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The Atlin Claim 1904-10-15

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 ���gjaaa-yinafc-nsa^FCT  ���kt-u*l*art��rtf'>M��*��n  gHg^Ki*y Uw <i��wffmwi'w  ��� -rn^v ���U>Uitt<Ia ���'���s^'l,---"  H1*W*^.|lW_<_H7i 1,1 nilBln in,,  ^<V  TT&  A.  :i    OtT 241604- ���    & ;l  \OL.  ATLIX,   1!. C.    SATURPAY.     OCTOBKR     15,     -go.-  XC.  -'74  s.  THE   ELECTION,  Sloan,  the Liberal Candidate,  Addresses the Electors.  Mr. Win. Sloan, candidate for  the Dominion 1'arliaiiient.addressed  the constituents of this District at  Discovery on Saturday last and at  Alliu on Munday.. both meetings  were exceedingly well attended and  quite enthusiastic.  At the meeting in Koolenay  Hall, Monday evening, Mr. J.  Kirklar.d occupied the chair.  Mr. Sloiui 'lemarkcd that there  were no great issues at stake, and  confined his nddicss principally to  reading exlracts from ihe leading  Conservative papers respecting the  Grand Trunk Pacific deal. He  said he was in no -way connected  with trusts and corporations and  that he had every confidence in the  success of the liberal party in the  coining election. He stated that  the All-Canadian Route io Dawson  would soon he under construction  and that the navigability of the  Atlinto would receivevhis- best attention if he went to Ottawa.  Dr. Young, M. M. P., who was  ashed to speak, touched briefly on  the Grand'Tiwnk Pacific deal from  the Opposition standpoint; he also  referred to the Lumber question.-  Mr. Sloan responded by giving a  long list of figures, showing the  gradual increase of exports, both of  lumber and manufactured goods,  under the Liberal "administration.  Mr. Woods then took the platform and stated that since'96 he  had quit the Conservative party  and joined the Liberals, whom he  claimed -the younger generation  had reason to support. His remarks caused some surprise and  were interrupted, amid laughter, by  Charlie Queen, who in turn, got  free advice from our late magistrate.  Mr. Jas. Stables confined his remarks to the candidate, Mr."Sloan,  who, he said, had been "up against  it." like many of us, and had gone  to Dawson in the early days * he  was a miner and k.ucw our needs,  and should receive the support of  the working man. ��� ���  Between the speeches', Mr. Win.  .Moore entertained the audience  with several of his specialties' which  were encored several times.  At the conclusion of the meeting  Mr. Sloan was escorted" to the  .steamboat, which was iu waiting,  by a torchlight procession, and  he departed with cries of good  wishes fiuui his supporters.  Mr. Sloan,' the candidate, is a  ' free miner, and has the proud distinction "of having hoisted the lirsl  ��� .bucket ��� of dirt, out ol- Eldorado  Cicck. lie is a resident of. N;a-  nai'itio, whore In: is greatly respected and admired. ,. ��� .   ; V   .  Sale of Crown Granted  Mineral Claims, in the Atlin As'sess-  o    merit   District,  for Unpaid. Taxes:  I ln'i-i'l>\ Liivc nut it'i-I !ml mi .Moiiilii\, (lie sL'vrntli day (��!'N(��vi'inliri-, A. I). l'.KM, ul   tin.'   nun r  of  I'liTi'n   n'ulocl.  in  tli��.'  lori'iionn, :i.  .   >- . . jT .  tin* ('(ini'i linmii, A1 I'm. I -Inill iill'rr loi-snli' li.v I'nlilir Atirliiiii, tin- .Minurnl claims in r.lm list iirrr-iiiuftr-r si-i nut of (lie pci-son.  in suiil li-t lieiviimlicr-<>t mil. for wliic'i llrmvii lli-mit-. Imvi- limiii i.ssiieil. for nil un-|mi:l UiMis- iipcrni'il ilur and |��;iynl>li' mi tin:  lliirtictli tiny 11I .hiiii'. A. I). I!'!'I, in1 mi any previous d.utr, mill lor t In- i:o��l . of iiilvri'ti.-iiiy; anil otlit.'r cxiiunsi's.  II llii'Iiim's'Mini i;.\|ii'ii'.iis> iiirliiilint; tlio costMif iiiivurlKiiiir, us s<<t uiii iu saiil list, ar j not |i:iiil to nip lit'fnri.' I lie iiu.\ /���! suit1,'  tlin <:l:iidih iv.n.v In) ���< pit I in t lif liiyln'sl liiililrr. anil u ('rmvi-yiiiii'i' rxi-uulril to I In- piircliiisi-r ol all rijrlifs anil iittei'i'sfs in saiil I'liiiina  Injiiilly nlii-iinli'iI li.v tin' Crow n Clt'iints-'llio'i'i'iif'.  In tins I'ViMil 11I tlii'ir liriny no lini'i'li.'isi'i', or if tin; iirii-i-ollurcil slinll not lie sn'lii'iriit to pay tin' ta.\cs ;ihil i^pi'iiM���, tlie lamll  shall ulisiiliiti'l.v i-i'Vi'i I In tlio Crown, a nil lliiillvnwii (I runts tlie root sliuM lit' iluriiictl \oiil a in I rsinci'llint.  Maine nl Cirfim.  ���' m. .1. <;."   '��� (iliiilsloni',"   ".Disi'iH'li," ���   ������ Kil;i Kny,"   ���l Nui-tli SiiH'.",   V WrlliiiKton!"   '��� Anai'omiii l'.u��rrK.\!iiiisu>ii."  " L ojijii'I- (JiiriMi,"   '��� A nncontln.1'   ������ Dij .Smith,"   '���Khl." :   " Kill I'l-ai'tion,"   " Ali.ssiji^ Link,"- ....*   " M.\ osotis," t   "Tiilvii C'liii'l."...   /   " l.ulic Vipw ,"   lot   Ni).  l��;:l.  I'll.  i��.-i.  Hi'.  Ilia.,  Iti'J.  no.  m.  17-i-  n:i.  J7).  n:..  mi.  a.m.  211'.  . aij.  LIST,ABOVE    MENTIONED.  RcqisWrud Owner wf Grunts.  faxes l><iy<il>le   ; l incuses und   | Total Amount  j Nimroil S.viKlirato, l.iil   Ninii'o'il Syinlioati;, Ltil   I NiiiLMwl Syiiiliruto. l.til   ' Niini'oil S.M4ilicut(>, Jjt<1   [Nimioil SyiKlii-iiKi, I.til...   ; Niinroil SyiM'jiiiiti', I.til   1 Nimroil S.vnilii'iilij. I,til   Niiiii-oilSyiiclirute.l-.fi]   Nimroil Syuilirutt',  Ltd   , Nimi-oil Synt!i<;a*<.', 1-td   '. Ninirnil Syndi/'iite. Ltd   1 Nimroil Syndicate, Ltd   Niinrod Syjidirati'. Ltd -   (ilcani'i- Milling-��K- Milling I'ouiimtiy.   '"'Ii'iinur Miniim A. .Milling  Comjnny   GltiniK!.' Mining <Sr Millin{r t.'oinpu'iiy   30!h June, 1904  C����f*s.  .-s- r��.7fl.  .-Js.oii.  S..1II.  ���! 0(1.  11 .oil.  ^.U(l.  li.ifi.  2 CO.  11.7.1.  ���1. (1(1.  a.riti.  2.10.  ! 1.7.1.  li.fil).  10.71.  ���i.llU.  .>.i.i.  ���1M/I,  -Ljo-  ���l.l'll.c  S.71.       ,  ���i.00.  I..1H.  2.(1(1.  111.7.1.  2.IK).  ���14.311.  2 T/L  JlO.OIl.  2.W).  ^J.7.*>.  i.01).  I  Cue.  .-"; 7.'i7..  10.50.  l :',.<��.  ' 14.25.  Kl.7.7.  7\.:<fr.  11.7.1.  12.7.7.  J.jfi.  .'i.7*u  10.71.  a.Mi.  ��� 12.71.  :!ii..'iV".  ���.-2.1)0.  ������li.7.7.  l):iit."d .-it AiJin, H. ('.. ihis tliirti'i'iilii day of (Irloljur, A. I).. K'tll.  .).  A.   I'KASKU,, .Vssn?..s��iit.  A'li-cs Ahsks.smk.m  lli��in<"r.  Atlin I'osr Oki'ii-k.  , 'I'he Yukon Klection takes 'place  December ifith ; and iiorninations  ul Dawson, November  iStli..';      ���;-'  General Telegrams.  ���        ^  Seattle, Wash,, Oct. Slh:���The  United States Ilattlcshi)) Nebraska  was successfully launched at Morau  Bro's'- shipyaids. I'lilly 100,000  people witnessed the event.  Ottawa, Out., Oct. 8th;���LaurieT  commences his Ontaiio. tour with  addresses at  flamiltou on Mondiiy.  Wiuiiipeg-, Oct. Sth : ��� R. I,.  Richardson, Conservative,;.will run  against Clifford Sifton at Brandon.  Toronto, Oct. Slh :--���eo. It.  Foster, Couservatiycj is a candidate for Tsorth Toronto. Mayor  Urtpihart will probably be his opponent.  ��� Cocpiille City, Ore., Oct. I'Uh :'---  The Jieaver Hill Coal Mine has  been set on fire from an electric  spark.  Beilin.-Oct. nth:���b'rcsli trouble  has broken out iu German .South  Africa. The government is much  concerned 'over the rising of the  Witbois tribesmen who had hitherto been faithful to Germany.- ���     ���  'Sandwich. Out., Oct. nth:���Lid-  ward Slaughter fcoloiedj. has been  sentenced to lie hanged for the  murder of John Ridden.  Montreal, Oct.', n th :--" Shamrocks" defeated "Capitals" six to  one.  Winnipeg. Oct. nth: ��� Tlie  building permits this year lo date  amount to eight millions.  ���Winnipeg, Oct. T;,lh : ���J.'- H--  Ashdowu1.'' hardware and 'several  smaller buildings have been; destroyed; by fire. The* damage is  estimated.at one million dollars.  vHamilion', Oct. i.3tb:--Sir Wilfred l.aurier opened his campaign  tour.here with a lengthy address,'  in which the chief feat 1.1 res, besides  thc.Grai-idTrunk   Pacific   Railway  project, were the industrial situation and British piefereuce. He  says he'would stand or fall by his  railway policy.  WAR   NEWS.  ��� Tokio," Oct. Kth:--It is reported  tba't the fire from the Japanese  laud batteries severely damaged  four Russian waiships in the har-|  bor at Port-Arther. ' It is stated  one of the vessels uras completely'  wrecked. ,  Mukden, Oct. 1.3th:���A bloody1  battle is now raging six miles north  of Yeutai railroad station. No  details.  The Russian advance was checked by the Japanese artillery fire  which was directed with great skill.  St. Petersburg, Oct. 13th:���The  Russian public are warned now  that the tables are turned and that  the Russian army is ��� advancing, ���  but they can not expect news which  might reveal Kuropatkin's plans!  to the Japanese.  Kuropatkin's superiority in numbers is bound to compel the Japanese- to fall back upon strong  positions within the triangle formed by the Yentai, l,iao Yang and  Sykwauttin, where the decisive  battle of the war will probably bd  fought iu a few days.  Field Headquarters, Second Japanese Army. Oct. iJ,lh : - -The advance on jMukden began on the  morning of the 12th. Oyania,  learning, that the Russians were  strengthening their left, north of  A'entai, ordered the advance.  St. Petersburg, Oct. -4th':���The  armies.of Kuropalkiu and -Oyania  are again in battle, north-cast of  T,iao Yang. .. Beginning with a  'wild Russian blow at Bentsaipulze  011 the 9th. the engagement spread  rapidly until today it is ra^in��  along the enlirt front.  "  Tokio, Oct. :4th :���The battle  raged all yesterday and kdo; the,  night, and it k believed the -Pus-,  sian tuining'movement was checked. The Russian attack 011 Sieni-  chuang was repulsed.  Mukden, Oct. 14th- ��� Figliting  is still in' progress, this .being .the  third day of the engageuaent, but.  it is impossible to sa.y wliat lias  been accomplished. Hospital trains  are continually arriving from tlie  south.  P. M. A.  A general meeting of the Atlin  branch of the Provincial Mining  Association will l>e hekl -at .the.  Grand 'Hotel -ai 3 p. m. -on Saturday, tlie 1.5th itist.  NOTICE,  A public meeting of the citizen*  of Atlin is called fori* p. 111., -Monday, f;th inst., for' the purpose of  electing Fir-i Chief .and Su'�� L'ire  Chief for the Town. Also, for  election of Trustees for the 10-acrc  plot set aside by the Government  for a burying ground.  NOTICE.    '  Sealed tenders wilt lie rectivcii  by Mk. Ross, the Bank of Com-'  niercc, until Tuesday, October  ���Slh, for Half Interest in the  Gold House Hotel,- 1 Hscov-ery, as a  running concern. The interest include-; half interest in building and  furnishing, the whole of alxnit $425  worth, of liquors, also ihe hook  debts.   .     ��� " . ���  CilAS.    liOUKNK.  Secretaiy fo��- the Creditars.  -.ill  . i  Large stock of i.'ban and I'eri'ii:��i��  ed Toilet Soaps u\. C.'R. Bi���r.v'-'rt.  in^.-u^   -l    ra   w* r  ��� ^ ^r  rr?-*.. **'������'���:������  : A'lyLLN"-  '->ii;-';::.-;C;,;:"''S ATURnAY-ivrOCTGBI'R;:;!:;  "i-'��'!4.;  ft>y:;-:,'v  '^MSy  <*Sr'  ^tlih'SGIaiffli  'I'.IIH ATI,IN CI.A IA1 IS PUDLISMt-D tVCBV SATUHO/\Y  .; >��� MOMMINC MAI LTD T H H C TO ANY PAflTlOF THE  l WOHLO rOH SO CENTS' PEII MONTH; -|i5.00 Pl.H  ..     VrkR..    AUUCnTISINO  RATES '. .