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The Atlin Claim 1904-09-03

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 &v^>*&h*&^ J*.!ii&*iiriii'M.!n  II'  ���if ���'������  ll'V  i''l>  fe  ��B'  II'  if  '.f  il-:  ie  'itinera I ;,of   iheykile    Fritz &  Milleiywhieh'ujok jilticc. hist  Mou- $  Sdav, vvasattendefl liV'in'aciiciHlv- tlicis  |:\vlible"|)ppiiIatioii of'tlie," eaiiip and.'fi  |-\yas;.piii'0a'no.'t1iery  iini J-K^i't   poi'iilarity  of tlie /deceased,''^  ������.���A | \vliose ;:stcrliiig:'qua]ities ^WoVi:;':.lor  Iii ui the; .������respect df/every bue:.vvitl  whom he'-'caine' in cbutrict.  :,;'n.Mie:v]wlL:.beai'ei's1....\vei-e;, Messrs.  Franlc /Breeze, /J. .Wolters.'jl. M.  kiiilneivH: Hea^  tlfciact"^  skill iMuld >ui\^lis; li^  ^--'Universal ^sympathyyis} .ex pressed; :fpry Mrs. "^Iillerrjii-herysatl  lereayeitieht.' '/.yy'' TA:A- ���::.'��� TAyA:A-}_ V:':.:;:y ���/��� v'.'y.;. A''^'--A-:'-AA'A..  MivVMiller ;was a; native of 'Germany aild'cauie; td'Atliir with  Ins Hi  Death of 'the 'Discoverer of Ouv Gold Fields  ;. : ,!;'l\lie'sad intelligciice'of the  olythe Atlin   Gold   Fields,. proved /quite 'a   shock   to 'Uhe; citizens; last  Saturday^il'tc^iniooii. vT:T.Ar"y -yy .'/AA-":'TT':-AT^-Ay y'.iyy ry y  y; The/deceased; geiillcnian had.������becii:;-';i 11.--.:l.>ii t"'vJi.K*"<= w-";-;(.!:iy;s'--;;a11cL;;vvhs.  11 i'C.vi 1 g;-1 it t'c> 11 i e: A11 i i i   11 os j j i: u 1: .1 ���' i' i d; i \v n l o:' i i i i ig-,,: \v 11 e re.; i I av a s , lou l i<rl  ���itli :H..liev\ya.^  ��� sul ta l i oi ilit was decided ..that an operation yvou.ld have ,to be. performed,'  : which" ibbkjplaccyit ,g A. ��� ;'i> i.'"= L1 i' i s _." "i i i or. fi. i 11 g" ^';-y'-"-.'l-; I i.e-- ���'������"<>" i i e I'ii I i oi ii' 'xl i sc 1 pse.'cl  P  I-lis vfather; dieU :iir;:iS79 vtiiid liis  partner;yMryKyennel^^  fAtlin^Lake ofr^heiialhipf  'Ihe^xein^^  -and-iiis'cleaUi-MlVbef^  ;iu6re,;a^  .'6ut;'oLrespe��t^  : the-regalt:^^  /A'well tUt^  yaftenicprMo arrangefoiva suiutble-iuemorialtb U  y "^ iMr,;J. A.;Fiaser was;moveci.to  "eiisbn acte"d/fu;"sec^  yr-Tlie^  :'-::y;;;v;'.yy,:yyy A y ' -y ,y-y y"^  ;;": ..':.Whereas:it has uleased Almighty ,Goa^:ll], His :.Divnie-'''Wisdoin^tofe:.^..;~;.5. ������;.������,:;.;.���. ���.;.-i'.:.;,��>; y ?.y: py-,.-'-y.:..';. .;'-���  ;: remove frbn^oimmk^  ;,AUiii Canip-;;-Hhe ^citizens-dfvth  f'.'pUice':6jivre&  ycfinip liKsTsustaiiiedand their appreciatioirof theiuauysterHng quahliesK ^tliu.; : ;'>>.������  Miy;^r;;.;Millcriwas;bbrii.iatLdviiKlen,  a Hanbvery, oh j April - :"i4tli; ]:; 1874:  of the deceased^.; aucl further; to extend:'their condolence aud'sympathy |  to" tlit; widow in^  an iiifluentiaIconriuittee\be;here'aiyppinted/yto;take su^  sury-'.'tb have this message, prepared and presented ,;to..- Mrs. Miller at as  early a date as possible.:    y: ��� :yWy-;y. Ay-A-T. --���-������"'.. :y ,  ��� (-:;..������'.':Mr. Miller was.;a native ; of Germany, and.. jn Felnniary, 1S97,  with his partner, Mr: K. McLaren, landed';0"i the shores of Atlin Lake^  Probably no; mail" that ever came to the Camp, was more truly a pioneer  than was he. No hardship: seemed to daunt him.yand; with' a happy  heart aud'cbeerful.spirit he braved all: the discouragements "wliich ��� fall  to the lot of the men who-are the leaders in the: progressive" march of  civilization. Mr. Miller had one of, they kindliest; and most, generous  natures, and during the stampede of'97 and '98 it was to him the discouraged ���"'.miner'-,"would "-go for advice which frequently took a more  substantial fQini than Words.' ," His iiatura! gen iat tempera men t won  for him friends in every Walk of life an'd no mairenjpyed more enviable  popularity. We feci that in the- passing away of this .warm-hearted  and bidoniinable spirit, the Camp has .sustained an irreparable loss, and  while we sorrow with his dear wife in the less-of a.lovingand devoted  husband, we also sorrow with the en tire.District at the loss of a friend  and ,a man who in liis life and associations witli hislellow inen had the  supreme faculty, of making others ..love him. because of tiiose.niagii ifi-  cent qualities which all'ineifare.compelled to admire."  All the speakers spoke in the highest terms of the deceased and  many a dim eye was noticeable in. the audience. Among those who  spoke were : the Hon. Chief Justice Hunter, His Honor Judge Henderson. Messrs. J. Stables;.Ainly Galarno, A. C. Hirschfeld, Rev. F. L,'  Stephenson, Capt. Turnbull, E. M.N. Woods, Geo. Kerr, A. S. Cross,  \V. J. Robinson, and the chairman, J. A. Eraser.  On the motion of Mr. Robinson, seconded by A.-,C. Hirschfeld, a  resolution of condolence and sympathy to Mrs.Miller was passed.  It was then moved and seconded that the chairman 'appoint the  committees referred to in the resolution, with the following results.:       S  !���;. m. x. Woods, .inii-ra  ' .-���!.. i'^'poiise . to . a ; telegrain. from  Dr: -Young;;'".M;.'v P- = Ey.;tcr; the  ] Premier," announcing the death 'of  his old friend, :,Fritz"Miller,- Mr.  McBride responded as follows :    *  : :; . Victoria, ,2Sth Aug.:,::  Dr. Young, Atlin,. B.C.' '.'.  On behalf Government, request  you convey.to Mrs. Miller deepest  sympathy.' The death of P'ritz  Miller, one of Atlin's discoverers,  means .,.'th'e loss, of one -British  Columbia'smost active and energetic .citizen's. .  RlGHAlM)   McBlUnK;:;  DrI Young; Atlin, B. G.        y;  Would Very much like you  and  Tbltnie   represent   Governmeiit   at  Miller'sfuneral.     . >.  Richard ;McBridk;  Many otlieriuessages of sympathy-  were received.  Letter of Thanks.  A'I'I.IN :   - A. S.  Oriis-i. I). Hiistio.  ('n|it.  l-'oley. A. |{. MoDoiml'.l  Kigali,  Sain .1  .1. I). I.iiiiisilen, ���(. II. I'.i'oolis. It. I!. Dixon.  1  Kmsnrl.-J.-T. K^an. -Sam .Johnson, Jas. .Siahl-s,  .1. II. H.-..W..I...-, J..l.���   Kirhlnn.l.i Possible to   personally    express    III)  Discovkrv, B. C. Set. 2, 1904.  o   the   friends  of   the   late   h'ril/.  Miller.  llKAR   I-'riicnds :--Tt   being' im-  y  I deep appreciation of the many kind  H.-iCOVKin-:-.!. II. Corn-'ll,  A.  I., rialiiri.o, ti. A. .Ki-rr,  1). 11. Slewait, M. W. Ileal,  |{. ���! ,n|(.     SVI11���atlli/.ing    expressions   ol  ,\l. .lainii'son, II. K. I'.i'uivn, K. T. Itliin.'h. Ilei'iimn HIiiiM'U. p\ '      ��� "        ���'   .  1TNKCUKUK:-J.'II.(!. I- H. KutTnr.v. Noi-inan .Mel..',,,!. ('. T. Gilmor,.  Kennrll, M,- f, rS&uA    for    tllC    late     l-rilS!   Miller  l.nren, .1'liter Itoeco, .lolni Kol'o.l, I*. II. Ilincliell. A. li. Clnrli.('ii|ili. Shnrt. .)(.��. IliiM'. M wllicll   I   llMVC  received,   I   a 111  foiCed  SPKUCK CltKKK:    ��'.  f'.   Hall,   C.   II.   Mnii'lii'iul.  W.  (!. Sniail.   Win.   (,lne    A"ll'���'-'"'?| W) adopt this llietliod   of -doing   SO ; r  Uroivii, RhnUs NUmjii, K. A. l.miilx'i't, I'nl. I''uli".v, li.S. Illiiiiic. W~ A ��� ,        , ��� 1        11 ft  (jou) uiJNi-w.A.iim .,.,A.B.i'.u'.ioeri,o,i,Hs.o.T.s��i,Zei'.