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The Atlin Claim 1902-06-28

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 S'ii  ';'&$  a?6?Vv :H'ii1 S.3Sv.:?T"!.?7^il.1,:'ua7.7T:-.  t -..'I'll'.;?. ?-:HWTOto>-*ll- a A/A-  V ���:.* .���'-      , '       ,.���      '.."���;- >*-        ''       .'..-''.*   '..     '"���:;" '  ��\  ���;7'p**))li'si!<*ii^  ���7;?.'7:.T*.'iK7'ATVrt|is'.4ci/  /:;? 7  ? ?? A7'(::7Hu'.sOJ,n-kijt.7KT:"i7>li7::. ������' ?7???v  V. ,v:'? '7'A J>.-^'r<.)Oi^-J?.;-Ms? Sutvi*t!',t*1vv   vv;.?.  ? (iMil-c;*>ri)ui*ii���iio''T*Viii'i ���?'-. At*'">'"- ''��� ?  .���A.lvt'n-.t"siii'ii7''l"iili.s :' \g"l.��HJ I"'" :'"<!'������ l'il''.1'  hiwi-tioiiT Ili'tiillii^riifiti^i^.v^i-'^'"'" " '"i0"  ��� S|ii.'i:*ml .Co.VitVsii'i';Htit.���?. o'ri7iiP5���H'-tUi"!'?;^:??'  A Tlio?iiilw^i;i|)tii.n''fAitw is ?S"��?ri. :*">:'"'7.'l*'lXr  . til)lf?i..ti.lv1ii.oi*.7 ;?X6 ���lOi.ci" will i��v 'I'-ny..*���.!  Tm.lassXUiscori'lir^  ISATlJ]nDAY?:;:JUNK7;28??.I902.'  ????''l^ir!*7\ve:rdictTren;de^  V^iiythb-Hen'm  ;-vfie'vei-e7'cteiisui"e?v.u!?oii  ??Molu!ii^:Go\;%  ?7T.;vlijt7iribre7se\^  v-^teserye!^^  v ';ttVation AAf 7we??iis ig!' Ause 7/1h e,ex?  :f?pi:i^sibh-^bfjii^  ��� ? -tioliA1 ic?pri mb?i:easpi i?fbr :?HC i vnin g?  77taki;: g ;liis':p\vii ?li ie.;?; goes 7 with oil t?  7 sayings7especwlly?-:wl^  ?'.''ii(t6.?^'o:ii^  '^tub-'': pi^i;?'?in7 wjiicl v??iie^^k;|cqii^  7?fined7'inv!cqnjunction/with? the fact  7? of '-vytiA tuice^ lavRt y ^s?7to^when/This.  .?:frial?:wQulcL^  ;^7pecia il^i^ tijis ^so^siii;? yje^v f.'f1^:^^'  ?:TStt"tli��irimmedm^  'vmitinbiit?/^^  ;:?gistrate??te^^  ;7vG^n^:al?$tetin g-? the??[��ic(:s:bf7Hciih  ?7n nrg':s?cbm uiiVmen t,? / asked ? ���ibr.T.ui-;;  '������^sttiibtibns^  ?:;7absoliitely?no??nc^  ;7?:pn so t ier?? 7suGli? ^s?Hennit]g;\yas?;iu;  7-?-thc^tiiii^ii'^  /���'l:his*eteg)^  ?  nbwledged ! 7 Only7 tbday7-7?tPo late  '������'A-py it vkiibw7i??\vlieir:a:CGUi_3etent  A Court A was :vgoiiyg77to??7stt,??.which;  would try the case, ���teir'nioiiilis after  Tthe./comiiiilmeuL./..? ;?Is??i t....- wonder  -tliat twelve/'1 gpod?arid;:lawful men  ?,-of Atliu ''7 pass/censure.;upon.the  7;G'o'verumciit''?'  - '7?7;: 7 7/77 '77?'.';' -vAy  The'.^rbricrvs^ury���,Render a,  ?7v?77;?;77?TT777?V7crdiCtV??77':7''?v7'777T  ���Ths 15. : C? ;vGbyei7niiient,vvTliroi"S'h  ?7?? ihp:. '-A:t��or*ijey? Gin^?{U?;H|?;sT::;iB.  77 7A\?0 to :'Aec-buhfc'?To!;'. AaAA'"  .  v? T\v6?MATTKRS^of ;yery:vital T;iii7  /terest to?"the/individualv:m biers?.of  7. the; "district ?:ha\-p,7 since '���"���pur? last  issue, come.iip   for  hearing-"'before.  7 the?Gold   CoiiYinissiOher;/ each "'.instance, one1 of  the Tinnier-' vs.7j.he  -v corporatioii,--;7;T7vv7.:.-Vv7?Y:??::^7-.v7? ?.  The /evidence-/i'lr;.each-" case ;was;  7-taken dowi7?ind7..will,?in 7d.ue;7;sea7  .son, 7l3e;siibri!itted'to':??the. ''Depart-  ??ineut of 'Mines  in Victoria for final  ,  decisio.u7 77WC? have? no"' positive  ?  opinion in the'matter from.what '.we  know of the  circumstances; hut we  7 would certainly not   like to.se'e any  impediment put in the way of every  individual miner, receiving his just  due, and we do hot'doubt b/ut that  the Minister of Mines will give the  individual the first preference.*.  The 'cases   referred- to arc, first,  that of the "bona fide owners V-of  claims   on    Gold    Run,   as against  Kent   Bros.    &   Co.,    of  London,  England,   represented   by Dr. jvjit-  cheli   and   associates? asTeasehold  applicants, covering groundTin part  claimed" by individual--miners ; the.  second   i.s   a   much   more intricate;  mailer,, which! in plain words, calls  .for the greatest good,to   the greatest  number,   and  affects? iu'round  liuinbers?   .200     claim   owners   as  against 17 applicants Tor. a bedrock  flume- right on Spruce creek.    The  applicants   for  the right are represented by .Mr. Chas. Queen,, and'as  two previous  applicants for similar  ]>rivileges were de-vied we fail to see  that the   present applicants are any  more entitled to consideration.  