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The Atlin Claim 1903-06-06

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 ^fl-^s^^  fl?  Hit  VOL?-79. ';?7  ?7??ATLIN??B?7C.?7SA?i^^  NO. ?.oi.  imm  ExttvvPrehiiei" 7 Prior,? ?Enter'^P  .?7?^;7?f'(?7-;-'? ? .??,?7^7:>Pai'ty;-Tsstie ?ori  ''T'h"e'r?New?'.'L'6adcfo  ^ ? 7v77A7, Formidable 77AiM'ayvO  "7777 7Bj;vvf  ??:??-f-?7Next??Fai'iV?7^  "7?^Frdnr'thc clispatclies7C)ti"tlic:7pbli-  7cal;siluatiou7:re ported 7 rii?:6ur;issue  ?last7it77w;is7 safe ?tovpredict some  '.. si art 1 irig? dc veloprnerrIs??w 11 e u;?;tire  .Hduseslioiiid viiieetvagaiii::bn7Mon-  .day;:?aRerii6bn.^7;iti7;this7biii77subs7  : Ci'ibersvv wiUMbe-:ih?;no; \\'a)'7disap-  7pdiiited? wlierr?tlrey?read tlie?lbllo\v-;  ?hrg-dispatch;:? 77... 777 77.7 777 77; 77777?'  ? ??, i-Prior: Dismissed.? 7 v???7 7:  ?;?;ViCTOiiiA., June,^li:^At.the:acl^  ���jburued ?sttting^^^  ������ Monday77:Preuiier;?P  : iii i ssed ?;by??. t h e?.7?Lie u t??Gptf er n or ?  : who hanhduticed'Hhat vhevcoirlcPnp  -longer retnirr 7hrrnvvaS7^ad-viser after  tlre7?discldsure7 regardirig' his firrn  "setiurihg tire contractcter .the-cable  frorri'the- Goverirmerrt7wlrerrvhe.  was Premier. '?���?-; ���;������-       7-? ?7' ..?'"--;  ,7 " Hora." Richaird McBride,?  Following ?? the? :7-,.cpiistitutiqn'aT  practice, the; Lieutenant-Gorenior  called upon . Richard7-..McBride,.  Leader of the  Opposition, to form  ���:a7Gfavenimeiit^?i'''.'.;-'-.-:-'77n.77?-;??.-7'.7.,  McBride  carried a motion, to ad-  jburivby a vote of/i87to'14. 7  Declares Party Lines.  ? At a caucus called by 7Hou.-R?  McBride on Tuesday, he bade good-;  by to his vLiberal colleagues and  declared ,?fbr party Tines. 7cThere  were ���.'heart-burnings  but  no open  revolt. 7 ?   -.'  ' McBride claims 22 Conservatives  in the House of 38 members.  The Premier goes to the country  as acknowledged leader of the Liberal-Conservative party, with- the  concurrence of Mr. Charles Wilson,  the late leader.  The  Invincible  Joe?  ? On Wednesday the Liberals called a meeting: of the Executive to  decide upon a date for the holding  of a convention to oust Joe Martin  from the leadership of the party.  Mr. Martin presented himself at  that meeting and electrified the  Executive by handing in his written resignation. The convention  was called off.  The tone oftlre press throughout  the Coast indicates that the belief  is everywhere prevalent that by his  act Joe Martin has healed the split  in the Liberal party and, further,  that he will;Ge.given ihejleadersiiip  aftei-rtlic electron .again.? ?7 :7 7'77  .?Tbe7Hoiise;,:pr6rogtied7oh Thurs-r:  day7-witlipiitv:au3*7.special:7cvent7td  niarlsvthe7revolution 'iij,:l3i"itisli:::.C6l?  iiiiibia7politics777.-77;?777v77v7-7-7?7'?77777\?7':  7^-7;?vA'?Geh��al-.::;Eiecti6ri;-Tv^77  v^A/General^  as?:spoil ;as?:the:?iaw?allows??pro-;  bably abottt,;Se:p.t2mber 7tiext?7.\vitli'  tlie7!Coiiservative7party::at the helm;  of ?;lhe;? iirst:?' party7?ship?"'7of ?tbe.  Province.77;?77.'':?:-'-':'-7.-.-7-:7'-'7-7'::v''-'7.?';- 77-7-77...  A?Gonservative??Gabiriet7  77 ?After?-'the?pror.^  House?the Premier.;airrrbuneed his  Cabinet, so far as..presently selected,  to; consist 7of? tlie 7following   well  known men : '���������������.���..������ ... 7  Minister bf.Mihes-? Robert Green;?  Minister   of... Finance ������:���' Robert G.  - ?::;'.Tatlow'j??:?--?/::??'.:'-���'���'???? ;?-��� .::  Attorhey^General:: 7A. E73IcPiiil-  ?',lips,; ,?;,:. ��� ??,?������:??'??���?.���''''.?.?'  President: of, the 'Council':- Charles  .,' Wilson;?' ??  Provincial Secretary :~Left open?:  Chief,, Coinmisjionet' of  Lands   &  7   Works :���'Richard McBride.  'Fraid 7 of Floods.  -New Westminster, June 5.���-  The' Fraser river is rising very  rapidly and, .serious flooding of the  low lands is feared:'.unless the weather becomes cooler.:  The Mail.  Carriers Thomas and Coutts,  who left here on the'26th..ulto.  to try and get through the outgoing mail of April 20th, at the hour  of going to press had not reached  Caribou. Carrier Perkinson left on  Tuesday morning for- Caribou, via  the Tagish trail, and arrived al the  Tagish Post at-Midnight on Thursday. His mail will reach Skagway in time for the sailing of the  Princess May/sailing tonight.  If the opening of navigation is  much longer delayed there will be  shortage in many of the staple supplies. A meat famine is already  on.  A: :.Rec6rd7v7 7 �� yd he ?? Weei*:?s  .-'??7 A- - 7.? A A' ? Events .?.??;��� j ���������:}. ? '7 ''-A:  The Marcii; of Progress Unimpeded  7:-?:;'*7?'^  7 ���.?: c u m s t a tie e s ?i7v7v ;-7 ?77,?7".7?: 77' -v?/-  ;?7Frc>rir ilatestacc-buhts.vclainvow  crsiautfhiy-hieiiion   McKeeyare-iipt1  puly^maki ng 7gobcl7,tiriie7::bu t7g6dd:  ���jhipii.ey?"'1''Several.' /parties Trie/ work:  nigVpi'ij'k'iy^  Co., 7\yitli;:ex'ceiiei;t7,resu]ls?;,7A'il-.  ;l-".eii7aiid7Rb"nay,iie'^7pir  abbye.vin theicOurse7of a rr? a It erne err  lastvvweek/.vpicked ?7tip jn7vnirggels  clbse7uppu76ou rices,? while 7 Geiieca  and.R'0'1 layhe...orr7their own" ground,;  rieai:-tlie: lhouth pf;'E)dorado,-picked  u"p;:almbst7:a'similai?7auioirnt during;  a?d!r\7s77w0rk,?vbeside^^  whatvtliey7shovelled ihtovthcsliiice  oo^^AAAA~'fAjiAA:'A'AAt^A:;  :'. 