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 I I  1, ? *  t'    -li     r (  wiA'-  . .Vi *■>*  RECORD   PUBLISHING   CO.,' Vancouver, PubJjshers*  ■V*.\  Covering British Columbia.  Vol. 12, No. 57,  Friday, April 27, 1917.  ! I 0' ;\^$'  If >'- r 7rf<-  V -' '''St''ltV'  I       ^W'?V'  *r  NCW  KAWNEER  catalogue showing  '   •-   unique1  STORE     FRONT  arrangements/  now     ready    for  distribution.  '.     FOR  New   Building   and   Remodeling   Work  ,    LET   US   GIVE   YOU, QUOTATIONS    _ ''  AMES    BROS.  WELTON   BLOCK ~ ,'    VANCOUVER B. C.  KAWNEER  Is   the   original  '    ,     METAL  STORE , FRONT  construction  stock   carried   In  VANCOUVER  MADE  IN  ■      CANADA   '   '  ESTABLISHED   12  YEARS  JOHN A. BARBER  ESTATE AGENT  Automobile Insurance  Buildings Managed  Rents,Collected  Fire Insurance  Valuator  890 RICHARDS ST.    SEY. 4434  66  BEAVER" Asphalt Roofing  of   O. C. Manufacture    and   (Guaranteed  A trial will convince you of  its Genuine Quality  Roofing Paints Roofing Felt'  ,   Roofing Cement Elastic Cement for Roof Repairs  SEE US ON YOUR ROOFING PROBLEMS  Wm. N. O'NEIL Co., Limited  Telephone Seymour, 4795-6        ,   .      , 548-S50 Seymour St.  l.rSfJ.UAZi Number  Deacription  Coat  ia!a(«t,"t.K.'  8524—Alter Empress Theatre..$4,50,0  VXq£*'vk£: l  &j!-J&*i5f » — *   i! >'"rA,*/r.. -   7jS£ii  BUU.DIWO   PERMITS   AMOUWTIxTO   W>   S500 LOS  OVER IMVZIIAT   TH*  VAWCOTXYEB CITT HALI WBTEBPaT  Street Addresa  X.ot  and  Block  Gore & Hastings  y  Subdivision  ' Architect  ..F. W.' Macey  Contractor  Address  Baynes & Horie  i 'i  Owner  Addreaa  Sun Life Ins. Co.  -*"'■■*■.■-■•.■■'    - LIMITED ■',,■"".  ' "* r r  Foot'. Columbia Ave.  AND BEST APPOINTED  STOCK   IN   BRITISH   COLUMBIA  PROMPT DELIVERY  P. E. HARRIS & CO., Ltd:  ELEVATORS  Passenger and Freight  MOTORS  Alternating Current Motors Kept in Stock From  One to lOO Horsepower  Vancouver, B.C.     !  504 Crown Bldg-.    ' ,-,   *7   Sey. 4698  ! life  ,^ - vi?^  5i-   -,/rJ  ._ %V«^<eeitgPanels^>«Etc.  -    "*      - Our, Stock ia the; Moat* Complete on the Pacific Coast V,     ''  ~? < ~  if?   ' We arelaTsoiolet Ag^ ■-" ~~       "'-"    7  Celebrated MBeaver Brand" Maple e j  c   and Birch Flooring.   -      „      "   '  I. FYFE SMITH ^00,;LIMITED  1320 Richarda St!  .74  Vancouver, B. C.  >:TH e:" moldeN ;;;"c0.i :Lttf.  &  t, L,  _">■  r   ,.  " GENERAL RAILWAY & CONTRACTORS   :  '    . ,    Sole ABenU In Canada For;   '„' '^'/Y.   '  ^hlcako^/Rrte^rriatlc ^Tbol- Go  Boyer:sRivetlng;A Chipping   Hammers;,. Little? Giant ..Drills;?.  '/-       v    -Electric-Tools;   Rock, Drills;.-Air Compressors; ;'  , s     . -    r_   • •   v pue) oil and Gas Engines.  rir-o-^"^  Duntley  -1 «.   %,  MMtriil. Ttroiti  vWilBipfJ.      .  & 7  542 Pender St" W.,< ftreoaier B. C.;  f     WisiSey. I0SS -"', •  u  fc?1-  |. :       BUILDING NEWS '        |  a And Construction1'Work not otherwisev-  ,£ a   Classified.     "' , ' *  ■    BUILDING'PERMITS.  _»' ''*■       _ ■  , ';S523—H. Tl.^Bishop, ,1985 15ch Ave*  W.,' bldg. garage; $100.: ^'i /  .] 852o — Ri'chards, Akroyd . &' Gall  (agents),'repair warehouse, Columbia  and \Powell Sts., Baynes & Horie,  contrs.; $200.      - , _       v'"      >1' -  -.S?2i—Shari)les & Sharpies (agents)  alter bldg.,_N.<E. Cor.  Main &■ Pender  Sts. ^ Fisher & Hislop,; contrs.;   $100.  "''8529—Mrs. .Van Norman,'! alter  res.,  J'463 7th Ave. W.   F. S. Perry," contr.;'  $200.-- y ' r -   ' r\   ^'   y:  I   ' i^BUSINESS NOTES.      '.. |  4and "otlie^ items  of  interest  to  ther,  ^».        .   ,   .   business manVi    , -^  ' SUMMERLAND-^It .is reported ^ that  a"moying picture theatre will be greeted "here in the near future. '   -:  'VANCOUVER—It \% expected 'that  the.contract for the alteration wprkjat  the Board of Trade rooms in the Mol-  - - COQUITDAM—It . is.-rep6rted--.here  that-an' important steel"enterpriselis  in negotiation wfth the Coquitlam Terminal Co. tor the purchase of 40 acres  Within" the city limits."    -   ,  _- NORTH VANCOUVER—The rnunici-1  pal council isto, ask the provincial and,  Dominion .governments *to, ^put -the  CapilanoMndian Reserve on the, market'for'industrial sites/     7 " *     -"'  ,Co. wiirhave work, started next'week  FRANK DARLING ^& CO.  LADYSMITH^-X, permit "has:, been.  granted TUrs. I. Gould to'erect a build  ■•'■ " "THOR"^?''-^^  Roller Bearing Drills -Close quarter Piston Air Drills -Rivetting Hammers  Chipping Hammers;-Wooil Borers^-Turbine and Electric"'Drills j •:",  , ( tl ^:    Hidi4-Speed' jStBer---DriMS"-Rtami^Ete^c:"iv '"' X.\'.'  !     Complete Stock of Accessories (^  :jiW  .'o.  1 1 44.HOMER ST."  iPl-iorie "Sey. 14-1 pO^  'X':7.  ..-i-  on the" erection of-an exchange build-j- VANCpTJVER^Jas.^Stuar£yj  ing at Port.Moody, and in" two" weeksJv;hasing\Agentr.wili, receive tei  t-7  ■-V.  ^^.  on the new' building at Mission!  VANCOUVER—The time for submit-  "CitV Pur-.  tenders up/J  till.2 pTm: Tuesday,'May 1,"for the sup-/j  ply of crushed rock "to the" city "for a  <■* i  PAGBriG LIME  i'  Unequalled for quality.  99.5% pure.  Saves men's time in slaking.  Consumes more sand than any'other lime.     -  .period "of one year from the date of|  ting tenders for the construction of alwarding the contract. Specifications,'  two additional stories to a portion of gtc^ a(. tjie 0ffice of the city-engineer, j  the   Kelly,   Douglas _ Ss  Co.   Bldg. • has  been extended to Saturday morning  At all first class dealers.  Sey 9506  PACIFIC LIME CO, Limited  * ■>  Vancouver  Itondon. Eng".  Montreal  Wiiinipegr  Toronto  Vancouver, B.  C.<  h  ROBERT W. HUNT & CO., LTD.  ENGINEERS  0   IMSPECTlQH-TE$TS-CON$yLTATION  .    ..._^.___^».^ai^M^iaaaaiaSaSSt»»a»»sahJ[»M»w»W.*a»Ma»S»»aaSSa<SaW>aaa»a»a^  STEEL      CEMENT,     BUILDINGS,     BRIDGES,     PIPE,     RAILS,     CARS,  LOCOMOTIVES,   SECONDHAND   EQUIPMENT,   CREOSOTED  MATERIAL,  LUMBER,  ETC.  OFFICE: 1601 STANDARD   BANK  BUILDING  Cedent Xestm* _MSZ£S^&^^ —— «  Phone Sey. 2199  Resident Inspectors at Large Manufacturing Centers  VICTORIA — The City Purchasing j  Agent announces for the information  VANCOUVER—Archts. Gardiner & Q'f inerciiants that from now. on. he  .Mercer, Birks Bldg„*are ready to re-jwiU be at the City Waterworks office,  ceive figures for lumber and niiIlwork|pan(iora Ave., from 9 to 11 a.m. daily,]  necessary in the construction of an|and during other hours at his office,  eight-room residence to he erected in:gtores Bldg., Garbally Road yard.  Saskatchewan for Jas. McMillen. The'  above material 'is to be shipped as  soon  as 'possible.  VANCOUVER—"Work has been started iSy T. L. Gray, 1715 First Ave. E.,  on the construction of a reinforced  concrete and frame"garage building to  be^ erected at 3S3S Cypress St. for E,  XV. Ilamber, -of the B. C. Mills, Timber  & Trading Co. The plans for the  building, which will cost about $6,000,  were prepared by Archt. B. C. Palmer,  London Bldg.  BEAMS, CHAHirSLS, AITOXES, PLATES, TEES; COX.UMKS  ■ 7 , .  - -          < '  ,  *"    COMPIETELY EQUIPPED PABBICATINa  SHOPS   ,  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL COY, Ltd.  VANCOUVER — On Monday the  board of school trustees will meet to  hold a consultation as to the action to  be taken to improve the' ventilating  systems of a number v of the public  schools. "An estimate made by Mr.  Walter Leek, engineer of heating and  ventilating'to the school"board, places  the cost of alterations at ?SO,000.  Fairmont 2396 and 2397  Vancouver, B. C  . Limite  DEALERS   IN  TRAIL—A. L. McGulldch, hydraulic  engineer in charge of the proposed  water and sewer systems, has written  VANCOUVER^ThT British Colum- the council that he had sent his data  bia Telephone Co. has decided to call to the provincial .health department  for tenders, probably during the com-1™ February 20th and should have had  mg week, for the constructs of the necessary approval by tins time,  their new building in the TOO block.: Delfl>' ™s Probably caused by having  Se>mour St., this city.    Work on  the" to   forward   a  second   sample   ol   the.  ,   ., ,• ,    .   , *     .   ,,        .    i water   in   Cambridge   creek  and   Vio-,  building   was   started   and   the   steel  "LlLCl ^ &  frame   erected   over   two   years   ago, (lin  '*lko  but operations finally ceased owing toj  thc   general   business   depression   at  that time.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  REINFORCING STEEL:— -    - .  Largest stock of Mild Steel Bars in Western Canada.    We cut to  length.    Cold Twist'and Bend Bars.  BOLTS:—  Drift 'Bolts, Machine Bolts, Tie Bolts.       We are prepared  to furnish large orders of Special Bolts on short notice.  SPIKES—CAST   IRON   WASHERS,   ETC./  PORTLAND CEMENT  LIME —  FIRE CLAY —  SCOTCH   FIRE   BRICK  —  HYDRATES" LIME  BLACKUMfTH   COAL  —  COKE — SEA   COAL —   PIG   IRON  MANILA  ROPE,  ETC.  VANCOUVER  WINCH BUILDING  Private Ex. Soy. 9197  San Francisco, Los  Angeles, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  VICTORIA  lOlO LANGLEY ST.  Telephone 5037  VICTORIA — Having in view the!  .early opening of the bathing season,!  