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The Atlin Claim 1905-09-23

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 ;: 1/1/7-  !t.'if,:v,  S^7:M:7777'  . wAS ���.  CAiv.vP.'.v'/..'''-  vol:  T3*  '-^MKllGl|^^  ffNGttSH^^  'i/^^ne^  77'H:77M77Susp^ul e'ct���Fqr-way/'a n d/'S wei  7 7,'-;-':7:7777d^��:;7Arra  '���^iS^liJB*^  :' ���'���': tY ^ >'v 7pv7s ?. * ''^^-'l^y -^W!i fl"?*'1. " l.fe::' S-: ;M��!  7^| -7V ���; /^Sslai i.^B^Si ^J^I^^'i^-^e i^^S^^rr?  :;;1:;;epideim^  ;>7 J uis' bee n7 phebk^  .-;: 7 ||Iviege^3|l |m ip^pt^^i^Ca^  77 ^^S't as/ ��� tifeia ���fawil'cied;e.ght;?graiid;  "^aiP^^s^y^he; ;Iiitenialibnal7Exiiibi-;;  /^���agncirlt'^  7i:rghrae;:cei^al^  /'/^fe^G^^?-^  :777tke7G^  ^perieciifr'p'^  ^vje-yjand^^  7/;the^hibit^  7v 7^ asjgarise ii^in 7^^  77?the7 "Mbroccan^-'q'u^  /7-*^-^^Genu^  7-C:;.4&!H^  ;/:;is;yiewed^witj.^  7 ;��� 1* e:ti sio't i^as'/G Sririau yWv'i 1 li 11 o tV-y ield:;  '/������OU'/^'everal^  -7 Fi*anbevcbaisiders:mbst-ess.eiitk  -/feii/settle'rueh^  //treruelyiahxious:^  7. howeyprisusc^  ;;7: :,Qttawai;;Sept.7Sr;-^Ganada?s:-';forK  .../.eign.t-ra'de'^  /'/avlarg-e/incfe^^  77t.lie7[Jiii.tec!: Stakes /'a hd'{'s��mevykat:of:  Y& 'decrease/ wit h/t lie ;iaaother .country  '.. vTaricl: ;G erma ffitY'>^^r��:Y*t-Y- -';; .-���. ��� -. ��� 777- '���' 7V  7 ;^7 Tpi;on tb",;.Sept:"2^  77��f;/.the77lbcaO  ;-;and Capt.;Sergeant7Seriouslyiiij tired'  .7 iii /'a Y&ve-Ywhich ������^destroyed^Qwfck  7hundred' thbusanci-dbliarsXwortli^bf  ^property on; the ;Esplanade aiid-Ber-:  v kle.'Tstreets iirthisroity..to'day.7-//:';;7:7  ���  7:Presto^  ;7jii-Hil},'iu''aii'^  fanners -of southern '.M.innesbta, de-:  , tclafed'that'..the :Panaina::CEiia'l;lyl'ieii  /completed would .simply be ;an.".ex-:.  <- peiisive';' .toy and -of little 'use in. extending'the trade of:���'America.'';' He.  ���advised", all Americans to cease of-  feiiding;..tlie. Chinese .as the Orient,  ; ��pi...hisi-\vay_<yr __thinkin'g\,' .was the  future' 7 market of' .the    northwest  : -firfmerS;' -' '7.        .���"'.��� ..-/���   .-     ���;>;.'���  -7 Tokio,, Sept. .2:[.���Au'.atili-peace  ���meeting in this:-city-yesterday was  barely atteiid.ed owing.'to a -heavy  rainstoim.-The tone of the meeting  was quiet. .Resolution's were passed  demanding .that the cabinet' should:  ..either   break   the peace /irea'ty  or'  7fe,fck!'o;in^  J^P^UU^iJi'^^  %P3S'#!l^1^:/11 P,9^fuclr^ste^' leyei/paid'onWl"\\^eetiMW^M  _ ���ipbn;/s'uch.:a";steb  pohfei^i'ibe7\vaS|tb-:iie;!cbn^  ;^|ys,7:^resideiit^  ^*o^-.ind'jalso:;^  >7^:'^*) J^M Ml'lfl? hpen^tottift'  iP^f?4$y#|:lpai  ^ty/^iextr^  ;br:>voUnde<l.^:7^  ?7|Gppehli|gen];i^ep^  Ifl^W/tre^  l^ypS^as/fi^  fpf7a7;whpie5re  gially7a n npuuceg < ihere^tSa^laf^w;  j^'i^d ^7(^ni*'ai*^bh  :m a iis^;^o|-/p^ ���  iP^^^^MlHlai^d^^  Sap^red^ou^idis^  :!iv^#|2^i^?3-^ M' ;3^i ffes^i"d:a;  I-i^ge ;��u -xifti t y:7p&a^himunitibM^^v!-;:"'  ^^Seoill;?^'^^^;^  life^liinchedjy^feda^  e^when^he'eiitert-iinea^vM^i^  'Roose^^n^i^Rpart^-^  . 77^ah 6're^'.;';lirdiaiw; S^  :t-e\vs^has beehTeceive'dviiere :of:.the'  destruction,; ���%'fire:of--oiie;?^hbusand:  houses7at; Baram'ilaiu|thV:C  resign;   , ,���    ' 7 7."        ...... 7;  .  ;". .Halifax/- N. S., Sept."'si.-^Tlie  big sleainer Iiremen of tlie IMoillr  German Iyloy.d liiie..was towed' into  ���this'" pcirt' l-dday..by the oil-tank  steamer Lucio'an.' ;On Saturday  .afternoon" last ihe7siiaft 'of ilie port  prop-iior of'tlie Breiii-erj-'hroke   and  'distric��''>;y-,7.";t;'7-';K;";'7-'-77  :;V!-Kee\y'��i'tiii^-S6p.tr^  :Keivnedy:::::was^,7kille^  Watsom '^prGbahly .' fatalljv^ihju'red  yes'terday W:a^ blast oTxbck^atr'the  ne\y;'i.Kee\y.ati*'i'!.:flour.vi-fl'ilL'^7^^  ;-;77: -; v :7f^7GKNE;iiAl;\ NEWS:>v-7'7-:7:7 :;7;  - ^Eour^tiches/pXsnoW  !s0h''bti.;MbiKlaj'7:7'7;?:7-;'"r7 :H;  :77I>brd;Roberts will, acebnipany.'thb  ���Duke:pf:Cbnnaught,to^S  "iii.-Novembeiv-:, fY/-Y^n:, 77.:::\'77;;��7-77  ��� \;Xhe'-'/Grand '-V^runk'-;Pacific; will  take'over thiVCaiiada7AUai)tic;rrail-'  wa}*:on Oct. '1st."7'��� / : :; ';77���'���'.���"'''.v/^'  ..; 'Sixty.personsi/were/last week hi-  jhred in a railway accident at Gleii-  w.ood Springs, Pa.  7 The Chinese are already re'turiiing  tjp Maiichuria aiid:are again taking  up their'barm lauds? ���'���-���V. '".':'���: .:''���������;'  ���Albert McClusky, a burglar, lias  been* sentenced to seven years, imprisonment at'Vancouver:.'     '   . '':  If present crop prospects are fulfilled'hi M.auifo'ba',' 250,060 new settlers will come to Canada,from the  U. S.'iie^t;.yeari/'--: ��� 'v>7'-,..    -  The .sleainer Sarah.arrived at  JJawsou ,o'n -Siuklay witli 130 passengers and $200,000' in -'.gold dust  from/Fairbanks.: 7 . i   w  A sluiceboK on Gold" Run, near  Dawson'! Avas'.ro'bb'ed of .$jo'o' worth  of'gold d.11 nt. on Sept. 15 th;'" A .su's-  pect. was arreste'd.'  In T,on'dou".'it is.' esinna"ted", that  the, fishing7.cbiica,'.sion.s which the  lIS^P^^?.^^; ?3lan'u ::hav^3ractir!  ^y7>r::S'^V P y$% he;-'t ra hsc6'nti n en tai'  ^i^'^yV&thmissibners^fo  pbsalffor;a:;innioji;dep^  %|frf^:M':M-7^  ;bandTa^Siifte(:::^'b  jealo nsy> 0 n;:H*e:in ornin g~ of ^SeptVfisV  i??pst|yvas:;ajye:rj'; prbmihent/mihiiig:  :.hian777':777;;;' :'7 iH 7 7:'7v 77.S-.:7/;;.7777;��n77.  ^.a^spn,7is'vsueing/i]ihi :;;,:ibri';;duwbe  :ph|/the:;7grbil*id/M^n'fi^  M ^M- Jia-S7^%'i ..''liamed 7as :C'the7Cb:  resppiidehtv7l7i'-;:A?37;7;%  |.7&h%al/:tMadrigo^  gtoisoiie'^/tbwm  ^h^|^regimehts;'pfv^  :pirSept7-b:th^  ;the;Japa!ieseV7:5^i7-7v7:::^:7v7;7  |7^fpfty|tl:ree7:aiitiVR^  ^nj^e^^pfk?haye:p|ptest^  ^|^t'th|>^tei^|tlifjFr^  or"J|th^S^ii i ted;xSta  :R ussiaii ;'gpyenime n WxY'YiY YY$��&Yh 7  ::i^A.7Beigfadev:rei|D!t  :thousfuia^;nian1|^  4s|r-irbntier|inta;S^  towiis^iid;tik'ilied4the'':cbmtondaii^  - :-p :i i'1 -^���W','*i"'^i^-*^v^*#jfe?f��^ii:^ui^7^i^:  ..ot'.tbe,.oeryiau;guards;777:7;777;777.;/;77  :7;Mll':7;dahgen.;;6f::war:;bet^  )vay,:and}Sweden:;is;;:over7 ancfIthe  ^nljL.questioij^emainijigJitQjj^  tfcd;is\lhe^^  of fprts: along;thefto'litieV;7 ������; 7       }Y-;  :/7 A/report isays^ .that lit". Vnowjobics1  as; though:Geprge/Kle3',7;M.::P;7;fcr:  ,Vic tori a/7: wi 11,7:su cceed v /S i r: ��� ��� He'n ri  'jGly;.de71^pi:bihiere7asJ: 'iiexf- ':h'euteu'-'  ���aHt.;go.ye'rn'ohor  ^('Timely 7:rai:*is'7f/tl*rbu  drought-strickeh^-district :;bf7 Siiriia,"'  India, ;7h'aye7:r^lieveclY tlie : tears';of  ;iumine,:/althbhgh7,the7heat7has^^  ;ready;destro)*ed:maiiy::of ���;���: tlie-. crops:'-  .^Threeiyphoonsiin/rapid "succes.-  sloh, su-ept^ tlie   -coast: "district "of  Seoul,;;Korea',.last week1.-^Blahv^peo-  ple:.were"killed an'd--'ii.umerpiis:'btiild-:'  ihgs; destroyed.: hy wind^aud ;water.  :-7  Gn Sept. 14th fire/destroyed : the  entire   business {.district .of Nome,,  Alaska.,   The loss is fully $500,000  aiid..only. stnall':hisurance.. was "carried. ...'Many people were completely  ���bankrupted/;  7   "      '     ������:-   ... '-i;,, -.'  ��� The ., department'of, uiilitia, Ottawa, has received-'tlicifirsi: shipment  of 1,000' of the new Ross rifles.  This.make of rifie 'has been adopted  to replace the Lee-En field -.used bj-j  the Canadian militia.  ,; John J. Flaniiigan, of the New-  York police department, in competition last week put a -36-pound  weight 42 feet. ��� The--, previous  world's record, which was held by  ���Flanning,:was 30.feet 7 inches:'  The terms of a secret treaty made:  by the emperor of Japan" and 7-the  ejear-o.f Russia have become public.  The czar, and not tlie. Russian empire, will pay $500,000,000 indemnity to Japan within five years.  Experiments  in the use of oil. as  : w i 11: be��� ;es t ab i is h ed/;a U :'m a t iyio:r'^:iiie;:'  ;I i'p ijio;--i jo r ��?si"^ ?;SicV-#-i ';/-'^-f :ic;i        i.r :':"?r::r^: :��� v;r v-7;/.7-  !77;S'W7 7P?{ttersbiii&  ���^yho wits/tried/;;lor7the7murder/of!^  Oae^/^pu'ngilat/';^  acq u i t ted^h cvslTe-iiiarr i.e'd'h cr-boruier:'  ��� 1 ^usba nd;^;^pi^|3f-;J-Mr ti n;;/: f rpm-;;  ;whbii]7she;WasTdivbfced^  ���bgb7:7;;7;;7;7^  ^i/At^Heishigu^^f  :;w'eek:7iro;pjM//\vitih  ;diSpersed/:.a7/;mee'tli)g.7bf/^  ^^^re^ijesentirig^^  M/that/g^  ^|.yecl;ii.7:;tpj^:7disbus^  ;si tu a. t i"p.it: K'^ ":7?': ^ YY^Y: ���;/ 777//-;:7/;7;f77/7  ':���:.;, 1V"'nng7/a /pahie/ ata^caftfeJshbw':"'  ;a t; Sa him a'uea; :".S pai ii;/:caused7 by. t h e/7  ;ani;mals7/becpming/ ;''Mglite'ne^lJai)d-^  :r ush m'g- A ii to H he: cfpu'd, 0 20^fsbn.E'7;  ^Y?^e:.7;:iiy;ursd.7:;;by/:;i)ein^  :dbwn7;aud;/ti'ampled:;:upoii;^  ^be'Mt^iU:\n^il-^  ;-/:;; A':;tln;ee--m'asted'-ve'ssei la tely :;fpu iid:^  bottpm;/'-!!p7oii7:1:he::AkisJcSii:;cqast is'-"  ���believed:; tp|be:7the^;M  QfSan-VI^raiiciscof':\vhich -���sailed^U'o'nVW:  ^It^pprt/lpn^the/;/^  :Slie;.;^rried;:a:.crc  ^Uare^pp^ed^tp-hav^^  v;/7^ast7^ye0::;2|^^^  publ isiV^.;a7rhiu^  7-X"//;  a>77ff7  ;0e*|efrep^|h a t?7 tf||/Jlami Ij^ofilBa'rpu:;./;  ^f^i'lplfl^pu^rfpe^  :th&/|;Rp|tsffipii;tU|.^  :Been:.^^assinat^p|'The  ;b^#4^-!-:P^bj^Jb/2-^bverh  :cials:dt;;^kipi^^?:7/;;7//77;:7  '���_���:'.; Aii]7 Aifeiei^^iir,:'despatch-;\ saysM'���'  ^tha t^Iju tcK:tfep^  ^iig^lilW'cal^rM^Pa^  :ojf:: the/^Gelebes:���'.-grqupj cand'-.x-vijicii-iY.  'was/7the/capital' Oir-Priiipe Loewoe: '':'>  ;wh'o:lias; been ;:causi!ig7.''the- :Dutcli '"  -inuc!i--tFGalMejipf:l.ate.;:7;7Many:Diitoh7^^^  soldiers wei'e kille;d;^iid',wbfflicled.7 7/,7  : ;/':'IJircle7;a3ill'7 ':KeliV.7:iast:7Aveek.:^v  ���i'eelebrated.:-.-.his;'''.S.5tii7'.:bir:tIi.day.'-  New:. York*, prison,:, where hehas:  been-for744 yea:fs;ior^;m  :secb''i;d^%ree.7/Aii; effort7is--/behig/):-  :uiade;tp;: have/hiri/pardo'tied7:V!;Tl'6:"/���;  judge,':jiirors 7, asid;' :attorneys::/wh0.7:  :acted i/iuVthez-tnaL/c^  iSenteuciug.-of.K^  7 ��� Martiallaw has/been   proclaimed:   .  :ip/:the/Caucasia^i^  guras,:\viiere:the Tartars 7are "inas- ;  ��s��:  fuel on balljeships, have -been so  satisfactory' that., the British'admiralty has ordered an extension of Lhe  great oil-storing depot at Plymouth.  It  is   understood   that stores of oil  sacfeihg'Amehiahs7;of albagesahcl  sexes. -Mutilated children .ii:e .bain'"-'  fed-tOMthe dogs.77/All; who:are not.  killed .are/ forced:. to'7embrace.:the:.  Islamism /laith.'in /order:; to save  their ���:,- lives, 'V-.-.a'tki- 7already :;.ipo,doov  have been -eohyerted. 7 ���;���'������'������'���'.  -���//  /.'A 'New1- York r-epsrt7says/that  Baron5Komurais gettiiig worse and  tba't the doctors/diave - not as yet  been able to : diagnose ;hi.s illness.'  A Japanese-theatrical; manager: iu  Dakota claims that Komura'is com-  mittii'g'harikira (suicide), by using  a subtle drug as he knows that the;  peace terms.he has arranged axe not  satisfactpry to his people..  