7?As?Xvas7tb7l3e ^expected ?:frbiu :t lie-  result^ flast7Avitrteys77prpspecting?  .tlie7:Atlin?^Minihg,Co.7h.as?run':iiHc)  spine,exeellent?:ue:w7:groiii]d?irird  theb^ic^i7but?like7 idl?6Uie^gppd  things.vifeis7hb.t':t.o'.{be?wrested ,\vjLtli5'  but:hard-AVpfk? 7.After; -SeyeraPfeel  .of;the.siirface7pv.erburden,:had.beeii  piped ofr?the7result7:bf,: the?glacial  age,-iu the shape/ofan,iS-foot.ma.ss  of'frozen-grpuiid,-.;was-:', e'ncounterecl j'  and it. will take'oneor two sticks  of po\yder to7get through tliis7 v7 7  A second .pit was opened tip this  week? an cl.-"excel le n't'' work 7 is be.i 1.1 g  accomplished:? ��� 7 7: 7.7'::  . -, The...fact:., that, the "..strike' ernis--  saries and agitators were unable to  bring out7 the 7miners,on this pro-  pert y in 'sympathy', with the'strikers  is'a strong tribute'to the manner in  which Mr7."R?D. Fetherstbuliaiigh  handles his employees? 77: ?"'.".?;.'?  "Tenders have been called" for for  the hauling: of?:f.1,0,060. feet of lumber to 7^'IcICee creek, part to the  McKee Consolidated. Co.'s grotiird  and part to the ground: s'olcl'by Mr,  Christopber. The former company  is making, great preparalions for  the season's work, arrd has a number of men on its pay-roll.  The statement has been made lo  us by one of the well known miners  of Spruce creek, that the winter's  work on that creek has turned out  all of three times as much gold in  proportion , to the number of men  working on it as it has ever done  for the similar season. We are  also told that this summer, from  the activity on the creek, will ������ be a  reminder '"of the early days of the  camp.  From a telegraphic dispatch, we  learn that Mr. Johnson is no longer manager of the Columbia Hydraulic Co., and that Hugh De-  Witt has been asked to proceed immediately to  the  property and get  it 'in.-,siiaive,rbr. 7th is..-? season's���'opera-?.  lions, /pending., lijsvbrotlieijv/r.aw-?  re'i ice'. 7,1 >e Witt's',' 7. a r r i v a 1'. 7 - A c ti n g 7  liiuler !i ns true I id!;s?.I\ir7?De\\'il.lv ,is7"  ub\v';bii7.thc7'grpuird'wiih a .gting of  "men - .pushing nialters7lo7make7iip?  for lost tiiiie.? ,77 ' ?? ������y-:-A:A.;<AA:A::.:>  7?7W'bi"k 'is7i}dw7niirly;trnclc'r::wa}' oh??  the?Blii^Caiiyou?sectioir:pf-S])ruce?7  al111011 *jh ^; froir 17?i ts 7;a 11itucle,7>i t?7 is '  'a few.weeks v.. belli nd��� othersectipiis-.  of tlie: district.?',. At the:', prcsent.dale-  'liiefollowiii g:ai"e -geltiiig ?tlit rigs ��� i 11,  readitiess?: to7?ljegiii7?actiye' 7.;ilii 11 iIrg 7  ���operations?:?:TBGe^pscar: andv7t\yq,7  ���pthers7;;??l\,fcCalivvBros?,vv7\villr??7foui?7  -men ���;' ?Marsli'al 1, ?-McN airri ??'B ixiwrr 7  :Bros.;7 and7;Jacksbu?'&;.Letlierdale?:v  These, last are ���makrngvpreparalrous 7  to ihstaravfrictipir vlroist? 'siririlartb":  ���thosevusecUsb?successfully oirpther?  :parls:i?pf'7:Siir.uce:>c:reek^?7^  Htt'e';doubt7.>ut?that:tlie'Blue.Ca^  /you section' will7fully::keep:up?the.  ;record ,.i tiuade?.^  ^past^two'seasbhs-.:?;?;??????????^??:-:  AAAA?Ai  7v-v77:,.7rv:V!7B!4  7:v/(&  v^NbrihcurviMcLebd^vvhas^'beeiKvap-?  pointed777manager7?7:forv;thev:?R  ;GrcekvPartir^rshiR?Uh7pkrce7bf?M  A?; N ??B rp wiij' wh o'/ii as ?spl d?p 111? li i s?  ;inle1-est?77vMr7;McLeod?7will7v  intend ;;ithe?|pr7p^pect?7w'orkjabout?  to,'������ be cpirr melreed7 b^-it1 ie - corp pan y?7  Ample vtulids Jiav^e.'.D'e^ii'-'fsubscribeci-'  by. the members of7thevparthership?  to give tire grouncha thorotigli.test?:  We?.trust ,7the?: ve!i''ure,?7\vhich'.irr-v  yolyes.local?money only,-will prove  a paying investment. .7 7:7?.,?. ?'   ,?  ':'V;-.':.v-77.-.,:v7::-,7vv^i>l>��!  7.Tlie?dilch,7I)eiiig: .built  by J. F.  Deeks?portion   of wiiichvis?;tobc  used: by-the .individual ,miners- of  Gold Run   for   sluiciug7 purposes,-?  was .CQinpleted as far as Gold: Run'������  tiris'week and the water/turned on?  Sluicing   will   be   generally? ccm-  menced..-riiex.t j week?.  ??There 7are  some of the largest ancl  lnostvalu-.  able dumps.ofvthe districti.'o'u Gold.  Run, and aTarge amount of money?  will   soon   be put   iu circulation.���  Mr. Deeks will  put a gang of men  to work  on   his  Pirre  creek leases  next week..  vSurveyors have completed a stir-,  vey of the claims held by ������individual'-  miners on Gold Run within the  confines ol" lhe Mitchell leases, recently sold to the British-American  Dredging Co. t  Contracts have been let for the  hauling of'the Company's dredging  and electric power plants from the  Atlin wharf lo lhe company's property and to lire lialf-Way House,  respectively. There will be in the  neighborhood of 400 tons.  -fe:;  The Officers of the Dominion  Day celebration are: President,  Donald Ross;   TSt  Vice-President,  D. G. Stewart; 2nd Vice-President,  Eritz Miller; Secy.-Treasurer,   H.  E. Brown. The progress so far  made points to a most successful  day on Wednesday, July ist  ppf^jgitTrigacgwv^TXfT! 1mm-������ :  Wl!MA:  tff-;??7l*^^  8alS:;  ""�����:���  #ip--:i-::  "A'ri.;i;>7;-?7i'i.?  <.S:\'[7l:?!vDA/\77,,JLi>yEr6,:.?. AA  ::SM^MM:��mm!-.  l'liliiislif-il "i:i\-.ji-.v7 .Snllinlny' morninj^   liv  '..������''-T'.ik:Ati.in Claim,I'i'iimhiiino Co.,,7.,//  y~r.,y     A. (.',.lllliSClil,'i'l.l',  I'llOl't'IKTlil*. :?