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The Atlin Claim 1899-09-16

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 Ill;  V  ,*>  �����(.:  w  VOL.    i.  ATLIN,    Ii.   C,   SATURDAY,   .SEPTEMBER   16,'    1899.  NO.  lid  I  cLenmara,  9,   ��fiils.  Sash and  All kinds ol  cfee  (Ll.MITKI). )  Varnishes,'  '   -       Builders" Hardware,  Tinware, (tSranitigsware, Groekery  Tinsmith  work done.  ���MclNNES WILL RESIGN  As a Protest Against the Attitude  of the Government  BIm5KimiTH'S .GO HI.  Corner, of First and Pearl Street.  On the Chinese   Question-  Yukon Scandals.  The  I would libel the bout il I lie officer did nut do  j tlii-. Tin' latter wmit uliiuii'd tiutl vuuntdd  | eight in I'M'i's, and 01 deivd : them usiioiv.  I Tlii" KiM li had to make n second i rip toeur-  , i'.\  over tin- iiiIiit eight  pussmlgei-s.    Alter  this there wu>, 110 molestation.   ���  t 1. '  Tin- disagreement in tin- lfviiijf Navigation  Co. has hud the elVert ol putting the Scotia  out nt' service lor this l.\ll. at Ii'iisl. It is understood iin>iiil)<'i's nl her crow arc about to  It'u'vp for Hip Sound, q    ���  , .1. 0.   r'eiivhild. iiji'iit   ,it   Bennett lor the  Irving Company,  was trunsfeive I  to  Atlin,  lust week. '  . u . .  FRESH   NEW   GOOES  ' La roust and Bust Ski.uctud Stock ou  Groceries;Shelf Hardware,'.Paints aad  m Goods and Miners3  -    -    COR. "rST  5*~  12S,  es,  IRON   STORE.  . Boots and  Supplies.   '.  AND   TRAYNOR.  The = Batik = of = British  rth  1G<  Established in lS!!ii.    Incorporated bj  Royal Charter.  Paid Up Capital    -4   -    -    -   '- ' -    -    -    -    $4,866,666.66  Rkservk Fond   ----------   $1,460,000.00  London Office: 3 Clements Lane, Lombard Street, E. C.   ,  Head   Office  in   Canada:     Montreal,  li. Stikkman-,  General Manager.-'  ' Branches in all the principal cities of Canada, and agents in New York,  San Francisco, SeattleuTacoma, Portland, Spokane, Boston, Chicago, Etc.  Gold dust assayed and   purchased  at best rates,   the  bank'.s" assay  office being now in ooe'raUoii.   A general banking business transacted.  '���     J. ANDERSON,   Manager, Atlin,  B/'C: ���   .  ��� GENERAL " HOSPITAL  AND���  COM PKTKNT Nuhsic  x,  AT PENDANTS.  . Private apartments a.id wards 'for male or female patients.  �������m$^O*��C^0*C^0&0*O$O**C��.OCt*O^����C0��������>$.<  0  o  0  That we have a large, stock and iiitond  opening Wholesale  Dcimrtineiit in every  branch and carry an assorted stock ot ^  LIQUORS,   CIGARS   and   CARDS.  -\Ve are making a specialty of Wines, Scotch Whisky and Walker's Rye, mid invite inspection by the public. By strict attention to business wc hope to merit  the confidence of the trade.   Order.-, promptly attended to. ���*  MAHRBR   ��&  Corner Discover} and Second Streets. Atlin.  o  - o  0  .%  o  At   Naiiaiiiio mi   I.iilim   l)'u.\   W.. \V. 15. Mi-  fiuies, r Al.  V.  lor   Nniiainio,  speaking  at   u  liilior demonstration, startled  his audience  by the lollow in_r remarks:    "At  Ottawa our  Asiatic  legislation   had   been   disallowed us  beiag opposed lo imperial  poliu}.   Not   British   Columbia, bill   Birmiiiglium., had   been  considered.   Tiiroughout the rest ol Canada  no purt ol it lull, btilrlit' burden of Imperialism had been heaped upon the  shoulders ot  British Columbia Irihor.   Our  labor was the  sole sacriiice to imperialism.   T!ic\>   had had  the repeateil promises ol the ptirlj in power,  speeches' had bomi  made,  petitions sent in.  the Premier had twice promised on the floor  of the House   that   the tax  would    he   1117  creased, and yet alter  tour sos.sio'is, no increase had been made.    It was nut imperialism, it was because ol  the C. P. K..  because  ol   the  cuimerymeii   0,1  the Fi-aser.   These  opposed   it,   and   the  government liad sold  them;     Ho  i.itciidod.   however,   to, make a  tm ther move in  the mutter.    He would resign, uuil if the go\er11111e.it would n<    listen  to the voice ol two or three  in  parliament,  tlu.v might  periiaps be  moved   by thu, 5,(100  ,oiees   on   Vancouver   Jslaiid. "Tliat would  briiiif 011   another   election  hore, and  with  next   session   the   mutter   would   conic ' up  nguiii.>Il  the go- ->riiinei:t  then   refused to  do,U'ij thing the} ,w ould  ("Turn   them  out,"  cried a voice)���No.  not turn  them  out,, nor  trust longer to the w hims ol politic.il  tricksters,  but   take   the   mutter   in   their   own  hand--.   It   vi as   a  serious  thing  to counsel  >iolcnce, but there would  then   be  no other  recourse open to them.    Both  parties were  but tricksters, and, it  was necessary to'go  back to iit-st principle*,  which plainly  declared that 'We .ire the people and  we must  rule.''   There need not be an}   liusitiiney because of the temporal-.,   co .oeiiiiences.   The  fear of temporary consequences had not pre-  \e:ited one man whom the.\,all  honored.and ���  of "w l.iiiii theii childieu read at  school  Irom '  reiusiiif; to bow to Gesslor's hat ulien posted i  on 11 pole.   People would speak of bad, dan- [  fierous men. but 111 his daj William Tell was .  a   bad, dangerous  man.  so   was  e\erj   man j  w ho stopped out of tho  rut   for tiie jrood ol '  his   fellows,     llovi    louu   will  } mi ,lic hiiiii-'  hugged ?    shouted    the    now    impassioned]  speaker.   When  are j-ou  Koing- to act.   Let  labor be made kin;r iu British Columbia." L    I  Thos. Keith, e^-M. P. P., durinsr the course j  of his remarks said the people in the Yukon !  Pad certainly siiflered jirave ill-treatment at '  the hands ot those in . uutho^jt}. "I saj j  without tear ot successful - u^iitruilit'tiuii |  that the officials_'.vv.ei-e- the  wor.st  lot that |  ice of the earth. [  I   mean  TWO..DISCOVERS  Allows  d   on  Streams" Tributary to  Lixie Creek.    ,'  The lollovt iuj; p;-i sons have applied tor and  been ur.iuted rt'eords In," new disc A-erie*:  On Seiit. I��.t Win'. St ui-^foii Norm 111 (luiiin-  ImlljT. Givon and Oluis. .). How lot l staknl  di,!Co\..'.|..i on l'\ix creek and wasViiveii a  r.'cord to -ariui So|it"inl>ji" fltli. Pn\ creek is  about .f.i miles tiom Atlin and runs in an  disturb direction Giupt'yiujf into a trihutarj  ot L)i\ie called Cai bon or Bull creek and  hein.'i-over tlii divid ��� f ro-n l)i.\ie.  On Sept. 10 \V. II. Worsnop. V. Wors ioji. J.  Fruier and A. Waters staked discovery on  Woll ci-ei-k and was ���iivcu 11 reiord Sei t. IS.  Woll creek is al:out iij iriles ti-oin Atlin and  runs iu .1 soutlirn.sti'rlj 'direct ion i>mpt,\ iiitc  into a tributary oi l)i\ie_creek.  A WORD FROM THE KMSE'?.  Captain" Dreyfus'   Fate  Hinges on  "   "      l        This. '  ^'eiiijes. 8ept.,ii.���Tiio siilv.it 1011 ot Captain  Dreyfus liunss on a word Irom Umperoi"  WiHiiim. This is tho trciieral opinion hero  to-iiij;ht. II the Kaiser couseiits 10 allow  Col. Schw arzkoppen, the German military  attache at Paris, 111 lrfP-l, to testily bpforc the  court-inai'tial. or to send .a deposition, or,  w hat it, considered still moro^ruliuhle,-to  allow his depositio'i to be accompanied by  the actual documents mentioned iu the bor-  d'l.-eai", then Brcjlus is saveil.  OUR nOlIIMOX JlifPRIiSKVr.VTIVE,  -. .  (ieo.  K.  Maxwell. Al.  P.. our representa-'1  ����*o*o*o*��#��^5*��*��*a*.C8^>D^*o^o^teo*o^s^^*��*c^��*<e^��*  GO   TO   THE  LOST.  The largest stock of  "drugs    and 'patent  medicines in Atlin.  FORTTN & LKCAPPE1.LAIN,  t       /  .'urst Street.  r^ ORE, BURNET & CO.,  ClVlI, AND   llYDK.Vlll.ir 1Cm,]N):j:ii.s,  Dominion  and  Pkovinciai.  I.\m>  Sukvj:yoks.  MlNlNfi  PKOl'UHTir.S   HANUIjI'".  Office: Pearl street, above .Second.  On the trail between Wi ifj-ht and Discovery,  most probably about half way between Surprise Lake aud Wright creek, one pair of  Held jrlasses iu black leather ease with strap.  A siiitalile reward w ill be {jiven on their return to Fred. G. White, mining broker, etc..  Atlin.  The Nelson Tribune refers to a report irade  by Air. Popkiss to his employers, the London  hi d B. C. Goldfiehl Ltd.  Air. Popkisssays "that the ei^ht-hour-law  had one jiootl client, it made owners of property less exorbitant iu their demands, fn  other words thej (his company) were able to  buy properties to greater advantage then if  things had none more smoothly."  This- shows that the whole eirei't of the  eisrht-hour law has not fallen upon the hated  capitalist and foreigner.  our  tt\e in the Dominion House, arrhetl iu At-  hlm Thursda.i ni^ht on his wuj out from  Dawson, and i-s iiiuii-t.'i-ed at ,th.a Grand  Hotel.  Speakiuji- iibout the Vukou. Air. .Maxwell  said things in that far-away counrrj were  not as bud a.s represented, and us soon as  matters settle down to business tnere would  be no kickiufr.  lie went up to Pine City Friday inoruiiifr  and spent the day 011 the creeks and saw lots  oftrold: but his admiration fur the 100-foot  claims is not yrpat.  Mr. ATuwvell'is ilesirou^ of niukinjr himself  know n in the district and in consequence  w ill hold two nieetiuprs before he leaves for  it ! the coast, one ol which w ill be held.to-nifrht  to the full. I wlll^itlmit-s'that Air. Fawcett 1 in Mucdouald's hall, Pine City, and the other  was an honest man, but Mr. JTuucett ,was an , on Alouday ni^lit in Russell's pavilion, cor-  incapaiile man, and .Mr. Ojyilvie is an honest I tier Pearl and lurst streets. Atlin.  man. but Air. Ostihie is not capable ot rp��u- | lie le.^cs for home on Tuesda.,> boat,  latiny the.all'airs ot so lar-re a territory."     , [    could be scrapediLiipjJn the^faue of  f say   thi.s   uiidjjrgtiijKlyi^ji-,   am  I wilI<?Tidiii]  B  OARD   OF   TRADIv  Wines, r^iqnors  and Cigars.  WRicrtT  'c Cat,i,hki;atii,  ops.  U. S. Consul McCook at Dawson   reports to  the state department  under  date  of Julj   h  jtbnt   1111 h>s   than   2,000  persons   have prone  'iliimi rh" i'ukoii  from that place within a  uirsr -1: !H>und lor the most part for the Cape  I N >.u^ jo'ii fields.   He says --the  poor man's i  iii-i    ->j 'ar as this country   is conc-eriicd, |  TKE SCOTIA LAID OFF  Because of Trouble Between  Two  Captains.  The steamboat trouble on Atlin Lake between the opposing boats, appears to be at  an end. The Ruth now lauds passengers,  freight ami mail at the. Pearl street dock.  This is due in a great measure to disagrc-3- i  incut between the Commodore, Capt. lr\iug, |  and the captain of the Scotia, running on'  Atlin  Lake. ��� j  For considerable time it   bus been  known [  that strained  relations existed between the  two, but noborlj suspected that it would terminate in the way it has.  The crucial stage, hoveveiv came last  Saturday when Captain John Irving and  Captain Armstrong came across the lake  w it'u the Gleaner's passeii^er.s on the Until  and landed at the P"iirl street dock. The  Scotia w us on 'leek -it tn- o1 ner side, but she  followed the Ruth in <-r uus.enuerless.  The appearance of ('apt. John ou any other  boat than the one iu w hich he is interested  in portends trouble w is!.i:i, a-.-.d this was fully confirmed when the boat was to leave on  her back trip. The rr.ptain of tho S��otiu, irritated at the treatment gi\en him by the  commodore, tried to annoy the departure  of the small boat, so t'.ie captain of the Ruth  said, lie o'-dered ihe Dominion inspector  aboard totnnu' mhI see that siir did not exceed the number of passenger- allowed by  her   cpi'tilicatp -  win-!,   is :*'.     He s.ti I  he  Ne  A IUG DUAL.  Westminster, B. O..Srpt. ti-Tt isstat��d  i hei t" on good authority that a wealth.* New-  York syndicate is negotiating for the purchase ot e\pry salmiin cannery on the Kruser  river. Their scheme is to get every establishment, not missing a single one. Seieral of  largest canneries have already decided to go  into the deal.  j     A  despatch   from   Washington   stat.'s   tli3  I negotiations that are now in progress look-  j ing to   a  modus   viveudi  for the definition  I temporarily   of   a 'boundary   line   between  > Alaska and British Coiumbi'i and the North-  I west Territories arc proceeding on the same  I lines as tliosj w hich figured in  the  negotiations in which Air. Choate took  part.   That  is the United Stat"s holds firmly to  the  eon.  fruition tout the village  of  Klucl^wau shall  be  regarded as  on the  Ameriean-JSKJU?. ' N<>  effort is being made to  reach  a  jja^iYaneot  arrangement at present. ���->'-'  A London despatch of September 2 announces that a big strike of sailors and firemen would short!} take place. The trouble  arose over a manifosto to the ship-oWners  from the Seamen's Union, inviting them to  confer on the iiuestioti of fixing a rate for  firemen ami saibir- on steamers of Eti, and  for sudors '>n sailing ship* of CI monthly, n  slight advance in the w ages now paid at various British ports. The shipowners utterly  ignored the union, with the result thut tho  latter have planned a strike at evi>ry port in. '  thf United Kingdom. ATUN',    B.  C.   SATURDAY,    SKPTKMBFR    r6.    1800.  I". 1.  I".'  1 ,i  Tin.; Atlin   Claim.  Published     every'   Saturday    morning   by  Tin'. Ati.in Claim  Puiiuhiiino Co.  Oflico ol publication: r  Corner of Second and Trainor Streets.  Advertising  rates made known ou application. '  1 'Our subscription price is SI a  year, payable in advance.     No paper will be delivered  _ unless tlie.se eoiiditious are complied w'ith.  Word   conies   from, Washington   that  the  United States government  have decieed  to  take up the claims of the  American  miners  who were deprived  of the  right  to  record  claims under licenses which had been granted  and which were paid for.   Acting ou tho assumption  that the contract   was 'made   iu  good  faith  11 great-many outfitted at considerable expense only to  Hud   the agreement   repudiated  by   the  British Columbia  legislature.    Tn so  far as   these   men  have  suffered we hope they will receive full compensation.   The .legislature had  a right  to  pass an alien exclusion law if they .saw fit. but  they had no   right  to  repudiate a contract  lionestl} made, especially when il entailed a  considerable outlay on  the parr of one ot  the parties to the  contract.   The  whole bill  is narrow and selfish and sadly out  of pluee  ou the statute books of a province so rich iu  natural resources.    \Are want Americans and  all cither classes of intelligent foreigners to  come to our  province und  if our luws are  wise and institutions pure history proves 1 lie  foreigner will take upon himself the citizen--  ship of the  country  in which ho is located.  Wo hope tliis  unwise  measure will prove a  lesson not only to Canadians but Americans.  The United Statos have in force an alien law  which Canadians nre made to feel at times  with  severity.   This has  been advanced by  some in extenuation of our own law, and tip-  pears to be about the  only justification  for  it.   This Js >too  narrow  a  spirit  tor a  big  country.   The tw o countries,have got to live  together as  neighbors and the freest communication should exist.   Let. us follow the  United States in" her good laws not iu her  bad ones.  THE EARTH TREMBLED.  The'Shock" Distinctly, Felt in Atlin,  }Pine and Skagway.'  A CbAl.M man was standinn at tho corner  of Poarl and First last Sunday noon picking  his teeth and congratulating himself that  his unpaid board bill had not,asyet,brought  any stormy protest from his landlady. Just  then two of Atlin's best known citizens happened along. ''Have sumthin," said ouo'of  thorn. Ifearful of oll'eiuling a good advertiser we reluctantly said "Yes!" The neighboring Russell quickly supplied "sumthin"  warranted to temporarily relieve a permanent thirst. This duty complied with the  trio returned to the al.ovj-mentioiied corner. "I toll you," said the other citizen,  "this will yet lis a great camp. Look tit the  amount,of gold t hey a're taking out of the  creeks to-day. Then again we will have hy-  dr nilic companies in here next year.. And  I'll bet you a ?H) bill the iiuartz  proposition  goes th ."   The earth trembled !    Was this  fancied or real. Had stern duty caused us  to swallow-something that did its work so  quickly. To remark upon it mi-lit can so  derision. Suddenly from every door people  rushed out and held their hands to the  ground.' Thank goodness! II was an earthquake. The reputation of Lee Hillings and,  tlio Claim was saved. The shock occurred  at live minutes- pa.st I o'clock according to  our sun dial.  Pine, notto be boliiud Atlin, also took a  shake. .Rev. Air. Stephenson, returned from  Skawuy, informs us that the telegraph poles  nodded to him and assumes that it was the  same shock we felt here.     ' '   ��� "  I  >  P   00. = =  PRODUCE  CO.  Qrocenes9 Provisions,  ...AND.  ^  General Merchandise.  "Competition nmoug the- boats running  from the lakes to Duw.son has made the ser.  ice so satisfactory aud so much better than  would be expected in thatcountry as tocuuse  general remark on the part of the travelers',, said late traffic manager Gray of the  Yukon & "White Pass II. JR. to a P.-I. report er  Aug. 18th. "The day of bacon, beans and dried  primes for meals on the boats is gone, and  instead-you find steaks, fish, canned goods,  fruit, aud everything else usually found  on lirst-class steamboats. Everything is re-  inurkablv clean on all the boats, and the employes are uniformly courteous and elficient.  and a flue lot of fellows. The only things expensive on these boats are liquors; beer costs  SI a quntt bottle, and a quart ot Canadian  rye whisky brings SS.  , "It will not be long until the trip down the  yukori to Dawson will be one of the most  sought after in the United States. I do not  believe there is a trip in the world that can  equal it for its beauty' and comfort. The  scenery is so magnificent as to be beyond description. The travel is already almost more  then the boats can tuke cure of."  If it, is a good thing for steamboats would  it not be a good thing iu the case of the little  short line that does much as it pleases iu  handling freight, especially now, when Atlin freight is being sacrificed to make way  for "guaranteed" Daw.son merchandise. You  bet!  $500 AND A BELL  Tl e eluim jumping habit seems to have  again reached this district und other districts  Mi.rroutiding. There has recently been heard  complaint that notices have been posted und  stakes driven on iion-jumpable claims. This  habit should not be toleratad. for it is not  O.nl.v dishonest, but dangerous to the well-  being of the community. Persons who desire mining claims must outfit themselves  and go in search of tlieni or buv them in  good faith. Anyminiii claim may be jumped  when the time set by law for the performance of the necessary assessment work shall  have lapsed, and stakes must be kept out of  thu ground and notices kept down until they  may legally be posted. The parson who  jumps a claim is a robber as much as he who  jumps a town lot or illegally possesses liim-  Heif oT any kind of property of another.  When a prospector takes any intending purchaser to see his claim and finds that some  othor person lias posted a location notice  thereon his chances of sale are lessened, for  no investor cares to buy a law suit.���Juneau  Truth.  .Donated to the Atliri Fire Brigade  ���The Ball a Success.  On account of the inclement weather the  regular weekly meeting of the volunteer fire  brigade was postponed from Monday until  Tuesday night. As usual there was a small  attendance, though several matters of importance were on the slate. Chief (Lillie occupied the chair and Treasurer Anderson  recorded the minutes.  Tlio ball committee reported that the bail  given under their direction bad been a success both socially and financially. After all  expenses were paid a balance would remain  of $oG.50.-  A vote of thanks was tendered^the Arctic  Brotherhood for the use of their hall and  Air. Reynolds for music supplied.  Mr. Anderson announced that lie had been  notified that 'the provincial government  would contribute S5II0 towards the maintenance of the brigade.  E. MoFeely. manager of McLennan, Mc-  Feely & Co., presented the department witli  a large bell. This gracious act was much  appreciated by the members as showing  that someone, at least, was taking" an interest in the work.   .  The chief, the assistant chief and the three  captains were appointed un executive to  look after the affairs of the brigade.  The.meeting then adjourned to meet Monday evening next.  ' THF,    '   . "   , '  Bennett Lake and Klondyke Navigation Co., Id  'Die B. I/. & I\. N. Co. advance freight charges on sliip-  .    ' men Is vi:i B. 1,. & 1C N. C. -"   ,  Olive May between Bennett and Atlin  RKC;ur.AK.'SAri,TNC5S   AND  BlCST  of.SKRVICIC  GlJARAiNTKKI).    '       i  '   TheB. L.'& K. N. Co." are'Bonded"Carriers.   . '  OTTO   II.   PARTRIDGU,    Local   Manager,    Bennett.  ... ������?'<��� C- Aubin, Agenc, Pearl Street, Atlin.  c.  W. SAWKRS,  barrister, soucitok, notary  Public, Etc., Atlin.  ilr. Snwors intends remaining in ,Atlin  during the winter and will be pleased tw look  after the interests of miners and other's going out.  LIST YOUR  .LOTS  AT  ���  ���THE��� :/  /  Nugget Motel  PINE CITY,  Hayks & Cornell, Props.  Everything in connection First  Class; Good Liquors, etc.        -   ,  An up-to-date Restaurant in connection.  Rant & Jones,  OLDEST      '   ���   ���  ESTABLISHED.  BROKERS  OF ATLIN.  Agents for the John Irving Negation Company:     . ���    . -  .    Pearl St., Atlin, B. C.  COMMUNICATIONS.  AMERICAN CLAIMS  Will be Taken Up by the Authorities at Washington.  