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 RECORD   PUBLISHING   CO.,   Vancouver, Publishers.  Covering? British Columbia.  B. C. Distributom For  BIRD & SONS  NEPONSEt  PRODUCTS  Made in'CANADA  WE SELL : :  Vol. 11,   No. 23,  Wed., August 2,  1916  WALL BOARD  rOR   WALLS  AND   CEILINGS  1  Gosts less than plaster  and laths.  ' "Cotod" Waterproof Paper,  Far oid  Roofing's  Oranltized   Booflng-g  Proslate  Roofing-*  Booflng   Paluta  Black  Insulating  Paper  Plorian   Deadening-  Polt.  Plain and Tarred Papers  Wm. N. O'Neil Co.  LIMITED  Vancouver-Estab. 189B-Victoria  LESLIE, TAYLOR CO.  LIMITED,  Building Materials  Sidewalk Lights  Terra Cotta .  Terrazzo;  Marble  Tile  524 PEND.ER ST. W.  Seymour, 437-1-^-  , 80 Pender St E  Phone* Sey. 405-605-5408--5409  Welch <^  ' Sole Agents For  Vancouver B. C.  r  sain. Ltd,  KHgarcMlgre Clay Cck, Ltd.  ■^.^u^jy-  ,r, -ewer Pipe  ^pS?j   , Drain Tile  ■ Fire Brick'  General Clay Product*  Partition Tile  Fire Clay  Common Brick  '  Cement, etc.  Face and Fancy Brick "Jingle Pot" Coal  , Teaming and Transfer Business Transacted  Number  Description  ■Jr  BUILDING   PEBMITS* AMOUNTING   TO   8500   OB   OVEB  ISSUED  AT   THE   VANCOUVER   CITY  HALL   YESTERDAY  Cost  Street  Addrena  XjOt   and  Block  Subdivision  -i               ■*  r    Architect j Cr'outractor '  j  Addres  *.*  r  i  L  •  **  j  -  -  1  n  n  <             i  C                                               ,  <i  "  k  Owner  Addreas  H  Phone 2988  R* I'' W. jRaa& §§¥§■ 4__d_f'-*  M  LIMITED  fr.OFCbLUMBIAAV.  E\i $fc &f Cf  LARGEST AND BEST APPOINTED  STOCK   IN   BRITISH   COLUMBIA  ;     PROMPT. DELIVERY ';  P. E. HARRIS & CO!, Ltd. |  ELEVATORS  Passenger and Freight  MOTORS  Alternating Current Motors Kept in Stock From  One-to  100 Horsepower  Vancouver, B.C.  504  Crown Eldg-.  Sey.  4698  Lumber   Veneer    Panels.  ft  c        '     r r. ' "      ■  ,   Our Stock*is1the Most Complete on lhe Pacific Coast  Etc.  We are also Sole   Agents   for   the'  Celebrated "Seiiver Brand" Maple  and Birch Flooring.   •■'-''  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  ! 320 Richards St. "\ _':.-'* ,     '2' ,   ."   ■ Vancouver, B. C.  t-_ ' MINING.   , _   "_;._«|  NICLS0N-—G'iegerich   &   Miller  now  j have ten claims in the'Bear lake dry*  ore^ section,'' including   the" Panama  and the London. Hill. - In- addition to  % V:   BUILDING NEWS,      ,   *  t*ii    i -   .   ^ - -  ,- t - *£'  '.".Ana Construction,"Work not otherwise*  ,;>    "* Classified.    ' , ' <•>  Civic   Building   Inspector    McKeh-  zie's report for TJuly is as follows:  >  Repairs and alterations,,IS..? ; 11.540'  6,050  I  THE HCJlliDEN CO., Ltd*  J.'  ,H.^' £ V---'  GENERAL RAILWAYS CONTRACTORS  'i'_ '-^SUPPLIES,-; "«   "      *-v'''    ;■  z^}^* *_""  ''"■ 7,.*..^ '• j.i    _'r-». j>,?,'»_»*!* —i.  '(■  Sole Affents In Canada For'  Chicago Pneumatic Too! Co.  the   deep   development   planned   this j Dwelling houses,   6....I ......  season for' the Panama somo work is I Factories & warehouses,* 3....    -102,700 ;  projected on the London Hill and .the] Offices and stores, 2....11...;....      35,575  Rinpress. ,       ,     J Total/ No. Permits issued for ,  Y,    <■    -_   «''_, : - j     July,   1916   ....:....'. .-.      " "   29  It  is likely that the  Molly Gibson' Total value" of buildings'for  concentrator   will    be    in    operation  again   shortly. -   A   number   of" men  have  been, at work^at the  mine; for-r"   July, 1915 7  some weeks.  Boye'r   Riveting "& Chipplng^Hammers;    Little'iGiant1   Drills;    Duntley ~V  -' -' Electric-Tools;   Rock'Drills; kAir Compressors;   -   ,   ■ - *- 7V  ''  ."-'<•' <   >       Fuel Oil and  Gas  Engines/       ^   ' -     . - '    .   '  " It 'is reported that the Granby Co.  has'decided to open'on aft extensive  scale "at Lockeport, where .the' cqm-  |.j)any Ihqs taken'"an, option Jon thV  "Swede group. »The, Granbyl Co.; has  held this -property ^ under option-for  some ' time; 'but«Tonly  recently.vtias', a f.Total, value of-buildings„for,  •July,  1916  ....:. :  \15G,465  Total'No. Permits issued for       c   -  >  33  171,065  &  233  Total value-1 of buildings for  July, '1915 -~._ .". .".„  Total'MCo.    Permits * for -7 l  '   months;   1916- - .'..."....7.... *  Total value of.,buildings £or,£  *- j7 ,months," 1916  i:,..?.-..lf.V:.. ^ ,;'590,515.  Total  tNo)/ Permits^ [for "•  '.? months^ 1915^.: .'..'..[ ."      " "•- 425,  DARLING .'& CO.  PNEUMATIC TOOLS  Roller Bearing Drills - Close Quarter Piston Air Drills-• Rivetting Hammers  Chipping Hammers-Wood Borers -Turbine and Electric Drills   :;  r   . .,    High Speed Steel:-:prUls-:-Reamers,- Etc.  , y, .. ,7.(j  Complete  Stock, of Accessories  -,u  1144 HOMER ST.  •>< '?,  '(& ,  :< Yi%  ^hone.Sey. 41OO'  .   7 -*w  j starts be.en  'made   in   developing'   th'e*  holdings'.  I-  Montreal, Tcrsnte  Winnipeg  542 Peader St. W., Vancouver B/C,  Phone Sey.^ 1065  months,-~i9i5.-L:..,777:.:;.:.'.:. 1,235,031  '      ~    l .'.       .-.-_„ v ._      "    ....    .... .4T  ..,'. .7       .' r..'. »7 ,'     ,ri   ^ .-'.     .-if ..': I -    _  *-r-*7  11 - ^     <r„  < \_'     ^v   rs*^vis.  PACiriC LIIVIE  L*ne(jual{cd for ijualilj-.  ,    9<).5% pure.        , ' .  8avcs men V time iu slaking-.  Consumes more' sand than any oilier lime.  At all first class dealers. -    / ,   Tenders , will ' be  received   by  Geo.  Thirty-five hundred tons of ore WI Haddon,  Secretary of'the Vancouver  beinir  mined   dailv  at   the   mines   ofGejiei-aI Hospital, up to 5 p.m. Friday  the   Granby   Co.   at   Phoenix.     It   is [August-4th,   for   the   plumbin  l|r& -  Co.   at   Phoenix  smeltecl at Grand Forks.  and  Sey9506  PACIFIC LIME CO, Limited  Vancouver  Patrick" Welch and associates of  Spokane are acquiring the Spokane  and Trinket at Ainsworth on a $75,-  000 bond. T. McCullough. - A. I..  White. Jos. M. Moore and D. F. Stro-  beck own tlie  property.  li eating'work  required ' in  connection  with   the   removal   of   the - isolation 1  building.    Specifications and informa'  tion  may be  obtained  from  the foreman   carpenter  at  the  hospital. >  M  London, Eag".  Montreal  Win nip ogf  Toronto  Vancouver, B. C.  ROBERT W. HUNT & CD., LTD.  ENGINEERS  INSPECTION -TESTS-CONSyLTATION  STEEL,     CEMENT,     BUILDINGS,     BRIDGES,     PIPE,     RAILS,     CARS?  LOCOMOTIVES,   SECONDHAND   EQUIPMENT,   CREOSOTED  MATERIAL,  LUMBER,  ETC.  OFFICE: 1527-1528 STANDARD   BA?4K  BUILDING  " 508 Hnstlngrs W., Vancouver, B. C.  Cement Testing- laboratory, Boom 1601; Physical Testing- Laboratory, Soom Bl  Phone Say. 2199  Resident Inspectors at Large Manufacturing Centers  GILLEY  Tlie local engineering' department  of the Great Northern Ry. is prepar- j  ing plans for a ten-stall roundhouse, ,'  of brick construction, to be erected I  By invitation of the management at' False Creek, Vancouver. Grant,;  of the Britannia Mines the members , smith & Co. and MacDonnell Ltd., j  of the Hoard of Trade today will | wjh do the construction work. Work  hold   an    excursion    to    inspect    tlie   wm not-start  for about six weeks.  plant. , |    j     It   is   expected   that   plans   for   the  ^.^\(^.;-Av!«t>^^tMj,^^|,^i>.^>^4,^.<|,.;^f.^fi   Pantages    theatre   building   wjll    be i  4* BUSINESS NOTES <•' cpmI^et-scl   '}>'  the  end  of  the  week.  |ana*oth«r  items   of  interest 'to   tlxet' U-  Marcus   Pretica,  the architect,  has  •jj. , businesB man. a  opened an oflice in the World Bldg..  ..~fr*+***+.i~**+.H..Mv^+***.^*-r>+ , where is now at work finishing them  Increased  cost of  operating  is  the I "P" ,   reason given by the C. P. 11. hotel ,' city EngineerTeHowes stated yes'-  system in the lirairie provinces in , terday that the plans for the Coal  announcing that in future there will Harbor causeway will probably be  bt- no discounts to commercial  trade,   completed   by  the  end  of this  week.  '       r Tlie  department   is  now  working on  ■Mr.   C.   'G.   Woodward   will    he   in   t]ie   construct,OIl   details.  charge    of   the    local    office    of   the '    1'niicd    States    consul-neneral     until       The contract for the eleqtrical work  the  arrival  of  .Mr.  G.   H.   West,  wiio   ia connection with the light and pow- '  will succeed  ^irNll.   10.  ?,ian*lle!d.        er at the plant of the Canadian  Pro-'    ducts  Ltd., New Westminster, has been |  The  customs   returns   for  the   port   let   to   the   .larvis   Electric   Co..   370 '  of Vancouver  for the month  of July _ Richards  St.,  Vancouver,  totalled   S-t 159.377.60,   which  shows  an !  increase    of   §1" l,:i31.(|f    over    July.'  Structural Steel For Every Purpose  BEAMS,  CH ANNULS, ANGLES, FLATUS, TEES,  COX.T7MNS  COBTPLETErY EQirrPPEI»  rAB3ICATINCr. SHOPS  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL COT, Ltd.  L 7  -f  Pairmont 2396 and 2397  Vancouver, B. C.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co.  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  REINFORCING  STEEL:—  ,- "  Largest stock of Mild Steel Bar^s in. Western Canada.    We cut to  length.    Cold Twist and Bend Bars.  BOLTS: —  Drift Bolts, Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts.        We are' prepared to furnish large orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  SPIKES—CAST   IRON   WASHERS,   ETC.  PORTLAND CEMENT  LIME  —  FIRE   CLAY —  SCOTCH   FIRE   BRICK  —  HYDRATED   LIME  BLACKSMITH   COAL  —  COKE  — SEA   COAL —  PIG   IRON  MANILA   ROPE,  ETC.  VANCOUVER  WINCH BUILDING  Private Ex. Sey. 9197  San Francisco, Los  Angeles, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  VICTORIA  1010 LANG LEY ST.  Telephone 5037  .-Vrchts.   