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The Atlin Claim 1901-09-21

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NO.  114.
•$&F~     ' We are going to reduce our large stock .:f ■
SHOES- -Ladies'&-'Men's in, all Grades.
;    Men's Clothing, linderware and Hals
On.- Stoak of DRY   GOODS , Is also too large'for the ' needs of .Atlin.
other Lode'
We need the Cash; you need llie goods, aud if not we want to
make an inducement for von lo-buv against tlie time when von
will reed them.  .
Will Givk 25  per   cent   discount  on
Ppkchaskd Fkoim Tiik Ahovk Links.
A i.i. (loons
Our   prices   are   already reasonable,  take 25 per cent off and the,
result ought to satisfy the most careful buyer.
IRON- • STORE,    First  and  Trainor  Streets, Atlin, B. C.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
CAPITAL    PAID    UP    $8,000,000.
.Branches of the Bank at Seattle, ,7  -
' ' .San Francisco,
\" ' ' -       '"'    ,' Portland,
Skagway, .ete.j
Exchange sold on all Points.
Cioi.i) Dust Purchaskd—Assay O-FiKick in Connkction..
J, S,  MUNRO, Manager.
1—40    JL^c
•    The Vancouver Genera
Dealers  in Provisions, • Dry
A.   S.
Goods,   Etc.,
Gs'WSS   &   Go.
Supposed to Have Been Located
— Traced for Nearly Two1
Miles,— Over a Score of
Claims ■ Recorded — In the'
Hands of People Who Will
Soon" Prove Its Value. ;
PNitttr iaicery, am psratirai
fresh Bread, Rye Bread, ctcm
■Chah.  Mykk, Proprietor.
flood l£w»iu*> tci Rent -Hr <W Diir, W«eU «r Month ut rpnMmnMp rti+e«..
SKA®WAY,   Alaska.        	
ifewn* fjay   and   Oats WW***
Vie Take a Specialty of Perishable Goods and respectfully solicit
Your Kail Orders-—Satisfaction Guaranteed.
\ntisb =
'   IvAJl-ablSxlivil in Iririi. ' liit'orpnrutvil lijli-o.vui Churl*.-*-.
I'AIll   {;!' 'CAl'ITAI.     -'   -     -    7.  V..     I4.866.666
■iliW.RVii-l'USi) :.r'■■-;- ■'-    -    -'. -•"$!,703,333
Head Office iii Canada;  Montreal   H.  Stikkman,  General   Manager.
Branches in all the principal cities of Canada, and agents in New York,
>;;in Francisco. Seattle. Tacnina, Portland, Spokane, Boston, Chicago, Kk\
(Cold Uu:U Assayed. Purchased or Taken on Consignment.
■ Ouaru Ass.ivir-.i;' .it Rn-.soiiabl.c Rates.
A great amount of secrecy was
apparent as to the source of a shipment,of three .tons of sacked ore far
which .the Scotia was kept waiting
for over an hour on .Monday last.
Nobody -seemed to know where the
ore came from! fr.om whom, and
•where it was going.- Being an unusual occurrence this summer, enquiries were made, but without any
direct result, except that the Bank
of Commerce were the.sliippers.-and
their branch iu Vai-couver the consignees. However, niece .by jpiece,'
fragments .were found,, aud .we herewith submit thejist.-
It .has always .been .anticipated,,
.when lli£ iiydraulic companiesgot
down to work under .the many high'
benches, that, valuable quartz deposits would be uncovered., and
such is now the ca.-.e. On Bine
creek some extraordinary rich free-
milling rock was found "in place,'"
and the knowing .ones proceeded lo'
investigate; the result is thai pieces
of ore were broken off here ai:cl
there and assayed. These assays
are said to run into thousands of
dollars Jo the ton, s« the locators
lost no time in proceeding to follow
the ledge from the outcrops, with
the result that a regular blanket of
claims crosses the country from
near Discovery -on Pine, over
Spruce and on to McKee creek,;
oi-er thirty claims have so far been
recorded. As only lo those immediately interested is anything
kno\vn as to the character of tlae
rock, we can say nothing, but it is
I rumoured thai such a showing has
I never yet been made, even in Australia, and it is said to be a veritable gold reef in the fullest sense of
Ihe term. t. .
It is gratifying  to  learn that the
locators are   men of undoubted enterprise, and   that if the returns of
! the smelter are up  to anticipations,
they ; may put a large   number of
men lo work immediately and push
the development with a yitn hitlier-
touiikubwn   in   the  camp.     Ifex-
1 pectations are realized   the   fame of
; Atlin as   a   quartz   country, in this
. one proposition, will   be   without a
I peer in the miiiin'g World.
The Pine Creek  Power Co,
Limited   .
Receives Its charter — Valuabl*
Concession to the Offshoot of
a Popular Company.   -
Several weeks ago it was fcnowR
that the Sunrise Co. had -taktei;
steps to have .their waler rights s«
consolidated and amended! as lo enable them to deal wi:h that large
section-of Pine creek hitherto unworkable for want >of water, and
that by obtaining 'the desired co:i~
cession they would be .released from
the friction which 'has for Che last
two j-ears been caused by .other
'companies in the ■ neighborhood.
