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The Atlin Claim 1900-06-09

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«M.U4i-vUU-.n itni><«aU.M«»Al'i-l?W±A3UUu(^-r.UttAw
' ,', Jv'-l'V-
*  « O'-•-$.*,*., ~\    lit1; *i .""    \    "-.
»iV. 'W.
VOL.   3-
I'.* .
F.C; Mcir'cely'and'"Co.'
Paints, .Oils,.: Varnishes,
ii-    "-l       -    _,    „' - ''•' '. '-   -      ,1;.,      -  'IS'' (ii I-1 .    •        ■
Sash  and, Doors,	
Tinware, Gran it ew are, O rockery
All kinds of TinsmitlV worl^'clbiie:   *' C'^A'^^ ^>,c,V*
Corner of Fin-t and Pearl Street.
M/iGffSIWTK'S 'OOAI*  * *• ':       -'*■■ "-'   -'it'*!   .3'iu/i-i   /-,.-/ -j;..
fi": rt--
J. St. Clair Blackett and Co.
ij* "^      •     *"'"«- ~       _.;   •> >■
Have the Most Complete- Stookdn ."Atlim
FOR ALE CXfoaSEiS ' i"  %.^'
The Atlin Lake Co.  the
First to Turn on Water.
s. ,
i Large Delegation cf Aft
,.  Unites Present.
-; 1-* •*-    ,'
1 ovnuia]
'>■•    i1. ""if. ■'•'*
.'rga.uzi-i'   acas
Alexander Godfrey.
As showing the falsity of the
ga'gsvho are boosting Irving and
claiming that'Godfrey is not recognized at Liberal-Conservative headquarters, the following extract from
a letter received by Mi. Godfrey,on
Thursday, from,Alex. Lucas, "Prov-
incial Liberal-Cousers ativeorganizer
is conclusive;
•''We are" all hoping that 30U will
be returned at the coming election,
ai d will be prepared to give you a
royal svelcotne on your arrival at
Victoria, July 5th.
? Pros*.. Liberal-Co;.. Or
» . •* ^
exf laiued" away by "'the'''hypothesis
ol" ignorance ol the'' tacts, •vb'ut''/mu'st
be attributed "to aiil-unhbly aesire to
gel its*patron 1 kept in*1'position ' r'e-
ga'fdless'bf 'the' moralities. ';-Ali:!i's
not fair, even 'in' love, * war-or politics, and a"inaiT*"*"vho~could ..submit
to s'uch methods'beitig^e'm'ployed in
his ,behalf cannot-.be better„thaiii .the
,-tji'.  ,.*  ;    i.t-CjifwrL   J.*   ii*j',i   ir!ivf
tool he em">lo3's. '.   Godfrev and Ir-
uvj.-i  -    .   *,.i !',':■ > -.-"*',.sr."K? ,
ving!"   ,' Look -on this picture,, and
0   -i.f ' .a   , 1-   , 4  $A   .   >"-
on that,f'H\ penon tl> a*satyr."'
Two men sverc drowne'd iu
Bennett'under' verjvpaiiirul.eirc.i-fii-,
stances 011 the uuirui-*gro? i'iiei<lav,.
25th   Maj.   * Yhes     were '^laylo.'/
Shocks of Seattle, and William Ilil-'
ger, , of   Helena,   is'ontana. ■ _ Each,
had'been "married ,-,onls    about  a!
month   previously,   /i d   tin*;,   had,
their biides »vith t'leni      t'l.ey '."ere,
making   for Big   Salmon,   ;r*d*  on
the morning  in   question,   lhe   two
men put out in a canoe,, s\ hich overturned less than 100 surds from lhe
shore.     Hilger very soon -uiuk, but
j*hocks held   on   lo the  up-turned
canoe   foi   abo.it   .-.   i,ii,irier  of an
hour,    svhcn   cold   and   exhaustion
osercame  him, ,n:id   he. aNo   went
dossn, * The 'tvsb soung wives were
on the beach   and, saw, .their  husbands die, being  utterly   powerless
to  help  them.  ' The  bodies   have
not, so far, been recovered,* but  attempts will ,ba made to/fir id   them.
Ever} ssnvath- and attention   has
been   given   the   bereas'ed   women,
whose case "is   indeed a  hard, one,
more particularly as all the  money
they possessed was on , the r perse ns
of their unfortunate husbands
.1     -.-       ;,;       GO,VBRliiS.£,v   ...   .,;,',
'  Dr. "Ht'E. Young, 'T.-Sstritzer and
Dr. F/'"iI.u R'oj'le "feltfrne^i from ; a
two^v'eeks' 'trip !to "Baker Lake and
acljaceht"country on'Thurscla5','-and
re iort has ing located-s' what  is r"u'n-
doiihtedl) onerof "life" most';'exten-
j sive'deposits of'gc'ilri-bearihgrorc so
ake i*ar UiscOi'ered'iii 'the''Atlin'1 district.
It consists of fssb leclg'es -which'' are
tractable" for a distance 'of'" three and
ttso^a'td "a" half miles'respectively,
and vary'iii* "width"  from,s28' to'-'^o,
feet, e*xteiiding in'a'-northwest  ai.d
soiitheasterlv'direction;  "The propel ty   is   quite   accessible? "with-an
abundance of timber  and "water in J
the immediate vicinity.' A  group?
of-13*claims has been located.
These claims are a 'continuation
of the ' Engineer- group on ''Taku
Arm.  '• .*'"--'.'.•''>..
'' Snow still continues in" the*v'alleys
maki*:g traveling  difficult;  game,
however, exists in  abundance,   in-..
dicating that the country has as'yet
been very little traversed.' '*". •   "'"
Steps will Shortly-lie' taken id
have the proj'ertie's opened' up and
developed.    ~ >!<'.'> •'•   ■      '      -     ••
•    ••;■  J       'J.     -   . t,   ..-.