7^At?the?'-acijb^  - J ii j;y 7 01171 hei 1 ic^sit??! n to ? the dealii?  ofHaiTy;; fleiini!ig??\viip?comn!itted7  7-tiicide iiTvliisTccli "in  'b!i?SatuM;iy??iastj?":tiie''7Gon^  ��� i.'ii^viipse'-^  ?ttrnevtMinie,?were7^  :iip;,evicjeiyce?Avas7deduced,.vtpiichiiig-,  :'tipb"u?'licw?i?ir'^  :pbskessiqiv;Sf?7tlie??l-: 11 ilcvAyith^yhieh??  he ptii;T?aii;7:p;iitl??vtp?his?earthli?Texis-'  "ten ce??7T li tvlctuie7?i n??q u es tio nTwasT  pi;ie'^iili?;v??biade?:iti^ut7?  :ioug?.i)ilt?as7?it?;;ha'd?7b^c^  ;in;unly'used7lbi??bpening^7tiii7^  ;flie7?cbnd'itiqii'?7Tp;t??^  \veil;?in]agii!edi*:7;39r?7v:Lazipr?vv,\y  madei;a;7;p6ftt-mbrtem?e>:aiuin,d  test'i fi.eci7?tlra't ���'?'������ there - Twere-TTseveial  ?\vb u ud s?p 1 tTt li e? ��� le f t?br ea?s t; *13ti t; none  ;bl?tiieui?tlsep?ei'bugh;;t;bT.ha^  ed7fatal7?v:'?Tl?e??bner7;iii?T?tlie?tK^  ���appd?tred?vl o?;liaye ::beeh;?a? s tab,7'an cl:  ?liacbse??ered7tliej- j tigu 1 ai??;vehi,7a 11 d.  frbm?v.this?, Hehiuiig ?;iiacl7.-bled 7 io.  de:ith.??7?r.\vps carpepterSj/iWan^c?  ?andvisl arcus?T\ylib?AyereTniakingvi;iii-:'  ;prbvbiiien'S7?qu A tlie?j ail ?:builaing,7  Twerealsov e>:aiuineaV:biilv;their;eyi-:  denceTwasvv ofv^no^TinateriaWA*alu:e;v  ThevfplibwihgTverdictvwa's-reudered  bytlie Jury :.?; "7-   . 7 ..; 7;.;..7?7.???  7;.?.*;'-'A,1 i;i 11 q-uIsiLioii vitideiitedyvtaken-  ;atT>A,tlin??:-Cpuyty??p^  British Columbia?? the 7-2 ist 'day^bf  Juiie,. A?'-:i)'?,:; 1902,?ju7?the? sceppd:  year of the?reign of --our TSpvereign  "Lord? ^Kirig7EdwaTd7;the. VIL, ,be-  fore7.me7TEdwa.rd7-M: ;1n . Woods?  pne.of;t!ie"CorouerS'o!-our Lord the  ?ICiiig,t"ibrTtheT,Cquntiv^tioresaidy up-  ?oh the yie\v7pf? the?.body of ?Harr\7  ?Heiuiingi?then iiiid.there and, within' the jurisdiction/-"^ the said? Coroner, lyiag,dead", 11 pon 7; tlieT oath^ of  Henry E.- Yoiing, E. ?P.;70ueeh7 L.;  ;Schulz,?A. S.TGross    R. 13. .Dixon,  E?L,vBurdette, v-Jaiii^s? D..���."'/���rj'tiiiis--  deu,: J.ohii7Williams,..Iu-.ues.t7.Rp3-;  selli, John -K.   Shidey^E.  L.v??Piil7  .man,and John?Kirkku'd;T gcodand  lawful? men /ol ,A,t.liu  aforesaid,, in  the said   County, .being   now /here  sworn and -charged   to   enquire'- oii  the part of ,our   Lord-. the. Kiiig,  when,.where, how 'and' after what  manner'' the   said   Harry. -Henuing'  came   to   his. death,- do say upon'  their oath that:       ' ,.   /7  ''jThe   deceased,.   Harry   Hen-  .-'ning, e.-mielo. his .death, from a self-  inflicted' wound in...tlie throat,    ft  is the opinion  of the Jury that the,  deceased1 was cf unsound  mind and.  also that the long and.solitary con-  line.iii.cnt, extending  from   Oetober  14th, 1901,i accorded   the deceased;  without  the. opportunity-, of a trial,  is  au -outrage  on   British Justice.  l''tirtl",er, that the uncertainly, of the  time   of   trial and' the consequent  brooding of the prisoner intensified  his mental condition and  i.s responsible'for the deceased's.riciion.   The  Gaol  building? in" which   the   deceased was- confined,.'was   unfit for  human   habitation.    This   country:  is easy of   access . aud   at   no time  .. ,';,..   7...?.     ���;.   :..*. '*.  S-Sy  '. ,''.;_-.��� ' .;���'.-*.���?.',   -V-   ^        .Jj   J.  .7 '  :.*,.3,".        -,    -.    .r. r . A', :   .'. r J ���,.:.. :'.Sr.,.!..: p'. TT... ;.'?*..  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Ccpkihg7Fi^.,?;,:''.?-.7-?7?:-.''7??/7.rr,.Ti557  Sugar,?:S-lb3 - 7 vv/'/T-:'?-? 77:7?7'v;i.co7  Cheese,? per lb7? 7-.-.:'t/7'?;--:' -'.'������ ���" ?' ������?���'��� 725 7  .Lubeek SlicedvPbtaloes.per lb?   .30/  Peaches ' ??':,,? '���' ���"?' 7-?;*35. 'H;im7and?Bacoii? per lb   ; -..   ?.-7v7.25 7  Ladiesv"&:Ghildrei''s?Bobis aiid ShPes,7Dry''Goods;;'etc7retc;j,.tit ccst.;.7:7;?:  ?';:7'Crpsse':&?.Black^^  . '::77:/?T 7? v ?:? 7?-?/ :?/;Re(luced''?ip"lo?26per cent.? 7 7 ;lS?^7 7      ?..? ?7?