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The Atlin Claim 1902-11-29

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 I l"^riS^.VA'��>��Si��l2Wa��E!3K  - 1  i��(^  ���'     '      i** ' "        r  V,  ~l   ' '  THE  ��� ���"�������� "���'���' ���>���*;*���' -,   k.   ' W^  VOL.* 7-  , ATLIN,' B. C, SATURDAY.  NOVEMBER 1 '29. 190Z.  ' XO.  176.  .AtUNITES  'INTERVIEWED.  Fiction   and   Fact "in News-  paper Reports.  C. W. S-iwsrs, an  Atlin  Attorney,  "'   In Vaneouver���J. H. L'rown-  Ue, a Mine Manager, In Skaff-  way,  one or two small leases cove; h v.;  placer ground,'oiiginully held b\  the owners themsehes;  ' Mi. Sawers is commissioned to  protest "against Government officials being allowed to own and  r~work'mining pioperty." His petit ioneis-foiget that if/any ofuhesL  officials do own mining piopciiv  they a'cquiied such as F:ee Miners  a*:d belore they-eiiteied the service  of the J Government. It would  lrcly' be* unreasonable~to  expect  RAJLROAfiiNfi.  '���r:)~  Atlin and the  Yukon's   Possibilities.  W. P. & Y. Co.  ; 1  Report of the Fifth Ordinal y  [General Meeting.  A I.ikcly Extension .of the Canadian Northern ~-��- A Frenchman's 'Scheme.  sin  < Mr. C. W. Sawers, of AtlitU-vvas  interviewed    by    the ��� Ne.vs -^Advertiser on   his "lecent   ariival "in  Vancouver, and what  purports  to  be .the   substance of the  infoi illation   he  conveyed ,was published  in the issue ot that paper of the 6lh  inst.   .Armed   with   a   pe'itiou >>r  couunssioii.    signed   by   "seveial  hundred" miners, to lay before the  local Government, or  the   Leg si 1-  ture���if necessary���certain. gne\ -  aiices,   Mr. Sawers, unfortunately,  must convey any thing  but  an encouraging  impression of this g-ie.il  mining camp.   .He, says that there  are over  one  thousand   leases extant, "luvohi'rg the  iiUiOiii'dugol  f.illy iooooo'acjies  of-grourd, and  th .t th; lines are clos-h drawn Le-  - tv\een     the      hydiauhc   ard .the  -hand" muiei*.,   aid a_very-strmig  filling exists  in  consequefice."1, If  '. Mr. Sd.vers-would stick to facts instead of fiction   he  would  do 'h-s  " cause"���whatever that .may be,   mare   g>od   than by romancing  in   the  manner he is  reported "to  have-done as stated.    He  must be  awjire, if he has at all investigated,  that there are   not  more than 166  leases now held, ai.d that these involve barely 8000  acres.    He  fin -  ther states  that   "alnust  without  exception, these   hydraulic   leases  have   been   unworked,   in  fact no  money has been  spent  ou them at  all."    Mr.   Sawers'   knowledge of  the camp is evidently very limited,  or   perhaps   his   observations  are  confined to lower  Spruce   and the  immediate v'.cinity of Third street,  Ailin, fo."   had   he visited McKce,  Upper Spruce, Pii e, Willow, Birch,  UiilL-r, Otte. and   Wright creeks  iie would hive   bnii'd   that the hydra alie np.-r itor-- it ive. collectively,  spoilt a sum r.\ceei.ini*. $9"30 oco in  m.i.'li.ner\.   ditches,   flumes,   etc.,  'and   were giving   employment    to  a very large number of men.  Mr.   Sawers   puts   much stress  upon the  unsatisfnctciy conditions  which, in his idea, exist on Spruce  creek by reason   of   the  "ticiotch-  nuntsof   hydraulic men  upon the  rights of indiv idual miners, and he  states that there is  100m   for 3000  men on Spruce " instead of 1000 or  thereabout as is actually the case,"  As a matter of record, theie is not  now a single  hydraul'c lease upon  5Uiy kno vn workable placer; round  upon that creek,   except,  peihaps,  that these gentlemen  should'aban  don their private  rights to suit the  views of Mr. C. W. Sawers 01 anyone else? w  The following extracts tu-iu the  Daily Alaskan "of' 14th in-iUof an  interview with Mi. J. H. Biownlee  on the subjecfof the _ Atlin camp,  inquire* no comment and maybe  misted' lo-.cit-.pel 'the gloom cast  upon 11 In Mr. Sawers ��� *  The Atlin mining district is  '^uiwii'ii in Uivor to' ail extent 111 -  cnual'cd by  any other  miiii;'^ dis  Balance Sheet Shows  a  Profit or  , Nearly Three   Quarteis cf a  .    ��� Million for Year Ending 30th  "     June, 1302.    '  From re fere nee .to the advertisement   which ^appears   in .another  column, if will be seen that Northern British Columbia  and  the Yu-  kou   possess  sufficient  prospective  inducements for railroad enterprise.;  Jit is not  known, for  whom   the  pr sent application   is being made,  b.u it would not   be  surprising to  barn that the liueJLo  the Yukon is  a proposed extension  of the Cana-  d.ai. Northern   fiom  the Hudson's  Bay to Bute Inlet,"of which  some  1 -00 miles is already in  operation,  a-.d lor which   Mackenzie^'Mann  met in the.Noiihein countiy.    