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The Atlin Claim 1906-03-03

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 m?  ��^v.Y ^^tV^''*'-'-f77f ffl,?-1  aHsfiSsslsSSsffi^sK  .��7;  f'/f.-i'.'  |7-':  |/7��  _<���:'{! yV-.  w->-'i  ?,,,777p,,,,,  7$  7:YYi y:7:.-Yrf  jw*.;, ;... jla4_ts6iy  i^.v^S'.^.',v*..;^;:.:  ^>��.Ki-^  Vr^v:^--::.^-1^'  \iX;'.^f/,,':-t:'r��C��i|V  :C:77S|Il  :.;:&'  VOI77r'4:,77:7;  ;ATr;INi7:"BY.'C^  :77NC7;-3.47,^  ^BiiBim^a  ^pSlJXlS7ANX}^  -GuiifeQztt  77:- 7;at7:Nanching"j"���.;=Ghina;7v;777  DIMI10ND77R0BBERS 7IMPRIS0NED7  i("ariaita:-Lbses;;a,Y Millioh;7I)ol]'#S/l-iy;^  7777Car, Shbps^Being' ���Burned;y7;77  ; To Investigate/Canadian Insurance  r;^7';:.'7.l"~J^nsStuciy.|Cpnd.itio  ! 777 ^Island :Dea2--Hello7 Girls   out  -yyy '-;on Stn!ce--Heiriza,,Will,; Spend  7 ;7Ulillions7 Deyelopin-rYCoppe"*-7  '^77'7The;;Algecii^  ��� ���������. '���'������ '7'Ai 'v''[Sl.'B'pl.V.Ti;Td:TllBi qr.AU?.] 7'yy7y  7.Y7Wasbuigtph^  ���A;'despatch': which wasreceiyediliere  .'yes.teVcIa'yfiSta.ted7.:-tliat' durihgTrriot:  ;\\duch7bccurred:: on" Monday: at7the:  lAinericau77Mi^sipii7 ih:7.Naiichiiig,'  ���-Cbiiia77six:7Jesuits7and;:four'mem  -bers-7of 7a'i77 English /family' .were:  - killedl77Ai7 A mericaili:-giin bpatvyas  pii7its'7'w-iy:'.;to Ythe-^scene.-of:'the  trouble. 7:Tbe despateh7alsb7state:d,  ;that: 7tbe7G!iinese 7governuient']iad  instructed'the?:governor of;v.the 7pro-'  viiice.Iii'"��� which;Naiiching is situated,  to - punish   severely alF those-who  had participated in .the riot. 7  7 Vancouyer,;B.,C.,"Mar;;i.---Wallace   Barriiigtou, y part1 ler,. of Harry,  Hazard 'in the. recent diamond 7 rob-'  -.beiy at McMillan's''.jewelry, store in  thisYcityi'was'arrestedY.atY Blaine,  Wash., a few days ago,   waived extradition proceedings  and y returned  ..to. the city; with a,detecti\'e7: When,  .the;,prisoners,appeared  for trial yesterday they both   pleaded -guilty to  :the charge of having.coiiiniitted the  ;theft7 7:Barnngtoivwas; sentenced to;  live years iniprison men t,'. while Hazard, who had materially/assisted the  police- since his arrest, was given a  sentence of four'years. "7' 7     ���/-'. -������'':���������'���  7 Mqncton, N. B., Mar. ;i.^���The  large construction and repair,shops  and plants of the '.Intercolonial Railway in this cil^- were totally destroyed bj* fireyesterday. The loss,  will exceed one: million- dollars.  Over one. thousand-employees are  thrown out of work.  Ottawa, Out., March .1.���A: royal  commission was appointed 'yesterday to .investigate ful ly the methods,  employed by Ihe different,life insurance companies, and societies doing  business in Canada.  PortTowiisend, Wash., March 1.  ���A distinguished party from Japan,  numbering thirty. - nine persons,  which is headed.by Prince Tsai Tsi,'  who is a first cousin of the Japanese  Emperor, arrived in this port last  night. Before returning to Japan  the several members of the part}-  will make a thorough study of the  political and trade conditions which  exist in the United States.  Victoria, B.C., March 1.���At the  K'aieii:Tslancl7iin*e-"tigatiou;"which is  being7 Iiet(l7h.ere7.jjy.;7spieciar;cdiii-  111 i i te e-"ri p ]"*bi n ted- U\'7t 11 e yB7.C-7 legist  .I:iUire'7-J"ini'eV'-:'A:^  'n'ii'i'iii'al'ipi'Oi-ncliiiitteciXtlia  Tritii .lc-^PaciiicJi cpm pa ii"y:;dgreed7 to:  p/t }'7Pe te i7 liar'jQi 17pf ;7Mpii tana7aYid:  himself ^j.0^p6p;Ipi7:,tlieii7services'iii,  CoiiiiectiqiiYwilii;-tlie' deal.7.i;There7is  hhv;unofficial;;'''"ruin.br in-circulation  ���that foilr/Coiiseryatiyes71iave;c;joiued  the;6ppositibii7;wlid are 7deiuahdiug  the;7;^.isinissal7of^the;l\IcBride^g037^  erii mention 7- account ;,-'of7;the'7dis-:  closures ;bf;the7Kaien;Island7deai.7;^  7;7VaiicPuyei7;.B;C7' Ivlarch'" 17-~-The;  ���'���''l-ello:- cehtr-vl'j7guisYahd7ali7:tlie  electricaLwprk'ers1bL;theYTelephoiie  Gompaiiy4ii;:'this'.city;.have7beeii7bu7  strike^ si lice 7"the'723rd of February;  because 7Superinteijdeut;Y^eiit:7at^  tempted; to;tbrce the;girls;; of7whbm  there.7 are ;,thirty-three,'7td;;;: remove  their 7]ain"es7fi^  ,rorl/oLthe;electricalv.unioii7.v v/y,;.;;yyy;>  77IhdianappliH,77Indiv7Marcli;;i'.7^  Tlie7;cbaI;;;pperators':pfYthis section  have-agreed to;iiicfease7tlie,"mihersv  wages7;;by; a; ;seale7qf;.;frbui7five;per  e<^it7aaYd;upjwar^  ehed;strike;h:as;beeii;ayerted.777 y:;'''7  :���" Vancouver, B. C,,;MarchYi7���Mr.-  A tig use. : Hem ze7" t he Mon tana copper 7knig|'-will'"'"'during.''the "coining  'summer,7;Co:mrj3.ence mining operations in YtheBulkley: valley, 'iwhere  he;intei"ds:to; expend, /several millions of dollars in developing copper  properties which he has acquired.  , ��� Nqrtli;7Pbrtal,.f Marcli1:2.��� Thirty  carloads of settlers effects from'-Iowa;  "passed througl*7this.place yesterday  consigned7tp';'different points in the  Canadian North West.       7  St.' Petersburg, March 2.-J-Most  alarming viewsofthe presentstrahi-:  ed:relatibns7;b--tween Germany: and  France;7are7ehtertaiued7in:: certaiii  diplomatic'-quarters here, where the  situation is Ycbiisideredy.tb have ybe-  come- extremely teiise and .a conflict  between the two nations is thought  to be b)':.nq means unlikely. '.Riis:  sia is- using all her influence at Berlin to prevent a rupture.    7  Berlin, ��� March 2.��� The Gerinau"  government has decided to ,make  some concessions iii order to, meet  the French views on the present  Moroccan question, provided that  France is willing.to yield something  on her part.- The extent of Germany's proposal will become known  only at Algeciras, when it will be  communicated';-to the French delegates at the conference.  Algeciras, March 2.���The French  officials here don't look favorably'  upon the. last Berlin report. One  of the German Moroccan delegates  has caused considerable excitement  here. by tlie disclosures that the  proposed concessions of Germany  would give the contract for the harbor improvements at Carabablanca  and Safli, the two leading Atlantic  sea ports, of. Morocco, to the Crein-  zol Company, of France, while at  the same time Germany would have  ;seciu,ed-the,eoiicessioii;(or;exteiisiy��:  ;hai"bo'rf;imprp,veinen'ts -atTangier; y,.,;  '.^���Vaiicouv^^^  Pri\;yYCoii!Vcil7h'is77lectded'tlie/faiu7  bus sfreet-euels;cjise,r\vhic 1 .iv.h.'is..-been;  Icei)t.7iii7;ilie: courts:.''f6r/-t\vo;'.br.Jtlire'e  'ydirsiby7the'"City.-6f Vaiiebuvei": ajid,  11 ie7iCo nad i aii;7pficific ^Ra ilway iCb-7  hi -Javbr'iof; tlie ;latter7;v:7-7;;YY777;7:':-Y;  XXXX'X^^^^^^^XXXX  S7YTl!e77liqman7GiVtiiqlicYclu  Beau!brd.70iie7vwas;bu'rhe^  2211 d .t,7:LpSs-.^45 ;boo;7: X:XXX':^X  7::,M'i's7lsatella7Brobksrsuicided;:at;  Torbii to you "Feb. - 2 3rd;;l>3* drinking:  c-irbpHc'7;-acid;;7.'':.;She  ���pobr^healtjlv:7';7;;;7.Y77'''77,:-���Y,Y;7Y;7;'7:7,7  ;7;jqhnstbii;7[brdaii7; qf7Port;Hope;  0;iit7idiedvlastweek;;as:the; Yresult'of  mistakiiiG:'' -and, drinkiiig: .carbolic'  'a"ci(l:;fpr'.:mediciiie;Y-:.;;-;-;77,:::;7777V:'7;  -7^Jarnes;Sulthbrp} aTort-Hope-.far-;;  iuefi'fellY:into7a-large;grain:;biir;last-  weekvand-was ;drawir/-iinder7by'the  suctiqti.7:;:.He7:Was;'deadY7w  covered.:v;!y;;.:-;y;:;'.;;7-;;':7;77::;:;;;>'7:'y77.'.: ;77  7 '���'���.���'���Rebel,--- ;Hotteiitots7 TimljushedT-'/a  German 7uulitaryvpati"pl74iear7:Sen-;  .do.br.11'',' ;:Germah-YWest,;Y:Africa)-;last  week^aiid;killedYLieuteiiaiit-Bendor  "ahd'si x:trbbpers777 y ; 7>y?"7-7777^ yX  7:At';Grai\d Rapids, Mich.Von;:Feb7-  i9th}j}:T:Te\ves;77of^Jersey Gity,���  broke-:the,:-world's-recordY:��br7iticloori  shootiiig with a'22:calibre rifle at 25  yards,: when-he.; ma.de ;;22Si out ofa  possible 2500.;.��������� ,;;7" 7;; ': .  : Joe.Gaiis,; the colored lightweight  pugilist, .was in Sail Francisco,last  week and:issuedachallenge to fight  JimmyBritt on,.the: understanding  that, they give .'.their share of the receipts 'fo'cliarity. ,;''7' . . 7: .  ;; Ediili MiiiKlTliompsett, aged 34  years, of,:: Toronto,- walked;.out; of  a bed room window on Feb. 22nd  while 7in:7a7so)rambulislic:couditibn  and "fell ;20^ leet ,!p7 the hard, paye-^  ment below.,. ;The��� fall killed;her. 7  7---.At 7 Washington : on 7 Feb. ��� 22ad  chairman 'Hull, of.the committee ,011  military affairs, in^presenting' the  army appropriations: bill., urged tlie  necessity of preparations of both  the army and '-..navy for trouble in  the Orient...  y While en route home from San.  Francisco, where they had been defeated by the New Zealand team by  a score of 43 to 6, the British Columbia rugby football ' teani^defealed  the Portland team by a score of 31  to nothing. ..���������"." '   ���  The German government will  shortly lay before the reichstag a  proposal to give the United States  the same treatment under the new  Gerinau tariff as is given to countries with whom German}' has reciprocity treaties."  A fierce engagement took place  near Okatrinodar, Caucasia, on Feb.  20th -between ' Russian troops and  600 mutinous Cossacks who were  out on .a foraging expedition with  five machine gnus. There were  many casualties.'  A compulsory education bill,  which provides that all children bs-  YY^fY':-'  Uveeu;; ,6,; aiid y iSYyears;.qf age'nqt7:;  'ih'fi'yi.ng. "pasaed'itli'e.V^'tli'':. ���^������������acle:; ;'iiii*sfc7'';'  :;aCteh'd";;^dhpoli��':��q  .