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The Atlin Claim 1907-10-19

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 '������<���>���'���,  -���yy  :;#"X.'.C?:>  pr^,^/7;w:^|f:r^  N- >��� -; - sra ���'��� '   ��. ���'��� -fit ���'-���-'������'  jd>.y;|jj ;;   ^ 7 ^f y /  SI: "-iBS  "$'"���'  *#/  v'-fc'A-'  ���^^^tstt/j^jtJl'XUB^  JTy":^. -:JL: / iL^;M; A77 N  ' Vr,:B*i'l>7sJS"  .... ... ..,.   ^iM^^^t^Hi-  < yOL'.';*2fii  7,/7:A:TLLNf; :B. C;\ :��A:TU1U  ���/���"N"  '4.3  Si^  >���>������:  ��'-7  V  yWBtKlget.j.bf' Interesting N^  .yy/: 7 From/Many;^Qiiai'ters/J/y  ���:'- y:'y:" :���:;���;<:'bpi'<;iai.xb/i'in' oijai.U'I   y   "V:--;-1  ���;fi;i,Saii.k:.'..St^  /y'iewlsleanier/ Cypress/: of /The/ Lack-  y ���-; ���; ii wa i i ha/ T i'-'ii ri s porta t i p i i iy Gobi pa i l y, /  yy, wns//wreckcd/.7q u lie-/ recent ly.7i.ind;  :=v7 oil to i'-av'c re w;o L/t w/ei i ly -ill ree/:,the re  7-was.:b.ut,one/sufviyo^^^  ;/Victoria, 7Qct. mS.���-It/,.is.reported;  ������/���7;ab'piit.;h'er^  //Teni.uich t.i^  //Trunk/a right:ofy,way:/th rough/and  .//privilege'of 7lakiiigv:tihiber,/tr6iu/all  /^Lcrbwui ylands   throughout/Ih  ;.:'7iiice:'/:;/7/-;-y-y77::;:..;/;y;.y;y. /.'(;; 7/7/;//;7i;;'-;/:  "'/ New/, York;" 6ct.yi8.:~I-Iarriman  //.has/iss ue'd. ;i list ructioiis/tp' curl ail/ex-'  7.;;/penses.7.tp7r^.a).l/'i  /:/;clo;iitrpj/y:.bn//accphnt7pr;/^  /7ehcy;/bf .the;7m^  y/dias /causedfva,7big//slum^  i;7-auclytiiey.h'rye7drppped7  ;./;:of;the;;prices:;pfBla'st:.March's/panic/ ;-  JXA;. /Ch ieagb, - OctTyaS:'~The;/Tai 1 way:  . /switchmen/ haveydcmaiidedyah/in-  .-' crease ./of... six' cents /per/hb/ur.and  /ydouble tiuie /on;/Sundays7;/;Allythe  / / 5-ards4nf:New7��6rk-"ahd-''HSS/:West  / are affected., /It is beiievecl:,that:;the  ���demands -will be granted, ^///y/ ,7. 7':  :   "v/Ottawa,/ Oct:77rS;--The.bills/tor  thedamages done during: the recent  " : amirjap'inese' /riots'   in* Vancouver  yhave.beeu handed/in; to/the govern-  r ���7'ui'eiii;.:     The; ycost. pt y one 7night's  deni-.nsiraUon  amounts to .��13,000.  .It will.be paid Immediately.; :7/:::;  ;" ��� 7/ New; y York,,. , Oct.' y 1S. ���G lack's  7VaiiderbIlt';is   to   wed. an Austrian*  '���.'��� Co ii ii t 'ii a m ed Zecb en y i,  on  the 4th  - 'of December next.,     7    -7 .:���_. -;: ,���'���'y���..-.-/  7/ ��� Spokane, Oct.. iS.���-A'Stretiuous  legal battle' is. being fought out iii  the courts: here between v;Hein**e, of  Butte, and.Bradley, of San Francisco, for the control of one of the  richest   silver   .lead    mines   in   the  ��� world.    It   is/reported   to have pro-  ��� '-'dtnee'd twenty-two million  last year.  . Gothenburg, Sweden, Oct. 18.���  The Daily Graphic balloon which  left the Crystal Tabice, London,  last Saturday night, broke the oversea record. U crossed the North  Sea to Denmark and travelled over  Scandinavia at' a great speed and  decended at Brockin, Sweden, at  :.3op; in. Sunday.  San Francisco, Oct. 18.���While  in a state of intoxication a logger  ���fell through the window of a. Japanese- laundry; This started a riot  during which the building was completely demolished. Two Japanese  are in the hospital and- a number, of  the rioters were badly clubbed by  the police.  San Francisco, Oct. 18. ���The  Norwegian bark Medea nine mouths  out o'.' Gothenburg, .Sweden, has  just made port. 'Almost tlie entire  crew were sick  with scurvy.  //Ottawa,; Oct. 18. -���Owi lig /to/deaf-'  iieys:7tbe/ "Hpn."^// B/y/Aylcsworlli;  luui*cariceljed/valblnsy engagenieuts  for/public-address/ 7.   'y;/--//';; -7v     :;"'  ;7ySii"7\yillricl J.,aurier;;au,d the;;Hon';/  Win//. Ptigsley ; went-'to/:-HalilVix/to  attend-a l"ianquet;;giveii'to/,tlie::Hbiiv;  W.; S;: "If i e 1 d iii g71 a si i; 'I'll esc)la y./';'/ 7/ '7 7  7:7l/ondpn,y:?;Eiig.:,//Oct%  is a general/strike/rhreatened dirall  .th:c^;railw-ay/b^ies/.in./FyngUuid,;y  com panics ;!iave; refused ;to;accede;;to  the^deni'aii'ds'i.of-itl'i'e/.men'.;;/;������'';;.���' 7 '/;//-/ /  '/:/ Foiiteiia^/; Ihtiiaua,/ ,Ocl7yiS.;~-A,  .nipst vappaliiug;,cata'slrppliy. occurred;  hefeacPuplepfdays/ago/  'plpsipiir;;pfHhirt'y:;-thpusaud;I^  powder   belpngi iigy, to" the yDup/ont  To Nvder/Cpnipaiiy/practically /wip'ed;  ihistowh/out/df yexisteiice.-.ybesides/  -���_k.il |i,ii g-!.;-;'35'7-'p&bp.ier'a iid-yiiij iiri iig '699.  :6tli,e!'sv/7fe:; Fa riii'//lib uses;; t\vo;fMii iles:  aw-iyyywefeyyliadlyy damagedy/:/;A;  passenger.train-foiir,miles away :hru:L  every7pai!e/'ofyglass//bi;pkeh;/aiid^  the: glass-���ih;/the,city;df;Terra;I-IaY!lp,;;  'tu'entiiyihilesy'distant  .the:'coii'ciissiph.: '-'7-;;;/y;:/y:y7/:; ;;y77;7:/'7:  :*7;La tlir^Repb'r Vs7iiid icate/'thaV/tlie/  death, list-will be. increased.'/ Relief  trains a re be i tig hurried.tO the.sceue  pf.the: disaster.,"-' 7T\yo, troops:of the  yolurneers krey pat rolling tri e: lovvii'  ;to;.preyen.t looting../-./There are -pyer  fifteen liu'Klre'd people., houieless, yy  7���:',Da.\v.soii."';' Oct; -;iS.:��� George ./I-Cih-  caid, chief clerk of tlie public works  cleiiartment, was 'charged with , the  'ftfeit of $a.o,ooo frour the postoffice..  