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The Atlin Claim 1900-06-23

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rtwtt flflrtntrtW* *#-».-
,   l*
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*• VV   , ■
.> -    ;j '. "<\ v/ ■v'^.rf^'i *.!*; ,,.-7*
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i     f -- ,-X.
i>  ->'*>  i   :i>    " =•   .'," *-  J '"J 'ij
f~ > „    H
*. "W
VOL. '3.'. "
ATLIN. B. C, SATURDAY, JUNE 23, 1900.,^
/*, -   :    <
' rN0. 6k
f. C. WIcFcely and Co* "•—-
v. Ju   .    ,*■'- » .!   if      DEALERS , IN, , , 1*   y
Paints,  Oils,   Varnishes, . ', .    !
Builders' Hardware,
Sash and Doors,
'    Tinware, Granitew'are, Crockery
A11 kinds of Tinsmith work'done.      * ' <■       -    -     .   .    .:•_<-"
, ,,   r   Corner of First and Pearl Street.
RlAGNFMmeS' COAL* " '-■■'■' •    • *' ■>•> • r ■: -,
'f   "fu
Dp you Want<-/
V/yij^gpocL\suit of clothes, a'hat   ,T'\'; ^Tv.!
or a pair of shoes, or anything'in ::  '
Dry goods or Groceries*
The largest stock,-best selection at reasonable prices at ' r
IRON STORE,   ,   -  ;
Editor Claim:
Sir,—In the last is-ue of" jou
paper appeared an anoi.ymou*
com niu 1 ication, re a certain resolution which was passed at_ the last
regular meeting of the Atlin District Board ef-Trade, in reply- to a
communication from the B.--C.
Boarfr of jTralle,? .Victoria, "Bj. G.,
with reference to certain allegations
re Stipendiary   Magistrate  Woods.
While I" think' the" Board of
Trade will probably .treat .the matter with lhe. silent contempt that
anonymous communications almost
ii variably -merit, I feel constrained
to notice it sufficiently, to correct
some* erroneous ideas that may
•therwise result from' its publication. In the first place, I wish to
say that .the vxriter took an unwarranted" libem jr publishing that,
or any' resolution 'of -the board
without -its Mincf.oii, for -whilethat
"bo<h " hfi.«. nothing (to* fear from
lhe publication of anyof its proceed-^
ings, which,"for'the''le»grb of^ time',
it has'bee'"1' in existence, will com-
i, are ia\oiably lor digrity of procedure arc! useful and .effective
work, vith those of like 'or other
organizations am where, yet it is
rot a»m1iii"cir*Hl-nor,el*?fcti\<- "bod\"
whose .,roceediiigs n*a> be cunsider-
'ed yifiblic-probert\ as?a matter of
coi.r<-e. Ag«i.n, while its functions
are to deal with all matter1* aiTeet-
ing^the .welfare of the-district, Ut
does 1 ot undertake to adjudicate in
purely perioral matters unless at
the request of-son e of its "members,' nor does it piesuni*.- to sit in
judgment on goveri meut officidls
V" bo.ixie lesponsible 10 government-.
a1 departmei'ts, U> v. hich they oy. e
their official ex;stence? 'and bcfoie
which all charges of malfeasance
should be preferred, unless, or until, their officiaji conduct becomes a
menace to the welfare of the community or district and said "de^,
partments" reglect or refuse to deal
with preferred charges.   ■ '. 1
In view of these-explanations,
Mr. Editor, I think you will agree
with me, ( that the board' acjled
wisely in refusing to consider the
case in.'question' until-it 'had' been
dealt' with an some form --by the
proper constitutional Authority, but
was quite within its rights in making "any" "statement of facts" as
to its cognizance of  "petitions"  or
"charges" and that'-without being
either "ludicrous"i,or.guilty of; in-,
justice to anybody.' ' }
Regretting the necessity, for 'auj-;
txpression of opinion on -such^tnat-i
ters, but "thanking you for tHe'^op--
portuhity of doing so'"in- the''columns of your valuable-paper/Lam,'
j, j Respectfully, yours, . ( ,s,, " ,*
.„ . -. J- A.; Fraser, \ ^" '";
" President of " tHe" A'tliii*" District
Board of Trade?* '•"' -"'*"" '•■ >^\
1 Atlin, June 22." •    l   i-     '-.7. ,.,
The citizens of Discovery;" with
the most praiseworthy 'unanimity,
Canadia >s ""and "Americans,""have
agreed to pool their^issues and hon~
or Dominion Day and the Glorious
Fourth of July in one 'monster celebration' on . Saturday, '30th June.
Hands have'been dipped into purses freely, both by John Canucks
and,Uncle Sam's boys, with the'result that the financial aspect,of,,the
case is strorig'Jndeed.' A whole day
of outdoor sports -. will be had,-.including _ horse-races, football,'footraces,  jumping, hammer-throwing,
etc.    'The little ones have not been
•  11, . it,
orgotten either, as ihere are several prizes set apart for their especial benefit.' The "piece de resistance" of the'day will probably be
the international tug-of-war, for
which si prize of $100 is offered. A
nice piece of ground isbeing cleared at the westei.d of the town and
the streets put in order. In, the
evening a grand.ball will finish , up
the'day's proceedings at .the Nugget Hotel hall, which' has been
handsomely decorated for'the occasion. ?,'
" Foley carries 'full lines 'of well-
chosen .groceries,, provisions,',, vegetables and everything.,.appertaining
to a first-class general store. Perishable article's renewed weekly,' so
that everything Ls' fresh. Prices' j ust
right.        "'     -   : -     -.,.„•-
,Mr. E.' W. Bickle returned from
Skagway on Wednesday. • He
brought along tert tons .of; freight,
priricjjS'ally fixtures and'fittings -for
the.«e\v Government buildings.
-.,;■-- i\''.'. -     :     ■      ,v  <".   :.-■■.:
r'    \        '"t       !'   *  "
;  London, June 14
ediVolksmith yesterday/
1 - -,
■^Buller euter-
The railway at Laing's Nek' 'is now in his
pof-sessiou, , Railwa}* tuuriel can be
repaired iii four'days." Free' Stat1
ers guarding \ an Reenan s Pass
'fled" to "join" Steyn's 8,'o'oor'Boers
iwho have.'i5 guns aud are'opposing
Buller.   ,      . ,'
' Gen. Ruiidlejiasnotified tlie" Free
Staters that..unless they.t surrender
by June ' 15th; all•>their "property
will be con'fiscated. '' ; <\ ,J ■ • '
•'--Premier'Sch rein er and colleague's
at Cape Colony h_ave resigned.'
j Kitchener and Methuen .engaged
the'Boers under De Witt at Modder,
June 12th, defeating him with
great slaughter,,- capturing^-, h'is. entire camp, ^cattci ing and 'capturing
his command. The British line ovf
communication*' restored/ -'"Kitche"-
per marching towards Kroonstadt.
