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 WILKINSON  COMPANY LIMITED  846 Beach Ave iuo Vancouver, B.C.  Telephones Seymour   7915 - 7916  Agents for American Steel & Wire Company's  TRIANGLE MESH CONCRETE REINFORCEMENT  ENGINEER'S HANDBOOKS FURNISHED ON APPLICATION  Home Bank of Canada  Head Office,  Toronto.  M. J..HANEi', Q.E., President.  A     general     banking     business  transacted.      .   ■ ■■..'-.  All;'classes   of   mercantile   accounts solicited.  G L AS S  We carry a complete stock of  PLATE  SHEET  WIRED.  PRISMATIC  rVancouver Branch,  446   Kaetlng-H   St.  W.  J,   _.   "MacDOK*A*G*D,   Manager  CHIPPED  FIGURED  CATHEDRAL  PORT LIGHT  Mirrors, Bevelling and  Leaded Art   Work   Given   Prompt   Attention.  '.. Wo^  Tel. Sey. 4795-6.  Wm. N. O'NEIJ. Co;, Limited  'QR.R S'.   v-  , ,    ..,1   fl '     ' ','     .      '-•..  ** C     "548-550 Seymour St.  Number  ■Description  Coat  BUI.PIKfl.   PERMITS   AMOP^TX-fO  *D  «K»   OB  OVEB  ISSUED  AT   -_«-  TAKCOUV-S CITT HALL  TE8TS_DAT.  Street Addrem  .0099—dry cleaning  ?f>00  -100—dwelling   , $2000  9101— store    $500  9102—dwelling      9105—dwelling   711  Keefer St. ...  1930   11th  E   110  Pender 1  mvlaiid&Co.   $1,000 3816   Rupert   ?2S0O  Vancouver Brand Cement, Reinforcing Steel. Hydrated Lime. etc.  Phone 2988  Ft.OFColUKBIA AV        Clayburn Firebrick and other Clay-  burn Products. F  Ins Papers, etc.  LIMITED^** 3^-rry_TTr__l        !>u"_Prodiicts, Facing Brick, Build-  ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS  AND  CONTRACTORS  Power  Installations  General Electrical Construction  'PNNC SEYM0II 1145  Standard Baik BiildiBf  vJweoovH - vimikc  n  Lumber   Veneer    Panels,   Etc.  Our Stock U the Moat Complete on the Pacific Coast .  We are also Sole Agents' for tho  Celebrated "Beaver Brand" Maple  and Birch Flooring.  J. FYFE SMITH CO. LIMITED  ■   i  1320 Richards St.        £ Vancouver, B. C.  ••:^K^'!»*:«**:*<i->vt4>':«*i.<^:<w»:^.;.,^:.^.;<4j^,  .■<*  #  THE MOLDEN COl, Lt<_.  GENERAL RAILWAY & CONTRACTORS  -,    --'     .'* SUPPLIES     /■   - - ■.-;.-;S  ' <-   ' *      Sole AKentsIn Canada Tor   -.  Chicago Pn-eurriatic TooL Co  .Boyer  RIvetlrigT-TfiJilpping   Hammers;   Little   Giant   Drills;   Duntley  Electric Tools;   Rock Drills;  Air Compressors;  Fuel Oil and Gas. Engines.  ,f •  •The adjusters are, at work on the  building, but as far as -is-known at  present the loss will reach §25,000.  Manager Pilling has received from  President Myerfield of* the Orpheum  Theatres Circuit at San Francisco a  message authorizing him to spare no.  expense in restoring the building and  to rebuild  the "theatre if that  course  -Mtit_, Tirtiti  WhMiptf   -  -542>mJ« St WvVMcaiw I. C,  Pbjfl- Sij. 106S-  j       BUILDING PERMITS   __  (j>.^«->i.:.^»^.<a.;.tj^.«!.j<^.;.^.;.ij,.j.^.vj_j.i2l.j.^t^!  9095—T.    Splan,    bid.    gargef   1(386  Thurlow St., $100. ' v  9096—J. Roberts, sleeping porch,, 2'42  loth East, $:>0.    J. Epplett. Contr.< i* ,  9097—S.   J.   Jones,   addition   N.;'-V\  Ferry Wharf, S450; N.' Y. Cross. Corrtr.,  ' 9098—J. Mitchell, bid., garage, 774j-— should be £oun<i necessary.  20th E., $75. " '     Vf  9103—1.   W.   Larinore,   bid.   garage,  3327 6th W., ?75. - ''        Kt  9104—V. Becker, alterations, S35-21st  ■Aye^JZ^-^O^"'-'-^'?-? "V -'-  ' *~ T  '9106—B. C. Fir & Cedar Co., addition  laurel, and „Sixth Ave., $250.'-.'  9107—M. B.. Ixjtson,  bid. garage, 1516) * —;   Burnaby St.,' $200.    .'■"-/ '""We have subscribed $1&,000  Bui'ding permits for the month just  ended numbered fifty-f our. having - an  aggregate;-value* of - ^79,170. .Z.For tlie;  corresponding-month of last year there  were forty-six permits issued havin  a total valuation of $33,715.  PRAINK DARLING & CO.  PNEUMATIC TOOLS  __________________      ' ' •       -  Roller Bearing Drills - Close Quarter Piston Air Drills - Rivetting Hammers  Chipping Hammers-Wood Borers-Turbine and Electric Drills  ^ High Spced:Steel---pnllS"-Raaniei%.  Complete  Stock of Accessories  '■K'iS'Jf'j?,*!^  •-,;-->V^.:i'-**ii*S'  ■ ■::x-^mm  ..,./■. -,-,.i.1.iy5*V"'''ii  'Z^Zy,y^$j£J$  s"sS'a?*siS  1144HOMCR ST.  *>,y  — L I M E—  Diamond Brand has no equal  99.5 per cent pure  OBTAINABLE FROM ALL WELL KNO.VH DEALER l<1 CITY AND COUNTRY  Pacific  Lime Co., Limited  'We have subscribed $1&,060.°" 'Will  jyou raise $60.000.',.All or nothing?"", ' /  NEW ENGLAND FISH CO.*     •        t     j    This  is  challenge  hurled  from   Ro--  "TO. SPEND $125,000j tary" headquarters to    the    public    of  The Now England Fish • Co.,  [Gore Ave., will complete the  I driving piles  this week and work on ,f°ne >'ear the Rotary Institute for chest  1 * 1 _0,UUU • <■«> f    ucouyuai ieib    IU       Cfie      PUOIIC      Ol. (  , foot of:' Vancouver' in an "effort to raise suffi-j  work oficient money to erect and maintain /or.  j the construction of the Cannery huild-, diseases  ing will begin at once.    The building j  as  being designed   by  the Company's  (Engineer  and   Superintendent,   A.   W. I officials  are  endeavoring  to  locate  jSterrett,  will   be  of  three  story   con- ^rSe industry  on  the  southern  slope'|   Painaont 2396 and 2397  SOUTH VANCOUVER—That C.P.R  Works, Blubbar Bay, B. C.  Pacific BMff-Vancouvar B. C.  "Condon, Mag.  Montreal  Winnipeg'  Toronto  Vancouver.  B. C.  ROBERT W. HUNT & CO., LTD.  ENGINEERS  INSPECTiQN-TESTS-CaMSOLTATIOM  •""■■■—s_____b_s__________bb-__-_na_n-B_M_____a__HaMMiM-M-»Q-aaa---M___-  8TEEL,     CEMENT,     BUILDINGS,     BRIDGES.     PIPE,     RAILS,     CARS,  LOCOMOTIVES,   SECONDHAND   EQUIPMENT,   CREOSOTED  MATERIAL,  LUMBER,  ETC.  OFFICE: 1601 STANDARD   BANK  BUILDING  508 KagtlnBTs "W., Vancouver, B. C.  Cement Testing- -atoratory, Boom 1601; Physical _eBtiu_- Xaborat«ry, Eoom Bl  Phone Sey. 2199  Retident Inspectors at Large Manufacturing: Centers  struction, 2o0 ft. in length by 100 ft. 'in South Vancouver, involving a site!  in width and will have corrugated iron'va]"ed at $200,000, was stated by Mr.  exterior and Asbestos roofing, the can- H. T. Devine, who appeared with Mr. J.  nery to conform in style with the com- Nowton Ker before the Court of Re-  pany's other buildings. While the can- vision for the assessment roll today to  nery is not going to be the largest in ask for a reduction of assessment from  British Columbia, it is going to De one  Sl^OO to $1200 an acre.  of the  most modern.    The latest  im-'    proved canning machinery is being or-!?70>0CO MACHINE SHOP  dered and hand  work  will practically! FOR SKINNER & EDDYj  J be eliminated.   As shown on the plans J     SEATTLE—Construction .work  will i  'the caunery. proper .will-be located on! begin  today "on  the new $70,000.-ma-'  the second  floor, which will  be well iohine shop to be- erected by Skinner &  lighted,  while  the third floor will  be•!Eddv Co., at 150 Massachusetts St.  used for nets and seines, and the mainj    The   building   is   125x450   feet,   two  floor will be used for storage and-ship-i stories in height and of mill construc-  : Ping rooms.   A large crew will be put'tion- aD(i will  be used for a foundry j  jto work at once and it is expected the|and machine ship.  ;work will be corap'eted about July 1st.!    | AH materials to be used for construe-  NEW HOTEL AT TACOMA  tion   work  will   be   purchased   locally.! NOW UNDER WAY  I It is estimated  the building will -cost;    TACOMA—Construction on the first:  !in the neighborhood of $40,000, while un>t of the Benson hotel, the mammoth!  