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The Atlin Claim 1902-11-01

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 •VC "v/.v '</' . V*i'' "-:''"-'',•'.£,:.
Jk- '..
/ .>
f     \
*• V*    I        ,
■Of >
VOL.   7-
ATUN\"B. C., SATURDAY. NOVEMBER     i, aoo2.
NO.  17:2.
The Canadian Bank of Commerce.
CAPITAL    PAID    VE   $8,<*ou,ooa
Branches of the Bank at Seattle,
Portland, ■
L-   ■: Skajrway, etc
Exchange sold on all Points. •
An Excellent Opportunity at
Little Cost
Golp Dus'i PckoiasiiD—Assay Oti'ick in Connection.
1     , _. J. S.  .Vl UN RO, Manager.
E.  flOSSELU,   Proprietor..
Corner PearL^nd'First Streets, Atlin, B.C.   *
Wholesale " and ' Retail    Butcher-'
FIRST   STREET,    ATLiR-  B:   C    >  ,
Pioneer BaRery an# Rcstauranf^
•spEciAi/nns in
FANGX   CAKES   &   PASTRY.      ,     /
Fresh Broad, Rye Bread, etc- ;'
.,-=--- L  " Ckas. Mvkk, Proprietor."-
Guod-Roomt tu tteu*—Uy the Day- WeeK ut Month at reaionnble catei.
■-- y dlIMM¥vREOAN '' - -} ;
Shelf and Heavy Hardware,
Muii'k Half Soles und ^?h«e Nails,. — Heiur^-DUtmi Jc'-Saii's-iMtw-n. —— Wamlawg. Doors,
G4«*>\ and Puttej, etc etc.     ( t_
BOOM — BANS — BOOM ! Dynarwlta,  Cap*  «nd   Fuse.
Full Line of Winchester—Black & Smokeless—Rlfl« & Sfeotgua ,
- *-"' Cartridges.    ,
1   Goods   Boaqht "" Sold   and   lxd6ang«d.'
- Passeiiyer and'Express Service, Daily (except Sunday), between
Skagway, Log Cabin. Beianet£,Caribou,'White -Horse and Intermediate
points, making closeconnections with oui own steamers at White Horse
for Dawson and Yukon points, and at Caribou for 'Atlin every Tuesday
and Friday  Returning, leave-Atlin even.- Monday and Thursday.
Telegraph Service to Skagway- ,. Express matter  will  be received
for shipment to and-from all points in.Canada and the United States.
For information relative to Passenger, Freight, Telegra-pii or Express
„   Rates apply to any Ageut.of the Company or to
'    '  JE F. IJke, TiafJfic Manager, Skagway.
J. Lipscombk, Local Agent, Atli-n, B. C.   ' - ,
Hotel Rti$$ell.
Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Pool and Hards Tree,
R. B. Dixon. Proprietor.
Hydraulic . Mining
k. Machinery,
* *-'<*.•   HYDRAllLjfC   RIVETED    PIPE.
Estimates furnished on Application
The Vancouver Engiseeriag Works,
Vancouver, B. C.
A- C Hirschfefd, AgenC Atlin, B. G
The American and Canadian Instl-
,t   s,      *' *. <-..
-   tutes of Engineers will Hold
'Airiual Session at Victoria- '
The' following' despatch from
'Vancouver appealed in a,Tecent issue of th«_Seattle P. I.; all interested in the welfare and promotion of
the district can draw their own conclusions, ancl make up their minds
to work in harmony towards inducing these important bodies to include
Atlin in their itlnerar3'r-"Arrange-
ments,are already being made by
W. Mi Brewer, of this city, for the
holding of the annual meeting of
the American Institute of Mining
Engineer*, .which convenes in Victoria . ,uext August. Seattle, s>s
well ajr Vancouver, will probably
entertain the vLitors in a body.
' The! Institute includes in its membership nearly all' the important
mitring men of the United States
and Canada, aud a prominent tuem-
ber offits executive council is Mr.
Edward Wheeler Parker, editor of
the.Eijgineerkig and Mining Journal, of New York, .who, has; just
been appointed by.President'Roose-.
velt as a member of the arbitration,
committee in the Eastern miners"
strike,* -     ~ \ " < ' %'
- While lhC* itinerary of the "visiting mining men next year has not
yet been finally settled, it is expected that most of them will come
via the Great Northern and Seattle,
and will number iu all   about 300.
