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The Atlin Claim 1900-05-26

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 ���UMi.M-^.tajLmmMtKM^cm.iBi-iJt^Wfrt1* WM *V^'��*><***Af1<rtrarTWrti<PVHlA  (wa��nwt��ffloc^*tWWivasewajK��wii��i^^  4      '-"    V'.-."'....^'^  ,   * * /   \  /.t (      '      t     J .   /  a-awM^u.ijaw>uJort^ts^iia^  Lti  VOL.    3-  ATLLIN'. B. C, SATURDAY, MAY--26,- iyoo.  NO.  57.  \rJ. >r  ft >r  \\<J  F;; C. McFeely and Co.  :.;. -.   -  ��kai:krs:in ,  .      ^    ���    .  Paints,  Oils,-Varnishes,;.  �� Builders* Hardware,  Sash and Doors,  Tinware,, Graniteware, Crockery  All kinds.of .Tinsmith work'done. -v  Corner of" First and Pearl Street.  'ArTWMfrff'.t  sW/'.-f*.  J. St. Clair Blackett and Co.  IRON STORE, FIRST ST.  Have the Most Complete, Stock, in ".Atlin.  '1HKJK  fisiCKS ARK RIGHT  FOR'.ALL CLASSES ,  OF GOODS.  THEY ARE OFFERING  SPECIAL BARGAINS1  IN WINTER CLOTHING. A  Owing to the de-railing of two  trains at Vet J<iver, progress 611 the  railway delayed.     , '    -  Colonel Otter, again commanding  Canadian forces, was only eight days  in the hospital from his wounds. '  News from all parts of the world  where floats' the Union Jack, tell  of rejoicing over the relief of Ma-  leking. ' ,  London is wild  over'the news  1  I Subscriptions for the Mafeking relief fund 'pouring in.  San 7-Francisco, May 19.���Six  deaths occurred in Chinatown1 from  bubonic plague. Strict, quarantine  regulation's adopted.  New York; .May' 19.���Kid McCoy .knocked out Dmi Creednn in  sixth roiind at Broadway Athletic  club last night.  NEWS BY WIRE.  Hi  [Prom News Bulletin.] ��  Skagua}, May 21, London, May  t6.���Boer delegates'- advise Trans-  vaalers to surrender if defeated  the Vaal. ,    <  '     Buller occupied Dundee 011   May  14th, taking several prisoners,   and  Canct-d aud occu ied Olencoej on  y^i^t'n. The eneim have evacuated Biggersburg. taking ' theii  guns with them. They filed the  grass before leaving, - which burned  fiercely and 'carried the "smoke  against the British, who steadily  advanced in the face of it. ;��� A larg��.  numlx-r of Boers surrendeied.-  The T-iit'sh hold \\ essels Nek  Station, where "tiaius are taking  troops and guns. The enemy is re:  tienlii g 1 oubv.ard.     -  Lord Duura\en, with eleven hundred linos, arrived at Beifa.  Roberts reoorls that 16 Roers in  a farm house, four miles 'fiom  Krooustadt, hoisted a white flag,  and w hilt six me 1 of Prince Alfred's  THE 24TH OF MAY.  aie number was,; President, Stey'n's  brother.  :       -   -   ; ���  .-, ,    / A, '  Advices from Ladybrand say, the  place is free ol Boers and- the _ railway is running to Krooustadt'.  Roberts' Horse captured,^00 Boers  n^rth of KroMistadt.' The enemy,  has tvacoated Helpma'aker- and  Belskbpgaie, seven miles -fjpitt Dun-'  dee. Hildyard has captured Idoba  a^.d the enemy retreated in'disorder.  'Chicago; May r6.���Hotsl Helens  was ^burned this morning.' .1*GuV  chambermaids, perished in the' fire  and ten other persons were seriously  injured. ' '   ' -������''*���-'  St Catharines, May-^67���The  vVelland Vale Cycle" &"'Motor Cy.,  was destroyed by fire this-morning.  The loss is placed at $500,000.  Some 500 men have been thrown  out of em jlovment.  " 1  Quebec, May 16.���There was a  fire'in the Parliament-buildings'last  night. Damage was done to the  extent of $800.  Lsndon. May 17.���Buller has  advanced on Newcastle 'and 7,000  Boers    retreated.      Baden'    Powell  Guards    c.d\ auced    to    within   40 1 captured 90 Boers, aud included   in  yards oc lh- house, they' were   fired | the number is   Commandant   Eloflf,  u: on by ih^: Bojrs, and two   killed,  one wounded  and  the other three  taken prisoners.  New York, May 16.���Boer envoys arrived yesterday.  Pluiner's camp, May 4 ���Heavy  bombardment of Mafeking on May  ist. Refugees, to the number of  1,280 have arrived from there.  Lorenzo Marquez, May 15.���  Boers occupied Kaffir location at  Mafeking oi May 12. British attacked during the night ard the  following day, surrounded the  leers, lijiii g n:ai,y ard c-fturing  a \tr\ la;ge torce.  The Eritish have crossed Biggers  burg     The   loss  was very1 slight  and was due in a great measure  to  the excellent handling of the troops  by Hamilton and Dundonald.   -, -  Draudsdrift,   May      4.���Roberts  '   has checkmated the Boers who were  ���attempting    to come    south. -  He  .jpirttirsci 150 prU.nsrs. aril  aixjnj.  President Kmger's grandson. Hunter has occupied Christiana and is  now at Clocolan.  London, May 19.���Mafeking was  relieved on the 16th. Eighty of  Eloff's troop's killed. Irish Fenians  greatly cut up at Mafeking and  Krooustadt. Whenever the British  came against the Irish Fenians ituy  were cut to pieces. Boer's are turning against the French and Germans. Relief colum-i from Kim-  berley passed Fangs and Vryberg  districts, ,500 strong, composed of  Cape Police, division of Field  Horse, Imperial Yeomanry, Kim-  berley Mounted Infantry and three  maxim guns. Colonel Mahor., who  commands the expedition, served  with Kitchener in Egypt.  ' Kroonstadt, May 1.6.���Gen. Hut-  ton, commanding the mounted   Ln-  A  Splendid Programme . of Sports  keenly Contested.'  