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The Atlin Claim 1900-05-19

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[                                                      •■         —••    '         ' -T    l', ■   ■. •       f   - ■ .*     t-      ' ',.     , -     •      l   '. .   -,' ' ,- ;• ',tAt. •■;'., i'v^-: T-T^T^^'
 -      -"                              ,                              - ■                 "                    '       :.'-^^T   .-'•■--    '•'"'''"'"-,'^f>.'T
.... -       '•                   '         '        W      ':■
s  '                           '             *               ;   '" '                                             ...                                                         '                           /
*   »Jw   '                 *                 .                     .                                 .                         *                                                                                                                 _              .                                                                                                                                                                                                                            - A.                                                                                                                                                             ,                                                                                             J                                       *
VOL.   3.
ATLIN, B. C, SATURDAY, MAY 19,; 1900.
NO.  56.
P. C. Mcf ceSy and Co.
DEALERS   IN'" t  "
Paints,  Oils,   Varnishes,
Builders' Hardware,
Sash and Doors,
Tinware, Graniteware, Crockery
All kinds of Tinsmith work done.
Corner of First and Pearl Street.
J. St. Clair Blackett and Co.
Have the Most Complete Stock in Atlin.
The rioneer Battery of the   Nortl
in Operation.
On Thursday afternoon the first
music of the .quartz mill was heard
in Atlin. The beginning is small,
it is true, beirg but a precursor ,of
what is to follow. The occasion
was the gelling up steam at the
Anactmlsi and the running of'tbe
new battery of five staups. Quite
a large, crowd was ,iu attendance,
and'the performance of'tbe; mill
shewed she wa? well and truly put
up. ■' ' ;
The motive power is supplied by
a verticil engine. Water is pumped
from the lake and stored in a galvanized iron reservoir on, the hillside, from whence the mill is supplied. ' It will take a few days to
get into prober, order owing to
stretching of belts, etc. The capacity ofthe mill, which mus*- be considered an experimental one, will
probably not exceed 10 tens per 24
hours. - It" will t'or^.t-jhly pro/*,
however, what the mine is worth,
and we doubt not, will be very
much-enlarged should returns show
up as looked for. The situation is
an ideal one, and what with blacksmith shop, bin k houses, dining
room, baltery shed etc.. forms quite
a little settlement of its own. The
employes, at present ten in number,
live on the property and their comforts are attended to by Mrs. Gilroy
who has charge of thi cooking department.
ong, principally trestle' work, has
. grade of32 feet to' the mile and
..ill carry quite 1,500 inches o
■ ater.. Pipiugris being laid from
the pressure' box, and washing, bai
iccidents, will commence early in
This company has its ditch line
laid out by Brownlee & Lowry. It
is nearly five miles in length and is
calculated to carry 4,000 inches of
water.. The supply will be taken
fiom Pine Creek, above the lower
bi idge. 1 loughs and -scrapers are
due in by first steamer, and work
■will be started us soon as- Ihe cross
section is finished.
i\lr_ Mostyn Williams, manager
.for ihe Atlin Lake Company ou
Birch Creek reports the • flume
nearly completed,    It i.s half a mile
A Move on Foot to Clip the Wings
of Itinerant Pedlers.
Now .-that the open season for
navigation " "is "fast "approaching,"
when ingress. and. egress, will b;
easy, and transportation of goods
comparatively cheap; it devolves on
our merchants, backed,, bv the
weight of the Board of Trade, to
see to it, and that soon, that by
same means itinerant pedlers be
debarred from entering into competition with our merchants as they
did so much last summer, to the
legitimate traders' loss aud disadvantage. This desirable end may
be achieved in several ways, s jch
as raising the license to a prohibit-
on: point etc., but that is for the
powers, that be to decide. Our
merchants present and immediate
part is to represent their wrongs in
e proper quarter, in such a manner, as will compel attention and redress. The ills-wrought on o.ir
resident storekeepers b', these peddling free lances are so plainly apparent to all that it is quite needless
to enumerate them. Our permanent hotels which keep open all the
year round,at a straight loss during
the winter,have also an honest-kick
coming against those ephemeral
caravanserays which shirk building
and other lawful restrictions to the
utmost and clear out when the
snow falls. If there is to be any
pull at all, it should decidedly be in
'favor of permanent residents as
against those who simply deplete
the camp of its ready money, wipe
their greedy beaks and fly away.
New York, May 14--—James. J.
Jeffries defeated James Corbet t in
23 rounds.
Alexander   Godfrey,    Merchant,
Atlin, the Nominee of the
<   Independent Electors.
r.A well attended meeting was
held at the Grand Hotel on Thursday evening lo consider the political
sit. atiou. ; Mr. R. D. Fetherston-
. ,augh was called to the chair with
Mr. E. L. Burdett as Secretary.
After considerable discussion on
the advisability of, placing a candidate in the field, Mr. A. Godfrey's
■ifirae was submitted .to the ineelintt
and by a standing vote, 'with onls
one dissentient, the above named
gentlemen was made the staudaid-
bearer for the forthcoming Provincial contest.
Mr. Godfrey, on rising,' thanked
the    electors     for   the' confidence
•laced in   him,   and stated   that   i
elected, whilst a Co.-.servative in In-
political views, es/ecnlly   in   Dp-11-
inion masters, he would subordinate
everything to  the  advancement  of
Vtlin.    This, Le felt,'would be * then d for which he was sent  to  Victoria and would act accordingly.
Moved by R. C. Lowry, seconded
by Mostyn Williams that this meeting; pledge itself to support Mr:-.
Godfrey in the ensuing election.
Carried unanimously.