-..  //.-��� I>. ���Xpiiii':l'.KKis,,,.\li\N AfirNfi .Kiiri'qi*....  - vOllii'i).ol jiiildiciili.,11 I'l-iii-l'S-., Atlin, ll.C.?  AilvtM*tisiiifj-r Kill os : #1.0!) piy ini-h, ouch  ! insertion. h'eiuliii'*; milirc-s, ^'.'/"liciit.s n liiie.  ,' Special Cf)iilr:ii.*i: l.iilos on npplu'ution. .  ? 'rhusiiliscriptifiii' prif'o is";���$���".: i;,,/.vcar pny-  .iililu in advance. No p ipt'i")will lio'ilulivbroil  .���unless this fondi thin is t.,$i 111 plied with.  SATUI'I.)AV,JUKl*:/:6Til,. 1.903.?:  ;7;:/:7;7?7ED5T()R?S?;?.NOTlC&.f7/;?7^  ;?vOwit<g/;;lo 7the77/l?iiluYe" ;-bl": biir  ;?7Speciui-v;  Service'7'7:.?paper77'?lo/  7arrive?befd're7^f h  7we;aret^q 111 pe 11 ecl 167craye?the it 1 clu 1 -  /:genc,e;.,;of,7oi.ii"  Subscribers 7lor- the:  ;isstrance 7p'??Ti7ir??Ci/Su^i/?;/iii"!?rts:  pres'e n 17 lb rr ii:/ 7. T1 re' ?' fit 11 ��� 71 ssue w i i 1  ..bejresu'h'ec^as?^  //Open S;77 77??./7. ??v ,���������'���'' ? v.?:.'? .7?/ ��� 7? 7/ ;???'������:/'.'  PER  Of /Mineral.Samples? Wanted  /'::?:?7 77��� -from Atlin;;< 7?*���' ���';7  The   Department of ^/Agriculture,  ??:'7 70ttawa, Desirous; of 7Makiiig"  ��� 7'?��� 7:a:'Colleetion:77777/:7"'77:--''7-   -v-7;7  ,. ?7?,Thk? attenlioir^  '/quartz 7'?properlies; 'is: particularly  ���7called-t67the/article under^the/liead-,  7/,iiig/of77/Perri-aheiil:Exhibitv''.7'J'he  v/'reqiiest./of/the?T)pminlbrr 7J3epart-/  //merrlv/of?,Agriculture 7should?v:be  / 7gehero*.rslyii;es:po!ided;7.to;7as'ari'i.iii?:  ? do ti bted/?7ser vice"' 'wi IF ���'-��� thereby 7' Ire  /clone /to :;llie.7district; ,as?\yeii-/as'lo  7,,.the country /at 7. large. 77 It is;always  7 a7\vise7vpblicy/ t6/?take7advantage of  -?gobd /advertising?.mediums,?: more:  .../especial lyv\\die.ylhey?are?  ;���? ���; Tki?- latest 7-intelligence v of .the  7 ?77political77 3silliatibh7-7is?iiot?by;7i:iiy:  '?,": :iheiiiis 7what   werantrcrpatea.v ?We  ? .-had' reas,ou; to, believe ���that thePrior  -/Gov'criiineutwould- have, been able  ���", ��� to   hold   together, long -.enough  to  . have passed theEstimates and then7  .7 have gone 'to.'the  country?. but the  7 unexpected Happenedand McBride,  the Leacl-'r   of the Opposition, was  / called I'.poti to lbnn a Cabinet.  ��� With the  disaffection that exists  in the . Opposition ranks, \ve fail to  sec how the  new  Premier can'pec--'  ,   ��� -c--       ���     ������������-.- ........   ...     ....'-.  form the ' herculean   task  imposed  upon him.  . 7   A resume of-: the last ten years of  7-��� the-status   and- polrtics-7-rf..: such it.  could /be called���of British Colum-  ,'bia legislative/affairs, do.not.-.corr-  "vey "to "us a highlyedifyiug record.  .'������"Unfortunately, in "spile'..of the advancement of the Province in other  ways, the- political -aspect has been/  most woefully retrograde.     Is it to  be  wondered  that   the people will  welcome  a  change? 7 Anything is  preferable   to   the   recent: chaotic  condition, and it   will   lie up to the.  ��� Provincial electorate lb say oh what  basis future elections will be run.  It took us a long time to see that  straight  party politics  seems to be  the only solution out   of  the  difficulty, but  it  is doubtful if the majority see  it  that way yet.   Jf run  on party linss, it  is  almost safe to  predict that in the impending General Election, 1'idcpcndenls   will   be  iu the majority.   However, we will  lie.irtily   endorse, party   lines   for  future  Provincial  Legislatures,'no  m-.tlter whether  I,ib.-Conservatism  or Liberalism should be in the majority.    A  very' few  years should  educate Ihc masses, when they have  lhe history of the last ten as au example  of the   "local   issue" politicians.  /:? A'nr title r. ?o f, p u b 1 i c /; i rite r-.es t h as j  diu;ii:g/the7liill iii:iqcal,7hcws?:coine  uiKler",qiit7<7itqtice,;?wh,icli,:;:rrqin ils  :ulliniatev;7iniporta::ce,7?sl]bul(.J77?ijc  :geiierally7takeri?adya.iilage;qf1;y.7iill:  those \vlio,have/the: ad vanceinenl of.  dislrictatheart;;7/,- .7v777?:?v,v7?777 77  77Thc<?fqi'ihfii.ion//of//a;;: permanent  rhiiiihg:cxirrbit,?itnder;/t lie/auspices,  of Uie ;Ddiri iii ion'Depart nVei'tof'A g-  riciiltiiVepis'a/Tiiieans of ���vadvertising/  the mineral, .wealth?ancl7vresources  of.Canada \yhich slibitlcl'bevlieaitily  assisted ;l.>yeveryqiVG;directly:;br in  ,'d irectiy?inlerested in?:tlreuii'dustry?  /The//; follbwiiig^^lettei-s?^ peak 7" for  /Ih(2ni'selyes7:v7 :-���--" ??7'/:7?n7?:77777r-77.7 :7/v-  V* icloria,B. C,, ?.M a rcliIt Stb??S)63?7-  ;7:Dear77,Sir,:?���-?The :?7Exiiibiliqii/  Branch qf;?the; Department ofA gri-  ctd.tiire?-'ptlawa'?:7'is..-;;m'akiiig:.a.'-'ne>v  set ?of 7 Exliibi ts, "7 which?? will*; be  showrr 7at/?the?7W6rlci',s.7Faii-;7St.:  ?LquiSi --U.SvA.,; uext7year,7and at  otlier'Exhibitions 7ab'rqad:itr which;  th'e:7;Dominioii:7:Goyeriitiieiit?/.take'  -p��i/t. ]rAAyA:AAA:yyyyMyM-'':  7 /If? you / ? would ?7ciar:e7 to? exhibit.  'samples::of/:the1ores;6t77:y6ur/secti6r^  of British ;Cqlumbra,,?you7-cati; ibr-^  \yard7them to our7 office at Ottawa,  where the exhibits?from all?parts  ol Canada; will be:firstbrought/to-  gether,;previoii.s to their being sent  to.St. Louis.'