Thursdry the 24th,.the 81st anni-.  vers uy o'~ her Majesty, was ushered  in by au inauspicious change of the  ���weather, being windy, ^cold and  cloudy, with some smart showers  in addition, but the traditional  Queen's- weather was uot to be  gainsaid," and early in the afternoon  the splendid sunshine broke forth  lo continue for the rest of the day.  The crowd jvas in number far short  of thai - of, last year,. when . the  "rush" was at its biggest, but ii  was well behaved and orderl}'. Towards evening a.few who had celebrated-well, but not wisely, were in  evidence, and a couple were run in  during the afternoon, but taken as  a whole. Atlin did itself honor in  the celebration. The ladies were  forth iu full force and added, much  to the picturesqueness of the occasion by their presence.  The sports, as a rule, were well  contested, and the excitement rose  to fever heat over the Tug-of-war.  The pull between the French team,  got up by, Mon. Crooi, and the  Scotch team of Mr. McLellan, was  one to be remembered. In the first  five minutes pull the Scotch had the  advantage by about six inches when  the whistle blew. It was then decided to change ends and pull ��� for  another fne minutes, the decision  to go to the team having the advantage at1 the, time limit. This the  French had by  about^ three inches  the    judges    in       the      decision  quoted above, we must say that I le  French learn, were a revelatic f-.cm  the toughness  and  discipline   ll^y ���  evinced.  ��� The prizes were distributed in the '  Grand Hotel, in the eveni"g ',by  Mesdames Lctlierdale and,Biovvnlee.  An e' lovable b.5ll followed and was  largelv uttendV-. Anv overplus  from   the.'spprtn   i-nd   ball   uill, be  donated to theloc.il ho^ hal.  PltlZK wjnnLks.  /  10:80.���PuttiiiK 1611). nhor.    Prize-, $13; *M  -   J. M. Hnatiiitfi 1st: I). <i. r'ra��er 2nd.  1I):*S.���Stick l-ner.    Pi ...!'>.. *'i.~Mi i>.     ���  Tadlly Kant Ut; H'. W. Houl 2ml.  11.���Tlirowititr .")15-11j.  wyiKlit. jPrijim,   *13;  S7.').l.   -A   ,  'I'  J. \1. Hnstinss 1st; J. Kirkliinil 2yd.  1:!1.'.���Quarter-mile, rueu.   lJri/.e-.  .^2u: *.I0.  W. J. U. Pintler J*'t; T. Le 'u, iipllni^  JhiI.'  11:4.-1.���Tl'irpe-lpsrsed  rtioe.    Prize*. $10: W.  Kant and Bourne  1st;  Piih<<t an 1  L��c-p-  pullatn 2nd.    ��� ^-   ,  1:5d.���Olistai-li- race.   Prices, ���fill; f-r'-  Klaus, l��t, Pin'der 2nd    -  The  tiis of-Weir-wah.woii  li.v  the   r'rensli  iteiim.   The  prizL-s   were one U.indHome nuir-  -;et pin to"each man.      -1    v   ���  i2:3i).���lUUjuriKiln-li.   Prizi'?. fl  ; -j.^.  T. Leoappellniii 1st; C. Uournp 2nd.  J 2.ir��.��� Knni'iiiK liifrh jii'iiip.'Pri^h,*lS; $.7.50.  - Pinder Jst, Curtmel 2nd.  '8:u5.���Bo.Vb' nice, ni.ilrr 1o.\Prizt,s,  f-T; .W.  '   VV. W��irl-t;.H. Bellini.  ',       i       '     "  ���   3:1B.���Pole vuultiiiK.    Pri/.ns. ?lft, *10.  Joliiikoii'lst; Webster 2nd.  8:4.V���VViilkitiir tsreusy pole.   Prize. 610.  Won bj Indian boj . , ..  ' 4:1.") -Piek-n- Back raee. One part nor carry other SU yards aud change'.off. another 50  yards     Prizes,  ���515; S.10. -  -  Trimen and Pinder 1st; Bourne  and Johnson 2nd.  1:30.���Hurdle race, 200 yards.   Prl/.e��, *20;  *10. -j       , ���      *     .   ���  T. Leeappellain 1st; Pinder and Rant t.o.  ,4:45.���Kunniusr long: jump. .Prizes, S20: S10.  Johiibon l.st; Pinder 2nd.  5.���Kutiniiig hop. step and jump." Prizes,  S15;*l6. " .    :     '  Johnson 1st, Leeappellain 2nd.   .  5:30.���Boj s' s,tilt race.   Prizes, ?.'.: ?3, ?2.  L. Goedtel l��t;A. Durlo 2nd, W. Blaokfitt  3rd.  5.45. -ILgg and spoon raoe.   Prizes, ?5; *3.  J. Kirkland 1st; Watts 2nd.    ,  The football matoh, Pine v. Atlin, will be  played on Third btreet, July 4th. 'Prizes  a haudfcOine nugget pin to each of winning  team.  V  <\  ^A  and the judges gaye*-thera .the1 veirT  Ai.ior .  ��� .',"'''-A''' 1 >f;   ' ���-������ Wright  diet. ,  ^".K^, ?   :?..?^      ������  In the puU/'Canaii��S^v..je%li^iJ.  the English/by a; sudden" pull'alV  together, yanked the Caiiadiafc's'oyec  the mark, but Un "the '"turmoil fen-f  suing the decision-was gi^A to. the  Oanaduns, a verdict to whi.ch we  take decided exception. '-In the  final pall French v. Canadians the  Canadians had much the advantage  in weight, but lacked generalship,  in which the French excelled, and  much   to  their astonishment  they|  Pino  Pine   '  '%'���",   MISCELLANEOUS.  Mineral records    Placer records     .  .  Assessment work recorded ���  Leave* of absence  Bills of sale, etc., Mineral.    .  BilU of sale, etc., Pla-jpr  Gold CommisHioner'fi orders  Paporo filed        Free Miners' certificates issued  Power* of attorney  , The Exchange invites everybody  fantrv, took Bothaville, capturing, were tugged over the mark before j tQ free ice Wdler during the summer  three commandants, J.9 -other ^rb>, t.iey well knew what had happened, j months in front of the stor:, begin-  .o'ners aud. - a   CoU   machine   g'un. I Whilst ourselves not agreeing with 1 ning Monday, May 2X.'    .  -  ABSTRACT OF TRANSACTIONS.  