The law board of the department of state  jit Washington have decided to entertain tho  claims of Ameri"uu miners in Atlin a-, an international question. The miners will have  to prove that their property was of value  and also that the British Columbia act aud  its ad nui's-ration was the cause of their  l.oss. The state department authorized Col.  towis, chief counsel for tli'i miners, to present the details- of their claims direi-tly to  Ambass-idor Chontc, who -\yill in turn, by request of Fccretary Hay. presoni to Lord  ^aljybury an official request for some joint  trib'inul tO 'leci'le tlie merits (if t'mir claim'-,  A   CRITIC   ANSWERED.  To the Editor of tlie Claim:  Sir���In regard to a letter from "Litigant,"  iu your last issue, in which he criticizes the  action of the Atlin chief magistrate, it seems  rather comic to suy the least, that  he, almost  if not the only government  official in the  Atlin district in whom the  miners have any  confidence to adjust their wrongs or settle  their disputes, should have been picked out  for such  petty   disparagement.     There are  some of us that feel vary jubilant that the  B. C. government should have made such a  flagrant  mistake  in   sending  us  such    an  honorable gentleman as our magistrate has  proven himself to be.   We all regret, the going awn} of Judge Irving, but our magistrate has unmistakably shown  that he has  great confidence in.his own judgment, the  courage to see that his decisions are obeyed,  and that he will not allow the legal vampires  to absorb every cent we have to decide some  puerile dispute.   I appreciate the possibility  that one of the legal small fry may have had  a bad half hour with  his honor, but -'Litigant" is very ignorant of the mining class if  he thinks they rio not know  the difference  between a "real color" and fools gold.   Let  J us hopa the dust, will soon fly, and the law of  (the "survival of the fittest" will  prevent the  j "revival of the   old   regime,"   and  that no  longer   will   the bonds of  uncertainty  and  maladministration shackle the limbs of our  mining conrnunity.  DllKYI'WSITK.  Pine, Sept. 9, 1809.  H  OTEL .0.   K.  Choice Wines,- .  Liquors and Cigars.  First Avenue.  WM. CUROE, Manager  British  America  Corp.,   Ld.  HOTEL,  ATLIN   -   -   -   -   B. C.  Clean linen, spring beds, choicest selection  of cigars and  liquors north of Vancouver."  Rates very moderate. -  �� Shot-Guns, Rifles, Revoi- *  'g     vers and every descrip-  o:     tion of Sporting Goods  I -.   at   -  1 TISDALL'S GUN STORE  3 VANCOUVER:  D   Catalogue muiled on application.  NOTICE.  KOOTENAY...  BAR  Finest stocked Bar in  the city,  JACK   BYRON,    Prop.  In the matter of the Estate of \V. M. Chaee,  D. L. Brockway and R. L. Howie, of the  Atlin Mining Division, in the Cassiar District, British Columbia,carryingon business iu partnership under the name of  ���'The London Hydraulic Company."  THE ATLIN LIGHT AND POWER CO.  Now have a  Telephone Service  Between  Atlin, Spruce Junction and Pine.  Stations���  Ati.in, Mbdicaf^ Hai.l.  Junction, Junction Housh,  Pink, Gold Houkh.  CREEK  NOTES.  The Vickers group, 2 above on Willow, has  changed hands, the consideration, we understand, being quite large.  Mr. Patrick, lata of the record office, has  been appoint ;d secretary of the Willow  Creek Co-Opcrative Water Association.  A false bedrock was struck on IS on Willow.  Underneath good pay was found.  A provisional government bus been formed |  in the Republic of Santo Dnniiiiun, \<, ith Ifo-I  intio Vai'f|ui'/. n . pie-idf.i't, :  When iii Atlin stop  .  . at the . .  OLYMPIC HOTEL  First Street.  Hkadquaktkrs  for  Lkmb's St.  Louis Lager Beer.  First class Restaurant in connection.  A,   BVRKIS,   M:i:Ki��er.  Take notice that the above named W. M.  Cliace, D. L. Brockway and R. L. Howie, by-  Deed of Assignment for the benefit 'of creditors, bearing date the. seventh of September,  1899, and made in pursuance of the "Creditors  Trust Deeds Act," have granted and assigned  to IS. G. Tenn'unt, of tire town of Atlin, B. C,  Lumber'Merchant, all the personal estate,  credits and effects of the said debtors and  each of them (both partnership and private),  which may be seized and sold under excu-  tiou and all the real estate of the said  debtors, and each of them, iu trust for the  benefit of their creditors. -Said Deed of Assignment was executed by the said AV. M. '  Cliace, D. L. Brockway and R. L. Howio and  E. G. Tennaut, on the said seventh day of  September, 1899.  All creditors having claims against the said  debtors are required to tile their claims with  C.W.Sawors, Solicitor. Pearl St.. Atlin, B.  C, duly proved, as provided by the Act, ou  or hefore the 1st day of November, 1899.' In  default of the said Assignee not receiving satisfactory proof thereof, any creditor is liable  to have his claim barred.  Notice'is further'given that after the said  1st day of November, 1891), tho Assignee will  proceed to distribute the said estate amongst  the parties entitled thereto, having regard  only to the claims of which notice shall thou  have been given, and will not be liable for  the assets, or any part thereof,so distributed,  to any person or persons of whose claim ho  shall not then have hud notice.  An 1 further take notice that a meeting of  the said creditors will bo held at the office of  C. W. Snwers, Solicitor for the said Assignee,  Pearl St., Atlin, B. C, on Thursday, the 28th  duy of September, 1899, at the hour of 4  o'clock iu the afternoon.  Dated at Atlin, B. C, this '9th day of September. 1899.  C, W. SAWKRS,  Solicitor for Assignee.  E. L PILULAN  Funkral   Director   and  Embalmek  Third and Discovery,    Atlin, B, C,  Bodies Embalmed for Shipment a Specialty  Orders on short notice.  All kinds  of  Fuuevvtl- SjU-PpUes; ijyt rOtVSW*  tjfile rates.  J  4<rf  1  i  r-l w  ^  AT.rjN," 15. C,   SATURDAY,   SEPTEMBER    ifi. " 1.S99.  BLACKETT VS. PATTEN.  The Former Loses His Property In  '   Skaguay Because He Is an Alien.  On the Hth ofp last montli .rohn H.'Patton,  a resilient oi Skaguay, and at one  tinio' in Atlin, took possession ot the lot and  premises on the corner of Fourth and State  streets, Skaguay, which property was improved'and occupied by Mr. J. St.'Clair  Blackctt, at present iu business iu Atlin at  tho corner of first and Traiuor. Lt appear*  that the only ground lor Air. J'nttou's action was Mr. Blackett's nationality, lie being  11 Cauudiitn. As UKcnt lor the latter in Sku-  guay. Air. Phil AbraniH, one of tho most  highly respected und successful business  mono!'the latter place, contested Patten's  ��� right to pofcSBiiioiiri-Tho law was invoked.  Pulton,was arrested und brought belore  Judge Suhlbreile. .  Judge.II. Day uppuaivd for the BlackoK  iutorests while II. W. Jiinniiigs represented  Pattou.      s  T/ie case accordingly ouiiio up iu the above  court Sept. Hth. The matter Was fully anil  clearly gone into, but Air. Jennings, attorney for Patton, uppuulod to tho prejudice ol  the jury���It- R- .Mitchell, J. li. Biers,' Henry  Bahlio and I'rod lirlick���and made them be-  liovo that Alr.BlacUott, as a foreigner, never  had any right to the property, >und thut il  ho did havo the right of occupation, ho harl  long since forfeited it, by abandonment and  withdrawing from the district, without "'intention of returning. <  - "'Of course that was simply absurd," our  informant says," for his title to the property  did uot depend ou his remaining there personally, for he had tenants occupying it.  