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The Atlin Claim 1905-09-30

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 AtoWsv  A'>7A:iVa;7'>A7'';  "OV'SA  jg.7^eA:ioawe7ipp|  "'''-'"     ���*'   ���������'"���  ''���  ���'���' ";  '     ���������-V ;:-..,..,��� .777'    ^"#A  ,yOD.7T3.:  ;ATEi;$^^  :i^*p:ATg^7i7>  X  37-  l/t;;  li^::  IfJS'  lAl'Basiitp^  ) iWh M||| GhanceAfcl^Hig'JhtAA"  fAVOTINa'^  A?Bau;A]?e|pnn^  Ull A-l Aa 7|? ind, 'Ahi6rlearis--cii i ii alDoesn't'  A Aifl; ta;: t i icolPeaeS || TroatyACo n d i ti p n si  A��Aw;iA|tif^  AAA7;A.A77,fsi'i-q,Ai.7TO;Tin57bijAnn]A7777A''7?  ,HV^-i:Airyb ii clp ii-riSe^p.'K^.S .:?f^r'\V6 rct^AyalSvre^l;  AceivedAher��|u^  I A'ii iii i r; li ad |; ieft.*;Pre lor i |a Ay es ter d a yY fc r  ;A t lie;. ApOXdeAAof ABasu tolai'd;} as]" the:;  , vAiie ws Atli a t: a|:; la rge||;G e nil a mfprc|e|;li ad;  A recently  A;erh:Airica;.was|eau^  A^tQvbecpmelJre^  ,'| |calisiligillltrb|iipie.AATlieir'AchfefsAare;  :AeudeyyonngAtpiSU^  ;A;the}^;aiiU;A;niqreA.;a^^  '^theABrUj^  >AOUt! the^^distrietbordering^p  Af IaAi Behave; appealed^  iAsipnerfprj  I'AA'AM.adrid^  ;Arhe.!:Spaiiis!li|;Dia^  77|rt-hichA7,6fA;Aiie.'Aeligib^  A%wpuld7makeAthe^  A:;suitable,wife|lbiA:K  7Athe. -}: resii 11 Atbiat |^ri|ncgss;Pat'riciatpf.  7ACpiiiia{ight77wa|s;|ii|o|m  Allowing 7 .a'reAtdie7;vptes ;a's 7 returned':/  l7Priucess Ena::of|Batteuberg,;3?>A23;r  APri ticess A Pa Itricja A: pf 7AGptniaug;ht;;  ;l"3'i,236i;::PriiicessXouise|,6fA;Orleaq^  "; 730,006'. A A A 7;Ia;:7YY1 A AA,l;;lYYi 777A" -7 A  A:A;Sa|n|AF^auc|isco, I'^Sept. |;|;'|-2'8.-r-,.Con-.'  Agi-essniatiA; Cooper Aaud-.ptl*er;;uiem-"  - 7 bers bfAhe Taftparty/which -arrived  AAiereA6day"frbmAhe|0rieiitsa\Ath^  A:;tlie7gulf|of bad/ieelingfibetweeiiilie  AMatiyesApKlhe^  lAAmericaiis7|Us77wideiiingA7rap  A Cppper;Gexpressed |the;;fearAhat the.  C'Pj.iih^pi,iie.s,A;are|7::^  A volcano.7-7 ja7;a 'A.;. 7;. ;;a;.' ,;7AAA;;7, AY-.LYY  ���Al;-'-;; Wasiiiiigt6]i\j|Se|)t|;���|;2'SA���It'���'' is".-re-  7 ported::' here A tha17the.".Chinese ���goy-  lllenimeut-has:tna.de;|:fbrmal' Iprpte'sts-  : AtpA both A the,: Russian AaiKh Japanese  Agoveniments concerning :;two ofthe  ���conditions.of the peace treaty.  7   7 PeicitJ, "Sept. 7 28.��� The  govern-;  '���������"���'merita officials   here, claim that nine  months   is '.sufficient time|for ..the  Russians and Japanese to occupy in  evacuating   Manchuria,,   and   they  also   object   to  an  armed  force of  15,000 being detailed to guard   the  1. railway. ;.'������''  Seattle, Wash.A Sept. 28.���Geo.  Berger, a superintendentA on tlie  Pullman car service, and Beir Stevens aiid wife were arrested in this  city today on charges of having  .smuggled opium into the United  States from Vancouver, B. C. It is  I' claimed that these people have carried on this business'in a systematic  manner for some months and have  defrauded the ,U, S. out of considerable revenue. .  Vancouver, Sept. 28.���The body  lof Wm. Mmray, a fisherman, was  found floating in Biurar.d ..inlet yes-  Ae;rdaj^Ala'ftei;u'6oiiiiA\vitli'A  :.c,ii 1A; A'lT t;: Ais'AA id.t A k n'gvY.ii'4afcp|'';esciTt  .\|\'hejhe*AilAisAiJ.e^^  ;s i ji c i d e?A| .AAllA^f YYY a$3 :11\110M11Yy1y  A'7; ft t; ||'.AI^et e'i^s b ti |f ^AftSG'p t :|W'^ifA-^|C% a F  NiclliplasA ji'as-'ii'i vii.e|d.|a|ii;|llpA;fpreigii  'p6|wers;|lbj'seiW  ���liieetij.i'g.^  .le'reuceAApt'^y li ich 7!tl*|e;:|dat��y^i 1H be;  a|i 11101111 ced|;s h or tl y 1 i'YYYY A A ::^Y~Yg0Y'  v As Ne w|; Wes t m ii iSteri-SepltAiSlI���'Tlie  jDohi i Viio 1) 7Fai l'i'fw li|icii7is'5b^?ii|ig||heid  i|nAthisAcit3AfohAtheAfi^^^  opened Ay esKi-da^biA^  de'^Ptbiniere, A^ieute^  of;BriHsli7Cpluuibia^Aahd77^  tl]'e;'Jwea:the|r^AvaS7'qui^  largteAinmberpKpelople'we^  Exhib|itsA;hayeAb^ii7||s^  par,ts|^f ACaiiadaA;a"h^|t^^  miseS|t6Abe|;;a|great|;"s'ucce|ss;A^  AANana|im'6rAB;:|G.;jASep^  ;Mac"Keime7|{Kiiigi:��^  ;Ofilabjor}A:SndA?R^  'havteAqalledAaAjinassMn  iii iiie;|wo r lc ers,:; j)f A t liis|Adistnct|7fbiv  ;tpdaj^arjd|a*Aehdeayo^  t07settle7;the'.'present7s"trilv;^  ?A7|Ot&way^||S|e|p^  'TriinkA^p'acificA'tc^  bWhich7fshbwAthat7tli"e;;r6|ute'|bf.tii^  r6ad|iyi IP b|e^iaATp{^  ���Edmpiitpri^Si!^  |;Ksf'ftl:|Pet^bui^AS^  Witte^'IATcljiiifiAqf.'the^us;^^^^  plenipotentiaries';Aat| ;rg9eutj;7JPprts-'  ;m6iithAcoiiyehtipn��returnedAtO:this  city;|t6da}Aand| received.AaifvSTiTliiisir;  , as t i c .iWelcohi e.Yj^ 77,7 7;A ;-a ^ 7;A7;;7'A'A7.;.  AlPor|ttSai4,7,Sept-:2|8|.^The,iBri.ti3h  steamerA; Chatham; Alwhich:;withv; a  cargo A;;p^dynam|he��a.to  and'sank;;iirthe:Sue|zv:caii^lAgii;i|t  Istli/of Septeniber,7;Ayas7;blpwh'u|p]b|y  order pf lhe: authorities ^tiiis-Am  ing'AasA thelAsubtiierged ;;explosive  \vas:, "���- co ns i d e'redvAto'r^be^a;'- menace -to,  the-trafficvbf|the|7caiial7'-77iV^  A7��Pinar 7del*: Rio',V;  ;25.r^-The.  policeA-isited; th^,;hpuse7pf |a .'pronii-"  iiai.tlAIvibe^  aiid seized ;i large.quantity of |arius.  They! also' foluiid7ipu'rteeuAcases ,.;|of  dynamite.'--.'AA':- A:;7A': '"������������.���:;'���"������'!.'  . 7Rqme, A Sept.:A 28:-tAA! '; hiohi* tain  near Ajello |vvhichris over 300 metres  high7wasA split| in" two by the recent  earthquakes: 7 ;;;;,.;.;.7  Montreal, Sept.; 2S.���The Grand  Trunk railway lias taken over the  entire system of the Canada "Atlantic and have appointed a board of  directors to handle the roadi General Manager AHays was elected  president of the new board.    ���'..���':  A      GICNKKAL   NKWS.  Nine new churches, have been  built in the- city.of Winnipeg this  year.; '���'.,-        ;-:.7  A report from ' Peiisacola, Fla.,  states��� that the yellow fever is spreading rapidly in that locality;  The recent earthquakes in Italy  caused 5S9 deaths, injuries to .2,021  people, and the loss of 212 towns.  At Ottawa last week a stieet car  conductor found a satchel containing $40,000.     He returned it to the  ;o\viieA,A<ncl :;receiyeciAt!!e Aiiagoa'ni:  ihpiis .'reivard-'.of'���$,2.''AA";; ��YYYYYYYYY.iYYY..  lY.. iipi 1 g|B r'psy.;.s|l'o r'es'a tv Gol'l i i> g v\-p pel ,;  ;''.p,nt7;-,!;vvc'i;.e,!\lplally./i^  :pu SfeptAs^i)d.!7:;;;I^p'-!;ApAe,7^556;cbo7  :7A;Si&3:,!;a're|7 being-lake  '-iT<or;;tii e" _ser"|i >;cl i i>'"'g;A]i''Q)�� e? P-^'-v?1.^ V^/Q.ti V'?"''"^  Istillfr-miiaimi^  AAiA|:Stbcicli61iiiA-eJ5ort.|3ays:i^  ;Su^disl.ASpcialistsAyil!^ordei-Aa%e^^^^^  |ei*af As.ti'ike,;; '������ifAwjarv is;:de|chu-ed|witlr  :Nor\yayA77'A7.A A|; 'A;A.;, 'Yi^lYYYY-uiYy  7AAAt;;Readsville,7M''Ss^  'libi'se Aiaihed 7|A.;u|dobo!n-:Bby>equaled  1 lie. vybrld' s; paciiig |i:ec6rd 7bjA trave 1-'  ii.ihg.,kii:7exhibitipii,Vpiile.',iti lir.59^A'A  A;i;TlieA Panania: ;caiial7!cpihiiiissipii:  lisAendeavbringAtp' at tract AlSpanish:  ihiinigrants-froiii^^the'fainiiie-st'riekeh  "province'; |of|;;Galatia"lbAvprk on .'the'  !cana|i777'77i7;;!777;7A5A!AA;;AA^  '|||A;The'pnsoneiV;;iu'lh|e7Russ  ;SpmAat.A!OrdAmuti^  .The7police7i*estpred}prder7by killiiig  .dnelAa'iid.7A\TOunding f."many 7of "lhe  :.miitiii.eerSi'-'.':'>;:vA^  A7'Tlie7;3al vatibh y Ar*iiy!e'x*5ecls7lb  .;.i--���C.-: ���.���','��������� ;37-7---,f.-77,7-v7i-7V7l7.7.>.-���   ���77-.-.-';-. 7:77777 '.���.;:  ,;bring7ip, opOinh migrahlsAtoAGaiiada-  'tt'pmAlFiigfaiidA 1 nextJAyear-^'-'Tiiey;  ;wiil| ?alsp7erect;.: a |$5o,b|po' hospital, at  '��� ^Viiii lip eg 'YS^YYYfY^'^Y p^^pYYi^  AAThel-|Pttawa77iiiland-Aevenue|deJ  vpaitm-ei3t.7;receiitl)r|.made-7an!official/  aiialysis-pf; foodstuffs Anacle;iu77Gau-  ada;7and ^has/reported" tliat inain--'  jams,'fj el lies'^ AitKl||manualades: ::are  ��� nclulteratccl.-v���Prosecutions are likely*  to:;.fpllp\v.;.7AA A:,AA|..A7;A7  ���'���;A--; .���'���'���'���'���  ��� -A New Orleans reportcsay's that  the .board of health;|p|f .tliat city has  authorized thebpenihg.ofAhe��� p.ubl.ie  'schools. : Fever liasAiIi'ipst-leiitirely  disappeared andlall. danger, "from  fnrtlier I spreading:'of the disease-is  believed to be over.. a-'|77 .; :'   ;/.,'��� ��������� ���,���;  /IWoid:: comes ..: from ���., Qctawalhat  .:Octpber-26th 7has .been -designated,  as/Thauksgiying;day.for tlie present  ;3*ear,v7: and 7thatA'.May 24th of next  year will becelebrated'as the king's  birthday instead cf November 9th,  his reapauniversary.7; ��� 77A. .A  .: 'A, Warsaw, report states.lhat mob  outrages continue in many parts of  Russia. Recently an attempt was  made1 to destroy, the Shereshevsky  bank. An illicit magazine of high  explosive bombs was last week captured by the police at 1,001'/.  A St. Petersburg despatch says  that, acting on an imperial mandate, the Silsky commission began  this week to arrange; plans for the  ministerial- assembly, which work  will be completed before the meeting of the national assembly.  The czar has issued a call for a  second peace - conference between  representatives of Russia and Japan  to meet at the Hague. President  Roosevelt has accseded to the request, but it is not known how the  call will be conveyed to Japan.  A Tokio despatch says that Baron  Komura is a doomed man as hundreds of his countrymen are read}*  to assassinate him oh his return to  Japan,    tliey blaming  him  for 'Ahc  disgrace Reaped An poi) JapaubVthe I  ieniJs/AjfAlieise^  :'j;>o.*tAfii;^  iu ii ra7re|tijr|iis ,��� home 'lie- .wi II wbel asked :1.  [ tp:;:Aitii|i-iica.]ri;'^s 11 iciifejAai id7|if7;l!ie|de-7  :ciines;lie;|^ali7ceri;aiiil}Abev!all^  ai ,;|V\{orcl|; '|cpnies|A n'biii;^ Vigoj': Splai ii; |  -tliatAftiireeA;^  c|6|aled|Aiii;7.that;:porta  .tip1 ���.pf^Iieihg ordered  the::.Appast;.7pl77:Mpi-pcc|p;tp;pb^  dress ;ipr7i*ec|eiitA:Mprp  ;iiojisA:|cpi|u|'nittedA;| a|g|ai!^t.A|SpaliishA:  shT_pS7A^-A;'|7;A7A;-C;'7:7.;^  ;7;ADuri.i'gAria7;rcpn|flictAlie  'political Rallies atGieiifilegos,"CubaY-:  lheotlier.day|:Co|ngress.uiaii:ll|^  clas;, l^iJoeraiyeacierA  p6;hce.-we!;eAljptl^kiiled::A^  |6|meiA>y|e|re ;kiljed;,a  4f '*!!.��. g; Ij aip la 11aclc| Ab^Athe;llpolice7dnA  a;|buikliug|Abcc*^DiedAb5Av^  and'i 1 is;foi 1 oweilipYYYYY"{A ��� '|A: "A"-Aa '���}.  ,||7ls|aac:;;Marks^A;p|f I'San^FranciscbiA  claiiiis lhal|;;liel:grub-s^  water',BillA||Gates;sey^  ;a|i 1 d^:r*.yas7: to A;h a ye>a7 h^lfiti'tei;estliii':  |a;lfs*jrppe|rtjA;Vvliich^  :qnired.;|7|7^;t7^airb^  siiedATGatesA^for A a;;: iiallfyiiterestliiK  ,prppert}f:|vaiiied|Aa't:A;l^65biOT  A''Swiftw|a'er|'.|^wr!t'lie?eS  A ATlie;.'��� ^.Turkish ;| ||go vern men t'AJias.l  :i'ieidect-lo.|:iligj4eiivai^  chirvcoiisni. to   be ��� allowedloAnter-7  -view.: the;', A r m e 11 i a 1 is. |.: ace used   and 7  condemned todeatii for.participating I  jh:;.a.7 recent; plot to ;kill theSultan. |  Many of tlie, condemned-iiien claihi  to beAinericaii-cilizeivsAl.and;.' have'..  asked the,:aid-pf that govenimeut.I -  ;|A diplomatic, rupture I has|;takeu7  place,; between. Greece and Roumauia!  ���aiidvthe"; minister7or|lhe;latter cbuii^;  try .has|departed7,froni;Greece.7 Al'Iie  trouble - was .caused:'; by Rouiiiaiiia; I  refusing t�� grant coinpensatioi*,!! for  the., pillaging,   of Greek 'shops .and.'  Ithe maltreatment' of Grecian   sub- ,  jects. dining thereceiit iiiob'.-'fiemoii-.;  strationsat Bucharest:   '777.. '.1:1.. Y  ��� .'AA : Paris I dispatch sa\'s  that the.  ;offeusiye  attitude',which Venezuela  has; recently assumed -'towards the;'  'Frenclr charge ..'d'affairs: at Caracas  has. aroused intense indignation iii  French -official quarters. It is regarded in. France ; that '.Venezuela's.  arrogant attitude;toward all Furo-  peaii powers is due to the position  taken, by the ; United States on the  Moiiroe doctrine.  County Court.  Grime vs." Hale.-���Argument was  heard ou Monday last.  Haynes vs. Harris.---Judgment  was given herein on. Tuesday last  in favor of the defendant.  Till vs. Callaghau.���Judgment  for plaintiff. A  Taylor vs. Pine Creek Power Co.  ������Judgment for plaintiff.  Ou Tuesday and Wednesday the  argument   in 'Spruce Creek Power  Co., Ltd. vs. Swanson was heard. ���'  Judgment reserved.  Clay vs. Queen.���Judgment for  plaintiff for $200 and costs and possession of ground iu dispute.  Queen vs. Clay.���-Judgment for  $50 damages and  injunction.  Pine Creek Power Co. vs. Grime  et al.���This case was partially tried  -csterd-'V.  ������'9\r 77 ..7-777 ATIJN,   B.    C,    SATURDAY,    SEPTEMBER   30,  1905  1 ������  'TMH ATLIN CLAIM iGPunusuro luehv satutiday  McnNinn. maii.cd men to any part or the  would ron no cents pen month ; j.D.00 pen  vi'flrt. -' A^vcnTioiNc hati:s : 51.00 pen inch tack  iHSnnnoN :  nfading NOTicrs, an cr.NTr. a lint.  Sf'CCIAL   HATC!.    ON    APPLICATION.  Liberals Elect OfTix-rs.  ->o��--  JOiS I'RINTIN'i :  OILI.'HCAOS, POSTcnS. VISITINC.    CARDS,  LrTTF.n-HCADS. PnOC-rtAMME".,        ETC.,   CTC.  onncne   promptly  executed.  PRICES    MODCRA-IE.  Tiik ATMS Claim  P';iimsiiino Co.  W.     POI.I.AHl).      GllANT,  I'lllTOII-M ANACSI'li.  The Liberal Association of Atlin  district held its annual meeting nl  Discovery on Sept. 15th, when lhe  following officers were elected for  the- ensuing year: Hon.-pres., \V.  Sloan, M. P.; pres., John Kirkland;  vicc-i)rcsidents, Geo. Sinclair, Atlin,  aud \V. B. Conroy, Discovery; sec-  Ireas., H. E. Brown; auditors,.J: ]',.  Green and Win. Ilacidcn; executive  committee, J:1 IJ. Green, W.J. Kyle,  It. P. Queen, Geo. Pollay, T. C.  Wasson aud Archie,Bealty.  The news comes from Victoria  that the British government has decided lo abandon the defences al  Esquimau and all work has ceased.  The author of this report evidently  has another guess coming.  The latest news from official military circles is that on July Tst, 1906,  the Dominion government will assume lhe control'and maintenance  ofthe defences and garrisons at both  Halifax and Esquimalt. '  From New York comes the news  that president Geo. W. Perkins of  the-New York Life Insurance Co.,  and partner ofj. Pierpont Morgan,  has agreed, belore the investigating  committee to return to the policy  . holders of that institution lhe gains  he lias made through the manipulation of the companies funds.  It is also said that Mr. Morgan  may be compelled to do likewise.  Verily, it is extraordinary the  amount of money which is being returned to its rightful owners as a  result, directly or indirectly, of the  crusade by Tom Lawson.  But why are not the fashionable  doers of evil given "a jaunt across  "the bridge of sighs.','  A Constantinople report says that  Turkey is continuing work on her  new fortifications on the Iiosphoius  regardless of Russia's objections.  ��� Al Portland, Ore, last week  Baldwin's airship carried a message  to the Vancouver military barracks  and returned with an answer in .-jo  minutes, having made a round trip  of iS miles.  At Riga, Russia, on Sept. 20II1  a mob of 100 persons attacked . the  central prison and killed two guards  and wounded three others: The  cells were opened and many prisoners liberated, among them being  (wo of much importance.  ,   Why ki:nh out whan you can r;r.T noons as <-iii;ai' in:nr.?  Atlin, Nugget and   Grape   Rings  uml' Ml kinds of  Jewelry lmuui  factiired 011 the premises. ��  Fine  New  Stuck  of   Watches,   Clocks,   Jewelry   uud   Diamonds  ���   Watches lrom $*i.'Kl up. A::ents for Columbia Ci-amopluines.  Silverware, Cut Glass, Heine! Painted China, Souvenir Spoons.  JULES E60ERT- & SON, awn and discovery,  safety Deposit Vaults.    ' Watchmakers- and Manufacturing Jcwelrs.  IN  jg"Z>  They   are   Waiting   for' You!  I-  ^DK.i-tsars'a.fins  Fur,:,  .<3  i iif%l���i��   Hats s&nd SSry &����g$$s9  Carpets and iloesse FurnesMnsgs.  r,INK    01-    HOOTS    and    SHOES,  also    GOI.I) ' SEAT,    HIP- , GUM   'HOOTS.",."  ��� 'Atlin and  $��9   Discovery, B. C.  Richardson.  Successors  to  J. H.  Qi IX.TY Days nTter date 1 intend to apply  t*^ to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner oT Lands unci Works to purchase forty  acres of agricultural hind situate three-  quarters of n mile north of Atlin townsite,  described ns follows: Commencing nt n  post planted on the north east corner  marked "CM. S." north east corner' post,  tlionee west.20 chains, thence south 20 chains,  thence oast 20 chains, thence norrli 20 chains  to point of commencement.  G.M.Shirley:  Atlin, li. C, Sept. 7th, 11)03. ulS  Canadian.