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VOL. XVI. No.-50
-»u"bUBhea  Monday
Wednesday and Friday
Ofllc0 and Plant
583 —tomer-Kiohards lane
PBICB—Per Year In Advance    -    $10,00
Per Month 1.99
Building Material
Wm. N. O'Neil Co., Limited
Tel. Sey. 4795-6. 548-550 Seymour St.
Home Bank of Canada
Orig__al Charter 1854
A g-enera'l bankint business transacted.
Branches and Correspondents in
all parts of Canada and threush-
out thts world;
Vancouver Branch,
446   Hasting-s   St.   *W.
J.' F.   i_*acDO""TA*_I*-,  _fa_ag_r
Pressed RR| (^ |*C Common
Gabriola Shale Products, Limited
Vancouver Office
425 Standard Bank Bldg.
Phone Sey. 8057
J.T.A. Ritchie, Representative
Cost j Street Address
Xiot   and Block
9993—Alterations  $27,000
9997—Dwelling  $1,800
9999—Dwelling .....;. '.  $1,000
lO.Ofil—Coppersmith's shop  $500
Richards and  Hastings Sts	
2124  14th W. 8-444
2737 Kitchener St. 24-37
Powell St	
Subdivision         "
H. T :	
„      .
Dominion Constr.
Arthur Cumrnings
..509 Richards
Owners  '.	
Standard Bank of Canada.
Sarah Cumrnings 	
A. G. Hudson 	
B.'-C. Sugar Refinery Co	
Power Installations
Roof Ills, Building
Papers, etc.
Building Partition
and Drain Tile
Phone 2988
n     w nil I
__ _. ■ Clayburn Firebrick,   Special
FT. OF COLUMBIA AV Shaped Firebrick, Pressed
Brick, etc.
Vancouver Brand Cement, Reinforced Steel, Hydrated
Lime, etc.
Lumber   Veneer    Panels,   Etc.
Our Stock is the Moat Complete on the Pacific Coast
We are also Sole Agents for the
Celebrated "Beaver Brand" Maple
and Birch Flooring.
1320 Richards St. ■■   \   *   ' . Vancouver, B. C.
•I«iK■«iK^^€^^^^i^*^*^^*^'^^€•♦^*v^5»*^^ f-regard some legislation might have to
be enacted to curb it in the interests
of public health.
Sole Agtntsln Canada ror
Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.
Boyar  Riveting  A Chipping   Hammers;    Little   Giant   Drills;
Elactrie Tools;   Rock Drills;  Air Compressors;
Fuel Oil and Gas Engines.
9994—D. • Campbell, small addition,
1530 L&bernum, $150; Fourth Ave.;-
Plumbing &. Heating Co., contr.
9995—Sam Tee, gas station, 450
Pender E.', $300.
9996—C. Collins, moving house, 301
21st Ave. E„ $150; E. Stopforth, contr.
9998—D. Donagby, alterations, 1118
Granville.St., $210.
10,000—R. Joynes, moving house,
149 , Kootney St., $250;   -- --.::..h.        - --.-
10,052—Joseph Craig, addition, 327
loth Ave E., '$100; Thomas Angus",
contr. "'■'
A mineral experimental station, to-
i'naugurate which upon an adequate
basis will cost between $150,000 and
$200,000, is one of the matters which
Hon. William Sloan," Minister ;of
Mines, will take up with Hon. Martin
Burrell, Federal ^Minister of Mines,
when he is in Ottawa within the next
^few days.   ..                 .
-■-• «v.
542 Psadsr St W., VMcaim I. C,
f INI in 1065
Xioadsn, Mag.
B. C.
Robert W. Hunt & Co.,Ltd.
Office and Laboratory
218 Standard Bank Bldg. Phone Seymour 2199
Resident Inspectors at Large Manufacturing Centers
Bids    were    opened    Saturday    by
architects Gardiner &  Mercer for the
new  wire  products  mill   to  be  erected   for   the   Morrison   Steel   &   Wire
Company on Industrial Island, and it
is  expected  the  contract   will   be   let
to-day.     The   new   plant   will   be   located   almost   opposite   the   plant   of
the  Vulcan  Iron  Works.
Gilley Bros., Ltd.
All Kinds of Building Material
Phono 15 and IS
902  Columbia Street West
New Westminster, B.C.
A contract has been awarded by
the Provincial Government to the
firm of Robertson &. Partner's, Metropolitan building, for the construction of a hydro-electric plant at
Squamish   to   cost   $72,000.
The plant is designed not only to
provide water supply for the railway
town there, but also to generate
electric lighting current and cheap
power, for the railway shops and
other industries which it is expected
will be established there in the near
|     TACOMA, Wash.—Announcement of j
the reorganization of the Western Rubber Company of Tacoma on an extensive scale, with plans for the immediate  erection  of the  first unit of   a
$1,000,000 plant, gave promise of putting  Tacoma  on .the   map  as   one   of
the country's leading rubber manufacturing centres.   Elmer Dover is president   of    the   reorganized     company,
which has the backing of some of the
most influential business men of the
Roller Bearing Drills - Close Quarter Piston Air Drills - Rivetting Hammers
Chipping Hammers—Wood Borers-Torbine and Electric Drills
High Speed Steel "Drills-Reamers. Etc.
Complete  Stock of Accessories
1144MOMERST. Phone Sey. 4100
Structural Steel For Every Purpose
, BXAXB, OXAinfXXiB, AVOU-S, *n_-T_«, TBX«, COX'
-*__raion1 9396 and 3397
▼•nson-sr, B. ft
Steal Foundry
0-orgrla Viaduct
Warehonses St Salvage Yard
Oranv-Ue Island
Boiling amis:
Port  Moody,  B.  C.
Vancouver Lumber Company, Limited
If You Want
Call and see ub, or plione.
South End of Connaught Bridge
Phone Fair. 918-919 Vancouver, B. C,
IVIHIwork Contracts
Union   Depot    1916
Can.   Northern   Sly.   Depot 1917
Calffary  Armory   1918
"BosBland   —tig-It   School J918
Tranquillo   Sanatorium    1918
Phone Wsstmlnstor 473
Our stuain heated plant enabled u.s
to rnaiiufaoturw \"«iii(.><>r Work at any
.season  of  tho y«ar.
We ara now rnatiufactnrlriK Interior
llttiiiUM for thi' iiuw l*. O. Telepluirus
Rtilldirig'u head office In Quarter Cut
1259—6th St., East Burnaby
A   now   angle   to   tlie
acuto  lack of housing accommodation
in the city was pointed out  by Dr. F\
T.   Underbill,   city   medical   oliicer,   to
City   Hall  ofliciaLs  on   Saturday.      He
declared the lack of houses to accommodate   the   increasing   population   of
the city was becoming such a serious
question that it was becoming a menace to public health, owing to the congestion   that  existed  in   many  houses
where   two   and   three   families   were
living in a building that in many cases
was only intended to house one small
family.    So many soldiers are retiirn:
ing home and  forming reunions  with
their families now and were unable to
get  separate    houses     still,   that   the
"doubling up" process that took place
during the war years was now turned
into  absolute  congestion.     He  hinted
that if matters got much worse in this
NfeW   C.   N.   R.   BRANCH   LINE
NEW WESTMINSTER—To a representative gathering of civic and municipal   officials   of   Greater   Vancouver,
held in the City Hall last Friday, announcement   was   made  by   President
D. B. Hanna and General Manager i\I.
H. McLeod of the Canadian National
Railways, that    a    new    branch  line
would   be   built   through   New' Westminster, down  the North Arm  of- the
PYaser to a point somewhere in South
Vancouver   from   where   the   Government line would operate a train service   to   connect  at  Port   Mann   with
the  National  Railway  main   line  system.    Further,   President  Hanna  pro-
mcroasingly j mjsed that WQrk woul(1  be started  on
■ the construction of this branch within
i a period of two weeks.
