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The Atlin Claim 1905-03-11

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 \XY-  :/������:-<<<���:���.��� ;-���:;'::������;-���'���-:-7: -��-��������� ;-.-���'>>..���������%  ,7>3J '���<  ^v.:;:^  VOIV; ''."i'a..  :ATrjM,,;B.;C,v;SATURDAY,���'���. MARCH ; r  "'i.90"5-  NO.  29S.:  r/"-.^--  V^K^E&KI-fflS::  ���a.  The .; Czar    Grants     Reprtsontat'ntre  Gove'fiimentto H*is People-, > ��� 7:  777Wa'rs:u\^  : ���w.iis"; ex pi ooled *i wj t Iiie71abiiiie7;b f: :Paz-  '-enahskis;,: al"wiWionairerun's^morn-  ;fiiig,:ki!hiifg'';hiikian(il";f se^aiit^Kv.;;:  :-; 7 :St7 :P etersbui-g,<7:M arch' ;5'i h7;----A  IxluspaCcii7lrb.m7 Kuirbpatkjin: says::  7:y'7Tiae7:';j|'apan^  1Mukdeii;/t;;My''poHiii;i'0)iil2 extremely j  7-daligerbus.''"-^  7 ..7Tbe: battle 7^  '������:. eaiblis   pre-portioiis.*-:-���Tlie/Russians  '. Jnaye beeii -��� com pel led'* is '.'evacuate ���.  '������': ^Gaotii'; l%^.7-:';''^uSMaiV;';los.ses7ii're.!  7; .'testlrahatod 7: -at; ;^c>,opo ;;ri, ^Japanese,:,  ���";; r:7: St v ;Pe*ersli>urg ��� ��� Marc'li; 5YI1 ~ -Tyfiie.!  7 ���si? rfi ngTey eii ts ���of theF war/thataue\  ::V'-tekiiig :^  7  mbst.forgbtteifyoeste^  77&uipe.riaf;'::'rcscripi7*;:>V'^? 7issued,7al'"7  :7>8iouiic5ng-that;theiEaiped:drYliad;.de-!  - fcided^t��:;cbiiiyene^;aii7asseiu  7;tre'preseritatives7el^  !77pie'''of i^ssiia7;7'r|li-e :��efermeirs;'are  7 "j ubil&nit; ���aTi>d7ito^'itbsfeudhi.g-:thati  ���'��� 7.4 be y'[ e xpec t' "4 b' it e a r - ina o-ua e n t ar i 1 y-; o f i  7������'a crushiiog::diriaste.r��o7i^e " ariti^ of i  7 : (tbeir;coinitory in theJ;Ear'Eastrthey  7. are ��� p a radiv. g -the vs ire'e Is.; ;.-I trassa 11 s  7   the .down-Fall of autocrats-and -autocracyand 'the beginning ofconsti-  ttutionaf govern men t7-(,.-,:.���:  ;���':'��� Mukden,'-March -6th :���The rbaol  '���ifrouavUte'e-northwest; is crowded asj  - far. as '.it-is possible -to-see ������by7a':qoh-!  '':���'��� iinu.ous;file of Chinese .carts. full, ��f,  7 7 LRussiaTi wo.unded:;: ..;��� :',::.--:;  - '.St. Petersburg,:Ma;roh ,8.th-.-���The;  ^position of; the Russiair army is  growing .desperate. - Tlve battle  -'. srao:ed with ' ienibJ.er bitterness all  ./Jay.yesterday and  resumed .again  .y.''ait;':;d^  7' Japanese^ siege Jguns^ range-eight  _ 7ja]les,-causi::g tenribie: punishuieiii:  ���'���.-���   'General KurokiTs Headquarters,/  March   Stb.:��� The  Russians,   last  aiight," under ;; cover  of .darkness,  .evacuated -'the. whole line .along the  .���Shakhe 'River and are now in   full  '.retreat northward... 7  ��� '���:'  7 Mukden, March ,Sth :���The -Japanese last night attacked the Russian positions north of Mukden and.  forced- the  Russians  to  fall back.  Battle   is   in   full   progress.    Tli��  heavy cannonading near tlie city is  L causing the walls to tremble.  At.4.30 a. 111., the Russia.n army  .couuneiiced evacuating its positioii  aiorth of Mukden.  At .5 a. in., the Russians ��om-  aueuced leaving their positions-on  ithe soutli.and south-east of Mukden. The sky is lighted with .the  brilliant glare from burning wate-  Aiouses conitaiiiing maiy .tons ol  Russian supplies. The retirement  was effected in perfect oi;der��� the  .Russians successfully -beating off  tthe attacks of the pursuing Japanese.      '.''���'  Tokio, March 9U1.:���Advices received,   indicate   that   Kjiropatkiu  lias 'again'been .'badly; beaten,; in the  bilbbdicst; baWie7b.ft]tte7Ava'r^77ilie-i  Uiils'bf casualties notyttobVa-iifatore'.,  The JapsinGse7have citt tine irtiilwayj  iibrtH of-Mukdou7;-"������:���:t'���'^7-7"!7-'7;-!  ;;;NowGiwangpMai'ali.i��jl;h::~7ltis!  re ported ;.tlliat,Tie;J:>assv,is7.1nv'este(l|  byij ap'ti iiese^af k1 j .ilha't.. ��� K.in'bpaitki ii j  \vi\\ 7 ] Vr b ba bl v':! -s u rre 1 ide r ���: :.\vaiil 1 i h 7 a!  weelk;';7;:71::7';-i'7?777;'/;7- ;:;7:;;7 -:i.-7;;-7:7; ���;;"!  7;/f he^Russiatis:lia\''e7.not: \been.ire-'  iii forced f'rbin TEiiarlsin ; sinoe "March  rst.v7 Tlie vjapaiiese, haye;surao'uh'd7  eel; 80,00 oRussiaiis':iiear Tie ^Pass,  avvdvciit;'pff:tlieir?s'uppijes'/  7;Calcutta7'i-lKncliav;1''^Marcli "gtli::���-j  Theideat.hs^from7plague"ilast^week  numbered ',34.6^.7.7 ^^J-MCjSC-]  :,7^-7'Smiri ^$te;w& ?Mk,  7 >:-"Tfcs 'I P^���11^^1 VI-e^ses.r::.;  .77AVe;wish\it��7corpect-.the;.eiroheous.  stateiBientouiadle;'rii;;Osr,Columns last  ;\veek':'ires pec ting-this;; property^ ;;;We  are7in; fo^mQd;;;.bi';:-Mir^7I5eniiiston's  ;ag'entiti!aut;;the;- whole ;.of7tlie7^1eases  nien.tiOTiied;iii;last:;Saturda*y-s  .were;;:b<Dugiht:,:.andi7paid77|or7isbine  time since7several^ofJtlie:puKliases  h a v i 11 g; beeii --'com pie ted o v e r, a y e a r  i-7-iMMS; property'^7was7acquired "for  the Biutiah Columbia Dredging C.O.V  who commenced the insiaiUation of  a laTgeKucyrus Dredge on Upper  Spriiice'last 'year; this/dredge to be.  completed as" sobii as the balance:pl|  tfee'diiachinerycan -be got in' andj  .will be operated during the coming!  ���summer. 7-0     7;:  7; ��; Vinkbw.,; Mai'dh-'ioti  Russia'iis':are7panic:��tricken. 7'T  quautiities^'ofsitbres,and guns,have Jjeeii -captured.   .Japanese ^aptlired:  Diuslvautaiiilast uiglit^after a .desperate^a;iid7ijlbbcly;battlev.;;;large nuui--;;  bers'of VdeiuCajrevScattersdMU^stroets^nd .oovi.rtyard���7-w-hich;; have  beeii  uuburied.7foi7four;.ldaysv..; 7L7-'7:y7777'yi7^-7-.;7:77.;:"77:v;7..-".7;:  -.77^7      -;'���  7 7';\;I^ohi; Diusiianlan^iiejapa  i;bWdaiid stations,;;tlie;2vussians.^  uipni'iug7'-'7A't-:^  it isl:elieved tlVat/a--pbftibii'af;t  ifalleii into tlie, liaivdii;:pf the Japanese.-   ;.- V,;1     '--7::'-.'.''-���     7*'  ������:'7--^St^-PeSrs;biii^  pafkii5i's7u;my:i-s iinkubwu77':Mi^  off victory; ���  -;-..-'; :77-:J���;.''':y'7:.' ;:7:''7'-.! :7;.;"i:77.-77;'7.7,':'---.--''v'.:!ii.7;;;;v''7 -' '���'':-���'  7: 7 Tpkio,;;Marcl71'Oth^  days".Jiasf3eeu,4lie7bloodiest7<)f^tlie7:war.;^;^  hieu,::(wliile .th;e;Ru9siaii:Josses:ai;e.estim 7  .. ;7':7 ;-:  ;-';;:"::'-v;; :..'.:.-. .;-'-:'..... ��� -.':���-   '     '.'"���*���**���;���-������-�����.;.���:.-;,;-..;';./:^77: 77 :7.      ,;7:7777' -7.7  ^:P;':7;::I^BiK7a  . Dividends7and Interest77;  MCKEK CuBffly BEYUllAUI.l'c.CO.Ml'*.Ny.. 1.T1).  The Directors of the MoKeB Creole ll.vdnui-'  lio.:('ibmiinny',-'Lt��l..:(Miiies ut Atliii, H. 0.),  luive'ileclureil'-a:iliviileii<V(>f;2-l)eiveeiit.,-i)iiy-  .tible inarch 21st, 1805, tolull honu iide stock--  hohlei's of record oil l''el).10ih, ISO").  Transfer ljooks Avill close on ^lurch 11th,  1905, at 3 i>. ni.i ��!i<l will re-open on March;  -22ml, JU0.r), at 10 a. m. Checks will be imiileil;  from the7Cumi)uny's dKiia-, 221^ Broadway,;  New York City. ,.'���-.-  FLBTOHBliHAMSHAW, President.   |  The   above  ad,   clipped   from   a;  New  Y-ork  paper,  explains  itself-j  This company' has   the  distinction,;  we'believe,-of being  the ���firet liy-  ���draulic.'a��'nipaivy in   thi-s   distinctao,  be able ��o declare a dividend. -  Thej  managers'of the company, Messrs.  SF. T, and C..M. Hamshaw,'deserve,  ithe credit coaling to them   for the  economical and skillful handling of.  .their operations to achieve these re-,  suits, especially  when  we consider  ;the ihigh prices of all the necessaries  to carry on such work.    The presi-;  ���dent  of the  company,   Mr. 17 T.  Hamshaw, says  he has  every encouragement of being  able  to  put  a steam shovel  plant  in  operation  on McKee Creek itihe  coming  season.    We   hope   to   learn  of more  than one company paying dividends  another year.    Many .of them have  been doing dead work for  the  past  two   or   three   years,���work   that  must be done in every camp before  anv returns can come.  7.7.77 7:;,:;.'./ 7777 7. .77.:. :..:7.       ; icoxTiNUKn.   :; -..;      ::V . '.:<!.: ' '���"'.:."   ���:"   - - ���'..-���?'.;  7:';7:.j--'Tpi-vtHe.^i^urisV s^ortsman/;^  vlik;ely i'..thihgs7th^  :accessible7neld.V No .hardslii^  ���travel   in'; any''directi.Qn";are^;aY7Mu^  :carinotibe7 surpassed.'-7  iicbuhtryferij^i'-wi^  :deHcate^or robust ���'and; tli.evnoyelty'ef-the  -faibtb,:be o^iutere5t[tb;alf^'isitprs.7^  TivhicliV ha��:^pl.ly ; becin :dc3cribeA7thes\'; Syvilzerlautl; of ���Canada," 7 ifi ������;'  superb:; .and in-l^epiugwiU the lnagnificeut;,  :climate:witlrwhicbitis7blessed7-: ^  ��� October island ki this ;intervai-thercis7but^^  cession   of  warm, bright: ;days 'marks.: the season. ...A novelty to the7  :visitoflS'tlVe;cbnsta^it;-:clay!i  brilliaiit fall"weather lasts throughout ��.October>.and welliiiito Noyember,������'  . wheii navigation closes and winter begins. 7 By the .-first.of January.the  Lakes are usually iFrbzeiiandJourneying over the .ice i-s possible. 7 The  snowifelliis extremely light���-not-exceeding; four, feet on   the  lower  fevels^aud the spells of fine sunny weatliereven.at this  time of the ���  year   are Tong  and  continuous.    There  is   complete; immunity from 7  blizzards.    To the-natural beauties^of this;Atlin Country it would be:;  impossible for even the '-most apt,pen to do justice.    A cbmbination of/:  every feature tlhat renders the most lovely:landscape::attiraa^ve, with a  rarity and scope of colouring, unique' initself, isseeu on summer days.  And from Septembei:>wlten the first tints of autumn gild  the poplars,..  unliir     7:; 7 '������"'.-.., 7 7    ; ������''������- 77'-7i- ���-'-'���  /���:" The: shadow'of win tar's-on tlie year. ;;,-r- ,....���,...    7  the rapid transformJitious,' the kaleidoscbpic^haiiges^maloetis marvel .  while we revel an the glories-of fair Atlin. , -  :: ���Administi'atiow; :.-.���'���������' -;  If there is one point upon which investors raciuire to know exactly  where they stand, it'is; the .certainty.that the .titles' to properties ,are  perfect.ftnd that the proi^er  luachhiery  for '.the-due administration of,  the locality isavailable.    