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The Atlin Claim 1902-09-27

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I ,\ i
_ K
■ u
i    y • ' •
■■>   i
VOL.   7-
ER   27, 1
The Canadian Bank of Cd^rife%
• ,      " CAPITAL   'PAID
Branches of'the Bank at Seattle^
UP 7, $8,000,000.
San tfranclsco,
Exchange sold on all Pointy
^Skagway, etc.
Gold Dust lHiKCUAbKu—Ass.\>\OifKicii >in u-*jNNHCTion.
J. S. MU>T|lp, Manager.
■" t     i<- '.-i■•-■ y   t> Yt;
'        ' ' J Js5    .*•"
E.   ROSSELLI,, Proprietory " . "
■ Corner Pearl
and FIrst.'Streets, AtJ|n, B.C.
__       .
'       v S *   *      -
Wholesale '.and J' Retailw^Butcher
FIRST   STREET;' \"ATLIN!" B'. '"'C.'"
._ i
Agents for:        ,     '     --1   - -''   •-
THK   STAND^Rq'IpiL 'CO; -   i'^i-
."   CHASE "&f 'SANBORN,-'TSear Coffee):
-      WEolSsalE-- &"- -Retail    - •- ;.
the R05S y HIGOINSCo.^
We solicit voiir-MaihOrders.-- ,
SKAGWAY, .Alaska
Pioneer Bakery and Restaurant.
.     , SPECIAI.TIKS  IN"    '"
FANCY   CAKES ~&   PASTRY.' ..../.,
Fresh Bread, Rye Bread, etc.
'.   -    \   '        ,. ""  ' w. Chas. Mvkk,' Proprietor.
Good Rooms to Kent—By tho Day, Week or Monti) nt reasonable rates.
jimmy;reqan ;; ���*
Shelf and Heavy Hardware,   ...
ileii*"i Ili>lf Boles, ami Shoe Nulls   —;—Henry DUtou & Soil's Sa« t.. —^ Windows, Doors,
Glass iiii<lvPuttey, etc., etc.   "*        "> " -
BOOM BANG—BOOM I -f- Dynamite,   Caps   and   Fuse.
-,   Full Line of Winchester—Blaek & Smokeless—RiflV & Shotgun   ■
Cartridges. -
*  -        - - Goods   Bought   Sold   and   Exchanged. 7  ,
THE    WHITE    PASS    &    YUKON
-Passenger ami Expi ess vService, Daily (except Sunday),' between
Skagway, Log Cabin." IBennett, Caribou, JWhite, Horse aud Intermediate
points, making close connections with our own steamers at White Horse
for Dawson and Yukon points* Vnd' at Caribou lor Atlin every Tuesday
and Friday-Returning, leave Atlin every Monday aim xhursday.
Telegraph Service to Skagway. ; Express matter will. be received
for shipment to,and from all poin,is„in Canada and the United States. ]-
For information'relative to Passenger,' Freight,"Telegraph or Express
Rates apply to any Agent of the Company or to i
J. F. Lee, Traffic Manager, Skagway.
J. Lipscombe, Local Agent, Atlin, B. C.'   "■ '
Rote! lessen.  .
' I    ** r \ *     *>
Choice Wines'j'llviq'ubrs and Cigars.,
R. B. Dixon, Proprietor.
Careful   Prospecting j Proves
Existence of 'Yello^ Cnannel'.
« >
Results Warrantjthe Putting- In of
A Plant Oh \h& Mperty Next
,    - Season.        > '    ■
'   \\ ',        '  r       '
i     ,*      '   '
We  learntlikt  t\\t Stevehdyke
Partnership, who iiave, done some
very,      coiisiderable -. development
work this dea'soti 6n their property,
have every  reason to believe' they
have'reached fthe  goal which they"
have for the last three  years   been
making for;'to prove,the existence
and  conlinvia*nce*of the miow famed
" yellowv channel'    through   their
property.^       .
Last season oy a long open cut;
tunning ur> the Stevendyke Gulch,
paralleling   Pine Creek,' the-north
rim 'vas'cut through, and  the ex-
i '- _
pected^chaiinel found in place, but
owing W tlie depth, it was found
'that the'ground could not be worked by ordinary sluicing without
extending,a drain- ditch .1000 feet
lower down The gulch. "Elevations
proved that by bringing up-a cttt iu
a* southerly • direction from -SrtQ, 6
feet of.thg^pay^might be exposed.