This is -the first, occasion on
which thev have met in Western
Canada. Lieut. Gov. Sir Henri
Joly has placed the parliament
buildings at Victoria at their disr
posal and the sessions* will be held
there. A trip will bevmade to tie
Crofton aud other smelters ou' the
East coast of Vancouver Island
and another .excursion to Seattle
and Taconia, for the special purjiose
pf visiting the smelter at the latter
place.,, It is also probable if Mr.
Brewer succeeds in making a favorable arrangement, that another excursion will take the visitors as far
North at least as White'Horse and
perhaps right through to ' Dawson.
On the return East they will go
through Kootenay aud dpwn to
Spokane, going East' again over
one of the American lines. The
Crow's Nest Pass coal fields. will
also be taken in on the way down
through Kootenay,
Rod Tolinie.'for many years se:
cretary of the Mine-Owners' Association of British Columbia, has
been appointed deputy minutfer of
mines, under Colonel Prior. He
commences his duties ou Monday.
There has uever been a deputy
minister before, captain Richardson
secretary c-f the department, filling
these  duties.
The Engineer. Mine to  be-a
Scene of Activity.c '■
Superintendent Morgan ol the Engineer Mining Company lelt Skagway on Friday of last week with a
big shipment of mining machinery,,
including .a stamp mill, which- it
to be installed on the propei ty of
that Company. Mr. Moigan took
a full ,crew of men with him.
Among them is M. B. Clemenger,
of Skagway,'who goes as.eugineer
and general assistant.
The result of this season's development'and prospect work has
so thoroughly justified the installation of a stamp raill.'thsi
the Directors teadily endorsed the
suggestion of the management and
the order fpr the- .machineiy was
rushed through before the-close oi
navigation-./ It was placed"upon
the ground last Saturday and wili
be put together as soon as ^possible.
A number ^firten will'be employed -during the winter, and we are
confideutvof hearing.flowing accounts of >iheLSUcoess'iof the undertaking. , Some • vf»y„ rku , ore has
been exposed, in^tiie ycompai^-'s
workings, andas soon as the proper _
.treatment of the'different grades of
ore has been definitely determined
—it*is uot a31 free milling—we may '
expect to hear of great activity oii
the property of.the.Engineer mine.
Dr. \V."G. Mitchell and associates
have ordered a pumping and hoisting plant to be installed on the-
"Opbtr" Group of Leases. It is
their intention tooomnlete the work
commenced by E; W- Small in 1901
which it .will be remembered had to
be abandoned on account of excess
of water. -   '•  .
The leaseholders will now pump
out the shaft and crosscut the "Yellow Channel",in order to determine
the width of the pay streak, which
Iras uot been definitely done, but
which was proven by a cros6 cut to
be not less than three hundred feet
•by Mr. Small befo're the water drove
him out; arrangements have now
been made to cross cut ,500 feet
South aud 400 feet North, start*
ing' from the shaft sunk by Mr.
Small. Charles Thompson and
Thomas Blair will have charge of
the plant whilst William Richards
the well known underground man,
will superintend the timbering and
The company look forward to a
satisfactory issue of their development and are-confident that a big
plant will be put ou the property in
the early summer, either a dredge
or <i pteam shovel.
t <■'. -*"" *
-t C   "1
'    1 * *.
1 -.itS^.-.