But it was a foregone conclusion that the  jury would find for the jumper, and all the  eflorts of tho opposing counsel were unavailing. Judge Sehlbrede shirked responsibility  by exercising his right to let the jury decide on both the law and the evidence, and  the jury knew no more about law���even  when it was read to them���than a porcupine,  knows about Greek. v  .'  "It auLpears~to oe a deliberate and coldblooded attempt 011 the part of an organized ^ gang to deprive Mr. Blackett oi  his property because he is u Canadian.   -    .  "In his speech to the jury Judge Day characterized the whole proceeding as the vmo��t  dastardly outrage perpetrated iu Skaguay  since the reign ot the Soapy Smith gang."  Mr. Blackett has instructed his counsel to  appeal the case, when it is to be hoped some  measure of equity w ill be dealt out.  cessfully work them, and must sooner or  later Hud this out aud make way for capital.  Wright has a'70 toot lull iu 700, and with  rich benches, what is to I'ravent companies-  taking u hold and working them w ith good  remuneration. >  "Krom   what   1   havo seen  ol  the camp  I  Ihink 'j.a.COO.OOO will bo taken out this fall.'  A  FREIGHT BLOCKADE.  With  Companies  Unable ' to   Cope  the   Demand.      - -,  Arthur Copulanrl, of the II. L. Ac K. N. Co.,  spent a luw dny.-i iu the city during the past  week. He wasaccompanied by Chief Hugiueer  Stockl'nld, who secured the survircr. of Cap-  tniu Richards, the latter gentian having disposed of his miiiiniig interests here. Captain Richards will tako uli'ir'jfn ol the Olive  .May, w h!ch will continue on this run until  tho end ol thu season.     ' .  SpiMihiugol transportation inattersat Bennett Mr. Oopelnud said the companies were  pretty badl} tied up. Word was sent Irom  White llorsoto shut oil' for the present sending freight there. The tram is capable of  handling 7.1 Ions a day but thu companies  have been sending 1,000. This caused a'bloek-  ude at Bennett and Ska^wii}. Added to this  'the water on the river is getting vory low.  The Canadian Bovjlopuiont company will  probably be stuck with a larjc amount of  (might this bill.  "The case of Blackett vs. Patten, trespass,"  s.iyj. the Skaguay Budget of Sept. 7th, was  decided last evening by a jury, which  brought in a vardiet of not guilty. The jury  received no instructions, whatever, except  tlie manner of the form in which the verdict  should be rendered, and'four jurors were  left to construe a law and solve u legal problem thut would require considerable  thought on the part of a trained mind to  decide. The decision in no wise settles the  question of title, as it is understood that Mr.  Blackett has a deed in regular form to the  right of the lot, aud ou appeal, notice ot  which has been given, the case will no doubt  assume a different phase. ,  "Without assuming to construe the law,  the Budget deprecates any action of technicality, or, other means, which deprives  either an American or alien" of rights that  have been recognized heretofore by citizens  of Skaguay. The precedent established  thereby is a bad one and may be productive  of dis igreeable results, though it is hoped  none will urise from the present case. Opinion is widely different as to the merits ot  the decision, the element ot alien hatred entering largely into that fuvorable to it.  Many of our best citizens are outspoken in  disapproval of it, however."  A WONDERFUL JUNG. c  K"ilgoorlie, Aus., July 2(i, 1809���The Lake  View Consols, are sti ippiug the 300 feet level,  to put in stilfsr>ts. A tew feet of ore. on the  east wall. i. averaging 312 o/.. per ton. This  is merely from about 3 feet stone on the wall.  The lode, wliibh is from 35 feet to 18 feet w ida,  uveruges a little more then 20 ass. per ton.The  rich ore is being used to "sweeten up"'the  shipment. 'The exports _ have been mainly  From the sill Hopr. -The parcels sent aw ay to  he smelted contained 7,0110 ozs. of gold worth  over ��2S.0OO.! The lough of the rich shoot is  .15) lougat'the li.Jl) feet level. Noshootof gold  e tual in richness and extent1 has ever been  opened in the world. At the 500 feet level, in  cutting tho plats, pri^r to opening out, the  lode has already proved to bo over 30 feet  w ide, and neither wall has yet been reached.  The stone, as usual near the main shrift, is  low grade: but rich shoots should be met,  both north and south, within about 100 feet  ot the shaft. The chain-geared sulphide furnaces are running spendidl} : and next week  a third furnace, which is, being* fitted with  chain gearing, will be fired up. A fourth  will be finished shortly. The'British, American., and eoiitiuental.experts w ho examined  the'mine, are fully satisfied of-the phenomenal richness.  GtfING OUT WITH ��17,000.  H. O. Blarikenship, who with J. Welsh, C.  Welsh and C. Wright located discover}- on  Wright Creek last year, went out to the'  coast on his way to Arizona the middle of  the week. Before leaving he disposed of a  quarter interest iu discovery on this creek  mid also seven claims below, beginning at  9 and running clow n to 14 with a couple of  fractions, to Messrs. Mason & Campion, Pine  City, for a good figure. One reason w hy JI.'.  Bluukeuship~is leaving so early is sickness  and the other because he hud taken out all  the money he wanted with which he proposes to develop some good properties in tlie  south. Seventeen thousand dollars is what  the discoverer is taking out with him, and  after the consummation of the sule he offered to bet the above-named gentlemen  that they would take out $20,000 out of  the claims next yeur, provided, of course,  the ground was worked in a systematic manner. If this sum is not taken out ho is willing to make good the shortuge, und all over  this sum taken out must likewise go to him.  "Wright creek is the richest in the district," said Mr. Blunkenship. '"By this I  mean that more gold will be taken out for  the capital invested. There is loss deadw ork  on this creek than any creek he has hcen.  The benches, without doubt, are richer than  the creeks. Out of one bench on discovery  he took ��6,000, and at present 10 men are  working benches on a 50 per cent, lay clo^e  to this ground. They are all satisfied witli  the result.  "Wright creek, iu my opinion, will make a  good hydraulic enterprise. Thesmullness of:  the chums plainly demonstrates the absur-  "  " BARBAROUS CRUELTIES.  Paris. Sept. 1.���The Mutii. to-duy publishes  details of the investigation into the conduct  of Capt. Voulet and Capt. Chanoiue, charged  with barbarous cruelties to the natives in  the French Soudan, which led to the sending  of an expedition under Lieut. Col. Klobb  after them. According to the paper, the  two officers began their work of burburit}  by beheading a native w ho had declared he  did not know about w hat he was being questioned. A letter said Voulet captured SO  natives, of whom he killed 20 of the women  and children, shot a soldier for w asting ammunition and burned a v'llage of 10.000 inhabitants.  