The charter applied for was passed
by the legislative -Council, and the
•consent<of .tlie Lseut.-Governor obtained on the 29th ulto. The ob-
jectS'of the companysarecontained
iu the following paragraphs, taken
from the B. C. -Gazette of that date::
"Or...) This is to certify that the
' Pine Creek Power Co-, Limited,'
■established "with £he object of carrying on business" i»r'a " power, t'oin-
pauy" within .the .meaning of Part
IV. of the ' Water Clauses Consolidation Act, ?8q#,'' m tlie A (Jin district, Province of British Columbia,
and incorporated 'On the 2iU.h day
af June, tcjai., has submitted its undertaking to the Lieutenant-Governor in Council for approval, and
that the said undertaking, as shown
by tlie documents 'and plan filed,
has teen approves.!, and that the
same is as ibvi tows ;•—
"To make   available   water   for
tSte   working   *3f   a   large  area of
plaoer mining   ground   which   is at
present unworkable.    Beginning at
a point" approximately   18,000   feet
above ihe Disco\«ry claim, on Pine
creek, to-be   known as 'point of diversion of water,,*'   and   proceeding
thence westerly  along   Pine Creek
lo its month, and  extending  laterally on either   side   of   Pine creek
so as to   embrace   the   Pine creek
water - shed,    the   Sunrise   gulch.
Twin -gulch And the lower rortion
of Spruce creek below the discovery
claim, embracing that   part  known
locally as the 'Steveudyke.'
,  "That for this purpose the Com*
pany will acquire by purchase three
thousand    five   hundred     miners'
inches of water, lo be diverted from
Bine creek, using the present chati-
nel of Pine creek to the point of diversion, 18,000. feet  above the discovers- claim, and  thence  by ditch
and flume  along  the  north side of
Pine creek to  and   below  the Sunrise  gulch, and thence by a system
of steel   pipe 'line:  to   reach  Pine
creek at and   along   parts approximately 9,500 feet below the intake,
and again at  discovery   claim, 18,-
Con tin u'ed on last page.
:-i.:.^s:i M ^UZat^i^i-'^Hnf*^.  TD  n  r-  E ~   '! >  f  I1?  i'-ii  I  I/;  ft  M  w  1-  ATLIN, B.C.. SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER.  2 t,   r 901  The Atlin Claim.  THE ENGINEER  , I'lililishcd    ovim'.v    Sdt 11 nl 11.v   iMCirnin^   liv  Tun ATiiiN Claim   I'ciiMKiiiNn Co.  A. (J. Ilinsciiln.;i.ii, Knmili.  I). Toirn I.r.Ks, .Sulj-I-Mitor.  OUiei; <>r imbliuiif inn IVnil N\, Atlin, 11. C.  Ailvci'tisiny:   Kiitcs : r $1.(10   iilt  inuli, itiiuli  iitst'i'ticiu.    Upii(liii<r notices, 'ITt   cotits a lint;.  Kpt-citil Contract, Uiilivs on application.  Tlie subscription price is ������������?."> it yrv.r pn.v-  ivlilo in nilviiiicp. No piper will lm iIi'IutimmI  unless tliis condition is coimilicd with.  '.Saturday, Skpt.  21st,   190-.  Publishers' Announcement.  Anticipating the early completion   of through   telegraphic  communication with outside points, tlie  Publishers   desire     to      announce  that   they   are   now   entering into  negotiations for a telegraphic service  for the Ati.in  Claim.    It   is   the  present calculation to issue a special  bulletin    every    Wednesday   afternoon   and   the   regular issue every  Saturday morning.    As such an arrangement will entail very considerable cost, it is especially desired that  every person intending to winter in  the camp will become a subscriber,  as upon   the  support of ihe .public  will depend the carrying out of our  present intentions.    In order to insure us iu   our endeavors, subscriptions will be  received  at this office  or at E. L.  Pillmau & Co.'s, Atlin,  . at   Taylor's   and   Stewart's   stores  in   Discovery, and  at J. A. Fraser  tSb Co.'s on Spruce creek..   It is , to  be hoped that the public will show  their  appreciation by entering their  names on   the   subscription  lists as  soon as   possible,  in   order that we  may see our way clear   to complete  the arrangements   we   are   negotiating aiid that the contemplated service may be immediately utilized.  Description of This Valuable  Group  On Taku Arm From the Pen of the  Consulting Engineer, , M. M.  Clere.  An  ominous  silence   seemed to  strike the people of Atlin last Tuesday afternoon,   en   the  hoisting of  flags at   half   mast, and  the words  were rather breathed  than   spoken,  "The   President  is  dead!"    