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The Atlin Claim Oct 8, 1904

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 Srmti&J.ib't&i&J&iiGr^  KawlsDe^g  ^J^^aAaJkJ^a^q^a-HaJI^W  KS^ttSSS*^"*1^  '/;'/<?  Wft:  .-���*^v  ;y';l^vyb7.bby7-':y-b:b.bb^^yy:by  yby6cT;:a7ylS04::yy;  yoi;.-t;  ybyATJ;iN"���: -Bb^.by;S ATpRpA.\7,b7:0C;Ll0Bl  1.904.  '.NCVyari':  I)  vi  bbby'-;-"b ���'.y'Hydraulicin^yyyyyybyyyyyy  On; bleyioe,;;^  7;yy:-'7vy:yi.;v!'b .sue cess ruib!y;.y-y-;bbiy7:'b:;  "- -. 7 "'I'l viij M c )is'ei;'-::rC'r'o.t^l: b"G<iyi i sol khi tefl ���'  biiivlvclosed,, dqjvy-bb  yi).ii yS;iti 1 i;d.:Vy;y Ifistfyy\ir.��� Ha j 1 ib 1 iiiyw.���  - alio WC51 yoi 11:7 J!vt 11 tbi:.: ������ loyyye x a in i lie y a.  ;;.coilcb:tioiV;uf;l;u;gey;hid;.yKuialJyy.iiug-  bgetsaud. finebgbld.'wbiehblicb'-lias'  y,tjiWet'.;;,pu^^  yNewb/ork ai id -Lo ndo ivy' b'flie -y.al ne  ybf ilieycoirecticb; u-as^aliouty^^yoop,  7an'd7.'ui;i'de..b|iy,' gyibdly;bsig_lii;���-.',;>'.The''  ;Coihb;unv's yyiet.iiriisb;lot;���'���. tlie';-;.yp.ils't  bse;*sb-.nba.iYi'b^  ;'';Jeii .yes :;ViaVi te a; 1 ila'.rg.i.li'���. bfyproliiyytQ  ,--_i-11 e"? 1 iVjir"i--?:'J'<!bi'.s.iyy-; MeKee;bG,retkyyhaS:  ya 1:7.1  i \' e 11  ��� y oo ti. b r y's'i vit'sv "���;;��� a 11 d  ������:b'vitiv-;.iii'ii'.::'.s.tai;ty~'yi.h,e:y.;'C  rha7'y7aiidyi;heyL:'yndi!ib*i;plbtliebiiiiie  -loday^7t;iic*-ie isyliltle ,'dbi'ilil yiuiibiluit  ���yfeiby.igbs'.ih^  biiderablyyiarger -tliaiiyyth'tit'yoi'y-Uiis  bseas<Miyy;.''bb,y'':.b;'--.-yyy:yy.:yy;y!.y:. "y;;.:.;'bA;.yb;-  yBircEv:-iCr��SkV;  :.Tliey'Atlih'''LaIcbyCp.-;Kave'W6Vk  77 ayPi'bn'tbThisySeas6.hyyby;,?.^'':j  y;; A' visit-to  BireiiybCfeek.  revealed  7lhelaci that serious vvorkliad'ybeen;  ; <loiie .this bseasonb.:.The amount of  ;gr;i\-el removed -being-yahouty30,poo  byards;;b;rspace 418 ;leety long-\vitlv  yanaverage yu'idth of 85; feet: and a  .depth' of gravel. IVouv"27'.."to   28  feet  has lieeiireniovedy;   MrbA.,Bryan  Williams, the manageryaiid' ..super-,  iiitencleiiLof the work', reports that  four pits were   worked y out, which  comprised    tlie7 area . of    bedrock  ^cleaned,   as   mentioned���.'���';above, yall  the,,gravel containing more  or less  7p-.iyb.:;The retur-nstwoiild-have been  .gi-cateryiiadyiliiobbeeii I017 the fact  "that lhc first two-thirdsof theblast  ypitwasbiotbby- any-means up lo-the  average, .6Wing .10. the character of  bedrock   encountered ;   this, ylipw-  eveiy'lias beeiu.w.or.ked over and Lhe  bedrock, biowy in   view -is.tbesanie  character asjtlu?.t- on wli.ich.-tl.ie best  /returns .were '.'obtained.-b Mr. \Vil-  liani.< iu speaking of;the  prospects  for next season, sin .-$ that lhe ;oul-  ,'look. for the company  is .brighter;  than   it  could   have   been   in   any  previous   year    nud   he 'firmly   believes   that'   next   .season    will    be  much   moie -'profitable  than   tli is,  which, has, for -the   lirst   timey-ie-  't timed   a   profit   over   and   above  working expenses.  Pi.uc;Creekv;bcing;ys6 ihe; 10'"acres',  adjoining the:Decks' .Pit.       y: y'y,. ���;  -y yyyyyryyyy ���������/':.: yy::.yy.--: yy ��� '���yy-y  yybN;Iiv;JbOyyCiiO|)er,yUie7iimiiageiyo^  tlicyeii'ergeticycbn^  T:t!)l(bft!pu'iii;iiib;is;;-l liisy week; iid-J  vcnisitigblbr cbiiYracitbrsybby'drive,  35b; I'tyyolyiiiiineliiiibytiieir [i roper t\b'  being bit co 1 iliunalionvofbi 111 n 11 el;  a 1 readsLslai;ted.77-Siiafisbsunky on  lliey leatl ysliouy it'bicbbe aygbpd oiie,,  Nex;L:yspriiig^:ywheii;b:lhebtuiiuel;is;  .coin pic lecl.yy-Ihebycb in p'sinybyiyii lends;  workiiig,pn-aylarge.scale.;y 7-7;-,;;;'-;.7  .Sorry; toy; Seeb Him Gd.y  Messrs. Cancellor & Aiidersou,  who are'working" above lhe Ailin.  Lake Mining Co. fin Birch Creek,  have ground-sluiced a huge area oi  bedrock with , satisfactory "results.  ���Mr. Cancellor has'bought out Mr.  Anderson unci now owns three  creek claims and .several   benches.  7 The- his t; boat carried ; o a ty yvj: i.e 6(:  'biiiy 111 bst enterprising ;iud energetic  ;cit-.izeu's^.y'M'rb;;'W  isyca'ptiv'aied:.'\yiiir'Aitin aiidyisyalso'  'ay' 'large; investor, in,your: yDistrictb  .Tlie 'citizeiisgave'a liiiicheoiirat- the  RayakHpielyiii hisyhonoron Thufs-;  'diiy-aty\vhicli:ovei-ytwei*tyysiu: .dbwilb  ;S|^ecllesy\yerbyyin"lldey,by'^bry7HbE.���  ,Xc>uiig;yM.y]bbb:.yMess;MoIi-yM  AVbbds,b:j7.yA;b:Fr;isei:,yyyAyyyCa*--'  i 1 ni.e 11 ae 1 i ;yyA..-'���'.,Cbj-".;Hirsc 1 i fe 1 d: ��� ;'T;  ;Sv\-itzer,b RybypbyyEetlierstbidiaiigliy  .aiid.J.vHy;Brownleeyyy 'riieyi"egrelys  ygeneraiyatyhisydepartureyaiidyeyeryr  piife* ���ywniy,b^!VgliM;ytO-\velcomebiiiii;  ^>^cky.b;,-^ll���yb-^^y/y;J>^;������Rbb,insouy^r  spbiidedyiiiyhis.usual brilliant sft'le  and"wouiid: upyby givingythe fpllo\y-  ing' y'poeni, --which y -lie .coniposed  \vliilsty;iiibpiiil;idelphia; last "winter  while.'tbiukiiig. of-Alliiiy; :it: niaybe  A\*eii,.':.'liere to; remark that .in. the  Stales all tli is northern conn try is  looked upon as Alaska, hence the  title,of the poem, which iu reality  was'wriUeu, for Atliii : '  :y yy"'yyybA'LASKA'.yb'yyyyyy  .1 want to go to a beautiful land,      7  '.I'hegr.vi.'dest beiieath the skies,  Wil ere right is lnighland li.ight not right.  .,And daylight never dies,-��� ;  ��� ���.'���.   '���'''.' In Alaska.  