'the  necessary   renewal   of   the  piling j  VANCOUVER—At a meeting of the;under the Gorge bathhouse is to be  directors of the Vancouver Lawn j taken in hand at once. It is proposed  Bowling   Club,   held   Wednesday   eve- to  place  concrete  piers  in  front and  Crushed Rock, Sand  and Gravel  All Kinds of Building Material  902 COLUMBIA STREET WEST  PHONE 15 AND 16 NEW WESTMINSTER, B. C.  ning. plans for the club building as  prepared by Archts. Gardiner & Mercer. Birks Bldg., were passed and the  architects instructed to call for tenders for the construction work. Specifications will be completed-J>y Monday, but only contractors who are  members of the club may figure the  job.  TRAIL—The Trail Opera House Co.  Ltd. has awarded the contract for the  erection of their new building to R.  McDonald and Victor Bianci at a figure of approximately ? 10,000. The  heating, plumbing and electrical contracts will be j let separately, which  when included will run the cost to  about $15,000. ■'. Work.'will start im-  mediatey and it is expected that the  building will be completed by the first  of July-  connect them by a timber sill above  high water mark where the timber  would be free from teredo borers. It  is the intention of the chairman of  the Parks Committee and the City  Engineer to make an inspection at an  early date.  VICTORIA — Twenty-nine buildings  have been condemned as nuisances  and ordered torn down by Medical  Health Officer Dr. Price, Sanitary Inspector Thomas Lancaster and Building Inspector Northcott. The demolition will not be carried out for more  than two weeks and the owners of  the buildings will have a chance to  appeal to a meeting of the City Council sitting as a board of health at 10  o'clock M.onday morning, May 7. A  list of the buildings are on file at the  Record office.  Canadian Allis-Chalmers Ltd.  MINING   MACHINERY, ROCK  CRUSHERS, SCREENS, AIR  COMPRESSORS,      ROCK DRILLS,      PILE  HAMMERS,  STEAM   PUMPS, CENTRIFUGAL   PUMPS,        ,TURBINE   PUMPS,  SAWMILL MACHINERY,      LOGGING SYSTEMS (Lidgewood)  HEALD CONVEYOR CHAIN,        STEAM  TRAPS,  HYDRAULIC TURBINES, DIESEL  ENGINES  1063 Pender St. W. Vancouver, B. C  Seymour 5710  THE METAL PRODUCTS CO. LIMITED  I ORNAMENTAL IRON, STEEL CASEMENTS,  STEEL SASH, BRASS & BRONZE  New Westminster  Phone 177  Vancouver Office, S48 Seymour St  Phone Sey. 4795 li  **Y2L  j^  7, '  ■'. .,        .■".,.V';v\'■,.-:■-■ v.''V  £        il^BJiiliaaaTiMil'i BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  r  British Columbia Record  ■Published every Monday, Wednesday and  Friday by the  RECORD   PUBLISHING  CO.  Address:   683  Homer-Richards Lane  Rear of 431  Dunsinuir Street.  Telephone Seymour 780S.  C. M. DAVID MANAGING EDITOR  Subscription Bates  Payable strictlv In advance.  'COQUITLAM—Mr.   B. . Kennedy,   of  New Westminster, has purchased the  printing plant of the defunct "Coquit-  "lam 'Star,'' and it is anticipated that  1 the paper will be resuscitated. - \  WIRE ROPE REMNANTS  i   '  VICTORIA—The Minister of Lands  is calling for tenders for the purchase  of Timber License X909, under which  'there may be^cut-3,130,000 feet of h'era-  , lock, cedar, spruce and 1,500 lineal- feet  of  piling  on   Juskatla   Inlet,   Graham  Island, and Timber License.X911, un-  I der which may be cut 900,000 feet of  hemlock, cedar and spruce and 16,000  'lineal feet of .piling on an adjoining location. ■• * '  3 each  2 each  2 each  1 each  1 each  -&in.  768 ft.   y2ia.  1000 ft.   y2in.  520 ft. 1   in.  276 ft.  200 ft. lin  300 ft. lin.  350 ft. lin.  368 ft. lin/  375 ft. lin.  6x5  6x5  6x7  6x19  6x19  6x19  6x19  6x19  6x19  Langs Lay Crucible  Langs Lay Crucible  Langs Lay Crucible  Galvanized Crucible  Langs Lay CrucibL  «<  We will Quote very reasonable prices oh the above  R. V. WINCH & CO., Limited  Vancouver and'Victoria  'PHONE SEY. 280  PROPOSED   NEW   WORK  ';,?  - 1'  _ -1*       i   -  ■* V -. -  >   '">  t  1,687,736  '        i    ' i  --67,428  167,620  '7472,575  ,..'525,800  .308,670  TIMBER SALE X 652.    '  Sealed  tenders will be received  by  the, Minister ,of Lands not later than  nooifon the 21st day of May, 1917, for  the'purchase of Licence X 652, to cut  .'    ^4,342,000 feet, of Fir,. Cedar,, Hemlock  ; and,Balsam, on an area adjoining Lot  975,.Snout Point,'Toba"Inlet, Range 1,  ■   Coast District.     • < t  Two i(2)   years ' will -be allowed for  ."removal of timber.      l       .        ' 7 .,   ",  Further particulars of ,the Chief Forester, Victoria,' B. C.'or .District Forester, Vancouver, B. C. S ' ,      '^^^  , WtOVIirCIAI..ESTIMATES ABE  '   ''■w,¥*J"r       TABLED IN THE HOUSE  "' ^VICTORIA.—A .revenue ot„ Just under  -.    #€,000,000 and an expenditure of $11,000,-j  '   ' *#00 - for * the - year   commencing   April   II  'next is predicted in  the provincial estimates ,which werc.tabled  invthe  House  ' >y   Hon:   Lome .Campbell,   Minister   of  ..   Finance, on Monday/  The revenue.shows  a falling off of about  $1,000,000 for the  * anticipated'revenue for this year, while  "■•     the expenditures show a slight increase.  '   ■*   The   exact   estimated   revenue   is -$o,-  "844.015,  as compared with $7^134,615  for  *j'the present year, a difference of $1(095,-  s    000. -The estimated" disbursements! are  < $11,301,374/ as-compared "with r$ll,163,-  i    056 J for the  previous  year,   an  increase  ■•of $138,000. -".The increase ismore.than  Accounted   for" by " the   increased   fixed  i charges, which are'over-$300,000.  - „  _, .. Summary of. Expenditure     .,   i '"  w. The   summary   of   estimated   expend!-'  „-  rture   indicates   that   in - four   of   the   14  '■" Government services there will probably  "be   an" increased   expenditure   over   last  Wvear.'  In ' the   rest   a'reduction :is   pre-  , dicted.%. •",    -Zx. ^   •-'    ;•   ;• •'  The following are "the totals:  • •      -;•',..-;•.        1915-16.'     1916-17.  '-.   "Public  debt....'..l.-..:.7.^i;i52,376c$l,422:254  . : Civic- government <.'  •*>    "    <  /.. i   (salaries) V~- :."1;709,566   ,  »-. "Administration ---of.    .  -  ,'->,-Justice    (salaries)'      68,000^,  V':l«gislation   -. -..'..->- £89,820-  ,£<-' Public institutions . • j,<-~-.'*i .; (v  * ',-„     (maintenance) - >  467,426/  '     Hospitals and chari-      f^ ,<- '  - - ■■ .'ties ■:: :...;.:..~~374;ioo -  * 'Administration",    ^of*—— ">-; .    <  - justice'7 : ,.-r378,00«^  ""  Education     :..-..:...\.-T,59i,600 *, 1,524.500  "-   Transport "- ...Z A™. * - 83,000'    v, 43,000  Revenue services ....£     50,000   - c   25,000  " Public  works'::...:..:. 3,067,315    --3,023,010  ^   Miscellaneous" -J 2;12S,752  '"2,032,000  ,,   , In  this year's ~report-o£ the estimates  ,.   -the   service   "miscellaneous" _ is1 divided  into  three  distinct  services.       "Lands,"  upon  which  $565,000 is to be spent this  - year,   and   "agriculture,"     upon     which  $176,500 7will  probably  be expended,  are  * each',- given a service to'themselves, thus  greatly reducing the "miscellaneous"  total. '  Present conditions ha%'e also necessitated more and larger hospitals, the re-  ■ult being an unusually large increase  for hospitals and charities. Last year  $16,000 was voted in the way of assistance in the construction of hospitals.  This  vear  about   $150,000  will   probably  * be granted for that purpose. Grants to  refuge homes, aid societies, etc, is increased from  $19,000  to  $80,000.  University of B, C.  Among the ' appropriations' in this  year's estimates is a conditional one of  $200,000 for the "University of .British  Columbia. Last year's estimate was  $175,000. Included 'in the works and  buildings to be constructed by the Public Works Department are the following; Okalla prison faim, $15,000;  improvement 'of government reserve,  Burnaby, $10,000; mental hospital and  .colony farm,'. Bssondale, $35,000, provincial government buildings, London (completion and maintenance), $1.75,000;  maintenance/$8,000. The appropriations  provincial normal school, Vancouver,  for roads, streets, bridges and wharves  In each constituency aie the same as  last year. Chllliwack gets $33,300,  Delta, $22,500; Dewdney,. $68,500, and  Richmond $40,000. Eighty thousand is  revoted for Klngsway through the Municipality of Burnaby. Point Grey gets  $10,000 -for roads, and Xicomen Island  the same amount for dyking; $13,500 is a  ' subsidy for the Ladner-Woodward ferry.  The vote of $100,000 on last years  estimates lor the Second Narrows bridge  is left off. Tor bridges geneially $4o0,-  000 is set down, while tor the bridge  over the Fraser River at Prince George  there will be an appiopriatlon of $lo0,-  000. '  An item in the Land Department ap-  piopriatlons is that for $20,000 J or  "timber testing and investigation -ol  ' wood products." An indication that the  government intends to continue seeking  overseas markets for the B. C. lumber  trade is that another $50,000 is appio-  prlated for sal£.iies, travelling expenses,  and purchase of mateilal  Other Appropriations.  Among   the   other   appiopnations   are  the   following:  Grant to B. C. regiments $;>,000, grant  to patriotic fund $0,000. grant to Loy  scouts $1,000, giant to Victorian Order  of Nurses $500, giant to returned bol-  diers' aiid commii-sion.s, $15,000; Royal  Commissions $15,000 (last j ear $50,000).  cougar bounty $35,000. Contribution  to Vancouver towaid puichase of  certain lanes in Ward VIII.. $5,000.  