As it is desirable that not only  our residents, but the outside world  also should be acquainted with  the volume of mining business done  in Atlin, we propose, from now on,  U)l publish a weekly summary ot  mining transactions entered at the  Government offices. We condense,  in this issue, for convenience, from  the ist to the 26th of the present  month, but hereafter each week's  summary will appear separately.  LEASliS   APPLIED   KOK.  Spruce Creok   ��� , .    .   ���-���    .  LEAKE.? ISSUED. I-^IJZ'J^S.  **rfl  ���ati;in,  b. c,' Saturday; .may.26.  Thk   Atlin  Claim. .  Pulillshnd , evci-y ��� Saturday ��� morning - )>y  Tins A'I'lin OLjMm Pi:hlimihno Go.  Oflicu ol iMiblicutioii:  Seooiul, liutwuoii '1 l'liiniir and Pearl Streets.  Advei'timiid'rates iniiili1 known on application.  Tim ��ulincripti.iii price is #4 a year puv-  ftblo in advitucn. No paper will lie delivered  unless tliesn conditions nr��" ��� oiunlied with.  Il iia-��, we' ihink wiselv, been  agreed upon by the managing committees of Messrs Godfrey ancl  Stables, to sink political lines to a  great extent and run their candidates, as a team," upon the broad  platform of the paramountcy of  Atlin's interests.   ,  From unavoidable causes, .these  gentlemen have been put in nomination late in the day, thus disabling  them from making a personal  canvass in the southern portion of the  district; yet there is still  time  for  their agents to put-in some effective  work in that quarter, and we believe  this will be done.    These two nominees are well' known   and   universally  respected  in. the  Atlin   aud  Bennett  division   of  the   district,  which, by the touch  of  Prosper'o's  wand, has   in   the  last  two  years  been changed from the tail  end  of  Cassiar's electorate to the head and  front; and whilst one  has Conservative and the other Liberal leanings,  yet each has. publicly  pledged him-  , self to back up, irrespective of which  party proposes it, all that  tends' to  the advancement'of Cassiar District's  well-being,   whilst reserving individual freedom on points not involving it in any manner.  produce a Sherlock Holmes^astute  enough to bring the guilt Jiome to  the cowardly wretch, in order that  the punishment so justly due be  me fed out .   " V   '   "  '" It is satisfactory-to-learn thai: Sir  Alfred Miluer's efforts are proving  successful in limiting the present  influx of touring parties , into  South Africa. Such parties ar��, at  at a time of war like the ;.resent, in  every respect out of place. The  gaping touiist, "personally conducted," who iseager from mere curiosity to visit the battle-fields where  the brave dead have scarcely y-t  been buried, is not wanted in South  Africa, where his visit would, moreover, raise prices all around and  otherwise .impede tho-^u .engaged in  the sterner business of putting down  rebellion, ancl by strong.measures  bringing permanent peace to :i war  devastated country.  .. C-. CHRISTOPHER, "    '   ' A. C HIRSCHFELD,    V  President. , < Secretary.  ���     '   *~  Atlin Abstract Company,  LIMITED. _ "   ������������    A HEAD OFFICE,   AtHn,  B^  Searches Made aud Abstracts of Title to Mineral; Hydraulic      \  and Placer Claims Furnished.    Correspondence solicited. ���   ,    \  The local political situation is now  fairlv  concrete    shape,  and the candidates warming to their  work. The meeting held in the A.  B. hall, on Wednesday evening,  at the call of Mr. James Stables,  was a very representative and orderly one, and it is to be'hoped the  campaign will lie conducted on the  same lines throughout. Party  lines have been thrown t^> the  winds and the interests of Cassiar  will ccint first, last and all the time.  There are two issues in this contest,  however, that will need a more  than passing reference being made  to them. The candidates must  make their position unmistakably clear .to the electors of Cassiar  on the recently disallowed bills by  the Federal head. ��� There must be  110 mincing of words as to the position they will take on the Mongolian and Alien bill question. That  they will come up next session of  Parliament is as certain as the coming of to-morrow's sun. ,.  In'a northern mining community  like this, the dog plays such an important part that he ranks second  only to humanity itself. In fact we  could'nt very well get along without him, That any one could be  dastardly enough to lay poison for  his indiscriminate destruction seems  hardly possible, yet Mr, Archie  Shiels, of the B.A. Corporation,had  a most valuable one poisoned on  Monday last. Mr. Shiels is naturally most indignant over the loss of  his favorite, and on stating his case  to the Gold Commissioner, that  gentleman issued a handbill offering $50 reward for any information  leading to the arrest aud conviction  of the offender.   We hope Atlin can  A STRONG PLATFORM. (  A crowded and enthusiastic meeting of Mr. Alex..Godfrey's supporters was held at the Grand on Monday evening. Standing room was  at a premium.- On motion of Dr  Cameron, seconded by Dr. Lewis.  Mr. R. C.- Lowry was appoi' ted  Chairman. Dr. Lewis acted: as  Secretary pro tern in the absence of  Mr. Burdett. The chairman introduced the candidate, Mr. Godfrey,  who after the applause had subsided,  gave an able address outlining his  policy which may be briefly summarized as follows-rr...  