The persistency vvith   wlilch   the
Bennett    Sun    falsely  claims  that
Godrrey is a Martiuite,   cannot  be'Nickerson's.
J. H. Richardson left for,Bennett
on Wednesda3",.to act as,-agent.for
A lex., G odfrey., -r" $1 ickey :\ 'fr, has
ma y friends , in . Bennett, and -will
rustle up.all,the ,votes(possible.
Capt. \V." -Langley brought the
ScOtia across Ihe.lake last evening
which is*nuwin commission for the
seaspn. .,r;;   •■..„• " *     .    ■
Fresh oniojis, potatoes, Australian apples, oranges and lemons   at
Pursuant, to invitations from  Mr.
<- -■ ,u i
^Iqstyn Williams, managing director, of ■■the-, company, a large con-
course of the*.most influential res-
idents of the community set out, on
the forenoon of the ~,rd inst., to pas*"
I.*,   •'(  •       ,   .— ?
a visit,to this company's hydraulic
mine on Birch Creek.    Stages were
Y   ' i n ■* " , .      .      _
in favor svith most, but some of the
< I."*        - .   -   ,
more  ad\"enturouSs essayed ^horseback, and wonderful   to._ielale,   all
got safely back. , .      ;,,   c, .,;
7, On reaching thriving..Ifine City,
the 'already  crosvded-,stages   man-
aged to absorb one or two.more.'in-
vited guests, and;the ride thence to
Birch  Creek   was-.scarcely-, up  to
Hyde'Park in smoothness.    ,0n ar-
ris'ing the guests spreads themselves
over the,( giound-3, .jthe./.'gjeenies"
trying hard to pjck tip a- few:, nug-
gets, quite a few-good^"colors.",be-
ing thus;fouiid.„ An abundant dingier was laid out in   the ^company's
messroora," hosts.. and(e'niployees all
vying to promore the comfort of the1
guests.   ,The,cook, Mr. Davies, excelled himself.  - After satisfying the
inner man and good cigars had been
lit, the guests wejit on a tour,of- inspection of the works.    /These may
be., briefly •; described   as follows—
•The water is diverted from the creek,
the natural  fall. of. -which  is   very
great, and conducted along the steep
eastern hillside iu a  strongly, built
flume, 3 1-2 feet in width, .byvi .r-2
•feet) in depth, for a distance of 2n6oo'
feet where it enters a pressure  box
5 x 15 x 8 <feet.   The pipe from this
box'is 18 inches in diameter,  gradually diminishing to  the  monitor.
The pipe stretches  along 1500  feet
iu all.    The height pf the  pressure
box above the moiiitor is   200   feet.
The monitor itself is provided   with
nozzles of various sizes, a four inch
one being used ou  the day   of the
visit.    The debris   is  run down   a
fluire, three feet hotloni, 2-j  inches
in depth, and provided with all the
latest gold saving appliances.    Tnis
flume,is 312.feet in length, and discharges into the creek below, which
affords a  good   dumping   "ground.
Twenty five men in ail are employed,
the.nionitor being wo:ked da3'  and
night.    All construction . work  is
excellent and substantial in  every
» •
way. Mr. Williams has been' ably
seconded by Mr. Paterson, the foreman,'and Mr. McDermott, the chief
carpenter. The plans and specifications for the work were prepared
by the svell-knowu firm of Brown lee
•&"'Lowry-   and    the     whole    has
t        . .       .       . 1 *.
been   carried    to completion* "in "d •
shortness of time and "thoroughness
ol" detail .svhich   svill   make' it   an
object lesson to others. After seeing
all that ss'as to be, seen,   the guests
returned tosv: wards, having passed
a s'ery liappy and   instructive,'daj','
voting    that     Messrs. ' Williams,'
Plumbe, Barham and, all  coimectecl
svith the  mine,   had, treated 'them
right royally,  and  that, they   were
worthy of all the prosperity   which
es-ery one feels assured will* atfeiid
their venture.
' i    C       ".1 .      - J c".   •
A pleasant break" occ'ured on the
journey homewards, ^ when,/ the
guests were pulled up. at the'*'Half-
Way House,, where, a couple of
very pleasant . social, hours, were
spent by the . no-svise unwilling
guests.. Bumpers s\*ere quaffed * to
the success of the Atlin Lake ' Co,
coupled with the name of. Mr.1 Mos-
tyn Williams., This gentleman,'replied svith his usualuiodesty, attrib-
ri ,, -j- ^- • - ,, , ,-^••* - -* *-••*
uting the success which" had .atteti-
ded his efforts to the zeal and  abil-
* - :r-*   ""   -- .      1,      * .,',"-,'
ity /displayed b}*  his  subordinates;
The'follosvingis a list c*f the'invited guests—Messrs. R.' C? Lo.wr}*-,
A? W. Sb'iels!'A.X 'McPherson,i"rfi
Christopher, * Fred. Cook?, A.".'D.
Fetherstbnhaugh, 'J. LetHe'rt^ale, W.
A. Spencer,'"" A. _ C."' Moffat, "C*' 'E.
Nei'lTi! M. DeGexf:j:;H?GillaH'
1   ~j '~ -* *,'.- -^   ,- -   r***t'.'' *- *-
Capt. Goodwin. Dr. H.B. Cameroiv
Major Ne'ville, Mr.BVackett'Sr.^C.
W  D.  Clifford.'   M.: fp.' P.,' A.^'C]
Hirschfeld,' ^ W.   Richards,  J.'"il
Ruffner,* W.P? Grant. "£ A.'jack;
son, J. H. Bushnell, Mr. McKenzie,
A. R. Green. T. j. Wilkinson'.       7
Rimciof Yc Ancient Mariner.
"     ("In Five Fytte«.)
. ilt is n'"Master Marinea*" . - i j
Who's braved the coustiviso sens, .
