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The Atlin Claim 1899-11-18

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 ftiar  i   i'-i *-,  ftii  At  iff/?'  i i "i'o  DEC  '���   1880    ,.  VICTORIA/3* C  IBM'  *7  VOL.  ATUN,    J3. ,C,    SATURDAY, ���'NOVEMBER,    i8,    1899.  NO. 30.  ll  McLennan, McPcely and Co*  \     i- .   (Ll.MlTKD. )  C- ' ' '  Paints,  Oils,   Varnishes,  Builders' Hardware,  Sash and Doors,  Tinware, Gran itew are, Grockery  *    *     . * 1 -*  All kinds of Tinsmith work done. ,                    , '   "���                        -    ,    I  '    '     !'       *               Corner'of First and Pearl Street.  BLACKSMITH'S  COAL. '    .... FRESH   NEW   GOOS3S   JUST  IN....  J. St. Clair Blackett ami Co.  I-. *   ��� ,  P T  Largest axd Bust Selected Stock of  Groceries, Shelf Hardware, Paints and Oils, Boois and  Shoes, Rubber Goods and Miners' Supplies.,  IRON' STORK"-    -  .-   '---'-   A-    COR. .1ST -AND--TRAYNOR.  The = Bank, =, of = 'British, = North - America  Established in Will.    Incorporate! li>  Kov.il CI" liter.  Paid Up Capital    -   .-1 - "-    ;   -   -   -    -    $4; 866,666.66  Reserve Fo:nd   -   -   -'/ '-'--   $1,460,000.00  London Office: 3 Clements Lane, Lombard Street, E. C.    "-���  Head  Office  in   Canada: - Montreal.  H. Stikemax,  General, Manager. ���   -  Branches in all the principal cities of Canada, and agents in New York,  San Francisco, Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, Spokane, Boston, .Chicago  Etc.  Gold dust assayed and  purchased at best rates,   the bank's assay  office being now in operation.   A general banking business transacted.  ' '  *     "      ""r~77^TsrriERSO"N;'Alanager, "Atlin, *B. G.'    .    ; ���"  IN THE TRANSVAAL.  Gen. Joubert, With 12,000 Boers,  r ,s Repulsed With Heavy Loss. .  Boers Making  Strenuous  Efforts  ;   to Capture Kimberly.  MINING   BUREAU  Manager Bank of B. N. A.; J. H.  Brownlee, Surveyor; Alex. Godfrey, Manager Dunn & Co.; J. A.  Fraser, Manager Parsons Produce  Co.; C. 'Christopher, Miner; E. M.  N. Woods, J. P., .Stipendiary Magistrate; A. C. Hirschfeld, Photographer.    ,  Mr.    Hirschfeld   was   appointed  permanent secretary and   also  iute-  Sueciul cle-.i>ntches 'to The Claim.  * .  ' Coleburg -Nov. 6.���It is reported "that 3,000 Boers have left Pretoria for the southern boundary of  the Orange, Fiee State. They are  accompanied by a very large contingent of German artillery, with a  Large number of quick-firing guns  of-heavy calibre.' .   '   ���  *Tlt is believed that a large force is  massing'to harrass' Bailer's army  corps from the south.  '' Loudon, Nov. 8.���The arrival at  their destination of Buller's first  transports with the army corps of  25,000 has cheered the, officials of  the war office.  ��� The proposal to send out an additional ,10,000 troops is highly approved by the people, as it is considered probable that fully that  number may be required to speedily  conquer the Boers. ~' '      <  London, Nov. 9.���A special despatch to the war office from Gen.  White says: "Gen. Joubert with  12,000 Boers attacked our position  at Ladysmith yesterday and were  routed with great loss at the point  of the bayonet. We occupy a ver\  strong position and will advance on  arrival of reinforcements now on the  way from Durban. The marines  from H. M. S. Powerful did magnificent work. Our loss was light,  while 'the Boers' loss was very considerable, * estimated   to   be   1,800  Formed on Wednesday Night With  a Strong Board.  At a meeting held on the 13th  inst. at the office of Mr. Hirschfeld  on Pearl avenue, preliminary arrangements were perfected for the  organization and incorporation of a  company to bear the name of the  Atlin Miniug'and Investment Bit-'rim ae'.ing manager,  reau  Limited. '     ���* -'"ie new corporatio.i has our best  The objects of the corporation as  wishes for its, success.,     Such   an  set forth in their deed of application  institution   ought to  be   the back'-  may be outlined as follows: To bone of Atlhi's prosperity, bring- ���* and wounded and 800 prison  deal generally in mines and real es- 'i"g together, as it will do, tlie capitate, to list properties of all descrip- talist and ' prospector into closest  lions and dispose of the same, to be j tolich, and if anticipations be rea-  the medium of bringing together out-; listed, it will probably be the mi*  side capitalists and local prospectors, ! clous of our future   Mining  Boar,d.  , ,.   , .    ,. .       . , -.  "Hip    inr-nrnnr-ilinn   iV n ct^n    'i  Inner i reiieveu IJV    KllBSl    uespaienes    I1UIU  publish and disseminate,   where  it ��� ����� "e   incorporation is a step, a long ��� ���,. ."        Ti. .   .   ,.      , tl   . ,  1  , .    ...     .        <1l%n   u,p mi,,),) Mv - ofriri.    i���   *}��  Gen.-White.    It is believed that he  will do  the  most  good,   literature -^P- we mignt say a stride,   111   tne        , r  A.i-     ,-;<,iif /iiror>��-;rw,i   o���,i ,���iii   Ko  ���   nrA   will  be  aole  to  beat  anv possible  bearing on the advantages of Atlin , 1'.Uht cluectiou, and will  be  a c proas a profitable  field  for  the. inves-' minent factor in the shaping of At  tor, etc., etc.  eis.    Railway  connection  to   Durban is undisturbed.  New York,   Nov.   9.���A  special  THE LONDON PRESS ON THE''  ' LADYSMITH   DISA PER.  The, Morning   Post, .under  date  of Nov.--i. referring to   the  cutting  up of the  Fusiliers and Gloucestershire regiments,  says:     "Iii capturing the column, the   Boers had also  the DevoiishireJ.regiment  practically at their mercy, and a' little  moie  daring    would  have   made  a   bad  business much worse.    It is   humi  liating to find   a 'nation   of fanners  beating soldiers  at-their own game,  but the -Aoouer a   proper, respect  is  Had for Boer strategy and   tacti:s,  the better for our  fortunes  in. Natal.'; "   :>  -The Tinies: "We have met with  a considerable reverse. rlt is foi  the nation to show that jt can bear  ill-fortune \vith courage and   digni-  iy." ' m,:" ,       " ~ ,   *     ,  The Chronicle: (   "In" view'of the'  patent teature;of campaign   and   of  the humiliation to the British army,  we  can only vaguely hope that Sir '  George' White,   in   the   hard   days  that lie before him, may be able  to  hold   Ladysmith.      Retreat  would  be an   undertaking which the mind  fails to^grasp.*   If   this war is to be  a war of vengeance, Ave shall' have  to wipe out  aidisaster before which  the memory of-Majuba fades away.  The Morning Post-calls attention'  to Sir George  White's   use of the'  word     '-'capitulation,"'   remarking  that  it  suspects the word was used  carelessly..    It  says:*   "We  prefer  to assume that the  column  fought  until it was "cut  to  pieces  and  allit  the  ammunition -was gone. ' 'Capitulation is a word of shame.'Troops--  in  the  field cannot capitulate without   disgrace,   and   disaster is   not  ,  necessarily dishonor."  Abroad, especially in France, no r  pains are taken to disguise the satisfaction felt iu consequence of the  British rebuff. Iu Paris every  means of spreading the news was  utilized, and some of the more dig-  despatch   to the Journal states "the , nified papers  adopted   a   respectful  tension  of feeling iu Great Britain  and  sympathetic  tone, but the ma-  relieved by latest  despatches   from  The incorporation is intended to  be a close one with < power to add to  their number by a unanimous vote  1  The directors are well-known men  and thoroughly competent to impart to the corporation all the busi-  csss experience required. Their  names are R. C. Lowry, Mining  Engineer; W. A. Spencer, Manager  Bank of   Halifax;    J.    Anderson,  lin's destiny.  , Indian Agent Lbmas, Duncan's,  V. L, shot himself and died from  the effects Oct. 27.  "It is an incontrovertible actuality  that the anticipatory avis appropriates the primaturely active vermicular specimen," said a Pine City  blond the other day. We suppose  she meant that the early bird  catches the worm.  combination  of   Boers  forcements arrive.  Capetown,   Nov. im  possible  until   rein-  -A despatch  jority were overjoyed. The editor  of La Patrie hung the Transvaal  and Orange Free State flags out of  the office window. La Presse predicts a general revolt of the Dutch  population  in  South   Africa.      Le  to  the War Office from Gen. Buller 1 Soir hints its regret that France did  says    the   Boers  are  gathering  in j not adopt a different attitude during  the Fashoda incident. The Courier  du Soir thinks that t'he Continental  Powers will propose arbitration.  M. Yvos Guyot, in the Siecle, is al-  ,most alone in supporting Great  Five thousand reinforcements are | Britain against the Boers.  hastening to the relief of Kimberly. ��� ,  Rhodes  is hopeful ol holding out      Admiral Dewey i.-, to marry Mrs-  large numbers around Kimberly  and intend to overwhelm the garrison, capture the town and Cecil  Rhodes.  until the arriv il oi the -3,000 troops.   Haze 11  ���*���*-*.-,< 'itrwi* ffity*-" .*-*&���**  .,s ^ai-'esLawJ '.���'I"**-**''-  ATLIN,    B.   C,    SATURDAY,    NOVEMBER    iS,    r8g9.  n  ;'&  -in  .11  :.l  ��� t'l  rl  . mi  !?  The  Ati.ix  Cuui.  '1  I  * f" -it  *I;i  3  I  Hi  is  I'iii  te  Ii!'  I  Published    cii'i'.v    Saliirdiiy   iiioi-tiin-jjt   liy  ���Tin: A'li.is Claim   Puhi.i-.ihni- Co.  