,**H**<,^'S,*l  :»9431—K. Ahah, alterations, 238 Pender E., $400; J. R. B. Wilson, Contr.  "•9432—Mrs! Greenwood, alterations,  1151 Seaton St., $300; U C. Steven &  Co., contr.  J 9433—ft.  Cunningham,  garage,  1023  rlowe St., $125.  '.9435—Clark Estate, garage, 1600 blk  Burnaby St.. Sl^o; D. Watson, contr.  '9436—Vancouver Handle Co.,  alter.,  Ijfl7 Comox, $200.  \ 9137—Commercial Drive, Garage Co.,  oilhouse, 1136 Commercial Dr., ?75.  ~ped%iti^  facturing,.1>lant.*-i-, -?''       .. *   '  . The grain elevator .will be of mill  construction'with provision made* for  future extension.  The^C. P. Coles Co. Ltd. will erect  the plant themselves and have - appointed the architect who designed  the plant, Mr. H. H. Gillingham, to  superintend the construction. It is  anticipated the plant will be in operation "before "the end of the year.  FRANK DARLING & CO.  "*0*H  *THORM  * ,,>vi   „ I    {  .    f  Yi  Roller Bearing Drills-- Close Qnarter Pistol Air DrHls-RWittiif Nimirs  Chippiig Hammers-Wood Borers-Tirbiit aid Electric Drills  ;:;—, Hit*Speed Steel -Orills-Reaaers,;Etc.  Complete Stock o_f Accessories!  1 1 44 HOMER ST.  .Phone Sey. 4100  sS^*"—>—■>  ft       \  *~r*s .zzr  TENDERS FOR TRANQUILLE'  '}'  SANATORIUM ARE ASKED FOR  '; E. Mahon, chairman of the B. C.  Tuberculosis Society, 710 Birks Building, is asking for tenders for the construction of infirmary and service  buildings at Tranquille, B. C. Notice  of tender appears on page two of this  paper  X'  XmAob, mmg.  Winnipeg  Toronto  Yanooaver. m.  C.  ROBERT W. HUNT & CO., LTD.  .ENGINEERS.  ..     ..'_,..-. ■ -Y.-A<a»r^.v(ti»t^''-^x_^__^'^,m:Z'm  _.aiA||■■■■—?-:■■  INSPECTION-TESTS-CONSULTATION  8TEl*"oc^^,B8^^  MATERIAL, LUMBER, ETC. ,  OFFICE: 1601 STANDARD  BANK BUILDING  C-o-o* T^tUMT xaloJK^ f^-^ *— B1  Phone Sey. 21:99  Reeident In.pectora kt Large MiiwfM&'ing Centers  BEAKEBS nr  Crushed Rock, Sand  Ul  All Kinds of Building Material  902 COLUMBIA STREET WEST  PHONE 15 AND 16 NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.  TO SUBMIT ESTIMATE  FOR  HOSPITAL REPAIRS  Building-Inspector R. A. McKenzie  is making an estimate'as to the cost  of repairing the floors of the city's  isolation hospital on Strathcona St.,  ■which are in great danger of collapse.  Dr. F. T. Underhill, city medical health  officer will submit the estimate to the j,  city council meeting next Monday with  a view to having the necessary repairs  authorized.  ~-       B.   C.   INCORPORATIONS.  .The following companies have been  granted certificates    of    incorporation  during .'the^ week:". ^  "^y$ore*s Crea-m~Whfpper Number One  Limited, $10,000rArancouyer.        -. .  Burnaby, Fertilizers. Limited, $20,000,  Victoria.   , ^     .....        AVard's   Agencies   L'imited,   ?20,000,  •si.  Vancouver. ,v  Municipal Land and Loan Company,  Limited, ?50,000, Vancouver.   The Per-f  fecto ear- Differential Company of British Columbia Limited, $25,0,00, Vancou  ver.  Structural Steel For Every Purpose  - /.  7r-rt'  '•xf-'   OJ*'  ,7'. 1"77  -,jj. nil  £ cox,  BSAMS, CMAXmrXM, AXOXJBB, M—ATJtB, T.  . COmXTLMTM—T XQVXFTMXt TAMM—OAXIMa SJEOF*  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL COT, Ltd.  ROADS.  The macadamizing of Quebec street  from Front to Sixteenth avenue, will  be started by the city engineering  department immediately.  ' COGHLAN.—In this section of  Langley road improvement is being  i carried out on the north side of the  B. C. Electric Railway where the road  is being cleared, graded, and widened  —a much needed improvement  Taixmont 039* aad 3397  VameouTer, 9. OL  CONCRETE   AND   STONE  CONTRACTS ARE  AWARDED  The firm of Matheson & DeGuerre,  architects and engineers, 508 North  West Building, have awarded contracts for the stone and concrete  work in connection with the construction   of   the   First   Church   of   Christ j •    Scientists. The contract for the stone ,. j^NGLEY FORT—Councillor David  work was awarded to the Monarch .Harrjs and Municipal Engineer J. Ti  Art Stone Co., and tho concrete work Breckon have this week-been inspect-  to Scott & Clark. Following is a ing the roads in Ward II. and laying  list of the concrete tenders submitted:  ' VICTORIA.—An endeavor is being  made to open up a road along the sea-  front at the foot of Tzouhalem Mountain, from Green Point to the Genoa  ,'Bay mill. The growing importance of  'the mill has led to an increasing need  -for better road facilities.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co.  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT,  REINFORCING STEEL:— >     - '; '._  Largest stock of Mild Steel Bars.In Wostern Canada.   We cut to  length.    Cold Twist and Bend Bars.  BOLTS:— M A     .  Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts.        We are prepared to furnish large orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  SPIKES—CAST  IRON  WASHERS,   ETC.  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  PORTLAND  CEMENT — LIME*— HYDRATED  LIME —  FIRE CLAY  SCOTCH  FIREBRICK — BLACKSMITH COAL — COKE  SEA COAL — PIG IRON — MANILA ROPE, ETC.  (VANCOUVER  WINCH BUILDING  .    Private Ex. Say. 0107  San Francisco, Loo  Angelas, Portland  Soattlo, Tacoma  VICTORIA  BELMONT   BUILDING.  THephona 5037  $4S30  ' out   improvement *  work,    and    Road j  ' Foreman  R.  J.  Fleming  was  advised!  Wednesday to  proceed with work on;  3625   tlie Brown road and on Hudson's Bay  Scott & Clarke    3420  3145  29S6  2420  avenue, Langley Fort.  SEATTLE NOTES.  WIRELESS MFG. PLANT.  ' Plans have been completed by  Architect Carl Siebrand. Northern  Life Building,  covering  the  construe  NEW   GRAIN   ELEVATOR  FOR   BEACH   AVENUE  Construction   work  has   been   com--t*on of a wireless manufacturing plant j  menced by  the  Charles  P. Coles  Co. j f0r the Kilbourne-Clarke Mfg. Co., to  Ltd.,   of   this   city,   on   the   erection   be located on the northwest corner of  of a grain elevator on Beach Avenue, j'E. Marginal Way and Spokane Street.  We Have Just Installed a  COMPLETE  MARINE RAILWAY  Size 110 x 42 feet  General Scow and Tugboat Repairing  Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  Phone  Seymour 9163  1561  Granville Street  It is estimated that the plant will represent  an  expenditure of   approxim-  one  block  west   of Granville   Street,  at a cost of $70,000.00  The Hay and Feed mill will have lately $80,000.  