AU'ii'i in.this respectfias all that w necessary,  and the rights-of individuals-can ibe deteimiined wifhput tedious delays.  The Dominion Cjoveruiiient has placed in the. town itself,:a PostvOffice,  Telegraph Office and a Customs-Oflice, so that J.he public have alb the  privileges that are to be found in any large city.    The a^ovincial Government has built a large building in  which  the offices of the Gold  Commissioner, Mining ,ReGprder,-Goyenunent Agent, Stipendary.Mag-  istratc, Regislrar-fif the Supreme and County Courts', Registrar of-Births,  Marriages^iid Deaths, ase all to be found:; so it will therefore at once  be seen that alf matters arising in the District can bedealt with speedily  aiid without uuduc^lelay, and  all information relating to the several  departments can  be  obtained   simpfy-by asking.for.tihe,same.    As'to  ���Education, the public school system isuu vogue and  the Government  has completed a-modern, up-to-date public school which-is built in the  latest improved style and includes-all the equipmeut-necessary for conducting an ��� up-to-date  school.    The  headquarters-of the  Provincial  Police are also placed in.A.tlin, anddn this^respect the .District has (.1;  .the ground a-strong and energetic ;poliee force. -From  the a-bove.description it will be seen that Atlin  is no mushroom town, but, on.the  contrar-v, it is a well-established point, and  while apparently.far .from  the busy'centres-of commercial Hie, it is unreality in .close touch-will;  the world and .has in its-midst all the com forts .��� and iattvEilta^as vto be  found in any well organized city.  if3> jic coxjar-siM-'j-i" ���ilfTSIVit+f&rtt.';  ;7;'::-  7|��  I  :ATUK,VB.    G:, ,������: SATURDAY,:    MARCH  ii 7  J &'-.-������  ;.?;<���.  }������'  ;?7;  7i|  f -i-  Iff-  J*  13'  , ft  ���" r  ie;  : 7X1113. ATI JN -CI-AIhl   td HUUU5MED  CVEMY.SrtTUrtUAY  MOPN1NG.       MAILIID ' Fllirn . TO    ANY -   PART   OP  THE  ,vvonL.o7ron   no   cents   pen   month ;'-*s.oo : peW  'Vfflll,'    'rtD'JCHTIEIMCnATES '.  %,\.I OO.PEH INCH CACH  INKi'llTlcn;    nC A DING.NOTICES,   2S   RENTS  A   LINE  ,7       SPTClAi     RATES     ON     PPI.1 C ATIO N.' <������ ,  ' ���       i-      -      ���    ������''  ��� '������. ��� ��������� ;'.-.'.������'      A  ���.'!':   7-:        J0I5 PHINTINU : ; : ;    :  ���  BILL* HEADS,      7    ;       rPOGJEnS,'  !        '      VISITING-CARDS  irmn-iiEADsi        .'."programmcs.'.^ktc, i:tc.     "  .    .OI'DEnS: PnOMPTLV   EXECUTED,   .7  / '" )'  PRICED   MODCnATE.  T UK  ATI AX  Oh MM    PUJJMSIMNGCo.  ��� A. G. niiiSfjiiL'KiVi),; IMtoi'Kii-yrVtH.        .. '::7'  of the ''conmninky. is \viih tbe: relatives nndTrieiids in his home in  California.. ,. Tlie.funeral took place  froui; Ls;' I,.;'Pillman's; undertaking-  parlbi's. at ,2 p;iiiVVyesicrciay;;':aiicV  vv-iis attended-by man yof .the; deceased's friends.  .:���   '-.' (   :-'- ������-'ivy  NOTICE;  7 Tli'c: .wonderful'��� .'wariuth of. the  ;'���; weather is: tlie .subject: of most, com-  : 'fucht at;: present.77 Nevei7 before - in  the recorded .annals .of ..the. Camp  ���: has.. Atlin ;seeu;'.:j.iiclr.,.a7n'iiId 7\viii le'r.  and such7a7 glorious; March,-���day'  ��� .after   day   of cloudless'7skies;:  soft  .-.- breezes and warui,sun..7Atlin Lake.  .   presents the'-appearance most com-.  mou earlyan May, and.jf the pres-  7ent: .weather ,holds7q'u'l:,'.-t,he:i,Lake  will7be unfit (or travel in three  . weeks 7fhe; ice ;is7scarcely a foot:  thick, 'and in: many places not more  : thairi.o, inches;  : The   little1 snow  which, lav.on the iceis-'meltihevaucl'  ..the surface is practically. glare  ice.  There;is'nothing1 to hinder.;steam"  ; shovels and; dredges from working,;  .as there is; little frost eveiiat iiight...  Good -Qualities   Appreciated.  -.7, A; lueetiiig.of the various;: coin-  mi ttecs appointed' in connection  with; theiueiiiorial-to ���the;late,Mr.;  1; ritz;MiHer is called!:for.7Thursday  uexty .i.6lli.iiist., at the Government  13uilding7Atlin,. af.the;hour ofpiie  i'n the aftefuootr:;:,;;. - :K7":^'7 7 ;���/������'-���  :77T-lie,Tolio'\yiiig;'aye-i'h.e^iul,JeVs';i^7:r':..'-  Ati.ix���Mussi'LvA; W. .Mi;I.i(iiiiilil,'.liis. St aides,  :>';    .J.-))7i;iiiiisili;ii;;.H.M;;N; \V(i<)>Is, K. Dixon.  niscoyiii^-^A. 1^ Oiji!ui-itt>v M.W. jluiil,.li- 11.7  .laniicsnn, I.I. K.Hrown.   ':\ ���'���'���'':,.'-'.77''-.'.  1?1SK.CllUis'k��� N.  li(;l;co<l,  0.  T;  Gilmore, .1.  ;     l.pso,   lf.;-"Jlu!'jiii-eni-'T.lioceo,'--"'J'. (Colore!,  ��� ������:   A. K. (Jliii'k, Ciipt. Slibrl,. : /::.'':  Sl-ilLJOK.  CltKHK���:W.   C.   .Siiuiil,   W.'.Qiiecii,  ���";���. A inlrew liirdwn, (J. N'isson, P. l.-'oley, E. S.  Hlaine., .,-.;.-���,:7'7'-;:.:  Goti>. Run���W. K..lirniinci-, O. Kont, O. Hclli-  ������:;  vciui.   7:7 "7 ::'7'7:7     7      77."' '���'������.:  HlHCll Okeeic���H.Gnneoilor,���P.;'Ai'iiicrsb'ii. :.::  Oxtki;JOllKEKrrC. Hewitt, .1." Smith. ,j. -v-7  Bou'LDisiidiiKBii.