���li,as'::been7.iu.t-rbduc^  :Scb^ia;;iegislatirr:e^7::;7;7;-Y7Y;77  :7'^leb.;: ;Baiiei'many;7a^^^  carpehter,- was ;bu'rhed- to deatlv-iii:7i;;,7i  ,fii'e'whicli'alsb7totally:;des!:rb3'ed4be777  c&biii;iu;wliicl7he;resicled:;at;VV  ;h'ffi"��e7b.n7Suhd^y,7F  much Jiqubrjand- aqver-lieated;;stqyeY:7^  /e*itised;;tlie'"trpuble';7;7';.y7  77i^ie; byeTelectiqiriii7Mais6neueye;7;v;  ���^uebec,:7made y; necessary u7by?Sth^i.c:  dea'tli7:';'of y.H'qni-i.'Ray.uiqii'd-'''^  tain e7 resulted ���;--.iii-'.:the.:;..retiii'n ���. :qf;::Al-7;Y;  p!ibuse,Veryille^7lIiSaLabor7caiid  date,7.by;a.Y;ui^prity;;pf72ibTO7;pyei:<^  'the opposing Liberal7;;77';'7Y77.7rY77;;:7;  ?:7:0n; Feb.Y22ud:Mrs7-Richard7Gbl-7:,:  \yeli,'-;7pf'7;G.bssa'r,ekL:;tbw  ;Ki.iigsyille,:Oiit;;;Iaid:ah:;iiiforaiatipii77-  ^gainst; her7husb'ind;allegin^  Jie;7sqld;;Jier,7:body=-;;and7 sbul,7;:tp; 77  Frank;YDobsou,:7aYfarmer7,the^cbu7;7  'sideratioii'.: beiiig;;a; YprbmisoryViiote;:.;'  ;|,,At: ;;T:,qs;Y:Angelps7on,",Feb. ,:--23rd;7,;;  iiv77a7:!tweiity-rbuucl7;:fight;Y;Tbihm  iBu'rivs^; wbri the:decisibu'7n*erfMaryih;7 :  ;Harti:7:c9lqr6cL^:aiid.'7J;tiie7  ��� heavj-weiglit-champiqnsliipK^TiierefeY  ;.was;uor kuock-oiit. .v;.Bi.ir;is,v hayhig77  ���the ;loiigest:reach,;,:was; able'; :tb::out-YY;:  ;P^iii't;'Hart;;   ;' ���7;yy,--vyVy;^''  7;--  ' A;Kiiigstqn, Yjamaica; : despatch  of .Feb. 19th  said  thatEdward St." ;  Geo rgeTBan well, tliedefaultiiig tel-:;7  ler of the ���Crown. Bank of Toronto;".:  accompanied' '"b3*'his:'. wife,' had left:  for Canada.'. All the unsigned ���bank,  botes stolen by him have been caii- ;  celled._and,he was broke.  ;  " -In the British parliamenton;-Feb.7:  23rd;the Unionists appealed against  tlie   King's .speech, 7 which' they  'thought'' ��� favored  home ;rule.".' 'I'he'-'"',  .Nationalists .were, much; pleased and.'  promised   to.; cease .obstructing-.after' ....  an yaiueiidmeii t ;offered; by the Uii;-;;  ipiiists was defeated by 4oSto S.S.     ���.-���  .'.. A despatch of Feb. 2ist says'"that  foreigners- residing   in  Pekiu were  receiving many'telegrams from rela- -  lives ''.'ii'idicatiiig." a feeling of alarm  over 7the' possibility, of   a   Chinese  outbreak. "P'oreiguers and "ministers'  there argued that the Chinese-.'never  appeared more friendly than at that  date. : 7'      ���:'������;;' ;���''������.'':���"7',' .7,"  ':  The official news agency ���at; St..  Petersburg! on Feb. 23rd received a.  despatch from Paris bearing the  marks ol government inspiration  which suggests the. possibility-of  President Roosevelt being   able   to  bring about a reconciliation between  France and Germany, at Algeciras,  the same as lie did for Russia rind  Japan.  The 'Singer' Manufacturing Co.  has filed plans with the building department, of New York for a building that will tower 306 feet above  the highest present sky-scraper in  that city, so says a despatch of Feb.  23rd. Thc building when completed will be 40 k-et higher than  the Washington .monument . in-'  Washington, D.C., which is 555  feet high.  yy^'b-  V?!>.\  ^-Hr���S^l  ,',;.���!  77UI  M ���.-y'r*r\^jy^,5r��fj'*v^*^V"*',,V1JrT;'"JS"( T'<7  r^;*^/;rC'^^^^C^  t^a^^jj.r.-  ....^^y^, ��..�����.>.,���,���*, fJ-.v.,-y^ij .^,itAc j  ATLIN,   3.   C\,    SATURDAY,    MARCH 3, 1906  |l  =  The Atlin Claim..  CORRESPONDENCE.  THH ATLIN CLAIM 11 p��n<.iCH-<[:[> rucnv. satupday  MORrtmc. MAi'-rn rncfa TO anv. part op thc  wohlo ron no   crriTi. pc*t month:   ^lr.oo   pen  VCAH.        ADVWlTIJlNB'ltATrc:  fl.OO PlIR-IN-CH EACH  IN5CF1TION I    RCAOINO  NOTTTTCS.  ?S  CCNT3 A  LINE.  Et-rciAL nATr.-j. on.application.   ����*   .!<>�� PKJNTIMi  ILL'HEAOS, POSTcn3,. viMtTrwc  CAnDS  UTTCn-HEAOS, PHOGRAKUfGr      ETC..  CTC.  ORacTC- PROMPTLY   C��ECUTCI?y.  PfllCCS   MODERATr.  [ I In- Clni:n is nut vsponsible for view.''  . pi-i .s^t-d.lij; c. iH-ispniulciitfi.l.  Garai/BLav^iiShouicl be EriiiusGBrU.  Tub Atmn Gtmim Puht/isiiing Co.,J.tp.  Vf.    POr.I.A.NIV     GlI'ANT.       |-;i)IT01!-.\lAN.\(,-Ul(.  Tlie- \Iaueouver Province- says  the telegraphic report which-was  circulated last week,, to-tha- cffcci  that the Grand?Trunk. Pacific would  not begin construction iu the- western part of the Dominion-for-several  years to come,.is a rank-fake,.and  publishes a denial of it over-- the signature of Vice-President Morse,  who says-the. work.of construction  will be carried on as rapidly as possible and that the entire road' will  be completed��� and in operation by  the allotted-time, 1911"..  The letter of Provincial1 Game  "WardemA-. B. Williams,.in another.  