THE NEXT BIG FIGHT. .  Jim Jeffries, ot California, Tom Sharky. ot  Dundulk, Ire., will fight for the heavyweight  championship ot the world at'the Coney  Island Club. September 23. This w as decided  Septemer 1st at a meeting of the managers of  the pugilists. Tne Coney Island Club offered  I5li 2-3 of the gate receipts with a guarantee  of $30,000, and depositerl a check for .52,500_ as  a forfeit. ,  Hundreds of lives have been lost'by the  flooding of a cupper mine at Beshi, Island of  Shekoku. Japan.  A half a million dollar fire in the big  plant of the Jacob Dold Packing Co., Kansas  City, threw out of employment 1,000 men,  Sept. 1.  At the International Law Conference, held  at Buffalo, N. Y., Sept. 1, the report of the  committee on maritime laws was read by  Judge Raikes of England. A paper w as also  read by C. G. Carver, 0. C, of London, Eng..  on  international rules of marine insurance.  At the conclusion of the Dewey celebration, New York, it is announced thut Admiral Sampson will be relieved of the command of the North Atlantic squadron.  -Expert mechanic--, aud helpers to the number of 270, emplojeri at Cramps' shipyards,  Philadelphia, went out on strike Sept. 1.  A Into Loudon despatch from Shanghai reports that serious trouble occurred in the  Kiuochou hinterland between the Germans  and Chinese, in which six of the latter were  shot. The German minister to China has  handed an ultimatum to the Chinese government, declaring that unless there is security  to life and property'niul unless order is  maintained in the hinterland, Germany will  tako steps to protect her own interests.  Captain Terry, of tho battleship Iowa, is  to be promoted to the rank of rear admiral.  Kutio Bruno, a girl of 17, and daughter ol  a   fashionable dressmaker in Victoriu  was  i$b America Corpora*ion, ��<t J  ATIN,   IT.   G.  Buancub.s ax Dawkon, Bcnnktt, KcijKihk, Wiinn Hoick, Pini: C/<i.i:k.  ,. i The only complete stock of  GROCERIES   AND   DRY   GOODS.  'Iu the Git}.  Ladies' Goods a Specialty.  New Line of Ladies' and Gent's Boots and Shoes Just Arrived.  ji   Only highest class ol goods iu stock at lowest price's in the city.   Inspection invited.  s.uving. Her dead body was found next  morning ou thu beach at Beacon hill. The  theory is that she was assaulted and then  thrown into the water in an unconscious  condition. ,  Th�� cutout ol the N.uiiiiino, B. C, coal  iniiiCN during 18(17 amounted to 310,277 tons,  aud last year to 520.222 tons, an increase of  2)0,0n tons. During the s-une time the  foreign shipments increased from 233,310 tons  in 1807 to 103,ri.lr> tons in IMS. This coal" was  shipped in 157 steamers and 23 sailing ve^sjls,  of which but 12 were of American register,  although of the coil shipped. 3T>,025 tons  went to United Stat?-, ports.       -^g ,   I  Consul     AlcCook,   Dawson,   reporting   to i  | Washington, sa}s 2,000 people hud left the  former place, bound for Nome.  "The Great Northern R. R. is building into  the Republic mining district!  ���'In a few weeks Cape Nome w ill the greatest in extent and the richest mining camp ou  earth. The beach digging go a long wa.\  toward making it great in extent as well as  in richness." These remarks were recently  made to a P--L reporter by riMmtri who had  just returned from that country. .-'Cnpe  Nome beach has been prospected and demonstrated to contain pay dirt for a distance of 3"i miles. There are 600 men beach  mining, aud I t..ink it is a conservative estimate to say that they are washing out an  average of ^25 per day to the man."  The salary of Commissioner Ogilvie in tho  Yukon has l��9e:i raised from $5,000 to ��0,000.  BROWNLEE & L0WRY  J. II.Bro-.v'nfce, l>. I.. S., I). L. S.  R.C. /.awry, A.M. J. C. I. ^  Civil and,Hydraulic Engineers,  .   Land Surveyors. f  Pearl  i  Street,  Atlin, B. C.  rpHK NO  ORTHERN.HOTKr,;  .-THE ���  Canadian Bank...  ...of Commerce.  Corner Second and Pearl Streets.  ATLIN, - B.    C.  Thoroughly Equipped Assay  Office in Connection. ,   -  Gold purchased or-advarices made  thereon pending the result of its-  assav.  Exchange sold on all the principal points in Europe, the United  States and Canada.  i i  murdered in that city Sept. 1.   She hud left  dity of the indivi lual minor twins:  to sue-1 her. mother's house to take a lesson in fancy  THE    ALASKA    FLYER  65 hours to.Seattle.  S. S. HUMBOLDT "  Due at Skagway  Tuesday, Sept. 26, 1899.  Leaves Skagway every Ten Days  for Seattle   and   British  Columbia  ports.    Buy your tickets at the office  of Pacific Clipper Line, Skagway.  W. H. TRIGGS, Agent.  IMSON'S VARIETY STORE.  Tlie biggest house in Atlin.  Everything first-class.    .  Thagard   &   Turney,   Proprietors.  O.K.  BATHS  .BARBER SHOP.  The batlisure equally us good as found iu  cities.' Side entrance for ladies.  '    LINK & PRATT, Props.. First Street."    ,  PRINCIPAL' BATH   HOUSE,  , .AND   LAUNDRY.  Best  Eqnipped  Establishment  in Atlin.  ,, Lake Street,  near .Sawmill."  J  ULES   EGGERT  Swiss  Watchmaker!  Has charge of government instruments.    First street, Atlin.'  In Medical "Hail.  GOLD   HOUSE  PINE CITY.      -  Good Liquors, --  Good Wines      .     ���'  and Cigars,  Beds and Meals a Specialty.  LETHE RDALE . &    BURTON,"  Proprietors.  You WilTj Make No Mistakk If You Gd  To Thf,  ...BRITISH HOTEL...  Cor. First and Discovery.  Genuine goods  and ever}thing flr.st clus*  at moderates.  T. TUGWEr,L.  Proprietor.  Arr:  KEN & STRANAHAN,  u  Painters.  Neat and  artistic signs at reasonable rates.  The latest styles in Costumes. Bicycle Skirts,  Shirt Waists, Huts and Millinery.  Between Runt and Watson.  NOTICE.  Notice is hereby given that all placer claims  legally held in the Atlin Lake and Bennett  Like Mining Division ��"f C is iar District are  laid over from the 15th September, 1899, to  the 1st July. 1900. ���.���.,.  J. P. GRAHAM,  Col I Coiimissioiier.  Applications for Land.  Notice is hereby given that thirty days  after da<e I intond to apply to the Commissioner of Lands and Works for a lease of five  acres of land for garden purposes, situate on Pine Creek, about two miles from.  Atlin, commencing at stake No. 1 and running easterly 201 yards to No. 2; thence 120  yurd, northerly to No. !); thence westerly  201 yards to No. 4; thence southerly to place  of beginning.  P. JAMESON.  Atlin, B.C. July 21, 3i?99.  PINE TREE HOTEL  DISCOVERY, B. C.  When you come to Discovery take  shelter under the TREE.  Finest of liquors.       Good stabling.  CHAS. R. OUBRIDGE,  Mgn.  mmmorsmmimanaam .fl  ci;  'ri'  'i'i  I!*!  '."ii  ; ti  , -f  1 >'  I- i  J /.i  '4  ATLIN;   -B.  Ci    SATURDAY',    SlU'TEMBKR    16,    :.'tyo.  Tfte GSatssv is azstw gsrcwac'CsJ  to alo all kinds-off JoBs Week*  PICKED UP HERE AND THERE.  Medical Hull foi' patent medicine,.  Shipment  of  new   goods   just   arrived   nt  Modicul Hall, l-'lrM street.  Kluutriu holt-i for   weuk-lmrked  people  at  W. lyDoeludir- drug store.  . New Goods at   Cuiumin.'fs  <k   Kiehurdson's  r'iii" Tweed Suits,  Boots and .Shoes  mid i'Vlt ', Sattirdny   ui^lit    provisions  lints,' ��� ��� '       ��� .Murphy A C!o., Auctioneer-,.  Chus.  li.  