The Canadians were', engaged in
the fighting the day(' previous to
papturing""'Pretoria. n - They, were
among, the ti oops that made a vic-
torious entry •
...1.1     ,s    ., ri ■     ^-;     t«. ,    ,j ; v/,_-, ,f
Lieut.-Governor   Mclnnes'.Has Re-
signed" and'rHis" Successor to be
' HewittiBqstockr'-*--. n-A '., .-•' ,
' Victoria,"'^June'  15.—The   Joi.g-
expected ending of the '• Provincial
political,-drama   took'- place* • last
night, ..when Joseph,iMartiu .placed
his .resignation   in    the hands  of
Lieut'-Governor Mclnnes.- Coupled
with^the resignation' was* the suggestion'that  the  Governor ' call  iu
Mr.   ' J. ' Dunsmuif.'  - The   latter
has accepted and is' now endeavoring to form a government?*   '
The .very  Litest 'rumors 'afloat,
and  believed ' to have good founda-
*"* - •' '■ ■•.
tion, say  that  Governor  Mclnnes
has  resigned and will be succeeded
by Hewitt Bostock", M.  P. '    ■       .
Engage Two Thousand "Boxers and
Fight Their Way Intb'Tekin.
I^ondon, June 14. — Troops of
eight nations, fought their way into
Pekin. Forty t British marines thousand Boxers, killing
30 and capturing several, when the
rest retreated.
C. D.' Newton Thinks the Board of
'   Trade Should Take  the  Matter
;. up-:	
Mr. C. D. Newton," the well-
■known enterprisiug' merchant of
Discovery, arris ed in on .Sunday
last from a business visit to Seattle,.
Victoria   and' Vancouver, 'in' the
,*    ,        ',        1    • *. recourse of a .conversation, Mr. New-
, , ., -»        -- , •
tonr said that the residents of'Atliu
apparently had little or no idea of
the .interest with which the .district
was "regarded, in", these' cities, by
'ca'pitalists-and intending investors,
by whom it is looked upon, 'as .by
farthe, best   f^eld,. now. -extant  for
quartz and   hydraulic    operations]
Many*of these   people will soon'put
in an appearance to judge for them- '
selves.    Amongst   the  first  to 'arrive will  be   Messrs'.   Skinner ' and .
Dunn, who already  have  interests
in   the  Caledonia   group? "and "are;
prepaied to add heavily "to their itf-*
vestments. - •   -    ..       .    .    x
Among other   good   ideas, " Mr? .
Newton thinksthe Board of.Trade,
'backed by the merchants financially,
should send out a  couple* of good ,.-
ii*.' - , *> "  ,  •
men to. the head of Atlin Lake," and'
from there prospect for a route for.aT
good road to the head dtf Big" Sal,-;
mon. _ He thinks this would prove
to be the shortest and "best way
into that district and secure, its
trade to Atlin. He also' suggests
that the Dominion Government be
asked,to .'keep   the  telegraph .'trail
,v , * 'If     '-'I'll      f      ,"
clear during the winter, to be used
' •.,   >. , "'  -* - -*•
as  a  mail   route  when the lake is
■ , *   <  •      r   1
impassable, and cites a case  where s*
he  mailed a letter in Atlin ,ori 12th.
•May which didn't reacli Vancouver
until 9th  of June,   whilst .another
one mailed at Skagway ou the 24th
.May, was deliveied  in   Vancouver
on,the 29th of the same month.
Mr.    Newton] 'on   his"   return,
brought in with .him Mrs. Stubbls-
field'sonly son, a bright; handsome
and'healthy, boy,-of ,nine, who will
enliven that good  lady's  mansion.
.Our American friends, with their
.accustomed liberality, - are determined to have a good time, on .the
National holiday,.;and^ with that
end in view have subscribed- about
six hundred-dollars.""*" "An excellent
programme of "sports is promised,
with' very substantial' prizes. ' The
officers appointed "to see the sports
through are-well selected and up to
their business? and there 'is every
reason to feel confident that the
4th of July, 1900] w;ill be "a'red-letter day iu Atlin. '   '-'
The  following  is aa ' abstract/of
the business transacted  *rbni  Aug.
189S to May 31st. 1900:   '
P!ncor "(ecord* .Uaued  .'. 11.HT
Leave of absence crnnte.l  I.OM
Ksprenontlnif (claim*) '■■ ■ LMl
Placer bill* ot sale, arreemoutii, etc. .—. i.lll
Aliandoiinrieiita of placer claim* recorded  :- - »-. ;. - •      «■
Groui)lnu« of placer claims recorded-..   ■ 101
Re-locatious of pluoer elulnw recorded.  , 180
Mineral clalm-i recorded.....'.  ' •"$"
Atiiessmerit work recorded on  l->"
CortlAcatew of Improvement imped-..   .       1)
Mineral bills of tale recorded '—•'' 11»
Abundonmeut of mineral oldlnw record- '
*A               1
Bo-lof-atlon« ot mineral uMlins recorded *     (1
Free mlnero' certlHontoii Itsued.
Ilyilraullo lease* applied for	
Traiufors of Hydraulic leniiei recoided
Water rooords U«ued '.   '..
Bed-rock flumes applied for     —    .-
Dredfrlos: leases applied for  .....'..
Options  to purchase hydraulic lease)
recorded- . >'W
"?Tbe 'Grecian bend is again coming'into fashion, and a c»nsignment
of-excelsior, which arrived "this
week, found ready sale. There is
quite'a"slump iti shavi:igsJsince the
excelsior appeared.