I Want fogo' t-n that Northern Clime,  Kar nivay from tliemaddening tli rung,  Where ..a .man   is iiiuaii   if   he's .willing to  -work���  7  Not an iii'eh of room lor a drone to shirk���  ���    , I'll Alaska.      .;; t  '  Ivviiut to go to thatLand of Gold,  That I.ai.d'ol' tlieMidniglit Sun,     .  Where 'friendship's bonds arc as dear us lifo.  No " 1111 lis" or ." hears" or IInance strifn ���  .In Alaska.  I want lo go lo that Land oiySport.,  ,.  'J'he vi-il.ls are calling me, 7.  The moil 11 tain sheep uud nioose.und goat.  O'er its moss-dad Iii I Is and 'in 01111 tal us float.  '���   I'n Alaska.  ''    f-want to go to ils siiow-elail hill.,-.  Whose pinnacles piercu the sky,  Where (he roui'ln^ lorrents a chorus sing  '  And the northern lights tlieir bright Imams  iling,-        \.     7     ���  In Alasku.  I want In go to that Land of I'eurc.  Wi.'.M'e honesty is a creed.  Where a mini is worth just  what he'll produce, '      1   '  Where for crook nnd limive, they've gol ..0  use,���  In Aliiska.  I want to goto that Sun-kissed Land.    ,  Whose cli.nate, ilespilu ils snow,  Is blessed with invigorate vim  ���That I h�� tropics 011*1 never know.  ���  -In Alaska.  You cun have your crowded city humid*.-  Where di-ulh stalks all iiuinusfied,  Vou can havo yiiurscri'imhlefor social I'anie;  Your stouls cxeliiiiign and your bunco gnnie.  Give 1110 Alaska.  .'��� Mr.   \),   P.   Cunieroii   purcliased  ��� the  ground   owned ��� by J. H.cid, uii  IMeralfyHelfliEfe  b bispeciai to TheyAtlin Claim.! 7 '  yy.yOllawii',yy0.iiLb;yOct:;y;r��^  issuciiyyibryelectibiisyniaiie   reiuni-  ijble: ,j i'ecpii'ilieiv-r'^t li-.-,.-V ."IST<nniiuiLio"ns  ��� wi-ll'ybie .lua'de- oibbOclober; 27II1.  Pol I i iigbw ill t'i'ike"' ]Vlat;e bTsr6vetiibeh  M;yy:;y;;;yy';y;;;;-yyy  bySirji^icharrl Cartvv rig lit lias" beei)  ehllcd,;bb; lhe.;Seibite:;iii;pkice ol:;tlie  d'aieySeiialbr- A tkinsy 'y ���,���--^..  y.y;yiyoi-tlbaii'd yiyiicly Miiitcbcxi-ectytb;  lea;ve';CanadayNo\-.y.'2'bili: b 777..  b;;;yOitau'abbSept;bJ;4tlib^bF)yyi\tc^  .Vdiiii.g.of. .Nniiaimo lias, beei 1 7apr.  poi 11 teel y! ^, ������ r'etur iii iig ;���"���;';.;;; prFicer' 7 yfo:;  Cbinbx-Atliii... y.'.    ;-b;',y.yyy;--y;-:"y.y  77 Fieldin��;baiidbEmersp"yyppeuecl  ���lhe 'cainpaigii;'-iii'.y���'.���fh'iey .Marati 111 e  Provinces; "y.'esier'd a }���'.'��������� b'7 ;���;';'��� y.y,7 by.  y.byN.ewb,Westminster;yOccv 5tby:���b  :T-he,;local;T,acrossy;Team ydeltated  Ive 1 so 1,1s yest erdav;-liy &> tyy. .���-���.;;-/  ';������;������  '���.7'::"'WticbU  :Mbi:tiiiyysays;lie::y\vill,yiKHy;r  ;\;iiiaiuioVas litisbiceii; reported.yy;;;y.  byCaplani C:Uesy;wlio was stricken  yvKtlf j.ar'iilysis ay.iewy'ciyysyagdrydietly  ������yesLeidii\bbybyy.7i-.7'yy:,;.;'' yy^'b^'-biyb^;;;^.  'yy.'iyo^:yi)ib,y^Gcty'5ii).*^  del lyyAvliubwas yjionjinu ljeuy'.as,;'.;Cp'n-  ser.vii'iive';.ckiulidafey'fc^  bbib) tbrbt^  'decliiiesvtbyiiiinb'-;*;~"7. y:;yy;' ^yy-y  by Tqrbiilby'CDct:. 6i:---R. jyyBiCirtleii,  ���leader.of the Oppositibu,"and-oilier  prcHiiiiieut .Coiiser\-ii.ti\b;sbadcl res seel  a "largeyuieetiiig at -Miisseyy Hall..  Laurici's^railway;pol.icy was; criticised by Borden,, in yunnieasuied  iei-his,"' as. one. intended to.-1 rob tlie  people for '.the'.bcn'elit of ���.capitalists..  ,  .'I'o'ronto;  0ct..6lli".--The following candidates "' were nominated for  tlieCommons iu Oi'.lario: 7"..  Pr.escott:  Edwaicl .Proulx (Lib.)   .  Soutiib Oxford : 7 J,   C:-'* I-Ienderson  '.;��� y '(Cons*.") b.'b":".y.;";.y,;,y ':;���*;.:  North hruce:���*L. \:i- Bland (Cons.)  . \Vii)iH^-)eg.;Oct.. filli:--The ;Cph-  servatives of Ibsgar norniualed ;W.  :A. Donald fbrbhe Commons;-yyyy  y OttawaiOct. 6th :---It isyofficiv  ally-'.-a"iinouhced bhaty A, B;' Ayles-  wortl.iv lhe ���'-Toronto, lawyer.;is bo  join the Lanrier ministry. He will  run'iu ���Durham.'   .."  ''������'. Vancouver, Oct. 7th :���"The  steamer Boscowitz. whicliy left heie  hist Saturday morning, rein on'a  reef- Sunday '.night, about. 10730,  near Harbildon Island,".an'd. was  completely wrecked, She carried  a large cargo of freight and -150  passengers, most of whom were  Indians. Four Indian children lost  their lives, the remainder of lhe  passengers and crew reached lhe  island in'sal'ety. ,  ��� Des-Moiiies, Iowa :���-The Imva-  Lillooel Gold Dredging Co., who  ix-i-eutly ' constructed the large  dredge at I.illooct at a' cost of  $So,ooo, are short $40,000'in their  accounts. The stenographer admits  ���burning the books of the company.  Another Change.  f/irive slovk of Plain and Perfumed Toilet Soaps al C. R. Bouxk's.  The   Atlin   Trading   Co.,   Ltd.,  is minus  u   director, owing  to the  j retirement of Mr, W.J- Robinson,  ! who   has entirely whbdrawu   from  '��� the firm.  >&MMm  At -Discover yb Saturdayy Ey-,  ^y&^ii&  At; 7Atlin,y; Monday; Evening,  M|ybyyGct.y^6th,bJ?04lb  .,;'���.-A PublicyMeeliiig1 biytyiie; Eleelprs ;  oft 11 e.l) i s t r i c t ywi )17 be7; 11 e kl ...a t b t'li ty  NuggetyHalI,;Discovery, oirSattir-,;;  day;eve)iiiigyyat Syo'clock ; aiso,b���.���.-;���.,"���  A. Public -Meeliug of lhe.IClectors;,  of tlieypistrict \viliyi)ey:heldb.at 'the;-  Kboteiiay;yHall,y Atliu,yyMoiKlayb iity  ;S;yib^:n'iyjy-^y-byy.y,yy^yyyy-;'-'-b  y,' Mr.y\Vi 11 i'an'i .iSloan,; ihe"\ Liheriiiy  Candida te; yAviUybiid'dresS-'y lhe .'.���.'