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The Atlin Claim 1908-03-28

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 J  ���I L^S^^.      -  Apr 10^: '&  r,  '~��>  r~$ir*i t��  Pi.    m  ���Rjf���"^  w f��s===*^===L=======;  /| * /wl  VOL. 26.  ATLIN,  B. C, SATURDAY,   MARCH 28. 1Q0S.  '  N'  '��'��� 45.V  ,X)UR APPEAL HOR .SUPPORT ANSWERED BY O NEW  SUBS !  :*\  <*>  WE THANK THEM:  TELEGRAPHIC.  A Budget of Interesting News  \ From Many Quarters.  [SI*��CIA!. TO TUT. OIiAlM.l  Special Telegrams to the Claim.  Ma��*.26th. 1903. -   ���  M'eetins-S  ��S&4  Troubles' inT India- are  : bhlng aggravated.  Vancouver :'- .'   ,   ���  The Hindus have been holding  large meetings here,, and -,are very  incensed at the treatment they are  receiving.  A cablegiam has been sent"'to  Morley, .Secretary, fox. India, warning him that,their exclusion "from  British Columbia will surely react  ou India, ancl foster sedition, if not  open rebellion there. ' '  Justice .Make -Chairfiirn  "of Railway   Coosiiiissioii  Ottawa :-    .  Justice Mabee:has been  appointed Chairman of the Railway  Commission,  which post  was tendered  "vacant by thc-death of Judge  Kill-  am.  �����  Premier Campbell Bannerman is  steadily growing worse, and it is  feared this is the beginning of the  cud.  eaciies  Government.  Trouble not yet  over.  The people of China are highly  indignant al the Government for  not enforcing their rights in the  Tatsu Mam affair.  Huge indignation meetings have  been held; votes of censure and lack  of confidence in , the Gc>vernment  were passed.  . 7fhe Chinese have started a boycott of all goods"from Japan.  '<,  ' Si   o  WBI  employ over  l-asSy Of  The work on -the Grand Trunk  ���Pacific is to be pushed along, and  it is stated that moie than .twelve  thousand men will be employed this  summer in grading the line between  Princj Rupert and Edmonton.  McKenzie King's-  -'   -"   Success. V  As a result of representations  made "at the Colonial Office by. Mr.  McICcnzie King, a Special Commissioner will be seiit to Canada to try  to ai range the Hindu immigiation  difficulty. ��� .  n  ���Assurance of  Peace  -. and Order.  / .  The refugees have been taken  aboad the battleships tying off Port  au Prince. ..'  Conditions in the republic are absolutely tranquil. ���  President Nord Alexis says that  he can pieserve order and' protect  foreign interests without the intervention of the Powers.  Strike   at   Tredwell  W. F.' M. Demands an  Eight Hour Day.  Nearly all the miners at the  Treadwell Mines are 'out', numbering about 1000.  The principle demands are for au  eight hour day, and a minimum  wage of $3.50 per day for men  working underground.  cw'U'rdcr'' in  iiiciL  mis Order Bee!  egal by-.Department.  An Order in Council has been issued from Ottawa, providing tliat  Immigrants miihl come direct from  the-land of their biith.    ._    '  The ibnuei Order only delegated  powers to lhe Minister of the Interior, instead of   ordering   it ' to   be  aone.  I he New-Act may be passed also  but the Order will seive, the "purpose, and has been declared legal  b>rthe Depai trne.it of Justice.  3  unman, remains .toun<  -    - SUPPOSED * SUICIDE.  Victoria :-  The skeleton of an unknown  man has been fo'-nd in the bush  close lieie.  /An empty whiskey flask, a tevol-  v^r ancl a hole in the skull, point  to probable suicide.  The body has lain there since  about last June.  he 66  99  Madame L. J. Forget, , wife ol  Senator Forget, has received letters  from the Black Hand demanding  payment of $2,000 with the alternative of death.    ���  .   The police   have   arrested   some  Italian suspects.'.  &���  ^4*      ��Kk  W  @  V * CI 3  American adviser in  ��� Korea was"��� assas's- ���  .  -     inated.  After amurderous   attack,    from  which he was rescued, the Koreans'  succeeded,   the   following  day   in  shooting D. W. Stevens.  He has been acting for sometime  past as adviser to the Korean.  Council.  Re-distribution Act.  Fifty eight ridings in Ontario remain unchanged.  Ratal Accident  on Spruce Creek.  caves in  men  iu-u.  /  A horrible tragedy look place on Spi uce Creek ou Wednesday afternoon. Messrs. W. Allintl. E. Bowley, and A. Anderson, who were  running a diift into'a Bench claim, by the Steam Shovel Ground, were  at work.about 5 'o'clock, when the timbers, a shott way back from the  face, broke. Anderson,   calling to the others,   ran out and escaped;  Alliott followed,    but hearing Bowley call for help,   went back lo assist  him The ground slufied and shut them   in.        Anderson   gave  the  alarm,   men hurried lo the spot,   and the work of rescue was carried on  by willing helpers from all over tLe Camp. Up to ;o or 11 o'clock  that  night the impiisoned men could be heard on the  other  side of the  sluff,   which came down faster than it could be taken away. About  that time, another big sluff came down,   and after that,   Alliot and Bowley were not beard from.  The rescuers worked unceasingly till Friday, when the Government  took up the woik of recovering the bodies, but, up to the present without success.  ti  ?\  >  ������!  ;=  fir  ���1  I  ft!  s  '  '.-��� .-; yy���*��� ATLIN,   B.C.,    SATURDAY,   MARCH 28, 1908.  t 4'  t  lie Atlin Claim  1 lifi ATLIN CLAIM is i-usuuHku lvlhv catuiip-. /  i3onr<iria. mailed rncc to anv pah." or the  world Fon no cento pin mouth ; ea.oo pen  vi"a��. advertising matco : 31.00 fcr iach ct.mjm  ir*o^riTi&N; reading nonces;, ao ccriTs a Line.  ��� PifOI^L   nATES    ON    Ari"l (CATION.  JOH POINTING :  GULL-HKAHIi, PO-ITEflS, VI3ITI.MC1   CARU1  LCTTcn-HxADX, rnocpiA.Mp.ica,    rTc, etc.  OHDEr>a ppiomptlv  rxecurtQ.  PRICES   MODERATE.  Tk;j Axmk CIiaiji Puiujishikq Co., Ltd.  W'c are verj-pleased with the additional subscriptions, and promises  of future support which wc have  received during the past two weeks,  ancl, in thanking all those 'who are  stauding by us, we would venture  to suggest that each subsciiber,  when finished with the paper,  should mail it to some friend- outside.  If this   was   clone,    the   District  ine Mates.  WhaJ- civilized country t would  i:se as iis tool to convict innocent  inen, a thing such as Orchard has  proved himself; what mail would  lake any heed of evidence given' by  him on 0:1th; and, what sort of  people are these who will tolerate a  Tress which will point the finger of  doubt at men acquitted in their own  Courts ? '  &t^>.S*.#;W^.^e^3^K^^  ���N. -O. WHBBJLINCi  in Appal For  He Indian* S9��  Fresh' Fruit and Vegetables  Allways   on   hand  ��� Xhe Iron &$��re, first Sitreeh  ���ft  X  \  *�����  \  Si  would be brought to the notice, of  many people to whom it is unknown, and it would be the msans  of advertising the Camp in many  different cou 11 tried.  To encourage this, we shnU be  pleased, for the next four issues, Lo  send a. copy .01 The Claim free "of  chaige irom this Office loone friend  of each of-our subscribers who cares  to submit the name and address- of  the person to whom they wish it to  be sent.  ISfow thai some of the large operators are returning to Camp, we  think that it is high time for the  miners to be making a move to protect themselves against Japanese  labour being introduced during the  coming season.  