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The Atlin Claim 1903-06-13

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 '-:yOL7-7.9.;  /ATLTNWb; :;C.77,;SATURDAY; 7.JUNE 771377-71903;  'The77Full ^CabinB^  7ir77-i;-Strictly ::Enforco^  7-' :7 77:Wholesaie^  -'[:,:;.-J;.yANeb:yviiR''i;Juue^  /:' Cbliimbia'' has-quielly-accepleidj/the  '':7Pti"rty7' 1 iue7policyl of-'Premier Mc-'  ���''?Bride::afrcV;iif'alf'districts actiye:pfe-  7:p%ratiofis Iiave7fvh'eadv7ebrmhenccd  :7'to��� bring' out// tIre;-;st rougest-ppss i bl b  ^caiididates.7'7':.;;77;^7^^^77;7:i.^7.7f::77-;.!v,'  ;77:7Thb:;-ftril;^C  '.: defiuitely/nbmed ye^t?&^^��;?^"  '-: v; The 7Goverhment =.is7apppiijling  ::jie\v:'p61ice aifcLwill 'strictly"en force,  C :the im migration _;law;-i'?777... '.^/7/.;:F";:7  7"!///; Mr./Stew'ar't7Livm^  7/appointed toTepreserrtU^  /siGeneraLiu^th^  ;:':to take;-the'iplacaoiW  :^7^Servia7is!cirefich^^^  7/!Rpyalty:-7..:"~:7':/7^  King Alexander and* Queen  Draga and their near relau'ves and  the Minister of State have been assassinated, and many other high officials have been murdered by the  Army, who proclaim Peter Kara-  geogevitch, of the old .Slav dynasty,  King. ,  .  rarliamewt endorses the military  feeling.  The Military conspiracy was carried out on the early morning of the  10th. The massacre was carried  out by the Sixth Infantry, under  the-command of Cols. Mischech  and Macirin. A canon was fired as  a signal for the carnage.  M. Maunovich presented a document to the King, asking him to  abdicate, for, among other things,  because he had married a public  prostitute. The King shot Maunovich dead. Those accompanying  him then shot the King and. Queen  dead.  Lord Balfour caused a sensation  in the Imperial House by partially  backing up Joe Chamberlain's remarks favoring Preferential Tariff  with the Colonics. He said, in effect, that the attitude of Free Trade  Britain a.id the countries with high  Protection walls must be considered and the question of Preferential Tariff,must be faced.  [Delayed papers from the Coast  show the subject of Tariff changes  was introducted by the Colonial  Secretary at a speech, delivered to  his constituents at Birmingham, on  May 15th last, in which he made  an appeal for trade reciprocity within the British Empire.]  .:. ':Sificc:tlie7rc:p6rt\of::nd6ds:;bh:tlie  tiie:7Fr^s/er;';.riv^  westruiiisterv7repbrls7,this7anoriiing  tlrat;;,the7i-iyer:-is7thfe:e,;;afHlanfalf  feet ;bi>ly,7-belb\\vtlie flbod7niafk'/of  rtThefstrike of .:tlie\Uhited- Brotherhood pfvRailway7-Employeies "'.has  been declared-:,off.7i;The/meh halve  gi yen i ill 7 They: will be': taken back  a^: opportunity/qfters.!'/-/" L:v:S::: ���",:- ^7  7/The;/-following 7dispatch was'Te-;  ceived prr\Mbnday;iast:from':;Mr:7\vrl.  J7;Rbbinsbi^7: Fiscal-A  British^Americanl 7Dredgirfg7^Co.i  whb"is;pres^tly/sojbu���^  toria/iu/the' interests7 of   his';;-'cpmr  pany-: ���������v-^f-?-v''-''v:--7'. ���V>v.:7>';'-';-'.V ;���::'.'  Victoria, B. C, June 7II1.���  The British-American Dredging  Co.'s plant has left Vancouver en  route for Atlin.  Captain John Irving, ex-M.L.A.,  has announced his intention of becoming a candidate, in the Conservative interests to represent Atlin,  at the forthcoming General Election. ' '  Messrs. J. A. Eraser, C. Dubois  Mason and C. W. Sawers leave for  Atlin on the 12th iirst.  ���  Premier McBridc and the new  Minister of Mines, Robt. Green,  will visit Atlin this summer.}  The tourist part}' from the Eastern Stales should arrive irr Atlin  about the end of Jul}' or the first of  August.  As a result of the reported labor  troubles in Atlin, three hundred  laborers are shipping for the camp  immediately.  F. T. Blunck, President of the  Pine Creek Power Co., leaves for  the North on the next boat.  Many miners from California,  Montana and Oregon will go to Atlin this season.  The   Bank   of     British    North  America building has been sold..  The Dominion Government will  build a winter wagon road from the  railroad at Caribou.  7 Fred. . ���������: Yoiuig; ''^.Barrister: anc  Solicitor;;, .of /^Nafiaimq, 7 lias/jlxien  slated/(br-GountyTCbuft Judgei7777  ::,Prize7Sf;illioif;^7'.' Free/Miiier;''1  valued;at^25bo;;;liaS:-;beeii'7sliipped,  for At 1 i1 i 1 >y O./T. -SiviIzer.':^'��� .;::ij;7-;v  ';;7;-TJie7'^  left yesterday-fnor'fiiifg 'witli a',boa'tr  la^l'.pX.s.i^  They;will7db:sbnie:exfensi\'e-d^  ibnmeiftwbrl^/b/if 7 their; recefitly^ac^  quirc:cl:;h\,draiiliC;;lea;ses;/:777777>;7777;;  77 Tlie:clearihg7fires VfrOui; Qiieeri'-s  faviii, :7Jtis.t77"ivbi'tli7 pf7:^n  biie:; of* the 7Fraser7ffiid;Golirmbia  yal 1 ey-'s-i 11/pioneer/days./- 77 '':, ��� '������-i';ii  7'7Practically;all:,th  /on"the Otter-"Creek.'Ilydraulic Co.'s  grbuifd7has 7tee.n7^ompleted: 77By;  cliirt 'of :liard-7wo"k7!the7cbfhpany's  property escapediheiravages of/the  fl6pd7 this'7\\'eek;7:;Pipiu'gvwilliprb7  tebly:beicommenced;:next:\yeek77.:.;  '���' / 7 Do 11 ������ t -7 forge t: ������ tb/v/f p ay 7yb u r. s 11 b-  scripliou'iHp THK^CLAiM^vyheirybu  ca^li-irv:your.;gpidi;777*;77:7^^  :;:";Xl-he'dumps7:bir7,Gold/:;Rinr;nibw  being7vyashed7:irp;7ar^  up.;'; to I e x'pecta t ib r 1 s7" ;/7?