- nieet-.;  ingsbn llie intcrestsyiM'his |);irly'.vyy  ;;yyAl 1;���;.areboar! 1 ia 11 \v i 11 vited"ioj ;il^y  tei'idb ;;;y b'-;'.;:."-' yy y-;. ��� ."y-'y-, .'y'y by;,,y iyy yy-  yyyy' y:y ^y- O'^yy yyyy --ryyy-y  .7,.,yy;I-lAR]yvyBu(iwXi -Secrelai-Avyy :  Siffiwwi  yyy j\ i n kti e 11, ,,dc ty ,7t ii yb-biyi1ere.y is yya> y  news of ti;figlit lutvi.i!g,laken:.pfeice.  but ysoniething", uiiuswal   is-in   tlie;  wind;: iygreat;ybiistle7:isbnpl:ceable  and   the." streelsy-are thronged with  bur ry ing -...  c row cl s. ���':, 7 11111 miier'ahl e".'  ���parts ; and.pack yy in ules .axe 'y.hei 11 g-;-  prepared fory-use. b;    ..���',-���'-.���   b       '". .  y   St.  l'etersburgy OcL, 6th :���The'  expected ,battle   between   the   opposing forces near Mukden has not  yet,occurred, and advices received.,  up.lb Uie  present do.: not   indicate'  tiny important developments,   y,:  General Stoessel reporis lliat the  Japanese lost 10,000 men; in the  attacks on Port Arlh 11 r froiii Se[)t.y  19th to -22ud7 The : Ja-paneJse.-.are  now approaching" by eiilreiicliiiieiits  and atunheb b      -.y.;;;:;.;;:;-  :;;     .-���.���-��� ���-.  -Mfikden, :Oct.y 5thy:-;-'fIic complete. In lb regarding operations was  broken Oct; 2nd by a slightyskir-  niish. The Russians lost 3*0'-after'  figliting for some li uie. Japsinese  retired without loss. 7\  '-St. Petersburg.; Oct. 5th :���The  Emperor's departure' for Reval Ut  bid farewell to'.'the- Bailie fleet has  again been *x)Stponet].   ;  Chefoo, Oct. 5II1:���Tiiere is nolh-  iug new' concerning- operations at  Port Arthur.. -b  Peking, Oct. 1st: -A new Anti-  P'oreign Socielv, similar to lhe  Boxers, has been formed and already numbers many thousands.  The movement is spreading rapidly.  P. M. A.  A general meeting of the A1 li it  branch of lhe Provincial Mining  Association will be held at Uie  Grand Hotel at 8 p. 111. 01; Saturday, Ibe ijlh inst.  mm  :tb-;.;7-.77.b;b.'bb!  ;,v--i.  yym  ytilfl  ���y *������ m  'r:*''ff  11  yyyym  y&yyim  llbll  ;0. .7  ' J ATLIN.    B.  C,     SATUKDAV. * OCTOBER'   ��.     1904  The Atlin Claim,  ���nil", atlin Claim is published c��e��v t�����i,o��v  MOHNING.      'm ft I LED     mCC    TO    ANY     MI1T   OT    THC  would ron an ccNTG pen month; so.oo pen  vi-nn. unvcfliisiNQ iiATr.n: 5.1.00 pen inch each  iNsrnTloN;  nCAOlNC. noticcb, ;o ccnts a linc:  SPrCIAI.    RATTO   ON    APPLICATION.  .1015 PXINTlNli :  niLL-HCAiis. posrenr.. visitino cahiii  UTTOl- HEADS. PflOO R A I, M ES.        ETC..   ETC.  ORDERS    PROMPTLY    EXECUTED.  PIIICCS    MODI  l.*TE. '  "I'liB ATI,in Claim   Puiii.ishino Co.  A. C. !liuscuri-:r,i>,   -   l-'nriou, Phoi-iuktoii  "Atlinto " Launched.  The pioneer ,:paddle steamer  "Atlinto'' 'was successfully  launched from her stocks near  Discovery Wharf ou Wednesday,  the 51I1 inst. She will proceed on  hei trial trip at an early dale. Her  capacity and power will enable  her to undertake freighting nnd  lowing 011 the Lakes.  The owners of the "Atlinto" are  Messrs. Durie &. Smith. ' Mr. \V.  J. Smith is the designerand builder.  Atlin,  Nugget  and Grane  Rings  And All Kinds of Jewellery Manufactured on the Premises,  jfiSST-    Why send ou. when you can get goods as cheap here?  Watches From $5 up.   Fins Lino of Souvenir Spoons.  JULES EGGERT & "SON," The Swiss Watchmakers.  Saturday, Oct. S,   1904.  A continued sign of the stability  and pcrma'uence of our camp is  amptly evidenced by the fact that  large number.1: of men will remain  and work during this "winter, drilling in the creek benches. Spruce,  Pine, Tar Plats and Boulder will  probably be the m^st extensively  worked. The -productiveness of  drifting "operations, especially on  ' Boulder Creek, has astonished the  camp, and the Societe Miniere's  ground is greatly in ' demand by  laymen.  Work will also' be prosecuted  with energy on most of the quartz  properties, which will give employment to mary men, and as each  year goes by more properties will  be opened up and more men put lo  work. The ultimate-result of this  steady march lo pi ogress means  that our present migratory population will become as permanent ancl  stable as our camp.  THE    KOOTENAY   HOTEL.   ��  NOTICE.  TSJOTICI5 is hereby given that Sixty days  ���^ after date I intend" lo apply I" thu  Chief Coniinhsioner of Lands and Works  for pui'inis-ion to purchase lhe following  described Iniiil situated in 1 lie Allin District,  viz.: -Commencing at a post marked I>'. W.l)  N. K. corner, planted nbn.it nil" mile North-  Ulist of Atlin Tnivnsilr. I liriirc Westerly 20  chains,'t hci.ee Soul burly Hi chains, I hence  Kusterly -II chains, tbeiire Nurt Inir'.v 10  chains to point of coiiiuioin-i'ineiit. containing Ml acres more or less.  F. W. DoWI.INU.  Dated. Allin,-11. C, Oelolier full, 11MI4.  NOTICE.  IHKKIvllY give notice that within (ill days  from date, f intend to apply to the  Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for  permission to purchase the following described ground, situate in tlie Atliu District:  ���Commencing at a post marked "S. 11. lvs"  N. Ii. corner post, planted about two'iiiiles  south of the mouth of MnKee Creek and one  half mile from Luke'front; thence southerly  ���!Uchains.thence westerly 411 chains, thence  northerly-III chains, thence easterly ID chains  to point of commencement, containing U'.O  acres more or less. . R_ ^    ,,r<1JMllK_  Atlin. ILC. July 27th, IDDI.  