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The Atlin Claim 1904-11-19

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 Z2r**TW***f*w\  3  NOV 3 01904  IP  VOL. ti.  ATI,IX, B.C.,    SATURDAY,  N'OVKM BKR  iy,  : 90-1.  NC.  ���79  Miniii" ��� News.  '������>  Ricords of the Week.  Mineral   Locations.  None.  Placer   Records.  Spruce Ci ot:k, Nov.   tOlli,   "The  Judi(]iie," by Aicliie Beaton.,  Pine Creek, "Vaitcoucer" bene!),  by Win.  Barli im.  Hydraulic    Leases.  The "Phiinbe" lease on lower  .McKee Creek ; a|)plie;mt : K. A.  Wat kitirir ���;  Slaked 71I1 Nrov.  The " Ceuiiiry," on lower McKee Cieek ;��� applicant: A. Car-  niiehael ; slaked 7th Nov.  Water   Rights.  1    None.  Our Electric Light.  I.ighls out al : :i. 111., lonighl, ���  was the woid passed louud,. by tlie  genial snperinier.dent of the Klec-  irie Light Co. on Thui.-.day. ?dr.  . HaVlsliorn, with a Large force of  men and teams, started at that  hour vesleiday morning to remove  the engine and electric apparatus  from its present position at the  north end of town'to .its. new location in connection with the -Atlin  Lumber Co. both concerns have  been merged and are nu\v-u^cjer the  one management. With the additional power thiil will now be had,  the citizen-*; may resl assured that  they will be given a light system  second lo none.  Atlin Curling: Club.  On Thursday the Atlin Curling-  Club cleared a space cm the slough  adjoining the Rinks and there enjoyed the first game of the season.  The Curling Rink, i.s being enlarged to accommodate the increasing membership and in about  ii week is expected to be fit for use.  The ' Skating Rink has been  greatly improved and its soon as  lack I'Tosi breathes' stiong enough,  fun r^r the skaters will begin.  The Managing Committee have  an" order for providing for the increased membership ol the Club, so  thai any one wishing to join may  now do so. The Club has sent out  for nine pairs of new statics, which,  wilii those already on hand, will  supnly all wonts.  The Spruce Creek Orchestra will  ��ive a Gram! ball on Monday, 26th  CD  December, at the Grand Hotel,  Atlin. further particulars next  week.  , Anyone having original Christinas work, in" the '.shape of hand-  painted cauls, Repopse, Poker or  .stamped leather work/ and any  kindred art work, and wishing ihe  same sold, write Tine Ati.in  Studio. Claim Block, for terms for  exhibition ���and sale of same. An  Art Room will be opened on the  .21 si inst. Wateli let* ad.. Idling  about it next week.  important   Fire   Meeting Tonight.  'flic I'"ire meeting in the Court  Room this (Saturday) evening  pi onuses to be an interesting one'.  An appropriation is being made by  the Government tow'aids ils upkeep and as il is'probable thai tlie  office of P'iic Chief and Watchman  will be combined, with a suitable  salary, there have" been several applications made for the position.  Names already in are : Tbos. J.  Urqiiliart, Win. Barlriin, Angus  McDonald, Rob Webster, and there  will probablv be others.  ATLIN    GOLD ' FIELDS.  Chas.  T.   Baker   Disappears.  The mysterious disappearance of  Chas. T. Hiiker is causing considerable alann. He was last seen  on Friday night of List week when  leaving Discovery, for his home on  Gold Run. Search, by the police  and others, of every likelv place  wheie he might have gone or where  an accident could occur, has reveal-  ed'uo trace of him. The dam near  ihe Pine Tree Hotel was horridly  dragged, but being covered with  treacherous ice, itis'feared, was rot  examined thoroughly, and another  searchjs_.beinc. made .there. ...Mr.  Baker   was a   map of about  sixty  years,   a   native  of 'Iii'i'gland,' aiid  with his three partners, was doing;  well on Lheir mine on Gold Run".  Topography.  The general elevation of the lower lake and valley system, comprising. Lakes Bennett, Tagish, Taku Arm and Atliu I,ake, is  about 2,2on feet above sea-level. Generally speaking, the mountain  tops are from 5,000 to. 6,500 feet above the sea. Theie is also a  ���second svslem of deptc-sions or upper valleys and plateaux which  isolate the mountains into groups having a rounded and worn appearance. The main lake system lies iu depiessions'more or less in  a north and south direction, following the general trend of range and  valley as seen all throiuih the more .southern portions of British Co-'  lutnbia. These principal north and south valleys are connected bp  wide depressions.  Exploration  Not Difficult.  Contrasted with Ihe rugged barrier of the Coast Range, the'District  offers easy exploraiion. The upper portion of t��e mountains above  timber line are grassy a;,d open, without, as a rule, much obstruction  , to travelling. Kxtensive slopes and wide valleys are scantily timbered  with Banksian pine, spi uce at.-d balsam. The general appeaianceof  the District somewhat resembles the Kootenay by its north and south  lake system, but the mountain0 ranges are less rugged, appearing as  low rounded groups with wide valleys or low slopes between them.  The greater portion is readily accessible either by boat or pack  animal.     Bunch grass is abundant along the upper benches.  " 5. Principal    Rivers.  Pine Creek may be said to be the principal gold bearing stream  east of Atliu Lake, as having ihe precedence of creeks discovered'later.  