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The Atlin Claim 1901-06-29

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 I* c
' i
, VOL.   4.
ATI.IN. li. C, SATURDAY.  jliNK.  sy,   11,01.
:•• o. 1 2.
' '""   "r       '     '   MlvRCHAN'DISl'.  IM  AT.I.I.V.
Staple  an J  Fancy D/y Goods.---A  Nise Li,;,.s of New York
'Mii'inery Just in.
'I lie Host Over-shirt in the Kai-'jot, !',2«CC.
Woollen 'j'nclci'weiir in Lost Rrados.
Tito nest Zccta ol Chaos in tha tVl^irSieC*
Gw 'Broeery  Steak is   Gsm^t/Dtio* •
OCHLVIE FLOUR, $ L-AA5 por sack.        Best Ertek EcMt:',  .40   per lb.
" CI.IfflAX-'*'lOliACCO,  $1 a lb.
,    Canned   Roast' Heel", Cornell   Reef and   AiLstialiaii Million
50 cents per tin.
dinned- Corn,"  Teas,   Hears, Cicam.nnd Reindeer Milk, .'S2.7s per dozen.
IRON    STORE,    First  and  Trair.or  Streets, At.in, E. C.
'he' Canadian .Bank of Commerce."
CAPITAL     RAM)    1'P    $S,ooo,ooo.
The New
11 h
8 ST
Placer Act Come:
fnlo Effect,
tuny Kev/ and Important Changes
—foir.u  iV.'i:eii I*"cuicd   Alter-
'    u.Uons.
Eranehe'3 of the Sank'ac Seactle,
- San" I'raneisoo,
... ' Skagway, etc.
• . • ■     ' ' Fx■"fc&r-p'n pjo?.'] (dn-afj Paihic*
Ooi.n Dust Pukch.v.s':*:!)—Assay Oi"i*";ck"in' Connkction.
:•   .-    ,.',    •--.;: - '      I.'S.  'MIi?rRO,  "vliiia^cr.
teJjBzc-ru See
0« Q. 'Stewart.
V')'W   Ql""I""ICK,    DrSCOVKKY
"■    "'.     -FOR.  GROCERIES ".AND   MTNJRS'   SUPPLIES.
My foiifi Delivers Golds on Crec.'is !*e*j-ii<iriy. -' , Prices as Above.
T H *■    K fi ^ T"ft ftj" A V    ft *? £ T A If IP A M 7
;    ; J. ii iu   ai <;*• -J j lJ n A I    je\ _j 3 i a b k A n 1
sr*:xrLY i.*j*tor*r,\N i-l-vn
E.    L.    BOOTH,    Propi-ist.ir.
Opon   n.ty ,i-i.I M :I.t
ilV'^^   P%iTfl\^l   ?,A)A\   ^ACf^iVWiti
Fro--?3 Srzarfj [~y-j ITrvscr, qso.
Cnvs.   Myhk, Pro rielor.
<?'•«,.1  lififin.N tn  !\i""I    Hy "-lii- Diij. \\ (■"!; in- vu-.t!. nr rmisnn .1-'-  r.•"-■•-.
- On Monday   next, July   i-l,   Rc-
,n escalation   D;i\,   the   i e'w   I-'Uieei
'*.lining   Act   comes   i*no I'oicc, ai-(
."i:ic of the,main   feai"i'. of lhe Act
■is lhe inercnstd -i:'.c*or ,.*:   :er claims,
■.i.-jo Icet in   pi,mi.:   of -ioo.     Pv  the
'new i emulations it is hoped that the
camp-will - be  spaied    much of tht
law-sails, pioiests. and '.'junipers?'
which h.ave hitherto   been -so chai-
.leteristie, and   has   piit money inlc
jockets   other   than   the  legitimate
iiuner.    In applying for reeoici.s Lhe
applicant   will    haye   lu .-../ear that
-.ncli claim, or  claims, as   lie   is rc~
eouli" g   is.-  i ot   occupied   laud oi
claimed   by    any   Gli-er  free miner,
and   Liiat u" ou a pre\iously located
claim, its name and   pievious ownei
iVnist    be   given.     In    tlie event oi
making a iai.ve Uecluralion, such applicant   will   be   liable   to   the full
.penalty for p.erjury.aud   w.ill   lorfeit
any claim I'als_l\" sworn to.
It   i.s   well   known  that there are
many, prospect Mb   out   tkioughoul
the couuliN, ami   these-are waiting!        ' 	
lhe coming into operation of - lhe Our congi at illations aie exle*"dul
new .-»cl befoie recording, ^cane lo Asst. 1'ostmaster John. Yi iili'iir*.--
good discoveries are reported to 117011 his appoii tniert to the respou-
ha\-e beeu made, a:.d it is to be sibie positions of IJeputj- ■. ollector
iiopcd that such i.s the case. Theie! of Inland Revenue, reporting to
i,   hide   viaen.K^n   but   that win,in i Vancouver, ancl Acting Collecior of
thitl il slnill be lawful t'.-r a fu-e
miner to ' iippoinl an iigeul, i\l-o
must al.su be a free niinei, bill such
ngciil -.liall no* li^yi.ii lid lo lociite
or. lecoid nny placer ch.iin IV,r lis
principal mil ss and null! a p wi r
of attorney in ihat bcdnilf has been
K'Cindou in Ihc oll'.ce ol' lhe Mining
Recordei iui .the mining-division iu
which such claim u,;i_\ be s.Unite,
ai d also th.it 1 o such aj.e:'t .shall k-
c.nte and recrrd more than one claim
each'..".ior two principals on each
separate cieek, ravine or hill."
'.'JCvery fiee miner shall be cn-
lii led to locale a.ul lecurc! only om;
claim on each -epaiale cuvk, r;--
viue, hill ,or bar diggings,'" bin
upon filing^ au abandonment he
shall, be entitled to locale and record another pLc-r claim n]:on
other ground in lieu of the abai-
cloned ground.