A, R. McDonald, Proprietor.  COK.   FlK5T   AND .TkAINOK   S'l'KKICTS.  Thii First Clans Hotel hi.** bee., ix..K'il��le.l and rof uri.i��l.��il ��l.iouu'hoiit  and offers the best iiccoiuino.hitioii lo Transient or I'eriiiiinuin  G newts.--Aiiu-ric-Mii nud kurupcaii plan. .  Finest Wines, Liquor* and Cigars.  Billiards   'a-ncl   Pool.  o��oVo��o��o��o-��b-��o-��a��'^o��oo��o����o��o��<��^^��o��c����o��o*^��^��,:'*  Speedy Justice.  Mike O'Neill, of Atlin, was-sen-  tenced lo six months at bard labor,  being convicted by Police Magistrate Taylor of the theft of $125  from Wylie Sherman, a Caribou  Crossing farmer. O'Neill ancl Sherman were passengers on the train  from Caribou to Whitehorse. O'Neill had a long- bottle of "stark  naked" hootch, from which he induced Sherman to drink often and  freely, and when he reached the  comatose stage he. (O'Neill) extracted the money from Sherman's  pocket. O'Neill practically admitted the theft. ��� Whitehorse Star.  Fire in Durie's.  A fire, which was fortunately discovered and extinguished before  much damage could be done, made  J. D. Durie's hardware store the  center of interest on Thursday  evening shortly after nine o'clock.  Some clothing near the stove  caughl lire somehow, while Mr.  Durie was out, but smoke being  observed, Sam Johnson burst in  the door and Mr. Till rushed water  ���on the'-sceiie, and a few moments  afterwards people were contemplating on " what might have been."  Charlie Bourne, the Fire Chief, was  early on the spot, prepaied for  action. Loss amounted to a suit  of clothes and a barrel of water,  neither of which were insured.  Ardmorc, I.T, Oct. 5H1 :--The  Canadian River is higher than for  many years. Many railway bridges  have beeii washed away and large  number of people driven from tlieir  home*-;.  -NOTICE.  ���-\-r-(>TI01'. is'hereby given (hut. within till  J-Ni days from date. I intend to apply to  the Chief Conimi.ssioiici^or.Lauds and Works  for permission to purchase, tlie following  described laud, situate iu the Atlin District:  Commencing at a post marked "IL M. ll's"  S. K. corn,-r; planted about one mile south of  the mouth of Mclvee' Creek and one-half  mile from Lake front, thence southerly 10  chains, tlience westerly 10 chains, thence  nortlieriy 10 chains, thence easterly 40 chains  to point, of ooniinencoineiit, containing 160  acres more or less. ,j.'M. ,UMBHAW.  Atlin. ILC. July 27th. 1904.  NOTICE.  "T^J"OT10Ii is hereby given that within 00  .LN days from date 1 intend to apply to  tin* Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works  for permission to purchase tlie following  described ground, situate in the Atlin District :���Commencing at a post malted " V. T.  ll's" N. lv. corner, planted about one and  one-half miles south of the mouth of Mclvee  Creek and one-half mile li'oni Lake front,  thence southerly 10 chains, thence westerly  10 chains, thence northerly 41) chains, thence  easterly Id chains to point of commencement,  containing WO acres more or less.  I'. T. II am sua w.  Atliu. U. C. July 27th. inoi.  NOTICE.  ���tw-t DTIOH is hereby given that si.xty days  -1-N alter date I intend to up.'.ly to the  Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works  for permission to purchase the following  described land situated in tiie Atlin District:  Coii'.nieiiciiig at. a post marked .1. T. Itegaii  S. W. corner, planted about one mile northeast'of'Atliu Townsite. thence west 21) chains,  thence north 20 chains, tlience east 20 chains,  I hence south 120 chains to point of comnieiicc-  niei.t, containing 40 acres more or less.  Dated thisKth day of August. 1U04.  .Iami-'.k T. ItKtiAN.  NOTICE.  NOT I OK is hereby given that sixty days  after date I intend to .apply to the Chief  Commissioner of Lands ami Works for permission to purchase the following doscribed  tract ol* land: Commencing atpost marked  Nevile's initial post, north-east, corner, on  the north shore of Atlin Lake and near the  Atlinto Kiver, Taku, ILC: tlience 1000 feet, to  post No. 4 : thence ��00 feel to post No. II;  thence 1000 feet to post. No. 2: thence SOO feet  to post of commencement I containing live  acres more or less.  0.  Wll.MAM A. Nr.VM.K.  Hated ni  Allin, .1 illy 2'Hh, Iti'M.  I    I  V.  0  <  K  rl  a  ���GOLD     BDUSE5  DISCOVERY,   B.   C.  ST."R"i:crr.LY :ir:rnsT o.la.ss.  JOHN   WOLTERS,   Proprietor.  STACK    *(    I.I VICKY     IN    fOKNBUTION.  H*.  y  o  s  o  o  ft  x  H  It  K  0 i  k'  i  RcisVel!   -Hot-el-*,  DIXCN    BROTHERS,   Proprietor*   . �������>   &'  Pool  Freighting and Teaming  Free.  Billiards,  ���j.        Horses and Sleighs for Hire.  J.   H.   RICHAEDSON,  ATLIN    &.  DISCOVERY.  Full Line of Clothing Just From the East  THE   LATEST   STYLES.  Complete Stock of Dry Goods .  THE    LATEST    IN    HATS,     BOOTS     AND      SHOES.  fljLW GOLD    SEAL    GUM    BOOTS  Our Goods are the Best and Our Prices the Lowest.  The Canadian Bank of Commerce.  CAPITAL    PAID    UP    $8,700,000.  R-asERVic, $3,000,000.  Branches of the Bank at jeatt��e,  . .San Francisco,  Portland,  Skagway,. etc  Exchange sold on ait Points.  Gold Dust Pukchashd���Assay Oi'pick in Connection!  D.  ROSS, Manager.  V.  TROTMAN,   Manager.  Corner Pearl and First Streets, Atlin, B. C.  