Sharpe   it   Thompson,  Lon-  191 r.. when  the  total  was  SSST.S-HJ..12. i(lonl   Blds"   lmve   awarded   the   ccm-  l This is also an  increase of ?1S.313.S9 , tract  for a  five-room  residence to.be  o\er June,  1!)1G " [elected in  West  Point Grey to Coffin  DEAMBS   IN-  NORTH VANCOUVER — Tenders  will he received bv J. F. Collins, citv  clerk, up to ,noon„ Saturday, August  .12, for employer's liability insurance \  covering firemen of the City of North  Vancouver. For particulars apply at  the   oflice   of the  above  official.  &    McLennan,    1701     Rroadway  Miss  Green  is the owner.  XV.  MACHINERY BARGA9NS  One-  Crushed Rock, Sand  and Gravel  j-  All Kinds of Building Material  902 COLUMBSA STREET WEST  PHONE 15 AND 16 NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.  SOUTH VAN'COUVER—The council has passed a resolution to close  down the Cedar Cottage and 2Gth  avenue halls. This will effect a total  saving of about  $7,000.  ROSSLAND-AAt last week's meet-  i ing of the city council a delegation  from the school board waited on the  council' in regard to an additional  grant from the city toward erection  of the new school. The governmentj_  is willing to give an additional $15,-  000 provided the city will ''raise $10,-  000. Tlie council decided to submit  a bylaw at the next municipal election to raise the necessary $10,0.00.   . j  ■Si/o No. 12 Steel Frame Koehiinsr Concrete Mixer with Side  Loader, Gasoline Engine, Automatic Water Tank, X'7\V condition    '.   51,150.00  Two—Hue No.  7 lo do do do xy.XV.    Kaeii ..  .  S 1,000.00  One—Size No. 7, do do do do SECONDHAND     . ?   700.00  (Condition equal   to new ).  Two—Bull-r'ioc   Ooncrete   C.irts       lOach  .  $      10.00  One—'! II 1'. "Foos " Junioi Gasoline Engine, Second hind. ei|iial to new $   12.").00  One—1 11.P.  -       do.      do.       • do. do.        .  do.         .$     Ca.on  Two—2Vi   tf.P. do. do. do.       do.';L KKXV $65.00  One—Centrifugal   Pump,  capacity  700  Gallons  minute;   150' ft. head.  Belt-driven.     Equal   to   new......... ?   250.00  Canadian Allis-Chalmers Ltd  1063 Pender St. W. Vancouver, B.C  Seymfiur 5710  KAMLOOPS—A four-saw shingle  mill is to be opened at Avola by Mr.  Tait of New Westminster. He, expects to have tlie plant in operation  a-bout  the middle of August.  The Monarch Lumber Co. mills at  Savoria have commenced operations  again, after lying idle for some time.  The  B. C.  Electric power house at i  Port  Coquitlam   was  somewhat  dam- j  aged    by    fire   caused    by   lightning  striking    the    building    on    Sunday  night. '!  VICTORIA—Fifteen building permits aggregating $16,530 were issued  during the  month of July.  THE METAL PRODUCTS CO. LIMITED  | ORNAMENTAL IRON, STEEL CASEMENTS |  I STEEL SASH, BRASS & BRONZE  I  New Westminster  Phone 177  Vancouver Office, 304 Bank of Ottawa Bldg.  Phone Sey. 5266        ■■ BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  British Columbia Record  Published, every Monday, Wednesday and  Friday by the  "  RECORD   PUBLISHING   CO.   _  Address:   5S3 Homer-Richards Lane  Rear of -131 Dunsmuir Street.  Telephone Seymour 7S0S.  C. M.' DAVID MANAGING EDITOR  i ' Subscription jBatea  Payable -strictly in advance.  *    ~-7 **,    i;  -  "- ' ~J-)~.  ft) '  . Y "■"-!  PROPOSALS WANTED  VANCOUVER GENERAL HOSPITAL  Sealed tenders will be received by  the undersigned up to 5 p.m. ,Friday,  August 4th, for, the plumbing, and  heating work required'in connection  with "the removal of the isolation  building. f ' <    <  Specifications and all information  maybe obtained' from the foreman  carpenter at the hospital.  "Lowest  or   any   tender   not   necessarily accepted.  WHITE'S CEMENT  PACIFIC LIME  ELEVATOR CABLES  DERRICK CABLES  GALVANIZED GUY  R. V. WINCH & CO. Ltd.  ~rr  COLLINS INTERLOCKING STEEL STUDDING.  ......FOR   FIREPROOF PARTITIONS and CEILINGS  OFFICE SEY. 280  Vancouver and Victoria  WHARF FAIR. 2655  GEO. Id ADDON*, < ',  '    Managing Secretary.  '. 'ItOSSL'AND—Tenders will be received byWrcht. Alex. Carrie up to 5(p.m.,  August ;$th, for thc different trades in  '■connection with  the  erection of a 12  "'room school building here..  Plans and  specifications   may   be   had   from   the  -Secretary of  School  Board,'Rossland,  ■   ) or the architect.  ,' 'VICTORIA—Tenders will be received'up to noon on Monday.'August 7th,  btY  the Canadan 'Explosives,  Limited,  for the'-construction    of a,   ten-room  , dwelling house on James Island, B..C.  Plans ,and   specifications  may  be  oh-.  ,   tained at - the  company's 'office   (Purchasing Department), Arcade -Building,  -'Victoria, v     *__-.._' „/> l ,/,     • . <■ ,  11 EBURNE-,'—' TV.'   T.s-Easterbrook,'  Eburne" Postoffi.ee,  >vill   receive '^tenders up 'tVnoon, Friday, August 4, for  shingling,   plastering - and   sundry  re:  pairs to .English", school house,-on No.-  ,/sHroad, Richmond., Specifications may  .-' be seen at 914 Yorkshire Bldg., Van-_  '   couver, or,at the office of the  trus-  .' tees,- Eburne.;,*.'   """■''       -      '   '-  -—ALSO—-  CHANNELS FOR FURRING, BRACKETTING & FALSE WORK  The Canadian Steel Studding & Mfg. Co., Ltd.  Phone: Fairmont 2256 Vancouver, B. C.  Character.' E*tiin*t«d   Coit  Pier     Theatre Bldg. '.   Pleasure Pier    Armory     Bank  building .'   Church  bldg    Hotel     Bridge      Harbor  Works   Bathhouse & Park   Bank A office bldg-   Paving        200,0.10  ...?..    '250,000      $350,000  . Not given   Uncertaii  .... $2,000,000  ...   $1,750,000  "!„"'*$To*b"'o'ob  .....Not given  .$•150,000  . '   VANCOUVER  location   '•-•  Owner   Architect'  Vancouver  C.  P.   K.  Has ti ngs  a t A lex   Pa n tages  English Bay  C6ates & Co.  Giandvlew    : Government  Dunsmuir & Granville Dominion  BanK  Van.   Methodist  Extension  Society   Mt.  Robson  G   T.  P.'Ky.  2nd Narrows... Burrard Bridge & Tun. Co.  Kusilano   Reserve    '. ...Government  ^r:r.'iri.7^"i.'"r)n7T; smo.ooo  Kitsilano Beach .'..Van. Park Board  Hastings & Granville.:. Boyal  Bank  Saanich  Municipality  h^thhhuse'T^YYYYYYY........ .$75,000  English' Bav    : • i.-wythheid  IMPROVEMENTS  LISTED  IMMEDIATELY  BEI.OW.ABE  PROPOSED   BUT  Post.Office  $250,000 1 Gore and Keefer .Dom.,Govt, fDom.   Govt.  pSst'Offlw  II::::.::::.::::::..:....::. $35,000   South Vancouver Dom., Govt. | Dom  Factory, Wharf,' Subway $150,000   Hastings.  Courthouse   (east   wing) $300,000   Vancouver  '  """   Homer &  Plan* Biady    Soon  Owners    H.  .M.  Pretica    OWIIBIS      -, '  Perrv  &   Fowler  - -   Not selected Sketches under 'way  In   hands   ot  committee.  Company      C. A. P. Turner  Government    „.   ...       -,-,      ,,  No plans drawn yet Waiting l- unds  No  archt. commissioned  yet :...  Municipal   lOnginecr -   Bmil  Guenther ■'••••  POSTPONED:  ...Delayed   Indefinite  'West Foundation Co.  Preparing  .Soon  HAVE   BEEN  Govt.  Office bldg. ....  Theological   College   bldgs.  Concrete  Garage   .-.   Character  -.:   Brk. and mill schools....  Steel - Bridge  .......-...:.   Y.W.C.A.  Home    Union Passenger Depot.-..  ,..-.7....$100.000  .$500,000     COBt   $50,0'00  ....$500,000  .. $150,000,  .$1,000,000   Royul Crown Soap Co. J^Thos  Hooper   »r   i Jrovln.   Govt.TDalton  A Lveleigh     : Georgia sts : E.< Mahou I W. V. Gardiner    ,<,/,     ,  - PROVINCIAL ESTIMATES ABE  , {- ' TABLED IN THE HOUSE  ,'""'.1VICTOPTA.i^-A revenue of just under  ■ $6,000,000 and an expenditure of $11,000,-  . '000'. for. .the- yea'r   commencing1 April   1  next" is predicted-in the, provincial-, esti-  -ihates  which  were-tabled in   the House  by . Hon. Lome Campbell,' Minister - of  '  Finance, on Monday.    The revenue shows  a falling-off of, about $1,000,000 for the  ,- anticipated-'revenue.for' this year,, -.while  :- h the,- expenditures show a slight increase.  '. •*> tThe - exact Estimated --revenue .is. $5,-  -''S44.015, as compared with «'$7,13 f.Gl 5 for  • the present year, a difference of $1,095,-  l .000. , The'"estimated disbursements are  '•'. Ill,301,37-1, as compared-with' $11,163,-  " 056 for the-previous year, - an-increase  v--of-'$138,000.->-Th'e increase is-more than  ' accounted for ' bv"> the "increased' fixed  •   charges,'.which are over $300,090.  , ■ Summary  of Expenditure  The   summary   of   estimated   expendi-  ' ture,- indicates   that   in   four   of   the   14  'Government services there will probably  be   an   increased   expenditure   over   last  year.    In   the   rest   a-  reduction   is   pre-  -dicted.  S sto office bldg .'. *2°9-5°2  Stone church  - !?5'222  school - .-. :.-: .'■  II0-000  Rink  (Curling)   :  $30,000  Apartment  : -*:    $2 (,000 i   IMPROVEMENTS  LISTED;IMMEDIATELY  Point -Grey  Fifth & Fir Sts ......Ford Motor Co.  VICTORIA "  Location -..:.....-. ..." : 'Owner  Victoria' .-..'. '. -'- City  Victoria .' .'.   City  Victoria    '- .'.    Y.   W.   C.   A.  Victoria :.C. P7R. and C7-N. R.  Victoria: German Can. Trust Co.  Victoria....Christ Ch. Cathedral Bldg Ltd.  Saanich  (Victoria)  ......School Board  Victoria   Victoria Curling Club  Sharp &\  Owners ..'.  Thompson...   Delayed   Delayed   Delayed    Delayed   Delayed    Delayed  Architect  '..-.-. «»»■ Ready  Spurgin  A Wilkins..;...-. Indefinite.  Owners  .'. .' :...... Preparing  ,1   C   Frame   Soliciting  I-unds  Co. Engineers   Preparing  No further details available '. ,   Jones    &   Beatson—Arranging   finances.  Coates  Jessie  Flett". To  Warren   Build This Year  r  10-sto office bldg ....*.   Christ' Church   Cathedral1....  Church  '....:.r.-..   BELOW ARE-PROPOSED BUT HAVE BEEN POSTPONED:  ...$250,000 f  ...$100,000  ...flOO.OOO  Character : -•- •'- Cost  ' - , > . -    n n I.  Fireball  I....  School   _,...'....'....: .' ,   Dairy  Station": .....   Water Supply,-System .&.   Grain'elevator   (35,000  bu.)  School- ."■ - --«'   Plant,Improvements - :.  Steel Bridge ...—"-   Steel Bridge  7.7 *  Grainr"Elevator-C25,000 bu.)  ■Market -Building  .-   Sewers   ^.....: --  Streetl Work  .:'.....  $15,000  ...$7,500  .$20,000  i....?a0,000  3!$25",000  ..-.;..$15,000  "i'TsTobo   $21,000  ..:..$50,000  Victoria '.  St. Barnabas  Victoria  B. C. Electric Co.  Victoria.:........'—.. First Baptist Church  .^BRITISH   COLUMBIA—GENERAL  Location ...: :. -Owner  .Trail  ...: -CT.  Trail      Nanaimo    Maillardville  Kamloops- ...'..  Rossland .  ..      ■„.-_ ,.-  Prince  Rupert .-. '.—  Vanderhoof-  .-_   Prince George    Kamloops- ..'. Maple  New .Westmiris.ter  ...  Nanaimo '.-. '.   Prince Georg'e .."..'....    ;   City   .'.  City  7 -. 1  City  .....:. :....„ :  City  .Kamloops Farmers^ -Ass'n,  -..-..- -    '    7   -i    '.City  Imperial Oil Co.  :.....-...- Pro.' ,Goy t.   Pro.  Govt.  Leaf Milling Co.  ."...7..7....:.-V... City   .'.  City    City  j; c. m.  Jesse M  Keith   Warren.  Delayed  .. Delayed  ...Delayed  ■\rchitect   .' Plans' Ready   „.:..;  .-Preparing  Not decided upon   F. L: Macpherson, con.  Owners, ,  Owners,  Owners",  Qw'ners .  ::ity .:.._  City.. :..  .ens  ,...c Now  Indefinite.  "." Shortly  ' Indefinite  Indefinite  7 ....". Soon  The following are  the  totals  -Public  debt ....  Civic  government  ' (salaries)      1  Administration      of  -justice   (salaries)  Legislation       Public  institutions  - (maintenance)    ....  HospitaKand ohari-  u ties   .V   Administration      of  "justice^    Education     .'  Transport   . Revenue services  Public-works      Miscellaneous    1915-16.  $i;i 52,376  v1916-17.  $1,122,25  709,566       1,6S7,736.  68,000  , S9.S20  467,-126  37-1,100  37S.000  1,594,600  '. 83,000  50,000  3.067,315  2.12S,752  C7.-12S  167,620  .    472,575  525,S00  30S.670  1,524,500  v 13,000  25,000  3,023,010  2,032,000  ^ In this year's report of the estimates  the service "miscellaneous" is divided  into, three distinct services. - "Lands,"'  upon which $505,000 is to be spent this  -vear, and i "agriculture." upon which  $176,500 will probably be expended, are  each' given a service to themselves, thus  greatlv reducing tliu /'miscellaneous"  total.  - Present conditions have also necessitated more and larger hospitals, the result being an unusuallv large increase  for hospitals and charities. Last year  $16,000 was voted in the way of assist-  ' ance in the construction of hospitals.  This year about $150,000 will probably  be granted for that purpose. Grants to  refuge homes, aid societies etc, is increased  from  $19,000  to  $J>0,000.  University of 3,  C.  Among the appropriations in this  year's estimates is a conditional one of  $200,000 for the University of British  Columbia. Last year's estimate was  $175,000. Included in the works and  buildings to be constructed by th» Public Works Department are the following; Okalla prison farm, $15,000;  improvement of government reserve,  Burnaby, $10,000; mental hospital and  colony farm. Essondale, $3.1.000; provincial government buildings. London Ccom-  pletion and maintenance), $175,000;  maintenance, $^,000. The appropriations  provincial noimal school, Vancouver,  for roads, streets, biidgus and wh.n ves  in each constituency are the same as  last year. Ohilliwack gets S3:!,300-  Delta. $22,500; Dewdney, SGS.riOO, an.I  Richmond $10,000. Eighty thousand Is  re voted for Kingsway thiough the Municipality of Burnaby. Point Gtev gets  $10,000 for roads, and Nlcomr-n Island  the same amount for dyking: SI 3.TOO Is a  , -subsidy for the Ladner-Woodward ferry.  . The vote of $100,000 An last year's  estimates for the Second Narrows bridge  is left'off. For bridges generally $150,-  000 is set down, while, for the bridge  over- the Fraser, River-at Prince George,  there  will   be an  appropriation  of  $150,-  000. ■■  An   item  in  the  Land  Department  appropriations     is   that     for     $20,000   for  "timber   testing     and     investigation   of  .wood products."    An indication  that,  the  (government-intends  to  continue seeking  1 overseas'markets for tlie B. C. lumber  trade is that another■ $50,000 is appropriated for salaries, travelling expenses,  and purchase of material.  Other Appropriations.  Among   the   other   appropriations   are  the  following: <  ''■,-■ Grant to Pi C. regJmcij.ts $5,000, grant  to patriotic fund $f.',000, grant to boy  scouts $1,000. Krant to Victorian Order  of Nurses $500, grant to returned soldiers' aild commissions, $15,000: Koyal  Commissions $15,000 Hast year S&O.noo),  cougar bounty $85,000. Coritrilniilon  to Vancouver toward purchase of  certain lanes in Ward VflL, $5,000.  Fraser River Bridge, New Westminster,  maintenance and repairs, $20,200. Kong-  nces Reserve improvements, $2-10,000.  :i  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON &  Public Works Contractors  Office 813-815. Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  Floor Coverings  If you have Concolcuni on your floors, you can run a mop  over them and they will "be cleaner 'than any swept   floor.  Congoleum is waterproof riffht through—water cannot injure  it.     Compared-with printed linoleum,  Congoleum is more  durable, 'more attractive,  more,waterproof, yet the price is  Congoleum requires no fastening—any one can'lay it  .won't curl -up.       , - .   7      '   - , '    -  Congoleum Rug Borders,- laid next to a -rug or  carpet,"give the actual appearance of polished oak.  PATERSON MFG. CO. LTD-  AVE. and ARBUTUS ST.  VANCOUVER; B. C.  ^Bayview 772  A  Learn   Engineering  WE TEACH PRACTICAL ELECTRICAL, GAS AND STEABI  ENGINEERING, MECHANICAL DRAWING ^AND 'MACHINE  SHOP PRACTICE,   SEND FOR CATALOG.  SEATTLE ENGINEERING SCHOOL  First Ave. and West Roy St.   ;,' ,„'\ -' '*-    Seattle, Wash,  V-.7  I**S"!"^i*I-,3?vt3,*C*^>%*^,*'!**i>vi3"I*,3f-I-<S,,'*,i>   ^-<l''\-,i,•i*{H,^  7 -    G  v  RAIiiS  BILLETS  <£*  1^-  Sewers      Concentrator,   :.        24,000  etc .'  1,000,000  Shipbuilding  Plant        200,000  Railwav Station ".        -10.000  Concentrator      ,  300,000  Public  Woiks  -      150,000  Market  Building  ..:        35:000  Theatre Building \   ,. 150,000  Post Offise Bldg :   Public   Bldg $150,000  Detention  Bldg $75,000  Public Bldg i—„-v-/v  Wharf   _ $10,000  •J-sto. hotel  : $18,000  City Hall   ■-  Esquimau  '1-sto   100x100   hotel   2—4-room Schools each  $20,000  Hotel   —.   $l,0')0.00u  Depot bldg $1,000,000  Fertilizing  plant A  wharf $125,000  Concrete  Sarutorium   $100,000  Flour Mill & Elevator $250,000  Provincial Home (Central Wing)   Hospital   $00,000  Citv   Uall    $50,000  onice  Bldg,  A Oil  Plant $200,000  Residence   (Stone) ;   SSO.nnn  Armorv   (Dom.   Govt.) $100,000  Pnstnfflcc:  5-sto.  cone $200,000  School       $20,000  Fiame   Hotel       $10,000  1 Totel       i20.0no  P.rewerv   $50,00n  $50,000  Nanaimo    City  Copper Mountain  B. C. Copper Co.  Port Moody  Boyd's Ltd.  New Westminster  C.  N. Ky.  .Ainsworth, B.C?.. .Silver Hoard Mining Co  Prince   George    City  New  Westminster  -  City  New Westminster.-Alhambra Theatre Co.  Revelstoke  _ Dom. Govt.  E'rince   Rupert Prov.   Govt.  Prince Rupert  Dom. Govt.  New Hazelton  :.Dom. Govt.  ffidnev : Victoria & Sidney  R.R.  Ocean Beach  (V.I.)   F. J. Lins  $30,000   Municipality  Prince  Rupert M.  Albert  Vernon, B.C Vernon School Board  Prince  Rupert Grand Trunk Pacific  Prince Rupert Grand  Trunk Pacific  Skeena River—Scot.-Amer. Oil A Fer. C'"  Kamloops....B. C. Anti-Tuberculosis Soc.  CociuitJam...,Terminal Grain Elevator Co.  Kamloops, B.  C Provincial  Govt.  Nelson, B. C: Municipality  Nanaimo,  B. C City of  Nanaimo  Prince Rupert Imperial Oil  Co.  Uplands   (Victoria)   Withheld  Prince Rupert  Dom. Govt.  Prince   Rupert Dom.   Govt.  Rossland       City  Prince   Rupert A.   J.   Prudhomme  Fort   Gnurgc /.Not   given  Fort George Peace River B. A M   Co.  Nanaimo •■  City  City      Owners  Owners   Owners   City      City      Moscrop & Whitburn   Dom. Govt I   A. A. Cox    Gov't _   Gov't   Soon  Soon   Completed   Preparing  Tenders clor-cd   _   Tenders  closed   ,   Tenders  closed   .1 Will   Build   Soon'  Jessie St. 'Warren Tenders Closed  Thos. D. Sedger   Preparing  Prince  Rupert Arcnt Under  Way  Bell A Constant; Branch A Coxall   F. M.  Rattenbury,  Victoria Soon  F  M. Rattenbury (Victoriaj Soon  3. S. D. Taylor  ^.Tenders closed  Dalton A Eveleigh Tenders Closed  Plans Aporoved No Date Given   Reported  Work  Will  Start Soon  Now petitioning for appropriation.  Not Drawn Asking Govt. Grant  G. A. Woodland, P. Rupert representative  Jesse M.  Warren Tenders soon  Govt   Tenders  soon  Gov't .'   Tenders  closed  No. 'Aroht.   commissioned   yet   Site Just Purchased   Herbert J.   P".vton Sketches  n-adv  Wll.son A Wilson Tenders closed  Undecided       Indefinite  Library  IMPROVEMENTS  LISTED  IMMEDIATJltY  BELOW   ABE   PHOPOSE3   BUT  HAVE   BEEN   POSTPONED:  rr0tel \ $200,000 I Port   Goortrf Grand   Trunk   Pacific   Ilolablrd A  Roache  (Chicago) Delayed  Motel.  3"-sto."brk." v'en7oV.V.V."V.'.V".....$20,O0n | Port   Alberni Tom   Magrath   Kvans A Cook  Delayed  Concrete Reinforcement Bars  Plain Round, Square and Cold Twisted Squares  WIRE NAILS and other WIRE PRODUCTS  BAR STEEL  ION IRON & STEEL CO.  #  *>  «5>  1%  4-  -5-  '•: , Mills and General Offices:    SIDNEY, N. S.  LIMITED   *■  v  TOCH'S "CEMENT FILLER"  AND  FLOOR PAINT"  ii  timm  Protect  Durability,  Water, Oil or Grease.  Cement  Floors from  Render the   Floors  Ducting.      Produce a Finish of Lasting  Absolutely  Dustless and  Impervious to  Church   (fr.)   ...  5 sto brk, mill  and steel....  .$150,000  I Coquitlam  I Kamloops.   Episcopal Church  , Kamloops Hotel r\  Perrv  W.   T  & A Fowl or  White way..   IH-layed  . ...Dehiyed  CONTRACTS LET OR WORK STARTED  Building' location  Residence     Metchosin  School    inillcrs,   E.  &   N.  Residence  Foul   Bay lid.  Residence    Gillespie   Place  3-slo   Apmt   School   Hollywood  1-slo.   dept.   store   bldg Victoria  Piers   (Concrete)    .:..... .........Victoria  School   (Quadra) Victoria  School   (Beacon  Hill)    - .Victoria  Brk.  veneer  church..... ...........:..Vietoria  Detention  Bldg.   (Victoria)...   Victoria  Wharf (Marine Depot)  ..-Victoria  Est.  Cost  !0,000    /  VICTORIA  Owner   II.  R. Hammond      School   Trusteet  ] 0,000    H.   Lawson  Breakwater ..1..  Victoria  Character    ..  Elevator   Power  House  Govt Bldg   Theatre     Hotel     2-sto stone & steel  Dairy  Bldg.   (cone  School  bldgs.     2-sto brk bldg..   2-sto.   apmt   Residence  -   Factory -   Dredging   Sand   Heads..  Bridge   Abutments   (12)  Govt.  Bldg   High   School   Jetty   A   Dredging-   Roundhouse    Bridge       Dfjm. Mills,-tote   Water   System   Mills,   Wharves,   etc   Bldg   (Cone.)   bldg.  &  .. Co»t  .$20,000  Tfi'ooo  $25,000  $25,000  I  20,000  b'rk) .....$ 20,000     $50,000  ...I; $15,000  (No  Details)     $20,000      $25,000   $70,000  „„„Z"$3o;b"oo      $20,000  $755 000  .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.. $20,000  5,000     1,00(1.000    10.000         750,000  000   F.   Nation  15.000       A.   Winch  *\ 1,000   City  $700,000    Hudson's   Bay   Co.  $2,000,000 ' Government  $10 500 .' ..-' School   Board  $ 1 7,100  School  Board  $20,000 ............ Colomba Presbyterian Ch.  $32,000 ....:..:.... Dominion  Govt.  .-   $21.500    Govt.  $1,000,000 Dom.  Government  BRITISH COLUMBIA—GENERAL  Location     ':.: ■•   ••    Owner  Chllliwack  ...Rockwell, Theal & D.  Kamloops .' ,.   City  Greenwood, B. C Dominion Govt.  Cumberland,   B.   C G.  XV.  Clinton  Prince George....Prince George riot el  Co.  Nelson, -B.C   Duncans.   B.   C   Kuper Island, B.  C. ....  Nar-alrno   Prince Rupert   .Metchosin   Bu I u  Island....Morrison  l-'raser  River  ...    Grand  Trunk  Pacific...  Port Alberni     Port -Alberni   North   Arm   Fraser  P'ort George   Nanaimo    Princess   Boyal   Is!  Port   Moody   ...  Ocean Falls   .Carmen  Maglio   Go,"-"r:rr.er, t  ...J,  B. Nicholson   1. McMordie  ..H. R.  Hammond  Steel & Wire Co   Government   G.   T    P.    Govt.     Municipal! tv  River Govt.   .0. T. P. Ry. Co.      City  and....Tonapah-Belmon   : City   .Pacific'.Mills,  Ltd.  Architect Contractor  Butler  A   Harrison Grayson  A   Son  Spurgin   &   Wilkins Local  S.  Maclure  A.  II.  Mitchell  S.   Maclure    P,   McKechule  V.  E.   Watkins Fulton   Bros.  Spurgin A Wilkins Luney Bros.  B. Horwood A White B. C. Const. Co.  Govt. .Grant Smith A McDonnell  Keith A Watkins... : .....Luney Bros.  Is'eith A Watkins......... ....Limey Bros.  Wm. .Henderson.......:..... Knott A Jones  Govt. ........Rourke, McDonald A Monerietr  Govt. Parks. Tupper A Kirkp'atrict-  Govt. .........Sir John Jackson, Ltd.  Architect ..Plans Ready  N. J.  Mall... ...W. H. Davidson, Supt,  Ducane Dutcher A Co ..Win.  Green Iocs  ......i.— Ibhn   Burns &  Son, of Nelson   ...Mesher Bros, of Nana!inn  Butler . &   Harri-on....Brewster &   Pelham  Geo.  C.   Egg.. Waters A  Pasco  J.  C.  M.   Keith Island   Building  Oo.  .Indian   fVpt.. Island   Building  Co.  A. Forrester....Watf-on,' Jacks & Anderson  Jas.  Oilrnore  Sub-contracts  Butler & Horrison Grayson A Sons  Used   Extensively  in  OFFICE   BUILDINGS; HOSPITALS; POWER  HOUSES; ..RESIDENCES; ..    STORAGE  WAREHOUSES; GARAGES; FACTORIES,  Etc.  *     WRITE FOR COPY OF NEW BOOKLET  Manufactured in  Canada by  R. I. W." Damp-Resisting Co-  Office-202 Mail Building, Toronto Factory-Oakville, OnL  ii\  Owners  Govt   ti. T. P..  Govt.   ....  Owners  City   t   Co   City   Owners   Day   Labor   Navigation -A Dredging Co.  J. A. MeKcn/io A Co. F.x. Bldg.  : Knott A Jones, of Victoria   Warnnek & Cochran   Pacific   Dredging   Co,   Carter Hall  A  A.   - Owners  —- Robertson,   Godson   Co.     Owner"  OF  ONCE   A   SPECIALTY-NOW   A   QUESTION  .OUR, OUTPUT CAPACITY  Built like the "Iron Dtike." All steel construction,  with but few working parts. Over 1200 London Mixers in use in Can ad a—also many in foreign conn-  tries, limit in twenty-three different sizes and fitted  with any equipment. Your  ciated.  enquiries will be anpre-  SUPPORT  WE  HOME   INDUSTRIlCS  rnL^ LARGEST   MANUFACTURERS  CONCRETE   MACHINERY   IN   CANADA.  OF  THE LONDON CONCRETE MACHINERY. CO., Ltd  Head Office and Factory  Cabell  Kitchcnci  London,  Ontario CO  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  *..  YOU WANT  MORE  BUSINESS  Business Directory and  Buyers' Guide  When Buying Building Material and Supplies  Patronize Record Advertisers  ^ We can help yoii to increase your  business by teling all of,our readers  eveiyjrther day:  WHO you are  WHERE you are   .„.  WHAT you have to offer  and WHY they should do  business with.you: -  Such a service will pay you bjg^e;  cause through us you reacli;eyefyjgi^cr  v/hd is buiiding, every^ architert,;e^ry  contractor-everybody: interested; iriibiiild-  We will helpi you to fix up your announcement without charge. LET US  BOOST FOR YOU.  ADVERTISE  IN  THE  British Columbia  ff  ARCHITECTURAL    TEKICA    COTTA.  iSvann, Coleman A Evanu, Ft. Col. St., S. 2988  O'Neil, Win N. Co. Ld., 548 Seymour. S. 4790  Ritchie   Con.    &   Sup.    Co.,   Ltd     Gran.    St.  Bridice       8. 91G2  Warrifjton A Johnson. 119  Pender S.   8. 4912  ,   asi'Iialt pelt.  Evans.  Coleman &  Evuna,  ft. Col S. 2988  Paterson Mfg.  Co.,  10th & Arbutua S., JB. 772  BRICK—ALL KINDS.   '  Cont'n'l  Ship.  A' Trad,  Co.   Ltd S. 6418  Evan». Coleman A Evans, Ft. Col.., S. 2988  Gllley Bros., Ltd.. New West., Phones 15, 16  XV N. O'Nell & Co., 3-18 Sey St.', 3. 4795-1728  Ritchie   Co'itr.   A   Sup.   Co.,   Ltd.,   Gran,   St.  Bridge    S.   9182  Warrington A Johnson, JIM Pender, S. 4912  R.V.Winch  A Co.,   Ltd..  Winch B.  S. 279-1941  HEILDING   FELTS   AND  TAPERS.  Evans,   Coleman   A   Evans,   Ft.o Cot.,. .S. 29S8  Leslie,   Tajlor Co.,' 403  Dunsmulr K. 4371  XV. X. O'Nell & Co., 548 Sey. St., S. 4793-47U8  Paterbon Mfg Co., 10ih& Arbutus Sis,. B. 772  Warrington  A Johnson.   119   Pender. .S.   4912  ijonds— sntK'i'v.  R.V.Winch' & Co , Ltd.,  Winch B.. S. 279-194)  r' ' ' CEMENT.  Balfour,   Guthrie  A   CO £>•   919'i-G575  Evans. ^Coleman & J3\ans, Ft. Col...S. 2SS4  Gllley Bros., Ltd., New West., Phones 15, JB  W. N. O'Nell A CO., 548 toey, St., S 4735-479S  Ritchie   Contr.   A   Sup.,   Ltd.,   Granville   Si.  Bridge       S. 916?  R.V.Wlnch A Co.. Ltd..  Winch B-. S. 279-1944  CEMENT  TESTING  AND  ASSAYING.  Can.-Ir.spc't & Test. Lab.  W.   A   Co.,  Empiref'Bldf,'.      S.   1G06  Standard   Bank   ,S. 2199  6SSS  15S1  Hunt,    Robt,  Bldg.    . ,  -   ,.       CONTRACTORS—HORING    '  Robinson Contr.  Co.,  Winch Bldg„S.  CONTRACTORS—EXCAVATING.  Centre Contracting Company,  -    bi>7  Geoife'ia  at,  E High.  CONTRACTORS—GENERAL.-       '   '  Arm»tronsr,   Morrison    &    Co,,    Ltd.,    Bower  'Bijf.    .V.     S-1836  B.   C.   Granitoid  A  Contr.   Co.,   X.E.   Cor.  Beach  and  Nicola....' ?..Sey.  2296  CONTRACTORS—LAND " CLEARING.  Centre Contracting- Company,  SS7<-Ge-ois-ia  St. E High.  1581  CONTRACTORS—TILE—TEUKAZZO.  Evans,  Coleman  &" Evans,   ft.  Col S. 2988  Leslie,  Tajlor Co.,   403  JJumnnuir S. 4371  W.  N\  O'N'eil  A Co.,   648 Sey.jat.,, S. 4795-479S  CORNICE  ANO  ROOFING.     '     -   '  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co,/Ltd S. 210  CRANES   ANO ,HOISTS    (ELECTRIC,  Macdonald. =Marpole  Co.,   Ltd. » S.  210  -The Holden Co., Ltd., 542 Pender St. XV.  Sey. '1065.  DETECTIVE AGENCIES  Vancouver     Detective     Agency,     429-4C0  standard  Dank Bids'., Phone Sey.  2440.  N"islu,  Sey.   2112. ' '     ^  DRILLS—POKTABLE   ELECTRIC  Darling,   Frank   A  Co.,   1142   Homer   St.  i...'    ..    .K      41(10-4101  The'l-folden'CoV, Ltd., "542 Pender St. W.  bey.1 lOGo.  ELECTRICAL SUI'I'LCES      \  Cur.   Allls-Chalmers.   10G3   Pender...  Ddi 11ns. -Frank   &   Co..   1142,Homer  MARBLE  AND   OSYX.  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2988  Leslie, Taylor Co.,  403  Dunsmuir.- b. 43U  W.  N., O'Nell  A Co,,  648 Sey. St. S.   4795-4 i9S  ''      OIL   BURNING   PLANTS  Globe Iron Works,  1815'Pandora SI...H.  496  PAINTS—FIRE-PROOF.  W. N. O'Neil A Co., 548 Sey. St . .S. 4795-4798  Warrington   A  Johnson.-119   Pender. ,S. 4912  PAINTS—DftMP PROOF.  Evans, Coieman A Evans, ft. Col.... .S. 2988  XV. JN. O'Neil A CO. 648 Soy..St,-.S. 4795-479*  Paterson Mtg. Co., 10th & Arbutus..B. 773  Warrington   &  Johnson., 119   Pender. .S.(4912  PA RTITION—F IKEI'BOOF  Evans, Coleman & Evans l't. Colum. .S. 2988  Ritchie. Con. & Sup. Co.. Granv. Bdg..S. 916/  Warrington &,Johnson. 119 Pender St.S. 4912  PIG  IRON  AND  TIN  Balfour,   Guthrie  Ac   Co'J, S.   9197-R576  Evans, Coicman A Evans,  ft. Col •»• ;•?«»  K. V.  Winch A Co.,  Wines  Bid.. .S.    279-1944  PILING1 AND POLES  pent  Automobile Records for B. C.  From Week Ending July 8th  to Week Ending July 22nd  'Tollovrlng' lu   a   complete   list   of  new   Automohile' Licenses,  Transfers and Relinquishments Recorded. Is British Columbia:  The name of person to whom transfer is made is g-iven.    The  name   of   person   making*   transfer   may   be   obtained/ by  referring- to the same license number in any complete  ,  published list or by telephoning or writing- to the  British  Columbia ,,Kecord. ,  "Where street address is g-iven and'name of town omitted the  address   is   Vancouver.  All cars for hire are  ndcated thus:  are  NEW CABS.  Name Address  W. Clarke, East Burnaby ..  S. Pettiepieqe, 213(1 7th Ave.  A. Batchelor, 126 4lh St. XV.,  H.Causton,   8GG3   2nd   Ave    \V  A. Staples,   "75   12th  Ave.   10   A. Millmrn.  10  25th. Ave.   \V   Mrs.  XV.   F. Wright,   243G  Sth  Ave.  A.   E.  Betchley,   1030   Nicola   St  (*)  A.  a.  w..  r,     .       »•„„. <-«.-.-.,-,-. n i- j f 31)28—F.   It. Stewart A  t«?-Cr»^?i1 «fr    F   P     ^Hhrh   16Sli3351—W.   F.   Broderiok.  SSi   Georgia bt. h tiign. lbbih?