(Mv,n,.o.Heiiiv,'11���.   11 Uierelore thank most sincerely all |  hikcii (;uiii;u: -n.Cani'i'iioi'. ii;Williams, Pete Amiersoii. g|and cverv one who have   extended I  KKt'^  ltonieandtothememor/ofmy.ate|,  VV'ediiesday.., night .last,  ^successlulyliinceyviis given:'|jy the:."���������.:  eu.pl6yees,-;of ::lhe ::Whiit;. T-'ass������;���&.���;��� ���  Yukon-Railway, .in. ihe 'Kopteutiy; ,  llall.jTheygatlieriiigi. Ayhich������������.was/.���'.  fu 11 '���:, of: 1 i fe and- go "i'rp'm start .to" ;r  finisli,ywas ;':jcert(iinly :;one:-:of������".-'tli'ti'������=.���'  inbsf:;eiijoyabiey;.ever'; held ���liere.^ :.  Over sevent\',:people sat;;do\vn ;:to',;a;;  wel 1 ���;': serveel;'"su)ip"er,';:;'aftef;;' whicli ;���:  ;(:lauciiig;. ;Was;:resUined;:t'iIl:- -abb lit Ti-:.  a;'iii;A;AT-a \-AAAAAA'[A'-^AfAA.!:A>T'\T.'  (Jnpt. II11I horn.  IIUHV Glllilili: -lloln-i't. .Miioliny. Il.v. I: i-.li, freil.  Wi'iniy.  WIM'.III'I' CltliliK:- l.uiiis Gerlii'i .1. II. Ker.ihinv, Mail fil/nfi-alil. '($  Mi'iilCli CKliliK":-!..  A. Ginaea,  .Mmn'ot,  Wntter  AiU lurk   Itoiiiiyiii",  liil. Konnyno, |H niy     foi'lllllt!     to     liave    received.  K.'I'. IIiiiiisIiiih'. kf...               ���   ���, .,1..  o'i)()XMii.i.:-itoi,t..\ia,;iu,.v.                       ��� 0 V ours sniceiely.  DIN Hi GKIiliK:    A   Ciirinii'lincl. .       '    ,          H                                 ANNA   M.   Mll.I.liR.  Mr. J. P.   Kenyon,   of the   Consolidated McKee  Creek Co. has re-  II husband, the many  loving  expres-| turned from a business trip   iu   the  visions of esteem which   it   has   been Sso'utli. ,  !A:- Thrilling^ Experience'WlitKi  AAj.     y:, a: ��� Gr i zz ley^AA ^t'A:-PA:-:-  yCaptain: ].- Alexander atid   R.;:L  B., Wartoii1 hiu'e' this week retiit iie.il';  irpi'ii a tripito Moose Arm,', Gaptaiii,,  Alexandeyhad'thefortune'lb shoot :  a'tliree'yjeaj^  very exciting "���exiVerieiicev-uiitiL he  finally .kiUed^diiniv::-: When v,first,  siglited 5;tlie?;bear7..was-Deliasing^;a;  riibbit;-" :'rUe^7Captaiii'syjfirst:   shot  struck;hinyon . the   head: 'atyibqut:  .150 wards and the 'bullet: -Hat teiied:  agaiiist"his-:skulhy: vWith -a- savage:  grow 1 ;���''"������ the ;gri gg 1 y. A\ 1 ai 1 ged y;1 i is ��� >  course "and ���charged   fullSspeed^at::  his'aiitagoiiist.-;;' The: Captain "fired;:.  agaih;Vshpbtiiig:7himr iii /the clitest./  and   throug'hythe   lungs.'- Still Tie  came. ' on - with    i ncreasing..' speed.  A third  shot  broke  one  shoulder  butxlid not stop him.The:-fourth  and filial shot, when  but five yards  from the iuuzzle of the rifle; pierced  his heart and laid   him  low..   The  bear weighed 600  pounds, and was  a splendid specimen of the"grizzley.  In his'paunch  was   found a rabbit.  The   skin   has ..been   brought' to  ���Atlin.-..'-'. -.',; ���'.-/ ���������       - y::. .  y'.  Captain Alexander saw several  black bear on the return trip, but,  was unfortunately out of cartridges.  ���Death of Lady Joly.  -���Ladycle- Lothbinier, wife, of Liis  I Ploiior the Lieuteuant-Gbvernor of,:  British Columbia, died "on the T6tli,"  after   a "lingering   ���illness,    at , the  Government House, Victoria.    The  both-   has   been   shipped    east    to  Quebec,    Lady    de    Lothbinierc's  native place.    She  was the mother :  of eleven   children,   six: of  n-lioiu  are   living-.     ?duch   sympathy   lias  been expressed  for His Honor and  the bereaved jamiiv. ���  The Alaskan Cable.  The United States cable, from  Seattle to Skagway was finished last Sunday. The tolls are  much higher than that of the  Canadian   line.  lyli  A-ffi  tkWm  Lowney's Chocolates, direct lioux  factorv.--,C. R. Bocr.nk. yi'y:  ' ���''* ;"v'"" :1 ''"���'*" ^^*y-Ui.v ���w-J-^vii&iiJ^,''.'*-*^^,.^ .. -.  !; '!;t '..���  :ATi',i��yvii,:yc^  r:iA:.  I' ������!:'  '":.:��-  |yf ���  y-��.ry  8s��g/  ;/��Si.'  :-.8��i"  sKy  i?|{fey  -:&&:./  ff^-'  IIP  ��?���-'���"���'  if.-^'.i' -----  +?- -'-"t""-:  IP  '.";3i ������;���;;������.  SW��t:'.'���'),:  SS?v  M-yj:::  ::Tlie;:Afliii;:CIaiit  X UK ATUN CLAIM ,  IB PUOLISHCD   EVERY  BftTUHDflV  /morning,      /viaii.eo    nkc   TO; ANY    PAI1T  OF   THE  WORLD    FOIL SO     CENTS      I'Elt. MONTH I     tS.00 ' CCfi  yeah.      ADVtmislMc nflTcs: HI.DO r-CH INCH EACH  m'sEivnoN :  HC'nniriG notices, 20 ccnts a line;  UPFCIAl/HATJCS   Oil    APPLICATION.  .ion i>:<iNiiN(i  nll.i;-MCAD&,' FOBTr.nS,,      ' VISITINC.    CARDS  LrTTCHTHHAOS. .PMOCfl A M M E5,        ITC,   ETC.  ��� ������".'     '.-.-���  .. OMocna   PHOIVIPTLY   ttxrcUTCD.   . ���  /I-/ 'pfltCCEl   MOOKRATr..     ';..;  T"  .���-..l.XilK   ATI,'.*;' Gl.Al.V    PuilMSIIlNI!  Co..      '  A.C. l!msciu''ir.r,i)." -,   Riutoii, ,1'uoimii i:toii!  Siv'TURDAV, Si'i'T..: 3'iV'i'v. 1904. '������::,  ���"������������: A few short years ago Atlin was an  ,iiiiknowh<; and   silent 1 and; peopled  by a few stray .'Indians' who caiue to  '������; limit its  wild beasts-;and"il.)irds:;from  vtiiiie vto; lime./y,U^)-day) the ..lakes  -; ftud; streahiy a re:: hig11 ways.��� of/com -  .   .inerceaiid industry, ii lie; lnouhlai 11s  'y resound to/ihe" eclip 'of'.the  blast,:  y.piclyaiicfslioyelaiid from  tlie yfa-'  :'. -/ve 1 deposit s a.ric h y'ield/ofV/golcl is  :��� . being   recovered. 'This is progre-'s  yand-the:niarch6 of";civilization, and'  /,'.:'��� .to.''Sv.hpiiv. is it/due ?y ���T.cy.such , men  y-litis the; one Alhn.'indurns /today, the  '; true 'pipnears;-and: ;prbspectOrs,)do  y,:camps, own/their;-very ^existence.  -'yWheii the Taile iMr. Eritz Miller 'lirst  peuetfatedythese   regions,: braved'  ;,the<.hafdshipsoftlie'tniil and passed-  ���;.  over the; snow-crested.mountains  -'and   discovedour^:goldiEelds,   lie  ; earned Hie.-.respect:: and >' admiration  :';of-,every oiie';liere,-and' Of -liini"' can  -/.truly be saidy y/yyy^y y y ;///';���-  y Li yes of great men all remind lis. ���/.  '.L.....I Wevcau make our.lives sublime;1'"  Aud'depai'ting, leave behind us   ;  ���"'������ y'F-oot-prii'ilri on the:-sauds of time;  ':'��� Mining;; ^it-Bits; y   ;:';  ���  Tliejcoal tnitpu.t-.pf India Tor, r.903:  amounted lo;7.480,56.9 tons;:    ;���';;:.  ������.The' Britisir liinpi're produces" 70  per,eent. of/ihe; pieseV't^output of  *old-.AT.;AAT'':'TA':���; 'Ty-Ay,;"'-yy  ��� The" Anaconda ^lining /Co. of  Montana is the'largest, producer of  silver in the world. \ : / ','  ,. Asbestos is; the leading������;.'mineral  product pf-.'Q'iiebe.e.'-.--.'v.I','oi'-:-i903-.?tlie  out put was: valued at��936;202.���;-'-- '���'.������  :.' The Cornwall" miiies :: have,, it is  cstiiuated; iir their;V,bobyyears of  exploration, : produced ���over, bne  million tbus of tin/ ,  '" 'A "yTyA'^'Aiy'.  / Iridium is... the hardest metal  known.:,' Tt isyUsed to /.point, gold  pens;,: and ;is //.nearly yoypeiy cent.;  heavier .than ..g.okl anil 45 per cent.  mbfe/exjiebsi vey-r//1 j-TT.  ._--.-���,.. ���j*g&e:tiT:/ah$��0rap&^  'And :/All Kinds'^  yjgpSFT ��� Why send oni when :ybu 'caii.'get/goods' lis cheap,here?y yy;  '.'������ Watches ' From $5 ���- ap.  . 'Fine Liese - of S&zw*szis'' Snopns.. ,  ji)LEs;:M��iiT;yS:;p|^  '���' m  ���������jffl  ��O.����W.Q&GO.QCI<>0.<$O.<>��>&C\<>A<>O4^^  NOTICE:  'rNiT:0'l';l Giv is hiM-iihy -rivi'ii-t.lu'it. si.\l.v.ii;i.vs  _y ���'. ul'tor cluti! I hni'iiil in iip,..|.v mtlio  C^liic'f CuiiiiiiU-iioMci'.61'- I.a*iul.s. niul Wlii'iih  for jVi'.iiiiss'iiin:, tu , iiiii'uiiiiso.''Mic l'dllowiiiLV  '.(ii-SL-riliuil In nil sit i'l'iitoil in tlio AlliuDisri'iet:  Ciii'i'iiiibi.iciiij,''' iit-ii'iiosi nuii-luiil A].:\\ RiA;u,  S. \V. i-'ijriiur.'iniiMtujr.iilioiit.'.'o'ii-ul'niihy nortli-  oiis.1 ui' -At. I iii Townsitc, tlibni'o woil.^O oiiaiiis,  .tliunuij' inn-til 20 t'l.iiiiiis, tliuiica oust 20 eliuins.  lliiMiL'u Mil nth 20 I'lirii usto point i)l''i'u!niiii;iicu-  inpiir, iir>iirii.inii'i'ir'-IU ti.ores'mure ur le.ss. //  ���/.Diituil this Si ii dn>/ oI';A u^-iist, itlD-I. TJA  ":-���<: .A A .'���"���: -lAMiiS'i . IVebax.  ^H-E  ���:K0p^E^^  /.t;;',/A,.,R.';IVIcDonsilcl, Proprietor.       *    ;,/������,y'; y/  \Cl)l^':Fi'K'?r''-'A^  This I'i i'sl .Qliiss''llnt.e!. Ii'ii.s.���lii.-'oii I'riin.Mli.'li'il;iiml��� TOfiirnisliii.il .iliryiisiliiMit.  'iuiil uil'crs tiii.-.liuKl rii'i-jimituxlal ion to 'I'i-jin'^ii'iit or !  .  <j ni?Ms;/: A iiH'i'it'nH iniil 'Kiii't.iH'nii plun.        / //������"���  '������  Finest Wissas, Li^^&t'sa'tsil'Qigars.:'. "y-A":A.y^"..'  ::/y y -. -::-Af' -' B:i 11 i aa': d;s T.; a-n'd--Po:o:l.-:::--;,-;::;:y--y  !(^0,C'0,frC'OV;>*o*0'^Ci<l'0'>0<,Ci'<>0:o^.O.*<^C,<> .  'K'.'  0  Alt:  A ���  ;'J- ;  .fii..  ���y.i  VAl^^  Ajy-:AAAjA~AA:;;p^  /���-/'   /    ,   /     JOHN   WOLTEIRS; yPropv>etorAA[AAl;yA;-.  s:i',vci ic   a=  T.lVU'.llV     JX    CONNKCTION";  '������&���:  '���0:<:  ���XT  ������t)-.  .0 :  : H ���'���  . If.   ���:  3./  ������. R' ;  cs  3��-  1?  -DIXCN    BROTHERS, .Proprietors.  TvfOTICE.  v;;fresh .NE'WS.;:  J.;'D. Rockfeller pockets $50,000  a day from tiie .Standard' OilCo.;:  Sixty ������������million ���  dollars   worth  of  .leather is   used   every year  in. the  United States:   ���" "a-.-.'-.I  y  I\iiss Annie Carey, of A^aucouver,  \vas chosen   queen   for   the   Seattle  Labor. Carnival   which   opened  iiv  Seattle on the 2'9'tli.������''���'��� ������'-/,  , I)iscovei'ing that a man doing a  long time of penalservitude. was  not guilty, the British.Government  -has granted-him iSi'o.ooo.. ....  ��� The ''Cniiadian'. -Medical Association "met in Vancouver this year.to  exchange "''opinions, and were tendered the'freedom of the city.  -Sir Thomas Liptoii will try for  the America's Cup'-'again, provided  Geo. J,. Watson accepts a commission to design another , challenger,  wliich will be named Shamrock IV.  N(.l'riCI'',.is/ iiiM't'liy K'ivon that, sixty ilnys  "liftor (lute l/iiityml Mo ripply to the CHiier  'C-iiiiim issioner of . LnniU nnil; Works for per-,  inissioii.to purulinsi* the foliowin'jr ile.-iuribed  I rnet ol'laiiil: :. Ciiiiiiiii'iie'iii"; iit.post iinu'Ueil  Neyilo'siniiiiil |ios|, north-'enst eornci'. on  the norrli shore of Atliii l.nU-e lufil npVir' the  Atlinti> Kivei'.'riikii;!!. Ov: i;lioiie'eMi:(l(i:l'&et lo'  post, No. A -��� t lienee SCO. I'eei to i'liist Xo: :'.:  thiiiKti," I'tl'flli flint lu, pon'l No.2: t li..ruce sou l',f,-l ;  lo post of eoimiieiu;oinent: iMiiiiiiinin^- live  iieros more or less.   : ���-'..';  ���':'   O.-Wl i.i.i.iAi;A. Xkvii.k.  Ihiteii nl  Ailln, .Inly 2lil.h, l'.IDI./   .   ';  a:a^$oq\��� ���: tM- :"'", B l1;1 iard ss y'Erfee;  Freighting and tTeamin^;y  Horses and Sleiglis for Hire.,  ATLI Ny&./,OlSCOVERY.r  _   .���;.���..���.:���~--��^��������..-���'. ���-.���'.  Notice of Forfeidire.  Nev/ Arrivals.  "   On Saturday, the   27th :- -A.  L.  Ik-rdnc, R. F. Tolinie, A.J. Cainbic.  ��� Un   Wednesday :  -1).   P. Cameron, .Mrs. Ridel, G. T. Miller, Thos.  Orr, Jas.  P.  Kenyun.  Un I'riday :���Mr. iMcKenzie.  To II. .O. NicoHnml iiiiy i>'ji">"'riii or persons  toMvhom ho nuiy have traiisl'urrei! hisi interests in the JinK'ene Xo. 1, I-'hineiie No. 2,  I'iijtri'iie.No. :'. .Mineriil Claims, siiiiate a hunt.  Hi miles iioi'tli'iiF Atlin, in the Atliii Miiiinf;'  .Uisti'iut:        . y ���'���;  You are herehy reiinircil to" tiike notiee  lluit we h.-ive for the hist year ilone . the  whole of tlie iissessiiient work on the iiliovo  mentioneil .Mineral Claims as reiiuireil hy  .See. 21 of the Aiinera! Aet. anil have imi'il for  reeorilintr of two eertiih-.-ni's of. such work,  anil you arc lierehy reipiirud to contrilmie  ybur proportion'of .siiehwork and expenditure, together-with all en-Is of advertisiutf  your said proportion, iiimiii'ntiii��.to sixty-  six .dollars and niiity-one and two-third  eeuls [>;iin.',!i'-'.,| exelusiveof eosts/  If von fail or refuse lo. euntrihiiti! vour  said proportion and all costs of advertisiuf.',,  '.vilhin ninety days. I'l'oiu tin.' date of the lirst.  puhlieatiou of tl.i.s notice in .".'I'lio Atlin  Claim," which date is hereunder written,  your interests in said mineral eluinis will  heeome vest ed iu us, your en-partners,  under the provisions of "the Mineral Act  and Anu'iidin^-Aets.  Ilaled this 2:ird day of ,J uly, A. U.. i'.IM.  O. !���'. 'J'iNliKV.  : li. ii. Itom;i;.  ;.:.: THE : LATEST:" STYLES.v :  Gomplete Stock of -Dry 'Goods  E    LATEST    IN   -HATS,'    BOOTS    -ANO"y  SHOES.  GOLD    SEAL    GUM    BOOTS       -       ' ^ '  Our Goods are the Best and'Our Prices the Lowest.  ';   The;;'Canadian-V BankY of; Commerce.  CAPITAL : PAID    UP    $Si7oo,obo.  .-. ...' ������R-'SSliU'VM,   $3,000,000.  Branches of the Bank at Jeattio,'���������  - : ���-'-.,/���: :;........-.;-.. ...,;.::.San Francisco,  ;.._'..: A..         .':���/..';..,..';  .:1: ":':������   .���".���'.;-' ..'l. "������'''./���:���';';''". ;   ;'.  ;,PortlancL     'TT-;-A-.-.-��� a--  "���'::'���>:.". -.,������-���"��� Skagway, etc.  ��� > / ExcfcissvQO sold ora aSS PaetrsCs. A  Gold Dust Puk'chasiu)���-Assay Oiticu-'ix Connhgtion.. ���  ,.������;"'. i ���'������'"<    D.. ROSS, Manager..  TI1E,II����AI-  1  9  NOTICE.  To 11r;.N 11V Mr.li.iv of lienneii, 11, (!.  ".���VT'OTIfir. is heri-hy Kiv.'i, )������ ihe iiiuli-i-  --^-^ signed. Iiidder of K. M. (;, .N',,. |!:|,',',i;:,  thill .viiii...l|iive fail.'d lo keep up your I'-ree  .Miner's Uni'lili'i'.'!!.. anil lalleil lo eon! rihnle  your in'oporl ion of expend it ure mini red hy  the I!. (.:. Ael llll Vie. Cap. I;!.", during (he'ln,'l  four years, and thut il'at ihe expiral ion of  ninety days pulilieation you slimihl fail or  refuse lo eon I rihui e your proporl ion oft he  expenditure' required h.vseetion il, totri-l lu*r  wilh nil rusts of mlveri isintf and 10 show  thai you are tii,(| have hee��� a free-iuinei'.  