As there is now a branch of the  W. F. M. here, ill appears to us,  that it would ^strengthen the labour  party if the Miners Association,  which was formed last Sprir.g, was  to wind up its affairs, and turn over  any funds there may be on hand, to  the local Union.  ,'vVc would urge, that with'the  exclusion of cheap labour in view,  every man who is eligible should  join the W. F. M., for by so doing,  he is helping the cause of every  white labourer on the Pacific Coast,  ff the miners had been organized,  a year ago, as we hope to see tbem  this Spring, we do not believe that  the Japs would have remained in  the district.  Uphold the laws of the country  you live in, but, as au emminent  lawyer once said, there was never a  law made that could not be circumvented. Keep the Japs out by  moral  suasion,    if   possible,     but,  KliKI' TJHCM  OUT.  The following, is the letter alluded to in the last report of the Board  of Trade Meeting, and has been forwarded to the Minister, of the (Interior'at Ottawa,  Sir, -      -      -  In accordance with a resolution adopted by the Atlin District Board of Trade, I have the  honour to submit for your favourable consideration an urgent appeal;  "That,- the Atlin Indian School,  under the superintendence of The  Rev. 1\ J. Allardfb'e granted assistance by the Dominion Government from the appropriation fund  allowed for Indian Schools." .  The Boa id ha-3 the'honor to submit the following leasons for making the application :���  1. That, ihe School was opened  in the Iuriiau Village, adjacent 'to  Atlin, on the 2nd. of July 1907, by  the Rev. F. J. Allard.  2. That, the maximum number  of twenty, and, au average number  of fourteen pupils, attended the said  School until the 1st. of September  1907.  3. That, since the isl. ofSeptem-  ber J 907, eight pupils have been  housed, fed, aud instructed in the  said School ��� as they continue to  be at j-resent.      ' '  4. That, the Board is satisfied the  Indian School is carried on in a  highly creditable aud efficient manner, and, that, it will piove in every  respect beneficial to our Indian community.  ��� 5. That, the said Indian School  acquired its building, furniture,  food, fuel eic, entirely from local  contributions.  6. That, in the opinion of the  Beard, the aforesaid institution is  well-worthy of support from the  Dominion Government; and the  Board respectfully .submits, that the  citizens of Atlin be relieved of the  expense devolving upon them for  its maintenance.  w'-tf^^a^**-/***^.^  yvw,jZv  Kowhad Wa'wrecka, Manager.  Brewers  of ��� Lager Beer  ants  Porter.  THOSE WHO PURCHASE NORTHERN BREWING  CO. BEER IN PREFERENCE TO BRANDS.THAT  ARE SHIPPED.IN, ARE KEEPING TO.SUPPORT  '  A HOME INSTITUTION AND HOME LABOR..  ASK FOR NORTHERN BREWING CO. BEER, THE'BEER  '   THAT IS BREWED IN ATLIN, B. C.  SMALL AND LARGE ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED.  *^*^*��>4*4*4*^��>tfa^>ra'4'>^^ ^^ij^^��-��^^w'-^s^-^^^'-^<?tf^  W  - s  9  DIXON   &   SCHULZ,   Proprietors.  FIRST   CLASS   RESTAURANT  CHOIltST VIMS. LIQUORS AND Clli/UtS  IN   CONNECTION.  CASE GOODS A   SflOAVtX.  When an American Judge advises clemency, aud an American  paper supports him, suggesting that  a contemptible brute like Marry  Orchard should be kept alive to be  givvu the chance of swearing some  innocent man to the scaffold, we  cannot be blamed for despising, net  the laws, but the way the laws are  apylied,  -. id justio. - dispensed- in  Letter from  2   Corner Pearl and First Streets, Atlin, B. C,    ��  W4*tw;4:4&&ea4e<M^^ �����>*^i^>4tt*<ftr'4tf*��*#*0*4r^^  The following letter from Mr. J.  