/jG:i_F^ n. rollick, 184  No.  lCr,7  IS 10  1S1 J— R  18 13-r-S.  U.-,C—G.  1857—J.  HC1-  19.'19  ll'.j}—Flei.shma.nn   Veast   Co.,   1166   Burrard'St...  1SUS5—'Urs.   L.  .Harradine.   »>3S   Litfhtlieart   Blk.  199.1—Mrs.   A.    Lester,   240.'!   Pine1'St   ..   . .  2021—United Stales Sled Products Cn., 1110 Nicola  2005—T.   K.  JS'nkatsuka,   7)1   Keefer   St   :;291—XV:   G.   Cu-sou.   Pavilion .'      ".. .     .  Co, *17«0 2nd Ave.  10   1117   Seymour   St   Car        ,  Ford '  XV Siudebaker  North Van...Studebalcer  .' .Chevrolet  ..  .Maxwell   Kord   -.Willys   Willy*   Pord  ..., .,   I-'ord  AlcLatiKhlin  M...T'Oflsre  ....   Forll  .Saxon  Chevrolet  .Willys  ,S,'298S  New' W«»i  Dr. ..H. 1185  .S    4795-479'  ■ Bdg..S. 9161  ,S. 5710  St.    '. 7.S.    4100-4101  Ma'cdon'ard".  Vlaipole   Co.,   Ltd    S.  210  ELECTRICAL    SUPPLIES    (WHOl.KhAJUE)  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co.  Lid .'...&. 210  ELEVATOR CARS AND ENCLOSURES.  Can.'  Allls-Chalmers,-1063   Pender.. .-.s! 5710  Harris,' P.  E.  A Co.,   '<•-  Crown Bldg. S.  4698  W.  N.  O'Nell & Co.,  54S  Sey.  St. ,S. 4795-4798'r Ritchie Con  Rltcaie'Contr.   A   Sup.   Co,   Ltd..   Gran.. St.  J-Jrlils-e, ..-. v..-      S. 9162  .'--'   ~\.tr kK     ELE*rATbRS-"    ;       -  r o      ''  Darling,', Frank'&. Co.,-'ll42  Homer^St.^^^  Harris", 'pYe'Ya^Co.. 'f >> rCrown 'Bldg. S." 469S  PILE DRIVING.  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  ft.  Col.,  i-irxi. C   ki\bi    Pile   iJtivinK   Co.  Peiursoni   Ucniy,   3022,,, Victoria  PIPE—SEW'KR  Dom. Glzd Cmnt Pipe Co., r»om. Bid. .S SiSj  Evans, Coleman & Evans Ft. Colum.nS 29Sf  Gilley  Bros.,   Ltd..   New  W^at.. .Phones lo. If  Macdonald,   .Marpole   Co.,   Ltd ..b. JlO  Ritchie Con. A Sup. Co.. Granville. -S. 9162  Warrtngton & Johnson, 119 Pender St.o. 491,  R. V.  Winch & Co., Winc'i«  Bld...S.'   279-134'  TLASTER  Ralfnur,   Guthric-&   Co S.   9197-657!'  Evans, Coleman  & Evans    Ft. Coium. .S. 2f'8»  Gilley  Bros., .Ltd.,   New ,West.. .Phones lo, 1'  W. N. O'Neil'& Co, 548 Sey. St.  Ritchie, Con. & Sup. Co., Granv  "     '       PLASTER   BOARD  Evans, Coleman'& Evans, ft. Col.- . .'.S. 2988  W. X. O'Neil & Co.. 548 Sey. Sl.J. .S 4795-479'  Ritcnie   Con.   &   Sup.   Co.,   Granville. .S. 9162  ',PL\STER   PARTITION  BLOCKS  Evans.  Coleman & Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2988  ,    PLASTER—ORNAMENTAL, (  Evans, Coleman & Evans, ft. Col.'. .. .S. 298S  D. R. Morrison, ,712 Richard* St..S. 2151-215:  W." N. O'Neil A Co., 548 Sey. St. 7S/4795-473'  Ritchie'Con.   &   Sup.   Co..   Granville. .S. 9162  PLASTIC I-7.00RING  Sansan Asbestos Floor Co., 1209 Jervls St. '   *, '  .S. 6643T  ',.    . '   PLUMBING  Barr.-&   Anderson7 1060   Homer   St...S. 6180  PNEUMATIC  TOOLS  Darling,   Frank  (fcACo..   1142   Homer   St.    <■  , i .d   non-410  The'iloldenCo.', Ltd.,"'542 Pender St. XV.  6ey.  1065.  RADIATORS AND BOILERS     '    -   t,  Can.   Allis-Chalmers,   1063   Pender. .. .S. 571f  ROOTING   COMPOSITION l  Evans. Coleman & E%ans Ft. .olum. .S. 29SJ  Paterson Mfg. Co.. 10 * Arbutus Sts..-B. (7.  W. N. O'Neil &• Co.. 548 Sey. St...S. 479a-4r79f  Kitchie Coa. A Sup. C. Granville. .S. 9162  Warr:ngt_on _& Johnson. 119 Pender Pt  S. 4915  "'      ROOFING—SI1T5ET METAL  fSee   Gornlce' a.na   Koofing) - *   >■  ^Y'  '   "' y KOOFING   MATERIAL. f  *,    ',  Evan's. Coleman &  Evans   Ft. Colum. .S. 29Sf  Macdonald.   Mcrpole   Co., iLtii. .'. ....'.. S., 210  Paterson Mfg.  Co.,il0lh & Arbulus^ Baj-.   7  -    - -    ■-        & gup. Co.,  13th St. XV., North Van Willvs  337.1—I-'brtI Motor Co.,   15th  &  Granville  Sts.  .., Pord  33S>0—Dr.  T, IJ.  Lennio, Cor. Sasamnt <<t 9th St.. XVvt   J  Point   Grey  ,.' ^   ..Chevrolet  1172—John   F   I'cans.  Mount Tolmie  Kd.,   Victoria .Pord  151 1—77  R. Ste\vartr& Co.. Vates St., Victoria  1523—Georgetown Saw Mill Co, Prince   Rupert  1SP2—13. a. Nearne, The, Amela. Victoria  :  4G09—3.   XV.   .iojies,   KMi'mrnalt   Road,   Victoria  4731—Nicola \'alley Garage, Merntt i   507?—3.  .1.   Mutter,  Duncan       r.ots—XV. F. Mork-e,  1CC5 Pell St, Victoria      (>332—John   llund.   Nanaimo     .-.   0100—T.   R.   Stockett.   Nanaimo   _   B727—V. E   D. Cas.-?elman, M.D., 120 10th Ave.  676fi—XV.   H    Wainman,   Rossland     •.  E.  . Chevrolet  ..,, .'....Pord  ..Chevrolet  . . .     Pdr<l  .    . .Pord  ...,Chevrolet  ..    . 7..?Pord*  ..Studebaker       Hudson  ....Chalmers  . . Willys  O  O  ©  >  \\   A',  Gillev Bros.,. News\\>stn  W.   N.   O'Neii   & C/j5..,54S  Ritchie Con. & Siip.cCo..  P.. V. Winch & Cb.,   .-Vine  ",.'    FIRE CLAT "  Balfour,   Guthrie &  Co .•".: ..S.  9197-6575  Evans.   Coleman   A   Evans    Ft. uCoI.. . S.   29Ji  Gillev Bros.,. New. Westminster. Phonos lo,16  -          ..    .    _,,      ....   ggy.gt^   S.4795-,4/9S  Granvl. Bdg. .S. ^15!  ch  B.dg.,   S.  279-19 4 4  FIRE   EXTINGUISHER   SYSTEMS.  Gen.  Fire Ex.  Co..  1140  Hamilton St..S513S  Barr A Anderson,  1060 Homer St S.  6140  r LOOKING '  J.  Fyfe Smith  A Co..  1320  Richards. .S. 1196  GAS APPLIANCES.    ,  Van.  Gai Co..        "Hastings St. XV. S.  »000  ^        ■       GATE   VALVES  Macdonald,   Maipole   Co.,   Ltd S.  210  GLASS—ALL KINDS.  W. N.  O'Neil * Co. 54S Sey. St..   S.  4 79  Warrington   &  -4798  Johnson.   119   Pender. ,S. 4912  HARDWARE  Flett, J. A.. Ill Hastings XV Sey. 2327-S  HARDWOOD  FLOORS  W. N.  O'Neil * CO..  548 Sey. St...S. 4795-479S  J   Fyfe  Smith-<fc  Co.  1320   Richards. .S. 1196  IIAKDWOOD LUMBER  Smith,  J.   Fyfe & Co.. 1320  Richards. .S. 1196  HEATING—HOT   AIR,   STEAM   AND   VENTILATING  Andeison,   1060   Homer   St...S. 6T!0  Barr  Gen.  A  Fiie Ex-  Co..   1140   Hamilton St..S51iS  HOISTING   ENGINES  Ritchie Con   vt Sup. Co, Gianvl. Bdg..S. 9161  INTERIOR  FINISH  Evans,   Coleman  &  Evans,   ft.  Col S. 29SJ-  \V. N. O Neil .t Co.. 5(8 Sey. St..-S   4795-479S  ltitchie. Cor.. A Sup. Co.. Granv. Bdg. .S. 'Ji-oi  IKON  AND   STEEL—STRICTL'RAL  j Can,   Allis-Chalmers,   1063   Pender S   5710  Granville B...S. 9162  WarringtonJ& Johnson. 119  Pendtsir St.S..,49i:  \,i'   u.     Y,     ROPE-.MANIL'A,.'"     ., ."   ',7  ;Balfqur,. Guthrie- &i'Co,. ..:!-----"• S19_7-667f  SAFES—-VAULT DOORS '     * .ft  Warrington .t Johnson.' 11a Pender St.S. 491 j Incn^ r     1   Cro-sin  WN. (f-Ne1rA1Co...5.*S'Sey. St.-.S. ^^^S/J^g^^J.^CroMA  -   SAND    ORAVEL-.VND CKLSIIED ROOK  Evans,  Coleman  & Evans,   ft.  Col.  76r»f>—Edward   E   Collinn,   127  4th   St,  New  West.... Ford  76R5—Webb A Gifford. 222   Pront St. New We.«t t.»Ford  7722—P:  J.  Ooherty.   Port Coquitlam  : .*. -..-Ford  7725—City of New "Westminster, New 'Westminster  Ford  7710—C.   T.  Mufford,   Milner   .'. F'ord  7S92—3.   H. Mufford,   Milner  .Ford  8840—3.  O. Cameron,   10S5  Moss  St., Victoria Chalmers  SS'll—Dept.  Militia  &  Defence.   Victoria  Chalmers.  937—,Tohn;P. Leiffton. Bridesville _ Ford  1G5S—IL   A.  Cheever,  Queens  Court,  2nd   &  Park   Row, -  -   New Westminster   .' .-.'.Ford  1G82—Robert "Wilson  ft'Son, Port Coquitlam .-. Pord*  1706—G.   Ft".  Kells, Port Kells :. Maxwell  J.713—S. Toda. Fraser. Mills \  *„ ^Pord  1724—Miles C.'AValker, Otter, P.  O..*. I '_ :.F"rd  1755—S. Bernard,   Agassis:   , ,.r   rd  17*>7—Norman F. Shook, ITatzic Island -.:  Sa >on  175S—Bertha A. Bourne, 601   1st St., New West: Cadillac  1796—R. H. Stephens, Port Haney , Studebaker,*  33S4—Edward   C.   Traves,   522 -Royal   Ave,  New  "Westminster   ..:.  ::.....-.! Buick   (old) ,  34IS—T.- A. ,Swift, Abbotsford ' .'. Chevrolet  3434—g. Wilkinson, Chllliwack  , .*. Ford*  3171—Tohn Thomas,  Millardville -. .' £.'.:....-.. .Ford  3725—James Nelson, R. R. No   1. Chilliw'ack .-:.Ford  37S4—D. A. Boscowitz, Flotel Vancouver  — McLaujrhlin  ■*S04—Dr. M. T.- MacEarchen, 635 12th Ave '. Willys, •  3S05—B. K.'Shingle Co,.Seymour Garase ..._.--_ ,...Ford  3S10—Alberni Poultry Supply, 11.6 Robson St '. tFord  384 B—p.  C. Russanoff,  314 Main'-St ' Ford  3Sfi5—J.'Vitucoi^Co..  141 Cordova E, —.7. Ford  3805—i-r. G. I'rith, 37ih A Carnarvon-St' —CheA'roIeu I  3ST0—Karrv "Dnker-Ltd.,  122 6th Ave.W...... .., —Chevrolet   \  4129—B. O. Pinder, 1544  13th Ave. E \.:.....\  Chevrolet, "f  1132—Dr.   II.   W. Morlev,   Cloverdale .........s ; Chevrolet   1  4426-^-V\r. S. Whiteside, 1 624'Salisbury Drive. .- Ford*  t52<?—1. FT. Johnson. .Prince George  ,.....'.„..'- rRussell*^  1451—Alex. O'Connor. 697 "36th Ave. 13.,'South Van.,.:  Ford-M  447,5)_^C   E  Nelson,^100G 14th "Ave.  \V.-.i._.  ;..-..—i:.„t.Ford > j  4535—Russell  Peden,  South Fort George ^ -f....„.S Ford  S336—PT. Auchinvole, -Jingle Pot Mine, Nanaimo—McLaushlin  *!33S-iA-.   B.  Ball, Comox M3.  ;..'-^~, .-..Ford-  U40S—Fl. L. .Tonkins. Wellington — _• J.--..'..„7.,—Chevrolet  P. Kirkpatrick,  Vernon  .'„..-_„, * '.  Ford  J. T-eBlanc; Lnmby . ...-.....: ?..- 7:7"-.ChevroIet"  'J34J10—D.  ICinlock;  Coldstream, "Vernon    '.—, '.Ford.  f,77j)—c. J. V. Soratt, Rockland Ave., Victoria...;.—*.:...Wmton.,  67S3—E. SrPL Wmn, Rossland -. '. 7.7.—':....-. "Willys .-  6S0S��S.-Ilerchmer.   Fernie..-. : -v- "——-- -fn-'S^ ' D-  SST j—B.-' Casselstine, >LiIlooet, —7-v :. r Chevrolet  r,s->3—J. F17Sledve; ,172^ Bank"St.,'" Victoria ..Z .7_.:7..._,Ford*-  <  U>  m  t     r    .  mY-i—m'.  6S2S-  W.  -; II INGLE  If  13St  9161  4915  C Q  ,C\»n.   Norihwest   Steel   Cr P-     30'  ! Kvans,   Coleman   &   Evans.   Ft.   Col.. . S. 2&va,  | Coughlan.   J.   A  Sons.   World   Bldg S    79 ■"  . Mncdonalil    Marpole  Co..   Ltd    S. 210  I Kitchie. Coifi ,t Suo   Co.. Granv.  Bdg    P. 91'i  W.  N    U'Nci! A Co     548 Si-y.  St  Wilkinson  Co.. M6  Beach   .S. 1795-  I79S  r o i r»  2SKE&353S2HS3SS  ■3.  Where Human Life and Property are Valued-  When Reduced Insurance and Cost are Factors  ALWAYS Specify  /. .  t.  ■.'-,'    !