your iuiere.Ht in tiie " Aiictki"',,,,,! "(;,1S.  Iniio'    .'ll-f.'   not J von r,,,.;,.:,,-" Mineral   Claims, situate on (|,e  seen every day iu :t   niininc cani')  I1'1'" "'"'si''" "f l"llt" Htumeti heiow the  and il is m sio-ht lo see Firsl  ^v^ll^V^l''^"'':'''':" v""' 1,,,,,c  " ������ ii.il.    "tiLLl    iin.l.'i'-a^m.d uho has niadi'fhe r..||iiired ex-  liloeked   Willi   Wagons    loaded     with ! I'"1"!'"'.''" H"'"hole as proviih.'dhySeel ions  '���'and .'.-ill of said Ael.  V.  TROTMAN,   IVIanager.  Corner Pearl and First Streets; Atlin, B. C.   . *<9+���~.   KIRST   CLASS   RESTAURANT   IN   CONNECTION.  ciioicrsr wiNis. iiouoks'amd ciuaks���casi; cikids a si'lciai iy.  Tin.!  ici's   108   feel  Hyd rau 1 ie    M1 n I n g  tlu.'se oinnl timbers bound   for  new dn. ih.',e on Sprut'c Crcik.'  the  I'.y IlKt.i. A Cn  1-t iiiih. A uK-. ^(i.j  .Ma in'. lloniiK.  .\vi:1.1,. her Solieitors  Uau sou, V. T.  C'?SJ  acsisnery,  HYDRAULIC    GIANTS.    WATKR    (^ATI-IS,  ANGLIC    STI'KI,    UII'I-UI'IS    S.[  HVDRAUIdC    UIVl-TUU    1'II'K.  Pumpewg <��-   Moisting   tiWez&isfasery^;  Iwitiinates  furnishec'i  on applicai.iou'  The Vancoiiver Enffineerins: Works  ��������  Yancouvic��,   1.1. C.  y  ji"'  r.y^^-mrir.nm^unmm^mmmiuatuaimi  -.-:. -.���: ��� ���,~.............,.���.......���...   ��� .^,. _.���. ^  ��� ��� ������ - ->-' -��� ~" ;T . '::..-;'M^:.:'.-;.,;.^:' y yy:^'#.^  ��� ���'-���"--- -.^-i.���.. yi^.^.^.ii'rraaza'j::'^,^  ���w&a^<SV1i^'^^*:��feiis;i;sfirs-ivi;^,;;  ^1  la  (a-  If:  ISA.  r*'  I ^  to-  I**  k  i:  i-'M  l&  J  I'i'l  i  is,-  SATURDAY,  SH P-TlUl BIvR  ' :   ::    Boulder^Greek.- aa:T-A  y- '-' '". Hen ry1 '-Maliiih',-" inaoagerSof ".the:  : SocieteMiidereyle la Cpluiubie Bri-  " 'taiiuitj lie,   reports ��� a ; very favorable.  ''���/':'-'- season y double;the  ..amount '.of  .gravei washed at half;'llie. expense  y..; o f 1 as t yea r.    Ti lis' great ������ i in p ro y c-  ."'';.- uientilr the  business of;the French  yy Company .-oil ���-. Honldeiy Creek yis  ;';;h"gelydue t'o-.Uie".jmlgnien.l;.render-:  ;/y<'d/Iastwl'uterdn-,Judge Henderson,  ;(   forbidding, to/use.the^strealn,to coti-;  . ,'veytailingsoiithecoinpaiiy'sgtotnid  ; Syiiid'thipilgli; their worksyt he Water  /;".' Ayas-tilso.morc plentiful.ydu answer  : yip. rpieric;; ;ibout; relationsjy\Viiliv-"'i"-ii-  ���;". diviiliiiil/iniiieis, --Mr."A'ialuiu-   is  ^pleased: to repoi'l/ that-ho:, friction  ���wV:"e-xi'Sl^  :'; -the: iuiiiers. :.Kverybody   has been  living :Ou -.good:. ternis- and .; doing  / i. good work. /-Cribbing or otherwise  /retaiiiing.'lhe tailings'lias' proved HO  be Jul.easy^tiid:satisfactory method,  ;'..' /in   iact.ysotne   outfits   have  -saved  5...vmoney/tliere.by;/;,/The.:water   is...iii  ': t o. u st/ -a i i y \v he re. o ii  th e cree ly a 11 d.  ���/.live chrfn n el is being kept clean and'  .'.;''; -free: of debris, foi'/ the .freshet -hext  ������'���...���spring-.-.'; :Tslie::ainoiint. 6'fy'golcl ; al-':  y ready:recovered -by-/the company/is.  A: import ant, :.biit /no" :"fig-'u res /will ;/;ljfe'  y .give ii until/ after jtlielaSt'clea n in gs.  ,,:  The laymen, Black '& :'Go:'>-. working.-  -.'. -part -./'of the: lower ..ground .on ; ihe  .:���  coinpauy's/'prppertyv  ai'e: again: in,  good  /pay.:;. /According  .to   .Mr;  ::.':';',/M;aiuiu';/-.U  ������   /re flee ti/; great, credit :"oil; Mr.*T-; H~  -.; '- ��� B1 ack ,-'-.u nd'er-: vvh dse 'd it ect i on , n 'ii-.  :A clergrbuiiU'Tlie-d riffiiig ifVolley and  ������"��� tlie compaiiy are  very, pleased.with.  ���'., the output of gold.already prod need  '���-.''��� from- that   lay, and which; .will . be  considerably increased  this coining  .-..'��� .winter. .: As. a whole, the company's  business  has entered  into a.period  of prosperity which will be,marked  this rear bv an inibortaut dividend.  by water,/and to lose as little' time:  as 'possible, MiyMc^  slructed-lo his order a large Coriiish  pumpat; :\Y; J. -Shiitlr "���&' 'Cd'syVhi-  chihe'Shop iiuAtlin. V; The pump is  of''6-inch bore audyj-foot: stnike and  is a cieditvlo thisldeal iiiin. ,,: , :  Tta: Another Big Ntieeet;.   '..-  ' Jack ; l'.erkiiisbu,, \vorking a lay  on / l)rpwi!.'.s''?gi(!iund>.pn 86 below  ilisebvery on Sjirnee Creek;yestei'-  day picked/up / a nugget weighing  iSpfy 5 divls.   :',-    ;, 'A' ,;"'y :--;:'/;:-;'-:/:���./'  r;';.: '���-;./''/.::QuaV'tz'ItMining\  ;  /Tlie: J^clty .group ..of claims: on  'I'aku Arm is ./attracting: iniicli.,'a.i-.  t'e 111 io, i'i; yah d : 111 e<: ;s 11 i pin en i / o fore  uiaile.last,;.iii6nth .N-ielcled/.a^good  ;retiirh, which:'was /so  satisfactory:  -to   the  owuers^tliatCiliisyrliave de-'  ';/,-���- '���-',. -.:--'//-���.-���     ���������������   ���-, ������ ������������:' y. o- .-';���.--.   cided/to:go: pu / wi th,/ the : develop-  in eiit-r: work witho ut -in terruptiouy  \lri: Cooper,//wli(V;;is /in /charge -of;  ,1 lie: yvorky li as a I read y l)ti ilt.. sub-/  Slantiai.caliins for. winter/use; y Sp;  f:ir,i-; the/ develo|unent.; woil-:-.-ylpiie;  comprises/ a tuniiel'clriveii on the:  ledge for 45/feel, iu ul://iii lit li er.t.iiu-,  Yfe'r.c'biniii'^  ledge-/\\diic|i. hitler/'wili; -'b'e:';'co.ii'--  iiiiu'e,ti..'-by.''c6iiit'racX,;'fo'T::\\^  ,ersw-ill;be/aske<l rye.ry/shortK-^l.  A Mr:-Joseph- A lien.:of the/Kagle'S;  Nest Alining Cd^. who' -bonded /the  ��� ''.'���Federation 1 )ay:''; oir Table, Mdun-  lain j-. made:.a//hin-ried.Iv.isi.t^.tci/ihe..  .pfopiei'l%\::;v-;'Hc'.'e'x-rJ'ressedd.iiin|ieif:as:  very pleased, with the outlook-./Is/r.  A11 e.i l,11 as. -q-,0 u e. so u t h,,a ga i 11; A'.-.. .���..;,./ --  :   .h G;(Jor;Niii.i,./  Otter Greek.  M'i\ ��� C. .Hewitt;r uiaiiager of the  Otter Creek Hydraulic. Co'.',: in aii  interview, staled that the. result of  the .season's/hydraulic, operations  en ,Gtter Creek, were in the ,.niani_  'perfectly satisfactory/ The/ great  .<lra.wljaejc.was the scarcity of water,  which prevented ii in- goingfurther:  iiito" the pay channel which was encountered about the 15th of July.  The clean-up proves beyond a doubt  that good pay is on the creek. The  ��old. recovered was very coarse and  greatly water-worn. , Operations  will he commenced next spring,  wheii, as the pay is now in sight.!  it is expected-that the result will be  a big cle.^n-up.  Mr. Ilewetl left here, Friday, for  Lome Creek,'Skeena River, where  he is i/oing lo install a large hv-  <lraulip plant for the Dry Hill Hydraulic Mining Co. He will icturu  here the lalier.end f).l  November.  y.Mr. G. E; /Bernard/the. expert  mining uian. at a/iiieeting/ol the  stockholders of .the Engineer: Mining Co. on ...Taktr..'. Arm, expressed  himseiras higlily satisfied with the  pioperty, saying tliat tlie /quantity,  of qunrtz exposed"; was eiiornioiis  and that the indications were favorable/for/the ''company.