^ ��� h bp i [g\i  ot terTbyej ii7 ,/h ere!clijLiyb^littlbbate  age.'-;;7';.-vl7:,'::::"-;-,r /'';7 Y-''7::-^7^7:?;;;':;;:  The construction of a 4000-foot  flume orr Pine creek was commenced yesterday, by the North'Columbia Co., to qenvey water to the  Stevenclyke property, recently  bonded by that company.  A dance will be given by Mr. M.  R. Jamieson at the Atlin Athletic  Hall on Friday evening next, 19th  iirst.    Everybody invited.  Among the arrivals by the boat,  due today, will be Mrs. J. I.3. Kin-  yon and Mrs. I'\ T. Hamshaw, of  New York, wives of Messrs. Kin-  yon and Hamshaw, Treasurer and  General Manager, respectively, of  the McKee Consolidated Hydraulic,  Ltd. .These ladies" will try a little  experience of "camp" life this  summer, on the company's properly orr McKee creek.  Mr. and Mrs. Henry Maluin are  due by today's boat. They will  make Atlin their home for the  summer.  O. R. Nelson arrd wife, one of  wealthy oil magnates ot Chicago,  who has interests here, and has  been in Skagway for some lime, is  reported to be among the passengers  on the first incoming boat.  The first mail since May 23rd  arrived yesterday, by small boat  from Caribou. They left that point  on Tuesday morning at 6 o'clock.  The Gleaner arrived within i}4  miles off Caribou on Tuesday evening. She is due at Taku this morning.  The Yukon passenger rates have  been cut: Whitehorse to Dawson,  $35 and $25. First boat left, yesterday.  A FaU7;Of7Wateiv^-Ccnsidcrable y  ' :-7 :.:7y DamagbotOrt^  7J;lay7Wprlc:-;  ;-��^bb;;:adv^  sivelyjhpt'weal^^  days,of :Uhis;week7was;';;hai!ed /.with':,.;  deligh't-.-'a's'/tiie^  the opening'of 'navigation,' bift,y 1111-,;;  fp'rlttina^  dbubtedly/dpife/in /that'respect/bas;7 7 7^v  beefiviifpre thaff'ibiitdbrre-by;tire:lpssr7  a fi d /damage";! 1711 as Sen tailed to tlie : \  /miners,bii';vthe?; creeks; ;by;the7nipid/7i  rising;aird flooding^of;these: creeks.:,//  '���i/The7iufprma'tioii;tb':/-y  present.;Writing/is:.A:efy::meager7but :;  Aveyare//giyeri'.;tb:.:;uiiclerstand7 that 7  the/liiglr^watervhasA'rribVei'./orlessaf-5^"^^^  fected/everyvcreek/iiuthbdistrict7:,,y /y-  i7v;Tlie7miners,. /on-^Bqulder,,.creek7,;  hayb,;7'p6ssibl}7;ysuffereb7more Ihari;/  on / an y of -7the7- others; :7;,Tliis;/creek.7-/  Tosb/iwi tlv/such, rapW iiy^  :warhirig7;that';dt/wasSimpbssible;^:^,t^  savei;/ariythirig?,frpmft7the7,seelhirig-7  ;waters;;->;iFrbm v/tli^b3fprni'atioii7of;7  an   eye-witness   'we "are   informed  that   orr   Monday   evening last the  creek bed  looked as if it had never'  been disturbed by the hand of man.  Noire   of   the   miners on the creek  escaped, while  the  hydraulic companies at the upper and   lower ends  suffered   very  severely, aird it will  take some weeks to repair the damage wrought in a few hours.  On Spruce creek, in some instances the work, of the last two  seasons has gone" for naught, and  wingdams and head-dams were carried clown the creek like so much  matchwood. Anderson Bros., Hall  and Bulette have suffered very  heavily.' The last two have had  nearly all their machinery buried  under'tons of debris. All the footbridges and nearly all the wheels  that were set have been carried  away. The damage cannot well  be estimated, as the short working .  season cannot starrd such encroachments on its time for repairs foreign  to actual mining.  Owing to the absence of miners  on the bed of Pine creek, practically  no damage was done, while Otter  and Wright have also- escaped,  Birch creek came in for its share of  the torrents, but to what extent we  have not been advised.  The Scotia made her first trip  across the lake on Tuesday morning, and had to dodge the ice floes  in her passage from Taku. 7Cou-  trary to the usual goiug " out " of,  ice, it is floating up and down as if  sorry to leave such a good country.  The first trip of the Scotia last year  was made on May 20th.  I \ml ��������� ;���������-  KlilS-'X  lift;:/  ,��/"?-  I'��>!' -'���'     -1  I  I  I  **'���  ���'It  It  m  ��8  Ijik;./-  ky-.��;  S.v.-:.  It'.1'.;,  7 !|  :,v-'!-;l'.-!'S:-  7!7li:-\A:V7;.-J'f'N;l'77ii-  ^Ifie^liliiillaii  I'lililislieil    every  ".Siitrirdi'iy'.i'iioriiiii'j;   b'.v  .T'.ib/A'i'i.in^'Ji.adi ���'.'Puiii.isiiisci" Co;.' .--7,  AVC; UliiHCjII'l-'l.il,  Pl'OlT'lKTOll. '/.'-.���'V.,'-  , 1,1. iTonii. Li'.ks; Man,mi ing, KiiiToi'/v...  Oflice of publication Pcni'l'S'.. A tifii, I!. 0. 7  , ���' Ailvi.'i'tisin^ Knli-s: ��1.1)1) pi.'i'/.iiic.li, each  /insertion.-.--' Kcndii'i*; notices, 2:>' cents a line.,  7 .Special (.'out met" I .'at cm on tipplicntiou.   ... ���-  '.Hie, subscript ion -price is '$!> n year imy-  ., able in advance. No -'piper will he delivered  /, ii ii less, th is condition is com plied wit h;/  SATUK DAV, "JuN](   i 3TII,'7 Y9O3; /  ;7:y'/ ;/W:K// "note /that/posters// -7liave'  7;/beeii;/v-posted, /anubirficitrg7//;thb  7 --celebratibn^ /pf 7 ;;;Pbniihibb ./Day.  ::7;aiidvFGurtli of/July atDiscovery'ofr  v/Wednesday7July.^  ./Tpi'esefitlyl in formed ������'���as// tp\yliat7fr-  /;;7rangemeiits;lia\'e".lveen-fiiacle.fbrv;lhe  // lipid it) gbf tii e spoffs: -p\iV'tllat;ettint7.  7/but \ve7ti;ust7.tli/tit;'/the/! custoiifaf-y;  ;7/practice, '��� s'o.7:long./in��� vyogue"-I36T1 i'"i 1V;.  7,/All in '"/.and'-/:/ Discovery,." \vill Tiotbe  /"resorted vlb ;this/year, .viz;:"that, of  holding the different events-itiTrout;  /pf lb is; or that/saloon. ;/;/ Thisrpi;ac-;-  .,:.; tice' '��� was all wellehouglr in the/bid  '/,. clays, but/how it .would be/showing  /;yery little respect:to bur wives/and  7 the;ladies. :7;it;wrfs/h.itherto/impps-  //7;sib!e/:forthe ladieb.tb; witness '//the:  7 ;;day's/:events7;\vith   any/com fort,/far.  7 less pleasure/Mii /mpYing7Tronv/the  -���front" of" one /saloon//to/another;;  /Ay'itii//g6od.:grotnids: available just:  7 outside the tpwii,/ther;e:is absolutely.  /; 110/excuse ���.ni/resorting7/to /the old,;  / 7ciistpniaf-\7' practice ;pf/.-foifr./years'  "ago.   -Those- w 11b: 11ave, wives a 1 id  : till os 2 ''���': who / / a re/' lbbkirf sf Tc-r'/'tlieffv  s'lroukl carry ,011 the crusade..: The.  './ladies'   would    like / ,t.b -enjoy   five  . sports Us well \as: the" .:merr.:/'-Why;  '  not, then,consider their comfort and  pleasure ?   ';// ���;.���.���..'���  mmvM*::^R  hw-r  iv  siiu  l he : North   Qoltfmbia 7, Gold  7// ;y ;;':Mihin^  Takes  ; a7 AVorkihs-    Bond   biii  :-7/:Portion//.'of7 the/ .Steyeridyke  :;.' ./Pa/rtnersMp's Grcuncl;   / .7/  ���h^'&B^pp^Ms0^^0^S  AhU^  '-./^P^ //Why/send putwhe'n.'ybu^  l��ai.tetes���'������Fi'oiii $3 ssgs- ��� lFine:Lisie "of So;svcssss'-Ssnasisi!s. - ;:,  ^'O.'S'DXt^C'.^'O'act^D.^o*^  Tnic intelligence conveyed in the  telegram re'gardiug the recommend-*  . atioii of a resident   County    Court  Judge lor the Atlin   district, will/if  confirmed  by  the; Dominion/ Gov-  .eniment,' be a feather  in ,the cap of  the Conservative party in/.this loc-  ,/ ality.    The appointment, if sueu be  made/will  for  ever remove one of  worst stigmasthat has remained,on  7;thcTair. escutcheon of .Atlin-���viz.:  the tardiness of justice. .7/  Mr. F. McB., Young, the /gentleman recommended for the Judgeship, is a lawyer high up "in his  profession, and' is well ./known in  this district, having practiced here  during the season of 1899./  We shall welcome the advent of  a resident County Court Judge and  ���of ������'���all the, names we have heard  spoken of for the office, no appointment would please, lis better .than'  that of Mr. Young.  The -statement' has  been made���  :/' Ouc/bf.llie'juost/.m^  ���i'ng'7de'als'':\i'n7:r^  summ;ifbd,/a7fb\y:.clay,s'r'a.gp,'-.\vh'ereby  7J7^L.:/ Riifriier7'/;oit^7be 1 rrr 1 f 7o^; Vho/  North/ Columbia Gbld7Miiiiug;;Cb.;  acquired a/,wbrkiifg;bpifcl7bii apportion /pi"- 4.11 c :grou 11 cl;ofi 11 ib Sleveir-  dyke /l'arliicrship;,bn7Piiib ;creek/  '���T.l'ie'/'.'ie/x/act7';fe/rnis'^;bf7:/'n  not/n 1 del p/ 7/p u b 1 i c; ::b ii L"7 i t/7-i s 7 f 11 cl e r-  stpbdvthut /;ifler*a;;t.ime allowance  ���-fo'r7.!prbs/pcct/7/\vpr.l:):'.:';th:b'^'C.on:n^  will ;sub-lease7 tlib/'/grofiud/at/af!,  aiurual/iPntal-airci/royblty./a.id/tliat  a tail y time \yitlri 11 Ti v e ,y ears it lii a y  pii ipj 1 ase/ll 1 exgrpn 1 rcl7at; a/s t i p ii 1 a ted  sum. ;/' Tlie: 7pu re 11 aser.s//unde'rfake  to,.-.itista-l.'!a7p.l'ant by/not Taten /than  Jul^'/ist,/, .i9b5.7//Bbth^7'ifartibs7:t0'  the deal are/sa'tisfied.7 7 77/7, 7/ 77'7  ;//:Th.erS,te\-e.n;/l}-ke7iVrbperty7s/situ-  /ated-piv/'Pifie /creelc./pii /the/ south;  side,/:about;/ midway,:bel.\yeeir/the  Junction bridge-and Discc>ver}v aud  tlfe-pbrlion/bonded/comprises over/  200/acres1..  It ;,is consideredpne of  tire;iiipst valuable"trabts/Tii tlie cli<3-/  '^trict:777 :;-'7-, ���"- '::^7:7 -��� ^:'--7,"'88:''7^"7777i'"7^:/:::;/"  -/. The7������original .',:-o\vnbrsi-;:'7MessrSi  Erairk:W.eir-aud,-.Lees,,.lfa've7speut  several, thousand dollars; iu prospect  :work7iaHd;at;the/eiid of/la/st season  exposed- the/pay; bhaiinef -which  they   contended'/passed  .through  their/ground,- viz. :-the high ���bench  or .''yellow'''.channel of Pine creek;  During '98   and   '99  tlie  benches,  opposite;26:to"32 below, now with-  iii,/ the  Stevendyke   lines,   yielded  upwards  of: $50,000 by sluice-box  and rocker! .';"���: '."' 7w      //.  The '������ Stevendyke   property -was  prolific.of .more   litigation  during  the/'sitting of Commissioner Irvine's  Court  in 1899 thatr   any other sec-  tionof the district, when   the /discoverers, /Murray  Bros.,   Stevens7  Knapp and Godell Tiled 76 .'protests'  against-locators .on, 'the/.discovery ,  claim.    The   Commissioner    ruled  that  Stevendyke aground  was riot  entitled to a "discovery," and that  it   was" benches   of Pine."    