A working committee conposed
of Dr. Cameron, R. C. Lowry and
F. E. McFeelyof Atlin'and J. Leth-
erdale and E. Sands of Pine were
appointed and the meeting adjourned for 24* hours.
Friday 18th. The adjourned
meeting was well attended. In the
unavoidable absence of Mr. Father-
stonhaugh, Mr. R. C. Lowry was
\ oted to the chair.
Messrs Lowry, Fetherstonhaugh,
LetherdakTand Dr. Cameron were
appointed Executive -Committee
with full power to conduct the
campaign iu Mr. Godfrey's interest
The present Secretary. E. L.
Burdett, was confirmed as permanent Secretary for' the campaign.
Stirring addresses' were delivered
by W. J. Mackay and J. A. Fraser,
after which the meeting adjourned.
In the selection of a candidate
for membership to represent such
an important tract in the Provincial
Legislature, the people ofthe Atlin
District have been duly deliberate.
The choice of Mr. Alexander Godfrey for this honor is a particularly
happy one and the intelligent voters
of this northern land of promise are
to be congratulated on the excellent
discrimination that they have shown
in this all-important "matter. A
youn& country, pregnant with possibilities and peopled by earnest,
energetic, intelligent 1112 1 tia.fciir.illy
demands a man of s-'iiu'.lar calibre to
voice its needs in tlie House.
Mr. Godfrey has been a  resident
ofthe Atlin District for the pa t
year, is widely known 'ana untverbally respected. He was befrvr '.l-'s
in our Province for some ten wars.
residing in Vancouver, whe: e he -
worthily represented Ward II. in
the City Council —and in Nevr
Westminster. He is a hit-ad^,
shrewd, able, self-icspecLiug, honor- '
able business nun who, having-
studied the wants of this district— '
with the weliaie of which Ins own
interests are identified—will enter
the Provincial Parliament properly-
equipped and enciuwed" witn the
qualifications necessary to command
success in such air Assembly.
The day has gone by when . this
district cculd be represented by a
resident of, Victoria, of p->or nit-' toi'
capacity, selfish motives, and
educationally inferior to the proverbial school boy. A -little money
could do much in days of yore.; but
ihe men of Cassiar to-day are of a
different kidney.- -They know w'ha-*.
they want, they mean to get' it, and
they will not tolerate—mucn its
support—a candidate whom they '
consider unequal to the task oi m.\7-
cquatelv representing them.
It only remains now for-us-to
work together and' elect 'the light,
man, who*on his part is prepared to
sacrifice much for us and the district we live in. - Success is then
assured!. - ' .
' A meeting of Government supporters is called for to-night at
Pine, to be held in the British Min1-
ers' Protective Association tent, to
take action with regard to political
Messrs. Clifford and'Irving have
returned to Bennett from their tour
ol the coast section of Cassiar. By
news received ' here it is learned
that the electors of that section did
not show the waimth the members
had expected to meet with. A,
large number of the people there
look to Northern 'Cassiar to take
the .initiative in securing more
capable representation.
London. May xz.—Stiff fight at
Vergenging. Boers routed -wilt
heavy loss. British loss stnalL
Roberts' has 40,000 men in his maun
body with 440 guns, besides a supporting force of 20,000 men. BoerR
retreating everywhere. Every able
bodied man ia Pretoria common-'
London, May 13.—The British
ar,my -entered 'Kroonstadt 'without
opposition amidst much rejoicing of
the British inhabitants.
All Boer attempts to break our
lines of commurication futile.
C. B. Jones,   of Rant & Jones,
will leave early to-morrow murning
for Tagisb,  whence  he  soSl   make
connection    with     Bennett.     Mr.
Jones will take witVi him tlie v^r.**
' list and alsD a mail.    He wili  ru \k^
j the trip on   hoisebacl   via the c .le-
'• graph route.
J-'-- .
■ r &
><*' .£
r ■'?->&!
T'T <li
-.\- >i\- '*•
1 ■\"*iAl
- / TT1-!
-.i- >
;   v-i.v
-. :\;
■ J..->-'i
3.' - v
'v -II
-• II
*■"* ■^*,*yf'^,vij^tf*'*',.M'>^t^
-•"«-*! J ,f.:,-,"lV*iSri_\  *<L...  "av  -II  'I '  '.'I  I.-  <1  ������-.  1.  SATURDAY, MAY   19, tyoo.  The   Ati,in   Claim.  I'utilislicrl    ��'vpr,v'   Snttmluy   morning   �����>'  Tlir.  ATL.1N  C/I.AIM   PlIUMHHIN<�� Co.  /Dllicn <>t ptililiuntioii:  (Fri'on'l, liotwccn Tniinoi- nnd TViu-I St rents.  Advert i��.ini: i-ntrs inadti Known on it|>i>lton- |  lion.  Tins siibM-riptioii prii'c K .���?���! it your imv-  Hl)ln in advance. No |iii|.'(;i' will lie delivered  iJtilc^^i tlic-r "iiii<Iitii>n<; nr>" '-oni'ili-il with.  Once more tlie natal day of our  loved Queen is at hand. She will  then have completed her S.'.st,year,  uud, in the- course of nature, wc  cannot hope to have her much longer  with us. While she is spared lo  her countless subjects, these anniversaries will get ��� more precious  With each succeeding year.  In   future  generations,   amongst  Ihe galaxy of royal stars with which  history is studded, the star of Victoria will shine out the brightest of  Vhcm all, deal, serene and effulgent.  