four floors for storage and manufac- f Fernie is to issue $35,000 school  turing and will be constructed of bonds payable in thirty years at 7M>  reinforced concrete walls and mill ! per cent, for anew high school site  construction floors and will be equip- j and equipment  ~"-~ ~ Are You Looldnjf for a  FACTORY or WAREHOUSE  P?tae and tonne will eult you.    Let us show you this.  forgings Machine Work Patterns  Westminster Iron Works  John Reid, Proprietor  Manufacturers of  Structural and Ornamental Ironwork  •Phone 53  Office and Works, Tenth St..  New Westminster, B. C. BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  British Columbia Record  published every Monday/Wednesday and  Friday by the  JUBCORD   PUBLISHING  CO.  IMF  SHIPBUILDING ™ MARINE  Telephone Seymour 7808.  Address:   683 Homer-Rlohards Lane  Rear of 431 Dunsinuir Street.  C. H. NBLSON....MANAGING EDITOR  Subscription Bates  One month  $1.00  WORK   IS   STARTED   ON     s  CHOLBERG   SHIPYARD  VICTORIA—The first steps towards  making  a   shipyard  on   the   fiats   at  Mud  Bay were  inaugurated Monday,  Six  xaont£ZZ.Z.Z.Z.Z.Z.Z.Z.Z.Z.ZY.Z.ZYY.Z\i'A9  when  the  Cholberg Company started  Payable strictly In advance.  a number of men on the task of  breaking ground for sundry water  mains and similar services.  POINT GREY  NOTES.  The building inspector's report fori    Lumber   for   the   slips   and   build  the  month   of July,  as  presented  to | ings   is  expected   to be  delivered   in  tlie council on Tuesday evening,  showed 12 permits to have been issued last month. Five of, the permits were for garages and chimneys  and seven for dwellings, at a* total  value of $1.1,925.  I     PLUMBING  PERMITS     |  »<* ■!■ * ■!■ »^^>«fr<g^*»0»*»4'^H^.»^H|>^4.  15795 to 15796  '    2121—J. A.Flett, 1183 Barclay; McDonald & Perry. ,    Y        .  2i22—Tupper & Bull, 1677 2nd W.;  H. M. Green.  steadily increasing quantities, and it  is the expectation that there will be  a large number of men at work by  the end of this week.  COMPANY TO BUILD  TEN SHIiPS AT ONCE  VICTORIA-  of the Foundation Company's new  shipbuilding programme in Victoria,  twenty auxiliary steam-driven schooners will be put under way in a plant  extending from. Point Hope to Point  Ellice.  4++W+*4ri"m^+*************  I Mining News |  About 100 mon are working at the  Grand Forks smelter. <  A tram is being put in at the Gibson on the south fork of Kaslo creek.  John Vallance, of New Denver, recently sold his store and $33,000  stock of goods at Twodot, Mont., and  returned to the Slocan to work his  claims on the north fork of Carpenter creek.  It is  reported that the case of E.  T.    Beck    and    others,    against    the  Voight   camp    properties,   has   been  WAR   SELKIRK   READY. postponed     for     two    months.      The  VICTORIA-The   War  Selkirk will   Plaintiffs are  8U,n* for a *75-000  interest in  the property, claiming that  undergo her  official  trials today, ,ac- L|iey ,]ad expemled that amount uponi  cording   to   an   announcement   made development.  yesterday at the offices' of the Imperi- b. p. Smith, manager of the Sitting  ai Munitions Board.    She is expected Bull "Mining Company and the Trojan  to be floated  from the ways at mid- Mining   Corporation,   is   pushing   the  night at  Yarrows,   Ltd.,   preparatory construction    of   the   Boulder. Creek  road with all possible speed, and ex  to   setting   out   for   the   Parry   Bay  course.  can be used in a  hundred ways in  INDUSTRIAL and CONSTRUCTION  work of all kinds  Consult our New Business Manager  about adapting gas to  your needs  VANCOUVER GAS COMPANY  Carrall and Hasting Sts. 'Phone Seymour 5000  be laid down until the entire contract  for twenty ships is completed.  USE  British Columbia Yards  Follewlne is a list-of the Shipbuilding  companies of British  Columbia now ac-  With   the   inauguration ! tively   engaged   in   ship   construction   or  recently organized:  Steel Shipbuilding- Plants.  Cougrhlan Shipbuilding: Co., "Vancouver.  Wallace  Shipyards,  North  Vancouver.  Wood Sbfpbuildlns; Plants.  Gamer on Genoa Mills Shipbuilders Ltd.  - Victoria.  NOTICE   TO  CONTRACTORS  TENDERS WANTED.  For.' Extensions to   Tranquille   Sanatorium', Tranquille, B7 C.  Sealed Tenders will be received by  the undersigned until 12 o'clock noon,  August 22nd", for the construction of  Infirmary  and   Service   Buildings - at  Tranquille, B. C.     .  All tenders to be based on the sup-  , plying,  execution, -erection and completion ;, together with the' furnishing  of - all    material,    tools, , appliances,  Jabor,   etc.,  necessary' and  described  by the plans and specifications.  The work of this contract shall be  proceeded with 'immediately .upon" the  signing of the contract, and as may  ( be directed.and in.such a manner as  to ensure the completion'of the work  of this contract.  Plans,  specifications  and  other  information-'required  can > be   obtained  at the 'office' of tlie B. C. Anti:Tuber-  culosis   Society,-,.710^ Birks'.^Building,  Vancouver,, and also-at the office of  ,the Architectural Department, Public  Works' Department,   Victoria,   B.   C,  the    Sheriff's    Office,    Court    House.  Kamloops,  B.  C, and the Provincial  Government    Agent's.   Office,    .Court  . House, New Westminster, |B. C.1  Each tender must be accompanied  by an accepted cheque on a chartered  bank,   payable   to  the   order   of   the  E.   C.  Anti-Tuberculosis   Society,   for  a  sum   not  less  than  five   per  cent.  (5%)   of   the   amount  of  the   tender,  which will be.forfeited if the parties  tendering decline to enter into a con-  - tract when called'upon'to" do so.    If  the tender is not accepted, the cheque  will   be   returned.    If   the   tender   is  accepted, an additional cheque for a  sum equivalent to five per cent. (5#)  of the amount of the tender "must be  deposited    before    the    contract    is  signed.     The   total   security  will   be  forfeited   if   the   contractor   fails   to  complete  the  work contracted for.  Certificates of payment shall'be is-  sued monthly as the work progresses  and shall not exceed in the aggregate ninety per cent. (90^) of the  value of the labor and'material fuiy  nished and set out in the work.