„ ,-n,iicillv different from Fire Door heretofore known. Made  This door Is. '"*■««  "m-o""l«1.1  KnlvimlKcd Iron of   two thlckries«es,  with  of  steel  and  i ishew os.^li os.   .       h pro-.pntfl  warping.    Much  air spnees «'»' ""X° „"i 1 "M I'Mrc Woor. Weight only 6 lbs. per ««juiu-o  llghtei' tli"»> "i Vot <<1 In nv rtumner that other Fire Doors are Installed---  foot. Can he "f,'n"f,V.|C",'| etc—T.uIoht approved hardware and trimmings  sibling, swinging,  vci nun, cn. .  use(1, sole   Canadian  Mamifaotiirors:— j '  Montreal  .•ii .-if.  Bxocntix- Offlco and Factories:  Toronto Ottawa  r..'..s..r.i;i.:.,i»I«-i '!*>~■•I'O'ji- -    >■'•■- "-'*  •km KauS  Onhawa, Canada,  I,ondon  i  t  *  *  i  'V  i  I  IRON   AND   yi'EEL—OKNA.MENTAL.  Can     Alll-i-Chiilini'ii.   10>i:i   Pi-n<W. . .   "J   r.710  i:»ans,  Coleman &  Evnns,   fi   Col S. j:«s-  Mncimiii ii.   J.atpolo  Co.   Ltd    S.  -1'1  \V    X    O'Neil  \- Co..  04S Soy   Pt.    .3. 4795-I7US  .;ilchl>j ''-in    *• Sup.  Co,  in.invl    Bile .t-    't*  South   V.\ncou\ot   lion &  Wire   Works,  Dt-55   X'ictorln   Diive   Prater 156  LATH—METAL  i:\nns Coleman & Cmihs. Ft. Columb .S 29^'  W N. O'Neil .fc Co.. Til.*- .«(■>'. St . .S. 47«j-4i»';  Illtchi" O and S Co. Ur«n S'....P <1»-  Warrlncton   .1   Johnson,    U9   Ponder. . S. 49U  / LIMI5.  Ualfour.   OuPMle  &   Co P    9197-i'.57o  li\nns Coleman ,>i E\an«. Ft. Columb .P 29.^  fililiv Rros., New W< .snnlii":er.. Phonos 1 .._!<>  W. N O'Nell & CO. Jlii Sov St . P 1795-1.8s  ltitchie Con. & Sup. Co.. Granville. .S. 9H2  U. V.  Winch  Co.  Ld.. Winch Bdg.,S. 2.9-1944  MACHINKRV  Can., Allis-Chalmers. IOCS Ponder. .. .P- 5710  Uarllne,   Frank  &   Co.,   1142   Homer   St.      ^  AlftcdViiiild.'.-VlnTpolo Co., Ltd. • - • • • 7 ••?• ,;i?  W. N. O'Noil A Co.. 5-IS Sey. St...P. 4<9S-479S  Kllrhl- Con. & Sup. Co., OT-nnvl. ■ Hd-ir.-.S 91»y  The Holden Co., Ltd., 512 Pender St. -W.  ■   ■'■-, St-.v.   .1 U'»;>.  MANTKLS— 15RICK,  TILK  ANO  Evins, Coloman & Evnns, rt. Col..  I.nslie, Taylor Co.. 403 Dunsmulr. .  W. N. O'Nell A Co.. 5-IS Sey. St.. .S  Ritchie   Con.    A   Sun     Co..  wo on  . .P. 21'SS  ,. .S.'4371  4795-479S  a'nVnvlllp..P. 9It!7  .S. 29SS  i'JjUi-v Bros.," Ijtd., New West..'.Phones 15.*1»  Ritchie. Con. & Sup. Co.. Granv. Eds. .S. 9162  SASH   OOORS.   WINDOIVS/^JETC.  N. O'Neil ,t Co., 54S Sey. St./.'S. 4795-479'  MANUFACTl/KERS   ANI>  DKAI.  (See  Lumber and Shingles.)  SLVTE  Evans,-Coleman & Evans,   ft.  Col S. 298S  v\. .N O'Nell & Co.. »4S Sey. St.. .S. ^9a-4,31  rt, V. Winch & Co., Wincli Bid . .S. 279-194;  Ritchie. Con. & Sup. Co.. Granv. Bds. .S. 916<  STEEI.—REINFORCING.  Balfour.    Gulhrie   A   Co S. 9197-657t  Bvins,  Coleman &  Evans,  ft.  Col S  29&S  .Macdonald,   Marpole   Co.,   Ltd 5.  -10  Warrington & Johnson, 119 Pender St.S. 49U  STOKE   *   OFFICE    FIXTURES   &   ST OKI  FRONTS  Eians,  Coleman  A Evans,   ft.  Col S. 2&SS  W. N. O'Nell & Co.. 54i Sey.   St...S. 4795-4791  TAR   AND'PITCH  Paterson Mfgr. Co., 10th & Arbutus, Bay. 7~«  Evans, Coleman A Evans, ft. Col S.-9bS  TILE—DRAINING  Evans. Coleman  & E\ans   Ft. Colum..S. 29St  Gilley Bros..   New Westminster Phones  lo,  Pt.  Haney  Brick  Co.,  615  Hast.  S. XV., S, "  R-.tchio   Con. & Sup. Co.. Granv   Bdg. .S,  Warrington   &   Johnson,   119   Pender..S  TILE—FLOOR AN1»  WALL  Ev*ns,  Coleman &  E\ans,  ft.  Col S. 298S  >\ . N. O'Neil .* Co., 54i t ey. St7 .S  W'arnnyton   &  Johnoon.   119  TIN PLATES  Ualfour.   Guthrie  A  Co S.   9197-657i  E\ans,  Coleman &  Evans,  ft.  Col.  H    V.   Winch  A: Co .   Wincli   Bid  Wilkinson Co.. S16  Beach   /■ TOOL  STEEL  Uarllnp,   Frank   te  Co..   1112   Homer ^t.^^  Ma'c'donal'd.'Marpole   Co.,   Ltd S.   -10  VACITJI   CLEANING   SYSTEMS.  rinrr J&  Anderson,  10-60  llomf St S. 6IS1  WALL    HOARDS  E\«.ns,  Coleman &  Evans,   ft.  Col P. 2SSS  resile,   T.iylur  Co.,   4U3   Duiis-mulr is- iin  WATEItl'ltOOF t'OJII'OI'XU  Evans,  Coloman  it  Evans,   ft.  Co! _,S. 29SS  W.  X. O'Neil A. Co.  d4S Si-y.  St . .S   4.9,-1/!;  l>at.tson   MfB   Co..   10th  A   Arhutus. . U.     ...  WariliiKton   &   Johnson,   119   Pender..S  WATER METERS, HYDRANTS A'  Macdonald.   Mnrpoie   Co,   Ltd      WATERWORKS Sil'Vl'LIES  Macdonald,   Maipole  Co.   Ltd      WINDOW   SCREENS^  Co.. 5 IS Se>. M ..S. 4796-179'  CARLE    (ELECTRIC)  .S.   210  R. s:'CJarke,  1217 ilitche'L St,..<Victoria.. .-7v^.„...^Ford,*  na.  153 Mile .House,. Cariboo Ra^..-;.~-i^.-uocige,-  Paper. Co., IOCS Hamilton St V.. ™Ford,.  S&ai—D.  Sutherland.   1603   13th  Ave.  E ..-'.Chevrolet  ,<?775-_ranadian Northwest Steel. Co., ,lt~46 Comox St Paige  1793-479.-  render..S. 491:  .S. 29SS  , .S.    27D-104   S.  791U  S777—Evelyn   M.  Lawrence,   433   Richards  St..  SS00—B.  C. Conner  Co.,  Greenwood, 1   SS01—Ralph P. Couth. Grand Forks .'   SS02—James  Blake,   Grand   Forks   SS03—\\'.   S.  McPherso.n,  Grand -Forks      SS01—C-iven   WheeJ-fer,    Rock   Creek    :   SS0f>—A.   G. Hendric-kso".   Phoenix    ggOG—R    D.  Cummin?,  Ashcroft     SS07—F. B. Ward, Douglas Lake, Ashcroft   SS0S—G.   B. Armstrong. Merritt    Ssn—.7. R. Shaw,  Kamloops    SS12—A.   Styer.   Walachin     ?j!3 \V.  H. Stevens,   129 Battle St., Kamloops  SS14—C.  E.  Barnes,  "Walachin   ,   SSI 5—G   II. Hoffman,  Shuswap    SS31—James F.   Ffiid:   Duncan  S5S4 4—XV.  ..._WiJlys   : Dodge   Willys   ..Dodge  ...JMcLans-hlin   Willys   Willys   Maxwell   ; ..I-'ord   Cadillac   Chevrolet   Willys  ... .Studebaker   Chalmers   Chevrolet  ...McLaughlin  X Webb, Kanaimo   Willys  3  ftft  r. -y '^  VIM  Mi  '               1  " I  "■ >        '-c^"^  rfc Y  :-WY'Y  C ■■'.'  Xo.  505-  610-  936-  11 9fi-  1312-  1431-  2042-  2044-  2290-  2GI  — '      TBABTSrEBS.  N'ame Address  -Jennie I Tall,  IS 13  1st Ave. E :...-  -N\  T.  Burdick.   1550  Wilmont Place,  -H.   N,   Freeman..   Nanaimo  -A.   J. Hamilton,   111   10th  Ave.  -John Olive,  East Delta     -E.   Tavlor,   11.'57  Princess Ave.,  -R.   Whittinpton.   Duncan    '.   -A.   K.  Westland,   Cloverdale       -Mrs.'Ida Home,  1129  Pendrell St.  -Harrv Goodins?, 1236 Melville St.  AV,  491!  I'lijiri"  .s. 210  .s. 210  w  N. O Noll »v  WIRE   AND  Macdonald.   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd.  WIRE ROPE  .S.  ft.  Col  t     _    .Lid.  Ritchie.-Con.  ii. V. Winch  Wilkinson Co.,  WIRE   WORK  Artistic   Wire   A   iron   Wks.,    1462  .   k-lnirnw.iv      ...... ••„".„'  ^outh Vancouver  Iron ^   w  r.*-T.S   V'ii-torlri . nrlve  9197-6571  .. ,'S.'29SS  .. .S.   2 Ul  Balfour,    Guthrie \A    Co..  Evans,  Coicman A  Evans,  MaclonaM.   Alar polo £■• QrMy, BtJg..s. 9U  I C,r Wlnck  Bid... S.    279.194  S-16  Beach... .....S.   / 91  re  Works,  . 'Fra«pr   I fit!  .MWW.I  HI l.l.^l.l I'll".*  THE    MEDIUM.  Winnipeg"  > <1< v'1' 'I'1*1 KUi •!• -i> v* v»-v«»» '  Dill you .'over 'notice that 0;. per  rent, of the big successful firms -ore  firms who advertise? Tliey figure nil-  vertising as nn Investment not. an expense. The secret of advertisin  the selection of a medium whict  reaches those people who are or wil  he the most likely "purchasers^0  "?ur j; "0 i net."   IX j«« «.♦- »ii. J~j Laiiti  IS  ing supply or machinery line don't st  lect a moving picture   publication   ii  which   to   do   your  advertising.     Because of the fact that the lUfiGOItD is  (.he only paper published  in  the province devoted exclusively to  the con  trading business it is  read   by practically   every  one  you   would   like   tc  sell vour products to.   Your ad. where  they' will  see it  will  put a capital  C  ou ycur cash. '■  Car   McLaughlin  Victoria . .Hudson     Willys   Ford   McUuiphlin  Victoria .^.-. Pord   Hupp.   Pord   McLaughlin  ....,.. -_ Ford  5671—Wood Motor Co.,  1019  Rockland Ave., Victoria      -^ord_  o797__k  v. Williams,  720 View St. Victoria   -K. Ml-.  o?^_-\\-    r-1.   Wadslev,   1329   Georgia St McLauk'hlm  5{5,-,r,—ji.   A. Grant & Sons,   Como-c   -.   .-- -    Lussell  }SRi—XV. McWhinney,   113  Semlin Dr've.  New   \\ est..   .   Foid  "»9S)C—Rennie & Taylor, Fernwood & Gladstone Ave. \ 1c   I-ord  ^05? L.   K.   Wilson,   100   Block   Broadway   \\   ■509.".—Prank   Evans,   Duncan      3154—t. Van Xorman.  Duncan        i,Z2l—B.  C   Blectiic Co       S347—-Western Specialty Ltd., 2376 Sth Ave. W.. .  3I7C—D. F. Broonit-r, 370 Beach Drivf. Victoria.  ^S-tji—Vlfrecl   B. Weeks,  11th Ave. AV. <fc  Birch  St..  ^0•>f•—rt.  C. Electric Co   «04.">—-Mrs.   M.   E    Bi Ice,   Parksville         ■n:,».—Unddv  &   McKay,   Ha/.elton      i^sS—j.  n   Davis. Duncan    v  t.-,Hi—\.  J. Martin,   Duncan  .. . .   .  -  {--,r,7 M, T.  Mortuw.   Ilfimnton Com t,   \ ietoria  t«ic; K    .1    Cru-km.iii,   Sidiey   ...           Viitfi—Ciiiiiles   Seaton.    1929    Triumph    St   -,1i:i — K.   Wliit-tker,   Lower   Nicola   .    ..  -7^0 M.    A.   Cleasby.   Coultie  ijn \'    FI    Watihoru,  Nnriaimo    7llf,—XV.   Ihf.-cran,   NfiTinlmo    -.,, i._.\    w    Wriirht.   Prince Giorne ■■■■  7rU '—-Highland   \'allfv  Min.  *   Mev   (o.   Ashcroft  7,;t<"i—.Icnnie   T    Clement,   L'6."-0   Mi<llll   St.   .   .  ~H7\ \,   T.  S.'illnws.    P>7   11th   Avi'    P.    :t.t;r, I.   C   Hustings,  M7   TVnder St   7-i"l i,u.k  WlUinin^.   ll-r'7   Hornby  St   -ii7s_r-    Peiartlino,   «7 I   Pnlon   St   -.7-,fi_W    L   Law? once.  207   7th Ave., New  U e«t.  '   7( 1    o. Patterson,   121 (   Oscar St., Victoria  .  7,0r, .1.init-s   Botirmaii.   2A*   15th   Ave.   E.  CAfl—T   Drew.   Vernon  pnn-lolin  McBn",   Travelers  Hotel ..      ..  ll»<) Huirh   L.im'iert.   Millardville  IfMO r-    ,1    p.innnn,   AldtrKinve    A..'^ \r,    c.  Wiilsli.   220(1   Victoria   Drive   ".or, ritv'of   lioSshiml,   Boi-sliind    ...v ....  *~<n- 1, -'Redirravi',  619   F-I'arhinser Ave.,   victoria  op.'/; vk'icoiiver Motor Supplies, S27 Hastings St  "•r,!-!•}_ 1    i-I   Sax«t|.   