Not    from    her    magnificence    as  Queen, and Empress of 400 millions  of subjects;   not .from   her  having  occupied   the   highest  pinnacle   on  Which has evei.been seated , an   inhabitant   of this    earth;   not- from  Ward and the false  glory   attaching  to then!, but from the   position  she  lias worthily occupied in the inmost  hearts, not only   of her   immediate  Subjects, but in those of every civilized people,    -As Qneerl,'   Wife  and  Mother, her name  will  be  handed  down to, countless  generations  yet  io come as. the beau ideal of a womanly woman, and thatisi we take it,  the finest'specimen of God's handiwork on our planet.  calibre and- independence of ���the  Atlin electors' .when you think'  you can hand their over in a  bunch, like goods sold and delivered, at your own sweet wills.  These are my opinions and I  am  certain that they are those of e\ ery  Frke Elector.  ff*AAAA*AAS>A***^^  QUEER   PROCEEDINGS.  "Editor Claim:  1  Sir,���I notice around town, post-  fed in conspicuous  places,   placard?  tailing on Liberal-Couservatives   to  ��� pledge themselves,to   no  candidate  until   after  nomination    dav.   26th  inst., when tthe names of candidates  will be presented.    This  is  signed  by the President, Vice-President and  Secretary of a so-called Liberal-Conservative    Association, with  which  not  one-tenth  of the - Liberal-Conservatives   associate..   I   submit to  you, Sir, if this is not the galliest of  ull   gaily   propositions.      This  one  horse,'  hole-in-the-corner,    private-  house clique, calling themselves an  association, ask the electors to stand  Supinely by   until  nomination  day  >M3 passed, and then take what the  Clique has to offer them in the way  of a candidate or candidates!!   Suppose such nominees are ".ot  acceptable   to    the  electors,   what  then?  Why, 1111 redress is possible,   nomination day is past and gone, and the  befooled   electors have   to   accept,  nolens voleus, what the clique offers  them, or go without.  Things have come" to a pretty  pass when such Tammany methods  are tolerated, and I, for one, demand to know the names of nominees before, and not after, nomination day. I alst demand that  this clique come out of their hole  and do their business openly, subject to praise or censure as they  may deserve it,  By what right do they assume to  represent the Liberal-Conservatives  of Atlin district? They*ll tell, us  what they have up their sleeves  ufter the power to kick, is'-taken  from us. Faugh! Too thin! too  turn I gentlemen! We very much  jfea.r you are ttudei'-ratingthe mental  A FAKEMENT.  Some time ago The Truth printed  a   letter  purporting  to  have  been  written by Jack   MacKinnon   from,-  the Boer camp.at Colenso  to  his  brother, Lockie, our   fellow  townsman, relating Jack's  experience in  the   Boer army.     The  fake   took  well, having been printed by  many  papers throughout the couiurv  and  being   accepted   as   true  by   many  credi.lous   people   hereabout.    The  letter was intended for an  innocent  joke, but it turned  out   that  there  was a serious side to it, as it drifted  down   i:-   Mo/a   Seoii-i,     and   was  printed iu a Guysboro'   paper,   the  old home ofthe Messrs. MacKinnon,  and was read by their aged parents,'  causing the    go.od  old'people  no  litlie uneasiness.    The Truth   now  makes amends by saying  that  the  MacKinnon letter was a fake, originating in the waggish mii.ds  of a  couple of Juneau jokers,  and  that  Jack MacKinnon is far away, from  the scene of hostilities.     Mr. D. A.  MacKinnon says his  brother  is in  Cape Colony, near Capetown.���Juneau Truth, May 4th.  CHRISTOPHER,' ; '  President.  A. C HIRSCHFELD,  ,,-/--     Secretary.  Atlin Abstract Company,  LIMITED,  HEAD OFFICE,  Atlin, B.-G.  Searches Made and Abstracts of. Title to Mineral, Hydraulic *  and Placer Claims Furnished.    Correspondence solicited.  ^S*A/V��/^^<*^'WV>���.A!'*/|lA^^y^'^���^^  THE  GRAND  HOTEL  FINEST EQUIPPED,, HOTEL IN THK NORTH.    EVERYTHING.  CONDUCTED IN   FIRST-CLASS' MAKN'ek"  The French Restaurant in GotiMccCian  Wfil Crcet *rt re fr.f.  Rick cc Hastik,  Pkotkiktok.s;    David Hastih, Manackk."-*  , Corner of First and 'Discovery Streets. ~ J _-       '*  bj the Claim Publishing   Company i f*i|io/f joii . Rank  and show a total of 675 -mames   foi   WalldURill    liaLl\.,t  the Bennett and  Atlin  di-triet---ot  this number Bennett  has   14.^   and  Atlin 532.  -rO  'HANDSOME OFFICES,  A handsome set of offices has  just beeii erected at the corner of  Second and Discovery Streets. They  are neatly painted and form quiti  an addition to the , architectural  beauties ofthe town. Inside, desks  are fitred up, walls hung with maps  and charts, and quartz samples  much^in evidence. The premises  are used as the offices of the Atlin  Abstract Company - Ltd.;' A. C.  Hirschfeld, Secy.; the Pendugwig  Hydraulic Syndicate, C. Christopher, Manager; and the Jan.je de  Lainarre Syndicate of BoulderCreek,  M. Crom, Secy.  