It drains Surprise Lake, and litis a length of eleven miles with a fall of  about Sy> feet. There arc many streams tributary to Surprise Lake  and Pine Creek, the chief being Birch, Ruby, Boulder, on the north ���;  Wright, Oiler, Spruce, McKee, on the south ; together with the new  system recently opened up in ihe Dixie Valley, comprising Bull, Fox,  Dixie, all liibutsiiy to the O'Donneil River, which empties into Atliu  Lake about sixteen miles below the City of Atlin. The Valley of  O'Donneil River presents greater opportunities for prospecting than  eiiher thVTinc or. Spntce Valleys, being wider and longer than either of  these valleys and is the centre of an entirely new system of operations.  [TO   III-. C'ONTISI'Kll.]  APPLICATIONS    FOR    LIOUOR    LICENCES.  A Meeting of the Board of Licence Commissioners for the " Atlin Licence District" will be held in the Court House, Atlin, B. C.t on Thursday, December J5th,  1904, at 10 a. m., to consider the granting of the following Applications:  Nitine ol' Applicant.  Chirk, James   Dixnn, K. B   Dixon & Schtilz,   Galamo. A. L   Hastie, David   HinchelilTe, Mis. Thos.  Johnstone, Samuel    Joyce, frank    JJosuription of I.ici.'iicp.  .Renewal of Hotel  1:     .<(      (1   Transfer '   Renewal '  Locality of preinisps soii-arlil to l><-' Licensed.  Kirkland, John  Miller, Mrs. A. M   McDonald, Alex. R   McDonald, Daniel   Queen, ICllsworth 1'   Queen, TUlsworth P   Rose, J. P.   Roxborough, John . ........  Sands, lid ward ...............  Till. Walter G....,   Trotmaii, Venn ..... ... ���   Half Way House,   Allin.   B.C.  Russell Hotel,  A tlin,. B. C.  Nugget Hotel,   Discovery,   B. C.  B.  C.   Hotel,   Discovery,   B.  C.      Grand  Hotel,   Atlin, B. C.  Dawson Hotel. Taku, B. C.  Vancouver  Hotel,  Allin, B. C.   i White  I'ass Summit Hotel,   White  ��� Pass Summit, 1-5. C.   Hotel Licence j Hale City Road  House, Hale City,  I B. C.  ....Transfer of Hotel  ] Balmoral Hotel, Discovery, B. C,   Transfer "   Renewal "  .Renewal "  .... 1 Kootenay Hotel, Atlin, B. C.  ....���Arctic Hotel, Bennett. B. C.  .......Transfer "      "  ......Renewal '���'���     "���   ..Transfer  : Leland Hotel. Atlin, B. C.  j Royal Hotel, Discovery, 15. C.  Gold House, Discovery, B. C.  Surprise'.Lake Hotel, .Surprise Lake  B. C ���  Pine Tree Hotel. Discovery, 15. C.  Kirkland Hotel, Atlin, B. C.  Roval Hotel, Atlin, B. C.     ���  WALTER   OWKX,   Ciiiki' Lick.nck In.si'KOOK.  >*-^V    :  ���/J0.'':.  Ati.in,   15.  C.;  November i6lli.   <yo  ./"T" .A'^iASyyiy,-
I $;■"•"'''
'Till*. Ai I.IN CLAIM i,:j ri,cLtsni:i) svi;nv Saturday
MoHNiNr..     maiuco   rndc   -to: rn v'part or  thc
' vjoiu.ii.  Foil -jo   chpito, i'r:n  ffl-ONTM ;   ,;;-..oo   pen
.  yi:ah.    flbuciinaifir, n'fif*;-): iiMiopnn inch c'acm
.V   iN*-iniTioNr ncfttil-ifi -i-jTicrsiifi 'crNTE a linc/
•JPt'C I A l.   HATITS .0*1    A n PLICATION. . V
':;:■;■■',■■''■        'vjdk I'ltiM'nwi':    .; ■•■'
J   BlLL'HFflUS. POSTEfir... .    V I 6, I T I Nil'- C A R D F.
LcncH-Hr.DC.,"'...1      r-HOr-RAM-Mi-.v.. .   r.TC.,' i:tc.'iV
* .' V;-.      ORIJ>..■'<*.    PHOMPTLV    tXrCUTCD.   ■• • , ■ ,•
"/■/..'   .. p**ici:f-,  moociiatcV *   .'
. 'I'aii A tun ,{.:■■ aim1-. 1'i:hi.isiiinii Co...-•■■■■■ ■■•''■.'
".; A. ('.'UnwoiU'-ki,ii,;i'liioriai--i-,oiiv■■;,.
iv. ": ".:.'" Vn'V        V*. .■'.•'',•* M *■••■'  S.IMl'r*bN. ..\.l.', N A<i F.it.
v-vSatuim.ia:v,' N(>\^,vi:9,:-T9o'4. v:'
Goveriiineut:wonid,.do 'we 1.1* to put
a'"sii'iall sieain ,1auncli' oii ■ the Makes
to carry liii.iild'uriiig ihe . tutu si lion
stage*--beu\'eeii "close vof' regular
navigation and such .'time.''' as"., the
trails "are.; good, and safe.' 'flic byal
would 'bring, .in. a good revenue
during the summer month's.'\;    '■"■'■•■■"
Notice to .Drifters.
r;.,'.'. o'DJje Atlin ;C|:iiiii is   in   existence
■-.: v^today,— si;  witnessv-to vlhev:outside
y:;.;:;.\.vorlci   :Sf' the:; verity   of. lhc:ALiiu
■■;■:. jMi'niii'g ;;Cainpv.itn<l itsv;in;iny'and
:,.X';V;A*aried; i*es<iu!'ee-*;..vJ:f:::[yyy:y-yy:yyy:
v " ..^
yy--\iuteres lb ig:jo,ur 1 i a 1 ;v;uid:.i i';'its .retul-
;.-'; ers would wish to help it:along''-to
- .V /this desirable, ve:id--*-they/will   send
-■v.;..in.. ivewsU>! fliiterest., ti;ii-:;p,ul.)li*':aiioiLi
■ ■-;■■•:'■   v':.^y:*-,^iyV; £i'vfe\v;;da)-sr; wheii;:Vai>:
vv .■-■■■■■rangeiiien.ts^^are-^peflcoted'^'.-Tlii
v:;,Claihi;.will.;ha\'e :-corr.espb.ii'detits.':.:6ii
•   . each 'creek, whose duty  will be .to':
■*■'*"v'cvOf;woi k. :.-   ■i\":**'v :'yy '■^-■.'■v.*;.:.-.;''.v'--'>'';:*v.
;vvv' -'■; Iii future *;aveolumtr \x\\\ j.vevde-
: vv■ Y?^l •■■■•OVV..I*liev publicatib:i. vofv: ihe
vv; ]>lacer;iiH| uiiiieral claiins recorded,
;;-vmining ; leases ■ ;aikL; \v;uer ; riglits
v: v;.staked, and;to generaJGoveriimenf
'.'.pflice'.'bu.siness'^ihisnews; sliduld
V ;V;otir|>ictiires takeif.in'yoiir drifts
or. by;'your':c;abins----and  produced
■    :'    ■ ■        • ' -    '    ' ''-   <P  ■   ■   ■■ '■ '■'■ ".'  '''■'.'• '■" '"'     ."'■""; ; ■"'   ''       '
bir postcards: to send y.ourilriend-r
Christiiuisvliine;;::' is-poov'.p'e.r'^.-d.qz..*'
Sencf orders to:'Jvl.!K ATi.is: Stivi>\q.:
V:V ;. ^W'lIV.SKNI^OI-Tl'A-ilKN   VOUlCAIi .CU**T fil.lijl)3 Ati OH I0A1' llElili ? .. .V* ■■";,'
v' Vlv    Atlin.  Nugget and; Grape   Rings  ii''^"ii Uinds. or.^lewelrj-'i'iimYm-*
.'■ -', i.fuctiired.ou the prehii-.ei*.   , : -.,.■.'■    ■■'". . .V';,v    "'■■       ■'.'
v   ,Fiii<!; ->e>v' St.ockvol' ; Watches,   Clocks,  Jewelry miit   Diamonds.