' To this.end the season1"* woc£-Erao
been'devoted, with the-result th'at
oir Friday/last the pay, was-agaiu
encotrntereefe: higfaerf(mx-tteigiilcbi;^
The partners of this companysare.
strougly to be commended upoii the
cautious manner in which'they have,
endeavoured to prove the value of
their ground, .arid though it has
taken practically three years to
make a showing, it jmust be a matter of extreme satisfaction to know
that they 'have a * property, which
will eventually be second to none in
the" camp. - The intention ot, the
"partners from the-first has been to
make the ground pay for its own
development,-but although circumstances compelled this good intention
to be broken, yet " money in sight' \
and the,climax of this season's development will amply justify the
owners in installing an up to date
plant upon the ground in the very
near future.
"Messrs. Weir and Lees have stayed by their guns .and have had
many hard rubs, but they richly
deserve the Golden harvest there is
no doubt iu store for them.
Minor Accidents.
D. Todd Lee3 of the Stevendyke
Co., met with a painful accident
last Saturday afterncon.
The thumb of his left hand was
almost severed with an axe, but it
is not thought he will lose that useful member.;
Surveyor E. C.
surveying    near
Wilkinson while
.Surprise,   Lake
» * <•    *
Tlunsday of last week,* received >a
seveie wound on,his leg, caused by(
his axe glancing from brush'he^vvas,
chopping.    He will be* confined to
-Isisrhouse for' some days.      *  .
VI.    -rf    i
'-   :; 'W.   1 ,r
Now  Working- on . Bed-rock .'.
; With Spiendid-Resuhs.
Old Auriferous ^Channel", Exposed
~   ;' and-Pay Streak' Showing up"
1 /•
Very Men. -^ *\ '.'
It is giatifying to learn, although   _>
the information is indiicct, that tlie ,
Sunrise-Co. -in* piping   on   their   ,   r
prop'ert3*, * locally -"'known    as  the -
Satin   ground ,1 have ; proved  the„ --
claim* rich beyond expectations. -   „
As was'reported some^weeks ago '>
the famed yellow channel was ex- .,
posed aud a-large face opened up;,'
since' then work has been prosecuted ,"
steadily with the result,- as Ave are „
advised,',*that* the channel > proper
of the old auriferous run is now un-',,
covered and bedrock ploying 'Un-,./
usually rich.   > .  .      ,-        -,v .
On Discoverj' pit the.CompAuyi
has made another .clean up andXlie-^J.
restrltrnot only equalled,;butfor,thejt
area'washed^excelled all ^pievious^ ■-
clean:ups to dafe.  -,-,;'J'  '^i *r*•',,,'.>
;   During'the, past ;seaso;i^.aA .goodj,"^
fpar't-"of 'they shallow ^gromidi'M-asV.^;/,
-w^rked^out,*rbut~samweTit~-grounclf   "",
remains .to. keepJthe-monitors^busy r-f
for at least two more years ,011 the
old"»Discoyery claim.,
Until the final close down for the
year of the Sunrise, Co. we hope to
hear of xthe continuance of the good
prospects now reported.
,,*/■'   ■ ^1
'   ~> '.    C- v ~*<ftj|
*    > - -"   ' *fi^l
-    - '   .- o-f^ISP
- '•-* - "km
K.    (—d-f*)
^. t ■*   —*.0I
,     .,.._',  ':'Jt7M
1   ■* v4 ?, M
■ -.. - ',^^;l
< * ,v '-34
7 ^     '""y-sJI
, .    v   -•/i'AII
.    '* V^i^I
•    - r vi-' %\
; -' ::.^M
" •- / r^m
q.      - '     ,. ,\ >%*!§
"  .' 'JC^> ,vf J-1
- ,-    - t^Jf-l
■   _        *■   f?i-l
~-'s M
**! *    i>        i ~f^ I
<• M
, >     J'-r - 7**?|
.1-',   '%~i"$|
'.   -Cv' <-v\«vl
Continued Good, >Results   on ,
,*'Boulder Creek. -    ^ ,
Frost Llkdy to Fouee'Company to
Cease    Sluioing    Operations'
Next Week.
Work contiuues" 'actively ou the
Societe Miuiere Property on Boulder
Creek but it is anticipated that owing to the recent frosts sluicing will
be discontinued next week.
The * return continues to be exceptionally good and this week 240
oz were brought down, and there'is
more to come.
Mr. Maluin(the Company's manager will probably go to Paris very
shortly to report to the Directors,
leaving Mr. Fall in' charge rof the,
winter work whicli as we mentioned in a previous number will be
prosecuted all winter with a large
gang of men.
We hope to give in pur next issue
a resume of the years operation by
this company which is certain ly
one of-the most popular here.