*l.00 PER. INCH"EACH  . inwehtion;  ntADiNG notices. aoCL-ms A Lirn; ;:  :    ;..    iPCCIAL    nATEE.  ON    APPLICATION..:     L,'.-  ;:;..       yy: \I01S r-RINTIN'i : ���"'..  OtLL-HEADS, P03TEHS.,      . VISITIN I'.    C A R6 ii  .' Lr.TTEP.MCAOi,      .     '      PR OG M A MIVI ES.        ETC..   ETC.     '  : --    .OHOCHsVpHOMPTLY    tXECUTCDi-  -.-'.../" ���'.    ',.:/[',   r-. PRICES    MODERATE.     , :        ^.'.'  'Tint' Atlin Claim  l'uiYMsmNli.'Oo." .,:'  1 A.' 6. IIlllSCIllncLI]..- il-'lHTOlii: 1'ICC) I'll I UTOll.  /:;iTv":\SATUKi-)Ay;;;"';bcT; 'it5,y,l;004;yy ^  ���:;Tlie T-roviucial/-;G6yerhnient,' at  :the instigatioiivdfrfoiir, Govern'iiien t  Agent, has: had surveyed the -.-plot  df;gioundjtisecbfor,btirial7 purposes  on y Discovery: ;-Rcadr yy'I't ^remains  for^the citizens: to-appoint, trustees  :and:^nakei:;:prdper::';apjdicatioiir:for  sam��aceordiu��r to/the Act:::. :.���?..'::'���;'���  ^y';'y,yy:;An:;G^  '/; .'dipt; M. HoleyVwho. catne here  inythe:early:days of ;the'campy hav-  i 11 g rece-��� tly. disposed ofiiis groceryl  business to; 1^. .C^AVheelitVg, left  last Thursday/iprVietdria:v: He: iil-J  tends ������'-'visiting- ;his. family '-'in . New  York,:Avho; will"acconipanyMuni: to  the World's,Fair at St/'lvouis.,,..;The  Captain '.will ���������.'return'- to.. (At liii viu  juhe,vas die still oivus hiai,y,;intei'-:  ests herelo ��� wliicli: lic?diKleuds^gi v-  ing "personal ya lieu t ion ;W>Tbat .he  ���will': have'; aypleas-int:'trip:: .-'-j'S; yllie  Wish of;'his:niai)V--lriemls in A tlin.  NOTICE.  ,..' -Th'e scarcity of -.war .iie.w's'is;hote-"  '���.''Syor.th^  , inentous occiirrs'sodn, iioth. armies  ;:  will have to go iiitpiwinterquarters  .':.':to", a ;; certain.: extent. ; :lt ;dqes   not  . v-follow that ;this 'hvfcl.l;-mean a-cessa-  : tiou of hostilities, but' it: will'almost.  -. certainly prevent -any decisi vefigh t-y  :.ing.; AVhicir:-side\:\yili 'gain most  .y/by.-'the nece'ssarj'(lelaj',it is Jiard to,  ; judge.    Jt is:a;mistake' to" suppose^  "as   some:: do,: "that,   given yaVfeyV;  . months' -time," Russia; can y greatly  .outnumber Japan  in soldiers in- the  - field. ::Thie;';.'X'ictdria\Tin\es,''\writ-  7iwg:edi tonally-o n. theTstilijectv^says::  :',' if Japan puts men /into :lhe   field  in -the .same proportion as ,the^ Unit-.  : ed -States, did - during, the: %Vaiv pf-  ���'Secession", she can send   oiiOeveh  million men to   meet   the   Russian  hosts', and with this enormous margin   to  draw- upon, it is   far from  certain that with  all her  immense  population, Russia can   send more  soldiers  to  Manchuria than Japan.  KJOTIOK- is hei-ehy- H-ivi.'ii' t luii: Sixty * iln.vs  . ,11 ft or date .-.I'" in tend.: to .v.iijiiily: ;lo tlie.  Oliiol".. Comiiii .sinner of Lands , anil f\V oi-Us  for perinis^ionV to , |>urVrlnisc; tjin- followintv  <lesi';rilic'(l liuiil silihUmt in tlni A I tin 1 >ikt i-i'i-t,  .yiz.:4-CoiiiiiiL;tiui.ii({.',iit iiiu/si 'aiiir'toi!..''?; \V.J>  N. Ii. cornrr, pin iit.tMl. nlVonl.'oiin iiiilu:Ni.��i't li-  'Kust of A f.liit Tir.viisiti;,:tlii.'iit.'i! 1 U'o.st crly 20  uliuilis,i:t llI;IHM!_8onl lioi-ly |0 I'lliiins,! lii.ni on  ICn.stui'l,\' 2t) t-.huins, - t lioni-.i; .No'i'Uil*i-},v : -Ul  cli'ains to, point of coin nnj net.'in 01 it,' iron mi n-:  in^-SO.nci-esniort! orles��. ;' : :.^.-,;:-  ":-'"'';���-':;':;',' -:--:'-  '', '.'..   ; '.K.. \V..i)OWl.lNi,i.'-:'  l)(iti!ii.Atliii, H.���'(j;';--<'uiiili(!'r .r>rlr, 1 !>tii.'" '-���..  ^NOTICE.;  T ill'lililiV tiivi; noii<:n tlint within (10 .inys  r~-'.' l'l'oin il;iti>. I -jnteinl ;lo -iijiply tu ..tin!  (Jliiof:(Jo!iiinis.sioni.M' of Lniiils ynil Works for  lic'i'inission to: I'liiruliuWu tlin follcnviiifi tie-'  si.'rilioil ���i-i-onnij, liitniitij in ilioAllin Di.strit't:.  ���.Coniiiioiioiiiji- ut 11 post���.���inurUy.'!"S. H.}"*J'  N. K. iit)rii��r.;,'inist. iiliintnil; nliont. t\V(iiiiili;s  sontli of tin; inoiitlrof MuKou Oi-ftuii niid om;  .lullf;'nii Id from: l.iiUf/l'i'oiit.tliijiH.'L' siiiit iierly  IU ctliii ins, tliciieoVves-to I'iy-lU-chii ins,- tilt.*Vnru  noi-tiinrly:-l.tl ehiiins, tlitjiie'L' east ti'i'lyMiJ ehuiusT  to 1 io int." of .i'O in m ct 1 (in 11101 it, uoiVtaiiiin^v 100  acros iiioi-o or less.  ":-V;-. :���''::::���' ;.'. :vS.-IU I'r.'usmK.-n---  ; Atlin, H. CJ'V.)nly"27rit, : ':-.'-:.v--.--'.:  Arid;:^n: Kinds  ":-: JJ^*"- L.i..-\Vh\'"/Sehd. om when you cjiii. get goods .as cheap^here?:^:: ���::.::.  ���ZLWhtclses".Fe,03S3,$3 sizi*���������JFiss&i.iittByof oSsvcnsr<Sssdahs.y.yr:::'  Go.*&j><>fj&a<tn<>ti4Q.<>o$o<&o*o^  ���J.:.-'-,.-���:. A, R. IVIcDonald; Proprietor^ !^  L.;:-::.'      ^rCcn-Wl'Vur^ v-;':: T.: ,.;'','';. 2-  -:::'"!'':V.---'--:''-;--:v-:.:':.:'-:^:''- ���:"'��� ���'--.-'�����'-��������� :"'":'.;A':'::;"vt^''';.::-:^:::-"'-'^''';.:--':'.V:o ;?:':: :,.'.-''���}''-.i.:'-'":."::0.  '.-. ���'l'liisl.Ii'irsl Class-Hot ol.'liiis Ijih-ii Voin'odijloil ai'nl roInriiiMli'iiil I li.riiiiijlif.ii.t��� ".  ,'A iinil (ill'ci-s the nusYitcconiinoiliiUon Ki'l'rnnsicnt or I "oi'ijui iii.m i .   s- ;v  v'-;V" ���'.'..������:���.'.'���'' ..Cincsts.^-A nun'trail anil. I'nruiiu'nii iiliiii. ;'V      :���"������ '.'':,;.',';':',';  '-:':y:::-: ^t^wcsif ,.ywi?"G  ^������;L.''}'^r'^;-.":;-.:v^  !"('Jl;|���^c^*'^���c�����'b���o^:ofro^'<^ic><^*'05t���.���A  ,.;jD;  '���',  to  :rm  '-. ���"'<'���  ���'; W-  ::7.:K:.  '���<>"i: U ���  -h"  %  <"  ' < ���  b  ;a ������  mmm*  WgyXBSld  ;:.v" '':'���:::::;'::���:-���;��� .':,':���.:::::'";:.:'" d.iscov z'nr,^BiV!C,^-,:^:!'-::4xy;:':  '.