-Pacific Railway Company.  .      u ALASKA   ROUTE   SAILINGS.  S. S. PRINCESS MAY, -  '      Octobur 4,   iC, and 28.  3. S. PRINCESS BEATRICE,   -.    Oct. -io, '23, and Nov. 4.  Sailing from Skagway 8 p.m. ���'  Direct   lo Vancouver  aud Victoria.  Transporting hy rail or steamer to Seattle without extra charge.  We give (itiiclc service.     No intermediate calls.  For ratesor inforniatiou apply to  H. B. Dunn,  A Rent, Skagway.  A Miner Killed.  John   Wolters, of Discovery,  Was  Crushed  to  Death Under a  Falling1 Gravel Bank.  A sad and fatal accident occurred  at   Discovery on Saturday morning  lasL   which resulted iu the death of  Mr. John   Wolters  and   slight   injuries   to   Geo.  Martin.    The two  men    were   working  on  the south  bank  of Pine just above Discovery  and   were   placing  sluice boxes in  position   iu   an  open cut when part  of one of the walls  fell   aud   threw  them   with   great   force against the  opposite wall.   Martin, who remained in an  upright   position,   escaped  with   a   few bruises and scratches,  but Wolters was  caught   under   a  heavier  portion of the falling earth  and   completely   covered.     Martin  hastily extricated   himself and, obtaining   assistance,    the   entombed  man   was  soon   recovered,  but life  was extinct.  Coroner Thaiu was notified but  upon viewing the remains and the  scene ofthe accident he decided  that an inquest was hot necessary.  The funeral took place on Tuesday morning, Rev. F. L. Stephenson. officiating.     The deceased left  r."|^\I".H Notice that, sixty days after date,  -*- T, on behalf of the British Yulton Navigation Company, Limited Liability, intend  to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands  and Works lor permission to purchase for  terminal and indust rial purposes, on behalf  of said I'ompau.v, the following described  tract of land, containing one hundred and  sixty (IliO* acres, more or less, situated iu tho  Cassiar District, Atlin Division: Commencing at a post situated in the south v,-est corner of Windy Arm, thence running from tins  post south SO chains, tlienco west, 20 chains,  thence north SO chains, thence east 20 chains  to place of commencement.  Hritish Yukon Navigation Co., Ltd.,  Per P. J'\ SciiAliKOiiMii-T, Supt.,  Agent.  Dateil this 11th day of August, lil'l.t. o21  TH E WHITE PASS& YUKON- ROUTE.  Through   Line  from   Skaguay   to  Atlin,   White   Horse,   Big  Salmon,  Dawson and all intermediate points. '  Finely  appointed trains daily, except Sunday,'between Skaguay   Caribou  and   Whitehorse.   Carry Passengers, Baggage, IVIail and Express-  TIME   SCHEDULE   OF   FIRST~CLASS   TRAINS:  No. 1.���North Hound. |  No. :>.���South Bound.  9.30a.m. Lv.       SKAGUAY     Ar. 4.30p.m.        .     '   '  2.10 p.m. Lv.       GAUIIiOU      Lv.ll.flU a.m.,  4.30 p.m. Af. WI11TI* IIOUSU Lv. 0.30 a.m.  TIME   SCHEDULE   LAKE   STEAMBOATS:  Leave CAlilHOU 5 p.m. Tuesdays,      Arrive A'lLIN 0 'a.m. Wednesdays.  " " f> ]>. m. Fridays, " "        U a. in. Saturdays,  j.eave ATLIN f> p. m. Holidays,  ' Arrive (JAK1HOU 7 a.m. Tuesdays.  " "        5 p. in. Thursdays. " " 7 a. m. l'ridnjs- -  150 pounds of baggage will ho checked free with each full fare ticket and VT) pounds  with each half fare ticket.'   ���  Passengers must ho nt depots in time to have Haggage inspected and checked.  Time Schedules are :'ub.iect to clmniro without notice.  ��&~     Baggage   Bonded   Through.  For  information  relative to  Passenger,   I'reight,   ���".-���press uud  Telcgrsmli Kates,  apply to any agent ot the Company or to  JL.1.11. Vv 11 [TE. G". P& P. A., J. LI FSCO EVI B E,       U. 1). PINNKO, Asst.6. V. s P. A.,  Agent, Atlin. Skaguay   Alaska.  Vancouver, li. C.  r"J"IAKIi Notice that, sixty days after date,  -A- I, on behalf of II. W. li. Canavan, intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of  Lands and 'Works for permission to purchase  the following? ilescribed tract, of laud, containing eighty acres (80) moro or less, situated in the Cassiar District, Atlin Division:  Commencing at. a post situated in the south  end of Windy Arm.thence running from this  po-,t south 10 chains, thence east 20 chain's,  thence north 10 chains, thence'west and  along the shore line to point of commencement.  II. \V. U. Canavan,  Per      P. K. S<JHAi(sf;ii.MiiiT,  Agent.  Dated this l!th day of August, 100.*>. o21  SPEED  SAFETY  COMFORT.  THE 1'IOSBBU AftASKA r.l ***���-,.  Steamers leave SKAGWAY  for  Seattle, Puget Sound, San Francisco  and  Southern   Ports  CARItYING    U.   i3.   HAIL.  City of Seattle,      Oct. 8, 18, 28  Via Vancouver.  Humboldt,  Oct. 3, 13, 23  Direct.  r "j~"*i.\KI' Notice that, sixty days after date,  -*- I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lauds aud Works for permission to  pun-hnsc the following described tract of  land, containing eighty (80) acres, more or  less, situated in the Cassiar District. Atlin  Division: Commencing at the north west  boundary of II. \Y. I'. Canavan's location,  tlmnce running from this point south 10  chains, thence west, 20 chains, thence north  4(1 chains, thence east 20 chains to point of  commencement.  P.  l'\ SC'IIA7(SfJH.\tIllT.  Dated this 11th day of August, 11105. o21  Cottage City,     -   ' Oct.  9,   24  Via  Victoria and Sitka.  ��XF~   Above  Schedule   Subject to  Change  Without  Notico.  