Despatches    were     received     through  Skagway that   afternoon conveying  the sad intelligence   thai   President  -McKinley   had   succumbed   to   his  wounds at 2.45 p.m., on   Saturday,  14th inst, at   Millburn House, Buffalo, N. Y.    This   makes the third  martyred President in the history of  the United States :   Pres.   Lincoln.  April   15th,    1865,    I-'res.   Garfield,  vSept. 19th, 1881,  and   now   comes  President McKinley, on Sept. 14th,  1 go 1.    As  he lived, so he died, his  last   words   an   index  of  his rule  through life, ''Not our will, 0 God,  but Lhinc.���O tempore, O mores.  "Consistency,     thou     art    a  jewel."    That  sage remark should  apply alike to the Government and  lo  the  individual.    The   all   wise  Lient.-Gov. in Council was pleased,  under and by-virtue of the Statutes  of the Province of British Columbia,  to grant a certain charter and certificate of incorporation,   on   Aug.  29th, to   the    '������fine  Creek Power  Company " of Atlin,   B.C., which,,  .       .  from the moment, of   its  approval n,ns w the same direction as No. 3,  and signature by Ihe Lieut. .Cover- j has about   the   same  width and is  traced by |.he croppings some yoo  feet. ���' I.ittle work has been done ou  it, bin: some' assays niad�� last year  .gave $15 to lite ton. Besides these  ledges incnlionc:', numerous small  ones occur.though not yet studied."  M, Cu.vui;;.  We are indebted to M. Maurice  Clere, Consulting Engineer for the  Engineer Mining Co.; of Skagway,  for Ihe following description of the  promising properly of this company:  ' "The property is situated on the  east shore of Taku Arm. about S  miles south of Golden Gate and is  composed of, 11 mineral claims.  Many ledges are known in the property, the most important being:  " 1. 'The Main Ledge.' This  ledge's strike is about N. 2500 W.,  and its clip 5��N. It. is -traced  fully 900 feet in length,..with every  indication of going iurther, and has  an average width of 4 feet; The  lilling matter is ���quart-/, between  walls of slate The quartz in some  places curries antimonio-Milphidcs,  combines of silver. The slate, near  the contact, is impregnated with  sulphates, averaging $60 to the ton.  The quartz itself is low grade, and  assays of the cropping;seem to give  an average value of $4 to the torn  "2. 'Mill Test Ledge.' Near  the water edge of Ihe lake. Strike  about N. 2060 W. ��� The length' of  this ledge is as yet'unknown owing  to the difficulty of working in such,  close proximity to the lake. A  shaft has been sunk about twelve  feet. The average width is- 3 feet.  The quartz is mixed with a greenish matter in which the presence of  tellurides is easy to delect and  where free gold is to be seen scattered all through. The assays of  the Mill Test ledge have been' very  satisfactory. Small samples have  assayed from $100 up to $2c'oo to  the ton in gold and silver. A mill  run of 4 tons made in San Francisco gave $37 to the ton. This ledge  will be developed when the water is  low.  "3.   'Foundation   Ledge.''  This  lode is traced-some   600   feet iii a-  direction about N. 2000 W., with a  clip of   5��   toward    the   east." The  average width is   18   feet.     A   tunnel has been started from the water  edge to cut the lode which it struck  about 750 i'eet   below   the surface.  The quartz  is white,    mixed   with  small pieces of slate, and the ore is  low   grade,   free   milling,' with occasional   pay shoots.    Values seem  to be rather irregular,  and  a  thorough sampling has   been ordered to  ascertain if all the ore could be put-  through a mill   or   if  it   would be  more   profitable   to.wdrk   only the  richest: parts,    There  are conservatively 50,000'tons ot ore  in sight in  this ledge. .'.���>���''  "4.  ���Toronto Lead.'    This lead  IG  ^  Machinery.  y   1 ' '  Mining, Pumping & Sluicing'��� Machinery,  Centrifugal Sand,  Gravel &  Dredging Pumps.  HYDRAULIC   DERRICKS ��� From 3 to 10 tons lifting capacity.'  HAND    POWER    DERRICKS   of  x   lo  2   tons lifting capacity.  HYDRAULIC    GRAVEL    ELEVATORS,  HYDRAULIC    GIANTS,    WATER    GATES,  ANGLIC.  STEEL    RI.PFI,I<S    &  HYDRAULIC    RIVETED    PI PH.  The Joshua liendy Machine Works.  Nos. 38 lo 4^ Pkkmont Strkkt,  ���    '   - - SAN   'FRANCISCO,   CAT,.  