McLennan, headed Edinburgh, Fed-  ruary 25th., was received by us last  week.  U'e were glad to read that he is  so hopeful, and feel sure that everyone will join us in wishing the op-  J. era tion may be au unqualified success.  Dear Sir,  _i  B~,  ocery Store  ONLY THE BEST GOODS CARRIED  ORDERS TAKEN, AND DELIVERED ON THE -CREEKS,  m  /j H'S  -    V'  \i  IS  im  I  S3  vtfifl twSww^WS^^I'-SQ-t tiStK^SJKjIM o,  *'':/[&  ATU1  i--.   '_.  irt-fUiS.!  ,.-:e>: . =*  k..'.lA-."*,.>  l2l  ��  I  '  Had .in op::tu'.ion on my eye on  the' 14II1. at r p in which was very  s-ic-e^iful fiom t!ie _ Doct >r's  point  of view; and indeed 1 fell'mi.  ch b?  .ter afier it, but ha did not touch the  pupil, as il would have been too  much to perforin a double opcialiou.  I e.rpecl to ha'.c the pupil-, npfr-  nted on 111 a few days, as soon as  poiMble. The time seems very  long iu my do-iO confinement in the  Hospital, but houo is a wonderful  thing  and I am keeping hopeful.  They are veiy kind indeed, and,  Proffcsbor Geoige McKay, who av-  tonds ou me is leally a gcntU* and  kind doctor, and, a skilll'til'snrgeon.  I fvel it-my duty to let you know  about bow I am gelling on, and do  hoi.e and trust I will be able to give  you belter new-- next letter, as I  will let you know immediately how  'my position is after tiie Tm.il operation. ��� ''.'.."'  * Concluding, etc. etc.  J. Maclennan.'-  *&:& -ar*  ���� SVv-  t3I  *��**-��� ,  By our Discovery Correspondent.  - Last Saturday was-a red-letter  day allright - two Curling contests,  a Carnival, and, "a Dance.  The team match for tiie Hen well,  Peart, and Jamirson Cup was interesting from strut to fini-k.  R. D. Felhetstouhaugh, who has  cuning logic" unlimited "always on  , .tap, with Antone Peterson, Walter  Sweet and Ben'Nichol, supporting  him, looked like a strong combination; but Charlie Gilmbre, (Chailie  was bom on a Curling Rink) I-I.  Pineo, J. Caitmel aud George Sinclair, proved the stronger and 'got a  rnoi tgage on the Cup, b}r beating  R. D. to the tune of 16 to 11.  Better ginger up R. D.  The Benwell, Peart Trophy, for  poi.-ts, was won by Wm. Morrison  by a margin of two.  Charlie Gihr.oie aud ftat Wheeling, of Atlin, and Billy Morrison  and Tom Machell, ot Discovery,  took tbe ice immediately alter the  excitement of the preceeJiug game  had subsided, and framed up scores  .as follows :-  Morrison 36  Gilmore (       _, 34  \VhceliMg 29  Machell jS  Pretty work Bill!  Tbe trophy hasn't arrived yet, so  we cannot desciiba it; iiilly thinks  it might possibly lie a. case of Scorch  Tangle-foot.  ��� 'flic Carnival, in the evening,was  a *. ery brilliant affair; the costumes  weie numerous and varied, aud  everybody 'seemed to enjoy the fun.  Besi Lady's Costume -.  Miss Sterling,       Seiviette Lady.  B< .*,t Sustained Character -  Mrs Hampton Commediana  Best Man's Costume -  MesM'S. I3ock.& I-Iaddou,    Uncle  Josh and Aunt Martha.  Best sustained Character -  W. Morrison,    " Kitcheo  Best Rov's Costume  H. Biuce, .  Amongst  othei.-,  Madr  gat-car wil  lhe   follov. ing  ostnices were conspicuous  Mrs Egg'eil,  Mis ?\I 01 rihOu  Drummer Girl  Nurse  Mrs Felliess-tonhaugli, ' Housemaid. ,  Miss Mckay,' Snow-hoe Giil  Miss Caimichael. Atlin Gnl  0.1'. Con ley,    , '���-       "J'ui-k  F.Taylor,        ' '    Toboggan Boy  J. FJysnii Coon town .Spoil  U.Koxborough,      Discovery Toy  D.Todd,      Mag from the'Bowery  Aftoi tin.; presentation, of prices.  