The new Act contains no schedule of fees bat '10 tin.- ii.:.-^ oi our
knowledge the recoidir.g ' tees aie
the .same as bdore'.
Records shall be made wiihi:: lii-
teen da\s ' after the locauou of
claims, and in the nutter of grouping, for which 1:0 provision had
been made in the old Act, not Ur
exceed ten claiiiis may be grou ed,
but.ihe .application 'inust be signed ^
by each pariy lei the group.
f'icies .By the Wayside.
e y.
ihis and   tne  Tcsliii   Lake cf.sincts
iherc is m..cii good giound .svill to
oe inal. and. with :>~,o lb t claim-
-i lii.ncr can work and bd nidepencl-
e:.t of his 1 eigiiborh. The increased
Mze 01 placci cL.uns shou'ui add a
great stiiiKilus lo Hie tl.cioi.gh ai.c.
svsleuiaiic |.*rospcciii:g ot rue oi-,
Customs for the Port ol Atlin, reporting to White Horse, I\:r. Williams'appoiutnientshould be highly
appreciated by the people of the
Samples of'-oie have been received
ar this oflice lioin Wan n1 er, which
look exceed'u glv* piomisiiig.    .
We have  beeu   show n some verv-
In tlie matter of new  oiscov trie-' fine saun^ies ol   ct-al nil.en from not
S/MCrA91',   A!a?ha.
Al.-ll   III.Al.l.lt.-;   I.-.
■4W4-44 I~L'.y   and   Oats **'«'** 3
v/e Make a Sreeialty of lerhliable Goods and respectfully solicit
Yocr Mail Orders    -.Taisfaction Guaranteed.
E.'W. gltS&Lg,   $*®$nry PuMSs,
Abitracus Prepared ancl Accounts Collected.,
.Oi""i"i*::i":—0''i'o-"iTi-:  Rkoyivciai. (Iovkknmknt hwii.uiNc,.
The = Bs.sk = of = Eiiiish = Kortli = America
I.'-.tnlilislif.il i-i l.vti.    Iiii-,ii-|iiii>,iti-il Ii.vKii.vmI ("lini'ti-i-.
Paid  1 r Cai-itai, ^4 sfifi.fififi
Ukhkiivk 1'"i'nii Si,703,^-;^
Head Office in Canada:   Montreal.   II. S'1"ikicma.\,  Oener.il   Manager.
llranches in all the pi iucip.il cities of Canada, aud agents i*i New "'•'oik,
San I'*rancisco, Seattle  Tacoina, I orlland, S' okane, 1'oslon, Chicago, JCic.
Cold Dust As-.iv-..-d,  I'lirciiasjfl nr Tak*.*'i ou Civslgnment.
Oiur.x. .*.— .1.11 g al Rf.is j.uble Ralta.
the .-Vet .slates thai " v. heie a discovery h.as bten e.stjlilihheii liiain
localilv 1,0 lun.l.er disci.-\ei_v sba.l
!).• allowed will.in live mi its theit-
11 om, measured along lliu waier-
comses." One di.-covcier is allowed
one claim 600 leet in length, two
Ui.M-o*, trcis,, 1000 feet in length.
The width of such claims shall he
the same as ouliuary placer claim.-,
of the same cla.s:,.
The nieiliod <yl location recpiires
that each ciann shall be as neaily
as po.-sible lcctaiigular in foim, and
011 eiici. ot u.e p.isi- ui.i.si b^ wrilten
1 in: ik.nie      1    lite    li catoi".  iiii.ntiji
fifty miles frrm Atlin, where an
eiyht fool seam las been exp,osed.
V\'e may have use for coal stoves
this winter.
Samples ol ore fiom the Kngir.oer
Orou >, showing iree g""kl weie
biought in to our oflice this week.
Mr. J. Slables, M.L.A., through
Rev. J. l'riugle. has generously
conliibaled the sum of:yuo to be
appropiialcd as follows: $25 to ike
l'ire Fund, $25 lo the Atlin Hospital $:»5 to be us'.d by \.r. l-'iiu.yle
in cases of nccc\ iu the uiv.ricl aud
."S25 to the 1 icsbv terian Ccnti.-ry
fund.     Mr.   Stables   i-; nnwenj-j-
and d.iie of liis !•' M ceitii.caic   anu' i.sg a well came,    i o iflay a; his old
date ol h.ca'..1.u-and t!i<j name given j iiome in ,-'•'nt-.icieeusl.iie, Scotland.
to liie cla.ni. Lines umsi be l»!.i:'.e(i
in tl.nbeied countiies, ancl jio-its
posted every 125 feet apart on all
bound ti'v lines.