-'^ .-.7-7?  /77A11? Goods 7WarrantedT;nnd:vif?.iip  ���\f..m��. My  ^���-j^nf-t^r^i^^ic^^ii^bicib;:'^    <>'o*@-*o^>*C'*:-^?r-><>:C't<3>>c<'��3:*:<& o  OT  i?  C>7  o;-"-  1-,"  .��������.���'  ri  ��"*!.  Ov  r. ?  Q       GscrgsEi.Kayf3s,- Pi'OjsrietO!" ;7-..'.-?  fC^l{'r?'E'iKS'l'/'A-ND?''Tl'A'lNOK''.'.S'I-K'K^  This lrii->it.'Cl;iss Mf.t./l Ji'is.lJt.biiiT'iiiotlHletl' mill i*e[iii*uislioil thi-oit^lioiit  titnl uli"'i>r��.tiie l.oiit,:iceot:iiiioiliitioii to Trtuisipht. in* Pi.rnuiiiciit .  (VJi'iostiT���.'itiit-t*ii.*:iii.niiil Kiti-opc-iiii iiliiii;"-'.....  7       :Fissest W^ss^lecs^mii^^B2d&B^^rsu\A'..;Av':  ���'���'AAA Bi lii a rd s   and??Pool.? .-"���  At  T-.-'-a;  7v  O  '70  ���5  oowo:c(^<:io'C'0Kf^c(��D:*n<><:^  I'1NJ'S']V EQUIPPED HOTEL INT THE NORTH,"   EVERYTHING'  7 -CONDUCTED IN ElKST-CLASSMAKNER.   ?...��� 7   ...  FcassGii   Rczi'mss-sumi��� m   OosmeGtson.   ���  ?A       David TIastie,   Pkokkiktok?     . ���-,..?  ���'"'<���'     '"* Corner'cif First and,Discovery Streets.        ���''���?���"  TH E   OOLD    HO USE.  DISCOVERY,   B. C.  Comfortably Furnished Rooms-By the Day, Week or Month.  The Best of Liquors and Cigars always iu Stock. --���- Fine stable iu coif-  ,;    ;  '"'"'   ?,  '���"���11ectionwitl1tl1elTou.se?  AMERICAN -AND1 EUROPEAN . PLAN.   .  . O. W. JiniNsro".. Miinn^ci-.  'At ?y?f A TL I N?7: B?C ?/?7 s ATMD
"'"" "^ "'' Wli:/:?-'?;?-?.:.?-'7--??77yl?'7-v???::??'7
,-y .Bon.?.
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:'it''''''bee'i/.'i in possible"- fbrTirjiidge Ho
? jiaven;eachecr/Atl.iii.?'"-;! -?,??????7?/.--7 ????7?
a AAA. ??: ■-■ '■'% 7? ■' ???';?' ?;?'?■ ? ?-' Fore; mi ii /
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A.}y 7"?/Al?77? 77/:JP'!.'I''-W'!'ijill'"'?77 7?7?
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7:   7,1#^c?Srlfe37iFHo^^
■ ;GO. ?'j'Ov
;:?;'7ul,,l i'tn"S<Uiy???V2th77i ijst:?.and??died;bil
7?7 ?T|ie:lbl!bwihg7\yas lield6\'er?*hbh^
?7?Kinuey7- ?';He caiiie7hei"e7tp/lbolc?ibr
A Ax 9 ii!> Jro.in'TK: etch i k a h?:: wi 1 e re 11 e? ii titt
I Aye a rs 7? ?7?Er?d;?7 W rbi vg???;bf A S pi-uce
■?/? hi ed iat£ly?;Pat ?;Ki iniey7^s?dyihg?;
■?; Tea use* 7 o f ?dea th; ?/ acco rd iii g ?tbA. the
?/?\A/;7 TW./VL "-/-vc'et ?g ri ivf s;//ia:-?ce>.; • ?.*
777 v? .:?;---;v?7/ 7?a7??rfig 3tv-s.7?7T7?7?7T;77 7?v?7?
?l?ar;ri-7or:Kmiill Sri riipicii foi^wiiriiedfo/r Assay?
certificate,   ?is?
':"-. 7l'he7deceased?was about? 42 years
'of dge, and ?was "an?'? America ti by
'/birth? but/?has;7 lived?about/twenty
-years/in Canada:/ He is well known
7 in .the .North ;W.est /and //was. bueof
/tlie .'pioneers of 7 Alberta. /He is
said lb have/ taken?the7first drove
bf cattle into Alberta.??7vAtbne:time
■ Mr? Kinney ■ was"?a7wealthy' viuanv
? ??.?- aii ,???,eiatives??or  if. he ??was
:/7?ried?7'r; 7/Tsiugle. vvHis??reniainsi
"■'■; 'Aib'.i yj-.y: in-the Atliu/ceiiieterv.A
T'VrTv^'o1" it'ijeTIjnteniltb apply tb/tlie/Ghief
Coin 111 issibri6r..''7'oT; .l.t-.titls' 11111! 'Wfirksfoi-'tt
si)ceial?lif!C.iicuTt.-)?cttt it till carry7'a\viiy?:tiiribei'?
'iroiii'T'tlia; ro|!«wi:i;r"'tI«st;rn)utl7latitl;/qoiii^
iiieiiehi^?iit/'ti7iipst,?.:i;:tirIvi*.fl.,V,..K N.E.
eui;iiei",..|iost,'7v.which is situated on .Moose
.Creekr-f'ab'bir t lial f :ti?rri rloTfi-oiiV its 11; <i 111 h/??7
litilf "ii/£iiile,/tlie?Vco.?7^ ltulf
-ti-inile?tc pbiiituf efiiiimbiicohiciit/coiitaiiiiii"-
7;H/S;i7vr7T:'777<-;vi!HG/A tli tilr,tilctf rTiViiii iter ^Ga'yy
"jVrOTi-CK is lievt-'l.;.- 'jpr.iV.oii thai-' iif tei-80 tlnys
/fi'oni'flatc. I iVttetii! to.t-.iii.ly toflia.O.liief:
Cpniiiiissioupr* pf?Laiif!s:'iiiifi?Wdr!-:s foi- ii.:fii-
c?enet. tbjVi-osi.ect^ foi-'coal o'Sli-.e l'olloivitis
flesBriliEil'-laiitlsv: ?*..?..■;. V 7 ../ 7 T ■? "/'--
v.Oti. the rit.vtli.siflo of :tli'p vTahltaii .Hivo'V,
ahoiitU'i miles from :-T6ln;;i;iiiili.;;.ovoelc'ii'.cpmr
iiietifjiiig. at ?a_.■'po.st. ii'limlm! tiliout -I ntiles
-fi*ot:i tin. uioiiili of th" riyc'i-iiuii-lteir." .11, G.