He'/coinniitted suicide ..while being  brought;back from Selkirk. / R. L..:  Hull/:; was- arrested -you a similar  charge and has made a confession,  implicating.several of; the,business  then oflhe town;.wli6se,tyarrest;'will'  follow./ : ���':/   ���"'-.'.*: \ /;-''���-:",.-': ;--.:'���;  '/"Ya'ncd'uv'er'."; Oct;'���"; 'S.���-Ex-Chiei  of Police Chis!iolm''is dead. . ;  San Francisco, > Oct. i3.���-The  union sympathisers in the street  car strike, attacked another carcrew.  Two passengers were shot in the'  melee, aiid a woman fell off' the car  and fractured her skull.  Shrewsburg, Hug., : Oct. iS.���  The ��� Scotch/, mail, on the London  Northwestern was''wrecked recently  by jumping the metals. Sixteen  people were killed and a great number injured..  Ottawa, Gel. 18.���The increased  postage.on-newspapers and periodicals from tiie United States has had  the desired effect of cutting off tons  of yellow trash.  Secretary Taft has arrived al  Manilla. He was accorded, a great  reception and banquets are being  held in his honor. He presided at  tlie opening of the first Bliillippine  Assembly, on October 16th. At. one  of the banquets some temperance  reformer cut the wine list from the  menu. This action caused a lot of  adverse criticism.  Local and General News.  ;   Just in, new assortment of Glokur  and Peterson pipes.���C. R. Bourne.  ;7Fre;ili Fruit audy Yegciablesycbinr-;  ihgip-pn eyery/boat/-^E7:L7Piilnutuy  //Toilet /Soaps at/red need;., prices/---.  C.;R^Bou.r'%-_y';7;;/;; ;1"//;/;';;//;���; ���;7:;';-y:; 7/  r; /Th ere 7 /wye re/:/ a bbu t/;/ivyerii:y7:put-  goiiig.:passeiigers ;bir last7'1/uesday's  Scbtia";iaudyabpZi'l7a '"clpzeVi T'riday.:_;,/,:  ';/: -' D.:; H./ IM ci )pi -.aid;:-;; Atli u {\G r ocer,',  hi tends" opeiiihg"- up' aybraricfestbre'  .'iiv/Dj-5covery;'pii pr^bbutjaiiuaryyi.  'y, /For /the, uios t';. com 10 r t/ /a ud, ��� .pve r y  mbdeHv:;c6nvenience,//-stdp; at :t.he  Hoiel/,De*A-pyVy;-wb^  Rates/, ���h'pderatey.y;:'/;:.;,://^  ;/There/is ah/bicreasingi'demaudiu  the;Qld ;G6uulry:fpr, CaiiacliaiillbUr,/  ;a'nd;7:iSriti3,h/:./Colu!"ibk[.yapples':7are.  claiiiiu)g.;the;-:atiei!tibn/of/,t.he yLoiir;  .dPu;tparkel:y^-/,:7::'//";y;!7yy-"//  :7/iIr.7ciare:uce:Sandsy;of;/they^^^  Treei'-Hbte 1,::;/Disec very',//-ii 1 te'ritls'.-re-  .'op'eniiig'h.is/d^  Dclbber-'yadth;; /r-;T;ms;/;depaiaihent  wiii-"be ,;u'uder7;the:7 supervisionypf  Mr/7:peier7- Crow, -.-a:"well/known  Jpias't!^7pr';/"ti^  ���thev'iiniier."-;' uian. ::/ -Mr.' Crow,  has  'chefed'/ it. foriyroyalty yin the days  that/haye been: // ';;:"7;;---'/-/:���,/  .;-:.:;iiWhai-v';.is-/.therq.:iii .the air at this  seasotr pf/ytiie/j-:ear7that causes/: so  Viiuc'li liquid-sunshiiie to be absorbed  ii'uoy'Uie-'; system?/ / A/wave struck  the town - the: beginiag of the week  and the bubbles are rising yety ;It  is-,'.almost'.' as ,i"ad as a" birthday  epidemic., 7'".-.-/ ,   -:; ....::..-....  /Mr. jack Dunham" is carfyiiig.cn  th e .'-p.rei im in a ry work prepa i*a l pry; to.  opening up- the'Beavis/mine. /There  will.be erected /ay bunk; aud/;e:iti!jg.  h 0 use and a sh a ft: h piise/'/a 11 d ,/wo rk'  :sli"pjy.":(..'; /The/ pumping; uiachiuery  will be. installed :as' quickly as possible/ When 'the/mine- is'ready to  work ..in two. shifts; will start and  drifting will be carried o'li.with all.  despatch. .:'���:.  TIk: clearing up- of the cemetery  reserve and fencing same has been  completed. The whole'appenrnuce  is pleasing to the eye and is a credit  to thccair.p. On ; three sides' is au  ordiiuiry wide; picket "fenceand'i;i  front is a neat fence of inc'n ai:<l-a  half square placed about three inches  apart. There is an aicii 'built over  'the-gateway-on which i:' jiiiiutcd  the words "Rest in. Peace. ',, The  front fence is painted white."  Have At It.  .;  y 7I)f7L'iVS.7Keilei7left;-fbr -lii's/lVo'iits-;;  iu/ Skagwiiy. /oiiy/'Friday..���". aftery'a:/  iitOnth-s':' visit/. tb:;:;pur7 district,'-:.. he7  manage'.^; ;.:to7;cPnil'itte':a;/lot;pf pleas-7  ure: with his, business.: trips. - and the;:;  folks':';.' of /A,tliriy;aud/, Disco very/are:-  always.glad/to.see himyv..,:.,-:..y/,:/;..  ,; y'rhe'Striking/ telegraph; operators/ -  are;de1:erin;ihed7;to' 7biI.'Vg/t,he7 coin-;/  pauies'/'ta their ^erms^/zOtlieri/iiiiions/  are/sho vying sympathy'ih a subs tan'-/  tla l/uial 1 i ler 7/ 7'y jii /;Ne \v;/York;;it jras;  beeii;/propesed to - ylevy7/a "/ten y'ceii t;  per/week laxon; all /workers:"; ������������ This;';  will: pro vide an;ehOrrhous' fuud.;:;7;/:/':  ;7;The /.firsT/snow of/the:/5caspn//t0;  sfayywith/usyany length'Jof vt'iine fell";  early,:Tuesday. /;/It7_gaye;the/conn'-;  try/tliat:.;'iviiiter.y,.7aspect''' thatiuakes-  ���the 'thoughts -turn/7tp/wpodpiles/dud:  "c/rbss-cut saws7//..rTh^  droppecl/tb'zerb^y Tlie weather-wise  prophets 7sa}*/;;t here -..tW-ill /be:'--quit,e.:a':.:'  spell/df 7hiild7;.weailler. .before/ Jackv  ;Frost; pays-its,/ his- long; visit/anti/  ah eudyy 'there are,;sy 111 ptoms.;; /;/.,;/;::  Here.'is a "bobbydyzzler" 'for  those who are (bud ol "liggerin'. "  Tiie difference between the ages of  A. and X is seven' years. X is as  old as A, was, when A was twice as  old as X' then was; and, when X  will be as old as A is,now, A will  be twice as old as X now is. .Find  their respective -.iges. .This'problem has tiie y'Viiry and Anne question heated to a standstill.  