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The Atlin Claim 1899-05-06

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 '- rr     ,'  im\w *  Jf J.  ;        *  C"  ( '  lit     W 1  T"  ���?  I V-   t   I 1  >  "    '<  1  -J  -���>-,   il  , i  i'  VOL.  ATLIN, " B.   C.,' "SATURDAY,    MAY   6,    1899.  , ' NO.'2.v '"  V  I!  I; V *  '���J  L  ti  Vi  V'  McLennan, Mcfeely arid Co.  (Llmited.) 4  The First Hardware House in Atlin Carrying a full line of  Miners' Supplies, Hardware,.* Stoves and,  Tinware.  Headquarters,   Vancouver, ,B.  C.   '  Branches in Atlin and' Bennett,  H. C., and Dawson,  K. W7 T.  Canadian Bank of Commerce  Cai'itai. $6,000,0*00.00.  ATLIN   AGENCY.  Gold purchased. 4 <    Exchange bought aud sold.  A general  Hanking business transacted.   .   -  .     " ' *  - 'T.  R. "BILLETT, Manager.  ATTEMPTED MURDER  Garret Lieniga Shoots Fred Baur  And Seriously Wounds Him.  After a Hot Chase Lieniga is Captured at OtterJGreek,  The = Bank = of - British = North = America  Established in ISWi..   Incorporated  lo  Roval Charter.  Paiu.Up Capital $4,866,666  Reserve Fund , $1,460,000  London Office: 3 Glements Lane, Lombard Street, E. C.  Head   Office   in   Canada:    Montreal.  H. Stikkman,  General Manager.  Branches in all the principal cities of Canada, and agents iu New York,  San Francisco, Seattle, Taconia, Portland, Spokane, Boston, Chicago, Etc.  GOLD DUST PURCHASED,     A general banking business transacted.    The Bank's Assav Office will be in operation shortlv.  J. ANDERSON,   Manager, Atlin,  B. C.  When Ton come to the GOLD  FIELDS OF ATLIN  reside at  The Motel Metro|>ole  Bkst Accommodation' in tiik City.    French Chef.  Finest  Liquors,   Cigars  and  Viands,  Rati-: $4.00  Per Day.  SMITH    &    CREED,     Proprietors.  Vancouver General  Store.  We carry a complete stock of  MINERS'SUPPLIES  Agency of the B. C. Fruit Caning and Coffee Comrmnv, Vancouver, B. C.  Agency ol the Canadian Rubber  Company, Montreal.  A call ^solicited.  A.    S.    CROSS    &    CO.  W. R. Dockrill & Co.  The Leading  DRUGGISTS.  The must complete stock of  STATIONERY,  CUTLERY,  and TOBACCO  In Atlin.  ATLIN CITY AND DISCOVERY.  The Discovery  Branch is the countei part  of the Atlin one.  P  7*       C.     AUBIN,  U.  ClIHJOMl-,   AMI  JltMM,   Bl.'OM.H,  111   \l, Iv*r<i1' . No'lAKY I'l'HLIC .  "���t       I'm n��*h fMi.iii'ui 11 ��.  first street. Atlin.  B. C  B. & H.STORE'  GENERAL   MERCHANDISE.  First Street, Near  Discovery.  KDWARI) G. GARDEN,  ARCHITECT.'-  Draughting.       Pearl near First St.,  Atlin, B. C.  FOE CLARKE,  Mining  and  real  estate office.  FOR   l.'INE   VIEWS   AND' PHOTOS  GO  TO  A. C. HIRSCFEILD'S  Films, Plates, lite.  Developed ut Reasonable Rates.  First near Discovery  Atlin. B. C.  AvSSAY  OFFICE.  W. .T. R. Cow ell. U.A., Sc, (Cunib.), F.G.S.  Member N., Eng. I. M. M. li.  W. J. R. COWELL & CO.  Milling   Engineers,    Metallurgists,  aud Assayers.  LAKI, STHhhT. AT til N.  T7-RANK J.   HUTCHESON,  Barrister at Law,  Solicitor, Etc.  Ottiop: DISCOVERV ST., opposite Merchants'  Bunk of Halifax. Atlin, B. C.  On Thursdny morning lust Gurret Lienigu  shot und seriously wounded Fred Baur.  The  deed Wus committed about a mile and a half  from  Atlin  on  the Watson  avenue road to  �� ���  Discovery. -   >  The morning of thetrajred.\ Fred Ma iir arose  and ufter cooking his breakfast went to the  tent of his neighbor. Gurret Liemsrn, about  five feet cli��tmit. und tried to urouse him.  The latter slept very souiid'aud Baur, probably in a boyish prank, caught him by the  leg und tried to pull him out of his sleeping  bag. Lieniga on awakening became very  angry and told him it he ilid not stop he  would shoot him. With.this Baur lett und  went into his own tent, not thinking the re-  iiiitrk anything more tliuu a cranky expression. Comiiifr out of his tent a moment  Inter lie found Lieniga standing iu front oL  his own tent with a shotgun in his hand.  When he seen Baur he said. "I will shoot  jou." Realizing that Lienigu was very  angry and that he evidentlv meant to keep  his word Baur endeu\ered to escape. He  tried to dodjje round the tent out'ot sijrlit.  Just us he did Lieni^ra iireil, part ot the shot  teurin^r tliroujjh the corner of the tent. The  charge struck Baur in the rifrht side of the  face und litterh riddled his head und hut.  Two jri-ains entered the ball of the rijrlit eje.  How far the> penetruted into the head the  plnsicutii could not ascertain u ithout piob-  m^r. The others lodjreil in the skull. As  soon as Lienitru suw w hut he hud done he  ran to Baur und suid he would }ro for a doctor, mentioning Dr. Humbert's name. After  Lienijru left Baur walked about "ill feet to-  w urds tlie road and tell The fore^oiiifr, \\ ith  tlie addition ot a few other iucts. is a siim-  mar> ot the deposition made bj Buur. ufter  he had been informed b> both Di'. Lambert  and his brothfr that he could'not li\e.  In the afternoon a lepresentatne ot Thi.  Claim \ isiteil the scene of the trajredy. It is  situated just on the other side of the rid^re  ,nt the further side of the lime swamp. The  tw o tents are located about 200 teet troni  the rijrht side of the Wutson a\enue roud.  As the reporter made Ins way in tow ardsthe  tents the brother appeared ut the door ot  one of them, and ou learninpr our-mission  drew aside the tent door and permitted the  reporter to spp the wounded man. He was  Ij in-r on his back on u low bed and his face  presented a tei rible sijrht. The shot had  pntpred it in t\\el%e or litteen places troni  w hich little drop�� of blood oozed. The rifrht  eye was titrhtlj closed, two grains liti\intr  passed throujrh the ball. The uouuded uiun  seemed to be binpr in ,a state of coimi. now  and then einittinjr a teehle firoun. f)wn-  siouall> w titer or wlnsk> w as {ri%en liim.  ���J HI.  BHOIHI K'S bl Alr.Ml.M.  William J. Baur. a brother ot the wctim  stated that Fred Baur was born iu Peta-  luma, Cul.. and is lit jeurs ot usre. AVhen Fred  w as a child he took him to Sw it/erlaiul w here  he Ii\cd until a short time u��o. Ho went to  school in the French portion ol that ccutntrj.  The elder brother has been flapping and  trad'njr w ith the Indians at Fort McPherson  on tho Mackenzie rher tor the last four  j ears. Last tall he came out a.id while in  California w us induced bi his folks to take  the youiifjer brothe  him that a man w hile shooting sciuirrels had .  shot Baur. whom he did not see. After tlie  shootintr the man went uwu.i, he suid. The  doctor, accompanied by Lieni^ra, immediute-  Ij started for the scene of the alleged accident aud found the w ouuded man lujinjf a  short distance from the tent. With the assistance ot two men who happened uloujr he  w'us cui ried into the beil. After u;brief p.\-  umination he sent one ol the men for the  police.1- \. tew minutes later he asked Lienifra  to fro tor some nliisk>. The latter started  uud the doctor watched him fro up tlie road,  but lie never returned. The doctor ne\er  suspected Lienifra troni the lact'that he had  come tor him. Shortlj utter ihe police ur-  n\pd. -The first messeiifreis were Ufrain dis-'  patched for Commissioner Graham and told  to brnifr some w hisk.w On the arrival ot Mr.  Graham uud F. McB. Youiifr'the.t were informed bj the doctor thut the w ouuded man  could not Ihe. Tlie latter liawny refrained  consciousness he was sworn und made hi-,  deposition. ���  lilllKIHA  CAITUHUD.  