Regarding the ipirslio.i ol povve.s
of attt-.i iiey, tlu lodo.viug section is
1..M.1!    i.-'.iii)    the    .\i-..    " i lov .ek-d
^ii". Prii.gle has received a re-
•pr.'.st from the Ameiic.iu Presbyterian Ch. re! 1 to bf their Mi--i..nary
at Teller Alaska, the laigest cam j
in the Ternlo.-v. It :s ^ralilvmg
10 know lii.it I\_ 1. Ri ingle h.i.s declined
&.-s- ,'��� ;���:' '���'.'"���.{:��� .i.i*,  l;'!',i  fl i -  [Ail  ���ATU-V li.C SATURDAY, JLW'K, cy,   ryo/  ������iV,,i-.lit'.'ri  r'  1*1  I*1 r  ���li-  I. 1  *.  The Atlin Claim.  Pulilislif.fi    i.vi.i'.v    Siitimliiy   nif.i'iiiriu   l��v  'I'llK  ATI.IK   Ol.Al.M    Pl.'lll.lHIIlN'll 0.1.  A. (.!.' lliitHitiiKKi.ii, Miiri'iiit.  Ollli f iiitlilifiilii.il Pfiitl S .. Atlin, 11. (!.  Ailvt'i-rirfiii-r rati-* infiili' ktiiiwn on it|i)ilit:u-  Hon.  . Tin* mil.ttf-ripiion prh'f. is $!�� u yfi-r |iit.l-  nlilii in nilviiiu-f. .>., p qii-r will In' il.-liT.-ri-il  iinli's-i thin I'frrifllllr.ii Is i-iiiiil.ll.'.l with.  Saturday, Junk 29th,   190-.  ���A VOLUNTEER  Worth   Three  Pressed Men.  Atlin's Fire Brigade.  An Enthusiastic Meeting1 of Citizens  Organize a Fire Brigade, and  Discuss Fire Protection.  A meeting of citizens wa.s called  for last Friday evening, to discuss  matters regarding the new fire engine. There wa.s a full attendance  ind an excellent volun'eer brigade  wa.s raised, consisting of the following : J Kirkinud, Chief, R 1*" Wol-  laslou, Assistant Chief, F li Mc-  Peely, 2nd Assistant Chief, W P  (Iriint, H \V Heal, IC J Thaiu, J I.  will Wallace,���'Guy Lawie.ice, ' J .Williams, "\V Williams, N C . Sawyers,  K Y/ h" Raul, Dr. 1-1. IC Young, E  W Hickie, J A Fraser, M Williams,  The appointment of Mr. Alex.  Henderson, K. C, as Judge of the  County Court of Vancouver, has  met -villi general approval. It wa>  only to '->e expected that there-  would be some '.lisappointmeni  among members ol" the local bar,  that a lawyer resident in Vancouver-  was not selected for the position,,  ancl Mr. Henderson himself  understand and appreciate such a  very natural view. He will, however, receive a hearlv welcome, not  only officially on account of his ele- W R U��cfcriI1. ^ T Troughton, L  ration to the Bench, but Ixjca'use he M De Cex.-G IC Hayes, J St Clan-  will add. another, to the ranks of blackett. D Haslie, W J Smith, A  Vancouver's good citizens. (' ^^ J �� Eumsdeu,   F L Steph-  We are given to understand that.   e:>so��- Ji *! N Woods, T A Le Cap  by recent   enactment by   the    Pro-  Pe~'llI1,>  3. j\.fmm go.  SUCCESSORS    TO  P. P. CO. First Street, Atlin.  For Staple & Faney Groceries  Tohaceos and Gumfeetionery,  Prompt A itention to orders$��rtxive us a call.  vincial House, a deputy or assistant  Judge may be recommended for any j  district within the   jurisdiction of a  County   Court Judge, the appointment to be   confirmed   by  the Do-1  minion  Government, aud it our "in-i  formation    is   correct,    we    would  strongly recommend that such steps  as   may   be:,necessary   be at once  taken to  petition  the local Government to have  a   deputy  appointed  for   this     district.    Coui.ty   Court  matters tinder  '{he  present   state 01  affairs, are most  unsatisfactory and  call for radical, reined v.  J   H   Richardson,-  Hirschfeld,    .\V J B Finder,  A C  RC  Thick K is a very strong probability that a smelter will be built in  Vancouver by tlie' Miner-Graves'  Syndicate, owners of the Granby  Smelter at Grand Forks, B. C. The  erection of a custom smaller will  greatly stimui :e the quartz mining  industry on the British Columbia  coast, ancl a more favourable place  than Vancouver could not have  bean chosen. Its geographical position as regards the obtaining of  wet ancl dry ores for fluxing purposes, coal ancl lime, is unequalled,  while it is in the best location for  raihoad and steamer transportation.  It i.s to be hoped that before very  long Atlin will be able to add as  quota of ore to the Vancouver  smelter.  Thk closing exercises of the Atlin public school brings a matter  very prominently l>efure our notice,  which requires our joint efforts to  see to a definite  conclusion.    Some  Trimen, IC Ridd, N C Wheeling, J  A Fairborn, R B Dixon, j I) Gra-  jham, J H Gillard, IC D Rorke, 1-  Rosselli, P Eggert, \V H T Olive,  G Dixon, W W Grime, Dr. Lewis,  and H Young.  '   It vvas   left   in   lhe hands of tlu-  chiefs   to organize their own engine  corns,   and   it   will   be the special  duty of the corns to see t ��� die working of   the engine,   couplh g of liu  hose, .nozzles,   etc.    A' site for the  \r<? hall   has been chos.n on Truir-  n-   street,    back   of   the  Kirk land  Hotel   and   the   lumber  is on the  :round.    