1207   Sophia  St., ;..:•  r,:-,no_GillVert Tulloch. K. Ki No. 1, New.,Westminster.^....-I-ord  2017—Andrew   Ho-riran.   Merritt   ....        ....^........( adilhu  -Mar:>Ii. H'utton Powers Co., .'09 2nd St., New West- ..  mlnsti-r  *-- - .-...-.....: i.fHiin.'tc  John  Steven's.'".Alexandra  Station,   Lulu   Island......-Pord  '       E.   Bay ley.   Courtenay.   B.   C. V Stoddard  ;:.'U4-  ; 1 ;  Pord  Ford  ..   Pord  I-'ord  Pord  Hupn.  Ru«-S"ll  l-'oi-d  . . Hupp.  .    .  T'ackard  . McLaucrhlin  II ml so 11  1-: M. P  Poid  Pord  . M< I.uiiKhiiii  Pord  f ivi'rland  Poid  Poid  Pord  Pffd  Pord  .     I-'ord  I "ord  Purd  Imii-iI  lt"|.ulilic  .McLaushlin  I-'Ofll  lM.nl  Poid  Pord  IIi'PI'   \U^tlll  ...l-:. m. i-'.  W... Hudson   .Ahl-ott  I  I  o  8)  ©  34 2*—-'H.  Now West..  W  St.  St  cth Avvl'xvYYYYYYYYY.  Cfuimercial St.,  South Van  iiu-oiiver St., Victoria.  ■!-,"7 .Fohn Martin.   173.'! 5th Ave  '■.•SOfiJ-i-'   L.  Tait,   10-19   Granville  «t;5»;—XV.  H.  Warwiok,  609   Ai-'.v.Z'.  ::S71_..It.mile  Mall.  LS43  1st   Ave.  ■Klin—■ Ern.-Ml.   I).  Clal-n.   2"  .I3 7r>—P.   McMuMitH.  439  |.|no—A. P. Blyt.li. 3(L   >  ,ie;!ii_jav   Pry.   Clinton   ............  ,1701 — 1"   11.  Stanley.   61th   Avt  r.O-Vj—,\I    C.  Smith,  Chllliwack       ......: ...  V0r-> _\v    1'ea-rson.   Mount   Tolmie,   \ letorla  ^'•'i'!T-.-Kii-lnin.iid   Carafe.   Murpole  r,r,n<i—c    Ciimet-dti.   521   Siipi-rior   S!  -7J1- \    17-ivoir,   Pnssland   Ave,    I rail  i-.o^'l — i'.   Burns X-  Cn..  Vernon  i;.|.(<5j._.,|<.1hi    Ryan.  ,M  A  Mint©   St.  Victoria  Pi-ii.-i'-r  'Ifll-  71 I-  7 9 3-  7 7"t7-  77S''- —  7K73--  SO-P'-  ■,'.■■ n..  S. KotlH-child,  II. II. S. flo.r;  .Wood  M.'itor \  -Urilii.-I'i'    liu'1.',  Mills        i;()v.- H ill.  KamloopM ...  -t-   Ntirth  Kamlooi's   •0', 10'9 Rocklallil Ave.,  :-,7   Bolton  St..   Victoria  Ave.   P.   Victoria  ,     . .  fii-ccii.   I'1   2^1 h  l.'ulrili   Mtiid.   M:l""r      l-'ldit'i !!• B.'it't". K'amloons  c \ l-liot'smi. Miirrayv.iIle  T   ''•"'   P- u'--',  "'■^  I'n.u-.dw.'.y  XV.  ..Oakland  .Ilussell  ...Willys   Pord  Mil swell   I-'ord  . Hiid.vou  Lituirlilin   J pord  .I-'ord  ...I-'ord  Stud-liaki-r  ..Sttid-.-ttakcr   I-'ord  Mcl/Lii^hll'i  i tverland   ".I-'ord  . I'ord  l-'ord  I'ord  I'ord  i-'or.l  Pi.nl  Pord  .Port! BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  RIINGTON&-JO  Sey.  4913 303 Ouncan  Building Vancouver,   B.  C.  BUILDERS SPECIALTIES,   RIB-TRUS; MULTIPLEX PLATE  RAYDIANT  SIDEWALK   LIGHTS  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  international  Automatic  ^Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  : 1060 Homer St.  fc Vancouver B: C.  THE  New Work — ■ Contracts Let  STARTED.  Character .  Depot and  terminal     and  2 aHeiations  aser reiver  DRIVING CO.  LIMITED  A. Jones, Mgr.  WHARF BUILDING;  BRIDGES,  PILE FOUNDATIONS,  \   •   • ETC. .  Owners of Tug  "CLIVE"  General   Towing  324 Front     » Nsw Westminster  Telephone 1015, ,- c »  ,1  new bid  Causeway.     ....        ....  Shipbuilding   plant      .    . . -  Dredjrlni; between piers  I Cold htoraire plant      ...   .  I Bi i< k   Canning   Plant     ....  ! Presci-MTiK  Plant   Power  Plant  Sleeping   Pavilion      ...      _  Telephone   Exchange .  Concrete   lifrhthotisc   tower  P.emodel  llldir.  ... —    -  Sewei    Work-       Waielioti.se  („t(-     .........   .  Printing   Plant      (Jaraue  ,- -  Saw .Mill   SliipbuildinK,Plant'    .  I'oivi-i    1 lou.se  .    Residence'   Concentrator  etc      Station   nn-1   Terminals...  Sluds   on   Govt.   When C   Theatie   and   Stoiet.   Jetty   (Second  Unit)     Kept!Irs   to  Pld,'   I lea ting- System     Turnfnp   Basin       Ti link Sower    Predcinp ..j.. | -   Cieosotms  Plant     Seawall       PostolHce Bldg-   Wharf       ,   Wn t> rworlcs   Sy.si i"n      Stoic, and   office   bldg   Observatory    :  Sewer   ...    .'    Wood  Rjid.sc     Co«t  .$1,000,000   ?r>o,ooo  ..     J.IO.OOO  Location  _  Owner  False   Creek   Can.  Noi thern   By  $50,000  $20,000  ..?!.'.,000  ..$l."i,000   5S,000  .   $11),1500  «.7,000  ,.    ,$ir.,ooo  '$100,000  ..     $70,000  I."..    $7500  $-,00,000  ...     500,000  15,000  10,000  . ... $300.00"  10.000   JjffiO.OOO  .... $100,000  . 300,000  7. J'O'l.OOft  .. 150,000  ..- 100,000  ..   jiHO.000   $15,000  . ...$P> i.OOO  .. . sgo.ooo  ... $75,000  .. .$300,000  $5,000  10th & Willow St .  Coal   Harbor  Port  bloody   -Poi t  Burrard   Inlet  Poot ol' Gore A\ e,  . Univeisity ol' B <C  .. City of \'anc-ouvei  Moody Shipbuild Co  . ., Cm. Pacific l*y  .   ,     Can. i Pibhing- Co  Kelowna :. . .      .   B  New   Westminster  Prince George  C.  lOvapoi ators,  .Can   Products  Trariquille  NoNon  . . .  Triple  Island,  553 Granville  Esquimau   ....  Victoi 1,1 ..   ..  Vietoi la    Powell St.  .  Gin A "Willow  Poplar   Island  \nyos  Wcblminsici" -Mrs  .  Surl    Gr.  New  Surf Inlet  False Creek.  Salsbury JJi.  Pioailway A  l-'rasc-r Rivor  S72 Ginnville  Centiai  I >ist   False  Creek    Stanley Parle ...  Fal^e Cieek    North   Vancouver  False Cieek    Mount   Pl^a«ant  Pn-tHcia  Bay   Wtht  Vn.-icou v'jr  Viicto'ria   Victoria      Hastings   Park   ..  Nanaimo „ .   .  Ltd  Ltd   Cin  C. Anti-Tuberculosis   Soc     13    C.   Telephone   Co  B    C.  , . Dom    Govt  Elliott Shandley A McLean   City  .. .-   ... Dom   Go\ t  . Cameion   Inv   it  Sec.  Co      li   C  Simai' Uertneiy  ..   .     . \lbei t.i   Lunibet  (Jo  WeMminsttr-Mai ine t\ly.  Granbv  Min    &   Smelt    Co  Architect     Contractor  Piatt & Ro.ss    Northern  Const. Co. and  Cartel,   flails  Alcllnger Co.  Shaipe  A  Tliompsou  Owueis  '.  Ownei s .        Owners  .     ' ..    ..  Ownei s -    .. -  Ownei-s  On Cane Dutcber  Ownei s  A Co  .1. C. Armstiong  Inlet   Power   Co  at   Northern   Ry  ,  ... .Uom   Go\t,  Main Sts ... C. M. Bowman  (lower).... Dominion Govt  St....'.P.vai's,Coleman & Fv;\   ...Public Service Corp.   _   Goyernmept   'Sewcjaije  Board  ...      Government  Creosotinsr Co.   C   N. Ry.  ..  Govern men t  X.  P.   Ry.  Co.  .Miiniript'lity  O w net -s  Ou nei t  Owners  Ownei s . 7  Owilt'lS  Owners   .  Owneis  ...  Townley &  ...Snider  Snidei  J3ro»>  .Havues &  1 loi le    Ownei s  .  XV    D.  Grant  -   ., A.   AV.   Ouist  Ward   A   Pa I dock     Owneis  Jas. Layfleld  Bios, it Brethour  , & BruthoTir,  Ltd  Wan en  A Stancoinbc  <Parhtt   Bios  . .Tay  James  ..    Owners,   -. Owners'    Owners  lor   EnKiiieerlriK   Co.   .T.   C   Allen  F. L.  Go\t  XV. P  Clovt.  ns . .  Townley. Grant Smith A McDonnell   Snider Bros. A Brethour Ltd.  . Gaidlner Adkison & Dill   Maish   Ilnton   Poweis,Co   Baynes &  Tfoiie  Am. Dlst.  Steam Co.   (Seattle)  .Vane.   Can.  Dom   'Got eminent  . a Seweiage-Bouid   Cm  Government.  Ownei s       !•:•._.  Dept.   ..  Ownei s   . ..  A    C.   Hope-  Owners  Municipal  Peicy   To.v.  Owners ....  Owners    ..  Ownei s „,  ...Pacific  Di edging Co.  r..'.".".'."Pncltie' Dre.T^iVip"Co"      Palmer   Bros.   A. G. Cieelnmn A: Co.  Whiteside  &  Williamson  .'  rt*  Doe.   Vlctoi's   Cotton  Co.  ...   Luuv   Bros.'  Robertson  Co.       Owners  A    XX'.   Mesher  Engineer  McAlpine  mc=.*—!rrzr*.t  insurance  ' -     As General Agents -  for ^British Columbia of The Globe  Indemnity, Company of Canada,and  The ""Liverpool & London & Globe  insurance Co-, Ltd.7 We "sell cora-  " plcte protection including loss »  -   "   through  Fire,   Theft,   Collision,    Property'  Damage and Personal Liability.  Cepsrley/Raiinsafei&Co.  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS. :  "Nicomen   School."  Sealed Tenders, superscribed "Tender foi\ xiconien School," writ be .received by the Honourable the. Minister  of Public "Works up to 12 o'clock noon'  or Tuesday,'the 15th day of August,  T91G, for the erection and completion of  a large one-room school-hou'se and outbuildings'at Nicomen in the" Dewdncy,  .Electoral District. ,  Plans, specifications, contract, and  forms of tender may be seen on and  atter the 26th day of July, 1916, at the  office of F. G. Campbell, Government  "Agent, New "Westminster; J.,Mahony,'  ['Government Agent, Vancouver; H. C.  iRoss, Secretary of SchooKBoard, Der-  oche;   and   the ^Department  of Public  Winch  Pldy.  EsUb    ISSfi  LIMITED  7.:')   Hastings St    XV  Vancouver, B.C..  .  NEW   AND    SECOND    HAND  We rewind and repair  Motors and Dynamos,  Elevators, Automobile  Lighting Sets.    : : : :  Si  SAWMILL LIGHTING PLANTS  The Mm ELECTRIC CO.  LIMITED  Sey.   174—175 570 Richards St.  Works, Yicton'?- * "   '  By application to the undersigned,  .contractors,may obtain a copy,of the  -plans and specifications for the sum of  i ten ($10) dollars or a certified cheque,4-  'which will be refunded" on their return  'in good order.  Eaclrproposal must be accompanied  i by an accepted bank cheque or certificate of deposit on a chartered bank  of Canada, made payable to the Hon.  the Minister of Public Works, for a  sum equal to 20 per cent.- of tender,  which shall be forfeited if the party  tendering decline to^ enter into contract when called upon to do so, or if  he fail to complete the work contracted for. The cheques or certificates of  deposit of unsuccessful tenders vi'l  he returned to them upon the execution of the contract.  i Tenders will not be considered im-  ! less made out on the forms supplied.  ' signed with the actual signature of the  tenderer. andr enclosed in the envelopes furnished.  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  .7. E. GRIFFITH.  Deputy Minister, and Public Work.*  Engineer,  Public Works Department,  Victoria. U C.  ATTENTION  Truck Owners!  G8BNF.Y WIRELESS  SOLID TIRES  also  VACUUM! CUP TIRES  MICHELIN TIRES  HILL TIRE CO.  941 Pender W.        Sey. 6411  NOTICE  TO   CONTEAOTOES.  