FIRST   CLASS   RESTAURANT   IN   CONNECTION,  O10IC131 WINK. UQUORS ANB CtGAKS CASl GOODS A 5PICIAUY.  Hydraulic    Mining'  unery.  HYDRAULIC   GIANTS,    WATER    GATES,  ANGLE    STEEL    RIFFLES    &  HYDRAULIC    RIVETED  PIPK  '��3  Estimates furnished  ou application  The Vancouver Engineering Works,  Vancouvku,  y, -C. az2Z-itz��*^r- J^=s��-i~r"-srt!:  ATLIN, B. C, SATURDAY,  OCTOBE'R  1904  THE' '    ATLIJN.'"     TRADING       COiVlPAINV,   .   Limited.  Pall and  Winter S'.ock for our, Two Pig Stores '  tarriving ou every hoat.    Every department will  be replete within tlie uexl few days.  We carry the largest stock in the District and all at the  closest  prices.  .1.   W.   PATICltjON,  Sl-'I'M-ITAIIY.  Off-  Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots and Shoes;  The Celebrated Gold  Seal  Rubber Boots;  Groceries in-Carloads, Hay,    Oats.'  If you w  nt a big outfit for the winter be sure and come and see us.  A. S. CROSS, Pkksidknt and Thcasi;iii:i<.  $U,500. Reward.  Ottawa  Sept. 4th:��� The Federal  Government   offeis  $5,0.10   iew;ird'  for   the   cajitnie  of  lhc   C.   P.   R.  train robbeis. _ ,  Willi thu $0,500 ofleied hy lhe  Provincial Government lhe C. P.  R. and the Dominion Express, tlie  total reward now is $1 ',500.  A     Penitent's    Relurn.  St. Louis. Sept. .-.th : ������ Charles  lb ICclly, .spcakci ot t!u* house of  delegatus during lhe hoodie, combine, win) w.is paid $50,000 to  keep avvay from lhe gia:-.d jiuy.  lias returned fiom Englai'd wheie  he has been' in hitling, and, at his  wile's re.iue.-,t, makes eoulcs-ion.  Many proiui-.ient people aie implicated.  Big Irrigation Scheme.  Gi eat pi ogress is being made on  the huge irrigation scheme undertaken by the Canadian Pacific Railway to redeem lliree million acres  of land in Alberta. It is no.w the  gie.itest irrigation project being  'worked out in -tliis 'continent.  When the whole tract is redeemed  il will support "half a million people. The water is taken from the  How river, and 700 men, 300 teams,,  4 steam shovels, 200' horse-power  steam scrapers and 10 elevating  graders are now at work. The  total expense will exceed five million dollars. Laud will be sold  with the water right at $10 per acre.  ; A  Coming   Event.  Londjii, Sept.,4th :'������The Piince  and Princess of Wales Will visit  India next year.  Dixon   &.   Shulz,  Proprietors.  Lowney's Chocolates, diiecl from  factorv. ��� .C. R. Uouknk.  Mining Tit-Bits.  Opportunity, sooner or later,  conies to those who work and wait.  The importation of Chinese is  beginning 10 increase lhe output of  the Tiansvnal mines.  A mountain of alum, 1,900 feet  high and 10 miles in circumterence,  lias been discovered in China.  It is estimated that the total gold  production for the Kloiidyke, Nome  and Tanana placers for 1904. will be  about $26,000,000.  lu Victoria, Australia, there are  ten gold mines down over 3,000 ft.,  and lhe deepest in' the world, at  Beudigo, has reached a vei tical  depth of 4 000 ft.  TheCopper King Mine at Whitehorse began shipping ore last week,  five cailoads being sent south, and  will be followed hy more and laiger  shipments as last as the ore can lie  gotten out.  Locating mineral veins, water  and oils, by-means of the so-sailed  -divining rod. has been practiced for  hundreds of years. There has  never been a test of this foolish  method that proved a success,  though it might be said thai in  extreme cases suiings have been  located, but whenever such it. was  purely a hit of luck on the part of  the so:called wizard.���The Mining  World-  O.   R.   R. Co.   ALASKA   ROUTE   SAIl INGS���  The '"ollowing .Sailings tire announced for the month of October;  leaving Skagway at 8 p. in.:  The stertner Princess Heat rice will  leave Skagway on lhe 6lh and ;6th  of October.  For further information, apply or  wriioto I-I. B. Dunn, Agent,  Sk-cigway. Alaska.  Pacific Coast 5. S. Co.  , Pioneer Alaska Line.  Seattle. Puget Sound, San Francisco  and Southern Rorts,  CAUliyiMi   l*. S.   MAIL.  Sail*, ti'oiu Sk'u^vv :iy.:!.  City of Seattle,��� Oct. 3, 16.  Vancouver and .Seattle direct.  Cottage City,-- Oct. 1, 13.  -Vancouver and Seattle direct; truiislei-rinir  passengers Irom Vancouver to Victoiiu.  S. S. Humbolt, ��� Oct. u.  Direct to Seattle via Victoria, transferrin!:  ,' passengers to Vancouver.  J3DF-  Above   Schedule   Subject   to   CIhiiiwi*  Without Notioe. ��� *  CD. DUN NAN, Gen. Pass. Agt., .  10 Market St., Sun Francisco, Cal.  L- M. WEST, Agent,  Skagway, Alaska.  .Discovery.  OPEN  DAY AND NIGHT.,  FIRST-CLASS RESTAURANT ,  IN  CONNECTION.   :  ,      ilenduiiiirters  for llixou'H Htuec.      ,' ,  HOTEL VANCOUVER.  rHIS HOTEL IS STOCKED WITH  'THE   BEST   OF   GOODS  Sant.  Johnstone,   Prop.  Northern Lumber Co,  Limited.  MILLER &. McLAREN, Proprietors,  IlLSCq.VKRKXS  OK  ATLIN.  Our Dining-Room. Furnishes the  Best Meals in Camp.  TINEST    OK     liQliORS.  -   .       GOOD   STABLING.  On and after, the 231 d." of April,-  1904 and until further notice the  following will be the prices o PL umber.  Rough, up to 8 inches, "S^o.  do'        do      ro   ' ,,',   -   -45.  do'.       do      12       ,,        50.  Mulched, $50.00  S: D. &5.oo*& D. D. ��������">. extra.  