The   P'iie  Committee desires and requests the voluntary a--  -istance of carpenters and others h  the erec-ou of the hall,   and   it   ;.-  loped  that the response to this cal  will be as  generously acceded 10 a-  verv previous call has been.    Allei  1 few tiials with the engine there is  10 doubt   but   that  the crews will  become thoroughly   efficient,   ancl.  duiatcd  as we are, vvith the lake in  ! ro*"it.aud ihe reservoir. Mr. Graham  ���had   constructed,   east   of the Government office, our  water supply is  i..exhaustible, so   that  the chances  of the  fire  fiend finding ns unprepared are now very far removed.  The engine, complete, weighs  *.8oo pounds ancl carries 1000 feel  of hose; the two pumps have a 6yd  and &>/> inch stroke respectively,  ancl the suction hose has an inside  diameter of 3^ inches with a brass  strainer; the two hose discharges  have \y{ nozzles.  At the first regular practice, held  on Monday evening   of   this week.  Till! 'GRAND' -HOTEL  FINEST EQUIPPED HOTEI, IN THE NORTH.    EVEKYTH1XG  CONDUCTED IN   FIRST-CLASS  MANNER.  French Restaurant in Connection  Rice & Hastii*:,  Puoi'RiiiToR.s,    David Hastij-, <\Mana<;ick.  Corner of First and Discovery Streets.  No ,  I m porte r - of G,e n e ra 1   M'e re 11 an cl i se  Miners1    *Supp>Iie-s  OUTFITTING A SPECIALTY  FIRST   STREET,    ATLINB." C  Choice Wines, Liquors and Cigars.  ���M Billiards- free,,  &  Hurfon,  Atlin * Lumber & Mihino ���o  A. T. Baker   -  Manager.  in  Branch Offiee at Pine.  BREWERS OF. STEAM AND LAGER   BEER.      NONK BUT THIC  BUST    INGRKOIEMT.-J      U."1"I)    IM    T.<t.i    M.V NOV AC C JR C     OF  OUR BEER.THE   ONLV   BREWERY IN TIIK ARCTIC REGIONS.  ORDERS PROMPTLY FILLED FOR ALL PARTS OF THE YUKON  TERRITORY   AMD   NORTHWESTERN    BRITISH   COLUMBIA.  A T L I N,  B. C.  lime ago it was announced that the  Provincial Government   had appro- of a volunteer team, the engine was!  Thermal ���:��� Vapour  "V BATHS TV-  Troy Laundry & Bath House  l.iilw St.T l.iit  limit nuil WiitMiii Avi>.  O. H. C'f.Kl'iN. Priip.  priatcd a sum of money for ihe'taken  erection of a public school in Alliu,  yet nothing whatever has been do.it.  The summer is advancing aud  something must be done and that  immediately, so thai a proper school  building may'lie erected before,winter is upon.us. Willi the number ol  famines now residing here it becomes a positive necessity that the  comfort of the children be looked to  in the matier of .sc.iool accommodation.  from its temporary shed on  Pearl street to Discovery street,  the hose, etc., coupled and two  .* treams playing over the Grand  Hotel, inside of seven minutes.  The Executive staff chosen from  among the volunteers i.s as follows:  The three chiefs, Messrs. Wallace,  Lumsden, Tallmire, Le Cappellain,  Dockrill, Young, Smith. Dr.  Young, Hayes,* R. Dixon, Pinder  aud Fairborn. As Hie i.ui es of  this Executive   ar.-  mo.-.t \ital  .t is  Vancouver General  Store.  CARR11CS A FULL LINE OF  GENERAL MERCHANDISE  A. S. Cross & Co  1st. St rent Atlin.  BROWNLEE & IJWRY  J. H. Br wnlee, P. I- S., D. L. S.  B. CL wry, A. M. I. C. r...  Civil and Hydraulic Engineers,  Land Surveyors.  Teari. Street, Atlin, B. C.  GO    TO  THIC  Lei��Lnet   Oafe,  J. L. MUNRO, Proprietor.  Adjoining the Leland Hotel.  NOTARY  PUULK".  OPKIGI':-Peii.rlStre��t, upp. Post Oliiri'.  All Kinds   of Mining Papers  Made   Out*   Several years' pi-iiotiuul   expi'i-imice.   HOTEL VANCOUVER.  BEST   LIQUORS   &GIGAKS  Goon  Accommodation.���Rkstauhant in  . Connection.  7 S. JOHNSTON, Proprietor.'.'?  ������>��o  Phot  X  A'n.id  Good Stabliuc for Home, aiid Botfs.  m v^yjir-KKcc*..  ..^��..,^^.iu,i^!^j|^v^y^-;,v^ft,^;.^:t..��ti-^r::u,;: 1  ,i\  FT"  ATI.I.V,   B.  C, SATURDAY,  JUNE,  -'y,   "cjoi.  DEAL1CRS   IN  Shelf' sind ��� Heavy   Hardware,  *l.  [y'and  i,  Jtnem  V c ���  Il Views  Atlin &  911.  ,b*o*o*o*  hn Creeks  [ere in  ;ict.  ��� �����>  \\Views   to  [from  |>O*��*B**0��  r  PLATES  .id Printed ���  an.  j'Promptly  Il   to  whfeld  (Building,  B.C.  avr&aw*  Call on' us for Prices.  to be hoped ��� that the members will  allow nothing lo stand iu the way  on every occasion when tl e alarm  i.s sounded, so that,, they may'become' thoroughly efficient when  ��� the necess.ty lor their best efforts  is most required.'}  Upon'the general efficiency of the  whole volunteer brigade . a gre.il  deal depends, imt only :he saving  of properly but the s.iviug of very  heavy insurance rales. 'Heretofore;-  insurance has been 10 nor cent, and  there ��� is little doubt but -Ili; t before lhe summer is gone these rates  can be reduced to 7 per cent, on  buildings. ,  SOLE  AGENTS   FOR  GIANT   POWDER    CO. .Con.,   of  Victoria,   R' C.'  40 and 60 per cent Dynamite  In 25 and 50 pound Cases.  ���  Cor. of PEARL and FIRST ST.. ATLIN, B. C.  Discovery as this week a couple of  champions have been unearthed.  J. G. Cornell defeased Rob Skinner  in the pin pool tournament last  week, and Bob Jamieson has been  uiirsinj> the-olhev dark horse. He  ^ecs some'easy money in sight and  is willing to back his mail for $50  against all comers.  APPLICATION   FOK   LAWD.  "A WOMAN, IN KLONDIKE."  Mrs. Hitchcock Arrives In- Atlin  Accompanied By Some Noted  People.  .Mrs. Mary E. Hitchcock arrived  iu Atlin on Wednesda- , accompanied by Miss Merringto i?--M'ss  Merrington is going to spend the  ' summer here with Mis;.Hitchcock  and will "spend her leisiire/dramaliz-  ' ing Mrs. Hitchcock's famous book,  preparatory to placing "it on the  boards of tlie leading theatres in the  country.  Mrs. Hitchcock   in   her journey-  ings   through   the   cou nry   ne.er  neglects ' to  speak a good   word for  Atlin, and accompanying. 1 e \ were  Mr.    and    Mrs.    Coleman   of New-  York.    Mr. Coleman has s. me ver}  extensive mining  interests in Utah  and Colorado ancl   intends to invest  a considerable   sum   here provided  he .finds, things   up  ,to   re* reseu-  tations.    Mrs. Hitchcock   has   control   of   very   considerable  capital,  ' and no doubt she will   invest  much  monev in Atlin.  jSJOriGli is hereby.Kivtiu thut Sixty day.  ufter lint--, t intend to apply to tlie  duel Commi,>,ioiier of Lands and Works for  periiii-ihiiin to pur-luiso tiio follow-in*; described tract of liinil in tlio Atlin .Minim; Division of C'hs iur District, li.C: Co.riiieuciii*;  nt 11 post .Marked " li. J. Hui;lie<.' S-. ��'. Cor-  iii-r Post. 1 Im ti:.! mi tho north siilo of the  Atlinto river, about one mile from Tiiku  City: tin-ill"*; inii-tli 4U chains: thence cast 411  chains: theuee south I,i chains: thence wost  III chains to |.. int ,'ut rninineiicemeiit, containing llio uerus, more or le-s.  -        " K.J. Huuhbs.  Atlin, li. 0., June Mtli,.11)111.    ,        jh-zD-iin  '  NOTICE.  Certificate of Improvements  JsTOTICIi is hereby jrlv,'ii that I, P I'Si-lim-  sisliinidt, I-' M C No. Ii:'37l, Secretary ..f  The Glounor .Mining .t Alilliit*; Co. I.M. Lin.,  I*' .VI 0, No. :s:il:', inti'inl,''Sixty tiny, from date  hereof, tonpply to tlio Minim; Recorder tor  it Certificate of Improvement-., for the purpose of olit.'iini.if; n Crown Grant upon the  follow in ; (li'-.cril..iil Mineral Claim: -  Tho 'lyo,otis Mlimriil Claim, situate in the  Atlin Mining Division of Cassiar District ami  loeuteil on Ttikn Arm, iilioiir one mile south  of Sheep Creek anil three thousand (SOUll)  font from the water-, of Taku Arm.  And further take notice that action, under  Section 37, must be commenced before the  issuance of such Certificate of [mprove-  111"-.ts.  Dated this Twenty-second tluy of June, 1901.  1 P. J?. Suhahsohmidt, Secy.   .  Buhner &-Parrot,  Liverv Stables.  ! Saddle, horses, , Busbies, , Road  Carts, Pack liosses for Hire.  Stages   Leave   Atlin    for   Discovery  Daily from the Royal Hotel.  Notice.  A    COURT, of Ass-ize, Nisi Prius, Oyer nuil  Tei-iiiiiiei-   nuil   General   Gaol   Deliver)  .lilllie   hidden'-i   the Court House at Atliu,  ��� in Friday, the Wtli day of July, 19.11.  My Command,    .  '    A..CAA1HELL REDDTIJ.  Depurv Provincial Secivtaty.  Provincial Seeretary'.s Oftict-,  Victoria,.M. C. Il-'th .VJay, IU I. '    '   jitl5-4t'  -iHOR'jlGAG'-ES"   SALE.  ���RJOTIOK i.s hereby jjiveti that bi.illin;",  pla;.t,'iiiacliiiiery niifl slock in trade of  theAtlii Irewiu*; t o., Atlin, H. C, uufl now  om tui'l nhoiit t.ie brewery premises, will be  sold by public auction ou Saturday, .J ujy lith,  111. l.'at I > o lock iu the forei.oou. ut the  llrenery premises.  .  AV. POLL AUD GRANT,  Solit-itor for .Mortprairees.  NOTICE.  ���RJilTICli is hereby iriven that all hagnafff  soi'fil in.u-y -Di-en-inca iu Atlin, K. (*, not  i-alleil for iu 3.i dnysr w ill be sold, to pay for  storage charges null the publication of this  inn ire, JI.UA11E REGAN",  June 22nd, 191)1.  Pine City, Gossip.  From our Discovery Correspondent,  .. C. D. Newton was u*.i on Hoddei  last week, looking over his property. He contemplates putting in  a plant this year. People seem to  be doing well on IJoulder and there  is a great deal of work being done.  Dave burton's ball has come aud  gone. We went from Discovery a  merry crowd, and enjoyed the ride  to Atlin iu.the soft June night. We  all enjoyed ourselves; how could  we fad wilh such a host as Mr.  Burton ?  A certain gentleman of Discovery  vvho vvas soliciting contributions  for the 29th ought to be highly  flattered, being taken for the Rev.  John Pringle. Was it his dignified  manner, or did the lady mistake  the cause for the church fund ?  