Mr. Biown took ,a flash-light pic-  iiue of the ma'-q.iefaclprs, aud then  everyone adjoiuned to the A. P/  Id all, u here a Very enjoyable time  was spent  Welshe's Band is good, never  gets tired; '.dancing with a pretty,  girl, to' "The Language of Flowers"  Waltz, makes one feel like pa\ ing  all ones bills, 'and giving what is  left to the Hospital. Come up on  the-14th. and try it.  Tuesday, April'the 14th. will be  Installation night in-Camp Discovery No. ;o A.B., when the general  public will be-invited" to -this very  impressive cci emony.  ���-A Concert and Dance will follow  the installation.  ,.0>0$0*}*::��*.>>->,V>ftC��Ki*X"*SCiCVVOtf^  in  'u;A  -����� '4 ,1  M1B  m gisear m&rs&ei  v<-  ��  r.'Tt  jT/jRl.terJCJX1  SSE'D   MTCA  ��� w*u -<--v-*���^  POULTRY OF ALL  KINDS,  ON HAND,  TkS  'Alt t*XJ�� j-i~. j ji m  ��� ���-C_KXSrxSUXZXIUM.V><a JO  L. S c Ii u 11.  ��^e'*���.w^���.;.-f-���-^i���:^-:.-.:���.:*��� *.t*:>!x?.2>:Z>:&h&&> **tf****tf^>tf--i^<��r.^3^^ J  :i\  1  VTll!  IlAMI'tOSJ  j-uini  r>t;i>.ii  X  1/  ^  !! i-gg. e f-if  I p'  ���  X^\t~ ������. ������  CZ3  to  >  tl  0  t/3  ���-3  w .��� ��� '  <-i  'p-5  w  a  ���   T)  --a  O  >  pH  !z!  3>  hd  a  0   ,  ��1-  -2 -  >  (-1  I���1  t^r  W  p-l  -?*���  <J  fc.-4  >���  1    -  1 55  >-4  K!  .X  '  '  >-i  1  ,     DISCO VI3RY   B.   O:'  The 33kr.l-. litockctt wilh Choice Goods  Firs,: GIass pining IXooni in Conntctlon.  Hr.Ar.\c)CAr;-i*:.'i>. rox diXok & Scnui.z Stagr.  f;���**N*  '���y V--I  ��3   t2 CHim.      to-Jf aK ��**���� "<U* Vli'    i   i!t.~t?t  t  ���**&  Q  V,'ii!:im Rccfc,     -Propj-ietor.  First  Class  iCZViCS,  Prices   *  Moderate.  We' WM  A Reliable Local Salesman  for Atlin  and adjoining country  to represent  CANADA'S GREATEST.  ���   -      NURSERIES.  (R50 Acres.)  Trees grown on limestone soil are  the right trees for Biitish Columbia  planting; much hardier aud longer  lived than Coast trees. Wc hr.vc  them the'rjght size and age.  A permanent situation to right  party. Territory reserved; pay  weekly. Free Outfit. Write for  particulars  STONE ^WELLINGTON  Fonthill Nurseries  (Licensed by B.C. Government)  Toronto Ontario.  li. E.. BROWN & CO.  Sucssxztrs ta J. ti. ttic.'iicr^xcn  imys Ni-CKWARli & CLOTHrNG, LATEST STYLK  BOOTS SHOES & RUEBEKS.    LADIES SKIRTS,  .SHIRT-WAISTS COLLARS ETC. LADIES WHITE'  ' ii( *     CAKVAS f/HOKS & 'i'ENNIS SHOES.  STOJEUSG AT ATU.N AND DISCOVERY.  %4%  hi     W   'A St v.  Vi      !V* * 33 ��i P H K T'- (v t*'t t?  g^0& Pi'-UHZHmgi and ��>omsiS8r&Iaff Wcsr  @ard$v Pes&fars and Hssnd &$��$&   j*   <?<���  Executed Cheaply* Promptly and Satisfactorily.  "THE CLAIM OFFICE.  FANCY DFiKSS  PRIZES  M,M *  i^PHIJU     <1��IH.  ^TI,T.3Nr Rusric.  71'  ���������H  '\l  ^ V7&  --��]  ATLIN.    B.'  C.      SATURDAY     MARCH 28. 1908.  <���:    J  Locaf and General News.  The Temperatures for the  Week  Ending   March   the   27 th rooS.  1  max.  mm.  2 CSt  37-o  32 '  2 2 lid  38.0  30     r   ..  23rd  30.0  S  24th'  25-��  0  I5tll  30.0  16  26tll  31.0.  7  27 th  33-o  0  Latest novels and magazines  arriving each mail at  C. R. Bournes,  Ed. Sands and Bob Jamieson who  have been down ou the Coast all  Winter, came in on Tuesday's  Stage.  Tine Be&wSs  ' -   We have, to   correct   a   mistake,  made in our last issue. -  t      Speaking   of  the   depth   of,the  shaft of this Mine, we'should  have  said that it was  down   about . OXK  hunukkd and seventy feet.  Fred Taylor says the ��� road between here and Discovery is bad  for walking.  