-1 , r ij- j5>-
. *+*■** 3^1
A ' *«
' ' v \*V
"  'if
. Vv^ *SI
■"*'•"   hi
;   *    ' »^1
v;i*r *:'
, -yr^
1.   _ *.^
-   -   -' *s
" :>-■ >s-k
*^- 0 .  £ At
h - J**tir*l <*      ���   ���-  ��   1  1    i  ' ,y     l-*  If  i;..  ATLIX,   B.    C,  .SATURDAY,    NOVEMBER    i,,i<)o2  IS'*.  I  %��� '  j* ���  ��� *rj  1 ���?:. -\  I?  I; ���  �����  The Atliri Claim.  Puhllstteil   e\fi}    Snthiiliiy   morning  T-iE Atlin Claim  Pi/hushing Co,  A. C. llUjUCHJ-EUn, I'.DIl'OK  bv  Office of DiililiciUiou J'pjirl S".r Atlin, I!. C.  Advertikiiiif'Kritcs: 'il.ull per incli, cucli  insertion. Kv.uliiiK iintii'*"*, 2j ri'iiti u line.  Spi-c-ial Contract Kates on i\piilU*riti<>n.  Tin." ���.iiliwii'trou in ice i*. **f) a >ei'ir pttf  nblo in mlMiiKM,'. No, i> mei* \\ ill lie ilellioreii  lu.les*. tliis poiiilition is cornnlied w itli.  Saturday,- Noyf.mhku , i,  1902.  It has been knovvu lor ��oino lime  that Mr. \V. M. Brewer M. E.,  ��� , British Columbia correspondent of  the Eugineeiiug & Mining Journal  of New Yoik, lias liseurpersistantly  working, since the last annual Session'of the American fustilute ol  Mining Engineers in Mexico, with  the view cf,having the 1903 sessio-i  ��� of thai insliuition held in,Biili*-h  Columbia; we are gialined to heat  tliat his efforts have not proved in -  availing, and that the City of Victoria will be the scene of the nex;  animal conclave.    , ���   ,  The American Institute,of Min-  1 ing'Engineers is the most important  association   of   the   great   mining  -    industries of the continent,   repies-  ,  entiug as it doe-;, all the influential,  practical, and experienced men   in  ever\' branch and form   of mining  "in-Canada and the   United-States.  This   Institute    ranks    iu. thi*--  ,    country   with-that of, the   Britisi  Association of Great Biitain.' .  The fact,,that the Executive Com-  mittee'has* decided"to   accept', the  ' hospitality'of Victoria and of British  Columbia for'its 1903 session,  is  a  direct recognition of. the  immense  mining possibilities of the Province,  and in this respect ought to be most  thoroughly appreciated by all   who  have the interest of British Columbia at heart and more   particular!*.  by those who are identified with it in  its most important industry,   that  of mining.';       .   .   At  '  The itinerary of the Institute, at  this early date, has not been completed, but it is s?id that White  Horse ancl possibly Dawson will be  included iii "the points visited.    ' '  Whether or 11 nt these places are  included in the'  itinerary,  it   is   a  matter of the greatest moment to us  in Atlin, that cwe   move  in every  * direction to make ' it a   point, that  Atlin is included in the-list ot visitations.   'Here is an opportunity for  the Board of Trade to prove its usefulness.    The Claim itself will leave  no stone unturned to  bring before  the Executive   Committee   of  the  American Institute of Mining En-  -g'ineers such claims upon its'attention, that Atlin will not fail to be included among the sections visited.  Apart from our own resources or  ���those of the   Board   of  Trade, "it  should become   a   personal  mailer  ���with every citizen in the district to  ���  exert his influence towards the desirable end we look for.    An opportunity, such as   never   before   has  been offered, will then be given" to  show to the world, that  Atlin. has  claims upon the great mining fraternity which are " allowed   by   no I  other   section    of   the   Province. I  Looking to.that end,   it  is  meet  ���that all who   have   interests   here  should see to   it. that the different  properties are opened up and put in  .inch shape that no hesitancy will  be lelt in the minds,qfsuch visitois,  that Atlin has claims 'deservinc: of  recognition. "' J    -  o  O  The Atlin Lodge Nn. 15 of   the  \. O. U. W. was opened by-Deputy  G1 and'Master' Fttheistonhaugh 011  ���cptctnber yth. iooi, and has Since  made a recoid_for itself for progress.  