M aie the conj.ractois  the-' present time it is- conceded  that its future is as bright as that  -ol any mining camp ,cthat has yet  been tiisco\ered anywhere, ai.d in-  tonnati6n_ asb to the country., is  sought by'all those whose object it  is to keep abteast of developments  in'the mining world.  -.���      n.' *��        *   " "  A I'rovyicial charter was granted  at the last Session of the Legislature to J. A.'Mara, ex-M.P., F. S.  Barnard, ex-M.P., and John Irving, ex-M..L.A.'. for Ithe same or a  similar route.y' '-      b -. '  Tjfe application Vv about .to be  made is tlie~~thifd  desiring  powers  '"There    aie   many   cncouragii g  to bu'dd'a railroad  {1,rough North  featiresabourthe_A"tlinicamp.rio"c eni_,P.._c: j^.to    Atlin    and    th-  "^enerairv known* to infrefs ard ii-| YukoiTniKttt, "Ito bPhopedlhar  vectors.-" In-the .first-  place;  the  the proverbial '-'lucky-third'Vwill  matter of the insecurity of. titles  is  be pushed to'a finish.  a thing of the past. Nowhere in  America are individual 01 company  rights, more ' secure. Atlin bis  blessed with a well iiifoimed', paius-  takirg and fearless Gol-d Commissioner,.who is , not afraid to make  decisions within his powers.  - The. County. Court' Judge ,has  'recently cleaned up all ''the litigation beyond the jurisdictioii'ofthe  Gold' Commissioner in a satisfactory maunci. ,  When I left Atiin at the close of  navigation, there was not an idle  able-bodied miner in the camp.  Carpenters.were: getting $6 a day.  All the merchants are carrying  much heavier winter stocks than a  year' ago. Experienced drifters  have no difficulty in getting credits  for supplies against th-'ir dump-  There is a general notu-.. 1 '& - b-  sence of "kicking" in the camp  this fall and winter.  As the last boat of the season  pulled out on November 8th, the  aowdon the wbarf looked quite  as happy and contented, if 1 ot  more so, than those departing.  Minor Accidents.  Mr. Swanson, of Spruce creek,  is a patient at the Hospital, suffering from a badly cut face, which  he receive 1 from a fall on ice in  his dr.'t. Mr. Biitgeu, of Boulder,  is    in   that same  irstUutiou, suf-l  A* Frenchman, nameel M. Loicq  de Lobel, recently entertained the  members of (the Societe de Topo  graphies of France with a scheme  to build a railroad across Alaska,  Behring Stmt and Northern Asia,  so<as to connect New York Cily  and Paris by a railway circling  through'the north polar region.  Cap'l. J.   Healy, of  one   of the  Northern   Commercial companies,  and   an   Alaskan     pioneer,   very  stiongly. advocated  such a scheme  to capitalists of   the   States.    It is  'not at all improbable  that  M. de  Lobel, who has  travelled  much m  Alaska,     became  ���enthused   with  Capt.  Healy's  idea.-   To his audience   he   said   that    the   country  t' rocgh which the road would run  i w s not only   going   to  be  one of  'latest   so-trces   of     gol 1   in the  fuii.re, but   that   it   w.ll supply a  great deai   of   tl��  woilc,1-  copper  and coal.    He thyik.'  the development of "lit ("ouutiy will be "it-.Ulv  at.c-.-1cu t'l b.  the lunldinir of this  i'uK'd, vbnit'h   he   ciils-   Hi'-" Traus-  Alasi.ui-t'ibei'ian Railroad. ^  The   load   will   cross   Behring  "Sti-ait by a tuni.-el.     ,  M. de Lobel told the meeting  that it *vould not surpriie him Co  see the road ai. accompli-slnd fact  witliin the i-o1 ^ 01 ��r��" -v��aTS-  (iet vour laiey   C'lristmas   gro  The 5th o��iii.ary general meet-  in of the White Pa*-** ���& \11kon Ky.  Company was held in London 011  Tlmrsdav. Oct 30U1, the Hon. S.  Carr Glyn  chairman, iiresicliug-  The   Chairman,   in ;submitting  the   annual   -report   and .balance  sheet  for   the   jeai   ending '30th    b  June, 1902, stated that ".It is satisfactory to note  that the \eai fgoi  passed   without   serious   accident  and  without  incident,   except  fcr  the flood in the  Skagway liver, ou  Oct.  16th of that year, which caused considerable dam'age ard loss of  a week's ttafiic; 16,472 passengers  and 33 471   toi'1-5   ot   fuei-ght   weie  carried on the railway,  -which  has  been kept up in first-class condition   *  and "repair.  .li. The1 soundness  of  the policy in' buy ing  the Canadian  Development   Cobs  fleet   is; fully    ,  borne v out * by events.    Not- only  did.the operation <si. the  fleet dui- -  ing l 1901   pioduce   net - earning*  ���amoiiiitiiig-,rto -$276,63^;*and a.net Tl  income, 'after   writirg- off*- over r  $100,000  for ^depreciation, and renewal of  the   fleef, and  aftei.pro-  viding'for all expenses  and  mortgage interest,   of ^86,S.).2,   but the  ownership of the' fleet  gave us the  control of  the   entire 'traffic  fiom ���  Skagway to'Dawson, which was of  the highest importance  in  the war  of rates that   took   place  with the  Northern   Commercial    Company  this suni-nier. '  "So far   as the earnings resulting from the season's work of 1901  are concerned,   they  are  certainly-  satisfactory.    