Oltice ot publication:  Second between Tntiiior anil   l't-nrl Streets  Advertising   rates made know n on upplicii -  tion. i  Our subscription price is *-<l a ������('ar, pny-  ulilu in advance. No paper will lie deli\ei-ed  miles-* these conditions arc complied with.  THE A NO LO-AM J v K TC A N  ���     - ENTENTE. -  The despatch.of AdmirafSchley's  squadron to South African waters  at- the present juncture is an event  of the most profound significance  and importance. There cannot be  two interpretations of its- meaning.  It is" a quid pro quo for Great Britain's friendly actions to the'States  during the Spanish "war," and shows  verv  clearlv   that whilst there mav  - w  be no formal treaty of offence and  defence between the two countries,  there is at least'.a well-defined understanding between their respective Cabinets a.s to the action to be  taken by either in case of certain  eventualities coming to pass, as witness the present situation. It  means "No intervention, hands  o.ff, or you will have to reckon with  us also," and must be a staggerer  to certain European Powers,' notably  France and-Russia., Great Britain's  difficulty i.s their opportunity/They  would think   twice* l>efore   tackling  *. O  her, even hampered-as "she. is,- but  with cousin Jonathan in the game  they will probably conclude that  discretion is the better part of valor  and maintain a discreet, but safe,  silence.  In the interest of the poor animals we would call the attention of  the authorities to quite a ' number  of apparently ownerless horses  which are straying around the town  and vicinity. For the most part  they are mere bags of- bones, .trying vainly to eke out an existence  on elemosynary scraps of excelsior  and shavings. . The presence of  these poor animals is a continual  source of. pain to any one with a  germ of humanity in his bosom.  Owners of horses who cannot properly feed and .take care of them  should be compelled to put them to  a swift and merciful death. The  man who would let his poor faithful horse shift for himself through the courts and the ��� legislatures are  our rigorous winter 0.1 the bare naturallv returning to the old rem-  chaiice of his survival m the spring j edies     That competition is the  life  I of trade, and that unlawful combinations threaten to bring about indust-  j rial stagnation, are principles not to  price, and not to serve each 'other's  dissatisfied customers. The pros-  secutiug attorney of the county  brought suit to forfeit the charters  of both companies, and was defeated  in the lower court on points'of law,  but the Supreme Court now sustains  his contentions. The salient points  the decision were as follows:   ���  "It is an old and familiar maxim  that competition is the life of trade,  and" whatever act daslroys competition or even relaxes it on the" part  of those whe sustain relations to the  public is regarded by the law as  injurious to, the public. '  "The exclusion of competition,  under the agreement, redounded  solely to the benefit of appellee and  the other company, and the enforcement of the compact would be  nothing less than detrimental to the  public."  "Where the facts disclose that a  corporation has failed in the discharge of its corporate duties by  uniting with others in carrying out  an agreement tlie performance of  which is detrimental or injurious to  the public, it thereby may be said  to offend against the-law of its creation, and consequently to forfeit its  right to longer "to exercise' its  franchises." ;���  i     'V/hat'rendered this   desisiou  the  more noteworthy was the fact  that  it was   not   based   upon   a   recent  statute, but upon   old   common-law  principles.    That  these    principles  were averse to combinations  would  not a few years ago have been questioned by any student of legal history.  The old decisions   were   uniformly  against agreement "in  restraint   of  trade,''   and  the  old statutes were  constantly    fixing    the    prices    of  necessities, in order to avoid   monopoly     extortions.    The      statutes  fixing prices have  sometimes   been  derided, but careful historians   find  that they represented  the  common  sense of all thinking people  in -the  period  when   business   competitors  were so few that flagrant  extortion  had to be guarded  against.    When  the number of business  enterprises  increased     so     that     competition  became the rule in nearly  all  communities, these decisions  and statutes began to seem obsolete; but in  the present period of great combinations to re-establish monopoly, both  apparent difficulty of framing a law  which would    hit   a    "department  store" and miss a   "general  store"  was met by two provisions, one'lim-  iting the statute to St. Louis,   Kansas City, and   St. Joseph, and   the  other making  it  applicable  within  .those cities only to  stores' employing more than fifteen persons.   -The  statute divides merchandise into   88  classes, and imposes on stores handling more than one  class a  license  tax of from $320 to $500 for each additional  class of goods they handle.  If this statute does not run 'Counter  to any "constitutional  provision   for  equality of taxation,-it bids   fair  to'  hamper seriously  the  development  of department  stores.    Almost  on  the heels of "the signing of this   act  in   Missouri  comes   the  report    of  Consul-General Mason,   at..Berlin',  showing   that  a  large   number   of  measures   aimed     at    department  stores.have  been   proposed  in   the  federal  and   provincial   legislatures  of Germany  since    1896,   while-in"  France a league   of   40,000   retail  dealers has been formed to  oppose  HER TICKET CANCELLED.  The Prince of Wales makes himself "affable" enough in   public   up  to  the point where he is paid to do  it, and in strict privacy he probably '  takes  care to avoid all persons and  things   likely to ruffle his serenity.  But woe to theindividu'al who asks  to be noticed in public by his Royal  Highness when the stout personage  has something else to think   about1  A "worried   "Wales"'is  tlie   most  merciless of princes. It is'said tliat a  lady with whom once he had taken  .tea,-"took the"liberty"   of  wearing  a   frock  of purple   and   gold   (hi��  racing colors)   in   the   royal   encli<-  sure at   Ascot."   Furthermore,    she-  took the   liberty   of curtseying    in  front of'him as  she   came   walking  along with   another   lady.     Result,  !'Wales"   told   somebody    to, say  something' to    the,.Master  ol   the  Buckhounds (master of the ceremonies at Ascot) and the official instructed tan underling to inform the, pur-'  ple-and-gold lady that her enclosure  ticket was���haw!���cancelled. Tube  snubbed by the   Heir   Apparent   is  the growth of department .stores" in j (f) be praclic;lllv chuckcc1 oul> so h  that    country.    The    report   as to  France gives.au illustration  of the  aims of the new movement, by set-  k-ig forth .that one department store  now handles a business ' 'of $30,000, -  000 annually*1���sufficient to maintain  i,800 or 2,'000 small stores." The  movement���unlike that- - against  trusts���is distinctively a movement  of producers to prevent competition  instead of a movement of comsumers  to prevent combination. The only  aim that the two movements have  iu the common is the preservation  of a large number of independent  business men as against the reduction of the business public into an  army of employees.  may n��t, have the annoyance " of<-*  again ��� meeting the "��� individual he  has chosen to humiliate.. And a  grovelling press records,, such  society incidents as the above without any apparent sense of the hero's  meanness.  exhibits    a   callousness   of   heart  which makes us shrink.  The Supreme Court of Indiana j be io-nored.  has rendered a unanimous decision  declaring not only that trusts or  combinations to fix prices are  illegal under the common law, but  also that the charters into such  combintions mav* be. revoked as a  penalty. In the case that came before tlie Court two companies chartered to supply natural gas in the  city of Portland entered into an  agreement   to    maintain   a   certain  The movement against department stores, like that against tr.usts,  seems to be gathering headway  both in this country and abroad,  says tlie Outlook: of a recent date.  One of the most interesting legislative acts of the past season is the  new Missouri statute placing progressive taxes upon stores carrying  more than one line of goocls.    The  THE COMPANY SONG.  The following: is the company son;.*- of tin-  British Columbia -.contingent now on the  way to the front. It saw the light of day at  Brandon, Man., while the train wax pcis-iim  through, and keeps, time to the tunc ot "A  Hot Time."  "Come along, get you ready, for there's'going to be u light.  And the Boers will soon  be routed, for the  British Lion'-, might  Has been taken into action, und his, cubs are  all in sight:  They are rushing to the conflict and their  work will not be light.  Chorus.  When you   hear   those   Diim-Diim    bullets  ping,  All keep cool and make your riiles sting,  And we'll thrash those Boers till they have  no breath to sing.  There'll be a hot timo in Transvaal to-night*  There are men from Old Australia and from  good New Zealand too.  And our trusty troops from India, who have  proved what they can do:  For in heart they're all united with a spirit  brave umiI true  And they'll fight as British soldier.-, light until the war is through.  