•Wh /""j"v"?i"^M™!='
J2ES!^'^fRWf*n; ATLIN,   B.   C,   SATURDAY, JUNE   23,  The   Atlin  Claim?  Published^ ever^  Saturday   morning   by  The AtLxk CLAiM*"P"bBLisHiNG Co.  Oflice of publication:  Second, between Tralndr and Pearl Streets.  Advertising rates runde kuown'on upplicu-  tion.'ij.       ,.       "        .        ,,���  _       , *-.   (-  Th�� subscription price la $4 a yenr parable in uiivitnco. No paper xvill be delivered  uulr-sH these conditions nrn complied xvitb.  At the -polls on the 9th instaiit,  the- electors ,of .British .Columbia  showed unmistakeably that whatever they did want, they, most assuredly did 'not want the Hon.  Joseph, Martin. This' gentleman  has been a most disturbing, factor  iu British "Columbia politics ever  siuce he put his foot" in, them. He  has now assuredly put both feet in,  and hoofs, hide, horns,'tail and all.  Let us mercifully hope, iu the interests of peace .and concord, that  the. waters^'"'of "oblivion will close  ' dyer His much maligned head, and  that he,has sank   to, rise  no more.  ���If such lie the "devoutly -to-be-wish -  i-   ..... ',,...'].",'   ..*-,,���    -   ��� ;   ���  ed-ror consummation, then peace to  his political" ashes, but we' would  advise.'the "piittiug over the irrepressible    Joseph    a   pretty   heavy  tombstone to ensure him against re-  '.j.'' ���    . '   -        -'        --    ��� . -  surrection.  ' Iii spile of all his faults there is a  jyonderful personality about the  man which'one cannot' but appreciate'"and'we wish him all "succe'ss  in private*, life. !A's' Premier he  is to the" electors a persona non  grata, his actions being modelled  very much on" the lines laid down  by Southe3^, as applied to a certain  ���" 'i*  j    r ��� 1 ��� (  sulphurous gentleman we all do not  wish to make a close acquaintance  with:  "He'd a sting in his tail iw Ion*? ns a Wail  "Which uiudeliini grow holder uud boldor.'  1 Now the sting'extracted?  the boldness" will, be of little avail, and he will sink to his  true level, which will be a good  thing for him, as well as:us all J and  the Jot Martin bogey' will be a  thing of the past.  Gone to   join *Oomf Paul.'    No  mourners.  7 . We are pleased to notic��  in   our  midst quite a   few  capitalists'   and  their ..representatives,   seeking  for  th* .profitable .employment  of capital, in  developing our mineral  resources.     This is as it ought to be,  and we trust   that   every   facility  will be extended them   for   investigation.      The  camp  is   now  at   a  most  critical   stage of its existence,  aitd;   if outside influences  can   He  brought to  .bear,   then   all   is   well  with our future.    Que of the greatest drawbacks a new -mining  camp  has to endure, is  laid on   it by  its  foolish   well-wishers.    We in Atlin  are suffering   now  from  the same  people.     Scarcely-a paper comes in  from the outside but contains interviews    with   travelling  representatives    from    this    camp, ��� who  invariably  "paint  the lily, and  gild  refined gold."    . They mean well in  . their silly way, but they   raise  anticipations so high, that   when   the  reality, however good,   presents  itself    to  the   would-be  investor,   a  sense  of   bitter  disappointment  is  the sure result, and the'visitors feel  that . to. a certain extent an attempt  has been made  to   "bunco"  them.  If our. mineral resources are  good  enough,to'attract capital,  let  them  stand on their merits;  if they are  not good enough to' attract capital,  let them fall by their demerits, and  we can pick up our goods and chattels and "migrate somewhere else.,  Let us be manly and honest abont  those things, tell the truth', the  whole truth, and nothing but the  truth., It will pay. We believe  the camp has a big future before it,  but that it' will take considerable  time Jo reach an advanced stage:  We believe it is a good place to tie  up  to, , and   rise  with   it.   /If "**r'nv  L    ' "���" * *      -i"        l      k       "  reader thinks otherwise, he has the  privilege of leaving it, but, in the  name of decency, dp not.let" any of  us  Atlinites, when outside the palt  1.1   - -   ,       >     r  (  of the camp,. go romancing and  dealing,out Arabian,Nights' yarns  about it. . Lies, likecrows, always  come home to roost, but that is a  God's,..truth which it js harjd "to  knock into what does duty with  some people for brains..  1 "the highland' hrigade.  '   '   '   -. -''Tune: "Bonriln Dundee."    ,  i  On the heights  beyond Modder the . Laager  fires elance;      ' . ,-        ,  Tho dawn ni .inst breaking," the word  xra**  "Adva��cp!.      ���    ,   "       ,, ���',  Go, harry the  Boers from their mountain  stockade, ���       >    , (  Go forward in silence.the Highland Brigade."  In   close ..fjunrter-coliimri   the Highlanders  start���      ���"���-'���--���        '       '       " '1'  .  Their'loader, brave ,Wauchope, beloved of  each heart��� ,     -. ,  Tp silpnpp they made o'er the b'onlder-strewn  plain;     '��� * .' , ....   .  Their duty they've done, and they'll do it,  again.  T'.py feared not the bullots, they shranli; not  from shell; .....  Though,   shattered    and,   wonnded,    their  ofTicprs fell.. '-' ���   ' '  The retreat it was sounded,' but, sounded, in  viiin,    ,   (r.    ,   ,  ,:   ,,,.  Kor led" by a sergeant^ they charged home  once ogain.:';;.' "rt,, ,  V"wf*-��� " . .���,'?:���'',  Go, sound , the" * sad,"pibroch o'er hill mid  through glen'.'-% \). \      <f. ~,' \ "  Go, snecor the children, the wives of these  ���  men.'   - .*=    ",,''���        >. --";���.-,������,   ���>  But forget not, forget not, though tears fall  like rain'       * -  That the Highlanders rallied again and again.  The mountains of  Scotluud  are .glistening  with snow.  Thro' fairy-like woodlands dejected I go,  In fancy still seeing that sun-bitten plain, -  Where my  darling sleeps soundly  released  from his pain.       "! ���" C. M. K. M.  AA^vAVii*^,*s/'.A^^/v^^Ni>>AA^-"i^-��i<V-t/sv'^  C. CHRISTOPHER,  ���*?'