- President  A; P./Mead, Secretary" B. LeFevre  and Charles K. Sheppard /accompanied. Mr. Bernard wheii he made  the 'examination of tiie miiie. Mr.  Beriiard/lias been put in a.position  to issue new stock and'the company  iii tends to install a "large phiiit/ou.  tlie mine capable of handling all  their:':own ore and,������������'.'th'at of other  properties in th-e district.  Work will shortly lie comnieueed  oil the Beavis niiiie on a large  scale:, aud for this property we be-,  speak a 'very brilliant future.  Boulder Mountain is coming.to  the fore. Several claims changed  hands at a good price last week.  The work done has been ''comprehensive" wild .all the'assays show  high values.  :-b A WWp25 ^ ���> f/S-' V r ^a ���   ','���':'  y  ��� Discovery.  ,' ;/0 PI'! N '���" D AY. A Nl) / ,1\ I Ci; HTAy /','  :/FlJiSM,-ClI)ASS^Rl';S'l,AtJ;RANTr  V;: '^''" .:'..':/,.;���;./';/'.'/I N/:;;'//: y /,, y/'/  .'   CONNFCTiGN/-  /',  lli-iiilo 1111 i'iiirs   foi'  Dixon's  hIiiliii.   /'  :'laiMli/:filllv':  Ml LLER k/WitLAFI ENVPt-oprJetoi's,  .:.</':'' /.'DISCON/KiiKKS'lil'/ATI,K-;./,/- /:,  OurPiriing-l\bomPij:ri"iishes; the  /; ;Best Mcais. in Canrspi - //-;/'  !u1:n:i;:s^  irti!.efds:3.iioe;  ;rrst  STREET,/ATL)N  J  Boots,and, 'Shoes   Repaiied~Giuuv;/,  Boots; ii; Specially./ /'Harness /also //  R'ei')aiied.v" ���'///";-'/ v//;/��� 1'- "���:/ :     ���/���/"'/;/���''  ::;:lfOTEL/YANCe  ;GOOD- STABLI NG.//'/  l^V;./P-myl|vl^ ,,  ;;   ;:";/:'disccwfrAt, bAcaa://-:���:'  N EWDI N 'ING ROOM   NOW; OPEN ,  ::;-;'-;/:/://; Fairnashing: i'T'h'e'' '//���//:/:/:'/  v;/.jfFSl^^I;lvA':i;S :I;N::Ca;M;P./:;:;  l/iiiesil pf:lif(U0i's. y Good stabling/  THIS HOTEL IS STOCKED  WITH  V    THE   BEST   OF   GOODS '  :-    '^Satsial: JlC'slJin'siejna, T.PrOfi.  'Northern Lumber ���MS��, ���  i-T'TTT-���>;';'". :JLiFSSM&��^aT. ���-/;/  ,:On and. after- the.'23id..- of ���' A pril,  r'y.bi and'/ nil til   linither; nplioe -the. ,-  Ibliovring will be the prices of-L'uni- J  ber.-'--/V/;y/]v-.-;/'y.; = yV,/':'':-'V/'   -'-"Z/;--;"/-7  A Rough ;u p to S i he lies,: .��qo/  A  ///;.:..ylo,-::,/;-'do./ ,. i.2,;.:,:;;,:);/,//:.;.;,50".;.,':":'//;  ;���/ ^latched,'$50.00 TT'-A-yAy-AATA A..  ,/./lS.::;i:)./$S,o<)/&/D:/I)i:^rp;;/^  ;/ 1 '2}�� per cent discount will:be al-//  lowed:for cash at'tiihe nf.oixleriug/ - /  '-. 1-. 1 iJ S.iS'n.s, lViipri'ijtui'./  ���^'|^::/.;.IJATHS;/::-  ;;l\::o   BARBHR;;;S;H01>-" ';  ' F.'Siiijci.-i;s &'-Fnbv/DuKitA^tV//  ;. Nt.w-oci-iiii.v 4 In;]i   tt.!\v./fiii:ii*n��.rs iti'M   ;  /.-to/ih'j iiii.iiiv.ofiii./\.:';ji';.'''i>'ij:��i.st'i'i'pt.r:;;':  /l'hi- li'a iii r'Kiii!.s:i(i:i.'.:i'.,nali.v;.';.; irood its'ion nil  in   oititts;-,Ui'ivati.'/lviiTi-niK'w for larlif.s"..  ^tlinv'Jtod^^Mf)^!^'-  ::/^wL  : -'; ~?mM&?\ tf'Cp^s-"  "TAAmdM^mmM^-,  nieets:s.eeoiid/ahd  fourth/ AVedne-s-^  days: of .e/icli -iiioii I li,; fit/^S/i)l uiyatt  tlie'A/0/l'J/AV-'Blocky'rhird Street.::  ��� /Visit!ng-':'']-Ji.'b.t'iiei;s/yire  cpiiliall^:/  iiiyiled tp'aUeiKl.;  :y:;���:/;. ::   -",.������:���;/:/���/  ',/:;//F: \V.:/I)o>vij.N'C!y/' //���/ /;:////  ": Masler/W'Oi-kiuan.:/  ''.;^;-/',V^F;.v-M.;';';K.j;\A'pobs, Recorder!/  lilt!!:; ��11AND.;;; MUTEL:��::  FINFST;:EQ UI PPL 13 / HOTF Lll' TKIi NO VCVHAAAT     A,  /../     FVFRYn^HrNGrCGNDUCTliD IN   FIRST-CLASS MANNEB..  'T''-'-'T'A.A'^^TtO'Oatel-.'Restaurant'"in'-: Gaemmectietn. "-T ':".'y-.'/���'  ��� i'���   '. ���'. .l.Ay-.-'l - David PIastik, /.Pkoi'kiktok. ',  COkNliR" I'-IUS't/ AV-KNtlif   AND   DISCOVIiRY   STKICET,  J5.TI.IX.  THE  Ialf-WayJIouse  i.s   li   Iitiven    for   all  ���ti'itvel.lot's. tl'lie meiils  ..tire* Xi'iic-thillii'isr 'un'il.  the   linippi-s  -in    tlio-"  liii'i", as I'u'frcsliiii"; us  / tlie.(li;w;of tlio onrly  ."��� moriiiiifr.     An   icluiil  siimmci' anil  wintor  resort.. y .''-.  JAMES  CLARK,  i'KOPKlICTOK.  THE WHITEPASS&,YUKON ROUTE.  Ruby Creek.  The local syndicate that is working on Ruby Creek, under the'-management of Mr. Robt. McKay, has  reached bebrock at 47 feet, striking  good pay-dirt. From 23 feet down,  tiie gravel averaged $1.00 per yard.  Mr. C/'B. Collin, one of our old-  timers'and a good quailz man, is on  his way to New York. He is the  ownei of some good property adjoining tbe -"Federation Day" bit  Taku Arm, and will return early in  the spring in order to begin serious  development work.  By  every   boat K. I.. Pillman &  Co. receive the finest assortment of  Fresh Fruits and   Vegetables to lie  IV'ork 011 bedrock..was   interrupted j obtained in Atlin.  Through   Line   from   ��:;agriuiy. to   Atlin.   White   Ho.rse,   Bi.g  SaLnion,/.  ��� Dawson and all intermediate points.  Finely apisoli-.tod  (.rai-ns dctily, except Sunday,  1,-etween Sltagtiay, Cariboa  and Whitehorse.   Carry Passenrjers, Eitgo^SO, Mail nr.ti Express--  TIME   SCHEDULE   OF   FIRST   CLASS   TRAINS:  No. I.    Nurtli llo'llliil. ;   No.".-  Solltli lloliinl. '  ��.��'��� m.-iii. I.v.       SKAIit.'A V      A.r.   4 ..".II p.ni.  " 2.111 p.in. I,v.    :   CAKIHOl'       I.v. II.Win.in.  .  i.:'.n |,.in. Ar. wurri': iiou:-;!': i.v. ii..:ioii.iii.  'time schedule lake steamboats:  .'.----Lrii'vi, CA 1 ��. 1 HOU fi |i. in. Tiii.-kiIii.vs-, Arrlvo A I I.IX !l a. in. Wfiliii-nilii.VB.  '���'            "             Ii p. in.' I'-riilnys, "            "'        il n. in. Sin uriliiy.^.  I.i*iivi" ATI.IN ."i n. in. .Momlii.vs. Ari-'ivu (JAIMHOIJ 1 n. tiu 'I'ni'i.iln.vu.  r> |i. in. Tliii'.'.itliiysi. "             "          ���< ii- ui. I'Yiilnys.  1D1 .iioiiinl" of ii.'i'.'irii^i" will lie i.-liccliiMlfriM* with cni-Ii full fiirn t-lclu'l iiml 75   pouinH  Willi i.'in:!i Inilf liirn t'ii-liHi.  i'lis-.i-ii^i'i'"' must lie; ut dc'iio'.M in tiiiic to Inivi" lliij-'Kiiirn iiiF.|M;i."ti>il ��nrl cliwSwrl.  Tiini." Sulii'iliiIi'H li i'i" siili.ii-l't lo rlninijii �� illirint. not ii'i'.  COST-     Baggage   Ponded   Through.  Km"  hirprnnit inn -i'^lutlvn ' to   I'lisni.-n^ur,   t'lmitflit,   l.x|iri ss riuil  Tvlfjn'niili ,1!t;rt<����,  iipltl.v In liny iic.i'iil ol' llii''Coiiiiinii.v oi' to  M..).'i:.V"-|IITI'.<l.l>''.t I'..*.. J. LIPSCOMB I-t..l).]'lNXK().Asvl.(;..r.r,l\A^  Viiiicoiiv.'i', l.'..(,'. AljD/lt, AfJiiJ. tU<i*j.nviF, <��.-,.vl;.-r.  :'fe  kit  W  "W  I  ���Al*  Si  '���������Tb.  Mm  51  AAM  ���A-Tm  '-.".���.';'8'��  ���?-';P^  A  AM,  AM.  A-Uk  II  m  ���1?  A  w  ���m  4  ���m  ���- '3fei|  m  'Pi  *V.  < ti  M  O'-fJ  i'i  :4  'J:  II g  ���3  1  mmwRBmso  -Jim ;ATUN,::   75. .Cv'VSATURDA'V,  ;SIiPTFAl HFl-i  |y:y '  yyy  a:  ,/AA-a-  |t|��-  131  im-  IfP'  Mi:  ��� A  .���i.904:  PICKED UP, HERE'-jAND,THERE.  Ciuii'cli   "i iSii.ffiiiiid':., ���      ;; '���'���'.���'���'-.    ->; cy?;  ;'   , Sr^iMuiiiny <-;Dii lyli. ��'<"'- '11 i i i-��I   J> 1'< 1.''''V1 ?''*  'vi'r stl-��ois.   SinKlayyeiwiues.yMiif.inslit   II'''a:  .viii.yCvrMisiiii;;- j :'M p.nn    Cnlehmit ion. of ������Holy  '..'