The  present owners  bought the claims  awarded   the   discoverers7':by'.' the  Court and have since acquired the  rest of the ground.    The heavy expense   of  gelling    water   oir   the  ground   rendered   it impracticable  for work by individual miners.  A valuable   water  concession of  '/     George f!. Hayes, Proprietor   ,  ''.Cbu:.---,lvii>?T'AN;!')' 'ruAiNOK'S'i'kUK'i/s.,'  This l-"ii-st', Class; I lot/ill has been re modeled und '.re furnished I li'voilslii'Vnt:  ;-iiuil oti'i.'i's lhe best, "nceoiiiiiio'iiiit uiictti'l'i'iiiisieiil or I'ei'iiniiienl    ,     /���  ���������������':.:.'���' //:,:.  ... /Cuests.--Aniei'iciin .und Kiii'opi'aii.pliin. '���,/;".' -'���'''';���'���   : ���';.��� ���"::���/.  /  /������f;-.;'" Finest-WsB^as^B.issi^oi!'s^sssli'���r  ;'77777'7'-.;37'B7.1 Ii'ax,cl;s7/';a'nd;''v^  l-t'>i^,'t>O*&,;,^'^^^���!>lCt'^>.!Ci'i���'C!0D'>O.'���e>O���  :E  7;/.7!:7:7::'-7.n7sCO\fERY77B7c7  Wxs^  *-^>,9J'  .:7/Coihf'oiHably/Fiiniisheci:Robnis--By^  Tlie'.'Oie.st/br ���I]iq'upfs/aru  '/.:7;:/7 7";/7:"'"77':.-"''!)-- '77:.7''v;,J ue'/tipfi:witli/11 le/Hpusc/. 7///,' :���   M.-Y// 77;'7j:';:77-?.'  "���������'���.;,/-':'/ / :/���/>; '���:: ;:....���; :/,'/:,'���.i":-'/,;';���/���;���"������':-:,V-J.'i'-1'*',-' 1^.-.lv*>ai--., Mi>rmsj/oi'. -  ^^::.-';V''.^'?7^  ::;.,;;--;:-.;   '���-.; - v.: ���/.':���.��� ^- ':-:/,:\:7:: V/    ;". ' /"/^cc���~���------r-T^-'���:;������: ���:<'^':' ���'���.���:.:::- i^-:- -/-/ :' :,-!,.",v'-;;:-^-',-';:.  7:.7;/;Passeiiger/a.ticl "Ex pi ess 'Service ,7;Daily/ (except ;Siifiday)7;bet\veefr;;7  Skagway,;Lbg Cabin..Benuett/ Garibqu,".White"TTorse:ia'ncl7lnterfrrediate7:/  'pbirits','''mak'iiig"cl6se'cc'iirr,ectio^^^  fbrDawspii -a'nd/ Yfikbn.pbints.Vand- at Ga/ribbuTob/ATliir every-Tuesday77  .aiid:Friday;/:Retunfing7:leave: Atb"h/evei;y;M  // /Telegraph Service 'to Skagway. / /Express' niatter/vyill '7be/received77  tor;sliipniefrt to'/and/h'biii all;;pbiifts;iiLCap^  ;/;.I,pr(infbrin^alipn:'rbla.li'y.e.lo/Pass  ��� ^/777:-:' 7/;7,;7R.ates/a  ^''>:r;.':";"'';:"'':^7'7i':^'Ti;:^;-::'';;.;7^  /DISCOVERY, B7.C.   7  ;7  Finest7 of liquors. '.7 Good/stabling.  lio. San ns, Proprietor.'  '������ff     BATHS        7 ���;���  :J_V��; BARBERSHOP 7  ..���''���''. g.:H.;foku,    Prop./ ;   7  7/  Now occupy their now quarters next  to the lianlt of.H.-N. A../first Street.  The bath rooms are equally, as Kbdd'ns found  in  cities.    Private Entrance for ladies.  G. E. Il.VYES.  "J/ GVC6t!Ni!i,r,;/  ;:-7'/;7v'::..7.-'.Discovcry.7::////-;'7.;7;;  OPEN DAYAND NIGHT:  FIRST-CLASS RESTAURANT  ��� ���'������������:- 7V':''-7.:TN/';;7://-:;.7:7', 7;  CONNECTION. 7       :" :  lleiuUiuarters for Hrook's sta^e.  '^/���TkvCaiiadi  /CAPITAL   PAID 7UP;; ;-$S,oop,obo. ;" :i//  7 7 :/  \:y:7.i'-" -RSSKKVIi,   $2,500,000.    7   ';i" ��� "���:- ���"���'���������" .���'���':  Branches of the Bank/at Jeattie, /  7::/7San Franeiseo, /        -  -:;::':- /;:.;���������-.:.-���:'-.      :, -   -. Portland, '���;.'���      '. *;-:;-:---.:-.-:--;;::---.-:  :--:-- '���"-;':���-/���/'���,        ./.,.:..,.. .. :...:      7; Skag'way./e.tc,  Exchange sold on 'all-Points*-.. 7  Gold Dust Purciiaskd-  ��� Assay- Oin**icn7'iN Connkction.  '; D. ROSS, Manager..  TEL  ��  with or without authority we know  not-���that with the new orderof I 20���� niiuer's inches goes with the  things at the provincial Capital ground, part of the right of way of  many changes, arc likely to be made | which has been cleared and graded  E.   ROSSELLI,   Froprietor.  Corner Pearl and First Streets, Atlin, B.C.   ; �����*������,���;������  FIRST   CLASS   RESTAURANT   IN   CONNECTION.  in Government patronage throughout the Province. We should very  much regret lo see the Civil Service  converted into " sops " for political  hangers-on, and, as far as this district is concerned, the people want  no display ol" political favoritism,  while it is well to let " well alone."  The rivalry and jealousy between  local political aspirants is argument  enough for the powers to allow the  present efficient service to remain  " iu statu quo."  by the owners.  The North Columbia Gold Mining Company is to be congratulated  in its acquirement of this promising  property���its first placer ground,  by the way���-and from what we  know of it we have little doubt but  tiiaf it will ere long prove a big  bonanza.  The prospect work done by the  owners during the last two seasons  will be continued on a more extensive scale by the company, and  work has already commenced.     -  cno'ccsr wi,u:s, liquoks and cigahs-���casi: goods a si'icialiv.  -  fining  inery.  HYDRAULIC    GIANTS,    WATER    GATES,  ANGLE    STEEL   RIFFLES    &      ,  HYDRAULIC    RIVETED  mg  PIPE.  Estimates furnished on application  The Vancouver Engineering Works,  Vancouver, B. C.  A. C. Hirschfeld, Agent, Atlin, B. C.  'il  I  I  1    '  II  fcfc'*K*.BI.a>Vl'l  ��s4**ft-��3 rcnt' KKvccsivMm&tm,  ��� v *r.      1.1 .,.m..��g��iirtMmaniKigaa3Ea��  ^E'2ssm^"'ri-S    '^ ��� __��� 01  '*'   ''       " ' '������ "        ''*v-   -*3/..'