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 to  ,Vi  RECORD" PUBLISHING   CO.,   Vancouver, Publishers  Covering British Columbia.  Vol."il,~No.~27~, Friday, August 11, 1916  B. C. DUtributon For  BIRD & SONS   i .  NEPONSET  PRODUCTS  Made'in CANADA  WE SELL : :  WALL BOARD  FOR   WALLS  AND   CEILINGS  • "Cotod" Waterproof Papor  Paroid RooflugV'  Qranitized, Roofing* ,  Froslat* Roofing's  Hoo&ng'/Puintt  Black  Insulating1 Paper,,  Florian   Deadening1  Felt.  Plain and Tarred Papert  *     i     +u      I*- Wm. N. O'Neil Co.  Costs less than plaster mmitm  Vancouver--Estab.1898--Victoria  and laths:  LESLIE, TAYLOR CO.  .    LIMITED     _  >   .v'.V  Building Materials  Sidewalk Lights ~  Terra Cotta ., ?  Terrazzo ,   Marble       ;:  Tile   V ',v  .* ■ ' *  ' 524 PENDER ST.^W.  Seymour 4371 ■>  * *  80 Pender St E  ' Phones Sey. 405--605--5408--5409 , Vancouver B. C.  IcNeiil'Welch <& Wilson, Ltd.  Sole Agent* For «, Y <  Kilgard Fire Clay Co., Ltd.  Sewer Pipe  Drain Tile'  Fire Brick   <  General Clay Products  Partition Tile  Fire Clay  Face and Fancy Brick  Common Brick  Cement, etc.  "Jingle Pot" Coal  Teaming and Transfer Business Transacted  ,  BUILDING-   PERMITS   AMOUNTING   TO  S500   OR  ^T^SPED  AT   THE   VANCOUVER  CITY HAI^YESTERDAY  "  — ■— —    '■■ 'V —....!..      .■.■■- —  '     ' _ '  iS 191  —Aclclf- to Dawson  School ...$1800  Street 'Address  lot  and Block  Uurrard and-Nelson  Sts...:.   Siifocllvisioii  Architect  O  School   Board  Sontractor  Address  School Board  Owner  Address  Vancouver School Board.  Building Material  Phone 2988  FtofColumbiaav.  ^H&> >•* *i.  LIMITED  E w APId  LARGEST AND BEST APPOINTED  STOCK   IN   BRITISH   COLUMBIA  PROMPT* DELIVERY  P. E. HARRIS t CO., Ltd.  ELEVATORS  Passenger and Freight  MOTORS  Alternating Current Motors Kept in Stock From  One to  lOO Horsepower  Vancouver, B.C.  u  ~t  t    '  !  A-  i.  504 Crown Bldg.  t1   J  >  !-Sey. 4698.,  IwcHy t  i. "<' *'<,  * f> a.  j*( '  Veneer    Panels,  K'-        Z-~ OuV-Stock'U the Mo»^Completeton the Pacific Coast  •/k :;">\>": -'" -We^ar»-'ai»©.SSl«* /Agonts  for/ the- ■L = "  \/>i>i.kMtMi.<'lMV«r Brand" Maple  Etc.  Celebrated "Beaver Brand" Maple  ' and Birch Flooring. '   '   "  -£*  j. l^FE'SMltH CO. LIMITED  1320 Richards St../*'":  Vancouver,1 B. C.  'ii'.  J4  j"(.  *V  r / ! cjsherWlrailway** contractors ./ ;  supplies ,} s v,. r>Vv v-. -.  V-'  •-'      ,7i._ i 7A 'i '  -':.>JSoicV^*iiEentein Canada for ;  'Cfilfcalgo^^rtiec^n atlc ;-T?ool::<Gp.  "J        ' BUILDING, NEWS : I  " %  f And Construction Work not otherwfBe^.  j' — Classifled. fH-,v /'/.«.r  r "Several "subcontracts"- liaye'-~been'  "awarded by/tlie No"r)h'eVii'(AConstruc--  Lion" Co'. in„connection' with-the build-  dug o£ the Canadian .Northern depot  at False Creek.. These 'ai^ as. follows:,' Lathing and plastering' to B.  C, .MoDougaliJ pile ..driving" to Wm.  Greenless; electrical/work to ..the",  Mund>- Rowland Co'.;»,.plumblng and  heating "to Barr & "Anderson and the  glass and glazing to Bbgardus, /Vick-  eiis, Ltd.       "    ,      ■ ■>.-.'"  A .*$hed , extension' of one , hundred  feet is' to tie built'at/the Dollar dqckf  which* is the eastern ^section of "ther  pier-constructed by the G.-NJly./aiid  the, Dollar1: Line is also constructing  'wharf1 offices at.,the' pier.->.The; west-"  ,efn«jlectloi£is_r ieased^b^B.aUouv^Gutli-,  rle' Si bof,' Ko details'are^availabie ats  present.   ,    ,  %' .' .  -   'MINING.       t.V     |  ♦ TRAIL—Construction"" of a new mill  at the>Xoble Five mine at Sandon has  ^commenced."   •-■...,        ,     r-   '  . The Slocan'S'tar company is._about  toJinRtall a flotation plant. It is adopting" the same*.type as that which-has  proved successful- at the Standard  mine at Silverton. _ . r   _  . .Dividends [?aid by British Columbia  muxes "during the first'six- month of  1915' are approximately double/the  amount, distributed'during the same  period"' of 1915/ The /otal is ?1,966,  354.60/. -      •"    . '   , ,       ,    "    r  '\-TJnless   unforseen   delays   arise ,the  Frencfi ^Cornplex ' Ore" Reduction Co.'s  plant at; Nelson -will be turning out re->  -"fined zinc in two and a,half months.  FRANK DARLING & CO.  "THOR"  Roller Bearing Drills - Close Quarter.Piston,Air. Drills ••• Rivettihr Haniniers  Chipping Hammers-Wood Borers-Turbine and Electric Drills  High Speed Steel-Drills-Reamers, Etc.    ;:;/';;  Complete  Stock of Accessories  ' •  7  ij    . I ',  1 , Si ,  >/      .'/  1 144 HOMER ST.  Phone Sey.' 4  ■     J"  - ..  'I  ^A>'50:etb»tfei"''isytOTbeibuiltTat^rjonT  "Z n. \  i J:\i.?*\  ■s *-  --; ( V f* f  •<   ^^i.  o  j  |^^OriC;LlME  Tjiieritialled forquality.   '"^ "'        \r  ^v  /v  ..99.5% pure. ' , . .    .  :  Saves men's- time in slaRing. ^ , .        '.1'",;  .      ■*   \  Consumes inore sand 4hati an>i other-lime. l      ^  ;    ' r-  ■' A't all first'class d'oaleWr * -;'     :  ft"  PACIIrlC LIME CO, Limited  Sey 9506  'Vancouver  May.  Development work on the Wolverine  London, Eng\  Montreal   ,  /Winnipeg"  ' Toronto _  -Vnncouvor, B. C.  6'*V^  ROBERT W- HUNT * CO., LTD.  ,   ENGINEERS  INSPECTION-TESTS-CQMSULTATiON   ,\  STEEL      CEMENT,     BUILDINGS,     BRIDGES,     PIPE,     RAILS,     CARS,  LOCOMOTIVES,   SECONDHAND   EQUIPMENT.   CREOSOTED  MATERIAL,  LUMBER,  ETC.  OFFICE: 1527-1528 STANDARD   BANK  BUILDSNG  508 Basting's W., Vancouver, B. C.  Cement To-tia* laborer™ Boon? 1601; PUyDical TeBtin? laboratory, Boom Bl  Phone Sey. 2199  Resident Inspectors at Large Manufacturing Centers  the sputli side of Coal Harbor. -'-The  estimate was - §1,370.. < This ' will" be  considered later.  VICTORIA— Building permits have groin/of a dozen claims, near Ains-  been issued-for a private garage at J worth Includes driving a 5500-foot tun-  >>V><) .Vancouver St.. to' X. S. Crogan; } nel from the lake shore which will give  to Wm. Kxton. sr.. for ttIterations to a ! a depth of about 3.000 feet on the vein,  stable'on  Sixth  St.'and  for. an' addi- j -  tion-to  a  house on   Quadra  St.,   for1,' One   thousand   seven   hundred   and  Mrs   Turpel. ' eight3"-six   men, have  registered  with    "'        } the employment department of the city  NEW. WESTMINSTER—The ? city re]ief ofRce for harvest work on the  council   has   decided   to   grade   and ^ prairies.  macadamise Seventh St. from Queen's" __:   AAe   to  SKtli'at an   estimated  cost!     The  offshore   shipments  of lumber  of   34,200,   and   to  repair   Sixth  Ave » from  B. C. were less  this year than  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL COT, Ltd.  rairm'ont 2396 and 2397 *'  <i  Vancouver, B. C.  last; owing to the heavy orders for  the British .government shipped in  the-first quarter of 1915.  rrom   Sixth  St.   to   Eighth,  estimated  cost  $1,-100.  VICTORIA—It ~ was   announced   in  ti>i<; wppk's moetinff of the citv coun- . -  tins ^eehs meeuiic        i . d   u       ,)resent   Lime   have   paid  cii that the government has decided   .nnrn . ,     ,     , •    •  1,1 , ,      , .,      r i        . ' >>.>,000 into the harbor commissioners  to  reduce   the   width  ot  the  Johnson  oflice. as a tax ot three cents per ton  St. bridge, since undertaking negoua- ■  tions   with   the   railway  companies.  ,Ships entering port between August  on  all  cargo  brought  to  this  port.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  We cut to  In   oiden.   to   facilitate   the   move-  [ ment of labor to the prairies for the  purpose of harvest work, the C. P. R.  and C. N. R. companies will issue reduced   fares  next  week.  GILLEY BROS  D2AI.ESS   IN  Crushed Rock, Sand  and Gravel  All Kinds of Building Material  902 COLUMBIA STREET WEST  PHONE 15 AND 16 NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.  NORTH VANCOUVER—At an esti-j  mated cost of $4:"0 the city will replace the dolphins at- the ferry landing stage with a now structure.  Space-will be provided for the construction of a machine shop. J OAT.GARV—The total.deficit of the    i Calgary   municipal    railway    for    the'  TRAIL— Blinding   permits   in   July   f1Ist y}K ;n0nths of 1916 amounted to!  in   this   city   broke   all   previous   rec-  $7,515.17.  ords.   amounting   to   $42,000,   against    $1-1,500 for June and'$12,300 for May. SAANICII—The Saanich council  Altogether there were 2U permits 1 has struck the tax rate for the mu-  taken out. j nicipality at  11.1  mills gross.  REINFORCING  STEEL: —  1 argest stock of Mild Steel Bars in Western Canada,  length.    Cold Twist and Bend Bars.  Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts.    ,   We are  prepared to furnish large orders of Special. Bolts on short notice.  SPIKES—CAST   IRON   WASHERS,   ETC.  PORTLAND CEMENT  LIME —  FIRE  CLAY  —  SCOTCH   FIRE tBRICK  —  HYDRATED   LIME  BLACK3MITH   COAL  — COKE —  SEA   COAL —  PIG-IRON  .    MANILA  ROPE,  ETC.  «■   i  '»'  VANCOUVER  WINCH BUILDING  Private Ex. Sey. 9197  San Francisco, Los  Angeles, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  VICTORIA  IOIO LANGLEY ST.  