!■• , I*
-<v,U-.._..»» . — a.  \ '/ I f  ,'      3  i\  It-*  l'>,  ATLIN,    B.   C".,    SATURDAY".' SE-PTjCMBivK 27,^90-?.  The Atlin Claim.  Put-Uihcd   ��verj   Sntunia-r   uittrnliiR  tiv  T'.ib ATtiN Claim PvitiiisHtxa Co.  it'.C. HlUI*CUI*KLJIkKUJkTOKUUll   I'ttOWilF.TOIl  Offlce of publication r>nilS��.i Atliu^lt.C.  AdvertUluc Rat��t $1,00 pur inch,, each  Insertion. Keudl-ig nWices, 25 vents n line.  Special Co-itiaet Rntcx on uppllcntion.  Tho mbacrlytidi \),Uia in $!l u year paj-  ��l)ln In ndvaiira. No. 11 ipev will lie dolhu-fiil  uuleia tlifacondition in ooiui)licd with.  Saturday, Skptkmsek 27, 1902.  The Board ��f trade from year ,to  year has been agitating'the amendment of the Meaical Act, so that in  outlying districts snch as ours, all  graduates of the Colleges of the  United Kingdom and Canada be allowed to practise their proiession  without'going through the formality of passing an examination in  this Province,  While the Government did appoint a salaried Medical officer for  the "district as requested by the  community, that officer is now absent from the'camp, and with the  winter ' coming on and our only  practising-n-jedicalman^-Dr. Young,  who bv the way is not a B. C graduate, is,going out for the winter;  some steps should be instantly taken to provide Atlin with.a good  doctor and surgeon'.  We-think that the Government  should take- the necessary steps, as  advanced by our. local Board of  Trade, ror allowing all duly qualified graduates,' both of Great Britain and her colonies to practise'iu  this province, and that, iu outlying  districts such as this, to receive the  Government stibsidy. Doubtless  there are' other districts besides this,  Where such an arrangement would  be "advantageous;:*'   '*  In a country where the population is so. scattered and the distances  from, the- principal cities so large as  iinB' C.,. everything, possible should  be done-to provide-the" inhabitants  with atleqiiate- medical attendance,  even if some slight alteration iu existing laws should-have to be made.  Immediate'action is necessary on  the part of the authorities,' and we  hope that they, will' not wait until  deaths occur through want of skilled assistance in order to force  them to make the-appointment of  a medical man, who should be resi.-  ���dent in tlie District, and if removed  or, resigned -should be replaced at  once. 'i'  A little resume of }Ir McKee's  history will.not be out of place; his  energy, perseverance and enterprise  have certainly won' for 'him the  'good will and admiration of the en-  lire community. ,  In '9S he'discovered. McKee  Creek, on which he installed a  small hydraulic plant,-taking out  400 ounces with his small nozsle;  realising that it demanded*'much  larger capital than he c-mld command to work the Creek profitably,  he sold oat to the Nimiod Syndicate, who formed the Atlin Mining  Co.," now probably the mobt successful- "company operating iu . the  camp. - ~ ; ���'-' "' *   ''"���  After disposing of his property,  he went on a prospecting tour in  the far North,* spending a large  sum of money iu the vicinity of  Nome as well as at seveial points  Oil the Northern coast. '-Meeting  with no success, he returned to. Victoria where he undertook to puos-  pect and develop, a property near  there*; which not proving satisfactory decided hiai to return to Atlin  a poorer but .wiser man, a ad he  since has frequently stated that  Atlin was the best caunp he- had  seen in all his wanderings. ?_ >  On his return to Atlin he took a  lay aasa..portion of his old property  on McKee. Creek, and there made  a big success taking out, considerable money, every cent of which he  expended right;in Atlin fitting out  for his present venture.    ,' ���" "  It is to such men as Mr..McKee  that Atlin owes its existence and  too much 'cannot ."be.said. in his  praise; we wish him'all'-the-success  his energy," faith and,enterprise me-  irit, and hope soon- to ,be able to  Ipublish the'news-thathe has struck  it rich- ' "  IF  YOU   WANT  Information  CON'CliKNING  MINES & MINING PROPERTY  In the" AtUri District  WRITK'TO,   '��� ',   '      '  A.C* HirsahfcEd  Real  Estate  aud   MLuing   Broker,  Che Ccland  ,   Finest Wines, liquors and Cigars.     -  Furnished Rooms by. the Day,  -    /'Week or Montk*  I THE"  KOOTE'N AY \HOTEL.  i , ., 'Georg.* E. Hayes, Proprietor  Cos..' First and Trainor Stkekts.  STRANGE DOINGS.  Aai*. Atlfen. Miner -Weds  Suicides*  and  Ihie First Class Uatel has.been Remodeled and refurnished throughout  aaic.1 offecs the best accommodation to Transient or Pertuwieut *  ����ies��s-��� Aui��ricaii ��nd Eusopett-i plnti. ~  _ Finest Wines, Liauors and Cigars*  Billiard* * and.". Pool. .  zw+&+<tea+mQ.*K+<&<wj4>��a*^  THE   GOL<E>    HOUSE,  V   "J,-.      ��-'>���  .t- V-DISCOVERY;  B-C."  "<!���'/.  - 'Comfortably Furnished Rooms���By the-Day, Week or Month.    '  |The Best of Liquors and Cigars ahvayS'iu Stock. ���--Fine stable in con.  ","''; nectfpn-Wifih the House. ��� '      - <   '  AMERICAN   'AND'-EUROPEAN'   PI.AN.  O. W. JuHNflCN. M��n>''er.  Peculiar Report of Strange Behavior of-Charles- B. Rahson, of  Spruce Creek.  THE GRANii HOTEL  'FINEST EQUIPPED HOTET. UN THE NORTH.    EVERYTHING  CONDUCTED IN   FIRST-CLASS ,MA"NNEK.  A PIONEER.  M  r.  McKee -Fits   Out  . Expedition-  an  "Sane to Make New  Wseoivteries   A  Prospectoi*  Atlin. Can. ba  Proud at  Ma McK��, our oIU pioneer,,  lias gone in a South Easterly direction to make a new discovery ;he  took   with  hitri a complete Outfit [walking in, swam  across-.  The foi lowing is taken from one  of out recent exchanges:-. :l  Saginaw, Mich., Sept. 15.���Miss  ���Stephens,, of Saginaw',, was ..united  iu mamriage in this city on Friday  evening to Charles B. RaLson,, of  Atlin, B. C  At 5 o" clock Sunday' morning,  'Rabson awaken sd his bridfe - and  ;asked her to light a lamp. He acted strangely, and said she bad revolutionised him, sard said thai she  must go. with him at once to Rev.  Gallager,. who. performed th* wedding, aad tell him about it. Mrs.  JRabson wanted t��" dress', but her  .'husband compelled her to go in her  night dress.. She finally broke  away.from him and escaped. Rab-  soin theiffi went to the river, and,  The  French  Restaurant'In  Gomaectfon*  Davi�� Hastie, .Proprietor.  Corner of First and Discovery Streets.  yoR  Call and get Prices at  and sufficient provisions for himself  and three men ��� he engaged to ac  company him, to-last seven moaths^  he also; took sdven  horses and a* team.  bridge-tender oflened hian assistance  which was declined. When the  bridge-tender returned with a rope  Rabson had disappeared. The.offi-  cers dragged the river all day, with- ^^^^^^^^s^s^ss^s  '���*%r*C&l\. Wmt^MwCSRS  \   >���X  JL  r    ATLIN, B. C, SATURDAY, SlvPTEMBER 27,  1902  Wfe  ��n"gij_c--You''g--Gb6<i Value'for your CASH .as: Q^OCefleSi ProVlSfOthl^. etc.!  ��� *���*       any rlousc m. Town.- * ���,  , ' ,"   ,    . -- ..  .      ~ ---- t"   ������'*���'���'��-..*!���������-.;*.  us   with   it   and  see.       :.-".'"-(Jiant   Powder   on-hand.',  .i  .  ,r.-  X JL Traser <* M     r  out result. Rabson is said to -have  bad a large<sum of money with him  iu cutreucy( and gold nuggets, valued at several hundred dollars. He  is a hon of the late Thomas Rabson,,  of Kent, Knglaud, and lias always  lived in1 British .Columbia, ,      *   -  .  H. 1*..  II.M'l,-,.  ���I. fi. (JonM-.i.r,.  Blue Canyon.  