REMOVING       AND       INSTALLING  SEMIALT PUMPING PLANT IN  CHILLIWACK DYKING DISTRICT  Sealed tenders subscribed "Tender  for Semialt Pumping Plant" will be received by the undersigned up to 5 p.m.  of Monday, Adgust 7, 191G, for the removal of the e\isting Semialt Pumping  Plant from its present position and  installing it on the new site selected,  also the removal of the old timbers  in the adjoining sluiceway and filling  in this opening.  Plans, specifications, contract and  forms of tender may be seen on and  after July 22, 1.9.16, at the oflice of J,  Mahoney, Esq., Government Agent,  .Court House, Vancouver, and at the  I office of F. Munro, Esq., Road Superintendent, Chilliwack, B. C.    '  Each proposal must be accompanied  by an accepted bank cheque or certificate of deposit on a chartered bank  of Canada made payable to the Hon.  the Minister of Public Works for ten  per cent, of the total contract price  bid, which shall be forfeited if the  party tendering declines to enter into  ( contract  or  if the   fails  contracted for.  when called upon to do so,  to complete the work  The cheques or certificates of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will be returned to them upon  the execution/of. tlie contract. Tenders will not be considered unless made  out.on the forms supplied, Signed with  the actual^ signature of the tenderer  and enclosed in the envelope furnished.    ' ' "  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.       - j  E. A. \VIL-MOTv  inspector of Dykes.  Department of Public Works,- ■<  Victoria, B. C. ,  TELEPHONE  DATA  ;• NSW INSTALLATIONS  JULY 29, 1916.  Andrews,*A,  Tobacconist,  10G(f Pender  XV.  .'.     . .    1    .  Louth,  D.'XV., Collector,  S37   17th  XV. .... ...  Za.li, Mrs   Malia,  Groceries,  550 Campbell    i  JULY 31, 1916.         '                    ,'"       ■  Anderson, -XX'., Chimney Sweep,  5S42  Joyce  Road     _ ,.   .  Macauhty, Jienry <£ Co.   l^td , Ins   1-trkrs., 470 Granville  Vancouver Auto Ta.\i Service, Dunsmuir & Howe   r Sey.  2S36  Pair.   11163  Hish.   167-4  C  ol'wood 17f>  7 Sey. 312 1  . Sey.  3397 O  n  , CHANGES.  JULY  29, 1916.  Arnold & Quigley Ltd , Men's' Clothinf,', f-5,0 Gianville to 54IJ Granville.*..  B  C. Window Cleaning Co., 106G Pender W. to 656 Howe       Morlock, C. O., Upholstery, S33 "Davie to SI4 Robson  '.   " JULY 31, 1916.' ' ,, , 3 i  Conkey -Bros, ManCr.s. Agts., 1050 Hamilton to 470 Granvil  O'Loane Kiely A Co., .Ltd., Mdse.-Brkrs., 41 Alexander to'l."w  Vancouver Vinegar &-PicMe Co., 22 Water to S01  Powell *  illo.7„ .'.....  Water  .... Sey. 7951  ... Sey..' U21  ....'Sey.  1108   Sey.  4570  ...Sey. 2SI1  ....High. -21  AUTOMOBILE   RECORDS  rollowing-  is   a  complete   list   of   new   Automobile   Licenses,  J Transfers and Relinquishments Recorded in British. Columbia  WEEK ENDING JULY  29th, 1916.  ( The name of person to whom transfer is made is g-iven. • The  name   of   person   making-   transfer   may,  be   obtained   by"  7 referring- to the same license number in any complete"  -"-     '     published list or by telephoning- or writing- to the  v     " British Columbia Record.  %Vhere street address is g-iven and1 name of town oniitted the  address is Vancouver.  All  cars for hire are indicated thus:  (*)  No.  Name  NEW  CARS  Addi ess'  Car  2 1—Dr. >r. 11   Bryant, 27J1 Linden Ave  6,1(17—James Walliday, Cumberland    .  C>39~—F <AV   Brown, Nar.oose  Bay,  Nanaimo  S.->15;—W.  J.   Banett Lennard,  Jlai Ine  Drive  851C—P   C   Andrews,   Vancouver   Hotel  S517—Leslie  Lumber Co',  Steveston  S51S—1-1.  A   Jones, Jr.,   107  Cordova St,   W..  S519—D   K   Campbell, 1172  13tiro St.  S-.22—W    Metz.   1(17   Alatthews cA\e.  S525—Mrs. A.  B    Howie, 105G   1.1th  A\e, XV. .  $5ii;_\v\ ,|   MufCoid, Milnei  .  S",27^—Mary F. Stewart, nlth and Oak St  S52S—J    P   Cameron, Strathcona I'lace . . . .  S529—E   V.  Davis, Marine Drive   Sr.S0—II    O   Wootten,  .1SS1  13th Ave,  W  S531—Evans, Coleman A  Bvans. Vancouver  £>,"o2—-Standaid rurniture Ltd, 1090 Oianv  8.1 p.3—CA   F.   Suiait,  1S2"   Robson  St.  $.:,i\—E   A.   Vounper,  2722  Utli  Aw.,  \V. .  •S535—17   A. Johnston,   SO  21st  Ave,   \\".  S.=,;;g—XV    F   Silver,  McK.iv P   O.    .  S517—W. "G.   Rattray,   S31   Oeotjcui   St  S751—A.  Gieenvvood,  Clayburn  E  65 Men lvale St  $7."J—Lillooet Sutherland,  minster          SSIS—Albert    Kehr,   Sa\ ona        bS11—Antrus    Nelson,    Kamloops   .  SS12—R    Sido.   Chase   River .   .    .    -  SSI'-'—.1. Hanison, Newcastle, Nanaimo  88 17—E   L.   Batetnan,  Qiialicum  Beach  SSIS—W    HoKKaii.   N.Lt-iaimo  }>S70—Land ,S;   \iri icultural Co., or Canada,  S87I—M.   A    Cl.-uk,   Pentn-ton   8S72-S-W.   J    Kno\,   Kelowna  ....  S.S7.1— Y.   Thorne,    Vernon  SS7."—M    11.  Cocliiane,   Vernon   SS7(i—Mrs   I)   Solly, West Summer-land  ,SS7^—W    MeNiiir,   Ai-mstmni;       .   .  S-s-9—It    I*.   Lan^foul,  Vei non  SS'JO—-J. M. Medley,  Sa.inicliton     .  J.-*!H — W   Duncan,  Cor^e   ltd.,   Victoi l.i    >..  Ss'jJ—.1.  II    i;<,ucneri,'ey, Tnriroo^e   P. O. ..  ^^s.'—Thoniiis  S'lK'f-nt,  N'-lson  Ss!M—|    l:    Kci.ti'f    Kamloops  SS0."—Miy   A    10. Jones,   Kamloops ..  •)')5 I — It    It,iv but u,  Oyarna ..   .  S!».".'{—lolui   May,   Trail  SsfllJ—C!   M   B   Jones,   III Constance Ave,  Victori.1 Studebaker        Foid  .   . Poid  Willys  .   ...  Packard  . .  Koid  Chevrolet  Dodvre  .. .Chevrolet   DodKe  . .-. Dodpe  Dod t? e  ...McLaiiKhlm  .   . , Dcdsje  Willys  McLaufrhlm  lie St. Continental  -U.imblei  . .Chevrolet  .Tord*  Studebaker*  .... I-'ord"  —   . Pord  New West-  .    . Mawv-pll   McLaughlin   Willvs*    Pord  .      .   Pord  . .     .Ford  Pliev roh t  Kciovvna  Cheviolet  .     .       . . Phov inlet  I-'ord  Cheviolet           l-'oi d  Cheviolet  Cheviolet  Phei lolet  .. Maxwell  .   . Poid  C!l"\ roiet  .   . .      Pord  McL-purhlin  (.')ie\ rolct  1>oA-,is  Chev lol.-t  Victoi ia       Hudson  c:  No.  2.1S--IC  4tJ2—T.  5 I 2— \  S.S7—10.  J 2 I 5—1).  12'.'1—I)  .1 170—K.  10'l 7—A.  20 »0—J  275,1—-W  27SS—B  2S 10—I.  2SS1— O.  2!)'JI—F  Name  TRANSrERS  Addi ess  Cnr  Masters, 140 Beach Drive, Victoria  Taylor, f B. C Govt), Courtenay .  Jensen,   1110   Pisfuiard  St,   Victoria  I'".   Lewis,  Edmonds        .  R   Cameion,   Kamloops   Di u»;  St....  Co.  Victoria  KovvU-r,   1021   Comox  St.  II.   Sandtfi'en,   Matsriui   .  J.   Ridley,   Marpole  A.  Harfjltt, Mission City  .  A.  lOvei-iinett,  National  Shapiro,   121!)   Gianville  XV   Boy<l, Alta   Vista  .  .   .  I").   Ramsay,  lb.10 Store  St  W. Wells,  12:i1 Hornby St  110 17—Nanaimo Canners A Sacker.s   Ltd,   Nanaimo  3 its—Robert  Adams,  R   R   No   2,  Cloverdale,   .  ;_\C—[i    a. Thompson,   115   1 1th Ave,  W..  ;{,$7()—s   Krovaski, Abbotsloid  :>C,\2—lohn   Waid,  R    R.  No.   1,  Eburne .  H023—Bert Greenwood,  1156   Bute St.    3S4G—XV.  A.  Oakes,   33   Templeton   Drive   399G—Pord Co.,  Prince  Rupert   400!—AI. 13. Ewart,  Penticton   „ ■.:....  4 1S0—H.  Cleaver,   1227   Richards St.  .  r,M3—-G. Disandis, 776  Georgia St.,  E.  5310—M. Strtitt,  1521 -Burton Ave.,  53.15—A.   Wlllett.  Maillardvilie  557S—S.  r.c20—c.  560,1—-H.  5C99—G.  5844—P.  B8 50—A.  69.1.1—P.  71.09—W\  Oakland  McLaughlin  .     Cadillac  E    M    F  I 'ord  Hupp  Hudson  Port!  Pord  I-'oi (I  .Buick  Pord  Russell  Hudson  . Poid  Poid  I''ord  E   ?/I   1<"  Dayton   ;..._.  M.   I-'.   :..... Pord   ..Russell   McLaughlin  ..:..McLaughlin   ...Oakland  Victoria  Pord  ....I-'ord  Campbell,   Matsqiii ....j I-Y.rd  C.  Worst'old, .125 4th St., New West.; Studebaker.  W. A Knew, 2018  Stanley Ave.,  Victoria I-'ord  E. Graham, 4.12 Powell St. ...' Studebaker  M. Kerhy, 4th St., Grand Forks  Pord  Bechtel,   1012   Yates  St.,   Victoria   Ideal  B.  Gibb, Yates  St., Victoria Willys  E.  Lonjr,  Armstrong .". Pord  7299—Grand Forks Hardware Co., Grand  Forks  Scripps  7728—John  Bush, 2501   Commercial  Drive Pord  7962—J.   B.  Harkness,   919  Granville St Pord  798,1—.Richmond  Garape,   Eburne I-'ord  7304—P. R. E. De Hart,  Kelowna  .Pord  8192—H. Schulte,  316 Keefer St .Ford  8274—Dixon & Murray, 2526 3jrd Ave., W Ford  .:. HOLES .:.  u  r  -   We Drill Them Any Size, Any Depth,  For Any Purpose  ROBINSON CONTRACTING CO., Limited  K. S. Robinson, Contracting Engineer  Specializing   in   Foundation  Test and   Core -Drilling  NAB  COFFE  —is strictly hi^li-grailo—-acom-  c biunlion of Moulin ami Java.  Krom   the  plantation   \o  tho  ■< cup, all Jilie  processes through  "which    "Nabob''    passes    arc    stricllv sanitary -    ■■•  The blontninfj—the roasLiug-f-the yrij]diny>—follow an exact  scientific formula which ensures.nbsoluto* f^ft'ec perfection.  i  Aud "it   also   ensures   absolute" uiiiforiuilv—an ■ exceedingly  r t 1,1  i -^.^ r i *  Minportuni poiul—j-clay inland day out.   . , ; t,fc  A user of'/'Xabob'" "knows'4liis—-tho.se who five not  drinlc-  incr /'Nabob" arc surelv inis&in|f 'one of'thc Joys of'ihc culmavy  >   Y? -"....  Y   t ASK FOR'IT AT YOUR 'GROCESS.'*      >  ,*    *   •  1 V  V  MIMICO SEWER PIPE  ;j, :  YS-VITRIFIED AND SALT-GLAZED  ,"-    ~ - * "-■/^'.'- <& ~'' y'\     "' m_m '''<"  By Actual Tests Made This Year in Kansas City, Mb. -    .  THE SUPERIOR   OF   NEARLY   EVERY   BRAND  OF SEWER  PIPE  MADE ON  THIS CONTINENT[\  . *  THE ONTARIO SEWER PIPE COMPANY, LIMITED  WIMICO, ONTARIO  IT PAYl  TO A  to . Advertise  YOU KA\[E SERVICE FOR SALE  ADVERTISE IT!  YOU HAVE A REASON FOR BEING IN  BUSINESS  ADVERTISE IT!  —YOU'REALIZE TJTAT THE BETTER YOU ARE  KNOWN TUB MORIO BUSINESS YOU WILL DO.  ASK OUR ADVURTISTNC: .MANAGER TO TALK  TI'LE MATTRR OVKR WITH YOU.  SEYMOUR 7808  PUBLISHERS  BRTTISU COLUJMB1A  RECORD  AUTOBILE INSURANCE  Firc--Thcf:t--LIabllity—Collision—Property Damage  BEST RATES  BEST COMPANIES  BEST SERVICE  TELEPHONE     SEY.   4911      F0R RATES  SEELEY & CO.  Dominion IBIdg.  1 '1


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