The assassin w as captured Thursday uifrht  ut Otter creek b> Jus. Murdoch uud W. J.  llusliton. The^two men were reading the  notice when it occurred to' them thut tliej  had passed a man ou the trail talbiiffr to'the -  description. AVithout more udo tlipy turned  and tracked him to Otter creek. " Lemifra is  a Hollander and lias' been iu America for  some time.  Commissioner Graham reeened word from  Taku City this morninfr statiiifr thut. a man  was held there. Word was sent all uloiifi the  line that the rifrht man1 was a prisoner iu  Atlin:  Word was receded just before the paper  went to press that Baur was still ver> low.i  IMPORTANT LOT NOTICL-.  .Mr.- Brownlee authorizes the , iollow infr  statement: "It has been decided h> the,Assistant Commissioner oi Lands uud Works  thut the upset price ot lots will not be un-  nounced prior to the sule on Maj 17. it the  bona fide holder of a lot does not bid the upset price, und it there is no competition he  will be fri\en the opportunity to purchase at  the upset price." i  .N. "\\. T. LLCENSIiS.  K  ELLY, - DOUGLAS   &0.,  Vancouver's leading  Wholesale   Grocers.  Discovery Street,  Atlin, B. C.  Represented by W. A. Ci.akk  in Atlin, II. C.  ...��� with  him and let him  experience a little western lite. He acted  upon these suggestions and the two Wt Fan  Francisco ou Murch 7. Before Icuviiijr tliej  slupiied eitrht tons ol merehamlisc and intended startiiifi a post at Fort McPherson.  Arrivinjr at Sku<rua> and heariiifrof the frold  strikes here the> concluded to come iu and  stu\ aw hile, knon in<r that it would be considerable time before the jroods would arrive at their dci.tmutioii. While on the truil  tl^ fell in with Lienifru. He hud oulj 2")fl  pounds to pack und tliej had S'K). so he volunteered to help them. His assistance w as accepted and thpj- came iu together, urrivinfr  here about two weeks a��ro. They -pitched  their tents together on the spot mentioned  abo\e and frot aloiifr verj well together.  Lienifru seemed to huve n fierj temper, but  nothiiifr would indicate that it was of a  homicidal nature. The two men had never  had unj' serious quarrel to his know ledfre.  Nothin-r more than an occasional petuluut  remark, such us is common in camp life,  passed betw een them. The nioruiufr of the  crime he came down early to Atlin to work  for Mr. Chopard. When word was brought  to him he w us horrified and could not realise it. '"The boy was healthy and strong  and w as w ell educated," he said, w ith a trace  of deep emotion in his voice, "aud if it ends  fatally I don't know whut my folks will  think." It was a sad interview and the reporter w as not sorrj when it ended.  Arthur Buur, cashier of the Swi.ss-;Ameri-  eun bank. Sun Francisco, is another brother.  dh. lambekt: :  The doctor said the crime must have been  committed somewhere about 0 o'clock.  Licuiira came tn.lils om'i-c about !l:!M) uud'told'  AVhen our hired man met Mr. Meu^ies, the  customs collector, in front of the post office  the other daj and usked him if he had anj  new s, he replied that he had:      i '  ''I have been instructed to issue S'. AV. T.  miuiufr licenses to am one who will present  me w ith u Ml) bill. This w ill be a tri eat con-  \enience to tlie people of tins district."  "'And here is a  letter   jou   maj   read.   Tt  speaks for itself:  A R. Milne. Victoria. B. C.    *  An order has been passed prohibiting importation of liquor into the Y iikon territorj  for the Present. Advise all persons who  ).u\e received permits or contemplate tuknifr  'liquor into thut territorj uccordinglj. Tins  action hus the effect 'of cancelling unj permit issued upon which new liquor hus been  taken iu up to the present time, except permits issued direct bj the department tor  liquor for personal use.  jAsn.s A. Smaui.  Deputj Minister ot the Intei ior.  "The Minister of Inland Revenue has sent  out notice to officers that no permits will  be issued to new breweries to do business."   c   MIXERS'   ASSOCIATION.  "Our association." said''W.' U. Hamilton,  secretarj ol the Miners' Protective Assoria- '  tiou, at Discovery, "was the outcome of the  unsettled condition ol milling iu the district.  We must have some united notion iu prcsenr-  inji grievances to the Government, ft will  nevei do to send a hap-ha/ard delegation  here and another one some pluce else w ithout the proper maturing of plans. A\ e vv nut  something permanent. We are not actuated  bj ineiceiiarj motives in the exclusion ot  aliens. An alien carries no weight on a delegation, and iu this connection let me point  cut the result ot the first Dawson delegation  that went to Ottawa. The lu'st question  asked bv the miuisteis was. Are jou British  subjects.-1 To this a negative i eplj came uud  the visitors were dismissed.  "Furthermore, we vvnnt loads, post-office  and a better uduuuisfrution of the mining  laws. Fgjptiuu darkness is tw ilight to our  present state. These detects. [ believe, cuu  be bcttei remedied bj united action on the  part of miners and claim-owners."  DILI) ON THfa TRAIL.  On Thuisdaj ot last weeka^partj of II.  w ith Mi. McMillan iu the lead, started over  the Fantail tor Atlin. The trail washeavj  aud Mi. McMillan drank liequcutlj oi the  water along the waj . On reaching the Tepe  he wus seized with violent pains in the  stomach. Kvcij available reined)* was applied and bj Fj'idaj* recov ei > seemed certain.  Thppaitj then came on bringing Mr. McMillan's sled and outfit, having arranged  that he should follow next d.iv. But a relapse set in and at 10 p. in. he died. He vv as a  native of Cape Breton, A younger brother,  the only near i elative in the vv est, is principal ot Central Park school in Vancouver.  AMERICANS WILL PROTEST.  A meeting of citizens of the United States  was held Tiies.luj* evening last to consider  what action would be taken to protest  against the abrogation of certain rights  they claim to hold. It was decided to draw  up a memorial setting foith their grievances  and forward it to Washington. It is understood a protest against the Alien law is not  among the number.  A lecture wus given last evening at Rice's  Hotel by the Hon. Chas H. Caton. lute of  Chicago, in aid of the indigent poor of Atlin.  The hall was packed to the doors. The subject of the lecture being Napoleon und Wellington.' the; different^characteristics and  events during the lives of these two great  soldiers was Hortrayed by the lecturer, holding the close attention of the audience from  beginning to find.  /    ,y,2f  '  ,-,"-*"J  ���*���  .. s.  ^  j'i  "  T-^  i��  ,. *  i ys  ,*��^jr*  ^Jf  t     ��� y^"1-  < *  Kmr*M*WMMl JiWIM WlMMMMHBOa CP  ATLIX,   B. C,   SATU-RDAY,   MAY   6,    1899.  *,<���  The  Publiskvd  Atlin" Claim.  nrerj'    Saturday    morning-   by-  Co wan a Mack ay.  Office ol publication:  JCaat Av. between First ami Lake, Atlin, B.C.  Advertising  rates made known ou application.  Our nuhscriptiou price is S3 a  year, puy-  ublo iu advance.     No paper vv ill be delivered  unless these conditions are complied with.  THE  DESTITUTE SICK.  In reply to our editorial note of  last week Dr. Monro, in a letter  published elsewhere, disclaims anv  responsibility for the care of the  destitute'sick in this district. He  '���points out the act which instructs  him in his official duties.  