-���; ,:;;'. JOH n| ;,\a/OLTERS,:: Proprietor.'':, y"-: ���:':'���]'' \  ETAar.  ��  i'..iv.u:'i,tv  iN     COXNBOTION.,-  h - '���  -������j ,-������;,:-  :0:'.-i  ������fry-:  -.0 ":;  :rj-:r  .0-.  IB-'-.:  -.H:..:..:  .�����'-.������"���  ��� u ������������  ��� H . ,-  rsr.  iltttl  -DlX'C.N - BROTHERS,: Frofjriotors:  ;;:;:-^;;:'r^.;;;,;;;;j;Poo  Freightingian^^^  Local Enterprise.  A.   C.    Hirschfekl   received   on  Wednesday last four ton's.-of -sack's  and will endeavor to ship some 200  tons of luagnesite before   the close  of  navigation..���.. -The   shipment   is  being made iu order to  thoroughly  get the value of the  cleposit:aiid-to  ascertair. whether or  not it   can  be  handled with a profit.    The  result  of  Mr.   Hirschfeld's   enterprise is  awaited with anxiety.    The deposit  would necessarily have to be sh\\i-  ued in.large .quantities, which would  mean a. permanent' pay-ioll   and a  boon to Atlin.  -NOT'ICE.  -~|\~T.OTI('lv.is-'liiiruliy tiivi'ii that. Williiii (id  ���*--��� ilay.--; rrotn ilart*, lintiinil t"o api.4ytii  tlio Ghiuf C.'oininissionoi-of I.anils and Woi-Us  for ; per miss ion ro - pni-chiisi! .t hi' : folio \vi n^*-  ilesi'i-ilioil liiini,'s-i lint tu'in t i'i'i; At I in !)i��t.i'ii:t:  ���('0111 in unci nji" lit :i jio'it MiarUt'il '' C.Jl.ll's,"  ���N. Ii. vijriior, plaiiti;il alicnit ono milu south of  tho. liioiith of ^k'l'oc .rCrecU. tinil;.<niL���h'alf  mile from l.nko front, thuncu sinithurly 111  uliains, tlnjncu weslorly -H) cliains, tlionci;  iiorthorly III chains, thoiiei.' eastiu-ly III i:li:iins  to point of t!OHiiiitini:uiinjnt, (Mnitaiiiin^- .1011  auros inoi-ij or less.      ' ,  .* CM. IIa.msk'aw.'  . Atlin, 1!.,G.,.I nly Tit. Ii, I'JtM.-  E  NOTICE.  McPhillips vs. Sloan.  A. K. McPhillips, at one time  Attorney-General in the Provincial  Cabinet of Richard Mcl'ridc, is  proiuiucutly spoken of in connection with tlie Conservative nomination for l'ailiament iu the Coinax-  Atlin District, in opposition to Win.  .Sl,.au...  The h'earst papers of the United  States are opposing Roosevelt with  untiling energy in favor of Judge  Alton H. Parker, (or president.  OTKJI' is l.ini'oliy ��j"von that, within till  ilay's from ilati! I intunil to apply to  tlio CliibF Coinniissionu'rof l.nnils- anil Woi'l.s  for   jiurinissioii.' to -iiurrliiisiV'.'tlii'.M'oiU'iwiiiK:  ili.'si.'i'il'i;(l  ura l,"sit'.iinti>  in t ho A tlin Ui.s-  triov :���Coininviicin!;- at a post, in'iikuij " I''. '1'.  1'1'm'" N. lv. cor'ner,. plan toil aliout' ono anil  one-11 till' ni i I us so ii Hi ol the tiionth of.Mcl'ue  Cruel, iinil onu-iialf mile from Luke front,  llionee .southerly -10 ehains, thonee wostoi-ly  ���10 chains, liieiiee northerly ���llM.'hnihs; t'iiitiie��  onslt'i'ly-Ui cliains io point of eoininiMieeiiioiit.  toiitainin,':-lliU ai.'i'es niornor le.ss.  "t-,.-''���"��� I". '''��� ilA.xiriilAW.  Atlin, .15. C, .Inly ii'/tI���, '  ,:���'.'. ; NOTICE.  "-|N^*-f"0'rH'K is liei-nhy trivi'ii t hat si j;ty. ilays  -t- i nfrer ilule I, iiiti'ml lonp.-ly to tin.'  Chief Commissioner of Lands ami Works  for pt'i'inis^ion to pni-ehiise tin.' folloivin^-  ileserilmil laiul sitnateil in tin.' Atlin Di.triet:  Conimeneiii;,' at a post niiu-ki'il .J. 'L'. I'l-^aii  ri. \V. eorm.'r, planted aliont one inih' nui'tii-  east of A tlin Tinviisile, thi'iiixi wv-t 2-1 eiinins,  llienee norih liUi'lmins. t lii'iii:,.'V'iis| in irliains,  I henee stint h 'M ehains 'o point of eoinniijin-i.'-  meiit. eon taininu' ID aeres niore or le.ss.  Dated thi.sMh day of A n^iisl. I',i'���l.  i .lA-ili'-.S   I .  lt|-.i|.\N.  ���:-;"���":''::.- ^;;���"';' :'':::At'Li N ���'. & ^\SCb^ERYyC-:my''y-'yy  �� lane M ;Jiloffi^  :    : Complete: Stock of Dry Goocis     '  ���;, the, Latest.\:m;:smrs,: soots' :and ::.shoes. -  ^r-1''.; ::.GOLD ;.,'  Out- Goods -are the Best and Our Prices- the Lowest.  &rak ^;6f; Gommeree.  ".;."'.'.:��� CAPITAL    PAID ; UP ��� ^Sjoo.ooo.    :: '������  RlSKuvK,   $3,000,000. :.   :---,:'".-;���''.       '���������::,.,.  Branches of the. B-inlcra Jeattie,        : .0.;.:.:. j ��� -'^...yj;;.,.'  San Francisco,  ,\. ���   . '.  -,-���"���'-'~--o'".       "���'��� ".'        '."... :   Portland,  ���'--."���".        . '���"/'-���':���    '". -.- .:::. ;-.V .".y':n Skag-way, -etc  ....... Ex&fcitsi&<& isaldl on all Points, i ;���-"'���'.  Gold Dust Puuciiasi'i>���-Assay Okpick .in. Comnuction.  \'.;-'V'"''; ���:.���"':���   ''''',-.D. 'ROSS,.'..Manager.  su.  pi  NOTICE.  ��� NO'I'ICI-; is heroliy <ri vi>n ihal si My days  after ilnte I intend io iippl.i to the. Oliir I'  ('oinmissioiii.'r of Lands mid Works lor permission to piirchas.' tin. lollouiii-deseril'ied  t met of land : ( ninmenein^ at post marked  Novilo's ��� initial post, norl h-enst eorner.yoii  the iiorlli shore of Atlin l.iike and mvir the  A tlin to I'ivrr, TaUn. II. <:.: I henee ll.'Ou feet'lo  post No. I; thence, .S',() feet to post No. !!:  I henee IIMKI feel to post No.::: t henee ,m;i> feet  to jnisl of e'oniiiieiiei'ineiil: eonlninin^ live  aei'i.'s more or li'.s,  (.'.  Wl 1.1,1 am  A. Nkvii.k.  Dated at  Atlin,.I nly ���'Dili, l!).'!l.  V. .TROTMAN,   Manager.  Coimei- Pearl and First Streets, Atlin, 13. C.  FIRST   CLASS   RESTAURANT   IN   CONNECTION.  CIIOICl'SI WINf.S, IKJU0KS AND CIGAKS C*SI. (JOOIIS A St'l.CKIIV.  U  insng  'iiT.*J  ^ ir.achinery;  HYDRAULIC    GIANTS,    WATICR    GATES,  ANGUv  ST-RIiL-   RlhTTdvS'   &  HYDRAULIC    RfYKTKD     ITl'li  Ivstimates furnislieci  on tippJicatiou  The Vancouver Engineering .Works,  Va'ncouvh*,  B. C.  '���.<���:--A iljtfiMMlblifiriWpi
n ■:   -*>'.	