Fraser River Bridge, New Westminster,  maintenance and repaiis, $20,200. Song-  h*>f».«  Kesprw Improvmcnci   $2-10.onn.  Character Xattmataa   Cost  r ,  Pier    Theatre  Building  '. $300,000  :       250,000      $350,000   Not given  ._:  $2,000,000  „    $1,760,000  „7~~....Nc-t given  architect -Plana It-arty  ,     VANCOUVER  Location  Ownii  Vancouver  C.  P.  H  Hastings  St Alexl Pantages  Pleasure  Pier  Armory     Bank  building   a~10[61   •«.«»•»»••»•»*••»•••••■-•••  Bridge   ..'.   Harbor Works    Bank & office bldg....  Hotel, C. N. Ry ."...  Concrete Sewer   Tunnelling    IMPROVEMENTS LISTED  IMMEDIATELY BELOW  ABE  PROPOSED  BUT  HAVE   BEEN  POSTPONED  English Bay _ Coates & Co.  Grand view,    Government  Dunsinuir & Granville Dominion  Bank  Mt. Robson  -l. G. T. P. Ry.  2nd Narrows. .Burrard.Bridge A Jun. Co.  Kitsilano   Reserve    Government  Hastings & Granville Royal Bank  False Creek Fill C. N. Ry. Co.  False  Creek-  Vancouver      Soon  ..Skene & "Christie  Owners    B. M. Pretica   Ownei s    7........  Perry  &   Fowler /. _   Not selected Sketches under way  Company    - Indefinite  C. A. P. Turner, West Foundation Co.  SovernniHit     Preparing  No archt. commissioned  yet .'.   Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.  B. C. AGENTS  SULLIVAN MACHINERY CO.  ,    "SULLIVAN" DIAMOND  DRILLS <■ DRILL STEEL'  AIR   COMPRESSORS      '      ' ,   HOSE     "     >  ROCK   DRILLS          -          '                   "' AIR' RECEIVERS  "SULLIVAN"   DRILL   SHARPENERS AIR  LIFT PUMPS  1500 GRANVILLE ST.  PHONE 9162   G. N.  Ry.   C.   P.  P.  Post Office :.."    $260,000 1 Gore and'Keefer _'. :...Dom. Govt  Post Office  .'....'..$35,000   South Vancouver ...Dom. Govt  Factory. Wharf,'Subway :..$150,000 | Hastings _..:7...Royal Crown Soap Co.  Courthouse , (east   wing) ."..$300,000   Vancouver _ Proyin.  Govt.  Office bldg.     ..J.   $100,000   Homer & Georgia-sts '.1...E. Mahou  Concrete  Garage  .." ..-'-...    Fifth & Fir Sts  Ford Motor Co.  Dom.   Govt.   „  Dom.   Govt   Thos  Hooper ...".   Dal ton. & Eveleigh  W. F. Gardiner    Owneis  r.....  ..'.Delayed  ....Delayed  ....Delayed  ....Delayed  .. Delayed  . Delayed  Floor Coverings  If you have Coneoleum on your'floors; you can run a mop  over them and "they will be cleaner than any swept 'floor.  Congoleum is waterproof right through—\vater cannot injure  it. Compared with printed'linoleum, Congoleum' is,more  durable, more attractive, more waterproof; yet the price is  less. Congoleum requires no fastening—any one can lay it  -it wonU curl up.     ~'      t       >,  Congoleum Rug Borden, laid next to a rug or  carpet, give the actual'appearance of polished oak:  VICTORIA  I Character - .".   Coat  Brk. and mill schools..:.—:...:. $50,000  Steel   Bridge    _ :....S500,000  Y.W.C.A.  Home    $150,000  Union Passenger Depot..' $1,000,000  Stone church :  $26,000  Rink ,(Curling)7 :.....-.  $30,000  Swing 'Span .....: ~  Tubercular Ward —.". .-....-*.  Location '.'.. _ :J.7..„   Owsu  Victoria"' : .'.-. .".'...'.'..-. 'City  .Victoria   ,.:    City  Victoria   •_ r.v. .".. .Y. -XV.. C.   A.  Victoria ..;. 1 C. P. R. and C. N. R.  Victoria....Christ Ch. Cathedral Bldg Ltd.  „    Victoria ...i. ? Victoria^Curling  Club  .$20,000 I Victoria  .-......•;':.„:....:....-   City  Victoria r. Royal  Jubilee Hosp.  Architect -..'. Plans Beady  Spurgin  & Wilkins ] Indefinite  Owners  _  Preparing  J.' C.   Frame  Soliciting  Funds  Co. Engineers  _  Preparing  Jones    &   Beatson—Arranging   finances.  Coates & Flett ?.To Build This,Year  CityJ. .'. :.."....Y. :...:.... Completed  J. C. M Keith : ,   IMPROVEMENTS LISTED  XMMEDIATELT BELOW  ARE PROPOSED   BUT  HAVE   BEEN  POSTPONED:  10-sto office bldg ...:....'. ;..:......'.$250,000  Christ   Church   Cathedral.:...!. $400,000  Church ..:. - 1   $100,000  Pier  : -'- $1,000,000  Character'  Coat  School   ^ !.L $7,500,  Grain .elevator   (35,000 bu.)  ■. -  School   .:.'....: .'.'..$50,000  Plant  Improvements -..1 --  Steel Bridge.' .'.-„.'...:..$25,000  Steel Bridge  i:.'..: .-:;„..;.;..$ 15,000  Grain Elevator (25,000 bu.)   -:...."...".   Market Building '. ;...' .". $35,000  S'ewers  ..-■'......'. :._.:.....'./. .'....$24,000  Street Work<-.'.....T.;....'.r. .7....:'.. $50,000'.  Victoria .*.   Victoria  i..'~.  Victoria .'.  Vancouver '...'....   I .'.  St. Barnabas   _-:ii...B. C. Electric Co.   First Baptist' Church   :..-i.: C. P.  R.   -...'. _ _    Delayed  J. C. M. Keith  Delayed  Jesse  M.  Warren ."„..'..:::. '..Delayed  Owners' .:.. „.._>Dclayed  BRITISH. COLUMBIA—GENERAL  Location  ."...;...: .r. I  Owner  Trail   ....) 1 i.' :...."..'....  City  Kamloops  Kamloops Farmers *Ass'n.  Rossland ,       .. ,     ,'  ' "r     * *      City  Prince Rupert...'. '..Imperial1 Oil  Co.  Vanderhoof  _ yPro:   G^>vt.  Prince George  .■: Pro. Govt.  Kamloops ;:..-. Maple "Leaf Milling Co.  New.'Westminster .".  City  Nanaimo  1 '.. _ : City  Prince George -....'. .'.'.„.'. .'.„.'  City  Architect    Plana Ready  '7!!JC"!!!"!;!^!!!!!;!!!'"!!!!;"!?!i;!]!"!!]!!;!;nin^en"nite  Owners ' .17...: '.....j..  Owners  -.. .1  Owners,"....: .'.~   Owners!   City .:..:   City '--^... .' :..-   ... Shortly  Indefinite  Indefinite  /  Soon  .'T',      "  • /"•  r  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO., UMITED  ■ Public Works Contractors  Office 813-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B» C.  Concentrator,  etc  1,000,000  Shipbuilding Plant  '.      200,000  Railway Station  .'...       40,000  Concentrator          300,000  Public  Works  :      150,000  Theatre Building       150,000  Wharf   _ _...$10,000  2-sto. hotel  $1S,000  3-sto   100x100   hotel   2—4-room Schools each $20,000  Hotel  :. —-  $1,000,000  Depot bldg $1,000,000  Fertilizing  plant &  wharf $125,000  Concrete Sanitorium _   $100,000  Flour Mill & Elevator $250,000  Hospital   $90,000  City   Hall    _ - $50,000  Office Bldg.  & Oil Plant $200,000  Residence  (Stone)   $30,000  Armorv   (Dom.   Govt.) _ $100,000  Postofnce:   5-sto.  cone _ $200,000  School    —-   $20,000  Frame   Hotel       $40,000  Hotel       $20,000  Brewery  $50,00(1  library     $50,000  Mach. Shop and Foundry  $50,000  Freight   Terminal     School   Bldg '-   Paper and   Pulp  Mills   Office Building    Round  House  $50,000  Mach   and Repair Shops $150,000  Warehouse and Stor. Tank $10,000  Copper Mountain  B. C. Copper Co.  Port Moody  Boyd's Ltd.  Xew Westminster  .-..C. N. Ry.  Ainsworth, B.C.... Silver Hoard Mining'Co  Prince   George    _ City  New Wesimmster.-Alhambra Theatre Co.  Sidney —Victoria &-Sidney R.R.  Ocean Beach   (V.I.)   1F.,J. Lins  Prince  Rupert M.  Albert  Vernon, B.C.' Vernon School Board  Prince   Rupert....: Grand Trunk Pacific  Prince Rupert Grand Trunk Pacific  Skeena River—Scot.-Amer. Oil & Fer. Cr  Kamloops....B. C. Anti-Tuberculosis Soc.  Coqultlam....Terminal Grain Elevator Co.  Nelson, B. C Municipality  Nanaimo, B.  C City of  Nanaimo  Prince Rupert Imperial Oil Co.  Uplands .(Victoria)  Withheld  Prince Rupert  _ Dom. Govt.  Prince   Rupert JDom.   Govt.  Rossland    '.      City  Prince  Rupert A.  J.  Prudhomme  Fort   George Not   given  Fort George Peace River B. & M. Co.  Nanaimo  '.   City  New  Westminster   Mr. Schaake  New Westminster  N. p. Ry. Co  Rossland       City  Quatsino, B.C. Colonial Paper & P.M., Ltd  Calgary "". Robin Hood  Flour  Mills  E. Lillooet P. G. E. Ry.  E.  Lillooet P. G. E. RV.  Owners    —  Soon  Owners _    Soon  Owners   ....'. .\   City    : i__ -....  Mofccrop & Whitburn '. Completed  ■ -  Will   Build   Soon  Jessie M. Warren Tenders Closed  Prince Rupert Arcnt Under Way  Bell & Constant; Branch & Coxall   F. M.  Rattenbury,  Victoria _..Soon  F  M. Rattenbury (Victoria; Sooi.  J. S. D. Taylor  _ Tenders closed  Dal ton & Eveleigh Tenders Closed  Plans Approved  No Date Given  Now petitioning for,appropriation.1  Not Drawn Asking Govt. Grant  G. A. Woodland, P. Rupert representative  Jesse M. Warren ...Tenders soon  Govt   Tenders   soon  Gov't.  7. ^.   Tenders  closed  No.   Archt.   commissioned   yet   Site Just Purchased 1   Herbert J. Peyton Sketches  ready  Wilson & Wilson Tenders closed  Undecided      Indefinite  Owners    Owners   W. S. Bates    Now  Completed  Peace  River Imperial Oil Co,  Shingle  Mills    -    West Vane Vedder  River  Shingle  Co    Completed  IMPROVEMENTS  LISTED  IMMEDIATELY BELOW   ARE PROPOSED   BUT HAVE   BEEN  POSTPONED:  Hotel      $200,000 | For t   George Grand   Trunk   Pacific  Hotel,  3-sto   brk.  veneer $20,000 | Port   Alberni Tom   Magrath  Church   (fr.)       Corjuitlam  Episcopal Church  5 sto brk, mill and steel $ 150,000 I Kamloops    Kamloops Hotel CV  llol.ibird &  Roache  (Chlcigo) Dclaveo  Evans & Cook  ,  Delayed  Perry & &FowIer  Delayed  W.  T.   Whiteway Delayed  PANTAGES  Three Shows Daily  2-36.-7.bo-9.00-  PRICES 15c - 25e  CONTRACTS LET OR WORK STARTED  Building Location  Residence     Metchosin  School    Ililllers,   E.   &   N.  Residence  l''oul  Bay  Rd  Residence    Gillespie   Place  3-sto   Apint   School   Hollywood  1-sto.   dept.   store  bldg Victotia  Piers   (Concrete)    Victoria  Rrk.  veneer  church Victoria  Wharf (Marine Depot)  .Victoria  .  Ri-oakwater   Victoria  .  