Win elms ■fi-om-?!'i..OI)-*iip.' .'■"' '^yyyiyJ.:,. •'.• v-;' "■; •.-'''      ■•'■ .;■::■<■■;'.    ■■'.■ ■■; •^i'..v..;V;'V'';V
' ;  ;Snyot'ware; Cut CSIsss, Hah^l Painted China, Souvenir S-root-is,
',, Hockey .Sticks^ a lid- SkaU s, etc;,
'a l^C;;.Rv;J>t)uriiers.; .;';;.;;,•.,;:;; "v?:;; ;'';.;;■;;
... /Stoves ,.aiid   Hardwai'e: jii.Vpiices
Appl-c-rtt^on; for; Trans'es-   cf ^Ltcjubi-
vvticenoel        '■'•■'.:"':','■.
''-   .'bihfiivi'ry,   Ui'itisii   t',.oliii.iiifi:i; vhoi'i-by
"apjiiyao riie iy<>;it>! c\1' li't-^iicf; troiii-aMHsioiiiM:;:
lor ii truiislVv'of tin.; HiitiilpiieiioiViitiw lielil
hy .J ci I in W'cil tors., to. .sull iutoxieiuiiiH* iiiiiiiorV
ii in lor tin; iMovisions oi" ..tlie Stnr iitt's-in Hint.
Iii-luiil', in tin. ..!irdui.isoskiiown a ml ilcsiiriljed;
us the ••('*c*l<l "11 oi it,*., VJistov.cry,; sit unto oil.
iliiiu   Sti'i'ut,. 'I'lAvii   ol'Vlliscoviiry,   to  roiii-
nit'iico oil llic.tii'stiliiy or.hiiiiiiu-yVlUK.  .,
;My posi'o.tl.it-i! iiHil riiss iis iVDisooytu-y,. IJ. U.
Tin- iiuiiui aiid iiililvr^s <.,!' tlie owiier olVtlii;
pi'i.'nii.si'.sVprbposeVl .'t'6 lie IJL*eiii-G>d\ui'(>: Jiio
P.H<j>.r,.I )ispovery,H;b.;,"';';;;:   ;.'..'.";:
Vlliited tliis lijtli-'iiiy of Novemlior, ISfM.v
'■■ V; ... * ;;'JO.Eo;l?. .1{HHKV;.;.
;.Sijriiut.ii'i'i) ejT rlii- holder.'of tl/e l.ioniicr :.:
'.■;'•".." -.-' .Ions; Wo.t/ri'.ns'.'.i
.Il:lva;. vv; %,A^M:v^; :i\b4-i^^J-Di'
;atliim ;&vCJiSCbyERY.
■' v ■■■ ■. ~y.y. '.^'•v;;./:v;.-vvi^~;*v;Goij-\seai^ ;;:::V:,;.;:;;,':
Hquor;|: licence;; Aetr: -vvsliif iii,; y k M b iii!
Application -Tci' Transfer of Licence.
■•;bq;;.;'lieaitil'y.:;.welcbined;-'b>'vaar;whb|,,.. ___<       ....-...,-.. ,^,-:
V.want.tcj. .kiiowv.what "grdiiiKfan
i-.r'i^i^3J'!iJM:iy;;ilc^yi^^ ■'■■yyy.y
relieve ;nia.iy.^i:.ii.i; oi1veoN;i;fe;i,^
sary walk to Atlin,    :! ,     '; •fou....r A,ii„, «vUU,v;>iul^J^
■ ).t . ,-... . i .     • i    H.\    -tjl   li>    1(1    t     (    '    Ulll'     -'if     I   li-.«.ii..-»    (-(llni'liK- .     .     ' .
rj^vKi^>;o:i':Ci*: tiiiitvivl'iiANeisiTrTKot-iiii-;
; ■ "j.;:.rON...:!if;;Alliii|. II.C, slmll iippiy to: rlio
Hi in I'd   i.il' . l-ioiMKio. Coiniuissioiiors'. ut t lii*ir '
MOM. MwtiiiK* for..tlit!,.'t rnust'(.-r..ot'  tlio Hoti:! .
lairniirp, iieiwfln'Ul; l>y, nn;',;to Vwell ViVitoxiyut- \
iiip*;;l;i<iui!rs.'.in the, pi-ciiii-jeW'•■lti'ii*>\vii;;iisvtlio,j
' * 1 ioyui''; ll< 111-1, sir ii ii tfv <>ii.; I.qt.7.;lilock. l"i:of '
the 'i'ou'iisiteol' -Allin, II: O.y to -Vkss; TlipT-
MAy;.of<-Atliii,'li.;C.':,;;'v' V-jy 'r]/y;\y:\ y^ry
■■'-. niited this'inrli day ol'-Xoveoiher, lMkv;.;V,;:
'.>: :'■■   ■:■;■..;,.i^itANtuK'l'. TiiovGiiTON.■..'..■
V ; v ,:,■■;, '.:;• -'.'liy C'. lii.'itc) rs ,.M ason, .-i.i'i.ai ^ficnt.
this Hotel, is?s~vcked with
.'■; r^v'jTHtvB'ESTV'OF ;;GO'ODS;;;.-v'::
'/■"■■'.'■ -Saiha  :jGkBi'siQST.e9 "'iErvfi'*}
SVI'I LLER;&.: (VloLAR.t NivPi-ciirietcirsy;
.'■.V -.-'...*■■:: -.. :,i"> I'isc-p. v. k ii'"'i .■: i* s::.; f^i""''-': A-,'!.^ ^ i>i. .*;'.;-:.'_.":,"" .'-=_:.
■'•y.::yy .;;v;;v',v.;;.W,.A■NTED;■v.v:',^;v'^^:'y\v
iidjf/iiiiii*^*  .;t(~ri'itc,i'ii?sV   t(i.;'..i'«pi*eseiii:V-iiiiil
.advert iseitn; old cstnlilUlieii house of I'soiid
liiiutu'ia! ~ staiidinji*. V Snliit'.v'V to.'   mei'i ;.*.'<lii .   .                                        -•■■ .••••:■                  ■,■■*,■...,,-■.