Mr. Graham, we are informed, is  prepared--to act on the part of the  government, and will do a certain  amount to insure the proper care of  these people. But while he is prepared to assist he will not undertake the full responsibility and investigate all cases. Now that the  citizens of the town know the exact  i 1  position of the officials they should  take immediate action and organize  ,11 representative committee, whose  duty ,it shall be to take charge of  all funds donated and see that they  are dispensed in a proper manner.  While we believe that it is the  duty of the citizens to see that none  suffer for want of care, they should  not be called upon to provide for  people who'are in'a position to pay.  By careful investigation on the part  of a committee this "can be avoided.  It is urged in some quarters that  many of these people are destitute  before they depart for this' district,  and it is asked should tlie citizens  or government be compelled to provide relief for them. The foregoing may be true, yet we cannot  afford to have it go out to the world  that the sick have died for want of  care, as has been the case recently.  Therefore, citizens, give as your  means will allow.  government, a word or two 'might- bo said.  \\lont of the patients .troated there were  those who were unfortunate' enough.to lie  without available funds when taken ill aud  hud to be taken there, for the simple reason  thut they could not get in anywhere else.  Such patients I treated gratuitously.  The new hospital on the corner of Traynor  uud Third streets is a private institution,  built with private funds and not supported  to the extent of a five cent, piece by the Provincial Government or civic authorities.    ���  Before indigent cases will be admitted to  the Atlin City General Hospital a guarantee  must be given either by the Government or  a reliable committee of the citizens thut the  cost of maintaining,these patients will be  defrayed or else they cannot be taken in.  The cost of maintaining an institution ot  this kind will not be less than from ���jRlll) to  SSIKI per mouth. If half or more of the entire number of patients were unable to pny  for their hare hospital care, where would  the hospital be? In the hole, of course. A  first class hospital-trained nurse is now on  her way iu here to take charge uud before  another week passes over the hospital will  bo ready to receive patients.  In a new country like this, so fur removed  from the outside world and where it takes  'weeks or even months to got word down to  und back 'troni the government, valuable  time is apt to be lost before something is  done iu the way of alleviating the deserving  sick and destitute, unless the citizens generally take hold of the mutter und put this  work ou u sound tinuuciul basis. This is not  the work ot one muii, nor should the burden  fall upon a few , but it is the duty of every  citizen to assist iu some way iu caring for  the destitute sick iu our midst.  A. S. MiiNiio, M. 1).  HOTEL VICTORIA  ,      '���-'''    '��� 'SURPRISE LA'kE/ '-"  VI     ���    ���'  ;       ���','      ���  ' ,   s*s*-v^***-********i*MA*/*jyflyy OPEN  Bunks, drinks and meals. ^ Private rooms for, ladies.    . Special rates for  ��� packers.    Open day and night.    Mail leaves for Atlin daily.  ,        '-     ��� '* Gold'bought. s' " '     .  '   ,  H i  s  Enjoy home accommodation  by stopping at  The Exchange  A until left for Vancouver the other day  disgre.-ited with the country. It is no good,  he said. The fact ot the mutter is Ih-i hud  spent two weeks in town and listened to the  liiird luck stories of a few pessimists, and  without going out o.i the crocks to investigate, came to Ihe above conclusion. A man  of that -tump cannot win out iu a country  like tlii-.  SANITARY   REGULATIONS.  To the Editor of the Claim :  Sir,���1 was glad to see your article draw -  ing attention to the sanitary question of this  city in your last insue. And iu endorsing all  you suid I think that we should grapple with  the disease before we try to find a cure���und  to speak plainly the disease lies in people being huddled together without conveniences  ot any kind. And this too on waterfront  makes the question most grave, and should  betaken up by the health officer without a  moment's delay. Now, sir, on every-'large  civilized goldtaeld people on the trail are  not allow ed to camp in the tow n proper, but  are compelled to go ou the outskirts und  why s.ioulil teamsters and others be allowed  to camp all along tne lake front, not only by  their actions polluting tlie water, but disgustingly exposing tnemselves without or-  dinury sense of decency thut it is not safe for  a decent woman to go outside her door. Now ,  sir, T have repeatedly seen tnia myself, and L  think our health officers should have these  folks shifted from the wuter front. Orders  Have been is.siied to have our premises kept  cleun, but how on earth can we do it vv hen  animals and ''annuals" are camped at our  hack and front door.  Pun Bono Punuco.  Atlin, May 2, ISiffl.  Choicest liquors aud cigars  in the citj. Table anil beds  unsurpassed.   Meals at all hours.  Maher. and, Mead.  >L Maher, Malinger.  Corner  2nd and  Discovery,  Atlin.  ���-  THE   -  KOOTENAY ~ HOUSE  A Home for  Timers of  all the Old  Kootenav.  TUXES EGGERT  S\VISS WATCHI,IAKER.  Has  charge of government  instruments.    First street, Atlin.  NOTICE.  Auction Sale of Atlin Town Lots.  1     HAYWOOD    &    BYRON,  Proprietors.  TTOTEL   CLARENCE,  Newly Furnished,  First-Class Accommodations.  Wines. Liquors, lite.  MtDONALD, Proprietor,  ���   Discovery St. and First Avenue.  A. K.  IK YOU  GOING  TO DO  ARE  v\v<lruw your attention to a t-ommuiiicii-  tion iipiHj'irlag iu another column. The subject is. 11 sci ions one and every num. woman  and chihl iu Atlin vv ill suffer this fall it we  continue procrastinating. We must huve  water und pure water at that. Will we have  it if excrew'Piice isullovved abode ou the lake  flout.- Let 11 public committee arrive at  somr sort ol a workable plan for the future  Now is the tune to do it, lieloiv tne permanent thaw arrives. Let us hit tho iron while  the iron is led; let us have some law iu the  niattcv and make every man born of woman  live up to it, or else the camp will lie no  ��ami) at all.    \N ill we do if?  A MINING liUSINESS  HAVE YOUR PAPERS  PREPARED BY  Rant & Jones,  Real Estate Agents,  Pearl St., Atljn, B. C.  I beg to announce that I have inadn arrangements for attending the Girternment  Auction of Atlin town lots, commencing on  the nth day of May, and I will attend the  sale continuously from day to day until the  same is completed.  Persons desirous of bidding in lots who  cannot allord the time necessary to attend  tne sale tor several days, can make urrange-  meiits to have them bid in by myself, or I  can have the buyer notified by. messenger u  tew minutes before the lots desired ure put  up.  I vv ill have a complete messenger service  for the convenience of business men anil any  information cuu be hud as easily w hile attending to business dow n tow n as if the  buyer spent his time at the sale.  No effort will be spared to protect the  ow ners of improvements or thu rights of  prospective buyers.  Ofticejilway s open.  JOK   CLAKKI5,  Ktnl tistate Agent,  Opposite Bank Building, Discovery St.  MASONIC NOTICE.  All Munoiis take notice that a Masonic  register is kept ut the office of Koht. li.  Maitlaud. First Street, Atlin, wheretUej- are  reciuestid to call and record their names,  w aether at present in Atlin, or upon their  arrival.  