That it is all essential that Cassiar  district be represented in'Parliament  by strictly local men, whose interests are identical with those of' the  place in which they reside, as such  alone are fully capable of understanding and appreciating tne wants  and necessities of it to their' fullest  extent, and they should be in perfect  accord with the people they represent, and .consult with them oii all  matter's pertaining to the constituency's welfare.  That the Cassiar district has been  overlooked hitherto in legislative  action, and has uot had that consideration which its growing importance demands.  That the mining laws as at present existing, are highly unsatisfactory, and hard of comprehension to  any ordinary intellect.  That they want revision, ab  initio, so that they can be construed  in one way only, and thus do away  with the shameful amount of mining legislation which has been a  curse to tve district.  That the size of placer claims as  defined by the present laws is too  small, ai.d ought to be enlarged' to  the extent granted in the N. W.  Territories���250 feet square..  That the staking and holding of  claitts by power of "attorney is a  crying evil and most prejudicial to  the interest of the placer 'miner,  who is the backbone of our Province. Also that the holding of  placer claims "by merchants and  others not miners, is essentially  wrong' in principle, as the claims  should be' the individual property'  of the actual miner who works  them. He should be the- absolute  "Boss" there.     '���   *"���"..'"'   ',;s-i   -���'  That protection should be afford-  THE GRAND  HOTEL  FINEST EQUIPPED HOTEL IN THE NORTH. --.EVERYTHING  ' CONDUCTED IN   FIRST-CLASS MANNER./'-    -  Tho French Restaurant in Connection Will Open Juno 1st*  Rice & Hastik, 'Proprietors;    David Hastie,  Managkr.  Corner of First and Discovery Streets.  ed to merchants,   hotel-keepers and ; V otl'l A j ntt    Rorilr  others    in   business,- who  expend ' \Mmm   Mm...  money in the district and fulfil all  the building and other requirements  of the law, .against pedlers, from  whom the government derives an  insignificant and altogether disproportionate revenue.'  That the'public school should be  placed on a better footing, and the  schoolmaster granted a salary that  he can live on as a white man and  a scholar should.  - That hospital accomodation be  provided for the .indigent sick,- or  provision made for the payment" of  medicalnien attending such cases  in the present institution.  ���That ample amounts.be placed  on the estimates, for the all-import-  ant pnrpose of road making throughout the' entire district. ���'  That in regard tojthe eight hours  law the division of the day into  three equal periods for work, recreation, and sleep had stood the test  of time most satisfactorily.  That the regulation of wages by  law was an impracticalproposition,  and that the most,,feasible, solution  of the vexed .question was increased  conferences between the employer  and employee.  That the influx of Asiatic coolie  labor was a deadly menace to every  working man on the coast,,, and  must be legislated against by'eyery  meansshort .of imperial entanglements.  In conclusion Mr. Godfrey said:  "I look for your support,ip.ainly be-,  cause I am a, .resident of the  district. I .freely. pledge myself to support any ��� measure in the  interest of our ^district, no matter  what side of the House it emanates  from. I am in Don. inion politics a,  Conservative, but am a follower:. of  no m.aii in :the sens?,that-a dog .foli  lows his master. Or, in other  words, I will not act the part of a  voting machine for any party. If  returned, I will consider that I am  sent to represent the district of Cassiar, and as such, shall hold the interests of my constituency far above  any political leanings I may  have."  The. nominee then announced  that he was anxious to answer all  questions' put to him, and, after  various interrogations by Messrs.  Patrick, McCraney, and . others,  which were satisfactorily replied to,  the'meetihg adjourned' with three  hearty cheers for MrV Godfrey.  ...of Commerce  Corner Second and Pearl Streets.  Gold Assayed,   >  ,���       Purchased or Taken on  Consignment.  Exchange sold on.all^the princi-  jal points in Europe, ,'fhe United  ���States and Canada.  ASSAY OFFICE    '    :   '   ���  LH CONNECTION  FOR GOLD DUSTILY.  T. R. BILLETT, Manager.  Parsons Product  company;. '  GROCERIES and  PROVISIONS,  GENERAL  OUTFITTERS.  Head Office: WINNIPEG, Man.  Branches:      Vancouver,'   .Atlin,  .-- Dawson.  BROWNLEE & LOWRY  J, II. Bro.vnlee, P. L. S., 0. L S.  -     ' R. C. Lowry, A. M. I. C. t.  Civil and'Hyciraulic Engineers,  ,   -.-.-, Land' Surveyors.  Pkari- Street," AtiJin. B. C.  Atlin Lake Lumber Co.  ���_.-.  ,     (LlJtITBD.)    .   .  ROUGH  and  'DRESSED ,.  LUMBER  OF  ALL  KIXD^.  2apt. Westcott, Manager.  Rant & Jones,  NOTARIES,  MINING BROKERS  AND  REAL ESTATE AGENTS  oil  Agents for the Imperial Life Assu-  ranee Co.  .!  a^wwiaiuBiMua^^  xatesai&ii/wBiauq^^ $,������#.%. ���Vi  I    .'',..'  1-1?  Jur^suO��^��^iHu��Li_9w(aufwa��/natpBMUMOUj^^ m  ��i*u��*j��aKoi*riactiwwitMflsiTOK��rsroKa  rasMc>kmxi'��wiatte  M^��*^S���g^*o^t����^^.WI^^  ^Xi;r��u<,-a'.tt?3>-*-/^a  .. ..V- SATrRDAV, VAV-i/i, 1900.*  ^  A BIG  UNDERTAKING..  