This Season Mr. i.eatlieidale and  associates have had a large gang of  men at work on the Blue Canyon,  winch they acquired last fall from  the lslue Cauyot*. Partnership.    ���5  The season's work' has been mainly one of developmentand itiswel-  come news to learn that although  work has been stopped toi this year  the results are satisfactoiy und the  , value of the ground hitherto practi:  cally unknown has been thoioughly  established,- and no doubt the'succeeding season's, will piove the  propei ty to be of exceptional value.  During the winter, "Mr. Lambert  and his partners will do some extensive work on their property on.Do-  iniulbu Creek,   principally .chitting.  Gold   Run.  Huggei fiotel  Discovery.  "oi'KX   DAY AND NIGHT.  FIRST-CLASS RESTAURANT  IN  CONNECTION.  Meail<4iinrterK  f��t   Hrook'H statue-   -  Pine tree Bote!.  ,   _'    DISCOVERY^ B.; C.     .  Finest of liquors.   . Good* stabling.  Atlin,  Nugget  and Grape  Rings   "  And All Kinds of Jewellery Manufactured on -the- Premises. > '���  ' , *        i-'" -   ��� a,   . .     -. ���  gfltiT    Why'send out when you can get goods as cheap, here ?- ,.    ,'* '"  ' Watches Front $3 up* ��� Fine Line of Souvenir .Spoons.  JULES EGGERT & SON, The Swiss Watchmakers. ,���;  l'OK  -.Hi). Sasds, Propi ietor.  HOTEL VANCOUVER.  JUCST   LIQUORS   *   GrGARS  CSOOI>,AC('O.MMOI>A'JIOS. ��� RfcSTAUHANT .IN  ,   . CONNfcCTICN.  *    "       \    _.lS.' JOHNSTON, Proprietor.  Good Stabling for Homes nml'Doas.  - .��� Messrs. Howard saiid Bruiin'er  have given lays on a poition of their  properly for the win lei,"'atid."the*  lessees uiteud putting m'a hoist"a'iid  "*" -       "'* "*  -r *        I-*-'* rft  puuiping plant, in ordei to properly  aud promaoly work the ground. _-ii  Mr. Creiglitou sold out his proper^ b.. Gold Run to^M'essis. Clarlqt  ivlaicin diia Co. who arc working  lUc adjoining claims \uth good results; tneir" ground is slea lily iba.-  prov ing 111 values as woi k progresses.  Alesais. Thomas and Smith'are on  oed-rocK. and have all timbers, cut  .uid ready for wiuter woik; ii results  01 the next few weeks come up -to  expectations', they will make arrangements for the installation'bL.a  plant.  - Messrs. S^ukey, Wostell, and-Co!  are uow'puuiping out their shaft,  and are confident that all their expectations will bereali7.cdr.and pay*  will soon be coming out; they are  running the first fully- equipped  plant on Gold Run. ^  Leases   Cancelled!     ~  PACIFIC COAST S. S. Co.  TPIONEKR' ALASKA  LINK.*-    '  For.^B.. C. and Puget Sound  r Ports. -.   % . .  Piwograpbs  OK  Alaska, ��� Yukon' ,.and  Northern   B.C. ' ;>  ' ��� Frank-Mobleyv- ������ - ���-  Taxi-derm istf  ,/atlin,. '-&G.':'A '' \  I'ROM  Skagway to Atlin & Dawson  The  Following Elegant. Steamers  ��� " Leave Skagway:  City 'of S'eattlk          Oct. 6th.  j\ ' ��� ,;*,--'-1'     ' ���          ,, 18th.  *,, SOth.  City- of Topkka       -   Qct. 12th.  .   - ,              ., 24th.  : Certificates of Improvements.  Noticewas posted on the .Govern;  ment Building this week, that several leases on Spruce Creek had been  cancelled and thrown open for relocation. It is certainly time that  such steps to protect the boiu-fidu  operators should l>e taken, and we  are assured that many other leases  on the different creeks will -meet a  similar fate, thus throwing open a  large area of ground which has been  blanketed by speculators foi the past  two seasons.  The result of a vyhplesnlc cancel -  lation of leases, on which owners  have failed to comply-wit.u"thekcou-  ditions under which they weregrant-  ed, will be very beneficial * to Atlin  and will rid us> of the speculative  element which has no desire^o do  bona-fide woik or develop the  countrv.  