The accounts show a  net profit for the year, of ^136,^)67  os.   4d."   aftei     allowing   for  all  charges. ~ To this has to be  added  the   amount   of ^14.373 ".  iod.  carried   forward   from'  last   year-,  and, therefore,   we  have a total of  ^151,340 3s.  2d.  at  the  credit of  the profit and loss   account of  our  English company at  the 30th June  last.    Out of this   sum a dividend  of "ios. per  -share,   equ.v! to  5 pei  c nt on the-share  capital, was paid  o'i 1 'tli   December last.    This ab-  soi bed .��68.750,   and   after providing for the   siwking   fund   for the  debenture  stock,   a-s   noded in the  Directors" report, there remains a  sura' of ,��66,128 2��. 4<l.     to    be  dealt with. . .  It will   not  be  ad-  vis'We 1o cot-bder  the  question of  ���nayiny: in\ dividend on account of"  the ji've it ".- ls-f-i"-.  earnings until  the accent'I- for the   yeaT arc made  up. n.d until we see how the traffic,  of the yeai 1903 is developing."     __  rS*  *      ..       i-y.  '  '- -V< '&%  r > I..,*  .-     '"      ?��� V j  -"vVb-;^  ^  '.,' obbJ .^"ill  f t   \   (     *i J  . ' ' ' 'v  .'  1*1 �� ������> I'   *_.*   - f j  **'  "1  '���rjl  "-: .-. .y"|  sv'1  -  -"'b I'  b m  1 -.  <.  -   i '.ii'-V.  .   ". ,\v.',i 1,-  ^       . *      ,"T    f    /^^ivfl  *���       \ "    >-J"    I  "    "f*b  /^i:l  ��v'!l  ��, I  "'ti  'iff  ���m^jMre^jrut^aAKtisiikr^sriiH^ti ,ATLIN,    B.    C���    KATURDAy,    NOVEMBER'   29. J*>ol-  hi'  I >r-  J-v  4'.  lie AiSin Claim.  - INCORPORATED  n  l'llljll*,lll.*(I      I'M'!.*.       H.t> I(!l!.\      I110I llilljf    liv  T'lt  Air.i.N Cl,.\iM   l'i.'iii.i5iiis<i Co.  A. (!. IIiuiimi 1 r n, l.niroii  '���  Olllci* ol Di.hlii-.il ton t'l-iuh ...Atilti, IS. C.  Ulu-i liviir.'   ICiLti-s*.   '.1.1'   |m-i   uiuli, imuIi  in .t 111.111.    Uiudin; notii 1 o, ."i   n'nl,.i ln.i*.  *-.imiiiil L'o-.ilii.i:*. Km.'", n-i ii|>).Ui wskiii.  'llll- sllljM*l.l|lllllll   i'MOU   i��   .>.">   -I   >l". 1      iitij-  11I1I0 i'i luiv.unv.     \��|n|ii'i \\ ill In., ill Ihon-ii  miti- -, this t ointilioii 1 - I'D'.mih.'ii w II Ii.  SATURDAY,     MoYOlJUiK   2'S,    Ujb2  Tiik piospectiic   values  ot   rua'  Cnlate in Alliiivdepeud wholly upon  the infiux   of   population.    There  arc.many 1 housauds  of dolhus in-  vested in sea! pioncily in  this city.'  and the hie: easing of our ,pop ila-  tion by 25 per  cent   will   put   iw'  estate vain is* wheie- they (j.ight to  be     Eveiy cit'.-.^n ol .\tliu aiid'tlic  - .san minding coOnury I-"-  duoctly in  terested in   this   piopo-dtiou.   'The  building up of Atlin wiLl   mean the  incieasc ot tiam-poi tation facilities,  ���   the attracting of  moie   capital, tin.  cheapening of many things now tco  high priced.    It   is. quite* within  pidlnbiliiies  that   this   point may'  become a man tifaelu ring center fin  certain    lines - of   necessities.     We  have w.iler  power.'.a-.id   n.uig;ilioi  dnecuv connecU'ig'.wstb  uraiiwav  1 - c   �� - ���  ��.alk-t, both 10 tho coist and i'i tii  Yukon   count! y.    This   district is  'not a temporal j pioposilion ;  'it  is  a permanent community of people  who have enterprise  and 1. dustry,  and who have  taken   possession o.  a country   filled  -with   -luituiabre-  sources and   v.calth.     Why   should  we not  look   unwind   to a steady,  permanent giovvlh,   mul   the iniro-  dueli'.n   here   of   indu.--.ines - aside  from   the   mining   industry ?    Let  every   cilize.i,   in   the   lnenmime,  who Ls interested���and  even-   poison should be���in   Lne piesent and  ���fuU::e of Atlin,. do  every thing possible   lo   encourage <. "people    and  capital to settle heie.    If you have  friends in the east "and  south wri'e  to them   oi   the   beauties  and the  oppoi tuuities of this greet coantfy.  Write lo them  no I  only once, but  repeatedly.    Send . them   an occasional   copy   of   the '.Claim,   and  never miss a chance of putting in a  good woid for  the  country of your  adoption.  The British American Dredging Company  Socures Its Charter ���Ilany Diversified O'jjdcts Contained in  Its Twenty-four Articles.  A y.Arn-'.R of much importance  to th.ise iulercsted in--hydraulic  properly in this disiricl, viz.: the  issuance of Crown Grants,'is again  being agitated by the miners of  Cariboo, and their efforts should  receive the hearty support and en-  dorsation of this district.  