Iu case of needed relief lor any member of  the crutt please inform any of tne follow ing  members ot tho Atlin .Masonic Relief Association, viz.:  F. MoB. YOUNG, KOHT. K. MAITLAND.  A. S. CliOSS, J. N. KOSIi.  C. I). MASON. JNO. H. KILMIiR,  li. K. MAfTLAND. Secretary.  PINE TREE HOTEL.  DISCOVERY, B. C.  When you come to Discovery  Take shelter under the  TREE.  Finest of Liquors.  CHAS. R. OUBRIDGE, Mgr.  Good dining room run ,  in connection.  .    H. CANCELLOR, Caterer.  H  OTEL   VANCOUVER.  Kverjthing First Class.  Kutss Reasonable.  Choice Wines und Liquors.  Meals night and day.  JOHNSTON   A   KtKRSTEAD,    Proprietors  H. B. CAMERON & CO.  A uctioneers,  Valuators  and General  Agents,  Business  THb  MiOPLE'S   I'ORUM.  "Brevity is the soul of vv it."  Till.   DLMlTul'i'.  MCK.  To the Kditor ol 'I he A tlin Claim.  Sir-I noticed iu tne last issue ol your  impel' 1111 editorial note inking vv ho was re-  Mpousiblp for the proper cureot the destitute  suck iu this city. I have been credibly informed that a number ol eiti/iens here arc  Hinder the impression that   I   am   paid to do  this work, And 1 therefore take  this  npi   tiinitj to iulorm 1 uc public generally   tnat   I  do not get paid for tliis work and   never pn-  jiect to. and tnnl I am In no way   responsible  iir the weltuiy of tne de-tuurp sick w lio are  voinuig   iu   daily.      II   anyone   who   tuiiiks  ���othervv isy w ill take   Ine   trouble lo read the  Vublic iLealth Act they   will  see that  in my  irfKi-iiil im-dtion her.' a.<   iii.'ilieul   health ofh-  ��'i i' I nui ifliiig uiidei' Ihe   I'rov iiicini  Board  id' i trHillr ut  Victoria solely  in the capacity  ill- snnilai-.v ollieer   lor the district.    I   huve!  given  my   professional  services gratis' to \\  number  of   sick   people   vvlui claimed to be |  destitute, but I w-iik in no way  obliged to do j  do, ns some panplx iuia^i.u:, but did it purely '  jti ui.v position of a   private, physician print- j  1i.s'iug rn town.  In rn,'nrd to tbn hospital on t,hn lake front  njsiiiituitied   for  the   past   si.\    weeks by the  I     Sale  and Storage Rooms  i Pearl Avenue,   above  hirst Street,  i  j Atlin,  B. C.  Thirty years' experience in the  leading mining camps of the world.  Consignments handled to the  best advantage aud prompt returns  made.  Will sell publicly or privately, as  desired, all kinds of merchandise,  houses and lots, furniture, live  stock, mines, etc.  \ Business   conducted    on   broad  guage principles. .  Watch this space for future ads  and dates of sales.  E.  L. PIUyMAN,  Funeral   Director  Embalmek  AND  Third aud Discovery,    Atlin, B. C.  Bodies iCmhalmed for Shipment a Specialty.  Orders on short notice.  All kinds ot   Funeral  Supplies ut  reasonable rates.  OTEL   O.    K.  .HOTEL   RUSSELL..  First-Class Goods  And   First-Class   Service.  Rates Reasonable.  Choice Wines,  Liquors and Cigars.  J AS.   PL   RUSSELL,    Proprietor.  Choice W in��s,  Lidiiors and Cigars.  First Avenue.  WM. CUKOK. Manage!  The British Hostelry  LOG GABIN, B. G.  A spot where the weary sojourner  can find rest.  HOUSE  PINE CITY.  Good Liquor*,  Good Wines  and Cigars.  LEATHERDALE   &   BURTON,  Proprietors.  HPHE INTERNATIONAL  JL HOTEL.  Good Liquors,   ,   Good Wines,  Fine Cigars.   .  How, & Olsen,  Proprietors.  Frist and Discovery, Atlin.  D<  0 NOT FORGET  THE  FASHION  RESTAURANT  PINK CITY,  Ken' good meals and lunches. Coil'ee and  doughnuts, pie, cake or bread and butter 2,"ic.  Miss Bella .tinuroe. Proprietress.  A'  ���TUN HOTEL.  T. TUOWELL,  Prop.  First Hotel  In Allin.  J*  IN LAUNDRY.  CONNER   LAKE AND RANT.  First-elay.s work done in all its  l>i anches.  FlNl-, Licjuoiih ami  Goon BoAitn.  AL. GALAKNO, Prop.  npi-iE  MINERS'  REST,  Discoverv,  AIks.   IIavES,.   1 'roprictve.'-:-  i   .OruxKu on Tin; 2asii up Aviki, Last.  All  kinds of liquors and  cigars.   Good accommodation.    Formerly of Teslin Lake.  S.VBWN .V .MrJNNKS, Vwva. ,' ,'V-vVj     ,
V ■'■'tVi
I  I'^'fe
i        (
i7. ' J iV.
'-[        '  r J-    V'« 1    ■>.!
J - .    . ' ' '
'      ,A
•r +    i',
ATUN,    B. C,   SATURDAY, ''MAY *6,    1899.
,'  ' 1
atun;s gold chamber.
* 1
1 iS
»/    T
Our Correspondent/Billy' Tells us
How Freeman Suicided.
What People Asked  Him When
He Called for Subscriptions.
Pine City, Sunday, April 111).—(By horse cable.)—Two men started out for Pine City 011
Sunday, one on evangelization and the other
on bothersome insistence—subscription to
the Atlin ClMlM. I don't know- hovv'the rev.
gentleman "punned" out; he didn't .take mo
into his confidence. One member of tho congregation told me that silver wus so plentiful in Pino City that the recipient of the collection had winked his wish ut its abolition
and huve gold dust ia its stead. And then
again'it was to bulky for transit by horso.
"If we 'are going to keep out alinns we
should likewise keep out the baser alien
money and make the medium gold," he
concluded. As to subscriptions f did nobly.
1 did more business than business did me.
Hv a thorough canvas-, I'found out thoex-
uct number of Stickmu ''stickers" tempting
fortune by the 'all-Canadian route to the
moon. They number two or throe, good fellows all, but they overloaded themselves
vv ith pvapoi ated vegetables. They also mastered the "verb" to perfection.
A little H by 1(1 tent, between two log cabins,
n smokeless chimney and a log to bar eu-
truueo told the world that silence wus within and no answer came .to the knock when
jour correspondent sought news about the
Pine Citj tragedy. Passers bj- referred me
to another tpnt and there I found Mrs. Freeman.
"I take exception to the statement thut deceased vv as liv ing w ith me at Pine Cit.v," she
hnid, at the same time kicking a box w hereon a stove rested. "He wus not. I huve been
living alone ever since vve mutually agreed
to separate three years ago. We separated
ut Skuguaj'. We couldn't get along together.
He went south to California uud T came to
the Summit. He is a native of Modoc, Cal.,
and :i'l years of utxe, and has n brother in
Skuguay. He located some claims on Pine
and Spruce last year and disposed of a half
interest to people in Dyea. The first I knevv
of his presence in the country was one day
last week, w hile on my vvuj to Atlin. T met
him at the foot of the Big Hill. So sudden
und unexpected w us the meeting thut for the
nonce T forgot myself and -spoke first. He
spoke also. We both conversed uud then he
asked me to sit dow u ou the edge of the road
and talk over old times. I told him he wus
not a fit man for any woman to sit dow n
vv ith ou u road's edge. He had better go to
tow ii. He went vv ith me to Atlin. I left him
there and came back thut evening. Next
day he came to Pine City, and asked to be
allowed to enter m> tent. I refused. I told
him that I wanted to be left in peace; that
the tent was mine and did not vv ant to see
him any more. He went awaj und in about
an hour he returned. This time he did not
vv ait for an invitation. He stepped iu and us
he 'did he suid: 'So jou won't let nip in, eh:
well it's ull off, aud us he suid this he pulled
u gun out of his pocket, placed it over his
left nipple und fell backward, deud."
He wus buried on Sunduy and is the first to
rest on the hill back of Discovery street. A
lay man read the service. A coroner's inquest returned a verdict of death bj u weapon
iu his ow n hands.