Spinething :OngmaV.':  /..; 'This, '-is ;;tbo:: good-'to ;7pass;::/by./  Th ere \vas a cer ta i 11. mi ii'er :b h Spruce!  'creek;(.who/bad /purchased/a.claiin./  and who 7vas : in a quandary ;about;  the/deeds.vetc. y ��� He sought his near-y  by. neighbor Lor assistance and ; was;  told to go,,to, Atlin'; and/see W./G..  Paxtbu-.' the / I'ota'rj; , public.   .'..The-  ������wording'.' of   the/,.advice  .was so'me-  thii-glike this:" ; !'Sure mail, go; and.  see-'Billy-^Paxton; he'll.rix you.up;;,  he's:- .a:.: notorious ..republic,;, .and, a  damn' good one too."/.: ;'������.: /���  / ...':.7'���";.  ������; ;Gtter Greek' Newsi    :  -  '   The/Otler yHydrniiTic':Gold Mi'iie.s; 7  Couipaiiy,;of,which :M.R7jauiicson;  is'lpcal: manager,/ ceased   work   011;  the creek -on   the   12th of-October..,'  The ��� operations   have������ been   under.,  the   supervision;  of Jack'/D.iinhauL  and   that  gentlemen ��� has ceruiinly.  made   a   splendid   showing of work  for/the amount of'money expended.  There   has' been   over c.ooo feet of  flume ��� and. ditching   made,  which  will obtain a head of r.50 feet;/ They  ditch is'four feet at the bo I Id in and  about   ten   at the top, with a carrying  capacity of over 2,500 inches.  The dam,   which   is six-miles.from  Surprise like,   is  75   Let in length,  and 12 feel high,'holding the water-  back to a d'cptii of from 'o to to feet,  covering an   area   of over a mile in  length  and from a half to a quarter,  of a mile wide.     It is tlie intention,  when   pipeing   commences,   to start-  on the benches about'a quarter of a.  mile from   from   the  lake, and continue on   till   the  bedrock  in   the  creek is at an elevation   possible   to  operate  on.    The benches on Otter"  have   been   thoroughly   tested  and  the prospects  obtained were highly;  gratifying.      Mr. Jamieson   intends:  going .out   this   fail   and   may visit  luirope   before   returning-    in    ihc.  spring. iO-I,IN,!; ���15;; C., ��� ^ ATHRDAY;, - 0CTGBE.R; 19, -,'-i907.  ''.;l  r!ie;Iii!!;:eS��iiiio:;,  ,-""';'1;,,\ 11.IN CI..VIM is.i'unt.icH'F.to:r.vi::i��*nATun'c,'\Y  ,  y.rc.i.'iiuu.     m.mi.cb   mcc   T.o   any ; PAivr or ;rnl:  v.-c-iild rttr��,r.��T   cknts   7,1:11 'month ;   sc.mi   pi.m  vrr,n. ���  AnVtMTisiNo riATrs". in.'o'.. i'Ciiiiki! cach  '    '.-;-.'-l-'!',TI9N '��� ".* otrjfl norici-d. au ccnts a Line.  ���", ���    ;    -  ._..���y.y:........^.^o-:������:���,-y..-.:...-:.,.     "..-'  ,7'   -;;' ;l0i:;;I*I*'NTir*j':i;:;7. //f ,:,;//"'���/-.  oiLu-Hi:/\t>s.: -.. - poarcfts;    ��� y- viciWrui cAr.nr.;:  r.T-rt-n-iipApr.   y   ��   nnoonjvrjir.iEs.^r.Tc; aVi  :';   /;. : cr.ot.rt:j :rnor.:p;rLV-fi:Kr:c-.UTCD.   - -v; ';;'���--  ��� ������'";. , ''r"-.i. n wotiriip.Tr.;'   ',   ;y     --..-.. 'J-'  ���This Ati.in Oi.AiM; i'tn!i,ipfiiNi-.:Co.,;I.Ti).;  .-.- C.l I -A li I'. l!'.S.;. L.; Ct.iJj.CXN-.  . I'Jin'OH-.y.ANA'::''.!!.  -7 7-^?;;;C)tbers ,./See:':XJs.; ���/;-//-/.  :/:/. Thei'e7 is ,/a /newspaper ;inaii in-  . Outario./who /sees ��� past ;th.e; rim/Pf  .Iiis  spectacles/   and -Lis: ideas  on  '"��� ��� ��� . .'������������:��� ��� ----- .;.,-: - .. (������  yWesterirdoings-show'that he.thinks  -oii/^whatylieysees; and.:r.eads.'yyThe;  editor:; of./ the /Bruce "Herald,;: of  AValkerlon,. GiHario,/',is a courage-'  ; bns/wril<*-r,.:and it would be well'ibr  ; thecbiintry: at -large/'if /there were-  more '/writers/.of /���the7.slii"ae/kidiiey;;;;  ���':' We do / no t/ a gree ���/ wit h al I' of:. ���:' the.;  ywriter/sy con fen lions. //He//scores;  in two:or three' places,   but .otic/ or;  two/pi -his ass'erliouS are -too sweep-:  ceutury, mid' were, squelched'at the  battle/of Lepniito. y/.'/y-i-'r.^,,//;;../.:.;, 7  ' :"A ,pcculiarity ..of our,-;situhtioii'/i.n  Cai i..u1 a.;,is: i h at we a re; bou iid by; t he  diplomatic treaties/of Great-Britain.  The/ mother;'country /is.bouudLy-  irea.ies/ with/Japan/. -,-. These entitle  the-japaucsc:.lo/come;.,LUb:/Canachi  oh ,.efiual:::cp!Vdilious/ywith:,:: British  subjpcts.,7 The.people,;,of the Pacific  coa s t ;d oil-' wan t/1 lieni;/ ii i id ; beca use  lliey /don't,/want /them,/ a;i*io.t"-has  resiilied;;. which>\yhappily'���-., stopped  .sI'ort.oL'.'a'cliialMiiiiitcler.'/r'r-.T  islr/'papers/���' and;miany/df yPurpwn;  severelv;:con'deiiin/- the -proceedings  ..i;..'y;-,y--.:,---r;,-,,-;,,,;.-y.-.   y;.-..\y--y;yy.y,.,y;- ,:-;;"���;.;:,  ofihe.Brilish/Cohimbia :,','m6b,7': as  they call/the1 Vancouver;peo|)le.:W',hb  .took actio!! against,The Japs7/ The'  expression.; of'/this', sentiment -proceeds/largely from aseiise ,of qbliga-  tibh/'o.ti'eatyehgagemeiits/of Great;  Britaiu,/-but the real:feelings of/the  ; 7. :,;-;...---;���;.���--::-��� ;,y ,-/;::.:..;. ��: -. y yy. *������;.  people' of /Canada supports thepeo-;  ple/of/British 'Columbia/.inyytheir.  deterininatiph / tb;;hold,;Gauada as/a;  :while;;maii,,3:cbuhlr5*.//;"'���;���/��� v//; 777 7  '^'"'^.''���.P.^.^'fc;**^  p: ���'.:  1W?S/:WHEEH  IPJ-H"?!/!^  ,*V"  &��fSb.^  A  $  :!  ���A'  6V  :F:(yesli Eriii t a jid ^egetabl es  /will; arrive by-^eyery;--boat���  S  ] aWrst-^Strisiet^u 1 -  ���'.,-- -   ��� - - - '    ' M  '���^"^���^'^������"^���^���i's^^a'i^^  POOL   ROOM  GOOD   STABLING  h^M  ��wfc����  AJ>  .;/iug,,and. too/enip!iatic'.;.:;We canu'pi  .,cpiiceiye7 of,/.:politicians/:beiug./sp  /Tascally-ffSyhe-irud^es- them., it-is;,top  "awful io conlei.ni.date.     Th'at/- there  /are some  bad ones,, :-we  admit./but:  ./Ave believelhat ; the-./n*injority of'the  : ..represoula'ives . of., the   people aie  /. honest "meii,- with the welfare 'of ..the'  .'. country at heart y Sometimes they  do   not -think   the   same; as w*e do,  .but they; are, not dishonest   b::capse  of"iha.t..:���;.- Whenever anything   does  , noly/suit the taste of soiiie prejiidiced.  and warped individual ..lhe'.'cr-y. of  graft is sounded, and, as whetione  dog pointy; his- '.nose' and howls, at"  , the-tuooii -and the... others -take up,  the  chorus,/men   do likewise, aud  ������ for, the "SHine reason. "' However,'-  Iiere is the article, read it for yourselves. .-It has : a good twang and  savors -of sincerity. ;  ���������'  ''The.,mosr. interesting e*.*'c-iif of  the week in current /events is the  riot at Vancouver,/lb ,C, , A swarm  of japnuese are coining into Canada  ������at;.that-.point, and have become  so aggtcssiv'e that Canada's ownership of the Pacific coast is seriously ���threatened, japan is suffering  if.iDt :-,welled .!:c:;id ;:t presdit, con-  seiiuenl 'upon its '-.ncce:,s in. the  lt'.!.-..'iiaii war. . Its people 7v..i!ly  believe Ihiil they e,n licai any of jand rich agricultural lands of Brit-  tlie great -wcslern lii'.'ion.-'. ' l-'rof. | is'n Columbia, in order that they  ('i'<liiwiu Smith -is of opinion that a may. become rich by developing  lie.'!Ih strui"i*U. f>;i' nuprciiiacy on the j their ' resources with cheap labor?  Pacific   coast   is   being rapidly pre-   It is time fur the   people   of Canada  ,/��� ;*!\Ve/doa- t/,want tpyse'e;our;coun-  try; overrun by .these pagans.     And  :if;\ve;doh7t;stpp;; them: they/ will ;5pou  bej-yihastersv/pL British/;Ciplumbiay  ;Tliey7swarihypyer the/earth in/ruil-  lipus./aud^theyiJ/fi/re;; really,both/iiL  telligeut/and courageous. / Some /of  pur own political''-writers encourage  tlieir immigration, to Canada on the  ground',   that-   our   country   needs  cheap . labor   lor   its development.'  These   people   are   industrious  and  frugal./    ..They   live .cheaply   and  wo: kfor small 'wages. / But, are we  .willing   for   those-, reasons to  hand  our.   counir}-   over   to   their ownership?     What is  meant by developing the country?   -Who; wants these  people to develop it?     Only the big-  companies   and   capitalists.   / They  .want   their.,/wealth .increased, byj  business enterprises and" cheapUab-  oi'.    It/will' enable   th'ei'u" and their  families   to roll, in luxury..    But it  establishes  conditions of social and  commercial   life  in   Canada  on the  same level.asin Furopean countiies.  If let  go   on,   iit due time Canada  will   become   a  country  of nabobs  and peasants.     Now  is ihe'lime to  stop it.  ''-'. "���','.'���  "What is the hurry about devel-  o'pttig the resources of Canada?  Why should we allow companies of  capitalists, "mostly foreigners, to  possess the mines,  forests,   fisheries  =7";";'y7;''L;^  THEy;;bl^ING^  MRS.;/:ROXBORpUG  ONLY ,;THE:/BES;i7;QUALlTY;GF:y;GpODS: ySED./A;TyTHF);B"0;y  7;;;;/'-;;7;bakery:tn^   :^JgOT|?M��a^  il  mM^^i^m^^.  KONRA'D   WAWRliCKA,   MANAGKIi.  tier*  srewers- ,m &^fgFv:g:esio-:��S��pf_  SMALL; AND /LARGE; ORDERS PROMPTLY "FILLED:  fr.fr.&P&.^&.&.SW&sr'��^.^&&ft:Q>:ff>:Si.&<  -HOTE"  JGj'Jtj.  /GEEN- DAY ANB-NIGHT;;  The Bar is supplied   with   none   but   the   best brands of Liquor.".'  and Cigars.    First-class Billiard and Pool Tables.  ,     .���������    '���    ��� ���'   -I  I Hit IkiHwM AIL  lllf 1 CLq    I  c'ulti'.t'i liy tlv.i Japanese.     Neither  to wake up to   this  problem.     Mil-  the l.'nited Si:;e- o; Great Brittiin i li jus of acres of our best lands in  is ai ail anxious to tight the J tips. ! '.he north west have .already gone  but li" the latter ;ue bent on forcingj into the bauds ol immigrants from  ;: ^.na^lc, v-c cannot doubt that j the slums of Europe. Our politic-  Iheir late will be that of tiie linns call this national enterprise,  Mahomed'uis win.) undertook the-anti they are all getting rich by  conciue-t of .Uiiroi e in the sixteenth Isupporting it.      But those who are  DIXON   &   SCHUL2,   Proprietors.  FiRST   CLASS    RESTAURANT   IN    COIM N ECTIOIM.  CIIOICI'.SI WINfc-S, UO'JUKS AND CH'AKS CASL GOODS A   SI'I.CIALIY.  Corneu Pearl and First Streets,  Atlin, B. C.  *'ii  '��'���'^S'��'^^^^^^^^y^^V3'^''ajJ!^^'^'4}.<S'iS   ���<aW<3'^'&W&^:^'4&^<3:4'^:<tt&fr��'41  Lt>HH>w<u vwiMifn'm'* ������:  ibvu Jfro�� w:* n Kwl'* Z77:;:7;//7;S/Z;;;7:;/
:/; '7;'1-"/f 7--/-/■:
a_u other generation our eiii Id reu: Will
/ find'lhemselves butviiii the-:coldy/and
.,'their/vast/national inhe'ritauceliithe/
; hands of .the foreigner's.,;: "/■';■ 7/77 ■-■'/■-■/;
;:,::;7'AltlH;u!gh/rrs,tispiciph/ lurks id
"theyriiiiidSjOf ,a' good; man*,'y people.;) n
:C.ti n ad a / ll va t:' a 11" "Ui isi/ lti 1 k': a bbii l-de-,
: vcloning/Ui e res burets °of the/con n-,
try is-of ;np-value, io/themselves/and
ytheir.;,chili.lreii7:7i'bt 'inuury/haye'/lbe.