..'*>-''.-'> - V -  ".'' '    .,    ,.,,V;... + :\-!'        '���';'> ���<ii-'l^LlA)^W^^P'!mtSS^ri*n.*\ ���\'  r+W^-W-W-w-i) "T^-^XlvHHW  ,frj~ri'*&*Zit*rU*tiinii\tr.  ��>>VJ^l'^i*W����**l,-^>rt-��r--|.I-fli��*��*l��*li*WT��'JWy v���  u.ff���n-Mrr'wfVH mp-am-  '^���rf^MMt^itl*-.  '^fr��*M-��iJ'*-  ft W*-$l, j  7<;  AT LI IN,   K. C,   SATURDAY.   JUNE  1903  can   give   You   as Good Value for your CASH.as, Groceries,  Provisions. ��tC.  any House m   Town. - - J ��� ,v  ess  ��5 CO-oVr  (riant   Powder, on   hand-  3. J\. Jrmr $:0o  INVESTOR.  Some  Suggestions    , Worth  Heeding.  Speculation in Mining- Stock Besot by Many Pitfalls���Thing's  to Avoid.  Mining is no more a gamble than  is the purclni.se of real eslate. If  the business of'lhe country is good,  your real estate stands a chance of  increase. On the other hand, moie  inoney litis been sunk iu lhe purchase of boom real estate than all  the mines of the world ccst or are  worth.  When you go into a dry goods  store you examine the^ goods; some  people even smell of them. But  you buy mining stock from any  smooth talker or from an exaggerated, prettily gotteu-up prospectus  or ad. You don't know what you  are buying." If you want lo know,  inquire before parting with your  good money.  Owners ot mining stock, and especially that purchased from the  treasury fund, can, in a great measure, assist the company by holding such stock aird not offer it for  sale. ICvery shareholder should in  every way poscible aid the company  in securing purchasers for the treasury fund with which development  work is carried' on. By so doing  they really increase the value of  their own holdings, for unless the  company carr secure the necessary  funds to carry on development, it  must fail. There are almost as  many failures clue to the fact that  sufficient funds could not be raised  to do the requisite 'amount of development as there are due to poor  property.  The public are cautiorred against  purchasing mining stocks from the  so-called "cut-rate broker,'' and  especially so during the period of  a company's development, when it  is selling treasury shares to secure  funds with which -to carry on such  development. Every dollar given  to this class of brokers, just so much  lessens the value of the share purchased, and deprives the company  of the same amount necessary to  develop the mine to make the  shares of value. So long as treasury shares are on the market don't  do any business with the "cut-rate  broker."    Neither1 buy or sell.  The question is ofterr asked:  "But how do I know whether I  am buying treasury stock or irot ?"  Deal direct with the fiscal agents  or officers of the company, and you  may be assured that your money is  going into the ground for,development purposes.  Remember that mining is a business of its own. It takes as long  aud as hard study to make a competent mining engineer as it does a  doctor or a hrwvei. This b  true, how can a.iyoi.e with an ounce  of common sense give- any credence  !o repo:ts emanating ficm sources  euliiely foreign lo mining, with uu  knowledge ol" the business whatever.  There ;ue a class of men claiming  lo be in lhe business of ."dvising  investors of the woith and slaudiug  of investments in mining. Iflhey  confined their opcalions toother  than mining it would, be ol* no  special concern to , the mining industry. But they do not Mining  serins lo have the " bill boards"  just now, and these "investor  guides" arc enterprising to say the  least. Unfortunately, not one in  teii are honest They are nothing  more than graflei.-, or blackmailers,  and unless a broker or company  contributes to their cause, the investor will be ad\i.scd to let them  alone.  Another evil, rot a whit less  dishonorable, is the fashion, which  has become quite fashionable of  late, for brokers to put out a paper  of their own, clothed with all the  garb of a legitimate mining newspaper. Such propositions are nothing less than prospectuses, booming their owir .flotation. Can't the  investor see this ?  .jio I tnence   111   11   v  0 I I bene.��� northerly ll'l  rl.v direction it-l1 , leer,  I -el. thence cii-dri'l.'.  It I1 1 l��et. thence m,iu lirrly HI1. feci (11  poiur ol 1 oiuiiiciiccinciit. cDiilniiiin1^ one  iltinrtct' ol im acre more nr less.  l.'nt.'d   nt    Atlin,   I!. (!.   t hi-, Second dny ol  .111ne. IHUS.  The Ui'ilisli Ciiluinbiii  Power  A. Mn 11111 act 111 in-j Co., Ltd.  jeil-l'l'il.  TVeOTIOK is hereby yiven that al lei- lillikijs  Innii chile, I intend In apply tn the  I'hh'l (.'niiiuiSssiiiiicr ol Lands mill Works  lor permission (n purchase tlie following described 11'iict nl l.iml i*i tlie Atlin 1!isl 1 i<>t lor  agricultural purposes: cnniniciiciu,'.** al an  initial pusi, planted abiiiu one miie iiiuMh-  ciihl ol' Atlin tow usite, Ihct'ce M.uuiit;; cast  II) chili ii-,, thence norl h 2!) chains, t hence we-1  1:1 chain-, t hence -nut h 'ill chains to I he point  ot coniineiiceiiii'tit, coiituiiiin*; M) acres more  or Ic-s.   ' .!. T. ltiri.AX.  Dated al   Atlin,   I',. C., this lib day ol' June,  IX,!. jcti-tiild  NOTICE.  KJOTIUI-. is lie  Iroin date  by jiiveii Unit after llllilnjs  I intend to apply to the  Chiet Commissioner ol I.amis and Worhs  lorn 21 year lease of the lollov. in;; described  land, situated at I lie head of Moulder Creole,  in the Atlin District, commencing al a post  marked, '"G. J) Newton's S. W. corner,"  thence 20 chains in u nort h-eustorl.v direction, thence 20 chains in a north-v, esterly  direction, thence 20 chains iu u south-westerly direction, thence 20 chains in a southeasterly direction to point ol commencement, containine, II) acres more or less.  -Dated al Atlin, II C tin- 1st day of June,  mil:!. C. D. NcwTOS.  jeti-Md  Unfortunately,   a  "investor   guides"  papers" are enjoying the second- tainin  class mail rate. Many of them are  irot, and at least the latter should  be let severely alone. The Postal  Department is doing its best to  keep some of the frauds out of the  mail ��� but it can't keep them all  out.  ���JSTOTICK is hurchj   {fiven   Ihnt Sixty dnjs  after date   1   intend   to   apply   to   the  Chief   Commissioner  of   bands   and   Works  for permission   to   purchase   the   following*  described   tract   ol   land   ior   agricultural  purposes:   That, parcel or tract of land situated  iu   the Atlin Lake  Mining*   Division,  ', commenuiii'i   al a post  planted  ut   a  point  on the   eastern boundary    ol  Atlin   Tov. life \V    of    these 'site,   thence   1101 th 20 chain*, thence   Last 20  .,,,.1   i .,,..:,-,��� ,,,-��� ' chuins  thence south  20 chains, thence west  etner     lixin 111 tr   .,���   ,   .....   1 .  0   20 chains   to  point ot commencement,   con-  10 aeies,   more or less.  Chas. It. Mvinis.  Dated at Atlin, n.C.rthis 23rd  day ol May,  1'Jja. ' my30-0(!d  TVJ()T 1 (:X is heri'b.v uiven thnt ") dnjs after  date I intend to nppl.v to the Chief  Commissioner o. I.anils and Works lor permission to Ira-,:> Ilia! ei'i'tain parcel of laud  sit 11 atc iu the Atl'tii Lake Mining Division for  the purpose,ol cuitiiij; <rruss and lor pasture, described as follows ���  t'omu.ciifiii", al'au initial post planted  about -Vt id it mile N. 1*1. ol the Town of Atlin,  and I'liuuii.'e .South It) chains to post No, 2;  thence Las! J'l cliiiius lo Cost No. .'I: thence  North lllchaiiis to post No. I nud thence 1(1  chains to point oi < omiucuecmeiit, contain- '  in*^ ll'nl acres more or It ss. t  Itobert  (ri'ierson.  Atlin. K.C., April 20lh. IflLM. inyllHt  Certificate of Improvements.  The Yl'LI.OW JACKLT .Mineral Claim,  situated on l*in�� Creek, uboitt one  mile east ot Diseovei.v, iu the Atlin  Lake Minimi' Division of Cassiar. IL C  AJOTICIi is hereby ",i\on that I, Juliu*  M. Kiitl ner, I'.M.C., No. Ii:'.':l,'.<>, Audit for  the North Columbia Gold .Mining Co.. b'.M.C.^  No. 11*111 II, intend Oil days from ilate hereof, to apply to the Minim- Keeoriler for  a Certilicate of Improvements, for the purpose of obtaining a Cro\\ii Grant ot the  nbo\e claim.  AND r'tjurilElt Take notice that action under Section 37 must be commenced before  the issuance ol such Certificate ol Improvements.  Atlin, 11. C, this lilth day of Miij, lilt:*.  mj2.i-bDd Julius M. ltuliuer, Agent  Certificate  of Registration of an  . Extra-Provincial Company.  What it is-to be an Editor.  An cditoi is a millionaire 'without money, a congressman out of a  job, a king off a throne. He constructs without saw or hammer,  builds railroads without spikes or  rails, and farms without a plow.  He runs a butcher shop in the  journalistic world and deals out  brains cheap for cash or credit. ITe  loves those who advertise with him  as he loves himself. The editor is  a teacher, a- lawyer, a preacher,  aird he sends our truth to save  souls aud gets lost himself. -He  heals the wounded, cares for the  dying and rescues the perishing,  and starves himself when a ham  sandwich would jerk him from "the  jaws of death.���ICx.  TvTOTlCli is hereby }:iveu that 30 dnjs after  date I intend to npplj to the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for permission to lease 10 acres of land ior bricL-muk-  in*X purposes, iu the Atlin Lake Miniiij*; District, situated as follows:  Coiumcnciu*.; at a post planted about one  half mile east of Atlin townsjte and marked  "Thomas Ivirklaud'.s SW corner post,"  thence east 12 chains, theuee north 10 chains,  thence west 12 chains, thence south 10 chains  to point of commencement, containing' 10  ncres more or less. Thomas Kirkland.  Atlin. B.C., April 2Sth, \XS.  *' Comi;an]i-.s Act, 1S'i7,"  J llliliEUV CliKTIrW that I have thU  duy registered "'The North Columbia  Gold Mining Compan.v" as .'in li.vti'n-l'ro-  viucial company under the " Companies"  Act, lSU7,"to em rj out or ell'ect nil or niij" of  the objects hereiiinUer set. forth to which  the lenUIatho authority of the Legislature  ol  liritish Columbia extends.  