W. G. Covvden and 1). M. Owens came in
from Surprise Lake Sunday. About UK) people are bunded together' in that vicinity uud
cabins are going up all around. The trails
are iu jirettj good shape and they go back
soon to do work ou their claims.
Frank Britton lias been dubbed the Swiss
guide to Pine. His eugerness to pilot strangers and^ show them the riches of the cump
deserves the name. He'll pan while jou
vv ait.
Mrs. McNeill, fnrmerlj of Vancouver, who
came iu with Mrs. Muckav iu February, is
getting nearer to the gold belt, and iu future
w ill reside in Pine.
Dr. Johnson is ono ot the pioneers of Pine.
"Come in," lie said, "and let us become acquainted. Pine City is the name of this
burg and not Discovery, as published in Thk
Claim." He brought out one of the original
surveys uud bucked up vv hut he suid. I miidp
n note of that and in my future w ritiugs I'll
write it Pine City. The doctor is an alien
uud u miner, but his better half is British.
Mis. Johnson knows a rock when she sees it,
and predicts thut the future quartz discoveries vv ill be the permanency of the camp.
r w as asked ull sorts of questions vv hile out
for subscriptions: "Why don't you hyphenate jumper to your Claim and make it fit
tho country."   I Atliuuted him.
'■I'm an alien and can't buy a Claim," was
another. "They have taken all mj claims
und I've no surety on'this."
"A year's subscription is" too tar uwuj,"
said a woman with her head out of a tent.
"I may be dead by thut. time." I asked her
for. her address, whether 'hove or below, and
she   wineiiigly   replied wjt h her iudc.\ linger
downward;   "I'm going up to Sinison creek
and thou I'll let you know."       l ' -
<   ai      " T    '      -„     '" \"
"I biiilt the first house in Pine and brought
through tlie first keg of whisky," said Chas.
R. Oubridge ut Pine City.  "I came in with
Captain Cartvv right of the Mounted Police
on a tip that gold hud been found und wus of
the belief that it was Northwest territory.
We cume dow u the Too-chi and shot the Atlin
rapids."   He leaves for the outside in a few
days und expects tolie back before the lake
collapses. , > Hilly.
-   , •    '■ ■   ,'.'••
First-Class Work Guaranteed.
G.   H.   Anderson,'   Proprietor.
The new ledistributlou bill introduced iu
the HotiHe of Commons gives the Island two
members and tho Mainland four.
The Pacific cable to Australia is practically assured, r
April 17th insurgent Filippinon ambushed
and captured a number of American marines tiom the ship Yoiktow n.
Premier Laurier says he is willing to impose a higher tax on Chinese. Ho objects,
however, to interfering with the Japanese,
w hum ho said were progressive uud allies of
Great Britain.
The body of Sir Arthur"Curtis, who was
lost on the Ashcroft trull, hus been found by
The lumbermen of the States threuteu that
their government vv ill retaliate uguiust the
Ontario lumber uct. Hon. .1. M. Gibson
states thoy cuu go uheud.
The speeches iu the Dominion House on
the Speech from the Throne were long
draw ii out, tho opposition charging rank
corruption in tho Yukon administration.
A despatch of April 18th to the New York
Herald from Hong Kong says: Thousands
ot Ciiiuese advanced towards the• British
camp at Taipo Hu ou Monday und tired
several l omuls of artillery ineffective range.
Major-Gen. Guscoigne, vv hose force is less
than SJd, ordered his Aniatic artillery to engage the enemy who occupied the surround
ing hills. The shrapnel drove the Chinese
out and the Indian infantry advanced, the
Chinese retiring several miles, burning
villages. There was no loss on tlie British
It has been decided to resume work on the
Copper Chief, vv luh lies about HKl feet north
of tne Velvet, ou bophia mountain, near
iLOSsland. t.
A liossland doctor, w ho hus been on u v isit
to Greenwood, describes the hitter place as
u second Kossluud of three years ugo in
generul appearance. He suj-»: "livery stuge
going in tnere is crowded, real estate is
booming. So ulso is tho truthc in small mining deals. Business is good ut ull points. Of
the 1,21m people in Greenwood l,U(Kj were formerly of Kossluud. It is like wulkiugiuto
the liossland of three j-eurs ugo, und one
teels right ut home there."
The first smelter on the eoust of British
Columbia promises to be in operation this
summer, sujs the Province, for the Van
Audu Co,, of Texudu Isluud, hus decided to
proceed ut once vv ith the erection of the
plant shipped from the oust.
The Slocun mines shipped oil,OIK) tons ot ore
for the first tw o mouths of the year.
The Americans think they huve found u
way of getting over the enforcement of the
rule that Canadian captains must be employed on 1'iikon river steamers this jeur.
The Seattle time* says thut thin can easily be
avoided by putting'a Cauadiun in us master
and making the chief pilot, an American, the
real muster ot the vessel,
An authority Mays thut a Klondike miner
who went down to the Philippines declares
thar there are richer goldfields in the islands
than anywhere iu the Yukon.
Mr. Sitton, Minister of the Interior, Hpoke
ut Perth, Out., recently on the subject ot the
Vukon udmiiiistrurion. He said tlie government of thut country was very; expensive be-
cause of the police uud military und new
buildings. He added, "I have been very-
much attacked for my policy iu the Yukon,
it is not un agricultural district and never
w ill be. It w ill ulw uys l>a u mining district,
mined by placer miners, who will come iu,
find rich claims, make all they can iu u few
months, uud then get out. The royalty-
policy will be 111J policy us long us I uin in
the government."
A. G. Ferguson is building a block ou
Hastings street, opposite the bank of li. N. A.
.viorris. the tobacconist, will build on-the
next lot.
The tailors have been on strike for an advance in wages uud a ten hour day.
Vancouver Jockey Club will hold a meet
on tiie 21th.
The lacrosse club elected officers as follows at their recent meeting: Hon. Pros., J.
1>. Hall: Pres., Geo. Burtlej : Vice-Pres., W.
li.Qiiann; Sec, Mutt. Burr; Treus., Jos. 12.
The contractors of the city have formed an
A_ meeting of the representatives of the
various companies running bouts north wus
held here 011 the 19th ot April. It wus decided to ruise second cluss rates to $17.50. Tho
cattle und horse rate hus ulso been raised
from $20 to ^22.50 per head.
At New AVestminster Donald Perrier was
found guilty of the murder of Jennie Rogers,
alius Anderson, iu that city, uud will be
hanged May iUith.
To Miss Atliutoo Lowry. aged two weeks,the
first white child born in Atlin:
Hail! Aud welcome, little sunbeam,
Fresh from Heaven's portals,
What put it in jour little head
To come amongst us mortuls?
Surely the accursed thirst for gold
With which we all huve striven
Has not spread uud caused a "rush"
'Mongst the denizens of Heaven.
Atlius good, uud good enough.
We came, belter skelter, flying,
But surely Heaven is better still
Or else the parsons huve been lying.
Whute'er the reasons for your coming.
If reasons ye have any,
You're now the queen of Atlin fair,
And subjects you huve many.
So welcome, little one, once again,
We'll stand by j'ou, rather!
That girl's ull right who surely has
All Atlin for goilfathpr.
—-H. 11. Cameron.
1    -.    Pearl street '„'      ,
The swellest little spot in
Atlin   wherein    to    buy
1 anything  in  the  "Fancy
Line. Smokers' Supplies.
Archie IT Brownlee, Proprietor.
Iiuporteis uud
Maimfuctiirers oi
Fine Furniture.
Best  Equipped  Establishment
in Atlin.
Lake Street, near Sawmill.
Wholesale Dealer in
Saddlery, Hor.sk Clothing,
-    Pack Saddles, Etc., Etc.
r f
Hustings Street, Vancomer, B. C.
tknt and sailmakkr.
Wholesale Dealer in
9 to 13 Water St., Vancouver.
Sluice  Box  Lumber   a
*   <  G.   D.  Sinclair,
Corner Luke und Sincluir, Atlin, B.