��� Oo.iiii'1111'n.iu'ii,. 1st Sunday  in ejteli'iiirji.itli ����'l  '"������ii'ii Spcfcliil- oi'iinsioiis.   Sunday  Sehool.  Sun-  ilayatyl. p.;  111^  ��� Coinmilli'ii   ^ioet.iniiy 1st  '1,'lnirsdn.v in eiu-li m'ontli.y .'   '  .; Kcv.'iyi,. Stephenson, KecU':'. .'���'  ;;   St.   ���'Aiiili-'V!w's\T.nis;iiyti'ria",i''..'f.;iii'iri:li'-'l;>'l"l'  K..i'vii-("i<in    ill" ..Oir-ii'itli'on.  Setyml   Strw.'i:  Moi'iilnu' si'i'-vii-o nt   11 .i.'M'ili iiy .vor.v'u.'i" 7.M.'-  '": SiiVnln"''Si'lio-jl ill. tin.  i-loii!. ol'  tlio . iiiuriiiii".'  ici-vii'fa,.    Kev. K.Tnrkiniitoii. .Minister.   I' I'ee  Ki.'inli'n'ji' Uo^m., lo.ivliii'.li :.!' are welcome.',  :ii.''f!1ii��ii'iiC,:iirliiiIrc':'('.lirirt'lii:-;rti"'rVi>"it-V'w'ill l"';  ���'���; held second Sunday oi' each 11 1.1'-. ���<>:ll ur'-'  , welron'nv   l>o.v-. I'i't'li'.'i," t'orlit-ii, ir.iiiisUM". -^  T'AAT'- .;������'V -The Regatta.     :,':'.--y.  ;Thc- Regatta,; \\M!ich.:^yis,.; ppst-  ^'poueci last .SaiiirdayV. will die; held.  '' ; first'':Klobd.tiy;''/(:I-;a)x)ry;Pay..5,v-:;3ep'''i  ���- teinber-^rd."-. y ;���;, A     '���'; .'..��� jy ATT:A  .;,. Baby, girt born to Miyand Mrs.  Wolters, of .Discovery,;'o"u; August  20II1; '���'.:. ;'...���,'. ly' TA. ��� A 'I A A )::>;,..: y. y' / -.: ���  CMr. Blizzard has  purchased"the -r  lut  d.i 1 cl 'residence   whicir was   ic-  ceutly   wpu\'by:';]\|r. Mobley."..iii   a  raffle. :'"'.-."' ��� ��� -..(������' ��� '���.���'.���   '������.;:      .     ���  ���;.'������:I-f.-yoit want the, .lates't.-Magaxines.  ;iiid; Papers, go.to';Fillmairs.v--.;  ,. ..Mrs. F,. K'uld. and ;baby rel iirncd  16 Atlin on W'eduesday'froiu -..Vancouver.- '. ���.'���..-.������'���;;/ -'. '-.' ���  ���". For Fresh ��� Fruit.'and'Vegetables,  Tillmairs'are.alwa.v.'; iii the lefid.. '-.;'������  ��� .';. y The; Princess dleatrieiysails j from  ; Skagwayvou'the 6th:;in place .of the  ."- 'A:ihtir.���...'.',���-,-.���.���������'���- :;-.;'��� -AT ;'���'."''���;��� '''���'; -" .-v," .-";:':''���  '- -/-'riicsiiburiVsui lots (>f: All iir liave  .'���;". now :been -pegged   off by the, -sur-  '. weybrs^ brownlee"'^Taylbf..-.';''���'���������;.''���'?  ���'���,': MeDonald'sy Grocery-    makes, a;  ysijecialiwo'f ii-esh.eggs and butter.;  A Ay Miy George ; Findlay ;.inet,; ���witlra  y painful 'accident, -cnttingy off the  I-Tpoiritobivis .liUle;finger;aud severely  :' wounding two ...others .of the'.", left  ' : hand, at.lhe'Northern 'Lumber Co's  '.", .111 ill,"' last ^Alouday: ';t>lr.;. I^iiicliay,  GFad just', stiirled :\voiking,'ni'iyii>'g".  taking; the idaceJqf one o|lhe;regu-  -lar- ein plqyees who   was: absent ...for  ;���'���' the day., ' ";.',:'��� ���.;'���"';;''.,...  ;..;Well-assorted Slock of'l.ioinestic,  '������. :aud luiporled'Cigars .iir.l-Jotinie's.y  - -."-.The-IIou. Chief Justice aiid-Mrs;.  A Hunter- left i.liere; vMondavy; fThe^r  -weiit-SOiitlrfoiythe'^Prihcess "iVfayf  . and' inteiid deaviiig', yictoria  -spoii  .'. on'a visit   to;, the   \\rcrld's'-,' Fair at.  . ;S.t.'Louis.; ,;;'.';;:> ;���; ",;'.  The O. K.  barber SIiop  for not  ..or Cold Baths.at all hours, 50 cents,.  Mrs-.']'. A. "Fraser and family left  for the coast last week, where-'they,  ���'���will spend thewinter. ���'���    ;  ',;';. If you want a good meal go to the  ''. Quick 'Lunch Room,  Airs 1-Tenning  ^proprietress.        ,-.  Tony Yduugmayr  and   wife   left  .   for   Victoria'.oil   Monday.    -Mr;  Y'ounginayr is;:going   back   to his.  old"job''at the brewery.  .NOTICE.  :;:. Iv.M- Fc^i.'iiY,' having.;disposed.of  iiiy'dbiisihess and..= stock,in;tlie- Atlin  Clieap Ck^lr/Stoiinib^i-Q^^'lfKiii.-  Ini:;, beg ;-to.' thdnk 'my Trieinls^ and  the public iii' general' lor the liberal  patronage;;extended To ; hie : (luring  the .. pas l:,; ii ye \-ea rs, ���'. ;i 11 d ,:��� st 1H ci I' a  cqnlinuance;of; the; saiue;.;fp'r..:Jiiy,  successtiri-  '-.. ;:'- ,.-,;,.'';'-'-  a  ���';���.;. /���;'-'. A :Al.:.AA;;^TTyA;;yy-AyA&-AT,-1..-.:jAAA.A-- ���'"- -"'������',,.. Vo ^'.:.:'\'--;.,y; ���:.  ;      y]tialities : iaiM a:oXa^a.-::'-aa:.  ;:-r;;.;;;p;r6cei'ieS'';yft  ,f:'. . : c,u red for the; 'N g rt-h e r 11,1 ra cl e. ���;:���;;���.'  a ���;:  5P^-GaU^;^  TH&i-MoM-VStORE.  notice.:  '; .0;Havii:g retired frorii tlie Atlin  ������Tra.d.iii'g." ;Cp-, ��� and 'purcjia.icd " the'  busiiiess';;of;iVI. VFpi.icy, I -will:;be  pleased to ii'ieet all iny old friends'  aiid custonieis;atiny new. place of  business,,vand . assule;.on'c..;;ind -all  the'best treatment.'-; ;.;.''-;  ;,A'darge suppl\'.;6f;New,;Gcods;,is  no woutlie way 'a'ucV. notice 'of i Is !  ai'ri\:ai -will be puMisheddai er.,; :  ;;N;-:C.'.\VHHKi\,i.Ncy  mm  '-;���;;'���'"; On";amPafter August; }s;t-and uulibbirltier initicevTiie followingiwillo  be the rates .ibivTighis..;'. aecountscpilcctibleinoiitlily;:    ;,;.-. ������ry;yy : "������.���' "���-���'���'"  P';:KLKeT.K:iC'~T;r<^  a.8 GaizdSc TPov/er.-hioshdasccnt $ ti*75ginr 'nsbnfh"'fi'e'r-'lifihf:'  !3t-  3,  HP -  ���?*":  Tjf'y  3.  S6:-  3%.  T>   '.*> --y TT;?A. AyAy-Al. A'9-''--: ' AAA ^.SOyAA T --'-:'",-;-:'; yAyA.  ������''''������������.������;.;���: A'U.'bHrne^l-mit.:orvl'iUicke'iied--h  ���free of.charge; if:;bi'oi.igiil to the Coinpany's.oflice,: b^  be-.'ch'nr'ged:-lor;at:30 cents;eachv��� ':���/:-.���>;'���-/;       y y A-_'.,-     ��� ;tv  j'-; -\ ,y.:;.:;';'  MODERN STEAM LAUNDRY IN GGNNEGT!^  NOTICEy -  .        OTIC!^is;.])yroby^CyotrtK l'.()  ������:���- ."���'....-,.'(111 >'s' fry 111 tla to,. I. itilotid tc��ay ply. t o  Ihf;-CJhief CoinViiissibtier'<*f l,uiii(!.s'and Works  t'o:'-|)fU'iniysio:r to i>n ���.'<du.v*Nej-'.thpy-rollowiiiji*.  (ic^criljedhttii!, is it it ate iii tlio AtliiLDtstvict:  "���-C'uinmONctinjj at a pott,nn:rkiid liG.M. IIV-  X. K.conuM*, planted almnt one tniU?.soutli of  tin; inoiith .OF McKee OreoU and Vine-half  mile , froiir Luke front, theuoi.y soy t lifrly (0  (.'liaii'is. t h'chct> westorijc- 4.0 elm ins, t'henco  noi't liurly -10 ehaiiiSvtheiioe eitstei'ly -10 tihains  to point of cotnineuoenieiili, cwitaLnini;" JHO  acres mon.'"Or less....\  C. M. I,lA.\rsiiA\r."  : Atlin, B. C, .1u\y 27th, I00-L  notice;  IllRKICnV tiive notjye tlut.1-WltliFii till dny.s  I'rinii  iluto,   I   inteiiil   to  iipiily  to   the  Cliief (JoiiiinissiiMiei: of; Lanilsnuil Woylis l"oi'  jMii-niission to iiurcluist.' tlir I'ollo.wtii'j ili:-  siM'ilioil <ri'oii-.��l,>itu;i!u in llio Atlin l.list rict:  ���Co'iiiiiiuiiui.i.iH: ut ii post. .uiiii-Uud'-S.. II-P's"  N..K.'i.'.oi:iii!i" post. |)lauii:il iiljuut' two miles  suiitli of. tin) in out li of Mclieo (JrueJc nifil uiic  i half .mill! f'rt��m i.aUc front.. tliuin.'fi soutln.'rly  .11) <:haiM.���tlioiio<3 westerly .ill...ciiuiiis,. tlienui;  Ne.\v:'l'lLes-aiKl.ni'sliiii��>-.:'iSickie;iit',,','rt  ,'���. \Ve are' be Iter prepared tptake crire of large"biders;dii  IBE&@��M��&,a^  thaii an}'-house,thi3;Lside of 'Seattle".