Leases  Covering a Lake  Frontage  i   - -i j r      ' "��� ' ' *  of Four Miles "Applied For. >     j-  The most extensive mining undertaking ever .-.atfemoted in the  northern country ' is rrfo\v well on  foofunder the 'su^igrintendency of  ���W. J. Partridge ^iTTjJ-'yUmes Adams,'  on behalf of,a powerful English  syndicate. Tlie.ageiils have'already  applied to Ihe-. Gold x Commissioner  for, ii.lease covering a lake frontage  !of two- miles/*'ii.'clvfding tbelhke to a  depth of 50 (eet, thence  back' frcm  ��� the* Li led u,> McKee Creek for' three  J ��� r - 1  tmiles. Also two miles on Pine on  1 the same conditions. Messrs.' -Partridge and Adams are certain ,lrom  actual tests, that,the gravel deport"  ecP-in Ihc deltas of Pine and McKee;  and in the' lake adjoining, are highly auriferous, and they propose to  have powerful dredges .of the niohl  modern style put to woik 01 the  properties: ��� .As < both gerflemen  have had i large experience in the  New-Zealand di edging mines, where  the system is carried to its 'neaiest  . point of perfection, il is pretty safe  to assume, that' they know - what  they are about. <    <  They have also secured', two hy-  ��� draulic leases on McKee itumedia'te-  'ly'below discovery; and put -ii;i ;au  application lor a watyr right, claim-  "ing priority;las all the other  applications have been allowed to lapse.  Mr. Partiidge also showed us an  assay just received from  the   Bank  of B. N. A. from  a  sample' of ore  , from the Lake View mine, which is  in dispute between himself and the  Nimrod Syndicate. This particular  assa> gives. 1.3 oz. of gold to the  ton���value $20,.as well as 20 oz. of  -"silver. This is good enough, but  Mr. Partridge claims he has had  assays from the same ore running  as high'as 5   oz. iu gold to the ton.  learn-, that, Mr:, , Jo;ics ;ar:i\;cd in  Bennett 'at 11 o'clock'the'same'day  the wire was received here.  A HARD TRIP.  Last'Suudavimorning at i o'clock,  Mr. C. B. Jones left for Bennett  overland via' Tagish, carrying the  voters'"-lists, incidental maiT, and  also the nomination papers of .Mr,  Alex. Godfrey. Mr. Jones started  on foot, with pack dogs to carry Ins  ..outfit. --.Owing, to some misunderstanding, Mr. C.D. Newton of Pine,  carrying the nomination papers oi  Mr. James Stables, arrived down  from Pine after midnight, but failed to make the prearranged connection with Mr. Jones and so  travel in company. Mr. Jones got  off with a two. hours stait, but 110-  wis? daunted, Mr. Newton tightened  up his belt and started in pursuit  with .Lis precious freight, hoping to  overtake Charley before nightfall.  It is to be hoped he succeeded, but  knowing Jones' pedestrian capabilities \ye are inclined to be doubtlul  ��f the result. As these'nomination  papers must be delivered in Bennett  before 1 p. ra. to-day, it is certain  that neither has allowed the grass  to grow under his feel. The way  is a very long aud veiy rough one,  aud both gentlemen will be entitled  to infinite credit if they get through,  on time.  Meantime the candidates and  their supporters will be anxiously-  expecting telegrams from their messengers to-day.  By wire, received   Thursday, - we  "    MR. STABLE'S CA M PAIG N  . opener: '"'  *. - * 1-"' i'"\  ��� A- meeting   of Government   sup-.  poiters was held at the B. M. P. A.|  ��� hall," a^-Tine,'On Satin day evening,'  J91I1 Just. 'The ' attendance wa,��  ���large, and. much enthusiasm _' was  -manifested. Jauiei' 0 lioisyili  acted as chairman, whilst R. Patrick filled the office." of secretary, pro  tern. Alter slmt addresses by  Messrs fyet herd ale, McCraney,  Blackett,- McL'eod,' Wilkinson- and  Polla\r, it was moved ,b\'"G. D.  Newton and seconded <^by*-Allan  ,Urquhart, that Mi.: James. Stables,  be nominated'as iia. lit 1 and worthy  ���man to represent Cassiar i,: the enduing term of'" the Provincial Pai-  liament. ��� 'A-'^staudingV.v'ote, was  called for by rlje clinirman'a'nd was  responded to en nusse, With the exception .ot one - ultr.ij'prou6unced  Jrvingite, , who made-" some 'very  "spirited" remarks on the subject. .  _ Mr. Stables,.'on- arising? was received 'with great'"enthusiasm, and  dilated at some, length ' in a clear,  forceful-manner-,on the ^prominent  political- issues ��� of the tiine. ,. His  'present. speech he remarked, was  not to be considered- as ra<, formal  prepared effort, this he would pre-,  sent-to the electors with, a detailed  platform, at future, meetings. At  present he would say that - Atlin's  interests were to him abo've' all  party considerations, and-thai . he  would support any bill looking'1 towards the good .of the dibtrict, I10  matter Who- brought, it .-in. The  meeting dispersed with,.three rousing cheers for the nominee.  tt ridsft America ^orporafioti, ��cl*?  ATLIN,]  B.   C.    ,      , '  LARGEST AND BEST, STOCK OF GENERAL  , MERCHANDISE NORTH OF VANCOUVER. ,'  1,   ;  vSee pur greatly reduced prices on all our winter stock.  See our prices on groceries. Ladies' goods a specialty.  Pine City branch now open,   ��� ,  A. H. STRACEY       . '       , ' ARCHIE W. SHIELS, .'"  Atlin Manager. ��� > . ( ��� Agent 'Atlin City.  Pixon    Bros*,  ^���i      ���'Run the only stage to   ������   ,.  DISCOVERY and SURPRISE LAKE  , j<     --I     ���  A four-horse Saratoga will .   ���  convey  passengers to Discovery,-and from there connection   is made ,with Sur-  ;���    prise Lake. - . s  They Have a Number of Buggies  of the Latest Pattern for Hire.  Saddle Honses and  Freighting are a  *'''  '    Specialty with them.  Leave  orders   at   the    B'.1   A.   C.  Store, corner-1 st and Rant.  (1. K. H,\YKS.  J. G. COHNKLL.  IN NEW QUARTERS:, ���'  The new assay office of the Bank  of British North America, lately  built on the Bank's premises on  First St. was opened on Monday-  last. The assay building is divided  into three rooms. The. bullion  room contains furnaces which will  melt gold bricks up to $20,000.  The quartz assa}- room, which. is  entirely sepai ate from the bullion  room, and the b.J.ince room, which  is an airtight compartment to keep  metallic fumes from affecti; g the  delicate balances. To ensure these,  balances against vibration,,they are  placed on posts which ,run through  the floor without touching it, and  are embedded in the solid earth.  The \ai ions departments are fitted out vvi'Ji best plants obtainable.  The" "balances were: made in the  United States by Ainsworth.' Ore  samples are pulverized by a Bos-  worth crusher bucking boaid and  mortars. -All assay work is done  by \V. J. B. Pinder, who is a duly  qualified Provincial assayer..  nugget Roiel  '      Discovery.  OPEN DAY A'ND NIGHT.  -FIRST-CLASS .RESTAURANT  -���    .   .    -    ���    ��� IN    ���     >  1   CONNECTION.        j      ���'  ���HeaiUinartprs for UulniT ifc Par-ott's stasre.  A LOST NUGGET..  Mr. Pinder, of the Bank.of B. N.  A. whilst practising on First street  en Mo: day evening for the Queen's  Birthday' Sports, had the,misfortune  to lose from his pocket a very handsome nugget-valued at $65, .All  search for- it has proved fruitless up to this time, and it has  doubtlessly been picked up by  someone who .is unprincipled  enough to keep it.  LOCAL ITEMS.  Messrs Link and Pratt, the -well-  known barbers, have' moved into  their'handsome premises adjoining  Bank of B. N. A. Their.new place  is large well-lighted and air*,. The  bath department is fitted up' in the  most-approved style, and a bath reserved'for, ladies, with a private entry thereto; is an innovation which  should meet with support.  ���"The store on First Street lately  vacated by Cummings and Richardson,"has been secured by Mr. Alex.  Godfrey's-executive and will be  used as a Committee Room .until  after - election day. Voters' lists  open, for inspection. ' '-  ' F6r the information of travellers  we may mention that "Dixon Bros,  stages leave for Discovery daily,  Sunday's included, at 8 a-, m. -and  1, p. m..  : George Thomas, owning ''the  Bench claim' on Pine opposite the  mouth of Willow, informs us that  be commenced washing on Monday  with the'following result���Monday,  three men at work, $71. Tuesday,  two men, $66. Wednesday, wrater  short, only one man employed who  worked six hours and washed up  $229. One nugget in this is worth  $93. 'The wnrk is simply surfacing,  the soil being only o:ie foot in depth  and the gold is found in the decomposed 1 edrock.  Our cheerful yo ing friend, Mr.  Smaill, of Spruce Creek, whilst  contesting some of the events on  the- 24th, gave his coat into the  keeping of a .friend who bandied it  so i: at 1 pocket book, containing  nearly $100, fell out and was lost  for a time. Fortunately an honest  man happened to pick it up and  handed it to the police, who restored  it to ikz o.vuar.  Certificate of ImproveMjflts   ., j  ��� -.*.._.._ r.^__j _f_  War Eagle1 Mineral Gfaint.  Situate in tins Atlii. Lake Mim;.^ l;'.riinoi  of  Ciiisiar   l)i<str]ct-.' Whore lueiitod:   i me  ,      Orcok.  TAki; NOTKJL: fii����-' I,��C. C.i.-Klopiior  Free Miners' Oi-tm.i.itt:. N'ii. HiiuS, i-u,> id ijo  'luyt, train <lutf in" , u , ,., u|>;i]y to the .Vf in-  111^ Recorder tor n si��riilnatn ol jiiiprore*  inetits for the ijiii-ikim' ot iiljtjmiiijr u Oron-n  Grunt ol the aliovy uliiir:,.  ' And fnrthor t,ik<> ��� -*tinf thut nutionjtu-  iler section 87 miiht tie ciiupiiotici"! In-furo  the lssuuimp ol siirii evi. ilu-ut,; ol iibiiimi8-  luents,  Dated tliis. 23rd day ot.JiiniiHrj, l'.KJP.  C. tiJIUSTOl'ltlJR.  NOTiCE.  Sixty days from dute'l ju<ond To mcII to  Krpii. Cook my Ioht Iiohm1, JjkSO, Kitnute ut  Spruce Junction.' Any purt><>> Iiutiii^ d ii.iia  against snid Imildins: w ill >��i.jiut sniue to J.  II. Kosc Atlin, uitliin tlntt ts.no, (>K"-t,i'��y  will not lio reco/iiized.    , , ���   ���"  Al. AUGKAY.  Atlin, H.C., Aunt S'ltli.   - -- juSD  PINE TREE HOI EL.  . .      DISCOVERY, B."'C.   ' '  .When you come to Discovery ta"ke  shelter under the tree.,  Finest-of liquors.    Good   stabling.  GOLD  HOUSE  DISCOVERY, B.C.  LETHERDALE & BURTON,  .proprietors'. .  Our largo and commodious dining room is  now open. We have lots of froBh veg'i'-.tsViIyc  in our cellar, which makes .it easy to (jlvo a  ;irot-olass moal. Our bedroomn aro all ueat-  iy furnished. .W'e ueed no elevator with our  ,roud litiuort 'and cigars. Stahlliifr for 10  horses. Telephone and Tele rmplrmebijaveN  promptly attended to. Ratai,; hiiiffl" meals,  75c. Rooms, 50 uud 75c. Hoard by tlio we��li  *10.  PIOINEER  PINE CITY, B. C.  Carries a full line of ,Qroceries,  Hardware, Gent's Furnishings and  Boots and.Shoes.  