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The Atlin Claim 1899-09-02

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 9  I1!    "  O-A  Or  ���t  .1  M  VOL.    i.  ATUN,   B.   C,   SATURDAY,    SEPTEMBER   2,    1-399.  '   NO.   f9'. ' '  /'��  ^IcELeniMn, NcfeeSy an<  i> ( Ll.MlTKD. )  Paints,   Oils,   Varnishes,  Builders'  I?1  Sash and Doors,  - *  Tinware, Graniteware, ^r^sskary  All kinds of Tinsmith-'work done.   ,  Cornel'of Hirst and Pearl Street.  The-Large Body- of Quartz Back  of Tcnnant & Baker's Mill  !>  . . ��� . FR��SII _ IWE.W  GOODS   J&BST  SN  J. M. Clair Blac  Largi-st a.s'd Bust SklkctivU ,Stock 01  Groceries,-Stelf Hardware, Paints md Oil  Shoes, R?ib3)2r Goods aud Miners' Supplies.  IRON   STORK   '-'    - " -    -    -    -    -    COR.   1ST   AND   TRAYNOR  Said to be Similar to that of the  r    faf.oiis Kootenay Mine.   <  IS,'  J>��  The = Bank = of = British = North = America  Royul Ghurter.  ���---    -    $(,866,666.66  .Established m 183o     Incorpoiute'l Ijj  Paid Up Capital   -   -    :   -   '-   -   -'--   -  >   Rkskrve Fund   -    -   -   -   -,  -   $1,460,000.00  London Office; 3 Clements Lane, Lombard Street, E. C. . , .  "���   Head  Office  in   Canada:   .-Montreal.  '     .                H. Stikkman, 'General Manager, ,  Branches in all the principal cities of Canada, and agents in New York,  San Francisco, Seattle, Tacotna, Portland, Spokane, Boston, Chicago  Etc.  Gold dust assayed and   purchased at best rates,   the bank's, assay  oiTice'being now in operation.   A general banking business'transacted' *  J. ANDERSON, \ Manager, Atlin, B. C.   * s   , -  1    ''  ��� ��� 1','      .. .  A'. II. Hrumli'.v . mining oiiifiueer,'London,  Ku<4..<iiiiil Fi. It. Fet'iei sfou, superintendent  ol the lllue Hells nunc, lur-iitcd on the con-,  so'ne'711 miles north ol Tp.\adii rduiiil, ui ���  riveddji,Atlin on Ki.n.iuv, und both are wrv  pleased m ith ever} rhin j tho} Juiv-spdii i-  Iheir,week's visit.      '  The! advent  ol these gentlemen here luis  lar  greater   significance  than   most   puopl  are  lAiure   ol.    It   is  in  connection  wiih'u  .vorlung  bond  on tne'proportv just outii.lj  ol the city'luiwts  ha." \ ol  L'e m i it'-, II thor i!  ���sawmill.;  Tins |)iopert v. the Anneondii giofip. vv a-  located last Apiil b} Robcit florinaiiu, at  present a resident ot Atlin. J. A. Purti id^e,  known bettei us "Sudor Hill,' intoiesterl  hiuisell iu this groiui I iind'on his way to  foudon, JJng , mteiested t'10 ubove-iuiincd  gentlemen to the extent that they are here  to-day doing extensive development   work.  .vli. Flormiinn, who by the h,ij, h,is rlone  cuiisi.lerablc mi nn>i ,111 Kosslaud, said he  would ha\e had 110 trouble*' 111  disposii g ol  I'uri ici's of this. Sometimes the mail crunrV  iii on lime,' but oflcner il doe's not. When  not o 1 time, Irom lionnetl lo Taku at least,  the enir-ji-iiv is currying e.scui'sio lists to  tVulle ilorM" or else losi-ig hou'i s ouiibling  tlie head nJticluK to stake .nun l> claims on  the route mi Irom Bennett.' "��� '   /  Tin' spectacle jfiven Atlin tlii-, week of the  Glt-unai 's biciikdow 11 is another' innthod' of  hriiiiiiu the po-,t-oifi."t> olli .i il\ attrition  10 the criminal system iio>\ oht lining iu thi��  I'ouiirction. WIlX mi the iiiune'of common  sens" ui e not tho mail bu.rs giv-i n to some of  tin* other boi<fs nn iving iiure. muio the  lormoi boat is i.ors de comlmf. Papers���by  express-are brought in iu 11-compurutivel.v  s Tin t tune irom the'low or criiisl and w hy not  ��� nuil unit tcr. ' '        ' '  There is one decp'sutislui-t 1011 in know ing  thai the du-s ol t.m ��� mush" tu-im are to  he mound u;uiu. Then we vv'ill have a inorp  rp;ulai service.^ <  since tin-, w us in I) pe. about to j  the GIpiiiici ,c.inie  riutti-i.    -s   '  bo to prey-,,  i'i   w ith   17  saidih  ol   mall  SCISSORS  MD  PAST!:.  �� �� , ATiM  GENERAL'  u  IT&V  -AND-  PUBLIG  CoMPKTlCNT   NURSli   ATTENDANTS.  Private apartments'and wards for male or female patients.  &  Jlsiiiounce to.  his.property hud he hud it 111 Ivootenu*. r but  here'it wus another mutter. "The iron cap-  pine is ideiidciilh similar to thut of the furn-  ous Le K01 mine, anil J \\ otild not be surpri,-  ed to see siieii anoth'er mine udi 1ce.1t to^At-  lin," he said ' " '        " -1  Jlr. IPet.ierbtouo was'^eeu lj} 11 Claim man  in the piuJois of tn;" Or.inrl Hotel ou l-'i 1 hi}  and in the couise ot 11 conversation stated  that/two' du.v.9" uftpi his urrivnl he ha.i  pluced ei^ht men to w ork on the property.  "'As to the homi und value of this ground I  um not at liber,} to aay just' } et,'". he went  .on.'.J'lwit^vc are \ery niuch pteused with ever} tluuV w-e ir-i\*e"seen. Of coai'se," w-S"hnve  not none enough development work so tin  to form n complete jiulfrmeiit of,what we  have, ft is uLir^cbod} ol iiuui t/. and ear-  1 les sufficient values to g-uarantee the erection ot 11 plant in the vicimt} ot the eit} : 111  fact, one ol t.ie lur^e-<t pluuts 111 the w 011 I,"  sind Mr. i'etlierstonp.  WHIRLS OF TdE PADDLE.  That wa have n lmji:e stock und   intend  openm--;  Wholss-ile  Dep.irtme'it  inevei}  branch und cui v\ an assorted stock of  LIQUORS,   CIGARS   and   CARDS.  We ure m.ikin-r n spccmlt} of Wines, Scotch Whisky ami Walker's Ra 2. a-id invite inspection by the public. Hj strict uttention to business we hope to merit  the confidence of the trude    Orders promptly attsude-l to.  MAHER   ��&   MEAD,  Corner Discovei} und Second Streets. Atlin.  8  a  !  w+a*a*<wxwww^  GO  TO  THE  The largest stock of  drugs and patent  H-iedicines in Atlin,  PORTIN & LRCAPPEI/I/ATN,  Thirst Street.  A.  LVOR   lfl\TK  VIEWS AXD  PHOTOS  GO   TO  C. HTRSCHFELD'S  The Gleaner Breaks  Down and Is  Towed Into Bennett.  