/courage to ,facc';:th.e7pt'pldeni''of;cle;al-
; ing /.witli ■/'it. •• -/Pulilic seiuiiiieiit is
cowed.by The.cl anion rypf/polilicia ns
v.i.ii y the:s\vini,y'wild;./personaUy., .or;
/thibugh;yLh'eir,7/p;,ii;ty';;; leaders'yare;
/ers/for, the/prolit /pf poliiiciaiis,; and
"feardf iiijuViug:.: oil ry'party, ,7/livery
iria u'7;w ho i yreads;/:this;:; pa peryhasyn
voice'7-'in"'ithe. "government" Of:.the;
' ' v*-   .■■.-■-.'(•' ' 7- - -.'..
country./ / Lety'; hirri/; ask;7;hitnself
/.whatyinterest ;,he/ ihas/'in/ peopling,
/the//rich;/ Iands;:;of:'7the":;.iiorthwest
withy/Dbukl]obors 7aiicl'.; /Galicians/
,,timbei7/aud.:fisheries7pf- BiitishyCpl-;
/He/.knpwsy.iu -bisy heart/;thatiyit/is
;.to7votesagainst;if?::y:;:fy/",y/;.. ;7 ■::■:;/;/■'
//■Wef' ' ' """ "'"'" '"""'"""
■■ .yGpd. bless the.woman who works/
; 7,/Sliey.is; not tpo,y;p;roud,;;to;; earncher
_/'." dpi i''':'liv.ii'ig.-..:/ii.or::'i:''a'sh^ued7.7;t,6/. be
,y   caught at'her daily taskv '■ There;is
..-■   asweet.memoryiiof; her iii - every-'
.  thingshe touches.  LSheyis. like;the
',, brave.'"nia'ii'htaineer or prospectoraF
■■■■';■  ready   far  up the precipice—climbing,   .struggling,,   rejoicing.     /The
very sight   is7an  inspiration.. 7It is
an, honor ,10' know i such ,a woman
/and, to,,.be .worthy  .of/heiv esteem/
.Lift/your hat to   her young man,' as
■;.;■"   she .passes yby,;""ShoVis a queen--in-;
//; thereahni of/"woman hood./   ' She is
.". a princess among the   toilers:   -''Her
hands iiiay;'-be-,stained .by'dish-wash-
'7   ing, factory grease; or printer's.in!:,
but it is an, honest   hand.    It stays'
misfortune..-from   the; home; it sup-
, ports/an invalid' lovedone,   ityinay
be;   it. is  amoving,   potent shield
tliat   protects   many   a   family from
destitution.;   All honor to the brave
toiler;   God   bless   and   protect the
woman who .works.—-Ex..
"Mow To Become Successful,"
, price 50c. Send aud get a copy
. the author is hard up.
A fool and bis money are soon
parted—and the fool doesn't even
gel sympathy. .
An-authority says that, in a man
and woman of equal weight, the
women's tongue is the lighter. We
have ■another notion.
It's difficult to .understand-why
'   some men eat brain food.
Rockefeller doesn't know just
how much he's worth. Neither do
laVe /Mb/ lake/a /good/man)'
an led;::! u;:.,thisi7 world.
For ;/i nstauceV;7whe'h7 'one,: sees/i and
hears/another ;chap/,, addressing a
lo'e.m pole in .a ihostclignifiefr'inau-
ncr.yt licit in ly/Uhiug/tb do is lo /lake;
np/yiiblicc, j.usl/iinagine he/'is re-,
hearsing hisr;after-diVni,er/speecli.7.7/;
7-. It;.isJinpbssiblc7.tpy.]ive7right/un-
less/we/think/righty; . /■We; /must; be;
correct/yin "out/iinental;/; altitude",
tOA'an'lsvthe/ wbild/oi/iwe/will/gipw
is i b lc i i 1 >7; j) pd y, f 1 i id - •* p i r i l.; / 7/'P be, prop-'
good: thoughts/about people,, and/all -
drink of eOuslanti/happiuess/y/Aiig-1
er,; 7fear,7 jealousy, y/sc'bldiiig^.yfault-:
findiiigyphy^/greed/hist, yancl"; /kin-,-
dred.'thougbls7 dry//.up;::the/soiih;and;
fill;:/ithe: 7 individual iiwith/ywithere'd;
"flowers./// .Worry//is.;,-iworse;;,/on;7the;
stotiiacli;-than w.li.isky,,,iaiid is a ;Aveecl
ithinknig;;;- Tliere/isnothiiigip^fear;
pti-thisfearth,7ahd theysbulithat.cah
gra'spiitlve'/light'/is" a'lways in; lieavenr;
wili/makeiiipoivyou;:under ahyiand
ali/circumstahces.i :;Begbbd.---R/T.
Lbwery.,'';.;■;: '■ "//,,;.:„: .'/••li*/:
"•■1.1 :;K;Jv'Ji/;:i::J";i.���.
