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The Atlin Claim 1907-09-14

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 h: '■'.'■'
■■■■■^.■■::':^!,'i'::-:otov'.^v.    '
?ty y-y.yy ^'y^y
r;j2x.'-v'.;. -&&:',; ;;ifiBa^' \>; \&tkw*£tj: '
■^ :■, r;^i\ '■:'•.li-
tjtf^fffi' 'rt!17\".
■>;.'.■■.'■'.'.■"'.,'«?«•.' '■.-■«S9H'''. •■ <asy-'
;;ATU;NV/ B/vC., -SATURDAY,;-;.;SI.CRM:%;,^»>j.;y^9<S7«;-
^yBudget /of: Interest! nglNews
:;■■-.;- ';■•;■:'-:; •��'fsVEOf A l/.i-0:.U:itK..CI|/'ilJl.'l;. ''A: A;:\
y/huudredy undesirable^:;^
'■// /Thcy/hayc: returned;to; ./Vaiyeyyey
/ yTh e~.:Jii- i t is li- yb lis ul// a t; ;;Sea; t ti y :1 1 a s/
;'■'Pbeenbordered to: niake-aii" i.iivcstiga-.
iy tidVi oftheTifiai^ :/
yl;;; Wash i n g ton/y I/>/C;y' V Sept t; 13--.
//";- A'party bnjapane&afcy'plorers/haye
V lioisted tlieir iiiaticinal \tiag.-bver:/the
:■ /• y[sl a; li'cl 0f /Pr a t a s;/ / / which /;■ 1 iesy .;'a bo u t
y/:^20: niilesyff-the'; PlnllippinesiyTtny
;y;/able -.na. vaUbaseyr^yty' ^J:;y':;.:y:
;'y yMotiti^alyS^
y'y.aiid'-'several-df/tlie/ meiiibe'rsyyisitt-'d'
yth<yscene bfyhe^Quebec//bridge/dis-
y:;ak(y/yy:Tbe: /premierywas/deeply
;■ y mo ved.■ y'Th e go ver n nien t; wi 11 ■ li ol d:
;/; fthe/ZPhpemxyiil^
yfu By/liable au^^^
;:1 making good all loss find rebciilding
/ the-;bridge"; 'y\.', .'y :''':y ■"/'■ y
y ' : Fraiiktbi-t, :-Ny'Dy-/Sept:;yi3:>^'
- ■ The James   River ; Bank■; was;dyiid;
Vaiitecl and;robbed.oP:$3,ooora;nd:the
■town was; held iipand one man shot
■'•'■ by "the " fobbeny whby escaped: on; a
/hand car with their, booty..y,,    :
;'CrookstoiL r::Minu.; /Sept. :.i3-~
...The State Bank/hereVwas. ;cly..ii.atm.t-
■'.;''-ed andyobbed of $13,000.    ;This is
the fourth bank   that  has been' rbb-
'■ ; bedyithih the.last teii.days.'..';' :""y
■ Ottawa, Sept. ; 13.—-Tlie United
States won the TalmayTrophy with
•'.'a : score:■':.of   1,712,: Canada   1,671 ,■■
-;•: ;;Aust!'alia,i,6531:G,reatBritaiiiVi,5yo.
':\7rr0'An\:Franciscp,:-Sept.   y.3:—Joe
"i 'Gans was given-the: decision invtlie
..fifth: round : over; Brilt, .who broke
his .wrist in   the last , round.:   Gans
showed   himself    the   better • man
.; though^ Britt :inade a plucky .light
up to the time of the accident.   Ten
thousand people witnessed the ■■mill.
At no time did the contest lag.    .
.Montreal. Sept. ,13.—The Sliam-
■ rock lacrosse team of Montreal defeated the Capitals ol'Ottawa, by a
Hcore of eight to two,
Bvaila,    Roinnauia,   Sept. .13.—
There  were  eighty   Jews   killed in
--anti Jew riots   at   Kishinev a lew
days ago. ,,
Bellingham, Sept. 13-—A 1Ui'KS
meeting of the Oriental Exclusion
League has been called for next
.Sunday. There is manifest a stubborn determination on the part of
the people to exclude any and all
orientals. The mayor has ordered
Dial all the saloons be closed, and
as an extra precaution has sworn in
250 deputies. The Japanese are
buying guns and up to the present
there are 300 ol them armed.
Sau Erancisco, Sept. J3.--A.party of union men laid in ambu-.li for
a crowd   of   non-union   car  si rivers
and- strike-breakers.; yTheyy:fired
into the.Imnch/killiiig;oiie;infiu;and
badly--wuu 'ntling'several -oi hei-s.;.: NO;
arrestsyvcre^hvadeAaS; the union/nieir
;iiiade.;cscapy.belbre; the, police came
oiylbe sceney ;//;y ■'/'./:'y/y-vy- ''%;::■//.:
^^!65y/Md5;e^. Japs Z/^rri ve.;/.;
X.ocalvahcl Geheral/News;/
;-:Wai:coinyr,ySept;y 13.-—The: Jap-v
niilitiEi/be^Calied/but/to protect/.the
lives;aud/|3rbpeft\y of::the/Japanese;
residents;i/^Tliere/wasan unsuccessful: attempt/made;tp;burn /down-the;
Japaiiese .school.:hous,e..ylyrge;ship1;
meuts ofyifles -from /;„Westn:inster
se 1 i t::.:' t'o. :---:/t h'e/.i^Ghi 11 e.K;eV-^"p f .:y.tli i s -:pl a ce:
have'/been^'seized by'-th"e-:; police./:, ;; ;;
a big ahti-Asiatic "parade-held//here/
hobdlums/Zhui'liug,- stones -through/
the windowsvin Chinatown/ i::The;
streets, were'::;thronged .;atyt.he;time
a iid "the .police .'were; "unable to.,- control/'/ the ; crowd./;;;. Every 'pane , of
glasyiirChinatowir was:brokea:aud;,
many thousands of dollars damage
doue/tofprbpert}^.   ://;/
■/.' The   crowd   increased   to several
th usand   and . then   headed for the
Japanese quarter  on 'Powell   street,
wherC'-similar. scenes - were- enacted.