Cupt. C. L. Bow den of the Ruth, went out  to Bennett on Monday and came in Kridin on  tho Mabel F. Speaking nbout the ucculent  to the Gleaner the captain said he passed  her while anchored ut Carribno Crossni}"  with u break in her machinery. The Aus-  truliuu and Olii.e Muy towed her into Bennett und utter replucnii"- the broken parts  bv supplies ordeiel lroni Skujruuy the  Gleaner was about read} to leu\e on her old  1 tin when the Mabel V pulled out i'uday  moi uinjr. "The w urehoiises und w hurves ut  Bennett are crowded with freight," went on  thecuptitiii, "und the} w anted me to take  my boat buck and handle some of it. The  Canadian Development Co. have 1)00 tons, ut  White Horse and the tramway is a week behind. The William Ofrilvio is running (low 11  there, but as the w liter is Koing down rapidly she will only make one more tup."  /"^ORE, BURNET & CO-,  CtVU., ANIl    HYUIiAlJhlO   KNOJNKUl'S,  DOM4.MQN    AN"    PlIOVJNOJAIj   Lanp  suhveyohs,  Mining Pkohbhtiks IIandliiu.  Oftico: Pearl street, above Second,  Kilms, Plates. Etc.,  Developed at Iieusonub'e Rates  P^arl, between ist and 2nd.  Atltn   B. C  5J  B  OARD   OF   TRADE.  Wines, liquors  and Cigars.  w  WKIGIIT  &  CALLllRKATIf,     Props.  THE    ALASKA    FLYER  ,  6.5 hours to Seattle.  "S.S, HUMBOLDT  Due at Skagway  Wednesday, Sept. 6, 18��9.  Leaves Skagway every Tkn Days  for Seattle   and   British   Columbia  ports.    Buy your tickets at tlie office  of Pacific Clipper Line, Skagway  W. H. TRIGGS, Ag-ent.  The fare on the Scotia across the luke has  been cut in two���30 cents. Before the uiheiit  of opposition it cost -si  to  take a doa o\er.  The 16110111-; problem around Taku is near-  iuj"- the crucial point. TheVate-posts ui e in  position wiiitin-r lor the hinjres and the srate  to close out the trespasscis. Tt is thechui-  ucteristic ��:.inie of    blull,  but  it  won't  tro.  'theMubel Kami Olive May , the latter represented in Atlin by C. C. Aiibin, are donifr u  toiced pusseiifjrer business, und uppeur to be  jriMiifr trenerul satisfaction to the inert-hunts  und travelling public.  LONG SUFFERING.  A Return to the Days of the "Mush"  Team Welcome.  Tho people of Atlin district h.ne been  treated ilrnly to surprises this season. They  ure mured, though, to-rhi}, to an} of the  laws drluys the insolence of officials or tho  co-itunielious actio.i of a cteunilio.it company.  The last mull came iu si^ rlujs ujiip.  We ure piiMii!.--for two mails weekl-,, und  I the li v in-r Navigation CV|in|i.mv ,|i e the pupl  A'/Jrief Epitome of tho World's News  Culled from Our Exchaneres.  Attorney -General Henderson wn-j elected  In \iccl mi'itioii in New  Wcstiiiin,tc'r.  The 81-oiiiico Spi ure Creek iiu^^-et.is in  Seittle., <  Seattle is to have u million dollar depot.  The S.S. Athenian  silled lor Man ilia irom '  oi'fittiu on Au<r. 21. w uli JW head ol horses.  M.    L?on    Burca.   private - sneretury    ot  Muiti'o  Lubori.  leudinir counsel lor Dreyfus,  was on tjhe eou-it on Aug-. 211.  liimti n-r  up  in--  loriuutiou of <rrent \aluo to Dreyfus.  "Over 100,000 nutive* ure destitute iu Port*  Kico.  "   ,\       - ' v - i      "      >  James   jMiliai-i is,   an accomplice iu? the .  PlioeiiiA Park murder-., in 1832, has been re-  least".I.  The cruiser Olympiu, w ith Admiral Dew oy  ubourd, in rived ut \'illa Fraucu,.Au^. 22.  -Thomus  B. ftee.l. formally va-ates the seat  vin,Con?rt;3? he hold lot iXyp,\K^jiu Sept.   I.-,,  i-'raiik Rieui I, surveyor of'the  tele-riM])!!".  construction- p irty . was  drowned   in   Five  ^in-'or R.ipids Any. 1, b,-the upsetting of'n  boat, / ��� t     ^  Tne follow .n_ clause, discussed ut the joint  inestnifr of the board* ol tiu-le ol the Koote-  .i.i}-. no doubt rellect-, t..e views^ol nearly  i^er.v miner iu tin-, district. That the Pro-  vinciuL sro\eriimeuc shoul 1 not collect a  .oyalty upoiiujy timbsr cuf upon mineral  claims for iiiiiiiu-j purposes.  In un explooio.i iu the Llest colliery, Gla-  niorg-aiishire. Wule-. ��" August IS, t w enty-  Iimj people w ere kille I.  - *  The Sultana mine, near Rut Portage. Out.  'ins ciianfred hanrls and i�� now the propeity  ol mi Kn^lUli compimy. Tt is uuderstooil  that the pi ice paid is ���s2.'2'10.(!00  The coi respondent ot the London Dailv  Chronicle predicts that Dreyfus will be re-  condtmned and the sentence will be imnie-  diateh commuted through tear of excitement und upiisui^s incidental upon im uc-  (Miittal. He believes that.the latitude allowed the generals in coin t points to u submission to, what ia. Pi mice is a saerc.l  linage, the "reasons ot s.tate."  Lvery lailroad entering Chicago needs  moie cai s than they have or can get to meet  the demand of shipper s.  The Ameiicau cup challoiijrer .Shamrock  tinned at New York Au-rust 18th. Iler dimensions are: Length 1,12 tt. ii in., length  water line, 89 ft. 6 in., beam 21 ft. l> in:  draught. 20 ft., displacement. 117 tons: constructed of nickel steel and muii-ranes-i  bron/.e ,  H;he siiilin-i ship liiver Tullock .irrived at  Vancouver on August 17. Tins merchantman is the iii'st to arrive in British Columbia direct from Germany".  Jim Hill of the Great Northern favors expansion.  Siioiiualmie Falls is to supph Seattle's car  system with elcctiicity.  At tho Nottingham meeting. August 18 the  Oxton selling plate was won by Ueill. the  Amei icun jockey, on Ci oker'-. Svv eet Chimes,  For second place it w as a rlead heat between  Gold Point and Solano. Nine horse- ran.  The Welbeek Abbey plate was won by Martin  on Morguntee.  The model city of Glus-?ovv is having  trouble with its treasurer, .fumes Coli-ti-  houn, w hose defalcations are in the Mcinity  of Sl.000.000. Nothing like beiuguhe.id of the  world, even if it is u defalcation,  Jim Jeffords knocked Peter Jackson out  on August 23rd iu Vancouver.  Mrs. Ivy Dumas, m ifp of W. !). Dumas committed suicide on August 2 Inl at Itos-sluud  bv shooting hersell through the heart Ft m  assumed-.he w i- ins me.  i  '',  - -     'A    <   -"'-  -! i ''    .  r  y^'-'-.l  a^ri  mmmmc^mm^mmm ■ /fCn-Jl^-Dx ,»>   I fil-V., ■*■.,!..,,■
AT1JN',   'fi. C,   SATURDAY,   SEPTEMBER   2,    1S99.
'1. -
I •
T111-; A tun  Clait.i.