Slew-art's, S. ^",".? i:t>i*tier: tlit'iiee'TS') oliaitis
Tiijvtli,.t!ieiir.'r.SO cliaiti-i,cast; tlie.j'icb.SO cliuins
s.i'mth"; tlibn'ce S.lVthaiiis west to point oi'?i*oiii-
.litHiicciiscti't, .f.'o:it:.iai.*r;j- (MOiicrcs.-, 111 ore" or.
iess.'/v?1; ??7:7■/?"'-?;:'- 7; ; - ?D. G,7Stewart, ?:
v f.ocateil May Sth. m02.   T.v 77?,.? ?■ v?      7
7'i'iio.//Co lJp.i;,^l?;|.fii;",/vli}ii7,';;.'.'i"iitiivA':<H<ii»imii'S\
.;''■.? -■:;) lii i.*'i" ,vj! i;*i:xij?7.1H t\j IK1 -;j',.,-,; J/i? h/viip! • ?I7;kg xu
7?7';v7a'j{Ni)[:|t7?titiil7v;l,t*ci'r,ijv/ji>Mv.? Ki(AC:ijoK
:77 ;.ilitt(.M'tll.,Clltilllf-7.Si'!Villf fir!":':; 111-7'i-ttJtVj*7I"I'€>I7:';
?^77-rp >Vt ^''et??t''7? 0??' ?"7?7?!' ??' ????;/7??.7.?7? -?7777?777?;?7 7
/7?-oit':..Agristh???77?,./;,.-.^77: 7^.;. ??:7?,.:.7/.?.v;::;.:,;7?,;7
T ?V,.t!ie?7?.itiitli;rsi*-iiRVl TJ'fisjv; \\'.: //Siuil lii/jiiirt ■
~*7 ?. fiu-iifji-  ut' -tlio  nliove-iittinoil.; iniiiariil.".
-yjiiinis;. ■..ilr«r*cJ).\7'7i{ivp:7uO'tk:e'4.fto'7.U
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worUviloiip/vbii the.; sai.l Teliiiiiis?;yiz;:T7one
ycar'i/V^Pr^i^roiifcTwoi-lfiV froiii? July; 1001 to
U11 luh-siliiv-siiifl;,anii)tint 1 ie ptiift to/iiit: on;tii*,
;i)i:cVt'.cetl;?iiafloi*?taitl.l)y-.vii*t.iie:t]f theliowe.i'.s?
t:b:i.fRi'i*e.fl;7?I.y ./^sptibM. ,.| of -the/'Miiieral
Anieiitln*.t*iit.v?tyct,7;' J'JOi),';. i-oiien ti ii jjt'. - Sec ti u/ii/il.'
?)f .7Cai)V?.iii ;bf the:.St'*itiites:pr isiip?? ???/7?7v?.; y\
yyAvAfiVyyA:!:. t 'AvAyisbi ;P;-.?r;ixbsA.Y;'
??;7?7-:f Nb ■ ;r? wi vis ro K s:-'-;--q»-77:&is!3fA;ii|'i
-'Nvv'^f ■- A A"}!" byTirivqiiT- itliu'lj: ;ii7,&oin*t/?-:f7?
''■.■■ ;??J|iiyi^ifni7wiil?;ljcUlickl?;it77thV.?:7.Coi,I.'77
■'?\7t"'^ fov(''!.9"1,7 lo7*Ty,l^7i)*H
"l!1^ ?("<r*e>'I^jl!i"'fv?"'i>7v.!b*^v JfV' 17?<>'jjctitiona??/
tiiftiirtstvthovrbtm.t ip!i?i.f it 1 i y ;i 1 a 1 n e "io r?Yin: 1V1 cs',??
i*fitr?:aiifl Ohillcnt5!iuii^:pivisifiiiB*ir'Ciissiiii"v7
Electoral JlistrictT— [lil;Vic?'e.':(.7?Sith-M/(f),'s:?
t r-i 'yA- Ar 77? ??7v-77?/? AA: g^AAAaA'A.
??.77;7/-7:;7/.;:-7/;7'7.7-.vXolle6tbi*bf-'yotos7-. ;?:?'-
?v A t i i t >; 7i j 7 c7 a7i n- j i ?ct liV'i 0027; 77.777??/7T?-77?
AAv^FiAst. V: G^SSSS;??;
TE t rs t?"S t reel? \ A tlui^/B ?: G?:? ?7
v'7777;W7?E.; :HAp.D.pjf'i WsA
]\TOT,IUli U-herei.y piyutilhut. hfter'31
"v.? from ila'tecl'ititeiitlr.toiiiiiilytb tlio.
■ ItOLY? ..GROSS, /fltliXCri  7ANB ?;;ALVrNl"
'.Miiicriil  ClaitiiS,   sitiuitol? in   tlie   Atlin
•■.■?......Minii'iK District, at the SW corner of:Atlin  Luke,   twovmiles   froni  Atlin vLtiUe,
ni?;ii* lloho 'Croelr. ■■ ■,;?.;'
TOTICE is herehy 'ftivmi tliat I, Noeri-,11-
\*ot.iiere, F..M.G., No. ft ISSu. anil, as Attorney-in-fact, for Tf.ni I.tivei'iliere, I'.M.C.vNo.
Tl -IS:!!, tuitl FrtiiikLtiyei'iliere, l*\M.G.,' No. .1!
• -ISI12, iiitenil iii) flays from el ni r- lieroof,?to a|i-
ply to thoMiiiiniJ lioeor.let* lor ti Cnrtilicnto'
of iniprfiveinuiits, for/the inn*iio:-;e of olitain-
iii-j a Crown. CJ i'u'nt-':«f the above claims.
... .'■..'• 7 •(■-•      . *'
Asii    l-'CltTitKl!,   Talie  iii-tiee   that   ,-iction
iinili-r Seclioi; :17 must  be coiiiniciieeil before
the i.-isiiaiii*!* of -such Ct:i*tilicitto of Improve-
' 'tnoiits."