Telephone 5037  NEW    WESTMINSTER—The     fire!     CTIILUWACK—The  road across Su-  committee  has  reported  that tenders   mas    Prairie   to   Chilliwack   is    now  for   fire   hose   received   recently   are [ open   to    autoists   and    in   splendid  not   satisfactory,   and   recommended   shape.  that   none   be   accepted,   which   was j    .     ted MT.   LEHMAN—Final arrangements    j foi   the   Matsqui   municipal   tax   sale  NORTH  VANCOUVER —  Damage . »ave  been  made.    About 300  parcels  approximating  $2,500   has   been   done   of land will  be jncluded in the sale.  to a two-storey  house on   Fourth  St. VANCOUVER-A   meeting  b>   fire.    The house was owned b>  a   ^  ^ ^   ^   ^  ^^  ^^  Japanese   named   Vada. I this  evening to  discuss  the   finances  SOUTH VANCOUVER—Final readings to the amended plumbing by-law  provides for a penalty of $100 for  any   infringement  of   it. .  PORT HANEY—The United Farmers will erect a large storage building here in the near future.  of  the   municipality.  NORTH VANCOUVER — Aid.  Wright's proposal to do away with  municipal owned fire departments  and have them run and operated by  the fire underwriters was discussed  at this week's council  meeting.  MACHINERY BARGAINS  One—Size  No.   12   Steel Tnime   Koehilncr   Concrete   Mixer  with   Side  Loader, Gasoline  Engine, Automatic. Water Tar.k.  NhW   <-'°»ai-$1 ,5000  £»&: & ^ £ :^'"^sm ;sss';:;'.r:?ss;2s  (Condition  equal  to new). •  Two—Bull-Froir   Concrete   Carts      Kach _ ,,■',• , ."   '"' I   i5rnn  O  e—6 II P -Foos- Junior Gasoline Enslne. Second hand, equal to new |   125.00  One--! ll'.P. Jo.      do. do. do do<.-.,..   | 65*00  T,,n ou   HP. do. do. do.       do.   .   NEW      .....    ...........— * bs.uu  One—Centrifugal   Pump,   capacity   700   Gallons   minute.   150   ft.  Tioad. .  Belt-driven.     Equal   to   new * -oy.uu  Canadian Allis-Chalmers Ltd.  1063 Pender St. W. Vancouver, B. C Seymour 5710  THE METAL PRODUCTS CO. LIMITED  I ORNAMENTAL IRON, STEEL CASEMENTS_  ~~^ STEEL SASH, BRASS & BRONZE  New We»tminster  i,     Phone 177  Vancouver Office, 304 Bank of Ottawa Bldg.  Phone Sey. 5266  (r. 'I I  ,   r  i  ii  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  British Columbia Record  Published every Monday, Wednesday and  ,    Friday by the  RECORD   PUBLISHING   CO.  (Address:    6S3 Homer-Richards Lane  Rear of 431  Dunemuir Street.  Telephone Seymour 780S.  C. M. DAVID MANAGING EDITOR  ,-, Subscription Bates  i Payable strictly in advance.  «5ne year" , $10.00'  Bix   months    16.00  By  che  month $1.00  The   partnership   hitherto   existing  between G. Hardy, W. G. 'Calder and  Fv M.  Chapman, trading as the Merchants'   Cartage   Co.,   at   14G   Water  St.,   Vancouver,   has   been   dissolved.  ■«' Mr.   Chapman   takes  over   the   West-'  minster  Motor   Transfer,   and   Hardy  , and Calder will continue the. business  "of the   .Merchants'   Cartage. >'  mj  Several officials of the forestry department at Victoria are in  the city  C> at the present time completing details in regard fo the exhibit of manufactured Bf O. timber in the .Forestry  . Building at the Vancouver Exhibition.  3t is stated that the exhibit' will be  "very elaborate.  WHITE'S CEMENT  PACIFIC LIME  ELEVATOR CABLES  DERRICK CABLES  GALVANIZED GUY WIRE  R. V. WINCH & CO. Ltd.  COLLINS INTERLOCKING STEEL STUDDING   FOR-—  FIREPROOF PARTITIONS and CEILINGS  *:  -ALSO-  CHANNELS FOR FURRING, BRACKETING & FALSE WORK  The Canadian Steel Studding & Mfg. Co., Ltd.  Vancouver, B. C  OFFICE SEY. 280  Vancouver and Victoria  .   PROPOSALS WANTED  -Booker,, Campbell   8s> Whipple, r-413  Granville St., have been awarded  tlie  r> contract- to  construct   the < one-story  hrick building on' Davie and Granville  Sts., for P. Burns & Co./Ltd.   The contractors   are<ready,'- to receive figures  Character  .E»tim*t«d   Coet  Pier   ..'...<-   Theatre Bldg      200.000'  Pleasure  Pier,      250,000  Armory   .   $350,000  Banlc  building-  Not  given  Church bldg  Uneertair  Hotel ..':. _  $2,000,000  Bridge     ,   ,$1,750,000  Harbor "Works '.   Bathhouse & Pork .' $100,000  Bnnk & office', bldg Not given  Paving  .' : $150,000  m  PROPOSED   NEW    WORK  VANCOUVER  Location Ownet  Vancouver .„ . ' C.  P.   K.  tins ting."''St Alex   Pantages  English Bay i Coates & Co.  Grand view    Government  Dunsmulr & Granville pominlon Bam<  Van.  .Methodi.u  Extension  Socioty   Mt. Robson  G. T. P, Ry.  2nd Narrows.. Burrard Bridge & Tun. Co.  Kltsilano   Reserve    Go\ernment  Kitsilnno Beach Van. Park Board  I-Iastings & Granville Royal Bank  Saanlch  '. Municipal!tv  Owners  B.  M. Pielica  Owners ,   Perry  &   Kowler  i   Not selected Sketches under way  Jn   hands   ot!   committee    Compnny    - '. Indefinite  C. A. P. Turner... West Foundation Go.  Government   i    Preparing;  No plans drawn yet "Waiting Funds  No  archt. commissioned  yet '.   Municipal   Engineer Soon  Bathhouse   ..*. $75,000 | English   Bay    .<:. withheld | Em 11 Guenther..  IMPBOVEMEWTS LISTED  IMMEDIATELY BELOW ARE  PROPOSED   BUT  HAVE   BEEN  POSTPONED:  Post  Office  $250,000  Post  Office   :. .'..$35,000  on all materials arid sub-confraM  wnrk- I factory, "Wharf, Subway $150,000  materials ana sud contract woik   courthouse' (east   wing)_^-  $300,000  Office bldg „ $100,000  Theological   College   bldgs $500,000  except the heating, which will be done  by the owners. " The .Royal Bank will  'occupy the-south 1 half while  a  meat  market will be installedjan the north!  side. l   „'"■',, i  Gore and Keefer „ :...Dom. Govt.  South Vancouver Dom. Govt.  Hastings ."?. Royal Crown  Soap Co.  Vancouver     ...Provin.  Govt.  Homer & 'Georgia sis E. Mahow  Point Grey     Concrete  Garage  ..... ,'......-...   Fifth &. Fir Sts Ford Motor Co.  VICTORIA i  ■    VICTORIA—The  Minister of Public  Works will 'receive tenders up to noon '  .Monday, August'; 21/ for the erection of  an addition and sundry alterations to I ■?iri1iJrl5l"^llnfir) "  '.existing',school-house at Sidney. Plans  and .specifications     may'    be',  seen  at the office, of A. R. Trowsse, Road  JSupt.,v-rSidney;. J. Mahoney, Govt.  Agent, Vancouver; 'and the Dept. of  Public Works, Victoria. -,',.  "[      '  Character .._ ? '.  Cost   Location   .....        Owner  Brk. and mill schools _ $50,000   Victoria .../. : : '.  City  ="—•'   "_.-.,„,- . , . = nn nnn   victoria'  >   City  steel. Bridge' k. .' $500,000  Y.W.C.A.  Home      $150,000  Union Passenger Depot....:...- $1,000,000  8 s to-ofllce 'bldg . $300,000  Stone church   - $25,000  School $10,000     : „. .. $30,000  Apartment   '. '.    $27,000 J  Victoria       Y.1   W.   C.   A.  Victoria .'. C. P. R. and C. N.- R.  Victoria .' German Can. Trust Co.  Victoria....Christ Ch. Cathedral Bldg Ltd.  Saanich. (Victoria) , .-. School Board  Victoria  .'. Victoria LCurling  Club  'Dom.   Govt „-..-. .'..Delayed  Dom.   Govt.'  /. Delayed  Thos  Hooper   Delavedr  Dalton ~&   Eveleigh   ....1 Delayed  Wr F. Gardiner  :. Delayed  Sharp &A. Thompson Delayed  Owners  ; :.. Delayed  Arohltect     Plana Ready  Spurgin ,& Wilkins .-. .-.Indefinite  Owners' ".  Preparing  J.  C.   Frame  ....'I Soliciting  Funds  Co. Engineers   Preparing  No further details available v  Jones -&■ Beatson—Arranging-finances.'  If you have Congolcum on your floors, you can run a'mop  over them and they will he cleaner than any swept .floor.  Conjroleum ,is waterproof right through—water cannot injure  it. Compared with printed"linoleum, Congoleum is more  durable, more" attractive,- more waterproof, yet the price is  'less. Conp;olcum requires no fastening—any one can lay it  —it won't curl'up. '    '',.    "     <  Congoleum Rug Borders, laid next, to a rug or  ,, carpet, give the actual appearance of ^polished oak.  THE PATERSON MFG. CO. LTD-  Coates & Flett To Build This Year  Jessie At.   Warren ■.   10th AVE. and ARBUTUS ST.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  Ba'yview 772  IMPROVEMENTS  LISTED IMMEDIATELY BELOW. ARE  PROPOSED   BUT  HAVE   BEEN  POSTPONED:*  10-sto-office bldg ..\ : i....i...$250.OO0  Christ • Church   Cathedral $400.00H  Church"...:....:.....-..:. :.-.....-..:....:..;.$lOO,000  - " VICTORIA — Colin-''S.'"Campbell,  'Suptr'Provincial,P,oliceT> will receive  "tenders up to Aug.JS, for': '-',      " - (-  "-  _. ;Motor* number .'.plates, in duplicate;  I ,    pemonstration number -plates in diipli-  r'_-    * 'cate; - motorcycle;.and  motorcycle1* de-  r--'"anonstration plates,-single; and ,chauf:  . Jr '*'"' 'Jeurs cap badges.'-;-Particulars^may be  /,, ■   tobtained;.at_thetPi'ovincial^Police70ffi;.  /ces at Victoria and Vancouver'*   -,-.,-  hr - ■,*,.-,    -- -V.^-S'js --  -      i-   .,: .:      .--   -,---,  ,  ii    - , .• '   " VICTORIA—Tenders >ill be ■ receiv-  I'^'-i^ u .   ed 'by'W.'Galt/^city purchasing"agent)'  , up to. 4 p.m. on >Monclay,'Augus^l'If for  '"approximately six thousand five "hundred tons of Rubble Pitching, to be'plac-  > ed at the toe of Ross Bay Sea Wall.  