Who's sailed upon tjie Islnnder
• And even in de1 Tees., , '    '-!','
H«'d like to look like one Jack Tar.  ,
So elieu* a tjnid of "tw ist."
He often touches on a bar,   '        .       '
But snilwjn —with a list.        ,.r
He's cot,& ftrivate axe to trrirrd    ,    t
JLnd tuerei«rB'lie vouHSiw ' i
In ParCmment^»v?i«P«i?*& would flnd-
Him vers* raiich a* Sea.       • .   .,   ,
To help liim Hud that distant port-
He "takes" the (ileimett) Sun.
■*"Obser**iiiir"is not .lohnnie'ii forto—
He'll npver make tho run.
IleV represented nt tbii nnd
Hy something that appcuru
To be a iiiont uiiwholitboine blend
Of PeekHiiifl'.jHiiepxiiiil Stiiiefirii.
Oh, rani'iiiLT, >-oii'll coini> to rrrlof
Am .1011 Jum* donn bfforel    .
Tlipro ii 11 *rv nii-t.i rrff
'Twixt >ou uud jondiT Hliorc,
At a political meeting at Soolce
on the 22nd of May, the Premier
and Mr. Fraser,' one of hii henchmen, got handsomely .. decorated
by the constituents;with, qver.,ripu
hen fruit.     .      ,     , ,'      - ;.
We egg-spect.this egg-straordia-
ary egg-sample of ":a premier ' will
soon be an eggs-premier. -    ,
New. creamery butter, ' iresh
cheese, and. new-laid eggs at Nick-
erson's.' '
isEstfesasB^iiOTBswtw^ SATURDAY, JUNE  9,  lyoo.  The   Ati.in  Claim.  I'ublluhed   every   Sutnrdtny * morning  by  Ths* Aixut Claiv PoBLigHiNo Co.  OttUo of publication:  Second, botvienn Triilnor and Pearl Stri>et��.  Advertl.iinfjmttn tuu.de known on application.  Th�� iub*crtption price l�� fi a. year pnv-  ���tils 1b advanen. Mo paper will be delivered  tii'leni theie condition! are compiled with.  ���To-day, for the [first time in its  history, the electors of this new and  important division of Cassiar District, svill exercise their right of voting as to who shall base the honor  of representing them in the Provincial Parliament. The present election is a most phenomenal one, from  the exceptional number of opposing  interests represented, but it is to be  hoped, after the smoke and, noise  of the contest has cleared away and  the political stiffs  are.'buried,   that  , * r - - *  some sort of order  will evolve itself  out of the present chaos, and  party  lines be again consolidated, so that  the people at large will know' just  exactly where they are.  '"In our local contest.* The Claim  stands first and foremost for  GODFREY. .  He was the man to step into the  breach, when by   underhand   trick-  erj' and machinations, a seifisti'and  secret political clique were  plotting  to deliver over in  a  body,   like so  much merchandise, the Liberal-Conservatives of "the division to Captain  Irving,  it  is' to be presumed for-a  consideration.   This clique (fortunately small, it is true) call themselves Liberal-Conservatives, save- the  mark'    They   are-   working tooth  and nail against,Godfrey, who is  a  Liberal-Cov-servative, "are  in  favor  of Captain Irving, .who has been  in  his time both a Conservative, and a  Liberal, and  is now a  Mugwump  sitting on the fence ready to flop  over to the side which can offer the  biggest pickings.    They are  working for a man who  is  not  of their  party, against a first class man who  is of their party; but who " does  not  believe in dangling ."inducements"  before  covetous   eyes.   "They  arc  ���working for an unscrupulous  monopolist who never loses ��� an  opportunity when an opportunity occurs,  and who, if returned, will be  in   a  position to juggle with  the    Jaws  relating    to    transportation    companies,       for       his       own      especial behoof and   the  further  impoverishment of an   already  suffering  electorate.    Every    man   who  casts his ballot for John Irving is a  traitor to the interests of the camp  he lives in."    Every man who casts  for Alex.  Godfrey   makes  no   mistake.  cing .enthusiasm and accordingly, in  the evening, Mr. Clifford, .who-was  to address the electors at the A. B.  Hall,, wisely concluded to postpone  his meeting, as politics were not in it  with , Pretoria.      The large crosvd  assembled formed a procession with  the town   band    in' advance,  said  band consisting of one piccolo,  one  accordeon nnd   twenty   six  empty  oil cans.    A halt was-made  at,* .the  Grand   Hotel,   and  an   impromptu  celebration   followed.   - Everybody  was there, the rest of the  tosvn   being   deserted.    Mr.   Graham  con'i:  menced proceedings by reading- the  glorious  bulletin," and  calling- ft f  three cheers   for  Her Majesty   the  Queen, also for Field-Marshal Lord  Roberts and his grand army.'These  were given with tremendous vigor.  Patriotic speeches, songs  and   recitations follosved in rapid succession,  and the proceedings svere  kept   up  until 12 o'clock, at svhich hour the  numerous ladies retired.    This  did  not satisfy the  bo)'s''howe\;er,--wh'o  kept it'up allhiglit long. ' * ' ''"  It is safe to say that in all Her  Majesty's wide dominions there is  no spot iu which the glad tidings'  were" received with more vim and  enthusiasm than in Atlin. We are  little,-but, Oh My!/     "  ' '.    , ' ''  A*'' C." HIRSCH^fett), " \  .Secretary.'S  C. CHRISTOPHER,/..,  :.' *���;' Presideut.  Mlto Abstract Company,  0.  Atlin, B. C  LIMITED.  HEAD OFFICE,  !  Searches Madeand Abstracts of Title to Mineral, Hydraulic  ^and Placer Claims- Furnished." Correspondence solicited.   ..  V**/**AAAAA/*-/**W��/^^ <��� A/- A A A AAA/WVWNA <VV*V*V"V*WVS  THE GRAND  HOTEL  FINEST EQUIPPED HOTEL'' IN THE NORTH. ' EVERYTHING  CONDUCTED IN   EIRST-CljASS MANNER.        ' '"'  Frenoh Restaurant In Oonnootlon  .   t- ��� ������ ,  Rick & Hastie, Proprietors;    David Hastie, Managek.  , - Corner of First and Discovery Streets.  This is what the Morning Leader, a London financial paper, "said  of the political situation in British  Columbia:  ' "Politicalaffairs inVictoriaare still  in as great a mess as ever. Mr. J.  Martin-has called to his Cabinet  four men who have, so far, been  absolutely unknown to public life.  Not one of them- has a seat iu .the  House, or has ever tried to get,  there. One of these Ministers is. an  old law partner of Mr. Martin's  from Manitoba; another is a' small  rancher from Agassiz, in the Eraser ���  Valley; another kept a general store  in a village upon the Coast of Vancouver Islai.d. A General Election  will be held shortly, and attempts  are being made to run it ou Dominion party lines. Mr. - Martin is ,-a  Liberal; but he has been thrown  over by all the representatives rof  that party in British Columbia. " It  is extremely desirable'that the present state of things be put a stop to.  The Province can hardly be said to  have a Government at'all."' ' ��� ' ,  calculated to" deceive the unwary,  but we cannot imagine how any  yoter! can possibly; fall" .into . their  shallow -trap".   ,  -������    '  Electors! read this carefully,'  and youkwill see just exactly how  Alex. Godfrey, stands. His programme is before you, all open and  above'1 board:  - Electors! beware this hole-in-the  corner,clique,;whose hearts are as  microscopically, small as their intellects!'. .-They- are turncoats, and  traitors; who, for ends and aims of  their.own, would betray, you into  the hands of John Irving.  FORMAL OPENING.  The clanging of the fire-bell with  Mining Recorder Bickle yanking at  the rope like one possessed, turned  out the inhabitants en masse on  Monday afternoon. Nothing less  than an Ottawa conflagration seemed  big enough to justify the tintinnab-  ulatory uproar. Down the street  went Commissioner Graham, beaming witli happiness, dealing out the  joyous intelligence "Johannesburg  and Pretoria in .the hands of the  British." Triumphant war whoops  followed in his wake, hats went up,  and every unoffending old coal' oil  can or anything else that was capable of being utilized for noise was  seized on. Something had to be  doi e to allow vent for the efferves-  THE THREE TAILORS:  .  A great deal of dirty underhand  work has been done by a gang of  three men, and a tiiiiip calling  themselves au association, and  working, for what is in it, for John  Irving. These, modern three tailors  of Tooley Street, like, their, prototypes, imagine themselves to be the  people of the country. This corporal's guard whilst calling themselves  by the honorable name of 'Liberal-!  Conservatives, have tried, by every  means in their power, to' bind every  Liberal-Conservative hand and foot  and deliver them over to John!  Irving���for a presumable consideration. .Finding the electors too in-,  telligent to be fooled, they turn  around in their spite and abuse  Godfrey, a man whose shoestrings  they   are    not' Worthy  to   untie?  Persistent rumours   have,   been  circulated that Godfrey is a Martinr,  ite. and other such  trash, carefully  With Ball and Supper The New  Dining Room of the Gold House  Opened fp the Public.  Messrs.   "Letherdale    &   Burton  celebrated 'the  formal  opening  of  their new dining room by giving  a  ball   and   supper on     Wednesday  night.'   A   general  invitation, had  been.extended to all-their friends���  .there are very few in the district to  .whom this term  would not apph*-���  and .this was very largely taken advantage of.   A large contingent was  present from, Atlin, including many  pf our best known citizens and their  ' -better-halves''���our   reporter - lost  count of the exact number after  he  had got to the number of 47 (his  age.)    Dancing was the order of the  day���or ��� rather   night���and    was  kept up till. Phoebus  was  high   in  the heavens next morning.    A weli-  chosen orchestra of five musicians  provided  the needful    accompaniment for - the light-footed men and  maidens.    The decorations . of the  whole establishment were of a most  artistic nature,   the dining-room especially being a blaze of splendor.  Union Jacks, lovingly entwined with  Stars and Stripes, were in  evidence  throughout,   neatly  set off by their  dark backing of evergreens.    But  the.feature of the evening to, most,  especially to the older guests,   and  more    especially   to   our    hungry  representative, was the supper, which  was served in relays so as to prevent  crowding and giving everybody  a  fair show. . Cold meats, salads, pie*  of every known and unknown kind,  cakes .infinitely, better  than; those  ���' 'that mother made," jellies and ice  cream disappeared, at a truly 1 astonishing rate from before the delighted guests??'" ?'  v-  Tod much eredit cannot be given  to the amiable host ��� a. d hostess,  Mr. and Mrs. Letherdale who,  ably supported b3" the genial "Mac"  and the other members of the  household, did the honors-in -a regal manner.  Canadian Bank...  ...of Commerce  -\s _ '  Corner Second and Pearl Streets.  Gold Assayed,  1       -  Purchased or Taken on  Consignment.  Exchange sold on all the principal points in Europe, the United  States and Canada.  ASSAY OFFICE'  IN CONNECTION  FOR GOLD DUST ONLY.  T. R.  BILLETT, Manager.  BROWNLEE & LOWR  J. H. Brownlee, P. L. S., D. I.. S.  R. C Lowry, A. M. L f. r.  