C. D. DUSASN, Gen. Pass. Agt.,  JO Market, Street, Sau Francisco, Cal.  E. A. MURPHY, Agent,  Skagway, Alaska.  THIS HOTEL IS STOCKED WITH  THE   BEST   OF   GOODS  Sans*  Johnstone,   Prqsgi*  I   Have   Re-opened  r'B^AKU Notice that, sixty days after date,  -"- l.oii behalf of C. Wyim Johnson, intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of  Lands and Works for permission to piirchaso  tho following described tract of laud, containing eighty (SO) acres, more or less, situated in the Cassiar District, Atlin Division:  Commencing at a post, on the Boundary Line  hetwi'.Hn the Yukon Territory and Hritish  Columbia, situated on the west side of  Windy Arm, thence running from this point  "est 20 chains, thence southerly 40 chains,  a Wife af.d child lo   lllOMni    his   loss   ""���e<'";1t-0ehnins,thencenorth and along  and they have lhe  sympathy of lhe h6"'10��� "^  entire  community in  their sad ber- ���''*������       T. '���ic'iah's,  ��� Agent.  I Dateil this llth day of August.   lOO'i. o21   On the Waterfront.  Men's Suits Cleaned and Repaired.  All Work Guaranteed.   .  Goods Called for and Delivered.  Cash ou Delivery. .  Mrs.  M.   Fenn,   Proprietress.  DISCOVKRY, B, C.  A Strictly First-Class Hotel.  Dining-Koom in connection.  Choicest Wines, Liquors and Cigars  ED.   SANDS,   Proprietor.  Johnson   &.   Durie,  Proprietors.  i Palmer,  The Reliable Shoemaker,  .'-.-.   -    Dlscovkuy,; H. C.  Rubber Boots a Specialty.  cavement.  Discovery.  rito: w.Sw,  A. F. 6, A.M.  Hegular ci>miuiiuica-  lion.s held on tlio lirst  Thursday of each mouth  in the A. O. U. W. Hall,  Third Street.  Visiting brethren cordially invited  OPKN  DAY AND NIGHT.  I-1KST-CLASS RESTAURANT  IN  CONNECTION.  lleudduurters for Dixon's stage. .77  ATLIN,    B.  C,   SATURDAY,    SEPTEMBER   30,    tgos  fi A  asss  ��&&&&&��* ir.  /.  Our Stores   in   both   Towns  are  now  fully stocked   with   full  lines' in   Groceries   and   Dry  Goods.  A. T. Co., Lid.  A. S. CROSS, President.  Sluice Box Robbery.  Lambert & Cuirnes,  Spruce. Creek,  , Had  Three-   Days   Slnieing-s  Stolen���Expert Thieves.  Either late on Saluiday night, hi.il  or eaily Sunday moniiiii> the sluice  boxes of-Mcssrs. I ,a in hen and Ctiir-  n  nes, on Spruce creek, were robbed  of ihe gold dust of three days sluicing. The steal was done by a man  or men who are accustomed lo the  work, iis people who saw the boxes  .Sunday iiioniing state that a good  miner' could not have made a better clean-up in broad daylight.  Tlie amount of gold" stolen is figured as being between 30 and 45  ounces, and men competent to judge  assert that it is almost impossible  that the theft could have been accomplished without the aid. of a  light as the night was excessively  dark. Added to this tlie facts that  the boxes are some feet above the  ground level, whicli makes them  difficult to enter, and within 40 feet  of a boarding house wherein slept  several men,'it is evident that the  thieves were fairly well acquainted  with the locality and also, that the3*  must have worked botli quickly and  quietly aud with considerable nerve.  The-"riffles were removed from two  boxes and every particle of gravel,  sand aud gold removed without  leaving practically any clue whatever to the identity of the perpetrators of the steal.  New AiMlvals.  hollowing is a list of those who  have recently arrived per tlie Scotia:  Sept. 23 ���A. St. p. Haiuinersley,  Mis. E. Mobk-y, A. W. Alliott,  Tony Net'/7.en, J. Fox:, H. 1*5. Her-  doe,- A. C. Hirsclifeld and E. liar-  kins. vSepl. 27���A. H. ' Newell,  Major Z. T. Wood, Mrs. C. Duck-  won h, \V. Wl li. Mclunes, F. X.  Gossclin, E. T. Mamshaw, Karl  Hamsluw, C. li. Gaddis, C. K.  Wyiiu-Jbhnson, R. Lowe and J.  Churchill.  The Atlin Market Co., Ltd.  A Shooting Trip.'.  Tried to Stretch the  Total���Only a  Few Birds Secured, and Big-  Game   Stampeded.  On Saturday last half a dozen of  the local hunters chartered the S. S.  Scotia aud went down the lake for  a couple of days shooting. The  party returned to town on Monday  morning and their head scorer informed us that the total number of  birds killed almost equalled that of  the famous flyer of the New York  ���Central railway. We were about to  register the parties implicated in the  game hog book, when we learned  that their bag had scarcely equalled  a crap-shooter's highest point. The  scorer gets the "L. of L.'s" medal,  which he may photograph.  As the result of an incident which  occurred during the outing it is  said that two of the party are not  on speaking terms. This is how it  happened: Hunter No. 1, who  hails from the land where the saner  kraut grows, was stalking a large  brown bear with a shotgun and bird  shot. He had found his target  with the first barrel and the bear  was moving up so that he could  place the contents of the second barrel in the right spot when hunter  No. 2, who is a plum centre marksman, appealed on the scene and discharged his rifle point blank at the  raging billows of fur and the bear  sounded aud sailed south. "Dun-  der und blitzen," shouted No. 1,  "because which you do that? Why  you go not the bush around uud  found.sometiug lo shot yourself for,  eh, what!"  The first cargo of new grain for  the season was shipped from Fort  William on Sept. 18.  ^ESH_JT^ESSED__MEAT^ also  ' '       '  ���      ,  POULTRY  OF  All.  KINDS,   Dressed to Order.  C.   DOELKER     Manager.  