Xw\<\y7\y>'\y'<*>^ ijl:'     vfjf (^Iv'X >'RS-"
iOxiioiises iiih'iineed  eiveii AloildiiyVli.\-r eiioi-lt ] y':'r-yiyy~~'~yy'^'~'-y"--:-''-^/:'y*-^y:--,,~-yc,-
Our Dining-ix-oonVfurnishes;ihcv
.liy'iipjiij- in, till- Hour.I tif 'i.ief-'.V-c Coliiniis-
: si oner:, fur n h-.i-Iti' i.r tiie ■.•l-lotfiI,;*hu-ijiicu
liovi* held l,y .i,(i.; Coruel'UWi sell: iiitoxieut-
iii;r;I.ii'iiiO!'s tiiider the pi*tivi.-,ion.s of tiieStut-
utesdii-tiiia lieliiilf,' in the premises kiioum
umldeserihod :im the '; Nii^er:" Hotel, bis-
■<s''.ivui.,y.,.*--it(i.iiti;'<i!i Alain Street. Town of JMs-
eovery. to eoimiiuiiee oiillie iit-.st-'duy o'i' .lnn-
liary, ISi;;"i. • .*' ■'■ ■' '..''.'
V -.(Jiir iiost (iilicL- address.is : A tliii', 11. 0.
.The iiiiiiis and. adttresa ciX '■the owners ol
the prointses prbp'oaet'l to he l.ieeiiscd Vare.-..
IVi'xuM & Soli iilz, Atlin, B.C.; ■■■-...-■..-.■--
Dat-.-d this !.*ith day ol'Novembcir, 1904.   :..
'•:'■' '■.-■"      : .;K.  H. Dixbx,   . .
.■■"■•"' ■'.-■'■.,.'- ..-•   I.OUIS, tiCJIUW-.;''-.
SiKiKitiirt! of the holder oi' {lie ljiccuvo':
.;•■'■.''.        ; ■]. g. uoukioi.!.. ;
The Claim iilso desires.'fo open a
•■■;■   Cvirrespoiuieuce  coluinu, in   which
it invites  its, re;u.ler;-i', especially on
..:•;• .the creeks,  to   discuss   i here in- liie
many questions  of'. importance" re-
iative.to '•'*. the    uiining   .inilustiy.
Public meetings, called  to-discuss
and pass judgment upon   the  niiu-
-; ing laws, rarely, arrive; at "any. cou-
...__£lill,L?iL01' v.,ahie. j'or tb.e reason that
,   ,' i:i such meeting's so  many ..conflict-:
:;uig.views are expressed and.so few
, : vcome iirepared to. speak.     \A7e   feel 	
.   sure, howev-er/tliat to .many, wril- '""■".'        ,v NO'l.ICE.
:.. -.ing:... from   the   quiet ■c-f-.vheir~;bwu
V cabins, suggestions oiVfulinitevaliie
:; .Will; prescul   theuiseIves.--*-so ivi keJ
J vtlicse clown and.send. them''-fo,-.pub--| 1,'^-Avi*-'. Jin^K^'^^TWor
■lir'.itiVni' -    P/-..I-..-'    *-■■-.■ f". *    *'iwovc*r.v.  i{i*iti.-li  C'oliiinliiii. apply to
,,.   .ilCJt.IOIl.       ke.Ue-Uuer    It    Was    lrom    the lioard of   Uei-neeCo.innissioiier, Tor li
the    back    WOOd.S    of.   Indiaiia    that i 'V,"1*''-'1'"1' ,!'«   Hotel J.ieenee  now  held  hy
11,        1  :,:,; .j,,  ,' ... , ,      J ^ • A- Andcrsoi... in  the premises luiown and
Al.». .Lincoln   aiose Mo   sa ve.: the j *i..«..,-n,«.,i .„« ,h„ - Hniinori.1" Tioto;,  i.i«-
■* UlllOU.*       We   -believe    thai  llle mill- U'"W-i-y. li. C. to eiiiiiitieore un   the -first day
ers theniselves, coming as .iht.-v- do 'of *u'-'""r.v- ;     v     '
■/■into   contact    Willi     u,e     practical !   -r,0"'-' "ln'u'«<l'i'-'^ ut- }»**>?:■*!!< '- c:
.,.,.-,.       .       (-   ,.-■        ~  .■■'■'',•■     i-     I i'e name and address oi the owner of the.
,     WOlklUg   Olll   Of    the    lUllling    laws, i premises propose! ,,, he l.i,..,,e,,t are": Mrs.
. are.in the best position   to   sui/oest!-*■••''■• ■ Miin-r, oiseovery. u.c.
reuieilitil le-gislatiun- - •''"       I   l.'ateii tin-, ir.ih <i.iu-.-i,i' Noveniiisi-. i;:.j.
... ,Wiil so,ne one .tart ,he ballroll   I   si,li:il„,,: „r tll0 u^rlu^^T.'
[        ■ . W. A. AxiiKiisos.
I.'.'i* Wai.tki* tlwb.-.-. f'hief l-iii'Mee ln.~peeior.
poriiiu'iioiit..* ..Address,   iii.iiw   lino.-j.; A, do
IJept.A.Xlonan Hhl^.,■ CJJiiiVajro. III..
Dixon   & .'Sci'mlz,"
Applicatiori  fot*    t'i'ansfei-  of   Liq-jof
Lie Sites. '  :•'"■..'
».$3B>*'.:    1/V^VB  V
Discovery.    ."
To HuNKv,..McKay of P.eiiiielt, li.'Cl..
~>CrOT.!.CI*; is herehy yiveii hy. the under*
r1- T '   signed, holder of 1'. II. CJ. Nii; 11241)0!!,'!
that, you liuvi; l'niled  to' licep up your l''reo ]
liitibi-'s Cei'tilieate anil failed to  eoni riht.-te i
your proportion of e.xpeniliture niiiiirei! hy j
the ii. O. Aet Oil Vic. Cii|j.'.l2ii diirin- the Inst :
four years.and that, if aU liio expirafioh of V
ninety days, puhlieatioii  yon  shui.hi i'nil or
refuse to 1:0111 rilmte your iirciporlion oft he
exiieiiditiii-i.' retiuired h.vseotion 21, touet'liur
with  all   eosts of  advertising aiid   to show
that you   are  aiid -.havo'-'lioe'ii a free-in in erT
your  iiiteri'.st   in   the " A IK.'TIO " and •' Canyon CltKJiK" Mineral Claims, sitiusteon the
.,:■;';■> :.:;.4N''v;v;;,;''..;;v-:..:;
.'■■'■-:'■*.':.■-.'.CO'.N'NIiC'riUNv. : : :■■      '■
ileiehiunrlers   for; I) i.soii's  stnuc
Town on!e,,„etl,.shaH lie.-mi^vosfed.lnflie i.°~ r"*-:-"*-*   "   ll"^"at"c:s" .<Li ■.<&,]
iiiidevsiniied wholuis uiadii 1 he reiiuired expenditure: thewholeiisiiriividedliySeetioiis
tland *i5H of^aid Art;   .;:.;.  : V.: V Vi...'...'.'   .