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  Envelopes containing - tenders to be  marked "Tender for Extensions to  Tranquille Sanatorium," and "addressed to the undersigned. -,■,.,  'eYmAHON,  Chairman,   B.   C.  Anti-Tuberculosis  Society.  710 Birks  Building,1 ;  Vancouver, B. C.  Foundation Company of B. C, Ltd., Victoria.  It   is   proposed   by  the   Foundation j Lyall   Shipbuilding-  Co.,  North   Vancou-  Company to give employment to 4000 L,ver'  New   Westminster   King.   & - Const.   Co.,  men   involving  a' weekly -payroll   of  $175,000..   '     " ; ;  The construction of ten ships will  go ahead simultaneously and as the  Poplar Island.  Pacific Construction Co.,  Ltd.,  Port  Coquitlam.. ,    '  Standard   Shipbuilding   Co.,   Vancouver.  Wallace ShiDvards Ltd., Vancouver.  ways become vacant- other keels will | w<£j£lcr Cun&d&  Sh,pyarda  Lt*-.  v»n-  pects lo be shipping this fall.  High grade ore in a body nine feet  wide  lias   been   struck  on   the   tenth  level  of   the    Silversmith    mine,   according to a report from Sandon, B. C,  near which  the  property is situated.  The strike was made in' the course ot  drifting in the Silversmith claim of.the  group.'  Ore has been followed 40 feet.  The   clean  lead  ore contains  60  per  cent, zinc and 28 ounces of silver to  the ton.    The percentage of ore-that  is clean has not been reported.   John  B. White, president of "the company:  said  he had  not  been supplied' with  details other than iihat.ore in a body  of- promise had been- encountered. / De?  -  f     r  velopment,. had "not proceeded to a  point that warranted the issuance of a  confident statement -relative to the  value of the body.  ELASTIGU  The Tough,  Elastic, Adhesive Cement  (Ready  for use.)  FOR YOUR  LEAKY ROOF  Send for Free Booklet  MANUFACTURED   BY  THE BARRETT COMPANY, Ltd.  Cor Tenth Avenue and Arbutus Street  Phone B»y. 772  VANCOUVER, B. C.  Bamberton Cement  Bulldog Cable  ■-T,i*  Pacific Lime  ELECTRIC MOTORS FOR RENT  Wo specialize In prompt service for Contractors'  temporary power Installations  SERVICE   24   HOURS   A   DAY  'Phone   Seymour   5000   and   bate   our   representative   call  .£•  R. V, WINCH & CO*  ■ •.       'i    v •*    7*  •     ;-7V.. ■"  v-t'v>5" * tf-"l.  -/-  At J  ..' r f-  Vancouvor and Victoria  J&  '&:  YOUR CARTAGE PROBLEMS" CAN BE SOLVED  BY   PATRONIZING  *?,"•  PROPOSED   NEW    WORK  Character .-fjstlmatsd  Cost  Armory      Harbor Works     •Bank & office bldg..  Hotel, C. N. Ry    „„   »3*0.000   Not given  VANCOUVER I  location Owns*.  Grand view    _ Government  K'tsilano  Reserve    — ...Government-  Hastings & Granville .?. Royal Bank  False Creek Fill  C. N. Ry. Co;  architect Plans JUady  Perry ;& Fowler  ;.  yovernment          I-reparing  "No archt. commissioned yet.  CARTAGE CONTRACTORS  Most   modern and complete  equipment for  handling MACHINERY and HEAVY MATERIALS  Large warehouses for storage  Cheap Rates  UNION   STATION  'Phone Seymour 40S  MAIN STREET  mPBOTsaEBinrs ustzs zskicz:dzatz:z.t below ase PBOPOSED BUT HAVE BEEV POSTPONED:  Post Office  Po»t Office   Concrete  Garage  .1250,000  .136,000  Gore and. Keefer Dom. Gov  South Vancouver  "Dom. Gov  Fifth & Fir Sts Ford Motor Co,'  t, f Dom  V  Dom  S0?*-.  Delayed  Owners        Delayed  uwners       — _.. Delayed  ADAM  JACK  Brick Builder and Contractor  Kilns, Furnaces, and Boilers a Specialty  ESTIMATES  GIVEN . . DISTANCE   NO OBSTACLE  Telephone Hlsrhlanci 728  VANCOUVER, B. C.  >i*miiiiiifmmi»i*ift t;iinn.|fI>|l,  CONTRACTS LET OR WORK STARTED  .Ooet  R. P; Wilson. D.L.S.. A.M.E;I.C.  Civil Engineer  Surveys, Reports, Estimates  All Classes of Drafting  35 Flack Block   Phone, Sey. 87151  /  .  *"**  «*•••<  ,  PANTAGES  Three Shows Daily  2.30-7.00-9.00  PRICES 20c-30c  2021 Wall St.  POLES  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length - any diameter  FEDERAE>Ulv»BER co.  oicereeietesi loot w"  toat.1024 «.««..„«,., mmmmwwtmmmm  '    t Of »IPIPf O f »1 0 I 4 f ;« j »,.,»+  ♦**«»i»i-tnn»,i.»  *•* t**A  »»ioi  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO., LIMITED  Public Works Contractors  Office^ 13-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  _  "OCEAN FALLS"  KRAFT  NOTICE  Kraft Wrapping Paper |. now being manu-  of excellent,  uniform  quality  and  .f «,..»♦  tensile strength. . flrMt  Samples and prices gladly given.  I  Sales Agents  SMITH   DAVIDSON & WKIGht, WOED  Vancouver and Victoria, B. 0. 77fe'.Si-i^^  "    "        *     '-.■*-. °   7"*" Tf'f 7^7J^7iWPT?*'',T IT'"';';^     ■~- ," * ■ "f      .'        7.   ^  ^?Jr$™fo^  «K  A  BEITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  AUTOMOBILE DIRECTORY  Buvlng Information for Automobile  Owntri and Prospective Buyers  FORD FOOT ACCELERATORS  Give Fords standard  foot control  Price $2.25  Gatrell & Hastings  Sey.  2108 1259  Granville  St.  . .*    '  -.-'  HPji  \f\  if]  iii  Si  I  imiMii  Uiai  y  llllrSm*  ■fejJt  w m    mil.              muhuimhw.       ■■ •imii^.vimz^ur.in    aMa^i  ■> ■  the matter.   At a glance this means a  time saver.  ^uloRow  FORD CARS  GRAY & DAVIS STARTERS  FOR FORDS  Sullivan-Taylor  Motor  Co.  250 Kingsway Fair. 2730  DUNLOP WILL HANDLE  FAMOUS   WIRE   WHEELS  "Dunlop Tire & Rubber Goods Co.,  Limited, now have control of the distribution   for  Canada"  of  the   famous  'Houk'  and  'House'  wire  wheels  and  M1CHELIN TIRES & ACCESSORIES    parts "  J \  Co to HILL, LTD. That paragraph puts inJa nutshell a  many times, both in Europe and  America, it has been demonstrated beyond doubt that there is practically 20  per cent, greater life in any make of  pneumatic tire used    in    conjunction .scales.   The Consolidated Motor Com-  7 DOES HEAVY DUTY.  Peterboro, Ont.—Maxwell trucks are  being put through some stiff overloading tests in the service of the Peterboro Milk Products Limited. On June  15, this concern hauled 3970 pounds  of milk eight miles over very rough,  hilly roads. To certify the performance the milk people turned in to the  Maxwell Motor Company of Canada,  the market clerk's certificate after  the load was  weighed on  the  public  Everything for the Motorist  Phone  Seymour  6411 Quick  Service  SEYMOUR TIRE & RUBBER CO. LTD.  