Darin,'.*; the revision of the Placer  Act two   yca-s   ago,    ihe   Mining  Committee   had   before   ic   strong  petitions from all over the Province  advocliiig Ihe Grow 11 Granting of  placer claims.    The chief objection  raised by the Crown   at   llial lime  was the possibility   of property, if  such   granU   were,, issued,    being  taken up and  held   fjr speculative je^', aml merchants, and   any other  purposes unci would be liable lo ic- j bu-.inr-F.scs which   may seem lo the  main iiuworkcdand  would in co::-  romPa,1J' il-ieclly or indirectly consequence be  a   senoi's   obstacle to  diicive lo any of these object.*- ;  the  development of   Llie   ouiiln .       S-  To C0lislruct c        out   '  H this hi  th-:   cniel   objectt .n, we ��� J  Ibi'ik little of il, "hen we consider  that titc value of claim s is based  upon the showing from its development. . I  " 1 htieby certify thai 'The British Ainciuiiu Dredging Company,  Limited,' has this"day been incoi-  poiaterl under the ' Com[>anits Act,  1897,' as :i Limned Company, with  a capiUily-f twenty-five thousand  -li-ncs of one dollar (."Jr.00) each.  , , "Given in.dei my hand and seal  o.'ofiiee at * Victoria,    Piovince   of  British Columbia, this   24th dav ol  jelol-ciy one   thousand   nine luin-  died and two.     - S. Y. Wootton,  Kegisliai   of'Joi-it'Stock Coiu-  -. pa imps/"  The charter co.ilains twenty-four  u tides, from'which the following  liie quoied : * - '    '  1. To   acquire   certain    mining  ptoncrlies known   as.the    ''Race  -lorse."  and'   "Feather   Groups,''  -uid   consisting  c>F sixteen   Lease1-*,  .i��hr benches and   four, creeks on  "ine creek, m    the   Atlin    Mining  v>ivi--ion, Cassiai District, Province  >r   British Columbia    .    .    .    and  jeneially,    to obtain   by purchase,  I rase, line,   discoverv,   location   or  ithervvise aequire  and   hold in the  Uliu -District, and elsewhere in the  ,rovince     ot   , British .Columbia,  auds,   estates; quartz 'and' placei  nineri or   mineial   claims; leases o'i  ���rosL-.octs,  mining   lands ard min-  i ig rights, coal lauds, timber lauds  31 leases, timber claims or licences  I J,cut .timber,   -urfacc   rights   and  rights, of   way.   water   rights and  -uivileges   mills, factories, furnace-*  for smelting  and  treating ores and  refining metals, buildings, maclun-  eiy, .pl.tnt, stock-in-trade  or  othei  real or personal property as may bi  deemed   advisable,   and  to equip,  operate and   luru   the same to ac  count, and to .sell 01   otherwise dis-  -jose of the same, 01  any  of them,  or.any i.,teres! therein -  2. To-carry on the business of a  mining, quarrying, smelting,  diedging and refining -company,  and to buy, sell, niine and work,  manufacture and make merchantable gold, silver, silver-leach ores 01  deposits ar.d other minerals and  metallic substances and compounds  of all kinds, stone, oil, coal, earth  or other matters or things whatsoever, and In piospecl and search  for all or a*iy ol the said substances  mailer; or things .-  3. To carry on the businesses of  miners, dredge owners, 1 umber-  men, smelters, refineis, founders,,  assaycis, dealers in bullion, metal.**,  and all pioduets of smelting of  every nature and description, shipbuilders, shipo-wneis, general trad  aqueducts,   <    flumes,  w h ai \ e's,"      f 1111 ��� ace'-*,  ditches,  - saw-mills,  lnhiite or olheivisc us.si<tt.,ci li:k��  partiiu-lhe cqr.sli-ucl'cr,"iiiritn'lt n-  ancc, cleyelopnitnt. woikiug, con-  11 d! unci maiiageiretit llieicof; etc.  ci ushit/g .wui'ks,   smelting'  woiks,  eorceulialing      woilisb   hydraulic  works, electric}*,! works, Ickgiapl.s,  lelephoin-.s", druip.H'e works.' irnma-      Tlieie-is mo:��.,solid  cum fort f a,  " 1 y .'  tion woiks. siCioj.    sbiiis.   Vi'Ss.-ls, icu'i i;r lUtie   Ribbon   Tc.*'. limn m a  '      '   . '  and othei works and cuir e;".t" <vs,   i^aMon t.i most beverages.  -.-.Inch   the   ccnipuny    may    ihii K |     1 iiv su ��.k of the ncvi."', (WpiiS  liirectlv or indiiccllv   coidrcivc  to iofOliri-linivs ai d New Yen's caul*  . 1 -     ' . '  any, of these   objects,   ard   to con-   at E. L. Pilhnnn it Co.  Magus',. Nw&g&t  a'nsl^ Grape  Rings  And r All Kinds of'Jewellery Manufactured on the Pretr.ises.  g,^2T~    Why send out when you cm :;et yowls as che-ip heie?  Watches Froen $u u&*' Fins Llsso 10( Souv&nii* SgiaatfiSi  JULES'-EfififiRT &������ SON, The Swiss Wafctatefs..  THJE  T^TE  WHITE.   PASS  .     ���    ROUTE.  Ct'  YUKON  Passenger and Express' Service, Daily (except' Sunday"), between  Skagway. Log Cabin. Bennett, Caribyu, White Hmse and Intermediate  points, making close connccli nis with oui, own sieameis a I White Morse  for Ditvvsou and Yukon points, and at Caiiboufor Atlin every Tuesday  and Friday; Rettu ning, leave ,Atlin cvew Monday smd Thuisday'.  