i2_->s per cent discount will he allowed for cash at time of ordering.  Pine tree Hotel,  '     DISCOVERY, 13.  C.  NEWDINING ROOM" NOW OPEN,  Furnishing    The  BEST'MEALS  IN CAMP.  Piuest of Honors.     Good stabling.  Atlin Lodge, No. 15,  lin. Sands, Proprietor.  Notice of Forfeiture.  To H. G. Nicoli oud any person or persons  to whom he may have transferred his interests iu the liutfcue No. 1, Iviiirene No. 2,  liugeno No. II .Mineral Claims, situate about  2\i miles north of Atliu, iu the Atliu-Slininn  District:    _ . ...  You are hereby required to take notice  thutjwe have for the last year done the  whole of the assessment, work on the above  mentioned Mineral ICIaims as required by  Sec. 124 of the Mineral Act uud have paid tor  recording of two certificates of such work,  and you are hereby required to contribute  your proportion of such work and expenditure, together with all costs ol adverlisinu'  your said proportion, timoiiutiui*; to sixt.v-  six dollars and niiity-one and two-i bird  cents [$C6.tU;;1] exclusive of costs.  If vou fail or refuse to contribute vour  said proportion and all costs of. advertising,  vv ithiu ninety days from the date of the llrst  publication of this notice in '"Tlio Atlin  Claim," whiolQihtle"is-hereunder vv riitcn,  your interest* in snid^'iniiieriil elaiius vv'ill  become vested in us, your co-part ncrs,  under the provisions <>r the Mineral Act  and Amending Acts.  Outed this -Jllnl day of July, A. It., lilnl.  O. I". ("onlky.  lv. 1). ItoitKK.  NOTICE.  To Husky McKay of lieimelt. It. (!.  "^TTO'ITCK is hereby driven by the under-  -4-bS . slK'���e,l, liolderor I'. M.C. No. 112411111!,  that you have failed to keep up your free  Miner's Certificate ami failed to en..tribute  your pro*K>i'tloimf expenditure required by  the ILC. Act fill Vie. Onii. llir. diiriuir the Inst  four years, anil that if ut. the rxpiriition of  ninety dnys piiblictiliou you should fail or  refuse t<i contribute your proportion of the  expenditure! required by section 24, together  With alliCosts of udvertisinir and to show  that you are and have been a f rec-niii.er,  your interest in the " AHf'Tii;" ami " Canyon CltuicK " Mineral Olnims, situate on the  .Left Hand Side of Lake Hennett below tho  Town of Hennetl, shall become vesteil in the  uiidersitfued who has iniide the required expend'! I lire: the who leas provided by Sect ions  'J uiiil 2fi�� of said Act.  SI a liY  lliili.li;.  Ily lil'.t.l.A Ciiiisw* l-'.I.I., her Solieilors  1st liiib. Auu'.'-O-l Dawson, V.'l'.  Whitfield's Shoe Shop,  meets second and fourth Wednesday of e*ich monlli, at -3 p. ni., at  the A. O. U. W Block. Third Street.  Visiting Biothers are cordially  invited to alten'-d.     - '  -  P. W. iWi.inc;,    ,  ���  Master Workman.  E. M. N. Woods, Recorder.  OTT     BATHS  ���    IV.    BARBERS  SHOP  FIRST   STREET.   ATLIN. P.   SlIWCLDS  &:   El>DY  lXlKHAM.  Boots and.  Shoes   R-epaired���Gum       nw occupy their _ii��iv aimrti-rs next  Boots  a  Specialty.    Harness   also  Repaired. ;  to the Hank of n. N. A., First Street.  The bath rooms uie equally u"n jjooil us loiuil  in cities.    Private Entrance for ladies.  THE  Half-Way House  vs a h&vcu for all  travclleri. 1'he meals  nre free-iiiillinir and  flu. 1.1'arers iu the  bur its' refreshing as  the dewof the rarly  iiKii-iiiii-^.. An iilenl  hOinnicl- and �� inter  -resort.  JAMES  CLARK,  l'KOPKIKTOK.  THE WHITE PASS& YUKON ROUTE.  Through   Line   from  Skaguay   to  Atlin.   White  Horse,   Biy  Salmon,  Dawson and all Intermediate points.  Finely appointed trains daily, except Sunday,  between SVaguay, Caribou  and Whitehorse.  Carry Passengers, Baggage, Mail and Express-  TIME   SCHEDULE   OF   FIRST   CLASS   TRAINS:  - No. I.���North Hound. |  No.2.���.South Hot.ml. "������;  9.30ii.m. Lv.       SKAOUAV      Ar.  t.aOp.in. '  2.10 p.m. Lv.       CAUIHOl!       Lv. 11.9(1 a.m.  LiU i��.iii. Ar.'WIUTG HOIL'JK Lv.fl.au a.m.  TIME  SCHEDULE   LAKE   STEAMBOATS'.  Leave CAItfHOU 0 p. in. Tiieuduyn,      Arrive A'l LIN', fl ��. in. Wednesdays.  , "   ���..���   r, p. in. Kridays, '* "        *3 a. .in. Siitiiriluj's.  l.��.nvo ATLIN 5 ii. m.��� Mondays, Arrive CA1UHOU 7 ��-in. Tueniluya.     7  " ������        D p. m. Thiirsdnyii. " "; .7 b. in.. Kridays.  ISO ixiunds of ImL'irnje will bo choolcnd free with each full farotieliet and TO o-oun.lo  with each half fnro ticket. .���������,'  I'nNHnuKcro must l��e ut dei.otn in time to have Khurhi*;-- inspecled ��vn>1 chw-d-wL  Time Schedules arc .-.ubject to' chaueu without notice.  E&~     Baggage   Bonded   Through.  "'For-information  relative to   PuM��eii|>wr,  Freiuht,  ICxpresi ��ud Teieciiuili Untea,  apply to any aeeut of the Company or to  M J  B W1IITK.G. fiP.L J.LIPSCOMB K.D.PINSEO.Aast.O. F. * 1\ A.,  Vancouver. H. C. Agent, Atlin. SUn��M��y, Al����b��.  ��A.������* * * 1T.1N
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Su.uln.v' service.;
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ii. ':(.VI''l>i'iuii.n of.llol.i
iiiiu.iio...   1st   Su..da.v
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Suniluy; Sehool.   Si
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day id   I'.   I',   in. ."■■•Ciiniuiiiicu •.Merliii'-s..   1.-.I
• Tliursd'ay in'each month.'     ..:■��■■-. <■;'
••if... '■, ■■;,; dlev.'l1'. L. Steiilicii-on, Kccliii*.