Civil and Hydraulic Engineers,  Land Surveyors.  Pear 1  Street, - Atlin, B. C.  Atlin Lake  umber Co.  (Limited.)  '  ROUGH "and  DRESSED  LUMBER  OF  ALL  KIND^.  Capt. Westcott. Mai.ager.  Rant & Jones,  "NOTARIES,  .    ..MINING BROKERS  AND     ' '  ���      REAL ESTATE AGENTS  Agents for the Imperial Life Assurance Co.  Beginning: with Monday, uistl for the ueXt  OU dayc, I will pay  $15.75 an oz. -Jfor gold dust  AT THE GOLD HCU8K, DIBCOVKBY.  J. LETHERDAUJ.  Discotery, Mny i��, 1900.  V'      I' ��.VMM���Ulsm"lw.AA9!L��l*tw;  wxcv^rfrucuM  ''-..' V    1   ',"  L        ,     ��  l"  ���*�����ioB������.J��raa=������'.m(UU����^ia��^^ (SKWsMunUlnnjl  ,r,^"W^-��*itt��K^H��J*^��^oi^^MJ��v^M^j.^tW._.j-WKWrj.ju^..  -A>  -.1  _      I  If    '  ATLIN,    B.   C,    SATURDAY, JUNE    9.  c{L  w,  To the Electors of  Cassiar:  ��� / *     ���    ��� *,  GENTLEMEN: .   ' "       V  I have the honor to appear before  you as a candidate for Parliamentary membership lo represent Csis-;  siar district. ' I do so as a resident  of lhe district, intending to svork  for its best interests in, every direction. I am iu politics a,-Liberal-'  Conservative, 'and /I have" been  known as a prominent working  Liberal-Cdusers-ative in the Province  of British Columbia for the past  ten years. As such, on* political  questions, I svill follow the ,lead ot  Charles Wilson,, Q.; C," or whoever may be appointed to the,leadership of the Consers-ative paity.  Biit I want it  to   be distinctly   tin-  1 "  derstood thai-in this campaign I am  under' no. 'financial obligation to  Charles Wilson or to any political  leader or organization.  I am opposed to svhatis known as  the "Alien Bill": ifthis measure is  still on the stat-ites I shall use my  best efforts to repeal it. /Tlie revision oi?the -"Placer Mining-Act"  ! will have my earlv a.id earnest attention1.1 . Larger* claims, better  pioteclion of the miner, abolition of  Royalty as far as Placer Miners'  claims are concerned; and a removal  of all irksome conditions - will be  the lines of reform that I: shall advocate. The improvement of. communications, whether on land or  water, is a matter of the greatest  importance to this district, and I  shall insist on sufficient funds being  provided by the Government to effect all that is necessary in. this  way. The .orovision of adequate  school and hospital accommodation  at Atlin, Pine City, Bennett and  any other centres of population "that  may develop, will have my energetic support I im strongly in favor  of the restriction of Mongolian'itu-  migratiin, and of the promulgation of the Eight-Hour Law.  I feel confident   that   the  above  platform ss ill appeal to  the intelli-'  gent \oters ot this northern land \  I am, gentlemen,  Your obedient servant,  ALEX. GODFREY*  REASONS WHY YOU  SHOULD SUPPORT  ALEX. GODFREY  Uec.'iiise he goes pledged to use  all efforts for a complete revision of  the Mining Laws and ti have them  so remodelled that they cannot be  construed, as at present, in more  than one way, as so many in this  district know to their sorrow and  cost.  Because he will honestly and  strenuously endeavour to do away  with the much abused system of  staking claims by power of attorney,  which is one of our most crying  evils for redress.  Because he is opi osed to the  Royalty tax on gold, as it not only  produces very  little to the Govern  ment, "but is  a  direct  incentive  to  perjury!    "''        '      '" * ���-*?i'"\ 7 '���  Because he is a purely local man,  who has invested his all in the  carhp, and therefore the-interests of  the camp are identical" \vith his  own! '",**'' '        "  "       *  Because he is a business man of  high icputatiou, who will know  what he has been se.nt.-to the House  for,, and has the ability aud backbone'to stay by it untih lie gets   it.  Because he is SURELY" .ou. the  winning' side, where ' his ss'ork  aud  influence will  count.  A GODFREY   MEETING.  A Revelation to His  Friends  in  the  Way he  Handled  our Local Pooh-Bah. ,  A very large audience assembled,  at" McDonald's Ha'iJ-Pine, on'-TuesA,  day evening, to hear Mr/.-Cliffbrd  and "N t pt. Irving, M .���P.'P:'s",*expo{ifid-  their views o.'��� the political situa-  tion. Mr. Napoleon Sabine occupied the chair.- and, after a brief address, introduced C. -W.-iSawers-  - -who - claims to ���' be - the ':Pooh-  Bah of the now defunct- Conservative association. ' I le spoke at some  length', ,'advocating the cause "-ot"  Messrs.'' Clifford* and" Ir.ving ' and  apologized for the absence of* Capt.  Irving. He 'delivered a- string-of  platitudes in an attempted eulogium  on his client, which didn't.go down  at all'with. the.audience,'-.arid it' is  not to'much to,afnrm,' that the-lame  arguments adduced" brought ''many  wavering' voters*of Irving- te'nde ��-  cies safe into the arms of- the Uocal  candidates!* Another-such attempt  and'the Irving* vote in Atlin*district  can'be expressed* thus'���O. ��� "���  ' W7P. Grant followed'in the same  strain and ��� receis-ed-' a courteous  hearing, due to his personal - popularity alone. ,-���  Mr. Alex. Godfrey then took the  platform,   and -in   a    ^o-minutes''  speech, which svas a  revelation- to  both friends'aud opponents from-the  fire,   vigor and  logical   acumen   it  displayed;      completely" '��� cut    the  ground away from-under the feet oi  the former 'speakers.    