Alteration to Sayward Bldg   OLOMBiA - THEATR  The home of The Big   Shows  6 VAUDEVILLE  ACTS6  Prices 10c-15c   Boxes 25c  Character       Power   House   Bldg   (Cone.)  Ho tel     2-sto stone & steel bldg   Dairy   Bldg.   (cone  &  brk)...  2-sto brk bldg ....  2-sto.   apmt.    .-.".  Residence -   Factory .—   Dredging  Sand   Heads   Bridge   Abutments   (12) ■ ..,..  Govt. Bldg.,t. -• - .«.-  High  School   Jetty   &   Dredging   Roundhouse •   Bridge .   I......'. ——■  Dam. Mills,  6tc.    Water   System   Mills,   Wharves,   etc.   Addition  High School..   Brick' School    ::   3   Motorshitis,   each   Bascule-   Bridge    ■   Power House and Laundry-  Railway  Line -   Coat  (No  .. $25,000  ...$■■ 20,000  ...$ 20,000  ....$15,000  Details)  .. $20,000,  .. $25,000  ....$70,000  VICTORIA  Est.  Cost Owner  $20,000  H.  R.  Hammond      School   Trustee-  10,000   if.   Lawson  35,000    F.   Nation  15,000    r   A.   Winch  $ 11,000   City  $700,000    .'..Hudson's   Bay  Co.  $2,000,000       Government  $20,000   Colomha Presbyteiian Ch.  ..   $21 500    Govt.  SI.ono.000 Dom   Government  Victoria       J. C. M. Keith ...  ... $30,000  ...  $20,000  ..$''55,000  .... $20,000  5.000  1,000,000  40.000  7r.o.noo  ....$19,503  $15,000  ..$105,000  BRITISH  COLUMBIA—GENERAL  Location      .... Owner  Kamloops       City  Prince George....Prince Geoige Hotel Co.  Nelbon,  B.C Carmen  Maglio  Duncans.   B.   C. .7.... ...^............  Nanaimo .J. B. Nicholson  Prince Rupert.......... J. McMordie  Metchosin ,H.  R.  Hammond  Lulu  Island....Morrison Steel & Wire Co.  P'raser River Government  Grand  Trunk   Pacific G.  T, P.  Port Alberni  :.... Govt.  Port  Alberni  Municipality  .Vorth  Arm  Fraser River. Govt.  Fort George.. ......G. T   P. Ry. Co.  Nanaimo  '.  C1tv  Princess  Royal   Island....Tonapnh-Relmori  Port   Moody     ""  fVea.li Falls   NcIkoii      Trail   North  Vancouver..  Selkirk Water    Lake; Louisa  , .  ,„  Kuiiiloo|j.s-Kelo\viiii..... cj. n.  Hy. Co  Architect Contractor  Butler &  Harrison Grayson  &   Son  Spin gin   &   Wilkins Local  S. AIudure  A.  jr. Alitchell  S.   Maclure   P.   AIcKechnle  C.   E.   Watkins Fulton   Bros.  Spurgin & Wilkins Lunoy Bros.  R. Horwood & White 13. C. Const. Co.  Govt Grant Smith & McDonnell  Wm. Henderson Knott &. Jones  Govt Parhs, Tuppcr & Klrkpatrick  Govt  _   Sir John Jackson.   Ltd.   Luney Bros   : City   Pacific Mills. Ltd.      Pity  '.li'.'''w'."''nrow'n"&"Co.'   C. N. II  .('.. P. T!  Architect Plana Beady  Ducano Dutcher & Co Wm.  Grnenlecs  Butler & IIarrl«on....Brewster &  Pel ham  Geo. C.  Egg-.. Waters & Pasco  J-  C.  M,. Keith ....Island   Building  Co.  A. I'orrester....Watson, Jacks & Anderson  •J,as- Gilrnore.....  Sub-contracts  Butler & Harrison ..Grayson & Sons  Owners ..Day   Labor  Govt ....Navigation & Dredging Co.  G. T. P J. A. ATcKenzie & Co. Ex. Bldg.   - • Knott & Jones, of Victoria  ••• - Warnock & Cochran  Govt sPacific Dredging  Co.  Owners  1 ..:.....Carter Hall  & A.  c'A^y  - - i   City  t  <. o Owners  City Robertson,   Godson   Co.  Owners    Owners   Snider Bros. & Brethour, Ltd.   -. • • T, Burns & Co.   Wallace   .Shipyards  Owners......MacDonald, Nettleton & Bruce.   - h-Northern Construction'Co'  THE PATERSON MFG. CO. LTD-  10th AVE. and ARBUTUS ST.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  "'"-,'-  Bay view 772 ,V ,'  r*   *i**' >,./  «.r-*j   "_*■*(        -^ ■<■ r-      ,.1^  i f *■**■ V i  ELECTRIC MOTORS FOR RENT  We specialize In prompt service for Contractors'   -  temporary power installations   ,  .   r > '  l« r      j       t ;,     ' * ^- *°   I'     I    / M r j  SERVICE   24   HOURS   A   DAY  ' ,,,-»'-<,  '■ \  r -. '      ' > "y '  'Phone. Seymour ,5000< and   have1 our ,representative   call  .      U7    i j-^v^uj    vA-  ^p»l-     ■=*«<    v      HfjJ   *■', t  M    A  McNeill Welch & Wilson Ltd.  ,'   *'   * i, Dealera . in*      «  COAL and BUILDING MATERIAL.  Phone us for  lowest prices on c  COMMON BRICK  'PHONE   FAIRMONT   2800  1629 Main St. c ' Vancouver B. C.  L  fsr,  'r?  '(■It  Tlhe Jarvis ElecfciTHC C®0  LIMITED  Sey.  17A—175 , 5?Q R(chards St  ;   Wiring   Contractors  o Electric   Repairs  Electric   Supplies  Motors,   Generators,  mm*mm^m^mmtm^m^m^mm*m*mmmm**^m:MMmmmmmimmm»^m^mmmm^<mm*mmmam^m^mwm  Elevators.  Everything Electrical  Have   you   ever   considered   Mow   much  more   economical   BICYCLE   RIDING Is  than WALKING?  pet a 'Perfect' Bicycle  CANADA'S   FINEST  Price   $45.00  516 AND 518 HOWE STREET \  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  V  YOU WANT  MORE  BUSINESS  51,4  We can help you to increase your  business by telling all of our readers  every other day: *° \ *   :  WHO you are  WHERE you are  WHAT you have to offer  and WHY they should do  business with you.  '.   Such a service will pay you , big because through us you reach every owner  who is buildingy every architect, every  contractor- -everybody Interested in build-  • ***■*■ h" . " j"  We will help you to fix up your announcement without charge. LET US  BOOST FOR YOU.  Business Directory and  Buyers9 Guide  When Buying Building* Material and Supplies  Patronize Record Advertisers  ■w  fsr,  'r?  J-   ^ "v  .vV  ■in-tThev&'>-:.-. •'"  £*•;  British Columbia  RECORO  1  STRUCTURAL  S M. Morris & Co. Ltd.  Office and Works  2120-213O Cedar St.  Bay. 1043  STEEL'  STAIRS  v  .      ELEVATOR ENCLOSURES  MARQUISES  FIRE ESCAPES  JAIL AND PRISON WORK  GRILLES AND BALCONIES  IRON GATES AND FENCING  WIRE WORK  EVERYTHING  IN  IRONWORK  ORNAMENTAL  ^<H^*^HS^*^^'«^*'M^^H«I»*      ^^^***«^W4^|^|,4^H&<Mf^**  POL  FIR7 CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length — any diameter  Incorporated 1909  1021-102^ Rogers Building !  Seymour 3998-3999  ARCHITECTURAL    TERRA    COTTA.  Evans, Coleraan & Evana, Ft. Col. St., S. 29S8  O'Neil. Wm. N. Co Ld., 548 Seymour.S 4735  Ritchie   Con,   *   Sup.   Co.,   Ltd     Gran.    St.  Bridge      S. 9162  V/arrlgton  A Johnson.  119 Pender S.   S. 4912  ASPHALT   FELT. i  Evans, Coleman & Evans, ft. Col S. 29S8  Paterson Mfg.  Co.,  10th A Arbutue S., B. 772  BRICK—ALL, KINDS. '  Cont',n'l  Ship.  A  Trad.  Co.   Ltd S. 8448  Evans, Coieman Ar Evans, Ft. Col.. S. 2988  Gllley Bros. Ltd , New West, Phones 15, 16  XV, N O'Nell A Co., 548 Sey, St.. 3. 4795-4798  Ritchie   Contr    A   Sup.   Co.,   Ltd.,   Gran    St.  Bridge   : ?.., S.   9162  Warrington & Johnson, 11» Pender, S. 4912  R.V.Wlnch &,Co.. Ltd.. Winch B. S.1 279-1944  BUILDING   FELTS  AND  PAPERS.    >  Evans,   Coleman   &   Bvans,  Ft.   Col.,. .S. 2988  Leslie,'Tavlor Co., 403 Dunsmulr S. 4371  XV. X. O'Nell & Co., 548 Sey. St., S. 4795-479S  Paterson Mfg. Co., 10th4 Arbutus Sts., B. 772  Warrington A Johnson.  119 Pender. .S.   4912  BONDS—SURETY.  R.V.Winch & Co.. Ltd., Winch" B„ S. 279-1944  CEMENT.  Balfour,   Guthrie  &  Co..'..1. S.  919'i-6575  Evans, Coleman & Evans, Ft. Col.-.S. 258S  Gllley Bros., Ltd., New West., Phones 15. 16  W. N. O'Neil A Co., 548 Sey. St., S. 4795-4798  Ritchie   Contr.   &   Sup.,   Ltd.,, Granville   St.  Bridge     A    S. 916i  R.V.Wlnch A Co. Ltd., Winch B.. S. i79-1944  t CEMENT TESTING  AND ASSAYING.  Can.,Inspc't A Test.  Lab, Emplie Bldg.      S.   4606  Hunt,   Robt.   W.   A   Co.,' Standard, Bank   ,  Bldg ' I' >?.... ..S. 2199  1 •   CONTRACTORS—BORING  Robinson Contr. Co., Winch Bldg..S. 6SS8  CONTRACTORS—EXCAVATING.  Centre Contracting Company, "  "      887  Georgia St. E High.. 1581  CONTRACTORS—GENERAL.  Armstrong,   Morrison    A    Co., " Ltd.,    Bower  -   Bdg.     .' -..   S. 1836  B.  C.  Granitoid  &  Contr.  Co,  N.E. .Cor.  Beach  and  Nicola .'. Sey.   2296  CONTRACTORS—;LAND   CLEARING.  Centre Con'ti acting Company,      '   <  "  ,   >  887  Geoigia St. ,E .".High.  1581  '<„   CONTRACTORS—PLASTERING.      ,   '  -Rush & Read, 1736 6th Ave. TV., :   i Bay. -1602R—2215L.  f    CONTRACTORS-^-TILE^-TERRAZZO.;  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  ft." Col S. 2988  Leslie,  Tavlor Co.,, 403'Dunsmuir S. 4371  W. N. O'Nell & Co.,  548 Sey. St., S. 4795-4798  CORNICE AND ROOFING.  Macdonald.   Marpole   Co.,  Ltd." S. 210'  ,,CRANES^ AND   HOISTS    (ELECTRIC  Macdonald.  Marpole  Co.,  Ltd S. 210  The'Holden,.Co., Ltd,,.•'542 Pender St. W.  ■*" >    ,    „   ,   ''    t Sey.  1065  DETECTIVE AGENCIES      >      '   ,  Vancouver    Detective    Agency,    429-130  Standard Bank Bldg., Phone Sey. 2440. .  Night, Sey.'24 4 2 (J. O'Grady,  Mgr.)  ' DRILLS—PORTABLE   ELECTRIC   -  Darling,'Frank  &  Co.,   1142   Homer  St.  . .- i..S.   4100-4101  The Holden Co., Ltd., 542 Pender St. W.  ;   Sey.   1065.  ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES        ,   '  Can. 'Allis-Chalmers,   1063   Pender, r. .S. 5710  Darling,   Frank   &  Co,   1142  Homer   St.  _....• V.- S. .4100-4101  ELEVATOR ,CARS AND ENCLOSURES.  Can. Allls^halnreis, 1063 Pender.. .sS. 5710  Harris, P. E. A Co., l< ' Crown Bldg. S.. 4698  W. N. O'Nell'& Co. 548'Sey St. S, 4795-4798  Rltcale   Contr.   A   Sup.   Co .   Ltd..   Gran.   St.  Bridge, ' ". ".. ."   S. 9162  "■     \ ','     '  ^ELEVATORSW;^     '     '"}  D»rHng,f-Frank" &  Co.,   1142 ;Homer 'St.-  ■£-  ,', .>...' » -}. r.S.    4100-4101  H»rria, P. E. ,&-Co.. »••>'Crown 31dg   S.' 469S  -V'tr.i * * s   '   'FIRE CLAY >'       ,       --* ■>   -  Balfour,'Guthrie  A   Co,'. .....'