;.■ St.■■!' An.Iron's ; I'r'esli.vier'iiiu ' Cliui'iiii hold,,]
'.services/in (lie ..Church, oil '.'Second St reel. ■
'- M urn i na* service n't 11 .cvi-iii nc sei-vii.-.- 7::l.i.l
Siiudiiy .Srhool.'iiit lie elose "•of the. uiV'.riiiiur'l
-■ service'.-.   I!i.-v.,.';.'I'll i'kiiiH"lon.:.Miiiisli,ti'.    '
7-i  Koixu'u Catholic,Church 7-'.Services will bc;
.held second Sunday of eiicli.-niin'iCh/   All ni-c'
..welcome. .Itilv.'l-"atheivCurbi-iU'minisi.-.-.   •".;,'■
••'■■ 7yy^>iiriug;tliey;iljsence of -MibyAbC.;
.' Hirschlehl; this '.winter, yTheyGhiiiii
bwilb be ■'tn'a'ija'gedbind edited. byyMiy.
.yj.ySiiiip.soii, Who .is now well known
•^'iii-biircainpb We; bespeak (or. liini
yy,' tjiegeiier'or.s.aiid .continued support
b*cii'i .Our- p'alroiisy and' .they public
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y;yy^bbui'iebi;is:.recci\'ed  11is-; fall 'ship-.
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:-.;yy.J.vcD»naki'^7 ^CW'oceryyiyyiuakcsy a,
y'■•.'siieci'iiltybof' fresh eggs yandybu iter;,
'.'■.'" Theb.Griiud yPlolel; wasy.y.soldbvat,
■■.-.auction;last weeky ihe'h.ig.liesl.ibid-
yyder ;_•■ 'being." D.,- Hiistie,y, w,ho..-'..-.;n6.w.'.
yyowiisyilit largest;and best-equipped.
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b '■ /j-lie- Oyyk.;; Jjarbcr Slioii.yior; Hoi;
;7;:or Cold liatlisatyillyliours, 5oyceuls.;
-yii A. farewell .'dance' will.be giveii to.
'■y.-.'-jlm" Cornell   inyblie yNuggety-Hail,
.y.'Discovery, on Saturday, 'Oct'. '22'iid.'
7 to which every boo \''isy welcome. i..yl
-...'■-■ i,ai"j*e and..welly assorted stock of
' -Pipes at^C. K; Bournji's.: y'■- :';.;'':,,
yii yr. he Nubyge {.'.PI.6 te.l c 1 1 a 11 ged' li a 11 ds
;-;" ph'lhe .3rcl yij;ist.',ywiieh'-.:MriJyCov-
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'•'.  session;     The new firhi had a-grand
„ opening and a large crowd .went to
y Discovery froiu Allin. .   Ma 11 y good
y speeciies were made ahd.aue veiling
full ofiuerriineni enjoyed.
Mr; andyyMrs. "W. b-J. "Robinson
and claugh let*; left for.. Philadelphia
ou the Inst boat; .;-.■■'.,' .;;
.  Get a collection ,ofy Views  before
; you '.leave," al Hirschfeld's.
Watch    Pi 11 inan's    windows ..for
goods,suitable for Pally;aiid Winter
-wear... yy '■•-   .       '.:,■■
A boxing class has  been  started
.   al the Allin.Ci.iib.'. ;Mr. Spiers, the
professor, is loo well known to.need
y .a .'..'. boost.'byy.   .;   7;,..   _..,-.■ ..*....... ...1
■■.. : Pillinan carries a; full \suppl)- of
..'..'ill the latest Magazines/and' Papers
to..be.'.hrid. .■.;. ;•   - .:,;.
;.i*nui-.i! *i;u'k ,.\i:ki'iUi:h; 017';) 111.1 -        ;;;
;■■■. "A. da nee; was -given; yy. the Incnus
of -Dr. •.-•■■ lveile.i"..,,-at 1 tier; yrvObtcr.iiy
Hall y,..lnsty,.yy\\yediiesda\b ye veiling.,
;'riie; guest had a"b\"ti"y enjoyable;
liiu<bas dill 11 Iso r/a.l lb lio^-e y who y at-;
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yy'lTielA;'i;'0.bU.y'W;:yiiiUl; yypeciaI,
sessiqnyiiibhe Lodg..* nv-blbvt: "Hio.-
;Di-.yXel!er,;p(ySkagAViiy.   ., ,L:,
yy St()\;esj. ;i nil 7;M;irdw;ire; ;ib prices
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their'liontcsbasl;: Monday, and - villi
tliei iy.d.e j.')fii:i .11 re., the- Cpuriy. sit tings
pf" ''tli.is..'.yedi:y.closiedb. ■-.■;;.■    y.-;y;b.;/.:.
yb'-Miyyn'nd;-iNrfs... Upb;ci;CP;i';ioi!,y];ite;
of 'Pelegriiph; ./Creekv ':;lib,Vt-yy'irri vt-d
in y A tlin,.y  y\r: b7-Jriyi yt cjm by\\i lib juive
charge of, the telegraplr 'stafidn- at
Pike'yRi\*ery:y.byb/7.7;;,-.b;'; I y-. yy.' -';';
.yyUey.; Dr. •PringleyiclLtb.rylJavvsoii
on; y'i'h.1'1'rsday. ■'.y He "{..occu.ined; la^t"
Sunday;--the y;place.yy,of7;;R^vy7;;M i\-
■'1viii*lcingfioji','■;": ;y\\-lip;;":■ reiuriis. I: fr'd'in.