CD. NEWTON & CO.  -Proprietors.  -   When in. Atlin stop  ,.    .  . at.the . .  OLYMPIC. HOTEL  .,. ' '.,,First .".Street.      .    '  IIe^PQuartkrs  for -Lump's St.  .; Louis <.Lagkr Bhkr.  First class Restaurant in connection.  A. BURKE,   Manager.  IRKLAND HOTEL,  s FIRST  STRKUT,   ATI.IN'.  J.  KIRKLAND,  - Makagkr-  First-class dining room  And Elegant Sleeping Room*.  CENTRAL HOTEL.  First Street,  Atliu.  WINlvS, LIQUORS AM) CIGARS.  HlGHKST ATLIN,   B.,.C...   SATURDAY,. ,.MAY. ,26. ,.  ���i v  PICKED. UP-HERE AND THERE.  Church ,ot h'litrlantl'.sorvices will he. held  it cornur Trainor run! Third *t routs 011 Sunday at 11 u. in. und 1:!M1 p.m.  ��� Until futhe'r uotici. then) will he no ri-scu-  lor inorniiii; <.i-r\ ii.c- at the Prc-byter'uin  Cliuri'li. The Piipdny Srlu-ul will meet 111  10 a. in. (iiiHton:] of I i:!l!', n> 'uiii.oum.'ijd .ti-om  thu . puli.it). - ISihlu ,cl��si tuui-iit by Rev.  'GeorKO Priiifflt". KveniiiK-ioi-vIju at 7:'.i(), ns  i.auil. 'A ,    "-"  One of fhd bu-.t articles lor  Rood   ueall.,   !���>  a whuleioine loat ot  breud at I'i cent*,. 11 nil   u  ' flrof-cliiss meal lor 50 cents at the Piom-i-i-  Bulmi-y. -"     '  t  Mr. .Alex. Godfrey will address  the electors 'at McDonald's Hall  Discovery, this evening at S o'clock-.  The'contract for excavating the  si'i.2 of the new government buildings was awarded to J. M. Hastings,  who has now a .-force of men em-  ploved on the work.  Mr. Hirschfeld nbotographed 'the  Committee of the Queen's Shorts in  a well'arrauged group on Thursday.  The figures come.out., clearly, bill,'  sad to relate, the.noblest ''Roman Oj  them all is missing from -the., grou'o.  Modesty: forbids, us making an>  pointed reference to the individual personality of the aforesaid noblest Roman, but we think 'his six  b}- nine smile would lend- a chaim  to the > group which is otherwise  wanting.  "   '        l   '"   .-       , ��  1 Straw hats 35 cents at the Exchange. ��� '���..  English pipes 25 cents at the Exchange."' . -    '. '  Turkey red handkerchiefs, three  for 25 cents at the Exchange.  Taku Jack came over from Taku  City'late on Thursday evening and  reports that the mail which : left  here.nearly two weeks ago is still  at Taku. Thei lakes are fairly  clear of ice north of Golden Gate,  but from there down " to Taku > the,  ice is jammed. The steamer Mabel  F. was to leave late last evening to  try-and force a passage to Bennett.  ,The ice on the lake fairly broke  'up on the'24th, and  we  may   now  "consider navigation- open. 'The  breakup this, seasou is   nine  days  " ahead of last year, and it is most  pleasant to once more see the blue  waves glinting and glimmering in  the summer sun.  Royal yeast cakes!' 5 cents, at the  Exchange.  Stocks of merchandise wanted at  the Exchange.  . Amongst the many flags which  were thrown to the breezes on the  24th was one which deserves a  passing 1 otice. ' It was fluttering  over the private residence of Mr. C.  Christopher, aud came all the wiy  from historic Ladysmith. It ,is of  silk, and was sent' to Mrs. Christopher by a fiiend residing there.as  a memento o' one of the most memorable sieges of the century. .  Have you any outfits for sale at  Discovery or anywhere? Go to The  Exchange, Atlin. They will pay  your freight ancl give you the highest possible price.  A. Burke left outwards for Skag-  1       ^        ^  way last evening; Taku'Jack paddling hira'ovef to the landing. Mr.  Burke intends large purchases and  early shipments ior the -use! of his  hotel and restaurant.  To  Dr. Young and Mr. Canavan  SUDDEN DEATH. / . '  The numerous friends of James  Campbell will be pained to hear .of  his sudden demise, which , occured  al an early hour yestefdaymoming. ���  Deceased had been in the employment 'of Rice -and Plastic.at the  Grand Hotel for cjuite a'time, and  retired after enjoying, the .-Queen's  '.'irthday, Sports, about 1. a.,mi  w.th his friend, Neil Murray,., to a  cabin'they occupied on'upper First  :trert; both parlies turned into bed,  which was a mattress'on' the ��� floor:.  When Murray nwokc''iu the morning about 7:30, lie found Campbell  stiff and cold 011 the floor. Death-  had' evidently taken place "soon  after retiring.  A C01 oner's jury composed of  ���James Brown, foreman,; JosephTol,l-  vuire," G. F. 'Pringle, John Mahrer,,  U. M:-Shirley and \V: J. Smith-,  viewed the body in the forenoon,-  ,ird met in the evening at' 7. Dr.  Lewis testified that he had made, a  ost mortem examination of the  body during the afternoon, and  ��bund tT,e liver and other organs  mveh congested;   he  also  found' a.  clot   in  opinion.  the heart, which, in his  was sufficient - to cause  death. The jury, in accordance  with these facts, found that the deceased had come'to his death by  natural causes and that no,.blame  attached to any .one. The funeral  will take place to-day.' Deceased  was physically a fine . specimen' of  Canadian manhood,, and .was well  known- along the line.of the C: P.  R., where' he was engaged in contracting and other, \vork for several  years before coming north. He was  a single man a.id aged about 48  vears. ,,  Godfrey fiardte ��o,  SUCCESSORS, TO  :.   ,     ��� ... THOS. DUNN a co:  ' DEALERS   IN '   ' .  