A   Berne  despatch  sa}*s.that the '  Swiss; expedition   which   made   an  attempt   to reach the summit of the  western Himiiayas has returned unsuccessful   owing   to   the death of  Lieut. C.hea, liead'of the party, who  ���  was   caught   in .an avalanche and'  crushed to/death.    A large  part ��� of  the  party's '.-supplies was lost at the  sanie   time   the leader was-killed,  llowever, the expedition ;weiit suffi-'.  cieiitiy far into   the   mountains   to  .discover a new tri.be of people, who  are independent of the '.leadership, of  the. Grand Liama.    Of this tribe of  people   the women .are the -largest, "  strongest and bravest, the men    he- ���  ing   ismall   of'stature, . weak'-.and  timid.    The women  are in absoltila  eon'roJ -.'.r "'1 -'".:'. :/ ATLItf, ' B.*   C,    SATURDAY, ' SEPTEMBER   23, 1905  The Atlin Claim.  THE ATLIN CLAIM is published every Saturday  MonNING. MAILED FREE TO ANY PART OF THE  WORLD FOR SO CENTS PER MONTH I *R.OO PER  YEAH. ADVERTISING RATES '. tl.OO PER INCH EACH  INSCRTION I RCADING NOTICES. 25 CENTS A LINE.  SPECIAL   RATES    ON    APPLICATION.  -^^*-  JOB PRINTING :  CtlLL'HEADS, POSTERS. (VISITING   CARDS  LCTTER.HEAD5, PROGRAMMES,       ETC.,  ETC.  ORDCns   PROMPTLY   EXECUTED.  PRICES   MODERATE.  of the ground on which Mr. McKee  is working and the ground on Bull  creek on which the plant is installed, the whole of valley is open.  Tub Atun Cijaim Puhlishing Co.  W.   Polijaiib.   Gh.sn-t,    Editou-Managku.  GOVERNOR McINNES.  The report that Governor Mc-  Innes would reach here on today's  boat is premature. On enquiry we  received, through the courtesy of  Mr. Dowling of the government  'telegraph service, the news from  Whitehorse that "The governor left  here day belore yesterday (Tuesday)  for Kluane lake to be gone a week  or ten days. Can't get back before  Tuesda)* if he goes all the way."'  A special meeting of the Board of  Trade  was  held Thursday evening  in   connection   with" the   proposed  visit of the governor.    At the' meeting the question of a  road   around  the   northern   end of the lake was  taken up.    As the road  would pass  through   the   Yukon  Territory for  the greater part of its' length it'was  decided to approach  Gov. Mclunes  on the  question  and   endeavor   to  secure   his  powerful, influence with  the Yukon council, and lo this end  a committee consisting of the president aud secretary of  the board, together  with Dr. Young, M. P.'P.j  was appointed to approach the governor aud lay the facts of the   case  before  him.    This- is a very opportune time to do so in view of the development  in  the  southern part of  the   Yukon   Territory.    Some two  years ago the Yukon   council   was  approached  by the B. C. provincial  government with the hope of getting  the   council   to   continue the road  which   the   provincial government  was prepared to build' to the northern border.    At the time there was  no   movement   commercially or  in  mining in the southern Yukon aud,  as   it   appeared  to them that Atlin  alone would benefit, they refused to  authorize   the expenditure.     Since  then  development work has shown  that the northern part of B. C. and  the   southern   strip   of the Yukon  adjoining promises to be one of the  richest mineral districts in the country.   Roads will be absolutely necessary  and   we   may  in   interesting  Gov. Mclunes be able to secure the  co-operation  of the Yukon council  iu our project.    A letter from "Go-  Ahead" on this subject is printed in  another column.  Joe Martin, in a speech at Winnipeg on Sept. 15th, urged the formation of a third political party in  Canada.  It is evident that "Plighting Joe"  has come to the conclusion that opportunities for sparring, are not sufficient!}' numerous ��� with only two  parties in the field.  Or perhaps he is trying to work a  bluff, on the off chance that the boss  of the wheat province government  may offer him a front seat job.' ';  Why sknu out vvhkn you can get goods ah chbai- iiiiiii*?   ,  Atlin, Nugget and   Grape   Rings  and all kinds of Jewelry matui  .  faet'ured on.tho premises. , ,  Kino  New  Stock  of   Watches,   Clocks,  Jewelry   and   Diamonds  Watches from Sft.OO up. Agents for Columbia Gramophones.  Silverware, Cut Glass, Hand Painted China, Souvenir Spoons.  JULES EGGERT & SON, atlin and discovery, -  safety Deposit vaults..   '.Watchmakers and Manufacturing Jewelrs.  They   are   Waiting   for   Youl  1113  IN  CL�� JB*i!N��$   Mats and Dry Goods,  Carpets' and 'House Furnishings*  FULL   LINE   PV   BOOTS   and    SHOES,  .also    GOLD   SEAL   HIP    GUM . HOOTS.-#���  New Arrivals.  Following is a list of those who  have recently arrived per the Scotia:  Sept. 16���Dr. H. E. Yo.ung, W.  Ferguson, Mr. Carruthers and L.  Scliulz. -Sept. 29���Dr. L. S'.Keller,  J. McCloskey,' Pat Foley, R. Win  ters and J. A. McDonald.   ,    .  H* C> Brown & Co  ' Atlin and  ��� ^, Discovery, B. C.  Successors  to J. H. Richardson.  Canadian Pacific Railway Company.  The general synod of the Church  of England, recently in session ;at  Quebec, by a strong vole decided  against-'the -re-.niarrying in ,that  churcli of divorced .persons,.      .   ���  '  SIXTY Dnys after date I intend to apply  .to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works to purchaso.fdrty  acres of agricultural land' situate .three-  quarters of a mile north of Atliii.tovvnsite,  described as follows:"-;-jCohimencing at .a  post planted on- the 'north . east corner  marked "G. II. S." north east corner post,  thence west'20 chains, thence south 20 chains,  thence esist 20 chains, thence north 20 chains  to point of commencement.  7     . G.-M*.-S")irlejib, ,'.  Atlin', B*. C Sept. 7th, 1905. '' "ni'8  ALASKA   ROUTE   SAILINGS.  S. ,S.'PRINCESS"BEATRICE,' -. Sk'ptembur 4,  16, and ,28.'  S. S. PRINCESS'MAY,    -   '-     ,   Sept.  ii, 22, and Oct. 4.  '      '" ���'������������': Sailing from'Skagway'8,. p.m.,  . ,   . .EjirecVto Vancouver  and Victoria. ^  .Transporting by rail-or steamer to Seattle without extra charge. ,      . ,.;  EL.-R. Dunn, "...  ���>,',-     '   Agent,Skagway.  We give quick serviee. "No.intermediate calls.  ��� ��� For rates or information apply to'  a~lAKE Xotice that, sixty days after date,  ., -'---TfNoii behalf-of the British Yukon Navigation Company, Limited Liability, intend  to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands  ���atid.'^Yorks for permission to purchase for  terminal and industrial purposes, on behalf  of said company, the following described  tract of_ land, containing one hundred and  sixty (100) acres, more or less, sitiiate'din the  Cassiar District, Atlin Division: , Comuppiie---  ing at a post situa'ted in the south west,corner of Windy Arm, thence running from.this  post south'SO chains, thence- west 20 chains,  thence north 80 chains, thehco east 20,chains  to place of commencement. > . ���������..: .r. ',,,  British Yukon Navigation Co.,',Ltd.��� . i  Per P. V. SCHAHSCHMIDT, Slipt., :  Agent,    i   .  Dated this 11th day of August,.1905.        .,.. o21  TH E WHITE PASS & YUKON" ROUTE:  Through   Line' 'fjpom  Skaguay  to Atlin, .White' Horse;' Big' Salmon, -  ,   ; ,. , . ,' Dawson and all intermediate points.:'.   ..' ,-  .Finely  appointed trains dailyi except Sunday,  between'Skaguay  .Caribou  '   'and   Whitehorse'.' Carry Passengers, Baggage, Mail and Express-  ,T,IME.,SCHED,yLE''OF  Fl RST'CLASS  TRAINS;-*.  1 ' ' Nci.'l.���North'Bound. | No. 2.���South Bound... ��� :i ������  ' 9.30 a.m. Lv.       SKAGUAY.'    Ar. ,4,30p.m".   '-, ''..''  2.10 p.m. Lv.       CAKIBOU      Lv.ll.50.ft.ni.   '���    '     ���-     .  ,4.-30 p.n-..Ar.,WHITEHOKSBLv. 9.30 a.m. .,        :*���,,.���,  TIME .SCHEB.0LE   LAKE!   STEAMBOATS:    ',  '      .Leave CAKIBOU 5 p.m. Tuesdays,     Arrive 'Al'LIN 9 a. 'm/Wcelinesilnys:'  :     '     "��� "   '     '.5.p..m;!B1i!idAys," ��� " "    -  9.a: in. Saturdays. * .  :.   .a.eavo ATLIN ,S p: m.-Mondays,,.-, Arrive CARIBOU 7 a. ni. Tuesdays.  1    _     ."        .  "      .5 j>. m./riiursduys.., "     ,.-7-t\ -,',;   l.'J.'a. xo. JfridayS.���,-���,.; ,.,'i-V  .1  ���    150 pounds of baggage will he "checked free with each full faro-del'et and 7,5 pounds  with each half fare ticket. "       .���<������*"--'   '.  Passengers must he at depots in time to have'Baggage inspected and checked.  Time Schedules are subject,to.chauge without notice. ' '   .  MXF~   ..Baggage   Bonded   Through.  For information- relative-.to Passenger,' freight, ExpreSsUmd  Telegraph Rates,  apply.tp any agent of the Company or'to s ,        .        ' -  M.J.B.WHITB,."G.>4P.A.;"        j'. LIFSCOWI'BE,       R.D.PINNEO', Asst.'G. V.& P. A..  Vancouver, B.C.   ���   -���"    ;"       Agent,'Atlin. ���  'Skaguay  Alaska. '.  TAKE Notice that, sixty days after date,  I, on- behalf of H. W.,13. Canavan, intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of  Lands and Works for permission to purchase  the following described tract of land, containing eighty acres (80) more or less,,situ-  ated in the Cassiar District, Atlin Division:  Commencing at a post situated in the south  end of Windy Arm,thence running from this  post south 40 chains, therice east 20 chains,  thence north 40 chains, thence west and  along the shore line to point of commencement.  H. W. E. Canavan,  Per        P. P. SCHAUSCHMIDT,  Agent.  Dated this Hth day of August, 1905. o21  SPEED  SAFETY  COMFORT.  IHE PIONEER*A&ASKA.IiXN*-.  Steamers-leave SKAGWAY for.   ,  Seattle, Puget Sound, San'Francisco  - and Southern   Ports  ..CARRYING    U.   S.   MAIL.  City of Seattle;    Sept. 8, .18, 28  Via Vancouver.  HOTEL VANCOUVER.  Humboldt,  r"I'1AKK   Notice that, sixty days after date,  -"-    I intend to apply to the Chief Conimis-  LEASE CANCELLATIONS.  During the montli of September  to date there has been posted notices  of cancellation of eighty leases, viz.:  Sixty-four in the O'Donnell valley,  twelve on Snake creek and four ou  Pine.  Since our last publication there  have been twenty leases cancelled  on Bull creek. This completes the  cancellation of leases in the O'Donnell valley axd, with the exception  sioner of Lands and Work,s for permission to  purchase the following described tract of  laud, containing eighty (80) acres, more or  less, situated in tliqijCussiar District, Atlin  Division: Commencing at the north west  boundary of H. W. li. Cannvau's. location,  thcuvo running from this point south' '40  chains, thence west 20 chains, thence north  10 chains, thence east 20 chains to point of.  commencement.  