j»jAi:..Y iionriK. - •     J   . On ainl alter i]-..(;'23'i'd! : of  A"piil,
My.l!'tiU.A*Ci.«sv,-i.:i.i,, h,.r S..li«itoi'.s, ; 1904 and; until .furtbe;-   uul ici   tin
'■ While   people   in   ihe   Kasthavei
been experiencing bMilid blizzttrds. '
we    habitants of n clinie 30 de-rc-es :
iurtlu'i-hoi th   - h;tve bt.cu enjoying
almost spring-like weather.   U;i the
lower    elevation;.,    sluicing    opera- |-     Mi'si Tim-i.  iliNUU.-idF'ii.;.,,,- 'I'nh,,,
lions could hennreiniMine*!v enriicii ;'"
Application   for  Transfe.-  of   Liquet'!said ni.stri.-t.
1st puh. AiiH'.-iO.]:    V. Ilausoii, a. '1'.
Notice to Delinquent Co-Ovvner.
NOTICE of  forffiture:.
To C. A. (.loliiiAi.'ii :-- Viiii are herehy iioii-
iied that iliirin^ Iheyis'irs ID.. I. I!l!i*i, III,!! ai.it
1'JOl. the iiiuler.-:i,4*ueil has expended .niorij
than :? 11:11.i.'.'i in lahor and iiiiproveiiiiMirs eae.h
yenr iiieiitioned ahove. on ihe Ooi.ti Si'Ai;
-Uiuer.'il CJluiin.sit uate on the west shore of
l.alte lieruielt, iu the C'assiar District*.' li. C.
in whieh lniniiii:' cliiini you iayii an iiii.iivid.'d
half interest as shown hy the moires of location  ami   reeni'i!   in   the  mining   rerimlsof
be. llie piiiLS'oi i.iiiii-
lolhAving wil
her.'.      ■'.'•..
Rough,up. -0 8-inches, ^jo.
'','"'  do        i!d      jo      ,', 45.   '
do      '     <lp       .12,    'V ,,. ."       50   : ,
Matched, $50.00
'S.  1). $5.00 t-c  ]). 1). $1 .. exlrn
1 - J i percent discount wili he id-
lowed for cash at time n| ordeiiie
Urilish (oliiii.lda, apply to   the   Hoard
(,11   I.,   (I-iiV..  ,,,,   |..n,.il-,.   ,'    ..;•   1       ••!'''' '•"''•,"'1' C.'!nn.issi,,t,(*:,*s lor  a  t raiisf,.,- „C
•OH   lo.   .1.(1...       no   UtlotfA    pt-Hotl    ,d;,l,e   iloti-1   Lie,*,,,,,  ,:ou   hel.lby  Frnneis 0.
A-liton. in Ihe preinisrs liuov,ri ami deserilie.l
«■< the " Dawson " Hotel. Tiik'ii, U. ('... tii'iiim-
c:Vl'd  h;t'\'ing come   u, interfere with
arlivf      i.'.-i-i- Ii,•,!.,, ,1, . ,  I --•■■••-      .•.>.........     ' > <> t • -1.  1 nun   15. i ... to'
■UC-      X,f"k- "li'lllg       the     past , m,,,,.,..,,,,!,,. ,„.st dayof.la.iuaiy. IV .n.
forlnig.hl   we   have   witnessed   flic
anomaly   of.   dehiyed    mails --.undoubtedly owing iio  heavy .trails-
while at the . sanie   time   the   hikes
lie lice of ice.
We   believe   I bat   tie   Douiin'ou
Allin   b>clgv, Nci. 15,
'-.\ v\'.-, 1 • 1 /y'//.>.
Tlie said Uihi.r was performed as and for
the iiniiiiiil repie^eiital ion of said ehiliu for
ihe years ahove nieuti.u.ed as required liy
the tnininu laws of lirit ish (.'ohnnhiii. and
that -slOP.IM heinj: the ain.uiiil reiiuired to
hold said claim fur each year..
Viuiare further not ilicd that  unless al or
hefore I he  expiration   of Uil days  al'ler the;
lirst piiiiiieat ion of this notice you  eiuilrih-|
My po.t olliee address is • '|„|,n   I! C »te your in-oportion of such  expel,dit are us    meets S( COIld   illlli   I'lJUllii     W'cdnes-
'I'Ii.j 11
prrunis. s
Tho.'.. II
..Diileil thi.. t.-tin.'.iy ol'.Sov.inher, I". 01. \\ , ',' v*y-'»- .-• — ..... •• .,0    .      •  - - -:    .-.      ••
Miih   'Ji'.is   IliNrn   firrr      liii'*': ",ulll"-,l,'l"'-''-l,1'"|l'|iU'e.and will h.-come    ill VI ted  In attend.
SL'i.anm.of thr h„Ider of the hiAuiee •''     i ''^ '"'T',''.'•'' '" 1",1" l";"'""1'lu'ovi.led hy la„•. j
I.*,.,.    ,.,,     , ' Dale! thi- *';,th ilnj of Aii-iisI, P.I..1.
I* IAN'   IK   (..    .ASIITON, ■    1.     .,     1.
IVrtt'Al.*,T.II()wKNl(:;1i,.f|.i,.l.1.1.,. ,,IS|„,ti r. !li,.-l.,.'l..|1 .,'     '-.-I-  •  HOISN.     I
:>-t olliei.. address is • '| al'u   I! C    >■-..".- ..,.-us ...«.v.v.i .-*. v-wun   ,11111   n,i. 1 l 11     w eillies-
i«iH.-<imi„ 'essoin,,. ;,;„;,. of the'U,:',w"",:',t","'i,: "";V"","'' $™-™-"- day*, ofeach   month, at s i». in , at
1 s iiroi'ii -...I I.. I.-   li . .  v If'-'Oier  ttitli   the  e.o.*.s, ot   advert isiujr   tins , , * .   i     ,-,   ,,    ,,.   ...      ,      ,,M  .   '    ,..      '
linclmlUre  T , |,,    P   '•'"'       ""' ' S'rk-|'.oti.-.s your   in.,rest   in   1 he  claim ' « ill  he ll,<: S': 9* '''  ^   lllock,   i  lui'.l   Street.