.Patoil this 2".th ilny of .liini!. Hli'2.
jeiS-iiUtl /Xoeij r.'AVi!lll)li'.llK." '
CoHi.inissioiib.v/o.f L'antls niiil.'-Wbi-ks. foi*. 11 ;Li-.
ei'itcc to.prosjjL*et for coal bii .the'"following.
flvscriheii.ltinclH:.v:;-/7v7?■■■■■AA." ?7;?v?;77v :7v' '*■-■
-.'■■.. Oa tho north anil south siilesof/the' Xiihl-
t;iii?.Kiyei*,7cf)piinet!i!i.ii5? 7atv/a? post market!
'* A. / li.i; jlejioiialil's S. E?.. Corner,- tlictit-eSO
.chiiiiis nbrtli: theiioe.S'J.ehiiins.west: tlieiice
SO /ciinriiii'-'sioittli; .Tt-liunce.. t>0 chains bust, tii
pbitit of coinnicni'cniont',. con tain iiiif? (JIO
ticres, ii-.0i-e.oi-. less.? A. K. Mel)ori.tii.l.7...
Localeil MaySth. I!K2,?'?7
7?-7??Fin€st?Easior Mountain? 7?7;
Eoi?7S.ale in ?LargeTor/Small ;:13ales
&f&$&&;■ iDer7.;teKi7i7?/7>?
7ApplytQ7'7??' ?:?77. -7.../?.;
777v;7:?W A'fA'ii&N DERsON; '
.".•;..•:■ .7/ '-7.■,-'.•;.CaVibob7 Crossiitg?.
J^   COUUT   of Assize, iNist  Pi-ius, Oyer imil
Terniiiif-i- anil   General   Gaol   Delivery
will   be hohli.-n it. tho Court.' Houso at  Atlin,
on Tuesilay, lhe J2lh ilny uf August, I!).'i2.
. Hy Coinniaiiil,
.1. I). .PUIiXTICIJ.
Aclin^; Provineial Ki-crrlnry.
Pi-o'vlneiiil   .Seerelary's   Oifiee, "fitli*.!nun,
■'":'-'•   : ir^-n.
JVrOT.tCli'^is liereliy'iiven that..nftor 30 flays
.. from lintel iiitenil lo applyto the Cliief
Cf.rntnissioner of LaVitls; and AVorks fora i'.i-
i-etic-i- lii prospect for coal on tlie follo-.viitH*
i!esei*ibe;l lnr.fls:
. On the north si.lo of the Tnlilliiii" lliver,
coininf!iicin.u- iif a post 11:11 rkml " Murilock
McKay's N. W. corner post, tlieni*o .SI) cliniiis
oast; thc-iice til) chains south; thence 8(1 chains
west: thence SO chains north to point of com-?
ineiieemenl, containing (Mil acres, more.or
less.' .Miirilottij McKay.
7. bot'ateil :MaySth, Jili'l
TvJOTICH is horeliy frivi-n that ttfti'i* iitlili'i.vs
I'riiin ilate I iiitenil tf> applyto the Cliief
(,'oiiiniis.sibiici* of l.antls tinil Works for a Licence to prospect foi* coal on tln!,.l'olltj\viii'*jr
tlenct'ibcfl lantls:
On tho iioi'lli nuil soulh sitles f.f tlie Tai.l-
Itui lliver, coniinencinjr at a■ post tiifirketl
"J. A. i'raser's X. K. corner. I hence SUuliniiis
wost: tlu.nco .SO' chnins sontli; thence ■ SO
chains east: thence SI) chains north to point
of commencement, containing (llll in:res inorc
tn* le.vs. ,f. A . Kritser.-
r.ot-ati-il MVt.y Sth, lfi.2.
I*'or Oranges   and   the very finest
butter go to McDonald's Grocer)*.
S?S ?fe->ti? ■ Ui? 'Vb;' ii rd\-^y:
". &3C C
uouhced  for Tthe monthvof?June—- 7
Leaving Slcag\yay at. 6"p,m7' ?br 6u*T?
;arrival;of-{raiu:v7?T7'7??7 T???:?? ?.??;7.77/7:N
A'A-MUii'' //"■ :A'-V:[,.vyy.yAvyAAiAiA -7-77
7 v/Erinckss iMAY,?',.?': 7 AvA'A26aaa.:
WA: TClp 'A'-yAAA: }vaAA.A -^?750.?7???;7
??7/For ^further in formation? 7a|}ply?brv
.w.rite; to;7/A,?Hi?I^7:Diiic?Nj?Agent?????
7?v;?v;T.:7;-   .vT:./SkagAya}7 :A/laska?.77.7
■ 7  ■7.7 / .-■AT'-iinuNicit, .Proprietor''.
H^Eresh Fish?Alu-aysbnT Hand --
7. J Dido -in .".ll/iho fitandavciT eali-
: ;-; .<?"■■.*        . ■-■ ■      .     .    '7    .".   -"
lieiTihofli IiiiutMitl ;Gen(?ci?;Fire.
J.-AVci/.yhfc ;:bo;':(i 7 pounds.    Stand- j"
fi t;.i"d.ba'.:"5el ibt' rim IIro <-::rti"iilaci:;,'
ij  .    . ■ ■ _ ■ . ' ■ °    ' I'.
J.2-L "niches. ' ■EiT'-ccutcr-'Gra cai'L-ti
.. . - - -.j
pvidge;.*. V.(> inehoa..   .        /  |
■| '■  li theco. i-!l!i-:'i r.vi l-.o'-,Oiirrh't'i risliekii
|| by ytr.-.v ik-:*.!r,*, r:*:;,t j'.rice : ::;l vru will
.||p::iitl it to.viiu c:-.i!;.-i::;.'i jirc'iKiiil.
. i • >■    i
jj fiend .'••tniMii rorcala:t\"; t'.esi'riliimcroni-
i! j)!etc lir.j r.;nl c:iiitiiii:ii)^7 v.ile:ib!o iis-
|j foi*m*itio:i tu uliootdfs. ';
I   Tn: i, SfEt,.EH3'fla_:3/l:iD,-To3L'Co.
THydraulicaud Other Gdmpanies?;
/;Supplied at^Wiiolesaie Rates.? .'
■?. U. Do*i
3,-i:iA:o. [|
Copies ot  the new   Placer Act o/'
•ioot, consolidated with the Acts 0/
1S9S  and . iS§9, .. for   sale   at   the
Claim Office,
'.looteiiiy '^Restaaraiit''
'■■■ .. is   Now   Gassn.