the machinery will ccst approximately hostelry which is being built at Greene!  $S5-°00. , Park at the Tacoma Army camp, is now  In addition   to  the   bui'ding  of the wel1 along and will be one of the larg- J  cannery the company has  awarded  a est in America.    The structure will be j  contract  to Ferrier &   Lucas  for the  four stories high. 200x400 ft., of frame;  j construction  of  four   Purse   Seiners, construction, and will cost $500,000.      i  each of which will be of 30 tons capa-  Phone Sey.- 410O  .J4t%*  SteejJorEvery Purpose  BEAMS,  CHAHIT-IS, AH__.ES, VXJLTBB, TEES. CO_U__WS  CO__PI.ETEI,y EQITIPPED r__3SZCATZH-0 SHOPS  CANADIAN NORTHWEST STEEL COT, LM.  Vancou-ar. M. O.  Balfour, Guthrie & Co.  BUILDING MATERIAL DEPARTMENT  REINFORCING  STEEL:—  iSS?1 Sht^11^' Bars in Western Canada.   We cut to  lengtn.    Cold Twist and Bend Bars ■■■ ■    -  BOLTS:—  'D»5i,Bil0lt'S' Machine Bolts; Tie Bolts.       We are prepared to" tar-  .    . nish large orders of Special Bolts on short notice  SPIKES—CAST   IRON   WASHERS,   ETC.  MERCHANT IRON and STEEL BARS  PORTLSCN0DTCCH^fRNJp^IJ:L-ME ~, HYDRATED  LIME -  FIRE  CLAY  SCOTCH   FIRE  BRICK — BLACKSMITH   COAL — COKE  PIG IRON — MANILA ROPE, ETC.  ■-'.-■jS^  SEA COAL  VANCOUVER  WINCH BUILDING  Privata Ex. Sey. 9197  San Francisco, Los  Angeles, Portland  Seattle, Tacoma  VICTORIA  BELMONT   BUILDING  Telephone 5037  GILLEY BROS. Limited  D_AZ.-!BS  XM  j city and will cost around $40,000.  General Manager A. L. Hager is at  I present on   a   trip  to   the   Company's  | headquarters in Boston where, he has  gone   to   take   up   matters   regarding  expansion  of the Company in  British  Columbia.     At   the   present  time  the!  SPEND  MILLION  ON   ROAD   V/ORK  SPOKANE — The Inland Empire  plans to make this the greatest road  building season this section has ever  known. j  "More   than   $1,000,000   is   available!  Allis-Chalmers Ltd.  Crushed Rock, Sand  and Gravel  All Kinds of Building Material  902 COLUMBIA STREET WEST  PHONE IS AND 16 NEW WESTMINSTER. B. C.  company is figuring on the erection of |for contracts on roads adjacent to Spo  another cannery in B. C. j kane," Secretary F. W. Guilbert of the    Spokane  County Good Roads associa-  ORPHEUM FIRE DAMAGE | tion, declared.    "Of this. $500,000 is in  ESTIMATED AT $25,000, the panhandle of Idaho, and $2GS,000 in  It will take at least three weeks tojSpokane county.    It is possible some  ■ effect  repairs necessary by  the dam-1 of this work will  be held  up by the  I age done through the fire was the opin-j'lack of acceptable bids though.  !ion of Manager Pilling..   As far as the,!    Many   tractors,   graders   and   other  interior of  the   theatre is  concerned,'modern  road   making   machinery   has  the balcony and gallery have sustained • been purchased by the different town-  no damage whatever, except as was the .ships.   A large mileage of dirt roads is  case   with   the   lower  portion   of  the (being conditioned  for early dragging,  house, from the vast amount of water j An   example  of  this method  of  road  needed to bring the blnze under con-,'work is noted on the Inland Empire)  trol, the roof will have to be repaired.: highway to Deer Park.  Mining and Crushing Machinery  Saw Mill Machinery  Lldgcrwood Logging Systems  .-      _    Hydraulic Turbines  Centrifugal and Turbine Pumps  Cast Iron Pipe, Hydrants, Valves.  1053 Pender St. W. Vancouver, B. C  Seymour 5710  .Forgings Machine Work  WESTMINSTER IRON WORKS  \, John  Raid, Proprietor  Patterns  Manufacturers of  STRUCTURAL AND ORNAMENTAL IRONWORK  'Phone 53  Office and Works, Tenth ft.,  New Westminster, B. C.  _.  ..J!'  .■;*$$#!___.":■.  ;afr  :'-£:-'*i£  -____-__  ■•*■..;■ V*  Tf  I Si"  ■ SB- /  fe»-- i  iff? v  &%'  .&.   ■  |«i fi"     r  IJ&<«.'  -I  l^r""'       *••  '-M-'rtV. '   "f-  *-Vr   -  __■.. *  Ss-f!"  ryyv  T^P**  .&   *  BRITISH COLUMBIA. RECORD  British Columbia Record  Published everv Monday, Wednesday and  Friday by the  RECORD   PUBLISHING   CO.  Telephone oeymour "SOS.  Address:    583  Homer-Mcl-ards Lane  Rear of  431   .Dunsmuir  Street.  C. H. NELSON—MANAGING EDITOR  S-D»criptlo_  Bates  One month   *]•""  Six   months    *-"',JU  Payable strietlv In advance.  CLOVERDALE—A meeting of the  Surrey Dyking Commission was held  and final arrangements were made for  delivery of the special '"bonds just  floated for the purpose of finishing  the dyking scheme as originally  planned. The amount involved was  $8,000, and the debentures were all  taken up by local people interested  in the project. Tenders are being called for the immediate completion of the  work.  Bambertoh Cement  Bulldog Cable  Pacific Lime  CONTRACT SIGNED FOR  WOODEN   FREIGHTER  The Taylor Engineering Company  yesterday signed a contract for the  construction of a wooden vessel, 300  feet long, to be used in the British Columbia coasting trade. The craft will  be built -t the Vancouver Shipyards,  Coal Harbor. The vessel will be propelled by a 1G0 horsepower crude oil  engine and will have a speed of eight  knots. She is to be built to Lloyd's  highest classification and will be delivered on August 1.  ►v&^§>^f*?»M-^&-:^--:^S'>>#-->**>*->**'^^*  f     PLUMBING   PERMITS \ £  X* fl ♦ tt-:-f-^^--x^J^,^^f^AA^A^lA**'  15,630 to 15,634. r    -; ,»,,„,  H956—c„ Y. Fue'n & Co., 136 Pender  E. D. Drummond. •  , 1957—Rinehart, , cor.. , Hornby,* ^and  Smythe Sts. ' Murray Bros.   ;   .,;;„,  ■ 1958—Hunter  &',Smith,\ 651  Granville St., A. H. Mitchell. ,'  - 1959—s.   Cooksley,, 4'65   18th' E:,~ J.  Errington  R.V.  /  & CO., Limited  Vancouver and Victoria  _J  PROPOSED   NEW    WORK  Charactar _h*Un-t-d  Coat  Pier    Ploasure  Pier  -  Armory      Bank  building   Bridge   —    Harbor  Works    Bank & office bldg-  Hotel, C. N. Ry   Concrete Sewer   Tunnelling    ncPBO-e:  Post Office        250,000      $350,000  _Not given  ..   $1,760,000  Z'NoTgiven  VANCOUVER  Location  Owmi  Vancouver  C.  P.  R.  English Bay Coates & Co.  Grand view    Government  Dunsmuir & Granville Dominion   Bank  2nd Narrows..Burrard Bridge & Tun. Co.  Kitsilano   Reserve    _—  Hastings & Granville.—  False Creek Fill   False  Creek   Vancouver  .-  ..Go\«jrnment  ..Royal Bank  C. N. Ry. Co.   G. N.  Ry.   C.   P.  ii.  -rolilteot Plana X&A-d.r  Owners   Soon  Owners      Perry   A  Kowler     A'ot selected Sketches under way  C. A. P. Turner West Foundation Co.  ■Jovcrnnn-nc     Preparing  No archt. commissioned yet   IHTS LISTED M__E1)_A__-_.Y BS&OW  ABB PBOPOSED  BTTT HAVE  BEEIT POSTPONED:  Pout Office    Factory, Wharf, Subway—  Courthouse (east wine)—  Concrete Garage    $260,000   -...$36,000   $160,000   $800,000  Gor« and Keefer...—.„..—...—Dom. Govt  South Vancouver—-. .,-Donv,G.ovt  Hastings. ' Royal. Crown Soap. Co:'  Vancouver  __s Jr"rovin.*-'Q6vt.'  Fifth ft Flr"8t8."..____-_.:.'—*ord Motor Co.  O-A-motM* ^   Brk. and mill schools--'.  8teel   Bridge     T.W.C.A.  Home  1960—Mrs. R. Hay, 240 20th E.,'Kydd  Bros.  J ;; ARCHITECTS ' '\    f  »!♦ t *H''!"!'♦ l*****^*!*********-  Benzie. Jas! A.; 510 Hast. •W..1,.Sey. '3300  Cox, A. Arthur, F'R.I.B.A., J 1'42   flV,.1.-  ; Penderrw./—.- _..-_. r~Sey. 8972  " Dalton &-Eveleigh, 615''     " -^     - * f "** *'  • Hast.  W.   .::.:::...-—-: : Sey.    662  Gardiner,   F.   G:   &   Mercer^/718 , Gran.;  Seymour'3672.      - .     ^   /..„„  * Gardiner" Wm.  Frederick, ,718 .^„ „  ,      Gran ,-.---,- -•■/-Sey. 3672  Honeyman & Curtis, 821"'    "•'-',-"  -'--  ; Pender W. - '„:.....-....-.