Dominion, Nobby's and Goodyear Truck  Tires  Motor Accessories  851  Pender St. W Sey. 3053  SAXON   SALES   COMPANY  Distributors for  SAXON AUTOMOBILES  1272  Granville  St. Sey.3391  decision recently made by the Wire  "Wheel Corporation of America of far-  reaching significance — a decision  which the Canadian trade will no  doubt welcome for its obvious benefits  in distribution.  The designs of these wheels are  fully covered by Canadian patents  owned and controlled by the Wire  Wheel Corporation of America.  with wire wheels than there is with  tlie ordinary solid type of artillery  automobile  wheel.  Its a Time Saver.  From time to time dealers get enquiries for wire wheels or parts thereof, which, of course, can be supplied to  fit any automobile. All that is necessary to do now is to write to th'e company, giving particulars in the same  way as formerly given the Wire Wheel  pany, 1230 Georgia St. West, are distributors for the Maxwell in this territory.  AUTOMOBILE RECORDS  FROM   JULY   25th   TO  AUG.   7,   1918  Following  Is a Complete List of  New  Automobile Licenses Recorded for  Vancouver and District:  No. Name Address Car  15635—K.   L.   Coldwell. *H55   Beach  Ave.  Dodge.  Dunlop company  in  turn will   handle  From   tests   that   have   been   made)the whole proposition, thus simplifying  LUMBER TRUCK AND TRAILER.  DAVIE VULCANIZING CO.  Auto and Tire Repairs   .  " Vulcanizing   '  1234 Granville  St. Sey.   1184  LITTLE GIANT MOTOR TRUCKS  "All that the Name Implies"  Leslie W. Pearson, Mgr.  Granville  mt  Pacific   Sey.    33!  CONSOLIDATED MOTOR CO., LTD.  ■Packard — Nash — Maxwell  Trucks and Passencer Cars    -  1230 Georgia St..— Seymour 4030  BLACK BROS.. LIMITED    ;"  Automobile Supplier—Car Bodies '.'  Top* sud Seat Cover*  1111-15 Homer St Sey. 668-69  Getting the things of'commerce from the source of supply to the place o'  present- need Is a big problem in to-day's economic program. The accompanyinj-  ptiotograph demonstrates the Important part the motor truck is,playing In speedinj  lumber delivery. 7 * , '     . - \; , „  Corporation of America direct, and the  i■>636—\v. G. Mcliityre, 2018 Charles St.  —.Maxwell.  15637—A. Hamilton.   1367  7th   W.—Ford.  10638—A. N. Tulk, 137 Water—Wfllys-O.  Ia639—Mabel Houlgate,  1721 Van Ness—  I'ord.  15640—II. Gates,  -132   Sth E.—Ford.  156-11—National Biscuit Co.—Ford.  15642—Johnston     Storage    Co. — Little  i      Giant.  15643—It. G. .McPherson, 57th XX'—Chevrolet.  15e-U-"-C.   Stewart,   810   Richards—Ford.  15645— Vv. XV. Hamilton, 1027 Pen:Ior XV.  —Willys-O.  15fi46—I.   Murphy,   837   19th—Ford.  15647—Fleck  Bros.,   54   Cordova —Ford  15648—C. E.  Avis, Eburne—Ford.  l;-649—Turner,   Beaton   Co.,  702   Mercantile Bldg.—Ford.  15650—G.  P.  uarling,   C|o Lyalls,  North  »      Vancouver—Ford.  15701—D.   Bailey—Federal. -  15702—Lee Yuen Co..   260 Pender St. E.  —"Rriwcoe.  15703—W.  G.   Ruocco,   1281  Burnany  St.  —Chevrolet.-  15704—Wm.   McKeown,   1108   Rose  St.—  /.     Chevrolet.  15705—J.  Reed,  721 Main St.—Ford.   -   ,  15706—D.  Jackson,  2027  Trafalgar  St.—  Wlllys-O. '  15707—Johnston Storage Co.—Federal.  1570S^-C. KonichI —Ford. '  15700—B. C. E. Railway—Ford.    .  15710—F.   Sulung,   433   Columbia—Briscoe. ' •    -  15711—B.   J-etts,   3044   Granville—Ford.  157l2'-^-Barrett.Co..  3026'3rd XV.—Ford.  15713—E.   J.   Foster.   3708   Dundas   St.—  McLaughlin.  15714—A.   Pomfret,  804.  Hastings E.—  Hupp.  ,ti      ("Continued on  Face 4.)-     ■;  i ,  ' ""■-■', *  *■(■■-■'■  S  A Convincing Argument  For FEDERAL Superiority  A   Federal   capacity   for  •very   bnsln««s   r«Q.ui*»-  ■ -. ■>."•'"  meat.  J   F. BOUSKILL  Hauling Contractor  Vancouver.   B.  C,  ■: July   12th,   191S.  H. J. TUCKER,  Esq.,  British Columbia Distributor,  Federal  Trucks,  VANCOUVER,  B.  C.  In reply to your inquiry I take pleasure in testifying to the  dependability and hauling power of my sturdy 1-ton Federal, which  has been on strenuous duty for six years. My truck was used for  hauling 3-ton loads of coal for three years steady, and for hauling  2-ton loads of gravel for two years steady.  During the year 1916, I drove my Federal from Portland to  Detrolct and from Detroit back to Vancouver, covering the cross continent trip twice without serious trouble. Throughout the journey I  climbed grades ranging up to 37% per cent., and carried a light load  both wavs    No other truck, as far as I know, has ever made this trip.  During the past six months my truck has been hauling 2-ton  loads of wood, and is performing good service at present.  Yours   very   truly,  (Signed)   JOHN F.  BOUSKILL.  Heavy duty Tractor*  Trailer* for Lnmb«  M<»ii«g- Industries.  Everywhere  The FEDERAL Leads  The FEDERAL Succeeds  WRITE OR CALL FOR INFORMATION  FEDERAL SERVICE STATION  •       (Established 8 Years)  833 Pender St. W., Vancouver, B. C.  Distributors for FEDERAL MOTOR TRUCK CO., Detroit  H. J. TUCKER  ^_S_F\5  Tire Repairs -- Auto Repairs  We have just added to our extensive tire, business an Auto Reaair Department manned by men who have had considerable experience in the repair  business both here and in France.  We can fix  your car from  top to bottom. ,  DAVIE VULCANIZING COMPANY  1234 Granville St  G.   S.  HOCKLEY".  Manager.  Seymour 1184  Vancouver, B. C.  DHIMDELPHIA  THE BATTERY  ©KJ®    FOR YOUR CAR  40 per cent, longer life  18  months'   Guarantee  PRICE    NO    HIGHER  Call and see us when passing  JARVIS  ELECTRIC CO.  Distributors for B. C.  570 Richard* St. Seymour 175  imiiiMimiiiinM-ffiiff  liliiiimimiilillliillilllB  Two Questions  With so many low-priced  so-called anti-skids obtainable, would that great host  of motorists pay more for  Dunlop "Traction" Tread  if they could get its merits  elsewhere?  Also, would that other  large list of car owners buy  ===== " SPECIAL "' ===  if tires which somewhat■<*,  resemble   it   in /appearance  resembled it in efficiency ?  i S PECLSEJ.  The  Directory  AUTO TOPS,  DELIVERY  BODIES  TOPPER & STEELE, LTD.  >     COMMERCIAL AUTO SPECIALISTS  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  FUNERAL CARS AND AMBULANCES  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.   