Robes aiid pillows add to ��,one's  comfort if one wants to rest by the  way.  The Preacher's dogs are wise,  they seem to know the. old saying  about  - Two's company, etc.  Fresh * assortment Lowney's  creams and chocolate nuts at  C. R. Bourne.  !  E. M. N.   Woods,  exploded   the  iMunro doctiine in Vancouver.  1 t '  He seems partial to the dusky  Hindu.,   ,  i    Edition de-Luxe,, Illustrated ���  I'Sougs of a Sourdough"  iSa.oo each at C.R.Bourne's.  ,CURLING.  Canadian Pacific Railway Company:-'  pnwtfwiniaiu'��� ufHTVr.  B. C.   COAST   SERVICE.  mcess  ay.  lo     V-?        H.*4^_y��  SnlUiic from Slc&gwfty O p.m.  ,  1.  1J1  rect  to  Vancouver  anu  \  MCCO  "ia.  frnrisportlnr  by rail of steamer to Scntllo w  ItTiont eMrn c  inrco  -  ���     -  STOP-OVlilTS   AU.OtVIiU.  T  oleots to  unj pari.  For  of tiie world.                                          T^  rntcs or Iiiformntlori Apply to   -J. .  F.  "   Act  Lowle,  ut.'SlinKwny.  ���  .      ��   ,  ���$*-4-  ��� H.< t *> ��� ��� ���'O'  USE OUE ADVERTISING  COLUMNS "  ' . '-'  -������*-  W. F. M.  Sec. Gairns has called a meeting  of the W.F.M. at their Hall in  Discovery at 7 p.m. tomorrow,  Sunday.  All interested, are invited.  A new line of Photo Post Cards,  scenic, comic, otherwise, to suii  all tastes at  C.R. Bourne's  r?-^y^V*<A^*-A>WWWWVVW*v'WVA  \ NOTICE. I  �� Correspondence must reach .g  j this Office not later than midday,��  ^Tuesday of each week, and short?  s-Notices, not later than ' Thur.s-5  may evenings. ��  *AAAAA?W>A(sY***'*W\A)^A*W'yWV*  Protect Your Eyes !  Coloured snow glasses 50 cents  a pair at Bourne's.  Ask at your Library for  'The Love Story  of Giraidus."  A Romance of the Twelfth Century  BY  Alice Cunninghame.  . Sinclair won the Gold Medal, .no  one was more surprised j than  George.       ..' .' '  , A. B". Taylor won the Silver  Medal.  Fraser,   Sinclair   and   Wheeling  are equal for the Brown Cup.   '  Fraser beat Wheeling "13 ��� 12.���' -  '- ' Nat hopes he will have to. meet  J. A. again. ' _���     -  ��� Fraser is not uneasy; he thinks;  Nat's a 'puddtn.'  Get a copy of the illustrated  edition " Songs of a Sourdough ",  a few left'at.'!l3ourne's. j  ��� Docs j. A.   enjoy   a   victory   at  Curling ?    We should guess. (  Kspecially after all hope has gone  ��� WANTED I   '        ]  Responsible party -.to act as sole  agent for patented article ol merit,  exclusive territory to right party.-  Address : ���  W. L. H.  1.06 Clark St. ���  Portland, Mc.  U.S.A.  Placing before the public  i ��������  c ���       1 *. k  the many - advantages- of  -  J *   the district is the object of. '...  U <f*  &  At-  This cannot be .successfully accomplished with-    *  out the generous support of    ,-���  the business  people and  the residents.  -��� SEND US TOUR SUBSCRIPTION  j. W. THOMPSON, Prop.  FIRST-CLASS SERVICE ONLY  *$>-��-���-���-��  >-��-��-��-���-���-�����*> ��������*>��� *<��/<&-*���* �����*�� ��� ��������������<  raw  WlIV  BUSH  OUT  WIIKS   YOU CAN   OKT OOODB Afl CHEAT HEUE .'  /  Atlin, Nugget and   Grape   Ringi  nnd till kinds of Jewelry ninnii  fnctnrod on tlio i>romi.st).s. ������ -%  ^    . lfino  Now Stoolc  of   Watches,  Clocks, Jewelry   nnd   Diamonds  Wtitclios from 55.00 dp. Aeortts for Columbia Gramophone*;.  Silverware, Cut Glass, Hand Painted China, Souvenir Spoon  JUiES    tWliflll     tt    'JV1V .ATLIN  AND  DISCOVERY-,  ��;*iy Dftpoait vauit*       Watchmakers and. Manufacturing Jav/ ers  /'���  '%  .*. ������  as  J"  hi  '���\1  A^  s\k  ,$  .*}  i*���  -\ "61


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