Estate of James Kennedy,  Deceased!,  "TSTTOTICIi Is hereby given that T have this  -*- \ day been appointed by His Honor  Judge Young us Administrator of ��he entitle  of .lames Kennedy, deceased.  All persons having claims against the estate of above mimed deceased are required  to lile same, duly verified, with tlio uuder-  sitcned on or before the SL'th day of October,  191).":, alter which date I will distribute the  assets of said deceased, having regard only  to such claims us shall then have been filed.  All persons indebted to the estate of said  deceased are required to pay sanio to the  undersigned on or before said 3'Jth October,  1905. >���'  Dated ut Atlin, 11. C, 12th September, 1905.  "W. POLLARD Git ANT,  slG-l Official Administrator.  o   o   o   o   o   o   o   o  Estate of James Hunter, Deceased.  "VTTOTrCIi Is hereby given that 1 have this  -^-^ di'iy been appointed by His Honor  Judge Young as Administrator of the estate  of .Tames Hunter, deceased.  All persons having claims- against the estate of above named deceased are required  to tile same with the undersigned, duly verified, on or before the '10th day ol Ootober,-  100.*). after which date 1 will distribute the  assets of said deceased, huving regard only  to such claims as .shall have been duly filed.  All persons indebted to the estate of said  deceased are required to pay same to the  undersigned on or before 'iOth October, 19('*>.  Dated at Atlin, IJ. C, September 12th, 1'JO.T.  W. POLLAHO GRANT,  slO-l Official Administrutor-  The Hope, Cariboo, Utah Fraction,  ATbtNTA FRACTION, GOLD HX IfLEECJS,  CllIEK FRACTION, and TORONTO-MIN-  liRAL CLAIMS.  I.OCATKI*    liAST   SlDl' TAKU A.IIM OF T.VOISH  Lake, nisis milki* above Golden Gate,  Atlin   JIininu   Division'    oi*   Cassiau  DltaTlUCT.  HHAIvli NOTrCB that tlio Engineer Mining  Company, bpecial Free Miner's Certifi-  eate No. 5721, intend sixty daj-S from the date  hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for  Certificates of Improvements for the purpose  of obtaining Crown Grants of the above  mineral claims.  And further take notice thut action, under  Section No. 37, must be commenced before the  issiianco of   such   Certificates of   Improvements.  Dated this Istday of August, 1905.  THE ENGINEERS MINING Co.,      ,  oil '    A. P. Mead, Pros.  The Ruth, Red Star, Long Island,  GOLD STRINGER. NORMAN and   KA.M-  MA MINERAL CLAIMS.  Located on the EahtSidi: ok Taku aii.m ok  Taoikii   Lake,  Nine  Mir.i'ti   South   of  Golden Gate, Atlin .Minino Division  oi* OAHSIA*' DlKTHI'IT.  ri~lAlvE Notico that tho Engineer Mining  -*- Company, Ltd., Special IVoc Minor's  Certificate No. 5721, intend sixty'duy>) from  the date hereof, to apply .to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improvements'for  the pin-pose of obtaining Crown 'Grunts of  the above mineral claims.  And further take notice that action, under  Section No: 37,' must be commenced before  the issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.  Dated this 21st day of August, 1905.  THIS ENGINEER MINING Co., Ltd.,  o2S ' A. P. Mead, Pres.  NOTICE.  NOTICE  Is hereby given thut the owners  of tho "Mon-Union" leusoon Iioulder Creek  will not be responsible foruuy debts contracted by tho lay men, for labor or supplies.  A. S. CROSS,   7  Atlin, .June 20th, 1905.        Managing Owner.  jl-Mm      '  Benwell, Peart cTCo.-,    -      -     Vancouver.  Solij Agents ]'-or British Columbia.  i    rn  ri-IE   'G'DLD    ECOXJjSEJ,  |  DISCOVERY,   B.   C. JL  �����bj C. H. Nissen, Prop.  F. B. Wrong, Mar.   f  Restaurant in Connection  Under  New und Capable Management.  The; Canadian.   Bank   of   Commerce.  CAPITAL    PAID   UP   $10,000,000.    /  IlVlSJiRVU,    $3,50O,OOO.  Branches of the Bank at Jeattie,  San Francisco,  '- Portland,  Skagway, etc.  Exchange sold oes aSB PesSs^ts=  Gold Dust Purchased���Assay Office in Connection.  D. ROSS, Manager.  ~T*VT*OTICE Is horeby given that upplicu-  -L-> tion will be made to the Parliament of  Canada at its next session for an act to incorporate a company with authority to construct, equip, maintain aud operate a railway of standard or narrow guage from a  point at or neur Selkirk on tho Yukon River  in tho-Yukon Territory, south westerly b.v  the most feasible voute towards Aish-ihilc  Lake, south westerly through McKinley  Puss to the junction of the Dczudeush and  Kuskawalsh Rivers, thence along tho valley  of tho ALsek River by the most loasible route  to a point between the 13C�� and 1HS�� of  Longitude ou the international boundary  line.  Also from the aforesaid Selkirk b.v the  most feasible route along the valley ot the  Lowes River to a' point on the Big Salmon  River, thence across the Hig Salmon River to  and along the valley of tho Ifootuliiiiiuu  River to Lake Teslin, along Teslin bake aud  from thence by the most, feasible route in a  southerly uud easterly direction across the  Stikeen River, in a south westerly direction  along tho Nuns vnllcy and Kitiumgalluni  valley through the Kitimat vulley to Kitimat  Arm iu Hritish Columbia and to commence  construction nt any point thereon: with  power to construct, maintain and opcrute  brunch lines and all necessary bridges, ferries, warehouses and wharves; to construct,  own and operate telegraph and telephone  lilies in connection with the said railway and  branches; to construct, purchase or