The Lodge wa*> instituted with,  sixteen clnu ter members. icntingV  hall foi the purpose. ��� Today the  strength of Atliu Lodge is  by their erecting a handsome hall  aud lodge loom,' 18 x 40 with spacious auie-room ancl other necessarv  conveniences for entertainments,  dances, public meeting*;,,'etc.  .Il will be elegantly furnished  throughout, ai.d is-'an^aequisition  to thecity, fill'ing as it docs the  long felt,want pi-a suitable place" to  nqkl public entertainments of all  kinds. ��� ',   ,. -  - The brothers advanced all monies  necessary to pay for building .and  n, so that the Lodge itself  will not be in debt for" one dollar;  the plan adopted to"raise the funds  might well be-coi.sidered by other  lodges; each brother advancing  sums " fiom - $10 to,- $50^ wh'ich  amounts., arc to be refunded by  monthly drawings I5y the Lodge  out of its regular fund.  Brother, W. H. T. Olive, who was  awarded the contract to "erect'the  building, is pushing '.he work  ahead and it is expected that the  iodge will be ieady for occupation  soon. '  Atlin,  Nugget and Grape'\'aRingsi  And All Kinds'of Jewellery Manufactured oh the Premises,  fjBT"    Why send but when you can get goods as  Watches From $5 up.   Fine Line of Souvenir Spoons..  JULES EGGERT & SON,;The Swiss Watchmakers.'  ,  l ' -       ,       IV  YOU   WANT,  Information  . '    ' CONCERNING     '  MINES & MINING PROPERTY  In the Atlin District  .   \    ,   , WRITE  TO,,'   -   '      -   ',  A. C. Hirschfeld  Real   Estate  and   Mining   Broker.  Finest Wines; .Hqiiors and Cigars.'   . ���  Furnished Rooms-bv tire Day,   . ��� ' ���  ,/- *'1      "   .",... '-   "  ~: Week' or Month.-  ���0*0��*0*0*��*0*0*<:*��0*0*0*0��>��0*0*><t��0*>0*0*O^Ot>0*0^0)>^0*��  T*  rHE    K0.0TE-NAV -'il-t)TEL.  *,     >'  ,\ George E. Hayes, Proprietor ' >  Cor. First4 and Trainor' Streets.  CI Tliis First Class'Hotel l[ni been remodeled niiil.i-cf.uriiialied throughout  5 '       nntl otters, thr best ticuoiiinioifnlioii to Truiisient oi-.Por.iniiiic'iit  X , L       Guests.��� AiiiRriu^ii antl Km-opcau phiu/ .   v" ..*   *.  O    v. ;   Finest Wines) Liquors ssatd Of gars'.  a*         -'.. ,* Billi'ar'ds'"ahd -Pool.    >"'.," 0       J  o*o*a*o*o^o*a*a*a*c>*C'"**ao^o-* ���o*o*o*o*o*o��b*o*o*o*"c>o>o #,  er Creek.  Societe Miniere's Manager"  ' Leaves for France.   :  THE   GOL  ---'.��� DISCOVERY,   B". C  iSE,  Comfortably Furnished Rooms--By the Day,.Week or-Month.  *^f -*      '''-���--. .^.^  The Best of Liquors and���Cigars always in  Stock. '--   Fine bUiblejn con  ' ��.        * * nection with the House.  AMERICAN    AND    EUROPEAN . PLAN. '  r- ! ' O. W. .iDHKhir v. Muno^tiK.  Drifting commenced last week en  die Societe Miniere's property on  Boulder Creek and the first week's  results were more tli an satisfactory.  The new flume is being built and  .is 4 feet square and will have steel  rails on bottom, a large shipment of  which arrived this week.  A very substantial building, has  been put up for accomodating the  crew to be employed this winter.  Mr. Henry 'Maluin, the company's manager, leaves for Paris  next Thursday; during his absence  Mr. J. Fall will assume the entire  management of the company's work  and will represent all their interest  in the country unt'l Mr. Maluin's  return next April.  Mr. Maluin is interested with Mr.  Jamieson in' a dre lging lease on Otter Creek and i.s very confident of  the. successful operation of. the  whole oi Otter Creek in the 'near  future, after the consilidation of in-  I teresls on  that creek.  