It   was   also   intimated   by   the  National Railway System heads that the
proposal  to extend  the line  from  the j
temporary terminus  in South Vancou-j
ver through  to  the  Kitsilano  reserve \
in  Vancouver    would    be  taken  into I
serious consideration just as  soon  as
the government engineers could make
a detailed survey of the situation and
see about   securing  the  right  of way.
It   was   also   promised   that   returned
soldiers   would   be   given   the   preference and employed as far as possible
in  the construction  work  on the new
branch   line.     Appropriations   for   the
commencement     of     work     on     this
branch had already been made by the
Made in Vancouver
Phone Seymour 3066-3067
Head Office, Granville Island. Vancouver, Canada
Balfour, Guthrie & Co.
Largest stock of Mild Steel Bars in Western Canada.    We cut to
length.    Cold Twist and Bend Bars.
Drift Bolts, Machine  Bolts, Tie Bolts.        We are  prepared to furnish large orders of Special Bolts on short notice.
Private Ex. Sey. 9197
San Francisco, Los
Angeles, Portland
Seattle, Tacoma
Telephone S037
(Continued on   rase   t)
Seymour 4G60
J. SMITH. Manager
!f>2 Alexander St.    Vancouver, B.C.
Twenty """'oars' Experience in all Branches
of Electrical "Wori. Inspection—Expert
A.dvioo — Trouble "Work—Installing — Re-
Wlniliue:—All  "Work  Guaranteed.
We have just received a large shipment
Can make prompt delivery
in any quantity
Ritchie Contracting & Supply Co. Ltd.
Phone  Seymour 9163
1561  Granville Street
Office and Works Tenth Street
New Westminster, B. C.
Phone 53 BRITISH COLUMBIA RECQRD_  British Columbia Record  •'.' (Established 1911")  Published   every   Monday,   Wednesday   and  Friday   by  the  Record Publishing Company  A newspaper of general circulation, featuring Building, Contracting, Eng-ineejriner, Industrial, Shipbuilding, Mining, Automobile, Pro.  rincial.  City  and  Harbor Improvements.  C. H. NELSON....MANAGING EDITOR  Office and Plant ,  ■'583   Homer-Richards   Lane,   VANCOUVER  REAR   OF   431    DUNSMUIR    STREET  PHONE   SEYMOUR   7808  Subscription Bate.  One month $1.00  6iX    months   •:„::;:.-....:.■..- ...-".-.... $6.00  AK subscriptions are payable strictly ia advance  WALLPAPERS  Paints and Varnishes  N. G. Foster Limited  INTERIOR DECORATORS  Seymour 1075 905 Granville St.  Specialists In  Interior Finishes  neighboring, population centres,' and  especially .with respect to the suiy  rounding country and the farmers living therein. It should consider the  city's needs as to railways, interurban  lines and trunk highways. The 'pro-,  is the (gramme should include the improvement and    standardization o£    muni-  Tho*   Royal    Architectural   TnsUtute'of | cipal utilities—such as  schools, police  Canada;   and   The   Kiigineerine:  &   Tech-  OFriCIAI. OBOAN.  The   British   Columbia   Record  official 'arg-ah of The Architectural Institute of British Columbia, federated -frith  nical Institute of British Columbia, and  as such is used by them as the medium  through which to make 'their official announcements   to  the "general public.  By such selection the British Columbia Record is no wise pledged; to editorial support of any policy advanced  by these societies, but maintains an absolutely independent position on all matters subject to editorial opinian.  THE MEANING OF CITY PLANNING  What is good city planning?    City  plans were once thought of simply as  schemes for beautification, principally  as    applied    in    elaborated     for    to  limited areas within.an existing city.  But city planning extends far beyond  this.    The plan or programme for advancement  should   have . for   its, first  consideration    the    further    advancement' and safeguarding of civic government itself.    It should then consider  the  development of • the. city's Industrie-*, the encouraging of the new industries   to   which   the -city   is   especially adapted and the working, conditions.    It should consider  the extension of the,city's scope of influence;  the matter of advertising to place the  city in a better position towards com-  .petition;   its   influence   in   regard   to  and fire protection, recreation, street  lighting, paving and planting, art and.  libraries—that these may be 'as good  in kind as the city can afford. All  this is city planning.  Some of the cities in Europe which  today lie in ruins had for fifty years  followed such plans as outlined. And I  it is just as certain as the sunrise to- j  morrow, that these cities will put into  practical practice more than ever the  real ethics of city planning when they  are   being    rebuilt—for,    rebuilt they  will be—most of them on a better and  more  beautiful,   symetrical and   practical scale than ever.  Soon there may be sent from .our  forests, foundries and works materials to rebuild these cities better than  ever. It is unthinkable that we who  contribute to this work shall not give  like consideration'to our own cities.  CANADIAN MINING STATISTICS  - In production of nickel, zinc, lead,  coal, stgel ingots and castings and pig  iron, Canada broke all records in 191S.  The copper output exceeded that of  1917, but fell behind 1916. Gold mining being handicapped, the yield was  less by $5S5,177 than in 1917.   •  !91S 1917  Pig   iron    (tons)    1,194,000      1.170.4S0  Steel   (tons)     1,S93,000    ,1,745,734  Copper  (lbs.)   ....115,000,000 109,227,332  Zinc   (lbs.)   ..  Gold   (value)  Silver   (oz.)  Nickel   (lbs.)  Lead  (lbs.)  .-.-,  36,000,000  14,6S7,S75  21,284,607  92,076,034  92,076,034  Coal   (tons)  15,180,000  Pyrites   (tons)   ..       413,69S  29,668,76-1  15,272,992  22,221,270  S2,330,2S0  S2,330,2S0  14,046,759  416,649  Adkison & Dill  GENERAL CONTRACTORS  Specialists In Reinforced  Concrete:  125 Dm St.  Sey. 376S-Bay.D2ll  SUGAR MILL  IS ADVOCATED  VERNON — Establishment of a  sugar mill in the Okanagan by the  Provincial Government, as a means of  fostering- the sugar, beet, industry and  Total producti'n 210,204,970 1S9,646,821  The progress of human justice is a  record of shattered social caste.  POINT OBEY PERMITS  2125—H. J. A. Belyea, dwelling, 25th  Ave.;   $400. ■'■'..'■  2126—-Mrs. R. G. Tatlow, garage,  Cartur Ave., $4S0; Coffin, & McLennan,,  contr.  