Write for prices, circulars and'catalogues, or call on  A. C.' Hirschfeld, Agent, Atlin, B. C.  I' THE-_ KQOTENAY    HOT EL.  $ George E. Hayes, Proprietor.  3 " Cok.' First and Tk'ainor Stkkkts.  Tliis'Fii"��t- Class Hotel,  lnih   been   rcimirielRil liml r<'furni.sli<��(l throughout  ��� himI oflVrs the- Ixjht tu'coimnotltttioii to TrniifiitMit or Purniniiciit  Guests.���Amnriciiu iind Kiiroiioaii Plun.  Finest   Wines,   Liquors   and   Cigars.  Billiards    and   Pool.  I  ^���D*O*O*C��*O*0:*O0O*a*O*��O.*"O**O������!Cf4O>a*!Cr����*��*��*0��Cea*a��  .   -JI1E GRAND ' HOTEL '  FINEST EQUIPPED HOTEL IN THE NORTH.    EVERYTHING  -.-��� - ..... .CONDUCTED IN   FIRST-CLASS   MANNER. ' ���  French Restaurant in Connection  ��� ��� ,Rick & Hastih,  Proprietors',    David Hastiic,  Manager. -  '  Corner of First and- Discovery Streets.  9  Importer  of General   Merchandise  ; iYliraens1.. Supplies  ,   . .OUTFITTING A SPECIALTY  FIRST   STREET,    ATLIN.  B:   C..  Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  E.   ROSSELLI,   Manager.  ' Corner Pearl and; First Stre.ets, Atlin, B. C.  This   New   aud   Commodious   Hotel was opened lo the  Public,  April  :. 16th, 1901.���Everything-"in it is New,--Strictly 'First Class.'  CHOICEST WINES'/LlQUORS AND CIGARS��� CASE GOODS A SI'I.CIAtTY. ���  nor, Ljecame jaw. By the same boat  with advice lo the Gold Coumiis-  sioner cpmes a telegram from a  .minister whose   oath   ol office ii ad  WHOLESALE     DRY    GOODS,     LIQUORS    AMD    CIGARS.  ^-Importers of all classes of Foreign Goods V,   . *<  VSctorFa   and   Vancouver.  barely left  his lips,   to not give eL  feet to that   law;  is paralyzed !  result:  the camp  Sole. Agents fort  BROWN'S    4    CROWN    SCOTCH    WHISKY   '  CORBY'S    CELFBRATEI)   CANADIAN    RYE  A.  B. C. BOHEMIAN    ><-'t,    LOUIS    BEER  MOET    &    CHANPQN    CilAMPAGNR,    DRY    IMPERIAL,  %  ys  li  * ���  7-i  m  #  m  f  m  if  I  tm  M  m ATLIN,   B.C., SATURDAY,  SEPTEMBER, 21,  igot.  $er ��  niiALKRS' IN  .   First Street, Atlin, B. G.  Handle only "the best Goods in the Market. .  Groceries, Fruits? Flour, Feedf  and Provisions*  .BEST   SERVICE   GUARANTEED.  Try   our. Teas and Coffees.  OBSERVATIONS  What W. M. Brewer, M.E.,  Thinks of Atlin.  He Expresses His Opinion on What  He'Saw ��� Way Yet ' Bo tho  Peor of Prominent Camps in  the United States.    <<   -   ���   ���  Among the many visitors to the  district ,this-summer was Mr. W.  M. Brewer, VI.1C, British Columbia  representative of the Enc.inicivkino  and Minim; Journal. The fust  communication   lo   his Journal ap-  ��� pcarcd-.in tlie issue of Aug. 24II1,  aud deals mainly with ' his observations made on the trip from Victoria- to -Atlin. "In a subsequent  issue he promises to set forth his  views on this'district, which, when  the\' appear, ought to-make interesting reading. -' On his way out, a  few weeks ago, Mr. Bre,\yer was interviewed iu ' Skagway, and is reported lo have said : . ���'  ��� " The formation around Atlin is  a ��� maguesian' rock, usually found  very 111 uch altered, and would ' be  classified as a- serpentine. ' In the  valleys near the town immense beds  of white material, which at a'casual  glance, would be taken as kaolin,  but which Mr. Bromley, M.E., has  had analyzed and finds -Lo he magnesia, exist. These are due to the  decomposition or ��� degradation ol  the serpentine or other maguesian  rocks. At the' first'glance it appears that the creeks, which have  appeared to be gold bearing, all tra-j  versed .the same formation, unci it  ���has been stated that the gold-bearing area of Atlin is confined to  these magttesian -rocks, but a c!o-er  examination, and especially a trip  to Ihe head of Spruce creek, demon-  Hi rates that a very large proportion  of the formation on that creek is a  graphytic slate, .very, probably belonging to theTre-Cambrian period,  and possibly cleaved from the nicla-  morphism of Cambrian shales. ��� .  " Above the head of Spruce creek  ��� f was informed that a belt of lime-!  