c  ONE, ONE-AND-A-HALF AND TWO-TON  TRUCK ATTACHMENTS  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  PAINTING AND VARNISHING  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD. :^:  SEAT COVERS AND TRIMMINGS       "  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  *        TWO AND FOUR-WHEEL TRAILERS  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  TRACTORS  TUPPER & STEELE, WD:  WAGON HEARSES CONVERTED  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  WELDING, MACHINING, WHEEL AND ENGINE  WORK  TUPPER & STEELE, LTD.  TUPPER & STEELE, Ltd.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  Phones Bay. 138 and 139.  1667-9 Third Ave., W. (jr  BRITISH COLUMBIA EECQXtD  »v  7f  "I  I  ft*  I <"■*.'  I  iw.',  >7  ^        . •   r;  ^rjr-.rr ;.-•'■    ■■    jirn^-^'Jt^V.'IW.'Wt^pp^.iftwriCV^/-r>y.HY^^^.^yT  "BAGLEY MAKES G^  A. G. BAGLEY & SONS Ltd.  PRINTERS,   JEtf&RAVERS    and   1VIAWUFACTURERS  "#4 GLEY DOES GOOD PRINTING'?  SEALS     STENCILS,   RUBBER   AND   METAL   STAMPS,   METAL   CHECKS,  TIME   CHECKS,  KEv   TAGS,   BRASS    SIGNS,   NUMBERING    MACHINES,   BADGES   OF   ALL   KINDS,   ETC.  ALL WORK GUARANTEED BEST QUALITY. PROMPT DELIVERY AND FAIR PRICES  77:   ,0"J3«  PHONE SEY. 316  Moved to 516 PENDER ST., W.  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seyaour 6180  1060 Homer SL  Vancouver B. C.  i--\,  r  Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  LIMITED  P. A. Jones, Mjrr.  WHARF BUILDING;  BRIDGES,  PILE FOUNDATIONS,  Owners off Tug "CLIVE"  .   General Towing  ~ Yi      -  324 Froit SL New Westmiaster  Tttephrae 1015  DIXON & MURRAY  MAMUFACTVRCRS OF .,  SlOW CASES, OFFICE  Ml STORE FITTINGS  GENEML CARPENTER WORK  NMTMG. HKtmi-  m ml U1S0HMWI  Sey, 8765 J    Sey. 8766  1085 Dunsmuir St.  , NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS _. .  SEALED TENDERS addressed to  the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for Sprinkler System in sheds on  Government wharf, Vancouver, B. C."  will be received at this oflice until,  12' o'clock, noon, on Thursday, August '15,- 1918, for the installation of  an automatic sprinkler system in the  two wooden freight sheds on the  Government whair'f at Vancouver,  ■Br C.     ■■■■■■-  Plans and forms of contract can  be' seen and specification and forms  of tender obtained at this Department, at the offices of the District  Engineers, Shaughnessy Building,  Montreal, Equity Building, Toronto,  | and at the Post Office, Vancouver,  B.  C.  Tenders will not be considered unless made upon forms supplied by  the Department and in accordance  with conditions set forth therein.  Each tender must be accompanied  by an accented cheque on a chartered bank, payable to the order of the  Minister of Public Works, equal to  10 per cent, of the7 amount of the  tender.  Note.—Blue prints can be obtained  at» this Department by depositing an  accepted bank cheque for the- sum of  $10, payable to the order of the Minister of Public Works, which will be  returned if the intending bidder submit a regular bid.  By order,  R. . C.   DESROCHERS,  Secretary,  Department of Public Worksj  Ottawa, July 17,  1918.  iUbW  i ^'P'^v w, ■ .r;T^  9 ik  J  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS  Sealed Tenders addressed to the  undersigned and endorsed "Tender' for  Shed and Trackage on Pier No. 3, Victoria, B. C," will be received at this  office until 12 o'clock noon, on Tuesday, August 13, 1918, for the construction of one wooden "shed, trackage,  etc. on or near Pier "No. 3 at Victoria,  B. C.    '  ' Plans and forms of contract can oe  seen and specifications and forms of  "■"■"BHpeHe-HelHHBlHHe1e1HB^-HMel----|BHHfJH  1574ft—T.   Gratit,   Rosedale—Saxon..,  16750—W.  A.   Burgess,  306   Cth -IC.-zpord  15751—A..-B.   Palmer,   1005   Broughton—  McLaughlin.  K,"f'-C,    eiiam'Ki.'ain,   New   West.—  Saxon.  1 ."'.'&:;- -'". Bailey, fir..**  Seymour St.-• **;>nl  ''15-7f.'-i—K.  J.   Boond,   1643 ■ Nelson ■ St.—  . Void.. , ."   •■  "1-P755—.1 TMcNair, Rosedale—MoL-iiiglilin  "i57r.6— li. Henry, Chllliwack—,*Uc'Lau^h.  15757—-W.  J.   Stotteday,   804   Hasting  Hudson.  1575S-Mrs    Henipseed,   1504   14th  XX.—  Ford. '  15759—D.   McMillan,   1272   Granville—  .    Saxon.  15760—  15761—  15762—W.  A.  Oakes, Empress Hotel—  Ford.  157C3—E.  Moody.  2043  Quebec  St.  Chevrolet.  15764—C.  Lundegren, 737  16th XV.—Ford  15765—Hall A  "Wallace,  575' Beatty  St.—  Federal.  15766—A,   P.   Slade,: Water  St.—Wllly-O.  15767—Jv B.  Rutledge,  Cariboo—McLaughlin.  '15768—Leek A Co., 1090 Homer St.—Ford  15769—G.  Wylie,  19S6  Kitchener—Ford.  15770—A.  G.  Bagley & Sons,  1123  Richards—Ford*. ,  ■. ...  15771—Mrs.   F.   Greatrex,   722   Hamilton  —Gray-Dort.  15772—F. Topham, 53  6th E.—Studeb'ker  15773;—Mrs.   Healey,   565   Hamilton   St.—  Ford.  15774—K. Finiaysori, Granville and 6th—  Ford.  15775—Dr. Bell,  3616 Albert St.—Ford.  15776—T.  Lambardo,   315   Union  St.—  Studebaker.  15777—E.   Brisay.   1101   Nicola   St.—  Studebaker.  1577S—L. Flildebrant, 3I6S Pandora St.—  Chevrolet.  15779—V.  Semmens,  S60  Gram-ille  St.—  Chevrolet.  157S0—C. Hemcon,  IS55 Pendrell —Ford.  157N1—S.  Davis,   3955 Dundas  St.—Ford.  157S2—Mrs.  Newman,  636   Main  St.—  Chevrolet.  1C7S3—D.   P.   McLennan,   1233   Georgia—  Studebaker.  157SI—F. Dodd,  1462 Broadway E.—Ford  157S5—T"). Wilson,  Eburne—Chevrolet.  ]57S6—l. D.  Robinson,  2403 Stephens St.  —Chevrolet.  1"<S7—  157SS   lo'ibt—3.   G.   Musgrave.   4S1   llth   E.—  TI upp.  157S9—Wm. Crowe, 2056 loth XV.—McLaughlin.  15790—Alberta "Woodvard, 6th & Willow  St.—Little. Giant.  15791.7-1,,.  McWIlliams,  1316  10th XV.—  Willys-O.  15792—Brown.  Fraser A Co., 1150 Homer  St.—Ford.  15793—Annie'Neale, North  Vancr—Ford  15794—B. Hartup, 2176 12th W. —Mit-'  chell.  15795—H.  Floyd,   935   22nd  W.—Ford.  15796—R.' Street.  30S6 3Sth XV.—Ford.  15797—C.  Roberts,  2S29  Woodland   Dr.—  Ford. ' -.  15798—H. Shore, 627 22nd W.—McLaugh.  15799—H. N. Galer, 198 Hastings St.  —Saxon. ^  15S00—C. H. Harris, North Vancouver.—  McLaughlin.  15801—A.  Arnold.   839,Hastings  W.—  Tudhope.  15802—B.  C.  Electric—Ford.  15803—A.   Edwards,   278S   Albert   St.—  Ford.  15S04—B.  Jones,   Eburne—Gray-Dort;  15S05—T. Shaw,—Briscoe. ,     ';H.;   \  15806—L.  Kee,   Pender W.—McLaughlin.  15807—H.   Mclntyre,   1950   Quebec, St.—  Ford. i    ~"f'   -^  15S08—J. N.'Copp.