otherwise acquire, charter, obtain control of,  navigate und keep in repair steamers and  other vessels to ply between ports in Canada  und between ports in Canada and ports outside of Canada, carry and convey passengers  and freight aud carry on a general transportation service in connection with tho sold  railway, and to sell and disposo of such vessels; to acquire and utilize water und steam  power or any other power for tho purpose  of generating electricity for lighting and  motor purposes, or for any other purposes  in and may operate the said ruilwuy by uny  kind of motive power; to expropriate or  othcrwiso acquire foreshore rights und  hinds for right of way, station grounds nnd  other necessities; to acquire, -take and receive lunds or any other aid from tho government of Canada or from any provinces or  districts thereof, or from any municipal  corporation or persons towards the construction of said railway or works; to levy  and collect, tolls from all parties using and  on oil freight pussing in or over the said  railway or the bridges, vessels, or lands of  the company: to make traffic uml other nr-  ruiigemonts with other ruilwuy companies  or person-, nnd for all other jimiu' anil necessary powers und privileges; to carry ou the  business of a general trading eompuny and  ol' an express company, to own, manage and  louse hotels, uud to own, mine and explore  and doveJope mineral lands and to enrrv ou  11 general mining business and any business  incidental to tho purposes aforesaid.  Dated August 17th, VXr,.  C. *\*��� C. TAHOR,  o2S Solicitor lor Applicants.  Magnesite Mineral Claim,  Situate iu   the Atlin Mining Division of Cassiar District.  Where located :���East of Atlin townsite and  adjoining tho  cuvt boundary line of the  townsite.  rp.VKl* Notice that r, A. C. Hirsclifeld, l*rco  -��--    Minor's Corti/iealo JS'o. H ".tt''!', intend,  sixty days from thodato hereof,   to apply to'  t he Mining Recorder for u Co*-fiiJcut/> of Improvements,   for the piii'ixjsc of obtaining a  Crown Grant ofthe above claim.  And further tuku notice that action, under  section 117, must bo commenced before the issuance ol such Certificate of Improvements.  Dated this Kith day of.September, 1005.'   nil  Annually, to fill tho ueiv posit ions created hy  Ruili-oiiil and Telegraph Companies. We want  Young Men and Ladies of good habits, to  LEARN TELEGRAPHY  AND   R. R. ACCOUNTING.fiSSS?  We furnish 7*i per cent, of the Operators anil  Station Agents in America. Our six schools  !i,*'*i.-.V"!.*"r!rest exclusive Telegraph School.!  IN HIE WOULD. Established 2U years and endorsed by ull leading Railway Officials.  Woexecute a *?2"i0 Bond to tivcvy student to  furnish him or her a position payingfrom Sill  to ,.?(i0 a month in States east of tho Rocky  Mountains, or from .$75 to $100'ti month iii  Slates west of the Rockies, imiiicJiulely upon  graduation.  Students can enter utility time. No vacations. For full particulars regarding any of  our Schools write direct to our executive  office ut Cincinnati, O.. Catalogue free.  The Morse School of Telegraphy.  Cincinnati, Ohio.  Atlanta, Ga.  Tcxarkana,, Tex.  Buffalo, N. Y.  laCrosse, Wis.  San franeiseo, Cal.  :   ���<"���  Send.us your kh Pr?r';*o* I ,t---l;'VA.y-  'fi;7  Y$YY.  ���.'*4;..:''  7fi777  |71I  m&  I'j's:. :.C��y':  I ^��777^  l^'   -7  l'J;77  m  IHYY  m  ATXJN; ' 'Ba'C ^SATURDAY,"��� :;SEPa*KMBER;;'730:  w>  YKT.  tj'^,fUi,:.77Vi,.;;:st5c'j  ft  Branch   Store   on   SPRUCE 7C.R EEK.  ;;:' V:a'A,/':::-:L^^  '7 ���'������ Tlie,Rul*y7Creek;Pai'tiierslvi]V has  //closed down1 work for' the season. ...���;.'..  YYy.  ''Parker^S7: Fohntahis';APeiis,7- nil  .72-. sizes; ancT ;prices,at/C/,R;.-. Bourne's.'./  '.: ���.'���".���',:j^1i e; ��� JC^tj-f i lii^r > *Ta M:i n es. ;J:. W;i \11 a cl.. .a  v.-very successful clcaii-up last-Sunday.  A;7//McDonald's/, Grqcery./'.inakeSj.a  "7 sp ecialtyjbf rresh:;eggs;: and biitler.'  ;7777j.QiHaca7&;C6.77haye^^^  /iheir"operatio.is^du'KIcKee 'creek for.  7f;,tiiis.seas��tt;-'^  7/7.A.I;asi: week7W7 /jjAjuid/Mrs/Robin-"  AspiL entertained���iu.any.ofitheir friends  A���.',at*;tii'e'club/A; .//'���!-//7/;7,77/- /"���'"/.  7;:H. K. 'Befdde; fuel agent  fb'h- the  ;7 "White1, Pass / Co;,:\vas in:tmvH:fpr;a  /7'ftw7hoursdast7Satiirday. 7';''77777,:a:  //7//C:/7E//WYnn-^^  ��� Vof7the:/;Moore.: wharf���.'.at Skagway,"  :7paid;Atlin a"mkldk;:.\Yeek;yisit.\:;-.:.7.  It, /.r.G.'okl '^pminissioi^er -AahdA Mrs7  '7 P'raser/gave a:cla:nce:;i&'7i7!!HiQii!>er of  ;,';������;tlielt*. J&iesids'-lastAVediiesda3Anight.;  7,;'7;..'.;A*.7E.:';Ne\yeili; ;vice-president7and  ^igene-fai raanageroCtheAW. 7P7/&7X.-.  7 RA-was.iii'town:for a' cbiipie:'of days  A' this/week/./// 7/>7 7'/ YYY'Y.YY:-Yy a;/; 7/  /7/: Miners 'should 7 try :Gelignite,7iu  ;;7 their tuhuels.;-^No:fimies,|does7bet-  :7ter/:7work///biitv costs;; no niQre'tlian;  7;po\\*cler;a't7Regau's.7,'7,:.-':: a-7.7 a7.  ^././Mr^  /.koii/ Council Idr Whitehorse, spent  ���"Wedtiesda)* and /THuTS��lay in 7lo\vn  ������; Svitl*7the,goveruor';s; pa-rty. iy.  a j*. ,'j\ Plamshaw,  of.-Neiv. ��� York/:  .  .who.   is   interested   in   the, McKee  ..Creek Consolidated, arrived i:i town  ��11 .Wednesday on a business trip.  7Come   yourself7and' send   your  ���', -family or. friends ..to the /Fifth; Avenue Hotel \vhen/in Skagway. Co.tir-  .teous .'treatment,77 lnoclcrate; rates,  excellent service.;; "'!'1.:Y. ,,,-'..4 .'