Mr. Christopher's residence adjoining has been handsomely painted and a large addition is being  erected at the rear. Mr. Christopher  has no doubts whatever concerning  the brilliant future of the district  an.1 his words are amply confirmed  by the outlay he is going to on permanent improvements.  MEAT SUPPLY.  The 'telegraph construction party  are being well looked after iu .the  commissariat department, Mr.  CharlesoTs instructions on that  point before leaving being very explicit. Messrs Braden and Hasting?-  sent down"to them last week, tei  head,of fine fat cattle in charge" o:  three men, one of whom will sta\  by the linemen and act as butcher.  The location ofthe party was then  at Box Canyon, 80 miles from here.  Arrangements have been made  by-Braden and Hastings to forwa ci  more hT-e~ cattle as wanted, fronr,  Telegraph Creek.  ...of Commerce  Corner Second and Pearl Streets.  Gold Assayud, ,  Purchased ok Taken on  Consignment.-  Our communicatio': with the outside world,   save  by   telegraph,   is  now entirely cut off. The mail carrier with' the outgoing ��� mails made  thiee attempts before he finally succeeded in crossing Atlin lake, and  we trust he has succeeded in reaching ��� Bennett safely. The ice all  over shows every sign of an early  break up. Fishing, boating and  steamboat excursious will soon be  in vogue.  Exchange sold oh all the princi-  , al points in Euro": e, - the' United  States and Canada.  ASSAY OFFICE  IN CONNECTION  FOR GOLD i.l,-'fij.\i.Y,  T.  R.  BI1.LETT, Matter.  Parsons ProcSwce.  COMPANY.  GROCERIES and  PROVISIONS,  GENERAL  OUTFITTERS.  LOST THK MAIL.  On Friday the i-th inst., as J. R.  Wilders,��� the freighter, was returning with a dog team from the telegraph construction parry, he broke  throwgh the treacherous ice about  three'miles beyond Pike River. He  managed to get out, but left behind  ���him his coat containing the telegraph party's outgoing mail, comprising over a hundred letters. On  making another effort to regain  this, he again went through and  with difficulty got out. Seeing  then the extreme danger, he  wisely concluded to leave th�� coat  and mail to its fate, and arrived in  town without further mishap. It  is safe to say that those letters will  never be delivered.  VOTERS'. LISTS..  The voter's' lists have been printed  Mr. Jules Eggert is busy al work  making the twelve nugget breastpins' which will be awarded apprizes to the victors in the tug-ol-  war and football matches ou the  24th. The pins are provided with  safety clasps.  They are very pretty'.  Mons. Franois Denis, of Paris,  France, who arrived here with the  automobile, has gone to Pine to  assume the management of the  Hirschfeld group of bench claims."  Several men will be put to work at  once.  The Jaime de Lamare Syndicate  on Boulder Creek have pretty well  finished cutting lumber, aud are  awaiting the opening of navigatio-  to get their hydraulic plant in and  placed in position.  The proprietors of the Hotel  Grand are having the roof of the  building tarred; besides making  many exterior repairs.  A letter was received at the  Presbyterian Hospital on the l.th  inst. from Mr.. McLennan, of the  firm of McLennan, McFeeiy and  Co>, of Vancouver, enclosing a  Cheque for $25, ia aid of that  worthy iiistit'utimi. '-'   '  K ead Office: WINNIPEG, Man. ,  Branches;      Vancouver,.     Atlin,  Dawson.:  BROWNLEE ll.OWRY  J. H. Brownlee, P. L. S-, D. 1. S.  R.C. lo��ry,A. M. I. C. C.  Civil and Hydraulic Engineers,  Land Surveyors.  Peari Street, Atlin, B. C.  Rant & Jones,  NOTARIES,  MINING BROKERS  AND  REAL ESTATE AGENTS  Agents  for the imperial Life Assurance Co.  Atlin Lake Lumber Co.  (Limited.)  ROUGH   aud  DRESSED  LUMBER    ;���.������/������'������ '  OF  ���-ALL   .      ���      ���   ;;  ..;. kinds;  ! Capt.'Westcott, Mai-.agery  I  E^^^^^ 0   "r '  '''   .''���  -   lI  '.'''' ���'*. ->���  "'"I��  -����������K��iia����ia��^^  ,��iU21s^��s.J!aMMM*ffla)3��ii'*s��rewiwcttiSvaj' WWfflS'Ki.-WRKK  ��?*��ffl  ATLIN,   B. , C.,, SAT URDAY������. .\IAy   i o.  fO  <?>���-���-�� ���������������������������������*�������������*��-'  >.'j,Was. ,a .great'  success.   ,, A'   large  I crowd' went-from', Atlin   in  stage  coaches,     on   horseback    and   on  shank's  mare.     Quite    120    were  * present and enjoyed a repast which  was voted A. t. at'Lloyd's. Dancing was indulged7 in until early  morn to the sweet strains   produced  bv Messrs Shirley, Bain and Lavala.  ought to show iip,\vell as ?.prodiicerjDur.ngJhe evenh]g tl)e, enjofmeilt  was "much increased* bv   the  efforts  m\mm  ������ ������ ������-����������� ������������-<  SPRUCE CHIPS.  Quite a deal of preliminary,-work  is r.ow, being carried on, ard Spruce  ���rv-MVr���   iirtMV   ���  *.9*^j^*i**J*J^++P*��P*&*&^.**j*>&J^^  I firitisb America corporation, ��ti  ATLIN,  ;B.   G.  LARGEST AND BEST STOCK OF GENERAL  MERCHANDISE NORTH OF VANCOUVER.   -  of'ReydTG. Pringle, H. Cancelloi,1  Ja's.' Lumsden,   Jas.' Stables, J. F.  