We are creditably informed that  Mr. Maluin has bonded a very promising quartz property and that he  intends to have development work  started on same immediately on his  return.  Fish,"  . C. DOELKER, ': "V  FRESH MEATS ALWAYS, ON HAND.  Game   in   season and   home    made   Sausage.  First Strket,  'Atlin.  THE  GRAN'  FINEST EQUIPPED HOTEL IN THE NORTH.    KYKRYTUING  CONDUCTED'IN" FIRSTS-CLASS MAINXER.  French  Restaurant in  Connection.  A. R. McDonald,   Proprietor. .  Corner of First"and Discovery Streets.  FOK--  Call and get Prices at  *ii^zxzzz^^^'',z4"&i^f~^~'iv,z��z~  ���Sg-^^a-iKiimvaii^saiaftAitHBtaamaMrii Mijaaisgiijs^  SfAT��M*T|��f(:S  j^^^^^^j��j^||^j^8P��^^i^i^^^S^^^W  j-'r'r-.'f-  ft,^^P^.s^i!^  ^SI^ii^#:^^ISI;;flit��^^  A LASKAA ROU���T EAS AI LI N GS^'l   Miisi^.  ;M&  '$ouik^  [llljlfllt^  Wtt&$M:��  tmm  ,,,,,,.-r,,.^..  ^'���feWii^f&S^  SSi=i:a,^|ii>i't."d��t;?v,ii*tfcl,v^?.:|*'Myl  I ft;i;SifiA--;AAAK ������- -t'A'.i tiie'"'.! i i^\ (I [iej'-.A-'- ���'.' 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'.���HiiUiliiik;'JM^''J)l*c6VeiV-A;.'":'H,S  :i.ot^n.;ilHb?kA2?l*A):.AtltiiiAr^;Ai^.^v.;:AA--;  Uiiildiiijr^IVe Hnu��e'��u(l;Pliuifr;AtUu S;ii-^.;.=.f  iTolei)li6ii"e  ;Lin"e".'-v.~  14  ?EEti  A'Al/ff.  Ax-so ;oo,  :22'50 A--'---->  iUtJt^;l)'Al^I<)telti>l<Av-^A?Atlln^^::f.A^;V������;���,:'<:������.^,  y<i'p^y^^yE?%Ey{iyEyE"K0M^^M^  Ulot^HandlS^Vck^AA^AA AA;i'�� ;���--,-'^'CA  vAi*?Al��toS2t>tUlk-vl��,:totsii)7;t<�� 60 iJIk.;5b:'  y-yyy^a^i-y^M^y'y'^'y^^y^'^y'y^i  *;;;;ii3':';tV;.'--rtr^^  ::7':;'V66-jtk',>7r.':.^  "' .WUnir f ot cv'a't'- Be n nc tA ^ftA/ASA -A^A;;/-K[A' ���'''  BMildingaiHlStockV :U'scovery5AA;3:->:;:A!-;.  ^t-ilS^'Bldcltfw^'^A^Atlrn'irjS^si'/g.A^^*  Lots 1; 2v��aml 21A Uikin-Sr &rf^''**A.-S--'-!-'  ���Lot.^:9;*;-.:^.-Hlack:';>:A';;Atliit;5t^j^;vK^:*:;  AsW3'. 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"iatb.:  ; '"'I-./..'-' ":'r. E.^E \     ���:,':"','. -..A . 24th.,  lV".'' '''' '"���''���    Atlin' Assessment 'Districtv:^ :    !  "E'-:'- .."���      'a'" '' ���''' '���''��� --:.":;"���-r'':;/-'.-:      Atliii; ����� C  W. M^LACE A<j|^ME & Go,  Notoiries-PuWircv . A ���/'.���������  AAA '"mMtd'Sfcreeti Atlin B.C1   a"  ; Stpttmber 361I1.. 1902.  MIMN6 BROKERS &-COl��MISSt0N AGENTS.  F1r*A&   A��cldent/ InsTiTBirce,  ''���/.'-}"��� 'r \ ,* ? Aot^rs von.- '     /;.;"'-'  :  PF.TJiF.Wi-TtAnv'P'.y"���':<���   f;n, ...Vs<a,vwfc-  .'.."���     -*��  AKttWW^I^.^  ^WIM...A^^.'t. ^'A.  ^ganumfr^l;  =3Siii"i .���^rrsrsrsirr-Tsr-T is;  .=-���/>'v>- - "  ."v..,r  '���i  A/i'likS",   IS.   ��..,   SAl'taDAV.. :*<2>VK-.VlJs*,R   .i.  1902.  1 - .i  PICKED UP HERE AND THERE.  Church ol England:  ��� St. Martin'�� Church, cor. Third and Traln-  ��r streets. Sunday servlcei, Matins at 11 a.  m".. Evensong 7:30 p. m. Celebration^ Holy  Communion, 1st Sunday In each month and  on. Special occasions. Sunday School, Sunday at 3 i>. in. Committee Meetings, 1st  Thursday In eiich month.  Hev. T. L. Stephenson, Rhetor.  St. Andrew's Presbyterian Churoh, hold  services In the Church on Second Street.  Morning service at 11 evening service 7:S0  Sunday School at the close of the morning  service. Kev. E. Turkington, Minister. Free  Reading Room, to which all are welcome.  CUT   PRICES    at    the    Atlin  Cheap Cash Store :  Cream, large size,  40 cents per tin.  Cream, small size, 20 cents per-tin.  Milk, small size, 20 cents per tin.  Sugar, 10 lbs. for$i.oo.  All other Groceries, Provision*,  etc., cut from 10 to 20 per cent.  Dry"'Goods, Clothing, Boots and  Shoes, at half price.���M. Foley. -  The population of Atlin is evidently not doomed to materially  fall off in spite of the winter migration. Since our last, issue wt hear  of two new arrivals, likely , to stay  awhile, too. Introductions may  not be necessary till the 'christening*-, but they will be known for  some .time as ','Baby" Olive * and  "Baby "-Brook.  