���J. (1. Hiack, Capt. lfatli'orii.  Kujiy'jOjieek���Ki'ilc-Kny; ir.:lri.sii,..F.Ayi'oiiir.  Wkiohi'.Ciikisk -I.. Gcrlio, .). ILKerslmw.77/  .McKi:kGiiekk-���J". aiKr.E.'Rouayne.. ::.:, '���'���'���'���...."���'.'.  O'DoNNEi.r, CunEk���11. '��� JIcK.ee.' '���:������'��� 77: 7 '-'���'���"  .Uixii-; CiiKKK���A. Cai'iiiicliael.���' ' 7-':  7:' ::::  7WHY S1CNM  OUT WJIKK   VOi: OAN'fiKT t;oO;IJS -AS.'CilK.yT.tlJJIU-: /..";...     v.' V   V  !::77:Atiin7 Nugget'anrf-'Grape'^  7 'I'nvtiii-cil'on the ���premises.;. .... /./V-;.v ;.!.::���.,;;./.;.:" : '.'���':.[:. y; "."'7..-...-.'  ;; 7    Ifine' Ne,��-  Stouic.-'of   Watches,   Clocks,  Jewelry 7'0ld   ��iarr}��":!ix  7 Waleliesfronr.SS.OO.iii). .... 7 '' :.:,        '.���������' (  ���-....' ",.;;:.'-.-::'. '..'"������ ���..7: ���: : ������' :'''������  ���i Silvei-ware, Cut Glass, Hand Painted China, Souvenir Spoons.  JUlES^^G^ERf-l^SON,  A'l'I.lN VAN1V DISCOVICKY;  WATGHAVAKEI^S ' AND   MANUFACTURING JEWELERS,  i:@f;::  Euiii^hssfe  ATLIN   &    DISCOVERY  TH E    LATEST   STYLES7  :|(2oiii p].'ete:i:;S t|elfe^^^^  THE klATESTy:m;'::yHJiTSy:::y^001^jyjA^���  5^77'77r7W':':Gold:ISeal;;Giii';BooS;7.7  SHOES,  Our; Goods "are the Best and Our Prices; the; Lowest.  ���meir;":is-7to:. develop.a., large ."iu'u'nber.7,qr;j^''7  of claims tliat cannot 'be7developed7'  undei7th'e,preseiit .white::wages, and;':  this   \vill; of:; iiecessity: create; niore |  wprk  for-; the-, white -laborers   'for  positions v requiringx^skill���..'-.aud-':.Vre.:  spqnsibilit>7" 7 7 ^77 7;/ 7  Labor Association.  7      Before: rostintistei-: -Williams- left  here on   his7visit7-to   Kngland, liis  friends determined   t67 present, liiui  Avith some iuarkof theliigh estiina-  tion in which he is held throughout  .'���'��� the Camp.    The committee formed  to' carry out  the arraiigenients consisted   of    Messrs.   J.   A.    Fraser  ;(chairman),-   Rev.. lv.."I,7Stephen-  son,; 17 W. Dowliug,   Jas.TDtables,  A. Carmichael,  17 D. Rorke,"Win.  Vickers,      Geo.   -'Gould,    Andrew  1-irown, A.:McKenzie, aiid-W. Wallace Grime (secy.-treas.)  ���"    The  result   of their   efforts was  the presentation of a purse contain-.  iiig|.ioo. in .gold, together with an  address expressive * of the  sincere  respect and esteem felt.for. Atlin's.  courteous and   worthy postmaster.  ���As time  did not allow of a more  public   method,    the:   presentation  was made at the Post Office by Mr.  Fraser,    several   members   of   the  committee being also present.    Mr.  Williams was   quite  taken   by sur-  pii'se, and as soon as he could command   his   feelings,    fittingly   expressed liis thanks for the kindness  of his friends.    It is hoped that Mr.  and Mrs. Williams will have a safe  and   pleasant  journey to  Fngland  and find on their arrival there that  their sick.relatives are convalescent.  Death  of Henry T. Harvey.  We regret to announce the death  of Mr. Henry T. Harvey, who died  suddenly lust vSunday in tlie Hospital, of heart failure. Mr. Harvey  was hydraulic foreman for the  North Columbia Hydraulic Co.,  and only arrived in the Camp ten  days ago. lie came to Atlin first  in 1902 along with Mr. .Lovcrklgc.  He was bnru in Trinity County,  ��"'���> 35 years ago.    The sympathy  To". F,di tor;At 1 j 11 C1 aiiii,77 : :v;:.: -'      :'.;  77Dear.Sir:������The fbieign laborers  on:.; the; :.qutside7 now   are7either  cussing-;Atliir::or-discussing:-;it--it  doesnt niake :much: difference which  they do, it   seems .the_y are coming  anyway.    There are not jobs to go  around us all now.    We, are7fight-  ing  for what jobs   there   are   like  dogs ibver^a,bo n"e7.Poor laborers of  Atlin are out of work and starving;-  the}' will starve anyway if they try.  to   live "on   what   Chinamen    do.  With the-Hon. Premier of the Province and  our  own   representative  so   strongly -against   any influx   of  Oriental labor, it  ought   to   be   an  eas}'   matter  to   protect   the   local  labor market for tlie coming season.  Kindly publish  the  clipping attached,   which   was   taken   from a  Vancouver   paper,   which   is   self-  explanatory.   :    .;.;:. .....;-  .Yours'truly,  T.:KlRKLAND.  " The question of working the  placer and hydraulic mines of Atlin  by Chinaineu is one that is now  interesting mining men. Negotiations are going on at present for the  shipment of1 fifty Chinamen to that  camp. Mongolian labor was tried,  two or three years ago "in those  diggings, but the Mongols were  driven out-of the country, as they  were earlier in the Yukon. Conditions are different now, however.  It has come to a question of cheap  development, and in some cases of  cheap development or no development at all.. The wage to a white  laborer is the fare to Atlin and  back and from $3 to $3.50 a day,  with board and lodging. This is  more than many of the mines can  stand, according to the report of  several'of the mine owners.  