Wire Woven Springs in
J.   D.   DURIL,  -
First   and   Discovery.
Currying u   large stock of
Stationery, Tobacco, Etc.
Ladies'  Wearing   Apparel   is   a   Speciul
First mid Rant Streets.
Send   your  measurements  and   he
will do the rest.
Second  Street.
Fresh   Baked   Bread   Daily.
Mrs. Spencer, Proprietress.
The bath room* are equally as good
as found in cities. Side entrance for
LINK & PRATT. Props.
First Street.
Sale of Government Lands.
Notice is hereby given that a sale of lots in
the townsite of
Bennett, B. G.,
Will   be  hold  ut   the   Government  Offices,
Bennett, 011 the  uTK  DAY OF JUNE, 18951.
Particulars   und   conditions   will   be    announced ut the time of sale.
Tonus:  One-third   curIi,   one-third in six
mouths and balance in one year.
Unpaid monies w ill be charged at  the rate
of ft per cent.
A building condition will be attached to
the sule of each lot.
Assistant Commissioner of Lands and Work*.
Dated May 1st. H'.fl.
• '   'Ml
• ■J. sv
-■   'I
" '   "'u
, •' ?-
NOTICE is hereby given that a
sale of lots in the townsite of
ATUN,   B.   C,
At   Public Auction, will be   held
at the
ou the "   •
17th Day of May, ,1899
Particulars and condition? will be
announced at the time of sale.
Assistant   Commissioner of Lands
and Works.
Dated April 25th, 1899.
The sale will be held from 10 to
12 and from 2 to 4 each day.
Terms: One-third cash, one-third
in six months  and  balance in one
Unpaid monies will be charged
at the rate of 6 per cent.
A building conditien will ,be attached to the sale of each lot.
Parties having improvements on
lots are requested to send into the
Provincial Survey Office, one week
prior to sale, their valuations of
improvements on blank forms to be
furnished by the Provincial Surveyor, to whom they must be returned.
Assistant   Commissioner of Lands
and Works.
■ iiaMutftmuuMnui vv  ATLIN',    H., C,    SATURDAY,'   MAY,   6,    1899.  We have madearrnngpinoiits vvith.Johu McCarthy for Ihe, exclusive handling ol Till,  Cl..vivi on the creeks and at Discovery, i'er-j  iiiaiiput subsCriheis ,a,t the latter will have  their piipeisdcffnt the Gold House until such  time, ns'the III Miry of a |iost-ol1ice isallord-  edthem. Oiii-isiihscriptiou rate is ���s.1 a year,  payable ahead of time.   Single copies, 'ir.i'.  PICKED UP HERE AND THERE.  McCarthy A Co.. Stoves and lliirdvv .ire.   ' t  Letter-.' for the outgoing mail may be posted not.later than I p. in. Sunday .   - '.  .McCarthy A Co.. St.ition and Circulating  Library, ."11KI volume-.     /-    -  Mums A McDougall have Neckties. Unices,  lioiled Shirt-. Collar-, Hniidkerchiels. Mat-.  Cap-. Gloves and Fine Hoots. Next Northern.  McUiirthj A Co.. Cheap Groceries. I)i--  covery between f' irst and Second.  T. L. Dudloug. a, well-known resident ol  Vancouver, arrived iu the city during the  week. He spent Wednesday and Thursday  on tlie creeks.  \V. G. P.ixton, mining  recorder, arrived iu  the city' on Thur-day, after an uuevcntliil  trip over the Faiitail. He vv ill immediately  a- lime the dutic- ot ni- office.  Li you like to have a change from the old  prospector's fare: a real live Irish 'tate with  the overcoat all there, Jou step into the  Kootpuay aw\ Mis. Mile- will ol you care.  .|u-t received a bi^ line ol Men'- Hoot-.  Shoe- and Slipper-, lint-, Mrure-, Hundker-  chiets, Pant-, i'U'��� Ladies' Hats, f-lo-e. Underwear,  dlnrns A -Vic-Dougall,  ue.xt  Northern.  The Northern Hotel, Atlin. is a big hou-e.  with big proprietor- and hearts of hl.e  dimensions. l,-or room, for space and everything obtainable the Northern lead- them  all.  Jules   liggert  went  out  to the coast to adjust  and   renovate  -ome   vv atc'ie-that went  down with the  Topeha  recently,    lie  vv.i-'a  pa���cngcr  011   that  boat  when  -lie took   to  ,    laud.      ,  Scrvicis will be held in the First Pi-psby-  tci iau church, corner Third-aiid Discovers,  on Siiuda.v at lo:".U.i and 7:;ln p. in.: Sunday  school at 1 ::ili p. in. Ilev. .loliu Pringle. I!. A.  minister.  S. II.'Plumb, vv ho h.i-u claim on Hirch. ."is  above, and on vv hich he ha- been doiii-* lots  of work, vva- in town this week, lie went  down 14 teot and met good pro-poets, but  water drove him out. '  C. I.. Oswald leit lor Siirpri-e Lake ou  Wednesday. He has extensive interests up  there and is full ol expectations. Amoiiu  other-, he own- the Victoria Hou-e, and halt replete tor every body . i  Joe Hlanchell. t'ic bonanza kiicr ol Pine  creek, niel with an uiilortiiiiiite accident the  Kist part ot the week. vVhile extricating .1  gnu 1 com-01111 blankets it w.is discharged,  part of the contents lodging in h is arm.  Archie llrownlee i- red bj nature and riid  iu taste and ta;,es after a good sire. His  sign acro-s the An-ade is all red with a  sprinkling of w nite duck. II yon vvnilt anything in the chic variety diop in and see him.  Vt m. Lawson called at Tm.Cl.vivi office a  few days u,io and asked to state that the man  Wisp, who recently l"ft Skuguay is not dipt,  l-'rank A. Wisp, ot liistiop Kowp Hospital.  TIip captain is still doing hii-mees at the ohl  stand.  David Hremncr. a well-known mining man  of the Shiran, arrived in the 1 itj 011 Wedncs-  daj. The gentleni.ui is part o�� ner and manager oi the Wnkrlield group, on l-'oiir Mile,  above Silverlon. He represents Si-otch r.ipt-  tul and will look over the field  here.  There is a iirm in tow 11 spiling all kinds ol  real estate, and thut linn is Itanl &. Jones:  lioth are .voiiug and lull ol piipi'-ij. Hy their  ml. you vv ill see they ure making a -pecialty  ol preparing mining papers and all such  >   like.   Their office is on Pearl near Second.;  Joe Clark, the Discovery street realestatp  agent, makes a special announcement in this  is-ue 011 page - regarding the sule of tow a  lot-. Husiness men should 1101 fail to observe the messenger service notice which  shows ,1 keen appreciation of the situation.  ���I. Rogers and C. Milne lett for flip coast on  Sunday. They both go to Vancouver. John  goes as deadweight to Charlie's fast dog-  11111I s.ijs he'll he back iu June. Milne goes  to report his presto change from Third to  l-'ii-st struct and in   June   he goes to Dawson.  .Mr. W . -I. Kj Iu, w ho came dow 11 Iroin Wilson creek 011 vv ediiesdaj. is lavorably impressed with what he saw. A party sent out  by the .lueo.iu board of trade were too late  to stake discovery, but located on benches  instead. He passed large numbers ol men  going in. ..,r.'.  ..  Tho-. TiiirwellTn pioneer of '."i.s. vv ho has  seen milling iu all its phase-, aud pre-cniptor  of the site whereon Log Cabin stands to-daj.  is hnviiij trouble vvitn the Government over  'his ni iii-coin |il in nee. 11 s they say. vv i'h the preemption reiiniremcnts. lie located his  ���_��� round in I.SH7.  