2127—A. J. Tacey, dwelling, 19th  Ave., $3,200;  P. Tardiff, contr.  2I2S—Mrs. W. E. Townsend, garage, 935 17th W., $100; J. $. Arthur,  contr.  2129—M.  Kirkpatrick,  garage,   $S0;  Fred S. Perry, contr.  2130—  2131—M. P. •Bue.kmgha'm, , gtarage,  5190 Maple St., $100; Gibbs & Jackson,  contr.  2133—A. R. Mann, sun-room, 3690  Selkirk Ave,, $1,500; Northern Constr.  Co., contr.   ,  2134—0. B. Smith, small addition,  4675 University Ave., $500.  2135—J; C. E. Glover, dwelling, 5500  block   Balsam   St.,   ?3,000.  2136—Mrs. H. Hume, dwelling, 5th  Ave., $2,500.       .  J. Hanbury & Co.  LIMITED  EXCAVATING  ■H__n__i__HeBa___M---n_Mi  arid  GENERAL TEAMING  Horses for Sale  Fourth Ave. and Granville St.  Bay view 1076  f  GAS HEATING  The Latest  I  The , Rector system now installed  in a number of Vancouver Buildings  is a system of radiators, automatically controlled by  thermostats.  in each radiator is a sas burner,  started by throwing in an electric  switch. The heat travels throiiKh tho  coils of the radiator and the K.ises  are drawn through a pipe by means  of an electric fan  in  the basement.  This system extracts every, unit  of heat from tho pas and enables  you to heat your house or building  as cheaply as with coal, with Kas as  we now supply,it at 75 cents a thousand   cubic   feet.  If Interested telephone omr Gas  Engineer.  Vancouver Gas Co.  Carrall and  Hasting-  P_e_e Sey.  5000  Baynes & Horie  General    Contractors  IK Rm St.  Sty-iv 1219  Edward Cox  General Contractor  Cabinet MMdits  tyM* 1163  j   Ftattervs  7SS MKkM St  the providing.of employment for returned soldiers, is ardently advocated  by Mr. C. L.. Lowe, of the Okanagan  United Growers. '-Z. ...  '       FOB  Busy Business Men  solid,   substantial   food   served   in  an appetizing- flavor.  GOOD EATS  ZtAFE  Wo.   1—110   COBDOYA   ST.   "WEST  Cariada  Food Board'No,   10-7661. -  No.  2-612  FEKDEB  ST.   WEST  Canada Food  Board No.   10-7660. ;.  HE   WAS   WISE  "When do you think my house will  be finished?" asked the owner, of the  contractor's foreman.  "The first of Octember," was the  reply.  "You mean September?" asked the  owner.  "No, sir," replied the foreman, "I  meant what I said:  Octember."  "But there is no such month," said  the owner.  "I know," was the reply. "That is  why I said it." ',,.'-, -  Electrical Contractors  Light and Power  Motor Repairs  Storage Batteries  sffi*^'*"  The Jarvis Electric Company, Ltd.^r^  570 Bichard«  St. 'Phone   Seymour   175  Bamberton Cement  H.D.Rees    W.A.Kruse     W.C.Jenkins  Bulldog Cable  Pacific Lime  ELECTRIC     SUPPLIES       c  WIRING  and  REPAIRS  12 Hastings St. E.  Sey. 1224  E.CHRYSTAL & COMPANY  Carpenters and Contractors  Store and Office Fixtures  General Repairs  219 Keefer St.  Seymour 8551  R. V. WINCH & CO.* Limited  Vaiseover and Victoria  Dayles,'     .  Construction Co.  General    Contractors  "OCEAN FALLS"  KRAFT  V NOTICE  Kraft Wrapping Paper Is now being manufactured in British Columbia. The paper Is  of excellent, uniform quality and of great  tensile strength^      .  Samples and prices gladly given.  Sales Agents  Smith, Davidson & Wright, Limited  Vancouver and Victoria, B.C.  i.C  INEWZVVpRK - CONTRACTS LET  Fouownra: tabls uowi btob-im cosror*  w,ooo   ob   oteb,   our   which   cohstbvcyioh  VNSEB WAT, OB OB WHICH COHTBAOTS KAYZ* BBXH LET BUT COH3TR_CTIOM HOT TZT 8TABTED.  IB  Dominion Construction  •—--        Co., Ltd. -zzz;  General Contractors  Ml MchHfc St Safaasr 1412  Harrison & Lamond  Industrial Engineers  Seraoor 1535 - W ?*&* w*  Hodgson, King & Marble  Contractors & Engineers  Seymour 6506  403 London Bldg.  S62 Hth Ave.  G. Kilgren  eneral Contractor  Fairmont 946L  Oh-reotw       .Tuberculosis  Clinic   ..  Commercial  Bldgs.   ...  Residence's   Brick   Building   ......  Residence   '   Powdered   Fuel   Plant.  Residence       Residence    ......  'Residence   .......:....   ■Dwelling    .Liquid   Air  Plant   ..  Residence    Remodelling   bldg.   ,  Residence   Residence    .................  Sheet  Metal  Plant....  Residence  .   Residence -  MCg.    Bid??.      Dwelling    ....;.;.'..   Garage   Remodelling   Brick  B\dg.   ..'   ...... Cost     47.13S     25,00(1  .each    4.000  '. '."'•'•'• Vsiooo  .v.'.. $39,009         8,000   $10,000    |9000     $6,500  ..._..$26,00»  :„_„ $7,000  ...-.„.-.-.$ 5,000  ...:: $5,000  ....:    $5,000   6500  ...'..:-.-• $5,200  ..;;L.$8,ooo  .......$20,000  ...-.....$5,200   $15,000  .:..... $5,000  .;.......?7,000  NEW IDEA SHEET METAL  WORKS  COBKICE,  SKTXiaHT,  SMOKESTACKS.     AUTO   WOBK.  Anything' in Shoot Metal and Roofing.  S. T. Scarlett, MfiT.  757   Beatty  St.  Soy.   7015 |  VANCOUVER     ;•■-■/     -K  Ztoeatloa   ......... Owner  Pender Street . .R«tary Cluh  Kairview and P*fnt- Grey. . Ur'versity of B. C.  Angus1 Ave.....     ....   .. Macaulay _t  K'eall*  Seymour.,St..  B,  C  Tel.  _•.  SiE.'Cor. Maple 4- Magee Rd. C.H.MeFarlane  Powell St....     ..... ».-._.. C Snrar ;*e«oery  shaughnessy Heights...—'. P.- W. ,Racey  Sh'aiughn»s«y  Hgt8.........Clarenc«  Wallace  Shaughnessy Heights..Mrs. V. J. Creeden  1774   Kitchener..... ..............F.   G.   Loane  5th and-Tukon Sts...L.'.Vir-Liquid Society  Shaughnessy    .....Frederick   Perklni  202 Water St Marstrand Estate  1855—16th   Are.   W....; .J.   J.   Forster  15th  A  Hemlock W.   Manson  Industrial  Island..Pac. Sheet Metal "Wks  1312   14th   Aye.   W W.   J.   Read  Shaughnessy....Mrs.   Alice   Brydone-Jack  866   Richards, St Coca-Cola   Co.  1?.12   14 th  Ave.  W VV.  J. Read  Granville & Helmcken....*Mrs. Drummond  Ft. Gore Ave., Vane. Ice & Cold Stor. Co.  Howe ~& Pacific Roote  Auto   Top  Co.  Arch*.   J. A.  Benzie.   Sharp   &   Thompson  A.  E.  Henderson  Owners   Fred   L.# Townley.    Centr.  ..Baynes  A  Horie  ,..._.' N.   McLeod   S. J. Newitt  . . .Adkison A: Din  .G.   M.   Chamrion  Phone Se-faxoar 187S.  Palmer Bros.  General    Contractors  929 Mais SL SefMSf 4178  Robertson &Partners,Ltd.  Public Works Contractors  and Engineers  Straw 1274  186 Mrtro-nifita BMg.  Character  J  _ ~  Co«t  42-Mile   Extension'    300,000  (iovcrnment    Shed     ,   Lining   Tunnel     250,000  Reconstruction       160.000  Nitrogen  Plant      125,000  Concentrator,   etc 1,000,000  Railroad 1.000,000  Infirmary   and   Service   Bldg $151,236  Pulp &  Saw Mill $750,000  Protective   Works   .    $60,000  Cold Storage & Cannery $150,000  Twelve   Cottages $19,000  Concentrator $17,000  Coal   Tar Products  Plant.. $100,000  Bridge    '.'. :_..............*.....J ~..$1 5,000  Dockyards   Wharf    $52,924  JOHN ARNOT & SONS  BASH   and   DOORS—0-~FZC:_  P_XT_**BES  Band»awi_ff  and  Turning,  eto.  1730   Semlin   Drive Highland   374  Fuller  Engineering  Co..Can.   N.W.   Steel   Co.  las.' A.  Benzie....'.'..........................,...;S. J. '.Newitt  James A. Benzie 13. J. Newitt  Edwardes Sproat  S. J. Newitt  ::..........:.:  G. Milne  Owners  ' S. J. Newitt  Fred  L.  Townley G.  M. Champion  Dalton & Eveleigh Stirling A Co.  Edwards  Sproat ...W.   Gravel      S.    McLellan  Gardiner & Mercer..Domlnlon. Const.  Co.       Owner  .fames A.  Benzie .....S. J.  Newitt  Pratt   &   Ross Dominion   Const.   Co.      Owner  A. E. Henderson   .T. B.  Arthur   S.  J.   Newitt  .-.-._ Snider   Bros.  MANUFACTURING COMPANY  •"'.' Makers of'  Switch Boards, Panel Board-, Bte«l  Cablaeta, etc.  Switches designed and-built for any  speHal wtkrk.  41 Alexander St.   -    Vaneon-er, B.C.  PLUMBING end HEATING  "Ready Plumbing"  with working blue print*.for ceantry  installation*  906 DiYrt St. Siy_mr91B8  -     VANCBOVER, B. C.  GRANDVIEW SHEET  METAL  WORKS,   LIMITED  rUBI-rACES,    CORNICES,    SKYLIGHTS  and  GENERAL  JOBBING  1685   Venahlc!  St.  Highland  6-12  PILING^ POLES  FIR, CEDAR or HEMLOCK  any length -- any diameter  FEDERAL LUMBER CO.  Incorporated 1909  1021-1024 Rogers Building Seymour 3998-3999  RUSH & READ  ■p-LAnr      AND      OBNAMENTAr.  PZ.ASTEBINO    &    CEMENT    WOEK  All Wort  <3_ara_teed.  2306  Stephens  St.  Hay. 3370  May.   1602-R  BRITISH   COLUMBIA  GENERAL.  Location      Owner  Clinton     P.C. K.    Railway  Victoria         Government  Rogejs   Pass    C.   P.   Railway  North   Vancouver    Wallace   Shipyard  Lake   Buntzen.. Amcr.   Nitrogen   Products  Co.  Copper   Mountain B.   C.   Copper  Co.  Princeton to Copper   Mt. ...Ii.  C.  Copper  Co.  Tranquille -. . B.   C.   Tuberculosis   Society  Beaver Cove.. Beaver Cove Lumber Sc Pulp Co  Steveston     Dom.    Government \  Clayoquot... .Clayoquot Cold Stor. A Can. Co.  SquarniHh „ P.   G.  B.   Rwy.  Bowen Island W.  Tipplnif  Marpole The  Barrett   Co.,   Ltd.  Fairy  Creek Provincial  Government  Victoria Dom.  Government  Arch.   Contr.   Northern   Const.   Co.   , R.   Moncrieff   Carter,   Halls &  Aldiii«er   Hodgnon  &   Kiiif;  Owners       Owners  Owners         VV.   P.   Ticrney  Public  Works   Dept Dominion   Con.   Co.       Owners  Public Works Dept Hodgson A King     Owners      Thos.   Carson   T. A. Walsh & Co.  ..> Dominion Const. Co. A Others  Public Works  Dept .....Archie  McLean  Dom. Pub. W. Dept...McDonald.& Watson  ESON'S  miMJMMWEnrAmtM^t  H. A. WBfes  GENERAL    CONTRACTOR  Alterations, etc.  1350 • 8tb Ave. W.  4*535  Fayview 2278  __^.^__-J  ARMSTRONG, MORRISON & CO., LIMITED  Public Works Contractors  The  Paint  That covers the Quebec Bridge  The Eighth Wonder of the world  The veteran painter,  tried and proved, the man who does  paint well.  "HE KNOWS"  The chemist, who can analyze—he smiles and says:  "ALL RIGHT'  Because  It goes farthest.  Covers more space at less cost.  Encourages   the   inexperienced  to paint and brighten up.  Office 813-815 Bower Bldg.  Vancouver, B. C.  R. C. JAMIESON & CO., LTD.  __»>*_■'«*■  W*<HV>l^i^J'|-ll-M-Mf|-*|-_-^l*r"ili  mm*iki*h*mm:'*+mmm-jM  |j | 1075 Hamilton Street  Seymour 2268 rfy.-$ , - '■■y$-¥fl*vpitoigpt>'  "— -.ill-', ^.:t*'>,J."aS,i. f'J  BRITISH COLUMBIA RECORD  -: PAINT:-  Is  our   business  "Wearwcll"  our   brand  10%  Better . .25% 'Cheaper  WE1BWELL PAINT STORE  1063 OranvUle St. Sey. 3-197  I  Artistic Wire & Iron Wks.  Manufacturers  Ornamental Iron Work and  all iincla of Wire Work.  112-16   Dufforin   St.  J<*air.; 26IS  Plate, Sheet, Figured,  Wired, Art,Prism,  Colored, etc.  Wholesale  and   Retail  W. MOLT  426—436 Dufferin St. Fairmont 1238  Bevelling  and  Silvering  Seymour Tire & Rubber  Company, Limited  Solo Dealers and Service  Station for Goodyear S.V.  Truck Tires  851 Pender St. W.  Seymoor 3053  VICTORY  BONDS  BOUGHT AND SOLD  Transact your bond business through along established and "thoroughly  organized concern.  Ceperley, Rounsefell & Co.  ESTABLISHED  IN  1886  Ground rioor        739 Hasting-s St. *W.  •Winch Bldg-. Vancouver  MUST WORK,TOGETHER  IN  FOREIGN  TRADE  It is diflicult to determine how general is  the feeling tliat bankers and  business men are not sufficiently supplementing each others' efforts in the  building   up  of   foreign   trade.      The  Record,   however,   has   heard   it   said  that while bankers   apparently  exert  real efforts and expend large amounts  in  developing foreign  service  departments   and  branches,   yet  collections  and acceptances calling for careful attention are handled most perfunctorily  —and on the other hand, bankers come  back with the statement that there is  gross   ignorance   of   foreign   business  methods  exhibited   by  importers, and  exporters.  The trouble clearly is the failure to  understand the technique of foreign  trade and some one in the business  office should be delegated to learn this  technique.' The banks have the data  and will be glad to furnish it, but the  business man delegated to this,.work  will have to absorb it and get it  clearly in mind. The banks cannot  divine what question will arise in the  mind of the manufacturer who is arr  ranging an export shipment, but if  the manufacturer will but ask the right  sort of question, the bank with a foreign department worthy of the title  will find a sufficient answer.  FOREIGN  TRADE  OPPORTUNITIES  SHIPBUILDING  n  The Canadian Volunteer, the latest  addition to the fleet of Vancouver-  built cargo steamers, was launched  from Wallace's shipyard, North Vancouver on Saturday morning. Lady  Tupper   was sponsor  for  the   vessel,  PHONE  SEYMOUR 3825  PRINTERS  Printers, Engraving, Bookbinding, Account Bd4dlcsjZ  Publishers  of «■*■ u   ; "'-  Mining     and     Engineering1     Record,  :,- Successful "Poultrymak  TECHNICAL   PRESS   LTD;  Additional information regarding  these inquiries may be obtained from  the Secretary of the Board of Trade,  Vancouver, or upon application to "The  Commercial Intelligence ranch of the  Department of Trade and Commerce,  Ottawa."        '  Correspondents  are requested to quote  the  number  of   the   "opportunity"   when  asking  for additional   information.     Re-I  nest  for  each   opportunity  should  be  on I  a   Heuarate  sheet  arid   state   opportunity  number.     The  Burea.ii   does   not   furnish]  credit   ratings   or  assume   responsibility  as  to  the standing- of fereigrn  inquiries;  the   usual   precautions   should   be   taken  in   all   cases.  LATEST   ENQUIRIES.  The following inquiries are the latest  received. For rapid perusal the reader  may know at a glance items of interest by noting the class of goods mentioned   at   the   end   of   each   inquiry.  IMPORTANT—Quote the number el'  the "Opportunity" in your correspondence.  623. Railway sleepers.—A London  firm supplying railway sleepers for  government purposes in Italy would  like to get into communication with  Canadian exporters of "oak or birch  sleepers. About three million sleepers apparently required.  624. Domestic woodenware and general hardware.—A firm of builders and  merchants in the south of England  would be glad to hear from Canadian  manufacturers of domestic wooden-  ware and general hardwre, in the  form of locks, bolts, fittings, etc., also  stoves, in all of which they are interested. ,  625. Birch.—A Manchester firm is  open to import birch squares. Full  particulars are requested with prices  delivered Manchester.  626. A. New York export commission  house will be glad to assist Canadian  manufacturers in introducing their  goods into the Balkan States, particularly Roumania.  627. Australians to call .on Canadian  manufacturers.1—Two : representatives  of an important Australian company  will shortly arrive in Canada with a  view to interviewing -Canadian manufacturers who may be able to supply  articles required In Australia. The  following lines are of particular inter-  BUSINESS MEN  will find the  ORPMEUM CAPE  an ideal meeting place i'or the  Luncheon Hour. The Best of  Everything, Prompt Service,  Moderate Charges. Seating  capacity  250.  Opposite Orp_e_m Theatre  762 Granville Street  Jas. Dwyer, Proprietor & Chef  99T  For Owner,Architect and Builder  Thousands of fine homes, eountrv  estates, industrial plants, office and  government buildings, have Dunham Heating Service. Existing  Installations can be Dunhaxnized at  reasonable  cost.  CA. DUNHAM COMPANY.Ltd.  Branch   Sales   Office,   Vancouver,   B.   C.  D.   O.   BRISOK*.   Manag-er  Phone  Sey.   8057     425  Standard Bank Bldg.,  HEATING   SERVICE  Prints Whilst You Wait  DRAPTINO ALL LINES  Paper,   Instruments and Supplies  MOST MODEBN  EQUIPMENT AND  OLDEST ESTABLISHED IN B. C.  B.C. DRAFTING & BLUE PRINT CO.  413 Granville St. Seymour 27C9  Associated  with  above  A. E. PENNICUICK  ENGINEER DESIGNER  Marine   and   Land   Machinery,   Jig's,  Tools  and  Labor Saving: Devices  FLOOR LAYERS  and  Manufacturers  B. C. Hardwood Floor Co.  Limited  2635 Granville St.  PEARSON WIRE & IRON  WORKS  ORNAMENTAL IRON  WORKERS, WIRE WORKERS and WEAVERS  Nothing too Large or too Small  If it's Iron or Wire we make it  CITY MARKET BUILDING  Phone your Inquiries to  FAIRMONT 2794  ARCHITECTS *  Members of The Architectural In«titm*e  of British. Columbia.  VANCO-OTXB   5ey. 580*  which is the first of a fleet of steam  ers being built for the Canadian Gov- !eSt "toThis firm:^Galvanized" black and  eminent on the Pacific Coast and in-j steam tube, bar iron, steel boiler  tended for trade between Canada and [pla^s, rivets, bolts and nuts, galvan_  Europe  via the  Panama  Canal.    The  The Mines Blag.  4.3S H»mer Kt.  It's all right to have your eye on the  boss's  desk,  but keep your brain on  your own. ■-,-'       '."■■'■;■<'-  Canadian Volunteer will carry about  -1,300 tons of cargo and will have a  speed of '11 M> knots when loaded.* The  Canadian Trooper, a sister ship to the  Volunteer, is now approaching completion on a berth alongside, and will  be launched at an early date. Within  an hour after tlie launching of the  Volunteer, work was started on laying  the keel of the Canadian Aviator,  which will be constructed on Jtlie.  berth vacated by the Volunteer;  The German national assembly may  repeal a lot of the- old laws,' but }ii  can't repeal the law of retribution.'  i'zect corrugated iron, black steel  sheets, aluminumware» enarnelware  and engineers' requisites in general.  They are engineers and contractors in  a very large way of business, with  warehouses under most capable management at Melbourne, Sydney, Bris-  Bane, Adelaide and Perth. They do a  very extensive trade generally, besides being successful contractors to  v*ari_o.us._„Cpmmonwealth^ -utd: tJState  purchasing departments."  627. Hardware.—A firm of commission agents in . Milan,, Italy, which  prior to the war' represented imnor-  "tantp* German houses, inquires ror  Canadian hardware. ,;  639. Commission    agent. — Engineer  at Turin, Italy, would handle on commission  metals   in  general,  minerals,  tools,-machinery,     motors,    scientific  J instruments.  Benzie,   Jas.   A.,   51»  Hastings   W  Bryan   *   Gillam.   509  Richards-.-  Dalton   _   Brolelih.   615  Hastings   W .;_.....S*y. 6*2  Gardiner.  P.  Q..  _ Mercer,  T1S QranTill'e Sey. S6T2  HeDdersoo, A.  B., «15 Hastimr* W ; S-y. 724  Honej_an.   _.Curtis,   J50   Haatinea   W ..Sey. 1621.  Keajrej.  James  W..   2576 2nd  Ave.  W Bay. 792R  Matheson.   Robert   M.,   588   Richards...... _.Scy. 5033  Palmor.   Bernard  C.  850 Hastings W Sey.- 363S  Parr   A  MacKetizie.   736  OranTiUe..._...._.........S»y. 7811  Sharp   <":   Thompson,   620  Pender  W...„ Say. 1064  Townley.   Fred   L..   323   Homer., fit , ......Sar. 8013  Twizell, B.   P.   ■*..   S37  Hastlnss   Sey. 7935  TICTOBIA  Hrn'nel. A. R..   10S6 St  "Louis Sf   1173 R 1  Keith.   J.   C   M.,   Hayward   Blde._   _H20  Maclure.   Sara.   Union   Uank BldK  234S  Rids—ay-Wilspn.   Licut.-Ccl . Bolnwnt   House  BRICK CONTRACTOR  Chimneys, Fireplaces. Etc.  Jno. B. Sadler  Res.  2085 4ith Are. "W.    Box: 25, Kerrisdale  Phone Bburne  203 L2  PACIFIC   SHEET   METAL  WORKS,  Limited  NEXET lUSTAIi WO.  and  BOOFXHCr  DAVIE VULCANIZING CO.  636 DAVIE STREET  VANCOUVER. B. C  KEEP POSe-READ THE RECORD.  