The intention is to dismiss no  while laborers at present in the  camp, but to keep them for the  more skilled labor and to act as  foremen over the Chinese laborers.  The object  of engaging  China-J  ^iv.-'-7  ������.������������������"-��� .'.;-7v  -Th  The Ri  e lowesta  s.e.  aridi Fall.  id  highesttempera-  tures  recc-r  cled:  foi  ���;the week  are as  follows :.;7:7  v .-:':' ������;���-       ���;'-.;  ;:7;7:-":  Mar.  '-4-77  :',:.7r-.'  abb.ve;7 :; -2o\:  above  75-77  6  ���"7''77-;267  ���--6--.'.  23  ' .'35'  77. :::  32  trrrmz  '.-:' ..    ���-,  S';-  22  :.-.-. -.40  9:-  is;  77"77'39.::  10. :;  12,  ;.,:,, ,,:36':-  It  Will   Pay You  ; ;13eg7' to :';7'aimo.u n.ce;:c-  ������; tli at:'1 he y-'; h a v e f^e-^'.; ���-  ���;opened and are no\v77;  .'ready: for7btisiiiess.7:,  : .They;: take '-this op-77  7 p or tu n i ty7 to .thai it :  , their;foroier patrons-; 5  ahd;;respectfiilly'solifcit,tlieir further 7;  patronage;.;-:::^  ':'.-;���-'.-,;.'��� : :7:r:;;'"-.-';'��� 'iRroipruetress,'.'77  KlMFarlanpI,  a:a:xji2?,  '13.c.  Tiaesisei .Survey,':$>$�����.-  To semi "Tlie; Cliiiin" to .voirr  friends, iiisteuil of loosing time  writing letters, "It endeavours to  :���>u 1 >Iis 11 every week all the principal linw.s of this District. Price,  to any part of the world : Six  months^ ?2.r>0 ; one year, .J'i.OO..  -ALASKA    ROUTE   SAILINGS-  The following Sailings are an-  nouiiced for the montli of March,  leaving Skagway at S p. in.:  Frincess   May.'.:_.' March'6th,   16th  26th and April 5th.  For further information, apply or  write to        H. B. Dunn, Agent,  Skagway. Alaska.  Plans and Specifications for Steam Shovels and  Hydraulic Plants on application.  iiofa;:viNa)i]V��^  THIS HOTEL IS STOCKED WITH  THE    BEST   OF   GOODS  Sam.   Jahmston&,   PfOfj*  DISCOVERY, E7 C.;  Tasty   meals, {fineV liquors,   good  cigars, and soft beds'|.;mak'e it .a7  -pleasant houie for alf   7  travellers. -  ED.   SANDS,    Proprietor  Dixon   &   Schulz,  Proprietors..  E. M. N. WOOE)Sf  BARRISTER-AT-LAW.  Hits'taken an Office at, Hooni 1, 0��ld .  House,   Jliseovcry.     Ollice    Hours���  Tuesda.i.s, Thursdays and siiitiirdays,  I'l-om U.io.S p. in.'  $3  k.'fflt  mi  m  I  Discovery.  OPKN DAY AND NIGHT.  If you want to have the portrait  taken of yourself or children,���we  shall try and please you.  We will lake out-door or under  ground pictures,  x 4^,  plain  mounted, at the following rates  $5.00 "per ' Doz.  3.00     "     Half-Doz.  5x7, mounted:  $8.00   per   Doz.  5.00     "      Half-Doz.  Picture Post Cards :  $3.00  Per  Doz. or under.  ATLIN   STUDIO.  1HRST-CDASS RESTAURANT  7^'...' ..   . -IN .     .  CONNECTION.  lleadiinar��oi->j  for- Jlixon's stajre.  Northern Power & Lumber  Co., Ltd.  Until further notice the following  will be the prices of Lumber :  :-Rough, up to 8 inches, $40.  do       do     jo      ,,        45.  do        do      12       ,, ,50.  Matched, $50.00  S. D. ,$5.00 & D. D. $to. extra.  12}^ per cent discount will be allowed for cash at time of ordering.  4  ���i'l V  ATLIN.,   33.'C.;   SATURDAY,    I\LAR..CH  , .r r., 7*^  T.  Importers  and   General   'Merchants  -Staple   and    Fancy    Dry   Goods, Ladies'   Underwear,  ' Ladies' -atrd Gent's F"slt Slippers,, [Wen's   Underwear,  Ready-Made   Clothing, Boots,- Shoes, Etc.  VWe carry a full line of the celebrated Gold Seal Rubbers and Overshoes  litmus 111:1.1 vi:in--.n i-iih.mi-ti.v on tiii; i'iii'.kkk.  our stock .of Staple .and fancy; Jfiroceries  is larger than ever and all at close cash prices.  -aw*!��!-  Remernber.everjf article we,scli w�� guarantee io .bfl.fiest'class.  A. S. CJ10SS. Piiiss.  Spruce  Creek  N  ews  f'fhe followiuo- was -received  loo  Hale for last weeks issue].:  A Cannicliiicl, -of .Atlin, recently  !|ia.id .Ihe oree'-k .a'visit in the "inter-  ���es't -(vf'the proposed ' At'lin-Taku"  Unlet'' Road. Mr. CannichacI sue-'  ���ecoded in stirring up a considerable  'interest -in the movement, winch  ,.lhe majority agree ;iu declaring  ���.would bean excellent tiling for the  Camp.  iL'ast week, a team of six of Dis-'  <coveiy's solo players visited Spruce  Creek .and iplayed a 'number of  tgames wiuhi-.t-prcseiilaUves-a-t home.  "The.contest.lasted for nine games  .���and was carefully played by both  .���sides, ending in a victory for  ;Spru.ce Creefk. A proposed return  ���game is shortly to be played in  Discovery., after which, .if the boys  (from Spruce win, ��� they will feel  worthy o'f consideration wherever  :9olo -is played, and will probably  'expect a challenge irom Atlin. The  game was played at A. H. Alexander's in the following form:  ' JJISGOV.BHY. .   ��� Pehcentagk won.  IK. .liinMesoiiv ."..' : 7S  ���K.-Breeze,  .nil  W.m. Yiukor's,   ..-ili  I Ihmiim-Ivi-s.   That llii-.v DO is.evident..  