-.Sey. 1621  Macey. Frank, 470, Gran..._..;---Se,y. 1804  Matheson, Robt. -f>.  5.09 Rlch.-.Sey. 6038  ' "Pratt & Ross, ,736-Gran. —Sey. USJ  Sharpe &-Thomson,. ,620   j     .,. ---.    .'  Pender'. W -V- - '-'-Sey. 1064  Somervell &-Putnam,   626 j-  Pender   W ..-,.-- Sey. 6230  Townley, Fred _., 325 Homer....Sey.  8013  Twizell,  R. P.  S.,  837  Hast.W..Sey.'7925  Union Passenger Depot-  Stone church —  Swing Span  ..-  Tubercular Ward    ... $60,000.  ...--••00,000  „. $150,000  —11,000.000  ._l..$2-,000  ...„...$20,000  VICTORIA  -ooaMon  Victoria-.  Victoria  Victoria  Victoria    Owner    City  !.   City  W.    C.    A.  R.   _ _-   Y.    ...   _.  .._„,..-   C. P. R. and C. N. -  Victoria—-Christ Ch. Cathedral Bldg.Ltd  Victoria  .'. .--- City  Vieteria Re*r_l- Jubilee- Hosp.  Dom.   Govt Delayed  Dom. , Govt Delayed  Thds • Hooper  _ Delayed  Dalton  & .Eveleigh ;..-. --....Delayed  Owners .'. .*. :..-'.  Delayed  Architect    Spurgin & Wilkins....:....  Owners  -   J.-C.. Frame     Co. Engineers   Jones'   &   Beatson  City :   J. C. ML Keitto   Plans Beady   Indefinite    Preparing   Soliciting   Funds  .   Preparing  -Arranging    (inanceM.   „ Completed  wm urns  10-sto office bldg  -— "—ff52-„22  Christ  Church   Cathedral !422'2Rn  Church. -;-,*•_„« Ann  Pier    $1,000,000  IDIATE_.TBE_.OW ABB PBOPOSED  BUT HAVE  BEEN POSTPONED :  Ohar-ctsr :   School -'. _..-...."_..--  Grain elevator , (IS.MI ka.)  School  __ Cost   $7,500  Plant  Improvements   .—;—  Steel Bridge -. -.—...-—'-'-  Grain' Elevator* (86,000 -b».)  Market Building    Sewers   •   Street Work __.._.-!   ..$50,000  ^-."."$1*676,05  „„r_7"$~35"b"bfi*:   $24,000  .._......:.$60,0O0  Victoria   Victoria   Victoria   Vancouver ..   B. C. Electric Co.   St Barnabas  . -First Baptist Church    C. P.  R.  BRITISH   COLUMBIA—GENERAL  Location •  Owner  Trail  .*- - -----  City  Kamloops Kamloops Farmers Ass n.  Rossland „  City  Prince Ruper_.i».„- Imperial Oil  Co.  Prince George  :._. .*— Pro. Govt.  Kamloops  Maple Leaf Milling Co.  N'ewfWestminster _  City  ^Nanaimo — -  City  •Prince i George _  ..—  City       Delayed  Jl'C.-M. Keith  Delayed  Jesse  M. Warren Delayed  Owners •. -Delayed  A.rc-1-tect   Plans Beady  """"!"""" "-"-".™"-"."..-~   Indefinite  Owners  Owners  Owriers  *"*ity  .....  City     -•--nc     Shortly  , ;  Indefinite    Soon  i««*M'*^Mi^'^>^^^^^*^:<*^*^^^^*  OFFICIAL  DIRECTORY  ..R. H. Gale  ^^^*M'-i«^:-''^^*^*v*''>*^tv*&':>,5,*«'*  CITY OF VANCOUVER.  Executive Departmejrit  Mayor    City Council  -Ward l     Thos. H. Kirk  V/ord 2"  W. R- Hamilton  wSd 3 ZIZZZ. W. C. Marshall  Ward 4    Jos- Hoskms  J       5  W. R. Owen  \%tll\         S. C. Elliot  •Ward 7 '""*■""' ----Franlc B. Woodside  Ward 8 HL,:.-.,.--.;----^. P- Rogers  Financial &  Clerical  Departments^  riprk - ...Wm.  McQueen, B.A.  Com,>troVler"Z.....-...-.TG. F. Baldwin  Treasurer. --—--J- J- ^?ns^  Accountant .............. -^- •>• Pi"«ngton  Engineering Department  Engineer -----.F. '1* Fellowea  Building Department  Building Inspector... R. A- McKenzie  Water Department  Secretary --S. J. Montgomery  Health   &   Sanitation   Department  . Medical Health Officer F. T. Underhill  Library  Librarian  R- W. Douglas  Board of  Park Commissioners  Johnathan Rogers,  Chairman  A   C J. Leek '     G.' W. Hatchings  M. S. Lo*?an        George Eldon  W. S. Rawlings, Superintendent  Light Department  Electrician  - C. H. Fletcher  Street & Sev/ers Department  Superintendent John Morton  Police Department  Police Magistrate '^'o0', ?haW  Court Clerk - £. Robmson  0<.,,.„.-fr.r  E. F. Jones  j^seZtoVZZZZZZZZ R. L. Maitland  Fire  Department.  Chief  • J' H' Car!isle  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO., UMITED  s  Public Works Contractors  Office 813-815 Bower Bide-  Vancouver. B. C.  Concentrator, etc   Railway Station    Concentrator    Public Woiks    Wharf    -  2—4-room  Schools ■  Fertiliziti?   plant  &  wharf.  City   Hall    - --   Armory   (Dom.  Govt.)   Hotel      Library      Freight   Terminal     School  Bids   Paper and  Pulp  Mills —-  iRound House ..—   Mach.. and Repair Shops.....  Warehouse and Stor. Tank  ■ra-PBOVEI-'EHrTS  Hotel    :.—.......: -' ----  Hotel. 3-sto. brk.  veneer....  Church   (fr.)   ...  -—■  6 sto brk, mill and.steel     1,000,000  40,000           300,000  ... *   150,000   $10,000  '...each $20,000   $-25,000   $50,000   $1 00,000      $20,00')   $50.ono   ;$50,000  ......$150,000  .$10,000  Copper Mountain  B. C. Copper Co.  Xew Westminster  C. N. Ry.  Alnsworth, B.C Silver Hoard Mining Co  Prince  George    -,- City  Sidney Victoria & Sidney  R.R.  Vernon, B.C .Vernon  School Board  Skeena River—Scot.-Amer: OH & Ter. C<-  Nanaimo.  B. C City of -Nanaimo  Prince Rupert  Dom. Govt  Fort   George N'ot   given  Nanaimo  -  City  New  Westminster  N. P. Ry.  Co.  Rossland       City  Quatsino, B.C. Colonial Paper ■& P.M.. Ltd  E. Lillooet .-...._ - P. G. B. Ry.  E. Lillooet......... ......—.P. G. E. Ry.  Peace River...... ..: .Imperial Oil'Co.  LISTED  I_-5_E*DI_.T*e_._" BELOW  ABE  _»RO_»OSED  E  S200,00(i I Fort   Georee Grand   Trunk  Pacific  $20,000   Port. Albernl — Tom   Magrath  . :.    "Coquitlam Episcopal'Church  ..  $160,00!.' J'Kamloops Kamloops Hotel Cv  Owners    —  Owners _    Soon  Owners    -   Bell & Constant; Branch & Coxall   J. S. D. Taylor  _ Tenders closed  N'ot Drawn Asking- Govt. Grant  Govt  Tenders  soon  Herbert J. Peyton Sketches  ready-  Undecided    -    Indefinito  Owners  Owners,  Now  TIT HAVI!  B-EN JPOSTPOIE--:  :Iolabird A Roaehe  (Chicago)......Delayer!  Evans & Cook   : Delayed  Ferry & &Fowler  -. ....Delayed  XV. T.  Whiteway - Delayed  CONTRACTS LET OR WORK "STARTE  Bulldinjr  Residence ..  Kchool      Resilience    Residence      3-sto   Apmt   School    1-sto.   dept.   store   bldg  Piers   (Concrete)       Brk.   veneer  church   \\;fiarf (Marine Depot)  R*rr>Al< writer  Location      Metchosln  ..Hilliers,   E.   A   N.   Foul Bay led.   Gillespie   Place    Hollywood   Victoria   Victoria   Victoria   ..Victoria   .    Victoria  .  Alteration to Sayward Bldt  PANT AGES  Three Shows PaSSy  2.30-7.00-9.00  P.RSCES 15c - 25c  Character       Power   House   Bldg   (Cone  Hotel   ---■-■-   2-sto stone & steel bkig   Dairy   Bids,   (cone   &  brk).  ■i-sto brk bldg   2-sto.   apmt   Residence     Factory     DredKintf' Sand   Heads   Uriel ce  Abutments   ('.'')      Govt   Bldg.   f-flflh  School '...-'   Jetty   A   Dredging   Roundhouse    Bridge       Dam.  Mills,  fttc   Water   System   Mills.   Wharves,   etc   Addition High School   Brick   School      .■*   Motorships,   each   Bascule   Bridge    -   Power House and Laundry-  Railway Line    .Coat  -)   .(No  $25,000  ..$ 20,000  ..$ 20,000  ....$15,000  Details)  .. $20,000  . $25,000  ....$70,000  Est.  Cost  $20,000     "Vb"b'oo"—..."..  35,000    45.000    $14,000    $700,000      $2,000,000    ..  $20,000     .. $21 500....  $1,000,000.—.  Victoria      VICTORIA  Owner   \ H.   R.   Hammond      School   Trust «-'«.••     II.   Lawson   F.   Nation      A.   Winch    City   Hudson's   Bay   Co.      Government  .. Colomba Presbyterian  Ch.      Govt.   .....Dnrn.  Government  Arohltect Contractor  Butler  &   Harrison Grayson   A   Son  Spurgin   &   Wilkins   Locul   A.  11.   Mitchell   P.   McKuchnic   Fulton   Bros.   Luney  Bros.  ..B. C. Count. Co,  S.   Maclure  S.   Maclure   t*.   K.   Watkins   Spurgin  & Wilkins   B.   Norwood A White.  Govt Grant Smith A McDonnell  Wm. Henderson Knott & Juries  Govt. Parks, Tupper <fr  Klrkpatiicl.  (3ovt Sir John  Jackson,   I,M.  J. C. M. Keith  Luney Bros  BRITISH COLUMBIA—GENERAL  ... $30,000  ...  $20,000  ...$755,000  ....$20,000  5,000  1,000,000  40,000  750.000  .....S19.503  ....$15,000  ..$105,000  Location     ,  Kamloops   Prince George....Prince  Nelson,  B C   Duncans.   B.   C   Nanaimo ._   Prince  Rupert   Metehosin     Lulu   Island....Morrison  Fraser  River     Grand   Trunk  Pacific-  Port  Alberni     Port   Albernl   N'ort.h   Arm   Fraser  Rlv  Fort George   Nanaimo     Princess   Roval   Island-  Poet   Moody      ocean Falls   Nelson      Trail      North Vancouver II  Selkirk Water   Lake Louise    Kamloops-Kelowna        Own er      City  George  Hotel   Co.   Carmen   Maglio  ... ...j.  B. Nicholson   I. McMordiu  ...11.  R.  Hammond  Steel &  Wire  Co.   Government   G.   T.   P.    Govt.     Municipality  er Govt.  ...G. T. P. Ry. Co.       City  ...Tonapali-i.lelnion   City  Pacific Mills, Ltd.  ...._   City  W.  Brown  A Co.   C. N. R   C. P. R.  , C. N.   Ry.  Co  Architect Plans Heady  Ducane   Dutcher & Co Wm.   Grcen'oct'  Butler  A  Harrison....Brewster  &  Pelham  Geo. C.   Egg Waters  & Pasco  J.  C.   M.   Keith .-.Island  Building Co.  A. Forrester....Watson, Jacks A Anderson  Jas.  Gil more  Sub-contracts  Butler & Harrison Grayson A Sons:  Owners     Day   Labor  Govt Navigation A Dredging Co.  .J. A. McKenzie A Co. Ex.  Bldg.   Knott & .Tones, of Victoria   Warnock  A Cochran   Pacific  Dredging   Co.   Carter  Hall  & A.      City   Owners   Robertson,  Godson   Co.      Owners   Snider Bros. & Brethour, Jytd.   r. Burns & Co.   Wallace   Shipyards  Owners MacDonald, Nettleton & Bruce  G. T.P....  Govt. ..  Owners  City .....  t   Co.   ...  City   Owners  .Northern Construction Co.  & Supply i. Ltd.  B. C. AGENTS  SULLIVAN MACHINERY CO.  "SULLIVAN"  DIAMOND  DRILLS  AIR  COMPRESSORS  ROCK  DRILLS  "SULLIVAN"   DRILL   SHARPENERS  1SOO GRANVILLE ST.  DRILL STEEL  HOSE  AIR   RECEIVERS  AIR  LIFT PUMPS  FXtOHE 9162  USE     .  ELASTIGU  The Tough,  Elastic, Adhesive  Cement  (Ready, for use.)  FOR YOUR  LEAKY ROOF  Send for Free Booklet  MANUFACTURED    BY  THE BARRETT COMPANY, Ltd.  Cor Tenth Avenue and Arbutus Street ,    -       ..       VANCOUVER, B. C.  Phone B*y.' 772  I  ELECTRIC MOTORS FOR RENT  We specialize Jn prompt.service for Contractors'  temporary power' installations  SERVICE   24   HOURS   A   DAY  'Phone   Seymour   5000   and   have   our   representative   call  Great Northern Transfer Co.  .' CARTAGE CONTRACTORS  -*      '  v*  ; : Complete equipmeht "for handling  ■ MACHINERY and HEAVYWEIGHTS  • if . -  i >      c-     ' -j       - ■•,"'"■ '  «        ��� ■" , , ,'    J,i  Modern warehouses for;  STORAGE  CHEAP RATES f  'Phone Seymour  405  &'  UNION  STATION  MAIN STREET  ADAM  JACK  Brick Builder and Contractor  Kilns, Furnaces, and Boilers a Specialty  ESTIMATES   GIVEN - - DISTANCE   NO  OESTACLE  Telephone Kliel-iland 728 2021 Wall St.  VANCOUVER, B. C.  We not only install your heating system properly, but  place our engineering experience at your disposal, thus  insuring perfect satisfaction.  . H. MITCHELL  PLUMBING    AND    HEATING  564  Richards  St.  Seymour 1784  DID YOU   KNOW?  WE   SELL  FiNC  mmzm  LET US QUOTE  Smith Davidson 8* Wrie*-fr*a_ Ltd.  VANCOUVER   and   VICTOKtA  The largest paper house in the west  toH;''_W-'5fl_*?' ■ '&:< v«*:  ijMMMiMM^M BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  . francir  (In ike cenierofike  Ciiy? £iie andGlw  'Okies irom,0Z?°per  "Day. ^QQoJdoomr.  Cbntfenteni io ike  Ifoeaier^  and73xilv)ayStations.  Q3ea?o?mbU^aU$.  m -  :E  THE MAXWELL TRUCK  DOES GOOD WORK  Hauling 4,000 pounds to a load on a  truck saves J. H. Johnson of Plain-  view, Texas, 50 per cent, in expenses,  and 75 per cent. In time as against the  Ijerforrnanco of ten horses formerly  used in his work. His Maxwell truck  travels sixty miles a day and averages. -  ten miles on a gallon of gas.  GOODYEAR PUTS  OUT TRUCK BOOK  A new addition to motor trade literature of interest to motor truck owners is the booklet entitled "Goodyear  Cord Tires for Motor Trucks," now being distributed by tbe Goodyear Tire &  Rubber Company of Akron, Ohio.  The booklet outlines some of the  kinds of service in which these tires  are contributing to longer trips, specifying certain  motor truck users that  ere successfully  using  pneumatics in  videly diversified service.  MANY* CARS ARE  REGISTERED   IN   BRITAIN  There are approximately 490,000  motor vehicles in Great Britain today  made up as follows:  Trucks, including delivery wagons,  40,000; automobiles, 250,000; motorcycles, 200,000.  These figures include vehicles in  government use, as well as those in  prjivate service. A considrable percentage of these vehicle's are not in  operation, due to the scarcity of fuel,  as^well as legal restrictions. It is estimated that the percentage of these  causes are:  Trucks, including delivery wagons.  10 per cent; automobiles, SO per cent;  motorcycles, 80 per cent.  Business Directory and  Buyers' Guide  When Buying Building Material and Supplies  Patronize Record Advertisers  "- '   HOBTBWEST   SHIFBOTMIHO  CO-_~J.XXXS  -Following is,a list of the Shipbuilding  companies of British Columbia now actively engaged ^in ahip construction^  recently organized: ' •*    '  Coughlan Shipbuilding Co.. Vancouver.  Cameron 'Genoa Mills Shipbuilders Ltd.,  Victoria. • , .  Foundation Company of, B. C, Ltd., Victoria.  Lyall   Shipbuilding   Co.,   North  Vancouver. ^  New   Westminster   Kng.   A   Const. - Co.,  Poplar Island.  Pacific  Construction Co.,  Ltd.,  Port-Co-  quitj'am.  'Standard    Shipbuilding   Co.,   Vancouver,,  'Wallace Shipyards Ltd., Vancouver.  Western   Canada   Shipyards   Ltd.,   Van-  f^couyer.    " ,   -  dt  erdeen • Shipbuilding  Co.,     Aberdeen,  WnJ " '  -    * *   *     "*-■  Alaska-Pacific Const.  Co.,  Seattle:  Albina. Engine1*  Marine   Works,   Portland; ,Or.  Alien^Shipbuilding Co.,  Securities Bldg...  '   Seattle/' *  American -Shipbuilding Co.,  Portland.  American   Shipbuilding   Co.,   Warren ton.  Or.    '      '  *-   V -IW'**    »',  Ames  Shipbuilding Co., .Seattle.  Anacortes  'Snipbujlding .Co.,'  Anacortes,  Wn. .  Anderson  Shipbuilding Co.,  Seattle,  Wn.  Ballard Shipbuilding Co.,  Seattle.  Ballard-Marine  Hallway.   Seuttle.  Ba''->-e  Bros.,  Tacoma,  Wn.  Baxter A Co.,  A. A. Raymond.     {  Chico Sliipbulding Co., 4185 Arcade Bldg.,  Seattle.  .Coast  Shipbuilding Co.,  Portland.  Columbia  Engineering Co.,   Linnton,   Or.  Columbia River Shipbuilding Co., Portland,   Or.  Coos Bay Shipbuilding Co., Marshfield,  Or.  ARCHITECTURAL    TERRA    COTXA.  Evans. Coleman A Evans, Ft. Col. St., S. 29S8  O'Xeil.   Wm.  N. Co. Ld.,  518 Seymour.S. 4795  Ritchie    Con.    A   Sup.    Co.,    Ltd     Gran.    C...  Brld_e       S. 9162  ASPHALT FELT.  Evans, Coleman A Evans,  ft. Col S.2988  The  Barrett  Co,  Ltd ,   loin  and  Arbutus,   Bay.   772.  AUTOMOBILES  Boar Motor Co., Ltd ,  1062 Oeor^la St.  W 8. 90*5  AUTOMOBILE   ACCESSORIES  BeBK Motor Co.,  Ltd.,  1062 Georula St.  W.. S. 9045  AUTOMOBILE   INSURANCE  Ceperley, Kounalell - Co.. Ltd.. Winch Bldtf._.S.   7820  BRICK—ALL KINDS.  Evans    Coleman   A   Bvana,   Ft.   Col.,   S. 2988  Gilley Brai.,  _t«., New Went., Phones 15,  16  Y7. N. 0/^1611 & Co.,  548 Sey. St., 3. 4795-4798  Ritchie   Contr.   A   Sup.   Co.,   Ltd.,   Gran.   St.  Bridge    6.   9162  R.V.Wlnch  A Co..  Ltd..  Winch  B.  S. 279-1944  BUILDING  FELTS  AND  PAPERS.  