. .'.S -9197-6575  Evans; Coleman & "Evans Ft." Col.^.S., 29SS  Gllley Bros.,, New Westminster, Phones la,16  W. X. O'Noil A Co., 54S Sey. St., S 4795-4798  Ritchie Con. & Sup. Co., Granvl.-.Bdg'.S. 9161  R. V. Winch &'Co,   Vinch Bldg..  S.  ir9-1944  FIRE   EXTINGUISHER   SYSTE-MS.  Gen. Fire'Ex. Co., 1140 Hamilton St..S513S  Barr & Anderson,  1060  Hcmer St S.  61S0  ■-'     -j       . FLOORING >■  J. Fyffc Smith  &  2o..  1320 Richardj. .Sv 1196  c GAS APPLIANCES.  Van.,Gaa Co.,        Hastings St. W S.  J00»  GATE   VALVES  Macdonald,   Maipole  Co.  Ltd S. 210  GLASS—ALL KINDS.  W. N. O'Noil A Co. 548 S*y. St..   S.  4795-479F  HARDWARE  Flett, J. A..U1 Hastings XV Sey. 2327-S  HAIIDWOOI) FLOORS  W. N O'Neil * Co 548 Sey. St. ..S. 4795-479T!  J   Fyfe Smith   A Co.  1320  Richards. .S. 1196  HARDWOOD LUMBER  Smith,  J. F>fe & Co. 1320 Richards. .S. 1196  HEATING—HOT  AIK,   STEAM   AND   VENTILATING  Bailey, E. A., 1033 Grain llle St S.  136  Barr A Anderson, 1060 Homer St . .S. 61*0  Gen. Fire Ex   Co., 1140 ^Hamilton St..S613S  HOISTING-ENGINES  Ritchie Con   A Sup. Co . Granvl. Bdg .S. 916!  INTERIOR FINISH l  Evans. Coleman  A Evans,  ft. Col S. 29S8  XV. X. O'Neil A Co.. 5(S Sey. St.. .S .4795-4798  Ritchie. Con. A Sup. Co., Oranv. Bdg..b. Sioa  IRON AND STEEL—STRUCTURAL  Can    Allls-Chalmers.   IOCS   Pender S. 5710  Cnn.   Northwest   Steel   Ci> F".     307  i:\ans,   Coleman   A   Evans.   Ft.   Col...S. 29SS  Coughlan,  J.  &  Sons.   World  Bldg S    79-"J  Macdonald.   Marpole   Co,   Ltd    S.  210  Hitchie. Con. & Sup Co.. Granv. Bdg..S. 916!  \V. N\ O'Nell * Co. 54S bev. SI...S. 4795-479S  Wilkinson  Co., SIC  Beach    S.  7915  IRON   AND   STEEL—ORNAMENTAL.  Can    Allis-Chnlmers    101.3   Penilor S  5710'  13\ans,  Coleman  &  Evans,  ft   Col S. 2US!i  Mnc-rtonnlcl,   .Vurpolu   Co.   Ltd    S    210  W. X. O'Nell A Co., 54S Sey. St...S   4795-47'JS  ltitchie Con. A Sup   Co. t.ninvl   Btip .a  alb.  South   Vancouver Iron &  Wire  Works,  5S55  Victoiia  JJilvc I-'iaser 156  LATH—Mi:TAL  E\ans. Colcmnn ife E\nns. Ft Columb S 29,!,-  W X O'Neil A Co. .MS Sey St . .S 4795-179S  Rlt(.hl> C and S Co. Grfln ^t . . S ^162  Wntrlngtun   &   Johnson,   119   Pender..S   4912  LIME.  Ualfour,   Guf-.rle  A   Co S.  9197-0575  O\o.ns Coleman A. Evans. Ft Columb .S 29^<>  (illley Bros . Now Weitmlnstor. . Phont s 1 5 16  W N O'Nc-II A Co. 51f> Si» St ..S 4715-479S  Ritchie Con A Sup. Cl , Granville. .S 91d2  R. V. Winch Co. Ld.. Winch Bdg. .S 279-1944  MACHINERY     *  Can.   AlHs-Chnlmoifc.   106J   Pender S  3710  Darling,   Frank   A  Co,   1142   Homer   St.   S.   4 100-1101  .Macdonald,   Marpole   Co.  Ltd       ri   210  \V. N O'Nell A Co., r>48 Sc«y. St . .S 1795-179S  l(!tchlf> Cnn & Sup Co, G-nnv! Bdg .S 916".  The Holden Co., Ltd., C12 Pender St. XV.  Soy.   IOC.",  MANTELS—BRICK. TILE AND  WOOD  Evans,  Coleman &.Evans,  ft. Col S. 2U88  Leslie,  Taylor Co.,  403  Dunsmulr S. 4371  W. N. O'Nell & Co.. 548 Soy. St...S. 179G-4798  Ritchie   Con.   A   Sun.   Co..   Oranvillp. .S. 916!  MARBLE'AND   ONYX'  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col S. 2988  Leslie,  Taylor Co.,  403 Dunsmuir S. 4371  W.,N.  O'Nell & Co, 648 Sey. St. S   4795-4798  i OIL  BURNING  PLANTS ^  Globe Iron Works,   1815  Pandora St. ..H.  496  TAINTS—FIRE-PROOF.  W. N. O'Neil A Co., 548 Sey. St . .S 4795-4798  Warrington   A Johnson,   119   Pender. .S. 4912  ', >       PAINTS—DAirfP PROOF.  EvanB, Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col S. 2988  W. N. O'Neil 4 Co, 648 Sey. St...3 479S-479!s  Paterson Mfg. Co., 10th A Arbutus..B. 77?  Warrington   A Johnson.   119   Pender. .S. 4912  PARTITION—FIREPROOF  Evans, Coleman & Evana Ft. Colum. .S. 2988  Ritchie. Con. & Sup Co.. Granv. Bdg. .S. 9161  Warrington & Johnson. 119 Pender St.S. 4911  PIG IRON AND TIN  Balfour,  Guthrie  &   Co S   9197-B576  Evans, Coleman & Evans,  ft. Col S. 2988  K. V.  Winch A Co.,  Wlnck Bld...S.   279-1944  7   ,,        PILING AND POLES  Centre Contracting Company,     l      *  887 Georgia  St. E High. 1581  3 PILE DRrVTNG. '    ,  Evans", Coleman & Evans,   ft.  Col. S. 2988  l< faser   Kiver   Pile   Driving  Co  Peterson,   Henry,   302  J  Automobile Records  FROM   FEBRUARY   19   TO   MARCH   14  Tallowing Is   a  complete  list   of  new  Automobile  licenses,  Transfer* and Relinquishments Recorded fox  c        Vancouver and'District.  Where street address is given and name of town omitted the  address   is  Vancouver. ,     n  All cars for hire are ndcated thus:  (*)  No.  Name  NEW CABS.  i  Address  Car  New   West  Victoria   Dr...H. 1185  ,     PIPE—SEWER '     .  Dom. Glzd Cmnt Pipe Co., Dom. Bld..S828f  Evans, Coleman & Evana Ft. Colum. .S. 298f  Gllley  Bros..   Ltd , .New "West.. .Phones'15. lr  Macdonald,   Marpole  Co..   Ltd S. 210  Ritchie Con. & Sup Co., Granville.-S. 9162  ^Warrington & Johnson, 119 Pender St.S. 4915  R. V. Winch A Co.. Wlnca Bld...S.   279-134'  PLASTER  Balfour,  Guthrie  &" Co S   9197-657S  Evans, Coleman A Evana Ft. Coium. .S. 298*  Gllley Bros, Ltd, New West.. .Phones 15, II  W.,N. O'Nell & Co.7 548 Sey St...S 4795-4791  Ritchie, Con. & Sud. Co...Granv. Bdg: IB. 9162  " °       PLASTER BOARD  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,  ft.  Col S. 2988  W .V O'Nell A Co., 548 Sey. St:. .S 4795-479*  Ritchie   Con.   A  Sup.   Co,   Granville. .S. 9162  ,    PL VST ER 'PARTITION, BLOCKS  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,'ft. Col.. ..'.S. 2988  ,    PLASTER—ORNAMENTAL*    -"    ~  Evans, Co7eman & Evans,v ft. Col.. .r.S. 2988  D. R7Morrison. T1Z Richard* St..S. 2161-2151  W. N. O'Neil,& Co., 548 Sey. St..\S. 4795-479'  Ritchie   Con.   &   Sup.   Co..-Granville. .S. 9162  PLASTIC T FLOORING "  Sansan Asbestos Floor Co., 1209 Jervis St.  . - .-* : S. 6643T  PLUMBING    " "   '  Bailey, E. A., 1033 Granville* St,..'...S. 136  Barr   A   Anderson.    1060   Homer   bt...S. 6184  PNEUMATIC  TOOLS '        .\  Darling," Frank & 'Co ,~ 1142   Homer~St.'  -  . .- .7 S     4100-410'  The Holden Co., Ltd., 542 Pender St. XV.  Sey.   1065.  RVDIATORS AND BOILERS  Can.' Allis-Chalmers.   1063   Fender.'f. .S  571('  ROOFING  COMPOSITION  Evans. Coleman & Evans Ft.'<Jolum. .S. 298f  Paierbon Mfg. Co.. 1-0 A Arbutus Sts...B. 771  W. N. O'Nell & Co.. 548 Sey. St.. ,S. 4795-4791,  Ritchie Con. & Sup. C~ Granville. .S. 9162  Warrington A Johnson. 119 Pendcr'Pt  S. 4915  x     ROOFING;—SHEET, *IETAL      ',  7 >    (See^Cornice'ana   Hoofing)- _  J\' ' ROOFING   MATERIAL"     ~\ t '  Evans", boleman A Evans    Ft. Colum. :S. 238f  Macdonald.   Marpole  Co.,   Ltd S.'210  Paterson Mfg. Co., 10th"&"Arbutug. Bay/77  Ritchie,Con. A Sup."Coi, Granville B . .S. 9162  Warrington & Johnson.,.119 Pender St.S..49U  a  .trope-manila:  :s 9197-6571  STORE   A-  TAR  Paterson Mfg.  Co.,  E\ans,  7'«  ..Si2»8b  Balfour, tGuthrie   A; Co,'.:  t-V? 'fSAFES^-VACLTjDOORS ' , j  Warrfngton &!jijhnson, 11» Pender St.S 491f  W. X. O^Neil A Co., 54S Sey" St. :'.S; 4795-479*  SAND.,'GRAVEL"AND CRUSHED ROCK  Evans," Coleman &"„Evans, vft. Col...'. .S." 29S8  Gllley Bros..'Ltd. Xew West.. .Phones Jo, li  Ritchie. Con/ 4 Sup.'-Co., Granv. rBdg. .S.9162  - '   >r's.lSH  DOORS,' WINDOWS,  ETC.  W.,N. O'Neil A Co!.  54S Sey. St.. .S. 4795-479T  SUINGLK  MANUFACTURERS  AND  DEAL  EKS.  (See  Lumber and  Shingles.) i  '   ( l SLATE  Evans,  Coleman A  E\ans,   ft.  Col S. 2988  W. N O'Neil & Co., o4S Sey. St...S. 4795-479.'  R. V.'Winch & Co., Wlnca Bld...S. 279-194'  Ritchie.tCon   & Sup. Go.OGranv   Bdg. ,S. 916S  STJSEL—REINFORCING.  Bal/our,   Guthrie   &   Co S 9197-6571  Evans.  Coleman & Evans,   ft.  Col S. 29SS  .Macdonald,   Marpole  Co.,  Ltd    S. 210  Warrington A Johnson, 119 Pender St.S. 4915  OFIICE   FIXTURES   A   STOR1  FRONTS  Evans.  Coleman & Evans,   ft.  Cpl S. 29SS  W. N. O'Neil & Co., 548 Sey.' St...S. 4795-4791  AND   PITCH  10th A Arbutus, Bay  Coleman A E\ans,  ft. Col..  TILi:—DRAINING  Evans Coleman & Evans Ft. Colum. .S. 29S(  Gllley Bros, New Westminster Phones 15, 1(  Ht. Hanej Brick Co . 615 Hast. S. W.. S. 134.1  Ritchie Con. & Sup Co.. Granv. Bdg. .S. 9165  Warrington 'A   Johnson.   119   Pender. .S. 4915  TILF.—FLOOR   VXD WALL  Evans,  Coleman A Evans,   ft. Col S. 29SS  W N. O'Neil * Co . 54S Cey. St . .S. 4795-479!  VVarnngton   &  Johicon,   119   Pender. .S. 4911  TIN PLATES  Balfour.   Guthrie  &   Co.   : S. 9197-6571  Evans,  Coleman & Evans,   ft.  Col S. 298S  R   V   Winch & Co..  Wlnca   B'.d...S.   279-T<4  Wilkinson Co., S4G Beach— S.  7915  TOOL STEEL      ^  Darling,   Frank  A   Co.,   114 2   Homer  St.    S.   4100-410  Macdonald,   Maipole   Co,,   Ltd S.  210  VACUUM   CLEANING   SYSTEMS.  Barr &  Anderson,  1060 Homer St S. 61S»  WALL    BOARDS  Evans,  Coleman &   Evans,   ft.  Col S. 29SS  Lislle,  Taylor Co.,  403  Duns.tnulr S. 437.  WATERPROOF COMPOUND  Evans,  Colotnan At   Evans,   ft.  Col S. 29SS  W. N O Nell & Co , t>4S Sey. St.. .S 4795-4ib-  l'ntirson Mfg. Co.. 10th i Arbutus..B. 77.  Warrington   &  Johnson,   119   Pender. ,S. 4911  WATER   METERS.   HYDRANTS   &   PUMPS-  .Macdonald,   Maipole   Co.   Ltd S.  -10  WATEHWORKS  SUPPLIES  Macdonald,   Mirpole   Co.,   Ltd    ^ 210  WINDOW  SCREENS  W. N. O Neil A- Co ,  54S Sey. dt...S. 479-5-479'  WIRE   AM)   CARLE    (ELECTRIC)  Macdonald.   