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The Atlin Claim 1906-06-16

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-<? i.
*. >■*• •■      -« ...VI  to-*,.** „
■ - JrMf*-tj[
>£        ^    '*<■■*    *    -S    /■"'* \ AAA -"';      5£ -j *   iy j.
.; i    * t i i
i>\       , , J, I- 'n , - *      5 U    <"
I t   r        . ,!-,»,
VOL.  1-4.
<■-    ....
M.      , ATLIN,. B. C:Vc. SATURDAY,    JUNE    16,   ,906.
J"V      V*        ' "-l oil**     /'-? ■'■}■;' '    ' •       •
•- BRQTHIER.^GAIH,    ■  •"
■" • T -- 1 Jt  *_<     . -i- ***K
''3" "'i% ""' vri'*" '^- '"'■'* ^"•i--*■«"•'    *.
Wrote and - Defied-'Bi'' G. 'Police
lo Extra Site' Hifn.
V.   All
J. i*
S.   Immigration   Officials.
, Sand the Frenchman Back
■*■''   ".
wKdm he mis.topk.for a/bear/i^-Red-
ford,7whV is, still_ uiicoriscious^Js-in
a critical condition.
Ottawa, June  r4v
The Postraa's-
■ ~    t        - -*- J  -.,
ter General j-yesteiday revoked*, .the
order  .wbiciTj prohibited ,jhe use 'of
thc^Canadian,.mails  to "Appeal'to
.  5llf\      ','..!> n,C,.ii . rl       ,
Reason," a" Socialistic -journal pub'-
*,       ,        •-/ -< •.   ii li
' '   lished at Girard, Kansas,~after date
' "      of June 4th. " -The use of the Cair-
^ to Canadian Soil.
\\>\ >,?*"(;-r*—rr-  "" r. '   ' 'Y '*.
RooseveTt" WanTs'Ta^TKird^'Tepm--
Rigld Bleat Inspection Bill  is
Before   U.  S.   Congress—Shot
*  ■?>-', j".-. While ^Bear-, ^Huhting--Opdep,
,   ,was .Revoked xby Postmaster
" 'General—British and Germans
Fight*   Africans'1-- WnVlesale
Smuggling of Chinese.   ,., *."
L_ [sveclai- to tub oiiAimJ,,   ,   s
Vancouver, B. C, J.uue 14.V-EX-
cronvict "Desire Brbthier,' who, since
..-VTrecei'v iug Jus pardon, .has.beeriTiv^
irrg in.Seattle   while the,police were
looking for him  in   rVroncrear  and
Quebec. 5 JBrothier '.this; week wrote
, letters to ilayor Buscoriib^ and Itfe
Province newspaper, of this'city? in"
.b'oth of which letteis] he -defies   the
police of British Columbia to arrest
aird   extradite   him- .from, .Seattle.
. . He also says that he will not return
, to France. t ^  __
Seattle, Wash., June 14.—Desire
\Biothier, the Frenchman who  was
recently pardoned by the  Canadian
Minister of Justice afterserving only'
two years of a seven  year3senteneel;
&r procuring^ and .who since arriv-
°        r_»t3 X\";''jv*"<t , • J,
ing  in   this city has''written letters
defying the British Columbia authorities to extradite him, was ar-
, rested-, yesterday by United, States,
Immigrattijii officers as beiiig an un-
fit person on vyhom to bestow the
privileges of American citizetiship.
Srothier will be sent back'to British
v'r ■*" ■*■'"-?    .*;',.'T^    •Sfr   Sf%- t*,<''": *■«$">
i.'-.A'jWashui'gfton, June i4-:frPresident
Roosevelt  will  probably run, for  a
thir'd -term 6Bofficer SZHs'alsoT.u'T,
•••mored' that WmiSJeunings Brya'n'
will receive the nomination of the
.. ..Democratic party.... t ,■»»...,   , t., ft?.
Washington, June. 14.*^—Congressman Beveridge's Meat Inspection
Bill, which has this week tjeen' introduced into Congress, calls for a
most,,rigid, .postj-mdrtem inspection■
of all catlle, swine, "sfieep and* goats*
 1   *,     .    *   ',1 -      <'s-   ^        .  •.'°,.'     i   <
which'' "are idlled-*.for human consumption. All canned and potted
meats- must be-inspected and label-*
led. The bill, afso provides that
any product which is' trea't'e'd- -with-
dyes or chemicals will*be destroyed..
Penalties are also provided' for -any
attempts made by packers or others
to bribe inspectors.
g"  ^.Nanaiino, June J&-— \Vhile   out
■i"- bear"huufcing>this .weefctjir.-Rollins,
a hotel proprietor of New Alberni,
■I - accideutaliyA shotv^James.i-'Redford-,.
adian mails had been withdrawn,
lrom-'the saidljounial because of j an
farticle", " "Arouse) *Ye Slaves," from
the1 peri Lof Eugene V. Debs wliich
appeared in"its' iss"ue"6f' Ma^ch'^ioth.