���'  7 ."' 'DicvriS'TRY.-���-I \Vill/be-in/Atlin  7 for two. weeks or so.. Parties desirous  of having  their, teeth attended  to 'should call, on   me   immediately  /and.arrange for sittings.-���Dr. I,. S.  Keiler, First Street,! Atlin/ 7  'To meet the hard times'at present  7 existing in tlie camp N. C Wheeling h as decided to make a.cut iii all  /-lines pf Groceries for SPOT CASH.-.  ,������:���!��� pay no heavy salaries, -do my .own  work, and   give the -consumers the  7benefit.---Fall Orders a. Specialty-���  The  members   of the Atlin/Club  tendered  a  dinner to Mr.-'aud Mrs.  W. J. Robinson on Thursdaj* night.  Mrs.. Robinsou "was:; presented, with  .a coarse gold dust pansy broach  ���svith diamond setting,, and Mr.  Robinson with a nugget chain, both  articles being of local  manufacture.  Among the visitors to Atlin this  week were Mr. \V. W. li. Mclmies,  Governor of tlie- Yukon Territory,  and Major Z. T. Wood, of lhe Royal  N. W. M. P. They and party  spent Wednesday.- and Thursday  visiting, the creeks and points of  interest and left for the north Friday morning.  Y.ATlie/latesV^^  are always on liandat Pillman's.'  .,  a/Fujl;: line ] '.of//Shot G u;i ami -Rifie  Ca rtridges' at .--Regan ''s Hard ware. 1:7  vA,.Correspondence is inade a 'pleasure  /by using, the iiew stock of;iiue,.writ-:  ;ing;paper.ancl enyelppesat Bp/iirne/s^  77: Whv/7|*ay7/as7. ;uHich7/fpr7inicr.ibr;  accomiTiodations^iwhehi. 7the.;, Fifth  :Aveilue7Hotel,Aof; Skagway, offers  ;yqit.llie7best;:at-.tlie same.m;ic^.;A:74:  7-'A'Fairbanks despatcjifsays that  jYul^;/Perpyicli,Jhe coiiyici^d Greek  ���riiiirderer,':"and 7twb,.thieveS;escaped  from the jail-at that; place/recently.  Perpvich,: was;; re-captured;:;/'Hend-  rickson,7;,tlie/ hold-upA>nan:who es-  caped/frbmtiiesaiiie 7 jail souie-tiine  ago,"is stillAiit large. 77,        ~::.       ":YY  A StaHes'&;l/umsden/car^  of good groceries/; 77-       1 -:��� ^ :.,:,: ������ ;.t  7/::;At7-.Tautalus/7:Yr  22nd au/IndiaiV':youtli /atteiiiptecVto  murder7P*'aiik7Mack;-a;Av;ood-cutter7  by/shpoting;7-hiih/:- with 7a/2 2' calibre  :nfle7,7 7'fhe; ;bullet/ 'which7 struck  Mack behind the ear,; caused ��� fonly  siight injtiry:/;;/;/Tlie;Ihdiaii7;belieyed  to.be insane,;'was7take*f7.1117;^ charge  b3'/.the po)ice7 7 ���;YYYfY7::7��� ;���' /;.-.,: 7.���; .:V;-.-;.  ;.'.';7Tlie': McClary/lnnip-us /ranges and  lieaters7at Regan's;;15������;���: 7 7'yYY'Iy  Kvei'y aia:��owc��it to himself and his family  rtolniastor'tttrrcdcbr pro7ess.ion>Keiul the display atlvertisesiient of tlie si's. Jlc-rso Schools  of Telen'raphy, in this issue and learn how  easily a ,vonii(? iman or lady may learu telegraphy and be assnred a position^    :   7 7  WE7;have/only:. about/ 1'$&���"& w^ - ^  :'7-:7.77 77-.,7:77,='-.;;  ,.7. YgY^:?%imMM  One Dozen; of those ;������������'���'--m & $ �� H|C|  f I.l7%*  at   $1.00  /���'':-!-.each:.-.7'7  V':'7left.'':7:''7:  Our Boys, /Girls,, aiid /Misses.,SIioes,:  !i'PI5  '-'������*';.77  arc. goiiig7 ^ist,7ancl!HliisA;line;7Avill;so6iV7he7cleared.7  ;77VVe7Stilf7j^  it&r^/l(-WlrY^-  mu  fSSBISY  'YYyY)1  mm  w  ��M  mm  7; :;3337HaSiings/Street^7/Van^  IB' ^  s.TCT*n=nrji*.-f -jiMizzra:  *jni4*!Ut<vrU!n<na��^KJ<ii?cz���zx?z^��=*v^^ ..  7^��;5Kff\JvS>^  .; :gES^'//Mail Orders ;prphiptly���  /A''Seif-Mea''siii;'eiiie'iit'--Biank.s':.'-^  iRilii  '-���>  FOR   SALE ���50   Shares  Y;Y.:;.1yyY-Y: 0f  /.'/  Atlin   Trading   Co.,   Ltd ,  ".���'.' .'.Stock ' -  ���7/   .-.at'": -'":-7.  ���Per   Share. - ��� 7 '  Original   Par   Value   $100.  7ATDTN>7;B/;JC77  fr^wes^sVipf' ���Mageri'iiMee^ ^-assd ]YP'��sai^ie��,  /SMAtF7f^ND7^ARG  &:&>&:ih&&& ;,'; ft^^.K^.P'^^^3:^'ftc^!HSi:ffi3bft��^:R^Js':S*i Y::Y'i8&&s^j^b^* P&tStPiS>-.$:.'  THii .dining-room-is;/c^^  '���A/:/v7/r7///A7-;//7"/,.7 7;"'7.CLASS7-PR.lN  t^F  *E:  MOS,  'M���4 M Ij  >te  DIXON    BROTHERS,    Proprietors.  - * ��� ;- ~���-^���^-_^.^>������( ^_ ..:  Apply   to.    '*/���'* ::x-"'....'.:. :ir.>/'.:'i'^'\  \:'l~.  / M.;  Agent.  : ; -a'    / ' Pdol    & 7 Billiard s^'': --Free  Freighting and; Teaming ^��  Horses and Rigs for Hire.  ; TALLM I RE   &   BEN N ETT,   Proprietors.  Corner Pearl and First Streets, Atlin, B. C.  Court of Revision.  Atlin Assessment District.  "T"^' Aecordiineu with Hie (.irovUions of the  --"- "Assc'.-i.-unent Act" the first .session uf the  Court ol' Kevision uud Appeal for the Alllti  Assi'.ssii.wiil-, Distrluk will be held in tliuCourl  i'coin, Atlin, II. (*., (>,i Tuesday, lhe seven-.  Ifciitli day (if 0(.'((tlH.<r. A. I)., 151C5,at tlie hour  ol'lcii (I'elui'lt in the forenoon.  W. I'Or.URI) GRANT,  Judye uf Hie CVmrl of Revision  nnd Appear.  Date,I at Atlin, li. C i'STtli .*--<;'itr.'nih('r, ICOn.    :i  FIRST   CLASS   RESTAURANT   IN   CONNECTION.  CllOICCSr WliVJS, LiyUOKS A,\i) CIGAKS���CASt goods a-si��i.cialiv.  ����wwt��^^^  t  r&@  **&$  G.asi   is.��   found  iffY/.  fUv',B.>i  a#  i: if k, $& /a A- l&i <AA Aa  ��� 111.  HalkWay House  K   "   I \en    for   all  ���   "   I' is   Thc'niei.ls    ���  1     '��� milliiii; and  "      ' ' ��>���>,���   .iu , i,l���.  '    '      s (.fi'o.shiiiH- us  " <    I f the early  ' An -Ideal  I 1 11*1       ��\* !������!....  SC I t  /in     HUTU  1     iid   \vlnLc*r  FAMES   CLARK,  11 Ol l IKTOR.  7,7.-l  ���Tiii  :-H  77'  .it;  71  :4  -���7, ���'<?,;. ,;g  M  m  Ml


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