.•a.- e.u tf"*s
y,y.yyy;c ;::'■: iFiilland^YiiiterStd^
;; 7;7A7\,;::-!yarn^ ;..:;:,:::yy::
■yy 7y:,.;7 7y^be-!^
1A/e, carry tho 'largest stock! n the'.Dis^r^tet and all at the; closest prices.      £3S?~    If, ybii'w  ivt ci ti'g outfit for: the winter . kc sure and come andscefiis.
;.'; ".y.: '-■;. y.l.;::'V;:yUA-|M'K^ -y:.:y::-:"-:yy- 7;. -'"7 '".:yy -y -■':. -.'-' '(\,y:-:;-!'X-.'7.         "''.'<'. y'  7"7:'-';.:    7- A. S.-Cl{01SS,:!Pi(ui<njnNx:.ANi) Titi:aiuhiek.77 :777:
Di'y7Gobds,7 7
--77. TheyCelsbr-itecl;: Gold -7Seal;;.Rubber-EootSy  -
;CroeeiMes; in;:Carloads„;; ' ■■/.•■ r'-vt :.:: ": ..Hay,: yOats.!
:yy   • :: -77. ",'JMi'e Toronto." ("Jobe:" sav's -''iris.
y.:        -'-■''■:' !'h ■.■.■.-:/ .       .■■ ;:-■'.■"-  -.'.'-.:,. ..-'■:. "■  :■'-...'. '•'.
/;yr-'-- ;_^.'--..=v-'-\"tiifi"'t^' Tt'rV":.^-! 1.1; ;-_H-!-'-l i"Vil L^.'"Lcj".-=".l1*ijk;. *-'t-fo'ri:-v*i ix-t";
Wy^--l'M^\l^u}^J^^^y^y--' ■;'.'. 7:;7;-,yy-'-fy;
^y;V^-.';'':'7-:C .r'^;lU,.\"'-:;!i:,*.1y'v''M-e-'' ncW^'-;.siuyle.-'.-rii"-1
y;7; r: ;:j;oyid bit.Vv<ie'nV\Vashiu'gtoii:.;and;.vHali
y..;7.77.,; ':;(',eneruf ol ;'"the;; UiiitecbSl;ites^y''ic'<l
:';;.,;.;;;, .^'on
:;'' 7''ltvi i ty Kod'scveltj-;;.gjK''his!'i:";.cif;?-rh'iin''.,:iis'.
.-y-y:;::: :y::77■ tlievssveetesv^\t(i£'mo^X-^\QV\t\Ae:
er,i^ "?=- i'.^ '-V ^-£ J V':7' ^<CS"4j"*-;:U'-n ^^^-^:v.^L/!:W 0:.:::;^?:s:^;-;v' t;^-!
ayyui77 p rcs"seri=.fui 1 :cp nfi d ei i ce.in ..=S i i7 y.\\'rii y;
■■-7 -1 ia \\ ri'er'' in id- 7ei id 6 rse s   -vl r. -7\\r7 "I'7>
y:^y.y';yyThV)inpsdm's;ciimliaign' againstS-tlie
'•':■ y^-~ ::y.7y'^heyppi sip iioij yGdvernnieut^pay^;
yyyy;;■;y!;:i';}&-'cents;:;:ay galyinijipn ;yall?yc-'.i'de.
; 'yy :v:'v pet.role■.nuy.'yprotUice^l^jihy'yCilnacla'.',
;yyy;y;v ^This.isyaboiO.^p:;:^
7.:,:;.;:;,! yiincl.bfi^^
yyyy: yy "to. theyovy ners '.of. Iarge:'\ve31s.;:y7;y::y.!-
'Vy :.;::>, ' One of tlie^greatest .engineering^
y-'-yyi'y■-.:;featsi of modern times:--.is;, they:Sini-
;V-r ;|...':""'',' .'..'-';"[yio'ii".'.";t ii ii iielv "'."v<* Ii Mili'.^lirii-s^V.j.lis't'-^lj-t^e'ji"
7: ;y t; :. coin pleted ;:; tlirpiigli-y yi he-Alps;- by
'7;y--.'■': -the gGvernmejit';vbfyS\\-itzerlaud;'and
; :7 ;7::y'•-Italy;7.;;J
: '!'-yyyy.;: Sir;\\':in7:^fiarted'urtr:\\-hp dieclfdii'
;;:;vW7 : t've"^
;;"-/;;;;; the;;:'great "yLiberal;7statesmeu■'■' of
"!, y ->:■;(!'rea t-;;Britain y who, received;; tiieir
'777; 7 ytraiiiiiig.atthednui.ds ;.of: Gladstoiie"
;;.!X 7!7aiid.yDisfaeli!77rHe'! served"nearly'
•;■■    .,4p yearsin'iiailiament!   .; \:!;7
::':■'■' :;y.i-'l-he'..'- 'Postoffice:-'Department yof
■ -y," Canada yis   to   be congratulated oii
;_ '■;■     the fact that-.,.i.t is/at  .last. in"a.;pds-
';   ;      .ition. xo ysh'>v\-   a surplus, in if;: ad.-
ininistration.     For the  pastlinaii:
:   :cial vear   this   surplus   rimouuts to
"ybver $^oo boo.     It is a/ fairdudica-?
7.'..  y.'t"tonof the. general prosperity of tlie
';-;; '.'•■■ ■■''■. 'cdiiuti'j'..: ■ ' ■:/-7-,c.-.-'7-'.:7- 7'7:-7. vy7 "■.
7-Mishop   Potter 'declared  ;at ...tht:
■■:..;',".' Convention of the;.Protestant.Kpis-
:■■ covial   Diocese   of New, York: that
:,.'".,;   '-..'.-the Church mustset   itself,.'agaiu's).
' the custom   of"divo.r.ce," whicli   he
7:7   clmrn.c\r>'n/.es"7a's: a ' 'godless license
wlrch flings7'isidc the .most .sacred
y .;;-:-- vdws.beca i lse "of   vexatious : coii-
■ .^e'liabtv. -' :
-;'**'7'-":.:"': y:' :'-.- ■':-;:-:'.:'-:-'7;-: :.;':-;'77. y''';;:;;.i:y
aty-the:': \\';.7p77& ':-Y:;J^.7-si)o'ps7:it
AYlidehorse, was;accitleutally.killed
:\IpiKlay7::'nidi-iiing.':,7.. J;i is 7; juinp'ei'
taught iii ;tlie:;slia.fliug of:;the clec7
u'ic-:;ei:giVie;.an'd'drew-,- lVisylicuti: =into
the yyiuacliiliery,';:.'tansingyy.iiistaut
de;itli:--::y''7'''7.'-7'y- 7;7y ,7,: -y-:7'7;-.- :.7';!v^7'7.
yi. Tvpwuey,;^..Clii^cp!afes,'dii;ect; frdui
7^-AlAska 7 route 7s a hi n;gs-—r;
7 771';! ie-: fiillowi ng7 '-Sa i 1 i figs"! a re 7 aff ^
>hdu.nced7fpr xheyiii'pnf h ofQetobelV
■ 1 ea\d T f g^ SU a gwli S7'a't7H; ;p^^
y:7Foi-yfurtlier:iiifbnhiitiou, apphypr:
'7yy::''-:.;-.  y!. ''7-!V '.-.': 'ySfeiir\va v.';'-'Aiaska:
Dik-oh:. &.;  Schuls, ly   ;;. Proprietc s.