Kansas; fCity/^Mp^VJ-une' .14.—
Four ™,large,"~packing""-house '"firms"
which were put on trial here this
week have been found' guilty on
charges of having, accepted rebates
from railroads. Sentences have
been withheM.y^A&   ^ "St1 ■ u
Quebec, June 14.—Sir Hector
Langevin died in this city on Monday, from ip^neutmqnia. He was,in
his Soth year. * ' ' *-f::'-
* Durban, 'Natal; June 14.—Col.
-McKenzie^s.cplumn ..a few»day_s jago
attacked and defeated the rebel; ha-,
tives   under   Mombasa.     The i e'n-
l ^,       ** '';
gagement >took) place in the north-
.western part of this colony and tlie
natives had   160 killed',?the Biitisli
,'i   S-j't-V* <l       V,       *^ ,'l  *•*"<. j
loss- being nil.. * 5 ?'■
-"Berlin, June 14.—A" cablegram
rec'eived here today states that ^two
Gernran-' <officefs-"i,ai:rd' ■'eight-1 of the,
rank"andtfile~ were-killed-and • ten
others^ wounded in a pitched battle
S *Jt  ',   S.'S'r* '>-j'B'^r',S-^o'iVVV'&-S|rJ>.rt*>1. .
which occurred recently between a
German .column ,and.JHpitentots in
German Southwest Africa. '•('The
Hottentot losses*-were-ilSbgiveu: ,
,*Loiidon,. ^Juiie miA.-trltt ha? been
announced that arguments in j the
Dunsmt'tir-Hoppe'r a'Sd severaKother
British Columbia .cases will be commenced before" the-Privy Coiuicil on
t'Mohdayijune 18th. *y~-
Motit., June 14.—--Early
week a tornado completelVi
wrecked the U! S. garrison puddings at Fort Assiniboine. A-J* large
irrigation reservoir, with thei'assist-.
ance of the tornado, burst tlirpugh
i'ts retaining wall and flooded ?a big
section of country
Many narrow
from  drowning have'been
reported.■■■•'-•*■»«<-c-»• *->
,- 1
1 1
Baltimore,   Md.,  June 14,-frThe
* city
which lay alongside were^omplete-
lyi'destroyed by. "a fire, which Hasted
all''day yesterday. • The losses' will
totalover a'-milhon.dollars.   f ;•
11' 1
London, June 14.—Kind Edward
1 '• i •
attended a banquet which was given
here this .week by Ambassador and
Mrs.   Reid,   of the United|States
consulate,,'in honor of Mr. aqjl Mrs".'
Nichblas'Longworth, who recently
arrived   to spend their honeymoon
in England.    The affair was! one*pf
the most notable   society functions
of tbe-spaS'ii.'    X}~'%:;A    t!
Vancouver, B. C, June 14.—De-
St. TvOuis and many other. American
cities indicate -that a , wholesale
smuggling of Chinese into the United States fiom'.Canada has/been
conducted on aiarge scale for some
time' past. A Chinaman who was
arrested 'at'St.- Louis ithis week told
the authorities -there that he ' had
paid an unknown'party'in this city
one hundred dollars for a certificate
bf/Americari citizenship with which
..0. . =   1   ;.'   ,        . c     , >
he4 allervvards gained entrance to the
United States, 'and- which certificate
*has*irow'been proven to be of bogus
origin. The despatches add' that
numerous arrests of Chinese with
similarjcertificates are expected to
foljow as a result of-the above facts.
'*■•■•!   -"'    ' GENERAL 'NEWS. '   '     " ,
'* *"! ,''j      '    **1
„?The U. S.' has passed a bill prohibiting aliens from fishing iu Alaskan; paters. , The Jbill will put a
stop I to,-the poaching of Japanese
fisheimen.' ,   • ' >'       ••' ,.
,- Air the Pacific'.coast steamship
companies operating from, the port
of .San- -Francisco have joined iu a
lock-out against the'striking seameii
and all traffic is at a'-standst'ill.
.-'V  t   T      '•f,   " k T   1 I        ,'
A five, year old, boy,  shipped   to
Bopneville, Mo., from San, Antonio'/
Tex.,   lastcweek  by a stranger, '' is
believed'to*^ be Prewett Baker,1' who
was"lflciana'pped - from  Seattle' * two
years ago. "
"At'Seattle-last week- sixty people
were 'poiso'lied 'by eating pies  aud
'tarts"which had-been purchased' at
a'bakery. ' Arsenic had accidentally
been used'-iii the '.pastry instead 'of
baking   soda.   -All. those 'poisoned
have recoivered'7by,;a timely use of
emetics.- -    •   —   —   ..-
..   A St.^Petersbtirg  despatch  says:'
.The douma."*'and the*ministry are
.   i"  ,   -    <■ )     *, ->.        . ,
-hopelessly involved, over s agrarian
legislation and a crisis is"'developing
"    r f,        , *     ., ;, ,
fast.-. The.peasants arevseizing  the
*   >. t   ' • • 1 ,    '     ■•   ,*      -
lands.ofJh&.aristocrats_m^many pro-
vinces.\'< -.Reports.j.areN continually
coming iu „thatf.,the revolutionists
are V gathering arms [as t rapidly "'as
possible and that they are being
joined by'tlie'peasants'iu many sections .of;the.co.uutry.''.->!,'\   -\    ''   }
*Ther"ilaw"'Courts.  - >'■-'
[The Claim is not lesponsiblo for \jo«-> e <-
piesiedbj con espondonts ]   v
Hydraulieing on Otter Creek.