Maipole   Co.   Ltd S.  210  WIRE ROPK  Ualfour.    Guthile   A   Co ....... .S. 9197-6571  Evans,  Coleman £.   Evans,   ft.  Col b. 2988  MiiLdonald.   Marpole   Co ,   Ltd   . .. . ?•  -10  Ritchie. Con. & Sup. Co, Granv. Bdg. ..S. 91h.  RV.   Winch  A CO.  Wine.   Bld...S.    279-19-  Wllkln-son Co., S16 Beach S. 7915  WIRE   WORK  Artistic   Wire   &   Iron   Wks.,   1462        _ „. ..  Klncswnv .... ■•■•;,  South Vancouver Iron ..&• Wire Works  r.SF.5  Victoria  Privo........  9617—R. G   Abbott, 4581 1st Ave. TV., Point Grey  Dodge  9493—Blanche L. Avery, New Westminster  Ford  9492—Arthur Brown, Langley Pi-airie Ford  962 i—P.  rjurns & Co, Ltd.,  Foot Woodland Drive Ford  9563—J. Tv. Bender, 191 Gothard St., S. Vancouver     Ford  9555—M. Bayliss, 1118 Arbutus St Ford  9587—C. Brown,  3751  Cypress St '. McLaughlin  9547—P. W. Burbidge, 11 So'6th Ave., TV. Ford*  9420—Corporation of Delta,  Ladner, B.  C .'. Ford  9494—Corp. of Burnaby, Edmonds,'B. C , Ford  9606—S. H.  Coughlan,'New Westminster Willys-Overland  9596—Columbia Paper  Co.,  Ltd.,   103S  Hamilton.!'. Ford  r9459—Corp." of Burnaby,  Edmonds,  B.  C McLaughlin ;  9595—Cityrof Vancouver (Police pept.) /...McLaughlin  9T)99—Eburne  Saw Mills,  Ltd,  Hudson  SL _Garford  9590—Mrs.  M.   A.  Gardner,  2365   5th  Ave. W Studebaker  9553—G. J.  Goostrey,  1643  William  St Chevrolet  216—A. L. Haijer,  1195  Balfour Ave., Cadillac  9549—J. W. Hager, 1050 Pacific St Ford*  9625—R, s! Henderson. Abbotsford, B. C...1..'..' McLaughlin  9007—EmJl Hallman, 2545'3rd Ave. TV Ford  35SS—Wm.-Howrie, IS Hastings W McLaughlin  7623—J. J. Hanna to W. E. Reynolds,  1019 Georgia St.'TV......  9612—Harry   Hemlpw,   939   Davie   St Cadillac  9613—Imperial OilCo.,  Ltd., Cambie & Smythe Ford  9S54—J. Jackson, 1773 13th Ave. E McLaughlin  9C23—R, B. Jackson, 2242 4th Ave. TV. ...Ford  9610—G. H.  Johnson,  2156  Pender  St.  El „...Napier  9552—F. 'C. Jones, 3261  7th Ave., W .'... .McLaughlin  95S1—R. P. King, Mission, B. C     Maxwell  95S1—R. P. King, Mission, B. C .'. National  9626—Kelly Douglas, Ltd.. New Westminster „ _Ford ^  9C034-A.    A. King, M.D., Ladner, B.' C McLaughlin'  9562—J.  V.  Lightheart, Alexandra Apts Willys-Overland  1926f^Alfred Lauder to'Robt. Buck, 1562 Kitchener     -       -"     .-  St. ....'.....'. ."..-._?..-. -'—.'.  ..Studebaker  9605—Edward Lipsett^ 6S Water St.: Y..  Pie'rce'"Arrow  9611—James   C.  Lee.  Lynn   Valley..''..... .- ."...'.. .Ford'  9iS8—'A.YA. ,McBride, Cloverdale) B.  C.'....'    .'...'.-....:....   Ford^  9521—G. tB.   Macneill,   373S   Angus   Ave..'.  :.*....'...7Dodge  95S"6^—Mrs1 A. B   Martin, 1386 Nicola St .^McLaughlin  9589—E'. "T. 'McLennan, -1916  First-Ave.  XV Willys-O.  9615—George  Maltby,' S24   ISth Ave. TV * -Ford.  9404—D. D.' McCallum, Silverdale  .'...Ford  9490—G. K. McCoukey, Halls Prairie". .'.Ford  9593—Dma Moore, OPender  St .-..-.....r.-.:.r .-.'..:". .-"JFord-  9422—Miss Maggie McDonald, New Westminster .L.MetZ'  9601—S. T. Morris, 1260 Granville St '...'...'. Y?.Y.. \'..:?.Ford  9602—G.',HSMorris,  4313  Miller  St .<■. '. ...J."Ford''  9551—J. ,D.-1McEwan,.920 17th Ave.. TV .7....'..l..Ford»  9597—Br.   A.   J   MacLachlan .....'. .'. ."....Willys-O.  9421—A. E  McGeachie, New Westminstert '...{ .'..Ford  9537—W.'A. McKeown, HOS^Rose St. .-...' ::Abbott  954S—J- H. McLennan, 1824. lOtli Ave./ E.....'. ...1.. ..:.......p."Saxon  '9404—Hugh M.ercer, Chllliwack,  B./ C :......'...l.T..„.Ford'»  9403—Morrison'Bros , Dewdney :....:..T...'..'...:7..T.r.Ford  951S—S. Ogawa/636 Sth,Ave. E....._r....: — „McLaughlin ,.  95S5'-lA.'Paterson, 650" Pender TV. .'...:.'. :..: McLaughlin  9609—^Mrs.  C. TV. ProwdM355 t13th  Ave: ,TV Studebaker1  9614—Mrs. "p. E. Purdy) 915iRo'b'5on....--. ..Z...—.'.McLaughlin  9C18—Pacific Transfer Co.)" 110 Cordova St.'E.....: .'.....^-Ford'  9598—M. Phillips.^New'Westminsters —;.w....I .TW-illys-O.  95S3_Tsr. J.-<fp"endray,(l246„Pendrell St -.A ........•-..'.....Ford  959li-^M; D.^Rectoi-7 739 Hasting/ WL-V ». McLaughlin  *9o61-9-E.'f R! ■ Russell," Englesea' Apts":." ....Ilwillys-Overland'-  220S—Robt. Pollock to J. 7A..'Pollock?3233; Williams 'St...-i.—_--*  P5i7l_F.. W.-sRounsefell,  3737, Angiis -Aye.—yi.. .._iStudel>aker,  9520-^.r "B. Saint," Suite Couft,,'Denmari Court ^McLaughlin  9354—ii.  Samuels, Englesea^Apts _. .....J ora  9639^-A. P. Sla'de&Co, 199,, Water St.......'.':.. _.  ..:....Ford  '962V—A   E. Short,*'150S Georgia St 1.'.....'... ~ Dodge  ^9604—B. L. Smith,'   I0<?  T-Tornby St  ..:'. J-    - i-Ford  9559 _. s.  SaTnders,  68 Kensington Flace^ '.McLaughlin  9G21 S.  Vancouver .Municipality,   43rd it Fraser Ford  9616—Carrie if. Stark, 23 Douglas Lodge..   .\: Dodge .  9321—D.  D.   Smith,   2',0  Kingsvvay    ' Ford "  960S—Swartz Bros, 155 Water St.- .'  Ford  95S2—C. R. Stoddard, 2065 Triumph St. .: Willy-O.  955G—Standard Transfer Co,  126  Lome-St.,  W T ..J.Ford*  9523—Florence   Stewart.   Hotel   Vancouver      Chalmers  9560—L.  C.  Thomas,  126S  46th W .McLaughlin  9564—TV.  B   Thompson,  Ken l&dale   Maxwell  qsgo Tavlor Forbes Co., Ltd., 1070 Homer St Mavwell <  q600 TV'S   Turnhull.   M.D.,   1920   Collingwood  St 1-oid  9550—R. M   Tod, 2176 York St     Maxwell  91S9—C. TV. Webb, Chllliwack  .< Chevrolet  703—F.  Walsh,  1160  Howe  St Rational*  jipoo .t   i   Wal«h   Trafalgar Mansions —Dodcre  9j"s7—Arthur  Willett,   Willardville,   B.   C Ford  95*19—P.   A. Wilson,   IS 11  Como\:   ^Ford,,  q-,oo vourig Tow.  128 ISth Ave.  E  Russell  955S—Sadie   Youhill,   1S63   Cornwall  St Briscoe  TBAKSPEBS.  1102-  nj.-.s-  0337-  33SI-  '.Fi-hHfr  156  THE .'MEDIUM.  X4.lt>v'S'^'**-''"J"i""M:'  ■ijt-:  .^J^.^lS^•^•i••^l2»^'2l-^!S,•^'S'*^'J,•^,H'*^,£,-^<**•^,s,•^,2*•^)  ; Did you ever notice that 95 per  cent, of the big successful firms are  firms who advertise? They figure advertising as an investment, not an expense. The secret of advertising is  the selection ot a medium whicl  reaches those people who are or wi!  be the most likely "purchasers o  vonr product."   If you are in the biiilti  ing supply or machinery mie don't s«  Ject a moving picture • publication it  which to do your advertising. Because of the fact that the KlfiCORD is-  f.he only paper published in the province devoted exclusively to the contracting business it is read by practically every one you would like to  sell your products to. Your ad. where  Ihoy will sec it will put a capital C  on yov.r cash.  ■5579—Anslo-Arnrrlcan Corp., Ltd., to Charles Van,  12(50   Granville   St.   ._ „.Ford  2990—Anglo-AmPiican Corpn., Ltd. to Imperial  Casket Co. 365 10th TV  ..............      .  3391— TV. F. Arbuthnot to J.'A   McEwen, 920 17th TV 1-ord  8Ci4—Hasel   Aickin  to Annie Lampman, -  130^   Burnaby   Studebaker  6311—TV. TV. Alton to Swan Bros., 529 13th E  Ford  76S2—Thos. Angus to A  J>. Courtney, St. Regis Rooms    Studebaker  4236—H. "Bingham" to' Annie E.  Bingham, 1690 Angus  ^ve  Hudson  2930—J   F. Bovd'To F. R. Wright, 135 13th TV Ford  8733—W. J. Btitt to Dr. J. A. McDonald, 1670 Harwood     Maxwell  513 1—TT')"p.. Rrooks'to W.'J" I letherington, 237 ISth E. Cadillac  772S—lohn Bush to J   Hammer, 2145 5th W      Ford  $>39S—TV. II foblev to Geo Cobley. Huntingdon, B. C. .. 1 ore!  •S51_0. did well "to Fred E Bell, 16th & Flemming ....Ford  3619—W. W. Craig to E   M   Charman,. 916 Bunnrd St   . ! ord  713'> Citv T.i\l Co   to J.  P.  littthinj-oti,   1S01 7th E...     .Ford  7(09—-T. L Edmnndson to W F: Muiphy, 369 Uichaids Ford  7776— E\eciitor<? of ll'irry Abbott to J. T. Whaten,  1231   King   i:clvvard  Cadillac  Marion E   Dunn to IF   E   1 running   New \\'i"-t .        lord  •Mahli' Goio to XV. A   Qtust, 1110 Gi.in. St         Foid  ■Sarah HmNon to  \V. XV. Cole & FF.  r>. Atkin.s,  327 3th I-:   .. .   ■     Ovft-Iatul  ■II.   E   Hollow ay  to E   C.   IMltncr,  !>72 Granville  St, .  Paige Oetrolt  •>I21—Geo   [J;iv to Annie M.  IF.iy,   Ilollyliuni    /73J1—\v. .)   IltMthi'iington  to  Kathleen Wctwood.  250   21M   K. • ..ford  3S2"?—Voilet M   Kinnee to F(. J. Western, 72S Hastings  p(     \y ..   Winton*  7612—L. J   Ladner to J. II 'Ferguson,   1062 Georgia St .. Ford  5 (n l— II   H   Lf-moM  to  M   FI.  Finch,  Pitt Meadows       i< oid  67.11—Senator M.ndonald to E   B.  McDermid,   1030  Pine Crescent      .... ,„   radillac  32S1—F. Migglns to X\ N. IFnniilton. lCSfi 1st Ave. 1 1-otd  19S1—Manncring fr MacKen/ie to Mtrrlthew & .  Hnms.iv,  Now Westminster  I-ord  6199—McLaughlin Curt Inge Co, Ltd. to A. S   Parker,  FTowe St . •       MacLaughlin  0i22—David McLood to W. IF. Wh.ilen, M.iiguoilte &  Latiner   Sts. . ., ,   •-   Cadillac  S091—TV.  FF    Nelli-t   to  A    XV. M    Chapn-an,  .i^ !  Georgia St. W .   -  ' otd  31 15—Bucld Olmste.ul (t- Co, I.td   to J   C.itV.V.  FFutchison, Marpole, B. C.   Federal  4905—Port Mondv Steel Wks., Ltd. to Aetna Iron  &! Steel, Ltd.   632 Seymour , T ord  S77.|_F; A. Smith to E. L. Small, Cloverdale ...;...,.!• ord  9152 S. B. Simpson to 11. G. Henderson, cjo X. M. C. A.,  New-  Westminster ......McLaughlin  7139—J    L   Snelgrove   to  Vancouver   Trading Co.,  115 Water "St .'  ^-^rd  6 1.19—A   E   Short to Win.   Booth, Courtney Cadillac  S538—St'il'.ivati-Tnvlor Motor Co.,  to J.   Mitchell, ..„,-. .  •174   7th   W :   ...........r-ord  5190—Sullivan  Tuvlor  Motor Co.   to Mrs. J. K.  