is tone occur led, and was shown a  ���specimen of crystalline limestone,  which was said to have been taken  from that .belt. Ill is my impression  that the slates belonging to the  :zo:.e   which Spruce creek crosscuts  Pine and McKee creeks and Willow  gulch, besides the quartz propositions mentioned. With the exception of Spruce, I find tlie geological  formation comprised the maguesian  rocks which, occur around Atlin as  well as dykes of a fine-grained  eruptive rock, most probably diabase. Hydraulic plants are being  operated on all of lliese creeks, and  the results of these operations will  nol be known ��� till - the end of ibc  seaso'i, when�� Ihe bedrock flumes  into, which the material is washed  are cleaned up; but a comparatively  few individual owners were working their claims, the greatest number beiilg ou Stevendyke gulch  and Spruce creek. I visited several of these, and saw some partial  clean-ups, which, according to the  rule of every other placer camp in  the world, showed good, bad and  indifferent results. I noticed one  feature in particular which was  that comparatively very little typical gold dust is found either iu the  sluice boxes or by panning.  '' I consider that the prospects of  the Atlin district, provided a cheap  fuel is furnish 2d, and the particular  formation I have mentioned ��� is  thoroughly exploited and demonstrated to carry bodies of gold-beai-  ing ore, either .free milling or refractory, are the peer of those of'  several of the prominent camps iii |  the United States.'"' "  Farewell to Rev. ]. Pringle..  On Tuesday evening last au impromptu gathering assembled at the  First Presbyterian Cliurch to bid  Mr. Pringle farewell and to wish  him godspeed on his journey northward. Mr. John Williams occupied  the chair, aud iu a brief and pithy  speech eulogized Mr. Pringle since  his incumbency lo the pastorate of  ���St: Anchew's church. He ex-]  pressed deep regret at being called'|  on lo wish hijn farewell. Miss  Hughes, Ethel Pillmau, -Messrs.  Lumsden aud Stables favored thee  company with "well chosen selections, Mr. Stables' being an original one, sung-to the tune and vvilh  the chorus of "'Will ye no''come  back again." Mr. J. IX Graham  kindly lent hisgramaphoue L.r the  occasion aud treated the audience  to some excellent pieces. Mr. J. A.  Fraser, oil behalf of Mr. Pringle"s  many friends, presented hijji with a  Notice.  "SlJNKlKi;" mill "Kunkkt"  .Miin*nil  IJIiiims,  situated' alxuit   2'-..   mill'-,   from    Indian  Bulmer & Parrott,  Li very Stables.  'I'll     I>.     IMItOKX    OK   Ol'IIKII   Hlif  A(iKST ill!  .W.'iiNTri :  i Saddle Morses,   Busies,    Road  T     li......i..l..rslBi....l,Jt��,l.rrl   \Y. Oil,!-,���...���. Q^        p      fc    |J        '        f     '   flj^  7 owner oi lliculiiivc mineral claims, linri-j  ii'i! notice In tliu iiliovo-niuiieil 1). Diirdcuj IR.OYAL   MAIL  I i.v  or  purchased   (hi;  or otliiT his Ajrunt or .\j;i��iits that I, lmviii^ j , '"  jl,..[Stages   Leave   Atlin    for   Discovery  interest of Alexander  Donald in the ulitirv cfniiiiK, do licfi-hy re  (liicsHlio suiil I), Dunle.ii to uoiitrjltule liis [  share (if the KKsOM-imjiit work done on tin1  said claims-, viz: two years' (isseMoue'it woi-ii  from tlin Zlith day of July, Ifjtlil. itinuiitif inn tc,  tlio sum of $2(15.(10, Unless tlio .said amount  lie paid to inn on or before the HJtli ilii.v of  Niiveinlii'r next r.��liall prnured, iiiniur nml hy  virtue of the powers conferred hy Seution I  of tlio Mineral Amendment Act, ISM1, repeal-  intr Section II of Cap. <5 of the Statute..-, of  1810.       - ' ItoiiKitT W. Gihhs.  Atlin, H. C, Aujfiist 17th, KM. 3ni  : NOTICE.    ���  "ANNA   Maiiei."   uii.J  " Victoiiia " Mineral  Claims-, situate ithout  !!'�� miles  north of  AUln.  To '.I. S.  KEKfrliSOX on oxiikk   inn A��kst  ou A<jj:nts:  T the tJndersijrned, Patrick Donovan, part  * owner of the aliovo mineral claims,  hereby aiva notice to the above named .7. S.  ferft-itKOii or other his A treat or Agents, that  I do hereby rei| licit the said J. S. Fernuson  to contrrihute his share of assessment work  done on the said claims, viz,: one year's assessment work from 11th Aujrust anil 8th  .September, liKKI, respectively, amounting to  the sum of $20'-'. Unless tlio said amount he  paid to me on or before the 23rd day ol No-  veinher next i shall proceed, under and hy  virtue of the powers conferred hy .Section I  of the inincH-nl Amendment Act, IflllO, repealing Section II of Cap- �� of tho Statutes of  1S99. Patihck Donovan.  Atlin. It. C!.. AtiRiist 2-lth, lillll.        ' A.u2l-:ini'  Daily from the Royal Hotel.  