Telegr-ipli Service lo f;kagwa7.    ��-,x|)ie.-.s   m.s'tler   will   be icceivect  for shipment to'and (mm all points,in Ciu'adn and Ihe-Unitcd Slates.  l*'or iiifoinration lelative to l*a--sei ��ei. Ficigln, 'lelegnq h 01  hx; less  Rates apply lo any 'Agent of the Company or to   ' ���"   '  J.  F.  Liii-   Traffic Manager, Jpkagv ay.  J.'LiPSCOMBi*:,  Local Age-il. Atlin   B.C.     -���'---"' ���-'-���  ���t>C'*tK8^0C**C'*f O**O**C,O0*t>0,'*>0OC> 0<><> *O^<X>0*0*$0*t>O*��O*J>0*f>0*0*&'>C"*O*>**  a  THE    KOOTENA'V   HOTEL   I  George E. Hayes, Proprietor    .  -    ���    ~ Cox. First and Tkaixor-Stkickts."   "  This 1'in.t Clnss Iloiu' li.is been reinoa>lcilciiiiil ������(.���[m-.iis'ioil throughout  and oil ui-s tin- iji^st ai-cuiniiio Inlio.i to Tr.uisipiit or Pcrni.iiiem  Guest*,.���AiiiPiicHii unil I ui-diHHii pi.in.  Fewest Wseios. Lct:ci&ii'?i zzssri Clears*    '  ���   ��� Billiards' and   Pool.-'"  O*>C>*C">O*>C,^C'*'5,O**OC'Ctv"-,^C"0* >'-' frOS OC'OO">0<>0*'>0*^C��'t>0��0>*>*>00<K,*>0**  T  B=?  DISCOVERY,   B.C.  Comfortably Furnished Rooms���By the Day, Week'op Month.  The Best of Liquets ai.d-Cigars alway s in  Sit 1 k. ��� Fine stable in coir  lipction with the lions7.  AMKRICAN    AND    KUROPKAN    PLAN.  J. P/Rosc. Maimipi.  ELK Eli,  Fish,  L-J'   *V_y   2. -1 Jl_^4 H.eSL   Ji -> JL.��.)<*)  ,    FRESH MEATS ALWAYS ON HAND.,  . , .  Game   in   season and   home    made    Sausage.  First Stkkht,    Atiin.  PTNHST fCOUIfPFD 1-IOTKI.  IN THJC NORTH.    KYliRYTHL^G-  COTS'DUCTliD IN   1'fRST-CLASS MANNER,  French   Rcstaerrant in   GcBtncctcon*  A. R. McDonald,   Puoi-uietok.  Corner of First and Discovery Streets.  FOR  main  tain, improve, manage, work, control and superintend any trails,  roads, ways, railways, tramways,  bridges,  reservoirs,   water-courses, ���  Call and get Prices at  *  I  bi  I i&tt%Bfot&r*r��r?^ riiwwww, .-^g... ,1   ,  ^=iju3sii2i^Stea^!&-iC'l^^  ���fc.^ra^.^vw.^flis?^  Ea  JrfSrfiV^^iW^iCtjB* v  1 "J    '*  JL / '  /P-:l  '-���>  .AT/.TTs'^ C'C".SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 29. 1902  .4  ca  an-fHoJ?��h Town��d VaIue for your'c%'as Grp'cerle^' Provisions, etc.  :  -'^      r*-jf   V5r wlto   it   aha  see.' 'CViant   Powder' on   hand!  D/sd^ing Pxolits.  Mr. C. E. Turner,   in   a   iccenl  article 011 Hold Dredging   in - New  Ze-ilaud, pabiislied Hi the   Minmnci  Journa:,, qui)tes"-cei tain fh'iiiesol  ( -  costs and piofits ivliiih ,we certain  to be of intere-,1 in v ii;w ol ihe pro-  bible insinuation of dredgets in  this clistno'..    Jle say.s :  "Thai the iiidtisliy n profitable,  ifpiopeilv I'O'iducted, is evident  Irom the'folllowiiig figute-:���Tin  no.n u.il c uit tl of ;i company neet,  not1 exceed ,��[.>,000. Thj-ba_e:[uiic-  the claim, buy;*, new, cliedge com  plete and store-." suflieient. foi si.n  niii'ilhs.     Costs of wo! kiny :  ilJiedge m istei   ....: .  JL ^  0  0  Kugineei"   . .."    ���    4  .-0  0  2 tli tveis al ^,'3   .. " 6  0  "0  3 Watchmen al ^3.  ������   ,9  0  0  . Oae ge'ieial hand   ,.'  n  10  0  L'lboar      .��-���7  10  0  Stoics, etc,��� '  Co d or liiewood . ...'.  .��12  q  0  Lighting, lab ioant-,  CV.C   ��  0  c  Wtai a-,.d tear      ...27  0  '  Plus Labour ...  0  JO  0  "Total         *      ^56  10  l  Gold at ^C-f. pe; ounce  = 14 OZs.  2  (livti. 12   gis. ' Say  '    14  OZs  U  cover ex >euses.j  ...      1 ,  Usually the engineer takes eithei  "   the ��� morning   or   4   p.m., shift, st*  th if the m leliina .runs    ihe-whok  24 hours. '  1 _ '  . It,will readily ' 1 c   seen  .that   a  dtedge cap tble   of Kindling   120  , " cubic yaids pei 24  hours (which 1-  a sm ill amount) of wash   thai wil  average o lly two  grains pei  yard  will   pay   a   good   dividend, thu>  1,200 y aids at   2   grains ��� 2400 =  5 ounces per  day   of 24   hours, oi  30 ounces   a   week = ,��120,   and  Jess woi king  costs,   gi.vcs   .��63   "  profit   per   week   and    an, aniiiK 1  income of ^3302.    Deductn-g Iron  this iitin mt, say ^��302, for   olfuv  i *      ,  e'cieuse-. there remains the handsome profit oi ��3000, oi 25 per cent  0.1 the no iiiual canil.il of the con'-  pauy "  Essentials of Hydraufirirg".  I*t d'tsemsiiu*; the .question ol  nydtaulic mining in the "Gob.  Mines of _lhc Woild," Mr. J.-II.  Curie savs:  " fl/drutlic mining is a distinc  ail. To my mind, the laying ou  of an bvdraulic mine is a greale  test of capicity than the opeiiii'i  of a quartz mine.  " In hvdr.iulic mining theicarc  three uviin essentials: gold; water  pu.ver lo foice the gravel into tin  slaices; and grade to cairy awav  the t tilings. To determine tin  presence of thctc ou any popes ty,  ��r the being able to bi ing together  these three, often means a scries of  experiments strctcliiuj over several yens. An hydiaulic piopcrty  Oilunot, theiclbre, be hurried to the  producing stage.  But thete arc so many other  question, too. Gold, water and  grade may be there in abundance���  [all the esse 'tial's���but if'the question*-. 01 owncisliip cf adjoiuiiiV  impcily, litigation and*finance are  looked at,' Ihe' wliole./labric may,  fall t"i pieces, and the- labour of  vears nuiy be ol no use. . .  "The  oivucr- of hydraulic pro-  icitv ntiiSt noiionly   have' title 'to  ' 1  -  his 01V11 '^lound, but   lie -must  be  certain iliul his  mining ojicialious  will not imerfcie with   the .propei-  ties ol itnv one else; eithei above 01  liilow bun.���' Tins ris a  lock -ovei  which, ,1   suppose,    hundiecis '01  olheiwise payable mines have come  to   grief       In    C-a'lilornia.  *  some  years  'ago, a whole   hydraulic   iu-  dtistiy had to  shut  clown * becaustv  the    property    of   faimeis,.   many  miles  awTiy, "vveie" being-.flooded  with debris/     '     *  " fn bringing in   water, too, one  pr .perty may gam at  the"expense.  oh smother.    . Then  comest:--lilig���-  tiou���liie watei is cut  off, nud the  ���n.  ..  ui'iie���on,winch  pet haps  <i sninll.  .01 tune, ha"s been spem���has , to be  shut down.    "  -*  L*_    * ���    ,      .  ,  "A^am, if a mine  is'to. be laid  -I ��� 1 % - r  out to the best advant.ige.'therc arc  the yeais oLexperience-to be faced!  The depth" of gravel "and 'nature 01  the bedrock lia\e to' be "tested ..by-  it numeiable holes an'd  tempouuy  dtuces   life''to   be  fitted'up foi  tnal   runs,;   ��sui veys ;have  to  miele foi the bringing in of a he-ae"  o' watei,..and the   volume of watei  tested ihe 'whole  year round: tin  ;tade for the si nice  boxes and the  tailings  race  has to be laid out,*pr  perhaps tu'-.uelled, and thpaillimaU  disposal^of the  tailings" made sure,.  The Mining Commissions anilh-;  lavvyer   have  to .be   consulted' a'<  -veiyfresli step     All   this   take-:  lime and a good   cleal   of   money.  llirectois, ��� who   tarely understand  technical details, become impatient  tnd if the slnues  aic  weak on tin  marl-et,0the inanagcr^-wjll piob.tlill  Have   iro.ible   in   getting  enougl'  ���lour-y to can v o'ul his original an-  f'lefully tbouglit-oiit progiatmr.e."  ^ The Cmu&mi Bafik 'of Coranierce." <  ,'     ���"     */"      CAPITAL    PAir>    UP    SS, ooo.ooti.  1' , .1 <  Ci-ancho-i of tho Bank at .seattlo,  San Francisco,, , <   -  ., - <       Portland,  ,  ,   . '      '   r> .   , ',     Skagway, etc.  ,    .   v        EjicKiasss;*! so/ef on ail Ptiissts*  , .-.;g  'Cioi.it Dus'i' Poucij-ivSin  -As.sav Oj'Tici? r.v'Co.v.vi:c"no.v. ,  ,     - D.  ROSS, Managei.  E.   i'.OSSELLI,   Proprietof.   ,   ,  Cornet'Ji'earl and First Streets','Atlin, 3. C.  FIRST   CLASS   R CS7 AURAIMT   IN   COW M CCTIOIV.  , 1  -CIIOiCLSr VM?,tS, IIOIORS AM) CiG^I.'S CASH (,0(JI)S V Si'LUAin.  liming,  w  acninery.  /HYDRAULIC   GIA>'J'S,    WATER"   GATKS,  *'"   *      ANGLl'b'bSTJvI'IL    PIFFLES    &  '     '     * - .     HYDRAULIC    RIV1CTI5D-. PIPF,.  Tislimatcs"fiui-islitd  on application  .  1 j ��� The' Vafficciiver Engineering. Works,  '   .     '; * VANCOUVIXR,  ..A. G Kirschfeld, Agent, Atlin, B. C  ���     SPliCIAI TIKS  IN >     ^  FANCY '-CAKES    &   PASTRY.,-      .  Fj'esh Brcisdp Rye Brsad? eio.    ' -, ^  ^''^    ������"'       -        ' ,"      Ciias.  MYiiR.'Piop'rietor.  Good IJuOn s to Runt -I!j  lliu IJ.ij    WpoK or Month .it rca&ou.ible rntos.  Cc  1  t,  ���ALASKA   Rod i i.   SAHINGS���  The. following. Sailings ^are  an  'onuced for ihe months'of Novcm-  '>e; and, December, leaving- Skag-  viiy at 6 p.m., or on arrival of the-  train :  Aiiiun, ��Nov. Sth ancl 20tfi.  "-  ',.    , .Dec. 6th anc! 20th.   j*  1**01   further  iufoituation,  apply V-  write to    II. 13. Dun'N", Agent.  .Skagway, Alaska.  NOTICE.  ,\TI)TIGi; is liorcln   ^ivnu   tlutt SKly cluy  .ifti'i* ilnli!   1   intcid   to  mijilv  lo   th*  fiiiiuf  Coiiiinissloiicr ol   Lnnik  nud  W'nrl.f  01 nci-mihiloii   to  piirclirihc  tlio  r<ilIo��in^  Ipsbi ilivil   tini't   ol   Iniid   for   n#i iciilt in nt  iiirpoi'.s:   Tliut  m��i*colyor trnct of lnnil on  t'io*.(iulli bit nil of llip  I'ivpr or Lloneli ini'i-  iliifrinto Miiosp Arm, Atlin Di\iiIon,CiiMi,inf  Oist 1 irf, II. (j-, -,'onimciiiMiiR*   nt Noll post. .V.'  '5'. loriicr,    and     rnnuiiiK-   (40 chain*,  lint  outliurly   fliiTotio'i:   thonco   ctiiterly,    to  ���������o II pi.st, 5J  tiluiiii*,;   tliuni'o  nortliorlj   to  "-n. -I |iost, 40 (jliuin'-, and  tlionco 50 oil 11 iUK to  No. I post, contuimnf: 210 (teres moro or less.  