The case of Pine , Creek   Power
CO.* vs.-' Brackett efal comes up for
trial'bii "Monday.   '
I,., ■    ■   1 .*>■'.    ', -        * *,.
In   the   action   of Clay vs. Mc-
"j^aughton",.'Magistrate'.'Ffaser gave
judgmeut^thaXthe __plaintiff .was entitled, to $109-, worth, of,goods on
payment of balance of ,$600. lie
alsb/held that 2l'$qo paymeut which
was1 iii dispute*had,not been proved.
Bishop 1. Bum pus   Dead.
Word was received from Carcross
a.few, days ago that Bishop Bumptis,",
of the diocese of"Selkirk/had'died
there suddenly from heart failure on
Saturday last while preparing for a
journey. "It is.understood that" the
bishop had been tranferred to another diocese and that the excitement preparatbry^to leaving ' the
scene of many years'- labor had' has-
.tened'his'death:^ *-'-•-'.--■';--.r*i.**.^H I     - •
To the Editor of The Atlin Clmm:
, ,Dear vSir.-—I visited Otter greek
this.Aieek.aud found,Mcssrs. Moran,
Carmichael, . Steinmetz et al doing
noble work. This property, though
given1 a. black'eye By'the "great"
promoters of-the 'British' Ameiican
Dredging Co. who, by their'infantile
"methods," almost*'discouraged even
the men who worked on' lhe Otter
creek proposition' fro'tri ever attempting, to' do anything in-the way of
'moving'gravel'or1 obtaining "gold
which had, by the staying qualities
of Mr. Carmichael arid his associates, been proven to exist. * ,,,>
'Now, oh i the' portion of' Otter
creek " where Messrs. Mo'ran - and
Carmichael are at preserrt working,
they know from previous ! tests iu
the -way of tunnels,'&c.', that gold
exists", iri"pajdng quantities. 'The
former operators? ■ copying "their
methods ffom'thegre'at Hobsdri (not"
the'ki&siug'Hbbsoh ol our A'meiicau
neighbors),"" pi[Ded the"'gold1'intb the
bank' by 'turning 'the 'nozzle" stt cam
in the opposite - direction • to* the
sluice. Those'peopie? the'B.'A. D.
pit^iiotcrs a:i'd'"th"eir"'assistants; did *
really nothing during theJlime:they
operated on Oltei creek. ' The present operators' Have, during lhe time
they have*, piped '.on,.Oltei creek
(iihich time , at, present writing is
three weeks), displaced more gtoiind
than was done-during the last- two
years. -Why?.. .The .manager al
present in charge is using common
sense—which has been'^sadly deficient'in hydraulic operations in this
camp. 'Doe's not it-appeal to anyone
that you can sluice more' payi gravel
by piping il'towards the sluice, than
away, from. tit.    The   ,veriesl   tyro
knows this.
• .    , i' '1
The operators on Otter cieek have
moved ten times more gravel to the
number of'meri employed than any
other hydraulic operating in the
camp,, even although the pay dirt is
harder, or- at .least as hard, as on
McKee." From"indications' I have
seen', the lesults'cannot help put be
excellent. 'Tis a" beautiful place for
a holiday;'-the scenery is good, the
surroundings iuteresting.i;the company delightful.;   ■ ,•        ,
_ '/ Non djc Plume.
Atlin, B. c!, June 15, ^oC.'   .'
W, P.'CL Yi R.'lmprovoments.
The White Pass company have a
number  of men employed in instal-
•* * j    ri    * '.:*: -
hug   new   ties and improving  the
road bed of their short line ot railway between Taku aud Scotia bay.