Specification can • be secured from the  City Engineer. %    •  .'Character .". .'. :.......'   Coat  Fireball, :..... I'..:.-. $15,000  School    *. _ $7,o00  Dairy   Station ,.";. .V.'. -....$20,000  Water Supply System .,   Grain  elevator   (351000 bu.)    :.:.  School     :.$50,000  Plant  Improvements    ,   Steel  Bridge  .'. $25,000  Steel "Bridge ..\..:.....*. ;.v. .'.„-...?1.5,000  Grain Elevator (25,000 bu.) .'. ".'...::   Market -Building ".'•..-.v.*. :.:.i...~...t..'..% 3 5,0 0 0  Sewers :./.-. : _...r. —$2t,000  Street Work i:..;.'.,:...:.„:.„.:„:..^.S $50,000  f Victoria' .'..„ St. Barnabas  Victoria  .-.B. C. Electric Co.  Victoria ~ ,-First Baptist  Church  BRITISH   COLUMBIA-^GENERAL  Location  /Owner  Trail  ....'. .'..'.. City  Trail jM...i. :   City  Nanaimo    : .-.  Citv  Maillardville  , ;  City  Kamloops  Kamloops Farmers Ass'ii.  Rossland , ,<i ,    ,        Citv  Prince, Rupert.: ." Imperial  Oil Co.  Vanderhoof   Pro.   Govt.  Prince George  "...  .:.. Pro.  Govt."  Kamloops ''.,.;. ......Maple  Leaf .'Milling-Co.  New 5"Westininsterl....-r..„r.: .'...-....:;...cC'itv  Nanaimo,..."....'.— '..".  City  prince George ..'....-:....: ,..:..; ':.'. Citv   '.—  .Delayed  J._C. M. Keith  Delayed  Jesse M".  \Yarrcn /...Delayed  Architect   '. .'...".. ..L.I.-.Plana r Ready   ' ■'- -v. .'    Preparing'  Not decided upon ./   i.  F.,L. Macpherson, con. eng ,..!.':...,.Xow  «'— - -  ->.*.. Indefinite  Owners   Owners   Owners'1... ..-...,  Owners 1 ..;;.  2lty._ ;....,.'-.  City  .'...;.,,..,    ..-.. Shortly     Indefinite  '."..!.  Indefinite  Soon  •-—tf-\  —:4,V.  NANAIMO—The B. C. Telephone  Co. is calling.for'tenders for the in-  etallation of a fire curtain at the Exchange here. '     .  < lit A •-   3-i'  I- *  r-7  CO., LIMITED  Learn   Engineering  WE TEACH PRACTICAL ELECTRICAL^ GAS AND: STEAM  ENGINEERING, MECHANICAL DRAWING$-AND' MACHINE  SHOP PRACTICE.   SEND FOR CATALOG.  SEATtLtlNGiiERlNG SCHOOL   ;  First Ave: and;West.Roy.St. ;•' ,:\/?*' .Jii:<^ :,V Seattle,"Wash/  m$$  '>-'"-VJ!  Public Works Contractors  Office 813-815 Bower Bids.  Vancouver, B. C.  DEPARTMENT OF WORKS.  NOTICE   TO .CONTRACTORS.  Merritt School.  Sealed Tenders superscribed "Tender for Merritt School Heating and  Repairs," will be received by the  Honourable the Minister of Public  Works up to 12 o'clock noon of Tuesday, the 22nd day of August, 1916, for  the erection and completion of a  steam-heating plant and general repairs to the four-room school-house  at Merritt, in the Yale Electoral District.  Plans, specifications, contract, and  forms of tender rnay be seen on and  after the 3rd day of August, 1916, to  the office of W.- N. Rolfe, Government Agent, Nicola; J. Mahony. Government Agent, Court-house, Vancouver; and the Department of Public  Works,  Victoria.  Each proposal must be accompanied by an accepted bank cheque made  Sewers    ...„ :.      ■ 24,000  Concentrator.etc '.  1,000,000  Shipbuilding Plant   -     200,000  Railway Station          40,000  Concentrator         300,000  Public Works       150,000  Market   Building  ....;. 4    -35,000  Theatre Building  .'—.:...     150,000  Post Offise Bldg   Public   Bldg $150,000  Detention   Bldg $75,000  Public Bldg   "Wharf   _ : $10,000  2-sto. hotel-. : $18,000  City  Hall   „  Esquimau  3-sto . 100x100   hotel   2—4-room Schools _ each  $20,000  Hotel    $1,000,000  Depot bid* _ $1,000,000  Fertilizing  plant &  wharf. $125,000  Concrete Sanitorium  $100,000  Flour Mill & Elevator .-. .'.$250,000  Provincial Home (Central Wing)   Hospital   $90,000  City  Hall    $50,000  Office Bldg.1 & Oil  Plant $200,000  Residence  (Stone) :   $30,000  Armory   (Dom.   Govt.) $100,000  Postofflce:   5-sto.  cone _ $200,000  School      $20,000  Frame   Hotel       $40,000  Hotel    -    $20,000  Brewery  _ $50,000  Library    .'.   $50,000 >  Nanaimo  .'...: 'City  Copper "Mountain  B. C. Copper Co:  Port Moody  _ Boyd's-Ltd.  New "Westminster  _ T..C. N.. Ry.  Ainsworth, B.C.....Silver Hoard Mining Co  Prince  George   ..-.: City  New Westminster -. .*. "City  New Westminster..Alhambra Theatre Co.  Revels toke  _: .■■. Dom. Govt.  Prince ^Rupert  Prov.   Govt.  Prince Rupert  Dom. Govt.  New Hazelton  Dom. Govt.  Sidney Victoria A Sidney  R.R.  .Ocean Beach  (V.I.) F. J. »Lins  $30,000   Municipality  Prince  Rupert M.  Albert  Vernon, B.C Vernon School Board  Prince Rupert Grand Trunk Pacific  Prince Rupert....:. Grand .Trunk Pacific  City    _   Owners   ....:   —:......-. ;.  Soon  Owners .' : : .".....:   Soon  Owners   ...; _ .".   City      _   City   ..._   Moscrop &" Whitburn Completed  Dom. Govt  ;. Preparing  A. A. Cox     Tenders closed  Gov't „   Tenders  closed  Gov't    Tenders  closed   .% -...Will  Build  Soon  Jessie M. Warren ..Tenders Closed  Thos. D. Sedger   Preparing  Prince Rupert Arcnt. Under Way  Bell & Constant; Branch A Cozall   F.  M.  Rattenbury,  Victoria Soon  F. M. Rattenbury (Victoria) Soon  Skeena River—Scot.-Amer. Oil & Fer. C^   J. S. D. Taylor ."...._ Tenders closed  Kamloops....B.  C.  Anti-Tuberculosis  Soc. I Dalton & Eveleigh Tenders Closed  Coquitlam....Terminal Grain Elevator Co.  Kamloops, B. C...\ Provincial  Govt.  Nelson, B. C ^Municipality  Nanaimo, B. C City  of Nanaimo  Prince Rupert Imperial Oil Co.  Uplands  (Victoria)  Withheld  Prince Rupert  _ Dom. Govt  Prince   Rupert .Dom.   Govt.  Rossland       City  Prince  Rupert A.  J.   Prudhomme  Fort   George Not   given  Fort George Peace River B. & M. Co.  Nana! mo .-.   Ci ty  Plans Approved ; No Date Given   Reported  Work Will  Start Soon  Now petitioning for ippropriation.  Not Drawn .\ Asking Govt. Grant  G. A. Woodland, P. Rupert representative  Jesse M. Warren Tenders soon  Govt ;.  Tenders  soon  Gov't   Tenders  closed  No.   Archt.   commissioned   yet _   Site Just Purchased   Herbert J.  Peyton  Sketches  ready  Wilson & Wilson Tenders closed  Undecided    1    Indefinite  .*  i  l  >  t  it  Concrete Reinforcement Bars  Plain Round, Square and Cold Twisted Squares =  WIRE NAILS and other WIRE PRODUCTS  BAR STEEL  - # *  DOMINION IRON & STEEL CO.  Mills and G«n«r«l Offices:   SIDNEY, N. S.  LIMITED  •JH|^H|^»^§^<fr4H|i^»4Hg^.».;.».{.».iH|,.^   *****»*+4HfrW^^^.r>.;.»-^;Hg;  mPBOTEKEHTB  I.I8TED IMnDIAWlIY BELOW  ABE PROPOSED  BUT HAVE  BEEN  POSTPONED:  Hotel   i   $200,000 fFort   George Grand  Trunk  Pacific   Holabird & Roache  (Chicago) Delayen  Hotel,  3-sto. brk.  veneer $20,000 j Port   Alberni Tom   Magrath   Evans & Cook  Delayod  Church   (fr.)   _    Coquitlam  Episcopal Church   Perry & &Fowler  Delayed  5 sto brk, mill and steel.— $150,000 I Kamloops Kamloops Hotel d.     W.  T.  Whiteway -. Delayed  CONTRACTS LET OR WORK STARTED  Building Location  Residence     Metchosin  School   Hilliers,  E.   &  N.  Residence  Foul Bay Rd.  Residence    Gillespie   Place  3-sto   Apmt.      payable to the Honourable the Minis-j School   Hollywood  *        c -n v.,-    -itt    i       en~ o «,„™  nn„„i U-sto.   dept.   store  bldg Victoria  ter of Public Works, for a sum equal  Piers   (Concrete)    Victoria  School   (Quadra)    Victoria  to 20 per cent, of tender which shall  "be forfeited if the party tendering  decline to enter into contract when  called upon to do so, or if he fail to  complete the work contracted for.  The cheques of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon  the execution   of the  contract.  Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied,  signed   with  the   tenderer,   and    enclosed   in  envelopes  furnished.  .The lowest .or 'any tender not necessarily accepted.  J.   E.   GRIFFITH,  Deputy   Minister. and   Public   Works  '       Engineer. J  Public Works Department,  Victoria,' B. "c, August 2nd, 1918.  School   (Beacon  Hill)    Victoria  Brk.  veneer church Victoria  Detention  Bldg.   (Victoria)    Victoria  Wharf (Marine Depot)   -Victoria  .  Breakwater   Victoria .  Character     Cost  Rlevator    $20,000  Power   House   Bldg   (Cone.)   Govt. Bldg  ?42,900  Hotel      $25,000  2-sto stone & steel bldg $  20,000  Dairy  Bldg.   (cone' &  brk)......:.....?  20,000  the^aarial, "signature -b^  the  'Residence  ..'......... .--  $20,000  Factory :.:..,...........   $25,000  Dredging   Sand   Heads $70,000  Bridge  Abutments   (12)   Govt. Bldg.  $30,000  High  School .'. „$20,22?  Jetty   &   Dredging $IF,^"21!  Roundhouse  ;. ..$20,000  Bridge  5,000  Dam.' Mills, ate.   1,000,000  Water   System        4fl,9°2  Mills,   Wharves,   etc .-     7;"0,000  VICTORIA  Est. Coat Owner  120,000 II.  R.  Hammond  School   Trustees  10,000    H.  Lawson  35,000   F.  Nation  45,000   _   A.  Winch  $44,000   City  $700,000   Hudson's  Bay   Co  $2,000,000       Government  $46,500    School  Board  $17,490   School  Board  $20,000   Colomba Presbvterian  Ch  $32 000   Dominion Govt  -   $24 500    Govt.  $1,000,000 Dom.  Government  BRITISH COLUMBIA—GENERAL  Location       Owner  Chilliwack  Rockwell, Theal & D.  