P.  l\ SCHAHSCHMIDT.  Dated this 11th day of August, 19015. o2J  -. Sept.,J, ,13, 23  -  ��� ���-. i    Direct.  Cottage ..City,    -    Sept.  12,   25  Via Victoria and Sitka..  OPT   Above  Schedule  Subject to  Change  ,"-''.   ' -Without  Notice,  C. D. Dunann, Gen. Pass. Agt., ���  10. Market Street, San Prmiclsco, Cal.  E. A. MURPHY, Agent,:  - Skagway, Alaska.  ���  THIS HOTEL IS STOCKED WITH'  THE   BEST   OF   GOODS  Sam*  Johnstone,   Prop*  rT"UK15 Notice that, sixty days after date,  -L I, on behalf of C. Wyun Johnson, intend to apply to tho Chief Commissioner of  Lands and Works for permission to purchase  the following described tract of lnnd.'eon-  tuining eighty (80) acres, more or less, situated iu the Cassiar District, Atlin Division:  Commencing at a post on the BoundaryTLlrie  between the Yukon Territory and.British  Columbia, situated on the. west side of  Windy Arm, thence running from this'point  west'20 chains, thence southerly 40 chains,  thonee east, 20 chains,thence north and along  tlie shore line to point of commencement..  C. Wynn.Johnson,  Per .        T. KioiiAHDS,     7'   .*'  .1   Have .Re-opened  The Royal   Laundry   On the Waterfront.  Men's Suits Cleaned and Repaired.  All Work Guaranteed.  Goods Called for and Delivered.  Cash on Delivery.    '  Mrs.  M.  Fenn,   Proprietress.  ���fiotel  DISCOVERY, B. C.  A Strictly First-Class  Hotel.  DiuingiRoom in connection.  Choicest Wines, Liquors and Cigars  ED.   SANDS,   Proprietor.  Johnson   &   Durie,  Proprietors.  The. Reliable .Shoemaker,  -    -     -'    DlSCOVJCKY, U. C.  Dated this Utb. duy of August 1905.  Agent.  o21  Rubber Boots a Specialty.  it�� Lodge,  A. F. & A.rVl.  ��� Regular   communications  held  mi   tiie   ISi-st  Thursday of each montli  the  A. O. U. \V. Hall,  ;rd Street.  diully invited  Discovery.  OP1CN DAY AND NIGHT.  HIRST-CLASS RESTAURANT  IN  ���     CONNECTION,  iU'uduuui'tei's for Dixon's stage. ATLIN,   B. C, .SATURDAY, , SEPTEMBER, 23,,  1905  a9    ATLIN   and  ^l&QWERY.  Our Stores  in   both   Towns  are  now fully stocked   with,  full  lines in- Groceries   and   Dry  Goods.  A. T. Co., Ltd.  A. S. CROSS, President.  The Death of One Blaek Bear.  /  John Nioliol was the brewery man  What lives 011 the lake shore,  He got a little pet black bear  A'tethered near his door.  To keep that little pet bear'warm  He plant some bush around,  Some rock also lor shelter  And some berrie on the ground.  But bye and bye some hunter bold  Go out lo shoot one day,  Geo. Findrey,' of the fire hal^man,  And Nathan cross the way.  They see that.bear, they,see.the .���  They see the rock also,        [bush.  But 'cause theydid libt seethe chain  They say "By gosh, that .bear am  , slow."  And so they fire their little gun, '  Then dodge behind a tree;'*'  They say "We got him dead for ���  But did not stop to see.     [sure,"  The news it spread and uimrods  The country far and wide, [scoured  But bruin saw them coming  So he quietly stepped inside.'   ':"  Then when the tumult'eiided  He came boldly ,forth one day, -  But the parson and-the dotninee :.  By chance come past that "way.  "By gosh,"-says they, "here is that  bear, .*  >  We'll got him .-sure this day,"  The teacher says 1'I'11 take good aim  While yoii kneel down an' pray.-"-'  So he fire that gun, then they run, -.  The bear he riin also, "--'      ��� ' ��� ���  But .when he got to end of chain .-';  He could no further go. "1  ���   ;      if       ���     '  -   '��� ~.P.  Next day. some.lady come that,wa��,  They play atnobler-part;    -      '���   '  For one she.'feed'.th'at^b'ear.icookee,'' '  The other give him'tart.      ������   ''.'>,  But 'Tonald, the brave hunter man,  Says '/Out alone Til go;        .. '.\  The way to kill'that.big black bear,  The peoples I will, show."  So out.the crafty Donald'went,  And, with,his friend.E. P.,  They saw-that little pet black bear-'.  Sit down behind one tree.    *     ' ���  E- P. stood out in front and looked  That bear square in the eye,'  While 'Tonald climb upon the rock  Which sheltered him near-by.. ���.  E. P., he mesmerize that bear-    r  ���  W ith look so strong and pure,  For.when brave Donald fire his gun  Dat bear fall dead for sure.  Now.all ye brave, bold hunter mans  You need no more be:sca're, '       j  For Donald and his friend E. P.  Have killed that pet. black bear.   .  CORRESPONDENCE.  could   be   treated, at  the aforesaid  smelters.  6 That the-.coal .mines in neighboring Y. T. will eventually supply  the coal demand of the Atlin district.  7 That the proposed road ..would  obviate tlie dangers and loss of life  experienced hitherto' b}' mail-carriers, freighters and travellers using  the limited and primitive methods  adopted over the lake routes.  8 That 1 lie proposed road would  be open" throughout'' the year and  would undoubtedly promote the  mining industry and enhance the.  welfare and prosperity of tlie'communities established on "either-side;  of the Yukon Territory boundary,    i  ���Your obedient servant.  Go-Ahead.  Atlin, B. C, Sept. 21'st,-'05.  The "Atlin Market Co., Ltd.  FRESH   DRESSED   MEATS,   also  POULTRY  OF ALL.  KINDS,  Dressed to Order.  C.   