The Japanese.-however, .were armed
with: guns,   knives   and   clubs and
gave,  the enswd a warm   reception.■-.
■.Fierce, hand to   hand: conflicts took
place ati'd many people were severely- injured.     /The   police   arrested:
quite.a: few ofyhe   rioters  after the.
disturbance had quieted down.
./The  Japanese  and Chinese.purchased all: the firearms: that could be
obtained   before' the: stores were or
dered to stop the sale of such goods.
There is a feeling of supressed-'
excitement throughout the city and
more trouble is expected. All the
"Chinese and Japanese have ceased
work. Telegrams are pouring into
Ottawa' demanding the immediate
cessation of the Asiatic immigration. The English press has taken
up the matter and say that the Asiatic question must be settled, and
that very quickly.
Vancouver, Sept. (3.— On Wednesday the steamer Monteagle arrived here with 1,165 more Asiatics.
There was the most intense excitement and a large crowd gathered at
the wharf but no demonstration .was
made, instead a subscription was
started with the intention of chartering a special train and sending
the new arrivals on through to Ottawa. This move, it is thought,
may bring Ihe matter of Asiatic invasion more forcibly to the attention
of the people of the East.
/ ;SprUce;/Creelc /LMurmtjrihgs:./;
;yMcDonald's ;'Orbcery/y'nia!ces: a
spebijilly-:Of. Iresh/eggs;"ai 1 cU:Jjuttef.
yTpilet:Sbap/syt;red 11 ced;. prices: —
/; / Fresh :/Friii t;aiiVl;; Vege ta Wes com -
iuginbiLi-ivery^boat.:—-E. ,E- :P.illmau.'
/•-■ Jack-Frost-lias; /;macle;/;lii3;appear-
ance::-•/:/:;'-;,:;'"'./;.■:'■;/■':-:-;-'-'-';'.-::.:;;;:";.;y.-v."-;- ;;;;
/^J/'A/ Fraser^mturned;/;Qu;;/Friday_
frbmybusiness:'^tripy/to Rainy/PqI-
grips/;y';:'y;/;;.y/yy/ :::.-/;;;:'/y'.''/;/yy//
/;:. Hotel.:TJew^yv;S
electric b/ells/yieami;^
yJ'ack/Gbnr^u/'-has: l)eeh/ta1cing;/a
series;of/vapor ..Ijt'a'ths/:.to;,'reduc<y Ids.
weight.// ://:He:/:carries^it//fair]y/yvel!
butyhce or -t wicedately-be had '/all
he could ;db. - /: Charlie  Glayeis: -iii'
attendance.:;-/ /.;:;r;/;,;/y-/ / r:;;   /;.:
ehger:'.in;/.ph,.: F/riday' s;boa t,,; rem a i 11 -
spn'syhteiitibivto carryyiVyheyvork
property./.■ He /will reside-itv Atlin
thecoming'jjVvinte'r. » ;; /
Salyation Army, while in the camp
.collected about / '$256../.tbr.:..theV.Cibilcl-
ren's Rescue,Homes; at /Vancouver
and Port Simpson.yy
Jack Kirkland,;:who arrived iu
towiv -Fridaj%"- has agai 11 ■"seCured, so
it is/reported; the mail contract, and
will: likely handie/ the. raaiI betwee-.i
Telegraph .Greek and ]..' Atlin, during
the: winter moiiths /the /trail is im-
passible,ou:the Stickinc; ■■'.'. • ,'y
Icli habe ein pferd verloren.:. ".Hat
jemandesgefiiiideu?—Oii Tuesday
evening-last the brewery horse came
hcniKr/..without...a driver,    full. ;of
'empties,' such a nonsense, the wagon was full -and.-sp '\yas:—but, never
mind, the horse was empty, that's:
why he came home.' Douuervetter!
the driver had to walk home and
the nightwas dark like one black
cat, and the road was narrow here
and wide there, sometimes not -quite
wide enough. The swamp proved
a little .difficult to negotiate, slippery
poles and narrow at that, but the
water is only about knee deep after
all. ' Just what lime" home was
reached lias not been divulged, but
it must have been alter midnight.
What is the reason of this? Mr. T.
Obalski, who happened to be in
Discovery the same afternoon, left
for Boulder creek as.the shades ol
evening were drawing hy In crossing the bridge just past the dam at
Surprise lake the buggy turned
turtle throwing ont the two occupants Other than a bad shaking
up and a lew slight bruises nothing
serious happened. I'ethans . the
most severe loss was the breaking
of liiul'-a-do/.e-ii bottles of.the very
best brand:; and smashii.g of four
mokes.—Such a
.;   Cdmiiig events;casbt'iieir shadows .:
the aiffumiial/tints which ;our banlcs::/
areiibw assuniiiig appear, tybe'pro-y
phelic;;':of;;t]ie;yolour;; the;; sons... of.;
■in'g.;"'".:-/t-l3'e - ';::cq'.a;"s't--^oi iie's::::;.r;;f/RTos t;;"/of!.;;i.i5 -:y
promised;land, aland ; fibwingywitli",
tLie'y 5c. ^schopiier-yand::;:theycla 111 /y:
'for/a dimfe^-wheii we:.go/broke,,;the;"
natural sequence to-.anyrtistic: tern- .,
yerament://:,;Of/course, .weyre;not;:
going/; becausev/we ;wanV\6'i}or that■-'•■-
,we;do: not vrealize.we,: shall ;be.glad;;:
to get :back,;;butour'friends/begin to- ;
/tliink/ we/can't. / / ■ y/;;; y;/:y/yj::r^
;:/■Tom/Awhile;, and :;;Paul/:Kruger /
\vere/ ohy/liiinting -trip/;fast/week.;;;
They'-^leptttwb; nights in ;thc nun;
says ybey ;cpuld .have v-douebetter;: ;
had;;;they:,;:b/ayoiiels/. flxed:/:to'their /
-shbbtiitg:irbus:;:.:/:ls<mirh"as: uwy/goiie .:
•io "Price; rivery n;:;search/.bf/;further;;
anda club. ;:;; •      :-';;;;:■,;-;  /■:l;
Meivwho/are not :abbve; usiiig;a.