Kamloops       City  Greenwood, B. C Dominion Govt  Prince George....Prince George rJotel  Co.  -Nelson, B.C Carmen  Maglio  Duncans.   B., C. .....  Nanaimo J. B.  Nicholson  Prince Rupert.:. J. McMordie  Metchosin H. H.  Hammond  Lulu  Island.-.Morrison  Steel & Wire Co.  FYaser River ..........Government  Grand   Trunk  Pacific G.  T,  P.  Port Alberni  Govt.  Port Alberni... :.. Municipality  North  Arm Fraser  RiVer.... .........Govt.  , Fort George.: G. T. P. Ry. Co.  Nanaimo   Citv  Princess  Royal  Island....Tonapah-Belmoh  Port   Moodv     City  Ocean Falls.... Pacific Mills, J_,td.  Architect Contractor  Butler & Harrison Grayson  &  Son  Spurgin   &   Wilkins Local  S. Maclure  A.  H.  Mitchell  S.   Maclure   P.   McKechnie  C.  E. Watkins Fulton  Bros.  Spurgin & Wilkins Luney Bros.  B. Horwood & White B. C. Const. Co.  Govt Grant Smith & McDonnell  Keith & Wntkins Luney Bros.  Keith & Watkins Luney Bros.  Wm. Henderson Knott & Jones  Govt Rourke, McDonald & MoncripfT  Govt Parhs, Tupper & Kirkpatrick  Govt Sir John Jackson, Ltd  Architect Plans Ready  N. J. Hall W. H. Davidson, Supt  Ducane Dutcher & Co Wm. Greenlees  -• John  Burns &   Son, of Nelson  Butler & IIarri-on....Brewster &  Pelham  Geo- C.  Egg     r Waters & Pasco  J.  CM.  Keith Island Building Co.  A. I-orrester....Watson, Jacks & Anderson  .Tas,  Gilmore.....  Sub-contracts  Butler & Harrison Grayson & Sons  Owners    r... ...Day   Labor  Govt..... Navigation A,Dredging Co,  G. T. P J. A. McKenzie & Co. Ex. Bldg.   -• Knott & Jones, of Victoria  ■•- — ••' Warnock & Cochran  Govt Pacific  Dredging  Co.  Owners   Carter Hall  & A.  WW     ■■■■■ - --.:    City  *., (-° • - Owners  City Robertson,   Godson  Co  Owners    Owners  I  TOOTS "CEMENT FILLER"  ■ '.AND    '.>••■•"  "CEMENT FLOOR PAINT"  Protect Cement. Floors from Dusting. < Produce a Finish of Lasting  Durability. Render the Floors Absolutely Dustiest and Impervious to  Water, Oil or Grease.  Used  Extensively In  OFFICE  BUILDINGS;        -   HOSPITALS; POWER  HOUSES; -RESIDENCES; „    STORAGE  WAREHOUSES; GARAGES; FACTORIES,  Etc.  WRITE FOR COPY OF NEW BOOKLET  Manufactured In, Canada by  R. I. W." Damp-Resisting Co.  a  Office-202 Mail Building, Toronto  Factory-Oakville, Ont.  The LONDON  CONCRETE MIXER  OF  ONCE   A   SPECIALTY—NOW   A   QUESTION  OUR OUTPUT CAPACITY  Built like the "Iron Duke." All steel construction,  with but few working parts. Over 1200 London Mix'  ?rL S l? pana^--alBo..many, in foreign countries. Built in twenty-three different sizes and fitted  with any equipment. ; Your enquiries will be appre  ciated.  SUPPORT  HOME  INDUSTRIES  THE LONDON CONCRETE MACHINERY CO., Ltd.  Head Office and Factdrv    Caholl   <;»    „   j-f. i '. '      .       .        ~        .  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Montreal  Executive Office and Factories:  Toronto Ottawa  Ouhawa, Canada,  london '  Wtnnlpog"  Xj»14>i!«c >£*?   .'i-'.'4>i'i">"-"'"'i'i'2»i'C'i"ij:  >^lX•-^<J•^•'i'►^^^•►^la''!•^i■vlI'>I••'in^i'•-^i•vtt'vOfc|  t  f  T  v  *  t  *  *  ARCHITECTURAL    TKRKA    COTTA.  Evans, Coleman & Evani, Ft. Col. St., S. 2988  O'Nell,.Wm. N. Co. Ld., 548 Seymour.S. 4795  Ritchie   Con.    A   Sup.    Co.,   Ltd     Gran.    St  Brlago       8. 9162  Warrlgton * Johnson.   119 Ponder S..  8. 4912  I     ASrilALT   FELT. ,-       "   -     .  Evana, Coleman & Evans, rt. Col...% .S. 2988  Paterson Mfg,  Co.,  10th  A Arbutus S„ B. 772  BRICK—ALL, KINDS.  Confn'l  Ship. & Trad.   Co.  Ltd S. 6448  Evan», Coleman & Evans, Ft. Col., S. 2988  Gilley Bros., Ltd , New West., Phones 15; 16  VS. N. O'Nftll &. Co., 548 Sey. St., 6. 4795-4798  Ritchie   Contr.   &   Sup.   Co.,   Ltd.,   Gran.   Si.  Wairlngton & 'ju„nson,"ii<5' Pender,' S. 4912  R V.WInch  &. Co.,  Ltd..  Winch 'B. S. 279-1944  Bl'ILIMNG   FELTS   AKD   FAI'KRS.  Evans,   Coleman   &  Evans,   Ft.   Col.,. ,S. 29S8  Leslie, Taylor Co.,   l03rDunsmulr S. 4371  W. N.v O'Nell & Co., 54S Sey. St., S, 4795-4798  Paterson Mfg. Co., lflth& Arbutus Sts.. B. 772  Warrington &. Johnson.   119  Pender. ,S.   4812  ,      BONDS—-SURETY.  R.V.Wlnch A Co., Ltd., Winch B., S, 279-1944  CEMENT.  Balfour,   Guthrie  &  Co S. 919',-6E75  Evans, Coleman A Evans, Ft. Col, ..S.< 2&S8  Gilley Bros., Ltd., New Went., Phones 15. lfi  W. N. O'Nell A Co., 548 to'ey. St., S. 4795-479S  Ritchie   Contr.   &   Sup.,    Ltd.,   Granville   Si.  Bridge     '    S. 916?  R.V.Wlnch A Co.. Ltd..  Winch B„  S. 279-19 41  ,   CEMENT TESTING   AND ASSAYING.  Can; Jnspc't A Tent, Lab, Empiie Bids.  rr .'    S.   46Q6  Hunt,   rfobt.   W.   A   Co.,   Standard' Bank  •Bid* .< s. 2199  CONTRACTORS—BORING  Robinson Contr. Co., •VWinch Bldg..S. 6SS8  CONTRACTORS—EXCAVATING.  Centre Contracting Company,      ,   '  b&7  Georgia  St. ,IS Jiigh.  15S1  CONTRACTORS—GENERAL.  Armstrong,   Morrison,  &     Co.,     Ltd.," ^ Bower  Bdg 4,     S. 1836  B.   C.  Granitoid  & Contr.   Co.,   N.E.  Cor.  Beach and  Xicola Sey.  2296  _   CONTRACTORS-^LANO   CLEARING.  Centre Contracting'Company,  SS7  Geoigia  St.  IS.....:. High.  15S1  '    CONTRACTORS—TILE—TERRAZZO.  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2988  Leslie,  Taylor Co.,  403' l>unsniuir. ..-. ,S. 4371  W. N.  O'Nell A Co.,  548 Sey.-dt.,  S   4795-479S  -CORNICE  AND  ROOFING.  Macdonald, -Marpole  Co.',   Ltd '. .S. ^210  '   CRANES   AND   HOISTS    (ELKCTR1C  jMacdona)d.   Marpole Co.,   Ltd v...S. 210  The 'Holden Co., Ltd., 5-12 Pender St. W.  Sey.   10G5  DETECTIVE AGENCIES  Vancouver    Detective     Agency.'   429-i30  Standard  Bank'-.Bldg.; jfhone'beyvi'-UO.  iVight,  Sey.  214 2. ' " - <,   .  DRILLS—PORTABLE. ELECTRIC     ' ,  Darling,   Frank  &, Co..   1142  Homer  St.  -    -  r. '. .'..'.;.. •..s   •41(11-4111  The Holden Co., Ltd., 542 Pender St. W.  ,     .    Sey.   10C0  "      ELECTRICAL'SDri'LIES  Can."  Allls-Chalmera,   1063   Pender S. 5710  Darling.   Frank  &   Co.,   1J42   Homer   St:   : S.   4100-4101  Macdonald.  Marpole Co,   Lid S. 210  ELECTRICAL    SUPPLIES     (WHOLESALE)  Macdonald,   Marnole  Co..   Ltd. .._;- S. 210  ,ELEVATOIt. CA.RS" AND "ENCLOSURES.  Can. AWs-Chalmers, 1002 Pende'r. ,\ .'s 5710  Harris. P. E.v& Co.,""-!'-" Crown Bldg. S. 4S9S  W. N.-O'Nell & Co. 548 Sey.-St S. 4795-479S  Ultenia Contr. A Sup. Co . Ltd.. Gran. St.  ^Bridge ,......:..~.. ;..„..'. ;. ._.J.'. .\ . , S%9162r  . - e *" ' " EUJVATORS '"* "* ',"-""'i "7  Darling",  Frank  &'"Co.,   1142   Homer '"St.   '   v:.,, :.,-.:. .s."-,4ioo-4ioi  Harris, ,P., E. & Co. »;-xt Crown Bldg. S.; 1698  ,     '" "''.•'   \[    KIKE ,CLAV ^ 7   \i'\    -n   .  Baffour, Guthrie & Co^jr. 7...'. .*Sr.'9197-';575  EA-ana,f.Coieman >■& Baas ,'Ft.^ Col. .'.S. 29SS  Gilley Bros.,, "New Westnifnster.*-Phones lo.lfi  W.-N. O'Nell'& Co., '548 Sey. St.t *S.4795"-479S  Ritchie Con. & Sup. Co.. Granvl. Bdg .S. 91«:  R.' V. Winch A  Co..   ,VInch  Bid*,'..   S.  -'79-1944  9197-G576  ...S. 2988  279-1944  1581  MARBLE  AND   ONYX  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2988  Leslie,  Taylor Co.,  403 Dunsmulr S. 4S71  W. N. O'Nell & Co., 648 8ey. St. 8. 4795-4798  OIL .BURNING   PLANTS  Globe Iron Works.  1815  Pandora St...H.  49C  PAINTS—FIRE-PROOF.  W. N. O'Nell A Co., 548 Sey. St. ..S. 4796-4738  Warrington   A Johniwm,   119   Pender. ,6. 4912  ' PAINTS—DAMP TROOF.  Evans, Coleman & Evans,~ft. Col S. 2988  W. N. O'Nell A Co, 648 Se-y. St.. .3. 4796-4798  Paterson Mfg. Co.. 10th A Arbutus..B. 77?  Warrington   &  John»oa.   119   Pender. .S. 49111  PA RTITION—FIREPROOF  Evans, Coleman & Evans l't. Colum. .S. 2988  Rllchlfc. Con. & Sup. Co., Granv. Bdg. .S. 9181  Warrington & Johnson. 119 Pender St.S. 4911  V      ',   r   via IKON AND TIN  Balfour,  Guthrie  &  Co '. ,.S.  Evans, Coleman A Evans,   tl. Col..  H. V. W.tftch As Co., Wine* Bld...S,  PILING AND POLES  Centre Contracting'Company,  S&7 .Georgia  St.  10 High  PILE DRIVING.  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,   ftt Col S. 2988  I tbtrr River Pile Driving Co.. New Went  Peu-ison.  Henry,   3022   Victoria  Dr...11. 1185  PI PIC—SKWER  Dom. Gl7.d Cmnt Pipe Co.. Dom. Bld..S 8i8f  Evans, Coleman & Evans Ft. Colum, ,S. 298f  Gilley   Bros.,   Ltd.,   New  W^st.. .Phones 15. If  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co,   Ltd., S.   210  Ritchie Con A Sup Co, Granville. .S. 9162  Warrington «fc Johnson, 119 Pender'St.S. 491',  R.  V.  Winch & Co.,' Wlnc-lt  Bld...S.    279-194)  PLASTER     ,  Balfour.   Guthrie & Co S.  9197-6571  Evans, Coleman & Evans Ft. Coium..S 298'  Gilley Bros, Ltd,, Nen West.. .Phones 15, If  W N. O'Nell'& Co., 54S Sey. St...S 1795-479?  Ritchie, Con. & Sud   Co.. Granv. Bdg. .S. 916/  PLASTER   BOARD  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,   ft. Col S. 2988  W, N. O'Nell & Co. 548 Sey. St'. ..S. 4795-479'  Ritchie   Con.   &   Sup.   Co.,   Granville. .S. 9162  PL\STER   PARTITION   BLOCKS  Evans/Coleman & Evans,   ft.  Col.... .S. 2988  " PLASTER—-ORNAMENTAL  Evans,  Coleman & Evans, ,.ft. Col S. 2988  L. R. Morrison. 