GOLD, GOLli'No.V' A*Nb.; SYDNEY *FRAC-  TION Mineral Claims, situate in the  Atlin Mining I)i> Uion < of Cussinr District,  one mile North West of Atlin City!  'TAKE Notice that I. William Beuvis F.M.C.  No, B 4888, intend 60 dnjs from dntc hereof to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements,, for the purpose  of obtaining- Croiiwi Giants "of tlie ubovo  claims. > '-.'**''.  |Asp,   Take notice .that    action  under Section J7 niiist'be commenced before  the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements;-, ,k . Willium Bf-avip,  'Dated this 11th.'day of September, 1902.  GO  TO  HI.RSCHF.EXD'S  J^D. DURIE---.:.v  MATTRKSS * FACTORY. .  HOUSK  FURNISHINGS.r���RGUS   CAR-  PKTS  AND IJNOLEUM.  THE IMPERIAL LIFE  : Assurance Company ,of ���  . Canada.  Fins aud,vSkius dressed-7-Bnds and ,j  Ahinials'stuffed.' 7*      ,"*''.-;''  Prices .can* be obtained upon appli- '>  cation to A./C Hi'uscni\Kr.'iv   '''--  7" ���       ' *      ''   i\  Specimens .on   exhibition  and   for."   ���  -sale at the CLAir-uOffice..  O. P. N. Co.  ���ALASKA .ROUTE  SAILINGS.  The' following sailings  aie'an-^  nouueed  for  the monlh'of July���        ���  Leaving Skagway at 6 p.m.",  or "on  i  arrival of train: *" - ��� , *'  Princess May       V   v Sept.      8  *-''),   r _   "*   _ -   ���' ,,..   18  Amuk"'    .  '   '.        ,'.    ;'     ' ,, , ���1 '3-.  2'3-       ' ���  ...-.--���-   - -   .'       '3V  'For further ihformation, apply Or"  write,to,-]" * H^B. "puNN^^genC,","'  .    f ...    .... Skagway, Alaska.''  ' 1  '" _<''.>  >/r  ATLIN FISH MARKET  A. BnrsiCH, Proprietor  , I "  . '' ���       ������������ ��� ,*���*   ~   Ti'       ������       T   ~* .'"       "  ��� Fresh Fish Alwavs on' Hand-���  Hydraulic and Other Companies  , 1    * 1 i --   *  ' Supplied at Wholesale Rates."  NOTICE,  SPECIAL     .  EXCURSIONS  '   l   .     'fo . -  SKAGWAY,  WILL Ll-AVlC ATI.IN   ON  <  i-  Monday        October   6th:  ?oth.     '  ,, November 3rd,  Unexcelled .Security. "  W.  WALLACE GRIME  & Co..  .   ,      Notaries Rublic. (       t  Third Street, Atlin B.'-C.   .' ���'  Call and see an ideal  policy at  ,  A. C. Hirschfeld's '  \V  150 lbs. Baggage Free.  J.Lii'SCOMpE,    Agent,  HTTF, PASS YUKON ROUTlv.  Pcllcw-Harvcy, Bryant & GHnian  ; Provincial Assayers  Ihe Vancouver Assay Office, Established 1890.  W.   WALLACE   GRIME  &.   CO.,  -  Agents.  Liirce or Smull Sntnplea forwarded for Askay.  O.K.  BATHS' ���  BARBER SHOP  V. LINK  Prop.  Now occupy their new quarters next  to the Bank of B. N. A.. Firxt Street.  Tha bntit rootnaare equally as (food as found  in citlet.' Private'Entraneo for ladles.  MIMN6 BROKERS �� COMMISSION AGENTS.   .  Fir*    A.  ,Acciciant    ftisurance.  _v ,i    " AOBNTS   iOlt  ���*" PELLEW-HAUVEY   A   CO,   Assayeis.  ALL.  STEVENS RIFLES AND PISTOLS!  'ABC GUARANTEED TO BC  SAFE, DURABLE AND ACCURATE. "  THE rH��OR8TE RBFLE  Copies^ ot the new Placer Act of  1901, consolidated with the Acts of  1898 and 1899,' for sale at the  CuatiS: Office.        r  is an aocorate rifle and pnts every shot  where you hold it. "Weight 4 J pounds.  Made in three oalibers���122, .25 and 32  Rim Fire.  price:   i  No. 17, Plain Sights,    .    .-$8.25  Ho. 16, Target SlghU, .    .    H.26  ' Where these riflea are not carried in I  stock by dealers vre ���will send, express I  prepaid on receipt of price. Send stamp |  for catalog describing complete line!  and containJag valuable inlonnation'to|  shooters.  Tbe I Stevehs km amd Tool Co.  P.0.8*k'   .   /-   CHICOPIE FAILS, MASS.  1 '  'C:  >.s  #  H  >?I  u  H  i<jmirrWtna*v*M<TlXtttXUtt!��J��!aw*n  KWMmj'HV^CCTCTTOgy"'1  ���v3T^^^ZiL^*i^.ij;^r-r.r-ir_.1.f^v i ij.'jjv^x.".^  ���a r^^*fi^i�� wffMfjrvipniwiiiniwK^,  w*wv^p'||mt*t <tfjwftcy|tf?ivi) nTj -/.