McCor-        7j  mack,   I'M2   Richards   St  Ford  15373 Sullivan  Tavlor  .Motor Co.   to McLennan &  Mc--.  Feejv Kid), 90-Cordova E .' ;......... ..Ford  ij'T-.O— A *-' Snv-(h'i- to O. T. Campbell, 1 I (S Comox St...Cadillac  6538—'li. K. Stirling to A. Wolfe,   117 1   12th Aye  W. ,    ,   W Illys-OY.frlandl  7000—• I   T;i"i'lV to I'. If. Grote. 232'Klngrfway  ,...,....Chalmers  ..sjr, \v-   10 "Wadslev to W. W. Fisher, S26 Dunsinuir-'.  St  McLaughlin  vi"/M —W "a"  Wfi'dliams  to T.   IF. Agnow,  -HMO  Cointm.-ivial l.irlve , .Chevrolet  O  O  >  -<  a-  5"  na  1    .1 -   *>  1          ' ?^  Is"'"'  '-f:  Cftv^j  1   -- .  h   '  I  I  it»**r t  i  BRITISH,COLUMBIA RECORD  irirmrun—  "BAGLEY MAKES GOOD RUBBER STAMPS"  A. G. BAGLEY & SONS Ltd.  PRINTERS,   ENGRAVERS    and    MANUFACTURERS  "BAGLEY DOES GOOD PRINTING"  SEALS.   STENCILS,   RUBBER   AND   METAL  STAMPS,   METAL   CHECKS,   TIME   CHECKS,  KEY   TAGS,   BRASS    SIGNS,   NUMBERING    MACHINES,   BADGES   OF   ALL   KINDS,   ETC.  '    ALL WORK GUARANTEED BEST QUALITY, PROMPT DELIVERY AND FAIR PRICtS  PHONE SEY. 316  151  HASTINGS ST., W.  ,i >  <* \  -V  "1  !  I  4  'A.  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  i  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St.  ; Vancouver B. C.  New Work -- Contracts Let  THE  rOILOWING   TABLE   SHOWS   BUILDINGS    COSTING    $5,000    OB    OVEB,    ON    WHICH    CONSTRTTCTIOlf  tTNDEB WAY, OB ON /WHICH CONTRACTS HAVE BEEN XiET BUT CONSTRUCTION NOT YET STARTED.   —, — .* —   IS  Character  - -  Co«*  Depot and  terminal  $1,000,000  and 2 alterations  $50,000  * 50,^0  K   1>  Fraser Ri>er  PILE DRIVING CO.  LIMITED  P. A. Jones, Mgr.  n  i    -  WHARF BUILDING;  BRIDGES,  PILE FOUNDATIONS;  3 new bldg,  Causeway      Shipbuilding plant  I Di edging between piers    Cold Storage plant $50,000  Brick   Canning  Plant $20,000  Power Plant       -'--  Sleeping Pavilion   - --•  Telephone  Exchange 7?15,000  Conci ete  lighthouse   tower  Remodel Bldg   Sewer   Woik    $8,000  Warehouse etc $16,500  Saw Mill  $100,000  Shipbuilding plant  ' $70,000  Power  House    Residence'  $5,500  Concentrator etc $500,000  Station   and   Terminals '    500,000  Jetty   (Second Unit)   $300,001  Turning   Basin   _   $100,000  Trunk Sewer  - -      300,000  Dredging ....: _ 1700,000  Seawall    ' _      100,000  Wharf    .: II6.000  Store   and   olflce   bldg $60,000  Sewer     $300,000  Wood  Bridge  $5,000  1  Sto   Frame Building $5,000  Shipbuilding Yards .'   Club'Building    I $20,000  10-Stall Roundhouse   Location  .i. _   False   Creek  Can.    Owner  Northern  Ey  Frame  Building   $35,000  Remodel  Building    ..$12,000  Foundation 'for  Shed $25,000  Freight  Offices and Sheds    .'   10th & Willow St.... ...University of B   C  Coal  Harbor  City of  Vancouver  Port Moody. .Port Moody Shipbuild.  Co  'Burrard  Inlet Can.   Pacific   Hv  Foot of Gore Ave .   ..    Oan. Fishing Co.  Kelowna   B. C. Evapoi atoi s, Ltd  Prince George '  City  Tranquille.... B. C. Anti-Tuberculosis  Soc*  Nelson   \ B.  C.  Telephone  Co  Ttiple   Island,  B.  C Dom.   Govt.  553» Granville. Elliott Shandley & McLean  E&nuimalt   :.    City  Victoria  Dom   Govt.  Cth & Willow  Alberta Lumber Co  Poplar Island ...Westminster Marine Ry  Any ox-      Granby Min. i&  Smelt.   Co  New Westminster,.Mrs. J. C. Armstrong  Surf   Inlet Surf  Inlet   Power  Co  False   Creek Great  Northern   Ry  Fiaser River (lower) Dominion Govt  False  Creek —    Government  Stanley Park  Sewerage  Board  False Creek  Government  False Creek, C. N. Ry.  Patricia Bay._ „..Can.  N.   P.   Ry.  Co.  Victoria    .,   Hastings Park   Sewerage  Board  Nanaimo       City  Bridge St  Van. Lumber Co.  Vancouver  J. Coughlan & Sons  Vancouver Shaughnessy Ilgts. Golf Club  Vancouver G. N. Ry.  10th & Willow Sts McGill University-  Cordova St. W Royal Bank of Can.  Vancouver G. N. Ry.  Vancouver  /...c. N. Ry,  Architect     Contractor  Pratt  & Ross . Northern  Const. Co. and  Caiter, Halls Aldinger Co.  Sharpe &  Thompsoi Baynes & Horie  Owners  *■ -_•   Owner*  •-- v,°Xner?    W. D. Grant  Owners &■•   XV. Quist  Owners   ."     • Waid   &   Baldock  Du Cane Dutcher & Co .-    ......  Owners   Jas.   Layneld  Owners   Snider  Bros   & Brethour  Owners   .. Snider Bros. & Brethour, Ltd  Owners .    ..........V......Warren & Stancombe  Ownei s   Parfltt Bros.  Owners . ..' .' - .Owners  Owners    »-- •- - - Owners   Taylor  Engineering  Co  Townley & James  ....: J.   C. Allen  F L Towniey..Grant Smith & McDonnell  Govt Marsh  Huton  Poweifa  Co  Go\-ernment Pacific Dredging Co.  Owners    -~- ...-•■ .."•..».-... ......  Eng. Dept Pacific  Dredging Co.  Owners    A. G. Creelman &'Co.  Owners   S.   Doe,   Vlctoiia  Petcv  Tox  Luny  Bros.  Owners    »•;   Owners  Owners   A. W.   Mesher  Owners  '.  Owner.*  </  Owners of Tub "CLIVE"  General Towing  h  5   -■ -   '  Pier E.\ tension    '.'   1   Story Brick ^Addition  $5,000  Frame  Apart.  House   $6,000  Front  Store   Bldg $7,000  Dredging   for   Causeway $16,902  Altei  Theatre Building $5,000 J  Vancouver     771 Granville St ..  1096—12th Ave W ..  532 Granville St   Vancouver     S51 Granville St     (2   p   j>'  """."c."s.""Gustofson  .... XV S. Thompson  ''...L   N. MacKechnie  _  City   W. "p.""Njco31s  B.  C   Palmer Purdy  & Lonergon  F    L.   Townley Grant.   Smith   &  Co .  ..._  & MacDonnell, Ltd.  Sharpe & Thompson Baynes A Horie  Contractors Purdy & Henderson  Owners Grant'Smith  &  Co  & MacDonell, Ltd  Pratt & Ross'—MacDonald, Nettleton &  Bruce.  Owners   —' ■ - —-•   Owners .. - •-•- • • -  Owners  A. L.  Benglof A.  L. Benglof  T   A  Fee  ..   -,   ...."- W.Hepburn  Ci'tv."    ."-Dominion   Construction ,Co  Ofl'ner  '. -  Owner  NABOB  COFFEE  —is strictly high-grade—a combination of Mocha and Java.  iT i  From  the  plantation to  the  cuprall the processes through  which    ''Nabob"    passes    are ,sti'ictly sanitary        ' ;    '  „ The blen'ding—tlie roasting—tho.grinding—follow an exact  scientific formula'which ensures absolute Coffee, perfection.  And  it  also  ensures  absolute  uniformity—an. exceedingly  important point—day in and'day_ out/      , T  -A user of '''Nabob" knows this—those who are not'drink-  '   /   .  ing "Nabob" are surely missing one of the Jo^s of-the culinary  art.       "   \ ^  1 ASK FOR IT AT YOUR GROCERS.  0  NEW 'WESTMINSTER —The Brunette Sawmills Company and the  Small-Bucklin Lumber Company has  informed the 'city council that the  price-of lumber has-1 gone?up; another  ?2 a thousand. This"rmakes it;$18  now.      , *   >  NORTH VANCOUVER—Notice has  been received by .the city of * North  Vancouver that 'included in the pro-  vincial appropriations for the constituency of North' < Vancouver this  year is c$1500 for the improvement *df  Keith ..Road, -Marine Drive — flrom  Bewicke Ave. W. to the city limits.  ,'-       ,vAs General Agent*-  . tor British; Columbia'of' The^Globe'  Indemnity Company of .Canada and  The'Liverpool f&,London &- Globe  -Insurance Co:, Ltd.'   We "sell complete protection ..including loss >  T       4\, \X*' through   :    ;r    •'     _  " rire,"Theft," "Collision," Property,  Damage and Personal Liability. r  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.  LIMITED  Winch  Bldg.      '739  Hastings St.  XV.  'Estab.  1S86      ^Vancouver, B.C....  CLOVERDALE—At the last meeting  of the Surrey Council Wards 2, 3, 4  U.nd 5 were-each granted a $4,000 appropriation for^road work while Ward  [1 got;a. larger grant of $7,450, "$3,150  being'the 'estimate ■ for "Port Mann.  This makes a total of $23,500 that has  been authorized "for road work in Surrey. ;' \. xY "   '.   TY   •   ■_  The Goldie & McCulIoch Co.  LIMITED  Gait Safe Works  SAFES,     VAULTS,  DEPOSIT BOXES,  *    etc.  Made in  Canada  Seymour 3907  563 Richards St.  Vancouver  NEW" WESTMINSTER — A' scheme  i for the construction  of a twelve-foot  f macadamized    roadway  on   the  west  11 side of Twelfth St. from the B. C. E. R.  car barns to 5th,Ave., on a lower level  than the paving on the east side at a  cost of about $2500, ^was submitted to  the City Council this week by Aid. F.  J.  Lynch,  chairman of the Board  of  Works, not as a'definite recommenda-  Hon that the work be done, but as a  subject  for  earnest consideration   by  the aldermen.  DEPARTMENT OF WORKS.,  NOTICE TO CONTRACTORS.  .< BAYNES   LAKE   SCHOOL.  Sealed Tenders,- superscribed "Tender for Baynes Lake School," will be  received by the. Honourable the Minister, of Public * jWorks up, to 12  o'clock-noon of Friday, the 4th day  of" May, 1917,''for the> erection and  completion :~ of a large' one-room  school-house and outbuildings at  Baynes' "Lake, in the Fernie Electoral  District.  Plans,  specifications,', contract,   and  of ten, dollars ($10), which will' be  refunded on their return in good oii  der/ - _.. , >  - Each proposal, must be accompanied -by an accepted bank cheque on  a chartered * bank of Canada, made  payable to the" Honourable 'the -Minister of^ Public-Works, for1 a -sum  equal to 20 per cent, of tender, which  shall be forfeited if the party tendering decline to enter into ,contract  when called upon to do so, or if''he  fail'to complete the work contracted  for.   