:pfck-hudynovel leipiipurs a/day; for
$5;5b; can /;get "all; the, work they
want. pn;Spruce. ;;'T1 lose eriiploying:.
men; apologise;for not/paying more,
but it's Piilman's fault, he won't:
board: them ;for! nothing.     ., y ...
P. -Foley has; /gone to the F'ourth
of  Juh/; to   do. /ass'essnient/y'ork.r
Those. who';-have.:heard of the .-'romance/of the coffee pot', will under-/
stand.■■■■■./    -;:  ■'■-. ".;. ■,     /
We;:beg to1 cpntradicr the report
that our most prominent storekeeper :
had eloped with/aii/arboreal/nymph.'
trr^it. x^trwne.**arx
boxc".   0.
in the matter of the estate ot
Samuel; G.Wheelock^
deceased, intestate? and the
Official      Administrators
.'.- Act../- ' . -:.
NOTICE is herel)y given' that by
an order made,: by His Honour F.
McB. Yoiuig, local Judge ot the:
Supreme Court of British Columbia,
at Atlin,.-on the 13th day of September, 1907, the undersigned was
appointed administrator of the abose.
All-persons having claims against,
the said estate must send ;• a me properly verified.to the undersigned oil
or before the 15th day of October,
1907, next ensuing, after which the
administrator will proceed to distribute, the assets cf the said estate
taking notice only of such claims as-
have been by that time properly-
Official Administrator.
Atlin, B. C, .Sept. r3th, 1907.        5
*@9 ������;;y*..  mm  aM  /^l  /iai/IN,::B.,/C., '���:SATURDAy>;3/SEPT./;i4; ,1907.  :ffeeMIIii!y��kliio  . Till: ATLIN CLAIM is puulirmcd uvc��,y gatufioay  MOfillific.     MAlLCo.Fllnc: -ro   any (iPj.nT or  THE  ':       wonLb ron 00   cctJTS   pEty.-.ofijn ;   'ts.oo   pi'.rc  V,       v'cab.    AnvcnTiaiNc-. hatcs : s.1,00 i-cn 1 kch r:-,cn  .    LSlDCriTJoN ;   nCADING-NOTICC5. ?r.  CENTO A  Uirln.  ,   special patcs :otj   application.. ;  :���::   ��� . : - ���-q^^���:_'_,.:������.;.^.-- ���  y yy; - .job stinting :;vy;,  .  UlLll-MCADC. POSTCP.S', ." ��� .VIGITI N C.   CA?i DS,  ETTirn-HFrAn^, ;.   ;  cnoGnnwurs,   -ctc.i ktc:'  .OnDCnS' PnOMPTLV-CXECLfTCf..       ,  .',.:': pnirEs  noorn&Tr..   .���.���'������.���.".���':.,���   ,\,, ,  THE ATfjlf;  Cl.MMl'UIIlilSMlNU CO., iJxD.    .  . Oil Alt J'.US.L...CUJ'jTiIS,;  KUITOK-jlAKAtlKI!.  ;//;:: :;./To.::Go; or ;NotyTo ;Go//; y  ;;.;:;. Theseynppy/- moruingV.-makes , a  fellow-wish .he Fad/, not; beenyso  .���; prodigal with bis /summer's earnings. ���-' The:' winter's grub-stake has  ��� to be negotiated somehow.    :/:'-:     /  /.yThe question agitating.the/minds  of  a .great  ,many   at* presentyis:  .Whether to/goout ior the: winter or  stay iii camp. \ -Whet her''tis better  .;to;go.below-'and,'blovv-iu: 'the .savings^ having a so-called good time,  and come back in  the,spring' either  .stbney: broke or so/badly/; ben t;ital-;  most amouiitsto thesame'thing.; -or  /to/stay/; in/,and/:lake.a chance/drift-/  iug.lelse out in;the'woods-trapping  -or cutting wood. A A'A 'Ar: T'y":"/"/"':';  ,;:.: / 'Canada's^Subscription.,; ;��� .  :;.Very . few ..people,  have any/idea  of tl ie a 1110.11 ht of"money the Doiriin-  ibiy subscribes   towards /the   naval  'defence.;::;Jna;lettef/to the London  Times :;Lieut.:GeneraP L'Wiiidmriv  Laurie' .makes' -the/foUbwihg : state-;  meuty'y I'AsyvelL^  'hu-uished/jlor/   Halifax, y.'ah'd"'.'the  '^27.000 fbr/Esquimalt:,: fh'e^Canad-  mif government;' in/ undertaking: to  . f n r 1 i is li. -'-, ��i ?VJ:'r i so i i s./ / 'fi. i|cl /'/~ .19-':.:-Vii'J'i iii t a ti 1'  thesy.-pprtsVFave//relieved/the: ariny  funds, aiul therefore the home tax-  payeiy'dp  the contribution announced as made  by Australia;;  .Maintenance of iiav-  :���.���'���'   '"���. ���"������'-���    ���'.  : " :������'������::' :,s ���'���;.'���.:���: ���'������;   ..'���:'..  al bases is.: as 'important- to the navy-  as'-- ships or mey- aiid Canada at  present,thus furiiislies. her contribution, :and as.shecoutiiiues her: consolidation,; by/uniting witMherall  other,British coiiiiLU-itnties 'iii North.  America'and /the Yv' est. Indies, many  of ;us hope/ that ;she .may :assume:  similar ;;:responsibilites; yhrOughouti  that part/of the���Empire^".- y    /:���'-:;  % :,;"������; .. :':-y;, -',. ------ -AA^   /. : -" ���:- .v.i: /:--'.; -. ���.?:,-/"-;/:,::',-/ /y :���- - ::.-- :��� A,.^A Zi  ^SEP'Ctt  Sl��  imm  TresliyErm^  mi  ���:���::.'fs.  :������������:���������.$>:-  m  :Fis0stMf^^^^;-iil  &^&te<8to&^ig:&^^'^  POOL  ROOM  .GOOD   STAB LING  '.^'��^���te  American iCitizerishito; Law.  