I iln 1101 iim-siion |lln> judgment of iuici'miic,  i-vijii I lie writer of that "'Voice tiroin the  'Creek* "(?), Inn .1 ju-nti-st, that stich eNpri'.,-,  N-innt, should In; printed over t hn nitine ol thej  writer. It is Kcnoriilly known on .S|i:'in>c'.  ���that I suinel iines write from this Creek, and  "it has been avici'tcd that-I am the author of!  *'i\ Voice Irom the Creeks." This I. wish to  den.v, and, in all respect In you, Mr. Kditnr,'  I earnestly reuuost .that yon print the writ-;  it's name or 'publish this', liiy denial.  ���    -Very I rnl.v yours,  JiCKKli.  The- Atlin Marion Co., Ltd.  FRESH. DTCESSED   MEATS,  .-also.  POULTRY   OF ALL KIND-S,  Dressed to Order'.  Cassiarctisaird the Wild Gat'.  Exciting Adventure of-the   Mayor of  .Surprise City.  J.ftO  ''S. Williams,   ���'J. Itutherford,.  'jl\ MoI.Ic.t,   .iiii  .(17  l.'JO  General average, ��� M.'-si.  'Si'uikk. "Peiici-.stagh won.  Jas.-Mc-Keelmie,    7S  'Chas. Hickman 7S  -A. II. Alexander, U7  2.2:!  ('Senci'itl lEVorime, 74J��i  A cribbage tournament is being  played by sixteen of the residenlsi  ���of lower .Spruce. Particulars of the  ���contest are not at hand, but, according to report, they are having a  -quiet, good'.time. Their names and  tthe result will be given later.  Some of those who, for various  -reasons, have never learned to  -.dance, now propose to remedy that  .mistake of lonig ago and make an  ������effort to do more than stand around  kind watch others enjoy themselves  '���when at a dance. Mrs. Clay has  ���'been persuaded to conduct a small  'dancing school.and will be assisted  (by others in that heroic undertak-  ���ing, details of which are still lacking.  Win. Kyle entertained a few  'friends one evening recently, in a  mianner which did credit lo hiin-  :self :and afforded his guests much  'enjoyment.  There are so many things hap-  -pening 011 Spruce this winter, that  -in -order to keep properly posted,  -one should have nothing else to do,  ���and while the writer does not mean:  ������to slight anyone, it is very likely  Jie will, because of having so little  dime to devote to social affairs.  "  We   wei:e    silting,    wailing   for  lunch, .in the way-side inn   at  Surprise Lake :iast Saturday, when we'  ���heard a   succession   of gun  shots,  and   though     wondeiing   casually  what was up, we banished the matter from our mhids- but.-a.Fewmin-  -utcs after,   in  burst " Cassy," perspiring and exclaiming:  "So help  ���me Christopher, I've shot a blankety  wildcat ; he's wounded, and hiding  .in a clump dF -.willows, and   I'll   be  ���blanked   if  I'm   not  scared   to  go  near to the blankety blank beast.  The proprietor of that excellent  hostelry, the Surprise Lake Hotel,  took his snow-shoes and rifle, and  followed by the male population of  Surprise City, went out to locate  and finish the lynx.  On   our   return  from  a trip into  told that though the lynx's hide  was a billet :for 17 >of "Cassy's"  bullets, the animal had made good  his escape.  C.    DOTS/UKER,   Manager.  nnHE  rn^~  T  MW&^^W^J^S^ftPse^^iff^fcSiftW Wtf^ftr.SiW^5*5*5*^**  THE '.DINING-ROOM IS CONDUCTED -.ON  STRICTLY FIRST-  CLASS   PRINCIPLES.  GOLD     HOUSE,  DISCOVERY, IB.   C.  ST:RIOT;CY   I^XRST  G.LA.SS.  JOE   RX2SE,   Proprieta*.  s-i'^v  i-z .Jc' jLivjcri-\r   lis'. cojs-.Nirc-.rioN-.  P  0  s  0  0  0  PC  K  ft  ��  hi  H  H  0  M  K  H  o  ��  Musical     Instruments,    Strings,  etc., for sale at C.  R.  Bourne's.  Sphuob Okbbk, Feb. 2f,th, I'JOB.  Iliditor, Atlin Claim,  Dear Sir:���In last week's issue of The  'Claim, there appears tin observation on:  drifting', as eondncted on Spruce Creek.;  Personally, I know very little eoneernintr-  the manner in wliieli the Spruce Creidi  miners nmnntfe to secure a portion of the  .paydirt  without  lettintf the  hill  down  on  Last Chance Mineral Claim.  Situate is tub Atlin Mining Division ok  Cassiak   IJitititicx,   consistim*   or  Tin:  I.AMT  ClIANCB   MlNKUAI.   CLAIM.    AVuKIIB  I.OOAThU ���HbTWUKNSihCH AND  liOUI.DKU  ClIBEKS, Noii'l'I!  OB PlNIi  C.HBBK.  rriAKIi   NOTrCli  that   I,   M. R.  Jtiinieson,  afjent for Y\V. H. Ilrown, Free  Miner's  Certificate ]i34,S0(l, .��nd J. M. Downintr. free  Miner's Certilicate iilM,89l, anil John Woods,  I'Yee Miner's iCertih'eate,  n34,S'.12,  intend, UU  days from date hereof to iipuly to the Mining:  Recorder for a Certifie.-i(e of  rniprovemeiit  for the purpose of obtaining u Crown Grant  of the above claim. ���  And further take notice that action, tinder  section  117, nitist-  be commenced  before the  issuance of'siieh Certilicate oT Improvement.  Dated thislth day of March, 1UII5.  M. It. JAMllfeHlX,  V. M. C. Ji3l.8!'l.  Queen Charlotte Mineral Claim.  MOTEL,  DJXCN    BROTHER?,    Proprietors  Pool   &    -Billiads,   Free  Freighting and Teaming <&  Horses and Sleighs for Hire.  ?  V. TROTWIAN,   Marcatnrt.  Cornei' Pearl .and Eirst Streets, Atlin, B. C.  Sl'l'CATB  IN  i'lIB  ATI.IN   I.AKK   MlNINO   DIVISION   t>K   CaHSIAK   DlSTHlCT.    