���';; ^ei'ishalMcs'.a Specialty.  p .  Rose of Ellensbiirg Butter,;  Chase <&. Sanborn's Coffee,  Standard Oil Ci-  ;.;".;-  ;;Ag;Ey l: v; -,     -".-;.-'.-;;,-; -���-;���';'"':: ;,-s: y-:,.''��� a "Al.  -Preferred Stock of Canned Goods.;  ���;.;.;.'  " - ;' BlAer R'b^PT-Tea. .AA_A:TTA::-IT  ���_':,.SfESP? Satisfaction guaranteed.TAL-.  KUHmus*w=n  ���������SKA&WftY, - AA LASK/ti'-' A  Wholesale;; and    Retail: a. Butch er  FIRST   STREET,  ATLINyB.C  G. R. lion rue's.  j to' poiii'-. of eojiiiiieiii.'t;'iii*.'iitv coiitaiiitu^r iUO  : iK.'i'os inot-i! ��v less.  '".- VMr. and" .Mrs;'-'T:'"H. Taylor  Iteff'1 Atlin. U;C!.v.i..iy-7ti>; hum.  ��� for Vnuc'o'uyer ��n Friday.  - !  s; II.Pmt.miiij.  i'.;       ;   -NOTICE...  .   Conic   and   see iny   new   line of j. --���r-  -fT-a,i i.-,.      L".���������',' ,. ,1     ,.    ,,,  .'  . i      ' T*-'-"r 'OTIGK is lini'uli.v yivi'ii  rli.-ir. wirliin '(ill  ileateis,   vbloves  and   Ranges.   .-: ��\      ,      ,���,,�����, ,  -  .... ��    .       J .., --1-  V      iln.vs li'imi iliilu I  iiitciid to ii|i|��ly to  I).   I.)l 'U I H: ... j.tin" Oliir-I'(.'niiiiiii.ssitniui-iif l.iimls mill Wni'Us  liir   iit'i'iiiissioii   to   pin-elms..   iU.it- followinj.''  Mr. i<\ W. 'Miiler, brotlic.; of the  late I'rilz Miller, an ive.d here on  \\'ediicsday's boo.l.     :  ��     ;aF��  ati.in;' ii.. o.  SHELF AND  HEAVY' HARDWARE,  Tin and Granite-Ware,  Miners' and Blacksmiths' Supplies,      Doors and Windows:.  ."  FiisK^iSBere si3��i' Mai tress "-'Faciory.lA:'.:-  M0M  ir<  r? @ y  Diiig mnpmt]  p  (li'Sfi'iljcd 'j;'i'oiiii(l, sil uatc . in Ihe Atlin Uis-  ti'ii't :- (Jo.jiiiicneiiifr :it u post. iniiUeil " I'-. 'I'.  U's" N. lv. i;oriierv planted nliotit ou<.' iind  oiie-hulf miles south of the muiitli of MeKee  ('feck and one-half  mile   from   Lake  trout,  ; For J umbo 'Wool-Top  .Maitresses M,","<'''s"ll";1''-V ''''' ',||��'MS�� Uience westerly  ,      ..." ���',     ,     ,, ,.        . ; l!l ehains. theiiee   nwrl herb'-)JI I'liains. theiiee  ihkI    Supported   Springs,    beat her | ,.���s���;,iy .mehai,,. tupoim ..r oomuieiieeiiiem ..���  Villous,    blankets,    Ouilt.;..   go   to ; i'":i,"'"i,l>i "'","'l'l-"',iu"'1''"'1,,''s-  , ,       ���  :. ���-..''     ..'���'". I . I'": 'I'.  11,Ml KIM. \v  Dune ��..  -    ATUN,  b. C,        - '..,-������  t- BttEWEKtf'-QE-'-LAGER  BEER*.' -.''���:"'.'.  SMALT,    AND    FARCK    URDFRS    PROMPTFY    FILLED'.  THE . WE AT  MARKET  l     Atlin, II..C.'-Inly 27th. I'.i.'M.  6T%\  �����  m\  ml ie,  V7* A  si 'rt'ttftsou to  ���M. FOLEY  .^Z^gg ���?M��MP   GASH"STORE.  '4��V      , .  ?JAJ"  F-ill.L LINT- OF, STAPLE AMI}���'FANCV OROCERJES.  FIout,  Oats,  Chop   Feed..   Bran,.   &c��� 8^c.  Fiks'i' Stkkkt,,   Atlin.  I KEEP NONE BUT PRiME STOCK���LOWEST MAPVKET PRfCEl.  Pioneer Bakery ami Wsnmmt.  HAS    KFOFFNHD  Fresh Bread, Pies and Cakes.  Roouw to Rent..��� Board by the Wceky    ������    C.  R.  Myku.s,   IJroin'ie<.crr,.  * M^n j.   !w*,jTajo: "f  ��. c >*t- *vvjri*j *v j*rt-t-��    Mhw ^^JT^^T^''" TJ!IT,Hn^!rm ^w^Wff^waMwwag3^^  I I'"'  *\ -r  l&M. ���  9mA:  Mgy  mAA  ilpsty  pi  pRy  ^A  '?WTfA  t#i'Vv  llii'vy  i'WA-T-  m0: A:  lilV'y  IK**���--  fe.';,-.. ���'.".,  Ifey;..-.,:  ���SMPPLEMEM'T-:  WB:  -September 3rd,A\904./  ^���ftfe-  ��  *~> y  M  :-.;.'"���,   .Sty Petersburg,������."August- 2St.iiyyy  A ber ion rweek'sj. 1 i'i t'.erva 1,-111e Jans .  ...bayey resu med;ytheir   ad va nee'- on .  .,.'/.' Kuropatkin's' positjcns:    ;'i'!;e; Op-:-  '���' ; posing armies,: are.iu   contact   east -  y 'aiid/south of Liap-Yaiigyind, fight-'  :    ing. -has:.: beeilyin '.progress-  since  AT- Wednesday,.but., no .debiils   oLtlie ;'  .ycouflicldia've yet been received. :.; ,  ��� A Japanese c^lii inn 30,000 strqng:'  ;., was, reported m a reli ing up.t lie right  ���: bank ol'Hhe .Liair He;Ri\',er.:f-;:: X .y  ;;'y.lMie; Baltic;; fleer" \vhicli--sirlecl -:  ;  (Vom Cronstaclt bii; the/evening 'of'/  T the 25th, consisted of���"tweiilywar-.'  '.'ships. ���"';:.. -'������:"���������  London,.; August-' 2SU1 : ��� The-  British goveii-nieiit l:a ve cbrdcrtd ";  livo cruisers from  the   squadron  at .'  "Cape ol' Good "Hopeto //locate they /  Russian    voluuleer,  fleet   steamers  ��� Smolensk: and  St. Petersburg aiid  i-oitv.ey to' tli.ein   the   orders' of" the   '  Russian government   not   to 'inter- ���'",  fere Avith/neutral ships. "..   ���,-.  "'.'���; Three; French Siibm-irine ships of -"'  Ihe DaupliiiV:type Jiave been sent ���  to Vladivostock.    /..  L-niiioii, Aug. 2:it!]. ���No, definite  neu-s has been   rti'irived   regarding ;'  .-���Fort Arthur having (alien. y-..  ;y!'ari';'..Auy- 29bk'.:;���:-A despatch'.//  from I.iao Yang, dated 27th, says  an,engagement raged" throughout  the day cast and south of the town.  'Hospital trains are 'being- sent to  the front. ,' ,  St. Petersburg, Aug.'29th: ---- The  first bat;le in what might be re-  gaid.-d as the geuerrl advance on  Liao N'aug ivas fought on, Ihe. 26th  of'A.iga-t, with the lystilt  that  the  '.;'���'".���'���'',���'   '-.'-,'���-���'   ' ��v-Tji'iivfiiiM. oi.'',-���������"  ���-.--.-A.,:. I-I VrXGSTOX, Ga 'Kii'lJT A - K tXG. ' -  ���    BARRISTERS./::   'ySOUCifcfiS,  ���;, yd OTARI ES tPUBLiC,.:,..;  .;;���.     :..;..;   VANcquvEii, 11. c.  ;- Atlin; Office*/: ln".At!in ;C!isiir," -S'.Cg :  'y_;0.Af:&^  y :/y ���'.'.-,'.. :���:.'".. (r}vlLiJA,9lW,'>-< T      yy.:"/,.:-'-  : y;;, PR Oy IN CI AL^L AKD:^URy�� YOS, /.  C" HS '���' ('! A" A ">��� AXU ���; l':I��HT ;STII li KTS,   AT,. I N'.  '    .,;    Siuyeys oT Hyilranlie Ivtia^e^ and   ...  ;--;-.: ','.'" .yy -���/.".'iiliiie'rii! .Lliiinin., ���'���'.  ���.'*  eZnBM. loi)s,:-;V:  yBARHISTE^  y,     lias talien an Utrice ,at"itoom  I, (.'old '���'*  <.;.. .lioi.i.su,.': iJi.^eovery.. ...t;iti ..���,.:     1.. ,u'r'.V. .-���'���  '+'..' .'. '.'Hsday.s, TliiuVi'inys ii;.n .Sa. ..iiisr.      *  ~:v -���< i:i-oiii-iiro;s'|i;-ih;y- -���';-:--'-y    ���' ' yy '  f^:^-,^!Mx^'>  :,���ALASKA   ROUTE-SAii ING3���-  The rDllo\yiug' Sailings, are a;n-  nounced for'the -nionthoi A-ugu's:,.'  leaving Skagway at S p. \u.:  "      '  ���^'Princess .-JMay'.V-Sepf.'1 .i,st ���   :olh,  -2.1st, iind'Ocl. 1st.  "Aniur'��� Sept. 6:h, i6tli.aii(! 26th.;,.-  Fpi-'furthi;r information, apply.or  wi'iie to       T-t. B." Dnx.N.-'A.gem. .;    .'  . \yy.:. . Swioway. Ai.i.-ika.-  .���"��� "V1" ; s.��'.K'n' '-.- -   :        i'omkoiit  Pacifig Goast;..S^:S.:Xo.  I'ioneei' AIiinIiii Line.  Seattle, PuQai; Soun-.I, San Frsncisao.  and Soirciierii Ports,  (.'AiiiiViMi it, ri. .mail.  Sails I'l'oii! .Siuiuu'ay '  vS. S. Huiiibolt.        '-e; t. 9,   i;-;   28/  Diri'Cl   lo Sean I.'     . ���������       "'  Cottage City,     ."iem. 2, 1 i,   2r,���o.  Victoria anil Scatlle direct  City of Seattle, tie;.1.5.  14, 24.  