They are also . extending a spur
some distance into'the lakcal Scotia
bay so that for the more convenient
transferring, of .mining-.machinery
and all heavy pieces'of freight, the
scows may be berthed immediately
alongside of the cars. Powerful
derricks' will also be installed at ^
both - the Scotia tbay, and Atlin
wharves so as to,facilitate the work
of handling heavy pieces of machinery'" etc.      '    - ' - ■ ' •---*•"  -
" Y:
'-     ,!*  I
,,   £i,|
1   l-T.I
* \,s*\
■■ "'<■■ I V  ,ATLIN,   B.   C���    SATURDAY,   JUNE    i6,   1906  I*l  %  X'l 1.  V<-  :T'  {5,  \k  it  I:  l��'<  11;,  i'r  A"  'r  If  ft"  The Atlin Claim.  THE ATLIN CLAIM i�� published cvcwv Saturday  MORNING*      MAILED    ntl    TO    ANV    FART  OF THE  world ron ao   cents   peh month;   sb.oo  per  TEAR. ADVCRTISINO RATES : St.00 PER INCH EACH  INSERTION : READING NOTICES. 3 0 CENTS A LINE.  SPECIAL   RATES    ON    APPLICATION.  Mrs* Till Found Dead,  JOB PRINTING 1  ILL-HEADS, POSTERS,    { VISITING   CARDS,  BETTER-HEADS, PROGRAMMES,       ETC.,  ETC.  ORDERS    PROMPTLY    EXECUTED.  PRICES   MODERATE.  Tub Atms Cxjaim Publishing'Co., Ltd.  W.    POLtfjAKTJ.     GKANT.     EdXTOH-MANAGBII.  HABEAS  CORPUS.  The question  of keeping%a man  in jail without giving him the right  to immediately apply to the courts  for   a  discharge by habeas corpus  arose here last year,' and again this'  year.    Under the present procedure  the nearest court to which a   man  can apply is the Supreme Court at  Vancouver or Victoria, and would  take at least 14 days before he could  obtain his release���which in many  instances   would   be  ruinous to a  business man.     The Bar Association, backed up by the local bench  and by the representative of the district, laid the matter before the proper authorities last season and   yet  the evil still continues.    In districts  such  as our own,*and where delay  is caused by the absence of Supreme  Court judges,   power   should . be  given to judges of the County Court  to hear and determine all   applications for habeas corpus and other  proceedings affecting the liberty ,of  the subject.  THAT MIS-FIT PARDON.  The recent pardoning of Brothier  by the Dominion Government , has  caused, and rightly too, great indignation on the part of the public of  Canada, and especially so in British  Columbia.  A feeling of loathing and disgust  is necessarily generated against a  man guilty of the crime ot which  Brothier was convicted���a crime  which brands him as a human mon-  ster, a vampire and a fit citizen of  the regions beyond.  In the present case, there could  not possibly be any extenuating circumstances in this criminal's favor.  He was comparatively a wealthy  man, with many thousands of dollars to his credit in the bank, and  was reported to have a more than  average education, but, with all  this, hesitated not to add to his ill  gotten gains through the sacrifice of  his own 'flesh arid blood.  Reasons only of the gravest kind  should influence a government (it  matters not its political beliefs) in  pardoning such an aggravated offence������reasons so grave should be  of a public nature, publically announced.  It is unfortunate that the man is  a Frenchman, as it gives rise to a  feeling' that his nationality and religion are in a great measure responsible for the apparently ill-advised action of the government.  Until the government have had  .an opportunity of giving a lucid  explanation of its action, we do riot  feel justified in too strongly condemning them. Still, we feel that  a mistake has been made in turning (  a worse than, ghoul on the public.    (  Coroner's Jury Gave^ Verdict of  Death From Natural Causes--  The Funeral Well Attended^  ,When driving across Tar Flats  shortly after 3 p.m. on Saturday  last Malcolm Ross, driver for G. A.'  Kerr & Co., Discovery,' discovered  the lifeless body of Mrs. Charlotte  Till lying on the' road. Mr. Ross  immediately returned to Discovery  and made known the fact and Dr.  Young was telephoned for. When  found, the body was still warm.  Dr. Young * arrived on the scene  about 4.45 o'clock but the deceased  was beyond medical aid and he  found life extinct. ���  Coroner H. Young was notified  and on Monday he held an inquest  on the remains with the following  as jurors: John Dunham, foreman;  J. F. Gibson, J. F. Breeze, M. R.  Jamieson, V. Trotman and Paul  Eggert.    ,   ' ,  The following, witnesses were examined: L. B. Harris, A. B. P.  Thomas, M. Ross, W. H. Vickers,  W. Till and Dr. Young; After being out ,for,-some time the jury returned a verdict that the deceased  came "to her death from natural  causes, direct cause unknown.  