Wilkinson   and    "oor   ain'/Saudy  McPhe'rsbn:'. These gentlemen gave  a choice  ions, etc  large, measure of the success which  attended Mr. and Mrs. Stubblefield's  efforts in entertaining t'"eir numerous friends so rovallv.  NEWS BY WIRE.  this summer. ��� Considerable damage  has been done by the water, which  is rapidly rising,    T -."r  Many miners who went out for  winter and returned this 'spring,  complain bitterly of the fact that  property of all kinds ' which' "they  left behind has ' een stolen wholesale, and much ot what -could not  V,ell be-stolen has been ruthlessly  destroyed; - There is a certain gang  on the creek who ought to have  balls and chains' on their ankles,  and they will probably wear these  ornaments yet, as they-have  left a j   *, -  pretty'hot trail- behind -Them   in |  several instances.   _Gold miners are '     London, May 10,���General- Bul-  <proverbialJ' : for    'their 'j honesty,' ler is advancing upon   Biggarsberg  but the doings of this gang of hood- aud the Boers are falling back.'  lums cap anything we have met  iiV "'General    Roberts  has    issued  a  all our mining experience.        - proclamation ' announcing that  the  99 and 100 bench, Kloudyke Free State is annexed to the pom-  Mining and Development-Co., have unions of the Queen. All men not  had six men working in tunnel for found on their- farms are taken  to months. They, have- over 1000 prisoners and their horses command-  loads of washdirt piled up. but will ered. When guns are found -the  bi unable to sluice- tor some time houses are destroyed in addition,  owing to' having no dumping General' Hutton, commanding  grjimd at present.  ' Canadians and Australians,attempt-  100 and 101 creek.    Woods   and ed to seize Boer convoy .near-. Wel-  mates.    Putting in'wingdam. gelgen;   the enemy   were  in'such  102 'creek, Chris.     Nissen    and   force that-Hunon was forced to  re-  party,   wingdamming.'    Expect   to  tire with'slight  loss.    He  succeed-  ��.  t  it  ��r  1-      ' See our greatly reduced prices on all our winter stock. '-J  See our prices on groceries. , Ladies' goods a specialty, jy  Pine City branch now open, ��� ' ?,  j      A. I-I. STRACEY ' * ARCHIE W. SHIELS,'     g  5  , Atlin Manager. , "      Agent  Atlin City.   J  ATLIIN MEAT MARKET,  CORNER OF FIRST AND  DISCOVERY..   ''  repertoire of songs, lecita-   J^Qn\  J?��tt Fi'OZeivMeat wlltUl  Ycil Call'BuV   '.:  To Mr. Newton is due a ���    ���  ���FRESH at the Atlin Meat Market. '-    -  start   sluicing    to-day.      prospects  very    good.    Claim    worked'   Ar.  fashion.        -  103 and ;,i04 creek and 102, 1103  and 104 '���' benches, McNay and  party ot 6 men, -Putting in itoo  feet flume. This is the Cress well  claim of last year and Mr. McNay  is confident of gcocb returns,  start sluicing-to-day.  114 creek, McNicholl. Idle at  piesent; water too much tor them.  123 creek, Walker and 'Co.  Drowned out,  126 bench, P. " McNicholls.  I respecting, not bottomed but getting rough colours.  i^o creek, Haneburg and Co.  Work stopped; too much water.  132 bench. Har.ebuig and Co.  Sluiced two days.    Returns good.  136 creek, Fen wick Bros.  Working in conjuncti n with Kyle's  party.  137 creek, Kyle and party.  Putting in a dam and turning the  creek.    First class job.  138 bench. Mr. Beattie. Sluicing for the last three weeks. Reports doing fairly; nothing to brag  about.  137 to 140 benches; Captain  Martin. Employs 8 men. Ground  sluicing with tv o heads of water.  No wash up so .ar, but knows from  last summer's experience that  ground is quite good.  .Several other parties are working  further up the creek whom we will  notice on a future occasion. The  numbers meiitio. cd above indicate  below disco\ery.  ed in capturing 60 - Boers, however.  Immense"quantities of grain .and  ammunition ' were captured at'  W7indberg.   "  General Botha has a large force  011 Zand river opposing General  Ian Hamilton's advance.       ' f  General   Delauey   has   a   strong  Will  f��rce an<3 si-x guns facing main   advance.  Hntton's brigade, including Canadians and 5 art General French's cavalry 8,000 iu number, are working  along railway, northwards. _, The  Boers are blowing up   the culverts.  Lord Salisbury's speech at the  Primrose club yesterday asked for  stronger defences on land for Great  Britain.  "Colonel Dennison asken that the  Colonies have a voice in the settle-'  ment of South Africa. .  Cairo, May ' 10.���The Bubonic  plague is still spreading. It is very  virulent in Alexandria, Port Said  and Hong Kong, and is ravaging  portions of the Red Sea coasts. Its  course iu Australia is unabated and  it is spreading from town to town.  Ottawa May 8.���2,400 buildings  burned in -late fire, 15,000 people  homeless. Loss, $20,000,000. Insurance $3,644,000. The relief  fund is now over $;,ooo,ooo.  SUCESSFUL OPENING,  The opening <af the B, C.   dining  rooiu at Pine, ��111" liesday eveii g.  HINT TO FISHERMEN.  