:v-:7.\7;;r ;'!!.;.-:;.'•;:.. Discovery/;!v
.-.',■ .::,:■■.',!Ieinl 1111 lie 1 el's, for dJixdii's ^lam^.;;;;
K'Kp W H*8B V ».?.;**H;%':■;B J,"?. 8 ^'B>-:.
Wl t LE RT S;7iM« tA "JPJ'E *^'7-'Prop!r iat crsi;
77;7„' i ii sc(3y.K;i^i^K;Ji;: ok7>\'i;i /iNvy-;!^
OunyDining-I^oqm Furnishes; the
::7.;y.:!T.H£:;;BE3f7 0FyGOO'DSy777/:!
:;: ■i&asszJ -.;; i$e?l!inst<mc,   Prop*'
■kisJKih&rn: &uJmh<e&-'GoJ
:yy ;- y -: yyJ^ioneei' A !iL;:ltayi.in'e.    .:..:.;
Seattle, Ptjcjat Sot: 11 d, San icranciscp
-y.;: -v:=: 'y. isnci Souihern; Ports,'<v; ■'■-■
.;y  -..'..'.-'.!:.'.OAit-iiytNci i'-..s..,ii'aii/.   - 7 y::'-;'"'"-
 Sails.from Skafi-.vay.
C. i I y Of Seat 11 e ,'■—; :y;.: y.- 7 0c'. -. ;S ,71^ y
';■:':; '■('■■-■"■:■ '.y -  * ;y.. SeVutle.-^i i-eet." .-y. --=.■:.;'■'■ ,;.y"..■:.■'..
;-C dith-geV-Ci ty', —fi'^i- ;.;:■; 'Oct ':i. r^vSiji!
-Van no liver; a ml; Seat tie i.ilireet',*, ti-ati.s-feri;iiijx:
y : imvseim-^rs friinrViine'oiiver lo.A'ietoi in.
I>1 r?;ct:l toV SiVtittle vi<» TViot.friii; :• nViis{'ei'i'i iih:
,;;    passenii-ers to Viineotiver.-    y ■   ,;:
£&£&", Atiove: Selieilulo. Siilijcet.yto   Chaiifie
'•.•■■•;•;': :'.'.'.'■.!  .y^'-Witliont Notice.: :,:„:.:; .;.:-,
C;' D. DUN NAN!, Qcn; Pass: A3t^,77
'.'-■.' -lO.Marlcet. St., San Kraneiseo, Oil..-7■';' '•■*-,-
7\ :       7' L. IVI..WEST, Agent,
:.:':.;  ;:;.-7 :,     .- --.'  SUan'U'ay, Alaska.
="N6tice ■- ':of■ ■ ■- r orf ei tii'rei
Notice to Delinquent Co-Owner.
;Tn (.!. A. GoririAltl) : - Von an; liereliy noli-
, lied 'rlm't.'iluriiijr.tlie years mill, I'.l';^, l!W:'. iititl
illliM, the iinilitrsl »nei) has e.S|iended moid
tlniii.-JIOO.t1!! in liilmr and iinoriivoinenr.s ei'.i.'h
year mentioiwl nliove, on tin: tiiji.ir.S'l'Alt
•Miuei'iil Claim, sit iinle on the west shore of
I.nice linnni'ti, in the ('assiar District, Ii. (I.,
in whieli ininiii:; eliiim yon ii«n nn iiinlividHil
Intlf interest as show n hy t.lie notiipyof loea-
l.ioii and ri.'irnril in ill'.' rai'ni'itr* T'l'eoi-ds of
iini-l Ills! rtrI.     , .'..■■'■ ^.
Till'said Inlnr wai |)"i'fo!'tiu'i! in and for
the animal I'el't'es'ii'al ion of'said, eJijinu for
I in. ,veti;-s iiLove mentioned as r"i|nired h.v
the' ininin;;'-, lav. -. of llritjsh (.oliiml/iii. and
llml. 'J.ltin.ci. .lu'ia;;- (lie nnioilnt. nqifirerl to
indil said rlnlin.for eaeh year. ,
Von are rurtliur ii'illlled tl-.at nnle-s at or
'lud'oi-e (hi! c.'.N|iii'atioi> Of 'I'll days after the.
illi'st. piilillcnliiin'ol'.llil* iioliei.' yiMi eontrih-
■ii fe .von r |ii'o|iorl ion'of siii'h,, ex lit) nil it lire as
•"Jo-Owner, til wit: the Mini of $:!'.)().Ml, lo-
. jfotlH'f with tlio r.o-its ofyadverl.isiii^ . t.llis
notiee, your "uit'resl iu tlie claim will lie
ftjrfi'it.! i In the undi.'i'sijcned (!o-l l-,m<-r, who
has made sii'.di exii'iidiliirn, and will Imeome
his i>i-operly in the iiiiiuiior provided tiy law.
ItaKiil tills '"full day of Aii«iisf, lOl'l.
K. I.'. Pkiiijs.
Jii-Jll-'IM] .   •  ■        . '
Tii IK G. Niucill and any person or persons
to'wlioin lie may liavo trtinsl'or'reil his interests in the Kii^ene No. I, Kujroini .\o. 2,'
.Kiifroiie No. !l Mineral Claims, sit uate about
2\-jiniles uoi'tii of A tlin, intlie All'iii Miuinir
District:    . ';
' ydu.Hre hei'eliy i-eiiiii red toytaUe notieo
^tliiit:*we have for the'; lust'.ve^ii' '.louo the
whole <if the asse.s-siiient. w orl. on the a hove
liioutionod Mineral Claims as riniiiireil liy
See. 21 oT the Mineral Aet and have paid -for
record iny; of two cert ilieates of siieh worlt,
and yon are hereliy roi';iiireil to eoutriliiite'
your proportion of such work anil expenditure, t-osetlier with: all costs of iidvertisinj;-
yntir said p ro port ion,-ti mount in^- to sixt.y-
six dollars and - nii,uty-one and 1 uiq-third
cents [.'JOO.lll'1;',] I'Xelnsive of iiosis.;''"'"." ""'.'• '■"'•:
: If voiifail or refuse t.o i.'ontrilmie voiir
said -proportion and all costs of ad vi.'i't isinj;-.
within ninety days from the date of the.lirst,
pul.dierit.ioii of I his .notice in '■'I'lm Atlin
Claim," wliiqhj.dat,e is hei'p.under written,
yciirr nitci'ests in saidj'iiiinei-al claims will
heconio -vested in lis, your co-partners,
iindei' tlie pi-nvisions of the Mineral Act.
und Aiiieinlinj;'Acts.
ilatfd this Bird day of .Inly, A. 0.. I1WI.   :
''•■;'.-' II.   I'. (I'iNlyKV.
'"■   , ... H.-l).   ItoilKK.   ,.
;S| 1^,;:^ 8 r>-*:;:.! -: B J V| W*Z:
!NEW,.piN!WG!Rdbrvl! riO\A/:pPEN,
'.';.:■•'Furnish i n'g;.r..T. be",-;':;-.::•/j-.'':;--.
l{iiiest7ol71iquors.:::7: C'b'odi'stttl.iiiiig.
7.. 0ii;!au(bafter;tlie 23u{.7<dfy; A.pril„;;:
1 yp4 fin'cl;,7ti!i'.ti.i.XOi.l'.O.'-^ry^1^^^'^';'';'.*-^1'.6.!^-'
Jpllp>vin";!'vill;be:tbe:pnGes .oflvu.m- ;;
'■':.;;,;;Rou ^b£tji\vto!-S;iil-cbes, :$46.:.;; ;; 7
:;!!':;77.!(lo ^.;,;.y-'7clo.::y!yi o-y;-y^,::;17r!,,-45.7::77 7":!