Atlin billiard ancl pin-pool players  must be  careful when they come to'j  .NOTICE.  A  LI. Uii-rjaurp stoi-ffl with Moil-head I'ros.,  Spruce Junction, in the Kail of *H9, if not  calleiLfoi* in Sl> dnjs will be sold to pay for  this notice tuifl other u'iiu'kph. je22-4t  Certificate of Improvements  JJOTICE is* hereby (riven that f, P " Selmr-  schmidt, F.VIC, Ko. K:;:t74, Secretary of  Tlie'Gleaner Mining- A Milling- Co., Ltd. Lin.,  1? AI C, No. 3*i:i, ii.tend, Sixty days from date  hereof, to apply to tho Miuin*; Recorder for  11 Certificate of Improvements, fin* the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grunt upon the  followin-r described Mineral Claim:  The Tuli.11 Chief .Mineral Claim, situiite iu  the Atlin Mining Division of Cassiar District  und located on Tul.ii Arm nod tidjoiuin-; the  Aiyosotis Mineral Cluiin oi^tlie north end.  And further take notice that action, tin If,?  Section 37, must he commenced before the  issuance of such Certificate of Improvement-..  Dateil this Twenty -sei-nnd day of June, 11)01.  P. F. Schah'koh.mtut, Secy.  Notice.  Ceptlflcate of Improvements!  j^JOTTCE is hereby jriven that I, P F Sehar-  schniidt, FAlC.Xo. 3374. Secretary of  the Gleaner .Mining jt Alillin*.; Co., Lttl. Lin., i  !���' Al C. No. 3313, intend, Sixty days from date  hereofyto apply to the Aiiiiing* Recorder for  a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Crou 11 Grant upon the  following described Mineral Claim:���  The Lake View Mineral Claim, situate in  the Atlin Alining Division of Cassiar District  and located on Taku Arm, und hounded on  the south by the Taku Chief A.iuera! Claim.  A.nu further take notice that action, under  .Section 37, must be commenced before the  issuance of such Certificate of finprove-  nients.  Dated this Twenty-second day of June, 1901.  P. R St-iHAjiscHjiiriT, Secv.  APPLICATION    FOR   LAND.    "  JJOTICl*: is hereby ^iven tliat Sixty day.1,  after tlate I iiitenil to apply to rh.. Chief  Commissioner of Lands aud Works for p 1-  rnissioii to purchase the following described  truer of hind: Commencing at it post planted .  011 the shore of Tiiku Arm, about "ml Fa mile  East "of the month fit H'an river; thence  south one mile: thence west one mile;  thence" north", one mile, more'or less, to the  shore of Taku Arm, thence following; the  shore of Taku Arm to the point of commencement.  .JOSEPH TALL.MIKE.  . May lOtli.lBOl. 2,���.ji  J.. B. NORTON & Co.,    .  GENERAL MERCHANDISE,  BOULDER   CREEK.  All Gi.fiils at Atlin Prices-[."rei-htin;; Done.  I.nave Orders at Pillman's.  J  GEES EGGEKT &. SOX.  Swiss - Watc h ai a kick s,  .Ami   maiiiifacturin^-jewellers.  AU kindsof nut'iret w ork executed with  neatness anil dispatch.  Fir-.t   st.   ne\t   in V.ii.coiivi.i. (I|.|IPI., ��� s)riI.���  IRKEAND HOTEL,  I'lKST   STKIiHT     ATLIN.  J.  KIR'KLAND,  - Managkk.  First-class dining room  And Elegant .Sleeping. Rooms.  ATLIN FISH MARKET  A. Rruiticli, Proprietor.  Opposite the Royal Hotel, first St.  I'resh Fish always ou hand.  Hydraulic   and   Other   Companies  Supplied at Wholesale'Rales.  E.   S.  WILKINSON,  P.L.S.  SURVEYOR.  �����o<cw>^);'**<:t*o*0O"��ooc*.oO"#O"*.:.-��o* ��o��octv��.- -ov-*o�� o-oooo-o.*.**...  I THE KO_OTEN_AY_ _HOTJEi  ���5 George E. Hayes, Proprietor.  O Cor.  First and Tkainok Stkki-:t.s.  WV.'  Third Street, opp. Government Building:,  W. \V.\r.tjACK GitiME, A��eiit.-  W.  WALLACE  GRJ/AE &  Co.,  MINING. UUOKIKS & COMMISSION AGENTS.  Third Street, Atlin H. C.  This First fliiw Hotel   ht.s   beet,   remodeled and refurnished tl-rou-lioiit  nnd offers the best accoiiiiiioiliitioii   to   Transient or Permanent  Guests.���American anil European Plan.  Finest   Wines,   Liquors   and   Cigars.  Billiards    and    Pool.  o  %  ���a  o  ��� '��<>��O��C^O��C^C><K(��O>C^C����0'>-iK������O-��O-��C!��O��O  BUILDER  X  THE   IRVING   HOTEL,  Pine City, B. C.  Has the  Best Equipped Bar.  The McDouultl   Entertainment   Hall in Connection.  A.  R. AlrDoNAM), Prop.  THE    PIONEER    SHOEMAKER.  Joe Palmer,'  Rep-iring and Soling Rubber  Doots  . A S'lf-f.idUy.  AN II  CONTRACTOR  ESTIMATES  CHVEN ON   ALE  KINDS OF  WORK  FLANS ANDSPECIFICATIONS  A    SPECIA LTV  BRICKS FOR SALE.  OFFICE:   TliraStreet, Atlm.  NKXT TO CHURCH OK   KNGLANI).  VENDOM.E   HOTEL.  Choicest Wines, Liquors & Cigfars.  FKEE BOWLING ALLEY.  J.  TAELAiIKE, lru rietor.  ^'"A'A-VA.-: "���'������ >���'���''���.��� ������'.7'���;'?';  t^-.''^'-^-^-,!.  ^��y  j.>*������������"'  &&  ?.���'; -���'  ~ 1    .-         7  .-". v-  A-AA-A:.  --.-  BStesftl  fa8^fttA-i1i���llMinm-->_iWliiWrAi-i*"-iiiiiiM            T-.--^1-'.-.-^-  .i-.-i-.,---iiiv:::v:"-  .���..>'-'',"7./."'. n  ii}'  W'r  1,1. ���  p.:  lb'  A'n.KV.   i'.C.. HAT('K"*A7\ jf'.VM. '29.   