In  tones of  burning eloquence and scathing invective, he showed up Capt. Irving,  aud the  workers  he  has, iin  their  true  colors,   can") ing    his  hearers  along with him,   and receiving au  enthusiastic and  spontaneous  ovation at the close of his  able effort. J  Cries of "What's the  matter-with j  Godfrey?    He's   all   right,"   rungj  through the hall, and  it was  some}  time before order could be restored.  J. A! Fraser held the platform' for  20 minutes and gave a clear, logical  address, which received the earnest  attention its importance demanded.  He took the position of dropping  party lines in the ensuing contest,  counselling the voters to stand loyally by the local men who best  knew the district's wants.  Mr. Clifford followed in a very  brief'Speech, as he-said he saw the  meeting svas decidedly in" favor of  the lo-'alcaudidates. . He-thanked  the audience for courteously listening to the various', speakers, and  said he would  speak  at  length  in  British America Corporation, ��1  ATLIN, ' B.   G*  \ LARGEST AND' BEST STOCK OF GENERAL  MERCHANDISE NORTH OF VANCOUVER.  See our greatly" reduced prices on all our winter stock.  See our prices oil groceries.   - - Ladies' goods a specialty.  Pine City branch nosv open,  A.   A'.'H. STRACEY     ' ARCHIE W\ SHIELS.  I*."'   ,.        ' Atlin Manager. Agent Atlin City.  Pine on the evening preceding the  election.'- .The '.meeting then terminated.        '���' "  '  REASONS WHY VOTERS  SHOULD NOT SUPPORT  IRVING.  Because being neither Grit. Tory  nor  Martinite, he  is   neither   fish,  flesh, nor good red herring.  ii-ii.      -���-,'���;   ���    ���  '?-Because, we do ,not  believe  in   a<  man trying   to" sneak   into   Parliament under'the protecting shadows  of  the  coat  tails of a better man  than, himself.  7,"Because we want men to* represent us, not to, figure as political  pantaloons, but ,who can command  the. respect of the .House and the  constituency also.  Because he has never missed the  oppporturiity of bleeding the miners and store-keepers on . fares aud  freights, whenever he had a monopoly of the carrying business,  --'-'-��� ,   - Because the conitnunhy owes him  lib gratitude; for he - has been" paid  'handsomely fo; everything he has  evef-'dotie' for them. Any claims  made for him on this score are ��� an  insult ' to the intelligence of, the'  voters. ,  A WARNING!  We very much regret to'say that  there are several parties in town  svho have of, late been guilty of  mailing anonymous letters, with the  mean motive of stirring up strife,  and famil3r dissensions: Such sneaks  should be lashed out of the town  limits at, the tail-board of a cart.-  We..know, for sure, that several of  these precious communications, are  in the hands of the authorities. and?  the identity of the. writers is more  than guessed at. Should this timely  warning not be heeded, and the  nuisance continue.' some ��� of these  smarties will', find themselves in  ���prison on a charge of criminal libel,  as the authorities are determined to  make an end to this state of things.  NOTICE.  Sixty days from ditto I intend to soil to  Fred. Cook my Ior- houso, 18x30. xitunteat  Spruce Junction. Any parties bavins* cliii.n*  njininst -said btiiklini? will submit name to J.  H. Ro��e, Atlin. within that time, elno th��y  will not be recognized.  ���M.'MACKAT.-,'  Atlin, n.C, April !S0th. juSO  G. E. Hayks.  J. G. Cornei,^ :  iltigget Bote!  Discovery. ���''  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT."  1 FIRST-CLASS 'RESTAURANT  IN   ' ���- . ���    .  CONNECTION. ' '  Headquarters for Buhner Jt I'nrrott's ntnre.  PINE TREE HOTEL.  DISCOVERY? B. C."   '  '"  When you come to foiscov.ery take  -shelter under'the tree.   *  '   '  Finest of liquors.   " Good  stabling.  GOLD        .i  HOUSE  DISCOVERY, B,C-  LETHERDALE & BURTON,  '. .proprietor's.  Om* lurjro and commodious ilininprroom 1��  now open. Wo have lots of fresh vegetable*  in our collar, which inalcey it easy to glvh a.  Hrst-class meal. Our lietlroonm tire all neatly furnished. We need no elevator with our  ���rood liquors tuid ci^ais. Stubling for IS  horses. Telephone mid Telegraph meiaagrei  proniptlj attended to. Hates, single muni*.  75c. Rooms, 50 nnd 75c. Board by the week  $10.  PIONEER  STORE  PINE CITY,, B. C.  ' Carries a full line of, Groceries,  Hardware, Gent's Furnishings and  Boots and Shoes.   -  CD. NEWTON & CO.  "Proprietors.  R un tlie only stage to  DISCOVERY and SURPRISELAKE  A four-horse Saratoga will  - convey passengers to Discovery, and from there connection is made with Surprise Lake,  They Have a Number of Buggies  of the Latest Pattern for hire.  Saddle Horses and Freighting are a  Specialty with them.  Leave  orders   at   the    B.    A.   C.  Store, corner ist and Rant.  When in Atlin stop  OLYMPIC "HOTEL  First Street   ,  Headquarters  for  Lemv's St.  Louis Lagkr Bekr.  First class Restaurant in connection.  A. BURKE.   Manager.'  TriRKLAND HOTEL,  FIRST  STREET,   ATLIN,  J.  K1RKLAND, : Manager.  First-class dining room      ,  ,  And Elegant Sleeping Rooms.  O.K.  BATHS  BARBER SHOP  LINK & PKATT, Prop*.      ���  Now occupy their now  quartern next  to tho Hank of II. N. A., Firit Street.  The bath rooms nro uqually fin noon un f'jiind  in cities.   Priviti". n.itrmise f irlillsi.  ULKS   EGGERT  Swiss  Watchmaker.  Has charge of government instruments.    First street, Atlin.  in  A. S. CrfW��' Store.  HSKWjaffiKssss:  ���(<-*��    riJ _)-yr 1-* iin-*  'Tyytpzzfixfrifiyriv?  P*4 "i\VK "��f*ifi��f h-jmh  tt^rr^nasr. SATURDAY., JUNE  9,- 1900   "THE IGLAIM" Agency in  Discovery is at Taylor's  Store*  PICKED UP HERE AND THERE.  