The deceased, who was 39 years  of age, leaves" to mourn her loss a  sister, Mrs. R. Findlay, of New  Westminster, B. C, and her hus^  band, W. Till, of Spruce Creek,  Atlin District, who ' has the' sympathy of - the entire' community in  his sad bereavement.  The funeral, which took place on  Wednesday morning, was attended  by a large number of citizens. Rev.  A. -M.- Ross officiated and the pallbearers were: Geo.. CasselJs,^ V.  Trotman,' A. -Broe, S," McCaw, J.  Hornell and H. W. B. Kilpatrick.  Useful and Ornamental <M$  -., Whvbksd out when you can get goods ab cheap here?    ,  Atliii, Nugget and   Grape   Rings and a" kinds -of Jewelry man��  faeturcd on the premises. ~ " '  Fine  New Stock of  Watches,  Clocks, Jewelry  and   Diamonds  Watches from,?5uG0 up. Aecnts for Columbia Gramophones.  Silverware, Cut Glass, Hand Painted China. Souvenir Spoons  JULES  EuuERT   &   SON,   atlin and discovery,  Satsty Deposit vaults.      Watchmakers and Manufacturing Jev/elrs.  They  are   Waiti-ng   for  Youl  IN  Bargains  CLOTHING.   Hats and Dry Goods,  Oarpots and House furnishings*  FULL   LINE  ��� ,    ALSO  OF   "BOOTS    and .SHOES,  GOLD    SEALVmP   GUM    BOOTS.  ti. Es Brown & Co.,  1 *  Successors to J. H.  -   Atlin and  Dlscovory, B. C  Richardson.  \       -.  Canadian Pacific Railway Company-  ALASKA   ROUTE  SAILINGS.  S. S* Princess Beatrice, June 2, 14 & 26.  S.S. AMUR,        - -        "     7 & 20-  Sailing from Skagway Q p.m.  . Direct ��� to Vancouver.and Victoria..  TransportiQtr -by rwM or *temn��r to' Seattle fe-tebout extra charge*. j  H-. B. Dunn,  Agent, Skagw&su  Wo srlve auielc lerviee.    No intermediate calls.  For rates or information-apply to  HgO*^  >+  3  HOT BATHS  Can be Had at .  The   Royal. Laundry   On the Waterfront.  Men's Suits Cleaned and Repaired.  All Work Guaranteed.  Goods Called for and Delivered.  Cash on Delivery. ,  Mrs. M.  Fenn,   Proprletresi.  Atlinto Lodge,  A. F. & A.M  Regular communications held on'the iirst  Thursduy of each month  in the A. O. U. W. Hall,  Third Street. .  Visiting brethren cordially invited ,  TTHE: ���* GOLD   HOUSE,  DISCOVERY, e,   C.  C H. NISSEN,     -    '-���--.- Proprietor,   ,  *        '  rBesUwirant in Connection Cndw   '-  New and -Capable Management.  fe  <~&��0��*  >~s>  ^^^AAfiA^A^AAAAAAAA^AAAAAAA  f)otel  Pine tree  DISCOVERY, B. C.  A Strictly First-Class Hotel.  ED.   SANDS,   Proprietor.  Choicest Wines, Liquors and Cigars  The Dining-Room, under the management of Mrs. T. Hinchcliffe, -  furnishes the best meal in town.  ~    - ��� -, ���      .--,-< t' -         .���������*.���<-,-  f, - ��� ���  Everybody   Should  Advertise   the   District  When   Writing  to   Friends  By' Using  "VIEW OF ATLIN"  * ��� . ..Writing Paper,  \f^faA0SAAfaAfaP&^^fcfafifl^\fafafaJ%y\jSfii0U  't>>'ft&9'j**ff'g|,*����*P'g^^  Hampton   &   Durle,        Proprietors.  fidget mm  Discovery*  OPEN DAY AND NIGHT.  FIRST-CLASS RESTAURANT  IN  CONNECTION,  .   , tteadQuaatersfor Dixon'o ateeo.  il  Only $i,0o Per Pad  u  n  *  *���$��������> D ������ 0 ����*�� *�� Cft-fr-X ��� 0 ����������<������>��) 0 *�����*)*��� ���>���*)> O ��������������� ��<��>*���> ��-�����>-��-��-t>-��-^  Is to advertise and promote  the   interests of the  ATLIN DISTRICT!  ��j*  j*  ���*  1  a m  Oftftf1**^^  y*  �����*   -r   -**   ..     >.*..  v*  **��� ���     i ,*, '     V'   ^ it, 'v^V.  I  '*/*"-��-fi*w*ir���-i ��-n>-/  ���^���*J"* *j��,'ji��KmAt��#��.-��*n*Ti./i  ',' ,���:-.- ��������"!-  * .-f-SWSM'w     <?��&��.- \~Wvj*fc*, a��.  ^t" *���;����-    ',��(*����� V4 ^ '*-'*'��� rt" -ir ,'? '"*** - "'/-.I  1.  ATLIN*   B. C,  SATURDAY,   JXJNB  afi,   -��o&  4  ^  CORRESPONDENCE.  XXina Claim Is not responsible for views ox-  pressed hy correspondents.]  Tothe Editor of The Atlin Claim.  Dear Sir,���Will you kindly  'publish the following letter, a copy  of which I have written to the local  member of the district. ���  Yours truly,  E. M. N. Woods. .  Atliu, B. C, June 13th, 1906?  To  Dr. H. E. Young, M. L. A.,  , Atfin:  Dear. Sir.���I beg to draw your  attention to the fact"that one Henry  ���Garneau is now in jail, being held  there illegally and.that there is no  way of moving for writ of habeas  -corpus as His Honor Judge Young  "has no jurisdiction to hear an application of the kind.'  You may remember that.,His  Honor and the members of the bar  here took up the question with you  of giving jurisdiction to His Honor  Judge Young iu application' for  writs of habeas corpus very shortly  after his appointment-to this county,  aud ever since that date the government, through you, has promised to  Slave this evil remedied.  , I am sure that now the occasion  has arisen when a citi/en demands  the rights of habeas corpus that you  will urge upon the'goverrimeut that  something be done to give the people the rights which, the constitution demands.  '  I need hardly urge upon you  the  propriety of this application.  ' -~   Yours truly',- - _  .~E. M.-N. Woods.  Atlin, B.C., June 13th, 1906.  "Atliu, June T3tb, *oS.���To the  Hon. Attorney General, Victoria:  One, Henry Garneau, now in jail;  held illegally; no way of imoving for  habeas corpus. This -state >��f affairs  ���causi��gf:gfeat scandal. Government  promised ntonths ago to remedy  this situation.���H. E. Young."  Shortly after receiving the above  -communication Dr. Young telegraphed the authorities as follows:  1    Woes  That   Men   Endure.  - The average woman seldom hears  anything about the appalling canni-i  balism of the struggle for life and.  money. From the cradJle to the'  grave she is much in the position of  a man who has a fixed and certain  income over and beyond that he acquires by his'own efforts.- The  actual battle 'for supremacy never*,  comes* directly home to 'her. Women are prone to, underestimate the  terrors of this homicidal strife. They  look- ���upon'-' a man in business as a  being who achieves'' large profits  ���from "small exertions, and entirely  escapes the' dull, plodding routine"  of'housekeeping and children rearing that they must face. As a matter of fact, the average "man, whether he be a bank president or a  day laborer, spends niue-tenths of  his time performing drudgery of the  most .'depressing sort/ It=is a rare  moment when he is not compelled  to do something that" he -doesn't  want .to'do?- It's a moment "rarer,  still when he does not find himself  in conflict with the aims or ambitions of some other man. , .  If$ a great $i��e$$i  HMMIHUW  ' '1 .'-      t  ,- frz  WE  MEAN   OUR  Monthly Price List  . /?���  K '  t  l'     **  and  our  ���   v     ���       NOTICE.  SIXTY Days after date we intend to apply  to the Chief Commissioner of Lands  and Works, Victoria, B. C", for permission to  purchase' the following laud situate on  Windy Arm, Bennett Division, Cassiar District, commencing at a post on North,West  corner of Lot 72, thence 40 chains West along  North Boundary line, 60th parallel latitude,  thence 20 chains South, thence East 40 chains,  whence 20 chains North along Weit boundary  of Lot li to place of commencement, con-  taiuIn{j-80 acres more or lews.  Located May 10th,.1906.  *--        .        W.A.ANDERSON,  t" jly28 -       - CHARLES PUGSLEY.  K$0<Z��  KS>  -II  SINCE the 3ist of Octember, a  young man about 182'years'of  age of a very tall complexion, hair  straight, curly teeth and'yellovv eyes.  He had on a maccaroui'coat trim-'  med with sawdust," a white slop>  made of yellow flannel, green calico  trousers lined with cod liver oil.  Wellington boots laced up behind.  He had a barber's pole iu one hand  and a wooden carpet., bag- in the  other, consisting of a rat trap and a  petrified coal "heaver, - and he was  last seen crossing Atlin Lake with  his legs tied in a knot and his head  under his arm, singing "Au Revoir"  through his npse. It appears he  met a superannuated body snatcher,  who 'struck him in the stomach  with a pork sausage, causing him  to have an attack of the collywobbles, and an old lady who witnessed  the above outrage was so horrified  that she fell down and struck her  head against a feather bolster, causing a wound four feet deep, which  bled so much that it washed au elephant into a ditch aud drowned a  dog that wasn't there.  Whoever will give such information to his afflicted parents will be  kindly rewarded with a tripe medal.  His father earns his living by carrying treacle in a sack, being his only  means of subsistence. You can't  mistake the above party when you  see him, he walks stooping upright,  caused through swallowing a youug  bicycle when he was a baby.  N.B.���The Royal Hotel Dining  Room serves the best meals iu the  camp.���Sunday dinner is a treat.���  Mr. and Mrs. Edwards, Props.  CASH PRICES!  it   Strange 'We never thought of It before  * 1 >  1  -  Edwards &  Buchanan  assumed  control of the  Royal  Motel  Dining  Room  on  May 31st.  Our June Price List is Now Ready!!  OUR Printed Price List just -seems to fill a long felt need, as;-whet  * our patrons receive it on the first of the month they know exactly  what goods will-cost them during the month, and it-is a .great assistance  in malting up an order.       _        -    ��� *  We have -.a ilarge -'Stock of Goods nowionitheway in* .,  and we' will plaee 'them in  the Store at -Lowest P.ossible  Prices, FOR CASH, iiu Case Lot-s.    ' ^    '  You are always *strrex* of 'the Best -Quality <of-G-oods .at the  '     A. :T. -COMPANY'S STORES. "' '"   ,    * '  ' ' " *  * * * *-  cGobds delivered promptly on'.