" Viihli.hod     ovary     fsiifin-.Iii.v    morning   by
1       Till:  A'l'lilK  0I..A1M    PUIlWHHlNti  Co.
Ollicc of piibliciit ion:
Conier of Second und Tritium' Streets'.
Advertising   rate-; iniide known on application. , > '
Our subscription prim is %\ a year, payable in iidvunce.     !^'o paper yill be delivered
'   unless thesis conditions uri'complied with.,   _
Capitalists   Arc   Investing   Very
A pi'tition is being circulated Risking for
the appoint nii'.ut ol u county court judge lor
this district. The need of u court is iinpei'ii-
tive. Already there are tw unty-cight cases
011 the' euleiidur. - Unless the prayer ol the
petition is grunted these ciinuot come to
t ri ui hclore next siininiur. This, in most iu-
stuni'cs, will work great hardship. A ciinC
wus brought to our attention wherein an
old gentleman sued lor III) days', wages at SI
per day, in all £2ll). lioing overbid!) the
matter could not be settled iu the.small dubt.s
court. Now we do not wisli lo pass judgment
und say the old gentleman is entitled to this
amount, lint assuming such lo be the case,
does it not work a cruel hardship!' In this
northern district of Uritish Columbia there
' must he ut lorist circulation 5,11011 people. Bo-
tvvecn now and next summer u large number
ol disputes will urisc, yet these and the ones
already mentioned will have to wait. Tbe
net provids that u deputy county court judge
mny he appointed in a country like this.
Several Companies Preparing-foi
,    Early Operations,
The pii.sl week bus been u busy one in hydraulic circles and important- advances huvc
been miiilu towards (he future development
of this district. At no (line since the'discovery of this rich country has its future
looked so brig-lit and encouraging us. ut pro-
scut, duo principally to the I'uct that lifter
months' of careful prospect in■■ and thorough
invest i-jnt ion, capitalists have lluully  puss'cil
The Irving Navigation Company still continues- to harass everything iu the steamboat, line ou-Atliif Luke. This company certainly must have known thai 'opposition
■\\onlil have to be counted ou this fall. They
were hero first, tbut's true: but. is that any
reason why the Alien law should be applied
to stDumbouts. The interested .steamboat
companies, we uuderstuiid, huvc l'orwurded
u complaint to tlie Minister of Lauds und
Works, Victoria, protesting against the notion this company is about to take hi lencingc
the land in the vicinity of Taku, across from
Atlin. Where is our Gold Commissioner?
Why don't be take this petty mutter in-hand
and lot-ever give this company its iiuietus;
make them uuderstuiid that the chulk lino is
u straight one and that even members ot the
Legislature are not persona grutu.
Referring to Sir Wilfrid Luurier's, r^cr-nt
remarks on the Alaskan boundary dispute
tlie Toronto Globe has the following: "Sir
Wilfrid Laiirierspecilicully suirl that war wus
not to be thought of us a means of settling
the Alaska boundary i-iiestioii, yet it isquite
• evident thut'lhe telegraphic . summaries
which reached the United States press failed
to make this clear. On the contrary the
impression bus been created that, his remarks
looked to war as- one of the means by which
it might have to be settled. This is doubtless
purtly owing to the necessity for condensation and perhaps to some extent to thu desire
of correspondents to make their dispatches
We are informed thut there ure ciuuntities
,ol Hour and other goods being brought into
eump which have been lying ut other points
for n long time and ure wormy und liable to
breed .disease. It might be well for the
medical health officer, if there is one,to look
into this matter.
The Atlin Globe, the latest addition to the
newspaper Held, uppoured for the lirst time
on Wednesday. It is well edited und nciitly
printed and is under the niaiiu-^cmeut of
Win. Bui ley.
To the lid i tor of Tin; Claim:
Sir,"—Will  you  kiutlly  allow   me  spne?  in
your paper to give public expression to my
feelings as regards the treatment of. the lu-
borcrs_on the Willow creek  ditch.   Many of
them were in actual want when the association put the scheme on loot, but they gladly
hailed the prospect of work, being faithful!}
promised employment ou Willow creek when
the ditch was completed.   Many assurances
were given  to the workmen that none but
those employed on the ditch would get work
from the claim owners.   These  promises, so
faithfully   given    and   thankfully received,
were soon  forgotten, foi" one-half of those
working   on   Willow   creek   at tiie  present
time never did anything towards  the water
scheme, while some of them  were known to
boast   that   they   would   not  "speculate on
their labor."   The case  would not be finite
so serious if the  "blest  piiper credit" thut
the  laborer  received  for his services,  were
convertible into money, . Some of the store-
.;ecpi:rs,  it  is true, have u-jveetl' to furnish
'•grub" ut the rate of $:i.7ii for a $;\ coupon,
but this only gives the needy u sniiill start iu
the race with starvation. One or two philanthropic gentleman have condescended to purchase tlie coupons, hut they are so generous
iu their oli'ers that even  want can scarcely
induce the hungry to take ttdvuntnge of their
goodnature.   One gentleman  reveling in u
surname that has been worn  threadbare  by
tlie patron saint of Ireland 'actually' offered
a  hungry laborer'■ §3.25  for his coupons on
condition that he would reliiutuish all claim
und make  no  ell'ort to  redeem them.   Tlie
treatment we have received ut the  bauds of
the U. C. government, was bad enough, but
being ignored  by  the claim  owners  we  labored to befriend and-forced to trus
selves   lo   the   generosity   of
Usurers, is rather too-much
Yours respectfully,
A. McFee.
judgment and are now takin'i steps toward
substantial investments. .Several iinportalit
hydraulic transactions huvii taken plum
within the past few days and many more of
ei|iuil importance are on the tapis, liable to
be consummated at, any moment." ,
.1. II. Brow nice  returned  on  Monday from
u surveying t rip to Alder aud   Moose,creeks
iu the interests of Montreal aud llririsb Col-
umbiu capitalists. His-oliii'iul report is highly   satisfactory   und   shows   both    ol    these
creeks lo be excellent   lor  hydraulic operation.   -'Moose creek, while ua excellent   hydraulic  proposition   is too deep for prolit-
uble sluicing und ut   present, not a claim   ou
the entire creek  is being worked.   On this
account   I   ilo   not   apprehend  .'any  trouble
whatever  iu  uti   immediate lease  being secured.    It is on these abandoned creeks that
hydraulic companies .stand the best show of
commencing early operations, for there arc
no small claim holders to interfere  with the
work. - Moose creek   prospects  well  for hydraulic mining and the bunks of gravel there
are greater than in any other portion of the
district, many being fully 2.")0 feet  in   height.
There is much more water in Moose  than in
Spruce, lully 2,501) inches, while the creek is
about twelve miles iu length.   A company ol
Mont'roul capitalists bus applied for the leu-,e
of Moose creek   and, upon -securing il will
commence  work  as soon  us possible iu the
spring.^ Several claims ure being worked on
Abler creek, but not  prolitably.   The  uver-
uge  runs about $11  psr day to trie mini, so
the owners are more than  wiliing to abandon the  slow   method   of  hand sluicing und
have their.claims worked  out,  by  hydraulic
force.'    There   is   siillieient  timber'at   tiie
mouth  of  both  Moose and Alder creeks for
limning purposes, while there is fall enough
to eac'a stream to guarantee a good head of
water.    Pine creek   will  make  an ideal hydraulic scheme, not  only on  account of its
richness, but the great  force of water that
can be secured there.   Surprise lake is nearly 11(10 feet  higher than  the  mouth ot  Pine,
and 300 feet above the level of the creek at
Pine city.   One company   is  already preparing to operate on Pine, just above the upper
lulls.   Charles Mcintosh has secured  u lease
ut that point in the  interests of the Uritish
America company."