Southwards down the lake, about  halfway to McKee, and again directly opposite the t��wn, and near the  big slide which is so distinctly visible, are several small lakes teeming  with magnificent pike, running as  high as ijlbs, and upwards in  weight. The pike is -a high class  1-able fish, and will only take live  bait, although occasionally, to Ms  ��rief be will rise to a.  trolL    Ia tie  dkalkrs in HAY, OATS, FEED and COUNTRY PRODUCE.  Goods delivered free to any part of town..  Braden and Hastings  ��  "swampy grounds south of Atlin are  innumerable frogs.. These are the  bait, par excellence for pike, and  likewise for lake-trout. Our Isaak  Waltons will please "make a note'  on't."     . '��� -      -;"        ,     -  -NOTICE.  In the matter of Chase, . Brockway  and   Howie and.the L'nido'u Hy-  1 draulic Company, Insolvent:  , A .meeting of the creditors of the  above insolvents will be held at the  office of Mr. C. W. Sawers,'Solicitor, Pearl street, Atlin, -Wednesday  next, 23rd May, at 2 p. m. to consider the disposal of the estate of  said msolverts.      ' '       "  '-    ', .        *      E. G. TENNANT,"'  -',.'"    " Assignee.  ixon    Bros.*  '    Run the only stage to  DISCOVERY and SURPRISE LAKE  - .A four-horse Saratoga will  . , convey passengers to Dis-  ;     ' covery, and from there con-  ". nection is made with. Sur-  piise Lake.  They Have a Number of Buggies  of the Latest Pattern for Hire.  Saddle Horses and Freighting are a  Specialty with them.  Leave  orders- at   the ��� B.    A.   C.  Store, corner 1st and Rant.  NOTICE.  Sixty days, from date I intend to sell to  I'red. Cook my lojj house, l&xlMI. situate al  Spruce Junction. Any parties having claims  asrainst said building will submit sume to J.  H. lioie, Atlin. withiii thut time, else they  will not be recognized.  Atlin. B.C., April SOth.  M. MACKAY.  ju',10  NICELY  FURNISHED  ROOMS  At the HOTEL NORTHERN.  By day or week.  Quiet place.    No bar.  Mrs. E. L. Pillman.  CENTRAL HOTEL,  '   "    First Street,  Atlin.  winks, liquors and cigars.  Hiohkst  Cash  Prick Paid kor  Raw   Furs.  I. RIPSTEIN.  E. L. PILLMAN  Funeral   Dirkctor   and  Embalmkr  Third and Discovery,    Atlin, B. C.  .Bodies Embalmed tor Shipment n Specialty  4.M'dcr.s 011 short notice.  All kinds ��il  r'uud'ji-jSujijiiies at  reason-  '1 �� t  Certificate of Improvements  War Eagle Mineruu Gl*iii*j.  Situate in vhc. Atlin L.-iKh Miningr Dh i-don-o?  Cassiar District, Whm-f located: 1'iim  Creek.  .    ; -  , TAKR XOTICK tlmt I, C.'f!hriimvili.M\.  Froi- .MiiuTi.' Ortifii'tttn. No. 1M>'K s'nt* i ! till  ilays from date lieivnf, ti��.apjuly ti�� thp Miii-  ir��*-5" Recorder lor n ccrtilk-.it.' (,f improvements for the purp(tj,p'of olit:iinin-.r u Crmni  Grant of the ubov���� i-haiiiu ��� ,,  And further  take   notice that   n"1ion   under  section 117-must   lie  commence.I   b '(��������<*  the issuance of sui-li certiilciite  <>f  iiiipr��r��-j  incuts.  ... Dated this-Iird d.ij ot January, lf\  C. CUKISTOPUKTV.    ,  PINE TREE HOTEL.  DISCOVERY, B. C." ' '*"  When you come to Discovery take  shelter under' the tree.,  Finest of liquors.    Good  stabling.  GOLD  HOUSE  DISCOVERY, B.C.  LETHERDALE & BURTON,,  PROl'RIKTOKS. . '  Our lar^e and commodious dininpr room iti  now open. Wo hu\p lots of frenh vejretnlilpB  in our collar, which makes it easy to ijivo a  first-class meal. Oar hedrooms are all neat-  lj turnished. We. need no elevator with our  jiood liquors u.id cigars. Stahliiifr for 111  horses. Telephone and Telegrruph messages  promptlj attended to. Rates, single ihpiiN,  75c. Uooins, 511 aud 75c. Hoard hy the week  $10.  pToneer  PINE CITY, B. C.  Carries a full line of Groceries,  Hardware, Gent's Furnishings and  Boots and Shoes.  C. D. NEWTON & CO.  Proprietors.  When in Atlin stop  OLYMPIC "HOTEL  First Street.  Hkadquartkrs  kor   Lump's St,  Louis Laoicr Bkkr.  First class Restaurant in connection.  A.  BURKE,   Manager.  TT-'IRKLAND HOTEL,  FIRST  STRKUT,   ATLIN.  J.   RIRKLAND, - Manacku.  First-class dining room  And Elegant Sleeping Rooms.  J  ULES   KOGK.iT  Swiss  Watjiiaiaki'.-r.  Has charge of govern nsnt instruments.     First sireec, .-viliu.  In a. s. l- . -s��' Sto ..  t  / /.  J3s3��5e3ar��sr��'  J'^'IJI��"MJL"hl.'  n-i L1 fu-vr. SATURDAY," MAY  19.. i'goQ.  1 -  ..���,>*-fc  PICKED UP HERE AND THERE.  Church of Rutland services will be held  At corner Tralnor anil Third streets on Sunday at 11 a. m. arid 7:30 p. in.  Until futher-notion there will be no regular morning- yevvioe at. the Presbyterian  Church. Tho Sunday Solinol will meet at  1J a. m. (instead of lO.SO, a�� announced from  -the pulpit). Bible dnss taught hy. Rev.  George Priug-le. livening: service at 7:30, as  usual.   ' ,  ���s rvr goi  en I \it 12 <  a wholesome loaf of hrea I ?\it 12 cents, uud n  first-class meal tor 5.'. eent.-, at the Pioneer  jtt ikery.  Everybody, .irrespective of age,  sex or nationality, is cordially invited to Atlin to partake in or wit-c  ness the sports on the 24th. The  evants are numerous, the prizes  handsome, and no money is exacted  from competitors, entries iu every  qase being lree. See our advertising; columns for particulars.  