Uiibvi.luc,  the   pioneer   ol', Pine !"   [,������_    |i���i(t,,..    who   it   will   be  roinonibeiTd,  City, expects to leave for liugliiml in a couple I M1,t!llt   u couple of months iu the distri<,1 thin  punt, thermit went over, Ihe mini ducked and  ���Mr. Ilirschlold hostile photograph.  Knur iiif-ii ai'e busy at work excavating for  llu; loiindatioiis lor Tho-.. Dunn's new block.  Short orders day and night at' the Himself  Amies Rexi-aiu'iinl. A. 1). Hnrdio, proprietor.  Tiumduy's Gleaner carried away I2H pns--  engoiv.. a large number ol which were miners, bound south.  Miss Hi'i'koy, who is sullering Willi  nu attack ol   lever ut the Government Hospital, is  reported to be iinpru\iug.  i    A.M. it M.  Go.   will  miction  at   Discovery  of    all   kinds  of weeks.  summer, in company with  ,f.   II.   Partridge  Hill  lilt-.  ' Pro-ji-riptlijus accurately dispensed hy W. i looking for <iunrt-/., arrived in Tuesday  11. Dockrill A Co., the lending druggists, i Is iniiirtered at (lie (fji-and. Mr. Ilultur  Pirst Ml. | an interest in  thu, Anaconda group, situated  K. 12. McKcelyand A. Forth,  shot   an  eagle1,"  >''"'-'  ">' *<> fmm tow n on 1 he MrKee trail,  on Tliursday, a short   distance out of tow n, ,     With the departure of 1.. H.( K.���iil last Tuos-  that measured seven foot across.  'Cheap   rutos   by   the   week   or  month  for jCii'es in  board   at   the    Uu-sell    Annex   restaurant. ! '^ " pioneer, for he came in over the i. isl  'Tickets fur I wenty-onu iiieals ��10. j  On oi the best articles for good health is u  wholesome loaf of bread at 12 cents, and a  lir.it class meal at .V.l cents at Pioneer Hakcr-y.  day  Atlin   lost   ono  of  the" bet- .uown  lig-  the banUing Hue.    Ilo may be classed  ���THE-  INOOiiPOUATHl)    WW.  Paid Up Capital  RliST    -     -     -     -  ���.    ^2,000,000.00  -   $1,250,000.00  A  Hanking  business  'transacted.  1    ���' -purchased.        ���   '<���  Drafts issued and money transferred to any part ol'lhe world.  The First Bank to Qptsn in At list.  \Y.  A.  SI'KNCKR     -     -     -     Manager Allin   Hrancli.     ���;  ���*.  Gold    Dust - assayed   aud  ! spring when travelling was diil'erent to  1 what it is to-day. He goes to the Vancouver  j branch of the Bunk of Halifax. Ili.-J place in  !1 he local branch has been filled by.I. II. I'or-  giinon, late of Niinaimo, who uri'iVcrl lust  Will H.  IL   Luiidou  (Chip),   mill   and  corn- \ Thursday. 1  pressor man,' please be at .1 uiieuii   ou   or   be-,   lore   October   2llh,  or communicate w ith C.J  II. Lane. - '     "\  AS-OTHERS SEE US.  ���sale - -  ' Corner  First  -   RstaH-,-  Pkarl   Stricjcts.  IWSm  AND  Church of liiigland servico-i will be held  ut. corner Trainor and Third -rcccl-i an Sunday at II a. 111. and ;l p. in., and al Discovery  ut 7::U l>. 111.  The following were put through the mysteries of the Arctic Hrotlierhood bust Tue.-,-  day eveniii;.': "W. P. Grant. F. G. White, and  H. liichurdsou.  P.trties wishing to buy their winter's supplies cheap may rlo so by attending  the aue- '  tion sale at  (lie A. M. i'i AL  store. Discovery,  Saturday ni^ht.  W. Gibson loft for Vancouver on Tuesday's  boat, where he goes to interest, people in  Pine Creek property. He intends returning  in three weeks' time.  G. A. Yeoman:,, the  owner  of li  Aid.  kinner, of Vancouver,' Thinks  Atlin is All Right.  Aid. Skinner, of Vancouver, ou  his  re turn  to that city  expressed  himself  us wonderfully impressed with the richness of the. district   around   Atlin   City,    The  banks  have  have   officially   given  out  that   the   output  from tile district w ill bo in the  vicinity of a  million dollars, but he thinks it will be much  I larger than the official returns indicate.  I-   "[was very ngrrjiuibly disappointed  with  j Atlin, and the way that the district  is ilour-  1 isliing.   The city is dead, from  a  mercantile  j point of \iew-, hut its situation is  one of the  ' most   ideul  ot  tow-unites,     ft   would   be   u  1 thriving place and a city of a  population  of  below  o" ;no,000 today if it had not  been  for  the alien  Builders' Hardware, MJaers" Supplies,  rare,   .  ware,  TlNSHOP   IN   CONNECTION.  &r��  & CO. (Limited.)  FIRST STREET  ATLIN, B.C.      '  I country."  READY AT A DAYT.  NOTICE.  But  Pine' has left for Southern fields, and left u , bin r i,ilVe always thought that to retaliate  number of people in the district who mourn | .l}rlljllsT the Ainericuns in this wiiy, was to  his sudden departure. . icllf   ���������   yimi.   IIOSO to H1,it<>  jour face,* and  J. H. Russell, with his family, left on Tues- ' everyone up there thinks the same way. No  day last for Vancouver. They latter will : matter what men are, 011 ei'lier side of pro-  spend the winter there, and Mr. Russell will ; vincial politics, Grits or Tories, they are all  return again to the north. '     j against that 'alien  legislation  us- the  worst  Jack Hyron,  of the Kootenuy,  is  back   in !*���'�����* t]"if   c"'1'   1'��vp   1,ee"   lU>"c lf><" tlie  Atlin,  having come  in   hist. Tuesday.   Jack  bus one billiard and   one   pool   table   on  tho  way in,  the  first  of the  kind  to come  this  way.  There is considerable kicking iu Pine  Ciiy about the Government agent there collecting .���s2.."ii) a mouth. It is understood a  good many store-keepers have refused to  pay it.  Misses M. -V. Stewart and II. A. Uuiurd, cor-  lOipondents of a number of New York  papers, who have been in the Atlin district  most of the summer, leave for Dawson on  thslilth.  Tin- following from the outside registered  ut the Grand during thu past week: Arthur  Copeland, Julius Stockfeld. John 'McLeod,  Ii?uuett: F. linker. Dawson: F. R. Douglas.  Vancouver.'  ��TEL  FINEST EQUIPPED HOTEL rN THE NORTH.    EVERYTHING  CONDUCTED IN   FIRST-CLASS   MANNER.   * "  f ' . , "c -  Rice & Hastie,  Proprietors; ,. David Hastie,. Manager.  ' *   Corner of First and Discoverv .Streets. , , ��������� -  , -  the   Boers   are   Waiting   for  Water and Grass.  London,    Sept.    2.���A   Cape  special   to   tin;  Loudon Standaad says:  Johtitiiieobiii'g is preparing for tlie eventualities of war. The inmates of tho c'nil-  I dren's" homo are going to Natal. All the outgoing trains are crowded, aud most of the  prominent men have already left Johannes-  ! burg. Cob Hector Archibald McDonald, the  : hero of Orndurman. expect- to "-tart for the  ] Cape immediately. '  London, Sept. ti. ��� Aihiccs from various  1 sources indicate the acute tension in all  ! parts < r South Africa continues. But unle-s  Service will be held in the i trst -Presby- J the Hoers take the initiative, w hich at pretermit church corner Third and Discovery . sent is improbable, it is pretty certain thut  streets, on Sunday at 10:X) u.iii. and ~fM p.m. ; the issue of peace or war lies solely in tlie  Sunday school at 2::i! p.m. Rev. John Pringle, ' result of Friday's cabinet council: hence.  ILA. minister. public attention is centered   more   upon  the  John Weiler. founder oi the firm of Weiler '' "Kus  "f the times as exhibited at .the army  .Victoria, died at the latter place Sept   ' stations and   tl  HL   MOTEL  Pearl   Street,   Atlin,    Ii.  C.  