Prominent among tlie hydraulic experts
here at present is H. M. Wallace, general
manager of the.United States and Dominion
Mining company . of Washing-Ion, T). C. Mr.
Wallace is very oiithiisiuslioovertho hydraulic possibilities of the Atlin district aud as a
'more substantial evidence of his faith in the
country, Mr. Wallace informed u Claim representative thut his company would lie actively operating here next season upon unite
an extensive scale. "T huve made a thorough
examination of the entirrj district," continued the American expert, "and have become so firmly convinced at to the richness
of the district that I have aireudj completed
several large purchases for my company.
We have secured outright u block of 28
claims on Spruce creek and during the re-
muhig week of my stay here I am in hopes ol
being able to close for as much more ground
on that rich stream. Spruce creek from
mouth to source is one of the grandest hydraulic propositions- I have ever seen. I estimate there are about 1,600 inches of water
iu Spruce, which will give fully enough
lorce to operate the big monitors necessary
to properly tear out those immense hunks ot
gravel. Our Spruce creek plant wc shall
probably have lauded on the ground this
fall so as to begin operations as soon as
possible in tlie spring. 1 have closed several
more deals of eciuul importance, and have
otli'crs on the string, which, however, I am
not ut liberty to disclose just ut,4 present. It
is sufficient to say that we ure satisfied with
the country and are investing our capital
hero." ...-
The United States .und-. Dominion Mining
company has some very extensive-interests,
not only in tlie United States, but scattered
throughout the northwest as well. They are
at present operating dredgers on the Frusior
river, iis well as quartz mines in the Koote-
nny district, Colorado,-Idaho, Montana and
California. They have secured 8J miles of
the Yukon river und ry miles of the lloota-
iiiuiua river for dredging purposes, and intend commencing- work iu the two latter localities next spring." On these rivers the
company will employ the Dennett dredger,
euch mucin tie costing $00,000, in uddition to
the cost, of transportation, which vvill, bo
Hourly as .much 'morn. Assistant Secretary
Meiklojohii, of the United States 'War'department, is president of thia company,
while several prominent United States senators tire enrolled upon the board of direc-
Groceries, Provisions.
r' ■ .
,   ...AND..:- ' " . '   ' ■
General Merchandise.
i ( * '
-—'- THU        '
Bennett Lake and Kiondyke Navigation Co., Ld
The B. L. & K. N. Co. advance freight charges on ship-
- mails via' li. J,. & K, N. C- " .    '   ,
Olive May between Bennett and Atlin
Rkgulak Sailings and Must oi Skkvick Guaranthhd,
«■•   ■ The !3. ],. & K. N.'Co. are Bonded Carricis. ,    ,
OTTO   I-L   .PARTRIDGE,    Local    Manager,    Bennett.
E.  C.  Aubii'i, Agent,   Pearl Street, Atlin,
Nuggets Wanted.
Twenty dollars per ounce will be allowed
foi' nuygefs to make jewelry, in exchange
lor line gold watch, ladies' solid gold coral
set, pin and enr-rings," lino ebony-bundled
If-Winchestci" revolver, jrold scales, or the
finest gun in this country—rillc and shotgun combined—with set of loading tools for
either barrel, belts, shells, ' etc' Gall at
Medical Hall Drugstore, Jules bggert, jeweler. '
LOTS AT    -
Rant & Jones,
Shot-Guns, Rifles, Revo!- %
vers and every descric- 2
tion of Sporting Goods |
at -.,       .     "      g
Catalogue mailed on application. o
.     OLDEST     .
,   Agents, for the John Irving-Na*
gation Compan)r.
Pkari. St.", A/iyriy E.G.
The latest styles in Costumes, Bicycle Skirts,
Shirt Waists. Hats and Millinery.
Between Hunt and AVutsou.
Now huve a
Telephone Service
fiCtWOCII    -
Atlin, Spruce Junction and Pine,
ATIjIN. Miipica x, 11aLi-,    '-
Junction. Junction House,
Pint., Gor.n Housk.
OTEL   0.    K.
Choice Wines,
fiitiHoi's and Cifrurs.
Fit'ot Avenue.
V.Wt. CUHOE, Manage.'
British America .Corp.,   Ldt
ATUN   -   -   -   -    It. 0.
Clean linen, sprine; beds, choicest selection
of cijrurs mid liuuois north ol Vancouver,
Hates very moderate.
When in Atlin stop
.  . at the .  .
First Street,
Louts Laghh BlvKR.
First class Restaurant in ccflinection.
A. BURKE,   Manager.
John Irving Navigation Co,
Direct line of steamer.1?
Atlin   and   Bennett. •
Makes close connections  with  the
tor». Mr. Wallace will leave early noxt week
to supervise tho work ou the flootuljiiiiuu
One of tlie most important hydraulic deals
that bus yet taken place here occurred on
Tuesday evening in tlie formation oF the
Atlin Consolidated Hydraulic Mining company. The company is company is composed
of fifteen applicunts for hydraulic lenses ou
Boulder creek, prominent iiiiioii-jt whom tiro
the followiujr: Alice Houghton. A. G. Brownlee, W. A. Spencer, Lieut.-Gov. Mcfuiies,
Richard McBride, M. P.P., C. C. Hawkins, H.
C. bowry, E. J. Gaudy, Charles Christopher,
J. 11. Hussell and 15. (Jrom. A. G. Brownlee
is inauiifrcr and W. A. Spencer treasurer of
tho now company, li. Janne de Lamare, of
Paris, France, editor of the Kiondyke Revue,
and representative of n lar^e eouipuny of
French capitalists, secured a contingent sale
of ouc-hitlf interest, iu the Consolidated and
is now on his way to Paris to complete his
'portion of tlie sale, in iloutin-r thestock thus
secured. By the terms of the sale M. de
liumnre is ret'iiircd to expend not less tliun
S2.Q110 in prospect work on the property as
soon as the lenses are secured and not less
than .'520,000 in un equipment ol (he most
modern hydraulic apparatus.
Finest stocked Bar in
the city,
JACK   BYRON,    Prop.
Royalty   on Gold.
Notice is hereby given that tbe royalty of
1 per cent, on iill gold extracted is now pay--
able for the ciuurter ending Juno HO, 1899,
All parties concerned ure required to pay
sumo within 14 days from date. Necessary
affidavits may be obtained at tlie office of
the Gold Commissioner.