I  SALE OF  SURPLUS  AND  Dry Goods, Camp Supplies, Food.  Hardware,    Scrap    Metal.,    Junk  Cloth; new and second-hand clothing;, equipment, hardware, tents,  blankets, camp supplies, etc... :: Flour, jam, canned evaporated milk,  tea. coffee, etc. :: Condemned clothing, junk, old brass, metals,  leather, rubber, etc.    SALES WILL BE MADE BY SEALED TENDER  Persons desiring' to tender arc requested to communicate with THE SECRETARY OF  THE WAR PURCHASING COMMISSION, BOOTH BUILDING, OTTAWA, stating the  items in which they arc interested, whether new or second-hand or both.  Arrangements will be made to have samples on exhibition at places throughout Canada;  specifications, full details, and tender forms will be mailed when ready to those who have  registered as suggested above. .  IF INTERESTED PLEASE APPLY NOW  Institutions May Make Direct Purchase Without Tender  Dominion, Provincial, and Municipal departments, hospitals, charitable,  philanthropic, and similar institutions which are conducted for the benefit of  the public and not for profit may purchase goods without tender at prices  •'.slablishcd by the War Purchasing Commission.  •\U communications should be addressed to the Secretary, War Purchasing Commission,  Uoot'h lUiilding. Ottawa, who will be glad to supply lists and further details to those interested.  wm  Everything the name implies.  CJf your problem is hauling, let us help you  solve it.  C One, two and three-and-a-half ton capacities  all in stock here, with night and day service.  Giant SVIotor Truck Co.  Seymour 2844-2845  '-____£__  LESLIE W. PEARSON, Manager.  Granville at Pacific VT'WffiiHtfJiWWWiafSSii"-' •■  ■"■■li  BRITISH COLUMBIA EECORD  "BAGLEY MAKES GOOD RUBBER STAMPS"  /  A. G. BAGLEY & SONS Ltd,  PRINTERS,   ENGRAVERS    and    .MANUFACTURERS  BARR & ANDERSON  PLUMBING and HEATING  International  Automatic  Sprinkler  Equipment  Phone Seymour 6180  1060 Homer St.  Vancouver B. C.  Government, they stated, it being part  of the general programme of extension planned to be carried out at once  in order to provide employment at a  period when it was most needed. The  location of the line, as far as the  temporary terminus in South Vancouver, will be practically the same as  that decided on a few years ago when  the old Canadian Xorthern made its  first arrangements with the municipalities for this extension;  "BAGLEY DOES GOOD PRINTING"  SEALS.   STENCILS,   RUBBER   AND   METAL  STAMPS,   METAL   CHECKS,   TIME   CHECKS  K.v   TAGS,   BRASS    SIGNS,    NUMBERING    MACHINES,    BADGES   OF   ALL   KINDS     ETC*  ALL WORK GUARANTEED BEST QUALITY, PROMPT DELIVERY AND FAIR PRICES    '  PHONE SEY. 31,6  Built-in dressers, built-in tables,  Built-in cases for the books.  Why not design the kitchens  With patent built-in cooks?  Fraser River  PILE DRIVING CO.  LIMITED  P. A. Jones, Marr.  WHARF BUILDING,  BRIDGES,  PILE FOUNDATIONS,  ETC.  Ownersof Tug "CLIVE"  General Towing  324 Front St     z;   New Westminster  Telephone 1015  COAST   LUMBER   TO  HAVE  BIG  DEMAND  ' WINNIPEG.—If N. T. Macmillan's  estimate to the Board of Trade as to  ten, thousand homes being necessary  in Winnipeg this summer to accommodate returned soldiers and increased population is correct, there  promises to be a huge demand for  B. C. lumber in excess of the usual  trade estimates.  DIXON & MURRAY  MANUFACTURERS OF  SHOW CASES, OFFICE  and STORE FITTINGS  GENERAL CARPENTER WORK  PMNTIHG, PAPER HANGING ami KALSOMINING  Sey. 8765 |   Sey. 8766  1065 Dunsmuir St.  "-"■*■*•"*"  E.A.BAILEY  Plumbing  and  Steamfitting  1033 Granville S_        Phone Sey. 136  Vancouver. B. C. Res. Bay. 77  B.   C.   INCORPORATIONS.  During the past week certificates of  incorporation have been issued to the  following  concerns:  The Western Drygoods Co., of Canada,  Ltd.,   $200,000,   Vancouver.      Dominion Canners, B. C, Ltd., $1,000,000,  Vancouver.    E. A.  Morris, Ltd.,  $250,  000,  Vancouver.    Pan-Pacific Corporation  (of. Canada),  Ltd., $600,000, Vancouver.    Northern   United   Club,  Ltd.,  $10,000,     Vancouver.     Western     Resources,     Ltd.,     $20,000, "Vancouver.  Tucks  Inlet By-Products,   Ltd.,   $125,-  000, Vancouver.    Pacific Salvage Co.,  1 Ltd.,     $1,000,000.     Victoria.       Harbor  Marine   Co.,   Ltd.,   $500,000,   Victoria.  "B.'C. Barbers' Supply & Sundries, Ltd.,  $50,000,   Vancouver.       West   Saanich  Mercantile, Ltd., $10,000, Sluggetts. L.  C.  Wood,    Ltd.,  $25,000, ''Vancouver.  Curry's    Model   Baker,   Ltd.,  $10,000,  Kamloops.  Ltd., $250,000, Vancouver. Westminster Marine Railway Co., Ltd., $40,000,  Queensboro. The Fruit and Mercantile  Exchange, Ltd., incorporated under the  Co-operative Association Act, Hatzic.  Utilities, Ltd., $75,000, Vancouver.  Nobel Metals, Ltd., $50,000, Vancouver. Civic Investment Co., Ltd., $40,-  000, Vancouver. British Manufacturers' Corporation, Ltd., $50,000, Vancouver. The Gregory Tire & Rubber  Co,. Ltd., $1,500,000, Vancouver. Isaac  Bunting, Ltd., $50,000, Vancouver.  Stapledon & Carter, Ltd., $10,000, Victoria. «"      '  CANADIAN   NATIONAL   RAILWAYS.  WESTERN LINES.  SEALED 'TENDERS, addressed to the  undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for  Grading- and Culverts," lor the construction of lines in Manitoba, Saskatchewan  and Alberta, as hereunder, , will be received at this office until 12 o'clock rioon  Tuesday,   15th  April   next:  Amaranth  extension.  Lnmpman-Peebl'e.s  line.  ■   Mel fort Northeasterly.  Estori   Southeasterly.  Turtleford extension.  Ilumbolt-Melt'ort.  Luck   Lake  extension.  Swift Current extension.  Oliver-St. Paul extension.  Acadia  Valley   line.  Hanna-Medielne Hat line.  Plans, profiles, specifications and  form  of   contract   may   be   seen,   and   form   of  tender obtained at tlie office of Mr, ,A. T.  Fraser,   Chief   Engineer,   Union 'Station,  Winnipeg-,  Man.  Tenders will not be considered unless  made on the form supplied by the Hail-  way Company, and accompanied by an  accepted cheijue on a chartered bank  equal to 2 per cent, of the value of the  work, payable to the order of the treasurer,   Canadian   National   Railways.  The   lowest   or   any   tender   not  necessarily accepted. . ■  M.  