Christie's <and  Fancy Biscuits at  ' E". L. Pillman & Co.      .     ,-  \Ve are pleased,Jo state,that Mr.  lv. J. Thain, who has been confined  to bed in the Atlin Hospital, is now  able to make the rounds of the wards  with the assistance .of his   "artificial" supports. r The fracture in his  leg has thoroughly mended,-and it  will "be but a short time, till we see  Mr. Thain among, us again.    Much  Credit   is^dii'e to' Dr.  Young for the  way he Has handled this case.  .   For a good  square  meal   go  to  the Pioneer Bakery and Restaurant.  J. M..\Vood, late of Dawson, has  taken charge of the Kootenay Restaurant and will continue to, run it  in up to .date   style; _ he is a   first  class chef and   will   lie a  drawing  card.  ._ . ,     .  For Oranges and the very finest  butter go to McDonald's Grocery.  ��� - Remember? that ��� the season is  drawing to a close. If you want  to take presents- home don't wait  till the last moment; see our local  jewellers,. Julks Eggijrt & Son,  they-make. nugget souvenirs that  are unexcelled.  There is'more solid comfort in a  cup of Blue .Ribbon Tea than in a  gallon of most beverages. ,   -  The Royal Hotel dining room is  now under the management of Mr.  'Ashton, late chef of the "Gleaner"'.  Hc is well known as'a caterer to  the public taste, aud sets up meals  that are hard to beat.  Blue Ribbon Coffee is absolutelyr  pure.���It is sold in all the stores iu  Atlin.     ' -     .  Go to The Royal for Fresh Oyster Cocktails.  , Watch our Xmas Stock.  Dockrill and Bourne.  ' The Tax Sale has been cancelled  by order of the Minister of Finance.  Fresh cdnsijnment-of Fancy  Groceries,' at 'popular^ prices? at  E. h. Pillman & Co.  Henry M.iluin, Dr. Mitchell, C.  W. .Sawers, and C. '"Mason" were  amongst the passengers (going out  last Thursday.  Imported Cigars at 1 lockrill and  Bourne's.  From aj telegram received on  Thursday, it was learned" that'thle  steamer "Gleaner" will make "one  more trip than originally intended;  the last boat for the season will accordingly leave here on Saturday  8th. inst. *'/  , Agen.'s, specially   selected-fresh  ranch eggs���McDonald's Grocery.  lookout 16 oz: from. No. 1 'pit.of  the ,Otter���Creek iu cleaning out a  slide.' The result of .this, cleanup  brings the yield of the ground up to  Si. 17 per yard. Mr. J. E. Moran,  one of the locators of the Otter  Creek consoiiclnted leases-, has.'de-.'  cided to take a well earned holiday,  after two and a half years of 00117  tinuous lnospecling, and leaves for  the Kabt on tin- last boat. Archie  Brownlee accompanies him as tar  as Seattle.- A Iter almost four years'  coutinuuous residence in the camp  i Archie will now have a. chanee to  see what 1'civilization" feels like.  He will return with his father in  March.  , Foster and his associates are now  buildingcornfottrible winter quarters on the piopi*r;y of the Otter  Creek Consolidated Company.  " McDonald and his partner, laymen on the Otter Creek Consolidat--,  ed Company's ground, weie sluicing up to Saturday last.  Otter Creek Items.  The Otter Creek Co.  The organizers of the Otter Creek  Consolidated Company, had an important and satisfactory meeting on  Wednesday evening ��� last.- The  launching of the company*- is noyv  awaiting the receipt of word from  the Registrar of Joint 'Stock- Ctom-  panics in.Victoria that the Company  has been gazetted. The necessary  local capital to enable the company  to proceed with the installation of  machinery has been underwritten  and construction work is now proceeding "under the supervision of  the company's engineer, Mr. J. H.  Brownlee.  The road construction between  Wright Creek and the Otter Creek  Consolidated Company's pressure  box on Otter creek is nearly completed.  