* *;"" ������'" "-'President*  *-VW-"v**VVWVVVV*(^^  A. C. HIRSCHFELD,    ?  t-r-'w-JT  -rrji- Secretan1  *vr-c'-  Atlin Abstract Combciny,  LIMITED*   ��� ."..- ���AD 0l;FIC7t:. Atlin, B. C.  < Searches;Made and Abstracts of Title to Mineral, Hydraulic  and Placer Claims Furnished. ..Correspondence solicited.        '',  " -. 4. * *...<s.r*,/vVy*>V--y*-.-VvA^  THE G&AMD  HOTEL  FINEST EQUIPPED HOM^Yn^THE'NORTH.^'E^URA-lt-H:]NG'  ["'. ''���' ' '** C^ONDUCTED-'-IN ' FI R-ST-CLASS  .VI ANN Eli.  _ ,:.    _    7French Restaurant in Connection  Rick &.' Hastie, Proprietors;    David.,HASTiE,,f  "   -    "."���     hrr    ���-;���; ��� , ) �� '  Corner of First and Discovery Streets   Managicr.  day aiid night. Nature will in time  accommodate itself. '.'Lancashire  Fusiliers, sir," says another. "We  lost 470 men out 'of/900; o'nlj : five  officers out ol" twenty left, and a  captain in command. Yes, the In-  niskillings lost more than us." ' A  baud-outside strikes lip1'.'Soldiers of-  the Queen,"and those who can  move hobble out of the tents and'  the others brighten and sit ' up ' in  bed.    Poor*sbldiers of;the Queen!  WITH THE WOUNDED.,  Dr. Conan Doyle,, in   a. letter  to  the Daily News from   Cape  Town;  says:  Tommy is. a great  man.    I  went   to   Wynberg yesterday  and  saw him in various stages of mutilation and torture, and I take my hat  off to him.    Heroic, he is , in  his  unostentatious patience and   persistent sense of humor.    One poor fellow, shot through both optic nerve's  ���some hope of saving the left eye  ���was placid and quiet. . "The bullet  that went*  through    me,   sir,   hit  Gen.   , Knox , afterwards,"     says  another    proudly.     l'Yes,   sir,   my  corps did very well at Paardeberg,"'  said a broken,Canadian.    Another  man has a bullet through his brain,  and they shave off the brain 'as it  protrudes.  ,He will recover all right.  He can only ..move one, side of his  face, but he laughed gleefully   with  that side when I mentioned  Hector  M acDonald,   he being a Highlander.  Another. Highlander   was   wounded        at,     Magersfoutein, and  had just come back wounded at Paardeberg.    The coincidence seemed to  amuse him. "Yes. sir, the bullets is'  all-over you.    If once you begin to  mind them iiraction you  might as  well not be there at?aU.'" '^The bone  is healing,., sir.    I can   hardly  hold  myself, I feel so pleased about it."  One poor fellow  was crying,  his  sciatic nerve had been ploughed up  by a bullet, and hie had neuralgia  - New ��� Westminster, June 10.���  After the evening ��� service at .Holy  Tiinity Cathedral, on Friday evening,   Mrs.   E. M.'N.   W.oods -was  presented with a . purse  filled, with  .", -    -    -,  -i      ��� -r , ���     -      _.,..-,  gold pieces,on the eve of her,departure for Atlin to join her husband,  vvho is Stipendiary Magistrate for  that section of' the country. The  presentation was made by the   Rec-  tor, Riev. A. Shildrick, who referred  ���        ..-     1  in graceful  terms - to the, long   and  faithful services.of Mrs. _ .Woods  as  organist, ra*:d-ia   connection   with  church    work    generally.   ���News  Advertiser. June, .10th.      ' *'  CanadianvBank-,. .r^  ...of Commerce  -���"' '    '     :     ' ' J 7      I '"' "  Corner Second and Pearl Streets.  Gold'Assayed,'"  PURCHASKD    OR   TaKKN   ON  Consignment.   - -  Exchange sold on all the' princi  pal.points in.Europe, .the..United  States and Canada,^.  ASSAY OFFICE --      ...  IN CONNECT!OX-!        *    "'":-"  -       '    jFORGOLD DUST ONLY.  T.  R. BILLETT, Manager...  NOTICE.  NOTICE is hereby ^lven that the British  Yukon Mining, Trading 'mid Traii-sportution  Company have iu compliance with Chapter  92, Sec. 5, Revised Statutes of Canada, made  application to the Minister of Public Works'  of Cauuda, Ottawa, for permission to construct u.wharf or steamer landing along the  westerly or left bank of the Lewis,- or Kitty  Mile River, about: one mile below White  Horse Rapids, Vukon Territory. The snid  steamer lauding to begin at a point on tho  river on line with the southerly lino of,  Main street, of the townsite of ��� "Whit,*  Horse" at-Tplutted aud approved, and thence  ruuniug northerly along the river bank for  a distance of 'one thousand feet, aud the  said company have also deposited with the  Minister of Public Works at Ottaxxa, the  maps or plans showiug the said "Works or  structures.  E.C.HAWKINS,  > Chief Eiiuiueer.  Dated Beuuett, B. C June 7th, 1900.  1st pub. June 16.  Laht July 7.  NOTICE.  BROWNLEE .&JJWRY  - J. H. Broxvnlee, P. 1. S., D.'u'.S. .  - R. C. Lowr>, A. M. i. r. r.  ' "   ' '       ���'?','  Civil and Hydraulic Engineers,  Land Surveyors.1" " '  Peari  Street, Atlin. B. C-  Atlin Lake Lumber Co.  .    -" x ' 1 ,     '  , (Limited.)  i      , 5  KOUGH   and  DI'ESSED  LUMBER  OF   -: -  ALL  KINDS.  Capt. Westcott, A*ai.ager.  Rani & Jones,  NOTARIES,  MINING BROKERS  AND  REAL LKTATE AGENTS  NOTICE is hereby given that tho British  Yukon Minlug, Trading and Transportation  Company, have, iu 'compliance xx ith Chapter  9*", Sec. 5, Keviied Statutes of Canada, made  application to the Minister of Public  Works at Ottawa for permibsion to build,  erect and maintain the following-described  works or structures,- namely: One draxv-  spau bridge, for use of the railway now being constructed by the a'-ive-iuinied company, said bridge to'be located across the  stream at outlet of Lake Bennett, known as  Upper Caribou Croiiulng. Yukon. Territory.  And the .suid company have also deposited  with t,ho Minister of Public Works at Ottawa the mapk or -plans 'showing' the said  -works and structures. - -7   77 ���   ,'  7 7--v:-;?,7, 7f?;:K.'C^HAWKINS.7 ? '?';  '' ",' ���-*'���'-'': ���-:-'.-���* -.       Chief Engineer.  Bated Bennett.B.C.,June 7th.l900.    -  First oub. Joue 16.  ...  Last .Tilly 1. ��� ���....���..:....-,.-.  Agents   for the Im, erial Life Assi.  ranee Co.  BOLD BOUGHT.  