The Head (Cilice ot the Conipan.v is situate  at Huron, in the count.}- of Deadle, State 0/  South Dakota. ,  The amount ol the capital of the comimnjr  is live hundred thousand dollais. divided  into live hundred thousand shares of one  dollar each.  The head office ol tho company in thix  Province is situate in -VI1 ill li.C, and Juliui  M. ltiifi'ner, whose address is Atlin, H.C. is  the attoruej for the company.  The time ol the existence ot the company  is 20 j'ears,  Given under niv hand and seal (if -ovtice ,-u  Victoria, Province of Hritish Columbia, this'  Kith da.v of April, one thousand nine hundred and three.  ]i,.H.] S. V. IVOOTTOJf,  Uetfislrar of Joint Stock Companies',  11111-2-11  To Let on a Day or for .Sale���900  feet on Spruce creek, at r.) above  discovery claim.���Apply to Ware,  and Street, Atlin.  NOTICE.  Wholesale   and    Retail    Butcher  FIRST 7 STREET,    ATLIN,   B.   C  C.DOELKER,  .    .    .    FRESH MEATS ALWAYS ON HAND.    .    .  Fish,    Game   in   season and   home    made    Sausage.  First Stkkkt,   Atlin. .  Dealers in   Provisions,   Dry Goods, Etc.,  M��   &��   Qross   &  TvrOTICI! is hereby uiven that, after "0 days  from date, we intend to applj" to the  Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works  for permission to lease one-iiuai'ter of an  aero of, laud for a site for n power plant in  tlio Atlin District, situated as follows :  Commencing at ti post marked "The  liritish Columbia Power & Maiiiifactiirinp:  Co., Ltd.'u S.K. eoruer," planted at n point  on Diseover.v street,  iu the Town of Atlin,  SPECIALTIES  IN  FANCY   CAKES   &   PASTRY.  Fresh Broad, Rye Bread, etc*  Chas. Mver, Prpprielorr  Good liooiiis to Hunt���Hy the Pay, Wc-ek or Month at vvu>n��inliU.: i'uIim.  '''���P'.  I  W-  ,.^.i,  '���):���*���  ';t\(  ��>>*"'1  |-,-V!  M  -S'  Is-.*"  ��'.-  'V  1/  ;--:i/  mtmns.  J?N���_  immmam  T3����Sf~~ ' By-}*' -u~  fi'  . i*  '1'!!!'  ���-���*--LifcK!!i��^  .ninibMiwttMyW'JiOvial ���-> W�� J-**-*JS"Vl&fri'*\j&i*toL\��itfu*.i*u^J.a+jji  \;  i  '���*. i \  ��.,.... -  | V:'  ���w-  it;,,- 7  L-  "-������  pi'  l^'i" '��� *  II-  "  1 v-    -  1.1-:-  ��� t .  lii*..  i^jJjJJ>-L^LiU<A^it.TvV>*V],,iOf.'r.-��-*; 4   ��.,���.  -1(*rr.i.r.wJgS:  ^ I.. w /"7 r- "j ^.'7^^ "*-"'  - ^lf/r- '������)',-'"     ' ���;  I-- /   ��� ', '    I ,  -'-'''      , -  ti_-j>tt^rfMffla��ffiw>j*s^^-��a;jliariaaaa6artor4  -. , ���. ���.���..���^JJm.���^^a^,.���.^s=,_I��w.MUj,a;!l.:a__^ iaw"^"^wi-^^eai^aaffl^^^^ .'���.,,. ; r , _;   :jf*fl  .7*"'' '"'. -iv' '"���", ".'-������/ts."'"?*''"'--1' '^K^'.'^fe^'V- "        "'���''.  -/r^iv''"'''^:^ '- ''^'/i-A/vf-^  ��� ��� .  ;.      ���   - ���  <��� - v '7>r;''���,'��� .,     */:- v"' ���; 7 i&$}? ,:'-'-, ���'*' ".{v ���-���':.v"v:;^"^  ATLIN      ii   C.    S-\Tt*iil)AY, ' JIW'K  3'.  i .,03.  PICKED UP HERE AND THERE.  Church  ol  Eiijrluud:  SI. Martin's Church, cor. Third and Tminor streets. Sunday services, .Mutiiisut II a.  in., l.-iensoii*,* 7:30 p.m. Celebi'ation of Holy  Communion, 1st Sunilav iu each month and  on S| ice in I occasions. Sunday School, Sunday ul It p. m. Committee Meetings, 1st  Thiir.silnj' in each mouth.  Kev. I1'. L, Stephenson, Rector.  St. Andrew's Pre-ln terinii Church hold  services iu the Church on Second'Street.  Morning service nt It evening service 7:3,1  riiinilnj'School at the close of the morning  service. Kev. K. TiirKington, Minister. I'rco  Rend tiiir Loom, to w hiuh all arc welcome.  Bicycles for rent���bicycle repairing���Pillman & Co.  Now that your clump is washed  up, don't forget to reckon your an-  nual'subscripliou to Tine Claim as  one of your most deserving and  patient creditors.,  For the delicacies  of the season  in fresh fruit j aud green vegetables  go to McDonald's Grocery after the  ���   " fiist boat ' comes in.  Joe Brooke' has bought out the  interest and stock, ice houses, etc.,  ���^bf Chris. Doelker in the'meat market. With the opening of navigation he will have a large and prime  stock of beef and mutton orr barrel,  which he will sell at the lowest  price for cash.  '    Fishing   Tackle   of all kinds at  Cr. R. Bourne's.  W. ,G. Paxton, Notary Public,  intends being iu Discovery cvciy  evening. ��� Office at Palmer's, opposite Nugget Hall.'  Tliere   was   a   new- arrival this  week���but   not   by. boat���in    the  'person of a baby   boy   to   Mr. and  Airs  Coffin, who made  his appearance on Tuesday afternoon.  Bring yo lr cash to Joe Palmer's  store, irr Discovery ��� Hats, shoes,  shirts, etc., etc., carr be had there  at any price ; above, below or at  cost, just as you wish.  The early risers on Wednesday  morning tell ns-there was arr earthquake about 5.30 that morning. It  was a good one, they say.  Fresh Downey's Chocolates at  C. R. Bourne's.  Fresh eggs and butter at McDonald's Grocery.  ' E. M. N. Woods, S.M., took to  the mountains last week on a short  vacation from his arduous duties  in the public arena.  