If next season will be anything  like the present biie, and there is no  reason why it should not be so,  there will be plent}' of, work, for all  the men. who are in camp or who  in ay come iii.next spring.   /  ...A writer says; :/ .'-'A bright, sunny  disposition   is   one   of the  best.  . umbrellas' in this vale of tears."  How true this is..; There are some  characters  who  carry  their wealth  .yvith  them,   who are  rich  without  -money. -   They do not. need palatial  'homes or a large/ bank 'accouin;.  They are welcome 'eve/rywhere because the}' have that which money  cannot buy-���a genial, helpful, sunny, .cheerful disposition. Of course,  everyhod}'' wauls   them,  because it  .is a/joy .to be with them.' Everybody loves the sunshine and detests  the shadows and the gloom. There  is no bank account that can balance  a sweet, gracious personality: v.o  material wealth can match.a sunny  heart, an ability to radiate helpful  i.iess��� and sweetness. Plow a hand  on the shoulder and a warm clasp  brushes u'.>ide the loneliness and the  heartache.' We are susceptible to  ih.e influence, though 'at times we  aie morose .euougii almost to not "j can- boys living abroad, when eight-  to acknowledge it. . But the most! ctni years old, must register, declar-  <v,:>firm<.'d'pessimist will be influeiic- ����g their intention of becoming citi-  tlie  continuous presence of a r/.^ns, and at  the  age of twenty-one  /,; A: correspondent\ wiifes::/-:"A:u  important law" lias just become operative,in, ;';tbe United /States which  effects; all citizens  of that 'country  j-esidiiig abroad.;   It provides that a  naturalized  citizen:,.\vho 'leaves the  country   and .--'dwells elsewhere continuously for five years shall, be presumed -to have abandoned   his citizenship.   - It also ; provides that an  American woman who' has married  a foreigner may regain   her citizen-:  ship   upon   the ^termination- of the  martial relation.    The new law has  been    rendered   necessary,   by    the  number,of Europeans   who   become  Americau  citizens, and. then return'  tp  live; in   Europe.     It is said;that  15,000 German-American, residents  abroad are affected   by the'Act, and  afraid they will not be able to satisfy the American officers of their being   bona   fide  citizens. ,   In   Paris  10,000 persons are said to be affected, and   in   London S,ooo, whilst a  surprisingly large number are -found  iuRussia,   Turkey   and the Southerly European countries.    The law  provides that certificates of  nativity  shall be issued to all American born  citizens   living  outside  the  United  States,    stating   where    they  were  born, their place of  residence,   and  how long they expect to live abroad,  and also  their, occupation.    Ameri-  -' ���-.'-:/;:/;,; -y.-.;;:���:';./;/-y/p.;;:y:, :0}ISeO^IWiyB; <3.;yy/ ':;,y ^����^A^  THEy:DININ^  MRS.- ^OXBOROUGH./; "GOOD "SLEEPING;ACGOMMODATlO  ONLY THE BE  ::'y;/;;:/3BAKEI^fl^c6NNECTI^  KON RAD   WAWRKCKA,   MANAGER.  reer..,-affai  tier*...  SMALL AND LARGE ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED.  THE!  &&&.&���,&&&  ff^e5BbS^S^^^!!*��5S^S^S^.-ftK':p^ft  &���.&&:&.&&:'&&'.&. KPiftftftS'  '���OPEN,. DAY AND NIGHT.  The Bar is supplied   with    none   but  the   best brands of Liquors  and Cigars.    First-class Billiard and Pool Tables.  fi"     '��� ��  l. CI   IIV  gladsome disposition. But such ! Hicy arc to take the oath - of alleg-  griices and. chai.ms never live withy ':1I'C-- AH Amevicans living abroad  t-.-jlli'-'liiiess or seif-^eeking. It is the  i'.;uple who ha v..' somelhinj', U> give,  not those who are trying to get  -ruinetiuug, who are wanted every-  w.heve,  must.register with a consular officer  at least once a year."���Loudon  Times.  The Latest -Magazines-  Bounie's.  at C. R.  ~W  UPJ  DIXON   &   SCHULZ,    Pi-oprietors.  FIRST   CLASS   RESTAURANT  CHOICEST WINLS, LIOUOHS AN!) CIGAUS  IN   CONNECTION.  CASt (JOODS A   SI'LCIALIY.  Corner Pearl and First Streets, ' Atlin, B. C.    & i:-:rAir
;; -;y ATLIN,:- :BA C.;/ S ATIJRDAY;::;SEPT:;;I4^:';:tiy
:;-; Depraved;:;,Taste '; of .//Society;
/Kindness to 'brutes /is/one thing;
; exaltingThe/m to/ihe brbtljerhobdiof
.inan;, is; quite/a not her: and .-where;
';; inoiiey/; is/la vishedyai.upiy,lheiu :in/
';£'-life valid-deiit"li;;;;;wliicli:-' they reatu res;
y neither appreeiate/iior/eiij'6y,;Uo /the.