BuisliiniiiK xxiih .vlouday, uiifl fur the  next  lili ilu.xs, I xx-ill pay  $15*7,5  an ox*   for gold dust  AT THK  GOLD   HOUdlJ, UIHUOVKHY.  .7. LKTHHROALK.  DUcovery, May 16, 10.11.  SECOND HAND STORE.  ������ DISCOVERY AND SECOND STREETS.  y-yyyrk ?.i'Go'vf�� .:;���. y''y.  Jimmy Regan for all kinds of, New  and teeond Hand Goods. 7  Highest cash price paid for outfits nnd job  loli.   ���������'-���-.���"'���'-���  c i������  o��i.-.: '��� ,  I !  -���i      ' ;,<  rf  }\  1  i  1  f  IV  I  ��� "i  &.  , r  '*r  SATURDAY' JUN-^-23, J900.  il ni  it^^VvWii.'��*^SiVV>AVs*<***��i>**L*��^**^i��'^*i*,^V>A  miMlW  Vs>^Vs*i^i<*ts*i<****i*��*s*^^i**��i*s*^��V^^>*iVV**A*A*rV  ,     PINE?CR"EEK'.'/ "  -High'' water during the* week"has  been    keeping   all   hands   on   the  creek    claims    busy   in   protecting  their dams,   wheels  and .other  appurtenance.; of the nii..ihg business?  ;   The damage done this year will be  little in comparison   with ��� last .season, as all hands .piofited   by , their  experience and were   more'"'or* less  prepared.      The   creek   reached  a  fully   higher level than last freshet,  but all danger is now past,   as sub:  -sidence has commenced.  The.benches arc   yielding   up   to  former returns  and   constitute  the  liulk of the'product at-present.  -.Lambert,and Jackson were doing  particularly well before high water,  man}--nuggets   running , in   value  from   $15 to $40,' having-been, picked ' up.    Week    before    last  they  found  one of $108, solid gold without quartz: "^   -i  - ' ��� < -.   j*. -     >  ^The^Atiin   'and " Willow   Creek-  Mining  Company have been ordered by   the . Commissioner  to ( cease  , dumping tailings into   Pine  Creek,"  also to remove "what they  have  already placed'there. ' ''This   will  en-  fail much' labor  and   a  heavy ex-  pense,. but it- is the only just course  left open, it s'eetriVto us. *  . > .Work   along .Willow ,is ,in   full  swing, but,' so far, with no startling  results.    An air of.,general contentment seems to pervade the  toilers,  and whilst no one seems  to  expect  a fortune,   all   seem  satisfied that  they will get; fairly   well  rewarded'  :fbr ttfein efforts. - * ,'"   ' ~ v ":'  .    McKEE   CREEK.    '       ; !  Things in this  camp  are livelier  .-than ever before and the  prospects'  for the season are  decidedly ' good.  The crop "of, nuggets shows up well  and'the boys there hope to produce  the    record-breaker    before" winter  comes around.               - r  .,, The veteran McKee has completed  a ��� wagon   road . from  the  boat  landing to his house���a distance of  three miles.   He has also opened an  up-to-date   boarding   house   ui.der  the, superintendence of Mrs.   Hill  "arid her ^charming daughter,   and is  ready to accommodate' visitors with  the   best   of   meals  and   sleeping  quarters   at ��� a . nominal   expense.  Those who have already patronized  Mac's- establishment  are  loud  in  their praises of the cooking and - of  ��� the way in which the place   is  run  generally.*  Claims 1, 2 and 3 above, Tom  Marks and  party.      Results   more  ��� than satisfactory.  4 and 5, "Wiggins aud party.  Taking out very good pay.  6, 7 and 8. A party of Slavo-  . ians -whose names we did not  learn, are washing along and getting enough to keep a happy look  on their faces.  20 a d'21.���Partridge & Adams.  Opening up.  22. ��� Donnelly and Scarlett.  Working along steadily and aver-  aging quite f n ounce a day to the  hand.  28 and 29.���Ronayne Bros. Report doing well and no kick coming.  Gardiner and ' Son report 'that  they are glad ,th<_y   moved   to   Mc  Kee    ^rs^ek    -jtiid   admit   ibey   are-  making   considerably'1-more -"-'tKaii  'wages?  "���" **"-"r"."-" ""  31   - to  35. ���.Winnem.ucca"7Co. ���^  Rant,-,Jones;   Ginaca and ,'Mourot"  Have five   men   at  work   and just  cleaned up 81 ozs.   for   two   weeks'  sluicing.    Ground   improving   and  prospects    Ai.      We" were  shown  *   ������ '"-,"'      < -' - -"��� 1  three    .nuggets   , from'   the-  claim"  weighing' 8,   5' and*' 3 ounces  respectively.  WRIGHT CREEK. -  . ..  ��� . A.,gopd wagon road,, three miles  iri'length,   connecting .the Pendug-  wig   H\draulic mine with Surprise,  has i ust been finished.  The Pendugwig works'- are1 ��� in'" a  forward  state,-, and > water   would  have been "on before-this,   only   for  the  delay  in* getting  in   the pipe.  This is   now  beginning, ��� to ��� arrive,  however,   aiid  is "being hurried to  l he.front by Mr.   Christopher.,The  mine and .works were inspected .011  .Monday by Mr. E.'.C.   Hawkins .of  che Y.*& W.   P.   Railway,*- who .is  one of the largest shareholders.    A  handsome   showing is  confidently,  expected, from   this ��� property once  the'water is-put on."- ,< ,.  f.;.., ��... ...  ' -r *-.'' - BOULDER: ,-'.-- .* ^, .  ' High '1 water has completely  knocked outr the creek claims -. for  the present, but all hands have* set  in to grourid"sluicing"and are utilizing the surplus water iii a way?that  goes 'far ��� to turning, -a . misfortune  into a blessing. "'    :,-.'        .*-. v.-;.;,  The*"Janne-de LamareComfany  haveffinished preliminaries and .'will  soon -get'down-toi work' putting  their'plant in order. ��� ^ -        .."i.^;?  iSmerica "gorporation, �����&  ATLIN,   E*   O.  *-){ , LARGEST. AND, BEST STOCK "OF GENERAL  ] J -,.' iVIERCHAJSfpiSE NORTH OF VANCOUVER; ' .'  j J -���"','   vSee 'our, greatly, reduced prices on,all our winter stock.  <t. See our prices on groceries./' ,   -V- Ladies' -goods.a.'specialty.  !!,>..    -,,   , ., Pine 'City branch now, open,  i\U   A.''H. STR'ACEY   ; v' .' . ARCHIE W. SHIELS,      <|  j| ' "', Atlin -Manager.  >;   '   - ��� Agent Atlin City.   J  !-*f-''f1'*)y*il'*-*rs*g-*-^^  new management.,'',' ,,  ��� .The  acquirement, of the   above  properties by the parties mentioned,  means thai  the .Canadian   Develop-  " ���   .'. ?j   .     ,' _-      .0  .  , *  ment Co. ; and the John Irving  Navigation , Co. have practically  passed into the control of the W. P.  