Cliuroll of Kii(;luiiil kurviceu will be held  at corner Trnlnor nnd Third street** on Sim-  .4ay at 11 a. ni. and 7:30 p. ui.  'Until futher noticn there will bn no regular morninj* nervine nt. tho Presbyterian  Church.   The   Sunday School  will  moot   at  10 n. m. Bible class taiiprht~l>y~Revr  George Prinyle. .Kvenin-j* service at 7:80, as  usual.  =t  Ono of the best articles for good health is  a wholesome loaf of bread nt 12 cent*!, and a  flrut-class meal for 50 cents at the Pioneer  Bakery.  Go to Cummings & Richardson's  for gents'- furnishings, boots and  shoes, First street.  To Let���Four large rooms,- suitable tor offices, over Cummings &  Richardson's store, First street.  Judge E. ' M. N. Woods leases  for Bennett to-daj* and will try  some cases whilst there. ��� He expects to return in a week accompanied by Mrs. Woods.   -  compare .favorably with . the", products of any factory on the Pacific  coast.    '       . ' ��� ���>  At the Northern Hotel during the  week: J. C. Hungerford,- Skagway ;,N, T. Foster and svife, Skagway; J. I-I. Foster, Wardne'r, Idaho;  Frank Wostell, Portland, Or.; Mrs.  K, Wostell, J. H. Scris-en, Portland,  Or.-, R. C. Howard and svife, Eugene,' Or.'; Mrs. Thomas Wood,'San  Francisco, Cal. .* '  Mr. J. H. Brownlee, on his return homeward, has been stumping  the coast district in the interest of  Alex.' Godfrey and meeting svith  great success. He has visited all  the principal centres of population  there and established Godfrey propagandas. The boast of the Pecksniff cum Irving gang that Godfrey  had no' following on the coast will  ' be rudely dispelled when the election return's come in. Hurrah for  Brownlee! -.-,'.  Pine City now rejoices in the  possession of a lady barber. Mrs.  Wood, a graduate of the Barber's  College pf San Francisco, having  opened a tonsorial establishment on  the principal street. We wish Mrs.  Wood every success, and advise-our  readers to enjoy the novel sensation  of being barbered by a lad3*\  W. G. Paxton. has been appointed actiug preventive officer of H.  M.Customs at Atlin, by the department at Otfasva.-'  At the impromptu celebration on  Monday evening "one of our well-  known elocutionists'made a rather,  comical slip of the tongue. The text  .was to the effect that "officers can't  pla3* ducks' and drakes with the  privates' lives." .The unwitting  substitution of "wivts" for "lives"  made all the difference and, called  forth a hearty sir'gger from those  who dropped lo il.   '"  Tlie Ruth on Tuesday morning  brought'over 40 passengers. -Quite  a number of these were miners from  Dawson. They claim it is much  warmer there.  Mr. Paul   L.   Eggert  arrived   in  this week, and will go into business  with his father, Jules  Eggert,   the  well-known jeweler.    Mr.   Eggert,  jr., served his time with   the   large  manufacturing firm of J.   Myers   &  Co., of Seattle,   and  holds  credentials as a first-class workman.    The  firm will shortly remove  into mare  commodious premises than those at  . present occupied; but the location is  not yet decided upon.   A large consignment of new:tools,   rolls;   gold-  - melting   furnaces and   everything  necessary for running  a  manufacturing jewelry business, is  now' on  the way.iu.     vV.t;i   >i��  establishment is set up,; Messrs.   Eggert &  Son  claim .they wjll be able to turn  out work of all kinds,   which 'will  MOTHER  IRVING'S' GOLDEN  ,    EYE OINTMENT.    '    .  This wonderful ointment is patented and owned only" b3r" ; the  Mother Irving Specific Co. Cures  in a wonderfully short time all cases  of political strabismus and kindred  troubles. One application is all  that is necessary. Free samples  given asvay at the headquarters of  the Mother Irving Specific Co? for  a short time only.  testimonial: ;"'  Mother Irving Specific Co.���-Gentlemen:���A few short-months ago  I was afflicted with an attack of political strabismus, in fact, I have  suffered more or less' from it dur:  ing life, an affliction I humbly  trust, I have borne   with   Christian  ' v.  resignation. ��� I have tried manj-  remedies, but all in vain," until under the guidance of an all-wise  providence my attention was called  to your advertisement. I procured  a box. The effect was simply wonderful���magical if you will., Que  application effected a cure and I  can now see things plainly which  svere invisible before, especially in  the political- line.  I would not be without your invaluable Golden Eye Ointment' for  3113-consideration, and trust, every  time you .come this way you, will  bring me a new supply of it. Yours  humbly and thankfully.  Seedouble  U. Saurass.  Godfrey hardware Co;  ;       .   , 0 SUCCESSORS "to   ,-  , ,  THOS. DUNN (ft CO.  DEALERS. IN ; ?  Miners'Supplies,  Builaers' Hardware,  Stoves, Tinware, Etc:  tinshop in connection." FIRST^STREET, ATLIN,  P. BURNS & CO.,  Wholesale   -   and  1     .Corner < First  -   Retail "-   Butchers*  and   Pearl  Streets. -    . *    .  111 Victoria. ���  Thurs-  the  HE'S ALL RIG HT:  By kindness of Major Neville we  print'an .extract   fro,11   a letter received by him   from   Mr.   Hughes,  who officiated- as  secretar3'   to   Dr.  Mitchell, at Pine, las-,   summer.   It.  svas' currently    reported   that' Mr.  Hughes was a prisoner in the Boers'  hands,   but as will be seen from his*  letter, such  is  fortunately" not- the  case:    He says:     'I landed'at Cape  Town,    Dec.      rsth,     joined    the  Cape Light  Horse on the 14th, and  left for the front' the  same  day.    