H. OUACLEdD,  Vice-President.  No.   1   Toronto   Street,   Toronto.   Ontario.  Wright Bros.  --: ROOFERS :■•  General Building  Repairs  Sey. 3315  516 PENDER ST., W.  PHONE FAIR. 971  We Manufactur.e Light        ^**^^ We Galvanize Every-  Classified Advertising  Kecord Headers are, as a rule, business  and professional', men who have tho  money to buy something good if they  desire it. If you have something good  to sell let the I'ecord readers know  about it. Tlie average purchasing  power of the Record reader is greater'than that of any other publication  in'Brtish  Columbia:  Structural Iron  Work  thing by Hot  Process  Ornamental  Iron   Work,  Ir»n  Stairs,  Kirc Kscapcs  Rail  Gates,   Fences,       Blacksmith Work  Iron   and   Steel  -.    ,        ,Z,Ba*;s'   l™n   Wo*   for  Steel and WbocIcq Ships, Castings •  -22_*  Pole Line Hardware, 'Plpe"Tiau_es"fc?c'  T. WATT  IRON AND GALVANIZING WORKS  Sth   AvenutWcst '■ Vancouver, B.C  The Bee ord will be glad to publish  advertisements for position* wanted by  returned men In these columns free of  c—argre.  AUDITORS  TENDERS   WANTED.  TO excavate and move 50.000 cubic  yards gravel and oil (more or less) at  our lake at Keith, Alberta, Five-eights  yard Marian steam shovel for sale;  Apply to the Alberta Ice Co., Limited.  Calgary,  Alberta.  CANADIAN NATIONAL KAIL-  WAYS—WESTERN  LINES  Pacific District  SEALED  TENDERS  addressed  to  the  undersigned   and   endorsed   "Tender   for  Grading,    Bridging    and    'Culverts''   for  '.he   construction   of   a.   line   from   Kamloops     to     Kelowna,   B.   C.,     Including  branch   Vernon   to   L.umby.   will   be' received     at     this   office   until    12   "o'clock  noon,- Tuesday,   15th  April.     Plans,   pre -  files,   specifications   and   form   of   tender  obtained    at    the    office     of     Mr. ■ T.   H.  White,     Chief    Engineer.     Metropolitan  Building,     Vancouver,     B.    C..-   Tenders  will   not  be  considered   unless   made  on  the  form  supplied  by  the  Railway Company   and   accompanied   by   an   accepted  cheque   on  a  bhartered   bank   equal  to  2  per   cent,   of   the   value    of    the., work,  payable   to   the   order   of   the   treasurer.  -,       ^.,   ^   x,   -.-••-      .Canadian  National  Railways.    The low-  Van-Tex  Oil  Rennnig Co.,   est   or   any   tender   not   necessarily   accepted. -.■■;•■■.;•    ,.  M. H.  MACLEOD,  Vice-President.  No.   1   Toronto  Street.  Toronto. ,  Consulting: and Cost Accountant.  Office work handled for small businesses.     Private  tuition   In  Accountant:-.  K.   O.   BOLTON,   A.C.A.   (Engr.)*  107  Yorkshire  Bldgr. Sey.   1166  Campbell & Gri  Established  1905  Roof ins Contractors  METAL   WINDOWS—FIRE   DOOBS—SMOKE-STACKS—HOT-AIR  '   FURNACE—VENTILATING    FASTS—BLOW    PIPING   SKYLIGHTS—GENERAL   JOBBING  1338 Seymonr St.  Vancouver, B.  C.  Seymonr 2981  AUTO REPAIRS  .Are you thinking- of having your car  overhauled? If so s_,e Simons the most  reliable man in the city. All work  guaranteed. Lathe work done. Used  cars  bought  and   sold.  SIMONS GARAGE  1435  King-sway Fair.  809  Night   Call:  Pair.   10O8  COLLECTIONS  Collections, Adjustments everywhere,  Quick Action, Prompt Remittance, Intell-  gent Service. Give Us a Trial, No Collection. No. Charge. -  VANCOUVER    CREDIT    SERVICE  Sey.   858 615   Vancouver • Block  BRICK BUILDER and CONTRACTOR  Kilns, Furnaces and Boilers  A   Specialty  Estimates given - Distance no obstacle  ADAM  JACK  Highland   728  2021  Wall St.  CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS  Alterations    and    Repairs,    Carpenter  and Cabinet  Work,  Office and  Store Fittings.   Steering   Wheels   for< ships.  J.   R.   B.   WILSON   CO.,   LTD.  Sey.  3761 , 553  Cambie  St.  S. J. Trickey  E. E. Elliott  Central Sheet  Metal Works  SHEET,  COPPER,  BRASS  and  IRONWORK  RESTAURANT   EQUIPMENT  BOAT TANKS  GALLEY RANGES  STEAM  TABLES  SMOKE   STACKS  HEATING       VENTILATING  PLUMBING  Phone Sey. 620 ,   151 Vi Pender St. W.  VANCOUVER,  B.   C.  TWO   ATTRACTIVE   HOMES  ARE NOW BEING PLANNED  Two residences, the erection pf  which is contemplated soon, are being  prepared by Architect Robert M.  Matheson, 509 Richards street. The  proposed residences consist of a two-  story 9-room home and a'6-room bungalow of colonial type.  SOLDIER   HOUSING   SCHEME  Notice to Contractors  Factories,      Mouses     and-  Garages    Repaired..-. General  Carpenter   and   Construction   Work.  JOHN   F.   KOBBIS  Sey. 3418  Sey.    931 Evening's 943   Davi»   St.  EXTENSION  LADDERS  See us for good reliable ladders 24 ft.  to 40 ft. in stock. Swing stages made  \o order. . ■■ •   -  ALLRIGHT LADSSB CO.  3*y. 1778 Scar 838 Hornby St.  ROOFING  aid  PAVING  MATERIALS  The  Company  LIMITED  VANCOUVER OFFFICE and FACTORY  Cor. Tenth Ave. & Arbutus St.  COAL  TAR  PRODUCTS  .j  MACHINERY  WHY  NOT?  We have built-in sideboaras,  Built-in  cupboards,  built-in  sink.  Built-in  wash trays, built-in bathtubs,  Built-in-bottles for the ink,  WANTED  A     SUPE R I N  TENDENT  ■^        CONST RUCTION     for  J. R. Tacey & Son  EXHAUST   and   BLOW   PIPING  oar   Specialty  Heating', Ventilati-ff and General  Sliect-Metai Work  Seymour  SCI 7 11 GO   Seymour   St.  Vancouver Forge Co.  Limited  FORGINGS  OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS  ■*t.   Victoria   Drive -Highland   701  OF  the  Military Hospital Buildings at  'Ksquimalt. B. C. at a salary of  $1*00      per     month. Applicants  should be contractors, superintendents or architects accustomed  to  supervising construction.  Applications by letter statins  aire and qualifications must reach  the Secretary,, of the Civil Service  Commission. '^Ottawa, not later  than April l',th. Returned soldier  applicants should furnish a certified copy of their discharge certificates.  liv orri'-r of tlie Commission.  Ottawa.   March   2-.'nd.   lfl 13.  W.  KORAN, Secretary.  ...;-. Sealed : tenders superscribed^ "Tender  for Two Six-Room Bungalows" -will- be  received by the Honourable the Minister  of Public Works up to 12 o'clock noon  pf Friday, the 11th day of April. 1919.  for erection and completion of two six-  room bungalows on Lots 33. 