; .neglecypf su,ffeiaiig;;Jiurnaiiity, such":
y ;kiuduess./yy
i.; positiyely/eruel,//uot to/sayylisgust-;
;; /.vug."'.: Many is tli'cysoeiety/; woman
/''"/wlio .would-".'h'6't'. be"sdencaVuig;;iV)'r
- he r ■ b w 11 c hi Id re i > ■ /; wh p- vo 1 ti i it aril y/
/'; actsyas/yniirse-hiaidy a/iidy: lady-in-;
. waiting"/ to;...spine i; wretchedyaniiie;
y/with ;,the;;;saine//deVofibii/"tliat///th'e
-; I ancient/,Egyptian ,;fbllo\ved:tlie sac-;
y despatches/; tell/./us/:/; that /.London/
■;- /'society'/ ladies, have 'adopted "a-.New
/ York fad-iT-that//of|': taking "one's pet
: ^,dbg:out;tp;dine;.,: :;.Sonie; wcmien, it;
/ ;;is;said,;go;so:fyr:;as:tb/refuse/in\dta-:
'■:,-:.'tiohs to;.: dinner \yheu yiie/libnor is
;;;;not.extendedto thecanine pet.. The:
-y. VThe/iiitrusionr/of -vdpgs/; in'-the
y dining; roomy is/a; source .of .much/
:: embarrassuienti^tpytheL:butler:"and;
;;; footmen,; while: everybod)-:yvlib/is
y hot a::devpteddog-worshipper scrup;'
yilouslj':/avoids .houses, 'where the
.four-footed; .guests .are allowed at
'." 'table."'./-:'''//; V.//:y.' ^/'^'y'^/
^\re: think  we  should adopt; the;
poet's sentiment:. /,/:/
. ; ;"Wiltwith me abide?-; y "A>\-
Leave thy dog. outside.'.;"";.-,
Following the law of gravitation in
■•/'■the mental aiid moral world, things
and minds sooner or  laterfind their
level./   Yet many   of these 'society'
..women'have  no   more .useful work
to do.;   They   could   find,  most of
them,; doubtless, enough of it among
thectiildren of the, poor  in the very
-shadow of their own houses.
just recently a dog was buried in
a fine grave and a monument erected to: his, memory. Another dog-
was buried at sea , with the American flag wrapt round him. A pacing mare was buried with elaborate
ceremonies.according to the Louisville Times, 'aiid'. "a burial service
was read over her by a clergyman
of the Methodist Episcopal Church."
The pacing mare won $2,500, it is
said, and this was given to the M/
E. Church Home Mission Board.
The wretched morals and gambling
of the race track exalted with the
poor, innocent -mare. All these
brutes may have been more worthy
or less unworthy than "many humans, but that does not touch the
case. The man who makes himself
a brute is capable of more, iie has
within himself the glorious possibilities of God's promises. Low as .he
may be, he should be regarded
above a brute. Then what shall
we say to brute worship?—The
Signs of the Times.
; A;' Gloomy/ Prophet.
/■■v A -traveller' t'n rough, the/United
States; pi edicts/trouble; and distress
for -'/that•/.cbuiitry ;,;before,, very long.
We/are inciinedtb/lhinkthis .partic-;
•ularchap_/is:a' bit. of a crPaker/'/aud
:niaybe his spectacles:: Were' 'iiotVprbp-
erlyydusted./:; This ./is/.the finding:
''There were t\vo things ;quite,man-*
i I est;'/first, tlieylemoralizatiph'of air
railway .'traffic. ;and transportation./
■ We-have ridden;over./several;.,great
railway lines,'/over:ma 1'iy/miles,/iii/
many•'trains'■•/but; ;we/:fecall/but:oiie;
soine/so'lateasto lose/their place.in
the'schedule and/be-cutyut:for-the,
next fegnlar train/ /jTheii;we;have;
missed .;' seyera 1/ important yonnec-
tiousyyThe/ great//rbudsyentreing
iii-Illinois/are/, needing thousands ;/pf
men yd: operate/the;: roads/ as tile}':
should be Ppefaied, and are putting
many,, thousands,offdollars/iiud/a:
school for-1he/purpose,ot;;ediicating
meiribr/the; railway/^
- y/iUie'wr iter; goes' on : with/his .complaints /about -y tilings /in   general./
Surely-he,;'did /not; enjoy "his/ride.;
''The'secoud; ;pbservable,"featufe ;ot
n 01 e, was then n i vers a 1 • 1 a le n ess ai id
mp re/, t ha u/freq u e Tit /1 i g h in ess b f; t li e
crops. -The season is about a month
behindis   what  we; are told everywhere. /"■ The   fruit   and   hay  crop
will not reach fifty/ per cent of the
general ..average, in    the sections
where it is best, and in many places
there; is none, at all.- Some fruit
growers in New York are confidently looking for five dollars a barrel
for apples and pears, and it looks,as
though they would get it. The old
earth is, in /the language of .Holy
Writ, waxing old like a garment,
and the aberrant seasons may be
expected more.and more." /
: An: individual is not; as/a rule,
likely to. get; very; reliable statistics
while making.a journey across the
continent on a second-class passeu-
euger train. Too much credence
should not be placed in more or less
haphazard opinions.        ;.       ...,',
Thraugh^Line;; from/, S^
':,:;••: ;y:;:::' 'yy. /Dawson; and. all, intermediate;pomts.///^;://,//;y/:.;;;:./;.//
Frneiy/appoihted/trsins cla
', ."'• and   VUhitehorse.   Carry pa'ssengst's,.Baggage, Mail and  Expi-ess.;
:,;|:-|       ■-•:.',-..■■.-■ ■■.-:■■;■,■:":   No.l.-^Nortir.Houiicl.;!: No. 2:—SoutliJJouncl: ;v.,::, :'■:'■;;::,.    '■■■■'[■.■'.■■..■.<'::.