Atlin. B.C., July II, J8!)'J. ATLIN,    Ti C,   SATURDAY,   SEPTEMBER   2,    ISgg.  m  WINTER JDI66IN6  Benches on Spruce to be Worked  From Bedrock on thj Creeks.  'Hundreds of tunnels Can be Seen  Making for the PaystreaV  around and (day.   J iullow the puvst reuk . u  be Irouk, un.'l thut Is whju I do well."  '"'WLutdo you do wit 1 your -lust?"  "."to ins ol  it   1  put iitvuy und some blow iu  ���ettiMils"?riiit mid other things that are ,iOO !. '  ve&W.w.&>^��.*&*&^.9&M*pjt&#&v.w  0'ie feature of mining iu the Atl'in district  ���lhat bus been overlooked and not spoken ol  ���to the outside woi1 I is Ihe fact thai wc pos-  , .sess- iinrlviilloil ground for w inter diggings.  It i-t a conceded lui'l thai Ihu beiicheH on  Sprui'i" Creek rirc rich and th�� 'large iiuin-  'bcr oi I minds that are being driven iu al  '(iii- present time, some ol which are in 100  ���fij'.'l, limply deinousl nitiM I h.it pay dirt hits  Ihneii (ouchiiil. ' "    '  (run. A rt liiir, 1 JIM below on Sprue-'--V.'orlt-  (i ii j- on a biy ivilh four iikiii; gelling'grind  gold: will slay in this w inter mid woric mv  Ibuncli Irom bedrock ou the creek; think  Ibi'iiches nro richer tliiin ercekK. i  ,l��� A. OImui, bill below���Drum over ��il,()()l)  uviirl li of den I \\,ork! g'-iiug to woitc bench  ���this lull.  Pule liemp.'llll below -Have been bothered  (very much w'ith druiiia ;e; doing well now.  The lli'it tiinuel.ol any .consequence is to  (he found on u1 ruction in the vicinity of 122,  iu bench. This ilriiiition win? solrt lust week  tby Geo. Goi)dbi'uiiil and Frank Collins to a  -young ISnyishinii'u. Fviwtvtliinjj i'1 conuec-  -tion is ofitlie most primitive nature. Water  (for hundrorkingiis .obt.iiue 1 Ironi'tlic cr.eek,  ;by means.of a pump with salmon cans attached,to ouch iiriii und deposited in a Hume  ���that feed.-, u goo.l-^ized drygoods box near  {the rocker. The .or J that li iris fts w ay to  rtliij, rocker is brought out from u 50-foot  ftiiuiiol thut ,1'iiii.s back from the creok und is  ���tramway ed out with nope and windlass ut  jthe edge of tlie eivek.  .   II. J. Donnelly and J. E. Scarlett.. 122, creek.  ���liverything encouru-jiug:   the   pity-streak"!  ou Spruce Creek  is 12 feet wide under the,  present creek bed;"the uverug��*,dopth of be.l-'  jrock is ubout six feet; going to work bench  this w inter and have one ready to sluice in  -the   spring: there is a good   paystreak on  'the   benches.     Tlii-, cluim  is   currying  tlie  -creek over   m  a Hume .'>J inches   wide,   10  finches deep,    with   tlie same  grudc us the  ,creek.  .   H.   L. Tingling, 120 below������Going to run  ;140 feet buck from creek  iim.iI   will  1>*  in  nil  winter.  1    C.  K. Jury, 312 below���Muking wages: go'd  ;is where you find it: six men working.  G. E. O. Prowse���The full strength on 62A  luud 02B. Two tunnels have been run, one  jis 100 feet in with u crosscut ot 80, ."> feet  -w ide with 8 1-2 er^wn at centre. The ore is  fix peculiar red eenieut that partially criim-  lbles up when exposed to the air. When it  tcoiues in contact with wjitor, however, it  hardens und passes out of the sluices much  sthe sume us w hen shovelled in. Mr. Prowac  ,is now experimenting with this with u view:  ito the most economical wuy of handling this  ,ore. The gold tuken is heavy-, anil 'of a  ..blackish hue.  J. Kilmer, W. C. Hail, and \V, lv Ward, 01)  jbelow���Ruiniing-tmniel; going to drift tlii-,  ,w inter: going flown about 200 feet on rim  ,aloug edge of creek to the Texas cluim:  will be under cover ull winter; our prospects  iM> fur ure highly encouraging; in yeJlow  {Travel.  J. Boiilet, 01 below, bench���Took out a 3-  tOiiuce piece a few duys ugo,  J. J. Woods, DS below ��� Bought out the  ,Huppy-Go-Lucky claim. 101 below, lust week.  I'm negotinting for more in this vicinity.  SlPHUCIi; CKiliK  LAMl-NT. ,  Around my Spruce creek shuck tlie China  IPiiinps iir," squeaking      ,   ,  While my luck rellect, tlio vision of n trump.  Johnny i-'ox sii.Ws that tlie boil rock in not  .   1��!ijiiig ,'  And taut Duchy counts his nuggets .on the  drnip, '  Bit tl'e "W.iw'y" jK.iiirt has made a 2-lb.  ebnii-up,  And wituout u iloubt wo huve u chiiuco 1.-H  '      J��l: ''  But I Ihu to bo onuu more'iiii i'liidyv diggings  Where tiie Aiiisii Jaw und yliu'.tuu ���"ut-is'' .are  nil.  Oh, T wish it wiii nol quite mw diie/.> ta> ib-'d-  roe.k  Anil (but I could  (oiini ny iKiggnt* byvil he  such.  Uh, uoiv I wi��li 1 hud u .iirl to 1I0 m>" cook-1,  '   in.! , 1  And to keep  things neat   and  ti.l.v roundH  the snack; i|  1OI1, I. loin, lo see the muddy .'nisaoiiri 'j  And trie  ilnisy-jovur-itrl  nu'ii.'loiVs ol   Vorlf I  still oy  VTcs,  I king lor one si;uai'ii inoal ol  sister'-,  cooKiiig - ' -  And to hear the trolly cur go down  tlic-  '  street. ��� Jack Donnkii.  Bouucr liroup, SprucoCrock, \u^.26. -  mifm  IIojibK, Pjsr Cius'i:ii.  GOODS  ATLIPf,   K��   C. ������  Dawson. Uhnseti',' ScijKikk. IVuixa  The o.ily romplf-f'..' sto-k-ol  GROCERIES  AND   DRY  lu ith' "City-  Ladles' Goods a Specialty.  New'Lino'of Ladies' and Gent's Boo'.s and Shoes Just'Arrived.  Only highest class of .roo Is in sto.ik at lowest prices i 1 the city,    disport ion invited.  - THE  Caimfa  THE PR0SP.W10R.  .-I  The stool drawn ne-ir and fuel piled hi-fii,  Retrospective waurlers lie, midst sceuen ol  yore,  He heeds not time.    But, ah! a sigh,  As   niein'r}   travels   'long   life's   ohor-nercd  shore.  Again ut home 'morig rural dell* he strays,  Where parsed, perchance,  his most delightful davs, - ,'  Tending on gree.i hilUi le* the white ilfceeed  Hocks,  Cure tree, und oblivious of mines or stocks.  Anon he nods, und dreams rich ore he stopes,  His''blanket leud" a. 'chamber" prove:, to be,  A   silver  grotto,   rich   beyond   his   loudest  hope*.  Now hies ho east, his sw eethearl "'for to see."  His form in clothes of lutest cut he robes.  Sooner Group, 92, S und 4 below��� Taking{ His polished- bids" tdke place of snob-nailed  (Out n few:  several fi-ouuce pieces: 11 men \ brogues  The lollowing vsi-sOs by Frank W. Robinson worn huiiilt* I to Us by u geutJoinaii in  this city. 'J'no mauuor in nliic.i they tell into  his bunds leu Is linn to believe they have  never uppeui'dd in print.   ,  A /.ig-zu.r trail lead? up the mouiituin side,  Where Selkirk's gluciier.s a id oter.-ial snow,  Adrl lilo and volume to the crystal tide  That swells Columbia's overflow", -  Secure from laud und snowy slides..  A ("tibia st.m Is with rough-hewn sides;  A rooi ot -luck-pine, split in twain,  Protects the dweller from the chilly rain.  fnside. a look oi'comfort greets the eye,  As o'er the spriice'-stj-ewn Door one tread,; t  The sides  well eiuukeJ;   the  bunks raised  .lugli..  