column,.contains a volume of truth  in respect; to- the indiscriminate  1 slaughter-and destruction of tlie big  game asset of thc Atliii district.  It is certain-ihat tho district might  have a , considerable amount- of  money'expended-in it every hunting-  season by. wealthy tourists if our  game laws- were-properly respected,  by the Indians- and residents,.and,  it is the duty*, of every citizen of the  camp, not only to respect the game  laws, but to at all Um.cs-heJp.to enforce them.  Our worthy game-warden speaks  of the time" "when ''our mining.is all  done.'7' Pie certainly knows- more  about the condition.-of big game in  the Atlin district than.he does about  our past and present-mining operations or the enormous- possibilities  in this line in the future-  Placer Claims,.  Dr. Young Introduces Bill" To." Alter  The Size of. Claims.  The following is--from-the Victoria  Times- of. 5*eb.. 10th::  The-amandmenliwhich Dr..Young  introduced- yesterday to the Placer  Mining, Act; is- calculated,.he says,  to give creek.claims- a- much- longer  lease of life than at present. ' The  life of a creek olaim-. at.present1 is-  liniited to- 250 feet square. Dr;  Young points out��in- explanation of  this- amendment that in.tha--ca.se of  the distance between benches-being  nan row,, and consequently, the  ground, rich,.the present si/.e of the  claim.is-satisfactory.. On the othor  hand,, however,, where, the auriferous gravel extends over, a wide area  between, the benches the 25o.-fec-t  square, is-not sufficient.  He proposes to-make it;250-feet*  long i.u the direction of the stream.  It will howeven extend, i'000feet  wide, 500 feet on eaoh. side of the  centre- ot. the. stream.. By/this* system Dr. Young.: points- out that; a  miner who slakes-a claim-wilLhavo  a fair chance togetitherich.streains.  By. limiting it to 250-feet in width a.  Game Warden's Office;  i ^Tancoui-er, Feb. StH;.'bC��.  ���Kditor.of TriTC At'itn Claim-  : Atlin, bs e:.  ���   Dic-A-R  Sir,.���I  am sending;yon,  under   separate- cover,   a   marked  copy of   my report.    At the' latter  end   you  will sec'l*lr.it: the fewtour-  .isis who visited.the town of I,iilboel  left   in   that' place- atileast $20;ooo  besides $800 for  licences;.   Now  I  should; like- to- call the attention of,  the people in Atlin lo-this fact. ns'I  consider   that  the Atlin-district is-a  better district by far for game  than  'Liilooet and should'have-af least as  .'.many tourists   as that  place.    If.is  possible   that* the distance Atliii is  away may  have  something:-   to-  do  jwitli    ihe  s.-iall   number of. tourists  you get,.but this is- not   the   chief  reason,.as wealthy sportsmen do not  mind distance-or expense to- obtain  shooting..   The- reason. . is- because-  the   reports- of." the  destruction of  game by Indians,,  and.   by hunters  for   sale- of heads- and meat, have  been   very  widespread   and.'  as-   a  sporting   centre   Atlin   has   got  a  black eye.    I think it time-that the  .people should be made aware of the  value the game is-to-theun     Would  .it not have made a- great- difference  to the merchants, hotel men, and iu  fact- every'body if you- had had-thc  same amount  of money leit   there  that was left-hi.T,il!ooet this season?.  You. should- get double that amount.  .There   is   enough   game  to keep a  small.town going, for. years,    after  your milling is all done,- if it is-properly protected*.  I'am*.having.- numerous- enquiries  from tourists- as to the. best places  to go next shooting season and I  have no doubt that U should; have  sent a good many- in to Atlin had I  not had. a knowledge of the way. the  game has been slaughtered and. also  the/- indifference of the majority of  the people lo this-fact.  I hope you-, will do- tha best   you  can to impress- these facts-, through  the   medium   of" your paper, upon  the peopleof Atlin..   I ani; sir,.'  Yours- obediently,  A.  BliVA'N WlI'IiliiY-VIS,.  Provincial Game & Forest Warden.  I Why kbxd our when- you can okt noons ah ciiHAi- iir.ur,?  j Atlin-, Nagget and   Grape   Rings  :vnil  all 1-imls n? .I'ewelV.v maim f,  : Htcturcil on tlie premises.                  ''  ��� Pine  New fit-oc-k  of   Watches,   Clocks,. Jewelry   ami   Diamonds  ' Watches from $i7i0(l ii]ti.                       AkciiIs for Columbia Gramophones.   ���  ! SiLver wares, Gut(5lass-, Hand Painted China, Souvanii- Spoons .  JULES EfiffiBT & SON, awn and- -to-scovkky,   ������  safety Dcpasrt Vani^      Watchmakers and Manafacttiring Jewelrs.  They are   Waiting   for   You!  