Vi'. A. ASDEIINON,  Cariljon C'rotsluf,-, Y. T. Ortobpi* 31, l!)i 2.  no-8-8t  .'   .    '  ,. Wholesale   and    Retail    Butcher  FIRST   STREET,    ATLIN,   B.   C.  Men's  U.UF.Soles iriil Shoe Nails    ���Henri   D*-ton A Sou'-  * .   >     ;; .     "       , (tIshs unit Pi.ttei, cti- , i-tc.  ESOOI\1-���BANG--BOOM !���Dynamite,   Caps   and   Fuse.  Full'Line of Winehestcr���Blaek &, Smokeless���Hillo & Shotgun  ���    ' ' "     Cartridges.  -    -~ ... ^,  . >������ .        Goods   l.to;ii)[it   Sold    ��.:���-!   I ��.cIioii{|etI. '  IF   YOU   WANT  .mormation  CONXI.KX1XO  MINES SHINING PROPERTY  In tho Atjjin District  c      writj: TO  Am ���Sm HSrsssMeleS   ���  Real   Ivsiate  and   Mining   Bioker.  DISCOVERY, Ji. C.  ���'inest of liquors.     Good stabling  I.l). S.IMW, I'lopi letur.  T\'v XT'  "BATHS  ;Vl/o    IV.   BARBER SHOP  ,*-.     .     , G. H. VOHD        1'rop.  .' -* V  Now opi'iniv thru' now ciiinrtoie next  to thf B.iiiU oT Ji. IS. A . I'iistStri-et.  The Imth loonimu'c rrninll\ i*J tfooil us foiim!  in  I'ltic*.   Pritut* lint* .tiii** for ltditw. ��� "     J- .    *i '   ' ;  1 AT&H-T,   B.-  C,    SATUMJA-Y,,-MOVJSM'BJEJR.. -29, 1902.  j .  ft  !  ii  I--  If'  Hi  1 > "'���  -  [<bj"  1  t  ��� 1  I'  i  ii  |r.|  ~"i-  1,  i'  , *  ��� 3  <*m��  ...Ti  PICKED UP HERE AND THERE.  Church ol England:      ' ���  St. Mm tin's Chureli, cor. Tliiril and Trnln-  or .treef*. Sun lay services, Mtttiiiint 11 a.  iu., Kt��ui>oii^ 7:30 p. in. Celebration of Holy  Communion, 1st Sunday in cacli month anil  on Spec-inl ou-'itsioiis." Siinilny Sulioul. ..Sunday nt 8 p. in. Committee M��i*tinj;N, 1st  Thursday in riteli month. '      .  ' Kcv. I'". I.. Stoiiliciisoti, ltnctur.  St. Andrew's Preshytcriuii Church hohl  ���rrvleea in the Cluirch on Siiconil Street.  Morning service at 11 evening seiviee 1:in  Sunday School at the close of tlio nioriilii*;  ������rvicn. Kev. K. TtirK'uiRtoii, Minister. l'Yee  lteiullurr Koom, to which till uro welcome.  We regret to learn of an en fortunate accident   which happened   lo  three of our* popular  lady  friends  and'at the same  time  extend  our  %. congratulations on their very lucky  escape from cue  that  might _ have  ' h'td   serious'  consequences^    Mrs.  Mobley was   retuiuing   fiom.Pine  with Miss Smith, one of the nurses  in  the Atlin [Hospital,   and  Mrs.  Davis to Discovery, -and. iu round-  . ing the bend between   Willow - and  Discovery,    the   dogs     ran   away  overlurirng the  sled, throwirg its  o:cup"ints against  the  high bank.  Several stitches   had   to  be put iu  Miss  Smith's  forehead,   while the  other two ladies got off with a few  bruises. -  Go to The Royal fcr Fresh Oyster Cocktails'.    -  L M. Dz Gex, one of the popular members ot ihe Canadian Bank  of Commerce, <vas nvirrietl a fc'w  weeks ago in Ki..cardine, Out., lo  MissF. G. Rapley, of that city.  They have 'gone lo England on  their honeymoon and will return  to Whitchorse in' spring. ��� The  CLAIM extends heartiest congratulations. '  "  Fine selection of Christmas gifts,  direct from ' the factories���gifts for  the children and for the old people.  ���iv. L.Pnlman & Co.  Harry Price,"the popular purser  of the Gleaner, is - spending''the  winter iu Whitehorse.  Blue Ribbon Coffee is absolutely  pure.���It i* sold in all the stores in  Atlin.  Photos and Photo supplies at  Djckrill & Bourne's.  A delayed mail got in-yesterday.  The carriers report having had to  break through 12 miles of ice.  For a good square meal go to  the Pioneer Bakery and Restaurant. I  POLITICAL ARENA,  British Columbia Politics ;Be-  t * 1 *   t   ���* *  come Interesting. ��� -  The Formation of a, N��w Cabinet  ,. Entrusted  to  the Hon. E. 0  Prior.  Tub Baths all winter at the O.K.  Barber Shop; '  See our, Xttias  stock  and   Local  Xmas Cards���Dockrill & Bourne's.  Jimmy Regan has a  good stock  of*American-Shot Gun  Cartridges  and Sporting Goods.",      His prices  tare always the 'lowest.  Private information, by wire  chis week from' Victoria!' advises us  of the fact that the Hon. Jas. Duus-  .niiir, Premier of the Province, has  placed his'resiguation in. the hands  of the Lieut.-Governor and that it  has been accepted. Hon.-. K,_. G.  Prior, Minister of Mines, has been  calleel uoon to form a new .Cabinet  and is having anything but a picnic iu his task. '-  ��� -. l    1 _-  Owing to- the break in this wires,  we are 'unable to get the -latest  news from the " seat of war."  THE A0.U.W. ATHQME.  Wlli Cj.n njtnjpate'the Opening of  the Mew H&li:  To mark the -completion '.of the  .Hall on Third street, Atlin Lodge,  No. 15, A^O.'U.W.