;,r -:'.y::/;/'":./v;:--../^::"''9;36'a.'m; Lv/-^
'y.: r.:.-.,:-7:?;-;!■ '��■■'■'■■ ■■:'-'-;v-^'-aiiop:nii'tv.-'-'r-,''CABiBOU-:.--:-,Lv..i'i;r)Oii.iii.,-': - -y ^; yy •'•■- '.■'yy;-'...'■..-
;\-::-/y:^;v;';::///:';/-;v';;:^'"'4.M-p:iH.'Av:.wmTB'HOKSi5Lv. h:ho».iiiv; ,:.;;::■.::-/;-.;;;:;
•' :'' /benvc CAKTilOU 5p;in; Moii<lnj-s,'-  >'Ai-i-ivo ATLIN-il a; in.Tuosdiiys. •.;.,:,:;,,';.        ;
;:;.::; . "; -.;,■'-  '" '; [-v--.-;s p. :i'ii.-.Th'i'ir'silti,vs,'":      ": .:.•>".' :"!l,ii.-iu.. .Pi-'uIiiys.-.-:--',   ;-;-, -,-1--.-,;-.-..'.
,.;■'■.■' /'■'•'    V.euve'•ATliTN'Ti p. in. Tiicsthiys,       ■..-'   Ai-.i'iv,o.',CAltl.HOU::';7lii. m. VVciInostliiys.;.-.-.- ';,:-;.,
;:';.-::.:':-; :.'■".- "'v, ;,■':'■;;" ;':/!> "i>. '"'• iri-Ulaj-s;',;;: '■-.;; ■'-"-••■■•?'"■■-.--::'-•■;..■:'■■-'.',''.:'-:.'7 it-."i.fSntiir(in.vs.; ;. >, ■ y ■;
iiy-.-'.^vJ!)6:iiioiiii<l's''orr)u'sWKP-w.ill lio.checkeil fi-oe.wiU.i.eiicli.-fiit| far^Mclte.!1 ni'itl:7ri;;..|JoiMidy-:--.'.':
witli oncinialf;FniyticUKt.'yyyy,     :,,;.::;        ,,;.:":-:..;'; [-'^12'aA^"!-\.A~A:^A''AAAA-?''-A^-A'-:
:;:;:;;■ Piisseii^'ii's;'ii''St l>o/at^epots iii tinic to luive"Un'(rp[:Vg;c inspected niiilelieL-kctl. ,-
■ r; *,   ,'riine Sched'iilusat-o'subjuct.to oliiiiiR-owithoiit iiotico^.:;'i'y",.:;y;;yi;.::; i:;-1"?:'".-;-: -yVyy-,
,;■;■'"'■.'•r'.fiSSi^ ;:: Baggage .Bonded/Through." , ■: .::' •:.;/'
For  itifoi-ination  relative tor PassonKei-,  Fi-oiprlit, Express and   Xolegrtiph   Hates,"'.
apply to any agent of the Compiiii.v or to ,y   ., :.'■■■'■.. :~ • - \~:.
A. l/BEUnOE. Geii/Mgi-.,      :   vj. Lli=SCOM
■'Ytitmouvbr,--U. C, 'inicl :Agent, Atlin. ' Vuneoiiver, B. C, and
,,'SkaKiiay, Alaska.      .,      -.,"  : ,    Skaft-uay, Alaska.'";.:■".'   :
DYNAMITE AND GELIGNITE,'/-   /; ,';:':''■"".- y
GASOLINE.;;-/,-    ;/.,    -,-: .A J-;■-
>.ti ■TTCJtirtmMwimTWLrMi
Is due to arrive in Atlin
Storks/ in. . Atlin ; and Discovery.
>-»-»-»-»-»-^»-»-» i> ♦ »-4-.
Successofs  to'J. H. Richardson.
Dealer in''Boots and Shoes
Sdlhig at and below cost.
No reasonable offer refused
for   the  business en bloc.
A splendid stock of Men's and
Women's Fine Shoes. Also good
values iu Heavy Working Shoes.
The building, tools, machinery, etc.,
to be sold cheap.
Executed Cheaply,   Promptly and Satisfactorily.
DWnWBHBBBBWBHHnHBBiSB /..'ATLIN,/: p/;/C.:/,;S  '/// ///Tiy'; Cemetery /Panel.;:;:  y Siibscriplions'to/ date:; Mrs. ! )urte  ^[/yiieo; :'Adiun':iy!,/-J'. !L. "Black,  '^Ao.  ;/  ; '     ;;,:';:'.;/,-:,-',':-"-::/-:,';';  PS!lf/:.,Il>l��;/iftftl  ��� disco vi'.iiv, "���;>:.��� c.  Affivafe  :.btr::/��scoiiaC  /:/    Sept./io.--iX-O'ILira : arid/J./'-O.'  ���y Cooper. ;;: :/;;/r'!/,'/:;':/'/:��� / '     V  ,'��������� :Septy'jy^yf. ��� A;-; 'Fraser,.. C.   Ei  y.'Wy.ii'ii'-Jph.n.s.o'n^  ;>*C/!L/' Queen,; X,';Kirklariy,/;/6.:S/  ���������:��� McCulloch'and F. T. Hamsha\v.,/y  ��� ������*.-*s?���������C J���Cv�� ���-  !--.i K:'.'!'-(:l.A,SS.'!)l.N.l,Na   K.OOH  '���f:i;.H}��''Ci.(ii'Aw 'itooMs? /y yy  only iTiiK ���iVi-;Si'"'!K)pi)ri,'''"'-"-'"  UrfKJ); AT TlllvilAK.:,:   I '������.--'.'\;-  ii\! D'C  Proprietor,  Hampton.- :'.&������  Dune,:  ��� ���-,������������-.,   : '-���   .   .- ���    ,--.....-n  '.'Ri'oiJi-ietor  yyi/.meetingybf snbscril;yrs/,to;.the'  ,:.Atlui Fire. Fund; .will;'be held on  /": .Tuesday/evening; ,it; the; ;Kootenay  Aliotel,"��� at8 o'clocky y/; :y-'":y;*'";.',;  /.'Tbe trustees-of St./Andteiiv';s hbs-  y pitalyAtliu,/ take/.this/-opportunity  "... of ackubwledginK,/with best thanks,  '.:; the receipt,:.,from, .the steam shovel  ���"; hospital dance committee,., of .the  :Tsum of ;^76.:2 5i;.;beiug the prpeeeds.  A of/the '���.