m;oi  O  L he   ri��)n^ci-  -core.  v~"V  <*w  ummlnss e% RIcherdson  >��5>  I op  PI.XI'.   ( ITV.   II. C  CAMKI1-:  a  ft li. t;ixi-: or  Groceries, Boots at-.c! Sltc��s, G-ents' 'r'ueni-shincjs i-ind Minors' Supplies.  [J.   Hiklt'Sc/',  &     Cv&Jt.  ���LA'EIES '& -GENTS. FURNISHINGS  The  Lanrest, Stock  end  Lowest  Prices  in  the   Cam  PICKED UP HERE AND THERE  nr-  Church  nf Ktiirliiu.l1  St. Aim tin's ("liui-i-li, cm*. 'I'liinl anil Triiin-  iii' streets. Sun lay jivrvires. ASntinsiit II n.  in., Kvciisoii... 7:3'1 i��. in. ("cli-ln-.-ii ion ol" I'.f!.*.  C..iiiiinii.ioii. 1st .Sunday in rnrli inoi.l li anil  on Special ocrti-d.uis. Si|...-In.\ School. Siiii-  ilny nt 3 p. in. ('iiminilti'f .V!e-ttn^s. Nt  Tliui'sdii}  ;n ciicli lu.i'itli.  Ilev. I". I.. Step! f.iso... Keel or.  St.    Ainli-ew's    IVeshyterin a   Chinch   hold  services in    the Cliiircli  (in    Second  Street.  A'oriiin^  Mi'rvii'i*   at II   .'i.'uinj; sci \ h-i- 7:3 1  Slllidli.l Scln.1.1 ill  tin-   close   i.r   the   ll.oi-nilif;  .service.     !'��� v. ���'. I'riii*.*le.  "���'i"ist��r.  I "res 11 .fancv hi.-cuils at  l'ill-  BoOt  s anc  1 SI  loei  nan Om  ���^  A. C. Ilirschfeld   spent AYednc---  ,lav at Taku'as a guest of I he genial  iro n leior   <  f   11  ie  Daw  .o:i  I-i  dli'i  W. J. (Capt?) Fallon was arrested  ou Wednesday evening at Taku, by  Chief Constable Vic-ker-", on information laid by Samuel Wade. The  charge is that of obtaining money  under false nrHences, and the cafcc  is to be heard to-day.  J. A. Fraser & Co have, this week  received a very large shipment ol"  staple and fancv' groceries, augmenting their already well assorted  stock, so that they are well p/e-  paied to compete with all comers  ancl   meet   the    lowest    legitimate  ,  prices   that  may be offeree.     i'lie*  goods are all   fresh, new   aud good,  " ancl their aim i.s. as it always ha--,  been, to handle only ine best goods  .and to give their pations the best  possible satisfaction.  Great Reduction Sale of Ladies'  and Children's Hoots, also Men's  Clothing, and Groceiie-s lor this  week only to make room for another shipment of goods. Don't  forget the place ��� Pioneer Store.  Pine Citv. C. 1). Newton & Co  i'oni lIi.,c!-.cliP.'e. He says Tom  ���ins his place pretty wel! Ii>:cd up  miv. For a pleasant days fishing  md a good iest To-u lay*.-.s how to  rid vise* and lro.il his friends.  Avoid all aches and pains by taking a Thermal bath at the Troy  Laundry. -   :,  .   Furnished rooms  to   rent--apply  Hotel Northern.  H.   E. R. Stock, of. ill?    Canada  Law   Hook   Co.,  paid   Atlin a v i.-,it  this week ou   his way l:o;uc   to Toot, In fiom Daw-'on.  Go to Fo'ey's for Club House  Sausage meat, coined pigs' feet,  heel steak and onions, ham roll,  Army Rations, French tongue,  mushrooms, Fiench puis, aud a  vaiiety of delicacies too numerous  to mention. All goods warranted  first class ancl at cut rates. -Dry  .O'Kls, ' clothing, hats and caps,  loots, red.iced twenty-five per cent.  Are   vol   going to budd oi make  iterations? -If .-.o," see Olive.   Men  '.'.ways on hand.   , .  E. W. Fickle, manager of Mr. C.  Christopher's properly on M'Kee  creek, took down" 10 men to the  irooerty this week. ?.ir. Wilkinson  has about completed the St'.- ve;- ing  of the flnine line, and -*.'',?k or. ll'.c  grou'.'d v. ill be vai-.idly pu-'hed and  ili2 h\d."ai:ii.: plant !u��taik*d a' the  ; e.'rl'esl p.'ssihlc date.  TOCK   OF   "GOLD   SEAL"'  RUBBER   LOOTS.  The' Latest Styles in  Hats.  OUR  prices are:' bargains.'  Atlin   and   Discovery, ��� B. C,   and   White   Worse,   Yukon.  -y*-i���"-r.i k2 ssrr���      ph-v*^ >ftK ^^ /a    rn     : n n jgr^A ���By* sy" r  E.   ROSSELLI, .Manager.  Corner rcfirl ancl First Streets, Atlin, D. C.   -  9  This   New   and   Commodious   Hotel  was opened to tbe Public,   April  if-.Ui, iyoi.���Everything  in it i.s New.- -Strictly   First Class.  CHOICES! WINN",, MOUOiiS AN!) CI"\KSs---lASr''("("6i"S A S-'i llA'..!Y.  I\  .BU'KNS. &"GO,,  Dressed Meats and Fish.  ATLIN   AND   DISCOVERY.  Ikic Gh.lksim i*:. Prop.  '-Finest. Wines,, "Liquors   ai  Furnished Roqi.nsby the'I)a5r,  'Week or Month.  T :.  and   Cigars.  '������AAiS%3   _*_*_,;*_������*<-$��,   DISCOVERY   &   SURPRISE'LAKE  Joh:*i   FI.     l'"ra;ick,    representing j     A Nickcisou,   having   eom.ileled  Simon Lei-ier 6t Co.. of Victoria,  spent a few days in Atlin last week.  Postum Cereal at Eraser & Co.'s  Headquarters for fireworks at  Pillman & Co's.  lilias Ruiid, Secretary of the Engineer Mining Company was in  town ou Wednesday last on impor-  pbrlant business connected with "his  company.  Fresh fruits and vegetables arrive  on every steamer fori v. L. Pillman  & Co.  