16.\yexlM'or':;casli-:a'lftiiii!e.'.ir)f; order ing7!-77
-77^ 7-^^JP«
' I.ii. SaNH.S, I'fdpiMetot-V
.•;.!;•'Fi'RST   STREET.ATLirvi. 7
Boots ;aiid -Shoes, .Repaiied---.Cw.m,
I'oois. a Specialty." flarnes.s ;al«o
Repaired. !"..'■"-.     .-7' 'yy ' 7.7   '.7 ';!;";-.
y--!7;,; y!^!^^^^^^^^*
;   '/ffil\\\\ \ \ VyA Vs   ; ;:•■::'-;;:'--'-'• ■;;;-:■:.
ui ee bi.^ecpf i d 7a; licl; j p u rtiliC .\V ed ii es- ■ ;7;
davs:o,f e'ich  nionth, -at-8.ip. in4- a£-::::>
7!;AMsi*;iiigy:l)i;oti!e^-s7!are7:ebrcliallj'7 :.;
■yy-KJ:' lvv'AV7':'Db\vi.iiv<*.,77y'ii;'y:!j;:'7::y7;y;
:-;BATHS:7    7-  ;y "
so.y HARBEl<-SKOT?y!y!;
."'.V. 'Si-iiui.i3s'-&! H-jdy IjUkham..!'
Nuwoceujiy their licw cjiuni-teriiiiexit
to the Hank of II. N. A...First Street, y'    7
'l'iic bathrooms are eniuxlly us g:ood;ftfi fwiiud
in  cities.:  Private ""ntrmice for ladies.
To IIksuy-McKay of Hennett. II. <!.'
'VjllTKIIi'li herehy fiiven li.v the unilcr-
'■ ■- ^ signed, hohler of K. M.C.V.i, H2Hi'.W,
that you luivt; failed to keep up your Kri.'i:
.Miner's (Je I'll II rate und failed ( n colli I'llmto
yniir proport Ion of ex peiulit tire i-ei|iii red li.v
I In) ll.'l'. Act lid Vie. ty'ap, I2.'i during the Inst
four years, and I hat if at the expiration of
ninety days piililication you should fail or
refuse to eon trill lite you i' propoi'l ion of the
expciidit ui-e reiiuii'i'd liy section 21.1 o^etlier
with nllciists of, advertising and to show
(hat you lire and hiive lieen a free-minei'.
yolii' .-interest, iu the " A lit'TItJ " iunl "C.\N-
Y(iN.C1iiki.;k " Minoi'iil Claiins,.situate on tlin
Left Hand Side of Lake HenueK lielowthe
'I'iiwii of Dennett, shall liecoine vesletl in the
uiidersi;.-ni-il w Iki Iiiis made,the rniiiired expend it tire: I he whole as provided by .Sections
II und I'M! of said Act.
■    MAIIY   lllllKiK.
li.v liui.l. ili (,'oii.sWKI.I.. her Solicitors
1st pub. A u^.211.] l.)a»sou, V. T-
'-':"." :.77-'-THE'77.----;-7.
.Half-JVaV. House;
is a lmven for all
travellers. The meals
are ifrbe-iiiilliiiK-anil - ..-
the. 'iriicers iu the
Imv.as refresliinjjus
the dewof the * tils'!'}"
. iiiorninp-, . An ideal '.v.,
siimiiiei- niul   winter     y
' ■'.;■'.: :resort." yyyy ■ .-.;.yy.y:;,,, yyy
Through7Line   from   Skaguay , to  Atlin,   White  Hors«,   B\'g  Salmon.
■ 7!'Da.ws6n and all intermediate points. .'
Finely api-ointod trains t'aily, except Siitielciy,  I;etw-e.on  Skaguay, Caribou
jcipcl Wliitehorse.   Garry Passengers, Baggage, Mail and Express-
No. l.--Nort h lloniul. |   No. 1!.    South Itoiiud.
H.'M 11.111. I.v.      SKA-CUAV     Ar,  <«nlp.i'u.'
2.10 11.111. Lv.       CAKIIKH!       J.v. I V.M lull.      . ■     .'.
1.H0 p.m. Ac. WIIITH IKIKI'I" I.v. U.'lfl 11.111.
l.enve CAKI I'Oli Ti p. ui. Tuesdios!      A rrivfi A'l I.J.N 11 a. 111. *iVc"cIiicm1ii.vm.
"   : " fi p. in. l-'iidays, " "        -'• n. 111. Sin uriliij'K. .
Leave ATI.IN '1 p. 111. Mondays, Arrive OUU 110U 7 a. in. TurNdnj'N.
'.'.   ■ .ti p. in. Thursdays. •• ■• 7 a.m. Kriduys.
I.V) poiiiub- of Imu'ifU^e will be chcuked free with <iaeli f nil faro ticliet hiii.1 7.1   pound*
Willi ench luilf fan; tielici.
I'lissen^ei's must be at ilepotM in time to have Hntrtrnifi' inHpecled «inlTli*rlieil.
'I inn: ^ehcdiiicN.ni-i'subject to (dinnj.'.e witiioiit. notiee.
HXZ-"     Basgago   Ponc'ed   Through.
I'or   infoiniation   i-elatiie   to   1'iis.senner,   I'reinlit,   l^xpiess and   'J'cli'(;riiph I'liK'Ht
apply to any iijjenl. ol the Company or to . ,
.M..I..I!. vviiimc. c'.« i'. a..,        j. LIPSCOMB        n.i>.i>iNNi<:o,.w.r;. f..- r. a..
Vijiu'oiivcr, S'..S: Agent. Atlin. SlitiKiiay   Alnslta.