Hungerford, Foster and Carleson  ' The Canadian Uank ofComtnerce  has shipped 147 ounces of nuggets  and coarse gold won from No. 1  pit this summer.   ' *       "  This gold will probably go to the  Prairie Province and lb the Eastern  States, and will help 'to1 advertise  the camp. ,  ',  ^AlfredJ^armichael "as completed  the preliminary levelling and surveying for Mr. Brownlee, and is in  town in the interest of kimselt\and  partner, in connection - with -the  transfer of -the Otter Creek Consolidated Leases to the Otter Creek  Hydraulic"1 Company. Carmichael  and Moran are to be congratulated  on the fair promise of the. outcome  of their years of prospecting aud  persistent effort. There are more  to follow.  r-; Good News..  At lost the Goveruineul baa  awaketied to the fact that for the  last four.months the Alliti District  has been without a medical  Hi&viT-H , ofrPiCE*. A telegiam  was received frccu. Victoria ou Wednesday by the Government Agent,  notifying him that Dr., H. Young  had beeu appointed to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of  Dr. Lazier.' We extend our congratulations to'Dr. Yonug and feel  sure that his many friends will 'be  nleased to learn that hc ' is now  likely to 'bide.a wee" witli us.  "; The situation looked decidedlv  gloomy in the event of ah epidemic,  as Dr. Young-had* intended leaving  Atlin for the winter, and we should,  have been left entirely without  medical aid.  Mail Train Hcld.Up.  / A"dafing aud successful hold-up  'was made at Druuimond, Mou'tlVby  a lo��c robber. The engineer was  sli'ot aud killed-fbr refusing to obey'  the commands of the highwayman*'  and'this effective!}* silenced the rest  of the crew, w.ho were threatened,  witlr similar treatment if the5v"mo\-r  ,ed. ."All the registered.-'mail-..was  seemed, and the mair'[decani pe&-  with his boo'tv.    . '        "'"".  notice:  We understand that Mr. Brownlee has volunteered to furnish- for  exhibition purposes, at the meeting  of the American Institute of Min-  iug Engineers to be held iri Victoria  next summer, interesting" ruining  and general maps of' the Atlin  Gold Fields.  This is a start in the right: direction. There should alsq^be an exhibit of minerals aud other mining  data.'  fcXhe Tax .Sale' advertised' "to be  herd" on November' 14th". next"is  hereby cancelled by authority of  the- Honorable tiie Minister of Fin-  . "?, ",Aji-tA. -Eraser-��.'  ';:      ."'���-. A-/1;.' Assessor!'^  Atlin B. C.". %. �����    /'������- -"  October 28th,-'1902.  Certificates of Improvements.  GOLD, GOLD No". 2 AND SYDNEY FRAG-  ''TION Mineral Claims, situate :lr> -tiie.  Atlin Mining Division of Cassiar District.  one in'!>> North West of Atlin,City.  *pAKli Notice that I, William Bed*i8'F.M.C.  No, 11,4888. intend 60 days f rem dot* hereof, to apply to the Mining: fienorder tbr Ces-  tifloates of Improvements, tor th* 'ftuVpase  of ..obtaining Crown Grnnte - of Abe. ibo'ttx  claims.  ���Ani> ���FunTHBnr Take notice that' actio.*,  under Seotion 37 mutt bo commenced before  the issuance of suob Certificate of IJnprovt-  mentsi      *," " William BeaWr,.  .   Dated'this 11th. dayaf S'optemfcer..lSQjl:-  . .1.  I  -rr  CpROCmiES. AN�� PH0VISi@Na  r i  Are items that interest everyone in Atlin, especially   when .the-  quality is good and the prices cheap. : .' V .   "  Our winter stock is now in; it is the  largest and most complete.  in AtHn. - .-:������*.-. -  Place your orders for winter supplies with-us. and' we will  guarantee you���������The very best goods, full quantities, and:  the closest cash prices. , .    .        '  ��� ' BLACKETT & CO." ..'.'.P   :       "  IRON STORE, FIRST'STREET,    .


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