Pacific Coast S.S. Co.,-  Pianeer Alaska Line.  will possibly be- found An contain j purse containing a sum ot money,  extensive bodies of low grade .'iuri-|! Mid wished hiui every success and  ferous material which, with a cheapf prosperity which the heart could  fuel, ' will offer an opportunity for| desire. Mr. PriugJe, despite the  the camp lo become a permanent1! bitterness ol his feelings in having  Uxie   mining    one, jy.ssibly of very,' to leave, gave a mast   i .leasing ack-  ATJ7IN,    KliXNliTT   AXAi   CIULKAT    MINING  divisions op OASsrAit  DISTRICT-  ������M'trrKJI-; is hereby rivpii that a Court of  lier,-isiou and Appeal, under the'provisions of the " Assessment Act," will he held at  officealT the Government Afreut. at the Town:  ofAtlnu, in the Atlin Mcujiik- Division, on  Friday, the twentj -.seventh dny of Septem-  l)er3 A. JX, 1M. at t.he hour of ten o'clock iu  the forenoon, for the ]>urj>use of hearing all  complaints a^niiist dhe assessment for the'  year 1(102, as made h.v ihe Assessor of tho  Atlin., Ileuiiuttaud (fcilkat Mining Uiivisions.  Dntpd at Aitiin. ill. C, this eleventh ilnj ot.  Septenihcr, A. D., WIS.  .1. 1). GHAIIAM,  A-'-es-or and Collector.  Safe, Fast, Punctual, Comfortable*  and Luxurious,  Courteous   Treatment,  Splendid lifJeals*  FOll ,  Seattle & Puget Sound Ports  r i  THE   ELEGANT   STEAMSHIPS  Leave Skagway  ALKI, for Sound Ports Sept. 7th.  COTTAGE- CITY,  for Sound Ports       . ,,     8th.  CITY- OF TO PICK A ���   10th.  CITY OF SEATTLE ���    13II1.  Sailing dates every fifth day  thereafter- % 'Above Schedule subject to change without notice.  J. H. KELLY, Agent,  *���   Skatrway, Alaska  UUiS EGC'.URT & SON,  Swcss Watchjiakkkk,  And   itmimfacturiiit;-jewellers.  AM fcintls- of mijrffct work expeirterl with  neatness aud dispatch. ,  First   st.   next   lo Vancouver Generai Stort-  T7"IRKLANI) HOTEL, -  I'lKST-STRKiCT,   ATJ,IN.  J.  KIRKLAND, - Managkk.  First-class dining room  And Elegant Sleeping Rooms.  ATLIN FISH MARKET  ���    A. Bruaich, Proprietor.  OpiMisiteatheiloyel Hotel. KirstSt.  Fresh P'ish always on hand.  Hydraulic   and   Other   Companies  Supplied at Wholesale Rales.  wmnm & jjwry  .L H. Brownlee, P. L S^ D. I. <?.  R. C. Lo��ry, A. M.!. f. T.  Civil and Hydraulic Engineers,  and Surveyors.  Peari. Struet, Ati.in, B. C.  WHE    PIONEER    SHOEMAKER, <  -2oe Palmer,  T!epafrinq and Soling Xnbfcer  (loots  A Specialty.  Ikk. Gii.LE.SiPih. Pr.oj).  Cigars.  largi; diniensiosi*!.  The <>l{r,er quurtz prop.o.--ition��i  that I saw. ii-.cluvliug ihe ;\nacouda  ' g'i'oup, i\.'<^nj-<j. iHOunliiiu au'd the  Yellow Jacket, Pine creek, are ui.l  yet sufficienjly d eve lotted or ex-  : ]>;iied to vvarnint the.expression of  'any opinion'us to their future possibilities.  "' During  the   (ew days I was i;:  mwj>  I   veiled   Moulder.: .Sprwre.  nowledguieiit of ihe kindness aud  respect he had ever received from  :ill he had met sh.-ce he came lo the  country, but this last nuleiial  token of esteem was received iu a  manner ihat words coukl not ex-  IM-es.-.. 'J'he ladies had hurriedly  prepared a sumptuous supper, and,  in sr.ite of the object of the gathering, an extremely pleasant, evening  was .spejjit by all.  Hnest   Wines,   Liquors  and  Furnished Rooms bv the Da v.,  ���     Week or Month.  S.  WILKINSON,   P.L5.  SURVEYOR.  T'honl Snreeir. cipp. Cj��vcriiiii��u<t lliiJJdi!n;r  \V. 1V.U.LACB <tI(ijii:, A;reiiT.  WALLACE GRIME  & Co.,  MIMNG BROKERS & COMMISSION AKE.M.S.  Third Street,; AlJJju 13, C.  1 miST"'fJQUORS   &   CIGAItS  ilium  ��i<;coji.\ioijATauN. ��� Kivstadkant ij��  CONNBCIK.'N.  ���     S...JOHNSTON, Proprietor.  ti<w,d Stalilinjr for Hnr��es mnl [lo;'s.  Muirh'ead  Bros.,  --Landscape   Photographers--  Have a Free Kxhibitiou at  Tlie Junction.  Voluauxj.- Jr. iiouitsx. Asreiit.ii.  i   7fl  s ��� ?3  :i  111  Y if  't.v.UTii;  mmnnmm&immmbuiidi  -"717  L^tf'iy-MCB-r; ���.*rr<i��ivfii. ml\ n ; ��� ��� ���--������-  SISSX & ^^iC^>^ux^aziJlt^^iii:'rj.~j:ii!.^Miw^  ATLIN,   H.C..  SATURDAY, .SliPTKMBKR.. 2 i,   igor  I  K  it  'll  ft  ,;.';,!  I'M.  I'  1  1?  $  i?  R  The Pioneer   Store.,  PINK   CITV.   H. C  CAKRIKS  A   Hlil.l.   LINK  OP  Groceries, Boots and Shoes, Gents' Furnishings and Miners' Supplies.  C.  D.   NEWTON  &   GO.  PICKED'UP HERE AND THERE.  