Miners'Supplies,  Builners' Hardware,  ; Stoves, Tinware, Etc.  'tinshop in connection. f;     FiRST STREET, ATLIN,  P. BURNS & CO,  Wholesale   ~   and  ��� ���     ,     .        .Corner   First  -   Retail   -   Butchers.  *   ' - ���       ���  AND      PKART.    STRKRTS. '  OLIVE  AND  Contractor  Estimates Given on al! kinds  '    of   work,    ,���      *  '" A'  Plans and specifications aA;..-  Specialty.   ���  OFFICE:   Third Street,  NIJXT TO Tit li CHlJltCIl  OK KNGUNT).  The Verdict Is :0ut.  ' "Guilty in the  First Degree.-     1 ":  The people of Atlin and Discovery and the public at large, have  found out that The Exchange, of  Atlin, is slaughtering all kinds of  goods at ridiculously low prices.  Give us a ' call' and examine our  stock.  MR. STABLES' ATLIN MEETING.  Mr. James Stables, candidate' for  parliamentary honors at the coming  election, addressed the electors of  Atlin in the A. B. Hall on Wednesday, the 23rd inst. The audience  was large and appreciative. Mr.  Godfrey and his executive committee were courteously tendered seats  on the platform! which they accepted. Mr. J. A. Fraser occupied the  chair aud in a clear and- clean-cut  speech introduced Mr Stables to  the audience. The candidate held  the platform for nearly an hour,  giving a very lucid statement of his  ends and aims should he be so fortunate' as to be elected. - He eschewed paity lines altogether in so  far as Cassiar's interests were con-,  cerned, -and would support any  measure, by whomsoever introduced, if, in his opinion it aimed at' the  district's welfare, He advised- the  electors to cast their suffrages . fqr  himself and Mr. Godfrey, jndepeud-,  ent of all other considerations, in  order to have two local-men- in . the  fall-the bono; of being the first to House, men who would know what  cross the Like-this  .season o     open j WJ1S wanted   by  the'constituency,  to it, and stick to the demand until  -they obtained'it. Mr. .Stables dealt  at'length on the mining laws pointing out-many glaring flaws'which'  cried for remedy, and pledged himself' that 'revision of these .laws  would command his most.earnest  attention.- He also"dealt with the  Asiatic invasion of coolie labor, and  favored its-restriction bv every lawful means. -.-��� '- '  - Want'of space only, prevents our  giving Mr. Stables' s -eech'in full.  The impression he'produced was a  most favorable- one in all resoects.'  Mr. Godfrey then addressed the  meeting .very briefly. H*., stated  that it had'given him much leasare  to listemto Mr. Stables' able presentation of the situation. Pie  found the ends and aims of Mr.  Stables so nearly identical with his  own that for him Jo give a long  speech would be nearly a repetition.  Alter a few remarks by Messrs.  Partridge, Weir, McCianey aud  others, the audience dispersed with  cheers for Stables and Godfrey.'  GOLD BOUGHT.  Be^iuuiiiK with Monday, and for tlio next  "(iu days, Lwill pay  $15.73 an ox.   for gold dudt  AT THU GOLD HCVSE, DIHCOYEKY.  '      J. LETHERDALE.  'Discovery, Muy lti, 1900. "  STORE TO IET.  The   store   formerly   occupied   by    Ciim-  mi .ts& Richardson, First street, is now, vacant, and particulars, etc., can  he obtaiuei  li.v applying to Fortin & Lecappellain, Iru;;- ,  '.fi-its, First street. ',   -  $25 REN \R1.  i  Lost on Monday evening bit weei. ,  Pearl street and Olympic hotel,' one  nugget,   weight over  4  oz.     The'  above reward will be  paid  on' the  retun. of same to the Bank of B. N.  A.  The Post Office was removed this  morning into the new building at  the corner of Pearl Avenue and  Second Street.  wsl-.'t.    Tb: y .'irrhvd over, on   the!  corr.hjv. ' '���  IViK   2.5th,   taking   four  it  .'<-  j rum  i.ij lu '"j--  Tski  and   who   would    have    backbone  enough, ah he was  certain-.he  a;id  ���ft,  v'J- o  ' It will be seen from Mr. W. H.  T. Olive's' "ad." in our'columns  that- he intends starting a brickyard  in Atlin at ah early date.'' Such an  industry would be quite a convenience to the town and we would advise aP. those having building projects in inirid to communicate with  him.  :.  O.K.  BATHS  - ARBER SHOP  .    .       LINK & PRATT, Props.  ' Now occupy their new quarters next  to the Hank of K. N. A., Kir��t Street.  The bath rooms are equally a-i good as found  in cities.   Private entrance for Indies.  TO   THE   PUBLIC:  AH persons desiring? bricks for building:  purposes, or fire bricks, will please leave orders with W. H. T. Olive, who will quote  prices. Office: Third street,'next'to Church  of linjrland.  On Thursday evening Commissioner. Graham read aloud to an admiring throng in front oi* the Grand  .Hotel the news of the relief cf Mafe-  'kiug.# Great enthusiasm ensued, the  cheering being both loud and long.  ��� The publication ot The Claim has  been delayed to~-day in - order that  nominations'" at Bennett might be  published in our ct lumns, but at 4.  p. m. no telegrams w^re ' foitkcom-  C. D. Newton, carrying " Mr.  Stables' nomination papers, iu company with p.. B. Jones carrying Mr.  had,  to de. and  fori Godfrey's' arrived   in  Bennett ��� on  rey  t  ������_.ic...itj ad ii-al was legally coming; Thursday -morning- nt'j 1 o'clock.


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