Preieiuti-   v',rheu.m��.tics"   which    the    miner.  d-repclfe- '" ' ' ;' ,  Ou rude buUt^lielfi ijiiue ii^t uud pan.  Auxiliiirics-af cc*'nfort.irw theiniicir man,  SecureJrom rodent and from mice,.      ^ r'  Hung from the r^fter^ bacon. Hour un'I rice/  Enter at eve an Apollo's rough clad form,  Fiitigued with toil and long protrajted t.iot.  In sonson he to 'scape the gutheri-.g ttorm.  Though' rough the trjirnp. a haven reached  'A     at last. ,    "  From -corner fireplace  glow-, the  balsam's  cone,        . ,, ..���._-  Quick fire, to cook the bacon, tea and  pone.  The   humble   meal    discussed    and ' keenly  relished,  Out   comes   iiis   pipe,  with   monogram em-  ,Upllishcd. '  Corner Second and Pearl Streets.  ,   ATUN,    B.   C.       '      '  TnoRODOTir.Y Equipphd Assay  1 1  )fitch ik Connection.  Gold purchased or advances made  thereon pending- the result of its  assav.      v  Exchange sold on all the principal points in Europe, the United  -States and Canada.     '"    ���  nHHE NORTHERN 'HOTEL,  JL ' FIRST STHKKT. '   ���  "    The bip-gest house in Atlin.  Thagard  Everything fiirsL-clasH.    ,,  &   Tuniey,   Proprietors.  O.K.  BATHvS "     :'  BARBER SHOP.  .s>- -  -1 . ���,  The bttthsure ertunlly lis -?oo'l us.louiidiiu  cities.   Side entrance!or ladies.  LINK' & PHATT, Props., First Street.  J PRINCIPAL " BATH"    HOUSE  'AND,   LAUNDRY.    ,  .  Best  J'.qnippsd   Establishment."'  *        ��� iu'Atliii.  Lake Street,  near Sawmill.  |"ULES  Swiss  EGGICRT ,  Watcli^u\ki-:r.  DISCOVERY, B. C.  When you come to Ii'sspvery  Take shelter under the  TREE.  '       _     'Finefc-t fof Liquorsl  Sood stsl.'ling.  J-JaK charge  of go vera'lien t instruments.    First street, Atlin.  ���Jn  Medical  Hull.  Mgr.  CHAS. R. OUBKJDGE,  Good dining room run  iu connection���Meals ut all hours.  MRS. C. H. LUCAS, Cateress  Applications for Land.  Notice is "hereby given that thirty days  after da'e I intend to apply to tlie Commissioner of Lands and Works for a lease of five  acres ot land for garden purposes, situate on Pii-e Ci i>tli ubout half a mile from  Atlin, eomiweuciii �� tit stake No. 11 and running easterJj 2 il yards to No. 2: thence '!2J  yards northerls' to No. :); thence westerly  'l 201 j arris to No. 1: thence southerly to place  ol beginning.  P. JAMESON.  Atlin, R.C. Ju3y21, ISflO. ���  HOUSE  PINE CITY-  ���;Good Wines  - .and Cigarh. '  - ���    Beds and Meals a Specialty.  LETHERDALE     &    BURTON,  Proprietors.  say  night aud day shift.  I. McKinnon, 3 above on Pine, sold out lust  -week to Messrs. Gibson and Brackett. und  the latter are putting n large force of men  -to w ork.  ���WILLOW  CREEK.  Mr. H. H. James, 1 above���Took out the  other day half un ounce of coarse gold in  one hour's sluicing. I consider the claim  ���very good. The water has been troubling  ���very much.   Depth to bedrock here is 4 foot.  On the Dina Bench claim, opposite 4 above,  a G 1-2 ounce nuirget wus tuken out on Monday und picked up on the dump. On this  .property there is u 40-foot shaft w ith two  -tunnels in 60 feet.  AV. Gibbons and W. G. Miller, 12 above, took  .out u 9-oiince nugget on Tues lay.  THE YOUNGEST MINER.  Spruce Creek possesses the youngest miner  iu the district. Tho boy is barely 10 years  .old, and a native of Sun Francisco. The boy 's  father owns 87 below on this creek, and is  .doing well.  Months ugo, v, lien mining mutters were in  ,�� stute of chu'os, young .luck Din-mar wunt-  pd to stake a claim. Being un alien, of  course, he couldnt do it, und theu uguin he  jliud been refused 11 license because of uge.  "I don't see why I cun't have a license and  ft claim us well us, some of the 'chechooks'���  ithat come up here and pjay miners," he said  ito a Claim man on Spruce on Tuesday,  3\ hije in the act of cloaiijn-; the first rime of  ji htindrocker no larger than a coal oil box.  "Some days when J work I get ��3; some  days nothing:   futhcr js on 1* )ny niii) T grub  With  hands  be-gloved, to  hide their black  uud tun.  He curbs; hir steeiisr���a gowdlr looking span.  His camel; partner chides not at the pace:  Tis strungc! she ulwurs ttmiiJ seemed fo�� be.  With londlsr eye he {razes on her lovely face,  The bridge arrived the legendary toll claims  he.  Wonder of wonders!  she acquiesces to his  - claim:  If he takes extra toll its "ull the-sanie."  His pipe fulls crash!���he stagger? us though  drunk,  And as the dream's dispelled he murmurs���  "'Guess I'll bunk."  "The follow ing happened a tew days ago in  our village," writes a correspondent:���  "As 11 result of uu udvortisement in the local  paper that 11 young girl for work in a small  house wus required a woman called with her  duughter���u strong healthy looking girl of  fifteen���w ho she said would bo glad to tttke  the situation. When usk us to tho wages  required per week, the mother replied iu a.  tone which expressed the deep eomietiou  that sho was offering ureully superior article,  which must bo paid for accordingly. 'Well  mum, I couldn't let her go under u shilling!'"  We shnll keep the name of that village to  ourselves, but we do not mind suying that it  is iu Suffolk, Eng.  The game of curling with stones on  slippery ice has taken u fust hold iu Canada,  and is spreuding throughout the Northern  states. In w inter time it is a most fascinating  game, and is just the divej'sjow jor biitliieu  and professional men, A uar��*ement is on foot  in Sim sou to organize n club in thut city.���  What al*<ut AlJin.  IZZ^  T  PINE   CITY,   B.   C.  Carries a- full line of Groceries,  Hardware, Gent's Furnjsh.jiig's audi'  Boots a lid Shoes.  C a NEWTON & CO.  Proprietors.  -THE���  PINE CITY,  Haves & Cornku.,  Props.  Everything in connection First  Class; Good Liquors, etc.  An up-to-date Restaurant in connection.  ATLIN LAUNDRY  Corner Rant aud  Luke Streets.  Thk Ot.nEfaTrKsrAiiLrsiiKD.  Mrs. Ifayes has just returned from her  jvSp and is about to erect the most complete  ktemti laundry north of Tancouver. She  brought with her two expert laundresses  and solicits a continuance,of the work from  her numerous customers iu Atlin. Pine and  Spruce cities.  Tlie lif'st work und lowest prices.  lotel  Car. First and Discovery.  Fine stock of genuine  Scotch and Canadian "Whiskies  Bass' Ai.e, Victoria Lager,  and Stout,  Etc.  Mitchell's Olo Heather Dew  ��, and Irish "Whisky a  SPECfAT.TY.  A  THOS. TUGWELL,  Prop.  ITKEN & STRANAHAN,  Painters.  Neat and artistic signs at reasonable rates.  E. L PILLMAN  Funeral   Director   and  EMiBALMER  Third and Discovery,    Atlin  b. a  Bodies Embalmed for Shipment a Speciult/  Orders on short notice.  All kinds of Funeral  Supplies nt  reiHrj��.  