Chorus, etu.  Our Cunada has offered over forty thousand strong,  Of her bravest sons and loyal, who will always fight the wrong:  Now from all the wide Dominion they are  rushing to the fray.  And the'Maple Leaf  Forever' is their but tie  song to-day.  Cho'i us. etc.  An Ottawa despath of tho 30111  says Sir Charles Tupper would leave  the following day on' a political  stumping"   tour of the Pacific coast.  '4  Shot-Guns, "Riiies, Revol- $  I  %  y  vers and every descrip  tion of Sporting; Goods ���  I  at  TISDALL'S GUN STORI  VANCOUVER. .  Catalogue mailed on applii'Utio'i.  ������^���^���^^^^���^���^���^���^���^^���ce^^^  LIST YOUR  LOTS  AT  Rant & Jones,  Sir '��� Wilfrid    Laurier   has  completed his Ontario political tour.  ,    OLDEST  -     . '  .   ESTABLISHED  BROKERS  OF ATLIN.  Agents for the John Irving Negation Company.  Pkarl St., AtmiV, B. C.  THE    ALASKA    FLYER  65 hours to Seattle.  "S.S. HUMBOLDT"  Due at Skagway  Sunday, Nov. 26, 1899.  Leaves Skagway every Tiw Days  for Seattle   and   British   Columbia  ports.    Buy your tickets at the office  of Pacific Clipper Line. Skagway.  ,W. H. TRIGGS, Agent.  ,<���  l! :���!���  IMUMIHIIIMIMHBIWMI! M>  *&&  m  if  it  B" .  it  II  3  a-,.  ATLIN,    IJ.  C, - SATURDAY',    NOVEMBER    iS.    1899.  LEDGE AND LODE.  Considerable activity in quartz  mining has been the feature of the,  past week. Several .sales were  effected, . and perhaps the biggest * was the bonding of ", the  Yellow Jacket by Mr. Fethersto.ie  for the Lord, .Hamilton company".  This property, which is situate on  Pine creek, 'about a mile and a half  above discovery claim, is believed  by many lo be the mother iode of  Pine and Spruce.  B.   A.   Co'.'s  store,  and rubbed his, eyes,  was there sure enough.  v H. J/Bakei and H. \V. E. Caua-  van   returned to Atlin last week after a  two weeks'   prospecting JLour  in the vicinity of Baker  lake,' and  report very flattering success.   This  lake    is   situate    about ,.28   miles  from   Atlin,   iu a southwesterly direction, about 15 miles long,,about  ���    one  mile  wide ' and 600 feet above  Atlin   Lake.    It empties into Taku  Arm,   and  it  is   thought  that    at  one  time it was'a portage from 'Atlin Lake to  Taku 'Arm." -A creek  the size  ol Pine was also found, 611  which   theie   has been no prospecting whate\ er.      The countrv in the  vicinity  is teasy  of access and  resembles   in  a   marked- degree "the  -, lightly wooded section between this  ' city aiid Pine.  Mr."  Baker,  the  original   locator  of. 'some    very   promising  quartz,  has  made-six  or  se\ en"   trips ' to  this spot during the -uim-ner,   each'  time     returning     'with    specimens  showing ,inciei-;ed    values       The  first assay obtained b\    this  gentleman  iu   Atliu showed $34 in gold,  1   oz. ^silver.    Even* successive assay   went higher, until $66 was obtained from the last samples brought  in. " The ore  streak  is from 60 to  100 feet wide and traceable for over  a mile, well defined, and dips to the  west.     Some 12 claims were staked  during  the  last visit, and now it is  proposed to make  arrangements' to  thoroughly    prospect^  the   ground  with  a   view  to   working in   the  spring. . -  Andy   stared  but-the   bird  Not   hav-  ing his gun handy  and  on   second  thought remembering  the sanctity  of the  day,   And\   made a careful  mental diagram of the place and resolving to  bide  his  time  carefully  stole away so as not -to  disturb   the  quarry.    After a more or less sleepless  night  intertwined with visions  of pot pie and savory, roasts,   And\  hied himself at break of day, armed  cap-a-pie  to   do    battle' with   the  monster,   but alas and alack a-day.  the .object of all this fond.solicitude  had vanished like   the   baseless - fabric of a vision and left not a wrack'  behind.     Andy'   is  now  puzzling  himself as  to* whether  if   he  had  killed' the    ptarmigan   on   Sunday  the verdict would have been justifiable homicide. , -  witisb America -Corporation^ ��1 j  lloitsi:,  Pin-i: ("Khiih*.  GOODS  PINE'S HARMONY CLUB.  Pine, B.   C.,   Nov.   11.���One  ol  the most  successful  and  all-round  enjoyable  concerts  in the annals or  this town took  place  on  Saturday  evening   iu   Macdonald's   hall.    It  was a veritable-home^ gathering  of  the hibernating populace   here  and  some    70    people   congregated   to  while away a few of winter's "hours  of idleness'' with recitations, songs,  more  recitations, ���a    little  dancing  and then thecup of mocha and the  sandwich.    The following program  ATIN,    B.   C  KlIANt'Ill-S  AT   DAWHON.   HliNXUTT, SKLKIHh,   WllITli  The onlj complete stock ol  GROCERIES   AND   DRY  J In the Citj.  $ ' Ladies' Goods a,Specialty.  Z    New Line of Ladies' and Gent's Boots and Shoes Just Arrived.  �� July highest class- of goods in stock at lowest prices iu the city. , Inspection invited.   2 ^  walked out of the Armouries. In  a quarter, of an hour the 31st ranks  were disbanded and Col.,Otter was  mounting his~horse -to ride home  again. I-Ie had one v foot in the  stirrup when Lieut. Rorke walked  'up and-saluted. "I'.ve wired ihy  "resignation to my colonel 'and am  now a private," he said; "Havel  iiiv chance now?"  will   take \ou through'what trans-  'piied on the c\eniuo in question:  Address :. C. Boxbouroh  ' Col. Otter's stiong'face relaxed  into a smile as he remarked:  "Youngmaii, I admire your pluck."  Then he/galloped away. The bystanders broke into a cheer and the  plucky lieutenant, in view of shortage in volunteers, is likely yet 'to  be taken.        -   " '*  The above was taken from the  Toronto World*of a late date'and  sent to E. D. Rorke, brother of the  lieutenant, who is at present in Atlin/in the employ of A. S. Cross &  Co. 'Such incidents as these sliow  of what superb stuff' Canadians are  made of/      ,   --  BROWNLEE & LOWRY  - ' -     *   J. II. Brownlee, P.'I. S.', D. L. S.  R. C. Lowry, A. M. I. C. E.  Civil and Hydraulic Engineers,  Lands Surveyors.  Pearj  Street, Atlin/B. C.  f 1 -,  THE  NORTHERN HOTEL  first street. *  ���**ii  r J I*- '    ,  The biggest house in Atlin. '    "  Everything 'first-class.  Turney, * Proprietors.'  Thagard ' &  Instrumental Music    Messis.. Bain and Jeffr>  Recitation Miss Chisholm  Song1. -. J. Staples  Recitation Mrs. J. Letherdale  Song , W.   Miles  Recitation..�� -.... G.  Jefferv  Song ( w. H. Bain  Address ' M. G. McLeod  Song '. Mr. Patrick  Recitation Miss J. Mona  Song : Dr. Thompson  Recitation \y.- Miles  Highland Fling Mr. Patrick  The  official report fr^m the Gold  Commissioner  to  the   Government  showing , the  amount  of   business  transacted    for    the   year   is a remarkable and gratifying one. "The  showing is such as any new mining'  camp  might be proud of, and is an  earnest of the good times yet to be.  The principal items are as   follows:  Placer claims recorded  8,020  Ueut. J. h-   Rbrke  Bills of sale recorded    1,900  Miscellaneous   1 ecords 2,542  Hydraulic leases applyed for.      210  Mineral   claims u*corded       640  Certificate of w< >i k issued        32  Bills of sale recorded         40  Ounces  of  gold   on   which  royalty has been paid...... 26,500  SILK A YARD WIDE.  An incident took place at the Armouries on Saturday which not only  has a big touch of romance about it  but accurately mirrors how keen  is  the 'competition   among   Canadian  military men  to find a place in   the  contingent. The men of the 31st Regiment had "been drawn up for Col.  Otter's inspection. As he ran his experienced eye   down   its  ranks  he  noticed  the  well-known   figure  of  Calling   him  out,   the  colonel  said:   "Rorke,   I  can't take you; you are an officer.'  THE  LEONIDS WERE  LEON-  "     I-IIDS.  Owing   to    a    concatenation   of  fortuitous    circumstances   the   two  stellar displays pomised us for   the  past week have*failed to materialize.  On the nights of Monday and Tuesday," when   the' Leonids   would   be  most   numerous,   the sky was overcast, but as none of us  were  privileged to peep behind the scenes   we  will  take  it  for granted  that  the!  show  came off as advertised, but to |  an empty house, as far as  this  section is  concerned.    Another specimen" of the clerk  of the weather's  carelessness.  The other 'display to wheih we  make al-lewis-ou was that of the  constellation of burnt-corkers who  were to, have appeared at the A. B.  hall, last evening, but who didn't.  It is to be regretted much that this  was the case as they appear to be a  powerful aggregation in the abstract  and we trust soon to have the plea-1  ure  of seeing them iu the concrete  PRINCIPAL   BATH   HOUSE  AND   LAUNDRY.     -  Best' Equipped  Establishment  - ��� in Atlin.    ' -  Lake Street, near Sawmill.   ,  .TULES   EGGERT "  Swrss  Watchmaker.  Has charge of government instruments. " First street, A'tlin.  In   A.S. Cross' Store.-  m  Direct-, to    Vancouver  Three   Days  55. CUTCH  5TH,     16TH    AND ' 26TH  EACH   MONTH.  OF  A.   H.   BAKER,   Agent,      ���  C R. R. Office, Skagway.  A  ITKEN & STRANAHAN,"  Painters.  Neat and artistic signs at reasonable rates.  .THE KO0TENAY...  BAR.  NOT   BAD.  The Daily   Mail  of October  30,  But I go as a private, sir,''   was referring to an offer made through Mr  VISIONS OF POT PIE.  