DOELKER     Manager.  -SUCCESSORS  TO-  Estate of James Kennedy,  Deceased. ,  ^STTOTICE Is hereby given that I huve this  -L->( day been appointed by Hi's Honor  Judge Young as'Administrator of the eatnte  of James Kennedy, deceased.  All persons having claims against the os-  tate'of above named deceased are required  to, Hie' samo,'-duly verified, with the undersigned on or before the 30th day of October,  1905, after which date I will distribute the  assets of said deceased, having regard only  to such claims as shall then have beeniiled.  All persons indebted to the estate of said  deceased are required to pay same to the  undersigned on or before said 30th October,'  1905. ���'",/     -' .   :  '  ������<    *  ���  Dated at'Atlin.TB. C, .12th September, 1905.  .   -   ."VV, POLLARD GRANT,  816-4 Official Administrator,  TJrIOMAS   &   BENWELL,  Wholesale  Dealers in  Wines, Spirits and  Cigars.  Local Agent : M. R. Jamieson.     Head Office : Vancouver, B. C.  4  THE   GOLD   HOUSE,  ���     DISCOVERY,   B.   C.  rC. H. Nissen, Prop.      -       -    F. B. Wrong, Mgr.  Kestaurant in Connection Under  Ne\y and Cupnble Management.  The; Canadian  (Tho Claim is not responsible for views expressed hy correspondents.]'  Editor of The Atlin Claim  Sir,���I beg to'submit" the following''brief rea'sous for advocating a  roadfrom Atlin to the'Y. ,T.- boundary, near north end of Atlin lake,  and -thence towards the vicinity of  Wi'ndy:Arm or Caribou:  ��� t That the country .through  which the road would, pass; is well  mineralized. .,"������''.'���'"  " 2 That the Atlin mining area,  under operation, is steadily extending northward in close proximity, to  the Y. T. boundary.  3 That the topography of the  proposed route is of easy grade and  favorable for the construction of  roads.  4 That the erection of smelters is  contemplated in Y. T. within easy  distance of Atlin.  5 That l lie Atlin district contains  payable  smelting ores, which _ores  Estate of J��jin?es Hunter,.Deceased.  "TVnTOTICE.'is, hereby given that I have this  -^-^ " day- bd.eti .appointed, by His .Honor  Judge Youi'S1''?'Administrator of the estate  of James Hunter, deoeasedl  All persons having :cluims against the estate of above named deceased are required  to tile same wltii tho tiutlersiirued, duly verified,- on or before the 30th day of October;  1905, lifter which date [ will distribute the  assets of'said deceased; having regavd only  to such claims ae shall have been duly filed.  All persons indebted to the estate of said  deceased are required to pay same to 'the  undersigned on or before 80tih  October, 1905.  bated at' Atlin, B. C, September 12th, 1905.  W. POLL A El) GRANT,  slG-4 Official Administrator. '  The Hope, Cariboo, Utah Fraction,  ATLINTA FRACTION, GOLDEN FLEECE,  ' CHIEF FRACTION, and TORONTO MINERAL CLAIMS.        .    '���  Located  East Side Taku Aesi of Tagish  Lake, nine miles above Golden Gate,  Atlin   Mining   Division    'ov   Cassiah  Distkict.  npAKE NOTICE that the, Engineer Mining  Company/Special Free 'Miner's' Certificate No. 5721, intend sixty days from the date  liere'of, to apply to.the Mining Recorder for  Certilicates of Improvements for the purpose  of  obtaining  Crown   Grants   of the above  mineral claims.  And further take notice that action, under  Section No. 37, must be commenced before the  issuance of  such  Certificates of  Improvements.  Dated this 1st day of August, 1905.  THE ENGINEERS MINING Co.,  oil "Al P. Mead, Pres. '  Bank  of   Commerce.  . ..-;;-       .   .CAPITAL' P'AJD'   UP   $10,000,000"  ','"'" ''        '";.'   -Reserve,��� $3,500,000. .  .  Branches of the Bank at Jeattie,     -  !''���'"  '/"_        '' "'     ���'!-������    San Francisco, "'  ...,/,',.,  "t ''        Portland,  . ���������ty.n .-���.-.;Exchange sold on all Points.   . .Ska8"way> ete.  "Gbtp Dust Purchased���Assay'Office in Connection  ....  '   ..'    ;;,! .__..-             .        D- ROSS, Manager.  The Ruth, Red Star, Long Island;  GOLD STRINGER, NORMAN and, KAM-  MA MINERAL CLAIMS.  '  Located on the East Side op Taku Ahm of  . Tagish,'Lake, Nine Miles  South   of  Golden'Gate,-. Atlin Mining Division  'of Cassiak Distkict.' "���''.'  f~|~lAKE Notice that the Engineer Mining  '-*- Company, Ltd., Special Free Miner's  Certificate. No. 5721, intend sixty days from  the date hereof, to apply to tho Mining Ro-  cordeffor Certificates of, Improvements for  the purpose of obtainingiCrown Grants of  the above mineral claims.  And further take notice that action, under  Section No: 37,-must be commenced before  the issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.' ���.'���.���       ���'.'���������.   .���������'' :,-,,'  ���  Dated this 21st duy of August, 1905.  THE ENGINEER MINING Co., Ltd.,  o28' ���     ������'���'���':    '     ������A', p. Mead, Pres.  NOTICE.  NOTICE Is hereby given tlint the owners  of the "Mdn-Unlon" lease on Boulder Creek  will not be responsible for any debts contracted by the lay men, for labor or supplies.  r     7 '     A. S.CROSS,'"/���  Atlin, J11110 26th, 1905.   :    Munagiiig-.O.wiier. '  ".. " ",. Jl-H��>'' ���.' ���".'  "T^TOTICE Is hereby given that applica-  -I���^1 tion'will be made to tho Parliament of  Canada itt its next session for an act. to incorporate'a company wit'i authority to construct, etjuip, maintain and operate a railway of standard or narrow guago from a  poiiit at or near'Selkirk on the Yukon River  in'the Yukon Territory, south westerly hy  the most feasible-route towards Aish-ihik  Lake, south westerly through McKinley  Pass to the junction of the Dezadeash and  Kuskawalsh' Rivers, thence along the valley  of the Alsek River by tho mostfeasible route  to a point, between the 136�� and 188�� of  Longitude on the international boundary  line.  Also from the aforesaid Selkirk by the  most feasible route along the valley of the  Lewes River to a point on the Big Salmon  River, the.iice across the Big Salmon River to  aud along' the valley of the Hootalinqun  River' to Lake Teslin, along Teslin Lake and  from thence by tho most feasible route in a  southerly and easterly direction across the  Stikeen River, in a south westerly direction  along the Naas' valley and Kitsumgallum  valley through the Kitimat valley to Kitimat  Arm in British Columbia and to commence  construction at any point thereon; with  power to'coiistruct, maintain and operate  branch lines and all necessary bridges, ferries, warehouses and wharves; to construct,  own arid-operate tolegraph and telephone  lines in connection with tho said railway and  branches; to construct, purchase or otherwise acquire, charter, obtain control of,  navigate and keep in repair steamers and  other vessels'to'ply between ports in Canada  and between'ports in Canada and ports outside of Canada, carry' and convey passengers  arid freight and carry on a general transportation service in connection with the said  railway, and to sell and dispose of such vessels; to acquire and utilize water and steam  power or any other power for the purpose  of generating electricity for lighting and  motor purposes, or for any other purposes  in aiid may operate tho said railway by any  kind of motive power; to expropriate or  otherwise acquire foreshore rights and  lands for right of way, station grounds and  other necessities; to acquire, take and receive lands or any other aid from the government of Canada or from any provinces or  districts thereof, or from any municipal  corporation or persons towards the construction of said railway or works; to levy  and collect tolls from all parties using and  on nil freight passing in or over the said  railway or the'bridges, vessels, or lands of  he company; to make traffic and other or-  rangements with other railway companies  or persons and for all other usual and necessary powers and privileges; to carry on the  business of a general trading company ad  of an express company, to owllj m 3  lease hotels, and to own  m��"e and explore  -   �����.,  ..nut;  ana  anddeveopemmernllandsnnd to carry on  a general nnmng business and any business  incidental to the purposes aforesaid   US"'esS'  Dated 'August 17th, 1905.  o28  C IV. C. TABOR,  Solicitor for Applicants.  Magnesite Mineral Claim,  Situate in  the Atlin Mining Division of Cassiar District.  Where located :-East of Atlin townsite and  adjoining the east boundary line of the  townsite.  rpYKE Notice that I, A. C.Hirschfeld, Free  ���f-    Miners Certificate No. BS5��9> intend,  sixty days from the date hereof,  to apply to  the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements,  for the purpose of obtaining a  Crown Grant of the above claim  And further take notice that action, under  section 37, must be commenced before the issuance of such Certificate of Improvements  Dated this ICth day of September, 1905     nil  TELEGRAPHERS  Young;Men and Ladies of good ImbUsllo  LEARN TELEGRAPHY  AND  R. R. ACCOUNTING.^^  furnish him or her a position p.fyingfrom SW  to.3.60 a month in States east of the Rocky  gradMtfoS. �� Rockles' immediately ape  Students can enter at any time No v-irn-  o,?,VS�� ,KoP,f" Wrtlculaw regaTdinga ,y Sf  our Schools write direct to our executive  office at Cincinnati, O.   Catalogue free"  The Morse School of Telegraphy.  Cincinnati, Ohio.  Atlanta, Ga.  Texarlia.ia,, Tex.  Buffalo, N. Y.  laCrosse, Wis.  San francisco, Cal.  Send us ycHf Job Print  wntfpg r��:7-:  ;1.7;;  ,  M 777  </\ 7'7'  7-J 7".';;  l;*7K  fedi  !ATLjN,'-7 J3.; 7G^7 SATURDAY,;. LSEPTEMBKR l^r-igo^"  PV".  7 .EST*'  ���:   ".7.7 V777;-7 77; Branch: Store   oiv SPRUCED CRtEK,  Local  ;.;;7.77.'Parker'sv7F6iuitains7: Pens,^^  7 sizes and' prices-al- C. R.TBourue'^"  -.7 . McDonald's ;Grocery;.7niakes.l;a  -. specialfyjof;fresh:'e'ggs..'.ai't'cl .lj.ultqr.l  ^:7;; People should li.ir:i.out:en7.masse;  7 to : the '.masque ball in aid7 of :Atliir  . iii'edepartinei'l; bii7Friday,;-S!Spj:>7297  I���������;7������-'���'���.JVTrsK A^ G.-Kiischfeld anddaugh-,  .ter ;7left7 for. Vancouver, 011 tlie .last  -.boat:,;. A.;C.^acedn*paiii'jd;tliciir it;  ;far:as:;Cariix3ii.;:;7 v'.--7  .their',t\iiiiiels.-^'N6,Tiiiiies;';.docs betr  ter; work, 'but'7costs vndnVore than  7 powder ..fit Regan's:;' ;7[YY;;-; ':^'X;yS}yY)--  77' :Dast"vTuesday nightHrs;Honor  7 and Mrs.ijiidge [.Ypung;ei'tertaiiied  isonie 7 of their friends to a "dalicfe at  ,7lhe Atlihcf.ub. ;.,,; 7 j.7. 7 77 7.. " :.7  7;77The.77piftlf;7Aveinre /.Hotel, 7of  'SlcagWay,;7is7,iioted7'iof;V;its7 .good  .: .beds', 7 commodious! .���: a'n'd 7 .elegantly  '.furnished, 'rooms;:7andi all/ around  general, excellence.?;/; > ;;;/7; 7//::.,7. 