���" 7:777:7  ,7 As/thefundsvoii 7 hand for ..this  work? are limited, the Department  cannot pay for the samples or for  collecting them,? but will 'pay for  transportation to Ottawa,-and for  all-further: expenses connected with  their displayat St. Louis arrclsub-  sec*_iient Exhibitions, provided Llrat  the Exhibits; are given to our Department for its, sole, use iu7/aclyer-  tising Canada abroad.  / Small7-.specimens"'-:or    samples;.  which do not weigh more tha.11 four  pounds, can be  mailed  free to Ottawa? and   I  have   forwarded   lhe  Secretary   of  your .branch of the  Proeiucial ;' Mining     Associatiorr  some tags, in' the event of yourself  or others in'your section earing to  forward   some   in   this   ��� maimer.  Others can  be packed up in boxes  aiid sent by  C.P.R.  freight.    All  packages   should   be addressed to  the "Secretary, Exhibition Branch,  Department   of  Agriculture,     Ottawa."    Iu case you  forward any  in boxes, kindly  notify hiin.    Letters  to   the   above  address can be  mailed free.  If forwarding samples, kindly  furnish with them the following  particulars regarding each specimen : Name of claim, owners,  locality, approximate assay values,  and any further information, general or statistical, you can give.  .1 hope to be able to visit your  section later on, but may not be  able to do so, and, consequently,,  may not have the pleasure of meeting you, as Ihc extent of territory 11  ?'7?'"'/??; ^^i^  .And?'". All;;-Kind's; ofJe,"vellery; Mantifactured ori ^the Premises?  "??W11 y se 11 clou? ,\v 1 ien7you -ca 1V-gel-goods.as.cheap"here??  ? Wa&clias Frozzs ���$& eig>"' F'eho:Lssse'-.'of-S&zsi/'emir Sgioaks. ���  ���s>o*o*:i*j:',oci*ftD.'*C'0Ci*s>'5*s>!:t"t>):'*r:>'^o'<&*s>O"s><:i^  ������*���������  .0  :'��>;  /"T"^  IB^^KaD^EK^^H^^BE;  George f!. Hayes, Proprietor /. 7- -  /CcjK.7'EiK?;i,;;/?Ni)7TkAiNCiK?So,i-KiCTs?:'  :Tl.isl'"ii-.sl. Class ilotuHins liceiii'iMiifiili-'loil nnili-el'iii-i.isliDd/tlii-f.iiiihf.i'it  ..--..,.(liiil li'll'c'rs the lii-'st. iiceiiiii.nuii.liUioii to Triiiisiuntor I'l-i-ninnciit,/,.      ,.-'.--  ; '.V,"':,., (liif.sts.���^\inni-n.-iinran?l Kiiri.in'nirplaii.'1'? f "7 77        '?:'i7  T;y:AF*e"��st:,^Btias,:lfiT3ziGr.&  ���"Ac-:i:Hi Hia.r'ds77i*ncl7P6o/l-;:AAAAS<Ay  '.t'..;.'���:'.  Oo���^���'.'t���.''"i���o���'<"'���i:��0.o:���o'���������s>c<'^c./>'<:'���'^"^���><:s��������*ci^  ;E?  '<S>.-"-  /n'SCOy/ERY, 7B./C7  - ?/ A Com to rtably Ftum is lied 7 R o'b'ni s-- By; t.h 6' Day, ?Wcck: 0 l'lVI 0 nth..?; 7?  Tliedlesl bf/Iiiqiibrs/'aiicFC  /:���.??���        .;77/?7?77;-77?;7ne",tioiin;\vilhrthe/l-Iqiise7"-7/v;7;77?-7,^  Ay'AAAA&MiiM  '���'77:?7.-7 ���7:7"v7-7';-777 .//���' .'-v/'/Vv'--."^/-0:'-"-/?,-;'' 7.7/';' /.??/?;-:7v?,v'7?7?J ,v i'.;l-toS|.V7Miinii',-or? -vv-':./  ^HBi?;7'W;evT^^:^^^^  :gy.^  :v.?7/7,Passehger ;t!icl:.Ex]!)iess;/,Ser\dce,:?^  Skagway?vLog?Gabiii. Beniicft,;:Caribou,7Whrle?  pqiirls,7iiiaking?close;tcni!ectionsAvitlr:;our;bwn :steairiers :rt.While'Hqrse 7; 7;  fbr?Dawsbii?riii'd?-Y^  and Fnda.y/;7Returuiirg,?leave Allin;e\-^  ,v 77,:Teiegi"aph-Service l67Skagway777Express?inaUer? wilh;;be?received: ;7:  (br:shipnient to?and:fro;m:alI7pbinlsiri7Caiiada7and/l  v:For iufbrrrratiorr relatiye7ib-Passehger7,Freiglit, Telegraph .or/Express?;; 77.  ?: -7;7 ???'/-?Rates;apply-?l6;any7/Agenl?qftl  ���'���;'"���?���"?''7 '-/v '."���?7?i:;r;'v?7":'?77::7??:'7?7--?F?7;F7?LEi','-T  7;:7 DISCOVERY, B.C.? 7/7.7.  Finest of liquors./?. ./.Good- stabliiig.  liu. Sands, Proprietor.:  0.  BATHS  BARBER SHOP  :Gri37H7Yii:s7'  7'-J 7 C7Co it's iii/i'; r,; *77v  ?ffi.siM||L;       ,���,-,,,,  ���'.?? ? ???:/?" Discovcry'.",??   ??- A.. -  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT.  7G.H.FOHD        Prop.  Now occupy their new quarters next  to the Hank of 11. N. A.7l*'irst, Street.    '������-'  The hath moms arc equally as Rood ns found  iu-'cities.   Private lintriinco for ladies.  FIRST-CLASS RESTAURANT  ?/;'?7\;'' /?? ?,'.7IN7':'77'?:.'77?:?..;;  AiA     - CON1SJECTION.7 '?:  '.;���   .'*..".-������'"'       . . i "-;-���.- '.-���'  ? HoiuUitiuiters for Brook's sta^e.  ;?:V.?The;;Gaiiadian7.?Baii!c^.\  '-'..???���        ?: ���?7CAPITAE"':FAID; ;iJP ^ $S,ooo,ooc*.? ?'-??'''? 77'v ;?.  ���   7 ., Rasi^iivE, $2,500,000. ?;   .7; ;���...",��� ������'���  Branches of the Banlc7at7,jeattie,  , 7-  ?Sa.ri franeisco?;/ /?   /'. .7"?"//  '//���.."'-���'i7/"'- -7 ���.:���''������������"'7:7:-.-,. ���7:'7-..-,--v:-77"-:--.7..-./ .. Portland, 7.7 ��� 7.7. ,777/7/7  ���������: ,.;,..,.7-.v-7'v.v...: 777.  -.;. .......77 7:7/.     Skag'way, etc.-  Exchange sold on all 1 Paints*... .i_  'Go 1,11 Dust Purchased���Assay Oiaaci.*: in Connection. .  .;'.  "���':?   ?:���/:, ?        D. ROSS, Manager."  E.   ROSSELLI,   Proprietor.  Corner Pearl and First'Streets, Atlin? B. C.  *  -' ___���^ ���<>������ r��� . "'���;  FIRST   CLASS   RESTAURANT   IN   CONNECTION.  CHOiCtSr .WINtS, tlQUOUS ANI) CIGARS���CASI". GOODS A SI'LCIALTY.  Hlydra.ulie   A/lining;  *��?  HYDRAULIC    GIANTS?   WATER    GATES,  ANGLE   STEEL    RIFFLES    &  HYDRAULIC    RIVETED  PIPE.  Estimates furnished  on application  The Vancouver Engineering Works, . '������  Vancouvkk,  B. C.  