712 Richards St .S. 2151-2151  W. N. O'Nell A Co., 548 SeyJ St.. .S. 4795-479f  Rilchie   Con    &   Sup.   Co..   Granville. ,S. 9162  PLASTIC FLOORING  Sansan" Asbestos Floor Co.,  I20S  Jervls St.   S. 664 3T  * v r  ,   * PLUMBING"     '     '   <■  -Barr   &- And-erson,   1*60   Homer   St...S. 6180  ,      ' PNEUMATIC  TOOLS  ' ' 1  Darling,   Frank   & .Co.,   114 2   Homer   St.v  ....- ' p     iion-4iiy  The Holden Co.; Ltd., 542 Pender St. "W.  Sey.   1065.  RADIATORS ANI)' BOILERS  Can.   Allis-Chalmers. >1063   Fender... rS. 571C  '"    ROOFING   COMPOSITION,  Evans. Coleman A Evans Ft.'-.'olurn. ,S 29SJ  Paierson Mrg Co.. 10 i- Arbutus Sts.'. .B. 775  W. N. O'Nell & Co.. 54S Sey. St.. .S. 4795-479?  Ritchie Con „& Sup. C Granville. .S. 9162  Warrington A Johnson, 119  Pender Pt' s. 4911  Automobile Records for B. C.  From Week Ending July 8th  to Week Ending July 22nd  Following, 1«   ft  complete  Hit   of  new  Automobile  Licenses.  Tran«fer« and Belingaiailunents Recorded in British Columbia:  The name of per«onvto whom transfer la made 1« (riven     The  name   of   person  making-  transfer   may   be  obtained" by  referring to the same license number In any complete  published list or by telephoning' or writing- to the  British  Columbia  Secord.  Where street address is given and name of town omitt«d the  address   is   Vancouver. ,  All cars for hire are ndoated thus:  (*)  No,  1G57  Name  NEW CABS.  Address  1G57—A.  W. Clarke, East Burnaby ...  1810—G. S. Pettiepiece,  2436 7th Ave.'  W  Car   Ford  ■ •- ..Studebaker  195 1—Fleishrnann Ve'ast Co, 1166 BurrarcTst '  }«?:';'^^''-s- -■>•' HnTadine, 1)38 Eighth<?art Blk."  lflfl,!—Afrs.   A.   Lester,   2103   Pine  St  m. Willys   Ford   Ford  ^06■,>—T.  Iv.  INakatsuk.'i,  7 1   Keefer   St. -       vorri  J 32.11—W.   G.   Carson,   Pavilion.   ......       ' 0rrt  3328—F.   it. Stewart & Co.,  17G0 2nd Ave- *e"' '  8351 —\V.   F,   Broderick,   J117   .Seymour   St    ' ""'"  U-n~~%■"*,• ^oI!ick> 13!   13tli St. \V„ North Van"."  3,11.1—^Ofd_Motor  Co.,   Uith &  Granville Sts  . .   .Saxon  ..Chevrolet  .-.    Willys'  .. ..Willys  .Ford,'  33S0—-Dr.  T.  \L  Lennl'e, Cor. Sasatnat & o'th"-St., West  Point   Grey    ■ fhnwpriint  4 172—John   F.  Deans   Mount  Tolmle  Rd"." Victoria .      .. Ford  UU~rA' R 'ste «'*"•'■ <t-f'o, Vates St, Victoria....'....  . Chevrolet  J?22~Se0Arpr^own Saw Mtn CfJ- Prince  Icupert            Ford  u-*l~? ^. Neamer The Anjjela, Victoria ..  .ciievrolct  iiS?~i, ^.'   ''0",es-  JRstjuimalt   «oad,   Victoria   Ford  4, Ji—Nicola \ alloy OaraA-e, Merritt r  /.-ord  -07u— .1. T.   .Mutter,   Duncan    J   "'Chevrolet  67GG  76nB  7GC.6  .Willvs  ... .Ford  ..'. Ford  .. Ford  , ..Ford  rP'ord  Ford  FIRE  EXTINGCTSHER   SYSTEMS.  Gen!  Fire" Ex., Co.,  1140" Hamilton "St. .S 513S  Barr A Anderson,   1060  Hcniei  St S.  6180  FLOORING  J. Fyfe Smith  A  Co., 1320  Richards. ,S. 1196  GAS APPLIANCES.  Van. Gaa Co.,"     -'Hastings  St. W S.  1000  GATE VALVES .'  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd S..-210  "GLASS—ALL, KINDS.  W. N. O'Nell'* Co. 548 Sey. St..   S.  4795-479?  Warrington   A  Johnson.  119   Pender. .S. 411J  9 HARDWARE  Flett, J. A., Ill Hastings W. ...Sey. 2327-S  HARDWOOD FLOORS  W. N. CNeil * Co.. 548 Se>y. SL..S. 4795-4798  J   Fyfe Smith  A Co..  1320   Richards. .S-1196  HARDWOOD LUMBER  Smith,  J.  Fyfe A Co..  1320  RIchard«..S. 1196  HEATING—HOT  AIR,   STEAM  AND  VENTILATING  Barr A Anderson, 10«o' Homer St...S 61S0  Gen. Fire Ex. Co.,  1140 Hamilton St..S 5138  HOISTING ENGINES  Ritchie Con   A Sup. Co, Granvl. B<Jff..S. 916}  -INTERIOR FINISH  Evans,   Coleman A  Evans,   ft.  Col S. 29SS  W. N. O'Neil A Co. 548 Sey. St..S. 4795-4798  Ritchie. Con. & Sup. Co.. Granv. Bdg. ^S. Sxo;  IRON .AND  STEEL—STRUCTURAL  Can    Allis-Chalmers.   1063   Pender S  5710  Can    Northwest   Steel   Co cF.     307  Evans,   Coleman   &   EVans.    Ft.   Col-.'.S. 29SS  Coughlan, J.  & Sons.  World Bldg S.  79-")  Macdonald.   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd S.   210  Ritchie, Con. A Sun. Co., Granv. Bd*. .S. 91C;  W N. O'Neil * Co.. 548 Sey. St.". .S. 4796-4798  Wilkinson Co., S46 Beach S.   7915  IRON  AND  STEEL—ORNAMENTAL.  Can    Allls-Chalmors.   10G3   Pender S  5710  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,   ft. Col S. 29SS  Macdonald,   Marpole   Co.   Ltd S.  210  W. N. O'Nell A Co.,  648 Soy. St...S. 4795-479S  Hltchle Con. & Sup. Co, Granvl.'Bdre   S   916.  South Vancouver Iron & Wire Works,  6S55  Victoria Drive Fraser  155  ROOFING—SHEET  METAL.  (See   Cornice   una   Koofing)    v  , *      ..r  „      (        ..'ROOFING .MATERIAL'      f ■>  Evans. Coleman  & Evans    Ft. Colum..S. 29SJ  Macdonald,   Marpole   Co.,   L,td. ~. -. .S.-210  faterson Mfg. Co.,  10th & Arbutus.  Bay.   77  Ritchie Con. &"Sup.'Ct,.', Granville B.. .S. 9162  Warrington & Johnson, 119 Pendor St.S.'491J  I>  ;>„.«- ._ .-.KOPE-MANILA"'     '   "  Balfour, „ Guthrie .;& "Co.':-..".1---, -<r<U97-6576  , :   ";   , safes—vaui/t i>oo'rs   '    i  Warrington l&" jdhnson^lis1'Pender St.^. 4911  W. X. 0'NeU1& Co.,v54S Sey. St.V.S-,4795-479>  ,!SAND -GRAVELv\NI> CRASHED ROCK  v  Evans. Coleman v& 'Evans, ft! Col. .'V*.S.'29SS  Gilley" Bros'^Ktd ,- New 'vvest.^'.Phones'lo. Ii  RItchler Con. A Sup--Co..'Granv." Bdg;.S."9lff2  \V.   H.   Wainman,   Rossland  ■Edward'E   Colllna.   427  4th   St.,   New West...  Webb & Gifford, 222  Front St. New West...  //.-.'—F.  J.   Doherty,  Port  Coi(uitlam   772o—City of New Westminster, Nffiv Westminster  7740—C.   T.   AIulTord,   Milner     7S92—J.  K.  Mufford,   Alilner   »  roru  If1?~i  0;  ^rM.?ron'B l2^5, Moss   St-   Victoria .".".Chalmers  884!—Pept.  Militia  &   Defence,  Victoria . Chalmers  997—John  F.   Leiston,   Bridesville .■.  " Ford  16oS—H.   A.   Cheevfer,  Queens  Court,   2nd r&   Park   Row,'  New Westminster  .,..,. ~ Ford'  1GS2—Robert Wilson <£"Son, Port Coquitlam '.'.'.'.".'1'Vord*  1706—G.   H.   Kells, .Port  Kells .,. ...„._ Maxwell  1713—S. Toda, Fraser Mills   - Ford  1724—Miles  C, Walker, Otter, P.  O -.  ""Ford0*  3 755—S.   Bernard,   Agassiz      '•        , Ford  1757—Norman, F. Shook,'Hatzic  Island .-    ."."..*."". "Saxon  1758—Bertha A   Bourne, 601 1st St.,  New West :.. Cadillac  1796—R. H  Stephens, Porfllaney '....-- :......- Studebaker*  3384—Edward   C.   Traves,- 522   Royal   Ave.,   New   West-    '  ,;&<  m minster   , „ Buick^fo'ld)  341S—T.  A.  Swift,  Abbotsford  _ Chevrolet  3434—G. Wilkinson, Chilliwack  ;j   _   .„Ford*  3471—John Thomas,  -Millardville  ."../.    ■■ Ford  3725—.Ta,mes Nelson, R. R.-No. 1, Chilliwack.^ L...'.!.."'.l>ord  3784—^D. A.   BoscowiU, Hotel Vancouver J McLaughlin-  3804—Dr. M. T." MacEarchen, 635 12th Ave,.:. ......Willys"  3S05—B. K. Shingle Co, Seymour Garapre  •.  Ford  3840—Alberni Poultry Supply, 1176 Robson St .,<. Ford'  3S46—P.'C. Russanoff,  344  Main  St....":..:.      "     "Ford'  3S55—J.  Vitucci Co,  l'l  Cordova E..1 _.   .    ' '   - .Ford  3S0S—T-r. G. Frith)* 37th & Carnarvon  St ."./Chevrolet  3S16—Harry ,Duker,-I.td.,  122  6th Ave. W ;    Chevrolet1  412-9—B. O.  Pinder,  1544  13th Ave. E.._ /. ".Chevrolet  4132^-Dr.   II.   W. Alorley.   Cloverdale...:  -Chevrolet  4426—W. S   'Whiteside, 1624 Salisbury Drive , : -..Ford*  •1528—J. H. Johnson; Prince Georije  ".....  Russell*  445]—AleK. O'Connor. 697  36th,Ave. E.; South Van .'....Ford  4159—C.JE. Nelson,-1906 14th Ave. W....  » Foul ~  4535-r-Russell, Peden,  South  Fort Georpre  ' FotcI "  G3",6—H. Auchinvole, Jingle Pot Mine, Nanaimo'...McLaughlin *  . vv  ,    -  SASH   DOORS.   WINDOW'S,. ETC.  *  W. N. O'Nell.*. Co., 54S Sey.  St...S. 4795-479'  SHINGLE  MANCFACTl'RERS   AND  DEAL  ^< x .     ERS. \  , (See  Lumber  and  Snlngles.)  SLATE  Evans,  Coleman  A Evans,   ft.  Co! S. 29SS  V\. N. O'Neil * Co., 548 Sey. St...S. 4795-47S*  JR. V. Winch & Co., WInca Bid...S. 279-1944  Ritchie, Con. A Sup. Co, Granv. Bdgr..S. 91SJ  STEEI^— REINFORCING.v  Balfour,    Guthrie   &   Co S. 9197-6671  Evans,  Coleman A Evans,  ft.  Col S. 29S8  Macdonald,   Marpole   Co.,   Ltd    S.  210  Warrington A Johnson, 119 Pender St.S. 491;  STORE   *   OFFICE   FIXTURES   A   STORI  FRONTS  Evans, Coleman &'Evans, ft. Col.l.. .S. 29SS  W. N. O'Neil A Co., 548 Sey.  St...S. 4795-479J  TAR  AND   FITCH  Paterson Mf«r. Co., 10th'& Arbutus, Bay. 7~«  Evans, Coleman A Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2988  TILE—DRAINING  Evans. Coleman A Evane Ft. Colum..S 298l  Gilley Bros., New Weatmlnater Phones 15, H  Pt.'Hane> Brick Co., 615 Hast. S. W., S. I3fcf  Ritchie Con. A Sup Co., Granv. Bdg. .6. 9161  Warrington   &  Johnson,   119   Pender. .8. 4915  TILE—FLOOR AND  WALL   t  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2988  W. N. O'Neil A Co.. 548 Tey. St. ..S. 4795-479!  Warrington  A  Johnson,   119 - Pender. .S. 491!  TIN PLATES  -Balfour,   Guthrie  &.Co S." 9197-6571  Evans,  Coleman  A Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2988  R. V. Winch & Co., WInca Bid . .S. 279-l<t4-  Wilkinson Co., 846 Beach S. 7915  LATH—METAL  Evans. Coleman & Evans. Ft. Columb. .S 29S5  W.  