Evans, Coleman A Evans, Ft. Col... .S. 298S  W. S. O'Nell A Co., 548 Sey. St., S. 4795-479S  Paterson Mfg. Co., K)th& Arbu-.us Sts., B. 77i  BONDS—SURETY.  *R.V.Wlnch A Co., Ltd.,  WJncU B., S. 279-1944  CEMENT.  Balfour,  Outhrle A Co ' b. 919'.-6S7B  Evans, Coieman A Evans, Ft. Co!...S. 2S8S  Gilley Bros., Ltd., New West., Phones 15. 16  W*. N. O'Neil _ Co., 548 -ey. St., S. 4795-479J,  Ritchie   Contr.* _   Sup.,   Ltd.,   Granville   Si  Brldg-e   _ :     S. 916S  R.V.Wlnch A Co.. Ltd.. Winch B.. S. 179-1944  CEMENT .TESTING AND ASSAYING.  Can. Inspc't A Test. Lab., Empire 'Bldg.   .-    S.   4606  MARBLE  AND   ONYX  Evans,  Coleman A Evans,   ft.  Col S.2988  W. NT.   O'Nell & Co .  548 Soy. St   S.  4795-4798  B. C. Electric Co  MOTORS  Ltd ..  .S. 5004  MOTOR  TRUCKS.  Begg Motor Co., 1062 Georgia W. S. 9045  OIL TANKS  AND   PUMPS  Bowser  A Co ,   8 F ,   599 Richards St  S   3907  PACKING,   BELTING   AND   MECHANICAL   GOODS  Dunlop Tire & Rubber Goods Co , Lid.,  844 Cambie St.   S. II—S.2SJ»  ~*~ TAINTS—FIKE-FROOF.  W. N. O'Neil A Co.. 548 Sey. St...S. 4T95-4798  PAINTS—DaMP PROOF.  Evana,  Coleman A Evans,  ft. Col S.2988  W. N. O'Neil A Co , 548 Sey. St.. .8. 4796-4798  Patemon Mfg.  Co.,  Hmllh.  Parldson  - Wrlicht, Ltd  and   Dane   Sis       10th  A Arbutua.  PAPER  Homer  .B.   771  „S. 956S  Hunt.   Robt.  Bl_«v' ...  W.  A   Co.,   Standard   Bank   S. 219»  "Duthie & Co., Seattle.  Elliott Bay Shipbuilding Co.". Seattle.  Erickson Shipbuilding Co., Seattle.  Everett  Shipbuilding Co., Everett,  Wn.  Foundation   Co.,   Northwest   headquart-  / *e>s,'. Smith Bldg.. Seattle; yards -at  Portland   and   Tacoma.  Grant, Smith A -Co., Aberdeen and Hoquiam. Wn., and St. Johns, Or.  Grays Harbor Shipbuilding Co., Aberdeen, Wn.      " '   t **"'-   '  Kruse & Banks Shipbuilding Co., Marsh-  field, Or.  "Marine Iron Works. Seattle.  Martinolich^ Shipbuilding  Co.,   306   Cali-  - fornia Bldg.,  Tacoma. , " '"    '  Statthewa    Shipbuilding  Co., , Hoquiam.  . Wn.       ' '   - \       .-,-*,  Meacham A Babcock, SOO^r* Ave.   (Mr.  ,-BJakie),, Seattle.    *  National Shipbuilding  Co.; Tacoma Wn.  Neilson & Kelez (John Erickson Bldg.).  Seattle. ■ ''        '. 1  North-west'Steel Co.. Portland, Or./< •*•"*;•_ •  Oleson & Co.. -Frank,-.Seattle.//  V   ' ';  Olyrppia Shipbuilding Cofl Olympia.-. Vfri.  Pacific-American Fisheries' Co.. 'Bellingham,'.Wn.*     - '      *  Pacific- Shipbuilding Corp., 300 Central  Bldg.', Seattle. .     .    '   *  PaKrSon-MtfDonald'.Co.^Seattle.   w .  Peninsular Shipbuilding'Co., Portland.'  Peterson  Yard, Aberdeen, Wn.  .    ,   , x  '.Port Blakeley -Shipyards, Port- Blakeley.  '*"- Wn. , .- 'V   ". '    " y '*. ',  -'   •■ •*■ - •* *1  Puget.Sound ^.Bridge   &   Dredging  - Central^ Bldg.. 'Seattle.   '• .   •■  .• ' -'   ." "■  Raymond Shipbuilding "Co., -Raymond.   ■  Sanderson A Porter.  Raymond.  Sanderson A Porter, Seattle.  Sea^•o^n Shipyards Co:, Tacoma, Wn.  Seattle  Const.  & Drydock Co.,  Seattle.'  Skinner & Eddy, Seattle'.  Sloan   Shipbuilding  Co.,   Olympia,  Wn.  Sorenson & Porter,  Hoquiam, Wn.  South     Bend     Shipbuilding   Co.,     South  Bend,   Wn.  Standifer Const. Co., Portland and Vancouver,  Wn. »  Standifer & Clarkson, Astoria, Or. and  Portland.  CONTRACTORS—GENERAL  ' Co.,  Armstrong,   Morrison  Be*, j   Ltd.,    Bower      8. 18S6  -- CONTRACTORS—rLASTERINO.  Rush--: Read, 1.756 6th'Ave, *W.   *  •_„'. Bay.   1602K—2216L  •  - CONTRACTORS—TILE—TERHAZZO.    ,  -Vans, ^Coleman * Bvana, ft. Col.."-. .S. 29«I  W. N. C-Neli ti. Co., bis Sey.'-t., 6. 4795-479S  -CRANKS   AND'HOISTS   (ELECTRIC  The Holden Co., Ltd.. S42 Pender'St. W.  .   ., * Sey." lOSr-  -    DRILI^-rPORTABi*-  -XECTR1C  Darling, Frank & Co.,-1142 Homer  Street    ..-. Sey.  4100-4101  Tbe Holden Co.. Ltd.. 642. Pender 'St. W.  ^      1        • . Sey.   10C5.  ,    •    '   ELECTRICAL SCPPLtES       ;  B.' C.  Bliotrlc Co.-. Ud S. MM  C_n.' AUla-Chalmeca.   106a   Pender^.. .S. »71U  Darling, Frank _^Co.. 1142 Homer  .Street ' .1  - —-Sey.  4100-4101  '. RLEYATOR CABS AND BNCLC>8lj-_a_l.  Can.' _.ilU-Chalmera,   106J  Pender.'.. .S. -710  Harrla. P.-E. A Co., '*<-* Crown Bl««. S.  4«98  iW^-»_ Cr-Nell »>Co.. 648 Se>. St.-S. .479i-47'»8  Klic_(«: Contr.   _   Sup. .Co .   Ltd..   Gran. - St.  Bridf* -              B. tlC**  *   ELBTATOR8   '  Darling, Frank 4k.Co.r. 1142 Homer  Street    ._ ~ Sey.  41M-414H  HarriB.-P. _T.,-j* Co.^*-«*- Crown Bide 8.  4«t»  PARTITION—FIREPROOF  Svans, Coleman & Evana It. Ca1.um..S. 2988  Ritchie. Con. & Sup. Co. Granv. Bdg..S. 916JI  PIG  IRON AND TEN  Balfour,  Guthrie &  Co S. 9197-8571  Evans,  Coleman A Evans,  ft. Col S.2988  WllkUmon  Co..   Ltd..   M6  Beach  Av« S. 7315—■  rt.  V.  W'ncn _ Co.,  Winca Bid.. .S.    ^79-1844  PILING AXD TOLES  Federal   Lumber   Co,   Rogers   BliJg S.'3998-9  PILE DBIVINO.  Eva-s,  Coleman A Evana,  ft. Col S.2988  fio-cr   xliver   Pile   Liriving  Co..   New   West.  PIPE—8EWBB  Bvana, Coleman * Evana   Pt. Colum. .S. 29S8  Gilley Bros.,  Ltd..  New  West. .Phone* 15. 18*  Ritchie   Con.   A  Sup.   Co..   Granville, .S. 916S        '  R. V. Winch A Co.. Winck Bio.. .S.l 279-1944  PLASTER  Balfour,  Guthrie A. Co S. •197-6S7S     ,  Evana, Coleman'* Evas* Ft. Colum. .S. 2988  Gilley Bros., Ltd.. New Wen.. .Phones 15, 14  W. N. O'Nell A Co., 548 Sey. St..8. 4795-4798  Ritchie, Con. * Sus. Co.. Gr_m. Bdg. .S. 91«1   v  PLASTER BOARD  ■vana, Coleman A Erans. ft. Col S. 291$  W. N. O'Nell A Co., 548 Sej. St.^.S.,4795-479/1  Ritchie  Con.' ft  Sup.   Co..   GranvlUa. .S. 9162  PLASTER-PARTITION BLOCKS  B*_-a.;-.Co'eina- tt Evans, ft. Col S. 2981  PLASTEB—ORNAMENTAL  Evans. Colon—tB A Evans, ft. Col S. 2918  W. N-,O'Nell A Co.. 548 Sey. St.. .3. 4795-47'Jg  Ritchie  Con.   t -3up." Co..-_ranvllle. .S. 9152  -       -''PLUMBING  Bailey. ,E. A.. 1»33 Granville St.,—..S. lt«  Burr *c And«rson, iu«u- tloitier _t...sf bit"  USt-MU. A. ,H.. -«4 .-Richards St ,. _t. 1T84 ' ,  -*    PNEUMATIC  T<M>LS  Darling, Frank,"A Co., 1142 Homer -  -',,Street"    .: Sex- 41«0-41»t    •  Ttte* Holden Co.. ->td., »42 Pender St. W.  ,,*-■'       - - '       »«~- ™*5-  ,.-.,„.;.   —^«S*    -»>IIII»T_II«  Bailey/A., G. A Sans. Ltd , 191 Hastlmp W._S.   tit  -   RADUTOR8 AND BOILERS '\r  Can.   All'is-Chalmert.   1863   render.^.VS. S71tt  --. yWHOOFl'Sa .COMP08ITIOX     S" --;'. - - 1,'  Eva-s, Coleman A Bva'n»   Pt.'OolnoiVjSr 29*8ri  '>*1' -  •    'FTHB'CLAT '-^ .     ' '   ^   j Tk. sirriu C„/i»d., 1««_  and Arbntru.  Bay.'TTS.-'  Balfo_r,   Outhrle  *  CoV: .' S.  f»T-M7i   W. X.'O'Neil A Co.. 54S Sey. »■?'3.4«S-47»8  r-•-..,•    rvi>»m«n  A   Pviu    Ft/   Col      S.   2988    Ritchie .Con.   A   Sup. >C.      Granr'He. .3. 9193  -   * 'a£^S&V«""'n«.r. Phone,   "ll   «-!«-^*"'«»*» * ™bt- ™'> »0'" -   ,HS  CO..-.W.  X.   O'Neil-* Co..'S4l-Sey.  St.',   S.4795-47t8 / ••    •■*<!   »»*"•   Sts. S. »S«»  Ritchie Can.-*-8up. Co.. Granvl. Bdc.8  si*-  R. T.  Winch  * Co., .fiacli  Bi__..  *.   r7»-l»44  4  _,   _  ■< "^  \~\  -:'•"  ->K  ■V-j*  ..y'.  \  -. **;■■  -J  -Z "^  IT*  t t  !■"-  '.j  y\\  g^jEBH^is^^  Dunlop  Tire Repairs. Service Station  and Free Air Depot:  Cor. Howe & Pender Sis.,  Phorre: Say..   1-*.S3  Tire & Rubber Goods Co.,  Limited  Vancouver  Wholesale Depot:  S-4-4 Cambie St..  Phones: Sey. 13 and  Sey. 2S3S  M.4^4HiH?^-M.^*-i«s.***«i'***«i«* *^*.:'*^*^^^*-:^*:-*^*^*-J"H*,El,  FIR. CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length -- any diameter  *-■"**  SUs>_ -*-v  -ncorporolod t«J09  1021-1024 Rogers BuHding  Seymour 33SS-3999  >j..».rf>.'  *.s,.'.«7»M-* cK'-f'->*•'■*"'' -••'?,*:*'Jj ':"1  ■i> -!•'*'•:•  „jl,.j.,'i>.:<i)i^.i'i»''."*i":"»>»>'*'<-'-?'  150  Hastinffs  St.  W. '2?k°ne  Sey.   8602  ESTABLISHED'1898  Twenty  years in busineas in Vancouver  Electrical Corafractors  Let; us figure on your work. Send us your troubles. 'We repair everything Electrical. .Nothing too  large, nothing too small. If you have any lighting  trouble send for our expert who will advise you without charge. Our stock of Residence, Store and Office  Lighting Fixtures is the largest in the city.  COPE _£ SON  150   HastinffB   Street,   West  FIRE   KXTINUriSHt'.R   SYSTEMS.  <  Barr * Anderson, 10«o  Hcmer St S. C1I0  FLOORING  J. Fyfe* Smith * Co., 1129 Richards..«. 11»<  CLASS—AIX. KINDS.  W. N. O'Neil * Co. S48 Sij. 8t_.  S. 4798-479?  JLARDWARE  ■rawa.  Fraser *  Co..  Ltd..   1158 Ho_er  St._.S. 7155  Klett. J. A., Ill Hastiuff" W Sey. -327-*  HAKDWOOn FLOORS  W. N.  O'Nall * Co..  S4S S»y. St...S. 4795-479H  J.  Fyfe Smitri  & Co. 1320  Richards. .S. 119<"  HARDWOOD LUMBER  Smith, J. Fyfe & Co.. 1320 Richards.  ROOFING—SHEET METAL  (See  Cornice  una   Hoofing-)  .8. 1198  HEATING—HOT  AIK.   STEAM   A>'D   VENTILATING  Bailey. E. A., 1033 Granville St., S.  136  ttarr   &   Anderson,   10t!0   Homer   St.-. .i». 61S0  Mitchell.  A.   H..   561 RIcliartU   at .^..... S. 17S4  HEATING   AND   VENTILATING   ENGINEERS  Leek A Co.. Ltd.. 109S Homer St.'.—.—.——.S.    661 (  HOISTING  ENGINES  Ritchie Con   & Sup. Co., Granvl. Bdg .S. 91S:  HOTELS  Abbotsforcl   Tlotol.   921   lVndcr   St.   \V..._ S- 5S5-*.  Canada   llotel.   Oil   Ilk-hard*   i't  —*=• 1">''  INTKKIOK  I'lNISU '  Evans.   Coleman A  Evans,   ft.  Col S. 29S)'  \V.  N.  O'Neil  * Co.. 5t!> dey.  St.. .3. 47S5-479!'  ililchtu. Con. .4 Sup. Co.. ur.'inv. BdK. .a. 'm'.  IKON   AND  STEEL—STRl'CTt'RAI.  Can.    Allls-f'halmors.    10"   r-^'-r. .. .S. 571 ii  Can. Northwost Steel Co., Bid.  I'rinci!   l-.chviu-il rit Vair.  2o96-(  Evans,   Coleman   A   Kvans.   Ft.   coi...». »»>■>»  CouKlilan.   J.   it  Mous,   World   Bids S.   TI--'"  MiiLdoUuld.   .Marpolo   Co..   J-.*.d  S    -10  Mital  l'ruJnc-ls (,'(i..   1/al . .VIS Su>iiiour St H-  4793  Kitchie, (gun.  A Silt'   Co.. Granv.  Bdfc-. . S. 91«  VV.  N.   CC.Nuil  * Co..  S'S Sey.  St. ..S. 47M5-479S  Wilkinson  Co., S46 Beach S.  T91o  IKON   AND   STEEL—ORNAMENTAL.  Can.   Allis-Chalmers.   IOCS   Ponder S. 5710  Evans,  Coleman &  Evans,   ft.  Col s.-98S  VV. N*.  O'Noil  A Co.. 54S Sey. St. ..S. 4795-479S  Ritchie Con. .- Sup. Co., Granvl. Bdu. .6. tUB-  LATH—METAL  Evans. Coleman A Evans. Ft. Columb. .S. 2!*S.S  VV. N. O'N'eil A Co.. 54!> Sit.v. St...S. 4796-4 < 9b  and   S.   Co.,   Gran.   *""  ""  St.  .S.   S162  Rltchlo   C  LIME.  Ualfour.   GMt-irle  A   Co S.  9197-f.575  '•■■vans. Colmnan A Kvans, Ft. Columb. .S. 29.-.S  Cili.y Urns.. Xiv.v Wt-atmlnstcr. .Phonos 16. It;  VV.  N.  O'Neil  & Co.,  548 Soy.  St. ..S. 4795-4.3K  Paclllc Lime  Cu..   Ltd..   Pa-He  llkl« H.  9a;H.  Ititchie Con. .t Sup. O.. G ra n v 1 lie ..S. 9 If -  U.  V.  Winch  Co. l.d., Winch ildK-.S- 2(9-1944  LUMBER  Federal    Lumber    Co.,    Hokum    UMk S.  3a*>S-9  MACHINERY  llrown    Frawr  *   Cu.,   Ltd.,   UT.O  Homer  St 9. 7133 J Evans,   Coleman  A   Evans,   ft.   Col S. 29SS  Can   "Allls-'-halmei-s.    10«;:*    P-ii''-.-   ■    -S. S710    W. N.  O'-Neil  & Co ,  ti4S Sey.  Sc. .S. 4796-iVa*  luirlln.,',  Frank & Co.. 1142   Homer  ROOFING   MATERIAL ,  Tkf BarTPtt Co.. _Ltd . lOUt and -rbut—). Bay. 771  -vans. Colenut.-i A Kvans Ft. Colum.-d 2988  Kitchie Con.,* Sup. Cf-., Granviils B. ..S. 9162  ROI'E-MANILA  Balfour,   Guthrie   A   Co a §197-6571  RUBBER  STAMPS  Barla?.  A. G.  A Sops, Ltd , 131 —'as—n«s W—S.    SIS  SAFES—VAULT DOORS  Tht Geldl* * McCulloch Co, Ltd .  Sti9   Bichards  St S   3397  W. N. O'Neil A Co.. 64S Sey. St.. .3. 4795-4798  SAND   GRAVEL AND CRLSIIED ROCK  Evans,  Coleman A Evans,  ft.  Col S.2988  Oilley Bros., Ltd. New Woe' . .Phones 16, io  lU'.ehle. Coil. _ Sup. Co., Gr_nv. Bdg. ,S. 9162  SASH   DOORS.   WINDOWS,  ETO.  XV. N. O'Neil A Co., 54R Sey. St...S. 4735-4781  SUINGLE  MANLF\CTI KERS  AND  DEALERS.  (See Lumber and  Slilr.gies )  SLATE  Kvans,  Coleman  A   Evans,   ft.   Col f*. 29SS  'VV. N. O'Nell ik Co. o4> i->. SI., d iTj^-t"!!1*  it. V. Winch A Co , Wiiicli Bid ..S. J79-1944  Kitchie. Con. A £>uj>   Co . Grar.v   Bdg. ,S. 9lii  STEEL—HKIM'ORCING.  llaUour.    Guthrie   A:   Co S  9197-t"575  Evans,  Coleman &   Cvaiib,   ft.   Co! S>. 29SS  STOKE   Jfc   OFFICE   IIVT-JKI*-}   &   STOKE  FRONTS  Kvans, Coicman & Evans..ft. Col....-S. 298S  VV7. N. O'Nell & Co., 645 Sey. St...S. 4795-4798  TAR   AND   PITCH  The Tlarr^tt Co., Ltd. loth and Arbuti—. Hay,, 7"—  Evans,  Coleman A  Evans,   ft.  Col S. 29S8    •  ► TILE—DRAINING  Evans. Coleman „ Evans Ft. Colum. .S.'29SS  Oilley Bros., New VVestniirisler Phuaes ID, IS  Hitchlu   Con. A Sup. Co., Granv. Bdg. ,S. 9101  TILE—FLOOR AND   WALL  Evans,   Coleman A   Evans,   ft.  Col S. 2»S*f  VV. N. O'Neil & Co., 54* Fey. St. ..S. 4795-.4 71'')  TIN PLATES  ftulfour.   Guthrie  .ft   Co S.   9197-6575  Evans.   Coleman A   Evans,   ft.   Col S. 2988  it. V. Winch A Co.. Winch B!d...S. 279-1 .-*-»■<•  Wilkinson Co., 846.Beach S.  "015  TOOL   STEEL  Darling,   Frank   &   Co.,   1142   Homer   St.   S.   4100-4101  VACrt'M   CLEANING   SYSTEMS.  Uarr  &   Anderson,   1OK0 Homer  St S. 61SC  WALL   HOARDS  Evans,   Coleman A  Evans,   ft.   Col S. 298!  WATERPROOF COMPOUND  Tho   1'arrc'It   Co..   Ltd.,    Pith   nnd   Arbutua.   T.ay.   77:  .Street     Scy.. 4100-4101  VV. N. O'Neil A Co., S4S fc-'-y. St. • .^. 1«'-; • $*  Ultehlc fun i<i Sup- Co., i.-nnvl. Brt'fr. .S. 91'-;  The  Holden  Co., Ltd., 512 Pender St   XX.  hi:>,    1 ■"'».>.  MANTELS—RHICK.  TILK  AND   WOOD  Evans.   Coleman A  Evans,   ft.  Col  Veil  «  ( o.    5 4S  x.y._.-t. ..S. 4  VV.   N.  .Si! P.  WINDOW  SCREENS  W, N. O'Neil & Co., 548 Sey. dt. ..S. 4796-4798  WfKE Ktll'B  Ualfour,    Guthrie    &    Co S. 9197-RB7*  Evans.   Coleman  A   Evans,   ft.   Col S. 298S  S   2S.J8  ' Hilchle. Con.  A Sup.  t'.).. Ornnv.   Bdg. .S. 91C2  „       ^   ,7oV-l7«'S ! It    V    Winch  A Co..   Wind,   Bld...S.    279-1!)'-  Gr.u>'vi?l.r..'s. 9162    Wilkinson  Co.. S4fi  Bench S.  7915 BRITISH COLUMBIA REC03.D  "BAGLEY MAKES GOOD RUBBER STAMPS"  A. G. BAGLEY & SONS Ltd.  PRINTERS,   ENGRAVERS    and    MANUFACTURERS  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  VBAGLEY DOES GOOD PRINTING"  m&MZxm&  SEALS     STENCILS,, RUBBER   AND   METAL   STAMPS,   METAL   CHECKS,   TIME   CHECKS,  KEv   TAGS,    BRASS   SIGNS.    NUMBERING    MACHINES,   BADGES   OF   ALL   KINDS,   ETC.  ALL WORK GUARANTEED BEST QUALITY. PROMPT DELIVERY AND FAIR PRICES  PHONE SEY. 316 Moved to 516 PENDER ST., W.  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer SL  Vancouver B. C.  New Work — Contracts Let  THE    POir-OWI-TO-   TAB _,_*   SHOWS   B_*1*ODIK*OS    COSTING-    $5,000    OR    OVER,    OJT    WHICH    CONSTRUCTION     IS  UNDER ffAY, OR ON  WHICH CONTRACTS  HAVE BEEN I_T BUT COJSrST.-TTCTION NOT fET STARTED. :  Character .—.......„.„._  Depot  and  terminal    Cost  ..."uiooo.ooo  Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  LIMITED  P. A. Jones, MgT.  1    WHARF BUILDING,  wyyyz Z':^.  I             BRIDGES.  WZfiyMyz  I   PILE FOUNDATIONS.  WMZZZZk  1                  ETC.  ^■^f'^pY'V .;■'■.-.  