Fresh fruit and vegetables at  Eraser & Co.'s.  A 4-roomed Furnished Cottage  on Second street, for Sale���Apply  to Mrs. Ware.  Jack Fountain, who has been doing some development work orr the  Caledonia group of mineral claims,  Willison creek, west aim of Torcy  inlet, returned this week, and repot Is that the quarry, prospects in  that locality look very fine. On  the Caledonia group they have a  huge quartz dike, fully. 600 feel  wide. The rock carries both free  gold and silver.  For the finest home-made bread,  try that at McDonald':; Grocery.  Tom Haddon, of Vancouver, a  brother of W. E. Haddon, came in  on Wednesday evening by boat  from Caribou.  With the opening of navigation,  D. If. McDonald will have a big  stock ofhav, oats and feed,  which  lie will sell in huge or-small lot* 10  suit his customeis.   ,  1  , The bonis set for Brooke's stages  between Atlin and Discovery are as  follows:  Leave Atlin; ro.30 a.m. and 5 p.m.  ,, Discovery,7.30 ,, 'and 1 ,,  Over 150 ounces was cleaned up  by the Atlin Mining Co. on McKee creek at its first cleanup on  Satin day last We are glad ,to  learn that the damage done by  this week's flood on McK��je was  not as severe as that reported from  other creeks. ,  Pending the completion of Louis  Schulz's new Meat Market in Discovery, he will temporarily occupy  the Nugget Hall. Immediately on  the arrival of the Gleaner, a full  supply of meat will be sent from  Atlin.  We arc asked to slate, 011 behalf  of the Northern Brewing Co., that  fiom aud after this date no beer will  bz sold to private parties, and that  it can only be obtained through tire  dealeis. This action has been necessitated owing to complaints from  Saloon Keepers, who say that their  business was injured by the sale of  beer to private houses.  Remember that we cannot wash  up our winter dumps. until you  have cleaned up yours. The " V's"  on our books won't c!o t'o staird off  our grub bills any longer.  -SALE;  e  fey July 1st,  BARH'MSMS   FOR   EVERYBODY.  Our Stock has got to be sold by July ist  ,as we give up possession of our  premises on  that date.  Boots, Shoes, Hats, Mess's Furnishings, Dry Goods, Etc.  r, '    Groceries, - Ammunition, Etc., Etc. *  _ _ __. --*-$>o���  B-LACKETT & CO.  us'&el-l    note  DIXCV    tl P. OTHERS,    Proprietors   . ��^<   '*  Pool   &   Billiards,'   lHree.  Freighting and Teaming.        j*        Horses and Sleighs for Hire.  ��TEL  The Rise and Fall.  The lowest temperature recorded  for   the  week  ending 5U1 inst,   is  as follows :  June     6 . 37 above  .7 39  ,,    S . 41       ,'  ��    9v 59  ,  iov . 46  > 11 ��� 54      .  > 2 ��� 59      .  ��� jl EQUIPPED HOTEL IN THE NORTH.    EVERYTHING  CONDUCTED IN  FIRST-CLASS MANNER.  French   Restaurant in   Connection*  David Hastie, ' Proprietor.  Corner of First and Discovery Streets.  DRINK THE BEST  "NABOB    TEA.  99  PROVINCIAL   SECRETARY'S   OFFICE,  TJIS   HONOUR   the    Lieutenant-Governor  in Council has  been  pleased  to   mulco  the following appointment:���  7th Map, 1903.  Edward J, Thais, oi' Atlin, Esquire, Mining Recorder, to perform the duties of the  undermentioned offices, during the absence  upon leave of Mr. J. Eraser, namely:  Government Agent,  Gold Commissioner,  Assistant   Commissioner  of   Lauds and  Works',  Assessor and Collector, and  Collector of Votes. .  Iii Lead Packets 01 y~-\i> and i-lb each.  For vSale by all First Class Grocers.  *   -M*-*   KELLV.   DOUGLAS   &   Co.. Wholesale Grocers, Vancouver, B.C  000 to the Thirsty!  Drinks,   2  ior. a  Quartera  Prices for the Season 1903.  - Rough, up to S inches, $35.  do      - do     10      ,,        40.  do        do     12      ,,        45.  Matched Lumber, ^15.  Surfacing, $5.00 per 1000 feet.  Oo R,  ���ALASKA   ROUTE   SAILINGS���  The following Sailings are announced for the month of June,  leaving Skagway at 6 p.m., or on  arrival of the train :  Princess May, June 6, 16 & 26  Amur ,,   2, 12 & 22  For  further  information,  apply or  write to    H. B. Dunn, Agent,  Skagway. Alaska.  Commencing Monday, April 20th, I will cut prices on all my goods at  the. LELAND HOTEL. ' I have a large stock of First C1ass  Goods and intend to dispose of them at Cost. This is strictly a  Closing Out Sale.        Goods must be disposed of by July ist.  $$&F~    Hotel Building for Sale���-No Reasonable Offer Refused.  E. P. Queen.  E. S. Wilkinson, P.L.S. Wm. Brown, C.E.  WILKINSON   &   BROWN  Provincial Land   Surveyors   &   Civil   Engineers*  Hydraulic   Mine  Enejiiiccring   n   Specially   Olfiee, Pearl  St.,near Third St,. Aims, H.C.  U.   PILLMAN   &   CO,  ���*  3'1  m  ���I  m  I  IAS  ill  *-PC  I^fcBiK&SSa^^  ��f.M-M PWHW^-JW^  jSttftsafa  mm  ���i^/^^VjfWM^^i^.r,";)^*^!'^^"";^  ���   :.'^VV  ��'^^witt^iV&r\&7^AT<$fi  ���������:��� y-'-M  ������������������ .��ft 8  .. ���.'i-iVj���  ;7.;-.--7/-v^ji  .:.--:,,'^:.;:-^*|


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