-the'Creeks-and in-TowrL"  ���   , -    If  you are not  already ,a -.customer it  -will   pay you to ^ive us a, trial order. .   "~  j 1 -.        ���- '  ���*���_""���      a/^*      *l^���      9*^*      a/^**     SP*'     Hf^f       ff        *  mm wmmu  LIMITED.  v  1    , r  0 .- ^ 1  j.?-  --   -V* -"������  V'*l  * t-A I  The Atlin Market Co.?Ltd.  FRESH  DRESSED  MEATS,   also  ^(hM^��j��.MJ>J��-'��-'* ��.�����=��.�� 9J*JtJh<>*dh^OQ>����Jt&iJ*^-*A.* + *i*.K*^JJtAj!tjt-4J 0<��  - ,  .. POULTRY OF ALL KINDS,  Dressed to Order.  C.   DOELKER    Manager. ...-.',  BEN WELL,  PEART   &   CO,  -SUCCESSORS TX>-  THOMAS   &   BENWELL,  , ..  Wholesale Wine   and Spirit lercfcnits.  Vancouver, B. C.  P. O. Box 102.  ws-N'V-ws*-v-'��**v''<i'VW'ywvv^^  The  Canadian   Hank -of   Commerce*  CAPITAL   PAID   "UP  $1*0,000,000.  Reserve, $4,509500^  Branches of the Bank at Seattle,  San Francisco,  Portland,  Skagway, ete��  Exchange sold on all Points*  Gold Dust Purchased���Assay Office in Connecticut.  J. A. SMITH, Manages:.  1 A   .  i  l<!  'm*zm;  b.-c:;\,".saturday;'-june -i&, ��� 1906;-  Local Events.  Atlin photos and souvenir-postals  at C. R. Bourne's.  The latest' magazines ancK'papers  are always on hand-at Pillman's.  McDonald's Grocery makes a  Specialty of fresh eggs aud butter.  W. L. Phelps, solicitor, of Whitc-  liorse, paid Atlin a'ftyiug. visit this  week.  On* Thursday the -Scotia took" a  scow load of lumber to McKee creek  for the McKee Auial. Hyd. Co.'  L. P. Muirhead, who formerly  conducted a photo studio "in Atlin,  arrived in town .this-week orr a short  .biisiuess-yisit..''   ' ;   *    '-  E. F, .Siihcuscbniidt,- superintendent of the W.P". & Y.R. lake and  river boatrservices, was-in,Atlin for  a few hours on Tuesday.  New novels ai riving constantly  "at C. R. Bourne's.  ' The * -citizens-, of Discovery will  hold a ��� Dominion Day celebration.  Full particulars and programmes  will be-published shortly.  Rev. Father Godfrey, of Whitehorse, arrived on a visit to the. Atlin  district by Friday's boat and will  hold services at both Discovery and  Atlin on Sunday.   _,-,..  Gus. Anderson,.of-Boulder cieck,  who has been on an extended tiip,  to eastern Canada and the United  States,, returned- to,, the camp, on  Tuesday's boat. "   V  ,  H. Garneau appeared before Magistrate Fraser- Tuesday morning on  a charge of having lllegall}*- opened  a post letter. The , case was, adjourned till this morning."  Atlin Lodge, A.O".CJ.W.,'heId- its  regular semi-monthly meeting on  Wednesday evening),there .being a  large attendance of members. Two  candidates- were initiated into. Lhe  mysteries'of the'prder.       '������ :     ..'���  W-. W. Williams,.'besides his  re-  ���v gular duties as accountant for Dixon  .& Schulz,   has  established himself  ' as a daily wholesale and retail market report.-   -II you-wish -figure's see-  '.TafP'���but.supply your own salt.  Mrs. W. Owen and children left  on Tuesday- on^a visit to North  Vancouver, and other\ coast- cities.  They were accompanied to Skagway  by Mr. Owen who, after -visiting  Wynlon and Corrrad City, returned  to town on yesterday's boat.     ���   ���  Never lose sight of the facMhat  T. keepn on baud/at both my Atliri  and Discovery stores complete stocks  of heavy and shelf hardware aud  . that" all, orders, whether. laige" or  small, are attended to.���J. T. Regan.  The Licence Commissioners held  a meeting in the court.bouse yester"-  day and granted 'the���-renewals of  licences for Atlin town and Taku.  The commission their- adjourned to  meet at Discovery on .'the iSth inst,  when the other' renewals"asked for*  will be dealt with..  Camp. Discovery,,-No.''i9; Arctic  Brotherhood; celebrated the first  anniversary., of the. inauguration of  their camp on- Thursday evening.  After initiating four candidates the  meeting was turned into asocial'  session and all present fully enjoyed  an interesting-programme of songs,  music aud refreshments.. ������ - -  Saturday evening last a number  of the whist club and their friends  paid an informal visit on Mr. and  Mrs. W. Owen, prior to the latter's  departure for the outside. A-few  rubbers of whist and refreshments  served to while away a. pleasant  evening and the gathering dispersed  at a seasonable hour after wishing  their hostess bon voyage.-  New Arrivals.  Time 12���P. I-*: Sclrarscb'nii'dt, W.  Phelps, Gus. Anderson, L. P. Muirhead, R. Seifeit,, A. Peterson and  Jos. Tallmire. June 15.���W. Hed-  dle, G, Carman, R. Rolstou, Father  ��odfrey, Mrs. Rogers and children,  H. Maluin? A. Scott,'L. Scliulz/W.  Qhven.and F. Xohnstou..  Mining Notes*.  