^i.*cx,'i rrr.-tt*' ^^»3.-ja^-j^^g^s*ga^,wi^JB«ta<jtg*>
77-;; cm jas./iiMiMEK
■:-.-;;y :i-:';HistpricaL;/77//7-
■■■■:Prior,to;.the7possessioh of/ Alaska
,-b}'- tlie'iUnited States,...in. 1S67, .there,
had: been/, no /•■ gold- mining in. the
territory. Some old Russian records show, that small ambuuts-of
that, tiiietal had been observed' in
^■arious.localities, tlioiigh it.was.not
'believe'd   to.:be. of. cpmuiercial; im-'
-■■■■"■ ■ :  - \"; -.-■ '-■'.'
portaiicc.    '•lii'.'/ihe'se early days the
greater part, of the abruptimouutain-
O.us.beltpf sou,theastern Alaska was
tit 1 d a few", f ii r, trade rs: 'The a u'r i fe r -
ous 'gravels at the head of/the Stik-
iiie■:. river ...we're..probably; the   first
gold   discoveries   in    this    general
region.     They   were   found iiv the
earl)', part   of   tiie '60'.s,   '.-During
that decade   tuan\*   miners   went to
:   y . " ■ '-
lhe   newly-discovered   Cassiar gold
district;011 the Canadian side of the
international boundary. In iS6y
;Mix Sylva and other disappointed
Cassiar.miners 1 raveled northward
from -Fort W ran gel I and iu;ide.phic-
er discoveries at Wiudam Bay, and
on. Powers Creek on Sunidnm Bay.
Itis reported that $40,000 was extracted from these placers in .1870
and 71. This represented the first
gold production from Alaska.—The
Chicago Mining World;
/ThrbugiiTaneifrbrni- Skaguay
///''""■■■/i/;;;.;.yy;i-'y/;77^'iDa\v'sph' and ■h,il.';intepmediate':;pbihts'^
Finely  -apppitited trains Skaguay, Caribou"..:
- arit!   \A/hitehcrae. -Cari-y Passengers, Baggage, Wlail and Express.; 7   7'
::-/-/''}/:';,7;,;--:Tii'yi;E':7seH EDO
;y;"* ;;/,/,':: •-  :■:::: ■',:'. 'Ko.'].r--Xor't.ii, lioii'iiii.i: jN'o.i.—SoiitH yiioiuici. ;y. ■■■-.' .v.. //-;,■/ :/;,,.  /y.
i:':''--'"."'::'■■■ i"i":7"'':i;'fl;aoi;i.m;,Lv./7:;siiAOUA;y'.' ,Ar."l:s,0p;'ni;7^i:7/y::.//,:•:-■;/;■ ::."■:.:'/;:.:.;
-:;;:; "::;:.-.-';; ;■-r.rr'y-i.Kii/iii.'ijv. ■'■--■: oaui'BOU. : ijv.ii.50,n.in.; ;■:";,: ;y-'v:y:;y:;;y;;::;y.
y':;:/;;:yy:y ■,::<:y;,,;.';.'-..'Oi>.m.:Ar..:\viu ./;-.-;--';,;:/:
;-:;; :^/y7/7i//7i/i;:-/Ti Mi EVSCH EDU LE; ;tAKE^STr:AiVi BOATS * //,;//: y.-/:.77'7;--' --■-,;
'";' Lvuvn/CA]";! U0U5 j). ■m.":.Mbiicl:'.vs'i- . "Arrive Alt IN !) a. in.; Tiiesilnys.:'--:,,
';..-,.,,•:■,„■ v::; ".-',■ \;-::.:'^   - ■:.'-- !) j). in.' Thui'tiidiiys,' -y " " .yy '  ■" .'■'.'".'!' ii. iii...'l?.riilt.iysl'.;'"       ■     "'y""/
.,...,..,... j^-'iYg^aT'IjIW fi jv. 111.'*l'nii'!nlt!.v.','■■-;     ;"Arrivi.yOA lil.UOU 7 i>. in.,:AVeclncs(liiys. ,-y;, -yi
y :;;: vyy yy";;,:;;""''; y!i"p.-iii,;,'"rKKiys,;;;y ;.:-?■;■;.■;'''■■■ -.: H ".--.,-y  ■ 7-.ii .'11.1... Sntiivilays.-..,.;-.;--.-:■-■•■■ ;
/"::"■./il5l) '.'pbiiiiils of IiiisStsjio •ivillbo oli'n'cke.d.fi'cu, w.itli'oai.li-.fiill I'aro.t.idlcet ami 7n. pou riii/
Ayitli.'qiicir'liial.f.'ifai'b -tick'nt.".-.-,-. :;;';'/■//;; /y/iy'y-;/-'•'' 71'' ■'•■  / •':.■'■. y"./:."y''7fyv;-:" .'
■-.'j^/y/yi'asseti^Grsyniiistlie at doubts iii timo to haye UiisgaKC.iiisiiccl'C<l;.mi._.l,cli'ceI'od.'_._,.-:;'/./7.''';'-'-;
'..7.;'7.*:.;''.Tiiiw /:y7:>,7:/y/y/'^y/;/;..,  :.:;:,,,;;
-.i;;-';: ///'/;y//ii '7:','/" :"''"''i SSP~ i-'Baggags^ /Bonded   Thfough'. - :; '" ••i';--- i-,yy.y.-y
:.".'.',•".;  1'or iiiforrnatioii  relative  to T'iissoiigui;," lyroiKlit; 1'xpress and   Tclcgraiili: Katea
asuip'tb any asreiit of:i:ho Cuinpaiiy or to   '" y i      ,;/ -   i.i;. 'i ',: :   yi ;; :
,, ay^y;:.,
''■Vaueo.iiver, B. C, and
..''-..''■'..■:'■' Sltasi''a.vV Alaska.
;Ayent, Atlin.
TUAl*l"IC   iMANAGElt,
-.•'A'niicotivor, 11.C, and
Skaguay, Alaska.
;,GASOUKE.:// ,;-
/--:,..-;;/, - ,;,,;/::„^,W%Kutsu>
Storks" in, Ati^in: and■■■.Discovery,.
mm. EBiMm & eo.,:-   /
Successors  to-J. i-i. Richardson. c,,-'.''„
.-   -vW|-*4l»	
Reineinber, oh remember! When
you liver is a 'bit slugging, what a
friend you have in lhe bucksaw.