I         Owners of Tug "CLIVE"  W$zzyyz'  1                 General  Towing  3  new bldg. and 2 alterations J*50,000  Causeway    $50,000  Shipbuilding  plant     Dred^'inK between piers  :   Cold Storage plant  $50,000  Brick   Canning-  Plant $20,000  Power Plant     Sleeping  Pavilion      Telephone  Exchange  $15,000  Concrete   lighthouse   tower     Remodel  Bldg   Sewer   Work    $«,000  Warehouse etc $16,500  Saw Mill   $100,000  Shipbuilding  plant  $70,000  Power   Iiouse    llesideii.ee    '. .'...$6,500  Concentrator  etc ' $500,000  Station   and   Terminals      500,000  .Jetty   (Second Unit)   $300,009  Turning   Basin        $100,000  Trunk Sewer .  _      300,000  Dredging  _ _ $700,001*  Seawall     _      100.000  Wharf    _ $15,000  Store  and   oiflce  bldg.    $GO,000  Sewer     $300,000  Wood  Bridge    $5,000  1  Sto.  Frame Building $5,000  Shipbuilding Yards    Club  Building  $20,000  10-Stall Roundhouse  :   Frame   Building  $35,000  Remodel   Building   $12,000  Foundation   for   Shed $25,000  Freight Offices and Shed6..  Pier Extension    1   Story  Brick Addition..   Frame  Apart.  I-Iou—«i   Front  Store   Bldg   Dredging   for   Causeway   Alter Theatre Building   Locution _.._._ ..... .... Owner  False   Creek Can.- Northern  By.  10th & Willow St University of B. C.  Coal   Harbor  City of  Vancouver  Port   Moody....Port  Moody  Shipbuild.  Co.  Burrard   Inlet Can.   Pacific  By.  Foot of Gore Ave Can.  Fishing Cc.  Kelowna  B. C. Evaporators,  IAQ.  Prince George  City  Tranquille..'.. B. C. Anti-Tuberculosis  Soc.  Nelt>on    B.   C.  Telephone  Co.  Triple   Island,   B.  C Dom.   Govt.  553 Granville-Elliott Shandley & McLean  Esquimau    ' City  Victoria  Dom. Govt.  6th & Willow  Alberta Lumber Co.  Poplar  Island....Westminster  Marine..-By.  Anyox    Granby  JV£in.  &  Smelt.   Co.  *Vew Westminster..Mrs' J. C. Armstrong  Surf   Inlet Surf   Inlet   Power  Co.  False   Creek Great  Northern-,Ry.  Eraser River (lower)— Dominion Govt.  False  Creek    Government  Stanley Park  Sewerage  Board  Fal^e Creek    Government  False Creek  C. N.' Rv.  Patricia  Bay.. -..Can.  N.   P.  Ry.  Co.  Victoria    „  Hastings  Park Sewerage   Board  Nanaimo    City  Bridge St Van. Lumber Co.  Vancouver  J.  Coughlan & Sons  Vancouver..Shaughnessy Hgts. Golf-Club  Vancouver O. N. Ry;  Architect  Co-tractor  Pratt & Ross....Norther.n Const.  Co. and  Carter, Halls  Aldinger Co.  Sharpe &  Thompsoi Baynes & Horie  Owners     .Owners     Owners     W. D. Grant  Owners   A.   W.   Quist  Owners    Ward  A   Baldock  Du Cane Dutcher & Co   Owners   Jas.   Layfleld  Owners   Snider  Bros.  A Brethour  Owners Snider Bros. & Brethour,' Ltd.  Owners  Warren & Stancombe  Owners     Parfitt Bros.  Owners    Owners  Owners    Owners   Taylor  Engineering  Co.  Townley & James , J.   C Allen  F. L. Townley-.Grant Smith & McDonnell  Govt Alarsh   Huton   Powers  Co.  Government Pacific   Dredging Co.  Owners    -   lCng. Dept Pacific Dredging Co.  Owners  A. G. Creelman A Co.  Owner-   S.   Doe.   Victor'.-  Percy  Fox    Limy  Bros.  Owners     _ '    Owners  Owners  A.  W. "Mesher  Owners   Owners   $5,000   $6,000   $7,000  ....$] 6,9f.2  ..„'.$.-*, 000  10th & Willow Sts McGill  University  Cordova St. W Royal Bank of Can.  Vancouver G. N. Ry.  Vancouver  _.C. N.  Ry.  Vancouver   _   C.  P.  R  774 Granville St C. S.  Gustofson  1096—1 "ifh Ave. W...: W. S. Thompson  532 Granville St....„ L. N. -IacKechnic  Vancouver   :  City  851 Granville St .XV.  P. Ni. -ills  B.   C.  Palmer Purdy  A Lonergon  F.   L.   Townlev Grant,   Smith   &   Co..   & MacDor.nell, Ltd.  Sharpe & Thompson Baynts & Horie  Contractors Purdy A Henderson  Owners Grant   Smith &   Co.  & MacDonell. Ltd.  Pratt & Ross....MacDonald, Nettieton &  Bruce.  Owners     Owners   Owners  A.  L.  Benglof A.   L.  Benglof  T. A. Fee  "W. Hepburn  City Dominion   Construction   Co.  Owner   Owner  324 Front St. New Westminster  Telephone 1015  rfi&ZZZZZ'ZyZ;:  jl§§f|l§§f  ^ei&ZiiiiY-^'':.  ^miSSif^yiiSitis!-  HSo--W,-.i.»...-'*:-.-;':W7vr  ^^-S?^-^.v^v.; ->: -. *,*■:  0§zyziyzyzyy  nsurance  As' General Agents  ?or\ British Columbia of (The Globe  •Indemnity Company-of Canada-and  The Liverpool & London '& Globe  Insurance Co.,, Ltd. ( We "sell, complete. protection.1 including lose  through    Zr, '■'.  Tire,   Theft,   Collisions-Property.  <   Damage and Personal Liability..  • >    '      - -'  ■  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.  NOTICE   TO  CONTRACTORS.  Tenders will be received by the undersigned until Saturday, the 6th clay  of April next, at 12 o'clock noon, for  the erection of a .Bathing Pavilion at  Cordova Bay. '  Plans and specifications . may be  seen, and form of tender obtained at  the office of the City Engineer, City  Hail. ■  The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted.  E.  W.' BRADLEY,  Secretary Victoria-Saanich  Beaches  and Parks Committee.  City.Clerk's Office, '    "'  Victoria, B.  C, -March* 29th. 1918.  LTMITED     f  Winch  Bldg.  Estab.   1886,  739  Hastings St.  XV.  Vancouver, B.C..  Tlie Goldie & McCulloch Co.  LIMITED  Gait Safe Works  SAFES,     V.AUl_TS,  DEPOSIT BOXES,  etc.  Made in Canada  Seymour 3987  569 Richards St.  Vancouver  NOTICE TO;CONTSACTQRS.  'Sealed*"tenders-'addresse]!^to tfie undersigned/ and endorsed''"Tender for  Hospital Buildings,' Quaratine '^Station,  William Head, B. C," will.be-received  at this office until 4 p.m. bu Jlonday,  j April 22,- 191S, for the construction of  a scarlet fever hospital, and minor diseases   hospitals,   Quarantine   Station,  William Head, B. C.  Plans and forms of contract can be  seen and specifications and forms of  tender obtained at the offices of the  Chief Architect, Department of Public  Works, Ottawa, the Postmaster, Van-'  couver, and the Resident Architect,  at Victoria. B. C.  Persons tendering arc notified that  tenders will not be considered unless  made in the printed forms supplied,  and signed with their actual • signatures, stating their occupations and  places  of  residence.    In  the  case  of  fluent of Public Works, Ottawa. *  Persons tendering are notified' that  tenders will not be considered unless  made on the printed forms supplied,  and signed with their, actual signa-'  tures,, stating their, occupations and  places of residence.'- In the case of  firms, the actual signature, the nature  of the occupation, and place of residence of each member of the firm must  be given.  Each tender for one or both of the  above mentioned lots of cable must  be accompanied by an accepted cheque  on a, chartered bank.epayable to the  order of the Honourable the Minister  of Public Works, equal to ten per cent.  (10 p.c.) of the amount of the tender,  which wi!l be forfeited if.the person  tendering decline to enter into a contract when called upon to do so, or fail  t complete the contract. If the tender be. not acepted "the cheque will ,be  returnd., . v;,  .. The.Department does not bind itself  to accept the lowest or any, tender. r,  By order, .0  R. C. DESROCHERS, ^  1 Secretary.-.  Department of Public Works,       -   .,  Ottawa, March. 15, 1918.  TIMBER   SALE  X1318.  1  Sealed lenders will be received by  the District Forester, Vancouver, not  later than noon on the 12th day of  April, 1918, for the purchase of License  X131S, to cut 140 cords of cordwood on  an area 'situated on D. L. 140, Point  Grey, New Westminster District.  One (1) >year will be allowed for removal of timber.  Further particulars of the Chief For  ester, Victoria, B. C, or District For  ester, Vancouver, B. C.  PROPOSALS WANTED ..  