Y.t R.   R., '  thereby * -forming   the  strongest and most extensive transportation'alliance 'iir-the' north. '  <' Having a fiver"division -betweei."  White Horse and Dawson',' 'the rail-  /     * *      * - ��� 1  road has extended'its o'perative ��� department to  Dav son, 'arid'will  no  doubt consider the Atlin" properties  *   j.  . ,'    i-       . (r    *  'a similar division?1 The raihoad  now has some "eight or ten' steamers  run'ning'in connectidi. with' its Atlin"  and'Dawsou routes/"andl:there. are'  *'"' *   1  - *i'    v.".-- -''    'i1   *.'   ". -  several other'lake ' and   river 'cotn-  l      .   ' f    ���      ���' ,    .5 ,���  -    .',"..,'    - r   " , '  paines connecting with the road."  "  ��� *-*'     '-'J ,. '*i)*iiij   "i"' f'r.r /-.' " -.. 1  NOTICE.  Sixty days from ditto I intend to sell* to  Kred.-Cook-my.log house, 18x.TO,_ situate nt  Spruce Junction. Any parties having claims  aguinst suid building- will submit same to J".  H. Rose, Atlin, xvithiu Unit'time, elsa they  xx ill not be recognized.' * ���   '     -   ���  '   _ , M. MACK AY.    ,  Atlin,,-n'c, April SOth. ,    juSO  G. E. Havkh.  . J. G. COKSKLI,.   t>.  Klmit ftotel  Discovery.  ''THE    BIG'r-DEAL.  .  Bennett"-Sun!    '���  ''��� '  . -   t .. ���    *-, ���'"        *'  The ,steamers,. the  ass'ests,  the  wharf interests at Athr. and Taku  tramwa}*", owned and operated heretofore   under the   management' of*  * * ,        .    -        Ti  the John Irving _Navigation company, limited, have been purchased  by a company composed of R. T.  Elliott, manager of the Cauadiau  Development Co.; . E..C. .Hawkins,  general manager, John Hislop,  assistant, chief engineer and P.  Rogers, superintendent of W. P.  &Y.-Route. ,'.. ,    ;'"/'.'.  Mr. Elliott assumed management  of the properties on the   14th   inst.,  in addition to the general  management .of the affairs of the Canadian  Development company.    The   new  managment  announces  that   steps  ���vill at once be-taken   to  improve  the services on the .routes formerly  covered by the John Irving company,  complete the  Taku  tramway,   and  give to Atlin City a service equal in  every way to that  now  maintained  by the Canadian Development Co. '  The new steamer which the John  Irving ���  Navigation   company   has  been building at Bennett aud which  is now nearing completion, was not  includedin the-transfer above mentioned, but was  purchased'- by   tbe  Canadian    Development    company  about'a week previously,   and   will  be operated by that company under  the" name of the Zalaudian.      ���   ;  ���No schedule has yet been given  out as to the service of the boats  on the Atlin run. P. F. Scharschmidt, the local agent of the  John-' Irving Navigation, company,  still retains his position -under   the  -!->.:���-"  Grand  Celebration  OPEN*''DAY- ANDA'NIGHT.  FIRST-CLASS' RESTAURANT  --���'���-'    * 1, -  ',     <>- IN   '     .     .  , "'' "^CONNECTION:-l    *'  Headquarters for Bulmer & Parrott's stage.  PINE TREE HOTEL,  " *    * . 1    :  '   -"DISCOVERY,-B. C. - .,  t '  When you" come to' Discovery take  *    "shelter under- the tree.   ,- ,.-, ���  Finest of liquors.    Good  stabling'  M-M  ���     IN. ATLIN, B.C.   .  !:���'   ,-. ... ,,  Large Purses,-     - , i,.-*,,  t�� i Good Sport-,   ,    ,  '.A Roval Time for All.  GOLD      7..  HOUSE  ;   /. ; DISCOVERY,'B.C.  , 'LETHERDALE.& BURTON,  . ,,, '      PROPRIETORS. '   '  Our large'aiid commodious dining room is  ���ion open. We have lots of fresh vegetable*  in our cellar, ,which makes it easy to give a  iirst-class meal. Our bedrooms are all neatly furnished. We need no elevator xvith our  good liquors and cigars. Stabling for 10  horses. Telephone and Telegraph messages  prompt!} attended to. Rates, single meals.  Rooms,  75c.  $10.  50 und 75c.   Board by the xx-eek  Six hundred dollars in prizes.  Grand Ball in the evening.  PIONEER  STORE . .'.  .',',.',.: PINE CITY, B. C,  * Carries ,a full - line , of Groceries,  Hardware, Gent's Furnishings and  Boots and Shoes. -,  C D. NEWTON & CO.  ��� ��� Proprietors.  For high-class laundry work'try  The New Public Laundry,  DISCOVERY" ST.  (In the old premises of-the Bank of  .,   Halifax.)  ,   Goods called for and delivered.  M. MACKAY.  Prop.  ? When in Atlin stop  . '. "at the . .  OLYMPIC., HOTEL  First .Street.  Hkadquartkrs  for  Lemp's St.  Louis Lagkr Beer.  First class Restaurant iu connection.  A.  BURKE.  Manager.  K'  Run the only stage to .  DISCOVERY and SURPRISE LAKE  , A four-horse Saratoga' will  convey' passengers'to Discovery, and frdm-there connection is made with Surprise Lake.  They Have a Number of Buggies  of the Latest Pattern for Hire.  Saddle Horses and Freighting are a  Specialty with them.  Leave  orders   at   the    B.    A.   C.  S,tore,vcorner ist and Rant.  IRKLAND HOTEL, "  first street, atlin.  J. KIRKLAND, - Manager.  First-class dining room  And Elegant Sleeping Rooms. ���  O.K.  BATHS   '  BARBER SHOP  LINK A PRATT, Props.  Now occupy their new  uuurturo uext  to the Bank of K. N. A., First Street.  The bath rooms are equally as good nt, found  in cities.   Private entrance for ladlei.  JULES EGGERT & SON,  Swiss  Watchmakers,  And  inuiiufitetiiriug jewellr.r-4.  All kinds of nugget work executed xxlth  neutiics*-. nnd despau-li.  First st.  next  to-Vuneouver Gonoral tftur*.  un*4*t0*ma  ^  i  ^TW^kI^IMT  ra��^^J?Ht��i!''c~7aBw*^  mMMMMMS^MMSSSSIiMSS^^mmM. "_.0 XJ3JM1 *V,  -."^^Jtta^^itojwijx^AtM^i^^u^^i^^ u Wh���  ~'**t**TJ''*"r7L?t^~f���^T1*ttXn6.-*J'*p}z*��  ^~  ATLIN,   B.. C:.   &&'{*<; J&DA ST, .JtWfi r -2$.  ''������"���'us'V.~VV'--   - %- ,���?,  ��� r##f CLAIM"' i Agency in  Discovery is" at Taylor's  Store*  PICKED UP HERE AND THERE.  Church of England services will be held  'at oonier Trainor, and Third streets on Sunday at 11 a. m. and 7:80 p. m.  Until futher notice there will be no regular morning service at the Presbyterian  Church. The Sunday. School xxill meet at  10 a. m. Bible -olass- taught by Rev.  ' George Pringle. i Evening service at, 7:80, as  usual.  One of the best articles for good health is  a wholesome loaf of bread ut 12 cents, nnd a  -first-class meal for 50 omits at the Pioneer  Bakery.     '       -����� *      "  ' To Let���Four Oarge rooms, suitable tor ''offices, over Cummings &  Richardson's store, First street.'  Go to Cummings & Richardson's  for gents' furnishings, boots and  shoes, First street.  Go to, Foley's for men's.,ready  made clothing, hats, caps, hosiery,  neckties and.shi rts, in great profusion at lowest living prices.  Mr. H. ,Bratnober, a well-known  mining.,, man and , representing  . the Rothschilds, is in-town. He  will make a tour "of- the district in  the "interest of his principals and it  is hoped.- the . impression -,he forms  will be a favorable one, as it means  much for: the* camp'.s ��� future welfare.-' , '. - : , ��� i :, , ��� ���  . - J.'H. Falconer has sold out, his  /bench,'claim and fraction 26. below  on Pine, to Garrettson Abbot and  Sutherland. T,     ,  .  Messrs. Baker & Tennant  have  a -force of men  employed ' building  scows.    The scows are 44 feet overall by 12 feet beam, and will be em:  .ployed in the lumber trade between  ���Bennett and the thriving,new town  of White  Horse.1,   One  scow  was  -launched on Monday  and  another  -is near completion.  A reading  and-recreation' room  for Atlin is now pretty   well   assured.. The Rev. Mr5.Stephenson has  taken' the matter  in  hand,   and is  ' meeting with gratifying  success  iu  ��� enrolling  members.    This  institu-  - tiori is much needed, add will  offer.  a   resort   where - our  citizens can  1  while .away a,.leisure hour with  literature, checkers or chess, and  being open at all hours will make a.  good rendezvous. Membership  dues will not exceed a dollar per  -month.  Monday last. 18th June, was than niversar'y of the battle of Waterloo.  The excursion to the south end  of the lake on Sunday last was  fairly patronized, about 70 taking  advantage of it. A charming day  was spent steaming amongst the  . islands, .and . the scenery was, a  complete revelation to the tourists.  Home was reached at 7 o'clock, all  agreeing that they had passed one  of^. the pleasantest days of their  lives. ' Arrangements were excellent, and not an incident occurred to  mar the perfect pleasure experienced.  by all.  H. G. Dickson, D. L. s!, left for  White Horse this week, where he  will locate for the future, and carry on operations in that promising  camp. - Mr. Dickson has been connected with the firm of Brownlee &  Lowry since its inception here last  year,* and has done considerable  work for the White Pass R.R. as  well.    His knowledge  of this  sec  tion will stand, him  in .good.stead  while  atv W.Hite, Horse,' as  clients  will'have every 'opportunity- of se  cm ing prompt and reliable information from this gentleman.' '  The latest, in  serge  and Scotch  tweed suits at Blackett & Co.',.  ' Late arrivals'from -Bennett report  it as being rapidly depopulated. The  running through of the railway 'to  "���Vhite Horse, has' killed the only  reason for its existence.  ' A new'Iine,df Fedora arid cowboy hats at Blackett & Co.    "    '  The White Pass and fYukon' railway are engaging men to work' at  Taku Portagt to finish the tramway. A, strong staff of carpenters  have been secured .to. repair wharf,  erect frame buildings, etc. , , ,  ' .Arrivals .at the,,Grand: F.' A.  Wise,-Discovery; H. ��� W. Bliinck,  Juuction; E..-C. Hawkins, Skagway; H. Bratnober. F. M. Evans,  San Francisco; Newton Spicer, Vk;  toria; S. F. McCawley, Alhambra,  Cal.;,-J. ��� D. Falconer, Bill Jones,  Bennett; E. B. Wrong, Mr! .Cook^"  Mrs. McNeil,, Pine. City;'. C.. L\  Garfield and Mrs. .Garfield, Seattle;  S. H. Griffith, Skagway; Mr. and  Mrs. Pcarce and child, London,  Eng.  Mr. J. St. Clair .Blackett's general store is now a thing of beauty  indeed, having been lately repainted in chaste and tasteful tones.,  without any ^of r,th*'at-s'tawldry and  garish effect, which is-so  often   the  result of the:'efforts of an inartistic  *���.���(, '  brush-handler. *"'   Mi. '.Blackett,   as  well as Mr. Syd." 'Aitkeu���v ho ��� er-  formfed" the'.work, are to, be congratulated." Inside, ��� the ' large- and  choice "stock, for which"Mr.'Blackett is famous,-" is displayed with ,a  neatnesjf" and" cleanliness which  lends an appetizing gusto to? the  multifarious eatables and.potables  so temptingly displayed to the  many customers" of-this- up-to-date  store.  ��� James Russell'arrived in last Sunday from Glenora, whither he went  to perfect arrangements looking to  the removal of the brewery plant to  Atlin. Jim couldn't sell beer to the  Stickine trailers at the other end, so  he ' has decided to capture the boys  at this one with "bit" beer and a  sandwich as, a chaser. The old  postoffice building will be used as a  distributing "centre" for the thirsty,-  while the brewery proper will be  erected shortly at-the; rear of the  former government-building.  Now open at Foley's, a full line  and splendid assortment of dry  goods and ladies' wear. - Latest  styles; also .ladies' boot and shoes  specially selected.  ��� Mr. E. ��� C. Hawkins,, General  Manager .of the Yukon & 'White  Pass railway arrived in company  with Mr. Christopher,.on Monday.  Mr. Hawl-.i. s is deeply interested in  our hydraulic ventures and paid  visits to Pine, Wright and Boulder  creeks. 'He reports himself as being most hopefully, impressed with  the outlook and thinks more of his  investments than ever. Mr." Havv-  kins left again on Thursday"~*f6 "resume his official duties on the railway. ' '"' '���"���     ' k}  C. W. p'. Clifford,jM:?P. P., left  for Victoria' on Thursday to be: .prer  sent at the opening-of. the;. Hbuse,  July 6th. '    -      ? ..''';'���   7-7. :'.''"������������ 77  s."    *     ">     ���*       y   r'    ">  1     >     >"    *?    '       'A ut      r  SUCCESSORS, TO  ��.  Godfrey hardware ���p*  .