- *  15809—R. Elliott, N. Vancouver—Ford.   *  15810—W. Stewart, 4485 Buller St.—McLaughlin, f ' - - »  15811—B. Keeley,  1774 ,5th W.—Ford.,    ,  15812—H." Anderson,  1731  Haro—Chevro.  WRIGHT BROS.  BUILDERS AND  CONTRACTORS  ROOFING   SPECIALISTS  We Design and Build  Sey. 3315       511 Dunsmuir St.  15S13—K.   Chilba,   206   Main   St.—McLaughlin.  15S14—W.   Foulis,  Sfiy   Broadway W.—  Ford. , -  15S15—Martin,   Finlnyson   & .Mather,  Hastings St.—Ford. •  15S1G—P. Bennett,  549 Jackson Ave.—  Ford. ■,, ,  lf,S17—Center  Wood  Yard,  766  7th   XV.—  Little Giant.   -  15S1S—Vernon   heed   Co.,   255   Broadway  E.—Little Giant.  1 r,S! "*•—T.   Milieu,   Central   Park—Ford.  15S20—P.   Bavllss,   1116   Arbutus  St.—  Ford.  15S21—B.  C.  10.  Railway —Ford.     -  15822—Ii. C.  E.  Railway—Ford.  15S23—  15JJ2I—T.   Roberts, 30 Pender W.—Studebaker.  15S25—Campbell  Moving Co.,  S57  Beatty  St.—Republic.  15S26—Anne   Lamnman,   1305   Burnaby  St.-i-Studebaker.  15SI7—Vancouver Brokerage,  Burnaby-  Ford.  1582S—Wm.  More,   556   Granville  St.—  Dodge...      ' \  Buyers' Guide  When Buying Building Material and Supplies  Patronize Record Advertisers  w  »-?.  IN  al*i:¥its?brAnckes  t -  "ft i  CITY  FACTORY  FARMS,  SITES   AND. TIMBER  PtfOPERTlfeS;  SECURITIES  GOVERNMENT AND MUNICIPAL  BONOS,    MORTGAGES  RENTS  COLLECTED  BUILDINGS MANAGED  :-#&-  '1 >>i W  lf'f-  "4 -a-  \ Ceperley,   Rounsefell  and Company -  Y-Z Y ^m'&ijmnxizxmmdZ * * Z^  .739 Ha'stings^St^^f^i^Vancouvrir  |        Telehpone Seymour 7820   _  ARCHITECTURAL    TERRA    COTTA.  Evans. Coleman * Evaos, Ft. Col. St., S. 2988  O'Nell.   Wm. N. Co.  Ld.,  548  Soymour.S. 4706  Ritchie   Con.    A   Sup.    Co.,    Ltd     Gran.    Z'..  Brldaa  ....';....................8. 9163  A8IMIAI.T   FELT.  Evana. Coloman & Evana,  ft. Co).... ,S. 2988  Tba   Barrett   Co..   I,t<l.,   10th   and   Arbutuii,   Bay.   772,  The  Standard" Paint. Co.'of  Canada,  Ltd.,  430   Standard   Hank   Bldg.. ......7". Sey.'2913  AUTOMOBILE   INSURANCE  Ceperley,  Rounsefell  &  Co.,   Winch   Bldg.  ■• ............Sey.  7820  '■""'. BANKS   ,  Home   Bank  of  Canada..............S. S270  BHICK—ALL KINDS.  Evana Coleman & Evans, Ft. Col.. S. 2988  Gllley Bros.. Ltd.. New West., Phones 15. 16  W. N. O'Noil A Co., 548 S&y. St.: <3. 4785-479S  Rltohle   Contr.   &  Sup.   Co.,   Ltd..   Gran.   St.  Bridge   ..'...' S.   9162  R.V.Wlnch A Co;. Ltd.. Winch B. S. 279-i»44  BCILWNG  FKLT8  AND l'AI'KKS.  Evans,   Coleman  &  Evans,   Ft.  Col... .S. 29SS  W. N.  O'Nell A Co., 548 Sey. 8t., S. 47»5-47»8  TIm  Barrett   Co.,   Ltd.,   10th  and   Armitus.   Ita;.   77:.  'J'lie  Standarri  Paint Co.  of Canada,  Ltd.,  •130  Standard   Hank   Tildg Sey. 2913  BONDS—9URETT.  Ccpcrlev,   Rounsefell   &  Co.,   Wirsch   Fllrlg.   " Sey.  7820  R.V.VVliich  A Co.. Ltd.,   Wincli  ti., fa. .'(i<-l.!M4  CARPENTERS  Dixon    &   Murray S. 8765- 8766  CEMENT.  Balfour,   Guthrie & Co.... fc.  »19'i-657»  Evans,' Coleman & Evans, Ft. Col. ..S. 2SS8  Gllley Bros.. Lt*., New West., Phones 15. 16  W.N.'O'Nell.&'Co.,- S48 rfey. St., S. 4795-479S  Ritchie 'Contr.- &   Sup.,   Ltd.,   Granville   St  Bridge- .'.v. r     S. 9165  R.V.Wlnch A Co.'. Lta.. Winch B.. S. 279-1944  . JLCEMENT TESTING' /LSD ASSAYING.  Hunt,   "Robt.   W.'  A''Co.,   Standard -Bank  ,Bldg- S. 2199  .;       - CONTRACTORS^-GENERAi,."  Armstrong,   Morrison    A   Co.,    Ltd.,    Bower  Bit.    i *.    S.183*  ' CONTRACTORS—TILE—TERKAZZO.  Evana,  Coleman A Evans,  tt. Col S. 2988  W. N.  O'Neil A Co., 548 Sey. St., 8."47f5-47»8  •. CRANES   A*VI)  HOISTS - (ELECTRIC -  The Holden Co., Ltd., 542 Pender St W.  Sey.   1Q65.  DRILLS—PORTABLE   ELECTRIC  Darling,  Frank & Co., 1142 I-Iomer  Street     Sey. 4100-4101  The Holden Co.. Ltd., 542 Pender St W.  Sey.  1066.  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES    „.  B.   C.  Elodtric Co.,  M0T0R8  Ltd...   _S. 501)1  MOTOR   TRUCKS.  Little Giant Motor Truck Co.....".. .Sey. 331  Keo   iMotor  Car  .Agency,   Ltd ?..Sey.   1860  H.  J.  Tucker,  833..-.Pender AV  Sey.  3S65  iupptr &, Steel,  Ltd......, ..Hay.   13S-U9  OFFICE AND   STORE  FITTINGS  Dixon   &   Murray..............S. 8765-  8766  ; 7 '('■'■ ■ *        .  PACKING.   BELTING   AND    MECHANICAL   GOODS  Dunlop Tim &' Rubber Goods Co,, Ltd.,  844 Curable SL _. „..„.. 3. 13—8.2*88  PAINTING  4  PAPER  HANGING -  Dixon   &   Murray.,.....!..... .S. 8765- 8766  PAINTS—FIRE-I-ROOF.  W. N. O'Neil A Co., 548 Sey, St.. .8. 4795-4798  PAINTS— D/ma<P PROOF.  Bvans,  Coleman A Kvans,  ft. Col.... .S. 2988  JV.  jN'. O'Neil m. Co, 648 tewy. St.   .S. 47U5-4798  Thc  Standard--Paint''C<>.   ot Canada, Ltd.,  430   Standard   Uank   Uldg Sey. 2»13  PAPER f  .Smith.  UarldMO  A Wrlvtit. Ltd., Homw  and  JJavlo   Sw _    S. S5M  PA RTITION—FI REPROOF  Evana, Coloman & Evana   m. Colum. .8. 2981  Ritchie. Con. die Sup. Co.. Granv. Bdg..S. 9168  PATTERNS  Wentralnslor Iron Works,   N*a\f Woslmlnstai    Phona 51  PIG  IRON AND TIN  Balfour,  Guthrie  A  Co S. 9197-8571  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  ft. ,Col S. 3988  Wiutlnsun  Co,   Ltd.,   SID   Biadi   Aru S. 79rjf—•  R. V. Wlnoh A Co., Wlnck Bid...8.   279-1944  „.S. 3998-9  TELEPHONE DATA  JTBW TJrSTAZAATXO-sTS  JUI.Y 31, 1918.  Swift Canadian Co. Live Poultry Plant, S01 Powell High. 2177  AUCfUST 1, 1918.  Merchants   Rooming House,   255  Georgia E Sey. 7753-0  AUGUST 2, 1918.  . .   .      .     .   .. .    _ . ., Stein, Jacob,  Machinery.  968 Main   - Sey. 8259  contract obtained at  this Department J commercial Drive Garage, 1136 Commercial  High. 2179  and  at the office of the District En-  n.  C.  Electric Co..  Ltd , -S. 5080  Cop* A Son,   130 ""lastlrws \V   -Sey.;860.3  Darling, Frank A Co., 114 2 Homer 77  "  '     Street Sey^I 00-4101;  -ELEVATOR CARS AND ENCI.O«i?RES.  W. N. "O'N'eil,* "Co., 548  Sey. YstYisYiTwfciiiB^  KUcHIelContr.   A   Sup.   Co,   LrtT^'GraJfLSSt;  fBrl&ga-:;/.)'. •.:■'•:••; ■./'. ^ V.'f^ffr:^ 'K?WM_'  ^'t'ZzZ ' '  \ E-LEVATOR8 ZYSZBZffZ  Darling. ■' Frank A Co./ 114 2SHomerS*'':""4>*  - '   Street ........  ■J  the  t-4 r  Plumbing  and  Steamfitting  1033 Grwtvttlo St.  Vanco«V4Mr. B. C.  Phon* Say. 136  ttmm. Bay. 77*  I  G. Kilgren  GENERAL CONTRACTOR  FAIRMONT MIL     9S2 Hth AVE. E.  . v..;,r 4, r\L.  gineer at Victoria, B. C, and at  Post  Office, Vancouver,  B.  C.  Tenders will not be considered unless made upon forms supplied by the  Department and in accordance with  conditions set forth herein.  Each tender must be accompanied  by an accepted cheque on a chartered  bank payable to the order of the Minister of Public Works, equal to 10 per  cent, of the amount of the tender.  Note.—Blue prints can be obtained  at the Department of Public Works by  depositing an accepted bank cheque  for sum of $25 payable to the order  of the Minister of Public Works, which  will be returned if the intending bidder submit a regular bid.  R. C. DESROCHERS,  Secretary  Department of Public Works,  Ottawa, July 15, 1918.""'  ■BBBW.»a«----'-----RBBB9B'B-BBB-rJa-BB--M  (Continued   from   page   3)  CKAJrOSS.  JUI.T 31, 1918.  Lindsay, Frank, Furniture Repairing, from 543 Seymour to 559 Georgia Sey. 6441  --------       ~0i from 137 Hast. "VV. to 14"  "     *   "' "  "   ""'  AUGUST 1, 1918  New York Outfitting Co., from 137 Hast. W. to 143 Hast.  W Sey. 1361  489  International Motors, from U12 Seymour to 1129 Howe  Sey.  Brooks, Scanlon, O'Brien Co., Ltd., Loggers, from 73 9 Hastings W. to  510 Hastings St. XV Sey.  4167  Morris, J., Dyers and Cleaners;  from  606 Main to 62 Hast. W Sey.  7412  Wadnams Oil Co.. Oil Supplies, from 223 Columbia to 171 Cordova W Sey. 2665  Gardiner, H. J. & Co., Mfrs., from 825 Powell to 626 Pender XV Sey. 8737  Vancouver Floral Co., Store;  from  681  Granville to  407  Granville Sey.    677  AUGUST 2, 1918.  Ford Auto Repair Shop A Garage, from 2242 4th W. to 1122 Richards....Sey. 8255  ^**i«**&e$******'l-*****+i  t*^***+**l***'*<f**  -    • .    * ■■     *  A  S. J. Trlcfcer £. £. Elliott  CENTRAL SHEET  METAL  WORKS  SHEET/ COPPER, BRASS  aad IRONWORK  RESTAURANT  EQUIPMENT  BOAT TANKS  GALLisY RANGES    ^  StfEAM TABLES"  SMOKE   STACKS  HEATING       VENTILATING  PLUMBING  Phone Sey. 6S0     151% Pender St. "W.  ■fiTAarCOUVEK, B. c.  49   Granville   ��  901   6th   XV.-  15715— <  .15716—Auto   "Livery,    1'  Ford.  15717—Chew   Lumber   Co.  Ford.  1571S—R.   Ballam,   Chilliwack—Republic  15719—Kathryn  Hall,   101  Hastings   E.—  Chalmers.  15720—Joe  Moga,   «22   ISth,   North   Vancouver— Ford.  15721—F.  A.  Taylor,   1652  7th XV.—ford.  15722—W.   W.   McNeeley,   1985—12tn   vv.  —McLaughlin. - *  15723—M. Gesner, Homer St.—Gray Dort  15724—F.   C.   Bird;   1062   Georgia   St.—  Chevrolet.  15725—W.   E.   Whelpton,   S71   Granville—  •       Chevrolet.  15726—Thomas Sanderson, Hastings Saw  •'    Mill—Chevrolet.  15727—Mrs.   C.  Arnold,  1994   Ogden  Ave.  —Chevrolet.  15728—Geo.   Maltley,. 1022   Kingsway—  Ford.  15729—G. ./. Johanson, North Vancouver  —Chevrolet.  15730—General    Hospital—Chevrolet.  15731—T    Parsons,   440   Marine   Drive—  Ford.  15732—T. Saba, 652 Granville—Ford.  15733—V.  Ghomley,  N.   Vancr.—Ford.  15731—W.  A.   Briggs,   25th   &  Carnarvon  —Chevrolet.  lF,7.-sr>—XV. Shelly, 1830 13th XV.—Fora.  15736—J.   Morgan,   1195   Burrard—Ford.  157,'i7—B.   Hyndman,   1118   Barclay-  Russell.  3 5738—E.   B.   Ladner,   2326   2nd  W.   —  Willys-O.  15739—J.  Payne,'511  Winch  Bldg.—Ford  10740—R.   C* Stoddart,  2065  Triumph  St.  Wlllys-O.  1 £741 — R.  J. Christian, 220 Ontario St.—  Ford.  15712—Singh   Co.,  547   Main—Little  Gnt.  15743—Nellie  Brown,  840   Butte St.—  Maxwell.  15714—A.   Murray,  39   6th,  New  West   Chevrolet.  1574 5—J.   Charlton,   2110   6th   E.—Ford.  lf.746—W.  McNair.  1260 Granville—i-ura  15747—C.  Saint,  7911  Arg>le  St.—Ford.  157-1S—E.   Mudgc,   3115   Quebec—Ford.  Vancouver Gas Appliance Co.  AGENTS FOR  McCLARY'S RANGES  %  ♦  ■*  ?  V  f  V  <&  V  *  t  Industrial and Household  Gas Fittings   :'.7..,:.:.7..,S«yS*10;H10t  FIKE OLAX ^ZYY^YZZZYZY  Balfoiir/ Guthrie & to '. Y^Y.sZwiii-itYiS-  "Bvana.   Coleman" A" Evana"rTt.  Col.vvS:?l»88-  GIHoy "Broa.,.* Xew Westminster. Ph6nei':lS',-lC'  W.l-N. O'Noil A Co., i4l Bey. St,'S'4798-i7»S7  Rltchli Con. A Sup. Co.,' Granvl, B4».:S.,9i«!  R. V. Winch m Co.,  "Vlnch Bl««\. 8. 279-1*44  FIKE  EXTI*NUl*I8HKB   SYSTEMS.  Barr A Andersen, 1060 Hcmer 8t.....8. (180  FLOOIUNO  J. Fyf« Smith  A Co.,  1320 lilchard*. .8. 1196  F0R6IN08  WwUnlnster Iron Works, Now Westminster    Fboiw 53  GALVANIZING  Allan    McKelvie ling. Co., Ltd High 1573  GAS   APPLIANCES  Vancouver  Gas Appliance Co S.    801  GLASS—A1X KINDS.  W. N. O'Nall A Co. US Sey. St.  S. 4795-479?  HARDWARE  Brown.  Fraser A Co.. Ltd.,  1150 Homer St.....9. T155  Flett, J. A.. Ill Hastings W Sey. 2327-8  HARDWOOD FLOORS ,  W. N. O'Nall * Co., 141 Soy. Bt. ...8. ,4786-4798  J.  Fyfe Smith A Co. 1320  Richards. .8. 119U  "   HARDWOOD LUMBER.  Smith,'J. Fyfe & Co.. 1320 Richards. .8. 1196  HEATING—HOT  A1K,   STEAM  AND   VENTILATING  Bailey, K. A., 1033 Granville St S.  136  Barr   *   Anderson,   1060   Homer  St...S. 8180  HEATIN6   ANO   VENTILATING   ENGINEERS  Lock & Co.,  Ltd.,  1098 Homer St „ T„„S.    681  HOISTING  ENGINES  Ritchie Con   & Sup. Co., Granvl. Bdf .8: 9185  INSURANCE.  Ceperley,  Rounsefell &  Co.,   Winch  Bldg.   Sey.  7S20  R.   V.  Winch &  Co.  I,td.,Winch  Blrlg.    / Sey. 279-1944  INTERIOR FINISH  Evans, Coleman & Bvans,  ft.  Col S. 2988  VV. N. O'Neil A Co.. 548 Sey. St. ..S. 4796-4798  Ritchie. Con. A Sup. Co., Uranv. Bd|f. .8. iudi  IRON  AND   STEEL—•STRUC'J'l'KAL  Can. Northwest Steel Co., Ltd.  Prince  Kdward St Fair.  2396-7  Evans,   Coleman   A   Evans,   Ft.   Col.. .S. 2S.HS  Coughlan.  J.  &  Sons.  World  Bid* S.   79")  Macrlonald,   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd S.  210  Ritchie. Con. A Sun. Co., G-ranv. Dd«r. .S. 91B?  W. N. O'Nell ft Co.. 618 Sey. St. ..8. 4795-4798  Westminster   Iron   Works,  Now Wostmlnnti-r    I'hone 53  Wilkinson Co., 846 Beach S.  7915  IRON   AND  STEEL—ORNAMENTAL.  Evans, Coleman -& Evans,   tt.  Col S. 2988  W. N. O'Neil A Co.. 548 Sey. St.. .8. 4796-4798  Kltchlo Con. ft Sup. Co.. Granvl. Bdig..S. 918:  Westminster Iron Works,  New Westminster    i'hono 53  PILING AND I'OLES  Federal   Lumber   Cu.,   Uogers   Hltlt; —  l'JLE DRIVING.  Evana, Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col S. 2988  Kra«tjr   Kivor  Pile   Oriviaf  Co..   Now   West,  PIPE—SEWER  Bvans, Coleman ft Evans Ft. Colum. .S. 2988  Gilley Bros., Ltd., Now West.. .Phonea 15. 