N.  O'Neil A Co.,  54S Si-y.  St. ..S. 4795-479S  Rltch!»   C.   and   5    Co..   Gran.   St S.   9162  Warrington   &  Johnson,   US   Pender. .S. 4912  LIMB.  Balfour,   Guthrie  &   Co S.  9197-6575  Evans. Coleman & Evans. Ft. Columb..S 29>>8  Gilley Bros.. New Westminster. .Phones 15. 16  W. N. O'Nell A Co.. 548 Se-y. St. ..S 4795-1798  Ritchie Con & Sup. Co.. Granville. .S. 9162  R. V. Winch Co. Ld., Winch Bdg. .S. 279-1944  MACHINERY  Can.   Allis-Chalmers,   1063   Pender S   5710  Darling,   Fiank   Ac   Co.,   Hi2   Homer   St.   S.   4100-4101  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co..  X,td S.  210  W.N. O'Nell A Co., 548 Sey. St.. .S. 4795-479S  Ritchie Con. & Sup. Co., Gmnvl. Bdg..S. 9165  The Holden Co., Ltd., 542 Pender St. W.  Sey.   1060.  MANTELS—BRICK.  TILE AND   WOOD  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,  ft.  Col.. .. .S. 29S8  Leslie.  Taylor Co.,   403  Dunsmulr S. 4371  W. N. O'Nell A Co., 54S Sey. St. ..S. 4795-479S  Ritchie   Con.   &   Sup.   Co..   Granville. .S. 93S2  TOOL  STEEL  ', Darling,   Frank  &   Co.,   1142   Homer   St.  -      S.   4100-410"  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd S.  210  VACUUM   CLEANING   SYSTEMS.  Barr A Anderson,  10>60 Homer  St S. 618i  WALL   BOARDS  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2988  Leslie,  Taylor  Co.,  403   Dunsmulr S. 437i  WATERPROOF COMPOUND  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  ft.  Col S. 29SS  VV. N. O'Nell & Co, b4S Sey. St...S. 4796-479.  Paterson Mfg. Co.. 10th & Arbutus. .B. 77:  Warrington   &  Johnson,   119   Pender. .S. 491:  WATER   METERS,   HYDRANTS   &   PUMPS  Macdonald,   Marpole   Co..   Ltd S.  210  WATERWORKS SUPPLIES  Macdonald,   Marpole   Co.,   Ltd    S.  210  WINDOW  SCREENS  W. N. O Neil & Co., 648 Sey. ot. ..S. 4795-4791  WIRE   AND   CABLE   (ELECTRrC)  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd S.  210  WIRE ROPE  Balfour,    Guthrie   &   Co S. 9197-667t  Evans,  Coleman &  Evans,   ft.   Col S  298!-  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd. . .. .S. 210  Ritchie. Con. ft Sup. Co.. Granv. Bdg. .S. 916:  R.  V. Winch A Co.. WInca Bid...S.    279-194  Wilkinson Co., S46 Beach.. S. 7915  WIRE   WORK  Artistic   Wire   A   Iron   Wks.,    1462 _„.JO  Klnirswav-   ■         ...... ....F .64*  South Vancouver Iron & Wire Works,  -,855  Victoria   Drive: Fra<--er  156  THE   MEDIUM.  Did   you   ever   notice   that   95   per  cent,  of the big successful  firms are  firms who advertise?   They figure, advertising as an investment not an expense.    The  secret of  advertising  is  the selection    of  a    medium    wliicl  reaches those people who are or wil  be  the    most    likely  "purchasers  o  your product."   If you are in the build  ing supply.or machinery line don't s«  Ject a moving picture publication ii  which to do your advertising. Because of the fact that the KECORD is  Uie only paper published in. the province devoted exclusively to the contracting business it is read by practically every one you would like to  sell your products to. Your ad. where  they will see it will put a capital C  on your cash.  633S—A.   B. Ball, Comox  : :.  ! .1 ......Ford  U408—H.'L,- Jenkins, Wellington ..". : , _ Chevrolet,  617 1—AI.  F. Kirkpatrlck, ,Vernon ". >„ '-.„.'....-. i... ."Ford  647S—O. J. T-,eBlanc, T.umliy r..f.~..  :. .'. Chevrolet  6490—^D.' Kinlock,- Coldstream, .Vernon   ...r„ „ '...::..'.'. L .U'.Ford'*  6779—G. J. V. Spratt, Rockland Ave , "Victoria .". i.'. ...Winton -  67S3—E/ S. 1I,> Winn, Rossland.'...*...=..'„_ -.'-..-..t...'...:^. ....'..WiUvs '  6S09—S-.-Hetchmer, -Ftrnie * ;.... '...■■ ..„..-.; >-. ,•* -.      Paige- D *'  6S11—B.   Casselstirte.'billooet  ......~..7>...'.::"..-..;.V;.'..;'..-_r.."JGhevrolet-  6S23—J. H. Sledare,-1723 Bank St_,-.Victoria .*.-SJi-...   Ford*  6S2Sr=-TOS'*Clarke, 1217 Alitchell St.. ■ Victoria^-.: '..J„Fordi  ■7503^'D. J, Crosina.  153 Aiile-House, Cariboo <Rd..'- ^..-UDodire"1  9500—^Columhia-Paper Co.," 303S Hamilton Sti...'_..^„i_i.„-.Kord '  S501—D.  Sutherland,-1603   13th'> Ave.'.E ..7~:- ..:...'.......'-.Chevrolet  STr.T-^Canadian 'NorthwestlSteel Co.?J16*6: Comox,St^^.Pafe-e'''  ^S777^-Evelyn _M. ~Eawrence,' v433   Richards   SCJUJlzJ^L"Willvs.  SS00—b: C.  Copper^ Co'. .Greenwood .'„r„^i .:-:„.,.^.:r>od?e;  SS01—Ralph P. Couth.'Grand Forks -.^......?....'.i:il'.....'..-."...'..^'Willys  SS02—James'BIa,":e,   Grand  Forks .....: '..'.'..„., _..' Dodpe  SS03—W. .S.   McPherson." Grand  Forks   _ :..*. AfcLaucrhlin  >SS04—-Owen   T\TieeIer.l Kock   Creek   ..■-.  ;.'.„rJ Willys  SS05—-A.. -G. Hendrickson. -Phoenix .._ .-. , .™.r..'.WiJlv.s  SS06—R   D.   Cummins,  Ashcroft    : .'. Maxwell  SS07—F. B. Ward, Douglas J_ake, Ashcroft ". ..Ford"  SSOS—G.  B. Armstrong:,  Merritt   : L-CadiJlac  SS11—J. P.  Shaw,  Kamloops  .: _  ..Chevrolet  S812—A.   Styer,   Walachin    Willys  8813—W.  H.  Stevens; 429  Battle St., Kamloops.::...Studebaker ■  SS14—C.  E.   Barnes,   Walachin  Chalmers  8815—G   H.  Hoffman, Shuswap  Chevrolet  SS31—.Tames F.  Hird,  Duncan  .". McLaughlin  8844,—W. A. Webb,  Nanaimo  Willys  TBAKSFEBS.  No.   ' Name Address "       "  -      Car  505—Jennie Hall,  1S43  1st Ave. E _ McLaughlin  610—N.  T.  Burdick,   1550  Wilmont Place,  Victoria....Hndson  936—H.   N.   Freeman,   Nanaimo    _ Willys  1196—A.  J.  Hamilton,  141   10th  Ave.  W Ford  1312—John   Oliver,  East Delta  _ McLaughlin  1431—E.  Taylor,   1157 Princess Ave.,   Victoria Ford  204t—R.   Whitting-ton.   Duncan Hupp.  2044—A.   K.   Westland,   Cloverdale    -..Ford  2290—Mrs.  Ida Home,  1129-Pendrell St McLaughlin  2642—Harry Gooding:, 1236 .'Melville St Ford  2671—Wood Motor Co.,  1019 Rockland Ave., Victoria....... .Ford  2727—E. V. Williams,  720 View St. Victoria  *.....B. M. F.  2S15—W.  E.  Wadsley,   1329  Georgia St McLaughlin  2865—H. A.  Grant & Sons,  Comox  „._ Russell  2864—W. McWhinney,   113 Semlin Drive,  New  West .Ford  2996—Rennie & Taylor, Fern wood & Gladstone Ave. Vic. Ford l  305S—L.   R.   Wilson,   100   Block  Broadway  W Ford  3095—Frank  Evans, 'Duncan   .Ford  3154—T. Van Norman. Duncan  .'. Ford  3324—B. C.   Electric Co.,  : Ford  3347—Western  Specialty Ltd, 2376  Sth Ave. W Ford  3476—D.  F.   Broomer,   370,Beach  Drive,   Victoria Hupp.  1829—Alfred B. Weeks,  11th Ave. W. & Birch  St Ruf-sell  3936—B.  C.  Electric Co.,  •„...:.... 1 ; Ford  4045—Mrs.   M.   E   Brice,  Parksville   ."....Hupp.  1158—Ruddy & McKay,  Hazelton    Packard  44SS—J. E. Davis. Duncan  McLaughlin  4510—A.  J.   Martin,   Duncan   Hudson  1567—H.  T.   Morrow, Hampton Court, Victoria EM.F.  4943—E.   J.   Crickman,   Sidney Ford  5360—Charles   Seaton,    1929   Triumph   St Ford  5443—R.  Whitaker, Lower  Nicola   , McLaughlin  5780—M.   A.   Cleasby,   Coultie       Ford  R52S—V.  H.   Watchorn,  Nanaimo  Overland  7116—W.   Hogtran,   Nanaimo    Ford  720*—A.  W. Wripht,  Prince George  Ford  7312—Highland  Valley  Min.  &  Dev.  Co,   Ashcroft I-'ord  7619—Jennie  T.   Clement,   2650 McGill   St     Ford  767S—a.  T.  Sallows,   457   11th  Ave.   E   Ford  7SS6—I.. C. Hastings,  847  Pender St Ford  7921—Jack  Williams,   1157   Hornby  St Ford  797S—C.   Berardlno,   S74   Union  St     Ford  5756—\v. L.  Lawrence,  207  7th Ave., New West    Ford  74—j. G. Patterson,  1214   Oscar St., Victoria Republic  505—James   Bourman,   23S   15th  Ave.  E McLaughlin  689—T,  Drew, Vernon  Ford  1100—John   McRae,   Travellers  Hotel        Ford  1429—Tlugh   Lambert,   Millardville        Ford  1099—c.   J    Parman,   Aldergrove         Ford  224S—E   C  Walsh,  2200 Victoria Drive     Hupp  2295—City   of   Roasland,   Rossland      Austin  2395—L.  Redgra"e,  619  Harbinger Ave.,  Victoria    . _E   M.  F.  2436—Vancouver Motor Supplies, S27 Hastings St. W.   Hudson  2553—J.  H   Saxon,   1207  Sophia St    Abbott  25C0—Gilbert Tulloch, R   R. No. 1, New Westminster.       Ford  2917—Andrew  Hoggan,   Merritt   Cadillac  3314—Marsh, Hutton Towers Co.. 509 2nd St.,,New.Westminster J.......... Cadillac  3343—John  Steve'hs, Alexandra Station,  Lulu   Island..,. Ford  •3422—?r. .E.  Bayley,  Courtenay. B.  C...:...;..: „„..'Stoddard  3527-—John Martin,  1733 5th Ave. W.......... Oakland  ■8839—0.  L.   Tait,   1049   Granville St.    ....:..................Russell  3S56-—W. H. Warwick, 609  Agnes St., New West Willys  3871— Jennie Hall, 1S43 1st Ave. E. Ford  4319—Ernest  D. Clapp,   2725  fith  Ave. W. Maxwell  4375—-F. McMiillan, 4397 Commercial St.,  South Van.... Ford  4490—A. P. Blyth, 307 Vancouver St., Victoria... Hudson  4G91—jay   Fry,   Clinton .McLaughlin  4791—c.  H.  Stanley,   67th Ave. &■ Mint*  St... j;;.;.V.. Ford  5024—M.   C.  Smith,  Chilliwack Ford  5050—^y.   Pearson.  Mount   Tolmie,   Victoria ;. Ford  5219—Richmond   Garage.   Marpole'   ....:...■ ..............Studebaker  5099—c.   Cameron,   521   Superior   St.," Victoria.. Sfudcbaker  5705—A.   