���'dance-' -gryen'yh Labor Day,  . by tiie employees ofithe.Atliu Coii-  /solidated Mining-Compauy./;;   ; :;  /. Wednesday,evenyg/s.subset  was/  /.one / of:the .most., beautiful,pictures  ���-the people of: Atlin  have ever beeir:  ;iortunate; to ../gaze": npoiv,   and   the  'a aurora borealis of the evening: before:  /was fi most magnificent sight. '"Tfu'-,-!'  /ly/, the/month of Septemberyn the! |  ;.' Northys  as ^nearly/perlect;,as;may  , be: found in/an v. part of the world.'''  ���/;//-:���/ Discovery.;.'. yyy/y  O!?KN I)A/Y; And/ NIGHT.  Under:IJiiti rely .Nov.- MniinKonrent..  y:H(''.iil(iiiart-<n-.-i-foi-Dixon's:.sliusro.;..  A'���:M -iAA- '--AILINTQ/liOD'GE  ):��� -^frSAA ",:y.y ���.'.���:���      -' .���:-".-'-'::.;--  ��� '���:��� Am^'-:-'   -v'"' ;,A.y. &"Av..M. -yv  ^SihMSA '/&. '������������     v ."���:���'."..;���,-.: ,/ V p .'���:/  ��� yy^y 5jj,*.y;(-^y....       y o.-li, ix. ly. 1>. O........  yA-^i^y'Ac :���' ..,'.'���'.: IJi��jiil'U- ^communion  :"yy ,-.   -  ;   lions  held pu the   first  XIiYi rsdiiy of each'hYontli iii the A. O. U. \V.  iaiii,:TKira,Street.-/ ;..;,yv;;.;   ..;;./;"',; ":  Visit!ujr hiuthi-oii cordially'invited.;" '.:  :A:i ''e'liioris-r.iit('.enhmtuiieutiouwillbo JieUl  on,Ssptoniiiov IVsi-h. at,7.y)>. ;n.     v..'/://:'"/' /  The ��ex*.. regular comniunir.-atioir will bo  lioirt on T!iuyrla.v,:Oetohra-:l-.-tl, ntV.Sjy.p.nv...:;.  By order of the: Vv. M... ������''':   . 'v\;7r'���'-/,':���'  /.,/: ; C. R/ HbuUNIi,SKCnr;T.U(Y::.-.  /y :Mr;^r"Cuuvmiugs/7who-fbr- years  has 'been engaged in the dry,,goods  and   gent's, furnishings    business,  .is/selling cut /his/ interests to -Mr;  H. E. -.Brown, of Discovery.'' Mr.  Cinumings/ .intends leaving ; Atlin  'for the.lower coast about the end of  the month. .  [I//:/   'BAUB.ER: SHOP..:  -'t{'\\-,-. .         ���-     -     ���-��� ���_-.-������  i-*rkd ;:i?HIi?MnS'f ��� iVRO I'. A;,/ //  Private Iiiitratica for Ladies.  ���jKcr-w * yu-^".,7:rra  r. ���cvgrzrja^r_-nij.  XQTICE.  ,'l"ne following named/shipments  of. freight, destined Atlin./B. :.C,  have been on hand , unclaimed at  that point,������with' the ���"British. Yukon  ..���Navigation'Co.,' Ltd., known as the  White Pass it Yukon Route, for a  period of twelve months, ;and" in  .accordance' .with 'DbuunibiT. Railway  Act, Sec. 2,3,6, will be sold at public,  auction - to highest bidder, oil vSep-.  tember 19th, 1907:��� -/..  Coniniodiiy.  .Ml'.vkorl.  l-ixiuiiisioii joints��� Ncn-.Col.GcililMiiyCo,  "'Maitjiiiioi-v U'. K.'W. Joliiismi  Sloijrli Itiliicl' P<)l!(r��  Sue. Iiosi? |C  Itnilcriiino  Pilin - |(J.   Knd(U'i'|lll>  j. h. rogj^ks,  Traffic Manager.  TO eONSHISPTSVES.  "'The undersigned having been rc-  stut-i.-i'l to hvaitl; by, sinipk: lueaus,  after suffering for several years with  a seveic lung a.l'feetion, and that  dread disease Consumption,' is  an::ion:-. to make- kiiinvn to his lel-  low sufferors llie means of cure.  To those wlio desire it, he will  cheerfully, send (free of charge) a  cony of the piescripliou used, which  they will find a cure for Coxsu:\ir-  tion, Asthma, Catakkh, Bronchitis and all throat and lung  Mai.aiuks. He hopes ail sufferey  wid tty his remedy, as n is invaluable. Those desiring the proscription, which will cost them nothing,  and may prove a blessing, will  please address  i^ev. Edward A. Wilson,  Brooklyn,  N.Y,  Synopsis of  Cnonilifiii 'Homestead  Regulations.  /\ NY aviiilab'io Dominion' J.tnids wit.liin  J3_ (iio Knilv.uy Uolt in liriti.slt Ooluniljiii.  iimj-'bo'lionins.tuailcil by ,-iuy pardon ��� who is  the sole hf��d oi' n l'un\ily,'or nny liiulc over IS  j-.enrs of iiRO, to tlie oxtuut of .finc-ciiiui-tbr  section of.'.lSii iim-cs niorooi- less.     ���  'Ei'ilry'ivuist be inuduiwi-syiuUly iit.tba local  liisii! ollic-o for the district in which the.Imiil  iw.sitimttv '...   -  ...Tho' .homestoiidcr is .rciiuireil to |ierforni  tho conditions ���uoni'it'titod thorowUh utidui*  one of the I'oilowiny.idling:         (I) At'loiisil six nioutlis'.ri'iidtfijuo upon mul  cultivntioi'i ol't'no luud iiusuuh yuar foi-.tlireo  years;   ���-<-������ ���-...