-*."' r SUC  THOS. DUNN, ft CO.  1 r - * -"  \       .DEALERS IN ' '  * *���-���  Miners9 Supplies,,  Builders' Hardware,   ��  Stoves, Tinware, Etc.  , '' tinshop in connection. ' FIRST STREET, ATLIN,  P. BURNS .e. CO.,  Wholesale   -   and  Retail   -Butchers.  Conner   First   and   Pearl   Streets.  '    ALL WIND., -  " We promised otir readers in our  last that we would let them know  the results'of our correspondent's  trip to the alleged * new placsr discovery at the soutli end of the lake.  These results, we are sorry to state,.  are nil.' A'whole week was -spent  in ��� exploring the subuosed- rich  creek aiid'its tributaries, b.rt beyond  some old prospecting holes .of'last  season, "nothing else-was to b: nut  with."' Fine colors could be had on  every bench tried, but nothing  worth staking.  FOOTBALL -CLUB- FORMED,'  The - devotees'. of the good-old  game met in force cm. .Monday evci"  ing and organixed themselVes-into a  club under the''u.ine of the." Alliu'  Association* Football club. Twe-ity  members signed the roll 'at-,-, the  meeting and elected officers as'-fol-  lows: President, J. H.Gillardj'vice-  president, W. A.'Spenser, secretary-  treasurer, W. P. Grant; captain, J.  H.* Bingham. . Committee ���Williams, Lecappellatn, Young and  Rant. Tne level' ground on the  lake shore, about half-way to  mouth of Pine Cteek, will, if found  suitable, be selected for a playground. Meantime the practice  ground will continue to be on-upper Pearl avenue, which the ' G^ld  Commissioner, with his wonted  kindness, will have graded and improved.' ' The 'club's first nidb'h is  set for June 30th with' Pine, at  Pine,'tor .1 ia id-some sol of nugget  pins tor prizes. The return match  will be in Atlin 011   the   Fourth   of  1 ��� *���*"  July,"' and will be for the prizes  which were left over on the 24th of  May celebration.  , ,, CLAIMS^FOR,SALK  On Spruce Creek, 57  below.   On" Pine, -119.  beloxx, beurli, anil the Sheppnrd bench claim  on Pine ubove Discovery.   Apply  at this of-  H<le. .    '      ,.'���"' "'���-.. , i" 7   ,,-  DOMINION DAY  AND ,  4TH OF JULY SPORTS  WILL   BF  HELD AT  v   *���  DISCOVERY, JU,NE 30^   rgob.  ���    " - rt* f -      . ���     . ������  -r- ,  ' I  BRITISH-AMERICA  GROUP.  English    Capital   Secured   for   the  -   Opening .Up of This Property.  Mr. and Mrs. Pearse and -child  arrived in from London this week,  and are putting up at the Grand.  Mr. Pearse is well-known here,  ���having passed lust summer prospecting for quartz and succeeded in  'finding good free milling ore in  the vicinity of Upper Little Spruce  Creek. ' The group, .consisting. of  five claims, is known as the British-'  America group- Mr. ��� Pearse has  returned with" all- the. .necessary  financial ��� backing for testing his  discoVeries * '.'pro-perry. A r force; of  ���men .will be set to work to open up  :the ledges and their true, size aiid  character determined. . Crushing*  in quantity will be made'at;the local mill, if accommodations can be  -hadi?6therwise'?}be ?quar{z''Will be  sent in bulk to?'the coast. .Should  develppmetits -aiad . returns   prove  ' ,:^4 ���*'���%���>.'  '  , ���  . PROGRAMME.  10 a. m.���Oration byx the. Rev: Mr., Pringle"  Iu the B. M. P' A. tent. "  10:SO."--Piittingl6-lb. shot.   1st $10'; 2nd $5;  .  Ne.-ir jPine Tree hotel,     j ,.   - .  11.-Throwing Wi-lb. weight." First $lb'2nd*"r5.  11:30.���100-yar I f lot "race. 'First %\S-, 2iid'$7.50.-  -.   77,  t;     Near U. \1. P. A. tent, j , ,     ' ?,  12.��� Miners' Gold panning contest.'Firsi $10:  ,:     -    '   ,"    2nd $5.  ���       7-     ;'.>".'-. .  12:30 p.m.���Quarter,-*n He foot race. First $20;  2nd S10., Starting from the Pine Tree.  1:80.���Tossing caber.-  First $10; 2nd>$5.      ���>'  Near Pine Tree.   ,        :,   ���    .  2.���Riinniiig long jumji.   First $10; 2nd $5.  Near Police Station.       *-       '  2:3).���120 yards' hurdle race. . First ,$10; 2nd  $7.50.   B. M. P. A. tent.  3.���Pole vaulting,    first $15: 2nd $7.50.  B. M. P. A. tent .  3:20.���Horse race, half mile, open, four to en-  " ter. three to start.'" First S25��� 2nd - $10.  Entrance fee 10 per cent, of prize. v 7 "  4.���Running high jump.    First $10; 2nd $5.  4:3).���Boy's' stilt race/First $4; 2nd ��2.   Girls'  foot race.   First $3;-*2ud $2.   Boys' foot  race.   Pir��,t $1.  ' Near B' M.'P. A. tent. *  ���I:*"-.--"football    match���Atlin    x. Discovery.  Nugget pins to the winners.  7. -Great   international   tilg-of-war.'   Prize  slOO. ��� t~our teams to enter.   Entrance fee  55.   Near Pine Troe.htitel.    . _     -.   .,,  1 i the evdi.iu j thero a grand ball in  the Nu-fget. hall.      . *-  A -siniiil entrance fee will be charged com-  p-ititors in the nbove sports.  '  "* ." 'k.SAN'I38.-Sa'eI-'  . STORAGE -NpTICE.,  iTuirty days after, date I intend .to sell, for  stor.ige expenses ail outfits left in  my care  und ii'iclaimed by that date.       ���'"*'    ��� ���'"  ��� *',   , ' v.T.. P"JTER JACQUO.T & Co.  ,   Discovery. June" 23,-'19-0. ,       ,  T tO^'T" - S .1 AiX'* "LliATHER POCKBT  i-XJhJ X * Book, eoiitaiiiing about $60. ,be-  tweeu Atliu uud tno miles above .Discovery  on Pine. A rexvard.xvill be given ou return  tothiMQHi--.   ' -*1- - '  satisfactory, th*e mines will be opened up on a Urge scale without any  loss of time. Mr. Pearse has had  long experience as a practical miner in many countries, and is very  confident he has the devil by the  tail this time, sure.  Twe; ty-one mules arrived in by  the Scotia on Thursday evening.  They will be put to work on the  Sunrise Hydraulic,hauling scrapers,  etc.  "Business for the .veek at the Government office:  Plao er' records'  W  ���*  Mineral records  I?  Assessment work recorded     4  Leaves of absence    2  Bills of sale.Plncer    17  Bills of sale, Mineral    1  Powers' of attorney  '    I  Free Miners', certificates Issued .'..   41  Gold  Commissioner's   Permissions...     S  '���*��� HYDRAULIC LEASFS APPLIED FOR.  Birch Crook  Iff  WrlicUt. Greek."...'"..,.'; ���������    '*  W  -tt


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