34. Block 4.  and Lots 35, **G. Block 2. of Block 663.  South Vancouver Municipality. off  Fraser Ave. and 4 7th  and  4 9th Avenues.  Plans and specifications can now be  seen at the office of Government Agent.  Court House. Vancouver, or Department  of Public Works, Victoria, B. C.  Lowest or any tender not necessarily  accepted.  A.  E.  FOREMAN.  Public  Works Engineer.  Public  Works  Department,  Victoria, B. C, March 26th. 1919.  W. GREENLEES  CONTRACTOR  Pile   Driving-,   Wharves,   BridgfeB,  Foundations, etc.  107 Cordova St. XV  Seymour-1083  Agent*   For  Xylite   Otmm   and   Perfection .Oils  S-oo_-m  lagging  Bloc-  4-72   in.   by   18   ft. : boilers   160   lbs.  2   Coaf "dryers  suitable  for  flah.  All  sizes  of  cable  In  stock.  T.  A.  WALSH  ft  CO.  7 Alexander St. Bey. 4738  We have a full machine shop equipment,  lathes,   drill    presses,   milling 'machine;  taps and  dies,  emery stands,  etc.  1—SxS   Air   Compressor,   4fl   H.P.   Motor  3   turret lathes. '•■'■'  C. O. WKSOOTT  57-61  Alexander St. -        Sey. 7006  Return tubular boilers, engines, planers, selzers. roller band resaws. pipe and  pipe fittings, belting, lumber trucks and  a large stock of transmission machinery.  SAWMILL MACHINERY CO. LIMITED  1004 Mainland  St. Sey.  4633  Pacific Roof ing Co., Ltd.  MANUFACTURERS OF  ASPHALT READY  ROOFING  General  Roofing Contractors  SEYMOUR 1186 INDUSTRIAL ISLAND VANCOUVER, BC.  Pumps and Pumpins Plants of erery  description bought and sold or rented  out.     All  pump  supplies  and  repairs.  PUMPS  St POWER LIMITED  216-24   ATSbott   St. Seymour   8110  Fairview Sand & Gravel  Company, Ltd.  SAND & GRAVEL  PROMPT DELIVERY.  Boats of all sixes for sale. Tugs.  Scows and launches for hire. Saw and  Shingle  Mill   Machinery  for «Ue.        ■'■  MACGILLIS  &  MOHAN  1789  Georgia  St. W. Sey.  8439 L.  Hoistins engines, locomotives, lathee,  wire rope, rails, oars, machinery of all  kinds.  NATIONAL   MACHINERY   CO.  »25 Main St. Sey. OOP  Specialists in Sawmills. Shingle Mills,  Wood and Iron Working Machinery and  Transmission. Large Stock on hand.  JOHI-f A. THOMSON MAC"*"-__*TERT CO.  302  Pacinc  Eldgr. Sey.  8387  Brown, Fraser & Co., Ltd.  SUCCESSORS   TO  DOMINION EQUIPMENT & SUPPLY CO., LTD.  Mining, Municipal and Contractors'  Machinery and Supplies  Phone Seymour 7155 '• 1150 Homer Street  Vancouver, B. C.  1527 Main St.  Fair. 552  <:■«.-.'• -a .• .x-y1ti&&i■vt'-^j.;>,*7-*;  Used   Machinery   of    All    Kinds    Bought  _nd   Sold.  b. c EQ_*_p_r_arT co., ltd.  Bank of Ottawa Elds'. Soy- SO40  COPPERSMITHS  Marine and General  THE   CITY   WELBERy  Cor.  Alexander   and   Heatley   Avenue  Phone   Highland   2009  CEMENT CONTRACTOR!  All Kinds of Cement Work  Scott & Clark  1042 Howe St. Sey. 2571—6826-L  MAIN ELECTRIC  GENERAL   REPAIRS —ARMATURE  WINDING —  SWITCHBOARDS  INSTALLATIONS  201 Alexander St.  Seymour .r;85G  See   U»  For All  Kinds of Machinery  WEIR   MACHINERY   CO.   LTD.  1336  Rlchardo   St. Sey.  74-12-7443  STENOGRAPHERS  The Most Important Thing  in Automobile Repairing la the  know hovr to overhaul and paint  cars, build bodies, wheels, etc.,  also small industrial tractors for  wharf and   mill  yard   work.  Wc   Know   How  HALL & WALLACE  573-5   Beatty   St. Sey.   930  Kupert Typewriting of every description  Mimeograph ing.     Multigraphing,  Translations Stenographers   Supplied  CENTRAL  PUBLIC  STENOORA-tPERS  Sey.  5078 414  Dominion  Bldjf.  PANTAGES  Three Shows Daily  2.30- 7-00- 9.00  PRBCES 20c - 30c  TELEPHONE DATA  NEW INSTALLATIONS  APRIL  1,  1919.  Vancouver Grocery.  12 1 '< Granville St   Square   beal   Market,   920   Granville   St   South  A'ancouver Grocery,   1041   -K'rd  St..   P.   Rutherford,  i >r.  W. .)..  Dentist, 7:i'J Granville St....   McFeeldv,  V.  Ksmonds,  Mfr.s.  Jtep.. sr.O Hastings   W   Dintlsay,'  William   W.,   Grocer,   lOMO   Uroadway   XV   Christopherson,   Andrew,   Chirai'rac-tor,   Hi   Hastings  J.'-   Dawson, John T„ Dry Goods,  701  Canuiliell   CHANGES.  /y 'P'R.TTj   1     1919  i.f-ster, .lohn, l'*ur. Itc-moval. from 2720 Prince 'fidward  to MS  12th  K      Ksilr.  White,  11. G.  Co.,  The,   Impts.  and   Kxpts.,   lroin   -102   I'euder   \\.   to   I-1 .^   ^  Alexander    S('v.   i<cy.   l-'air.   Sev.   Sey.   I'.ay.   Sev.   High.  .Sey.  :i20R  '!!••■]  21  1!'3.".  1ST-)  l.'iO  2170  1-1-1  lS'H  2S2-1  STORAGE & TRANSFER  Hnggage,    furniture   and    freight   moved  and   stored.     Trunks   crated   and   household   goods   packed   for   shipment..  STANDARD   TRANSFER   &   STORAGE  COMPANY  419 Cordova St.  W. Soy. 303  1 to 5 Tons  ""TRUCKS  FOR SADE—One-ton Mclaughlin in  A-l condition, cheap for cash. One and  half ton Albion, just overhauled. Also  other   used   trucks.  UNITED   MOTOR   AGENCY   OP   B.   V.  Sey.  7076 940   Richards   St.  G. W. ROBINSON  CARPENTER and BUILDER  also  Cabinet   Mater  Upholotering  2226 CamDle Street  Office, Sey. 7075  .Res.,  Fair.  2138D  J. H. Healey  OPTOMETRIST  Glasses  kinds    of  headache.  ntted  eye  for   the  relief  of all  strain    and    nervous  8213 Blxfcs  Bldg.  Vancouver,  B. C.  We supply standard truck bodies on  short notice, or build to suit individual  requirements. All we need is an idea  of what von want. We do the rest.  TUPPER Sc STEEL  "The Truck Specialists"  Bayvlew 138 16C9 Third Ave. W.  WELDING  We Weld any metal part that is  broken. We .sell tested range boilers at  $9.00  each.  ARMSTRONG'S   WELDING   SHOP  1733  Main  St. Pair. 3369  r i ^=1:_, " '  Percy F. Letts  ELECTRICAL    ENGINEER  and   CONTRACTOR  _ti(fli-Class   Electrical   Work  and   Fixtures  Bay.   411 .'1044   Granville   St.  Fact Worth Considering  Finns who demand tlie most in motor truck  value are operating FEDERAL TKUCKS in  Vancouver.     Such    fir ma   as   the   Hudson's  Bay    Co.,    Johnston    Storage    Co.,     Ltd.,  Mainland Transfer Co., Ltd., Turner's Dairy  Co.,    and    many    others    use    FEDERALS.  Vou can easily learn the reason why these  big firttiK get such Satisfaction from  FEDERALS  FEDERAL MOTOR COMPANY  931-935    Pender    Street    West,    Vancouver    DlfltTrbutorn for  The FEDERAL Motor Truck Co., Detroit


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