���...���.���-...;..-_..:: .^ ....:.  . (2) it the f.-i'thci- (or nioiiun-, i r tho fut.her is  doceasod) of the .homestoador resides upon u  I'm-in in the .vicinity of tin; laud entered for,  .tlio requirements us to -resitlaiisc! .nmy be  .sr.tislied by such iiarjoii- l'c.-iidin;;- with . the  father or mother.'  (;'.) ff' the settler has his piv.-munnnt residence upon f;u-inin)v limil owiieil by lili'u in  the vicinity of ids homestead, the reiiuire-  mcnt.s us to residence inny bo -sutisliod' liy  residence upon the suid IuikI.  Six months' notice in -���vi-itiiii; should ho  pi von totheConunissionor of Dominion Tjtinds  iit Ottnu-noC intention lo npply lor patent. .  Conl lliuds'iii'ny lie puridumed nt ^10 per acre  for soft ei.ial niKl-S-Oforanthi-noitn. Notniore  thnu ItiU aKi'B eanhe iieiiuired hy one iudi-  viiliitil or coinpiiny. .Uu.viiity.at the ratool'  ti��n cents per ton. 01' 2,1'WI jioiukIs shall ho collected on tho tfi-oss output.  .'.   .V.TV ..(JOKY.  Deputy of the Minisl.-r of the Interior  in.1.1.'--���liiiiiulliorineit iMiidii'iition of this ml-  v-':i'l isenient v.-il! iu)t he paid for. .iyill-Uin  ,Ganad:iaay'Eacifi.G|^^^  A LAVS l\/\ /...ROUTE   SAI LI N GS.  PHIM^es^':!^  'slI.  yS-,xOft,v.  -.���'-��� j     - J*  '&/M13,  ::.y: Tr������.;;������������ ���     : Sailing ri'oin,'Skagway 9p.m ;'���;��� y'::..-.::: -;.':.������,,;'������/-. ���;���.-'��� .';.���.  ;;/';';:'/"/::;:::/ Direct'yo^A'ancouveryaud/vVicloriay ./-/::.  .       :':, '"  Trnnsportin^l.iy rail or sten'nier to .Sentl.lewit.hout.oxli'a ehnrKO.S    :"' : :    i/;  Wo. (jivo (inickservico.yNo.liihn-meiliiUe: calls. \ /    '���ifS,'- '/-TJi''   X'A 7"  ���'' 'T'"v"\ '���'���'/] 'ri /'; '  .r:.y I''"'' rates or Inroi;inaUoii;a|)ply/to,//y.;/ji..;   '���VV',..   jLyQ \^iCy; ;::;  ';' " :'"''.',"Vy.i-\::r '������"���'.'   ''���' ''��� y:y'':-"-:''���'��� y y'" ;������:'-'- A y :;--������������'' - '���-' ���������';. ���i';.-::1'''.'.;,;'..'^-'.'^ ���.'���;; A ijoi it." Sitii'tv.wiliv'vy  *������-��-���-���> -��-��:��-��^ 4> ^;*-*-��-��y-�� -<���-.���:<>-��� ���<���-���>-* -��-��-����� o-y^-fry^o-*^  E':��SPBiMIS3  ;;//-:;: V;';:;Maein  -/.y;:>;;::y^  mtnm  '.e.  Mml  This cannot be 'siiGcess-  ;   fully accomplisliedJwitliy- :.������  z/:  ; .': out the generous support of//.y^^^y  1 /:   the business  people a/nd:     >  ������.;��� the residents.  ���  SEND US YOUR SUBSCRIPTION'  <^-$7^^-V-^-1  . / NOTICE.  To Th-,/ I-lou.   thu   Chief  Couiu.'.is-  sioner of Lands and Works:  I hereby make application to pur-  c.luisL- lor tuv/nsite purposes a piece  of yr.ihd l-icginiiing- at the N. J<).  coiiua' of the Vv'yulou towustle  thence iu a nortlitrly direction a  distance of about 600 feet to the  bv.y.htry po:-:t oi British Columbia  an;: the Yukon Territory thence  westerly 1,,'joo feel thence southerly  riljuul. 600 feel to the Wynlon tpwn-  ���-i'.v thence eti'-.t :don;r stiid lownsile  line lo the place of beiriunin^.  KIJ J.  i'ROUl.X.   '  Wyuton, B.C.July 23th, 1907. s?8,  Useful and 'Ornamental-- ��oi1$  tvnrsa*'ttijrxwHi+��n/:ir*Jtofrr^'*T*tt^���,i**Kw.'r-^^  n.-f, vawv if,rt /nw.'.\*rrr.i^tc~*/t. rvcin^ * ���  Why hunii our u-iii'.n yoi; can uet cioiihk as cnii.w kkhk 1  Atlin,  Mujjgot and    Grape   Rinc;^  noil  all  Uinils of  .leivelry iiuiiui  f.'utiuroil 011 tin: premises.  fine   New  Stock  of -Watches,   Clocks,  Jewelry   anil   Diamonds  Wntelies from Jfi.lHl up. Airents for Columbia Griimuiilioiifs.  Siivci-wai'e, Cut Glass, I-hind Painted China, Souvenir Spoons  JUtES E60ERT k m\y atun-and ,n,coV^,  safety Deposit Vaults      Watchmakers and Manufacturing Jewclrs.


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