Miss Lvxaitgm, Prop.
a * a
The   Table? will always be   providod
with tlie bast the RI arke-t affords,
W.   WALLACE ?GRIME /&  Co.,
' Nfitai-ies Pniilic.
' Third Street, Atlin B."C.
Fire    tS*.    Accident    Insurance.
.-WiKNTS*    FOP
PI-LLIiW -11A UVKV 'A   CO,   Assaycrs.
■A-..V. ATLIN,  B.C., SATURDAY, JUNE; 28,   1902.  Ll.  'A  \u  I  PICKED UP HERE AND THERE.  (Jliitivlt  oT Uiiglninl :  St. M11 i*l iii's Cliiircli, cor.'I'hiril anil Traiti-  oi- streets. Siintlny services, .Matins at II a.  in., Evensong 7:'.l0 p.m. Celebration of Holy  (Jominiiiiion, 1st Sunday in each month anil  on Speciiil tK-ciisinns. Siimlay School. Sunday at li p. 111. C'oiiuniUet) Meetings, 's,t  Thiirsihiy in each montli.  Rev. I". Ij. Stephenson, Rector.  fit. Andrew's, Presbyterian Church liolil  service*, in the Glittri'b on .Second, Street.  .Moi'iiiim servii-e at II evening scrviee 7:!I0  Smiiltiy School at the close ol tho inornhig  service. Ivev. II. Tin-li ingtoii. .Minister. Free  I*eailin<! Room, to which all arc welcome.  Walter R. Dockrill was married  ou Wednesday ol" I his week to Miss'  M. Palmer at Chcmainus, li. C.  ��� Mr. and Mrs. Dockrill will take up  their residence here and will be in  next month.  Blue Ribbon, Coffee is absolutely  pure.���It i.s sold in all the stores in  Atliu.  Wednesday's arrivals from the.  , outside were : C E Shcller, G Pastor, J B Harrigan, J McMillan, R  B Anderson, W C Oakes, J Far-  naud, Mr. and Mrs C Christopher,  Mrs H W Heal and two children,  W" O Harrigan, J E Forbes, Mr  and Mrs Nedred, A Yeoman, Jose  Jano, Mrs Mcintosh, P M Coyne,  E Frandson, J Cuimuings, J Miller,  J Petersen, P "Vick, N P- Benson,  PI L Lesperance, P Anderson, P.  Lucas, W Ingram, W Griffen.  There is more solid comfort in a  cup of Blue Ribbon Tea than in a,  gallon of most beverages.  Mr. George Klansing, brother of  .of the late deceased ITarry Henniug  desires us on behalf of his family  and himself to express his thanks  for the kindness shown by the local  officials and tlie public in his late  bereavement.  Plouse lining aud oil-cloths at J.  A. Fraser & Co.  A dance will be given at Dixon's  Plall on Tuesday evening next,  Dominion Day, to which all are iiiT  vited. There will be no charge  and a supper will be thrown iu !  Furnished rooms to rent���apply  . Hotel Northern.  Wall paper at Eraser & Co.  Fresh Downey's and Ganong's  Chocolates at  Dockrill & Bourne's.  Mrs.' Mcintosh, who has spent  the v winter with friends on the  Sound, returned this week.  Placer Act, 1901, consolidated,  for sale at this office.  Mr. ar.d Mrs. Christopher came  iu this week, and have taken up  their residence at their house on  2nd and Discovery.  Agen's specially selected fresh  ranch eggs���McDonald's Grocery.  A number of new-comers were  noticed among Wednesday's arrivals.  Mr. Cummings, of Cummings &  Richardson, was a visiter to Atlin  this week. Tt will be noted that lie  has withdrawn from the firm here,  and that " Mickey " Richardson is  now the sole proprietor.  Either by malicious design or by  accident a leak near the waste gate  of the Sunrise's main ditch has,  temporarily, put a stop to the Company's work. If a case of the former, the perpetrator will get his  deserts if detected.  Go to J. H. Richardson's for  Gold Seal Plip Gum Boots, $9.50  A PROTEST.  Continued from p. 1!    ,  their  names ..were   signed without  their knowledge.  As the applicants are urging for  the grants to be issued, ,in order  that work may be commenced this  season, the protest will be forwarded at once to Victoria, togelher  with a petition favouring the fitimc  ���which was numerously signed.  Doulr.1e.ss a speedy decision will be  given in the mailer."  An Excursion will be given on  the Scotia on Dominion Day, July  ist, to the North cud of Atlin  Lake. As a new route, a more delightful trip for.lhe first of lhe sea-  sou, could not have been chosen,  .while the fare, $1.00, is within the  reach of all. ' Don't forget the dale,  Tuesday, July ist, at 10 o'clock.  GIANT POWDER���J. A. Eraser & Co. have on hand, just arrived a large consignment of Giant  Powder, which will be sold in  quantities lo suit.  Colin M. Durie, second son of  Mrs.'Durie, was married in Taeoma  on Wednesday last.  A.GRAND  IN  RECOGNITION OK  minion  will mc held in  on Saturday, June 2SU1.  Horse   Racing' Tug-of-War Trap   Shooting  ' Racing,   High  Jump, Lades'    Races, Etc.  NOW'S  a  The  Leading House  CALL    AND    INSPECT   OUR    NEW    GOODS.  YOUR  CHANCE:  F&r.   Bargains  In   Dry   Goods,   Boots   and   Shoes.  Today's JEvents at Discovery.  OFFICEgS^-OF   THE   DAY.  President : Mr. F. T. liluiick.  Yice-Presiilerit: ill*. G. A. llrackett,  Judges: .Messrs. H. E. Ward, Geo.   A.  Kerr*  anil R. A. Lambert.-        k.  Starters: Messrs". ,T.  M.   Rnifner anil  R. A.  Jackson.  Clerks of Course: Messrs. Walter Owen anil  W. J.Stocknud.      >  Seey.-Treas.:   H. E. Brown.  Time Keeper: Frank llreeze,   ���  PROGRAMME   OF . SPORTS.  10 11.111. Ohation, Rev. li.Tiirhiugton  at the  Royal Hotel.  10.30. Putting lull) shot:   1st prize, $7.50. 2nd  S2.n0.   Near the Pine Tree Hotel.  10.13. Putting 51.1b weight; S"-*>0: ��2.50.   Pine  Tree Hotel.  11. liuniiing Long Jump:   $7.30; $2.50,   U. C  Hotel.  11.13. Hop Step and Jump: $7.50; $2.30.    