Murray Cameron, assisted.by PI'.  Pavey as chef, is running the board:  ing house for the Pend.igwig Syndicate on Wright Creek. Transients car, have a"square and bed at  any'time,which will.be quite a con  venience to travellers.  Norman. W. F. Rant is, we are  happy to state, now quite convalescent, but will of course, be unable  to take part in the sports ofthe 24th.  As? he is one of our best sprinters,  his .absence will be a blessing to  some ofThose competitors- who are  ��� troubled .with the slows..  On Tuesday rumours were in  circulation around the town of a  rich strike being made about 30  miles distant from here. On sifting  the matter out, it appears there is  little, if any, foundation for the report beyond, possibly, an attempt  to catch a few suckers.  Seagulls put in their first appearance on the lake ou the 16th inst. i  The Gold Commissioner has I  issued and circulated'-a -notice call-  ing attention, to the sanitary regulations. We understand that these  ' regulations will,* very properly, "be  rigidly enforced.  Saturday next is nomination day.  All-those with political bees in their  bonnets had better get a 'quick  move on, ii" they dont. wish to be  lift in the consomme.  The 14.1-2 ozl nugget found on  Pine last week can now be seen at  the Bank of Halifax.  Pleadings in the matter of the  Yellow Jacket cases are getting into  order and will be ready for trial  when a County Court Judge is appointed.  Preparatory to the erection cf the  Government buildings the tents in  present use are being removed and  excavations win be. commenced  next we2k.  During the summer- season one of  the large government tents will be  put up at the south corner of Third  and Pearl, and be used for the Public school- -  Attend the Queen's Birthday Ball  at the Hotel Grand on Thur.sd.acy"  evening. You. will thus help a  noble ch-aris-y, as.all the profits- will  be donated to the hospital.  Have you  tried the  Atftu. Bath.!  House   and  Laundry   for- a both?  Corner Lake and Rant.  To   all   the- strong  husky  boys  parties who are charged with the  gettii-g up ofrirdividual teams, ore  as follows:���English, llr. \\ ollas-  ton; Irish, Mr? Ccituan; Scotch,  Mr. John McLennan; Welsh, Mr.  Mostyn Williams; Canadians, Mr.  David Hastie; Americans, ' Mr.  Christopher and Mr. Rose; French,  M.'Crom. Teams of other ' nation:  alities are i'lviled to .enter. The  prizes are :a handsome iingget ��� pi.:  to each ' member.of the .winning  team. Entiies can be .made .on' the  forenoon of the 24th.,  A genuine, old fashioned plough  arrived iii town a "few days ago-. It  is to be used for .'ditching purposes  on the Sunrise ' Hydraulic. .. A (set  of scrapers for the same "purpose is-  due on the first boat  Letherdale " & Burton, ot. the  Gold House,' at .Tine; announce in  our advertising columns that for  the next 60 days they will buy all  the gold dust that offers at $15.75  per oz. This is 25-.cts. per oz.  more than formerly paid for ' Pine  Creek gold; but as the buyers have  trade arrangements by which brokerage will be obviated, they feel  they can afford to let the sellers  have the benefit to that extent.  In the small Debts 'Court, Ma}'  12th. Dr. Lewis v. Harris���Suit  for recovery of fees for medical attendance.    Judgment for plaintiff.  Hazel Walters, who came up in  the Police Court on the 14th;  charged with attempted , suicide,  was discharged after b?i'ig the recipient of jiome good, sound advice  at- d a caution by the Judge.  Archie Cameron ��� has men at  work on the principal streets and  they will be in go_d order for the  24th. Afterwards First; street will  be graded.  Large " numbers of hydraulic  leases are being taken up alL oyer  the district by persons .who have  hitherto been very successful in the  flotation- of such properties. The  government office is"crowded with  applications, and it looks as if  Atlin is going to be- the premier  hydraulic district of the world.  lodfrcV hardware ��&  '    ' SUCCESSORS   TO  ,. , . THOS. DUNN a CO.  -     "   IJKAI.KRS   IN ��� . '  Miners' Sunplies,  Builaers' Hardware,  Stoves, Tinware, Etc  tin.shop in" connection. FIRST STKEET, ATLIN,  P. BURNS ��> CO  Wholesale   -   and  ��� - Cornkr   First  -    Retail   -   Butchers.  and    Pearl   Strkkts.  found himself, on the south side of  the.Tugela���In other words, back  at the : stables. "Good bye, my  friend," quoth the steed, "whilst  munching my oats, I'll fondly re-  mem her thee.'.' ."Go to the devil"  quoth the medico,-An'- I bestride  thee, again, then am I a soused gurnet.' Then he hied him to a shoemaker's in quest of new leather'.,  Mckinley crekk.  An important, group of leases on  a creek tributary to McKiuley have  bee n bon d ed to a n E11 gl i sh co ru pa n y  for a large sum. -  Titles are now beirg investigated  and ' Brownlee and Lowry will  shortly undertake" the stirvej'.. A  mining expert will arrive in by an  earl}' boat to examine the properly."  J8I9-ICO0.  QUEEN'S BIR7KPA\  24THOFMAY.  