Church of I'ti^Iand :  --��� St. Martin's Church, cor. Third aud Train-  or streets. Sunday-services, Matins at II a.  in., HvcnsonH- 7:'.'() p.m. Celebration of Holy  Coniuiuniou. 1st Sunday in each month and  on Special occasions. Sunday School, Sunday at '.! p. in. Committee .Meetings., 1st  Thursday in caeh mouth.  1 Mv.v. K. L. Stephenson, Hector.  St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church hold  services iu the Church on Second Street.  .Morning service at 11 cven'm-; service 7:'.W  Sunday School at the close of the morning  service.     Rev. ,1. Prin-rle, Minister.  VALUABLE CHARTER.  Blue Ribbon Coffee is absolutely  pure.���It is sold in all tlie stores iu  Atlin.  Mr. and Mrs. Christopher are in  Atlin on a brief visit.  To those with a "sweet tooth :"  We- have just received a stock of  the finest fresh candies, chocolates,  etc.    1C. I,. Pillmau & Co.  Furnished rooms 10 rem���apply  Hotel Northern. ,-  W. Pollard. Grant, accompanied  by his oister, returned to town this  \ve*-;k. Miss Grant will be a welcome acquisition to our winter society circle.  For lounges aud mattresses, go  to J. I). Durie. next to Kirkland  Hotel, Atlin.  Mr. Wheelock and the Irvine  Hros,' of Spruce, go out next week.  Mr. De Lamare is expected to return from the Coast today. The  clean-up of his company on Boulder creek will likely be made next  week.  Fresh fruits and vegetables arrive  on every steamer for E. I,. Pillmau  & Co.  ��� Mr. Fetherstouhaugh's live-  stamp mill has been rented on a 2-  per cent royalty lo the discoverers  of the "Mother Lode."  J. \V. Graham and D. J. Livingstone, of the Dominion Telegraph  service, have been transferred to the  station at Lower Lebarge. They  left, in company with Rev. John  Pringle and H. McEdwurds, on the  ���'Sky Pilot," on Wednesday last.  Avoid all aches aud pains by taking a Thermal bath at the Troy  Laundry.  New England Organ, nearly new,  for sale at Boudreau's, Discovery.  Owing to Mr. & Mrs. Heniiing's  early departure from Atlin we are  asked to request that all persons indebted to them should call and  settle their accounts without delay.  Mr. H. Darling, Gen. Manager  of the U. V. N. Co., of While  Horse, was a visitor to town Wednesday.  A rather alarming fire occurred  on Wednesday night last, through  which "Slab Alley." is practically  wiped out of existence. The  engine and crew did their work  admirably and tlie lire was 111.der  control .inside-of'an hour from the  sninding of the alarm.  Editor Hirschfe'ld left' for ���'���! pans  unknown " on Monday last, but lie  took  pill a very  for the Victoria Exhibition, which  will show that Atlin has at least  .something to show. Mr. Hirsc'h;  felcl d<���)�����<; '. not   expect   to-return till  Continued from first page.  0,00 feet below the intake, and again  at Sunrise, gulch, 26,000 feet below  the intake. To siphon across Pine  creek with a 30-inch steel pipe line,  approximately S,ooo feet above discovery claim, and thence by ditch'  aiKpflumes along the south side approximately three miles, and to return all the said.water-into Pine at  an eievation below the inlake>yary-  ing from 85 to 400 feet.  " (2.) And this is further lo certify that the Company propose lo  begin their undertaking- by extending the ditches" and pipe lines."  Klc., etc.  Cummings & Richardson,  UDIES  &  GENTS   FURNISHINGS  The Largest  Stock  and  Lowest - Prices in the Camp.  Boots and Shoes.  STOCK   OF   "GOLD   SEAL"   RUBBER   BOOTS.  The Latest Styles in Hats.  Atlin   and  OUR    PRICES   ARE    BARGAINS.',  Discovery,   B. C,   and   White   Horse,   Yukon.  I  y  B'U'RN-S  &.CO.,  Dressed Meats and Fish.  ATLIN   AND   DISCOVERY.  Eggert & Sou distinguished  themselves by the bracelet they  made for presentation to the Duchess of York ou behalf of the people  of the district.  There will be a dance in the- Nugget Hall, Discovery, next Friday  evening, to which Atliuites are cor-,  dially invited.  Mrs. Hitchcock aud Miss Mer-  iugton left on Monday's boat.'  There is more solid comfort iu a  cup of Blue Ribbon Tea than iu a  gallon of most beverages.  "G. B." chocolates at Dockrill  & Bourne's.  Mr. Chas. Bennett, looking hale  and hearty, returned to Atlin by  last Wednesday's boat.  Wanted:���Situation as cook and  waitress, by the Misses Boudreau,  Discovery.  rENDOME , HOTEL.  Choicest Wines, Liquors & Cigars.  FREE-BOWLING ALLEY.  