Gardiner & Mercer, architects, 827  Birks Bldg., will have plans ready for  figures in about ten days for the ,-al-  teration and remodeling of the Edison  Theatre at New Westminster. The  probable cost of the work will be $12,-  000.  VANCOUVER — The International  Cordage Co., with offices at 509 Richards St., will call for tenders about  the loth of April for the erection of  their building at South Vancouver. .  MAILLARDVILLE—Tenders will be  called   for  by   the   Coquitlam   district  firms, the actual signature, the nature  council for the construction of the new  E. A. BAILEY  Plumbing  and  Steamfittlng  1033 Gr-nvUle St.  Vancouver* 13. C.  Phone Sey. 136  Re*. Bay. 77  If you want to reach the man who  buys building materials, advertise  in the British Columbia Record—  the only newspaper in British Columbia consulted every other day  by contractors, engineers, architects and owners.  of the occupation, and place of residence of each member of the firm  must be given.  v Each  tender  must be accompanied  by an accepted* cheque on a chartered  'bank payable to the-order of tlie Hon-  j orable the Minister of Public Works,  j j equal  to  ten  per cent.   (10%)   of the  amount of the tender,  which will be  forfeited   if the   person  tendering decline to enter  into a contract  when  called upon to do so, or fail to complete the work contracted for.    If the  tender   be   not   accepted,   the   cheque  will be returned.  The Department does not bind itself  to accept the lowest or any tender.  By order,  R.   C.   DESROCHERS,  Secretary.  Department of  Public Works,  Ottawa, March 23, 1918.   TENDERS.  Sealed Tenders addressed to the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for  Submarine Cable," wi'.l be receied at  this office until 4:00 p.m., on Monday,  April 15, 1918, for 12 knots of single  conductor submarine telegraph cable  (107 lbs. copper and 150 lbs. guttapercha per knot) with sheathing of 12  No. 8 S.W.G. Iron Wires, to be delivered at Halifax, N.S., within eight  weeks after order if one is given. Also  for five knots same as above on several reels for distribution to be deliv  ered at Vancouver, B.C. Earliest date  of delivery desirable.  Specification and forms of tender  can be obtained on application to the  General Superintendent of the Government Telegraph Service at the Depart-  CJsher road which leads off the Clarke-  road, some three or four chains in  length.  V TIMBER   SALE   X1292.  Sealed tenders will be received by  the Minister of Lands not later than  noon on the 22nd day of April, 19.18,  for the purchase of License X1292, to  cut 600,000 feet of Cedar and Fir on an  area situated on Queens Reach, New  Westminster District.  One (1) year will be allowed for removal of timber.  Further particulars of the Chief Forester, Victoria, B. C, or District Forester, Vancouver, B.C.  SYNOPSIS   OF  COAL   MINING  REGULATIONS.  Coal mining rights of the Dominion  in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the Northwest  Territories and a portion of the'1 Prov-  hce of British Columbia, may be 'eased for a term of twenty-one years atr  *•.„ annual rental of ?l,per acre. -No  more than 2,560 acres will be leased  to one'applicant.   '.-<•-  Applications tor -'a lease must be  made by the applicant in person to  the Agent or Sub-Agent of the district in" which the rights applied'for  are situated.  In surveyed territory the land must  be described by sections, or legal subdivisions of sections, and in unsurvey-  ed territory the tract applied for shall  be staked out by the applicant himself.  Each application must be accompanied by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if the rights applied for are  not available, but not otherwise. A  royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the rate of  Ave cents per ton.  The person operating the mine shall  permitted to purchase whatever available surface rights may be considered  necessary for the working of the mine  furnish the Agent with sworn returns  accounting for the full quantity of merchantable coal mined, and pay the royalty thereon. If the coal mining  rights are not being operated, such returns should be furnished at least once  a year.  The lease will include the coal min-  ing rights only, but the lessee may be  at the rate of $10 per acre.  For full information application  Should be made to the Secretaiy of thp  Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or  to any Agent or Sub-Agent of Dominion Lands.  W. W. CORY,  Deputy Minister of tht> Interior.  TELEPHONE DATA  NEW INSTAXXATIONS  MARCH  25,  1918.  liaison  Henri,   Hairdresser,   630   Granville  St Key. 3631  Cowan, Mrs.   R.   T.,   Bakery.   652   Kingsway l-'airmont    575  Vancouver  Soap   Works,  DUG   DurTerln  W Fair.    r>06  Clarke & Son, Groceries, 5S0 12th Ave. E Fair.    5 17  MARCH 26, 1918.  Evely,  li.  N., Brokers,  '143   Hastings St. W Sey.    1!)7  Rear,   .1. S.,  Lumber A  Shingles,   50!)  Richards  St Sey.  6020  Wright & Aylirfe, Auto Express.  S33 Pender VV iScv.  523L'  Alberta Woodyard,  Stables,   2105   Alberta   Hitfh.    !U5  Clark,  W.   T-r„ Real  Estate,  1!Finn   Ha.Htin.KS St.   I? Hljrh.    90S  Canadian Engineers, Camp No. 2,  Military Phones, Commercial A  Williams     Illyh    !)G5  MARCH 27, 1918.  Welfare   Club, ■ 124    Pender   E Sey.    619  1'ale   Rooms,  1127  Pender St.  W S*;y. 701 40  MARCH 28,  1918.  Horse Shoe  Tailors & Cleaners,  325 Columbia..'. Sey.  78S10  Palace   Rooms,   33   Hastings   St Sey. 8009O  Moore & Meaker,  Office,  60S   Homer St Sey.  1938  Dominion   Realty  Register,   1591   Kingsway Pair.    673  Kitsilano Wood & Coal Co., 211-1  4th Ave. W Bay.    698  CHA-TOSS.  MARCH 35,  1918.  Wah  Yick Jung Co., Grocery, from .''48  Sophia to  232 Pender E Sey.  4378  Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul, Raihvay Ticket OfUce,  from  413  Hastings  St..  W.   to   160  Granville  St Sey.  5339  Good Eats Cafe  (Perry & Wood),  Restaurant, from 205 Abbott St.  to   110  Cordova  W Sey.  331 G  Chapman,  W., Tailor, from 414 Columbia to 295 Pender E Sey.  4721  Universal Tailors Co., Tailors, from 417 Ya Keefer to 610 Pender E High.  2034  MARCH 28,  1918.  Heather, G. G. A Co., Furrier & Taxidermists, from 1047 Granville  to   1029   Granville  St Sey.  1864  ABBOTS FORD HOTEL  v  VANCOUVER, B. C.  ' '-:';■.:' 1    2    0  Central — Quiet  R O   O  M   S  — Modern -— Firepro_f    -  THE   BUSINESS  MAN'S .HOUSE  SLROn°rtn , PRIVATE  BATHS  WRITING  ROOM LOUNGE  AND   PARLOR  Rates   from   $1. OO   per  PHONE SEYMOUR 5S60  day  LEEK & CO., LTD.  Consulting and Contracting  Heating and Ventilating Engineers  Seymour   661 1098 Homer St.  VANCOUVER B. C.   \  BE6G MOTOR COMPANY LIMITED  1062 Georgia St. W.  Seymour 9045  BRITISH COLUMBIA  DISTRIBUTORS  CHEVROLET  ■'Cf''pOO&t'  CHALMERS  HUDSON  CADILLAC and  REPUBLEC TRUCKS  can be used in a  hundred ways in  INDUSTRIAL and CONSTRUCTION  work of all kinds  Consult C. Bain our New Business Manager  about adapting gas to your needs  Vancouver Gas Company  Carrall and Masting Sts. 'Phone Seymour 5000  Brown, Fraser & Co., Ltd.  SUCCESSORS   TO  DOMINION EQUIPMENT A SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  Phone Seymour 71S5  1150 Homer Street  Vancouver, B. C.  S. r. BOWSER & CO.  Established 1885  Oil Tanks and Self-Measuring Pumps  Standard the world over  Seymour 3907  J. J. Reedy. Mgr.for B. C.  569 Richards St.  Vancouver, B.C.  ••_fc_h_#.**i4__  '#


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