Kavoie,   Rossland   Ave.,   Trail Ford  i;0R4—P.  Burns &  Co.,  Vernon  ;....;....... McLaughlin  C4SS—John   Ryan,   Fraser   Mills ..Overland  6604—N.  Rothechild, Rose Hill, Kamloops Ford  6711—H. 1 r. S. George, North Kamloops    Ford  (■,793—Wood Motor Co., 1019 -Rockland Ave., Victoria Ford  7122—Robert.  Ince,  737 Belton St., Victoria  Ford  7747 I.   !•'.  Green,   10  2Sth  Ave.  E Ford  77«i(;—n.'ilnh   Medtl,   Mliner ....Ford  7S73—Edith   R.   Bacon,  Kamloops  Ford  S042—C.  A.  'Elofson,  "Murrayvilie Ford  S4.I0--T. F. Ready, 571 Broadway W. Ford  .- ^utrmmaeaaas  '-■~*~^^^r »->   .'«-=  s  o  00  o  00  £ o  B3ITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  WARRINGTON & JOHNSON   BUILPERSSZZ^.  ; R1B-TRUS, MULTIPLEX PLATE  Sey.  4912  303 Duncan  Building  Vancouver,   B.  C.  RAYDIANT  SIDEWALK   LIGHTS  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  New Work -- Contracts Let  IS  Phone Seymour 6180        v  -  T '   1060 Homer St.  Vancouver B. C.     Fraser  PILE DRIVING CO.  j >  LIMITED  'P. A. Jones, Mgr.  WHARF BUILDING;  BRIDGES,  TiLE FOUNDATIONS,  ETC.     -.,<  Owners of Tug "CLIVE"  •  General   Towing ^  t     -  324 Front St. . " _    New Westminster  Telephone 1015 -  Character  •  Depot and  terminal  ..  3  new bids   and 2 alterations  Causeway  Shipbuilding  plant        Dredging between piers .,  Cold Stoiaue plant .  ['.licit   Canning   Plant ...   -  Pi I'sen ing   Plant l  Powei   Plant .     ■   •   r  Sleeping   Pavilion       -       - - - "  Telephone- Tfl\channe .  Conci ete   lighthouse   tower  -  Remodel   Bldg  bi^wer   WoiU      Warehouse etc .   -  Pi lilting  Plant   Gaiage ,      . j        Saw  Mill '  Shipbuilding plant . .   .  1'ower   flouso    Rt sldence         >-  ConcenttaLor etc  Station  and   Teiminals   Sheds  on  Govt.  AVhart      Then tie  and   Stoteb..    Jetty (Second Unit)    Rcpalis   to Bids"   Heating Sv&tem  --  Turning  Basin       Ti unk Sewer        Dredging ...        -'    Uieosotlng Plant   Seawall   Postofflce BUlg   Whntf      Watii works   Systi^n      Stoie and   office   bldg      Obsrt\,atoiy      -. .-.   Sewer  '      Wood   Bridge < • t    Coat  $1,000,000  $50,000  .$50,000  location  - -'.. Owner  Can   Northern   By  $50,000  $20,000  $15,000  ?1!>,000  .5.8.000  $10,500  .     ..$7,500  $15,000  ,$100,000  .     $70,000  .    "$5,500  .   $500,000  .     500,000  ■15,000  40,000  ... $300,00'>  10,000  $£50,000  . $100,000  300,000  ..$700,000  150,000  100,000  .  1100,000  .$15,000  'JlO"i dOu  $fi0,000  $75,000  $300,000  '    ..$5,000  False   Creek ..  10th & Willow St.  Co.il  Hai bor     .   -  Poit Moody    Port  Buriard   liile*  Foot of Ooi e Ave  Kelovv na .. B  New \\ estminster  Punce Geoige  .ITniveisity of B   C  City  ot   Vamou\er  Moodv Shipbuild    Co  Can    Pacific   By  Can   Fishing Co  C   Evapoiatois. Ltd  Can   Pioduets Ltd  City  Trantiuille.     B. C. Anti-Tuberculosis   Soo  Nelson -       B    C   Telephone   CO  Tiiple   Island,   B    C,       . Pom    Govt  [",-.3 Granville  Elliott bhandley & iUbj*"  Esquimau -    . - ,^)  Vict on i    ....      °      - Dom. c,()lt  \'ictoria . .Cameion Inv & bee Co  Powell St . ..BO Sugai Befmeiy  l>lh .!.: Willow - -AlbOita Luinbei Co  Poplar Island Westminster Marine Ky  ,Vnyovl . Oianbv Min & Smelt Co  New Westminster Mrs T C Aimstioiig  Km r   Inlet       ....  fe.ui f   Liltt   PoMei   to  False  Creek Gieat  Northern   Ry  Sals.hul j   r>i T)om   Govt.  Bioadvvay   &  Main   Sts     C.   M.   How man  (lower).   .   Dominion Govt  Lvans.Coleman & JEva  ...Public Service Coip     Government  .. Sewerage  Boa id        Government  .Vane   Creosoting Co,  C. X. Rv  Architect       Contractor  Pi att  &  Thompsoi  Sharpe  Ownei s  Ownei.s  ii Ross    Noi them Const   Co   and  Caitet, Hulls Aldmger Co  Bayncsa & Hoi ie  Fiasei  RJvpi  S72 Gianville St  Cential List   False Creek . ...  Stanley Park . ..  False Ci eek ....  AToi£h Vancouver  False Cieek .. .  Mount   Pleasant  Pa.ti'cia Bay   West  Va.'CO'iv-*r  Victoiia      Victoria ' .    ...  Hastings  Park  .  Nanaimo  ... . Government  , Can.  N   V. <fRy.   Co.  Municipality  ..JJom     Government  .. . Sewerage Bonrd   Cit)  Owneib  Ownti s  Qvvncis    i  Du Cany Dutchei  Ownei s  On nei s  Ovvnoio  Owncifr  Ownei s"  Owner s  Ownei s  Owner s  . . .      Ownei s  ,   .     WD   Grant  A    W.   Quist  ."Waid   &   Baldoek    Ownei.s  & Co. .        Jab    Lay field  Snidei   Bios>   it  Biothoui  Snider BlOfe   & IJtethout, Ltd  "."" "Wan en <& Stancombe  .     .     .      Panitt.'1-ttos  it  ". ..   Tayloi   Knj  James .     .       r.      Ownei s  Ownei sf  .   Oivnn s  ineering   Co  .J.   C   Allen  Tow nlej  V I   Townlev" G*iant Smith & McDonnell  Snidei  Bros. & Biethour Ltd  GaYdinei Adkl.son & Dill  ... Maisli   Huton   Powers   Co       Bayiies it FIoi i"  "....   Am. Di&t   Steam Co   (Seattle)  ...   Pacific  Dredging Co.  Govt.  W. r  Govt,  nb   ,  Government.  Ownei s .. .-  Eng   Dept ..  Whiteside  . S.  Ownei s-   .  A   C.  Hone  Ownei s   ...     .....  Municipal  Engineer  Peicy  ro\- 1. .      ..       .  Owners McAlpine  Owners      •    -  Owners  *>- •■  .Pacific Drednrlng  Co  ..   Pal met   Bros  G   Creel man & Co.  &  Williamson  Doe.  Vietoi'a   Cotton  Co.  . Lunv   Bros  Robertson  Co  Owners  A,  AV   Mesher  i-      t  ., <-<      ■>  lfi'!.--'-' "'  PROPOSALS   WANTED  CITY 'OF VANCOUVER  'tenders for  COAL  HARBOR '  CAUSEWAY.  " Tenders will be received by the undersigned up to Tuesday, August 22,  1916, at 12 o'clock noon, for the const] uction ot tlie Coal,Harbor causeway  and trunk sewer.,  Plans" and specifications ma^ \be  seen at the office of the city engineer, City Hall, Vancouver, B. £.  A deposit of an amount equal to 5  per cent., of the contract price must  be made with each tender by^marked  cheque payable to the^city treasurer.  The lowest or any tender not neces-  sarily accepted.   „ "'.       .  ,WM. McQUEEN, '  City 'Clerk.  City Hall, Vancouver, B.C., August  5,1916.       tu /.-*  <l   ■  X5  _   vr-r'AsTGeneral Agents*'* /_.,  rf or i British -Columbia of The, Globe  indemnity ,ConipanyJ>f Canada and«  'The  Liveipool-ife- London & Globe  'Insurance*Co.,;Ltd'    We^sell  complete* protection ^including loss  -   " - «     "    through1   - lv «*  - Fire? 'Theft.   Collision,1'' Property  J Damage "and Personal Liability.  Csperley, Rbunsefe! & Co.  L1MTTED      :  Winch   Bldg 78B   [listings  St   AV  JB&tab   1SS6        Vancouver, B.C..'.  NOTICE»TO CONTRACTORS  JF,OR^ SALE—One twenty and one  sevenTcubic foot mixers, gasoline engines/ one 'twenty" cubic foot'mixer!  steam engine; one contractor's hoist,  six h.p., 3,00(Mbs capacity. Also several 'dozen "concrete wheelbarrows and  quantity ^'cement paint. ,„A11 newat low  prices , For further particulars," phone  Sey.   8942.        ' '  ed lor. The cheques, or certificates of  deposit of unsuccessful tenders ,will  be returned to them" upon the execution of the contract.  Tenders will not"be 'consideied Sinless made out oif the fornis supplied,  signed with the actual signature of the  tenderer.  ancKenclosed  in  the  envel  opes'furnished.  The lowest or any tender "not necessarily accepted. '  J. 13. GRIFFITH, *  Deputy Minister, and Public Works  Engineer,          t<.               ,            .  Public Works'Department, (  Victoria. B.C..  TELEPHONE DATA  1 ^YS-JJ  -ri „ NEW HTSTAIil^TIONS  AUGUST 8,~1916.  Ci?af Co, Ltd,  41S Georgia AV   .       \    ■ '    .  ,3~SJGUST 9, 1916. ,_ ' /  Cartel ff'lambertson, Auditors, lfi Hastings E     .    Chapman Motor Freight Transfer,-!50 AVat^r     .      .   _.  Mutual Printing Co, ftom 1753 Cedar to  1th and Maple  CHANGES.,  AUGUST 8,   1916. * ,        c   !  A-l Chlmnev,Sweeping Co., from STS 17th Ave   W, tp SGi 17th Ave  Hoves Dr, "fiom S26 Georgia to 736 Gianville .    .'..„--  Sey. 11SS  W  Sey.  Sey.  .Bay.  Fair  . Sey.  1010  102S  2924  677  1S00  P  AUTOMOBILE   RECORDS  »   Tollowinff  i»4 »' complete" litt   of' aew   Automobile   tlcenie*,  Transfers and Relinquishments Recorded in British Colombia  -^ rOB'VXEXEHSIKO  AUGUST  5TK,  1916.  '■> The"name of person to whom transfer is made is given. ^The  T   "  name   of "person   inakinr  .transfer ■» may, „be   obtained   by,  «. referring; tosthe same license number in any complete  '       <■  published list or 'toy ^telephoning;^or ^writing1 to the  »    j-*r.,    -      ,-British, Columbia, Record.-, ,   <■ "Where street address is given and name of town omitted the  \ '- - address is^. Vancouver.      -  '\tJ \      All cars for hire are indicated thus: (*)'  ")VANTED—Ring Hammer   Pulvens-  ,'er/as  made  by American, Pulveriser  "Co.    State  size  and   pi ice. \ Clayburn  'Co, Ltd., Clayburn, B. C.  No.1  :.HEW CARS  Name        _       „ Address        '' ,.   Car  Ceiitral Gaiapre McLautrhlin  PROPOSALS   WANTED  Plans  for the new gaiitages Thea-  tie, building to   be  erected  on  Hastings St   near Can all, aie now ready  for figuung and may be obtained at  the   office   of  Archt > B.   