WllBIIB  1.11-  tJATBii:���On  Union .Mountain, IIkad or,  I.ITTI.B .Sl'HL'CB ClIBBK.  ''J"1AKK NOTICK that. T, llonry Kicliolson.  ' " Kriji! Miner's Certilicate No. nlll.Tlil, intend, sixty days from the date hereof, to tip-  ply to the Mining.Uecorilef for a Certificate  of Improvement, for the purpose of obtaining a Crown CJrant of the above claim.  And further take notice tiiataction, iindnv  scctinn  :t7, must  be commenced  before the  issuance of siiebCertilicateof Improvements.  Dated this ��th day of February, A.D-). 19U5.  IIHNltV NICHOLSON.  WANTED.  MliN AND WO..MEN in this eonnt.y and ail-  joiiiin^' territories, to present and advertise  an old established liouso of solid finnnciii'l  stanilintr. Salary to moti $21 weekly, to women -51- <o S!H weekly with expenses ail-  vanccd i-ncli Monday by check direct from  headquarters. Horse and biifftry furnished  when necessary. Position permanent. Address, Hlew Urns. & Co, Dept.5, Moimn lllilir.,  Chicago, III.  FIRST   CLASS   RESTAURANT   IN   CONNECTION.  CHOICEST WINLS, LlQUOltS AND CIGAKS CASL tiOOOS A SI'El'HtlV.  The   Canadian   Bank ��� of   -Commerce.  CAPITAL    PAID    UP    $io,ooo,ooo.  RysKKVK, $3,500,000.  Branches of the Bank at Jeattitf,  San Francisco,  Portland,  Skagway,.��fec,  Exchange so let on allPoints.  Goi.n Dust PuKCirAsiso-  -ASSAY  OkFICX ���iH   GONNKCTION.  D.  ROSS, Manager.  VANCOUVER  SPECIALISTS   IN  ���NGBffiERINi -WORKS, ITBL  VANCOUVER, B. C.  HYDRAULIC    GIANTS, WATER    GAT1-S,  RIFFLE    EARS, -STEEL .RL\'.ETTED    PIPE,  HOISTS,       M1.NLNG   CA-G'ES     wnd    'ORIS   ������CAi-KS.  IV1AOE  XD 3.PJECLAJ. -D.ESLG^  Write   fojf jumces   and jcmjlIs* ^777-7  'r  '0;:':.:"'  7777':..,  >$f !���������������������-'  W^>  '���3/f-'  !/;-l:  1  IS I ������':���  . ��� -.-jt..;.- ;  it"  l-sii-'.-'- .:  li  Jf'  I  ATLIN,:.: B. 'C;;7 SXTIJRDAY,T M^RCT,^:, 7i9q5.  ; This:'is a good chancelitodq;alittle.paperingat a  low cbst and ah opportunity that you should hot  : miss.  _ji o  ������"���������%���'������  ;&::  77; ���;���   . " Loca 17Events77. ; 7'  77 Tlie'"ladiesr'of.;tlie--<:Pi;csbytei-iaii  7CJmrcl7are tc1 .give;; ft ^concert find  ^social 611 7lM-icla37a7tli7;;Marcli:(St.;  Patrick's:. T)ay^;:;at;'S 7|i.::m7; The  ;Lid i es i 1 a vea 1 \v ay s- gi v'e. u7>ucce ssfii I  entertain lueii'ts'; heretofore,; and,- this  "one prpiii'ise's'ito'be:up7t6~ tlie;rusual;  standards   Some pf Uhedjest;talent  "in7the' district;:will take: part,::��� iii-  cludiug soiiie7ne\Y:t!t6 -Atlin audiences:: Admission,7500.7  children^:  7=5c7;,;'-:7';:7-"-77;7 :777777";.7'-'^':'','7:  7.--An/extra dbg teamon-, mail route  ibr,/Passengers, ...-freight,7express.  ;!Aiiy orders left.at.Kirkland-Hotel;  -with;: Mr. 7: Walter -: Till, - will -. be  7promptly7attend.ed7tb.,7::.'.-��� ''7   7  7 ���: MeDonald' s-G rocery' ' makes - a  specialty of freshjeggsaiid butter.  "������������ :The7(bllo\vii!g; placer claims have  ���-:' -beeii recorded on the;ioth inst. and  : located-7'otr7. the7;4tli7/----7^Last  7Chaiice" and7'Long;;Walk," Birch  Creek, by.;"-V: Mel 11 tyre 7a 1 id ���' A.���'  ' Chariebois,. by-A. Chariebois,���.their  'agent ;  ���-' Snowball,'7 Bircli  Greek,  by F. Charlebois.  : -.._.;. 7 .-'  Bmqkect    i-IuULmi..   <uid  >i'linutu  Haddies at ,\Vheeling's. .;  -Messrs. Jas.   Nelson,:  Jas. >:Mc-  Donald, Alex. Leo, who have been  in.town several days this, week, re7  ; turned to Boulder yesterday.  Tlie latest magazines and papers  are always on hand at Pillman's.  Capt. Alexander returned on  ^Sunday from a hunting trip at the  north end of the Lake. ���Tracks of  large gaine were plentiful, but snow  being;deep and soft, prevented the  trip being a success./    7  :. Well assorted stock of Plain 'and  Fancy.ToiletSoapsatC.R. Bourne's.  Mr. Dave Hastie, in a recent let-  '<��������� tcr, says he will be   back   in   Atlin  about April'1 st."'-   ;      '7  Stables & Lunisden make a specialty of Fresh Eggs and B.utter.  7 Last Friday evening, the Atlin  Hockey Club . gave a very successful dance at the Kootenay Hall, at  which youth and beauty were present in large numbers, and tlie result was a financial success for the  Hockey Club. A tasty lunch was  served in the dining-room. Messrs.  Geo. Kiefer, Burt Blazing and Jack  Carlniel supplied the music.  Fresh    Eggs    just    arrived    at  \Vhccling:s.  7v;Mr.:;and-iMrs;7 Nelson 7a iid\:Mr  Schaler 7arrived7Wedhesday, from'  Uie7Cpastv:7: They : left - the^'lplio w-:  ingd'aj^ for.-Bouldery Greek,'where  thev7ireHnterested'iu iiiihiug.77 77  7HOGKEY.  7 '" '   '���[   -7/-'7- After an evening's Skating"o>," Curbiigrlfen. a Cup <rf  7777 7;   -: 77 Cocoa; ot ; Gno^urei-Clierarae|lft,': Balfei"'^,; ^  '7./;;'7 77-:;--/:7:"Br:iud7C6i'iJJCi��v;r 7;7;777'777777 ���; 7"77777.7':'7'7'-: :  We   have; 3   full   line   of  the   above .mentioned 'goods, ::. /  And1 our   ibices   are; right. /    ��� :;;:;;'-;,:-:���;���' "7;;-.':.: 7 7;7'":-:''"7"���'.'