14  Kiccble Con. ft - Sup. Co., Granville. .S. till  R.  V.   Winch ft Co., Wincli Bid...S.   279-1944  FLASTER  HaHour,  Guthrie  ft  Co S. 9197-65T*  Evans, Coleman A Evai** Ft. Colum. .S. 2981  Gllley Bros., Ltd., New West.. .Phone* 15, II  XV. N. O'Nell ft Co., 648 Sey. St...e). 4795-4798  Kitchie, Con. ft Sup. Co.. Granv. Bdg;. .8. 91«l  PLASTER  BOARD  Evana,  Coleman ft Evana,  ft. Col S. 3988  W. N.'O'Nell A Co..' 548 Say. 8t:.;8. 4795-479S  RItcbia   Con.   ft   Sup.   Co.,   Granville. .8. »1��J  Thc Standard  I"aint  Co.  of Canada; Ltd..  430  Standard   Itanlc   Uldg... Sey. 2911  PLASTER   PARTITION   BLOCKS  Evana,  Coleman ft  Evans,  ft. Col S. 2981  PIASTER—ORNAMENTAL  Evans,  Coleman ft Evana,  rt.- Col..;. :S. 3981 ■  W. N. O'Nsil ft Co.. 54» Sey. St.. .S. 4795-47SI  nUchl»-C»n,. ft   Sup.   Co..   Granville..S. »l«l  YZ- \  '', <Y ''    *  PLUMBING  Bailey. B. A., 1033 Granvilla St.,. S. 14«  Barr, ft   Anderson,   1080   Homer   St.. .8. 61s4>  SSt  Y?Z    ' PNEUMATIC  TOOLS     •  Darling-, JPY&uk &' Co., 114** Homer  K7   Street    ..iz _ Sey.  4100-41SI  Th« >H«I«an Co., Ltd., 54J Pander St. W.  Say.  1066.  -' -M-^ ■  PRINTERS  Baigley,.A. G. A Sons, Ltd.  $£» 16u Pender   W _   ..Say.    .SI 6  Y'YY-. "TI "ROOFING COMPOSITION    '  Evana," Coleman" ft Evans Ft. volum. ,S. 3911  Toe Barrett Co".- Lid., 10th and Arbutus, B.j. 7T1  W. N. O'Nell ft Co., 548 Sey. St...S. 4795-4798  Rltcbie Con. ft Sup. C. , Granville. .8. tl«l  Smith,   Daridson ft Wright.  Ltd.. Homer  and   Dsrle   Sis.    S. 9tm  The Standard  Paint  Co.  of Canada, Ltd.,  ■430   Standard   Bank   IMdjr Sey. 2«13  ROOFING—SHEET METAL  (Sea  Cornice  una   Hoofing)  ROOFING   MATERIAL  The Itarrett Co.,  Ltd..   lOUi  »nt! Arbutus,  Day.   771.  Evans. Coleman ft Evan*    Ft. Colum. .8. 2988  Eiltchte Con. ft Sup. Co., Granville B. ..8. »f*t  The Standard  Paint Co.  of Canada,  Ltd..  430   Standard   Rank   Hldg Sey. 2913  ROOFING—WHOLESALE  The  Standard   Paint  Co.  of Canada.   Ltd.,  430   Standard   Bank   Bldg Sey. W13  Sidney Rubber  Roofing   Co S. 4149  '      ROPE-MANILA  Balfour.   Guthrie   ft   Co.. .    & 9197-AS7I  RUBBER  STAMPS  BaKley. A. G. & Sons, Ltd.  •   51«   Pender   W Soy.    31«  SAFES—VAULT DOORS  TV. N. O'Nell ft Co., 54S Sey. St.. .8. 479"r-*7*l  SAND GRAVEL AND CRUSHED ROCK  Evana.  Coleman ft  Evana,  tt. Col .8,2988  Gllley  Bros..  Ltd.,   Kkw  Woet.. .Phone* 18, 18  Rltcbie, Con. 4 Sup. Co.. Granv. Bdg. .S. 9111  SASH  DOORS.  WINDOWS,  ETC.  W.N. O'Nell ft Co.. 648 Sey. St...S. 479S-47M  SHEET METAL  Central Sheet Metal  Works Sey. •"£•  SHINGLE MANUFACTURERS AND DEAL.  BRS. ,  (See Lumber and Shingles.)  Dixon    &  SHOW  CASES  Murray. S.  8765- 87M  KALSOMININO  Dixon   &   Murray S. 8765- 8766  , '■ LATH—METAL  Bvans, Coleman, ft Evans, Ft. Columb..S. 29S8  N..O'Nell ft Co„.648.Sey.. St.. .S. 4796-4798  W  Ritchie  C  and   S.  91(52  C. Bsiin, Manager  Co.,   Gran.   St.....S.  LIME.  Balfour,  Gtifirle &  Co  S. 9197-6575  EJvans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Columb. .S. 2988  Gllley Bros., New Westminster. .Phones 16, 16  W. N. O'Nell ft Co., 648 Soy. St.. .S. 4795-479S  Pacific Llmo Co.,  Ltd.,  Pacific Iikl« ......H. 9508  _ ,     Hitchie   Con.   &   Sup.   Co.,   Granvillo. .S. 9162  ^ "1-   R. V. Winch  Co, Ld., Winch Sdg..S. 279-1944  LUMBER  Federal   Lumber   Co.,  .Bouers   Bid* S. 3998-9  MACHINERY  IJrown,  Fraser ft Co.,  Ltd.,  1150  Homer 8L....8. 7155  Darling, Frank & Co., 1142 Homer  Street     Sey. 4100-4101  W. N, O'Nell ft Co., 548 Soy. St. ..S. 4795-4798  Rltchlp Con. ft Sup. Co., Granvl. Bdg. .S. 9161  Th6 Holden Co., Ltd., 642 Pender SL W.  Sey.   1065.  MACHINE   WORK '""     '  Westminster Iron Works, New Westminster Phone 53  .   MANTELS—BRICK. TILE AND WOOD  Bvans, Coleman ft Evans,  ft. Col S. 2888  W. N. O'Neil ft Co., 648 Sey. St. ..8. 47*5-4798  Ritchie ,Con.   A   Sou.   Co..   Granville..S. 9162  MARBLE AND  ONYX  Evans, Coleman ft Bvans, ft. Col 8.2918  <j>4^4^>^^^^^Mir4'^*«H>4^Kt^}Ht>4^I'<r-t>it'l'M^y^^>$*<&4rt<4rt'&i>*-frt>-l«» W. N. O'Nall A Co., 548 Say. St. B. 47W5-47M  767 ROBSON ST.  SEYMOUR 801  SLATE  Evans.  Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col S. 2988  W. N'. O'Nell & Co., a4S Sey. St...S. 4795-47»8  R. V. Winch ft Co., Wlnca BId...S. 279-1944  Ritchie, Con. ft Sup. Co., Granv. Bdg. .8. 8l'6J  STEEL—REINFORCING.  Bal/our,    Guthrie   ft   Co S. 9197-667*"  Evans,  Coicman ft Evans,  ft.  Col S. 298S  STORE   *   OFFICE   FIXTURES   A   STOKB  FRONTS  Dixon   &   Murray S8765-8W6  Evans,  Coleman ft Evans,  ft.  Col S. 29s"H  W. N. O'N'eil ft Co., 548 Sey.  St...S. 4795-47941  TAR   ANO   PITCH  The Barrett Co.. Ltd., loth ami Arbutus. Iliy. 772.  Evans,  Coleman ft  Evans,  ft.  Col 8.2918  TILE—DRAINING  Evnns. Coleman A Evans Ft. Colum..S 298*  Gllley Bros., New Westminster Phonos 16 1«  Ritchie   Con. & Sup. Co., Granv. Bdg. ,S. 91SI  TILE—FLOOR AND  WALL  Evans,  Coleman ft  Evans,  ft. Col S. 2988  W. N. O'Nell ft Co., 548 Fey. St...S. 4795-4798  TIN PLATES  Balfour.   Guthrie  ft  Co S. 9197-8671  Bvans,  Coleman & Evans,  ft.  Col S. W»$  R. V. Winch A Co., Wines B!d...S. 279-1944  Wilkinson Co., 846 Beach S. 7516  TOOL  8TEEJL  Darling,   Frank  A  Co.,   1142   Homor  St.   S.   4100-4101  VACUUM   CLEANINO   SYSTEMS.  Barr ft  Anaerson, lO^O Homer st S. 6184  WALL   BOARDS  Evans.  Coleman & EvanB,   ft.  Col S. 2981  The Standard  i'nint  Co.  of Canada,  Ltd.,  •IJ0  Standard   Hank   Bldg ...Sey. 2913  WATERPROOF COMPOUND  The  Barrett   Co..  Ltd.,   10th  and   Arlmtus,   Bay.   TT.  Evana,  Coleman ft Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2988  W. N, O'Nell & Co.. t>48 Sey.  8t...S. 479*-«'f¥*  The  Stanrlard  Paint  Co.   of Canada,  Ltd.,  430  Stanrlard   Bank   I'ldf? Sey. 2913  WINDOW  SCREENS  XV. N. O'Nell & Co., 548 Sey. dt...S. 47M-479B  WIRE ROPE  Bairour,    Guthrie   ft   Co 8. 9197-8B7B  Brans, Coleman & Evuns,  ft. Col S. 2"88«  Rltohle. Con. ft Sup. Co., Granv. Bdg. .8. 9161  R. V. Wlnoh ft Co.. Wincli Bid. ..8.    279-194*  Wilkinson  Co., 846 Beach 8. 791S'  WHOLESALE   ROOFING  The Standard  Paint  Co. of Canada,  Ltd.,  430  Standard   Bank   [lhlg Sey. 2913  Sidney  Rubber  Roofing  Co... ...S. 414!!'


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