'I  am only a non-commissioned officer.  The legiraent was full   when  I  arrived, and consequently could  not  get a  commission,   but  thanks  to  my "-"naval  training,    I   was  made  Sergeant in  charge  of the Maxim  guns    belonging  to the regiment.  We svent De Aar way first, but aft-  ersvards were sent round to Durban.  We were   in   action   at   Colensr>r  Spion Kop.and Vaal Kraatz,(all reverses), and   finally   in   the   fourth  ancl successful attempt in the relief  of La'dysmith.    We. are  preparing  for another advance   0"  Dundee.,  So far, I have escaped  without" injury, though had the Boer shells'all;  bnrst where they fell,   I'd   a   burst  also.     Anyhow,   I  was  always  a  lucky beggar, so I  hope to  come  through   it O.. K.     If so,   I may-,  come  out    to    British,    Columbia  again,   and do my year in the navy  . THURSDAY'S MEETING.  The A. B.'Hall was  crbsvded   to  its, utmost   capacity     on  day       evening,  "     to      hear  postponed    political    addresses    of  Messrs.��� Clifford and   Irving, M.'P.  P's. -'A.   S.    Cross "occupied    the  chair.' '.Owing to a press of matter  we are unable to devote  the  space  sve would desire to a  report "rcf the  meeting, which in   the early   part,  was characterized  b>'   personalities  of the, grossest  nature.    This is a  feature always to be deprecated and  is impolitic, as such things are of a  boomerang nature  and ,apt'to  rebound-on the user.-   It also tends to  place theattacked.in the position of a  martyr.   Besides, it is not necessars-  to use a- bludgeon   to   kill  a  flea  when  one's  .thumbnail -would   be  quite sufficient.  '  W. P. Grant opened the ball, and  was followed by C.< W. Sawers who  did his -little best - to make black  look'like white, and white 110 colour  at al! (this is the gentleman svho  tried to get up a Liberal-Conservative association, one of the asTowed  aims of which .was to bring out. a  local candidate to oppose Capt. Irving, and who is nosv a fetch..and  carry spaniel at the Captain's beck  and call.) The audie* ce soon got  tired of him and-after-persisting., for  a time he subsided ingloriousiy into  his seat.  .  . Mr. -Fetherstdnhaugh made a  direct personal attack on the former  speaker, which, although possibly  well deserved,, was rather out of  place on a public platform because  of its persistency. He sat dosvn  amidst much confusion, the chairman having lost all control ol the  meeting.  , Mr. Falconer of -Be*".nett next  treated the audience to a pro-Irving J  anti-Godfrey oration, and in answer  to a question, affirmed that Irving  did'nt pay him for his services.  After hearing him we can well believe it.  Mr. Fraser made perhaps the best  speech of the evening, in a scholarly  masterly manner defining Mr.  Stables' position.  Mr. Clifford, M. P. P., the principal speaker outlined his views at  some length, and had; an attentive  hearing. . He attempted to pick  flaws in Godfrey".s.?:platform whilst  completely condoning^the .identically!  same-things in Irving's, which was,  to' say the least, not logical. He  nursed Irving under his wing as a  heh.nurses a chicken.'  .Captain John Irving rambled for a  dreary-half .hour ? to a ��� tired  audience **-^d   Mr. Mackay   wound  SECOND HAND STORE.  DISCOVKR Y AND SliCOND STR EETS.  GO   TO  Jimmy Regan for'all kinds of New  - and Second Hand Goods. ���  lliirhuHt cash price paid  for outfits and job  -     ��� ��� lots.   -  FOR SALE.  Two creek claims close to discovery on Wright creek. Particulars  ou application to .No. "15. Metro-  pole Hotel, Atlin.������    -^  MRS. T. WOOD,  Graduate of Barber's College, San Francisco,  Has opened u Barber's Shop, in Pine,  next to Roekenfield's stom.  a cull.  HAIR-CUTTING, 5*.V.  Give her  .SHAVING, 25a  Atlin-'Employment Bureau.  A-register.kept at "Hotel -Metro-  pole, Atlin, .for use. of Miners and  Employers. No fee-, nor, charges.  Apply, Employment, Hotel Metro-  liole, Atlin.  the proceedings up-svith a dram1  atic attack on" Irving and his methods, scoring several strong points.  AT THE RECORD OFFICE.  The week's   business ��� in   a  nutshell; "     .  "    HYDRAULIC LEASES APPLIED FOR.  Spruce Creek .-.'. 4 Creek  McKee     " ,    2 Bench  DREDGING LEASES APPLIKD POR.  McKee Creek 1  APPLICATION FOR BEDROCK FLUMES?  Spruce Creek   ; 1  Pine Creek 1  MISCELLANEOUS.  Mineral records     20  Placer records U  Placer re-records.... 13  Assessment work recorded  1  Powers of attorney     2  Leaves of absence.-         7  Bills of Sale   13  Gold Commissioner's orders..:'.    3  Papeis.flled  -. '    1  Free Miners' certificates issued    53  Arrivals, at the Grand Hotel:  W. Langley,"Victoria; Eddie Pleiss,  D. Spenser, Skagway; J, B. Charleson", Henrs' Gilchen, J. E. Gobeil,  J. Callaghan, Geo. Sag, A. Hardy,  IC. J. Bennett, Telegraph Construction Party; J. E. Hughes, E. Marl-  ton, Nesv Westminster; Capt. J.  Irving, J. IT. Falconer, Bennett; H.  W. Blemck, Davenport, la.; V. V,  Blodgett, J. J. McKeniKt, .Wright  Creek; H. M. Hickey, San Francisco; John Saul, John G. Garvin,  J. T. Wilkinson, Vancouver; Chas.  W. D. Clifford, Cassiar; J. H. O'Connor, Ottawa:  : The following cases came up in  the Small Debts Court during the  week:���Smith v. -Sinclair���Garnishee; order made. Bevis v.  Regan.���Judgment for #8.50.  REMEMBER YOU HAVE  TWO VOTES.  GIVE ONE TO GODFREY  (-1  n' T


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