Mr..A. Banks left-last week on a  prospecting;tiip along Tagish lake.  He was accompanied by "Big Jack"  Perkinson. . ' ; '  James Alexander returned'THurs'-  day from a prospecting trip with  Mr. Ira, Petty iii the' Touohi,section  of Atlin distiict. "   '  [ Last ,week Mr. J-. CartuieL' and  p'artners'staked four mineral claims  on a very piomisingledgeon Broken  hill, Fourth of July creek.    '  'The clam at Surprise lake has  been completed for this season aud  is now conserving all the surplus  waler*-comiiic into the lake.-  J. Cartmel, T. Hanua, C. Gilraore  and,C. P. Hickman have abouticom-  pleled the installation of a water  wheel.and pump at their * prospecting shaft on Volcanic- oreek and  will, resume sinking operations-in a,  few days.    '--*     '  ,>  Mr. S. H. Plumbe,. manager .for  the McKee Amalgamatcd'Hydraulic  Co., arrived in town Thursday with  the second, clean-up of his company  for the season,.which amounted to  331 ounces of gold (yalueiFat $5j30o)  for ten days pipiug,'  The North -Columbia. Gold Mining -Co., J..M. Ruffiier manager,  had' their first clean-up for* the season ou Thursday,last.and obtained  a'little, over $14,000 as'the result "of  some 17- clays piping. . This com-"'  pany has now got well started^ and  it is-- expected ' chat" the amount of  gold* taken out.will be over.$100^000  ?&s  '���!  Hand!:  gg&9    Onions, -..Oranges,  es, '''Lern'b'HiSc  >.-   -    v.* 1-     ; ,      . , ,,, -.,. .     *      ��� , .;, ,_     ,.  '*��� *���* -'* - ,,.Ouii Goods���Always the Best: ,,*/.������  .',0tJR Pricks���--Cash ,or. Credit���As''Low, as the Lowest-.,  ���    ���' -   c *   J    '���  ('.'���  ���Il'  ".):  .&TABLEST6.  t?i  .liorier  ���h.-  Brewers .of'Lager 'Beer' and "Porter,  ni ���; ���    .;   .!-'���."' j     : ���"','-,���  -   -       -    ,s.r'* . (. ,t'    , ���*" ���",,,  " 'Sm'A'LTV'AND L'ARGE'.ORDERS'PROMPTLY FILLED..  ior cue., season.  Mr* R.'A*. Jackson, one of" the'  pioneers of the camp,.leaves for the  outside on Tuesday next? , Mr.  Jackson was- for a time, associated  with Mr. R. A. Lambert and--was  also- mauageivVfQt'nhe3' Atlin Lake  Mining Go.,. Ltd.,-of Birch? creek.'  He-will ssjeiidja shqrt, time visiting  coast cities ' and' will'then" probably  operate on the Big Salmon river in  the Hootaliuci.ua district.  7?  ft-******'*'  I ���< -������ - ;{.  ffS^iC***-^.^.!?**^ *9&#l'  -���'���'   ..     . ��� .',     ':   .    T,'ti:v;r ' >:    -<i  ���>���  <*\��:9:��&&&P:& R��5��M*5yt��  Stables '& XvUmsden carry "a> stock  of good groceries.  Read- the; A^T. Co.'s'advertise-,  iuent ou'pagc 37    It's right-?'     ���-'  -   Why use inferior gasoline  wlien  you can get 76 and 86- per centi' at  Regan's.   Atlin'and-Discovery, '  ".". �� pPEN'D^^NIT 'NIGHT.;;-;  THE. DINING-^RQOM  IS CONDpCTED. "ON.. ST^fcTLY FIRST-  > ��� ��� ���������-.  **.- .*.*..,������.,. ... class*; principles:"' '*':,;'; "'"' "l '  t  HlXON'i.&.SCHULZf' Proprietors.  . Corner-;' Pearl and First Streets, Atlin;. EL  ���FIRST  CLASS   RESTAURANT rlN  CONNECTION'.  ,  , . CIIOICtST WINES, LIQUORS AND CIGARS���CASE fcOOUS A SPECIALTY.  ���--    ���     .v.. ,v -.j ft-   . V ��-a!=W "fS4  Heated   and   Lighted  By,   its    Own-: ..Platit,. " '  ���V  Appliccition-for.an Hotel Licence.  A Special Meeting of  the  Board  of   Licence "Commissioners'.fpr 'the  Atlin Licence'District !will-'ba- held  irr the Court House at Atlin, Bi'C,  on June 29th, 1906, commencing at  i.i.-a.m.-, to-consider the application  "of   Geo. "P. Aruett,   for an   Hotel  Licence for Dease Lake Hotelt -.Porters Landing, B. C.\ "y  W. Owen;  {",,'.' Chief Licence Iuspecstor*.  Atlih!, Jime ii.'th, iootS/ j -���:   7''  % MUSGRAVE, B^'Sc.  A'ssayer and  j��u* Chemisf "  Conrad  Gity.'Y* 3V  f '���  Fine   Sample    Rooms:  -.For Commercial, Mera  WHITE,' EASS ��� HOTEB  .P.- D.   IVlerMlLLAN,,  Manager.  . S-'l  c-l-  Largest 'and Best Appointed Hotel in Yukon.  , yit.  Choice    Bar'Stock.  Rates .MODERATE.  ~<m  T.he R,eliahle Shoemaker,,   :;  ���    ,       -   -   -   Discovery,. B.'C  Executed 'Cheaply*  Promptly and Satisfactorily.  []  ...    ..; THE.; CLAIM OFFICE.  ���v*V**W*'*/VVl'--��A<'VV>^^  Rubber Boots a Specialty.'"  BARBER SHOP.  FIRST SXBKET,.    -      ATUiNJ.  ���    B*. SHIiiLDS; Pro*-:'';  HOT BATHS ap.ota.   ''''  - *      * *     'v , I*     .    '    ,  The batii rooms aro equally asftaocl a** found  'it-ritia*?:   firtviUci. Enlciuicfl.foj*. Laclioiu.  "A, Large' Shipment o��  '   " During the' Season^ I^Will * Have" .~S. ,' i  Ftesfe 'w��a&. ani' Vegetables 'Arriving 'EVERY 'FEaDAY.  *  .1  ii  i' r  *.'!,? 1  1.1���  )<  -I,  '���;  ,, 1 ���  1 ��j  "**"', T "rr���rt-T


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