The Bar is   Supplied   with tlie  Choicest   Wines,   Liquors   and  Cigars.  FIRST   CLASS   ROOMS.  Ero  than   in  South  loekyard  Oth.   He was a native of   .Maye'nce. Germany, , Africu itsclt.  aged  73  vears.     He   came   to  California   in I     rt   '-   "'epot'tcd   this   afternoon    that  Mr.  IS:.') und to Victoria in ISiil. ] Chamberlain has sent  a   reply through  Sir  .,       , ,     , , .      ,     ! Alfred    Milner.   governor  of   the Cape,  t.��  brothers, who have been 111 the ,   ,      .., ��� ^-   1   .     . 1  ,.  ,. .,     the   I rasnvuai government s latest proposal,  summer, and two Stickwie trail- 1 .���, .      . ,      ,      ,.    , ....  ,  ,,   , Ihe  mutter is understood to be a withdraw-  ees,  w ho started to go tu Dawson by the nil-  Canadian route, left for the South ou Thursday.     They sa} tney have had all the iiiining  they want.  The Hank  of Commerce   is  distributing   a  1 ue  I  district  |al of the former concessions aurl an initia-  'tive agreement for a further conference.  This seems improbable us Mr. Chamberlain  'would havo awaited the rtihlnot's d.ecisiou  1 before taking such uction.  u. compiclieiisive map of Hritish Columbia, _ TiK. Hi.,.mu\ edition of the Times published  the Yukon district and Alusku. show iug the j ,|lis lnorniiig. bus 11 dcspiituh from Natal,  various routes to the gold iields. It is neia- 1 W|,;L.|, savs >iml during yesterday's debate  ly ari'anged in pockctbook form and imifli , ln rlll. Jtumi. regarding the proximity of the  uppre.'iated by the recipients. j n,.jtjsi, troops to Tran.-vaal territory,   lien-  Tiie Sk igway Ala-kaii of the ."ith says Chns. , Delarri. 11 member oi the liiuid said: "The  Williams null Kid Gallugher urn in juil for a ' Hoer.s only reiiuire half a day's notice to  brutal assault ou Mr. Mailer, a baker oi that | light."  The Russel! Annex Contains the Finest Restaurant in the City.  IJiE    JilLLINCS,    Proprietor.     .  of native copper, weighing over lilt) pounds, |  coining out of cl.iinis which he has. bonded.  Tiie claims in imestiou are located at the  head of the lake, some 20 miles, south-east  from here. Tlii.s handsome piece of copper  Al. Daiimont will place 011 exhibition at the  big fair, and will result iu advertising the  district like no other means could do.  lie has also secured a good hydraulic  property and is very pleased with the prospects here.  Tf his people are .satisiied  with his acquisition,  and   he is sat isfied the} will be, capital  will be forthconiingirune'diately for develop- I  meut  wor.k.   Mr.   H. Maluin  will  represent .  M.   Dmimont's   interests  during   the" latter'-'  ab-eiice.  Broker,  Manager,  Abstracter,  Accountant,  Conveyancer,   Auditor,  and General Agent  Has listed some of the best claims  on Pine, Spruce, Wright and Willow at homestake prices.  No truth Claims bought now \\;ill not have  *, ,     ,     '..    r, .    ,. c     'to be represented or otherwise looked  taken troiu thr" P.-l. ol Sep-1     ��� *.._.-  I  The   follow  tcmbiM" 2nd, concerning the drowning ol  Mrs. II. J. Davici. neur Ivetrhieaii, bus no  founilution, for .Mr-. Davies--by the way 11  next door neighbor of the Claim���called  at  after until July ist, 1900.  city.    There were others engaged   in   the iis-|    The  delimit   speeelu". are not iiucoiiuected j (j, js  f)\nuls   ur,<l  -fate.I   that-he did not  look  sault who will be jailed as soon  us  they are , with    the     fact   that   Mauser   iiiniiiiluitiou,  citighi. The row was caused by a woman, j  Otter Gtillinger. who has it lish -tiuul ou '  Main street. Pine City, next lo the Nugget '  hotel, lo-t i-7 lust Tiie-ilay, to two sharin'r- ]  who ciinu" in to buy 11 2:> cent, lish while be |  Was counting bis change on t he counter.   I!  which had been stopped at Deliigon liny, has  now been received.  Tin'   Pretoria  government   admits  that   u  consignment of cannons is ou   its  \vn>   from  I"'I'll III"!'.  ft is the evident aim of the Hoer- to secure  a  per.-oii who  had met a watery  The   Pittsburg  Bridge Company  and Charles M. Peasley, superintendent, are held responsible by a cor-  "P. p. iiaiii.ris, a condiictor on the Ve-ier ��� oncr'sjurv for tlie death ofeleven men  Way ear line,  is well  ai'iiiiainli'd  with   Mrs. "  II. .I.   Davies. whose recent death by drown-   who Were killed 111   the   collapse    C.f  ing. a short   iliitance abi^.-   Keti-hiciin.  was   l]lc arc]ieK n'f the Coliseum  building  much lilu  grave:  -old .1 lish to one.  and  during the   prclimi- I '������ ,"il *-''"Ss ",1 HIlt''1" ll,'p I'b'nlifiil. , |ivill^ ;,, the   D.uie  i.nrie-' to tlie piireha-... the other man pick- j    *'-'"' Y,J,"U- sp"f" ,i--A 'I'-puleli to thi.Tr.b- ] ,��� tIll? Wliy<  sll(Hll,  I ha- not been heard of ' "l,p trl��" London say-:  <-il   up  the change and hn-  siuci*.  Our local photographer. II. G. Ilii-hi-lifeld.  is ei-rtainly enterpri'ji/ig. He has a very j  large collection of views of the district and ;  ������very creek from Hitchcock to Sanson is '  i-i'pre-ented in the list. One view, however, i  he lacked, was that of u man fulling out of  u canoe in Atlin Luke. Accordingly hi! sent  out his ussi.stunt, A, Purvey, on Friday morning with instructions to make for one ot  the islands iu the hike. He started in a  canoe, and when about .Ml yards from tbe  shore, by some means, uukuow u to the oceu-  I    The  altered aspect of  the Truusvuul all'iiir  j continues to   be  a   mystery  too  deep  to   be'  .probed  by anybody outside of the chief sec- j  I retur.v'.s room in the  colonial   office.    Presi  'dent    Kruger    has  suddenly    changed   hi  rroiind.  I reported in  yesterday's  paper,  and   is  now   e*' hou.-e.  which  addivss. ���  I  have  been  given  as  112  Thirtieth street.   Air. Hiiuljris says that Mrs.  Davies'  maiden  iiume  was  Petty.   She  was!  lir-t uiari'ie.l to u man named  Nicholn-.   aud  She w .ia well  OUKNATIVKUOPFKK L\ PAULS.  M. II. A. Dutimont, who came to Atlin on  behalf of Vrench capitalists, leaves ne.\t  Wednesday for Paris. lie is taking with  him numerous specimens of ores from this  district, mill is specially proud of a big piece  utter his death to  Mr.   Daw,:  in the coui;se of construction at  Chicago. Gross carelessness and neglect are charged.  London, Sep.   6.-   Rear Admiral  known   in art circles, some of hr-i" work hav-    KailC,   Well    kllOWU   ill    America    as  ing been given prominent positions iu local ' .1        ,.���.,i���:���'   ,.r  *.!.���  r�����ii:���.-���  ...1_:���1.  ,      ....   . <.,   ,       ,'    ,       ,  ,-> ,,, .the   captain   or  the Calliope, which  show windows.   She has a brother, A . P"t.... tr                                            t    1  who   was  with   her  in  the At lin district be- in   iSOO Steamed Ollt of Apia   ill    the  fore she went .0 join her husband ut Ivetchi- h     f   ,                ;fi     hurrica���e which  kau.    destroyed the American   squadron,  has   voluntarily   retired   from    the  V'lVV.  On August llth some .">J empliiye- of the  Alaska Commercial Co.. at St. Michael, stampeded to Cape Nome.  V'i  m


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