The old houses are all good, but let us  fake you by flip hai.d and p.i���jou tnroiiiiii  the Lxehniige. This is a new hotel and the  proprietors .ilessi-s. Alalier A. dead, 'flip Cornier conies I nun Naii.iiiiiu u.i.l the latter  Nov Westminster. When iu the neighborhood cd His'-overy and Second drop 111 and  see lor jour-ell.  Chutney added to a juicy joint is like ener-  gv to a live tow n. A subscript ion paper was  |i,'i.-scd around Di-covery street ono day lust  week and nutted 1 aud-oinely and in turn the  money w a- -pent iu puttinu- dow 11 .1 log vv alk  over one or tw o-vv amp- on the road leading  to Pine City. I). Pallor-on pushed the work  and is a 1 on 1 me 1111 able move.  A-music hall and a real est.ite office seem  out of joint, but Campion doesn't think so.  lie brought in a two b.v lour nui-ic box,  puslfd it up anil down Nie trail, and in the  evenings he'd u"coiiip.iuy it. Will I liver Get  Holm-Again, lie hu- changed the disc and  now Mi-A New (0011 I n 'I ovv u. _ 'Inch rm report-  11  good   week's lui-iuc--. in real e-nite.  Wc  nave  1111  authore��� iu Atlin and in the  near  future  soni" choice re.uliii j-w ill be afforded oi event- ^o. c and dead.    ill's. Ilitcn-  v-o-It placed di-covpry 0.1 our Claim and re- '  veived the fir-t   .nh-eription   receipt   is-ued  in   Atlin.    Mr.  M.  G.   .dcLcod   "pu died'  miiI  Ihe   Hist  silvr  nnd ,w p nulled il to the door.  �� ici-e to stay till eonipulsiou removes it.  .  To   beat a railroad is the sweetest sweet ol  lili'man hi ml. and   to beat 11 "harrow" gauge i  i< doubly.sweet.    Iv. J. .Hoiilet,  ut present in j  Atli.i, was o.'.ee, a   pn.���eiigei- t'roiii Skuguay  lo tlie Suiuiuit. 11 .ni I1111I a dog he didn I vvir.il  lo part   witli.    lie   vvuulud .to   ship the dog  through.    He   was  told  that the car wa-'fjijl  (in.! vvoul.l have to wait till the morrow.   To  ��,ii; hu objectrtd ami to tht:  utter dismay  of.  lie  pa-stfiignrsin  the  reur car he entered ���  vv-irh tne do;- iu  tow.    Mr. lioulet sat  close ���  in  t-n. entrance,  and  on  seeing the dog she-!  i-oii.v   clnsrereil  liiin    under iier  scat.   The ,  ia-,f.i'iu'.iiiesiiou was no hip dog. neither  wu.- iic a iiuiiinl, but he weighed lii'l lbs.    Mr.  llinil<-i took tin; d.,g through to the Summit.  saved S2 by the operation and on alighting  troni the car drew the conductor's attention  to how (iiiict he had been.  Provincial Surveyor lirovv nice began tho  survey, of-Discovery, Pine City, tow nsite on  Wednesday.    , , * '       ^       1  ' II. It. Cameron opened his place of business  011 Thursday aud vv ltn sucJi success that he  became hoarse alter getting nil ol his stock.  M. IL Thompson, left ou Sundti.v for Hon-'  net. lie (roes to take charge ol acoidwood  camp "(I inies this'side ol there. Me maj- he  hack iu June. 1  A preliminary meeting tor the'holding of  sporis on tno .iltn ol May was held iu the ot-  fico of Joe Clarke. Discovery street. Hj-  iiuuiiimoiis choice lie vv us appointed a committee of one to solicit subscriptions for the  same   Treat him well when he comes.  Improvement papers arc losing no time iu  hulling their vv aj into Mr. Itrow nlee's office.  The valuation- placed b.v owners are always  very low, but when n prominent .First street  merchant tries to include .-sJl.Wll worth ol ice  bj way ol incidentals it istinietoilrnw cards.  The bound,try- survey is completed. The  dividing line between Hrit ish Columbia and  the Norlhw est Territories is about :W miles  north ol Atlin and about two miles south ol  the north end ol the lake. The With parallel above Surprise. Lake w ill be demarcated  belore the end of .vlny.  i Spvpi'ul-.nipn 011 oiip oi the two i-lands opposite Atlin opened u meat niai*k��t there  Friday uioriiiiic over the remains ol a moose.  They' were chopping cordvvood when' thoy  sun him limping along, and went to his aid  with axes. The.v then culled in their I rienils  aud every body had meat.  Last Saturday evening about .11) Masons  gathered in the Presbyterian church and appointed a committee to look after the needj  and distressed of the 1 ratei-uitj . A subscription was taken ard si511 raised. A room 111  thp iipw hospital vv ill be reserved lor mein-  beis ol the cralt. This is as it ought to be.  The fraternity will hold a social evening next  Saturday night iu Ivinney's hall. A notice on  page - vv ill tell you more about it.  W. A. Spencer, of the Hank of Halifax, is  partial to gold nuggets and makes a specialty of adding to his collection. The shape til  them is vv hat he dotes on and last week he  offered a native of Swedeluud two dollars  over value it he would part with one. The  lump of gold comes from till btilow Di-covery  on Spruce, and its value is .-.(">.2."i. The owner  sifjs he'll have lots of them ere the lull set-  in. and then he can have his choice.  'An Atlin woman, possessed of more human  kindness than usually falls to the lot ol mortals, was 011 a subscription tour of Pine.  She I  came  to  one,  the  bonanza   king, 'siiH'eriiig !  from  a  gunshot wound, it is said, and in re- I  ply   to  her successful solicitation-, ,-nid   he i  would have been in Atlin lonsr ago for treat- I  input,  had  Iip   known  that  such a venture-.  some muse lived here.    We'll give her name |  next vv ppk aud tell j on vv hat she has done.      I  05. D. .Mason,  l.iwjpr,   Victoria,  arrived   in >  Atlin on Suntluj*.    He looked morn dead than ]  alive w hen lie came iu.    He hud un admiraltj ,  cord  around   his middle, and ue.don't think I  he paid freight on unj number of woolsa< ks. 1  Joe .Martin's  edict  abolishing  the   vv i'j;  is  a  blessing in disguise, especially in a <ountrj |  vv here lreig-ht is   12 cents  a   pound,    lie  lost I  no time in finding  a   location.    He  is on  an  allej" in the vicinity ol First and Pearl. !  L. Paillurd and A. Tiiput are two French- J  men from Paris. Tliej represent i-Yeneh 1  capital and are looking for a place to nut it. |  They have been in Dawson and have eoii-id- |  crablc pioperties there. They were 011 their I  vv aj out to thf coast vv hen tliej- heard ot At- \  liit ami took imp and camp in. "The conn- ���  tr.v is tour times richer than I anticipated,'''  said M. Pnillard. "und 1 have made two trips ,  to Pine, Spruce and Hirch." The.v left 011 \  Thursday and come in ou the first boat.  Jim   Uiis-pII is here v\ ith his caravan and ,1  goodly supply of white collars  tor his stakes  011  Spruce   and   Pine.     ''Canadian   officials  were to blame liist. hist and all the  time lor  the  detention   of   w hi-ky   at   the   boundary  line."   