On Sunday evening last a real  live ptaimigan was seen by Andy  Galarno   on   First strict  near the  the i;eply, but the colonel only an  swered: "I can't help that, you  must step out, I cannot consider  you at all."  Lient. Rorke stands 5 feet 10  inches, is 23, a thorough athlete  and one of the smartest officers in  Canada. He was not made of the  stuff to be cast down at the first rebuff.    Stepping out as ordered,   he  Hiram Maxim, from two hundred  American gentlemen who propose  to give ^250 each and to provide  their own horses and equipment,  tendering their services to the British  in South Africa, says: "Of course,  this offer cannot be accepted, but it  is not the less gratifying as a proof  ofthe good-will of our American  cousins.''  ELEGANTLY FURNISED  BACHELOR APARTMENTS.  Rooms with Brussels carpets,  a stove iu each, and all accessories.1  Billiard and Pool Tables.  JACK.  BYRON,  Prop.  PINE TREE HOTEL.  take  DISCOVERY, B. C.  When you come to Discovery  shelter under the tree.  Finest of liquors.    GoccL stabhng. mi  <t V~Qcr*^Ki*J!*^fiJVstirt-^�� VlW/i J?���y���*^;rC��������ll.i�����������.Vrfirf/-JL���^^iR/"fv���",*���'  ',h<  -  I ft  ������IU  ���''! *  ri-' i  I- IM  ' **{  l*$  ���1  '!f..  S  Ml  Hi  l'/Jf  'fill  i j  \ *,  ,1 >.  -:;l|  :  I  Si i  !"l  'i'  .!!.*. I  |!i.J  III*:  It - 1  lt'i'7  ATLIN,    i;.   C,   SATURDAY,     NOYKMMER    i��,    itfijo.  PICKED UP HERE AND THERE.  St. Andlew's Presbyterian eliurch hold scr  vices in the Arctic Jti-othci-huori Hull, Second  street between Trainor and Pearl, on Sunday at 10:'.!() a. m. and 7:'.!() p.m. Sunday school  'at 2:3(1 li.ni. Kev.Jolin'Priiifrlo.B. Administer.  Church-or   IviiKland  services will  be held  at corner Trainor and Third streets on Sun-  .' day at 11:30 a. in. and 1 :'���!() p. in.  One ot the best, articles for good  health is a wholesome loaf of bread  ,   at 12 cents, and a first class meal at  50 cents at the Pioneer Bakery.  The gods are moving. We had  a paper mail.to-day.  On Thursday evening alxnit S  o'clock the clang of the fire bell,  loudly pealing, called  out  the  de-  ��� partment iu double quick time.  Flames were seen playing on the  roof of the A. 'B. building, caused  by a too intimate contact with the  stovepipe. Willing hands had the  flames extinguished before the brigade    had ��� time   to  arrive   on   the  O  ground.  J. D. Thagard, has received a  letter from H. H. Eggertou, Nome,  in which it is stated that provisions  are very scarce. Flour is selling  for ^50 a sack, coal $100 a tonv and  all canned goods bring Si apiece.  Wages are $2 an hour.  All views are now reduced to  half-price for 30 days only at Vo-  gee's studio, corner 2nd and Pearl.  The average school attendance  for the past week was 15. all getting along'finely under Mr. Wells'  able superintendence.  Tupper Thompson,' C. Carl and  M. G. McL'eod, left on Wednesday  for a two-weeks' hunt. They will  operate around the head of Birch  creek.  Oh the sleiprh. the merry sleigh,  As down Pearl avenue we scoot aw ay,  Thumping and humping on roots and logs,  Kuniihip- iuto'aml over the muiumoot dogs ,  rieasantly passes the November day,  " Who would be a kid without a sleigh?  Mr. Smith, of the Metrdpole, received the sad news 011 Tuesday  of the passing away of Charles R.  Slater at Vancouver. He was a  young man and one 'of the most  promising business men of the Terminal City.  Now is the lime to have your  cabinet photos taken. First-class  work guaranteed. Prices reasonable, Vogeejs gallery, corner Second and Pearl.  A Wright creek hydraulic case  came up befoie Commissioner Graham on Monday, and was relegated  to Victoria for adjudication.  Mr. Shiels, of*the B. A. Co.. has  just had imported a bran new cutter. It is .a daisy, built for two.  Wish we were a girl.  There was a lively fistic argument  on the corner of First' and Pearl  Monday afternoon, two of our citizens having it out. Marquis of  Queensbury rules were not in evidence. After a while the coiu-  Ixitauts were separated by a bystander.  GapL Cadellk who has large interests on Spruce  Creek,   nnd   who  is at present sojourning in London,  has seht to Mr. Hirschfeld, the  photographer, for a large consignment of views of Atlin aiid the  ���goldfields, The captain remarks in  his letter that these views sell in  London like hot "cakes.  Toronto has received news from  Ladysmith that two Canadians in  the .Royal Fusiliers, Lieut. G. Cory  and Ciipt. . Hensley, went through  'all the engagements unscathed.  Here's an easy one for you. Sup-,  pose John buys a sack of potatoes  for $9.00 iiud sells them for iRio,  buys them again for S9.50 and  sells agaiii for $10, how much has  John gained by the transaction? A  prize of a tin of sardines with tiic  latest patent improved nickle-plal-  ed can-opener, .with our ble^-ing superimposed, will be cheerfully donated -Jo the sender of Ihe first cor-i  "rect answer to this ollice.   -   /  N. F.,Hagel, O. C, Vancouver,  will defend young Anderson, who  is charged with having robbed the  Molson's bank at Winnipeg of S6o,-  000. *   _ ���  The   Russian  cruiser Variga,- de- i '  signed   to   be  the fastest  armored j _  cruiser ever.constructed by Cramp's I .  shipbuilding     firm,     Philadelphia,  was launched on the 30th ult.  Jim Smith, Fred., Batty and Bob  ��� Mackintosh while attempting ' to  take a heavily loaded boat through  White Horse last Sunday morning,  were capsized and the former two  were drowned. All of the above  were residents of Atlin this summer.  A house that needs no horse-shoe  over its portals^ is the Olympic.  Ever since the arrival of a son and  heir fortune has been coyly watch  ing" over its success. Three albums  have been raffled so far in Atlin and  two of these fell to inmates of this  popular house. _ Mrs. White won  the Hirschfeld one and P. Richen  the one raffled by Vogee..    '  Voger's gallery is now fixed up  with a glass roof and all the operating rooms have been lately put in  first-class shape. The public of  Atliu will now have opportunities  of getting artistic work done as  never before.   .  ���THE  Merchants Bank of Halifax  lXCOKPOUATl-'l).  18MH.  Paid Up Capital'  Rest    -    -    -  ������-'    -  A   general  Banking-  Gold.  $2,060,000.00  $1,250,000.00  Dust   assayed  business   transacted  ���    , purchased.   ,'  Drafts issued and money transferred to any part of the world  The First Bank lo���Open In Atlin.  WVA. SPENCER"' -"'   -,.-     Manager'Atliu Branch.   '        : '__. - . ���__  ���P. BURNS & CO.,  and  Wholesale   -  CORNER  and   -   Retail   -   Butchers*  First   and   Pkari,   Stkeicts.  Builders'  Hardware, Miners' Supplies,  Tinware,  Graniteware,  Etc., Etc.  TINSHOP. IN   CONNECTION.  Ti1-0��. PUNN  & CO.' (Limited.)  FIRST STREET  ATLIN," B. C.  ���  THE GRAND HOTEL  FINEST EQUIPPED HOTEL IN THE NORTH.    EVERYTHING  CONDUCTED IN   FIRST-CLASS MANNER.  Rick, & Hartie, Propriktors;   David Hastie, Manager.  Conner of First and Discovery Streets.  THK NEWS IN LONDON.  As the news boys yelled "Awful  British Disaster," all Loudon stayed its course and read the extras  containing official acknowlegmeutof  the British reverse. The announcement appeared at the hour when the  shoppers crowded Regent' and  Oxford streets and Piccadilly.  Women stopped their carriages in  the street and hailed the boys. Out  of the fashionable stores the women  ran for the papers. The) stood  slock ^till in the crowded steels,  saining the pages, of the extras.  Having rca;l tlie reverse, such as  does not exsit in the memory of the  living British subjects, the men   set  cried. Then there was a rush to  the War Office, which by noon was  surrounded by private carriages  and hansoms,- while many of the  humbler classes of "people came on  foot, all waiting for the possible  posting^ among the lists of dead the  names they held dear. By'moon  gloom and bitter sorrow prevailed  throughout the British metropolis.  At the Government office no effort  was made to conceal the feeling "of  dismay prevailing. One of the officials said to a representative of  the Associated Press: "It is inexplicable, and I am sorry to say its  moral effect is inestimable. We  have lost heavily in many wars and  have had 'regiments almost wiped  out, but to have regiments captured  bv Boers���it is terrible.''  ���British America   Corp.,  Ld.  HOTEL,  atlin - - - - n. c.  Clean linen, spring beds, choicest selection  of eiprars and liquors north of Vancouver.  Rates very moderate.  LOTS OF FISH.  Mr. Benfield returned 011 Thursday from the upper end of the lake,  where he had been on a fishing expedition. He brought back with  him 5,000 pounds of trout, salmon  and whitefish.  E. L. PILLMAN  ^     Funeral   Director   and  Embalmer  Third and Discovery,    Atlin, B. C.  Bodies.Einlmlmed for Shipment a Specialty  Ord,ers on short notice.  All kinds of Funeral Supplies at reasonable rates.  Joe Macdouald, oi" the Provincial  land registry office, I-Camloops, committed  suicide Oct. 27th, by shooting himself through the head.  The N. Y. Sun has lost $300,000  teeth and walkedon  with hardened, (in its  fight   with  organized  labor,  trouble/! faces   while, souxe.  women s since -Vug. 5U1.  When in Atlin stop  . .  at the . .  OLYMPIC HOTEL  First Street.  Headquarters  for  Lemi>'s St.  Louis Lagkr Beer.  First class Restaurant in connection.  A. BURKE,   Manager.  Comfortably furnished rooms  and excellent board at reduced rates for the winter.  Call and investigate.  BRITISH HOTEL,  Corner First and Discovery.  s-aR*  1


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