�����  7 -o   ''V v  '���   i -.'  ATIJX,   T?.   C,    SATURDAY." ^-l\TIvMBI-;R*37, t.9<��-  PICKED UP HERE AND THERE.  -]  L     1  1^,   -i  7  h  fihureh ol Eiiglaiul:  St. Martin'K Cliurcli���o��r. Thirtl mul Trnin-  or istrpnts. Sunday services, Muthis t��t 1) a.  in., EvensoiiK 7:30 p^m. Celehration of Holy  Communion, 1st Sunday in cncli month and  on Spqcinl occlusions. Smidii.v School, Sunday at '.1 p. m. Committee Meeting)-, 1st  Dlmriiriuy iu each montli.  lid*. I*. L. Stephenson. Rector.'  St. Andrew's PrctbytiM-iitt* Church hold  ���rrvicos in tho Church ou Second Street..  Morning "<or>loo nt It eveninir "service 7:80  Siuiduj Sohool ett tho close of the moriiliiir  ���ervlcc. Rpv. I*. Tnrkiiistoii, Minister. Free  Keadiusr nliich ull are welcome.  CUT    PRICES    at    tlie    Atlin  Cheap Cash Store r  ^ Cream, large size,  40 cents per tin.  Cream; small .size, 20 cents per tin.  Milk, small size, 20 cents per tin.*  Sugar, iolljS'. for.&i.oo.  All other Groceries,.' Provisions,  etc., cud fronw icx te> 20 per cent.  Bry Goods; Ctothrng,. Boots and  Shoes at half price.���M. Policy.  .Mr. and'Mrs. Norman F. Rant  returned on Wednesday ; they have  taken up their residence on Lake  Street.  Remember that -the season is  -..drawing to a close. If yott want  to take presents^licmie don't wait  till th'e-1'ast moment r see_ oiir local  jewellers, J'Eggem.- & -Son,  they make nugget souvenirs that  are unexcelled-^  Jimmy Regan has "a good stock  of American Shot Gun Cartridges  ���tutt Sporting Goods'. His prices  are always the lowest.  .The.Rev. F. L. Stephenson begs  ta.notify his congregation that he  will be absent frob'i town next Sunday the 28'thL'Sept.''e '   *   '"  ��� i  Blue Ribbon Coffee is absolutely  pure:���It issofdi in all" the stores in  'Aitli'u- '    '_ ^"': '"'     -    !  News has been received that  G. L. Rice is opening up business  in Valdez;- we note that there is  quite a boom at 'Valdez,, and George  is.always one of the first.'       '''   -  Fresh consignment of - Fancy  Groceries,, at popular- prices, at  E. L. Pillman & Co.  Don't forget to attend the  Child-  reus" Service to1 be held  at St. An  drews Presbyterian Church, tomorrow at 11 a. m*.  Mr. Doelker has moved across  the Street from his old "stand to  the building formerly occupied by  LeCappellaiw; he has fitted up the  shop in good'style, and will continue to provide the' best"' meat,-fish  and game the market affords.  Go to The Royal, for Fresh Oyster Cocktails.  Mr. Crane, superintendent of the  Dominion Telegraph line,, left Dawson today on hisjvay to Atlin. *''-  There is more solid coin fort in a  cup of Blue .Ribbon Tea than in a  gallon of most beverages.  FOR SALE:    22 cab Rifle, and  12 .bore Shot.Gun; at Claim Office.  "     >        -   - *  "' '" -"*'xJ i. f-%K:    . ������  lhe Masquerade at'-the''Nugget  Hotel, Discovery, was a grand success, and all who went had a ripping good time.  lwFor Oranges and- the-very finest  butter go to McDonald's Grocery.  Mrs. French and Mrs. Da-vie.left  foi the coast this week.    -*- '*f< ��� '  Pipes and, Smoker's Articles at  Dockrill & Bourne's.   "'      ],.   -  Mr^Hamshaw and Mr. Kenyon  came in on the last boat. -  Christie's and -Fancy Biscuits at  E..L. Pillman & Co. '-' .  .-Mr. Brook, 'accompanied by C.M-  Hyskell, and^W.W. Parsons trom  Burlington, Iowa, arrivedthis week.'  1 For a good square meal go to  the Pioneer Bakery and Restaurant.  Blackett's winter clothing is selling rapidly; if you want ��� real bargains go to the Iron Store.  Back nurn-beFs of. the Atxim  Claim can always be had at the  Claim office, price 15 cents.  ^ ^-^"MENUETTE.^-^**  ���'. , ��������' �����  Creme de Boosit  Toast: "Atlin Past Present and  '    Future."     -J.*A. Fraser.  Soup:    A la Race Horse Feather  .     ,       r. edge.  '     '  -Fish; -1-'', ^Baked Scapaleite.  Munro hiiuce. __  Toast: The Uml of Goid '.incl  "; How to get it.'  J. H. Brown tee.  Game:;    Blackjack,��� Poker  Dressing.   Woods' style.  S>pinach - Lettuce Mayonaise.   fl  Entree:    Lobster Switzer  A la Canavan.  Toast.-   'Hie relation of Capital  \,,to the development of the Camp.  -Dessert,:. R_ | Peach-Ice cream  <  ziii.    Sig���-| One heaping dish  '  after this meal.   .  H. E. \onngy M. D.  Fhuit:    Peaches-Grapes  ' '  -   ���       t Oranges-Apples.>  Coffee - Cognac - Lidueur"  -  THE   BLENDING   OF THE FLAGS.  -ATLIN.  Nestling in tie^sheltering valley,  Guarded by the mountains bold,,  With their mute untiring vigil.  Mightv gu'arcliaus of Gold.  Beautiiul for siluatio:.,' .- -  Nntnu'.lier.e made no mis-t.-vl-f ;  In her lilies of smow capped 1 mount-  ,ains  Mirruied 1>"  lh�� .ixuie i,.ike.  Stretching ouward'up the Valley  Threaded by the dashing "Pine"'  Flashed in coloring inspiiing  By an Artist all Divine.  Horny handed men are fighting  With a zeal inspired by Gold,  - , '  Rifling natuie^' mighty sliong box .  Of her ���millions vet untold. ���  Grinier sternci grow.the mountains,  GreV haired Seniinels for aye,  Vain they guard the yellow treasure,  ������  Conquered  they   must yield their  - - sway. '. ,  ' W. J. Robinson.  Sept. '26th.  1902;  r**pr'* , . .   Fancy Stationery at   Dockrill &  Bourne's. *   -  Ageir"s  specially   selected fresh  ranch eggs���McDonald's Grocery. ���  BANQUET.  G DOELKER,  ���\   .    .   FRESH MEATS ALWAYS dti HAND.    .   ;   .  Fish��    Game   in, season and..J\ome    made   Sausage.  c;"'���'''-" V T    First, Street,��-;*>Atliri. .   .  PRICES ALWAYS   AS  LQW  AS  THE  LOWEST.  ��� V   D::.G. STEWABT, ������..-���  i.., .' ,r; ;. I r   ., -Post Office ..Discovery.. ' __/  FOR GROCERIES ANb^TNETRS*-SUPPLIES.   ?'"  1    Mr. W. J. Robinson of Philadel-  1 k  lphiar and member of the firm of  ; Messrs. Benjamin Warnick and Co.,  j gave a banquet in honour,, of his  [friends .Messrs._Canavan andSwit"  zer at the Royal Hotel last eveniug.  The,dinner was utuque as will be  seen by the following Menu which  we give in full.  Tbe poem written by the host is  quite a literary success.  - The guests all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and the orators of the  evening did justice to the*.camp���  as also t&the dinner. .     ..,. .  Hydraulic  Ma.cfainery.  ;-,??  HYDRAULIC   GIANTS,'   WATER   GATES,  ANGLE   STEEL ^RIFFLES    &  -         HYDRAULIC.  RIVETED  Pumping &   Hoisting:. Machinery.  PIPE.  (Estimates furnished on application    |  lhe Vancouver Engineering^orksy  ,     , "   t '        ���    K   I     Vancouver, B. C.  '      -V   A. C Hkkhfeld, Agent, Atlint.B. C.  CLEARANCE   SALE  CLEARANCE.  SALE  &   nothting but Bargairi-s  for the. next %%  in:  English   Prints,    Ginghams,   Cretonnes,  Bar-Towellings.  Duckings,   Dress Goods,   Flannels, ���'���  ...   , Silks and Laces.  BOOTS   &   SHOES ��� Notwithstanding: our recent heavy sales our Stock o�� Boots and  Shoes is still large.  WONDER   ,PRICES   for  the.Balance:.  Stetson.. Hats,  ��� Dress Shirts,  G-ingham . Shirts,,   Under-clothing.  Latest Fedora Hats, Fancy Flannel Shirts  .   Heavy  Flannel  Shirts.   AH at SSost.  Bmst.Grade.of'aJI"Wooi Blanket�� at Goast Wholesale Prices  We mean.: Business.   Calf early, bring your money and we will give you   FAT.   RETURNS   for it.  "TP  Remember. ��� Oor Stock.of Groceries-'ii the. largest in Atlin and Cash will secure the Best. Value.  . . BLACfeETT. & CO.'   ' :.


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