Smart Boy.—-If I eat toad-stools
I'll diadem sight quieker'ner if I
leave 'em alone.
tsa ipA &r&
Executed  Cheaply,   Promptly and Satisfactorily. 1
wNMiamiMmiimiM ,atlin,���',;,b:7 'e./���:,saturday,/; October::/-i"9? 1907Y  7.7 Arrivals,per;Str.; Scotia.:. ;;  'pel/; t;';-���LySchiili-./Jvlr.iXVrciug,  :iD.7(i>'H'.r'ivi^  y 'T!)c last.,/boat yofytbeiseason will  i-ieavey/'Cai'ibooy  :will/leave:/Atlin/ Wednesday,   Oct.  30th,;'in the,/forenbpnV. /;7;'.:/,.:���.y;,;//7  ..;-;' ���' i/:/7;;:^::/'.'���' A/y Happy/ Eyerit,y:;;/;;���'/���,;  77.7 On:^Wednesday , .���.evciii'rig./ last/ at  i,:^!77Discovery,; the/cRev./A.i^isL//Ross,  y/y/iiioiuedifhe haudsqf;Alice Shcrwoodi  //"TyRuffiier/aud/Harry; Edward..Browni  /////and i^oiibuncecltlrem; man /andivvife/  7;//K.,7; '*i* he"-wedd i ii g % was;: a ;q ri iiefc/" itffair,'-i  yi/y/of"Ilie: coniracting7;parties:;;:lieiiig;  "���.������'r-".'p'reseiit-.7'7 The7;bridei was prettily;  7 -'aUiVedin a/; dainty, frock, of iwhite  7;;. lace"; 7and the room /where the  7;i cerehiSuy 7 *vas;'performe4/\vas/arlis-i  77 "tic'ally/arralig^  .".-' ''/'���'ui'eclidtely /after, /tlie/knpt;: wastied.  ; theguesls adjourned loathe,dining;;  i ;/ u-ooin Xyhere a.: sumptuous;,:.\vedding:  i.y7 su-per wasserved,-- and7 aftericoii-  :;7::/"g!-fuulatio'ns/-nierry ge=ts ' audi good  /7;/7wishes/'and toasts;:were;.giveb,7;the  y/7// bridafparty: left. fpr7A.tlih /followed  ..;; by,showers of rice. Dr./L. S/ /KeiH  ��� -y^er-handled tlie 'ribbons/and Harry  /���7;':/.re'cdihmciids:7  y/y/considerate/driver.:/:; ,,:,;,/ yy/.y/y':;.;:;/,/  ;;7;7/;;;I'he:bride:-is.;the<;:daughte.r.oL  'J"4'*HenryiIvj"Ruff\ierraud-;isyl">ut;a;iuew;  ..arrival In our caiiip,/ii;Vving come in  /';��� early; this spring, i,  It speaks much  77 for. her /charms": that"/ she/:/ should  /;     have,   in   so   short a lime subdued  ���7' aiidimade captive one bi'.the eligible'  ���/'aI'd representative men ot ,lbe camp.  ( The. groom, who is well a;id fav-  oiably   known,   is  a sourdough  of  ....-:���' . the eauip.      For.,.some years/he has  been engaged   in   business in Atlin  and Discovery.   He tsulso 'an .'active  member and an energetic worker in  ; ���   the   Arctic. Brotherhood    and; the  /'   A. O: U. W7 societies;   y        ' .;.;���_.  The presents which   \vere numer-  .^/ons, and costly,   testified to the high  esteem; in,which'the young folks are:  held   in   the community. .. Mr. and  i: Ivlrs, Brown . have   taken   up,their  residence ill; A tlin. >:���������.���  ��� [l":SB^^i  ;Cttt;;/;/iiii  :ui:'Cpyi'i!.v,,;js.. c:  j*i.;;sx-',Mj.\:;y;' diktho uoom ;  GOtm 'Ci.):1vS':,i,i<)!>.Ms: ���;/./���;  -OiMW   .i-i./'i/Bi'ST^IjOnS   '������:.  Uki'D A'!',TUI* HAK.'7"     ���' :"yI;  eb./'SANoSi;  Canadian/B^  tcmSTO��a'i3B!iiajiLTj��wjgiTB��i��7'i;'iwinT.>~|Y|^y'^��*w^^ ���nT.rjfKirtOrijCVX.tr,  .-:-;>;i-/7/y/,;;/���'/;;, :7^  i/ -,"/"/���:'���; ".���/  '..'"': :"'���;.;. ���-::���/.'. .7-y'y/7 y/7/; ���'���<.,"-:,;-/:,'-"  Rriiie^s;;May/;:;;;s;/7^  ^���i",;"' WOHIVW*!  &.lb a-'  Gifc<  .,>***!*r.'"S>  -:.&$  '���R."*e>iJ'rietoi";  i-lamp.tbn; &   Durie,1 Protirietors.  P='''v- $H'���'>*����� '"���-���'.'<*.     : ^n"J  7. E-l^V^i^^^^^ylil j/;^;^;Vtu ,/  7r7T.:I^;ES'iyI^^U"RA.Ny 7//7/  ,; Under..iin't ireiy/Now Mii.nofvpindiil..  vllcadgt'-artors'-{or'-IJisou's sWyu.  ���-���"^  ���:'    /  If  ATLIiSlIO/LODGE  y-;:;7A.7F;-:&--A;;iVi7;;7/  y /;  Rri.,-12, G.;K. I'.0;:7/  tl��.eiSS  ;���;/,;���;; ";��� Siiiliiipr rroiii, Skagway 8 p.m. :'-/'/  .,/,;; 7,  Direct/to:' Vancouver/ and; Victoria.  ; . ��� ���';, /    Transport! iik by rail' or; steamer, to Scat (In. yv'ith out; extra ���Jlnir'jo"/ '/'.������::  7/,y,/;;,,,/:.7 /...7 ;/::7;/;7;v:,77'S'JW .7/:/y;;'7'/-7.,.������/���:,.';;;/i'77;  'i'iolio'is toiniiyiiiat't.or I !.��� is-.-vv-'cii-1*1       ,    :., /     /"':: T^'-. '���.���':'V��-~:   "\7fT   '  T ���> -^,1 ~'1~. ���'���'������  :'������ ���":-::���'-;:;       ���':'/;.'*., i"c>i-'. ������litos/o^  ,.���:���;'":-"/ y; .;���' /;:/-;. -/���;;/"?/7 :/:-;/' --/'-y :/:���-----:/.''; .7/ ���'"/'��� yyy;:, . "y : S,>:: A Kent. ���SUiiKWiiy'-.'  ^7 77y:;^yyi;i.'//////y;//;/:;';-;���;;,; ;/���;;;;y,-'/:.4<!^7:;/;-'y/;';y';7;'7' ^^l^j^j-^r^f:-  ;^7  yllujirutai' yeoiiiiiiiinica-  tjotis hfi'Id  oir .tlie   iii'St  Tliursiiay tit each :iu):itli: in .tl'.t.  A-., O. U. AV.'  yfiaH/Tliircl'Strect;/'1//'";';^ 7/"."":'���=/'^';.7:: p..'/7.V  .���'/. Vissitins brctlvreii-ooi'tiinlly iiivitod.' _. ���.:���'..;���''.  .Tlie tif.xt rties'luv ooi-iiumiiieatioii will Iio  ;tioIii:Vi'i!'riiiii^'lii3*.'i Nov/7f:h, at,7.,'0|)am.      y ;-  ���.������_."���>��� oi'ilec of {.ho V*.-.