U. C  Hotel.  11.30. Pole Vault: $7.33: 82.30. Nuggot   Hotel.  12. 50-yard Miners'  Pack  Race:   $7.50: $2.50.  Nugget Hotel.  12.15. Sack Race, Nugget to Gold Pan: $7.50:  $2.50  12.30. K Jlile, operr, from Pine Tree to Irving:  ��7,50: $2.50.  Trap Shooting, on the Football   Grounds;  $25:  SI 5.  2 p.m. Wheel-barrow Race, Irving to Palace  $7.50: $2.50.  2.30. Ladies'  Spoon   Race,    Palace   to   Gold  Houso; Nugget Pin.  2.4a. Miners'High .lump:   $7.50:   $2.50,   Gold  Parr Inn.  3. Horse Race, Pine Tree to Irving; $23.  3.30. Tug of War; $40: $20.   Palace.  4. Drilling Contest; S40: $20.    Gold House.  4.30. Panning Contest: $7.50; 52.50.  Gold Pan  Tun.  5. 100 yard Foot Race, Gold Pan to   Nugget:  S7.50; S2.50.  5.15. Roys' Race, li.C. to Pino Tree: S3; 81.50.  5.30. High Jump, open: $7.50: $2.50.  Irving.  0. Miners' 3-logged Race, Irving to Gold Ho.;  -57.50: $2,511.  Three   Entries   in nil   Races or no Second  Prize.  .Trap Shooting Contest at Clay Pigeons,  Open to all. lintraiico Fee, S2.00. Each  Competitor must shoot tit 20 birds. Vancouver Gun Club rules to govern.  THE    WHITE    PASS    ft     YUKON  0 *    ROUTE.  .   '   �����������������  Passenger and Express Service, Daily (except Sunday), between  Skagway. Log Cabin. -Bennett,- Caribou, White Horse and Intermediate  points, making close connections wilh our own steamers at White Plorse  for Dawson and Yukon points, and al Caribou for Atlin every Tuesday  and Friday; Returning, leave Atlin every Monday and Thursday.  Telegraph Seivice to Skagway.    Express  matter  will  be received  for shipment to and from all points in Canada and the'United States.  B'or information relative to Passenger, Freight, Telegraph or Express  Rates apply to any'Agent of the Company or to  J. F.  Lee, Traffic Manager, Skagway.  J. Lipscoiibe,  Local Agent, Atlin, B. C.  YENDOME? HOTEL.  Choicest Wines, Liquors & Cigars.  FREE .BOWLING ALLEY.  Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  iards free,  /"as  C. DOELKEE,  .    .    .    FRESH MEATS ALWAYS ON HAND.    .    .  Fish,    Game   in   season and   home    made . Sausage.  Northern Hotel Building, Fikst Street.  r&ui  inery.  BATHS  BARBER SHOP  c.  F. UN'K Prop.  Now occupy their new quiirterh next  totho Hank of 11. N. A., First Street.  The hath rooms are etiually as good as found  in   cities.   Private Entranco for ladies.  HYDRAULIC   GIANTS,    WATER    GATES, "  ANGLE   STEEL   RIFFLES    &  HYDRAULIC    RIVETED  Pumping  &   Hoisting   Machinery*  PIPE.  Estimates furnished on application  The Vancouver Engineering Works,  Vancouver,  B. C.  G. 15. ll.VYES.  .1. G. ColtNKM,.  TVTOTICE is hereby given that tho partnership heretofore existing between 'tlio  undersigned at Atlin, it. 0., as " Cummings  & Richardson;" lins this day been dissolved,  Mr. Richardson, who continues business,  will pay all liabilities and collect ull no-,  counts.  Dated at Atlin. li. O., this 25th day of Juno  Discovery.  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT.  101)2  'John- Cummings,  .1. Hu.rA'Aiin Ru'iiAitu.-niN,  FIRST-CLASS RESTAURANT  IN  CONNECTION.  Hp'ndi|ii��i'tpi*s for lluliuei- & Parrot���.'�� stage-  REEHOTEL.  DISCOVERY, B? C?  Finest of liquors.     Good stabling.  Ed. Sands, Proprietor.  HOTEL VANCOUVER.  H.EST   LIQUORS   A   CIGARS  Goon  Accommodation. ��� Rkstauhant  in  Connection.  S. JOHNSTON, Propuetor.  Good Stabling for Horses   and J*c��s. (^  ._ ��� J  "?��T  A'l'lJX, H. C, SATURDAY,   JUNK 28,    .902.  IfO.  154.  O.IK   It Hi  SHOE    SALE  Is   now     on.        We   havo   the   largest Slock of Ladies',  Men's and  Children's Slioes in  Allin,  ami in niosL any style you desire.  We havo uuirked every line  DOWN   TO   COST  Why pay $6.00, $6.50 or $7.00  lor the same Shoe you can gel from us for ��4.00 or $4.50.  ]U>y.-i' $2.75 and fe.no Shoes we have marked at $1.50."  Call and look over our Shoe Counter and be convinced.  We are offering you Snaps.    Our space is limited to go.into particulars,  sufficient that we are. going out of, the Slice business  and we offer ym the Most Goods at 25  per cent below Coast   Prices.  BLACKETT. & GO.  The Canadian Bank of Commerce.  CAPITA!,    PAID    UP    $S, 000,000.  Branches of the Bank at Seattle,  San Francisco,  Portland,  Skagway,. etc.  Exchange sold on all Points.  Gold Dust Pukchasku���Assay Office in Connection.  '      J. S. MUNRO, Manager..  LOUIS   SCHULZ,  Wholesale   and   Retail    Butcher  FIRST   STREET,    ATLIN,   B.   C  GROCERIES   OF    ALL   KINDS,   also  FRUIT   AND   VEGETABLES,   on   all   Fast   Boats  EGGS    -    BUTTER.   Canned   end   Fresh    -    CHEESE   -   LQWWEY'S  CANDY   ��� Superior Candy   4.   Cracker Co.'s Goods,   Full   Line.  HAY   AND   OATS  Wholesale    &    Retail  Tbe ROSS*-niGGIN5' ���0-,  Send us your.Mail Orders:  SKAGWAY, .Alaska,  Pioneer Bakery ana Rtttturam.  Kl'lvU.-U/ni'S  IN  FANCY   CAKES   &   PASTRY,  Frosh Broad, Ryo Broad, oto��  Chas. Mvici*, Proprietor.  (Jtkul It im 1 in. to Hunt   Hy tint lh\y, Wintlt m*. Month at I'uu-Oiiniilo witpti.  JIMMYREGAN  Shelf and Heavy Hardware,  A--11111 (.lull mill Uii'iulm. llni'lti'y sum  l1lHH.11 ,t Sun'* Siovk.       VV  - Mim'N Hull- Stilt'* und Kli.u. S��1N, ������ IL.m-y  >, Duni'M, Uiiii*. niu" I'mti'j', nU'.