Vaneonvei- ami Seaitle diV"ci.r  /���.sa^"  AIiiivi;   Selie.hih'   Snlijecl   ti,   Chanre  U'illioii!  .\oiii.(..  C. D. DUN NAM, Gen   Pass'  ASt ,  10..Miirliui St., Sun   Fianci.cn. ( al,"1  L. T/l.  WEST, Acjsnt,  SliiitfWiij', Ahihlia.  - ������; Russians at the close: of Ihe-fight-  ;; ing still -held their positions vaiid/  ';..; ;:i".aicted; great loss.oii; th'e^apauese;:  ���.';������ ;^iiei ������': '���"-ussiair y losses'; -were y 1456-  I' ykil!ec1.::.01'.;'"wounded;':/"-Tlie:vl;'otteSt ���  y;ydightipg-::oecur^^  :: idace.betu-een" Au-'Tiiig ahcI.-Liau'.  ^y ' Diau Siah. ;:;:.y:y '' /';-;��� AA '.;ly..T.  AT AAVok[��}.' Ang-r29th r^Fightiug/at;  -.-:   yfsgowwa:.. of . tlie most "desperate :  A,deseri jU io n.; ���' The j a ptiuese\litid the*;  ;y advantage.:;'6fyythe/: mdimtainous:  ^V^^l1;1.1'^. advancing;along;theVridge..;  Japanese :devoteil>iuo  ..A^^inioiy^toy 'tlie;::;.:bciiubardmg-v:o;fy  ; ,'Linn I)iau :Siau.y.rt is reportedThat:-  .....���.���.���.yC'.^'.i'ei'ii.l Oku'cbiiiinencedvtb.attack ,  ^y:tlie;Russiaiis-at"AusliairShai'ratlliey  :Same time; Kuroki/coinmenced the';'"/  '; attack at An Pin"-.  -.V    .���'���-.        ���   ���;���   :C:, . ��      - '.-, . ��� ���   ������-..���  '������A ;;Liao A'aug, A tig. 3rst :--From 5  o'clock ���'yesterday   morning Avhen :;.  t-be'bi", battle, began, therehasbeeii -  a steady shower of shrapiiel.   Japa-  yoese arc searching the whole coiiii-/.'.  tr\- sitle   witlr tlieir. fii-e,   selecting  certain  squares    of ���-.territory,- iiito  Which they vend a,;hail,of shot and  : shell, then' pass to/another  square..   -  At    16: a. ,111.'   the   Japanese   fire  slackened somewhat, but   their  in-  ���^ fantry were  stendily   pushing   for-   :  ward.    Tlie  Russians-' are. holding  '....llieiivyground, gdllautly   and   their   y  .'.- lossesaresuial! considering the terrible   nature   of;  tlie.-eueniy's  fire.  A t 6,50 p, iu. tlie battle  was grow-" ���  ing  in   intensity.     Wounded   men :  have   been   pouring   into   the  city  since y a. m.  St. .bete.rsburg, Aug. 3rst.:_A  despatch to the- war office states  liiat the.main Japanese; attack was" .  directed against the Russian centre  ���''���id, riglit. The Japanese posted  mi iii jron.s artillery within ninoe  ol. ihe Russian positions during the ./ night   and .opened   fire; at ;5 a, iu.:  ;.y yesterday.:; yy-'-���'''".:���<./  '/:/'/. , ..'  /y/yLiao; Yahg;;:Sepl. /ist;:-r-The/bat-..;  ; tie was/resumed: yesterday at dawn;  with   rifle: fire /iii/ the'ysouth-east.;;  'y/'iMfei'e::;'/iviisf".?desuUbrj'/v:i'flr"ing/./-iill'.  /night.. A-'Ay'--':���������; /-'y'/-yy' 'yy '-'ATA  '!:~/'/.:-S:i'y''-iJetei'\sl)urg,/Sept'.'-.i.:'5t/:'---Dtir-''  :   ing Tuesday's '/-bat tie ,f lie.   Russia 11  ;Cii\'air.y/wpn a   notable" success, re-  ���.-pulsing the Japanese west; of  Liao  /.Yaiig. ./"This/was: thelirst tinie .tlie;-)  //Russian: 'cavalryhad ./an   eppor-.  /lunityytbcharge on open ground.  / //Ceneral- Sakarhoff. estimates the  Russian losses at; 3/000   during '6/;  ; hours' fighting.   :The: battle ended:;,  at .9   a. :ui./:\\'heir'in any   positions  //occupied/:, by/'the: Japanese y\ye re/  .: re-takeni /; ���������/'//)���;''/-.���/.:-;;-y/'-' ��� /���--"    ,/-'<::;  "/.;".. Liao.Yang,  Sept. / ist ':���30'lli   at  / 8. p. - my ��� Reported thai   Russia..s  ycapUlred 46 .caiinoin loclay.yjapa- .  ^/uese assauIts.were^  . eictrenie, with .heavy.Josses.   vf he  fighting.at Vafaiigo cannot be.'coiii-  :pared: /with/.what1 occurred today.  The hiils around Liao' Yang   were.  .. tiemblii.g   I'roiii   the   artillery   fire.  The   Japanese ".."advance'   has  .continued   uninterruptedly-' since   the  24th.  -Tokio, Sept. ist:���I'he latest ad-  , vices state;that the ..Russians are in  /full -retreat 'and 'are ; being   hard  pressed by the Japanese.  .Tokio, Sept. 2nd.:���A despatch1,  tit .8--p. in., yesterday, states that  details of today's fighting are  scanty. It is oiihykt.owii that at  (lawii C.eneral Oku's force was  hurled against the .Russian center  and souihern line and- that the  Russians were in full retreat.  The it-port that the Japanese had  c iplured Liao Vang is unconfirmed.  General Kuroki's force is crossing tlie Tai Tse River;    l  Sb     Petersburg,    Fent.;   2nd: ���  'General    Kuropatkin     has     with-  : drawn his, whole -army to .the   right.  . bank/ of /Tai Tsc   River Jo ' nieet,  Kuroki's flanking movement;.:.' Rc-  ceipt of  this ...news   caused ;" iiiteiise/  "ekcitenient and- disappoint rueni;. as  '":11 lis:in0ye- prac 1 ica 11 y"/ i tica 1 is/ :tlla.'n-/  dontuenl of Liao Yang. ���   In   ex play  ,/natioiFof ..the-Russia n's yet real ,.;a.;  despatch.; to- tliewa'r /officey says' r  :������'.'.'General   Kuroki'syaiiny.crossed.  .. the TatTse   River   in '-.. force, and/it-  .therefore became /necessar\- I dry the.:  Russians to. be ilia-position ; to   re-'  /pel; the/attack.... Kuropatkin.'s move.  therefore yea 11 no t,. be   consideicd-ns  a retreat, but; rather-carry iiig   out'  /a'well-defined idea."  /AssocMioainiusaS/leetiiig/  /yThe annual meeting of tlie Atlin  ;;Di strict:.Li be ral-Cdnseryalivcy As-:  so.ciationwill be held in  Discovery  :;it'/tlieT.BaIiiioralyI-Iall,::/Septeuiber-:  ,ioih.\: The public are cordially-.'iriy  ; vited l.oattend;',. The near approach''  of a JJoniihion   election, fends considerable   interest .to   many ;,p  ��� questions "and   the "executive coiii-  ' 111 ittee, have invited several 'geutle-  . nieny to   address  the ���meelin'g'': on:  these questions."A :"���;.. :;/'yy y"  ii^Jistrfc^^  sociation..;  ;'., .The/aniiuaLiueetiug;of /the: Atlin;  TDistrict) Lib2ra 1' Ay^o-\iatioi 1 ,wi 1bbe."  held: inthe-RdyalJ^lotelyniscoveryv:  13. C., on .Wednesday, evening, :,i5!h  inst., at S p. m.  Fvery   Liberal    in    tlie/ 'Disli ict:  requested to attend.      y "  ',-Al:Gpen Slay[land}Night.-.'. -  BEST; MEALS IN THE COUNTRY.  '''''^iiii -mm��,  ir'jTrjnvur..uii��� mrnwrwiiBFW  AT.i,ix  oi.Anu :i5r:.OGic.  Jefferies Defeats Mcr.rce.  Sail. Francisco, August 27th :���  Jack Monroe^ of B.itte, Montana,  went down like an anutteu'r iy'jore  Jefferies. in the second round.''  Monroe, was scared and .awkward  and was hissed when he protested'  .Referee Grannv's decision.  .���'���iiiQTOG EAPHS  ATLIN AND ALASKA.  Kilins^ind   Plutes' V)evid<ipi.;d   and   Printed  iu Tin-; Atlin Srunio.  ���I'inlar.n'iti};' in id 'Copying' ulso done,    y  FOR SALF--Skating a; d Curling Rinks.���-"Ap'plv.".to A. I). Lkwi.s.  iiousfeSi  ;'��  It is a safe proposition' lo avoid  the man who does not advertise. If  be is not progressive in advertising  you may be sure he is n,.it..up to date  in what he sells.  Stevens Single Barrel,1 12   bore  Shot Gun.    Apply Claim (Jffice.  .Apply  'Sit'-  '-���Claim"' Office.


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