ible rates.  ' ':>A'\  ) , *   t  The Vancouver Board "of Trade  gives notice that the government of  British Columbia have established  an assay office in Vancouver and  that the banks and - merchants will  negotiate the certificates -issued by  the government assayer iu charge,  W. Pellew-Hanvey, Fairfield block,,  oop. Post Office, Vancouver, B. C.  CHARLES E. TISDALL,  President.  WILLIAM T. STEIN, CA  SecreiaTv.  .!'''>: i ;  ;  .1  ) h  i  i   .  * i  i'i  I I  t" i  ��� I  ��� I II  A  ���  ATUN,    I'..' C,    SATURDAY,    SEPTEMBER    2,    :Mcjcy.  ; J  /:1  'ft  '   !  .(���'���'  '**  , ,i."J  :1i  11>  I T !.  yi'sc GEaint is ssaw gifessarad  to da all kinds ot-Jesh Work.  PICKED UP HERE AND THERE.  of  III  III  Medical Hull for patent nii'ilb'lnes.  Royally bus I u  paid  on T.lt'.'.i ounces  -'old up lo A ugust ".1st.        ,  Dr.   Mitchell.  Pine, left on Tiles lay for '  (jish en route lo Daw'son.  Shipment   id' new   goods  Just   arrived  Medl.'iil Mull, l''ii'st street.  Hl-*i"(rii" belts for  weak-backed  peopli'  W. I!. UdclcriU's di'ii,;'store.  The Canadian Development Co. have se-  I'liri'd the winter mail contract.  New Gnu.Is at (Jiiiumiu'cs A Iticliiii'dson's  l-'ine'I'wei'd Suits. Iliiol.s and Sh'bes and Kelt  Mats.  Mr. Kiigene Coste. brother lo Mr. L. Coste,  Dominion engineer, Is expected in nest  week.'  . . _AjM bur C'opi'land, of the II. I.', and IC. N.Co.,  spent n few days iu Ihe city during (he past  week.  Prescriptions ni-rii rarely 'dispensed by \V.  I!. Dockrill it Co., tlie lea ling druggists  Kirstsl.  Mr. (iregnry. the uctionecr of Pine, will  sell some Willow, Spruce and Pine creek  claims to-night at Piu��\lut,7:!Ht.  Messrs. 'Pennant & linker have recently  added a new boiler to their snwniill plant,  which will greatly facilitate the operation of  their mill.  Church of ISnglnnd services.will be held  nt corner Trainor and Third streets an Sunday at II a. m. and I) p. in.,-anil at Discovery  ut 7:!I0 p. m. , ,  1 For bargains in boots, shoes and dry-  goods go to the It. C. Hotel store, livery-  thing marked down to cosl. liverything  guaranteed new und fresh.  . A ' poekctbook belonging to I). M. McLean  was found in tho vicinity of Dr. Cameron's  store ou the Spruce Creek trail.-Thu pocket-  book is at tlio Cr.At.M office.  - Mr. (t. li. 0. Prowse, who is watching the  tunnelling and other development work iu  the vicinity of. 100 below on Spruce creek,  intends leaving for Windsor, Out., the coining week.  Service will be held in the I'ir.st (Presbyterian church corner Third and Discovery  streets, on Sunday at 10:110 a.in. and 7:110 p.m.  Sunday school ut2:'.'.'l p.m. Itev. John Pringle,  ll.'A. minister.  'The volunteer fire brigade, under the  ( leadership of Chiei Lillie, is progressing  very favorably. They intend starting out by-  giving u dance 'in tho Arctic llrothorhood  hall on Wednesday evening. As all moneys  realized go to swell the lire fund everyone  should purchase a ticket.  Dog (imitations are going up w itli u steady  demand lor good ones. One hundred uud  iil'ty were secured by a representative of the  Canadian Development Co. last week und the  highest ligure paid w us ?.").). Tt is the purpose ot this company to operute an express  service between Bennett und Atlin this w inter und also uuother irom Hennett to Daw -  son by the winter road at present iu course  of construction.  ttev. Put her Wheliiu will hold service tomorrow at 10 o'clock iu Miiedonald's hall.  Pine. This will lie, his last service in the  district this year, us he leaves for the coast  tlie middle of the week. The reverend gentleman says that next year will see a permanent prie.st stationed here. Outlier Wheluii  is taking down lo ex-Aid. Costello. Vancouver, an 9-OUUC3 nugget that wus given him  by Gibbons it Costello. taken from their  Willow Creek claim.  lUisino>A has been pood at our leading  hostlery. the Grand, during the past week,  tlie following being part of those registered:  A rthurCopelaud. Dennett: Cowley-Lumbert.  \V. H. Close, li. C.' Hawkins. Loudon: fi. II.  Gru\es. Chicago: 1). W. Pattou und wife.  Victoria: K. It. l?etherston. -Vancouver: A.  11. l-Sroiuly. London: Geo. Mitchell. Ottawa:  Capt, A. Gllives. Loudon. ling.: Mr. and Mrs,.  King. Itemiett: Miss Ikiiley and Miss McGregor. Victoria.; J. li. Gaudy. Spokane: O  P. Miller. Skaguay.  That Atlin possesses musical talent goes  without saying, and like our Hoard ol  Trade it lacks organization. Lust Saturday  evening an entertainment wus given in the  Arctic Mrotherhood hull on Second street  and was an agreeable surprise to the pitifully small number who attended. True, the  musical programme was short, iu view' of  the dunce that followed its termination, but  just one number on the progriiniine���piano  duct uud s(mg by the Misses Flormuu ��� was a  rich treat uud worth a walk from Pine to  hour. The cornet solo by f. W. Nordstruin  ulso wus very much appreciated. The hitter,  who was instrumental in getting this entertainment up. thinks Atlinites don't care  much for entertainments.   Try again.  Clarence N. Ruvliu, of the San Francisco  Chronicle, in company with his fathcr-in-  luw, Cuptuiu Wastie, leave next week  for the banuiia belt ��� California ��� w ith a  couple of bugs of gold, huppy recollections  of a vacation spent on bedrock on Spruce,  and a unanimous conclusion that wc have  "the biggest tiling" on earth iu hydraulics,  rf is safe to say thut Mr. Ravlin is the best  posted newspaper man thut has left tor the  outside.   There is not  a creek  ol   merit   iu  the district (bat has not been visite I by him ;  not iu the gloved-biind style, but w ith pick  and pan iun\ blunkel, and as a'ri'siill of this  ho located, partially" worlied mill bitterly  sold out to advantage a number of claims lie  staked iu a l.l-wcek-i' vacation iu Nort hern  llritisli Columbia.  Atlin wus without a hluclisiuilli lor three  duys I his week.  Geo. IL Maxwell. M. P., is e.Npected in  Irom Dawson the fore part uf the week.  frank llrne/c receivml his trunk Irom  home the curly part of I he week and with it  (���uiiie a gun that he hits been using ou snipe.  He bagged u dn/i'ii ou Thursday and ou the  evening of I'Yidiiy oiilertuiiied u number ol  friends to ii snipe dinner iu the ltoard id  Trade.  To w ork I'm1 Mycin's iu one tu unci, wit bout  a break In the monotony ,ol e.sisteuce is t he  experience ol Hill Thompson, who arrived In  Vancouver a few duys ago. Thompson is  one ol the oldi'-y mluiM-.s in the country, uud  lor years bus lived like a hermil. lie eume  west Irom Tennessee in t he height ol the gold  fever in Curiboo in the cni'ly xlsllcs anil I lien  he wus u middle-aged man. His parly narrowly csunpi'd <h>st rucl ion at the (iinc of the  famous Miiiuosolu massacre and one reus-on  that the hardy (niu'er did uot go home again  -within a lew year.s was that he did not wish  to have any more t rouble w ith the redskins.  