Iip said,  alter touching a match to a  Ire-h cigar,  "and   was .1  great   ii.justice  to  Canadian-all  the  way  tliroiiirh.    Why,"   he  >v put on, "Ottnw a knew nothing of vv hat vv as  going  on  and   if every  man had hi- deserts  in the vicinity ol  Hennett two or three carts  would he needed to rite tiling.-,    l.iiiuor now  comes through to Log Cabin -w ithoiit  molestation."  Jim Wardiipr. ,1 charmed iiiimc in any miii-  1 ing camp, was  iu   tow 11  this  week.    He  saw  j hot tinifs iu t he  Copur  d'A lene,   when   mid-  , ni.ilit stampedes were as common as tents iu  . At I iu.    lie was on the vv ild rush to Slocuii be-  , lore the price ol silver went dow 11, and there I  , secured  tne   I'V. ddy- Lee.    IL    was  the   first |  11111 ii   to  lake   iu   ,1  team oi   mule-, and then !  a^aiu,   he  shipped  the  first  ore  out of that I  ��� ountrj.   Such  a  man  di-hoaei-s 110 rid.'iing |  camp.. He  has  gone   up  to   Wright  to look  'over  some   rock   reported  to  go  .-ti.i to the  'toi.    ft   it  i-  good we'll here all about it: il  ' bad, not at all. 1  '    T11     po-t-olfiee business is on the iurreusi ; ,  \ perhaps   this   is due   to the advent   ot   Till, '  Ci.vim.    I'oiii-  -uehs  was the mnnlier on the  ���THE:-;,  Merchant* Bank of Halifax  ,   INCORPORATED   18GSK  Paid Up .Capital  A  general  -    -    $1,500,000.00'  Gold   Dust   assayed  Rest  ,--_---.   Banking   business   transacted.  ' purchased.  Drafts issued and money transferred to any .part of'the world.  The First Bank to,Open in Atlin.  W. A. SPENCER". ���'-     -'" -   "-"-  -Manager Atlin' Branch.  and  ..'1  .a  P. BURNS ��. CO.,  Wholesale   -  CoUNKR  and   -   Retail   -   Butchers.  First "and    Pkaul   Stkhuts.  Builders' Hardware, Miners' Supplies,  Tinware,  Gran it ware,  ,��te., Etc.  TINSHOP   INT CONNECTION.  THOS. DUNN  & CO. (.Limited.)  FIRST STREKT  ATLIN, P.. C.  TBIE P. P. COMPANY  t    Carry a   full  line of  Staple and Fancy Supplies.  OlLU.ITY   KlKST  Class.  I.ICITKI).  RICUS  INSI'FCTICN  RlGlIT.        CoKRHSPONMKNCIC  INVITKD.  "���{)-  PARSONS  PRODUCE COMPANY,  First   Strkkt. Atlin,>  B.    C.  Atlin Lake Lumber Co.  (LlVllTI p.)  ROUGH and  DRESSED  LUMBER  E. Rossklli, Manager.  Of  All  Kinds.  CAMPION   &   GO.,  Licknsku Mining  and Rkai. Fs-  TAT1-:    Hrokkrs.  Claims and Ricai. Fstatjc Bought  and Sold.  Complete   arrangements   are   made  for the purchase of lots at the  Government Sale.  Leave   >our   instructions.  First  Street.  Pioneer Auction Marti  :W.  H.   VICk'ERS.  GREGORY    ,S:  Auclioiu'crs.  CO..  (Jo  Rkai. Estatk Bkokkr,  CoNVKYANCHK  and Notary Prm.ic.  Third and  Pearl,   opposite Gov. Ofllce.  Aulion  Sales  and Saturda\ at  e\ cry   Wednesday  2 p. in.  Good prices reali/.cd on outfits.  Atlin Warehouse 5and  Packing  Company  la-t outward  one. and   -."111.1.   it   i*  -aid.   wn-i  .-ollecled.     .Now, there is one tiling we'd lihe,   i J-IJ,, "D*ifrn\     \\t\li\mr   rnam'ir'  toki.ow. aud that i- vvhj tlie postmaster car-1 Al3l!1   TSlCCl     ISCuVCl     LOlll   V '  rip- aroii   d  on liis bach fne reiristered mat-' .      '  . ��   |  ter and delivers al fresco all sin-li. Is the I  Di'iniiiioii too pool- to nll'or.l ,1 pla -e of sale- j  t.v lor something the.v make koihI conunis-1  -ions on. We sent .ur. .MulocU one of our I  paper-anil 11-hed tor registration, but 1111-  tortunatcly we were ignorant of tliis state j  of ail air-, or vvp inijrht nave jriven him a tip. j  Goods delivered lo am   part of  tliccitv or suburbs.  STLASIHOATLSG ON Till'. LAIvKS. |  "Steiiinboutiiitr ou the lakes this summer |  i> < ertainly noiujr to hp lively if pres��nt in- I  dicatioiis are any criterion to no b.v." said a 1  captain the other day. "Five boats at Bennett and one on Atlin is the number iiudei |  construction. G. Ilaillic, proprietor of the |  Grand Northern Hotel, Seattle, is building,  one of these. Ilcr contracted M>eed will be j  over Hi knots and w ill show it clean pair ol |  heels to anv of hpr rival-. The builder's pre- 1  sent intention is to run the Atlin river, provided, of com sc, the dep-h of water will al-'  low her to'svv ini throiiirh." I  ���John Irving, the eoiiimodore, has another |  under vva.v at Hennett, and is interc-tcd with '  Captain I-,. W. Spencer In the eon-tru, tinn ol I  the boat across Ihe lake, .she i- patterned at- |  ter the Willie Irving, of Portlund, Or., and j  her timbers are of 011U. Seventy-five tons i- 1  hpr earrviiif. vvpiicht mid her piihsenjrpr ac-j  coiiimodatiou is lirst-rhis-. .  "II' .lob 11 is to e.iptui.i liny of his bouts,'' the I  captain concluded, '���there iimv ben revival'  of old .Mississippi steainboat days vvhc.i "nij^- I  ^cr.s"sat on the .safety valve and bacon was j  cheaper tliaii wood." '   '.��� . .  j  WINDOWS,   DOORS,��� STORK-!  FRONTS, STAIRS, ETC.,!  Are. boiuyr turned out in .firoo.l style and      !  at lower prices than thsy ca'.i  be ship-      !  . ped iu from the outside at j  .  H..iv.'VAXDEUSEN'S ]  New door iin-1 sash shoj> <ju  l.'irst >treei  iiear'l^i-ieoriri'.v.  A Specialty  made  WATER  to   Hotel  reasonable rates.  I SUPPLYING  and. others   at  J. II. KILMER. Manager.  Warehouse and office  N. I'.. Corner  WATSON .K:  LAKE  Streets.  MESSRSSA.MMONS & WTNDLE  Fir.st Street.  M.  G.  McLEOI),  Notary Public, Mines and Real Estate bought and sold, Conveying, Etc.  .Satisfaction guaranteed.  Lake and Pearl.  the Atlin Lake Lumber  T���B  A c  Atlin r  KOOTENAY  DINING  ROOM  Imipf* spot tor ;im  'pi'-Min* in w liiiah to w orslijjn  ''piIE  Mrs. Miles, Proprietress.  NORTH ER X HOTJvL,-"  FIRST .STKKK.T.  corner  Also njrpiit foi  Orders taken.  Co.  Applications for Land.  Si.sty days from date hereof I intend to ap-  idy to the Chief Commissioner of Lands  for permission to lease or purchase three islands for agricultural purpo#s,.'S ( I herewith  acknowledge iiuinpiii-' station rights previously applieil for) contniuiiic- twenty-iiino  a ores more or less and situate opposite Atlju  townsite iu a, vvpsterly direction on Atlin  Lake, each island bfiiiy: staked With an  initial post on its northwestern extremity.  W\l. S. C. I'.Lf/iAlM).  A til 11, II. C April I".  IN.'!':  The bi";oest house in Atlin.  1-Cvcrytliiiijr lirst-class.  Ta<f";art 6c Torney,   Proprietors.  ATUN CARTAGE,CO..  C;   H.   SHERA,   Manager.  Stables: Southeast corner Watson  and First Street. .',  liuiLliii-f lo^s and conlvvood for sale.  Water delivered.  General carriage ami expressnjip done.  Olllce: Pearl street, ueur Cnnadiiiu Miiiik of  Coiiiinei'ee.        ���   .  lirr^M;,t',r"i'-4?3rV-iriSara;ig'S  mmewoirSnm  mmmiwwmiiMi!Mi!mmMwmw}iMtmsm��


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