I thi, i.-dl.,':.iYoi:N,','vr,',,her   I'UI | |''"'l''*'(e., to the ,n,dersi-„e,l Co-Owner, u ho : .     VlSillllg    lilotiierS     tlie    cordially
I1'.   \Y.   DuWI.IXC,
K. M. N, Wfjolis, Recorder.
: -1
■ r,-\
r^^-^i^^l^ '-yirt.i^tm^rirm **7Wfa<i&vtm~i'itJtCAXc.^ ioo,  5-S???!??-*!-*-^^  y^v.  m  V'- -' -v5 ie "i"i i ^.i" I ��� -'-^o ^^\-: ��� ^51'}'; .";i ;:^:,=-.K i'iiVi \r.!.:'i-,?-LV,;?-,=' V -^g^v-v. ���";: ^f !*-/;.^r-'::^er^r^'----  .���h'eads'iia^ V"; :Pr��K"-'et'"ess  con diets '.;. -.vhich-vcbiitinufe-   beiu een i'--~ .���.-������ - ....~���*--~TFi--~~~rv.   ,.,.,:..:;..-  v->-*--��-*-<-->-*-*-*-*: ��-��������������'���.���-���-'*-*-*���  ���.;���-.���--��s��  'Geruranfaudilaliaii students..' '���':  X-rihQvblizzliii:d:;;sp!;st-aii over theliastvf.;*;':*.;��� '*'.��� ;bARR(STER-:AT-LAW.;" Z-;  venr^laie^ ,vi:<*..i,l*  vblbekadeV-OliVVIlUlUV '������-.'roads'.''"���."."������.���All p'^'Hoiis'i.;, vDisuOV.*j;*\..    pilieo     Hours;-;  "���     ������-.::.-: ...,-..-- ....... Tuesdays'  l liiirs.lny.s ami "-iitui'.liiy.s,  i,     fro in li.io S. p. in.'",';'���:':. .   :'..���:;,���;  ,- A\.ires-;J>er-we-ii.i-;.'JN;''e'\y-';i'\7ork..;*.Bost*on  vvaikfbshcivcities are down dor 'utiles'.*  yy Knokyillcj .Tenin -  Noy.���".'fs'tji;'.:���'  ������vThe^W  ':." lias" Ijeeii:;dcstfby*ed,v,l>yT;hre.;'v. Six.  ' *fi re m'21'j ���'���.'���:* we're -injured���������"arid ���,'"a'':i"'i 1 ew���  ��� rfi'ye ''storey;; m Ln:1jle;;i'rout;"-biiikrfiig'  v was.';"wrecked:.-' by. an,-explosion vol  "������: dynamite.���'���   yy ��� '������?. ��� 'v.'v'-":':'. ,.-������ - ,v; .:������'.'.   ,,;  ;;; .vNaiiaimo.vBv ;G;;.;'No\-."vi6th :^-:  ���j-Jigh binders -at tempted vibe; assassi-;  v nation 'of; Tab Yuen,.., ii ..Chinese  storekeeper.:' ofy Cumberland,::'by  ibeviise^bfdyuamile''; T he. binkling was  completely wrecked.    Tai  '���������Yuen escaped;unharrned..;:v        :; ',  "^���-^* ^^^���������-������;*:���:���-���-���-���>-*--��--���--��� *;��--fr-**5>   ; -:i^'-:;v:l-!ATHS;v::v;vv-::*;;-;'"' yy  v Ov 'o "���: Bv\ ;H B.K-R; :S H O rV;v  'ly ;S 111 litiJs,; &^bl P. j yy, ��� X) UKjijVM.^,;  (      .: .\ow;oecut,y their ucm*  riuartei's next  1 .     Collie UanU'or II. N. A.. Kirsi Streei...; ������'���*'.'.  Tt.ti l.i/i-l.:.-.,.��ti,i,-ui-*nr'Miii>n.rn.ri="-l ��-'��� r.......'-!  iii   cities.    Private   Kut ranee for Indies: ,  lARvNEWSi  "���'���'���St.* Petersburg, Nowi-i-tb:���Gen.  .'Sakluiroff repot is that tlie Japanese  attacked the village of Wuchang on  three side's:out were,repulsed.   ���'.'������ .**.'.  r'Port-Said,;^  ;Russias'; second: 1'aeilie ..squadron  : will only be.aliowed to. take.; sulii-  -cie'it .coal and -provisions to -reach  ���the next port: ATraugeiviehts were  ���made.': !o," pass : them., thro tigic ihe  canal as quickly as.��� possible:.':*.'.    ������";'���'  .: '.St. "l'e.teisburg,   Nov.; 15U1 '���:'-'-. il  G',  :P;  ;;&.*V'-'.*.^:;' '^  ^���L-ii^r.:.**;;^;^  :- e*'i.'At-'r iii  v-s: Vi.i vico y*; vi***: i.'ox*NKe"j'io.N .'  ::i:.l;  ���'..*���  t-  i     V  SSEl^i^^I  mm.  DIXCKCROTH ERS,   Proprietors  -ALASKA    ROUTE   SAH INGS-  The 'following Sailings* are announced for the month of .November, leaving.Skagway:at S.'p.-'in..;. :,  vPrincess'May," ���''������ "Nov.f.ist  "Amur." v.. ".*'..���������   Nov. folk, 25th  For.further information, ap,ply or  write tov    H.* B. ;Dunn, Agent,:   -:  ���:,-���.' -   Skagway. ''Alaska'.  Freighting and Teaming ^   <    Horses and Sleighs for hire.  Lake View Group of Mineral ���  "���;'; ��� -;:��� yy    ;-'' Claims. v '"'*.'   ' .']'  Siti:atij. in -rni-:* Ati.ln Min;n<; 1>ivi.-*i.>.\* ok 1  (Ja.s.siai: Distiiiot, conkistinu "i** Tin-;| :  . Lake   Vik.w,  Ghanij  Vii*-.w   ami   Last |  Chani:I'* Mi.NKi'tAr. Cr.AiMS.   Wiu'tti-: r.o-  :'0ATHil'-HK'J*W'EKS..HmC'll ANP  H<ll*I.IIKll j  Ciii-.kkh.���Xoitrii oi*' Pink i'iii:hi;.  ���������:". ;';y:TRO.TrVlAN,'  Manager. ���'���'���'.'.  : VXkl  FIRST   CLASS RESTAUR A NT   IM; CON W ECTION.  CliOitl.S I'' WINtS. I.IUU0H5 .AND C!!>AKS-���CASr: UOOUS, A SI'ICIAII V.      TJ>  n  is    olliei.i'lly: atiuouiiced  .that ..live |rv, -.,\Ys li N��vi'jc;i-: tl.ui*' 1. M. 1:. .imnii'son.  niii'ioii 'dollaVs   h-is-. been   assigned j ���':!. .n-s-iit r��r W. ii. Hi-ow,.. i'ro<- .Mi,..-i-*^  '.for Ci'iii nencing l lie work of double j C(.,*tiil,-i.t^ t^i.^, ..n..l J.>l. !)my.i..tr. i-Veo ; ���  ���'*     ���������������,..   .-:*",    :    ..*��� ���     .   ���"      ���, i   ' I J!ii:i.|'-s*('.-rtjlic!it..' KtU.MH. mid .l.ilin   \\ noils, i  m  IracKittg the ai;.>eriauvrailrruid.��������� ������ ;,   K!.(>|! .Xji1:;���1.-K*;-t;,.1.tiiii.