A. C. Hirschfeld, Agent, Atlin, B. C.  ill  II  ���***"r��iVilaMjt��%MKm WJ1;  l'MM)��!Wnw<WaW!WE!��a-',J-(WJrW^ '  i  1  1  h'?a  /rrvp^-rw     "8m  tA3aAJ-.-JW.lh  '^���^*l�����ir*Jst{sl1rT'*,-*^^  fe^wshSwp-wi a **Mta��j* a^ofe^Muitow'iv^liitoiwgwj.Aviwu.i^^^^  zs  !���-'���  . ..    'r    -,- ...I./,-  "*~*"~���H*lwr,,'*,��*f*��*i��*^^  ATLLN,   ii. C  SATURDAY, JUNE 6,   1903  tfecan si-Tf You ��� Good VaIue for y��0f CASH as Groceries, Provisions, etc.  VT ^       any House m Town. ? , j  Try   ws   Mr#M   ftf   and  se��. Giant   Powder' on   hand."  have to cover is very large  and the  time at my disposal limited.  J'am, sir, etc.,    ,  Angus K. Stuakt,  Collector of Exhibits for  the St.  Louis Exhibition.  At a meeting of f'c Executive  ol the Provincial Mining Association held some, weeks ago, the following resolution was passed unanimously :  " Resolved, .That this Association lend its aid in collecting the  mineral exhibits to be. sent to Ottawa, and lhai requests be scat lo  the Secretary of each Focal Organization to carry out the idea of the  Dominion Government, which is  heartily supported by the Executive."  The Executive would therefore  urge you lo use every endeavor lo  make the exhibits sent from your  section of the Province,as comprehensive as possible.  The above information has been  sent broadcast throughout the Province by Air. A. L. Belyca,'Secretary of the Provincial Mining Association, and, as previously stated,  it behoves everyone interested in  future of this important district to  aid  from Atlin  ihoseoflhe placer claim holders is  because the Mining Act fails to provide intelligible laws by which their  respective inteicsts are al the same  lime fully 'and cquallv well pio-  lected.  If the Provincial Mining Association can only succeed in inducing  lhe Government to thoroughly investigate the different grievances  exis'.iug iu the various branches of  the mining industry, ami honestly  endeavor lo provide laws by which  the industry can be fully developed  and secure title given to all mining  property, then Atlin will sec an cut  of great prosperity shedding its  golden harvest throughout the  land." W. FI.  The Humor of Strikes.  in making a creditable exhibit  Crown    Granting   of   Placer  Claims.  A correspondent furnishes us his  views on the question of the Crown  granting of placer ground, which,"  from an impartial point of view, arc  vei y reasonable :  "By a strange perverseuess,  there h an inclination in certain  quarters to condemn the action of  the Provincial Mining Associatiorr  for passing resolutions iir favor of  the issuance of Crown grants for  placer claims. This may be traced  to a curious misapprehension with  regard to the effect of such legislation, if adopted by the Government.  '"It is not sufficiently recognised  that absolute perfection of title to  mining property greatly enhances  its value. It protects the genuine  miner from troublesome jumpers  ancl costly litigation, and it enables  him to raise capital, when necessary, for the fuller development of  hisclaim.  The opinion, so often expressed,  that Crown grants will tie up the  country and freeze out the individual miner is really illogical, (blunder the present constitution of  the Province, there is no possibility  of greedy capitalists being permit-  led to .infringe upon the rights of  oilier people or to devour more laud  than'they can digest, as in former  years. "Vide, C. & W. grants,  which may be accepted as a healthy  sign of the times.  What wc really require is security of title to our placer claims.  The reasoir the interests of the hydraulic   leaseholders   clash     with  the spirit ol the times. They may  be regarded ,a.s grotesque iu their  absurdity, ' but unfortunately the  bathos of it all goes 1111 heeded.  "Our statesmen arc loo, busy  looking after their politicaMciicct; ;  the presidential election looming in  the near distance checks the liniitl  leadcis from Ihc attempt lo correct  evils, lest they,encounter lhe enmity  of the many headed one who voles,  and by that ability to vote exercises a power for which political  economy has made no adequate allowance."  NOTICE."  NOTICE.  1VTOTICH i--hcri'l.y ^ivcii that, nl'li-i- :SJ day*  Iroiii date, I intend lo apply to Ihc  Child Commissioner fit Lands and Works  for a 21 yum- lease of t lie follow injidosi'ribed  land, situated at the head of lionhlor creek,  in the Atlin District, coiumencinj*; nt n post  marked, " C. 1). New ton's S. W. corner,"  thence 20 chains in a north-easterly direction, thence 20 chains in a north-westerly  direction, thence 20 chains iu a south-westerly direction, thence 20 chains In u southeasterly direction to point, ol commence-  ineiit, containing -10 acres more or less.  Dated at* Atlin, 11. C., this 1st ilny of June,  IfllW. C. I). Xuwton.  JEii-:iOil  -jVTOTICE is herehy siven that Sixty days,  alter date I intend to apply to tho  Chiel Commissioner of Lands and Works  for permission to pm-chus-c the follow in-4  descriheil tract ot 1 unci tor agricultural  purposes: That parcel or tract of land situated in the Atlin Luke Mining; Division,  commencing' at, a po*��t planted at n point  on tlie  eastern boundary    of  Atlin   Tinvn-  Now that Atlin has had its  strike, and the revolutionary trumpet has been laid orr .the shelf, the  following extract, from the " Engineering & Mining Journal," will  be read with amusement. The article is headed, "The Humor of  Strikes:,"  "The happenings of a single  week illustrate the amazing folly of  cerlairr features in the unrest of lire  present time.  ��� "Contractors al New Orleans re-.  fuse to build a church   which   has).,     ,, .,.,���.   .      ., ,.   .,.  Isite, thenco north 20 chains thence I*.iist20  beeil-deSlglied by. a Northern arclli-'fchaius, thence south 2*1 chains, t hence v.-.-st  [QQt ' 20 chains   tn  point of commencement,   coi*.-  ! ta'iiiintr 4tl acres,   inoiu or less.  '  i rolley men at Seattle demand Chas. u. Mvi-n-i.  that promotion shall be bv seniority     n'ltcd !lt "uli"' l!"��"tl,is -"'" c,"y "r i,!>-v'  , - 180'!. iim :i3-*}(lfl  alone.  "The United Brotherhood of  Carpenters in New York calls for a  strike to crush its rival, the Amalgamated Carpenters' Society. The  principal agerrl of the former stales  that .the latter is a foreign institution with only 2700 members in  this country, while the Brotherhood is an American institution  with a membership of 145,000.  Therefore, he adds, "There is only  room for one carpenters' union, and  that is ours. The fight' will be  carried outside of New York and  we will either wipe out the Amal-.  gamated Society or swallow it up."  "The railway men of Holland  have struck against the Stale, that  is the Dutch people. The economies  made ou the railroads are for the  public ; the strike involves no question   of oppression, and   the Iraiu-  T\JOTI(*;.' is hui'cliy jiivi'ti thai '!,) dn.is nl'ti-r  date ,1 inti'inl If. apply to tin* Chief  Coiiimissii.in-r ol Laud., uud Works lor pi; r-  inissinn I., leu.sc that i-iu-lain parcel ol land  situnt.. iu 1 Ii,- Alliu J,nIn- .\iiiiiii;r I)i\ isiou I'or  the j.ui'i.ose td' cutting; -ri'tiss and lui- pus-  I uiv, tle'.i-i'ih.-d as follow s *  Coinu,ciK'iii,',r at an initial post planted  11I1011I Ji of ti mile N. !���'. of I he Town of Atlin.  nnd I'liiiuiiii; South II! chains,In ptisl Xu, 2;  thenco Kasf III chains lo Posf No. ".J: f hence  Nfii-lh III i.-liiiins-lo post No. I und IliouciilU  fiiaius Ifi point, of coinmeneeuieiit,' containing- I (ill acres ii.orc fir less.  I'obert Orici'son.        '  .  Atlin. li.C, April With, MIL'!, mjllj-tl  Cor.tifieate'of Improvements.  Th,.- VIXI.OW JACK 1ST Mineral Claim,  situated on L'ini; Creek, about one  iiiiie east of Discovery, in the Alliu  Lake .Mining- Division of Cassiar. II. G.  TVfOTlGK is hereby -iiveii that I, Julius-  ,M. Kiiii'ner, i-'.M.C, No. MZXiil, Ajreut i'or  tho North Columbia Gold .Mining Co., F.AI.CJ.,  No. 12'MllI, intend 00 days from date hcre-  ot, to apply to the Mininj? Kecoriler lor  a Certificate of Improvements for the purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant ol tho  above chum.  Ax'l) FriiTin-.H Take notice that nut ion under Section :;7 must lie commenced befori;  tin; issuance ol such Certilicate of Improvements.  Atlin, H. C, this l!Rh day of .May, lfH.'*',.  in)2:i-(',')d Julius 11. Rul'r'nor, A**eiit  Certificate  of Registration of  Extra-Provincial Company.  an  men are fighting against circumstance!- brought about under a condition of society, which���as far as  regards the railroads of Holland���  is Socialism.  "Next, the schoolboys exhibit  the force of example. At Hobokcn  400 boys strike because their Easter  vacation is shortened. A 13-year-  old orator ,is found addressing his  comrades from the eminence of a  flour barrel. Eive thousand other  boys threaten a sympathetic strike.  "At Madison the boys went on  strike because they were not granted half-day sessions at once. The  150 boys were joined later by 50  girls.  '' These are facts.    They indicate  "jVfOTICI;" is. hereby frivcu Hint 'todays after  date lintetid to upplyto t.'ie Chiel Commissioner of Lauds aufl Works for permission to lease 10 acres fit" lain] for bi-icic-mak-  intr purposes, in the Atlin Lako Minin*^ District, situated as folloivs:  ' Coninieneiiifr at a post planted about one  half mile east of Atlin townsite and marked  "Thomas I'irltlarid's SW corner post,"  theuee o.ist 12 chains, thence north 10 chains,  thence west 12 chains, thence south 10 chains  to point of commencement, containing 10  acres more or less. Thomas Kirklanil.  Atlin, H.U., April 2Sth, 1001).  " CoMlMSiirs ACT, ISH7,"  t lll'RKI'.y GEUTLI'V that 1 have this  - flay resistereil ''The North Columbia  Gold .Mining; Company" as an l-'xtrii-Pro-  viucial cfimpuuy miller the " Cfimpanies'  Act, IM)7," to carry out or ed'eet all or any of  the objects hereinafter set forth to which  the legislative authority of tha Legislature  of British Columbia extends.  The Head 0dice of the Company is sit unto,  at Huron, in the county of Beadle, State of  South Dakota.  The amount ol the capital of the rompuny  is five hundred thousand dollars, divided  into live hundred thousand shares of one  dollar each.  The head oliiee of the company in this-  Province is situate iu -Vtlin 11.C, anil Julius  M. Itull'nrr, whose address is Atlin, B.C. is-  the attorney for the company.  