Hydraulic Giants & Hydraulic Riveted Steel Pipe.  We muiiufiiutiire a full line of all bUpplieK re<iuired for  Hydraulic   Mining-.  We have now in our shops orders for 7000 feet of Pipe: iiluo Water Gates, Hydraulic  Giants, etc. Perhaps you may need something: immediately from the following lines,  which we can ship at once from stock:  ENGINES FANS OBK CARS GRIZZLIES  HOILERS HLOWIiKS ORE BUCKETS KIXTING  PUMPS BLOWERS VALVES  . ENGINEERS' FITTINGS, ETC.  The Vancouver Engineering Works  successors TO ARMSTRONG   &;  MORRISON,  Iron   Founders, Boiler Makers and Machinists.  ���'      OFFICE   AND   WORKS,. VANCOUVER.    H. C.  To Whom It May Concern:��� .  JOHN GOYTHIA is requested  to communicate with his family  about land in Albia, which can be  sold at once and lo wire his address.  THE   GOLD    HOUSE,  DISCOVERY,   B. C.  Comfortably Furnished Rooms--By the Day, Week or Month.'  AMERICAN    AND    EUROPEAN    PLAN.  .1. l.KATliKUiiAt.E, Proprietor.  /  Fine, new Four-Horse Saratogo leaves this Hotel at:  S a.m.. 11. Ml u.iii. and :i o'clock for Atlin.  Dixon Bros/  Sh&if and Heavy Hardwart  ���e,  New and Second   Hand Tin and Grnuite Ware. Iron   Steel, Pit-kit, Shovels mill liliu-ksmith's  Coal. Giant Powder, Cap.-, l-'use and Yukon Stovi's.  Goot!:>   Bouqht   Sold   and   Ixcliiinqed.  ATLIN LAKE, HENNETT LAKE & CrULKAT  MTN1NG DLV'SIQNN OK CASSIAR  DISTRICT.  ���R^-l/riCE is herehy ffiven that nil placer  mining claims legally held in the, Atlin  Lake, and Bennett Lake aud Chilkat Minim;  DivUioiiK of Ciis-im- District are laid over  from the fifteenth day of Septeinher, A. I).  1!II>1 to the second day of July, A. I). \PIY1.  ���I. I). GlIAHAM.  Gold Commissioner.  Gold Commissioner's Oil ice.  Atlin, H. C.  Septeinher 1- ., 1SUII.  Fish,  C. DOELKE.R,  .    FRESH MEATS ALWAYS ON HAND.    ..    ,  Game   in   season and   home   made   Sausage..  NORTHURN Hotel Building,  First Stkkkt.  NOTICE.  liOVK 01' Acjl.s"   Mineral   Claim,  situated  lit Discovery Camp, Pine Creek.  To J.   II.  MAI.I1AI.KL* UK OTilKI'till* A'fSKNT OU  A(iKNXS:  T   tho  iindeivi'riied,   \V.   G.   Mitehcll,    part  *   owner of the abe.ye  mineral cduiiii, hereby (jive notice to the above-named .). II. Mu'l-  lalnu, or other his Agent or Agents, that I do  hereby reciuest the said .1. H. .Maliuleu to contribute   his   share   of   tlio assessment  work  done on the said claim, vi/,.: Two years* us-  creditnbie.    exhibit ' sewstnutit   work   and  survey, friiin" May Mini,  i ISM, aiiHiuntin-r  to  tiie sum of $2!ili.   Unless  j the said amount  be paid  to me ou or before  the7th day of December next I shall proceed  under and by virtue of the powrtv conferred  by Snetion I of  the Mineral Amendment Aw, I  It'lH'i, repealing   Section   11 'of   Cap. l.'i of t ho j  l  Str.t-i). .  < "  <K'' .  '"��� ���,   i  -   :   ..-,���..7    ' ���  Discovery.  OPEN  DAY  AND Nir.HT.  1< 1 RST-CLASS RESTA I! R A NT  IN  CONNECTION..  ili-iuhiuurtcrs, for HulmeriK I'arrutt'N ytage.  Thermal ��� Vapour  Vc BATHS *3\  Troy Laundry & Bath House  Lake St., bet. Rant and Wats.ou Ave.  Coffin. Pro|>.  THE   IRVING   HQTEL,  Pine City, B. C.  Has the Best Ec-nipped Bar.  The McDonald   Entertaiiiinenf   Hull 'in Con:  unction; '     ���  A.  It. Mf'DoNAl.jJ, Pr;>p.  W. G. PAXTON,  NOTARY   PUHL1C;  <)Kb*I.CH:-|,earl Street, <,j>p. Post Ollice..  All Kinds   of Mining Papers  Made   Out.  ���Several  yeai-vi'   practical ex|)euienco.:���-  Notice,  "R,T()TIfJK is hereby e;jyet| that (he At|ti|^  Ruby Hydraulic Mining' Cn|upany, of  Ne\y Jersey, will in no way be resp<|iisiblo for  iin}-<lejitti or |ial)ilitjes iiic|i{-red by Paul W,'  Law, in their iiiimn or otherwise, and that  the said Pijul W7 Lipv luiii no. mithprity tt)  ijct.f(>r the Company in any way whatever.  J. II. Pi.F.MiKti, Dircetor.  1 TREE HOTEL.  Q. K, Ia^'shop  DTSCOYERY, 1',. C.  !���'  LINK  ���est ol'- liiiunrs.  Goo.d stabling.  PlIOJ).  Ntt>Y o.e.eupj- their uiw  iimirters nexV  to, the Bunk of ]'. N. A.. First Streat,  The hath I'oiiinMtu'f niuully as ffoocl as fi\iii.i,(l  in   cilii'^.    I'i'''''i\*'.'  {'ii'rfiJi"-- toy ind^ew.  1  ml  '''���>���  i  ^  W  tit  k  1  i>,  I  H  Jj if  n  ''I  ��� j'ari^^^HRETESrr^sri-*!  *!*^'^SSwCTamB!!��*��n^2JMM  ^'aa^;agaaas  SSS��tSl889aB


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