Grand Celebration of  the Fay in Atlin.  ���*o��'ceo*c.*ce*^��*��*o*o#o*o*o*  1 t  A ROYAL BILL OF SPORTS.  Numerous,   and'   Valuable   frizes.  Grand Ball >in the Evening.  GRAND  RALLY!  - A-HORSE..  Talk about horse sense���why, we  *aw ��� one    Rosinante   vanquish   a  learned doctor in intellectual contest  a few evenings ago.    Mounting the  gallant steed, the pair had not gone  half a mile out  of town before  the  steed, as steeds will do,   had   taken  the calibre of his   bestrider.    Bending low in  the saddle,   the learned  one whispered in the starboard  ear  of Rosinante "On to Pine my friend,  to partake of the   magnificent  hos  pitality of-tlie Stubblefields" ancestral halls, to tread  the  measures  of  the wavy waltz and  likewise   lance  the  dancers,    Your   pardon   good  Steed,  L meant  to  sa}',   dance the  lajiqers. "���     ' 'Neigh! I o-p ine " not,''  quoth, the steed,.  "Stables, may pine,  for Parliament,   but I   ptiie for  the  stables " "You're tOQ.Spruce,."qiuoth  the medico,   and,   waxi rig Boulder,  culled out 'I'm Wright," qjad proceeded  to.  apply   the   Birch.    The  corlv-t   became   general  all   along  th j line, and the medico,   after  the  manner of Warren   at  Spion   Kop��.  who desire-a. place iu  the interna- made a.-magnif-cent but involuntary  tionai tug-of-war. teams of 6 men,on strategic rriove.tneni.tq the rear.    In  the 2/jr.h, we may mention that tlie!the  quickest   time   on, record   he  MR. ALEX. GODFREY,  Cundidate for the Provincial Legislature  in the approaching contest, will  Address the Electors  On important questions affect-.  " ing the welfare of Cassiar  Nondaij Next*  21st instant, at the  Grand  Hotel,   Atlin.  EVERYBODY WELCOME.  Chair will be taken at 8 sharp.  G.E. Hayes.  J. G. Coknell.  Discovery.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT.  FIRST-CLASS RESTAURANT  IN  CONNECTION.  Headquarters for Bulnier & Purrott-'s sta-.jp.  Programme. *  lTa.m. -Oration.   J . T. Wilkinson.  10:3-,'.���Putting IGlb. shot. 'Prizes ��15; JH1.  10:45.-Suol�� race.   Prizes, 5.7.50; 55. .  11.���Throwing 56-lb. weight.  -Prize-,  $15:  S'7.5'.'.  "11:8J.  -Quarter-mile race.  Prizes*$2:>; $10.  11:43.���Three-leKRCtl  race.    Prizes, S-l-'1; S-5��  INTERVAL FOE LUNCH.  1:3'*.���Obstacle race.   Priz-s, $10; #5.  2 p. m.���Tu;r-oN\var. National trams of fix  in��n. Prize, nin*jjet pin to each of �� iuniiijr  team.  2:3w���1J0 yards dash.   Prizes, SI- ; *5.  2.45.���Ruiii-iiifT bitjli jump. Pi-izrsvflS; fe7.5>,. ,  S:iJ5.���Boys' race, under 13.   Pi izf-s, $-5; 53.  3:15.--Pole vaulting.   Prizes,, Sin; jli.  3:45.���Walking jrreasy pole.   Prize.il'.  4:15.���Piili-a-llack   race.   Prizes," *15; ?]���.  4:3'J.���Hurdle ruce, 2vl' yiud-,. Prizes, $2,;  #10.  4:4..->.��� Running lotfijf in in p.   Prizes,'rS  : il,'.  5.���Running hop-step und juii p. I'rii-1-,  $13; tlU.  -5:2v..���boy-,'stilt ractf.   Pi-izis��S5; SS.  5.45. ��� l'.{r;J and spoon cave.    1 rizes, S-5; ;3.  6.���Association football match,, 0 mo. u-  side, Atlin v. Pine. Prizes, niifc-yet rii. to  each of winning team.  8 p. m.���Prt-sentatiou oE prizts at the  Grand Hotel Ly ti.isnan.tsbiovii.lbiNai u l.i-  therdule.  9.���GKttiid ball at HotelGra.-d.    At'.n ifct-;< ti '  .Gentlemen, $1: Ladies,, free,   lot ill ) ioiucU  to.be donated to tin. hospital.  OFFICERS. OF THE DAY.  J. D. Graham, Gold Commissioner, President.  W. R. Dockrill, Secretary.     '   -  Dr. H. li. Cameron,,Treasurer.  Tenders   Called  for  Excavating  .   for the. New. Government.  Buildings.  Tender.s will be received up to. li p. m. on  M-jiultiy, the ilst Slay, 11)00, for tho oxuavu-  ri' u necessary fov tho new Government  buildings,  . Specifications may be seen ut the olflco of  the Government Agent-,.Atlin.  ���   The Government, reserves tho right to reject, any.or all tenders.  .     ' J. D. GRAHAM,  ..T. ~j��      ...v . w.   ...  .Government. Agrent^   .  AtUu, B.C.,. May fcith, 1900.  SPORTS'  CO.VLM1TTEK.  Messrs. Shiels,, McFeely,   Biiifl-on', Grant  Rant, Harru and Dockrill.  Starter,,Rev. t!. L. Stephenson.  Referee,W. G. Paxton.  Judges, J. D. Graham and J. H.Gillard.  Finance Committee, A.ebsrt. Shitlg, Cameron uud Dockcill.  God Save the Queen.  GOLD BOUGHT..  Be^uniing with Monday, and for the  next  tiudays, I will pay  $15.75 an oz.  for gold dust -  AT THE  GOLD  HCUSE, DISCOVEKY.  J. LtTHERDALE.  Discovery, Aiay 16, 19uli.  STCRE TO IET.  The, Ftore formerly occupied by Cr.un-  mijij^fci Richardson,,First streett.is now vacant, and particulars, etc., can l;p obtained,  by applying to Fortin it Lccupprihiii., drun-  Pfists, i^irsf. street.  FOR SALE.  The Atlin Bath House and Laundry..    First-c] ass business.  Theovnipr, Mrs. "Hayes, goh;gto  Nome. '���"   - ���������-��� ���  - ���   -'--:������:-������       .-  w f  i  H  I  m  ttf-.  \^r%"^ti!�� }'  r ��7i   ^^~t -wsuasw?   _ M^\*.i<     *._~_i isJ^w    ^Mlu Ija ta|^Qjia^Jgr'i*ir^^BT^!?;*JB^


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