The cheques of'unsuccessful ten-  the offices1 of R.  'Agent, Fernie;  N,  forms of tender may be seen on'and J derers *ilt be returned, to them,, upon  after the 16th day of April,  1917,  at Ithe 'execution of the contract.     ^   ,  ' Tenders will not be considered unless made out on the forms supplied,  signed with the actual signature of  the tenderer, and enclosed in* the envelopes furnished. * __*','  "-»■ -* A.^"E. -FORMAN,' ",  .; .V v " t- 'Public Works'Engineer.  Public 'Works Department,' ' '" *  » „ Victoria,' B. C, April" 10th, "1917. „,  Hewat, Government  , A. -Walhnger, Government, Agent, Cranbrook;* J. tRad-  ford, Secretary, of" School Board,  Baynes Lake;.and,'the'Department of  Public .Works; ^Victoria.'.1 ,. „, " ^'I  . Bys application' to" the 'undersigned,  contractors may obtain a copy^of the  plans -and specifications for _the <sum  A1        t-i-  f ELEPHONE DAT/^  ^    NEW IHSTALIiATIOKS  APBIL 25j 1917/ \.        ' -  Duller,  Dexter & Co,  Real  Estate, -134  Richards      .    . ..  Finlayson, K. D, "Waist Met, 576 Seymour         O. K. Repair Co,  204 i 4th W   APRIL 24, 1917.  Defiance Packing Co,  Ltd,<310  Hastiners West   Eagle Timber Co, Ltd, 470 Gianville *  Gibson's Ltd, Losing SuppliOb, 110 Water   .. Sey.  ,Sey.  Bay.  Sey.  -Sey.  Sey.  »3G1  1115  521  1383  l.'!95  1987  PEM^SYLVANIA  TIRES  Standard of Tire Value  Absolutely Non-skid  Oil   Proof  6000  Miles Guaranteed  'Unfailing Service when in need  i HILL TIRE CO.  94-1 Pender W.        Sey. 6411  PRINCE RUPERT—Mayor McCaf-  tery has been advised from Ottawa  that an order-in-council has been passed permitting the resumption of  work on the Emerson sawmill site at  Seal Cove.j J. S. Emerson of Vancouver had arranged to build a sawmill  and shingle mill, and though plans  had received government' approval,  formal sanction to go ahead with the  work was delayed. The excavation  contract, which was held up, will now  be rushed. t  CITY OF VANCOUVER.  TENDERS FOR CRUSHED ROCK.  The undersigned will receive tenders  up till two o'clock p m., Tuesday, May  1st, 1917, for thp supply of Crushed  Rock to the Corporation, for a period  !of twelve months from the date of  awarding  this  contract.  Specifications and tender forms may  be obtained from tlie office of the City  Engineer.  A marked Deposit Cheque for two  hundred dollars must accompany each  tender.  JAMES STUART,  City Purchasing Agent.  AUTOMOBILE   RECORDS  Following- is a complete list lor Vancouver and District of newc  Automobile Licences, Transfers and Bellaauiahments.  Records from Tuesday Noon, to Thursday Noon Only, Included.  All Cars for Hire, indicated thus (*)  NEW,' CASS.      /  No. Name Address Car  10399—James  Caison,   1S29   7th-E->      Studebaker  B010O—E. B   j3u/.<s<i.r(.l, Kburne,  B   C: .. .v-  10101—Mrs. Annie B   G\irson,  203G Baton St  10402—J  D. McDonald, 791 Granville St -       10103—John  Kildall^oOD  51st Ave. D. ....   .   - -  10404—Mioses K.„& A.  Leiyh,   3613  Pt    Grey  Kc  10105—Tony   Lombaido,   736   Gore   Ave..,.:   10106—D   Bridsall,   1070  Kobson St   10107—£-\  Speaiins,  54  5th Ave   W. _.   .    .  10108—Jang Bow & Co, 30  19th Ave. E    .   .  10409—Mrs.  Kacheal-McNeil,   2.") 15  1st Ave.   \\ .  10110-Dr. S. K   Elarvie, 2536 Alberta St     ...  S 0411—Can    Printing   &  Publishing  Co,   Dtd ..  10412—Mr.  A   Doyon,  3137  1st Ave   XV.   50113—L,teson Dickie Gioss fa Co, Water St.. ..  10n J—Geo. E   Mai tin. 119  1st St., New Westminstei  10115—G.   K.   Williams  .Ltd.,   521   Seymour  St.  10116—J    W   Alovander,  040  Hastings  St. W.  10)17—Whv-te   Bros,   Valley   Matket,  I list    St  inns—A   G   ICeslotan,  12bl  51st  A\e   K-*  10119—T{. A   Beiger,  .">."i97  Invt.rne»s St  10U0—I    A.   Tannci,  Nanainio,   B   C.   ..  10121—J. M  Dale-, Hammond, B  C. .     .  -Oh-is.  M    Oliver,   1070   llaio   St  10 122-  10 123-  10121-  1012'.-  1012f.-  10127-  1012s-  .     I< Ol (1  Dodge  .I'oul  .    .Koid  d     Willys-O.  Studebakei  . I-ord  Ford  .    _ ■   .f-ord  McLaughlin  McLaughlin  ,. Chalmeife   Ford  Ford  Dodge  . I 'ord  Cnevtolet-  .     l-'or-d  I oid  1'oid  I'ord  McLaughlin  CllCMOl-it  Quality First  p\ --^- J-'::; '■' ' -'-:':  r/:  THE   NEW   WAY   TO   SPELL   ECONOMY-  CHALMERS  \We refer now to'the 1917  -340Q r.p:m. Obal-  ! "v  r mers.' i'" Here ?s a" car .that' lias. been run more  °: than ui.000.500 miles' in^tbe Jiands of "owners, ,v-,  - '" yet attaiiiecTa scryice^recorcl "ot99.21 fo perfect. 'u ^  ; ' That'is 'the mark, of a gi'cat car.'* And though-'' •"  ''     -' it costs', possibly, a little more than you ever   p  paid for a* car be fore—Remember that^extra"  - r, little sum gets you from the zone of a fair car  to the zone of a great car.  Begg Motor Co. Ltd.  British   Columbia    Distributors  Phon* Seymour 9045,  Vancouver B.C.  E. A. BAB LEY  Plumbing   and   Steamfitting  [1033 GranvHIe St.  Vancouver. B. C.  Phone Sey. 136  Res. Bay. 77  PROPOSALS   WANTED  MISCEriI,AITEOTTS   PBOPOSALS  VANCOUVER —Archts Sliarpe tc  Thompson, London T31dg, will receive  tenders up to Thursday, April 26, for  alterations and improvements to be  made to the Board of Trade rooms in  the Molsons Bank Bldg.    _  OTTAWA—Tenders'will'-be received by G. J. Desbarats, Deputy Minister of the Naval Service, up to noon,  May 10, for the erection of a workshop  at ■'Esquimau., Plans, specifications  and fdrm of contract to be entered into, can be seen at""'the office of the  General Superintendent of the Naval  Service, Ottawa, or at the office of the  District Superintendent of Government Radiotelegraphs, Old Post Office  Building,  Victoria,  B.  C.  -I av.-iynce O Gi iffln,  MD, Knight & Ivinjrt-w.iy  -GutU Bticlia A:  Ilulil>er Co, f.Jfi Beatty bt  -\*ralK>i    Galloway,   13.".   Il.isti.iKS   \<j  -XV   (i   C.uli'-.   Itit2 2nd  Ave   \V  -l.   Stc\fnsoii,   17th   and   Willow  -Kolit   Ch.iinbu i,   Slr-itnconiKi   Apt.-.,    ...  1012')—T    A    .'-wilt    Ab' Dislord,    '!    C  I0I.:0—Mfpln'i   i'.io.vn,   Patrlt-ia   llot-l  10IM—Leildiiu'h.Lin ;v   <'oO|.'r,   i!8  bth   Avt    I'j  101.{2—I    A    Blur,   1(17   lltfi   W  I0I33—J    1.   St. o iff,   ^tjl,i,tsl'ord   Hotel  101.11— Can    Piodiif-i-  r l} ,   1100   flamiltf/M  HI  101 sn—Ion ToriK,  10th  and  Alai'i  101.50—AlhPini   L'onltry   Supply,   S2U   Kol)M)il  10K!7— in    ItuU Ai.diison, i-02  HastinffS \v  10138—I'almti   Bio,,  <J20  Main  St .  10n«)—Arthm   T   balloMh,   1 ~«7   11th Ave   F.     .  10110—Auif.i^-t Uray, .Ir,  Kiaser Mills, B   C.  jOlll—Kvans Coleman  *   Bvans  OSS!)—Coia U   Hacking, Chllliwack, B   C  <)S00—W.   II   Malkin  Co,   Ltd.,  Water St    ..  9801—J   Phillips, New   Westirnnstr-i  <)'-[)2—A.   U.  Claike,  Chllliwack,   B   C  OS1),',—Chas   A    Loid,   Lickman,   B   C  <jc,0l—J   10   Parker, Cmllhvack, B   C  0S9">—Chas   Sornfis,  Rosedale,  B   C     .  0807—I   C   Wilson,  Burqultlam,  B   C   .  y.y,— j   a   Suthti l.ind, I'oit Cofiultlatri, B. C.  13GS—T.  A. llepbuin,   New  Webtminster   THANSJPEBS  Address  ' oid  I oid  Willys-*)  I'ord  I oi d  .st.!dfcbak<-r  Che- vi oUt  I oid  McLaiiKliliii  .  I oid  I oi d  .  I'oid  . . Koi d  .I'ord  Studcbakt r  Ford  I oid  Giay  Dort  ..  l"oi d  . Grav Dort  l-'oi d  ...     ford  Koid  .     .  I oid  .     .  Koid  I-'ord  .Koid  Koid  .   .Hendeet  THE  HOTEL CANADA  is  Vancouver's newest and most up-to-date hostelry  160 sunny outside rooms  RATES  $1.00 per day and up -- with private bath $1.50 and up  CAPE    EN    CONNECTION  Car  I-'ord  Koid  r'ord  Koid  No.    t       Name  9Cfi2—W   A   Woods to   l   A. Carron, .110 20th  Ip .  ;,100—Mi.s    F. G   Slm-Iiiir  to  J.  J   Cobbs,   Kf-riisdale  J!)'2—Murray Cliff   to 17 Thompson,   /.Vi ISth Ave   W  j<<,27—Mrs. D, Law son   to .Hugh .Mackenzie,   Victoria  7790—W. P. Curran to N. Pearson, Keith ad.......... .......J'Oia  1352—Thomas-Mlland to Murray Cliff, 1.831, <th Aye   VV...l.'Oicl  8018—J. A. Teeporten Ltd. to Un. Car Co., Ltd., 1200  Granville^-St      . • i-oru  3842—H. K. Richardson to"XTn. Ca. Co,. Ltd., J.2G0 Grani      T- ord  9015—T. A.  Swift   to  G.   Hitchie,  mmtinKdon............WiUys-0.  r)107_Gordon  Kltichle  to T.  A..Swift, Abbots!ord;... I'ora  5447—K. D. McKc-n/.ie to Pub. WkH. Dept., Provincial  Government,  Merrltt,   B7 C • ...McLaughlin  77G6—G.T. Wilson M.D. to Leslie B. Hawkins, New  Westminster  Sapper  174G—Sullivan Taylor Motor to P. Begbie, MacDonald  and  Oxford   Sts. ■ ■.■■■:—■■■.■/;;":;— :"V^""  7511—Sullivan Taylor Motor Co. to K. G. Bird, 114.5 Hast. K..  5.ir,o_s,jllivan Taylor Motor Co. to G. Ferguson,  1441  Commercial   Drive     3931—Lancelot  Mitchell  to Mrs.  Louise  Clark,  2327   Trustel  St • • ■■ •   1081—J, Druce to Robt. Brechin, 1244 Venables St   8439—H. XV. Carter to Geo. Carter, 345 10th W   873C—W. S. Brener to K. B. Brener, 409 18th W 1 w  AUTOBSLE INSURANCE  rirc--Thcft--a.iability--Collision-Propcrty Damage  BEST RATES  BEST COMPANIES  BEST SERVICE  TELEPHONE     SEY.   4911      FOR RATES  SEELEY & CO.  *  Dominion Bldg.  S. P. BOWSER & CO.  Established 1885  Oil Tanks and'ScIf-Measuring Pumps-  Standard the world over  Seymour 1619  J. J. Reedy, Mgr. for B. C.  5(34 Richards St.  Vancouver, B.C.


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