���u- -u-x^m. ii.t.-ml; wi j  T-j'kto'      Nov   '.f-Uli ������Il : is     IC- j -!i-.y.s fi-<..n <l.:ai�� lioi--'..l t<.ni>i��:.vt<il li.- Mining j  ���-      "  ,     ',    ",   ������'���'"������  ';>      :.:.',     ,���.,,;u,a,. i li.'i'oi'ilci-  foi-a Ci'i'tiliciitu of I mj.i-ov..'1'i..-iit  ....���ported    that    tuc    imi.-m.iu    eiuisu   fnl. ,*,���. ,���;',.,���,,,. ��ir ��,i,t,.ii1.ii.ii-u Ci-ow-i. Cram j  t .:o ii\ib..i ' siruci*'   a   roc!-  and .is  agibrin dvydo.i-. lor.repair.-'.  '���M ise.i.v', .v'ov. 16th: A Russian  correspondent wiling from Mukden  s.ivs thai .(.X*u;eial Kuruki w:is  'killed by a Shell on Dciober .(.th.  To:-io, Nov., 161I1 : ��������� Japanese  tinny officers announce' that ��� the  rei'ort of K'.iroki's death'is absurd,  .Mukden, Nov.. 16th :-��� An unbroken cannonade: is carried on  ag.thisi the,Japanese *posiliou ."ear  Shakhe Station. From ea:ly* inoru-  iug  until   night fall over ;i thousand  ir tin- iiliovi' -ii oii|> of dliiiiiis:  1111.1  lui'tlii.T. i  fnlu-  nc.ti.'i'. I Inn. imtiiiii.  11 ml.'r  ���..'.���tio.i   :I7.  mii!.t Iii' roiiiiuciii'.'.l   lu'loro  tin* Usiimii'i- of  sucli C.-Tlill'*"- of llllproVl'IIHMlt.  1) ,1 rliis l-ltli <l"i.v of IliiloliiM'. Il'l'l.  ���    .M. it. .lAMIIv.SON.  l'. ,\i. c, ti:!i.Mii.  ie.;'Canadian, mnk, ot :coinniei;ce,.. .  . cAi-iTAi'/;; PAii.)  uiy; "-58,'700,000.   :  : :       R :isi-:i:yii,  $3,000,000.    .     ���;.-*..���''  ranehes of t-lie Bank at  jenit*.-;,   .  ���   : San  f raneiseo. .  ;V .:.   Portland. :'���  Skiig-v/ay, eS��.  ExvfcztiKQie ���sifld-'oss afi��� Poistta.y .  .  (.'lof.n Dust PiiuciiAKiiiJ���Assay Oi'i-'ick  i.x CnNj.'i-xTKJN.  1).  POSS, Manager,  NOTICE.  Vancouver engineering ���: works, ltd.  TVfO'l'IC.'l*: is lioi-.'li.v -jfivi-.il Unit Sisty .lu.vs  iif-t.ir 1I11I1: 1 inti'inl to iipiil.v to ill.'  Cliici' Coiiiiiii-jsioniM- of l.iin.ls 1111.I Worlis  for iiurinis-ion to pun-lmsi! till! I'olloM inn  iloMii-ilii'.! Iiin.il -itiiiitt-.l in tli.iAtlin District.  viz.:-i;.iiii!iieiu:iiiM' ����� 11 post niiii'licil I'. W.D  N. 10. loriiio*. pliiiituil iiliom oin: mile Ni.i'tli-  Ku��t. of   Atlin Tinviisite. lliciifo ,Wi'st.'i'l.v 'Jti  big cnniact shells were lired  for ihe ��� ,.i,���i,|s. rIil-ium- *Soiitiii-i*i.v -iii .���iiiiins. tlie...  1'uu-jio-e ol demoralizing   liie   work j Ki.s.,m*i,*   w  .iimin.-..:   "''"'"   N'"'.l'"'';v   "'  VANCOUVER,. B. C.  SPECIALISTS   IN  of forlilicalion \vtiicli  has been eon- |(;  \y���.���.���.���..nut oi  i i.*j:* S!i nieces in.***--'.  niiiiiiMicciiicnl. foiiiai h-  .r less.  centi'iited tit that* point for   the   b.i'X j k. w. ihi-.vi.in...  four weeks.    The   lire was   prr.cti-      u.itf.i. At I'm, ii.cui.-tob------.tii. not.  lyclrayllcTliriiiiq. i^iachmerg.  IIVDKAfUC    GIANTS, :'     W'ATKR    GATKS,  Rll'l'bl'     I1AHS, STHKL KIVHTTKI.)     I'JkJ*',  MOISTS,       NtrXING  : CAGb'.S     am.      OKK* '.CARS.  P/IADE   TO   SPECIAL   DESIGN..  Wriia   te*'  prices   asses   aaZs.  im  ���  V - 11  I  :-..��i;i  mm  I  'im  yy --M  i-i',k^frtfj*"��iXtfa'^^^ f  it  ATf,l.\,     b.  C���    S-VIT.'KDAV,   'XOVKMBliR  10,  1904.  Local Events-  'Phc J.ad'u-^' Auxiliary of the St.-  Audrews Jhesbyterian Church will  liuld a stile of work iu the Church  on ihe evening of December (ill).  Articles suitable for Christinas presents,     buller details later.  MeDttiiald's Grocery makes a  specialty uf fresh eggs and butter.  'Phe Atliu Dramatic Society met  on Tuesday evening at the resi-  ���lencc of .Messrs. Thain and Anderson lo consider the selling of the  piano which they advertised and for  which several bids were received,  and a deal is likely to be made.  ,-Nti other business whs transacted.  I'"or German Sox, Gloves and  warm Underwear, try Pilltuan's  'Phe Atlin" A. O. U. W. had a  very pleasing social meeting in  their bodge on the c;th. 'Phe regular monthly meeting will be held  on th e 23rd.  'Phe snow that has fallen during  the past week.has now the appearance of having come to slay, so.we  might'as well make friends with it  right away. It is more to be desired than the slushy weather of  the coast or the sweltering ��� beat of  the tropics.  Thc'o. K'. barber Shop for Hot  or Cold baths tit all hours, 50 cents.  'Pom I'rquhart and Jack Gorman  returned on Wednesday from a trip  to Caribou, where they had gone  for'a chain -which had been overlooked by the While Pass Co. be-  foit the close of navigation,---'  required to complete ihe jnotive  power of W. j. Smith N: Co's new  steamboat.  Best 50c. meals  in   town   can   be  had at  the  Russel   Motel, prepared i  by Criis   Hrunieh,  the famous chef.  