*, has decided to  give a- public entertainment ' on  Thursday, December^th next. , .  . The programme" will" be an attractive or.e, consisting ofshort addresses .by the Rev.:F.-LjrStevenson, Master of the Lodge," as also  one by Mr. J.,-A.I Fraser, Gold  Commissioner, together with some  musical numbers and, recitations.  Light refreshments will'--life -Revved  during the evening and the entertainment will" be brought-.-to a  close with a dance."   ."   ''^.t'r-;^'-  Tickets of admission, costing $1,  are now in the hand's"of;th�� members of the Lodge' for sale, and as  the proceeds are in aid of the building fund-they will no doubt, obtain  a ready and large demand. ���  . The A.O.U.W. are doing good  work iu the camp and their enterprise in building a hall should  meet,with the hearty appreeiation-  of the people of Atlin by bringing  them a bumper house.  ���   Programmes will be distributed  at the earliest possible .moment so  .     -. ��� *    *-*(�� f  that the public will have-an bppor-  tunity to see in  advance the treat  prepared for them.  NOTICE.  "MOTICE la lierehy {liven tlitit ati.jlicm Ion  will lie marie to tho PurUmiioiit of C'ml-  atla, at its next bitting, for lmivo to inuor-  porute a Company to he oullinl "The Const-  Yukon llnilivny Cotupit'iy," lo uon-.ti net.  ettuipniid operate u rttilway from it point on  or" u-tar Kltimat Inlet, Don sins Channel,.  Brltiat-. Columbia ; tlieuoo to'Atlin - l��,iki-  thence to'the Vnlion Uivo'r ; thonci; to the  JnternatloiiRl Uotindury liiiehetwuen \UiiUa  and Yukon Territory, via tho City of Daw-  ���011. With power to construct anil own  baataatid whurveH, telegraph and telephone  linen, to generuta electrical power, ami to  collect tolls and all power* liieideutul to n  railway.  Dated at Vancouver, 11. C, this Uth day of  November, A,D., 1902,  1>. G. M \cnoNKi.i,.    ,.  no-29-9t       '   'Solicitor (or Applicant!),  IBM SiftS  156618 Given' Away  IX  nze$*  :ahcy Tea Sets, Toys, Dolls, Etc,  COMK    KARI.V    ANU    MAKl'    YOW<  SKI.IiCTIO.N.  E. L. Pillman ���& Co  STORE  TO  LET.  13.6 x 25 feet  Apply at Tin-: Claim Oim'icu.  WINTER     PRICES  AT  Cfte ��� JWUtt .���beap-��� ���a$h- Store?  Flour, Ogilvie's, $3.50 per sack  ,,    Lakeof the VVood.3,v$3.4o  i���    Olympia, $3.40  ,,   .(iraham, $3.50  '���    Rye,'"3>3*5��  Butter, Agens, 1 .lb bricks, .50   "  ,,      ���>'    ,,    2"lb tins. $1-  ,, ,,'   New" Westminster, ilbbk,.50  ,,     '���,,-"   ; 2 lb tin, $;,. '  Potatoes; Lubeck. sliced, pr, lb; .33'  ��� .-Graham, dess., slbtin. $1.25  ,",    Fresh, per lb *. 10 -cents  Onions, ,,   -   ',,        .10  Rolled Oafs,"7 lb sack, .65  Oatmeal, 10 lb sack, .90  Cornmeal,,   do. .90 ,  Ham," B.C., per lb, .25 ,  ,,     Rex,-   ,,        .26  .  Bacon, B.C., ,,     " .25  V,    Rex,     ���"      .26        '     .  Cream, St. Charles, hotel, dcz, $5  ���   Jersey, do    ,  do       $5  ����,   Jersey, small size,   do  $2.56  ,,    Carnation/   . do   $2.50  Milk, Eagle " '���   do do   $3-5��  ,,    Rein Deer do   $2.50  Sugar, granulated, 10 lbs, $1  ,\    Bar, 5 lbs, $i-  ,,-   Lump. ,,' Si  Woicestci Sau'ce, per doz,,$3  Ketchup, per doz, $6-  . ,", -12 gal. tins, $2  Tea, 'Rickshaw, per package, .40  ,, ' Blue Ribbon, lb. do .50  ,,    Liptons do .60  ,,   -Star   * - .1  do        .60  ',,  'Ciown-        , do   -    .60  ,,  -'Nabob  , t do .50  Coffee, Crown, Moclia-Javja, lb .50  ,-,'"*��� Bine Ribbon, per lb, ^45 -  ."'."Chase & Sanborn, lb. .45- .  Crewe & BlackwelPs jams, 3 iins$t-'  Breakfast Food, per package, .25      ���  Germea, per i^ackage, .60  Tomatoes, per dcz, $4 "   '  Peas, Beans, Corn, per dcz $2.50  Ra'sins, new fruit,   doz pkgs,$2.5o  Currants,    do do '      " $2.50  Cornstarch, do J2.50  Citron, Lemon & Orange Peel, per  'lb, .40  Candles, per box, $4  The above prices apply only to retail. A discount will be  allowed to the Trade, Miners, Restaurants, Hotels and  all large consumers.        '.'."'.  All  All  Other Groceries   and   Provisions at equally low prides.  Goods' warranted Fresh and Plist Class rull  Weight and Measures.  Dry Goods, Clothing, Boots and Shoes, Moccassins, Hats and Caps  AT    COST*  M.    FOLEY,   First Street,   Atlin,    B.C.  YOUR   ATTENTION  IS    CALLED   TO   THE   FACT   THAT  * 1  99*��  UNUSUAL ..v BARGAINS*  IN  Fine   All-Wool   Blankets,       Men's  All-Wool Underclothing.  Men's1 All-Wool Light  and  Heavy   Overshirts, and  Sweaters  Men's   Fur   and Cloth   Caps and Dolges Felt Shoes.  We also call y&MB* &f$��&tliuB fo ttae Low Prioe of our Extra  Qualify, HantS Loaded, BB&ok, SmolQBle&s Powder,  HERE   IS   YOUR   OPPORTUNITY DO NOT REGRET HAVING MISSED IT,  BLA0KETT & CO.


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