Wliilehorse'.-t.oda'y;;,7 7-'yy-; b     . 'yy
Atiiii, —Bar,  -Diniiigyyaiidy.Bililardy
Rooms,; 2oy P>ed.- robin s,all .;>vell fiirb
iiished.——yApplv*;jy). PIAStiKyy;-^;
b"b'ORy;S ALEr-yG bpdyi31:iiii:|isiiiidy
IJeddiiigybalsbb; Cabiiiy-^Apjily to
. FOR; SALE;-11- One; Loveiidge
■Derrick,'■■'by-'the. Pine Greek -Power
Coiiijniiiy, Ltd., at Disco'very, B.. C.
EGR S ALET-The- Tepee   Roiid
Ho'iise.—Apply 'Jvo;\i  .MitcmivLi,-.■"'■'
,' 1''0UN p.-r-.d 11.'road betwee 1 i'.A lli.u
and Discovery, one:Remington Shot
Gun Stock.- Owner,caii have same
by paying for adveriising'.-'-Apply
PosuGfTice, Discovery.: \"i'i':
i". LOS'P—-Nob: offylslKideyoir baby
carriage.—Reiurii-.i.o Mks. Plum in-:..
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. ■■ ■ '■?■-. /■■■.-■:-'■• ''\ ;;    . y    _   yr ;c   :.■"■-''-,   """;.,:■'. ■".'.'.'.- y'.•"'.'■." ■.';'' ""■""''.'.  ■■-  ■'.-.'.  -b  \y    '..'"■. .."!',V,.b". :.'■''■', :i , .
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;he charged yfoi;aty^O'.cibH.ts.^
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;•;When ^bubyWarit JobyyPnntingy
.yyCailyyand y/yGetSyPricesvyyat.'The;
•   GRAND        y'-byy
to in-: iii-'.r.ii ix Tin: ,.,
ILAIbAH >Hb\I . 'J-J'A.i:*:-I.J;.'
''Safurday,-J3th_ "foist*
in. .vii) oi-* Tin-:   ■
Discovery Skating Rink.
l-'i-om 100 to llfiO ft.-of ■■rock-tunnel work to
he ooininence.il iiiimcdiii'tely or. during' the
n.oi.th and lo be linisheil as soon as possible,
in .Table Mountain, across fi-din 'Taku.' .Size
ol' tunnel. ;ix 7 feet I.'lop nii-cly areheil: run
iu a si raiffh line, lioek liri.'a'ks.edsily. i-'ii-slr
class <l.i in 11 ii lid T'-c.'v'or.v-.i'eiiii veil ience.' New
residence..   Address all bids tli .-.-..■■-.-■■.
■I. p.. COOPKKb.ATr.iK, T*KU.,y
r L&&F? y.Wo.':ii're'bettfer prepared -to take,ycar.e,;of largeyorders 011 yy-
Md&Emi&?[j.: yHM ^;^;yMra^^^EEE.^
y   llian aMy-liouse this side of Seattle:.-   Perishables a Specialty;;
Roscof Ellensbiirc] Kutter,
Ctiass &. Sanborn's Covfea,
Standard Oil Co.
AGKaT   ;;■
Pi-efe,-red; Stock of Canned Goods,
Blue Ribbon Teav y,
■ £%s?~. Satisfaction Guaranteed.
tO.yi.Sb ^.^.lyK^Ji^JtfLjf.
,1.0lesal e    aricly?. Retai 1; b Biitel 1 er
■:' FIRST yySTREET,; ATIilN, R^CbEv  ;;:
.  y VllTI.V   TO ,
BUTLER' BROS.,; Taku Arm.
Boxing,      Fencing,     Wrestiiru*,   \
lntei*s|u'i*.s.*'d with Siu>ie un.l Soiij-s.
The Greatest   JVii^ht of the  Season.
A n.M iJSio.s,   ."id f!i*.\T*'i.
<6 >-♦
E.-.M. N. WOODS,     :;
^ ; lias Inki'ii uii Oltiei' ul ■ liooni I, (lohl
,;    House.    DiMmvery.      Ollice     Hour..,-    ',.
i.    Ti.esiln ,\-s. 'I'll ui'siln.vs null Snt ui'dn.vs, ' ,'
f.     li-oiu ii lo7S p. iii. "'. .;
<•>• ♦ ♦ ♦♦♦♦-♦ ♦■♦■♦■♦■» * •» *-♦-♦-♦-♦-♦•♦ ♦ ♦ j>
s*o«H>*i!..,"i;Tli;lisiS;Sal v &■
v.v .:_©■■•■:'.v'ilo'':V HiJif IL
»; ■ '.y      ■ ■      .;   7 A'ri.iN.  ii. <;....
M' '•'"'-.'il   SKELF AUD  HEAVY   HARDWARE,
\\   ;-      '7;'" Pn and Granite Ware,
' l4 ■'/-■■      W'»e|,s' andBlacltsmiths' Su*pi:licc,      Doors and Windows.
b* ■'   .      ■  Fi!si!^ne(£:c^a mud FJSsiiilrssa Faaiaryu -'■■.•''
Tfl/*v       /?**&     '"'•y sfy* ra th    ■' ■      si *■  ■ ' -
H        W *,       ^knlWVHm^M    k,;i,;,:sso„T',    M.
«:a_-?»irtrj7Jt^riJ nr^ir»-MT»  .
■ -.bj ■•.-*; i c v —-��*—r
7 ©PEN       ,.-...-;
llorffieri ireilug - Coipaif, ttl
..   bATLIN,   U.   C.  ;    "'" /'   ' ■'
•  #
^-«. --.j.->JU i^J,,A.t.t.t
-' fOi- 	
Flour,   Oats,   Chop   Feed, -Bran,   &c,  &c.
Sfp-Cen-"/®^'®   'RGSt&ssi'Zisii  tin.  GamnaG/Uau.
D.M'Ill'I'lA.STlJ*;,    I'UOI'RIIvTOK.
CCil{.\!..:i*   KIUST'AVICNL'IC   AND   OISCO VlvK V  STK HUT, ' A'l'LfN,
;- I'l


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