IN  ���^..Bargains  Hats and Dry Goods,  Garticts and House Furnishings*  miJx.   I.TiNK   OK   BOOTS    and.' S1EOKS-,.  m.n&   GOI.L)    SEAL    ilLP    GUM    BOOTS.  It. E. Brown & Co  Successors to J.  Atlin and  ��� ^   Discovery, B. C.  H. Richardson..  Canadian Pacific Railway Company.  ALASKA   ROUTE   SAILINGS..  Sm   S.   Amur  departs   from- Skagway  March 10th & %Bnd-j St. April 3rd*  Sailing from Skagway 8 p.m..  direct to- Vancouver  and- Victoria..  !\\*o  Transporting; by vaii-' or stearnoi-to Seattle witliMiit cxlva eh:i?Ke  B. D  X'Vc (;itii<;lt uepvicc.    No >iiTeraie<liutc t-jlis.  J? or rates or iiit'ii'mutluii apply to  Ii.  unn,  AgcntrSlcofrwn?.  !>0<S>��-��-�� * *-<  >-��� ��� �� *-&  <&+-<  TEDS    GOLD �� HOUSE,  DISCOVERY,   B..'C.  C. hL Nisscn,, Prop.     ~       -   F. B. Wrong, IMgr.  Restaurant in Oonnet'tinn Under  New ami Capable Management.  <-*-*-*<& O &*** * * * * * *-*******�� *-��***** ��<g>  !9  Z&r* i��** C^^  IMiuv. Fb*KS.���C. Goldsteim will  be in Atliii from!the 15th' of. March  until:April 1st and will, pay highest  _    .       -. . prices for-fur.    CalLoc leave- word  miner   might carr.y on. his.-work.iu ]at.Royal Ho.t;cL mc  low grade dirt with no- prospect of  reaching tha paystreak in the-limited  w-idtlu Tjfnder the system; he proposes- the chances are altogether  altered: It would-result, he'thinks,,  in miners:takiny..up their residence  'on the- claim'', and. working these  claims for years: This is-cf import-  iincc, the member-Top Atlin says,, in  his-district and. points-out' that it is  in line w-ilhi the proposal--made for  the Yukoni The-Yukon claim,  however, is proposed- to- be 500 feet  long and-: extendi for p,ooo-feet on  each side-of the central line.- ��ov-  eriior. .Molnnea? who is on-his-way  to- Ottawa,, includes this-proposal  among others which'he will submit  for approval, to-the-Dominion government..  Dr..Young's araendhieut'willilike-  ly give rise- to considerable discussion in the.- House when- the- bill  comes up for second, reading., aud in  oomraittee.-  i?he Picture that today is bhe talk-  of England and the British Colonies;:  being the fi**st ever published showing  the Queen in liar quiet home life..  (l?ra*nes 20-x 25 in.).  Ik Family Herald and Weekly Star,  of Montreal, the-gceafcest family paper  i*i America;: Top one- year,.  AND  Iifor one year,.  e.w.u AT ��t?r e>i-'*fi(*i'' axm si-:k ths" P'RISMIUM.  'i'liia- ofXar io- open to both present and new subscribers  to "THJfc'ATIJN  erAIM.,r  '��8Sj����JMWS^AW��l>WW^  A   - i��t.a *'-,-j )-wi.T-  H wkatoU>4'Ulilu(Cma.>^ta^v4^>'-> f**�������*.'*'-tf��4*>fi. I*v J' (.'-4l*m  c  lia'  5'  ATLIN,' B. C,   SATURDAY,' -MARCH   5, "1906  ��>  Hockey Matches, and  Carnival at Discovery.  Atlin Seniors Lost But the Juniors  Won-r-Carnival Prize Winners.  Several from Atlin and a large  .number from the creeks were iu attendance ,at,. the Discovery skating  rink on the afternoon of Saturday  last to witness the second games of  the season between the senior and  junior hockey teams of Allin and  Discovery.  The senior.game, which was called fust, started at about 3 p.m. and  was productive of 30 per cent, belter hockey than the previous week's  game. Owen and Sinclair occupied  positions on Atliu's' Icam in place  of 1-7 D.'Rorkc and' Bnrnside, and  Gilinour played for Discovery instead of W. Sweet. The match was  well contested from beginning to  end and resulted in a win for Discovery by a score of 5 to 3. The  home team started the score moving  in the first quarter, when the}* got  two goals to the visitors' one, and  they maintained iheir lead throughout the game. In the second quarter- each team scored one goal, the  score being 3 to 2. After about  four minutes play in the third quarter Discovery forged through the  Atliii defence and scored their fourth  goal. Atliii secured the rubber at  the subsequent face-off and inside of  thirty seconds had scored their  third and last goal. During the  remainder of this and the last quarter the visitors poured a' fusilade of  shots at the Discovery goal, but all  to no effect as Dick, at point for  Discover)', proved a veritable barrier  and stopped pretty nearly everything which came his way, and the  few odd shots which got past him  were taken care of by Gilinour in  goal. Discovery scored one goal in  the last quarter. Dick, who most  certainly saved the game for the  home team, and Miller, for Discovery,'and Owen, McPheeand Bourne,  for Atlin, did good work for their  respective teams. Fetherstonhaugh  did most of the scoring for the winners. Atlin shot often enough but  the shots lacked sufficient steam for  goal-scoring.    