3.7;.-  7 "Mrs,; Geo. Findley. and/daughter,  /Mrs.7Morrow; left:.bn::7ThuKday.,i;foiv  oPortageJa-Pniirie'and;'. Yorktoure-  7iSpecti\*el3'. ;;7E)u': route -they ,;wi.U -visit  7Sea.t{le and Edmonton;;'Y-Y\.; ?v 7 7 ;  !/,.7P)liNTISTRY.-���Iwill .be. in- Atlin  ^ferjtwo^\yeeks^or.sp^ 7 Parties .desirt  ous  of having their, teeth attended  to! should tcciUV-'oii' nie V immediately  and arrange:for/sittings:���-Dr. P,;'S."  ���Keller; First Street, Atliii. ' ��� ?���';'���/':���7���:,  Tomeetthe hard times at-preseht  existing/in the. cam.p\ N.':,;C... Wheel-.  ing lias 'decided; to'make^a'cut-in-all  , lines of Groceries lor SPOT'CASH.7  . I pay nq heavy.salaries,-do my owii  Avdrli.. and . give" the consumers the  : benefit.r^Fall .Orders a Specialty���'-  -While out shooting near .Victoria  last week'W. Dockings 'mistook his  .comrade.   Buell   Ronibaiigb.   for a  deer 7 and'iired.a load cf buckshot  at him, wbundinghim i.n.'tlie '.throat.  Dockings   carried : his friend on his  back a distance of four miles, when  he   g'ot  assistance., The '.'wounded  -man,will recover.- ---Y.:'..' ;���������  - .7 Stables & f;un*sden, carry,' a stock  of good groceries. 777 7 ;;,  Every liiaiipwes it toll imse'C and his f-iiiiil.v  to master ;s trade or profession: Road the ilis-  play udvertiscmentof the six Morse Schools  of Teiegra-iliy, in this issue and learn how  easily ;i young' man or lady may learn, telegraphy and benssured a position. ���  77-The latest;;inagpiiiesaudvpapers  .���are...al.\vay^  ,7/,Ful]7 line..' of, S'hotGqn ..awl Trifle  Cartridges at Regah's"7Hard\varc.';7.;  ;;:. Correspondence isi'"i.i.iacle!'crpi.eas.iire  '.by/usi'i^  iiig paper/and en\'elb'pes;at.l3buri!C;'.sT  Y,:.Ask; :,'ydur;.vfriends; Till ,;7Atlin :  .'^W-hicli^iiol^  way?'^ ,/The^  Fi fth' Avenue 1" -���-Tha t \s;a 117777 3 77 ?'  County Court.  Judgment in the case of Hay lies  vs. Flarris is e?;pected next week.  Pymaii vs. Baker came up for  trial before a jury on Monday. . The  plaintiff was non-suited. -  ��� Since Tuesday the time of. the  court' has been taken up with  Grime vs; Kale. \.  There are cases set for every day  next we.ik. ��� ������   ."  Sirnxme Court���Today the adjourned er.se of Day vs. Queen  comes up before His Honor judgc-  Pleiidersou.  ;7;The;:B.; A77D: 760::'^; dredge 7011;  Gold Run had a.brtak down Tues-  clay last." 7:The: main, drivingrsha ft;  tlirbugh7 'constant;;-.pbuudiug::7and  -str.'iiii;7:,.'broke'M  that .it ;cau be tempprarU}' repaired  so.'tliat tlie.company; wilfbe-able; ,to  operate till the end of the seasbn'.V;7.;  '7,:Diggiiig'!'.\va's'7.;.'comnieiice'dr7:7  week:;by;'die;;B^ G;:D.;.Co|;^t^.; new.  dredgeouBlue Gahyon;and;':eyery-  thing7was' satisfactbfv7 7 -. 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'.,Our"Boys,^Girls,' and;Misses Slides,'^:  7are going;fast,^tind'7this iii 1'1'c will.sopti"be cleared.  liiiiiiSsii: m an  ��fiS'��  sfililiH  Bn-fre-ii-^ii.. jjj_ ,e.L (j.i.  -, t,twwaerLUrj��JiMU*VmiMJ!K+X3��xeBt2Z^  ;>7.;;:;;;j; 7,333^  ���7.7,7.':i\-j/7i;.;:>^-'.:-vA7-:j7.7li.^^  ;g^^'; Mail'Ordere ;ipron'|rll\  .Self-'M'easure'meiitffBlanks "aiid^ -Sanap!^ ^sent/on-application1-.,7  ||||l|fl��!;;;||||^lg  fYJ  ���owl��'  Y The, McGiary latiious ranges and  heaters at Regan's:' '     .: <7"77:  Ai-:-Gr@at:<-Sna^:J:K\  ��� FOR   SALE--��50   Shares  .���..':"' ��� ��� 7   ���'_ 7".-7'-pf.--7 , ' .77"' :'/;'���.'  At!in   Trading -Go!,..Ltd ,,  77. '   :-������:'��� .7: Stock       -'���-.7.7-;  .v;'77-'--:-7' "������''..' 'at''. '."''������ '���'-'"' Y ''  7-. ���'-���     ... Pef   Share.  Originai   Pai'   Vaiits   $100.  Apply'to.' 77; .7::;v.v:'-7..::/,."-      :. 7'.y.  c-   . ���':-'.      ...';    Agent  mm  ^'7^v^7:7';7vSP.:7r;";'.^  �����X-���'-r  Pool; >'% % BiliiaffJsii^FreE:  Freighting .and Jearrmg.  Uprsds and :,R?gs'lor H^-  ���w*  &/���������"  ���g��H'i  IVSf-'  e��lKVnzW^WW^Tjra3=���je  A- lasaiierade  '     |N.; A!.D   OF   "..  The Atlin Pire .'Department;;'  will  be  held in the Kootenay Hall  ���on   FRIDAY,   SEP1\ '29TH,   at  . '��.30 p.m.       , Prizes will be given  for best lady's costume, best lady  comic,    best  gent's, .best "gent  comic, and best sustained character".  Tickets���Gents $i, Ladies free���To  be had at as.y of the stores'.  Posit .Forget  the   DATE I !!'_  ..  TALLWiIRE 7&   BEN W ETT^   PvbpnetorsY  ���Gornei' -Pearl, and .First Streets,.:AtIin.i' B. C.  F! RST   C LASS -RESTAURANT   i N   ,COW N ECTION..  CIIOItESrWIMtS, LlfJiJORS AND flGAKS^ ,CASE GO(K)S A Si'f CIAL1"4  ' -::Wh@a&. ���WriiiBag,.'.- $0��'   :::   : ;. ,7-7 .::'������.:.>;;���.;   .7-  .&  TMe- fb��sf.' Sme . ��f  ��1- li ki-  %:  l!Ili^��ilf;$i.@@7Per:liI  ?W<j  fit  \   '\     N   X  ,tf       1  1  ^ '  n -  I  ih x�� ItfiM  J     N "        . �� ' HI  /-v 1    b  ��-u<i  <v -d  "..   THE    ���''���;���. 7 7  l^alp-Way House.  i�� . a l.-j-.vcn.fTjy ��ll  travell.-'i-K. Tli(Mm.'.-il.s  .-tre rj-fc-iiiiJIiiia- iii':,I  tin? I'.-.-icici-R ,.in t|,G ���  '���':���>��� ::���; i-cl'i-ciliii-.;- I13  U:i., ilc.v <;f ilio f:i)-ly'  iiifii'iiiii..-, Ai: i.ldiil  Kisiiii.iici; ,-::i<! v.iui.cr  J-osoi-t. ���     .  JAMES   CLARK,  I'K'opiiiacroK'.'  ^'  m  1  i  ���^


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