i   II
t ATUN, ' B.  C,    SATURDAY,     OCTOBER    1.5,     1904.  PICKED UP HERE AND THERE.  Chiii-cb  ol  I'njrUiinl: .  ' St. Maitiii's. Uliuruli. u��r. Tliinj nnil Triiin-  ���,'.ii-,.fh-. .Sunday si-rvices. Matins at 11 a.  in.. l'-.veii',oii!;-7:;iU p.m. Celebration of Holy  ���Coiioiiiinion, 1-t Smulu.v iu each month and  mi Special occasions. Siindny .School, Sunday at :'. Ii. in. Coinmittee Meelinss, 1st  Tlmrad.i) in each mouth.  Ilev. I". I,. Steplieii-.nn. Hector.  Si.    Aiiilrijw's    I'l-esliyteriiiii  Chiireli   hold  Hi'i'viccs in    tlie   Church   on    .Second  Street.  Morning service at   11 .������vciiiiij: service 7 :'iti.  .Siniiliiv Si'lioul tit tl lose   of  the   inoi'inu^  nervier.    I.'ev. 1'. 'I'll rlii nclnu, AI mister.  Koiwmi Cat Inilic (llnireli : Services will lie  held second,Sunday of each month.. All lire  welcome.    Ilev. lwitlier Coilieil, nuiiistur.  Out-going travellers will find the  correct dales ol' saling from Skag-  wiy by the C. P. R. or Pacific  Coa.st Co.s' steamers as advertised  in this paper to he correct.  McDonald's Grocery makes a  specialty ��f fresh e'tj^.s and butter.  Mr. I1*red Wrony, lias taken over  the Grand Hotel and will run it in  the bsst o!" style. Mr. Wrong is  well known to all of ns and should  do well in his neir venture.  The 0. K. Hm-ber Shop for Hot  or Cold Baths al all hours, 50 cents.  Kenneth McLaren left for Juneau  lust Thursday.  - A farewell dance will be given to  Jim Cornell in the Nugget Hall,  Discovery, on Saturday, Oct. 22nd.  to which everybody is welcome.  Bracketl's Hydraulic has closed  down for the season. Mr. Brackett  left by the last boat for his home  iu Minneapolis.  Mr. Frank Stoekand left for the  coa.st on Thursday to recuperate.  Large and well assorted stock of  Pipes at C. R. Bournk's.  Get a collection of Views beforf  you le.ive, al Hirschfeld's.  J.   H.   Brownlee,    P. I.. S.,   will  le.ive   lor   the  coast   on'Thursday  next.    20th    insl.,    on    important  business in   connection   with   next  - year's operations.  During Mr. IJrowiilete's absence.  Mi. J. \V. Mcl-arhiue, C. V.., will  have charge of the office and  engineering- practice. Mr. Iirow-  loe's address will he Victoria.  Watch Pillman's windows for  goods suitable for Vail and Winter  wear.  Captain R. C. Damon  and  bride  came iu on Saturday's boat. . Capt.  Damon, who   has now   been in the  camp, for some months, was through  the   whole   of   the  South   African  campaign, and  served as captain in j  Kitchener's  Horse, where   he won J  great   distinction.    His   genial 11a-j  lure and readiness to adapt himself \  to circumstances, have gained    for  him many friends in the camp.   We  extend lo the gallant hero  and his  bride our heartiest wishes.  Pillmau carries a full .supply of  all the latest Magazines and Papers  to be had.  Mrs. Duriean'd Albert Durie are  leaviif'- for the outside on Monday.  Pest 50c.-meals in town can be  had at the Russel Hotel, prepared  by (ins Brunich, the famous chef.  Tall Williams has got his discharge from the Hospital and 111 a  few days expects to be able 10 again  take charge of the Discover)- express.  ]'ob. Black, who has been in the  Hospital for two months, left for  Harrison Hot Spiings.  Norman .Mcl.eod is gelling all  right acaiu.  Stoves and Hardware at prices  that, can't be beaten.---J. D. DcuiK.  BORN��� A boy, to Mr. and Mis.  A. L. Galaruo, of Discovery, on  Thursday, 1 3th October, jyod.  VOR vSAUC��� Good Ulnu.-.etsnud  Bedding, also Cabin and Sleigh-  Dogs.��� Apply to Mrs. Anukkso.n,  Royal Hole!.  VOR SALK The Tepee Road  Mouse.���Anplv Tom  Mitciiicu..  Two torpedoes were lost from  the LJ. S. submarine boat Pike in  San Pablo Bay, Cal,, a short time  tigo. One has been discovered, but  it will be "all up" with the ship  that accidentally "bulls the other.  Coiv.it Tolstoi's son, Loo, says  the Russian Empire is being purified, by hie and will be "bom again  to gieater glory. He takes a position diametrically oppot-ed to . his  father, who is an apostle of peace.  WINTER  CONTRACT  I'rom IO(i to ::.*i!)ft. of roclr I iiiuicl work to  lie commenced immediately or during tin'  month and to be linished ns soon lis possible,  iu Table Mountain, across from Tiilm. Size  of t uiinel. 3 x 7 feet: top nicely arched: run  iu a straij^li line. Kock breaks easily. First-  class dump and every convenience. New  residence.    Address all bids to  J.'o. COOl'HI", Ati-i.n, T<i;r.  NOTICE.  ouse  Rer  & s*:Li)nmin  Carry nothing but the best  qualities /and brands of  Groceries that can be pro-  ' cured for the. Northern Trade,  tf-ar Call and inspect our stock, before buvirig your fall supplies.   ,.  BENT'S FURNISHINGS.      GOLD SEAL-HIP BOOTS.  THE' ffiGH   STORE.  APPLY   TO  BUTLER  BROS.,   Taku Arm.  GRAND  dI3<4'    ���  * a "salt  1 Es-ai  ���io it]-: 111:1.11 in Tun  HA I iM( )HAL T-IAI.i,.  atuir'd&y 9  15th &&$*  I.N   A 111 or 'Jill'.  Discovery Skating; Rink.  Boxing,      Fencing,     Wrestling,  Interspersed with Music and Soiijrs.  The Greatest   Night of the  Season.  A omission,  5(1 Cent?.  THE GRAND  Concert and   Dance  in-- -iiii-:  Atlin Musical & Dramatic Society  rsnr.it Tin--. .\iAN.\i;r..\ii:NT or  mi  I'Ktl.Ml.tKS Til  in:  A  OKI"AT SUCCKSS  ��� *������- -   CK k WM.M/AA TD.  On and after August isl and until further notice,,the following will  be the rates for lights ; accounts collectible monthly :  KLKCTRIC-   LIGHT    RATKS: ��� Installation,   $3:50 per light.  8 GaiMle Power tncxMdesceni $ 1.75 user< month per liqlit  f6 93 ��   ��� " 3.25 "  32 �� �� f 5. SO "  All buined-out or blackened lamps will be exchanged for new ones.-  free of charge, if brought lo the Company's office, bat broken ones will  be charged for at 30 cents each.  MODERN STEAM LAUNDRY SN CONNECTION:  W��."��   Uusih.cb' Cor,-  I.KCTI4D & IlELlVKKKD.  We are better prepared to take care.of large orders on  GROCERIES,     HAY,     Q&T3    AMD    FEED,  than a-iv house lliii side ol" Seattle.     Perishables a Specially.  Rose of Etlensburg Butter,  Chase & Sanborn's Coffee,  Standard Oil Co.  .AG'3"'N'.r  Preferred Stock of Canned Goods,  Blue Ribbon Tea.  E&~ Satisfaction Guaranteed.  THE  ROSS-HIGGINS CO.  SHAG WAY,   ALASKA.  uouis   SCHULZ,  Wholesale    and     Retail     Butcher  FIRST STREET,  ATLIN, R. C.  u UQ&eSs>yP  &ed  "V?& "US' *�� wlpr O iSJr  '  ;Ft \\ ATLIN,    II.   C.  |i t| SHELF AND   HEAVY   HARDWARE,  Y\ tf Tin and Granite Ware,-  V ��? Miners' and Blackanit'lha' Supplies,      Doors and Windows.  ���^ ** Fcsnsituro aissS fflattross factory.  I  E. M. N. WOODS,  BARRISTER-AT-LAW.  4 BAKRISTER-AT-LAW. <.  J llns tiil'en 1111 (Illii.-n lit llooiii,!, Hold ,  i lloiuii.', Di.ii'oviM'.v. Ollii'i' Hours-- 4.  J Tui'sdii.vs, Tliiirs'dnys ii'inl Snturduys-, ,��  4     I'l'iun Ii 10 S |i. in. '       . ���  ^#* ���������������-��-���-���"���-���-���������"��-���-��� ��������-�����-���-��-��� ��� ��->>  HfCI'KSlllll! TO    ]\^4   FOLEY  ATUN    CHEAP   GASH' STORE.  g.&~  FULL LINK OF'STAPLE AND FANCY CiROCERJES.  ��������*       ......  Flour,  Oats,  Chop   Feed,   Bran,   &c, &c.  mtlnm Brewing- eoipaw, Ltd..  ATI,[N,;B. C. ' *  BREWERS   OS'LAGER'BEER*  SMALL    AND    LARGH    ORU1CUS    PROMPTLY    FILLED.  fi-PAWrt ���������'tfSftTIFI  FINKST.KQUJPl'KI)  MOTKL IN THl'NORTH. '      ,    -,    .  -.-EVKRVT'I-irNC; CONDUCTliD  IN -FIRST CLASS; JlANNi'K.  Hsx-toSSaie   RssizLtsrant ins   Ooesnectictt.  i)AVii; Hastiij, Troj-ki'-JTOk.'  COUNKU    I'l K ST   AVKNUIC  AM.)   IJISOOVWUV   STKIUiT,   ATI,IN.


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