The time of the existence of the company  is 20 years,  Given under niv hand and seal of office nt  Victoria, Province of liritish Columbia, this  Kith day of April, one thousand nine hundred and three.  ]r,.s.] S. T. Woorco:.-,  KPK'slrr.r of Joint Stock Companies.  nia-2-lt  c  9  Wholesale    and    Retail    Butcher  FIRST   STREET,    ATLIN,   R.   C.  Fish,  ' C. DOELKEE,  FRESH MEATS ALWAYS ON HAND.    .    .  Game   in   season and   home    made   Sausage.  En*st Stkki'T,   Atlin.  Dealers in   Provisions,   Dry Goods,  Etc.,  SPKCIALTnjS IN  FANCY   CAKES   &   PASTRY.  Fresh Bread, Rye Bread, etc.  Good Itonms lo Kent  Chas. Mvkr, Proprietor.  !',;,��� the Day, Week or .Month ut reasonable rates.  ??  1  ii  if."  lb;  Ma  V��;,'  1, I|W.^7W7v?-%;77v;:.?.-?:;7  WMAA'AiAA^rA  <u^BMSQsa^jai^nMsam  HIS  $$'������  i'S*?.,  If;  afe-","--  i.a>J ,.  !j:7  Am.,.-;,   -���  ; K��   '���  ���'ki^l.v  n.KK';7; ....-���  fiW??!-  ilSli?-  III:-';?/  Is "ft&i..,-������;������  ��'?>-  li'J.Ki&ii ���������:'.- .  l|3>  I"*''  AiTr.-.r'N.'.  (7  RDAv;?/7,j.r7yE?7n?:  Pi.CKED��� U!> 11 ERE AND TH Ei<E.  .Church :'oi. Kitivlautl ''���������'.;7'7"  St. Martin's Obiii-idi, cor. Third ''andTriiiii-  nr streets. Sunday, services, Matins nl-l I a.  in.,' I'veiisoiif;- 7:'!!),p. in. Celebration of Holy  Colliiminion, Ist.-vSiiud'V.v in. bach mouth and  .im Sj.f-c-inl.ficcasiiiiis.^Siii'iduy School, Siih-  iliiynt '!, p. in. C'.iinniitteo .Meetinns, 1st  Thursday in ouch month.   7    .v??:.''7i --./  ���'.     liov: I-*. L.Stephenson, l!eutor77  St; , Aiiilreiy'.-s l'i'esb.vtcriiin: Church hold  services in? iho.! ('!uir.-hl,.iiu Second. .Street.  : Moruiu^ , service at 11. cvenin^i'service: 7 :'I0  Sunday Sclioolat the close of' the mo mi up:  serviee. l'ov. K. Ttirkiuntnti.Minister., liVeo  : Head in;.*; Kiio'in, to which all arc welcome. / 7  ?713icycles.fbr���: reut���-bicyele?rep'air7  : :irig-^Pillnran' &?Co?7 77777v,:-/?: -:/.";;7  177 HSfow that.;,your/.'dtmip/is "washed  7?upi don'f^forget to-reckon-,your arr-  ?���'; lVitaf subscfipUpii'-lp- Tin?;?;Claim as  "vOne? of 7yOtir7niost ;desei"viutr7;ahd  ���7:, 7.    ;.-���)-��� ���-.:���.:. .     .     ,.U- 7'        ���,        '   ��V ,,  ...patient creditors.//'?7,?.7???':-' 7    -.ll'vl'v?-?-  7 7.;The??seco:id..17.payment?: :on?vllic  /?:I3ea\ds--Mtduiu bbnd7\vas?macle7llris/  ??wtek?'.'??1?;/77 ,..7'--v7-777;,V7V.77V7?::77 7 ..7-7.  7:/77Fislring?Tackle;77bf7ali7kiuds?at.  7,C-?R7:;Bcninic^  7 7v7W.?G??I>axton7-Notary? Public.  7v intends'vberhg. /in, Discovery every  ���: evening;?-^ Office-fai: Palmer's, iop-.  Up^iie,Nugget-.Hall.7:-7?7?';7???:7.7-7?7  "??? /The: work: ���.6f ..construction ?has  ; 7been7 -cbrnmeiiced? !bu??the7 electric  .':������ liglit.arrcl7?po-.Ycr:hpuse.'of,the ii..C./  7 Power.&?Mainifacturing 7C0.7 7The  /. site/iSiOii?Discovery street, close?7to  ?'the'bld-Discovery ?streetvwharf. 7?  77. /Bring your cash lo  Joe Palmer's  store,?in  Discovery -^-iHats? shoes,  7 shirts, etc;, etc., can 7. be? had ..there  ;?al7/auy//price ���;above)7?belcw77or7at;i  ?7'cost?just?as ybti'wisjr. ,/?���    ?777;:?:?  =777 MessrsT-I av-'es'a 11 cl'B r 0wi 1 /seenred  ���-������' a couple, of   bears : on.the ?McKee  Vcreek'trail this week.?  Fresh   Lowiiey's? Chocolates at  .?C?R.?Boui"i!e's?; ?���    /.  ";., LouisMcNeill? the   Discovery  , blacksmith,' has recovered from his,  ipelis.pps.ilion and will /resume busi-  ?ness 011 Monday. 7 :     .,,  ���-.. Fresh, eggs .and butter at McDonald's Grocery. 7/7 7? 7 -. : 7?  ��������� The Annual General ''...Meeting of  tlie local Liberal-Conservative: Association will- be , held tonight at 8  p.m. . The 'meeting', place "lis the  Nugget  Hall?   Discovery,   and   a  yjou ^'staled,; that, .thei-laborii.tiibi.) .'was  .\'7t;tlrti!g7of-lhe:ixist;'v--aslalemen't  Xlwishlo correct and, Ibvinforniybu  that? lhe;::IJniou?7is/;Ji" 7a,most pro-.  sj^croits" co 11 dilion, .working har-  inoiu^nsly? ahd-sattsiaclprilysiuce  its ?oi"gaiiizaU*..n.? 7; At?present we  have p\\er/$200'ln. the/Treasury: aiid  ���now all [-?������] the' rneu are.einployecl  ^ $3-5^. C ?'i?P<:r-clay; ??/y ? '?: Ay A..  1 lOwing/lo the liberal contribulious  froin .? AUin, 77Drsc6very?:;ailcl:?lhe,  creeks^''.\ve7q'\ve..7bu^  aiicivptake lhe present ppporlunity  of thaiiking oiic and // till7lor tlieir  liberal siippbi'tand/assistaiioe?:;'??'/;  /:,'���/ 7/7' 7?T7.H.?M  V iDiscbyeryi/ijnuclei,,19637V v  .7  7?[Tlielaboi-e;cpnVnrunicatipn.is-Uii-:  wprlhy of/, p t'i plica lip,ii ���,���������������,^except. I -hat  Ave/desire7:;lb7-show7/tii:al?Secrctary  ?JNItiir.heacl is:?as iucaliable?bl stri 1 i?ig:  facts as lie:;is'/.'of reading/:English/..-  The -.-"word.-. ���"-liuiidii-;.'' ? brlahy :,reier-  ei'i.ce?lqHlie-local7lvabbr;,7UiMon,:\vas  irot usccl in otVi" issue of vlast-week:-  ���j^yAAyiy-:AAAAAA:::y%AA  tf*'  ^l?";lf;^ii)clS/  my\  |3 ur :."S.to.clC haMgpt?? tq;?K '^uly  ;?7???? aswe^  ;/:,7"^'v77?/7::'/-/^  ^St:  ? :7;'??vThe?.Rise7?and^^  : v7:The/.lowe:sl?temperature rcccrded  for the '/.week lending? c'c-tlrinst?/-:is  as"follows1:7 - ���-v.v:.,?--?-^??,??;-?:  ^o(s,':Si?oes,;?llalsJ?Men  ?li-;?7?II|iroGen  ^FfJrtiisliiigs^Ilrg  ms  "m  ��  A>  May,  June  29  ���30:  "31 above/  7^7?;>-'.7,  1/33'?