Next inoiith will be hisSlith birthday and he  proposes celebrating it by Inking nu oxcur-  tion to civilization for the llrsl I line since he  lirst went into the* count ry.  ���th ji  nk of Halifax  -     -     $2,000,000.00'  .-     -  #1,250,000.00  Gold'   Dusl   assayed -and  rNCORPOltATliD -ISIII  Paid Ui* Caittal   ------  'RliST   A   general   Bunking  business   transacted.  purchased: ���  Drafts issued and money transferred to tiny part of the world.  i 1 r t *  -'   TUss> IFti'si 2~,~nl' to Osscn in Atlin.  A'Branch has been opened in Fino City.    Gold Dust Purchased  W.  A. SPENCER     ���'"' -    -     Manager. Atlin Branch.   -  & CO,  BANK OF B. N. A. VVILL BUILD.  Have   Purchased  the' Lot   Where  , Russell's Pavilion Stands. ���  bust week wc announced that four of our  lending business uud iiiianciiil institutions  would erect new and commodious, iiuarters.  This week we arc pleased to state that the  Hindi/of llritisli North America will shortly  commence the erection of a line two storey  building, KOx.V.l feet, corner of Peurl und  First streets, on the lot at present occupied  by rtus.sell's puviliou. During the past week  a transfer of the lot was made. As soon as  the plans are completed work w ill commence.  The bc-t feature in connection with the  proposed building operations is thocouh-  deiice shown iu the district by institutions  that do not rush into wild-cut building  booms.  Wholesale   ~  C<��is i\ i-: i<  and   -   Retail   -   Butchers*  KlK.HT    AND      PrtAlU,   'StuICIvTS.  Builders' Hardware, Miners' Supplies,  ���   ��� Tinware,  '<* Ga*aniteware,  ���   fctc*, Etc. ' '*  ���  , TiNsnor' in connection:  BRANCHING  OUT.  Maher & Mead, Adding- a Wholesale  Department to Their Business.   ,  Mr. Geo. .Mead, member of the linn ol  Maher & Mead, hotel-keepers, arrived from  the const last Sunday, where he had gone  but lour weeks before. The iirin, as will be  seen by advertisement elsewhere, are adding a wholesale department to their business.  This step was in contemplation tor some  considerable time and the visit to Ntinaimo,  of the ubovs numed gentleman, wus for the  purpose of completing urrungemeiits and at  the same time uccompuny the goods through  to Atlin. This shipment comprised 20 tons  und from a survey of the premises, Discovery und Second streets, it is seen thut no detail has been overlooked. The stock, from  the line champagne down to the testive  playing card bus been included in the order.  Tn tho shipment wus included the lirst  draught beer brought into the country,  and this lost 110 time in finding u purchaser,  for Mr. GbO. Hayes,1 ol the Nugget Hotel,  Pine, secured the entire lot.  The wholesale department is an addition  to their present house, and it must uot be  understood that the retail trade will be done  away with.  ft is sute to predict thut Messrs. Maher &  Meud���tw o llritisli Columbians ot lit) years'  residence, the former in Nunuimo. and the  latter New Westminster���will meet w ith success in their new addition.  1 I i^jPO'*     WA^J\  & CO. (Limited:)  FIRST STREET  ATLIN," B. C.  ��AND  MOTEL  FINEST EQUIPPED HOTEL IN THE NORTH.    EVERYTHING  CONDUCTED IN   FIRST-CLASS  MANNER.        -     ,  1  Rtck & Hastik,  Pkopriktors;    David Hastik, 'Manaokk.  .  Corner of First'and Discoverv Streets.   -  U  ���9 9.  THE    NORTH .AMERICAN    GREYHOUND  WILLIAM -' -OGILVIE  Harry  Ollard,   Master.  c Tho  Fleetest Steamer  on  the Lakes.  Atlin City to Bennett City Every, Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.  Fakk���First Class, $12.50, Including Two Meals and Berth.  SivCONo'Class,   $7.50.  T.   'J.    WATSON,    Agent,    Atlin City.  Office with T. J. Watson & Co., Mining Brokers, 1st bet. Pearl and Watson.  Tt is reported that the Seattle & International railwuy bus passed under the control  of the Northern Pacific.  The c.'llector of customs at Port Tow nsond  has been instructed not, to institute proceedings against the seven Cauudiau fishing  vessels seized in American wuters.  Anderson, the mini accused of stealing  $1)0,01)0 from ilolsou's bank,, Winnipeg, has  been committed for triul.  Afl'uirs look serious iu the Transuiul. Advices from Loudon are the effect thut officers  of regiments on leuvo of absence arc ordered  to be in readiness to join their regiments on  short notice.  Tho city of Victor. Colo., was practically  wiped out by lire August 21.  Tho report that Mr. Tachc, C. li., was  drowned tit five Finger rapids proves to be  untrue,  The hillside claims on Dominion creek,  Yukon, are proving large gold producers.  The first frost of tho season touched Dawson on August I!).  White,  ning Broker and Public Accountant,  Placer and Mineral Claims Bought, Sold and  Managed on commission.  All kinds of Mining Papers made out and Mining business transacted.  Partnership accounts adjusted.    Books aud accounts audited.  Will be at office Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and on the creeks  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.���Office open every day.  Discovery St.,  Nkar Third, Atlin,  B. C.    P. 0. Box 97.  HOTEL STORE  I he above reward will be paid lor additional information which will lead to the  conviction oi the parties inst ri: mental iu  huving signs destroyed between Atlin uud  Pinq belonging to the Atlin General Hospital.  1", M, UOYLK, M. r>.       Tickets >I.VI.    Ladies free.  Having decided to go out of business' for. the winter we now  offer our large stock of  DRY GOODS/BOOTS,  SHOES AND GROCERIES  At cost. Everything is new, fresh and in first-class order and must be  sold. Those long overdue boots and shoes, comprising Ladies', Men's,  Youth's and Children,'in great variety, are marked down to bedrock  prices.  li. C.  HOTEL STORE, First St. Near Discovery.  Under tho auspices of the  Atlin Volunteer Fire Brigade  Will bo held iu the  BROTHERHOOD  HALL  ARCTIC  Wednesday, Sept. 6.  A CARPENTER  With ti small >umouiit of cash can buy thrj  best bench cluim iu this country, ull under  root. Uus yielded more gold thiin any  bench here. �� have the best gurden iu Atlin  und a house to live In, all fenced. As I am  leaving Atlin, not to return, my place is for  sale for less than hull what it. cost, together  with the good will of my carpenter business,  milking ull kinds of shop work, doors, window", show ensos, etc. Cull nt carpenter  shop, north First street, near Discovery St,  B. R. VAN DEUSEN.  M  :����siassB&&.;��;


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