\i. y-'- ������"-���-,      ,-���--,,: y  .:   i./ "       ,/ :0.:'.'l'l'/-BOUi:iNi5. SnciiETAUY:���"./  Synopsis of 'CaiUiilipR, ''lomasteii'l  ncgulatlcns.  ���Announcement  The marriage of Eli'/.abeth Vera  Wiulters to John Allen Murphy is  to'.take place'next Thursday, Octo-  bct 24th, at 3.30 p. tu., at the residence of Rev. A. I.I. Ross, Atlin.  The wedding is lo be a ptivatc one,  l.ml a reception will be held., immediately iifier 'and lhe liieuds of the  contracting parlies are -asked' to con-,  siuii-r this notice as an invita'don to  be present.  -���- ������-mr��--^r>'  Benefit Concert  To he held iu Discovery, on M011-  da}- evening, October 28th. The  proceeds to go towards fitting up  the skating, and curling rinks.  BARBER  SHOP.  A  Si available .OominUiu  baails. u-ithin  jT-p, 'tiia KaiUray Beit in.-llrilisli Coliimljia;  may bo l'.o:r.citea..icil by any iii.-rsoii who is  the solo hoii.il.ij.C.���,'..:fani'.ily., or aiiynialo.over IS  yij'.ir.i of UH.-to the "ex'tosi.t. of oiiL-iiiiartcr  sbt'tioii ui' IfiD acres more or lr:as. '-;���.:���;  -;i J'uti'.v.iir.int lit!. !i!iuk! porsuitaliy at tlio local  la'uil cilice:'"for the district in uliicli tli'o land  iss-JtuatP./ '."'.���:' -   .'.  ,'rii!.', hcitnosteader. i�� rcqiiircil touorform  tlie ccintHtioiis .-eoiu'iected tlit'i'O'.yitli_ iiiuler  'ono "of t lis. To Hon; in fr ���'lilaiis,:        y .:.  (!), A t lo:',;t six mouthy* I'osidoneo ���lipoii and  miltivi'.tiua nf tha land hi oaidi yearfor three  years: .'���...':,,.',.'  (.::} If the: father (or mother, if tlio father is  dpc^ased) of l.lie iKiiiirsteader. resides upon a  farm in the viuinityof ..tlin liuiil oiitei'ed for,  the reuKirV'iiieiits ns to; rosidenea may he  s.'.i'isi.rd by siicii   person   rcsidine; .with.tho  fa'.her or mother. ���������:.--���-;      ���-������������ r ;.--.'-.-.--.-.���  ���������'(:!"'If-tho ii.it.l.lci' litis' his perinaiiciit residence .upon ���fiirniiti}' land owned by him in  the vieini'ty of liis lfonu::ilead, tlie i'ci|i'i*'<"-  inciils'11S" to ��� resiileneo-iti'iiy be satislied by  lX'.'uiU'iit'e upon the said land.  Si:: months' tiotieo ia 'writitijr -should bo  (^iveato tlifiCoiiimissioiicr of Dominion Lands  atyOttawaof iatentioii to apply for patent." -  Coal lands may be pnrehasodat 81(1 per acre  for.soTt eoal.and "''Kiroi'a'iitliriicit.e. Motmore  limn :Vi"l acres ecu be aeiitiired by one individual or .company. Itoyalty at the rate of  ten cents per ton of 2,M)t! poniuls shall be eol-  lecti'd on the jrross ontpiit.     ���.  "���-;. \y. w.gorv.  '   ,l)e|<i:ty of the .Miiiisler of the interior  N.!'.--!'-miil iiovizetl publica: ion ot this lul-  vr.riimi���.���.'.'.nt will not be paid for. jy21-liin  rO-CONSSJfiiPTIVEi  j. W.  THOMPSON,  Prop.  i'..tST-e.EASS vSEltYICE ONEY  The u;-.tl'.-.rsig']ied having been restored t:> heal tli toy simple means,  after suffering for several years with  a sevcie lung .affection, and that  dread disease Cox.su."Mi"r.iON, is  anxious to make known, to. his follow sufferer:.' the .means of cure.  To those who desire it, he will  cheerfully s'.ud (free of charge) a  cony of the prescription used, which  they will find a cure for 'Consumi'-  tion, Asthma, Catarrh, Bronchitis and all throat and lung  .Via:.A Dries. lie hopes till sufferers  will try his remedy, as it is invaluable. Those desiring the prescription, which will cost them nothing,.  and may prove a blessing, will  please address  F(ev. Jfdvvard A. Wiison,  Brooklyn, N.Y.  ;>.7;M  ��� ,':,:;:������_.  ���'������'���:-"���������'   . ���-..;- y--y..,-0,  ��� ������/-    y ,-;.,.:',:;; ;���/.���; :.:. 1;,.,..;!;.   '-,,;,:,--,; ���;;���;.;���. v-.; ������ ���-������������   ���-...���  i;77;;7:7';;;;;5"j-.ji;e;Vim  ;y 7 i/yVtTie/d^  '-. W��>ik��J��M(*^^  _;'/��� /j^5& *3i : ��� **Wljff -a ^1 *" '/S^^'Ei   '      ^    7   c   "^ &  '���     This ean/n^Q^ /  ':  ���-..'-.���.   .fiLlly accdmplislied./with-:  ���     '     out thei generous;support of /;'  they business  people and/\.  the residents.  SEND US YOUR S'UBSCRIPTIO-N.  &��&  fi\^t,G'h$i''hfcHt) A^!?l'a*'i,*il] ,   /f I' /*?-. A ^"?'i ifr '  WllV  B15SU  OfT'WllKN   VOll  <.y\N'  CiliT OOOUS  .\fj OllBAl' IIJ-IIE .'  Atlin, P'ucjgcf. -nr.cl    Grape   Rinc-s  and all kinds of Jewelry maim  faetiired on tho promises. ,  lfltie   Now  ��ineU   of   Watches,   Clocks,   Jewel'*-/   ami    Diamonds  Watches from Sfi.OO n|>. Airents lor Columbia Gramophones.  Silverware, Cut Glass, Hand Painted China, Souvenir Spoons  EOfiEKT.    &     SON,     ATUN   AND   -DISCOVEKY,-  "  Watchmakers and Manufacturing Javeirs.  Safety  Deposit Vaults  mmmsfasmas  <6t


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