M.   Pretica,  World  Bldg.    It  is  intended  to  take  scpaiate   figuiep   for   the   plumbing,  i'l'patmg   and   electrical   work.     Ten-  ''deis will be iecene,d  up to  Aug. 12  !oi   14.  AND  We rewind and repair  Motors and Dynamos,  Elevators, Automobile  Lighting Sets.    : : : :  SAWMILL LIGHTING PLANTS  The JARViS ELECTRIC CO.  LIMITED  Sey.  174—175 570 Richards St.  DEPARTMENT OF WORKS.  ATTENTION  Truck Owners!  GIBNEY WIRELESS  SOLID TIRES  also  VACUUM CUP TIRES  MICHELIN TIRES  HILL TIRE CO.  941 Pender W.        Sey. 6411  !        NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS,  i "Nicomen   School."  \    Sealed  Tenders, superscribed "Tcn-  'der for Nicomen School,"  will be re-  'ceived bj the Elonoiuable the Minister  'of Public Works up to 12 o'clock noon  !of Tuesday, the   15th   day of August.  1916, for the erection and completion of  | a large one-room school-houae and outbuildings at Nicomen in the Dewdnoy  Electoral District.  Plans, specifications, contract,'' and  fornis of tender may be seen on and  after the 2Gth day of July, 1910, at the  office of F.C. Campbell,'Government  Agent, New Westminster; J. Mahony,  'Government Agent, Vancouver; H. VC.  Ross, Secretary of School Board, Der-  oche; and the Department of Public  Works, Victoria.  By application  to  the  undersigned,  contractors may obtain a copyr'of the  lans and specifications for the sum of  ten ($10) dollars or a certified cheque,  which will be refunded on their return  n good order.  Each proposal must be accompanied  by an accepted bank cheque or certificate of deposit on a chartered bank  of Canada, made payable to the Hon.  the Minister of Public Works, for a  sum equal to 20 per cent, of tender,  which shall be forfeited if the party  tendering decline to enter into contract when called upon to do so, or if  he fail to complete,the work contract-  83 fG—John  McMann,   __  ggjj—>iis   C   M   Jameson,  lboit Davie   S54 I—Paul,Cote,   fCbmne    -    -   S3J3—-W   T   Arlnithnot, 621*Twelfth Ave    WA  8=>U—Mrs   J   G   Kleck, I61'0  Burnaby,St  S5H—AV   M ' AIcLachlan, 1219 Georgia St  S:, 10—Oi   Lf   Cunmnyluim.eSo J Seventh Ave   AV  S339—J   A   McKeicher, S,^7   Ffastings  St   YV\.  S75B—Jtoval City Laundry, Xew AVefatminster  S7=i:—-Alis' A. E   Drew, 5G Cth St. New West.  S75 1—Geoige KeUel, K 11   No   2, Oloveirlale  P7:.3—F    r   Halt & Co, Buinaby Lake        '   ..  S217—Donald viUoin:=on.   badnei  S9"6—J.  OShea,  Hazelton   .  S954—j    ftoherts,  1760  Pembioke  St,   A'ictoria  SS97—Mnrv Simp&on, Coach & Horses Hotel, Aictoua  J.S0S—Dr   B   AV   Boak, Usciuimalt,  Victoria  i,9o0—K   T   Giavelm, 1937  Oak Bay Ave,  Viotoi la .  SS21—AV.  A   Mills,  Xewyate, CianbiooU .   'z  S971—%I "A   irenderson, Rossland   S970—D   Adami, Windu mere .  S<)Gb—G   iloC'ann, 1607 Belmont A\ e . A ictoi ia.  S960-l,   C. I^illmoie,   Work Point Bari'acUs,.  \  S5.")5—A   ir   Dollai, 13S9 Crescent lid  S=ijit—p   j   P,e/.an, .^OJS Cypress St  S'35'?— I   Pyfe Smith Co, 1320 Richaids St  S552—A  C  Anderson,  100 Thiiteenth Ave  AV - >.  8551-—Da\id Greei,  !S29 Seventh -Vv e E    .   —  S510—G   Shelton,  1011   Eveleiph  St    . .        .  S3 10—-Mrs  S   E   Roarers, 1243 Thn teenth Ave  A\  S3 IS—Wallace Shijijaids. Ltd, Not th A'ancouvei  S73S—J   JMeicei & Sons, 10th St  &■ Crd Ave, ^ew  S757_Suuerior Wood Co, 12th & Columbia  N  S92C—A. C   Ban nan, Kamloops     - ,  .     -  <59-il—J    M   Vaitdu&kii t, ICamloops .,  8901 — Rex Cooper, Nanaimo  „  5,900—C    C   M;icR.ie,  Nanaimo  5,^04—W <AV   Giay, Nanaimo ...  S907—AV   AIcGur   Nanaimo  SOOS—J'owell Chandler,  ParVsv ille   -  8S<in—E   Keimode,   Nanaimo  8 902—Mine Rescue Station.  Nanaimo _ -.   -  Sqr,7—Owen Llo-\d,  Parsons   RiulRrf,  \ictoila..  SOfib—6   P   Oslet, 740 Brouffhton 5-t , A letoria    .  896=5—-M.  U   Doble, 1215 Jtichaidson St, Aictoua  S8n0—Owen Boyfi,   Gi eon wood - - -  8831—G   G    Keelei,  Kerpmeos  8S32—A   Nelson,   Phoem\    -  8853—AA'   J   Dawe   Giand   Poikt,  SSTI—KtanlPV  Ofvix.  Gi.md   T'oi ks .  SS33—AA'   H   Dmsmorp, Grand  l^oriC  «.;>-)<)—A    C   Thomp'-un   S'rntheis  S I.S5—J    A   Wuckhatn, Golden . .  si)3S V   C   P.itt(.ison,   Robertson  St     \Htoii.i  Q9F.7—Bientwood Reach Estate Co, Bientwoou  S-, 17—-A.   J   MacMIllan, 3,itl Third Ave   W  8S00—Nicola  A'aU.-y  O usiKe.   Mfriitt .  8S10—Nicola A'allej   G.uatfe,  Merritt  _    .   ^.Abbott  .Paige  .   Sa\6n  Chandler  McLaughlin  Studebaker  Studebaker  . .Foid  Ford  Pord  .    -Ford  .   Ford  Chevrolet  Pord  Poid  WJllv >  Foid  T'oid  Dodire*  . Foid  .Chev jolet  ictoria   .AVillys  St* arn.s  Cadillac  Chalmei s  i    .      .   Dodtce  ._.      Hudson*  ..   Abbott  McLaughlin  .    Toid  ...   West      Ford  West McLauyh  Kellj.  .Chevrolet*  Chev rolet  Chevrolet  Mcliaiicrhhn  Dod'^e  Cl^cv rolct*  Studebaker  ., ■>   .    Ford  J- oid  Foul  Willys  Willys*  Foid  Willvs  Cli^v rob»t  Chevrolet  I'hevro'-t  McLaughlin  Willys  jj-_   i oid  Jrord  AVillvs  Da"trr "  li'iy r.nnr  No.  Name  TRANSFERS  Address  Car  511— P.  :?S2—.J.  4:58—F.  -   7:!4—R  1 934— H  1386—H  134 7—H.  A. Woodward,  1219  Georgia St.  W.  Oobson, Nanaimo  —:   A   Bradley,  936 "Courtney St., Victoria..  .J. Arbuthnot. South Wellington   R. Hughes', Head St., Victoria...   G.  Harding,  421  Seventeenth   AV   .J. Tucker." 833 Pender  W.  ...McLaughlin   Cadillac   .;Ford   Ford  ...McLaughlin   Cadillac   Abbott  j 915—AVilTiam-'ReTliy""7<erfisriale ..; :;;-.7""-£'\h!,1?,'"  3 4S3—Studebaker Corporation of Canada, A'ancoiivei....cadUUt.  L0 31—H. Nadin, 1U2 Ross St.," .-- ■r°™  e057—A. AV. Stevenson,.Jericho Country  Club ...Hupp  R. Adachi  Kburne    ■ '"".J?,?"  ncUmvir. Delhi Cafe, Victoria vVTnKnn  Roxbovough,  Atlin MrhnS  H. Mdntyre,   Nanaimo Mcuuignuri  .:. HOLES .:.  We flrill Them Any Size, Any Depth,  For Any Purpose  ROBINSON CONTRACTING CO., Limited  <K. S. Robinson, Contracting Engineer  Specializing  in  Foundation  Test  and   Core Drilling  -vr  NABOB  COFFEE  which    "Nabob"  —is strictly high-gratle-^-a combination of Mocha and '.Java.  J<Yoin the plantation "to the  cup" nil the processes through'  strictly sanitary <  passes    arc  The blending—the roasting—(ho grinding—rfollow an exact  scientific formula which ensures absolute Coffee perfection.  And it' also ensures absolute uniformity—an exceedingly  important point—day in and day out., / ^        t"   t  A user of'"Nabob" kn'oAvs this—those who are not drink-  iuo- tcNabob "'.are sure! v.mis&iug'one of the, JoysM the culinary  art. =■   ; , ' a       Ll   'l,u'  ' ' *>-i:-$-a*- \  .    /ASK*'FOR IT ATVYOUR (GROCEES.      ",,    \ /  i  Or-.  MIMICO SEWER RIPE  VITRIFIED AND SALT-OLAZED  »tt  IS  _. > »*.' - ~  c-  1 %!  My Actual Tests Mads This Year in Kansas City, Mo.  7 f  THE SUPERIOR   OF   NEARLY :EVERY   BRAND  OF SEWER PIPE MADE ON   V  THIS CONTINENTu  THE ONTARIO SEWER lirfaOMPANY^ LIMITED   ^  MIMICO, ONTARIO"  ^r     ■—*•  vm  2 28")—H  2800—-A;  24 97—-R.  8570—W  4737—Bella Nixon, 610 Jervis St.  ......  4 071—.r.  !l2-10-'-O.  41507—1\  4 r.4 2—C.  r,024—E  51G3—H  r.62.0,—P  f.977—13.  G. Morton, 242 Linden Ave., Victoria...   Crausc 215 6th Ave., N«w Westminster....  A    Pr^rk,  Hat Creek  ,: -•--—•-•:   Cameron, 521'Superior .St., Victoria   Trethewey, Clayburn ...;.......-.. -   Sprott, 3?,C .'Hastings St. AV......  ....Ovorlanrl  .'."...Mitchell   .'Kord'   Willys   P'ord   Forrl  ...Russell  K  li!  AI   ATcNaughton, 242 Beach wood Ave., A'ictorla....Pord  Hall & Son, Prince George... vy    ,  r;4 5;'—Bmily Stevens,  2172 Thirty-seventh Ave. AV Napier  -XRtehaw, 241 Montreal St., Victoria... v""d«°Dn  64 75-HoiTtneister Bros., 1156 Pender W...,., ^iu^:  6101—K. T. McLennan, 1940 Arbutus St.. Studebaker  6180—P. Jones, 1116 Kelowna St. -,\r""al .-^7  6392—Davie VulcanIstlnft Co.,  1234   Granville  St Kord  7770—J. C. Donald, 129 Eleventh Aye. AV............. ........Pord  711G-.M   H. Doble, 1215 Kichardson St., V ictoria... ..... Willys  4654-Arthur Bennett. 1877 Georgia St., -Studebaker  7760—Minnie Mackie,   721  Smythe St..........^. f-oid  7478—National Brokerage Co.,  Yates  St.,  Victoria Ford  8038—G. I A. Boothroyd, Surrey Center Pord  0^28—Tennle Hall,  1843 First Ave. E..... , Forri  '8255-cSdIan Produce Co., 1100 Hamilton St. Ford  JIT PAY!  CONTEAQT©]  TO ADVERTISE  £  J  Y0U7IAVE SEttYTCE FOR SM-B  ADVERTISE IT^  YOU HAVE A*"REASON FOR DEING INT  *      -BUSINESS    '      .  ADVERTISE IT!  —YOU RBALTZE/riTAT Tnifl BETTER YOU ARE  KNOWN THE WORK BIJStNESS YOU "WILL DO.  ASK OUR ADVERTISING ATANAOTSR TO TALK  TUB MATTER OVER WLTII YOU.  SEYMOUR 7808  N,  PUBLISHERS BRITISH COLUMBIA  ^RECORD  .  AUTOBILE INSURANCE  Fire-Thcft-Liability-Colllsion-Property Damage  BEST RATES  BEST COMPANIES  .■.;■ BJ^T SERVIClE ^  TELEPHONE^    SEY.   4911      f0R RATES  SEELEY & CO.  Dominion Bldg.


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