Preparations against winter cold  nrc being made everywhere���storm  doors erected,, weather-strips for  doors nnd windows, chimneys  overhauled, wood-piles replenished  iEud heaters erected.  Pillman <S: Co. are again to the  front with a full line of Xmas Toys,  Dolls, etc.  Save fuel -by going to J. }).  Dune's for Door and Window  Weather Strips.  Old   Van,   his ��� two ' sous,   Billy j  Sibakl    and    Louis    Geurkie,   returned   from   a successful   hunting  trip to the north end ofthe bake--;'  having bagged a moose each, mak- j "���  ing live in all.  Ed. and Joe.Ronayne   have  alsoj  returned with   a   got ��.l   bag.    Ed., j  not   satisfied   with  'ordinary   luck,  has brought home a game foot.  'Phe latest magazines and papers  are always on hand at Pillinan's.  See the window of cheap  novels  at C. R. bourne's.  BlRTH���To Mr. and .Mrs. James  Hask-tt, on Friday, Nov. tilli, 'a  da null ter.  . W. McFarlaiie, C. E.  .ATI.IN.    .1.-5.    C.  TuszFsei Survey, $S5.  I'lrtiis .mil Siiucifir.itions for Ste.im S!nivi-K nnd  llydr.uillc Pl.ints mi cip|)lir.<it!on.  J. C. CHRISTIAN.  Carrv nothing- but the best  qualities and ' ��� brands of  ' Groceries that can be procured for the Northern Trade.'  gsr. Call and inspect our stock before buying" your fall supplies.  GENT'S  FURNISHINGS.      GOLD SEAL HIP BOOTS.  THE   IRON   STORE.  Convenient to Atlin or Discovery.  ��rand Turkey Shoot  , AT  TJ1I-.  NUGGET   HOTEL,  discovery,  Thanksgiving Bay  ..... i:.,,r�����,���,,���   ��-4.-,,l-|. .     -    --  I'"or the luckv hip  On and alter August 1st and until further, notice, the following wilJ  be the rates for lights : accounts collectible monthly :  KLKCTRIC    LIGHT    RATIOS: ��� Installation,   ?.V50 per light.  8 GsMZtMc Power Incandescent $ 1.75 per month per tiqht  16 '        ���" ���" " 3.25  32 "~  ' " ���" 5.SO  All burned-nut or blackened lamps will be exchanged fm* new ones.,  free of charge, if brought lo the Company's office,, but broken ones will  be charged for at '30 cents each.  MODERN STEAM LAUNDRY IN CONNECTION : ^^E?^  .a  LOUIS   SCHULZ,  WHOLESALE    AND    RETAIL    BUTCHER,  ATI.IN,     H.    C.  'Iltl  villi  clear eye <���  sleadv hand, handsome        i  Two  Competitions--- one    for   .:  rifles, the other for any calibre.  T1-<- Atlin Studio J  ATI.IS,   U.   G.  SHELF AND  HEAVx"   HARDWARE,  Tin and Granite Ware,  Miners' and Blacksmiths' Supplies,     Doors and Windows.  Furniture and Mattress Factory.  h  Picture Post-Cards���Atlin Views!  ���$3.00 per do/..    Special   pictures j  taken and   produced on post-cards, I  ���54.00 per do-/..; reduced  prices fori  larger numbers. \  \  Characteristic sets of Allin Views.;  Knlarging,    etc. ��� All   at   popular  i have- leased ihe Gold Mouse nnd |')! H'l"S"  trade and have a good stock' of j  liquors to supply tlie public. I j  would like all my friends to come  and see me the same as before.  Small dining-room open for the  winter, at which meals can be had  at any time, -J. P. Rosk.  Messrs. Thain and Anderson  have moved into the house recently  occupied by Judge Woods.  J. \V. Mcl-'arTane, C. ?���!., advertises somelbingof interest to miners.  595.00 spent in survey ing your tunnel will keep out legal disputes.  ;  H. C. Heaters    best i 11 the market  -at Durie's.  ALFRKD CARMICH ALL.  Managicr.  ��PEN ���  mm Company, Ltd  9  Citizens and   others   are   hereby  SMALL  ATLIN,   Ii. C.  BREWERS   OF   LAGER BEER.  AND     LARCH    ORDKRS     PROMPTLY  FILLED.  #  requested    to  meet  in    the   Court j j.-, X),;sT HOWIPPED   HOTKIv IN THIS NORTH.  Room, Atliu, on Saturday eveninic. ...  KVKRYTHING  CONDUCTKD IN   FIRST-CLASS MANNER  *9tli itist., lor Ihe purpose'of selecting a Chief and .Sub,Chief for the  Atlin 1'ire Department and 10 consider the question of (ire protection  geneially. Come.everybody, as the  matter is  ininoriant. i  J.   A.   I'RASER, !  'Government Agent.     |  Up-to-Date   Restaurant  in   Gonnecticn. '  FRED   WRONG,   Manager.  t'OUNICK    1'IKST   AVICNIiK   AND   DISCO VliXY   STKKJ'T,   ATI.IN.  sr,.c��s����i, T.,     M.   FOLEY  FULL UNK OF STAPLE AND FANCY (UWCEKIES.  Hour,  Oats,   Chop    Feed,    Ijran,   &c.s  &c.  THE  Half-Way House  is a liiiveii for nil  'travellers. Tin; meals  are fri-e-niillin;*; ami  tlit"! Unioers in tlio  bar as refrnsliiiifr as  the .low of tlio early  iiioi-iiiiijr. An iileal  summer ami winter,  resiirt.  JAMES  CLARK,  I'KOl'UIKTOfc,  Jftl  ���w.ti  Hi  \  yl  ��� >1  i'll  1  %mm


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