Fishing Tackle and flies at Dockrill & Bourne's.  Dr. G. Lewis' office hours are:  Atlin: 8 a.m. till i p-m., and 6  p.m till io p.'iu.  Discovery: 3 till 5 p.m.  For the faiuo'.is Eubacke vSliced  Potatoes call at Fraser & Co. - ���  Ouggras" -and Saddle  Horses for  Hire.  rrel.-ji-tiug a Specialty.  Leave Orders at the R'assell Hotel.  I'ran the i'ussel! II >tcl, A Ilia nt  10.30 a.m.,  1 p.m. and 6 p.m.,  ash Pi.tnt  The   GOLD    HOUSE,   Discovery,  ��� iS a.m.,  11.30 a.m. and 3 p.m.  opening up his summer stock of  staple and fancy groceries, all of!  which is new, fresh aud of the b'stl  quality, now offers the same to the)  public al the lowest prices. Fre^h i  fruits and vegetables received by!  every steamer from Caiibou. Special!  prices made for restaurants. -A full!  Iln.: ol club goods, comprised in j  part of Caviar de luxe, Puree de  fois-gras truffee,. anchois a l'hiule.  Royal salad dressi-g and a variety  of meat and fish pastes.  iMii-s I-I-.uldi.n, expei l typewriter  ii d sifc/ogiaphei. Ofhcc at Viaser  ;;: C"..'s store. Will call for work  when recjuired.  SomeCFAV PK'.EONS were recently received by the Atlin (.kin  Club, and they were so carefully  handled bv tlie W. P. & V. Rv. en  t  jo'slc linn Uiev \vcre placed i:�� coi.d!  Rooms and Reds.  Best Liquor's "and Cigars  ' W. J. SMITH,'-   '-     ���-���    Prop.  THE   GOLD  "MOUSE  9  DISCOVERY,   P.. C.  Comfortably Furnished Rccms--By tho Eay, Week or Month.  AMERICAN.  AND-   EUROPEAN     Pi,AX.  .'.   I.I-..-THI-.I DA I.I.,   I'lO-ll il for.  l-")".,-^^,   "P--.0 '           fine, new four-llarse Siirattifjo le(i,-e.s Liiis lijltfl ill:  UUOilDrUi. M,.n,.. Il.:iil,i.ui. I .1 ..-clock lor .Mil.:.  <2s-P  IIMMY REGAN  .Shelfssssi Heavy' u-3ai3*8$w&re,  r\ l~\\ \ i New and Second   Hand   Tiuiird {} i-iuiiti- Ware. I i-im  .- t.-f I. I'ii I s, Shoicls nu.l  lllm Usii-il b  George Ubeiniuer, Jr.,   represent- ".storage,    for   which   a charge  wus i     ��� Ci.,ii.��i.iiit i'..��.!i'r. i'np. se.i-.ii Y..Uo.i.-*iove..  ing the Giant Powder Co.. Con., of inuidc*.       ' i Oojds  Uouidii  &..H  .s.ni  ix-.h,iiqe��i.  San l*r.*incisco, was here this week j m. ,:e immure left Paris fi.r Atlin  looking up lhe prospects of tlurdrs- 'tin June 2jih and will b;- here about  trict in lhe iutercsis of lsis company.   ������������-' end ot next mouth. '.  Mr. ^IcFeely, Wm.- agent of the com-       Konayne Pros, have again sti-,:ck I  C.DOELKEIi  it lucky on   i\:cKee  creek, iLey got j  ,   ,. ,       .      r a lificen ounce uiiggel ou    Mondav. !   ���  nowdei. cm-" and   Hi.-C- on hand sul-        ,    .     .        ,. , ,.   ','  .,  , , Lunec:*. s   lanious   German sliced ie  heie :i t > sup-.ilv a:l dc-m mils. ��� , ,, ,      ;,   i ���  ' ���   ��� ..oiau.ir.   at    1'iitsei    ti    Li), .�����,  ajl-..  .   h'is.n "* t.ickie   for the: sportsmen Miiittedlv lhe bj-.i in tbe market.       '|  nanv    will    idwavs  havt.- a slock oI  Fisit,    Game   in   sea.on and   home    ir.ade    Sauiaae.  NoK'i'nicuN  Mm'!',!,  iini.i'iNC.   Fik.s'i- S'ri<i*:i*;'r.  .1.1/. I HI.M-.I.I..  and    ior  oll-.L-i's, if ihey wa.it it, at _     Vv alter Owen, Constable   at   Di-,-j  ;;>. ei ���  ic. iiii'i.-d  on    \'.'e'b  Fia-er ik Co.   ��� ...... . .   ,  no Ii.s bride.     Ins   urinv   uu-i'ds!  ".. it.ig.ie Smith, ofthe P. lac Lib- '. u,\ .,    -,lt;as-ai',t   surprj-^e "piepm..'d j  leaCw,,    v.as   aiuuherol    the ' ior hi.u nn   his a;rival      We c'tenri |  [(j   oar wa mest congraiiil..lions 1 o .'.jr.  t .:! .\.r-.. 0,vcn. |  ,.      ,      ,      17 A.Ii'm-s, liie ���.vi'l!-1-."1!*! vn bur '  bno^d   qune ��� a   unmo.r ol ord;i.s-iri^r, r,tlirnetl .ll(   Atii: f   \Ved*.es-.|  11 in  c.i:;in.-rci-tl    vNiiij-.s   to Alibi.  wa-. vveli ^.,.tisiltid wilh li:s  visit and !  for tli at fain.Oii.-i Uta* tl.  ;.lav  ���His   ollive will, b-.* ldcaffil on i  Gil  i'.iii'.e.    I'onr   oil-cioth    and I l'rainoi", near >eco;  h-.m^,   \<!fy cheap a;.-.i g^od, j  * raser iN: Lo.  akr.* yo..r pivsc'.'i,.ti<i:iri .oi.iock-  ;c B.;ari��*i's.  ���   L-is< cvciy.  OPEN  DAY  AM)  NIGHT.  fi  ;   FIRST-CLASS RESTAUR A N'i  COVy I'CTIGN.  .'���t'H.i(ii'arii'i\*> i'oi' I'.iiiuif r <.*c l"J*iirrt*tt*s ?.\u ;'�����.*.  PINE TREE HOTEL.  DISCOVERY, li. C.  finest of li'juor-.     Good siablii'1.7.  I*.l.   .-..i.M-s.  I'ri.pi i.-f. r.  I   s  P.A'i'ITS  L.AKHI*.R  SHOP  F. LINK Prop.   .  Now occupy I '.iir >n-��-   if <i'i-i -is- i,c.-:t  lo the llanh-ol" H. \. A . !-":,-st Street.  I'll!-.'   !���'. i-..���������,... ���..-.,   .......Uy  ...   ...... I   |< "{llllllll  in  i.-itii-s.   .I'rivate  hi.ti*aii..-t;.I'or iniliu.s..  il  f   ...��"���


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