The line-up was: .  DISCOVERY.  C. Gilmour      Goal  J. Dick Point  F. P. Miller Cover-Pt.  Fetherston )  J. Palmer   > Forwards  J. Cartmel  )  Referee, R. M. Wilson; goal umpires, Ii. Rosselli and W. E. Fisher;  time-keepers,   A.  J.  Burnside   and  R. D. Fetherstonhaugh.  . Tine j UNIONS.  The junior teams then took the  ice and furnished a very good game,  which would have been much better had there been the required  number of players on each team.  As it was, the two forwards and one  defence of the teams had by far too  much ice to cover and, being in  continuous motion, they were much  fagged at the finish. The Atlin  boys, however, demonstrated their  supremacy as stick handlers and by  their combination work and good  shooting defeated their opponents  by a score of 4 to 2. The teams  were as follows:  Discovery���Carl Anderson, Harry  Cosligau, Charley Bruce and Robert  Roxborough.  Atlin���Leonard    Haslett,    Alan  ATLIN.  Thco. Sweet  G. Sinclair  W. Owen  ( OW.Rorke  < F. McPhee  ( CR Bourne  Fraser,    Harry    Mobley   and   I.yal  Fraser.  The' players of the junior teams  and a number of their young friends  were the guests at dinner of Messrs'-  Hampton & Durie, proprietors of  the'Nugget Hotel. The Allin seniors were entertained to dinner at  the same establishment by tlie Discovery seniors, and both dinners  were very .pleasant affairs.  THE   CAKNIYAI,.  f  The fancy dress carninal at the  rink iu the evening was a splendid  success and was well attended by  skaters en masque, skaters iu ordinary all ire and spectators. ' The  Discovery' orchestra supplied good  music and ihe scene on the ice as  the skaters glided around was one  of much 'blitheness. The rink was  well lighted, the ice in good condition and both spectator and skater  thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  The judges, Messrs. R. A. Jackson,  Geo. A. Kerr and E. Rosselli, had  a most unenviable duty to perform  and we are certain that their decisions . were well arrived at in  awarding the prizes as follows:  Best sustained character���Lady,  "Columbia,'' Mrs. James Stables;  gentleman,   "Turk,"   Mr. D'. Ross.,  Best girls' costoine-���"The Atlin  Claim," Jessie Anderson.  Comic gents���ist, "Policeman,"  Thos. Hanna; 2nd, "Clown," V.  Trotman.  Comic girls costumes���ist, "Mary  Jane," Jos. Palmer; 2nd, "Topsy,"  Harry Costigan.  c#     c��*     ti*     ***     �����*     *?���'     v*  ��  TO MAKE ROOM FOR  LARGE SHIPMENTS OF  Atliiito Lodge,  A. F. & A.M.  Regular communications held on the tirst.  Thursday of each month  in tho A. O. U. \V. Jlull,  Third .Street.  "Visiting; brethren cordially invited.  ?"      BARBER SHOP.  I'TRST STUI'I*T,  '   -'     ATLIN.  F. SHIELDS, Prop.  HOT BATHS 50 cts.  The bath rooms are equally as good as found  in cities.   Private lintrance for Ladies.  <$* ********* * X-* ********.**<S>  Send us your Job Printing  -4H  M5)  Joe  Palmer,  The Reliable Shoemaker,  -   -   -   Discovery, B. C.  Rubber Boots a Specialty.  Hampton   &   Durie, Proprietors.  Discovery.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT.  FIKST-CLASS RESTAURANT  IN --"  CONNECTION,  tlcuduuitrtei-s for Dixon's stage.  Dry 'Qoodl  ^9  ^ urn is j  hoes  Which  will  Arrive   Shortly,  We ��� HsLve . Oeosdec! to  Every Article  in   these   Lines  has  been   M.-vrked  Down - lo  PRICES   Which  Cannot   Kail to  Please  Everybody.  W"*      w*      &r1      i/f*      ��/*      t//*      fie?"  The Atlin Market Co., Ltd.  FRESH   DRESSED   MEATS,   also  ��� ��� IBI1BIIM llll IHH Hill II III      Mil     III ���  POULTRY  OF  ALL.  KINDS,   Dressed to Order.  C.   DOELKER     Manager.  -SUCCESSORS  TO-  THOMAS, &   BEN WELL,  Wholesale  Wine   and  Spirit  Merchants.  Vancouver, B. C.  V. O. Box 102.  The  Canadian ; Bank   of , Commerce.  CAPITAL    PAID    UP    $10,000,000.      ���  Reserve, .$4,500,000.'  Branches of the Bank at Jeattie,  San Francisco,  Portland,  ���   .     ���   '   ' Skagway, etc.  Exchange sold on all Points.  Gold Dust Purchased���Assay Oeeice in -Connection.  D. ROSS, Mannger.  1  ! 7J  i 11  ���1 -' r  7   $  :, ��!  ���f  ;-;ll  .'_;*  ''���W  I  i��>,J ���#33iS!Ki!��SS!=^!B^  MMX  mix  id ..|y;..Yy���  ?S5$��Z��^}��!^  ���C.4  m  IS''.- .':'  3-lYYJ.'-.  bf ���:.">-.-'  5:777  B>7"y  fi $'77  S~4'  1-3 .-V-'IL-  KEN  Ij'J'  Iff77s  r?-:-.iv  I-J'YS  11 7  WtMi --��� P.: C, 7SA.TURDAY,' : 'MARCH' ^3,7' -igoft  i!  iven.tsv ; 7'-:-7:,-.'  ."C'v.cr^V'mail'fi'ti-C:  ui aiK; i/a;1"-'::-  iPiilhra'h'sV '  'y.,y ".'. ;���.-',;: .Local  77-   '-;--^C';>r  '.'