-- v.AA  ?26??7,;:??  :,;37--.;'7:l'7';  73S1/7-7 7?-  ?36;?7',?71?  :DIXC.W?, priO^H ERSi???Frdprietoi*s  Notice^^  7'"y?7?? ?: 7??"?/febl-'i?&  Freighting land Teamii^  i>t:NES^.'E.C��tJIPP.EP"^  ������^^:.*;-:>7^bNDlJG  ,i<JpTib.E ishereby^iveh tliat> Tier GO days  7 froiii..' .late, vIv;intend,.to apply to ./the  .Cliiefv.Coniniissionei';_ol':7 Ijanils a nil Works  for permission to purchase the ���'following*; described tract of land iu the Atlin district for  agricultural purposes : commoiicius'at an  initial post, planted about oneHiilo uorth-  east of A tlin townsite, theuee riinniii}>- east  ���10 cliniiis, thence north 20 chains? thence west  ���10 chains, thenco south 20 chains to the point  of commencement,'contaiuiiif? SO acres more  or less. 77,   :   /-7 7?,    /���/ "J. T. Regan.  Dated at Atlin, il. C, this'jtii dny c>r .Tune,  100��1 ; ? .-.'.''I? ' 7   7,     je(>-00il'���'  Notice.  French v'RestauranAin'lyConnectip^A  71 ? I' ??D Ay id ; Hast i k ,:?? Pko i'lii eto k'. '���'��� ���������:; 1 ?x?.  7 7Gorner?p.f';Fii'st: arrd:'DiscGvery?Streets77^7?  DRINK THE BEST  66  AlOS  T  99  large turrr-outis expected./  The incorporation of the/B. C.  -Power & Manufacturing Co. is recorded in the last issues of the official Gazette. There are some  thirty sections and about as many  sub-sections. The powers given  the company, according to its charter, are almost/unlimited, but those  now about to be put into use are a  steam laundry and the generation  of electric light. '  Mrs. Pfenning, not to be outdone  by her rivals in business, has added  line new glass fronts to her restaurant building.  When you can't get fresh meat,  get boneless codfish from P'raser &  Co.'s.  A New P>athroom & Barber Shop  has been opened ou ��� Eirst street,  Atlin, between Richardson's and  Eraser's stores. Mr. Shields respectfully solicits your patronage.  For lire finest home-made bread,  try that at McDonald's Grocery.  ATOTICE is hereby given tliat.after *10 days  from date, wo intend to apply to the  Chief Commissioner of Lands anil Works  for permission to lease one-tiuarter of an  acre of land forasitofor a power plant iu  the Atlin District, situated as follows :  Commencing at a post marked "The  British -Columbia. Power &'. Jianufactiirinsr  Co., Ltd.'-s S.E. corner," planted at a, point  on Discover}- street, iu the Town of Atlin,  thence iii a westerly direction' lOIJ^feet,  theiice northerly lO-t.'.-j? feet,' theuee ' easterly  lOtJjj/vfeet, ,;tiieiice.sbutlii-.i*ly |04J.:|- feet to  'point of commencement, containing-.' one  ciuarter of an acre more or less.   .        '  Dated at Atlin, BIG. this .Second day of  June, IJlOS.  Tiro British Columbia,Power'  it Maiiufaeturiuf?.Co., Ltd.  jeG-SOd.  In Lead-Packets 6\���. fa-io and,i-lb each. ��� '/?   ?  '-'??��������� '" 7/7".'?"! ���'.��������� :,'For Sale by all-First Class-Grocers!  KELLY./DOUGLAS   &7 Co.. Wholesale Grocers, Vancouver, ?B?G  &��� ?; KoQiii:; toKtSie  Drinks,   2'7 for? a  Quarter  wr  Prices for the Season "1903  Rough, up to 8 irrclres, $35.  do        do     10      ,,        40.  do        do     12      ,,        45.  Matched Lumber, $45..  -.Surfacing, $5.00 per rooofeet.  ^tes^a  -ALASKA   ROUTE   SAILINGS���  Letter to the Editor.  Sir���In   your  issue of last.week  The following Sailings are announced, for the mouth of June,  leaving Skagway at 6 p.m., or on  arrival of the train :  Pjmncj'.ss May, June 6, 16 <S: 26  Amur ,,   2, 12 & 22  For  further information,  apply or  write to    I-I. B. Dunn, Agent,  Skagway, Alaska.  Commencing Mondav, April  20th, I will  cut prices on all my goods at  the. LELAND ' HOTEL.     7 I  have  a large stock ol" First Cass  Goods arrd intend to dispose of them at Cost. 7     This  is strictly a  .Closing Out. Sale. ': ���   Goods must be disposed '.of by.- July ist. 7  gj^~    Hotel Building for Sale--No Reasorrable OfferlReftrsed.     7 '?���"  '''.��� '-'"���-."   ., ? . '-'.7'.',' E;P..Queen.  Ev S. Wilkinson, P.L.S.. Wrn. Brown, C.E.  WILKINSO BROWN  Provincial  Land!   Surveyors:  &   Givil   Engineers.  Hydraulic   Mine  engineering .u   Specialty -���Oltice, Pearl   St., near Third  St,, Ati.in, li.C.  To Our Customers and the Public:  T7f7Iv take pleasure in announcing that we have removed to our new  Store building, corner of Pearl and First Streets. This Store is  pronounced lo be one of the best'equipped in the district. Our Stock  of Groceries and Provisions, Candies, Notions, etc, etc., is complete iii  every respect arrd our customers are assured the best grades of goods in  the market at the lowest possible price. We will carry a stock of Fresh  Fruits and Vegetables as soon aa navigation opens.  We beg to extend our grateful thanks to our patrons for past favors  and respectfully solicit a share of. your trade, and with honorable  dealing trust lo merit a continuance of it. 7  We are prepared to deliver orders ou the various creeks at reasonable rates.  �����.����. Plllmaio & Go.  -�����IT SJVU.K*..,...,  ���l  ^.'#>*~~^��..��-^.CTW��TO��WHafellSg^ll��^^  -���'���.'��� -'..v:',*';.-..?..,^.-,?..' ....:��..  - ���''i^i^.Ly.i^jgi^Jmmssoi^Sk


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