.'<'���.'' '7.7:.,-"''"7''  V:The -A tliuUiockey-players:yisited:  Disbovery7 last jSatu.rda)v and- \vere  beaten by4 to 2 by the Discovery  players.; This is.very encouraging  to:the;Discovery;Eoys,.>is7:pwing to  want of practice.a'tkV-' the' trouble of  getting tlicir-;best players together,;  they:, have'always been this season  on tlie losing .side.', 77 7 7 77^77-;  .7 A/return niatch'. will"be; played  0!i7.th'e .Atlin7;Rink-7tpday at;2730,-  and it is, anticipated; that .;a;.,.large'  crowd of spectators will aU'eiicL.7 7:v  ;7 Another hockey match-between  Atlin aiicl-Discovery will ;be.played  011 the ^Discovery;; Rink- .011 ; St.t  Patrick's  Day-7(i.7;th;';inst:.)|;'..;at73'  ;p7'3n.;;7..'7.-'-.;77 77;:7.777;:77.7::----7-':-:7;77  7;-7':7;a77-7..:CURLING.v7;:!-y--"  7 A.: curliiis; match for:the Wilkinson Cup took place Thursday evening between D. Ross and E. Ros-  selli7 resulting in "a^victory of 11; to  5 in favor:of Mr. Ross.  Another round for the,-.Fetl'ier-  stonhaugh Cup was drawn on  Thursday, and the following players are against "each other :���  Richardson..  Turkington.  Fraser........  Ridd...... ....  Taylor,...,...  .Young .......  Simpson,...;.....  Davis.........  ..vs..  ...Patterson  .'���.Wheeling-  ,'....-.Sinclair  ...7:'Stables  .,..,. Grant;  McFarlane  .7. i-7..;RpSS  ......Woods  JJ'URS BOUGHT AND SOLD���  Good     value     given.-���M u.k do  McKay,  the Fur-Dealer of Atlin.  JJ^GR   SALE ��� Laundry,   Bathroom   and   Cabin.���M��s7E.F.  Rooiuts, Discovery,"B. C.  Church    Notices.  Clinruli ol Knjrlniid : St.Martin's Chiireh-  Sunday services: Miitins at. II a.m.; liven-  soiitfi 7:'.��l p. m. Celehration of Holy Com-  iiiiiiiion, 1st .Sunday in eneh month anil on  speeial oeeasions. .Sunday. School: .Siintln.v.  at '���'> |>. in. Coniinittee Meetings, 1st Tlinrsilii.\'  each iiionth.     Kev. K. I.. Stelilienson, ruetur.  St. Andrew's l'resliyterinn (Jhiireh hold  services in the Clmrcii on Second Street.  Morning service at II: eveniny service, 7:!W.  Sunday ,School at the close of the iiioi'iiin*;  service.    Itcv. K.'riirkiiiyton, minister.  sox-ckshoii to  jy[4 FOLEY  ATLIN    CHEAP   GASH    STBRE.  Until fnrtlier notice, the f<dlowijis wilt l.eth<7rates,^  . . ��� <i, .������.���-.,������!..,��� ���.������: nionthly: u      :,\- .; .-a..,'      :���-..-.-...V- ���.':.���,- <���:.���'���.  ���     x  .i'T.- :::    : .--    -. .;;._.....;*3..50  rper   Light-  Installation, ....:.-:-;...v...^v-.:-:--,:v--;-'-;';;'--V-'Y-;^'- ..* ���������"������-.. -.������-..-,  ..-.:...::-..-.   Stihscrihei'S.otiit Jwsiiptihed at-Meiter rjites .      - 7,���7*l,  Rent of each Meter,,.^. ..7,.;-.7:7,:7...:.7..,],.,..,. ..-$1.00 permontk  ."������"���������-.������.��� or at, u Hilt" j-ales, as -iNndef:  ���;. .- .���'���','���. .'���-..:���: .���'��� .���/;���  8   Caticlle   Power   Incandescent,   .>...,.V....$ 1.75   per   nionthpery Light  l"6:7.7"7-7;7;,'7��::;:-.;'',.^ ^'���^������:<- ,.���:/:::;-.... ;.7...;..- -3.25;;v7:. = i;.,::-7;;.;, 7;..;,.7:"777;  32   '    " -:..:-.-- .- "r :'': - 7"  -.-:" '.������>."���.   r'-\:'.. ���;-.V.-:.V.:."-'.V..7.5.50; .:-..;',7-: .,;:77  : ;;, r-romi.iid aflei7tite;:ird ^antiai^, W^^^^  lit from ti a. in. .until daylitiht- VA':;--:-;:.7i-7^:~-->V':'-'.f;: . ;:^ :.;.    ---_:;   v:.>i  -All hitrned-m.t or:idnclcencd Ittmiis will ^eeschansved for iipwciios,,&-ooot,cliats-e.it  'i.roiifrl.t to tlieCon.piti.y'soflieeV hut broken ��nes will he cl.a.sc'1 ^^ ataO<>e.��s ettch.,   . ^:  7 TheCompany's   Modern^   Steam   Laundry -1ms been let ��>.. lease Xo.Mic,:ttnfi,  .MilS.KKNN, who wiU eollecTand deliver airwiishin^^^^  liny airaeeounts in connection with the banndry.   :,. '-:������' '7: ._���:''    ���'-..."  I  MimM"::W^mm^Mt^  ,AT-t,ti>r,7'.-��..'-'-'C.  "��   .7 BJ   .-.'���'��� '..- ATblX,   II.,C. '.'��� ";���  SHELF AND  HEAVif  HARDWARE,  T'n and Granite Ware,- :     7  Wliners' and Blacksrrliths, Supp?l-es,     Doore arid Windows.  Furniture anil Mattress Factory.  ��W;7:��PEN  oorimni urewitig :isoipany,.M.w.  7     .   7:   ."7..      ���"   7- ATLIN, B. C. :  BREWERS   O     LAGER  BERE  SMALL    AND   XA RGE    ORDKRS    PROMPTLY  ��� FILLED.  :*'  FINEST FQUIPPKD HOTEL 'IN THF NOIWI-I.  EVERYTHING CONDUCTED IN  FIRST-CLASS MANNER.  Uu-to~Batc   Restaurant in   Connection*  FRED   WRONG,   Manager.  CORiVKK   FIRST  AVJiNUK   AND   DISCOVIiKY  STRIJin',   ATI.CN.  &W FULL LINE OP STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES.  Flour,  Oats,  Chop   Feed,   Bran,   &c, &c.  ����� s f <���   Jr  f > r    "   ��M  THE  Half-Way House  is a haven for all  travellers. The meals  are freu-inillini; ami  the hracers in the  bar as refreshing; as  the dew of the early  morning. An ideal  summer and winter  resort.  JAMES  CLARK,  I'KUl'KlXiTOK.


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