..iVl-lg   7.77.77>m'ni7sYY 7-7 :.-  v-'-;.'.; 777: -i;itO:-iMlfl^IiKU!;  ��� '���-.'������i.rc''';jl'iv;*.y;-i':<;V'i biiiYd at  ;-.7M'c.I.)o'niii.'d';s7f7rooery..makes a  7..:8pe'cial'ty!-��{7.lV!iMU'cj-'gs.-'and butter.'  ������_-. TMuIcoIht'y Mr-QvKeiuvie hilciic'.s "-to-  ' -start OiratrLploYtiieTanaiiLi shortly.:  '7 :7 Miss V: MoiyneaiiA came :ii7over  '���- the vFaii Tai l- ron l.e Wednesday, a Tier:  '���'  a/four uionths;visit ,iii7V'icloria.Y-  7  ;y: 'Tlie.-A.rctic'-:Broiii.erhpdd;-w-ilL..ho'ld.  7'.an7;inilia'tqry?irieeti n g vi-n the A7O.  ,,.-, U.^W.Iiall;hiere;pn 'Tuesday next.-7',  ���y'-'lr The, last7 mail,7 which 7'Ieft 'Log  : : Cabin at liconpn: Tuesday,, reached  "7-'Alt 1 iii at4; p.m. on \^ednesda57Y 7A  77gbcfel trip.7 7 7 77-7 77777 :-y:-:.,y . - "77C  ;Y^lr7;A.'R7;McDonald,   who- liad  ������' bee 1 i in towii:011 a' -biisiiiess;visit -for  '7 a week ;6r so,  returned ; to-  Conrad  ������-7;'Cityv 6u:>Sii n day '"s;stage. :-7;:-:7, - -:77---������ ���  7   'YBouViie's circulating jibrarj'.furu-  7'is;hes:good.7ind cheap reiiding,;V 7-7  :; y    A-- baby. girl, was born -.to Mr. and  7<Mrs.;EY:Teifoi"d^.of 'Boulder" creek,  ���',' :on 7Mbndaj* .o.t.:'.last^'.\yeekx';.':''.M6tliii:r'  17; and child are doing .weit'7;;,: y ���  'f^Y-P^Gaijrio'7a ndW7 O'Neill retnrriV  ���'" e'd; to ..camp d-n,: S.ahirday 4ash,after; a- j  ;.-. two   mdnths7.sojbufn7at   thevjli'ot.  y.springs in sontlieni Alaska:'--/-   777  77Fresli7 Finnan7. Haddies,-.fresh-  ':'.-..S"nibJc'ed-7-H.aIibnt,-7freshy  u:esh:: YBtitter-;just--Yaruived.::and7 at  right prices:atN..:C7;Wheeliiigs:;.:::\  , 7 H.:;Farmei"7 wh0se7iracttired-yleg  : :.wa.S;-,p_ut!i'*iva--plaster cast- at.Stv;An-  ,: drew's Yhpspital: .on'Wednesdaj', 7is  Yiuakiiig^good headway.: towards: re7  Ycpyery.' yy.,    -.:...-..'..7;7 7777!!.7-.777,''77;7  7 7 7The' arrivals "by; Dixoii &'Schulz'n  7 stage ���:,"o'ji'".^Thursday Y'vvereT" 'Judge'  "and.Mrs. F: McB. Young and two  .;.. children, Miss ,'Glaholm and. Mr. H.  '-.'Young.. 7 -'-;:':" ' v'-'.- ���>��\ :y'7-  I Buy Fui'S'.-���I". will be in Atlin  from the 15th March unlil"i;st''A.pril  .and will pay highest prices-for fur;  Call  or leave word at Royal Hotel.v  ���C. Goldsteih.7     - \tiu7  : For 36-days J7 T. Regan will sell  McClary's Cast Top Heaters thusr  -No. 100���$ r o. 00 7-No.'. 400���$13.00  No. 200���$11.007:No. 500���-$ 14.co  No. 300���$i2'.oo . No. 600���$16.00  Call early. ancV.iake..your choice .  ��� C. Goldstein, fur, buyer of Juneau,  and who has been in town the past  few days,, will leave tomorrow in  company, with" 7jps.,._Tallmire on a  business trip to the.,Teslin lake district for. two weeks:or so, when,the)v  will return-to Atlin  'Curling Newsj.7  Oo'ftipciUlor" Gaines Piayed"7During;  ;������ Wook-=AVilki-is&*-;7Cttp^ames;:.  '���' 7 -0:1 . the-- aftiriri*oon-of Feb7.23rd'J.  A. Fraser'won the-, Wilkinson cup  iVpiti 17 Ridd with-.a: score 61 510.2.  -.; F. Alf. DowliugYchalleiiged^fbrrthe  'Wilkiuson';enp andfibn'-'Wednesday;  J. A. Frasory ih(--oijp .holder/defeat--  ed 7tbe7;cb\'("tous! lelcgrapiiist;: by a  Scp;re_ol'.7;to;'37';'Y 77';.-7::-.7:;7.7-;7Y-,"-'./i;.-  ;' Jn arink-schecUile ganie , 611 I,''ri-  day/even'iiig:v-'--p^Oi-:las^'..-r\v'egk.-:.Stables';'  niil7;;delealed-'>tluit7pf;'Bburhe bj'; ii:  scbre^6f'.-'7-:,,,t'o'.'5:;-',. .7::.-: 7.-:. 77:.y' ,:77y.7  7-j!Rbw.:j>T,ROpitv -^fikst Dx.A^y^  y.vRjddi: 12,7Eggert;;r. 7; ���;.: ,'y7;' -X::.  vw77<y.y777  MMi|f7-::||illlfe  S^jfoered:;;^  ;,:77:%bbds7F7:eslv7and''-Cleaii:?^  ''���O.UR-Y-.MQTT6^0i'ie7price,;;.a'^  :.-'7-Y;:Y> YSECOND:.ai<  ; Wpods.-cj, Stables 7: 77  .R i'cjcK I'C-.sFrager -5. - -:    :;��� .-  ;r oss; ti ��� op'i iy-���-secon d'dk a ��*..:,  :.:Rpsselli79,::Cuuinuiigs.5.; ';^7.7-/  VSinclair ^/Fislier ,2/7 7  ;Biirusidei9,;;Webster 7V 7i  DISCOVER y; cuki.ing:news.: 7  : 76nVThursday night G.::Wallace's  ruik7;Of7 Atlih-7:Ypl-ayed-7 a7;retnrn  match 7.\vith: the. riiik' skipped;by  A7B."P7 Thbmas'fbrUhe^'Suspended^-Beauty''V; trophy..7 At 7the:7:5tli.  end7Allin' led<by/6/to o,;IiV-tlie 6tlf  feud,/-Discovery tied -the^seore--'ancl-  the7ganie. re:sulted7in7a winrfor-Dis-  ebveri7by J3;7tb7.S;"7TheY:deciding  tnai'ch'- wilU be; 'playecL;at :Discovery  'oh^tlie/iijth'inst.:'.-: ':'P"^XXX^X"X.'  : .BRO\yN71'!'OJ'nV:--yHiai'D:DRAW.-7  7YFethei;sto:ihaugh7S,7SweetM4> 7-\7  .'.'-:; Gilmore g,< McDouough 67: 7777  '--.-'" Mbrnsbii;.';i:ii7':Hainptoii-2.7--^  7;7 J^pss. ^lioraiY^-TtriiiB-r>RiA7A7777  ."'  Gi-lmbre 12, Cartmel 6i;���"���'��� '7     >' 7  7;Jamiesc^rii7 McCartneyy4;7'"77y;  ���'-.' .Browii.9,;:Vickers,6..7.:' 7'77,'���;  ..);'      y.    " -EOURTH DRAW."-.-   '7 ::    .77  Jamieson 9, Brown.7.- Gilmbre.bye.  .-,' In: the final -forvthe/Ross trophj*.  Gilmore played'7a splendid. ;game,  his-draw.shots being '.perfect,, and he  succeeded- iii, defeating Jamieson by  a score.of 13 to S. .-  tfWi  g^  Wrewers):"@fXL&&^  7;7SMAtD^;A'ND :DARGE::OR^  S'l&iPjPi&'.PP:  m   'ffiJ*x>. MK^^*.*;.' '^ftP^.^S'  THE  7;iiQ:eEpl^  7DINING-R00'M,:TS::C0^Up  XyXX'-lyjxXXyGMkss^vin^  y      DIXON   &.7SCHULZ,. Proprietors^  Corner .P-ear.i: and; First Streets, Atlin, B.  Spruce Greek Notes.  [From Our Own Correspondent;::] ���"��� ���  P. G. Callagban has been away  the past two week's doing-the assessment work on a quart*- propertj^.  :���'.- Mrs.-Rinebei'g is- around,' again  after an attack of la grippe. .  Alex. McCaw intends making a  trip to Windy .Arm shortly.  Jas. Johnson, -who has been with  Cox & Co. for some time past, will  leave Saturday for a, two Weeks'  visit to Conrad City.  Sam McCaw, H. MacCrimmon  and Geo; Cassells made business  visits to Atli'n this week.  W. Sweet tried to defeated R. D.  Fetherstonliaugb in a.cuiling match  this week.    He failed.  Mrs. J. R. Clay and children  visited in Atlin oiv Tuesday.  Win. Smaill, Jas. McKechnie and  Geo. Gould went to town Thursday  night to altend Masonic lodge*- .  Feb.-  '���Afar;..  Thermometer  Readings.  -  T'roi-i|(il.(il ion.  AIUx.-  \ 1 x 11..       Kmn.  f.JIIO\V  23?,  9<    -  -16   ���in.  ���in.  24  16  7- ���  ���  25  T.6.  t .  ���  ���  26  .14       -  -10    ���  '���  -77  j-4     -  - ��� 2 -   ���  ���  2S  4     -  -iS,   ���  ���  I-.'  ?.&..  C:   ���  ���  ,Stables& fmm-sdeiv- carry-a-stock  of good groceries.     7     7       .' .  -Read the A. T. Co 7s advertisement'on page.3..7 It's right.  77   :;  . :A\sn. -Smith,'.latelyi'pf Taku, '.has  assumed [ the. management of the  Kirkland'Hotel. .  , ���Why-.'use'-iiiferior- gasoline7when  you can- get-76- arid'S6.7per cent, at  Regan's.    Atliii aiid'Discpv.ery.   7  trrvunwt��yi  Arctic Brotherhood.  ���Jt  .���JIl'ETING.of Cunip Disuoverj-, Xo. 1!),  ��� 'Arctic Ki-otlicrliootl, will" ho held on.  TiKisiIuy. Otli hist., iii'tho A. O. U. W.ltiUl,  A.tlin. All "At-Hit-.-brotllcrs arc l'CQiiostert to  attend.   IJiisiucss��� Initiation.  W. H.;VXCKEKS, Y ;:���'���  1 ' A:rotieKouordoi-.  KX!U**IWt*3WJ0'"i.UUMCV  OT ICE IS llcroby K-iveii tliat application will bo nuulo to tho Parliament  ofCatiudti at tho noxtsossion thereof lor an  Act to.iiu-oriinrntR fr eonipanyto bo-callcd  "The Grand Trunk Puciilc Hi-anoh. Lines  C'oiiipnii)-," with power to construct'and  uporato the folhuviiii--, ainoiiffst othoi- lines  of -railway: .I-'rouu Vancauror.ti.i.a junction  wit'n the Gi-uikI TruiikkJL{aci-!i<c Knilwny, or  lo a j limit ion with tins Pacific, Northern and  .Oni-Mi'i-a Hailv. ay, or. both ; l-'rom a point on  tho not-tli shove of .Vancouver Islaiid in 11  k'eiienil soiithorly or. soiitlt-castorly dircc-:  tion ulnni; the v.ostcrn skle of tl-ie-fslnud to  Vietorin; l-'roni Dawson to a junction with  (lio Grand Triuilc Pi'fslfHj ItailSVay; as well  as..such ol hor linos of railway as the Company may from time to time ���ie'cnrexpcdr'enl-  For operation in conjunction -with the Grand  Trunk I'ncilie-System, smbject to the op-  urtrvul of -tho GovRi-uor-Jti Council,"with all  the usual liowors srantedto Kailwny Com-  panioj by tho Liuilwny Act, and in addition  tliei-oto the following powers, viz: To char-  tnr . vasscltf, mako and reeovor ehai-Ke.s in  stoaiiicfliip l)ii:-:iiie.ss, to hold lands,.wharfs,  v,ni-ehoiirtGi;,.<':.(:., and to o.sp;.x-pvia.te lands  thorofor: to own hotels, .etc., and lay out  parks; to issue- bumfu'-ou all-.its property;  io construct ami oporuto tramways, tolo-  grnph, telttpliono and sulunaririe linos, and-  (.Tuoral trallic lii-id}.'f-s; to dovelop land audi  wiilur powers: uciiuli'o patent rifrhts; ffrnnt-  aid to sf-lt.lers; and lo sell .or leaso.to, on  liciiiiire other j-aiiways.'  .; W. 11. I1IGGAK",*  '. f'olicitor ftir Applicants  pated at .Montreal, thixHOth day of ..Tuiiimi-  !       ilid'.r.. *��>:  Fl RST' CLASS   RESTAURANT.   I N.:'C.QNN ECTION:..  ��=JSor-eu- .  CHOICEST WINES, LIQUORS ANI) CIGAliS���UASII GOODS A SPtCIALTY. ���  vvv^vvv*A!^vvyv**A^vvv^A/v*vvv^ o\-^vvvvvvyvvA-^^i<vvvvvb��^^  vvvvvvv^A*vvvw��i^A^<*vvy''^^  U*v  ^���'^���'^���.J^^^^d^^  i|=  Executed Cheaply,   Promptly and Satisfactorily...  THE CLAIM OFFICE.  my  And Sell-; for the   ���  Lowest Prices in Camg"  its.-     j  HU-jy.  uV.'.', i'A  m  4  ii  "<7  m  ���'���MM  |7;


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