^iti*.  Pull LI no of Winchester    13 lack & Smokeless- RUle & Shotgun  Cartridges,  ijoodi  Houtilil  Sold  anil  tAchmiQcil,  The = Bank :��� of '��� British = North - America  '. lutiililMir*.! hi ISM,   lm-u'iioiuitoil liy liti.vul tSlinrior,  - ��� -������* -  The Allin  Branch of  litis.bunk   is'being closed,     Depositors ore  reel nested to withdraw their balances,  IX   SIMPSON,  Assistant  Inspector.  Safes, Assay Plant.  Bank Fixtures and Household  Furniture for Sale.  LEASEHOLD v PLACER  Miners on   Gold   Run Make  Statements  For Recognition at tho Hands of  the Leaseholders ���Value of  Improvements.  On Saturday morning last, practically all the miners, owning placer  claims on Gold Run, were before  the Gold Commissioner for the purpose of making statements as to  why their titles should lie recognised as against the applicants for  leaseholds, covering the same  ground. The latter were represented hy Mr. W. Pollard Grant.  When the leaseholds . were applied for in 1890, protests were entered against the granting of same  by the owners of individual claims,  on account of the fact that the  ground was capable, of being .worked at a profit by ordinary placer  methods. Subsequently, the leases  were granted subject to the recognition ofall individual placer rights.  The following miners, gave evidence as to the work they had  done: Brown, Cameron, Stubble*  field and O'Connor, representing  the Natal group, improvements,  valued at $1900; Pioneer group,  Henry Irish, $1000; G. F. Johnston, 2 claims, $1500; O. BelUveau,  Snowshoe group; J. Crichtou; several claims by purchase, $Soo; P.  Thomas, 2 claims,'. $6000; George  Stukey, 1 claim, $3000; F. Wostell, 2 claims; Chas. Kent, 6 claims  $4000; Jas. Thompson, 5 claims:  $4100; Clark, Martin & Bovard  Dead wood group, 6 claims, $5000,  iu all, approximately, $35,000.  The improvements cover shaft;  sunk to bedrock, drifts, pumping  and hoisting machinery, wheels,  dams, etc. The lull text of the  evidence will be forwarded lo Victoria, and the titles to tlie various  claims as therein set forth recognised as each in-dividual case appear,'  to warninl.  PROTEST.  Closing Exercises.  The closing exercises of lhe At  liu Public School were held on  Thursday afternoon. The parents  of lhe children turned oui en innsse,  together with mnuy visitors, to hear  lhe "nieces," and were doubtless  more limn -4-.lis.ied. The proficiency  shown by the children under Miss  Hughes' tuition could not mil to  be remarked, and the words oi'regret expressed by several of the  speakers, after the conclusion of the  exercises, nt Miss Hughes? intention, of resigning, would convey to  her but a faint idea of the estimation  iu which she is held by the children,  the parents and the public.  The pvoinollonswill be published  next week.  Spruce   Creek   Miners Raise  Objections  To the Granting of a Bedrock  Flume on That Creek to C.  Queen and Others.  A set of applications for a bedrock flume on Spruce creek has  caused quite a furor, among china  owners on that creek- The pio-  testants were given a hearing be- .  fore the Gold Commissioner. 011  Monday last. Mr. Chas. Queen  appeared on behalf of the applicants and Mr. Arthur Cassidy for  the protestants. The first witness  called was John McKimion, who  did the staking of the flume for the  applicants iu September last. He  was severely cross-examined by Mr.  Cassidy, but- 110 evidence affecting  the cause of the applicants was obtained. The following miners were  called io: state their objections and  were cross-examined by Mr. Graham, Mr. Cassidy aud Mr. Queen:  J Marshall, U Pickeri.ig, W Dogg-  wyler, O Hoppocker, M Rappolt,  Mrs Rappolt, A G Broe, A BulleUe  H Pyman, A Anderson, C B Rob-  son, John Anderson. A Melzer, A  Swat-son, H Farmer, Thos.-Ford,  S Marquis, H Irving, H Miller, E  Sheppard, A Sutton, A Cassidy,  P Lampton, ��� W Hall, J Cassidy and.  H McAdam. The general nature  of the objections, briefly, were, that  owing to the average depth to bedrock on the creek, and the fact that,  the pay was not always found ou  the bedrock proper, the water of  tbe creek would be taken so low  that the miners would be unable to  get' it on their ground to sluice  with; again, that by section Si of  lhe Placer Mining Act. the rights  and privileges granted to bedrock  flume .grants, would work a great  injustice to individual miners, par-,  tieuhtrly iu view of the fuel  that later developments on the  creek have shown it to contain  values which will pay miners lo  work for years to come..  In his evidence, Mr. Arthur Cassidy corroborated the statements  of the previous witnesses and inade;  the assertion- thai Mr. Queen hud  not complied with lhe laws regarding un application fcv a bedrock  flume grant, and that it was impossible to find stakes between No, 1  and No u below discovery, Further, that with 17 applicants, who  were entitled to only one - tpnu'tcr  mile each, he had staked over six  miles of creek; that the .notice  posted upon the Notice Iloiud in  the Government Oflice was not done  within the time specified by lhe  Act; and, finally llipt the names of  several of the applicants were used  without their consent,: and that  Continued on \\ 4.


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